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A Faithful Shepherd Boy.
Gorlinrilf. Xvna n fSnrttlnfri ahr.nl,n.1 tv
nnd n noblo fellow ho was, although lie
was very poor.
Ono day ho was watching his flock,
which was feeding in a valley on tha
borders of n forest, when n hunter came
out of the woods and asked :
"How far Is It to tho nearest village?"
-six milt, sir," answered tho toy,
"but the road is only a sheep track; Mid
very easily missed."
The hunter looked at tho crooked track,
and said:
It If.. T .....
.' hiii, i nm very nungry ami thirsty;
I have lost my companions and .nissed
jii) ny, ivuvo your sncep una snow mo
tho road; I will pay you well."
"1 ran not leave my sheen, sir," re
joined Gerhardt. "They will stra'y into
Uio wocds, and may ho eaten by wolves
or stolen by robbers."
"Well, what of thntr queried tho
hunter. "They aro not your sheep. Tho
loss of one or more wouldn't bo much to
your master, and I'll give you moro than
you have earned in n whole year."
"I can not go, sir," rejoined Gerhardt,
very firmly. ".My master pays no for my
time, and ho tmstH mo with tis sheep;
if I were to sell my time, wr..! does not
belong to me, and tho sheep should get
lost, it would bo tho same as if I had
stolen them."
"Well," said the hunter, "yon will
trust your sheep with mo wh' a you go
to the village, and get somo oil, drink
and a giido? I will tako caro of them
for you."
The boy shook his head. "Tho sheep,"
said he, "do not know yourvolec, and"
ho stopped speaking.
"And what? Can't you trust me? Do
I look liko a dishonest man?" asked tho
hunter, nngrilv.
"Sir," said tho boy, "you tried to mako
mo false to my trust, and tried to make
mo break my word to my master; how
do I know that you would keep youi
word to mo?"
Tho hunter laughed, for ho felt that
tho lad had fairly cornered him. Ho
said :
"I sec, my lad, that you aro n good,
faithful boy. I will not forget you.
chow mo tho road,and I will try to mako
it out myself."
Gerhardt then offered tho contents of
his script to tho hungry man, who,
coarse as it was, ato it gladly. Presently
his attendants camo up, and then Ger
hardt, to his surprise, found that tins
hunter was tho grand duke, who owned
all tho country around. Tho duko was
so pleased with tho boy's honesty that
lie sent for him shortly after that, and
had him educated. In after years, Ger
liardt became a very great and powerful
man.but he remained honest and truo to
his dying day.
Rest in tho ShaOo.
"Only a wild flower," said a primrose,
"I suppose I am nothing better, and tho
shade Is quito good enough for mo; yet,
I think I urn us pretty as many of thoso
in the flowerbeds; nnd, if I only had
the chance they have, I would bo worth
looking at."
"I think, gardener," said little Nell, "I
should liko my primrose in a better
place. It is not seen there, and it is
"It would not be flno long, miss, if it
were taken out of the shade."
"Do tr; it, please."
Anil t thn nrlmtrnnn nlntit nnn
. ....it .mo utiu
Sully removed to a moro conspicuous
iu uiu guim-u. it was very mucn
pleased, ond put forth as many blossom
eyes as possible, to gaze at the sun the
better ; nut they were very weak ones,
and soon grow tired of tho sight.
"I wish I wcro back again," said the
primrose. "It is grand here ; but I often
feel thirsty ond faint as I never did
before. Tho sun does not look so kindlj
as it did, with a gentle, soft light
through the bnshes. Somotimcs I think
he is quite cruol."
'I 0,i.l!k ,R?,U we.ro rISht gardener,"
Bald Nell. 'Though you wcro so care
nil not to dlsturbe tho root, my primrose
has altered strangely."
So the primrose plant was taken back
The next spring found it stronger am'
wiser. "Whoever placed mo m the
shade knew best," it said. Do you reaV
a lesbon here?
An Endinll writrir trim line
looking into tho subject of beef making
wuhu acKnowicugiiig tiiat ins country
cannot rear n full supply of meat for
t.ic requirements of tho people, assorts
that tho islands mako up tho finest
meat:prouucting country in tho world,
from the suitability of soil, climate,
and herbaco. IIo nrmips tlmt. thn
grazing-ficlds of America should bo
uuvu w ua.m bltu V.IIUU Up 10 WJC COn
dition at whir-h flm nnutumn
market of tho United Kingdom can bo
utilized to advantage. Ho would mako
tho western ranches tho tearing ground
and tho English meadows tho fattening
ground. Tho compulsory slaughter at
a port under a pretext of protecting
uio i armors, ana to avoid dissemina
ting discaso operates against tho far
mers' interests, which is to utilizo his
lands; and advocates tho importation of
storo cattlo from America, thcro being
vw m w uuiuiiivu jji iwa uwn country,
IIo savs a wnll.prnwn Imllnl- yna
all his bono and musclo (overy thiuf: but
uiibii unu iav; ni inrco years old, tho
aco at which lin bnnra tmninn.int:..
best, fattens rapidly and on less food.
TT . . i . i ...
"y wj keep mo animal m tin
western prairies up to this ago
economy. Landed at 1,000 lbs. and ai
a cost of 15, tho American storo cat
tie will on grass and stall feeding, in
creaso 100 lbs. per month, and in five
months attain his full weight 1,5
1T. 1 1 i , . .. I
ma unu vuiuo increased to jciiu,
A Georglu Filially of Dirarh.
From tho Columbus Enquirer-Sun,
Yesterday quito an unusual sin-lit. nml
ono very attractivo to tho littlo street
cumins, was presented in our city. It
was two men and ono boy, who by
their dilforanco in sizo, formed a rather
?ccuiuir aim comical looking trio,
ho first suspicion that something out
vi uiu uriiiimry rouunn was going on
was caused by a crowd of "band wagon
boys" dodging in nnd out or tho walk
as thoy hurried up Broad stroot. Tho
noxt moment a largo man, fully six
leoim noigni. uovo in sight. Xhoro was
nothing peculiar about his appoaranco,
and wo wero nt a loss for a timo to do
tormino tho causo of tho nmusomont of
uio uoys. uirecuy uunmu tno man
camo another, who appeared to ho not
half as tall ns his companion. Thon
camo a little hoy seemingly about two
feot in height, but in form wns a minla
luro of our High Sheriff. Tho two lat.
tor seemed accustomed to tho stares
nnd rudo, unbecoming laugh of tho
crowds, and passed thorn with an air of
indjll'i'ioncii that would do credit to
Tom Thumb, Tho last two aro fathor
and son, nnd belong to tho dwarlish
family of Trottti Countv. Tho father.
Mr. t, M. Darnell, lives a few miles
abovo West Point, on tho river, isfortv-
nlno years of age, nnd is only four
louricot nnd four Inches high. He
has four children, two of whom (boys)
Inherit their father's Importcct stnturo.
Ono Is twolvo years old, nnd his
stnturo Is tlurty-ono inches; the other
nino, nnu measures thirty-threo Inches
in hoight. Tho eldest of theso two
children Is nlllictod with mnlformntion
nnd discaso of tho splno Tho mother
is nve leet high, nnil tho other children
aro oi mo oroinnry height.
Men's Work and Women's.
Tho finest lookincr sncclmcns of man
hood, in every clns, aro to bo found
among men between the ages of 35 and
CO, but how ninny comely women can
bo found oven nniong thoso who
have compassed only tho smaller
number of years mentioned nbove? Tho
home work of women, whether slio bu
wife or servant, needs revision: if onlv
genius can enable a person to bo nt tho
same tlmo master nnd servant, nurso
nnd ruler, then genius in this direction,
if thcro Is nn v. snoiilil m.ikn Itsnlf known
for tho benefit of thoso who nro ficlitlnir
iiingiiiiiceiuiy ngninsi. overwneun-
n .t.. ..... . .
lug odds. With a slighter phys
ique than mnn, n physique that Is oeons.
ionnlly subject to peculiar duties to
which that of man can offer no parallel.
woman Is expected to dally cnduio a
strain that, no man would tolorato for
any leimth of time. Until what is mod
estly called housekeeping is recognized
as tho noblo scleneo thntit really is, and
is carefully studied, tho slaughter of
women by overwork will continue, for
at present it renuires thnt everv woman
shnll bo a prodigy of sense, industry nnd
caiik oi' nous in wiyntii.
Tho raising, feeding and fattening of
hogs during tho winter season to good
advantage has now conio to bo a mat
ter of leading importance in connec
tion with the general business of hog
raising in all the corn raising districts
of tho country, ns during tho winter
season corn must bo tho principal feed
in keeping up tho life nnd growth of
such hogs as aro kept during that part
of tho year. Wo have always main
i . ...i i i . o .
uiiucu uiab nogs can uo raised or int
tened to good ndvantago during any
winter season if tho proper conditions
and surroundings aro kept strictly ad-
liercd to. Good, warm and dry sleep
ing quarters forall hogs in tho winter
season is ono of tho first requisites.
Hogs, cither old or young, where they
aro Kepi iiirougn tno winter season to
tho best advantage, should never bo al
lowed to drink anything colder than
common spring water, and warm slops
generally would bo prcfcrablo oven to
that. Whoro hogs, or any other do
nicstio animals, for that matter, nro
permitted to becomo very thirsty and
men aro allowed trco access to ice-cold
water, thev invariably iniuro them
selves nnd seriously check tho natural
thrift they would keep under a differ
ent courso oi treatment, ice-cold wa
ter chills tho blood and seriously de
ranges tno wholo digestive apparatus
of such animals as aro allowed to drink
it freely. Tho sanitary condition in
all respects should bo kont un to iust
as high a standard with hogs that aro
being kept during tho winter season as
during any other time of tho year.
Ncioton Journal.
A correspondent of tho Chicago
Journal, in Nebraska, writes as fol
lows on the subject of stock raising in
that State:
Tho most profitable calling in tliia
State to-day is tho raising of stock.
uy "stoeic l mean cattlo and horses,
moro particularly, as it is a question
wlintlmr ni nnf iVia !a nnl 1 . n
sheep country. Wo aro too far north
lor that industry to bo mado nrohtablo,
tho winters aro too cold, nnd "hi!-!!."
nro too frcnuent. Somo verv Ann flnf-L-a
of sheep may bo seen in .tho southorn
par. oi uio Dtato, out siieop-1 arming
is not carried on to any great extent
in Nebraska: it is tint, cnnaiilnrr.,1
profitablo industry becauso of tho great
nsK run oy inoso who cngago in it:
It is quito different with horses and
cat'io. All that is necessary to .start
in tho cattlo business in this Stato nnd
mako monoy, is a littlo monoy to begin
with and somo experience orknowledgo
of tho business. Grazing is freo, and
in tho western part of tho State, where
it is yet wild, millions of cattlo may
roam at will and live winter and sum
mor on tho grass and cured hay of the
prairies, icar uy year tho cattlo in
terests of this Stato becomo greater;
many farmers who onco dovotcd their
energies to corn and wheat, now raiso
only stock. Tho stock business is found
to bo moro profitablo than agriculture,
ano as long as tins is truo peoplo will
cngago largely in it. It has been dem
onstrated that cattlo and hogs pay well
in this Stato for thoso who caro to raiso
them. Many a man has mado a largo
fortuno in a fow years in tho stock
business in Nebraska, and many moro
will do tho same. Hog-raising is also
n paying industry, a fact which is bo
coming pretty thoroughly recognized
by tho peoplo of Nebraska.
C'UUHO uiul IMlfcct
Disease never comes to us without a cause.
Ask any good physician the reason and he will
tell you something inteifcres with the worklnu
pf tho great organs. Kidney-Wort enables them
to overcome all obstructions and preserves per
rect health. Try a box or bottle at once. .Vr
for aiut tarnitr.
rMTwoistecl rails tell on a man's head
Xhilo asleep"" in a car of railroad iron near
Clarksvtllc, Aug. COth, and instantly ldllcdhlm.
Ho was about 21 years old, and could not bo
Identified. Verdict of tho coroner's Jury, accl
dentally killed. '
Faults ars things that mako us nil
brothers and sisters.
Comnllmnnts nr nft.. nni,i..
than gfltedged falsohoods.
Tim mnn whn frnla nurinln 11 . 1...
will not succeed Is seldom 'mistaken. t
IM It IonhI1iI
....... ...... Uj " ""tii toiiiiiioii, simnio
plants as Hops, Ihichii, Mandrake, Dandclloii,
etc., mako so many nnd such marvelous anil
lit. A Wimn.ll .nn.lA nt at.nl. .1
forwhen old ani young, rich pud poor, Pastor
and Doctor, Lawyer anil Editor, all testify to
having been cured by tbeni, we must belief o
and doubt noonger Beo other column 1'rtu
After tho choir in ono of tho churches
in Ithncn, Now York, had performed a
rather heavy selection, tho minister
opoi'cd tho lJiblo nnd began rending in
Acts xx., "And nftcr tho uproar Lad
Pulling nnd blowing nro often consld
cred synonymous terms. You will dis
cover a diflerenco. howovor. if Instcnd
of pulling a mnn up you should blouf
mm up,
A certain editor who Is very nnrttmi
lnr in giving credit saw a passago of
ocnpiuro in an excuango. no dipped
ii nnu creuiicii 1110 paper with it.
When a young lady describes her 'tato
of mind nt tho moment when tho lover
offered himself, sho said, "It seemed as
though overy nail In tho houso was a
jowslmrp, playing 'Glory, Hallelujah."
"You aro now ono," said tho minis
ter to tho happy pair ho had just joined
together in a knot they could novor
undo. "W h ch onoP" nsked t ho brldn
"You will 'have to scttlo that for 3 our
selves," sain uio clergyman.
Nowly married hubnnd: "This is n
friend of mine, my dear a fr'ci d of
twenty yenrs' standing." His bride:
"Good cracloust then nrnv civo him a
seai, ion nmsuro no must uo tired."
newly ncoulred habit. "I.nnU
hcall. Undo Mosc. vou fooled mn will
dnt ar boss I buyed from ycr last week.
Ho jest drnppcd dead In his tracks."
"Ho nebber urapt dead in his tracks or
anj-whnr clsonslong ns 1 had him, coin'
on twenty years."
A committco on tnblennx nt a pnnhn.
nlnl celebration in Vermont issued an
invitation nsking "all tho pretty women
In town" to meet nt tho hall to tako part
in tho tableaux, nnd every woman in tho
place camo to time. Tho committee
knew how to get plenty of help.
All nrtielo in an nerlniiltnrnl nnnnr
Is called "How to lint Strawberries."
A man who doesn't know how to eat
strawberries should bo compelled to
live on dried apples hud snlt mackerel.
A Uliodo Island man called n neighbor
a lantern-jawed cockroach." A suit
for slander resulted, nnd tho jury return
ed ns follows: "Not Clllltv on lnntni .1.
jawed, but way off on cockroach, nnd
wo find dnmngos in tho sum of thrco
A pretty girl told her benit thnt shn
was n mlnd-reador. "You don't snv
sol" ho exolnimcd. "Yes." said slid.
l ou havo It in mind to nsk mo to hn
your wife, but you aro a littlo scared
at tho idea." Their wedding cards aro
I understand thnt vour nn l n
bneholorof arts," said Mrs. Brown to
Mrs. Homespun, whoso son had just
been graduated at Harvard. "Well,
yes," replied Mrs. Homespun, "ves,
ho s a bnchelor, but bo's engaged."
A young lady, being taken to task
for tight lacing, said that sho resorted
to tho praotico on purely economical
grounds. "How is that?" asked her
reprover. "Why," sho replied, "I laco
tightly simply to prevent wnlstfulness."
Did vour son nnnrrnn nnv l.n.l
habits wlillo incollcgo. Mrs. Mulvnny?"
"Sorra tho wan of bin;, sorr; ho con
thrnctcd all tho trnod nm?R lin linil wlim.
ho wlnt thoro, nnd small enough thoy
ware, sorr, widout any contraction.
It's losin' ho'll bo onthoconthrnct, I'm
A wlso father to his son"Now,
John, I do not object to your being a
fool nnd nn idiot. Bo a fool nnd nn
idiot if you want to, but what 1 do not
wish you to do is to lot everybody know
Western metaphor This is tho latest
Western form of saying n man was
hanged; Ho was unanimously chosen
by a convention of six property-holders
to jump from a new nino platform into
tho sweot subsequently."
Tho thermometor wns still above
ninety when ho camo in, nnd taking her
hand tenderly said: "I lovo you oven
moro dearly than I told you I did last
night. You wcro silent then; havo vou
anything to say to mo aiowP" "t)h,
yes," sho responded with girlish impul
sivo.icss, "let's go sit by tho refrlgora
tir!" Said a distinguished politician to his
son "Look nt mol I began as an nldor
man, nnd horo I am at tho top of tho
tree. And what is my ro ward? Why,
when I dio my son will bo tho greatest
rascal in tho city." To this, young
hopeful replied: "Yes dad, when yon
die, and. not till then."
Hoy that to his mother fays,
As ho tho pantry passes,
And sights tho tempting nyrup cup,
"Oh I glvo mo somo molasses I"
Advanced to riper years, still cries,
When wean-cd from his classes,
And lounging at some watering place,
"Ohlgivo mo summer lasses!"
Tho importance of perfectly quiet
handling of cows is apparent when it is
understood that tho milk is secreted
from tho blood. Dog or excito cows
just beforo milking or during that
periodnd tho butter-producing quality
of tho milk is seriously affected. There
aro many instances mentioned whoro
tho milk from cows thus cxcited,given
children has been tho occasion of seri
ous cases of fever. Physicians havo
traced such diseases directly to this
causo. It should Do kept well in mind
that mild drawn from cows dogged or
oxcitcd in any way, is nearly unfit for
any uso. Tho greatest of quiot and
gentleness should characterize tho
bandling of milk cows at all times, in
order to secure good results.
Tho agricultural editor of tho Al
gona Iiejiulh'can snys:
About this time, or perhaps a little
later, tho dairy cows wnoso pasturago
is on tho unbroken prairio will begin
to shrink in their yield of milk owing
to tho drying up of tho juices in tho
nearly matured prairio grass. And
just now, as it happens, tho dairymen
cannot afford to permit their cows to
fall off in their milk nnd cream, for
prices nro going upward, and buttor
and checso aro becoming as precious as
gold. Tho dairymon should seo to it
that their herds aro kept supplied in
somo way with tender and juioy feed,
and if suoh feed has not been wisoly
provided in tho way of green sweot
corn, or somo other soiling oron, thon
ground feed should bo furnished
hat tho cows loso.now is not likolv
to bo regained during' tho fall or win-tor.
Hondrlck B. Wright, Congressman
uicuai wuKcsnarro, Va., Sept. 2nd.
Olnpp s rubber works nt Hanover,
Aiass., burned Sept. 2d. Loss, t75,000.
Jnmos Coonoy, nnd Bernard Lcnry
wero urwncu ai unugport, uonn., Sept 1st,
u, Benjamin Israol Butler, aged 27, son
oi ucn. u. t . uuticr, died In Uoston, Beptcm
ncr ist.
A .$20,000 fi.ro occurred in Chicago,
Sept. ith, and on the samo night a 5,000 fire
in bu ixmu.
.., Tho Fnrmors' Friend Grain Drill, Mnn
ufactory, at Darton, Ohio, burcd Sept. 1. Loss
estimated at foO.000
A fire in Chicago, nt the corner of
Lnko and trankllu streets, on the nlcht of Sept,
M, caused a loss of over ?;n,(X)U.
TM . . a. .
jcivo car-ioatis oi dromedaries wcro
recently shipped from Texas to Arazona, to bo
used m transporting Jnltcd States malls.
I wo thousand acres of forest, south
of llnuli'onl, IM., havo burned, destroying 49
oil wells and their riggings. Loss, ?45,000.
Tho earnings ot tho Chicago, Hook-
Island & Pacific Itrllroad Company for tho first
thrco weeks hi August show an increase of
North Carolina props aro badly injur
ed by the drouth. Recent reports say there
will not bo a one-third crop of clthor corn or
Thcro is no longer nny doubt In po
trolcum circles that the beginning of the end
or oil production In tho great Bradford region
is ni nami.
Tho drouth in Indiana has assumed
alarming proportions. White river has dwindled
to ii mere brook, and fnrmcrs arc crcntly
iroutieu to get water for .slock.
Heavy rains in England nnd Jroland
have dono great damage to the crops. This Is
especially tho cac In Ireland, whero wheat and
potato cropi have sufff red extensively.
Iho speculators havo taken out poli
cies amounting to $-100,000 on the life of nn old
woman In Scranton, Pa. Scarcely an old person
dies now that Is not Insured for $50,000 or
Tho largo convent at Silver Lake, near
Manitowoc, Wis., was struck by lightning on
the night of Aug. 31st, and was soon In ashes.
Tho Inmates escaped without Injury. Loss
A terrific explosion occurred in the
loading room of the 'Winchester Itercatlnc
Arm Company, New Haven, Conn., Aucust
80th, blowing oil the roof. N'no men ,wcro
badly Injured.
Tho Beading (Pn.) Kcws says thnt if
tho emigration from tho mining regions of tho
Stato continues as It has begun, tho end of tho
year will find tho anthracite, mines closed for
want of laborers.
Tho Standard Coal and Iron Com
pany Incorporated at Columbus, Ohio, states
IU capital at' $75,000,000. It Is said that tho
company Intends to secure all tho property In
tho Hocking Valley region which can bo pur
chased at reasonable figures.
Tho failures reported for tho week
cndlug Sept. 2d wcro 102 against 113 the prcvl-
ousweck. They wcro as follows: Pacific Const
States, 11; Eastern, 14; Western, 30; Southern,
11; Middle, 30. Mostvf them occurred in re
tail trades nnd have very little significance.
Tho convention of short-hand writers
In Chicago, Sept. 2nd, elected as honorary
mcmbera a cumber of eminent photographers.
Ulnclnnatl was chosen as the next place of
meeting, and nftcr somo Interesting speeches
had been made tho convention adjourned.
Tho Pioneer Press publishes n careful
stfmatc of' tho wheat yield of Minnesota, by
counties, from tho most trustworthy sources.
The general nvcrago of wheat of tho state Is 13
bushels. Tho total product Is 33,771,511 bush
els; about 15 per cnt less than last year.
A M. Huston, of Galveston, has dis
covered a comet, visible from 0 to 10 r. m.. in
tho constellation of Urso Major. It is plainly
seen through a telescope. A dispatch from
Lexington, Ky., announces a comet visible on
tho night of Aug. 10th, a littlo north of west.
"Ono of tho features of the Atlantic
Cotton Exposition," says tho Columbus iViywfi.
tr-Sun, "will bo the manufacture of a suit of
clothes from raw cotton In twenty-four hours.
The cotton will bo picked, ginned, spnn, dyed,
woven, and mado Into a suit of clothes for Sen
ator Brown Inside of ono day."
Tho latest report from Rosebud
Agency Is to the effect that Crow Dog and
Black Crow conspired with other Indiana to as
sassinate spotted Tall, with a view of making
Black Ciuw chief In placo of the murdered man.
Tho criminals have been arrested and sent to
Fort Niobrara, where they will bo tried .under
th? laws of tho Territory.
A lottor has been received at Wnsh-
Incrton from Captain nooper, of tho United
States steamer Corwtn, sent into tho Arctic
Seas in search of tho Jcanhcttc, stating that ho
nau ucard nothing of that vessel on tho Siber
ian coast, that ho had discovered an Island near
Capo Serdzoaiid hail victualled for tho winter,
u uo jouna mat lie had to be out so long.
Captnin Snrauol RIdor, whowaswldo
ly known throughout the northwest and partic
ularly in tho river towns, died at ariggsvllle,
111., Aug. 10th, In his COth year, after a linger
ing Illness. Ho was master of tho first packet
that ever ran on the Illinois river and subse
quently commanded vessels on tho Missouri
river. He was a man of broad character and
highly esteemed wherever known.
Tiffany, Indian agent at San Carlos,
reports that Indian runners havo como in from
thoWhlto Mountains with rumors of a fight
near Fort Apache. Ono Lieutenant and a num
ber of soldiers arc said to havo been killed in a
fight on Ceblsquo Creek. Owing to tho lato
heavy storms tho military telegraph Is down be
yond Camp Thomas, and tills news comes from
Fort Apacho by mountain courier.
A dispatch of Sept. 2d, from Rich
mond, Va., says: Tho drouth still continues
throughout the State In many of tliecountles
tho corn and tobacco aro burnt up. Tho streams
aro drying up, mills and formers are greatly in
convenienced. Tho, water of tho James
river Is lower than for fifty years. Tho tobacco
and fall crops may bo a complete failure. Tho
dust Is fearful and tho situation very alarming.
Tho dobt statomont shows n decroaso
in the public debt during tho month of August
oi fi4,iui,2i; cash In tho treasury of $210,
408,788, In gold certificates, $540,020, in silver
certificates, $575,783,101, certificates of do
po8ltouUtanaing$0031500,rcfundlngccrtIflcates 643,000, legal tenders outstanding $340,008,559.
Tho coinage oxecuted at tho several United
8tates mints for tho month of August, $11,603,.
500, of which $230,000 aro standard dollars.
A speolal from Wllcoxi, Now Moxlco,
reports tho killing of packers and prospectors
In different directions, Lieut. Oiiilfoylo, who
has gono to thu San Carlos ogency to recruit a
company of 6couts, reports tho burying of ton
or twclvo men cast of hero ou his way to New
Mexico. ThoBowIo scaro has subsided. Tho
ostllcs havo left the immediate Ylcinityof
Apacne, and everything Is quiet there. A mall '
carrier from Clifton reports that tho Indians
have stolen nil tho stock and provisions at a
Mormon settlement sixteen miles cast of hero
yesterday, Nobody killed. Tho Slar'i special
from Apacho reports tho bodies of four' men
found on a troll eight mllci from there, den.
Carr wos scouting to locate tho hostlles, who
appear to havo kept to tho southwest, Citl
f ens report them In a rough country, probably
r.nsv oi iiockj uanon. Uen. Wilcox, of tho
Commanding Department of Arizona, jester-
day afternoon. IIo will make arrangements at
Wilcox for forwarding troops and supplies to tho
Reports :of tho ravages of flro con
tlnuo to como In alone tho Sacinaw Vallev and
St. Louis road. Twcnty-ono, miles have been
burned over on both sides of Iho track, and
thlrtv or fnriv liniMinfr. i.,.i ii...ii
household goods, grain and stock, 'in Tuscola
county, Mich., damages havo resulted to tho
extent of $80,000, and fires aro sweeping over a
large area. Owing to the excitement It Is diffi
cult to orrlvo at thi losses. East of Snglnaw
graii uamago nas been done, hundreds of acres
having been burned over ami manv ImlMIn
burned. The vlllago of Clio narrowly clca'ped
destruction. An Indian settlement seven miles
oeiow Saginaw Is surrounded by fire, and will
1)0 wiped out,- The tclegrafrtild communication
with the worst parts' of the bnrlied rceion of
tho Stato aro entirely cut off. Tho reports arc
somewhat fnurmcntarv. and It I, 1,n,, ..Tn.r.
ppratinl Uinr t ii,. t.. ii. . i
3 ...... v uiu. uiu nuiAbis lar lrom
told. Some predict that a hundred lives will bo
lost. Tho complete destruction of itlchmond
vlllo soeuKd'coiifirmcd. The littlo villain- nf
Carson, Charleston nnd Tlco nro reported com
pletely ucsiroyed. The townships of Delaware,
Mhidcn and Custln In Santo countv. and nim..
ham, Sherman and Paris In Huron county, aro
burned over and deserted. Tho crops In theso
townships ore nearly nil lost. The remains of n
family of seven named Remond. who wero
drowned In n well where they had retreated nnd
Dccn sullocated near Charleston. Tho rcmnlnn
of Henry Colo wero found near Charleston,
and a family named Tusula h, rftris township.
Mrs. Dlebtit nnd thrco children wcro burned
tn .Innlti ... M . i , .. .
family nro supposed to bo burned. Two
families, named Thornton nnd Lee, It Is
. mum in tl UIITIUWH, Bill! I!Q IJPfWm
icared are lost near Itlchmondvillc. Tho wind
carried tho flro with rapidity, preventing cscnpo
in some lustancc. Tho Board of Trodo of
Saglnnw appointed n commltteo to solicit relief
for tho destitute. Hundreds of fomlllles are
reduced to Immediate want.
Chicago dispatches of Sept. 7th indi
cntc that tho grandest and most njrirrcsslvo rail
road war of hlitory has broken out and Is al
ready raging with great bitterness omonc the
eastern iruim unci on rates between hero and
New York. Tho Pennsylvania, tho Baltimore
& Ohio, and tho Grand Trunk roads to-day met
the bcay cut mado yesterday by tho Vander
bllt lines. Tho Pennsylvania road madotlm
cut both to New York and to Rnninn. ti,
Baltimore & Ohio, and tho Grand Trunk met
only tho New York cut. Tho latter roads arc
selling straight limited tickets Tho Vandcr-
bllt roads still loll on tho rebate plan. For to
morrow, thcro Is still a greater demoralization
in store ns tho anderbllt roads will becin sell.
Ing tickets for $5.00 (rebate plan) to New York ;
$0.00 to Boston direct, and $10.75 to Boston via
cw lork. Tho Grand Trunk innounces It
will to-morrow mnko a $5.00 rate to Buffalo
and a $0.00 rate to New Yaik by the Erie from
Buffalo, or via Boston with Uo doys off In Bos-
ion, ineywui also sell
a round trln (M.-nt I
from Chicago to Boston nnd return good for
thirty days for $10. Tho Michigan Central has
heretofore held tho case of the Michigan Cen
tral tickets In tho Chicago and Graud Trunk
office here, but withdrew t)1Cm to-dayand will
not hereafter sell Grand
Grand Trunk's lsue over tho .Michigan Central
and Grand Trunk roaiJs. In retaliation tho
Grand Trunk gives notice that it will to-day
Michigan Central to the r.MnJ- ., nL-.,
....o.v. ox i-uiiman sleepers from tho
Trunkand will ,.So then, a. olluobetw e Cld.
cago and Buffalo In connection with tho Erie.
luuci.capucKcissoIdby tho Vanderbllt roads
aro good only over tho
This shuts out tho Erie nnd it will probably
form on alliance with tho Grand Trunk oud cut
rates acalnst tho New York Central from all
pnncipoipointsinNewYork. ThoPennsvlvanl
comnnnv nlnn. .,,1,1... .
f.v 7 f """jv" iu an arunrary rnto uio American peoplo, njid thoy, as bo
irom.cwiork to Boston of $5.75 wilt If It como citizens of a country wh'ero tho
meets the direct rata to Boston of the Vandcri jaw is paramount sovereign, nro sntis-
uutcuiuuinauon get nut Si cents for tho haul
irom Chicago to New York. Tho $5 rato of
rZ " rL"' M'c" e" antral from
nttnek tho Lako Shore at Cleveland, Tolcdonnd
O"- uu 1 UIJIDUVUni.1 T Pfl If I
Buffalo on local rates.
Crime uiul OIiiiIiuiIh.
John Kcmmcl, a tavern keener In
Jamaica, L.I. Septcmper 7th, killed his wife,
" " "uiei aim nanged himself.
Tho wlfo of Milton Andrews, a Wall
street broker, New York, probably fatally shot
iiuKuiuiiTu quarrel witn iicr Husband.
Russell Sohoonovor, aged 22 years
was fatally shot at Columbus, Ohio, by Dancll
Nichols, on the evening of Sent. 1st. No pnn
assigned. i
Ed. Miller nn cx-policomnn of Chi
cago, shot and killed Axlo Herman, a young
Dane, Sept. 1st. Miller savs tho Bhootlnir was
accidental, but bystanders differ with him.
i no Aow York Sun has n story of fa
duel at Warren, Va., between II. T.
.Jar. C. Ecott. Ono of 1ii nrincinnia i-
lu.-ed, but not dangerously. All tho parties
cru urresiiii.
Georgo Knowlton, known ns Hehnl
George, who killed David Bantttnt Fnrt. Plnrrn
April 1st, 1571, was arrested in Chlrnim. Rnt
d, by a United States Marshal. Olid lncVrri nn
t u i . '
iu unuii irtlllMcr lOIflKOta,
At Now Hope. Gcorerln. Sontcrnhnr
ii, uauiii wcmiis nnu poeso went to n hut in
arrest a negro charged with astaultlnga woman.
''"fero ran irom tho house, and Dennln'oW
and killed him, but ho proved to bo tho wrong
On tho night of August 80th lu Mil.
waukcoayoungman named Herman Hilton.
uvniaii, guut ouu uuieu ilia latlier-tu-law,
raul Kimmer, and mortally wounded Mrs.
ivumucr. union was ot onco arrested. Tho
causo ossignca is iorauy trouble. r
Mnrtin K. Walker, a farmer, former
ly o native of California, but who has been liv
ing near Othaea, Michigan for tho last 10 vnnr.
committed sulcldo Aug 2Sth by blowing his
brush heap, was horribly burnt by falling Into
! no leaves a wire and several grown
children. This wos his second attempt.
Early on tho nftoruoon of August
Uth a young woman appeared ot the entrance
of tho Executive Mansion grounds attired in a
bathing stilt and opplicd for admission, saying
sho must eco tho President Immediately or
sworo ho would bo dead in' an hour. She had
In her possession a miniature saw nnd o vial con.
talnlug liquid. A curious, crowd gathered
around Uio female, and ono of the guards In
formed her sho would haye to go with him,
which sho did after somo parley. A later dis
patch says l Tho cranky woman at tho White
Houso was handsome and young. Sho gave her
name ns Mary Louiso lieminger, of 65-1 Broad
way, Brooklyn and came from Porta especially
to cure he. President Sho was sent to tho
uovemmentjlnsano Asylum. Under her bath
mg suit she wore tho costume of a .ballet
dancer or variety actress.. She was not ylo-
John C. Ncal, a crazv stranircr.
Chicago aro eo from his bod in lodging bouse
i -i.i u'1' 00 lhe n'gnt of Sept, Snd,
and with a yell suddenlv nlol
revolver at tho heid of another Inmate of tho
room, UavldFaatn. and fired! ha then1 fUrinl
down stain to tho office and with an Indian war
whoop shot tho only occupant, an old Swede,
William Sprlngcord, In tho back, took a run
nlng Jump out of a window, struck squarely on
'ls feet and started down Clark street on a dead
- Iun'unnBB 110 ra'ni"'lttlng Henry Johnson,
1 1?8' .n? attempted to stop him. Itcachlng
ttTccl s. fl " doeo ran6 at Tho"
,J' rB"road "Bmn and Mr. Wolf, i
McPot watchman, who wcro slttlnir toirclher
FTlng .,m..,urthw o. snapped his revolver
twlco at a policeman who clubbed the excited
lunatic, and after a violent struircle col him in
me armory. Tho wounds of Wolf, Sprlngcord
dihi uonnson arc serious ar.d mav nrovn fnlM
no claims to havo been a croccr In Trov. New
New li-oin AltroiMl.
Brndlnugh has iisucd a manifesto to
tho English people announcing his Intention to
go to mo Houso of Commons again at tho next
l ."i t .. . ?..,.' ? . asKing incm to pro-
I vv """ "6"""' "'"ttwiiu violence.
A party of men engaged in raidlnor
for arms In Cork on the nlcht of Sept. 1st wero
encountered by thc.pollco on patrol. A conflict
cnsncdi ami a farmer's ebn named Hkkywas
snoiucaii; inrco oilier raiders oud policemen
wcre.woundcd. Four arrests wcro made. Hlckv
had strayed uponPomcroy's place, nnd when ho
was reluming homo ho was drunk and received
n bullet hi the tcmplo and a charge of buckshot
in mo side.
Eight cartridges, marked U. S., havo
been discovered In a halo of cotton at tho Abbey
Spinning Company's works, near Oldham. It
Is bdlcvcd they wero placed thcro with thodcslgn
of setting flro to tho mill. Tho usual Fenian
refortsaro current.
A Paris correspondent says: President
Grcvy is quite' ready to offer Gambetta the
Premiership, but will wait until Jules Ferry en
counters hostile votes in tho Chamber of Dep
uties. AKHICA.
Tho nttentlon of tha French govern
ment Is called to tho possibility of a famlno In
Algeria. Tho occupation ot tho city of Tunis
nnd somo other points became necessary.
Koustan recommends tho French forco In the
regency to bo mado 120,000.
Ono hundred Jowshnvo escaped from
kussu and nro on their way to America. Forty
Jewish employes ntthoKIcff tobacco factory
n cru oruercu io quit inc town in two weeks,
Check to llllnd Vcngcnce.
From tho Philadelphia Lodtror (Hep.)
n is certainly a proper oxorclso of
iiscrouon ior tno authorities nt Wash
ington to Increns'o'tlm mlllrnt-Virniii-.int'
tho jail whoro tha nssnsilnn h nit mm to
cpnliued; butitisnot crcditablo to tho
cuy or ,io mo country that thoro should
bo n suspicion thnt there aro enough
lawless peoplo in tho National capital
i " r." "..r.'"ri'a
burning disgrnco it would bo, if tho
dreadful trngedy that has been weigh
ing down tho heart of tho American
P.eoplo throughout all theso long weeks
should bo degrnded by suoh an net of
Miiruansm ns tno murder of a prisonor
111 UIU UUBMJtlV ni inn IfllVI " in mm.
miuiuu uuKiiig oi lyncnuig nnvo no
cuuix-iHiun oi wuni tno honor
nf II. m
Nntlon demands. Wlmr. nntllfl nnnm if
tuurhif: out tho lifo of such ft mlanrnliln
wretch as GuIteau by on act of blind
K"n.?.?,lU',i """S. .V.9.
UKo oxnint on:in that? Pmtiii ti, ,.,-, i,,;
anything but the dentins!. Nn! Innill ilia.
prnco? What sort of men nro thoy thnt
hint suoh n thine? Surely, nouo of
tllOSO who fcol tho fllnnm-itsr. nml
iiiiiiiiiusihuitiiw lormo suuoringof tho
President and tho posslblo boroavomont
ui uio inuon o.y uio munlorer's act.
n.v v..lu mu viiai innioriiy OI
. lu 1,10 ""v ucni witn tno assis-
1".',monsirous as tuo crlmo Is or may
authorities, thnrn
fore, tako tho right viow of their d lit es
DUVIUU lilt' I H L( Hl'll LI11LT. TIIR Til 1 BOM l 1 n
wrctoh Gultonu j8 kopt by the ministers
oi tno law for tho judgement of tho
him', j no enso was ant v nut bv Cnl
onol Avers to tho man who siiKirestcd
mat, inu soldiers undor tho Ciilnnni'H
command would only mako a show of
luaiMiinio to ino moo, nnu, after this
i ow - uio people to tako thoir man."
in una seimuaious suggestion Uolonol
rtjuis ropueu as tno truo soldier
should. IIo said; "Thoso who havo
Slinll ideas vill hn mullv mtfitiil.-m. n.,,1
while I should deeply regret tho loss of
iv o itijiH mnn in suon a causo, j-ot my
orders aro imperative, and as a soldier
uiuy win, uo iiiioyoil. Uultoau Is a
in isuiiui or uio united statos Uovoro
mont. IIo is confined within a United
states jail. Tho Constitution and tho
laws guaranteo him nfalr trial. This is
tho capital of tho Nation, tho confer of
law and order. Tho Government has
iiuierniineii uiat no mou law shall
reign horo, and I havo boon directed to
protect tho prisonor nnd tho United
btatos piperty. irnd'youmay rest as
snrcd it bo dono. I sincerely trust
no such demonstration will bo made by
tho rtfoplo, becauso in their nttompt to
carryout their purpose Innocent lives
may bo lost."
This is well said. It precisely fits tho
oosej ami, If lawlcss.mon from any part
pf the imntry havo gono to Washing
ton to &in slrjiilar spirits thoro, under
tho dex.slou that it Is for them to wreak
yongyjlco ln. behalf of tho pooplo, thoy
had Iftttor tako warnliig' and halt, Tho
pooio of tho country havo no "sym
paUl? with suoh barbarism. What tho
OXCjad 'lvnchors nrnnnnn mm,!, I
to their groat sorrow a seuso
of national degradation.
ThpOrtct Old. Man to Mulno.
FrpmtlioKomipboo'Jotiriinl, 'Avg.'si. '
V IdOllbtOdlv. tho BnillHnsf. nhl man In
f i K,K1,1UnStD.yons, 'pf, nelgrado,
wlifio, hair is silvoved by tho' frosts of.
iiiii.y-vwi winters, no was born In
tHVi?!fP.1.?trI.0.t of Mnl. 1789, tho
ri0luitlWVls.hlnCtn wis innugurattid
tho first Presldont of tho UnltoiTStatcs.
Iho votornn has boon married throo
times, out his wives aro now doad; ho Is-
uio iiuuur oi iwoniy ciiudron, liftoon of
whom 'tiro now living. Ho is a largo
iraiiiod, portly, smooth shaven man,
and is as vigorous as a youth of sixty.
Ih s summor ho was in Augusta on a
visit to rolntlvos, and ono day walkod
out to his son's snw mill in Mouut Vor
yon, a distanco of elovon miles, in thrco
hours, and ho was not oxhaustcd by tho
undoitaklngolthor. Perhaps thosecrot
of tho votoran's longevity Is that ho has
always boon strictly tompornto In nil
things, yoles tha ltopubllcnn tickot, and
IS an earnest nml ilnvnfml Vrnn Will
If your lifb is worth anything pooplo
will find it out soonor
fruit will fall to tho
shaking tho troo.
or inter, it no
ground without
AdaltcniUon of Fod and Drugs.
Baltimore Ban,
Tho Now York Legislature nt its last
cession passod a law to proront tlio ad
ulteration ol food and drugs. Tho duty
Is committed to tho Stato Board of
Health of ascertaining what articles
nro adulterated, and tho Sanitary Com
mltteo of tho board has appointed
eight chemists to mako tho investiga
tion. To each of theso chemists cer
tain kinds of frods or drugs are to bo
assigned for purchaso and analysis.
Tho Sanitary Engineer has already di
rected attention to thrco . classes of
artlclos adulterated, which, in his opin
ion, require to bo analyzed, oxposcd
and chocked. Tho United Stntes ex
ported lat year to Franco and Italy 1,
GG8,541 gallons of cottonseed oil. It is.
what may bo called "an open secret"
that much of this oil comes baok to us.
as "puro olive oil." It is also known
thnt a quantity of cottonseed oil docs
not go abronif. but is nut tin In ImttW
resembling thoso of foreign mako, nnd
labeled "olivo oil," nnd sold us suoh.
Another nrtiiilo ndnltimtil. u nnattln.
soar). This is commonly regarded as
tho purest artlclo of Its blml. nml ta
consequently in groat demand forcer
tain purposes. But nearly all tho cas
tllo soap, oven that put to medical uses,
Is how said to bo moro or less good or
bad imitations, tho purity of the soap.
bclntr nt tills timo an nxrnntlnn Inolxnfl
of a rule. Ourwinos nro also largoly
adulterated, and snnm nf (l.n
nlo that is so largoly consumed in this
pountry nro subjected in tho. browing
to slnillnr fraudulent
Now York Sun givos n long account of
inu niiuiierauons practiced In tho lnst
mentioned nrtlolcs of llritlU- mill Krlnla
tho opinions of physicians as to tho
pOccts produced in drinkers by coccu
lus and cannabis indlcus, glucose, etc.,
effects esneclullv notlcenliTn In .1 ;
of tho kidneys. Glucose, when rnnnr.
mado. and freed from tlm
in its manufacture, is said to bo harm
less, and tho samo harmlessncss is at
tributed to oleomargarine when tho
manufacture is conducted with a duo
regard to olcanllncjs and tho fat In tho
process of conversion Is num. Tn imti.
cases these articles aro held to bo dolo
torious when the acid in glucoso ha3
not been completely removed, and tho
fat from which oloomnrgnrino is mado
Is of an inforior oualltv. In riiir.
has been commonly reported that It is
tho almost-general pracllco thoro fo
rnix stenrino With cnnimnrninl Innl
tho purnoso of hardening it. Spices,
also are largely udultcroted; their char
acter easily premltting unscrupulous.
mantlfacturn nnil hnmllinrr nt i.
sovon samples of mustard, carefully se
lected in NOW York from rninntiolMn.
dealers, Dr. Smart found that onlv six
wcro entirely pure. It. Is consoling,
however, to bo told that adulterations-.
in this country "seldom tako a form
that is dangerous to health." How
over this may bo, thoro aro possibili
ties of such a poril whorover adultera
tions are resorted to. A purchaser who
pays for a puro artlclo and docs not
got what it is guaranteed to bo should.
havo some stringent power of rodrcss,
and this is what tho English law and
what tho law just passtd in New York
undertako to give, besides affording
incidental protection to tho public by
authorizing a rlrrld
tlon. ... .Ur
The Changing Earth.
Tho student of historv rends of tho.
great sea fight which King Edward III.
fought with tho Frpnoh oil' Sluys; how
In thoso days tho morchant vessels camo
up to the walls of that nourishing sea
port by every tide, and how a, century
later, a Portgueso licet convoyed Isa
bella from Lisbon, nnd nn Hmriici, iif
brought Margaret of York from tho
a.u.uuu3, to marry suecosstvo U likes of
Burgundy at tho port of Sluys. -lu our
time, If a modern travolor drives' twolvo
miles out of Bruges, norosi tlm nnnh
frontlor, ho will lind a small a" rlcul-
tural town, surrounded' by cornfields
nnd meadows and nln
whence tho soa is not in sight from tho
top of tho town linll steeple. This is
Sluys. Onco, moro Wo turn tr in
great Balo du Mont Saint Michael, bc-
iiormnnuy ana unttany. in Ro
man authors wo read of tlm vast.
called "Sotirieura Nomus," in tho con
tor of which nri' isolated rook aroso, sur
mounted by a tcmplo of Jupitor onco
a college of Druldosscs. Now tho 'samo
rock, vith its glorious pilo'dedlcated to.
bt. Miohael, is Surrounded by tho sea at
high tides. Tho story of this transform
ation' is oven moro striking, than that of
Sluys,. and its adoquato narration, justly
earned for M. Manet tho gold medal oi
tho French Gcoffrnnhioal Snnlntv in
1828. Onco again. Lot us" turn "for a
moment to the Modltnrrnno lin almi-ii nf
Spain and tho mountains pf Murcla.
Thoso rockv holfrhts. wl
stand out against tlio deep blue sky,
scarcely support a blado of vcgotatlon.
Iho nlgnrobns and olives' nt their bases
are artificially supplied with soil. It Is
scarcoly.crediblq that theso' aro tho somo
which, recording to tlio forest book of
King Alnhonso ol Suhto.
clotued to thoir summits with pines nnd
other forest toccs, whilo soft clouds and
mist hung ovor n rounded, shaggy out
Hno of wood, whoro now tho naked
rooks mako a hard lino against tho bur
nished SkV. Ittlt. A rill. nn.l C.,.,!l.
chroniclers nliko record tho facts, and
geographical sclonco explains tlio causo.
ihero is scarcely n district in tho wholo
rango of tho civilized world whn
equally interesting geographical storv
has not been recorded, and where th'o
samo valuablo lessons may not bo
taught. This is comnarntivn
Tho Indians wcro tho Monnd-Bulldcrs.
ropular Sclcnco Moatbljr.
Jromtho foregoing It appears that
overy known trait of tho mound-bulldor
was posspssod also by tho Indian at tlio
timo of tho discovery of America. It
honco becomes unnecessary to appeal to
any othor agoncv than tho Indian Tt ta
poor philosophy nnd poor soienco that
iubuii io iiypoiuotieai causes When
thoso already Imown nro sufllole k to
produco tho kiiowwffeots. ThOIn
dlan Is a known .n-f-..cnVo.
Tho assignment of thoou"Wdlto nnV
other dynasty was born oMliat common
rovoronoo for tho nnst. nn'rf fnn ii... .n
explainable, whloh not only unconsci
ously augments tho actual, but revolts
at tho reduction of thoso works to tho
lovol of tho" oxlsting red-man.
..vlrtuj wliiok roqulros ovor to bo
guardfid is scarcely worth tho sentinel
Vorvamiablo nnd cood
tlioso peoplo who oanliavo their own
Yfay in ovorythlng. . ,,
Trcscrvo your conscience always soft,
and sensitive. If but onis-dln (nm. u
Way into that tendor part of tho soul
and dwell easy thero, tho road is paved
for a thousand idlquitles.
IIo who is ashamed of his povorty
will suroly bo arrogant of his wealth.
It is a sin which wo havo not com
mitted which soemsthomost monstrous.

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