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n iionvss & w.vi.t.Kit.
A train of nltio cars was wrecked near
Cutrovlllc, Texas, Sept. "Hi,
Prince Frederick, uncle of tlio King
of the Nctllicrlamls, Is dead.
Hrndrlek 1. Wright,. Congressman
dlnl at WllkcctKirtc, l'a., vU 2ml
nnubjcctlon to bringing 1" l'art'of Pedro's own
band. Carr lias now three aililiiiouai ran-
panics ot tnllltla, anil reports from old toil
flr.mt that lie Is unable to lorn me. una.
Price's cotnmaml moved out oflcrde ontlic
Serccnnt Mason Is to bo tiled by iv
military court-martial, although the detail of
tin-com t lias not been announced, umicriiie
rules and mrulntlous of Hie army lie will be
tried for "conduct prejudicial to Rood order una
military discipline." The court will no con
vened liy (Icncral HancocK. 1 lie oruer win no
Issued In a few dais. Mason'scoumcl, l.cnerai
.1. 0. Wgilow, Is anxious for n civil trial, mil is
not llkelv to cct It. The Pica of Insanity in
he entered for Mason, as It I clear he Is Insane
Tin: miumuan lioititoit.
Dentil nnil Destruction by Uio rinm-i.
I'lireo HiimlriMl l.tvvN B.OHt
TIiOIIMIIhIm I.t I liolr
Clnpp's rubber works nt Hanover, upon one subject of avenging the assault iitim
M.w.,buneti Sept. 2,1. Loss, 7f000. t'rcsldcnt Garlleld. It has trans,lrcd Hint he
i .i u . ,o.:,, bnr ..Inlni has hioodid our this matter since the day ot
Pcnmylvntila 1 pressing her dnlm , dl, ntliuk on t.,c indent.
gainst the SlniKlftrdOll Company f or $3,COO,000
One thousand nine hundred emigrants,
mostlv Mind for the Weft, arrived at New
York, Fept. Hth
A Urn In Chicago, at the comer of
Lake and Franklin streets, on the night of Sept
2d, caused n loss of over J.'iO.OOO.
Mason was In Texas at the time ami mis lie
Immediately icsoluil to kill (lultcnult he ever
got n cliame. The basis ot his desire wa, as
he Hitcshlm'clf, that It (lulteau wan killed and
could reaeli htm, the t'resV.ent would get well,
tmt It (lulteau livid, there was no hope for the
President's ruoviry. Maiondrew his Hilary
p.ildoft tcverul Utile debts, and resolved that
(lulteau should die within twenty-four nours,
The Minnesota Supremo Court lias Th,.m.uTiunltv for the shooting "nt the arsenal
rendered a decision w tilth Is In etTcct tlmt the j 11lt arrjVe until Saturday night, Eeptembcr
repudiated State debt mut be paid. yu,
Fivo car-loads of dromedaries were t(.rrlblc disaster attended the Kan
recently shipped from Texas to Arazona, to be fas rity Exposition on tlio afternoon of Sept.
-nsctl In transporting Jnltcd States malls. , 'Mu; i,y n fire which destroyed the main
lmillv Intnr- hnll mid nil the surroundlni: buildings. Tlic
ed by the drouth. Recent reports say there
will not be one-third crop of either corn or
Tho death of Gen. Ambroso E. Hum
eldc occurred at Bristol, Ct., Sept. 13th. It was
sudden and unexpected, and up to the day be
fore lie w as not considered as In danger.
A lire lnChiengo,Sept.8th, destroyed
the building of the Turner Packing Co. About
MO.OOO worth of hide were burned, as well as
other property. Loss .on stock and buuumg,
hall was densely crowded, and it panic nt once
seized the multitude. All cllorta to quiet tlie
people were unavailing. Tlicy lushed about,
trampling one another amid shrltks and groans,
An Immense volume of smoke came from the
building and settled like a pall over the grounds
which were literally black with people estl
mated at 20,000. A strong w ind was blowing,
and the lire spread with rapidity, and quickly
communicated to the surrounding buildings.
In almost an Incredulous short time the main
building, with Its entire contents, was n sheet
of burning flame, and leaped across tho avenue
A terrific explosion occurred in tlio to tlio newspaper row, quickly swallowing the
loading room of the Winchester Itcpeatlng buildings of the Tiwrs, Juuinul and Mutt, the
Arms Company. New Haven, Conn., August Secretary's ofllte, and a mimbtr of refreshment
30th, blowing off the roof. N'ne men were stands In that vicinity. They next attacked the
badly injured. grand stand, In which not less than 12,000 pco
Tlio Reading (Pa.) Kcws says that If pie were seated, watching tlio races. The pen
ho fmw(m from the mlnlmr rcdons of the P ,c"r. " '"""J fl oml wcrc ,nim
State continues as It has begun, the end of the
year will find the anthracite mines closed for
want of laborers.
t Tho Stnndnrd Coal and Iron Com
panr Incorpomtcd at Columbus, Ohio, states
Its capital at 175,000,000. It Is said that the
company Intends to secure all the property In
the llocklng Volley region which can be pur
chased at reasonable figures.
(iTho failures reported for tho week
ending Sept. 2d were 102 against 113 the prevt
ousweck. They were as follows: Pacific Coast
Etates, 11 : Eastern, 14; Western, 30) Southern,
11 ; Middle, 30. Most of them occurred in re
tail trades and have very little significance.
Tho convention of short-hand writers
In Chicago, Sept. 2nd, elected as honorary
members n cumber of eminent photographers.
Cincinnati was chosen as the next place of
meeting, and after some Interesting speeches
ad been made the convention adjourned.
"The latest report from Rosebud
Agency Is fl the effect that Crow Dog and
Black Crow conspired with other Indians to as
sassinate spotted Tall, with a view of making
Black Cruw chief In place of the murdered man.
Dcadwoa, n.w. a vein four feet wldo Is
aa!d to contain more precious n,ttal than quartz.
Is said that It runs $150,000 to ..- u. .u.
foundation. This mluo was formerly under
bonds to tho Homcstokc Company.
Leonard Snlo, rcportcrof thoKnlama
jwo Tost and Tribune, was horsewhipped at
3:20 o'clock on tho morning of Sept. 13, on Mb
woy home from work, by a woman named Mrs.
Brlgbam,who did not liken scries of articles
which have uppcaro 1 In tho paper recently con
ccrnlng herself. The reporter was not much
An engineer of tho New Jcrsoy Cen
trol railroad, Sept. Nth, by tho coolness and
bravery shown In sticking to his post when the
boiler of his englno had exploded, scalding him
and the fireman and causing the latter to Jump
irom tho cab, prevented what would have been
a terrible collision between tho train and i
steamer at the dock.
Tho Nebraska Stnto Fair was attond
ed September 14th by about 15,000 people and
proves to be a great success In every particular
won open day and night, and Illuminated by
electric light In tho evening. An Interesting
programme of races and amusements was given
in the afternoon and evening. The exhibits
were numerous and of great rarity,
A letter has been received nt Wash.
ington from Captain Hooper, of tho United
States steamer Corwln, sent Into the Arctic
Seas in search of the Jcanhcttc, stating that he
had heard nothing of that vessel on the Siber
ian coast, that he had discovered an Island near
Cape Berdxo and had victualled for tho winter,
it he found that he had to be out so long.
Captain Samuel Rider, who was wide
ly known throughout tho northwest and partic
ularly In the river towns, died at Grlggsvllle,
III., Ang. 10th, In his COth year, after a linger
ing Illness. He was master of the first packet
that ever ran on tho Illinois river and subse
quently commanded vessels on tho Missouri
river. He was a man ot broad character and
hlghly'cstcemcd wherever known.
TifThny, Indian agent at San Carlo?,
reports that Indian runners have como In from
tho White Mountains w ith rumors of a fight
near Fort Apache. One Lieutenant and a num
ler of soldiers arc said to have been killed In a
fight on Ceblsquo Creek. Owing to tho late
heavy storms tho military telegraph Is down bc
jond Cump Thomas, and this news comes from
Fort Apache by mountain courier.
A dispatch of Sopt. 2d, from Rich
mond, Va., says: The drouth still continues
throughout the State. In many of the counties
tho corn and tobacco are burnt up. The streams
are drying up, mills and farmers aro greatly In
convenlcuccd. The water ot the James
river Is lower than for fifty years. Tho tobacco
and fall crops may bo a complete failure. Tho
dust Is fearful and the situation very alarming,
Arms have been issued to citizens of
Arlxona at all points where Indians are threaten
ng. At O'olcy'a ranch near Fort Apache,
Indians have driven off four hundred head
tock and sixty horses. There aro thirty white
families and a hundred and fifty Indian rquan
and children at that place guarded by friendly
Indians. News from Fort Thomas Is that the
White Mountain Indians havo gained control of
the canon commanding Fort Apache, making
the situation very serious. A meeting of
cltlicnsln Tucson' passed resolutions urging
the removal ot the Apaches from Arizona,
A' Tucson dispatch of Scptcni
ber 8th says: San Carlos Is quiet but the
agent reports 200 bucks belonging to the
White Utcs aro hostile. They killed two In
Toto Basin, where Price has four companies,
" with more reservation Indians coming to-mor.
row. The agent says thero were but sevt n ,vei
terdiy. It is believed that tho most of tin in
oat on passes have tried to get back, and
tiro citizen report that parties of tlicro
are commlng down the OUa river who ollirod
pled upon, and a large number were maimed and
mutilated. Tho confusion was Indescribable.
panic had seized upon the vast crowd and It
scented Impossible to quiet them. Tlicro were
no facilities for extinguishing tlio fire at hand,
and It did not stop until there was no more ma.
tcrlal for It to feed upon. Tho fire department
went to the grounds hut could not reach there
In time to be of any service. They had to lay
1,600 feet of hose to get water. The money and
valuables In the Secretary's ofllee were saved
Power Hall, Fine Art Hall, and the stalls will
nil the horses were saved. The (Ire started from
n pile of rubbish lying on the ground nutslde
of thewest cntranco of thoMaln Hull. A party
of young fellows were standing In the doorway
smoking, and tho fire Is supposed to have been
stnrtcd by one of thtiii throwing a elgaror stub
In the pile of shavings. It Is believed there was
no loss of life.
Dispatches give further particulars of tho
great fires raging around the shores of Lake
a nw.tn1 ,lln.iltli savsi Oeo. McDonald, of
Sanilac county, tills n borrowing talc of oyer
two nunurcti lauunes lu'mcit'is umi n-viiuu
n.i i,iT,.rtmr f mm unut nt food and cloth lie.
.lolm llalleiitlne, of Verona Mills, says K! tires
.......Li.mni in In. Iri.1 In thn lieluhliorhood Of
Sand llc.ich. The fire Mid letily reached Verona
lill n,i Mniulitr. nnil the tow n was soon w ined
out. The wind was snstrongthat llalleiitlne and
l,i fi.wpriMi ckcil nt, nnil mown iror.ii varus.
A woman and her husband were found lying
..,ini mi iii.iii. I in woman lie ni;iinri v lie-
llvcrcd of a child. The devastation caused hv the
llresof IS71 l liolliliig in (oniparifon wiiii i ne
lire of the last fevdavs. N'-ar UlehmoudvUle
and wistern '-rrcstr and Mnrlmi town
ships, reliable In .rmatlon lea's me to sir, uh
warusoi uireo iuuhiicii I'di'iu ii-ncuvu u n. in
flames. There was no cseai' for them. Hie
woods and ground were a 1 ill y that no warning
of the danger was given, and faster than u race
horse came the lire. It would cniiirace a noue
or ham, with its contents, mid away to the
next. Persons who have Ik'cii through this ter
rible ordeal, say that In ten minutes from the
time tho lire started there would bono vM age
of the house left. I have Just returned from a
trip through the burned district, ami a uescri
tlou of the scenes would mako the readers'
IiIikmI turn cold. There were many Instances
where men, women and children were lying on
their faces In the road where they bad fallen
when overtaken by the fire, the children mug
on loiis where they had clamliered for safety.
There was no finding each other w hen once sen
amtcd. Many took refuge In wells and on roofs
of houses, thinking to escape,, tmt In almost
every instance wcro (tinocaicu. urtaus oi inu
suffering In Huron are as bad as here. I be
lieve that when returns are In one thousand
persons will he found to nave pcnsiicn in too
iinntni. rw!rr tnwnshlnwill turn out Thurs
day to bury the dead cattle, horses and sheep,
me sieucu nom which in imwuuiuic.
Alllngtnn found sixteen uean ikxiics near
Dcekervlllc. Only five bulldlucs were
Ml Pinndlni! between that place and Mlndon.
.Ino. Flltewager's family of seven children and
wife were all burnt together In Paris township
with fifteen others. The Day family were burn
ed w Ith Moirls Clifford, wife and child. A man
und woman were found lying dead In the road
nncll'smiu anil lyre, fiiiecu nun-
Jloro "Work of tlio Missouri Des
On tlic Chicago & Alton Road nt Olen-
ilnlc, Mo.
The ItoblxTH Secure from n,000
to 8 1,000.
After tlielr
Dastardly Deed
tlio Itobbrrs
A Pomc of 1,000 .Moil from Kiun.is city In
Crime and Criminal).
i Knowlton, known us Rcbol
George, who killed David Itaiutt at Fort Pierre,
April 1st, 1871, was arrested In Chicago, Sept,
Sd, by a United States Marshal, and locked up
to await transfer to Dakota.
At New Hone, Georein, Scnteml.or
1st, Bailiff Dennis and posse went to a hut to
. Maarn charred with nssaiiltlncrn w-nmnr,
A negro ran from the house, and Dennis shot
and killed him, but he proved to be the wrong
On tho night of August !30th in Mil-
waukce n young man named Herman Hilton,
German, shot nnd killed his father-in-law,
Paul Klinmcr, and mortally wounded Mrs.
Klmm.'r. Hilton was at once arrested. Tho
causo assigned Is family trouble.
li,.tu'ncn Donticir
lllrs w orn burned out In Moore and Arirylc
Five hundred families aro rcpoitcd as having
limi inmicil nut. A woman was burned at
Smith's mill, half a mile from Tyre. herevcr
a hoiiFO Is left the people flock to It like sheep
to a fold, in some places as many as six families
being In n log shanty. They mutt have relief
from In-low or preat sufferlnc will be the result.
I saw many families to-day who had not had one
meal since Monday and don't know where they
can get one. Their teams are all gone, cows
nnil ntlicr stock burned, and desolation stares
them In tho face. They talk about their misfor
tunes and many say that bad as It Is It might
have been n ere at deal worse. They arc glad to
get away with their lives. Many of the men
were Caimllans who bad hern over but a short
lime and had Just begun to get matters In com
fortable shape. Many need medicine and medi
cal assistance.
East Saginaw, Sept. 8. The city reports
show that in Mllllngton township, Tuscola
counly, twentv-ono famlllci are left homeUss
In Denmark-, Guilford und Tuscola townships.
In the same county twenty or t tilt ty families
arc burned out and acres of timber nnd crops
and miles of fence nro unmcd. Julius vicinity
tlio tires ate ihlefly confined to lluena Vista,
lllumfield, llrlducport nnd Hlrch Hun townships
on the cast, nnd Kockvllle, .llwnukeu nnd Sagi
naw townships on tlio west, In nil ot which a
iargo number of bulldlmrs and large quanti
ties of propeity have bet n swept nway. Indian
Settlement, several mllc below this city, and
surrounded by n dense forct, Is rcjiortcd to
havo been burned, and doubtless a number of
lives lost, as there wcru thirty families In there
and no possible way ot escape. Heavy fires ore
also reported In Isabella county, doing n great
deal of damage. The Urea wcro checked cast oi
this city tiy the ram this morning.
Dr.TiioiT, Sept. 8. Tlio following appeal Is
Issued by n committee of tlio citizens of Port
Huron, headed by sinator Longer, .Mayor Carl
ton and others:
To the J'm)ieoflM Unlm hiatal A most ap-
4t4tv liar iHiiut f M a I n rfjrt jtitciii
Dispatches of September 8lh report
meagre particulars of another train robbery,
which occurred nt Olei dale, ii few miles frnin
Independence, M., on the night of September
i in.
tup K.nnwTtr Hiiuier particulars are re
ceived 1 he trniii win mo west-liound exprcs
nnd bad about 1(H) passengers on board, all I
whom lost something, nnd mnnv nuito lu nvlt
t-riuiK i.onuian., newsagent oi iiieirain, male
the following statement: "I wns sitting In the
smoking car tnlklng to Conductor Jack Hazel
hacker; we were on the grade Irur miles from
Iudecudcncc: allot a sudden the train stopped
and we heard loud voices and pistol shots.atid
imiiy miliums n:i!iiiiiiLr. nuiwicn 1110 train Tim
bers were on u. Hnztihacker ran back Into
t hu train and warned the lui'sonaors. Thev
wcro all looking out of the window until the
robbers ordered them to pull In their heads and
Kccpquici. iiicmuucnii.nl stoppeu tne tram
iiy imtliiiBoostructions on tne rails anil s lrnal
lug. I am sine Ihcrcwcrc adozen of them, al.
thnucli some of the nasscnircrs ntaco the num.
her at sixteen. Everybody was panic-stricken
and helpless and ran out ot tho car and found
men guarding the engineer nnd fireman. Thev
were poorly masked, but all armed with Hcnrv
rifles. They wcro swearing loudlv and shooting
at random. Some ot tlicm passed Into the mall
car, but did not touch anything. Express
Messenger Fox ban In the meantime locked the
the express car. They climbed upon tho car,
ran around and began to shoot. They then
broke Into the car and knocktd him down hv n
violent blow on the head. They robbed the safe
of evirvthlngnnd ran back to the smoking car
and hid most of the money. The robbers came
In arid ordered me to Ho down. I d Id so. Tlin-
pointed revolvers at me and onlcrcd me to fork
ovir. I said my moticv was under the cimlilon
They I old mo to get It. and I got It In n hurry
you can bet. They then went west, hack to the
other curs nnd m'adc w holcsalc robbery of money.
watches and Jew tlry. Some of the passengers
secreted their money, hut tlio mulorltt- lrm nil.
Tins ladles were conipi lied to sit down on the
floor and some hod car rlnes taken from their
ears and many lost their jewelry. One mau lost
In the meantime a frclcht train was comlnc
up bihlnd us, and Ilurton, tho brakcmiin. nn
down tho track, with n storm ot bullets behind
mm, eioppcii tne train nnd probably saved many
lives. Alter the cars were gone through the
robbers lumjicd oil and struck for the tlmlicr,
where their horses were. Tho men In front
helped the train men roll oil the obstruction
ami then Joined their companions. I should
ay wo stood still half an hour." F. T., or
Frank liurtnn, said: "i was standlnc on the
front platform of the sleeper when tho. train
stopped, and heard voices and oaths on the rear
platfoim. I said 'wo are going to be robbed."
Then one of the robbers cried out, "wo are com
lug In and going through you all.' I remem
bered that a freight train was Just behind us,
and 1 heard It coming up. I Jumped oil and
ran with my lantern down the track and they
commenced shooting nt me. The bullets struck
the rails around me, and tl.ey mut have tired
twenty-five shots."
Tho engineer said, "for God's sake don't
shoot the boy ho Is saving the lives of these
people." Then one of them threw up one of his
arms and cried, "stop shooting." I rolled into
the cut and waived mv lantern. The train was
stopped only n car length off. 'When I came
back the robbers said: "Have vou Inst. nnv.
thing!" I answered, "fifty cents' and he gave
inu out' uuutir, nun iiity ecius lor uuercbt,
Then I heard one of tlio robbers say to the en
clnecr: ' Choiinv tooe. vou aro too pmi
man to keep up this business', here's two dol
lars to buy a drink In the morning, nnd drink It
for Jciec James. I warn you that you'll be
killed It you dont leave this road; we urc irolng
to tear up and hurst the Alton and lloek Jblatul
iimue, i.irii.tj'ircu.on otrcl I11R ri'W lirilS 1(
did not think It was Jesse James nor any of hl
gang. They nil acted green nt the business,
and ho thought they were men living in the vi
cinity. They nil seemed nultotouiig.and made
no attempt tmtlsgiilsc their voices. Passengers
tell substantially the sauw storv as tho above.
St. Lous, Sept. 8. The i'w.7nW,V Kan
sas vuy special nas tne story or h. roote, en
oi tne counties oi urou ami Ban naeo. wun HVe'vo no 'griulm against thS Pullmans, nnd
somen; occn .territory, a section recently coy- will switch bft their cars and burn to res ..I
ercd witii tort Wand, now pccnptal by nearly nm ll;c man w10 1;,neil uwiako nt w , J
liny thousand people largely recently fcuieii, jo was too smart, and drew a rcvolvcr.llurTon
nml nr.. Mllir., ivnip rtr In lnMli.rn,i, .IfrMim. I ....... .. ..V . . ,v" uu.iwu
stances. In nil this section tlicro has been but
little rain during several months nnd every
thing wns dry, when on Monday, September
Bth, n hurrlcano swept over It, carrying n sheet
of flame with It which leveled everything.
Two hundred persons are reported to have
burned to death: many perished while flvlnv.
A terriblo trn;cdy was ennctod near Tle reports from twenty or moro townships
n " I a n n t,m, ll,n.. la .An.nJ.lH n I... 1 1.1 1 .. ...
mixj vituk nivi s 10 nanviij it uiiiimii. u.
any supplies oi any 1.11111 are icil ami
that thousands nro destitute and helpless,
nil needing Immediate assistance, nnd most
must depend on charity for some months. v c
are doing all in our power, but contributions
tnrouL'noui me country win us necessary 10
keep them through tho winter. Therefore we
appeal to you to send money, clothing, bedding,
provision or other supplies to heldmaliitaiu the
sufferers nnd enable tiiem to start npilu on
their farms, contributions to be sent to M11J. E.
C, Carlton, chairman of tho relief committee
appointed uy the citizens of Port Huron, who
havo sent out agents to ascertain tho wants of
me suuercra una uistriuuic supplies.
Hummer Ornpe l'runtnrr.
ermsntown Telegraph.
About this, na nenrlv overv other hor
ticultural subject, thero is considotnblo
dilTerenco of opinion. Wn havo known
vinos to bo "pruned to death" In fol
lowing out somo wild theory that sjomo
addle-headed follow had started, whilo
others would pruno so sparingly as to
bo of no bctiellt at nil. Many strip the
vines or tnrco lourtli9tlicir leaves to al
low tho sun nnd air to net in, as tho.
jay, while others allow tho grapes to bo
smothered for want of a itulicious ro
movnl of tho leaves. Pinching tlio otitis
off tho vines, or clipping off n portion
jf tlio sprouts tvliero they nro growing
umpnutly, so fni as it appears to bo
necessary to any reasonable judgment,
.vlll greatly benefit tho crop, just as tho
tovcrso will dnitingo it.
The thinning out of tho surplus
uranchc, by removing from n third to
.t nan 01 incni, as inoy usually snow
themselves, is of tho greatest Import
uticu. In doing this, bo sure nlways to
remove 1 1 1 c wen K ost anil most imperfect.
Tho laterals of tlio frult-lienrlnif
branches, which linvo been pinched or
clipped, will tnrow out moro hrnnciies,
nnd theso nlso should bo pinched, so ns
tolcavo only a slnglo leaf. Tholalcrals
on tho canes, remc'mbor, nro to bo tho
trult-bcarlng canes for next year, nnd
should bo nllowcd to grow unchecked.
Caro must bo taken to tio up such of
tlio branches containing bunches which
aro too heavy to bear their own weight,
Tlicro should, nlso, 1)0 no moro wood
allowed to grow than is needed for tho
following yenr's fruiting.
Theso simple gcncrnfhlnts may bo of
scrvieo to thoso whoso knowlcdgo of
grnpo-growing is limited. In a little
while a few years of experience, which
enn bn grentl' nh eil by examining the
wnv that good grape-growers follow
will soon put 0110 on tho plain road to
Agricultural Orator.
lien. Tcrley Toor.
Speakers at agricultural dinners oc
casionally mako tcrriblo blunders in
their oratorical bids for farmers' votes,
in which they nro foolish cnongh to at
tempt to givo auvico to tnoso wno ioi
ow tlio plow. A notnblo instnnco of
this onco occurred in Indinna, when a
noted politician named Joo Wrlcht un
dertook to enlighten a hnrd-hnnded nil
dieneo at a cattle show. Wright was
in turn n lawyer, retircstntativo in Con
gress, Governor, anil Minister to Prussia,
irolng from ono government teat 'to an
other like a hungry calf, nnd always
proclnitntng his lovo for narlculturo.
On this occasion ho followed tv practical
innncr, who una ativtsea sneep wising.
Wright took this theme, anil wns elo
quent over the.delights of raising one's
own mutton and blankets then ho went
on to say:
"Our friend who preceded mo told
you nbout his Colswold sheep, nnd ad
vised you t keep that breed. Now in
my section of Indlima I hear tho farm
ers talking of a now breed, which mny
bo preferable to tho Cotswold; at niiy
rate, thero enn bo no harm in my rec
ommending it, or in your trying it. 1
havo never seen them, but I know it
must bo a good breed, for a neighbor of
mine, who is a practical man, said in
my prcsonco last week that ho would
not take live hundred dollars for his hy
draulic ram. This warrants mo in rec
ommending you to try tlio hydraulic
breed of sheep."
Absurd ns this may rend, T havo been
nssureu unit tuts was actually saiil by
Governor Wright, and I havo listened
to equally foolish statomcnts.Urilinucr.
tnblo speakers, who would trotoutsomo
nobby, on which thev honeit to rluo into
tho Stato Legislature or a place in Con
mess. It if whafArtemus Wnrd calls
in tcxlttio. I!ut this fact is ngnin.st the
keeping qualities of Jersey butter, un
less more lauor ami caro nro used in
working nnd salting It, ns it docs not
so rendlly rceclvo nnd retain salt. Jer
sey butler should bo used or consumed
wlillo fresh, nnd then its superior flavor
is secured.
Cleanliness is indispensable in mak
ing a lino snlablo quality of butter. Tho
lino nutty-flavored .butter so eagerly
sought is mado only wlicro clcnnlTneja
is conspicuous Tno food has moro or
less to do with tlio milk, and nt this
sctvson when grass Is liable to fail from
continuous dry weather, thoso who fol
lowed our suggestions In thosprlngnnd
put In over-green sweet corn, or other
sultnblo kinds for mid-summer feeding
to cows, nro no doubt deriving much
benefit from it. Passing by tho hand
ling of tho milk and cream, which has
frequently ueen troateii of in our col
tho mucous membrane, and muscular
xertlon, but theso vary from tho noro
mnl bciting of tho heart nnd tho usual
rato of breathing. Tlio temperature of
tho body nlsolnillcatcs Inflammation Jn
somo portions of tho frame. Tho tem
perature of tlio body indicates dlsoaso
f somo sort, If it is higher than normal.
Tho usual tcmporaluro of a healthy per
son is from 97 to 100, Tlio temperature
of a child dopends upon tho action of
tho heart. Host, sleep, and calmness
may diminish it, whilo exorcise, disturb
ance of mind or body mny incroaso It.
Tho only way for n mother to ttelorm
lno tho character of her children's pulsos
Is to observo their character when thoy
aro well. No absoluto largeness, small
1 ess, hardness, or softness of tho pulso
exists. Ton men may bo perfectly well,
and hnvo healthy hearts, that niovo nt
different rales. All theso indications
vary nt different hours of tho day. An
minis of late, tho next thing to bo enre- incroaso of ntilo at d temperature, or
tno usual pulso tiegiutiing curlier Irom
day to dny, indicates 110 good, whilo
beginning l.itor menus that the disease
Is lessening in severity. A rapid fall
frttm a high degrco to two degrees or
moro below tho normal temperature U
alarming. A temperature tailing bo
low tho normal point is moro dangerous
than a rising one. Thero nro many
oilier Indications of diseato or health
which wo cannot now relate.
Boonvllle, Ark., Sept. 12th. Two young men
named Hnmby, brothers, while riding homo
from town, were fired on by nn assassin In nm
bush. One was killed Instunlly, two buckshot
entering his heart. The other was fatally
wounded. Ho rode a mile and l half tcforo
falling from the loss ot blood.
Early on tho afternoon of August
Dtho young woman appeared at the entrance
of the Exccuttvo Mansion grounds attired In a
bathing suit and applied for admission, saying
eho must sec the President Immediately or
sworo ho would be dead In an hour. She had
In her possession a miniature saw and a vial eon
talnlng liquid. A curious crowd gathered
around the female, and one of the guards In
formed her she would have to go with him,
which she did after some parley. A later dls.
patch says: Tho cranky woman nt tho White
"nmooslnc" to hear ono of theso ora.
eles attempt to demonstrnto how beets
nnil tnrntna mnv lmrnWnil wllbnnl Inn,
of the Missouri l'aclifo track, ho saw a five ft,lln,,C3 l011"1 bo ,luS nml potatoes
fill nbout Is to preserve the crannies en
tire, ns near as may bo. Tho salt used
s'lould bo clean and lino nml free from
lumps, so that it will dissolvo quickly and
uilnglo with tho butter grains. Tho
butter should not bo permitted to stnntl
exposed to tho nlr for tho saltto dissolve,
for It Is fiablo to injury In this wny.
Nor shoulsi it bo worked too much, ns
Hid butter grains aro thus broken.
Tho best butter gilt edged is made
from cream taken from tho milk whilo
it is sweet, or before neldity has been
developed. Tho practlco formerly was
not to skim n pall of mlltc until it wns
clabbered. When nil of tho cream is
thrown tip tho sooner it is removed tho
better. If it stnnds longer tho flavor
generally is injured by ncldlty. Tho
proper temperature that which has
been found by experiment to bo tho
best for churning cream Is fioin 55 to
CO degrees Fnh. Thn ngltation of tho
cream in chnrning should bo regular,
neither too quick nor too slow. When
butter is properly churned both ns to
timo nnd temperature It does not require
much working to render it firm and
wnxy, rendering It easy of molding it
In 10 any desired shnpo. In washing
and salting, so that the butter will keen
without danger of rancidity, ni d loss
of its ngrcenblo flavor, tho object is to
rcmovo tho buttermilk. When this is
thoroughly dono from butter of tho
quality above mentioned, it will be
ustly cntitlcil to tlio nanio of gilt-
Indications of Disease.
rrnlrlc Farmer.
Tho llrstfow months of early Infancy
aro spent in sleeping, feeding nnd cry
ing. If tlio Infant bo well, it sleeps
deeply nnd quietly, feeds henrtily nnd
erics moderately. Tho expression of its
inco is cairn anil happy, ltsskin is soft
and slightly moist. In swcot sleep its
eylhh close. Its pupils aro concealed
beneath their upper lids. Its features
nro composed. No pains disturb it. It
delights in motion. It throws out its
llttlo hands and kicks out its tiny fo1 1.
Tho moving of its limbs, ils bones and
muscles glvo It fun nnd joy. It cries
not so much to express pain nnd suffer
ing, as to express its need of food, orto
practlco excrciso that may expand Its
lungs and enlarge its chest and abdo
men. But if tho liltlo innocent bo ill,
all is changed. Its sleep is disturbed
by pains. Its rest 13 broken. Its cries
aro often. It draws its lower limbs to
wards its stomach. It lias flatulency.
colio and distress. Crying lias many
meanings. It may mean thirst or hun
ger. Its brow, onco so smooth and
beautiful, is wrinkled and contracted.
Its eyes are less bright, ils features nro
less placid and its disposition less play-
1111 nun 11s icinper moto irritable. It is
wakeful and irritablo in its slceninir
lours. It is fretful nnd moroso when
It should bo quiet and asleep. It has
innrcaieii ncntoi noail nnil uoilv. ithns
(Its of e.xcesMvo crvinjr. It reject
Remember, Child, Remember.
That tail hold Is better than no hold,
and if you can't get a good solid grab
on tho nosu t f circumstances, fnstcn 011
to tho tail and mako hor drag you. It
may not bo pleasant, but it will beat
foot title ot stones with 11 stick In thn ton nmi
a red rair upon it, nnd behind the whole stood
the leader of tho robbers who said, "Step
down oil that cmrlr.c anil do as I till nm r 1
will kill you," with a revolver pointed at his
head. 1 tie rolilx made h!in get the coal pick
and break down tho door of the express ear.
Messenger Vox had hid In the woods, but they
threatened to kill mo If he did not appcir, so 1
called on him to como out, which he did and
tney lorceu mm to open mo sale. They were
chagrined ut not getting more booty, and
Jumping on Fox beat him with revolvers
tearfully. They then marched us to the
coaches und covered ua with revolvers while
they robbed tho pass-enters. They went through
every car and then inarched us hack to the en
duo. The leader said: 'Now cct hack therm
wo will rcmovo tlio stones; you have been n
bully boy hero's n little present for jou,"
handing mo two silver dollars. They skipped
over the embankment and were out nt th-ht in
a twinkling. Wlint was taken fioin thopas-
Houso was handsome and youmr. Bbc caveher ...lln,, dl fi with vnni. t-lo-l.t WMlnm.r V "5..J " A',1"" "S" cl "ch w.".lc"
name as Mary Louise Kemlnger, of 5S4 Broad. n tho northwest nnglo of your mouth,
way, Brooklyn and came from Paris especially Homombor that au ounco of practlco
to cure he President. She was sent to the is heavier than a pound of preach.
Government Insano Asylum. Undcrhcr bath- when vou strlko n L'ood pavinir vein.
Ing suit she wore tho costume of i ballet jet in to working it Hko cnts lighting.
" ui buo nuo uui Yio- I'conio will soon sco wnat vou aro up to,
and will rush out their best cards after
oonuvj. ui, u u.wy wronger, m your lead: but voti mlcht wear your
Chicago nroso from his bed In'Modglng house Httlo wind-mill out without bringing
convlct.on to tho gizznril of
No. 8511 lark street, on the night of Sept. 2nd,
ana wun a yen suddenly placed a
revolver at tho heid of another Inmate of the
room, David Fagln, andHrcdj he then'. darted
down stairs to tho ofllee and with an Indian war
whoop shot the only occupant, au old Swede,
VHllam Sprlngcord, In tho back, took a run
nlng jump out of a window, struck squarely on
his feet and started down Clark street on a dead
run, firing as he ran and hitting Henry Johnson,
a negro, whonttcmptcj to stop him. Reaching
a sli)''lu
Remember that everybody can't bo
lawyers and preachers nnd doctors nnd
merchants. Strange as it may seem,
everybody can't oven bo editors. Now
anil then thero must uo a farmer ami a
Remember that a man is not n fool
simply because ho Is a mechanic, nnd
V - Ti .1.1.-1. I 1
win us lor it living. 11 yuu uiiuit m, just
was nearly full of watches and other vnlnnlili.
It Is stated that tho chief of police has arrested
six of tho lotiiiers.
8t. Louis. Sept. 8. Gov. Crittenden has Is
sued a proclamation, calling upon the people to
rise und oxtcrmlnato the train robbers, lie has
gone to Kausas uuy to consult wun tlio Jack,
son county authorities in recard to tlio nnnrc.
hcnslon ot tho robbers. Olo thousand men
aro oriraulzcd en posse from Kansas L'itv und
adjacent counties, and are now tn tho field uu-
uer tne command 01 tno sucrius nnu marsnal.
Among the Passengers robbed aro Dr. Lends
trail, .Miiwauuee; m. jicaa, oavannan, n. x,
A. o. 01 k, VOuncu uiuiis, jowa; i cier Jicn
Poll; street ho fired at closo rango at Thomas jump out of tho senior class of an eas
tlynn, a railroad lingmau nnd Nr. Wolf, r.
lepot watchman, who weio sitting together :
running still further he snapped his revolver
twice at a policeman who clubbed tlio excited
lunatic, nnd after a violent strugglo got him to
the armory. Tho wounds of Volf, Sprlngcord
and Johnson are. serious ar.d may prove fatal.
He claims to havo been oroccr lu Troy, New
Mows Irom Abrond.
Hradlaugh has I isucd a manifesto to
the English people announcing his Intention bn
go to the House of Commons again at the next
session of Parliament, and asking them to pro
tcct htm against unlawful violence.
Eight eartrJuges, marked U. S., havo
been discovered In a bale of cotton at the Abbey
Iowa : Win
Long. St. Louis, L. A. Ycrkt
and taiinle Smith, indlanar
Ohio: Mrs. Elliurton. Mrs. Holly Dais. Mrs.
Dunkirk, Leroy, N. Y. ; It. 11. Petty, Holyokc;
Thos. Shields. Chlcairo: J, II. Ilut.Ii. Chleaeo:
Maltha Perry, John O' Ur.cn, wife and daughter
I'enu Van, N. Y.; O, H. Drown, Jordan, N. Y. ;
O. A. flrliuieald, A. Miles, John I'loebart, Col,
ln...n. 1InK..t rl.,nn.. A T It.,., All.....
N. Y. ; A. T. Smith, 1'hlcago. C. O, Camp, of
tho Ft. Seott fi Gulf railroad, was accompany
ing n party of thirty-live laud buyers from New
York who wero going to Kansas to mnko pur
000. I
A KaiiBas Uity dispatch 01 Sept. bin says
Crittenden arrived that night, and was in con
ferenco with tlio local authorities. Hi
fessed himself powerless under the law r -e
any largo reward, and simply raid ho had com
to no near the sconce of action and to Imnres
the Importance of duty upon ho local autborl
shuken oil'.
Diseases of l'ouUrj-.
Fowls aro particularly liable to colds.
as tho alr-celis occupy so largo n part of
their physical frame work. Whoro there
Is a slight colli put tho fowl In a warm,
sunny place, trlvo warm food, and noth
Ing moro will bo needed. Tlio same
method should bo pursued lu hard colds,
If thero is much fever, put four drops
01 tineiiiro 01 nconuo 11110 tno water:
or sweo en it, ami iiiuko it a llttlo sour
with sulphuric or nitrlo acid. Add to
tho food a pinch of gluger or cayenne
popper, ti mere is much swoiiinj:
about thohend, a mild puriro will bo
useful. Tlio homeopaths clvo mercur
vivus for slight colds, cuphrasin for
tnnro serious ones: onon thrico aailv
nddinfr aconlto for tho fovor.
A roup may only ocjrm with catarrh
and, like roup, catarrh and bronchitis
somotimos cnuso death. Rut how are
wo to know such cases from roup?
simpiy uy 1110 ouensivo uiscnirgo a
tho benk which characterizes tho Tatter
disease. When thofowlhas adlsclmrgi
nt the ucitK that is nut ouensivo, you
may call it a simple catarrh or common
cold. When tho ouor is bad it is roup.
No better distinction is possiblo in tho
1'LOM'I.ll OAllllltN IN AiriX.lIN.
Jnmcs Vick, in his excellent Floral
Guide, gives tho following practical
directions for somo autumn work in the
flower garden:
There is a little garden work that
CAN bo dono to much octtcr advantage
now than nt any other time, whilo there
i somo work that .must bo attended to
in tho autumn, or left forever undone
Wo will endeavor to givo our readers
somo ideas on theso two classes of
It is a good time, in the pleasant
tall weather, lor arranging beils ol her
baceous plants, such as hollyhocks,
delphiniums, pnjonias, etc. Knots can
bp ilivnlou without injury, and generally
with great health to tho plants. Lilies,
and hardy bulbs, can also bo removed
and replanted ns as soon as tlio leaves
begin to ripen. Plants that nro some
what tender in tho North, such ns trito
mas, pamas, grass, etc., and any othor
tender plants that it would bo desirable
to save over tho winter, may bo secured
in pits or cool cellars. A simplo pit is
secured by removing the earth for say
two feet, over which is placed a hot-bed
frame and s.ish. Even hoards or matn
will answer for covering. Give air dur
ing fino weather.
General improvements in tho garden
should bo now made, for our springs
arc short and unpleasant. Dig up and
put in order every vacant bed, ns it will
not only facilitato spring work, hut do
tho sou gooil and havo a neater appear
ance than if loft rough and weedy.
All bulbs and plants that die down
to tho ground in autumn may bo pro
tected by covering tho surfaco of the
earth with leaves, manure or straw, but
plants that retain their leaves during
winter will not bear this kind of pro
tection. A few evergreen bows thrown
over tho bed, a Httlo straw between tho
plants, or somo light, open covering of
this kind, is nil thoy will bear without
danger of smothering nnd rotting.
Most pcoplo havo observed, no doubt,
that self-sown seeds, that is, seeds that
havo dropped from tho growing plnnU
ot tho previous season, sometimes pro-
s its duco tho stronircst and most health v
food nnd no longer crnsps eagerly tho plants that bloom tho most freely. This
rrtwra 1 ! i . P , T 1 . i . - l
fountains of joy nnd comfort. It throws
out violently its upper limbs nnil pro-
locis lorcimv us lower ones, exprois
ivo of its sufferings, somo malady is dls
turbincr it. What is it? Its wrinkled
brow nnd scowlirg faoo moans that its
frnin is suilorlng oithor hy ilisonso in
its If or in somo organ with which it is
in sympathy. If tho brain is much dis
eased tho llttlo sufferer may not cry, but
shriek. Tho child is sick. Its pulso is
quick. Its skin is hot and dry. It
breaths quicker than It, itiil Jn Ils happy
hcurs of health. Tho llttlo wings of its
nssal cavities spread ont and draw in.
Its ohest does not contract and oxpand
ns easy ami reguiany ns it tun when tno
lungs wero well. Iu health its inspira
tions nnil expirations wcro nearly equal.
In tho varying conditions of its respira
tory organs it. mny broatho rapidly or
slowly, quickly or noisily, irregularly or
regularly. If thoso delicato organs of
brenthinr becomo intlnmed Its respira
tion is often difllcult nnil rapid. Tho
is true of sovoral kinds, and particular
ly ol those, that sutler uudor exposure
to our midsummer suns. Tho reason
is that self-sown seeds get a very
healthy growth in the spring, vegetat
ing as soon as frost is gone, and are
good sized plants at the timo wo usually
put seeds iu -tho ground, even if they
do not start in tho fall. Thoy thus
mature and flower during tho cool
weather of spring. Tho clarkias and
Hemophilus and annual larkspurs aro
noted examples. There are also several
varieties of hardy annuals that do
well with spring sowing, that will bear
autumn sowing in tho open ground, nnd
reward us with early spring flowers.
Sweet alyssum nnd white- eandy-tuft
will givo us nbundanco of whito for
early cutting;, if sown in autumn. In a
shady soil tho portulao may bo sown in
autumn with good success. Seeds of
mother may easily ( bsorvo that the nos- biennials and perennials, if sown early
trlls oxpand and contract widely nnd
strongly nnd so should send for her
medical advisor and speedily call him
tho pain tho infant suffers Is in tho hoad.
Many other Indications of dlsoaso exist
that tno mother slioulil noto. Tho ilry
enough to produco strong llttlo plants,
will flower next summer; pansics and
Chincso pinks, though thoy bloom tho
first summer if sown in tho spring, will
mako much stronger plants and flower
iinvnes, uumiisoii, yoi.j ,i. u. ..-., .,.,, nf i-nnu-ld no-'nf fnwl
lis; Mrs. Fleet, mens, uivo tno ucrmnn roup puis in
teru college nnd try to shoo a horse, or
set up nnd space u lino of nonpareil
typp. ,
ltomoinner Hint whisky is not mo
royal road to ruin. Whisky itself is
perfectly harmless. It's tho drinking
Hint causes oven n pug noso to oiusn
for its owi er's bad habits.
Remember that It Is bettor to euro
yourself of ono bad hat it than to warn
a friend of two. Tho world would not
bo half so bad if every Individual in it
would braco up and stop his infernal
meanness, niinudvns. ltn nrlnelnal increilients nu
Kemombor If you are a parasrraphor, ,,,v mi,i. ,,,, nmtloimto heart, nml
that 6omobody will remember your old a tcmpernto imagination. Tho first has
borrowed iota's, uon t tonus that tho tun nower to disarm allllcuons. tho see-
boy who crawled into tho empty ruolas- 0nd to double every enjoyment, nnd tho
sas barrel wisiicuior a tiiousnnu tongues; last to guard us against wuu wutues nnu
for that uoy s grcni-gmnu-cuuuron died vulu uursuits.
before wo wero born, and wcro a thous-
either caso. Thero is hardly a fowl ail
to which this mecllchio Is not applicable,
as they aro n serviccablo tonlo
tho iiiincuity in telling theso mala
dies apart will suggest to tho careful
poulterer prompt isolation of cases
where ho is not certain.
Cotiifh may como from parasites in
tho nlr passages. This applies moro
and coatod tonguo, tho soft nnd llabby moro freely and earlier if young plants
one, tno cninrgeu or diminished pupus. nr0 gfown in tho autumn.
tno nnu closed oyes, the convex, or AU hardy plants, tho prconias, holly-
VSnfu fSrl,nno,Ies' tho hard or inflated , k delphiniums, perennial phlox,
holly, its flatness or resonanco on por- . , ,-' . . .' , ' ,.a P
cusslon, cont noting tho legs upon tho Y l V' l""'1, " l
bollynd curving tho thumbs into thn hir character, indeed, nil that will
pi 1m thoso each havo a raeanlejr with endure our wintors, should bo planted
which thn mother should ho familiar so in tho autumn, it possiblo, as tnoy thus
111.11 sno may recojrniso at onco tno pres
, iiii-iuuiiiK tuiup b uis b, no rouuers m- particu an v to tno snecz ne- eiiort caused
jWvFJStoZ SrS" n,'J tV V..' RP worm in tho throat of young
-Our fortune ilopumls entirely upon
! external causes, but our hanniness on
reports aro current.
t. 1 1 1 .1. l. ,M Tk-V.
ii- i -i ii nrrmfr iiiiMiiiimi. iviiu uuu cut"
?.P",."lnBmpa"y'8 ,Wrl?S! nrar lul'am- . ""l1 SnZr Hint nrrtvnr I, on ntvf.,1 Itod all explanations for late hoUA
ut culling uru tv Hlfllllll. 1110 USUOl fcniani", 7,, , , 1 inumu mlu mo nuuau. iiuuiuuuo u iiuvn.
rent. eti iiiuu m,uui. o.a tiva uuu 01 uuuu V(jry B0Uiy( denuded himself uentiy, and
... uuiuiujuu , ' ueean rock ng tno crauio uy 1110 uouhuio,
in . 1 " - "j 1 - -j t nn 11 1111 1 1 lit 1 uuL'ii 1.1 1 ttniiivit - 1 v
A inns correspondent says: rresldem when vou havo timo and moan buti- Uniimi ionn hv hifnntlla cries. Ho had
Ornvy is quite ready to offer Gambettft tlie ness. but vou should not foriret to holn racked nwnv lor flvo minutes, when
I'remlereliip, but will walk until Jules Ferry cu- tho Lord n llttlo with tho musclo ho has 1 Jllnry Juno, who had bilcntly observju narllv with tho rlcht sort of appliance's
counters hostile votes lu the Chamber of Dep. I lent you. tho wholo mancouvro, ealil , ''Conv.' tn and with earo and common lutollieronco
utlcs. Komorabcr to honor tho printer's bed, you fool, tho babv ain't there. butter of fino quality may bo produced
devil, for ono duy ho may bo nn editor wwnTrVsM Niufi. by any ono.
Khluey CuiiinliiluiM and borrow a dollar of you. Not so fattrnv friend: If vou could see tho There Is, of courso, a vast difforonco
or nil descriptions are relieved at one, and I 1 s'ronir. liciitnv. blootiilius men, women aim uotwoon tno milK 01 dllloront cows.
a wholo day ovon, is reported at having
accompanied tho opizootic. It yielded
under 11 treatment with potash.
uoimiiiitmon. or tuuorcuiar deposits.
may bo suspected whoro a cough docs
notylold to treatment, and admits of no
other explanation. Cod-llvor oil. in
barley meal, would bo tho treatment, if
nny ono really wanton to savo consump
A MM ,.1. ... I 1.111.1
uiui,i3i iuuv uuiriib tu uu
Asthma is nothlnir moro than croup
as far as wo know, and very llkelv this
namo may have been given to cases of
mat sore.
Gilt Edged Hatter.
Prftltle Firmer.
It does not pay to mako poor butter.
Oleomargarine, suluo or butterino will
outsell it ovory timo, and tho ranker has
no right to compiam if theso imitations
brlnr? abettor prlco than the apolotry
for tho butter ho ofl'ors. But what is
tho uso of maklncr poor butter? It
truo thnt ovory ono can not mako an A
1 article 01 L'lit-ctitro uuttor, but oral
cut or coming malady. Somo indica
tions nro common to sovcnl maladies.
I'licfi- total in any given case onablis
us ( lix upon tho malady that caused
Khrdly any indlention Is so muoh
wrlh n enreful study ns that of crying.
Tmu infant cannot express its needs,
kuits, or sull'orings by words. So na
ture nns enuowcd it with tho moans 01
indicating, by crying, its wants and
n)Ins, Tho goncral oxprosslon of tlio
i,viu f,iit ..u..u ut ijiiju uuu. 1 T,lrnlp
imlinfiiirn nt niinrrpr. mat inaQnnea nr " .1
A. i. i VT f. ' .
I'juenng. its mono oi suck ing nnu
jjinking eagerly or languidly havo their
leedlly cured by Klduev-Wort. It eecmcs In
en led by naturo for tho euro of all dlseiecs ot
no kidneys caused by weakness and debility.
D.iiinjlsts tell both dry aud lo,uId. Conyrtuar
chlldientlmt havo been railed from beds of Tho butter Rlobules, it is olulmed, nro
i-.nin itv inn in t a ' m . -w
If wo could road tho sivrot history of
oar onomtos, wo sntuia und in each " V?. . "ii,TM .,, i Hn Z nnnor In tho in
ouch i ,...t.ti.i't:i .'...,.7ii "".nfioH .:AV,V.n than of natives.
to disarm a J hostility. I jUaddMa 2'rta. I breed, and tho buttor Is therefore firmer
Ceaning. Tho cry und uneasiness of
In infant in ils sleep is full of monniuir.
pf caused by pain Its features will con
Haofy , Violent and continued crying Is
always causod by pnln. Incessant pain
is usually caused by oaraoho or colio.
Tho severest pnln In tho oar usually
moans that there is anabsces in that
cavity. Wo havo known infants of
four months or more to 6oroam almost
incessantly for two days and nights, but
ceased crying whon tho abeess broko.
Now and thou wo havo' known Infants
to ory violently from thirst and hunger,
until roliovod by food or drink. So
voro nnd continuous crying, then, is us
ually an indication ot hunger or thirst,
orpaluintho oars. Tho rapidity and
irregular movements oi tno nenrt is a
sign that somo serious malady has
get a good start in tho spring.
Working 'llicm oif In Style.
In tho pnimy days of tho old New
fork Firo Department, tlio funeral of a
deceased momber was mado tho oecus
Van for a general gathering of "tho boys,"
and a public sobbing for his decease, ac
companied by music, nnd n Fcries of res
olutions "onto his memory." "Aunty,"
said tlio foreman of a ilro company, fo
which her son, who h?d just died,
belonged "aunty," w can't bury Chnwls
to-morrow, 'causo tho bovs nro colni! on
rt vktrtntn TTn'a n a cii'mif nu n niir nnrl
will keep till Thursday c-a-s-y; then
we'll wauznmoj m injur a
BorcetnniK ot this sort, tnougs
;reu in inginiM.
Vivual of a raVJer
istaincd a lively
of tho parish.
moro refined, occn
occasion was tho
centric half-nnv nn
while in tho flesh.
quarrel wun 1110 r
Tho arrangements wcro mado long
before death took place, and the funeral,
whon tho davcamo. was conducted in
the grounds of tlio house by a Dissenting
minister. Tho company, nono of whom
-vjoru mourning, inuit i ciircii it tuu uniw-
invsrooiiipwiiero a musical programme
wasgono through. Ono of tho lady artitlct
was Bpecially engaged for this perform
nnco n month beforo tho half-pay gentle,
man "went aloft." Tho proceedings coiy
eluded with a sumptuous luncheon.
Our Bci.ny has a litMo curly-paled,
visitor thrco years old who excited his
itrnnt nilmirntlon n fnw rlnvnnrro Kflnr
A hlerli tempi ruturo and nulet viowinc her nrettvfnco for some mlnutxyi.
respiration usually moan that somo in- ho said, deliberately:
iloinmntoiy condition needs nttontion, "Carrie, you are a llttlo angel I und If
In imauev tho pulso and respiration you ain't nn angel, you nro aMoseeia
are modiUud by indigestion, Irritation of '.ho bullrushes, any how 1" -

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