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with the tMtrcst and best lighted Dry Goods Store Initio Ktnte outside nf M. Louts Tliey have
tint completed u magnificent syntcm f Improvements, IncliKlniR the uitdllln of Two Mora
rioorn mi their More room t each 140 f cet lung by M feet wide, connected with tho first Itoor by
The First Passenger Elevator
overused In the Dry Moods business In thU city. This plvcs them three mugnlflcent nimni nnd n
basement nny nnu at which la ivs Inrun ns Rtiy ordinary Dry (loads More, lly means (if the Ele
vator e.teh floor I made ns iicccxsahlo x Hie llrst, and nil are fitted up tut in In give the bent llglit
und show goods to the bent pMSslbleadvantnKe. Their Hecond floor In fltud up .11 n
svhero aro desnlnycd tho very latest novelties In ladles Suits, Cloaks, Furnishing (londs and
lteaily Made Oiirmcnts fr hoth Ladles and Children. Their
now arriving will surpass In extent and variety anything ever shown bythcui,eoiuprlsliiiloolN
for F.very 'ln of Triulo. Their patrons may rely upon flndniK the very latest mnoltles In
the. Dry floods market lipen their winters as fust as they are Introduced In the east and In
they entry a Mock leu times as laws as are usually carried by country stores, (living their pat
rons, not only an Immense tine to select from, but which they buy at retail at wholesale prices
In fact In Kvcry Hepnrlitinit Ihey propose to mark goods at tbu very lowest prices possible,
being determined not 10 be undersold by any houso East or West. Their stock Is undoubtedly
thelurgest to select from west of Chicago or Ht. Louis and In Attractive Price no house can
otter greater Inducements. They Invite strangers visiting tVu city to pay Ihem n hit ami fur
those who do, we have a pleasantly fitted up
where they may rest with themselves ami children and otherwise make themselves as comforta
ble as possible. New goods are arriving constantly, so that all may Mini something to mtervst
them ! iiurf to all who favor them with 11 visit the must attentive und polite treatment will be
extended whether they desire to purchase or nut.
Chambers, Harney & Co.
N orth Side Felix Str., Between 5th and 6th.
men's Furnishers.
421 Felix Street,
Aro now prepared to show tho
Hats and Caps,
Evor offered In .Holt county. Wo
ware Wo licllevo that wo Imvo tho
Shoes, Call nnd examine poods. Wo will not ho undersold.
The JPveiwiiiims
aro coufined to tho few, but tho display nnd low prices on
and Novelties, Mndo by
bonoflt nil who vlstholr Jnrgo establishment
blixs nnu trimmings is simp y astonisning.
Uonoral btooK, trie largest. Ativ
U 'Isltors
an hour with us. All strei
All streot cars K-!ul
S. W- Cor 4th &
'Will practice lu 'all the courts of Missouri.
, Ileal es ate and collecting business promptly
attended t. '
I havo a span of good steady work
horses I will sell uhenp on time or ex
change for stock. W. A. Gahdnku,
St. Joseph, Mo
publio tho bust ntul largest (stock of
Notions, Etc., Etc.,
nlshavo n full lino of Glaus nnd Queens-
largest lino of Ladies' nnd Misses' Fine
Ittf .
iJ J Lf
For Fall Trade our display
Drofs Goods stock uuoqunlod.
extended tv cordial Invitation to spond
you within two blocks of our building,
mx Str. St. Joseph Mo
Attorney at Law,
OllEOOh, MO.
Will practice In nil the courts of Missouri,
ileal estate und collection business promptly
attended to
Offlce over Scluilte Bros Btoro.
Cheviot Shlrtititjs, 6 cunts a yav
and up, t A, Goldsborg's, St. Josophd
n in
Yellow-legged chickens aro roosting
Lot aorao fellow ask Will Anitas of
Mound City, why ho smiles so.
Holt county was well roprcsontod
at tho St. Joseph Exposition this week.
Our school- building has been re
painted. John W. Green did tho work.
All communications should bo sent
In not inter than Tuesday to insure their
publication. Our correspondents will
confer a favor by adhering to this fact.
Joseph M. Stroud has sold his farm
near Whito Cloud Ferry, to Michael
May of tho sumo neighborhood. Tho
price paid wtwSlfi per aero, cash. Joo.
will remove to Iowa.
Kunkel's flouring mills, In tho tu-
burbs of this city, aro tit present
having nn Immense run. Thoy nro re
ceiving custom work from persons liv
ing twenty miles away
Our Public and Normal school will
opor. next Monday, Sept. 12. Piof. C.
L. Fbaugli nnd Miss Anna Dysart, both
gradtiutus of tho Kirksvillo Normal
.school will conduct tho Normal depart
ment. The cour.su of study will bo
thorough nnd comprohensivo.
Tho editor of tho Maryvlllo llcpub-
lican was in town last week buying up
all tho "Mud Cat" bocould find. When
ever this editor's brain-pan Is about ex
hausted ho uses "Mud Cat" as a rceup
orntlvc. II o says it hat wonderful brain
restoring properties, and from tho high
price ho was paying for this patent
commodity while hero tho malady must
have bcuu about to take n fatnl turn.
Sum. It. Dick has fold his farm In
tho bottom near Hook's Hill to James
Hopper, of Mercer county. Mo. Tho
price paid was 815 per cro, cash. Mr.
HoppOT'tins'lntoly lmmraua witUntu-.
ily into Holt comity nnd will settlo at
on co upon his newly purchased farm.
Mr. Dick has bought property In Mound
City, and will Immediately remove with
his family to thut place.
John W. Ilaighlor met with quito a
serious aocident last Friday, while driv
ing n two-horso mower on his farm near
Hlgelow. His having boon noncompos
mcnlis and speechless ever since ; the ex
act circumstances connected therowith
aro not known, but it is believed that
ho was ovorcorao with tho heat, and
fainting, fell off the seat In front ot tho
sickle, thereby receiving Injuries from
which ho will probably dlo.
It will probably surprise a great
many to And un ndvertlsomont over tho
signature of Henry Stcrret in this issue
of Tub County Papem. Mr. Stcrrot
has been In poor health for a number of
years which makes it almost imperative
for him to oloso out his business lit Ore
gon. Ho offers for snle his entire stock
of goods, his store building, which is
ono ot the host locations In town. He
nlso offers tho City Hotel, n number of
town lots and considerable farming
land In Holt county at a bargain.
Miss Emma Currey gave a pleasant
party to her numerous frionds last Sat
urday evening. It being tho event of
tho anniversary of her birthday, conse
quently a great many of tho young
folks gathered together and spent tho
evening in a very cnjoyablo manner.
Miss Emma is ono of Oregon's mo.stcs
timablo young lndios and The Countv
Papeii wishos her a return of many
such hnnnv bli-tlidiiva ns she snmit hut
,Iir conversation with a prominent
physician tho othor day ho told us that
if wo were to Inflict personal chastise
ment on tho cdltor(P) of the sheet
across tho way it would bo a hard mat-
noiter for tho prosecution to prove that h-i
ills really a human boinc: that if ho
it.miA.ltt n . .. I tfrm I t. n nmiilil r.,.,,,.,
L !. TV. 1 - I 1 1 .. 1. I.
u uu uniwiu d missing nun uutivucu u
nckass and nn ournng oulang, and if it
hadn't been for medicine ho would uov-
have come into tho world. Ho bo-
jJoved tho only chargo that could be pro-
rjirctt wouia oo "cruelty to animals."
W All tho runlv that wa hnvn to mnkn
it tho threats of norsonul ehast soinent
aun tiuoiicii tnu columns ot Tiik
Countv TAfKit, last week, by tho juii
lor editor thoruof. is to notifv that enn
tloman that wo havo llvod long otwugh
to learn that It is the lightening thut
kills, and not tho thunder. Press.
All tho "reply wo havo to mako" to
tho dirty contemiitlhlo our that edits
tho 2x4 nose-rag across tho way Is to
notify him if ho will moet us half way,
or appoint a time aud plnco wo will no
commodato him with nil tho "lightning"
ho wants, This Is official.
W. F. Wali.eu.
Lovers of fine stock should cull
nnd see that tine thoroughbred Jersey
Hull at the farm of W&i. A, Gardner.
Correspondents will please remem
ber that this Is a weekly paper nnd not
Jones Vnuahn Is constructing a
now sido wnlk along the south side oi
his property occupied by Ed Benson.
A flno largo Walnut Desk, sultnblo
for a Lawyer or Doctor, for salo for
only Fifteen Dollars, by W. W. Daven
port, Courtlnc la nn nctlvc, Irregular
trnusltlvo vorb, Indlcntlyo mood, pres
ent tense, third porson, .singular num
ber, nnd ngrco-i with nil tho girls in
town; and seldom declined.
If a country editor's purso was ns
long as tho tlmejhis delinquent subscri
bers tnko to pay for their paper and as
well filled ns his Imagination, what a
mlno of wealth ho could command I
Aud if but let us leave this painful
Mr. John Koaster, living about six
milos north of Oregon, had four valua
ble steers killed by lightning last Wed
nesday night during tho storm. The
steers were all very lino stock and woro
worth about 970 each. This loss is qulto
n severe blow to Mr. Keastor.
Mothers of marriageable daughters
nro very much alarmed at tho frequent
mustaches coming upon the upper lips
of their daughters ihcso evenings. Wo
know of but ono lomedy to prevent it,
and that i, smear n littlo limberger
chcoso on tho upper lip of tho girls
about threo times a day alter meals.
"Mamma," said n littlo Mound
City philosopher, "is our old hen going
to be sent away for the summer?" "I
guess not, my eon," was the reply,
"but why do you ask?" "Hccuusu I
neard pa tell tho hired girl they would
havo such a sweet tlmo when lie sent
tho old hen away for tho summer." Wo
reckon the old heu laid for him.
Tho plchlo on Saturday last of tho
Oregon M. E. Sunday school in con
nection with tho Union 'school war n
ducidud auueoris. Tho jtlLudiincc was
'gooil itturn tinppy titnoHTta AndTby Hi).
l'lio oxereises woro opened with music
by tho M. E. school and prayer by Hov.
S. Carothers, followed by music; after
which Hev. Maupln delivered a stirring
speech. Tho audienco was thon (lis-
missed for dinner. Every littlo boy
and girl was Invited to a sumptuous re
past prepared by kind parents and Sun
day school workers, nor were the big
folks left out. At two o'clock tho peo
ple wcro called together by music from
tho Union Sunday school, after which
Miss Heath superintendent of tho pub
lio schools of Kirksvillo, Mo., was In
troduced and dellvored a vory interest
ing nddrcs3 on "Chutauqiin." This was
followed by a song. Thon Kev. S. Ca
rothers made the closing bpcech fol
lowed by music nnd the benediction.
Tho oxereises woro short und interest
ing. Tho happy company folt tho bet
tor for having tho day in tho. "Lord's
first Temple" with the goodjnfluonccs
connected with tho occasion.
W. W. Davenport, hue editor of
this paper, litis bought tho suburban
dwelliug and grounds, known ns "Mill
berry Grove," of ltev. Dr. John I).
Easter, rector ot Trinity Episcopal
church, Jacksonville, Ills The prop
erly Is situated inside tho corporate
limits of that city, and contains about
uino acres upon which la nn abundance
of every variety of fruit which will
ripen m this cllmato, all In full bear
ing. Tho dwelling contains ton largo
rooms, besides numerous closets, pant
ry, hulls, 8talrways,underground daily,
work shop, room for hired man, barn,
wood shod, eto. Tho plnco Is valued
at Seven Thousand Dollars. Mr. D.
will take possession of it about tho firt
of October, witli a vlow of making it
his permanent home, and wo prcsumo
he will soon transform himself into a
horny-handed grangor. Tho rich stores
of agricultural knowledgo which ho has
neeumulated by twonty years in tho ed
itorial chair will now t.orvo him woll,
nnd ho doubtless looks forward with
uiuoh fntlsfactlon to tho tlmo when ho
will sit benoath tho branches of his pen-
nut trees and gnzo over bis grazing
hords of hydraulic rams and his wav
ing Holds of strlped-hand'ed brooms,
which is tho only variety ho Intends to
raise. Ho will, however, not forget his
old fiionds in his now vocation and
has promised to i,ond us a big crock ot
npplo-buttor from his Poland China
cows and tho largest ohooso whloh grows
on his vnos noxt summor. Seriously,
while regrottlng tliHt Mr. Davenport has
decided to remove from this olty, wo
hope ho may Hud Jacksonville all his
fanoy paints it. In his removal, tho
Missouri Press Association loses ono
of Its most brilliant and successful
rnombors, whtlo tho lltornry and sooial
society of Jacksonville will gain
iv valuable addition in Mr, Davenport
and his accomplished wife Wo wish
ho aud his excellent family may "live
long and prosper,"
fourteen now euoscnoors tins wock
nnd tho returns nro not nil In yet.
Sheriff Frame purchased a hand
some Studebnker buggy this week from
Dan Martin.
Tho Triumph Sunday School gave
a pleasant picnic at tho Mineral Springs
Inst Saturday.
Oh for a first-class scandal or soino
kind of a sensation to break tho luonot
ony. Gossiping Women.
Services will bo hold at tho Union
school houso next Sunday at 11a. m.
by Elder V. T. Maupln.
Mr. James L. Allon will plcaso ac
cept our thanks for a basket of delic
ious irutt. Such favors are always ap
preciated. -Prof. H'irrlngton says thero Is more
and better musical talent in Oregon
than any town of the s.imo size ho has
ever visited.
Thero will bo no preaching In nny
ot the churches next Sunday on account
ot tho services to beheld In tho park by
Dlshop Poster.
All tho household and Kitchen Fur-
nil tire of W. W. Davenport Is now of
feredat private sale. Seo advertise
ment In another column.
Publio school opens noxt Monday.
Parents who send children to school
should not fail to read Prof. Kbaugh's
communication In another column
1). S. Alktio has bought tho Pun
shon propm ty on Mam street In Foro"t
City. Mr. Punshon will rentovo with
his family, and nlso transfer his stock
of furuituru to Mound City.
Dr. I. tikens, denttt, will be In
Maltland tho Mth ami 15th, aud at
Mound City tho lCth nnd 17th of this
month. All persona needing work
done In his Hue will do well to give him
a call.
It you don't believo The Countv
Papkh is booming just glance over its
columns and note tho splendid array of
JiRWulvnr.omoutH jn.thls week's issuo
Morclinnt-' n'ml business men iTRf "hoi
slow In realizing thu best method to
reach tho citizens of Holt county.
Wo wise to call particular atten
tion to tho now advertisement of Messrs.
Ewing & Co. in this is-moof The Coun
tv Patek. Thoy havo established what
Is called "Farmer's Headquarters" in
Maltland, and extend a cordial invita
tion to all to coino and seo them.
The Indies of tho Christian Church
will hold a "Social" at their church
on noxt Tuesday ovoning. Cake, ico
cream, etc., will bo served. All nro
cordially invited, and tho ladies prom
ise )o make it pleasant tor all who will
1 an Martin's countenance loomed
up like a light houso on a frozen sea nil
day last Friday. It wasn't because ho
had sold a buggy, two sets of luirno-s
and threo wagons the day before. It
was a peculiar kind of smile aud it fore
told that there was "millions in it." It
was a girl; nnd at Inst accounts tho
father was doing well.
Prof. Harrington, who has been
holding a musical conyontlon hero tho
past wcok gave a grand concert last
Tuesday orenlng to oxhlblttho progress
and Improvement the scholars had made
under his training and instruction, nud
thu result uiuro than fulfilled tho expec
tations of all present. Tim grand songs
thiillod tho nudioneu to its deepest sen
sibilities, and each song was woll ren
dered and dieted hearty applause. Tho
audience was largo and appreciative
and Prof. Harrington, tho able instruc
tor, has good reasons to bo Justly proud
over tko success that attended him hore.
Having procured a largo number
ot copies ot "A Treutiso on tho Horso
and his Diseases," by 11. J. Kendall, M.
1)., we have decided t present a copy
of tins valuable work to one!) now sub
scriber to The Countv Papeii who
pay us one year in advance, and also to
all old subscribers who pay up what;is
Is now duo and one mora year in ad
vance. This is a now book containing
an "Index of dlsea'ses," which gives
tho symptoms' cause and tho best treat
ment of each ; a table giving tho prin
cipal drugs used for tho horso, with tho
ordinary dose, llio effects, nnd the anti
dote whon a poison; a table with tho
ongnivlngs ot tho horso's teetli at differ
ent ages, with rules for telling his ago;
a yaliiablo collection of receipts, and
much other luolul Information. It con
tains nearly a hundred pages, and has
cuts accurately showing tho appearance
and symptoms of a hoio under the in
fluence of various dWoasos. It Is tho
best book for farmors and horso own
ors we havo over boon. Homonibor wo
glvo tills valuable work to all who pay
their subscription one year in advance.
Those living at a dlstauco will prompt
ly receive a copy by mull, postage pro-paid.
Whnt Wo Would Like to Seo.
f Illlss bounced,
f Tcmpcrinco in nil things,
t All old maid's prayers answered,
f Our band with their silver horns,
f A town clock on tho court house,
t A woman that wouldn't find fault,
t Some kind of n boom strike the
t All obstructions removed from tho
t Prompt conviction of nil umbrella
t Some enterprising boot-black strike
tho town.
t Hotter street crossings every whero
in tho city.
All the Kunkels nud their relations
In one croup.
t Old Slippery Elm Adams mnko n
f Tho place whero Vino Hovey keeps
his black pony.
f Leo Zook manifest less interest in
singing schools.
f Less swearing on our streets In the
presence of ladies,
t A town with mora lovely young
ladles than Oregon.
t Telephone connections between St.
Joseph nnd Oregon.
t Continued encouraging bulletins
from tho Wlille House.
t All school children bo prompt next
Monday and attend regularly.
f Jako Foster relate his experience at
tlio Mineral Springs last Sunday.
t All tho visiting ministers carry away
a good Impression of our towu and peo
ple. t Married men pay loss attention to
grass widows when their wives aro ab
sent. t Hoys under fourteen years of age
"run In" that aro found on the streets
alter 9 o'clock p. m.
MounJ City Society.
Judge Grubb of St. Joseph was in
Mound City hist Monday.
sliortly"im-iir" in our oily. ' .
Miss Jennie MeQulstin left on
Wednesday for St. Joseph to attend
Mrs. Cnmberhiln. son and dnudi-1
tor of Maryvlllo ato at the Mineral
Mrs. Albert Clark who spent sev
crol weeks at tho White Mountains, N.
11., Is again homo.
Mrs. Thos. McCoy nnd children
have lately returned from spending tho
summer in the Eastern States.
-Isaac Marton, Fred Hastings and
Waller Hastings of Maryvlllo, ure reg
istoiod at the Mineral Springs.
Prof. Hush nnd his mcomplishcd
daughter of Ottawa, Canada, nro so
journing at tho Mound City Mineral
Mrs. S. H. Austin has returned
from n fonthy visit to Llborty and tho
celebrated Mineral Springs in that por
tion of tho State.
Tho following aro the lato-t ar
rivals at tho Mineral Springs: S J.
Shults, W. A. Hupu ami Joshua Tur
ner of Hock Port.
Misses Cora Cundnff anil Colin
Grubb who have boon spending the past
week with friends In Mound City, re
hired to their homos in St. Joseph, last
Sat unlay. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Honnott havo
left for their homo in Kansas City.
Since they havo made their homo in
Mound City, they havo made very many
friends, that regret their leaving.
A very pleasant gathering of friends
at tho residence or Mr. McHoberts on
Tuesday morning, was for the mar
riage eeromonv of their only daughter,
Lizzie, to Mr. Spellman of tills place.
Forest City Society.
Milton Clark of Uolekow is visiting
friends hero
Mr. Sam Ellis has returned from
his visit home.
Huv. Falconer and family left tis
last week, much to tho regret of their
many friends.
Miss Mary Dunbar of St. Joseph
has been tho guo't of Miss Emma Ho
ver tho past week.
Tho many friends ot Mrs. H. K. S.
Robinson will be glad to learn that she
Is slowly Improving.
Mr. Luckhardt has rrturuoi1 from
St. Joseph, where, "they say" A was
purchasing furuituru.
Dr. Frank Hullock has been kept
qulto busy so fur. Wo aio glad as a
good doctor is needed hero.
Mrs. Chudwick and Miss Ford havo
returned from St. Joseph, whore thoy
pin chased a now Mock of fall goods.
W. E. Mint'jii bus been quito t-iek
for moro than a week past with fever.
Ho is being doctored by his hntlier, at
Miss Mary Canon 'our worthy Post-mictro-s
aci'omimnlod by Miss Corda
Canon mndo a flying trip to St. Joseph
last week.
Miss Bottlo Hurgess, accompanied
liv Mis Ira Hoemo anil son, arrived in
our city last week. Miss Hettlo has
many friends who aro moro than, glad
to welcome her home.
The household nf J. W, Peret was
mndo liuppy bv tho arrival of a bonne
lug boy latt Monday morning.
irertunsl atfti (Uefofy.
Mr. Stephenson has been visiting
friondsjut Nlshncbolnn.
Hon. T. H. Pnrrlsh spent n fow
days in Kansas City last week.
W. J. Fioldof Mound City, mndo
tu a riibstnntlul call last Thursday.
Sa.n. O'Pnllon will teach tho Lin
coln school during the' coming fall and
winter term.
W. I). Walker has returned from
his tour of observations through south
west Missouri. '
Mrs. W. A. Greer of Llun county,
Mo., Is the guest ofher daughter, Mrs
Emma Dobyns.
-H. L. Allen and family of King Grove,
nro visiting relatives and friends in nm(
around Oregon.
Mrs. C. A. Randolph and her son
Elmer, from near Hlgelow, were in our
city last Friday.
Mr. Jasper of Texas, a former res
ident of Holt Is here on a visit, after an
absence of twenty-eight years.
Miss Mary Fnrisn ptoniinont mem
ber of St. Joseph society, is visiting
her sister, Mrs. Stewait Hooves.
H. G. Walker, of Mc Kinney,
Hundley & Walker, St. Joseph, wan
Interviewing our merchants last Tliurs
day. Edward Richards of Mound City,
was In tho city Monday last and held a
long consultation with that grand-sou
of his.
John A. Iliuklo of East White
Cloud, will attend .school at Central
College, Fayette, Mo , during thu com
ing year.
Miss Emma Curry of this city,
took her departure for Glasgow. Mo,,
whero site will attend school during tho
fall and winter.
Edmund Aulbaland family, of Hlg
elow, nro visiting in southern Iowa,
with Mrs. Anlbal's uncde, the Hon.
Henry Clav Dean.
"Pete" Welly of Mound City, ono
of tho liveliest merchants of Holt
county took us bv tho hand in our
sanctum last Tuesday.
John W. Stokes, of Crulg, was on
our streets ono day lost week attending
to legallnislness, nnd shaking hands
with Ids many friends hero.
T. L. Prico and wife of Watson,
Mo., nud Mrs. Wortlilni-ton Lvou of
frrrirlMtrr, tlula-MwkA. are' tho irttests of
'.Mr. mid Mr4.Dnii. 'M. Martin.
Kntlo S. Randolph and Kosa r. ai-
kire, both of tho neighborhood of East
white Cloud, expect to attend school
at Oregon during thu coming winter.
Mrs. S. II. Younge aud children,
who havo been viMting the family of
W. W. Davenport during tho past sum
mer, leave to-day for their homo iu St.
Charles, Mo.
Frederick Leo. of tho vicinity of
Fillmore, was in Oreson, Forest Ciiy
aud other towns of Holt county last
week, buyins cattle to feed. Ho got
about !)2 head.
Miss Dollio Shepherd, who resides
near Hlgelow, started hist Monday for
Kirksvillo, whero sho will attend the
State Normal school during the coming
fall and winter.
Wayno Gilds and wifo, nceeoinpan
icd bv George Gillis, Jr., Delia (hills
aui Miss Harnes, all of Mound City
and vicinity, were visiting in Oregon
last week. Welcome.
Tho Ah. Hoyd outfit, Including Ab.
Ilovd himself, and his wifo aud family,
anil his sons and their wives and fami
lies, who left this county last spring fr
Now Mexico, havo all returned to Hoi r
Rev. John 1). Easter, of Jackson
ville, Ills , paid a hurried visit to this
city last week. Ho has traded with W.
W '. Davenport for the llrst story of tho
iitlek building In which Tin: Countv.
l'Ai'Elt is published.
.lames Harris, of Salom, Nebraska,
Is prospecting in the neighborhoods ot
Oregon, Forest City and Hleelow font
farm that is for sale, and somewhat
suited to his tates. lie wishes to re
move with his family to Missouri, and
locate iu this county.
Philip Sehulto and wifo Imvo re
turned fram quito nnd oxtuuded tour
iu tho North, East and South. They
hoth look heartv.nnd report thomsolves
well pleased with their trip. Philip
says that the drouth hero Isn't a "patch
ing" compared witli what ho saw on his
rounds. I Jo laid iu a big stock of goods
whilo East and says he will astonish tho
natives iu a day or two
At Private Sale!
All mv Household and Kitchen Fur
niture, tif every description, Is now of
lored at private sale. Pintles wishing
to buy will please call and examino'
whatever thov want. Among the arti
cles not yet sold aro two bureaus, largo
book-case, five bedsteads, u largo
ninount of boddlnsr, innrblo and woj.d
on top wash stands, nbout 26 chairs,
sowing machine, several curpets.a com
p'eto outfit of Kitchen Furniture, in
cluding cook stovo; four heating stoves,.
2 rocking chairs, cloo'.s, pictures, etc.,
Bfi Also my Upright Piano, mid tin
excellent Refrigerator, nearly now; and
about 200 volumes of books, many of
which are raro works in tho Gorman
I havo, also, about 2ft perfectly pure
Plymouth Rock chickens, which will
be sold very cheap. Roosters Ono Dol
lar nploco. " '
Everything must bo sold within tho
next twenty days, as 1 will remove from
Oregon thu hist week in this iiiMith.
forms, Cash. W. W. Davem'out.

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