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The County paper. (Oregon, Mo.) 1881-1883, September 09, 1881, Image 6

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'nni? nnrrumv DinnD
urn wuiui liurai.
We unctl to walk together In the twilight,
Ho whlsicrcJ tcnJer wonts so nwcet ami low,
At ilcwn tlit pccii latics, where tho ilcw wns
Aiul through the woodlands where the birds
were calling,
Wc wandered In thovs hours so long ago,
But now no mora nc walk In purple glosmlng
Allow ti the lanes, my love and I. Ah mcl
The time I tut for mch romantic roaming
Ho holdt the batij while I'm getting tea.
Wo tinol to Mt with lamp turned low to
gether And UUi of lore and Its divine effect,
When nights were long, and wintry was the
Far noliler he than knight an 1 knightly feather,
And I, to the Invcllst of my sex.
Now. oft when wintry wind howl round tho
Immorscd In smoke, hoypores o'er"gjld"f ml
The fart tsnoreil that Jtit aeros tho tahlc
The loveliest of her fex sits darning sock".
Oft, when arrayed to stilt mv hero's faney.T
I tripped toiifet him at hl wcleome call,
c looked utmtter.ililc things his dark eye
In fond approval at my outward showing
Ills taste In laces, drcsos. Jewels all I
Now, If pcrchaneo we leavo thehotwo together,
When friends Invite or prlmi-ilonna sings,
lie scans my robes (Imught new for the occa
sion) And foots the hills and looks unutterable
Ol hy-g.mo days, when seventeen anil single,
Ho called me angel as ho pressed my handl
01 present Mute, wherein that self-fame fellow
'To that same nngcl grown n trlflo yellow
Calls out, "Matilda, do you understand!"
.'Ah 1 jes, 1 understand ono thing for certain,
Love after marrlace Is n licanteous myth,
'At which, who once have pased behind the cur
tain, Turn up their hoot-llenrhan'cd with
H.irrr' VounK Penpla
My little daughter climbed up on my knee,
And said, with an air of great mystery,
"I've a secret to tell you, papa,
But I must whisper It close In your car,
And don't you speak of It, papa dear,
for there's nobody knows hut mamma.
"I am very rich I Very rich Indeed I
I have more money than 1 shall need;
I counted my money to-day
'Twenty new pontile all of them mine
JVnd ono little sliver piece called a dlmo
That I got from my Grandpapa (5 ray.
"I have fourteen nlcklcs and one three-cent,
Five silver quarters, though onoof thcm'sltcnt;
And, papa dear, something still better,
Three big white dollars 1 not one of them old,
And, whisper, one beautiful piece of gold
That came In my Undo Tom's letter."
Then sho clapped her small hands, laughed
merry and
Put her soft rosy lips down close to my car,
(Oh, so lovely tho fair curly head I)
"Am I not very rich! Now answer me true,
Am I not richer, far richer, Uian you!
Whisper, papa," she artlessly said.
I looked at her face, so young tnd so fair,
I thought of her life untouched by care,
Aiiil I said, with a happy sigh,
As my Hps touched softly her waiting car,
''You're exceedingly rich, my daughter dear!
Ten thousand times richer than II"
"Will you bo my wlfo, Bossio?"
It was Henry Helton, a good-lookin"
Nantucket mate, who put this important
question ono night totlio captain's r icce,
aboard tlio whalo-shlp Wanderer, then
in the Arctic Ocean.
Bessio Baker, who was a nrcttv vouno-
woman, turned toward tliu speaker, Iter
rosy iaco nnu niacn oyes lighted by tho
lantern in tho rigging, and answered
with tho frank spirit of a tnio Nantucket
. . T ; 1 1 , .
-iwiii uuyour wiio, uarry, but you
wiij ira nun iisit uucio 11 no IS Willing.'
"Of courso you can liavo her," said
the good-natured skippor, when tho
first ollicer entered tho cabin and told
Ill's errand; "and if you liko, you can
uu tiiamuii iiuoaru suipi"
I would liko that, sir, if Bessio
"Hut how will Darklo feel?" said tlio
captain, alluding to liis second officer,
who bad also wanted Bessie, but whom
stio nau roiusotl. "lie has a savage
.temper." 0
"I caro nothing for his tompur," said
Helton. "Ho would not dare to inter
fcto." Soon after ho went on deck and spoko
to Bossio about boing married aboard
'itio snip.
Sho consontcd, and It was agreed that
tlio wodding should tnko place a fort
night tnoroaftor. Mr. Gray, a mission
nry. who had taken passago at tlio
ijandwioh Islands aboard tho Wiindnrnr.
for tho bon fit of Ids health, could per
form tlio ceremony.
On an afternoon, about two Aaya
boforo tlio ono fixed for tlio wedding,
tlio man at tho masthead gavo notico
that ho saw, far eastern through an
opening amongst a Hold of iloatlng ico
uurgs, bomcuung wnion iookou liko a
"Tako a boat, Mr. Darklo," ho said
to Ids second mate, "and find out what
craft sho Is. Look about you and seo
it any ono of nor crew nro in sight."
"Av. av, sir." nnswored Darklo.
"I hopo it is not my brother's craft
mo nit. vernon," remarked Bolton
".Lho last timo I heard from htm, ho
said no was going to cruiso up horo.
should liko to go too, sir."
"You may go," said tho skipper.
Throwing ovor his shoulders a com
fortablo cloak ho usually woro when on
dlltv. and which wns nmith- trlmmn.l
with black and whito fur, Bolton sprang
into tlio boat which was now down, with
tlio kcciui muto in tlio stern shoots
Darkle woro no cloak, but in other m.
-spocts his iittiro was liko that of tho first
ollicer, to whom In fact, in slzo and
complexion, ho bora somo resemblance,
although tho bearing and mannorof tho
two were essentially diflbront.
Night had fallon by tho timo tho boat
reached tho wreck, and in tho fast
gathering gloom Helton who had
brought no lantern, had somo trouble
to discover tlio namo of tho craft.
"Ii is not tho Mt. Vernon," ho cried,
finally making out "Laura," in gilt lot
tars, 011 tho bow.
Ho sprang aboard, followed by Dar 1
"Pull back to tho ship," said tho Jat
'tor, soon attor, to tho crew, "and cot
I 1 1 .. .- .. T . - II I , f .
Hint hmiillnnil V ! nit,l,.7l
an olovation looking up about half a
milo from tho wreck. "Ask tho captain
if I10 will uot Bond two or threo boats
rthat wo may tako off tho crow of this
craft, who aro doubtless dshoro there,
with their effects."
Ho gavo tho orders whilo Bolton down
Intho forecastle, looking nbout him,
could not hear what ho said.
Tho boat dlsapr cared in tho gather
ing shadows, and when Bolton canto up
ho was surprised to find it gone.
Darklo explained why ho had sent it
away. There was a lierco frown on his
brow when ho spoke, and the fiivd mato
could seo his eyes Hashing liko thoso of
a wild boast through tho partial gloom.
All nt onco ho throw himself upon his
companion, striking nt him with 11 hand
Rplko ho had picked up.
"llascal, you shall never marrv hcrl"
ho cried. "I will kill you first!"
"Hold there, Darklo nro you out of
your senses? What is tho uso of being
angry about it?" cried Bolton.
Dodging tlio handplko, nt tho samo
timo ho dealt tho second ollicer n blow
between tho oyes with Ids clenched
Darklo sprang quickly back, and ore
his opponent could avoid it brought the
implement lie held down upon his head.
Half stunned, Helton Mrtggored towards
tito broken ieo bulwarks. With a crv
of savage exultation, hit rival followed
him up, and seizing him by the throat
with 0110 hand, hurled him overboard.
Helton fell on an Iceberg drifting
past tlio wreck. Tho mutt momont
lie was out of Darklo's siirht in tlio
"iiicro, 1 nope 1 am rid of iilin for
ever, ho muttered. "I will probably
bo suspected, but nothtnz can bo tirov-
ed against mo. I will say that Helton
slipped nnd fell overboard accidental
lyr 1 no captain was surprised to seo tho
boat's crow como back without their of
ficers. When informed why Darklo had cent
them, tho skippor shrugged his shoul
ders. Ho had his own thoughts about it, but
ho did not express thorn, lest ho should
alarm Bessie.
Ho at onco veered ship, and headed
in tho direction of tlio wreck, but,
before ho could find it, an unexpected
gale camo howling and roaring upon
Bossio wni no.v alarmed. Talc will
anxiety on her lover's aecoiiut, sho
grasped her unclo's arm, saying sho
feared ho would now bo lost, isli.o
wreck would certainly go to pioeoj in
such n blow!
Tho captain endeavored to cheer hor,
telling hor that there was a baro chanco
that Helton and Dnrklo might save
themso'ves by getting 01: the ico.
"They will trcozo to death there,"
gasped lho unhappy girl.
lo this her undo mado no toply.
Tho dismal cracking of tho ship's
timbers, and tho weird shriek of tho
galo in tho shrouds, wns the onlv ro
sponso to tlio remark. As thero would
bo danger of tho vessel's going ashore,
if ho kept on his present course, tho
skipper was now obliged to ho. d in ;.n
other direction.
Tho night and tho next day passed,
nnd tho 0110 which was to have seen
Bessio a happy brido dawned upon tho
Nf sign of tho wreck 110 sign of
either of tlio two young ofilecrst
Tho girl went down Into her cabin
and gavo way to her grief.
Tlio galo still roared, and tho ocean
was white with foam and (lying spray.
Occasionally an Icobcrg was obsoi ved
in tho distnncc, and thccaptaln Brutin
ized it with a glass, but ho saw no ono
upon it.
Hours passed; tho gnlo abated, en
abling him to altar his course toward
tho land.
Now a number of borgs wero seen,
far ahead.
All at onco sho saw him start.
"You son something?" sho gasped.
"Yes, a human form on ono ot those
As tho vessel drew near to it, tlio
ngltatcd girl took tho glass from hor
unclo's hand. Ho steadied it for hor
In tho right direction.
"It is ho!" sho shrieked; "but oh,
uncle, is ho allvo? Romcmbor It. Is two
days since ho loft us!"
Tho captain mado no reply, but his
hand trembled as ho again took tho
Bessio know that ho shared hor foars.
"It is really Bolton," he said, as if
ho had hoped ho had boon mistaken.
"Oh, yes, undo, I recognizo his
cloak tho ono linod with whito and
black fur!"
Nearer drew tho ship to tho berg.
"Ho does not move!" whispered tho
third mate to thoskippoi.
"Bessio. I think vou hn.il Wtnr ,
below," said her undo, In a faltering
Sho mado no answer; sho stood as if
transfixed, hor gazo rivotcd on tho 11"
uro on tho borg. 0
Tlio vessel was soon near enough for
tlio form to bo plainly seen wltli tho
naked ovo.
Seated in a nioho near tho summit of
tlio berg, that form did not movo a
a rnig.it and rigid It sat, propped
uiin niu uijaiui nun ueiunu it, only
uiu iMiMiuunu. 1110 ears, ami tuo upper
part ot 1110 head visible above tho hlirh
....11.... ...l.t..l. 1 .. o
iimiu, which was urawn won up over
1110 iaco. J no hair projected outward,
stiffened with ieo, tho roat wns glazed
witli frosty particles as if sheathud in a
uun, scaly armor.
"I will go, too!" cried Be.io, when
tlio captain backed tho main yard and
lowered tho boot.
Ho objected but sho insisted on goin",
and ho sillowod her to havo her way,
thinking that after all it woro best sho
should learn tho worst as soon ns pos
sible, for tho susponso sho would suffer,
it loft nboard, would bo torriblo to
Tlio boat approached tho borg.
"Helton!" called tlio captain, when
no reply
..mini ojjuiiKing uiitanco. xiicro was
arrv. oh. Harrv.
speak to mo!"
Still no responso still no moroment
ox inu iornt.
"God holp you, nieco, it is ns
yiougiiir cried tho captain. "Ho is
iienui '
"Ay,' ay, frozen to doath!' murmured
onu 01 mo crew,
Tho crlrl uttered n. ilnsnnMnrr
and bowed her faon nn Imp immii ci.I
of anguish escaped her sho shook liko
riot a man wns thorn in t. i,t
muiao oyes nm not moisten.
Behind thorn thn aliln'a l.nll ,.,. i.i
four strokes.
Dismal fell Its ftlnnn nnnn ll.n
, "'""tj OttlO Ul
It Was tho hour when linaaln nnrl TI..1.
ton WCro to havn hpnn mnrrlmll XT...
it was a knoll ot death!
At length tho boat grated along sido
of tho berg.
T.'10 i)Mn, with his men, olamborod
to tho sido of tho motionless form.
Bossio stood bolow. hop
gazo turned up toward It.
oiowjy anu sauiy hor undo pullod tho
stiffened, cracking collar away from tho
Then there could bo no doubt thtt tho
unfortunnto man wns dead!
Tlio glazed eyes, tho while and rigid
icamrcs, anu 1110 ucsii ns nam as a
(.tone told tho fearful story.
Ho was frozen to doath!
For a moment tho spectators gazed
llttritl ttm r1iit 4tt- .ianr.ni ll.nn n ...11.1
simultaneous cry broko from thorn, for
tho faco, now so plainly revealed, was
not Bolton's, but Hint of lho sccoi.d of-
Hcor, Darklo!
So Intent lmd all been ttnon this sad
errand that they had not noticed a boat
apnro.icning irom shore.
Bessio was tho first to notico it, nnd
among lho crow in it sho recognized hor
lover, Henry Helton!
A moment later ho was out upon tho
Ico nnd tho girl wns clasped to his
As tlio captain and his men gathered
round him to shako hands, ho explained
how ho lmd been attacked nnd hurled
from tlio wrec- by Darkle.
When lie fell, his cloak caught on a
spiko on tho schooner's side, nnd thus
left behind him, it must afterwards havo
been found by Darklo. nnd liavo been
used by liltn in vain to kcop himself
front freezing to death.
Tlio borg on which Helton had fallen
drifted to land before tliognlo camo up,
and tho young man, shivering nnd in a
nitlablo plight, mado his way towards a
light ho saw, nnd wliioh provi d to bo
that of a fire, round which wero gather
ed tho castawav crow of tho wreekml
l'i oy received him kindly, nnd ho re
mained with them until ids ship hove in
sight, when, ns shown, ho canto oil' with
them in tho boat.
As to Darkle, Bolton nnd tho casta
ways, thinking ho might possibly havo
reached tho slioro on tho ico, aftor tlio
wreck broko up, had looked for him,
but had seen nothing of him until to
day, when they (darted for the ship.
It was ovldcnt that, when tho wreck
was going to pieces, tho unfortunnto
man succeeded in getting on tho ice
berg, which the gate must havo car; led
past tho headland out to sea. Subsequent
ly it had drifted with tho current to its
present locality, nnd .thus it met tlio
gazo of the watchful captain, too late
for its occupant to bo Fnrcd.
Tho bodv was buried from thn vnnl
that samo afternoon.
A week later Bessio nnd Helton u-nm
married, and tho crow of thn wronkml
sehoonor added to tho other witnesses
of tho ceremony.
Although an ocean bridal, it proved
to bo a very pleasnt weddlm. nnd
there wero many cheers for tho hanm-
young couple.
m t iwm.
A Lova Story from the Thousand Islands.
Philadelphia Times.
A rontanco story comes from Clayton,
ono of tho manyrcsorts on tho St. Law
rence. Almost ovory day this summer
a young woman, tlio daughter of a
Wealthv ninrnlinnk nf On ntrn lino lmn
sailing along tho Amorican slioro, troll-
iui hi.; usu. wno aiiernoon last
wock an Amorican named Hlco was
rowing in his papcrsholl near Governor
Alvord's island. About half a milo from
tlio slioro, on looking nrqund, ho saw
tlio YOliniT Canadian wnmn'n etnirrrrll-w
with hor oars, and tho Irolling-lmo nC
uiuuuA in ur riKiu arm urawn taut
Sho evidently had caught a largo mas
kolongo or sturgeon, and wns endoavor-
i ....11 . 1.1. , i , .
in iu jiuu uiuuuu wiin nor inruonru oar
so as to follow tho fish gradually. In
her oxcitemont shn litnnmiinn fn n n,.
starboard sido and tumbled into the
water. Rico, with a fow pulls at his
skulls, nulcklir rnnnheil 11 in linfnrhtnnTn
young woman and caught her by tho
rrM. i i I . . . . . "
in m. xnu L'uiuuinod wenrnt, or i in wn
Unset Ills shallow slmll. nnd tn n ftutnL-
ling both wero Btrugglincr in tho water.
xnu nuuiiiK-iino was still attached tn
tho VOlino- lndv's nrm wliltn al.n
to hor boat, and tho fish scorned to bo
mining iuco, ms iair chnrgo, and tho
boat down thn Ktrivim rnlilli. Tlo
after considerable work, succeeded in
getting into tho fair Canadian's boat,
and then nulled hnr In nfW Mm si...
appeared but little frightened, and said
sho had had similar iminrlnnrna lurnm
but on theso occasions sho had been
nl.ltrvn.1 . 1 1. . ...
uunuuu iu icnuuu jiurseu. utirtng tins
explanation Rico noticed that tlio troll-
tw 1tn ...nr. A 1
ii-iiuu Biiu huh, nnu mo voting
woman had not rnllnnnUhml 1
ii.... t . n i i.i .. .
jv n. vyuuviueuii uini Bomoining
largo was nt tho otlior end, ho pullod it
Irt nm ....! .1 1 .. tl.1- 1
in iKjiiiujr ua jiussiuiu, iwiu. was over
joyed at seeing a mammoth maskelongo
r in In ll,n c.... T ..,1. "
m "i oiiiiiiuu. ii, w 113 ijuicuiy so
cured, nnd tho young Canadian, forgot
ting hor wot ci'dthos and mlshnn.
od to bo delighted. Sho insisted that
nor roscuor should tnko tho mnskolomro
null l.n nnnnn.1 tL ...1.1. .1 I .
...... uu uv;ujiuu ti., wiui mo uniiorsinnd'
ing that ho should accompany hor hero
after In her fishing trips. Tho youn
woman is beautiful; tho young man
,uuuui muiu llliutl.
II --
One of the Pests of India
Ono of India's posts is lho molallio
imio-ny. xou sinic tho logs of your fur
niture into mntullln nniiL-i.ta (lit,,,!
i - .niin
salt and wator, and pack your clothing
m iiiiw uu ijuxu.i io iirovont tno incur
sious oi wiiuo ants, but you havo no
roineuy against tno motallio blttellv,
which fills ovory crevice, even- koyliolo
and overy koy itself witli clav. Thn IK-
is an nrtlstio as well ns nn industrious
woiKor, nnd no works always with an
object. Ho selects a hole, a koyholo, or
uu uiujiiy spaco in any metallic sub
stnnco Is proforred, but, in tho absonco
of any such material, tho holes in tho
wuiiwiu ui u u;iuu-uHi. uiiuir or any per
forated wood will
AftOr SOOlnn- that tlm hnln lunlnn.. ...!
in good ordor, ho commences operations
1... 1.. i.t.. . 41... l.l...u. . ' ..
"j "i'"n u miuoiii n sntoout car
iin rf nln.ii 41. nH 41. 1 lf
.uu 4 uinj , uiuh mo uouios oi sovernt
defunct spiders arotriimmhnntlpnl
Ution tho nlnv nnrnot. fin inn nt
Duiuia uiu vuga oi 1110 lomaio uy aro
(lonosltod. Thn tntnV! In l,
closing. Tho top is neatly covered ovnr
...111. nfn.. 1...4 I n4lll 1 " ....
nnu may, uui 11, sun mis an unumsiiod
look. This 111 rnmndlnil lit? n tl.ln nn..i
of whitewash, nnd then tho ily looks
upon ms worK and pronounces it good.
When tliis tomb is opened thoro aro
mora motnlllo bluo Hies In tho world
than thoro woro boforo You nro anxious
to oxamino or wear somo of your valua
bles, which you always keop'undor lock
nnd koy, and you tnko your koy and on
dcavor to unlock your trunk, but it is
only an ondoavor. There is rosistanco
in mo Koy-noio. xou oxamino tho Koy
and you find it is niooly sealed up with
clay, nnd tho koy-holo in tho samo con
uiuuii. tn ia mu wurtt oi pnuonco to do-
Rt.rnV tlm mirenmr tf I ll ,iinn tnnnnl .. . 1
"J ..iiihv.j jiwi (liouub UI4U
lay his castlo In ruins; but adotorminod
will can accomplish muoh. Cano-seat-
nrl oVi n ra nrn nnm nllmnu n nn..(i.tn.l t...
thoso clay homes as to mako It hard to
ilnln..nn .inl 1I.A ! .1 .
IUIU11U4UU it nun mu uriiuui Huusmnco
"Woll. Andro. havovou worked hard
at school to-day?" "Oh yes, mamma,
look at my hands." And in fnct tho
little fingers wero nil blaok with Ink
"Oh, It wasc't writing, it was stuffing
paper balls Into my lnkstandl"
Tho Story of thn Sun, tlio Moon, the Stun
unit lho Comet.
Virginia City Ter. Knterprlse.
About tho timo tho now comet was nt
lis brightest wo took tho occasion of a
cnll from Captain Sam, of tho Piuto
trlbo, to ask him about tho notions hold
by his pcoplo In regard to such celestial
visitants. Sitm said ho would presently
bring to us nn old man of his tribo who
had tho whole domo of heavon by heart.
In somo trepidation after so much coro
ntony and preparation wo tinally ven
tured to ask tho vencrablo servant If ho
know anything nbout tho comot recent
ly seen flaming in tho northern sky. Ho
did ho know nil about it. "It was,"
ho said, "a wounded star." Said ho;
"It Is badly hurt, but It will getaway."
Without further ceremony or preamble
ho proceeded to glvo us the wholo econ
omy of tho colistlal ronlms in a nut
shell, so to say. It was as follows;
"Tlio sun rules tho heavens. Ho 1
tho big chief; tlio moon is I1I3 wlfo, nnd
tho stars nro his children. Tho sun ho
cat him children whenever ho can them
catch. Tlioy aro all tho timo nfrald
when ho is passing t'lrongh In thenbove.
When ho, tholr father, the sun, gets up
11 tho morning, you seo all tho stars,
liis children, Ily out of sight go away
into tlio bluo nnd tlioy do not mako to
bo seen ngaln till ho, their father, is
about for going to bed. Down deep
under ground deep, dcop Is a great
holo. Horo ho go into this holo, tlio
sun, nnd ho crawl and ho creep till ho
como to his bed; ho then sleeps tlioro
all night. This is so little, and ho, tho
sun, Is so big, that ho ennnot turn
nroimd in it, so ho must, when ho lias
had all his sleep, pass on then through,
and wo seo hint next morning como out
In thn nniif MMi.im tin an i.....nd ..4 I. ..
... w..w. oi,., uu 01 VUlllUO Ulll, 1IU I
linmtlq In luint t.ti llifm.n.1. 1. 1... . '
catch nnd eat any that ho can of tho 1
stars, his children. He, tho sun. Is not
......V ..1. tlllWMlll L11U ntlV III
uu seen. Tho shape of hint Is like a
snako or a lizard. It is not his bond
that wo can seo, but liis belly, stuffed
With tho Stars ho has tlmos 11ml lining
devoured. His wife, tho moon, she
goes inlo tho samo holo as her husband
to sleep her naps. Siio have always lho
great fear of him, tho sun, that havo
her for Ids wlfo, and when ho comes In
to tito holo to sleep sho long not stay
there If ho bo cross. She, tho moon,
have groat lovo for her children, thn
stars, and Is happy to bo traveling up
wiioro uioy are. And tlioy, hor chil
dren, feel safo and sinllo as sho passes
along. But sho, their mother, cannot
help but that ono must go uvory month.
Itisordorcd bv Pali-ah. tho fj rniitSnlrlr.
that lives abovo tho place of all. Every
month ho do swallow ono of liis chil
dren. Ihcn tho moon feel sorrv. Sim
must to mourn. Her faco sho do paint
It blaok. for a child Is o-nnn. Hut dm
dark you will soo wear away from hor
iiiuu nine, iiiuo, iiiuo every day, and
aftor a timo wo soo ngaln all tho faco
bright of tho mother moon. But soon
ho, tho sun, her husband, swallow nn-
otuer child, nnd sho put ngaln on hor
iaco tno pitch and tho black,"
nut now nbout tho comot?"
Woll," said lho Dhllosonhnr. snmn.
times you seo tiio sun snap at one of tlio
stars, his children, and not get good,
fast hold only tear ono holo nnd hurt
it. It get wild of nain and fro 11 v nivnr
across tho sky with great spout of blood
from It. It then very 'fraid. nnd ns It
Ily keep alwajs it bead turn to watcli
tlio sun, its father, and never turn away
from him Its faco till far nilt. nf Ilia
Havinir thus disnosod of thn wlmin
business of t!io realms abovo, tho sa-o
was inclined to como down to ntundano
matters, and sttggostcd that muoh talk
mado man hunirrv. Ho was nnt inn
proud to accept four bits.
oam, nowovor, who had been listen
ing vory attentively to tho astronomical
doctrines of tho wiso mnn of ids tribo
and who evidently wished to hoar more,
wont on to say that when tho whito mnn
first camo to tlio country nnd began to
dig great shafts, many of his pcoplo
feared that tlioy Intended to dig down
to tlio subtorranean passagoway of tlio
sun and moon, catch them both, carry
them away and loavo tlio whole world
in darkness.
To tliis tho old phllosophor answered
that such a tiling was impossible, owin"
to tho groat boat abovo and about tho
holo. Ho said all the whito men could
do was to get out somo of the rocks
abovo tho underground road of tho orbs,
and which had absorbed tltcir bright
ness as they lay asleep In tlioir beds bo
low, thoso rocks produoing, In tho caso
of tho moon, tho whito metal (silver),
and in tlio caso of tho sun tho vollow
motnl (cold).
Capt."Sam now said that thoy woro
ready to tako their loavo, and would bo
glad to carry witli them n small picco
of tho whito metal mentioned hv i,n
wlso man of tho tribe,
i. .ii... -v
A Stage-Driver's Life.
New York Tribune.
"I'vo sat on tliis stngo six years, and
tiover missed a day through my own
fault," snld adrlvor on tho Fifth-avonuo
lino to a passenger who had climbed up
beside him. "Yes, I'vo kopt my stive
longer than any othor drlvoron tills
lino, I suppose. I novor dreamed onco
that I should overdo this kind of work,
though. Get up there?" and ho gnvo
tlio reins a vicious jork, as though somo
unpleasant thought had suddenly como
to hint.
"Why. eight years ngo I wns wortli
812,000," he said suddonly. "I kopt a
butcher's shop ovor in Jorsoy City.
Business was good and I wns prosper
ous. Ihon I wasn't content to lot well
enough nlono, and I went and took in
a partner. Ho didn't know anythlnc
uwu.11, imi3iui;.i.i, uini incurred uoois, it s
the old story wo got involved and tho
smash canto and I was loft without a
uouar. inoso wero dark days thon.
uim vou Know now 11 is wnon a man
is going down hill his friends aro
all anxious to glvo him a klok. Nono
01 my out Irlonds would help mo. But
thoro wns 0110 that novor failed mo, sir,
and that was my wlfo. She novor spoko
uisuournging or roprononiiti word
wnon things woro going tho worst
AVliat that woman was to mo no ont
but I knows.
"Lord, how tho glare of tho sun brings
tho wider into one's oyes! It's fow men
that got such wives, and that's why 1
always speak of mino. Woll, I couldn't
find nnvthlnir to do. so I camo ovnr
to the Doss of this lino and asked him
for a job. 'Aro you used to driving?'
ho said. 'Mistor, l'vollvod with horses
from my youth up and I'vo drlvon a
hotter nalr of mv own than nnv vnu'vn
got in your stable,' says I. Ho grinned
as though ho llkod my looks, and said,
'Como round to-morrow morning ami
wo'll havo a placo for you.' So I did,
and for six yoars sinco I'vo boon on tho
box nearly ovory day oxcept Sundays.
"It's lone hours and oxnosuro to a
groat deal of rough woathor, of courso,
but thoy'ro voryTdad up at tlio end of
tlio louto and thoy cliango horsos for
mo, without my having to got off tho
box. I was rather nshameir nt first.
nnd I don't liko tho work nowj bocauso
you seo I'vo had a good fair education
nnu it is not doing mo any good. But
thoro's a. chanco to sco a good donl of
iiuuiuii imuiro up noro, and j toll you
miman nature is a pretty moan thing,
ritoro aro pcoplo, and womon. too,
sometimes, as woll ns mnn. that win
swear up and down thoy'vo paid their
jiu wiiuu 1 Know inoy navon t. If thoro
nro others in tho stngo thoy vory often
got ashamed of thtir bluff nnd back
down by saying thoy'll pay tholr faro
twico. Then thoro aro the hot-tompor-
All llllniiln .t.t. ! 1. .1. . I
... r.uj,.u nnu juik, mo Hirap so as to
almost break my log bocauso tiio stago
don t stop at pnoo. And thoro nro eomo
who minic 1110 way to show tholr su
poriority Is to abuso anybody who hap
tinnn in t.nl.l ! . V. i r
j.,..r. iv, .mill uu iiiiunor position.
"But. then llioro's another sido to it,
I have u f.ood many regular customers,
i ,t,g ro men up niong tno avonuo
whom I pick uu about tho samo timo
every morning, nnd often bring back
nt night. Many rido up hero with mo,
nnd I got to know them nnd loam where
to expect them. And thoy'ro very kind.
Last Cliristniasono asked mo to wait a
minuto whon ho left tho stao nt his
nouso, nnu no brought out a fur cap
and a balr of mittens for mo. And I
met nnouior out sleighing in a snow.
storm last- winter. If n limi'iiil in .mi
and pretty soon drovotin nesldnnin nnd
sang out: Hero's something to keep
your noso wnrm.' It wns a bunch of
cigars and mntclics tied on tho end of
his whip. Another ono who rldos with
mo often left a V in my hand ono Now
lcars when ho cot down. Thoso thlnn-s
mako a mnn fool good, you know, whon
thoy nro duno In that way. 'HI, thprol'
as ho guided tlio stngo by a eloso shavo
uuiwcun 11 urny and nn express wnon.
-les. it iai;es good driving to cet
f ,
ami down Broadwav. lint
w - .
1 n,uvuL".l(1 1
, , ,l
nor received any damatro
Oltr Street? Whon. thnrnl
uood day, sir." And tho horses sud
denly stnrtcd ngaln, shaking off tho
small bootblnck who "had a soft thine"
.... I I... l 1. ..!.!.. .1
St Lonls Republican Letter.
Alt widows aro young, or rnthcr thoy
aro called so until it would seem that
tho loss ot a husband Is tho Secret of
perpetual youth. Tho want of ono, on
lho other hand, may bo held ns bond
ami security lor premature ngo for cer
tain it is that n woman is hold "passo"
ns a spinster nt 25, who, ns widow,
would bo bloomlnir nt AO.
I was onco present whon a widow was
presented to threo gentlemen, all
youngor than herself and vory nttrac-
uu. 0110 was passed, poor, barolv
urcsicd, mother of nino children, and
owner only of tho mortgaged home
stead on which thoy livdd. But sho
was a widow; thoro was no denying
tliM. As sho sank upon tho sofa sho
dropped (it scorned to bo.nccidcntnlly) a
whitoy-brown paporpnrcol, out of which
rolled a spool or two, a darning egg, a
ii.iii ui Duiasuia uini some lanoy worK.
Tho, men all dived to secure thorn.
Eaolt man got something and restored
the samo lo tlio owner, whereupon she
manned thorn with nn overpoworing
muwi, uuiurguu upon 1110 misery of bo
ing without a pocket, showod thorn tho
placo whore tlio pocket ought to bo, nnd
continuod to talk about the pocket sho
didn't liavo and tho ins nnd outs of dif
ferent sorts of pockets for ton or iiftcon
minutes, when sho was called for by a
friend in a carriage I do not remem
ber that any othor topic was Introduced
or that anything occurred which was
calculated lo divert tho attention of hor
boat ore f.oni tho all-obsorblng topic,
but this I do know that whon sho left
tlio room thoro wns not a man In It but
what would havo died for hor. Ono and
all, tlioy woro madly in lovo, nnd, for
aught 1 know, may bo so to tho present
day. I have told this story in tho hopo
that somo forlorn, shipwrecked sister
might bo benoiittod; but I hnvo boon
to'.d by many that thoy hnvo tried it
faithfully. Thoy havo gono without
pockets, nnd said so, and dropped their
bundles ntopportuuo moments. Indeed,
there is ono poor girl who says sho has
almost thrown nway everything sho had,
but without accomplishing any such ro
Milts. Alas! sho was not a widow.
'Leaves have their time to fall,
And flowers to wither at tho north wind's
But ye ye havo all seasons for thlno own,
O 'Widows I
Race nnd Religion lu War.
San Francisco Dulletla.
At ono of tho sessions of thd School
ui x iiuuau my ill uoncoril. Knnt wna
quoted and commented upon nt longth
ns boiling that a pooplo speaking tho
amo lanrunjro and ninhitnlnlmr tlm
samo religion could not bo permanent
ly separated into distinct and hostile
nations. That principle applied to the
two wars between Kngland nnd tho
United States would soom to admit at
least of somo striking exceptions. Thn
contestants woro of tho samo race nnd
languago nnd ossontially of tho samo
religion. Applying tlio principle to tho
recent olvll war in tho Unltod States,
tho result is more satisfactory. A pco
plo of tlio samo languago and religion
could not bo permanently separated.
Is that tho bond which unllos so many
n?T !?i'.n.Sla"l,P Occasionly somo
. .Hum miuuiuii m (r0 011 inu sot up as
independent sovereign Statos. And
whon told to go ahead and accomplish
this result tlioy hesitato about tlio sup.
aratlon. Aro tito English-speaking
iiuwjuu uvur 10 nuiiiToi ngainr 11 thorn
Is enough in tlio unity of language nnV
luugiuu m i.cop mem togotnor they cai
rule tho world. As to raco Englis
njji-uMiijj iiuujiiu imvu mo uioou oi ne.r
ly nu wiuio races in tnoir veins. y,uo
Germans, tlio ColUs and tho Norrapjldy
wuuijuuiuia luivo nuppnod now Stllllt
blood until tho Englishman is madl
of a sort of national olontlnlsm. 1
foreign Infusion in tho United States is
bringing about tho samo rosults. Raco,
is not a distinctive test; but languain is.
nngiisit-snoaklng pcoplo nro rank
commercial conquost o tho world
wiiotner living under tho constitu
monarchy or a republican constlt
thoy stand as a cuaranteo of ilom
and reasonable liberty; and lot us hopo,
Cllmato for Consumptives,
Ilall't Journal o( Health.
Somo liftoon years nco wo ntibllshml
nn nrticlo on tho subjeot of localities of
uonsumpnon. mo general idea for
whioh wo conoludod was this, that warm
ollmatcs hasten consumption! that an
insopnrablo attendant of consumption,
under all olroumstancos, was doulllty.
Tho healthiest of us fool tho debilita
ting effects of summer hoats. And how
nn invalid is to bo strengthened by what
debilitates n hoalthy mnn, wo cannot
understand. Consumptive people do
not nood tho warm, damp, vapor-laden
ntmosphoro of Cuba nnd Florida, but
tlio cold, dry, still nir of high latitudes
a man in consumption will moro
tainly got woll in Greenland
tliun in
tho West Indies.
From tho dotails furnlshod from many
sourcos, a momber of tho Massachusetts
Mouicai Hooloty has prepared a Manor.
qonoluslvo of tho fact that all low nnd
aamppincos originate nnd aggravate
uonstimptivo uisoasos, nnd that rostor-
mion ami exemption mut bo found In
cooi nnu ury latitudes. And for similar
ronsons sn.a vnvno-n. n.l oo 4
intn . ,n nn i' r.1.1" V T:
nnrniM.. Air . ,uu,1"us
lungs are diseased.
,,....,.,. -a unum uiiuii 1111 iuiaua.i wnusu
A 1'ostill rinrli'a l'i-n
An Indignant hcud-olorl; In tlio Baltl
more i-osiouico wants tho nowspnpors
to convoy to tho public his ontphntlo
i'lu' i.jjiuhsi, mo laicsi popular ma
nia confined as yot to sontlmontnl
writers of billets doux namoly, tiio
sticking of postage stampi upon unusu
al and out-of-the-way parts of tho en-
VAlnniia 'I'lmM ! 1. . . , .
stamp eodo of tllrtntlon, nnd each pojl
'UIU"J" AIIU1U 19. lb HUUI114. 1 "TinsTnifrt
tlcular sentiment. Now th n Ifiw nllnwa
! i Dinum uaiuussos somn nnr.
mo stamp to bo put anywhere on tho on
vclopo tho sender may plcaso. But Its
position Is a matter nf tninnrtfinnn tn
tho cancelling clerks. "As lone." savs
iUn Unlit........ lll-t..1 . . J
"i" uiuiimuiu Ulliui.ll,
nro in tno orthodox
riiriit-hnnd corner th
like bees, and got through quickly, bo-
cattso tito motion from tho ink-pad to
tlio stamp h a continuous ono; but just
as soon ns thoy havo to hunt nroimd
over tho letter to find whoro tho stamp
is Wafrrml. U'lil tin,. nn..14
""V, ""j i"u f,ut "long
near so fast. Please hint through your
liniinr tllflt nvnn. lnfln l.t P. S
liapor that every' letter that conies "hero
not stamped with a slnglo stamp In tho
right-hand upper cornor wo uso to mnko
papur ciilCKcns out of."
. Modern Tenchlmr.
btmorintendont I'rlnrn nf Wot1,om
- - .f . .1.111.111,
Alass., read n judicious papir on mo
rn cs to study nt tho recent meeting of
tlte tcacliors of Worcestnr rminif Ho
considered that tho ono great error com-
mittedintho school instruction of to-
day is tho looking to Immodiato rather
uian iuiuro results, and conscnuontlv
thoro is n lack of tlm snb-lf n .i,i
-as mo stamps ,t t Li " : "
among tho graduates. Tho mind grows Strong-minded wifo "Eh, Joamcs,
naturally. Teachers should load, not J'" nro great on languages; what is tho
forco, tho child from stop to stop, and difforonco botween exported and trans
promote a lovo for loarnlnir. TTn llminl.i norted?" Snlimt
that nlno-tonths of tho so-called teach-
i?i ' n,rca,ity but poor instruction, tho
child being proven I from dovoloplnff
his natural nowors of ohaorvntinn'nW
uri-nnauty irom too closo uso of tliis
nm mat text-book. Tho practlco of
dally marking, giving prizes nnd other
Incentives to cnablo tho "standnrd of
mu scnooi to bo kont nn." .na nnf
high personal charactoV and V?o harmo-
nious blond nn- nf n tin. nm..A nt .!.
heart nnd mind of tho teachers' hnvo a
great power in nromotino- n lnvn
Sllldl. Tf, !q nlnncnnt n
tendency of nil clover toachors thoso
days is to'vard teaching rather than
text-book training. An ounco of men-
tai awanenlnir in a child l u-nrfti
puuuu oi undigested solid information.
About TiOTO.
Mr. Fnotandfanoy has notlcod:
mat tho boy who s mnt nfrntn nf
tho girls Is tho first to bo corraled into
That tho littlo bovs m-nfnr tmr-a tn
o-S-li 1 "
onco as soon as thn boys do somo of
thorn novor.
Tliat women lovo thn mnn linnm,
muv lovo ovcrvilimir tllOV hai-n tn fniVn
That men lovo Womnn linnnimn (l,n
, . .. 111 U I
can t holp it. '
Tlint ttin Vl'ifn Innno !, J
. ti ii... .i.. i ., nw
nun mail suu mis no moiiciits lor other
that ho loves all women for hor sake.
1 ,?,m.nrrictl ,nan i "P1 10 think
himself all-kllling among tlio fair sox
simply bocauso ho has found ono woman
fool enough to marry him.
mat homely husbands aro tho host.
Thnr linvnr. fnri.nl !,,. 1 ....ft
so invna nil ivifn
41 I'.iji.v viio Uilllllllllt;ilt paid I
m. awraunugiiioni,
.evknowliow ZTJt
what thov havo
wimniiuj naVO.
doci welL "U S ml mmo
That tho man
does bettor.
That tho man who novor marrlos is to
lliat tho woman
who marrlos does
That tho woman who ,1nna
docs bettor nino tlmna nt nt 17, '"""
Hands of Ame'lcan Women
Tho American women lmvn tlm mtnti.
j-,v ...... ,.c in mu wui-iii, uioves mado
in Franco for tho American market nro
........ ,Ui ,,,m mirnjwor man lor any
.-uuui in mu worm, anu 1110 lingers aro
mado moro slender, ns any Amorloan
JH.TO JiaS tnivnlnil lnnfr nli.'An,l ,t,i ,
iiwcovermg mat it is only largo shops In
U)Ig cities which kcop gloves small
WjllOUi'll for hnr. nnil n l.nl.V ...in. 1 ,
1 . , . I b juiuul ;
u.,i, iuiiiw mo Ainorionn nvorago, four,
Iving In ono of tho larccst cities in oast.
orn buropo, recently found hersolf
forced to sond to Now York ro-ularlv
fpr her gloves. It is idleness thafmakos
uio nanus small, work that onlarges
them. Porhnps tho foregoing is equlv-
alont to saying that Amorican
aro tlio laziest in tho world.
A Bcinnrknhlo Memory.
w9 union on 1U UIO ma nir 1 v a nn
1 about oightoon months ago and given
M 10 lowest position. Ho has several
times boon promoted on account of his
gouu record, and at his Inst examination
gavo oviuor.co of his closo application
and phonoraonal momory. It Is cus
tomary for tho examiner to nnmo tlio
post-ofllces in a cortnin amount 0 tor-
rltory, and require tlio examiner to glvo
tho location. In this caso lho omnloven
oxanilnod on tlio post-olllcos of Mis-
1, of which there aro soventeon
of which tlioro aro soventeon
od. Ho did not need to bo rmcs-
, but without prottpting named
post-ofllco In tho Stato nrd tho
county In wliioh it is situated, andAUh
out missing or mistaking a post-ofilcor
county, and did this In thirty minutes.
A 11 Am i oil mm n tnlrnn M .1 i .
mond by careful polishing; but If your
words hnvo the least blemish, the l
no wnv to offuco It.
Novor adopt tho opinions of any books
vou mnv road, nor of anv ennmanv
If wo could road tho sooret b storv of
our enemies, wo should find in each
mat thoy soon chanoro. never tn rn DUt no'' tho Ioast oflondod. but when
back to their early love. tho young lady road: "It you rumplo
That tho littlo girls lovo tho girls host. UG my 8,"rt bosoms and drag tho button w
Tliat tllOV don't irnt nwr tlw.li n.n-. Off tho collar any morn, na vnn ilhl lnol:
........... .uu ii.3i.uvur wuu nns 10 buy a """" mini '11 mu uou-puncu, in .1
pair of gloves of any provincial city in loluIcr ky. "If you want tosmjko como
europo. Probably no American with a out noro on tho platform." "AUri"hl,"
smallish hand whinh nvnltno n reiolnnil t.l
It In n. nnrrnnt hnrri whn 1 hm 11
mono with my consoionco." Two to
ono no novor had loss fun In all his born
Thn rn,f i.tn .,.. n 1-
.i ... , ' T iuuswuhu
. "KBl ioquy as ro wnon and whoro
ns going to sottlo down and bito.
"Madam." ho rallantlv nbnnrvn.l. T
havo an imago photographod upon
my honrt." "Indccd,,r she said, "a
sort of nogativo Impression of mo, I
A collcgo studont In rendorlng to hl
father an nccount of his term expenses,
Inserted: "To charity, $30." His fa
ther wrote back: "I foarnhnrltv min
ors a multltudo of sins,"
"NoVCr loaVO what VOU lindnrtnlrn un
til volt can roach vour nrms nrnnml It
and clinch vour hnntla nn (tm nflmo
side," says a recently published book
for young men. Vory good ndvlco; but
What if sho screams?
A VOltnir nv nilmlttml in nnrmnlnn
mat nor boau had kissmi Imp nn i,.
v r- j ....... . . . ..vi. .uuiiiui
oneoK. -And what did
"I)o J"
Oil danco?" "Nn. Trlnn'f
but my siitor Nnnco, who lives ovor in
Franco, wi
I llnnrn nnil
with nor aunts, sho 1 kos tr
-.. ..i.tiwu, in nor uroiucr S
Pants, whenovor her aunU glvo hor tho
I nil n linn 1 a
prnnco, in her brother's
Snooks was advised to (Tilt. Ills llfn In.
sttrcd. "Won't do it." said hn. n.
WOUld ltt9t bo 1I1V luck to llvn fnrnrnr If
I should." "Woll, I wouldn't, my
dear," mcokly observed Mrs. Snooks.
"O, VOr (lon't Want to n-n Intn hunt.
ncss don't yor?" said nn nngry Cock-
nnJ mthor to his lnzy nnd loutish son.
i',r w,uit nn appointment In tho Post
i!,ico' (, J'or? I'ost llorfice, Indcedl
W, J'ou ro fit for is to Blsd ot-
: . your lon?uo nol,t tor pcoplo
to wet tlioir stamp ncainst.
my r, If you should go to Europo,
J'ott would bo exported, and I well, I
bUouIA bo transported."
A princlnal of Vassnr nnlln
suddonly Into ono of tho recital rooms.
and said: "1 hat person who- is chow-
inc cum will ttlenso sten fnruviril niwl
put It on tho desk." Tiio wholo school
stopped forward with ono aoooid to-
"Lea1 y ZtS53r'
' ouiprisoui
J"""1-. p- Honjamln, who was leading
oounsol in a caso tried in London, bo-
ffan nn nnrumont with thn mllnrntinn
.tho.Il?mo0,!. Heavn ' Tho
?;astor ,f 1,10 RUs instantly stopped
1,im' sttJ'JnS very quietly: "I do not
nuu mm, iienvcn lias miicn to do in this
caso, Mr. Benjamin j tho proper appeal
is wj mu iipnuiiiiio court.
A VOUnc COntlomnn. whn la -nrtr nnr.
tlcular about tho getting up of ids linen,
wrote a noto to liis laundress, and at
luo samo Umo sont ono to tho object of
.his affections. Unfortunately, ho put
tlo wrong address on tho onvolniina nnrl
nnaloil ihnrn Tl. .
.,....,. v.. v. i. 0.11U nUIllUII WlW IIUZ21C11,
n -4 11 1 . 1 1
u,mo' 1 sua11 liavo to go somowhoro
olso," sho cried all tho ovonin". and
declared sho would novor snn.tk tn Mm
What does thn h Inf. .lni,vP wut
I nlmnl: illil nnimlnr. ot.. 0 iiri."
.... .v, . n,r i. . 1 1 uu UVXI HUW
la hood wink? Who nvnr . ,,in. i-
WI...4.1 .... '
, - ht, .i-'-."i ii iiv uiu mo
mundor bolt? Who ovor lm.ar.l a fnnk
I t 11 A lflvi . wwi
I , - , "J ' -"V i.vi., uiuiii IT IIV
uaur wiiv n wi tiw iin,w ,i.,o wn...
oons n nnt- wnri-u wi... .11.1 ..i 1.
uaro? Who ovor saw a whool wrlclft?
For whom did penny weight? Whom
Aid tin foil? What did b?andr smash?
What did grass plot? What was It
crape shot? What did tho pick pocket?
Whom did tho goose berry? Is it iokos
Iti.l TI. 1.? J J"n.JO
"ll.n Olill UlUUKS.
A.S VOUUff U lOStorl nl(l wna nnltlii.
iV, ? .ft' ,;r eyenmg,
" iu uiu 11 inonu larewoil.
Jn d0B 8011Q l.nnnn(,fl tnnrn.oltm
t who was sitting
eilCOK. "Anil Wlinl illil vnu ilnt't ..I.
placo thoimnpr r, '.i ,;",.'" lono oi itiitigna
o.i.. l ?n' "Mother," said tho younir ladv.
ot toll a lloj 1 turned tho othor
w.u uuui . j.uo unmsai, com
marries yottne nrossinc hor brow Into
frown, ojnculatod: "ITou olumsv
wretch!" Many mon would havo lookod
foolish and apologizod: but Chostorfiold
was equal to tho occasion. "Mv doar
? SV ' . " ."youshould
.... i-.i.. 11 1... . . j.
L'"S ,' ?l Ku . l0.D. soon, nnd
muii muy wouiiui i oe trodden upon. '
Her brow relaxed, her eyes Mtarklcd,
her lips smiled, and the injury was for-
iu" ua" oiuoko in noro," said a
street conductor to a countryman, who
V"""li away vigorously nt a UVO'
cent cigar In a ear half full of ladies.
mo man didn't soem to hear. "I say."
out, "Dldn'L think ft wnnM lmrf ,,An,-
in'," ho said, apologetically; "so. in '3
there ain't nny straw in the car to o-itoh
lire." "But thoro aro ladies thoro."
"Oil, yos; didn't think nothin' 'bout
that. Might get ashes on tlioir gown9
nnd spilo '0111." "It isn't so much
that," exnlainod thn nniulnntnr. nl,i.
ladies olilcct to smoku." '.vvnti t
",lln 1 a any of 'em to smoko, did I?
L1'"' needn't to object before thoy nro
10U don t timlnrstniu,
is uwagrcoabio to ladios."
"Best reason In tho world why thoy
shouldn't practico It. Catoh mo amok
in' If it was disagreeable to mol" And
Mftkliiir Paint, nf Mi,
London Truth. """",lo
A contlemnn. nnsslno- th rnnnrli T nHn.
Aw o - w UULT
shop aud startodsuddoiA'at tho Bifrht
of sovoral dead bodies, frhey had boon
dead for tftor 2,000 yeHs-thoy woro
mummies. Wfttsojllil tiknn,
iTon ih?Ib10, A" "wo ttihilngp Yos;
P'nty. IhororJipponrs to bo a retrubii-
"V"1"088 aK " mummies botwoon
inooos and hong Aero. Tho mummies
i"obsa ' hong Aoro. Thomummlos
n,ro. .bf0US ' vor cnvolopod in their
ri0M jturainous coyoring, and horros-
00 rrons ground up, bones, oases,
coverings, b tumen. nnil nil nn..;
foP Why, fpr paint. Thero scorns to
bo no burnt sionna liko ground mummy.
Tho artists
prices for this
w ntmui: lu iiuv iiirvti
mummy paint. Our
r?,l8,may bo llmnod wltl tho
dus of lho Ptolom'08
andSro thS nn80 tW0 l'08'
?n?.g!.tuo,8n3aUor ol? to yonr littlo
tlinm. whlnl. hn ?D0.?U
brother, with tho remark, 'herol .
I tow. Mi.uvt mu Duuio size. '

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