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ssqm ragae jMT",y "Ej"T3 Jft
Have received a
Seasonable jKnlico. .5c per yard Dress floods, Fashionable Sh ies, 10c per yard. Men's Heavy Boots, 1.50 pair.
Boys Heavy Boots, 1.00 per pair. Woman's Heavy Shoes, 90c per pair. 7 lbs Good Coffee 1.00
Ail other goods will be sold correspondingly low 'We mean bnsiness and will sell goods as Cheap or Cheaper than any house in the county. Will buy
Corn and all kinds of Produce at market prices. Give us a call and get prices before purchasing elsewhere. GROVES & FERGUSON, Forest City, Mo.
oitiaioN, MO.
Entered at the l'oitoIHce at Oregon, Mo.,
iccond'Clau matter.
Terms of Subscription:
FIlIDY,KirriOtl)l',Il 'ill, 1881.
There iiro somo Confederate lunatics
yet living who aro as roil-liot mid ruck-
'less lis ovor,. Thoro was n reunion of
ihem, mostly from Missouri, held on
tho 10th ult. at Dallas, Texas, to com
memorate thu battle ot Oak Hill, other
.wise called tho battlo of Wilson's Creek
Tho Confederates always claimed a vie
My In tins' action, although they wcro
,drivon from their strong position, were
forced to burn their baggagu wngons
and tents, and only escaped destruction
by u superiority of three to one. How-
..over, if tho UotiJWleratos pleaso to re
gard the result a a victory, this is a
'free country, and thoy aro ct liberty to
make asses of themselves as they did
,on tho 10th at Dallas. The main and
;nost ferocious speech was enunciated
.by ono Captaiu Grigsby, who declared
,tliat ho did not synipathlzo with l'rcsi-
.dent Garfield in his misfortune. Ho
wasn't, as bo remarked, ' that kind of
a man." Indeed thu tomporaturo ,of
.urigsnys speccli beenmo so aititudl
nous that hcjvas advised to tone it
.down," and not " to mlnglo confusion
,with his talk" ; but ho Indignantly dls
jegarded the hint, and, in fact, mingled
.moro confusion wth his .talk than ever:
."If you will teach mo," screamed Grigs-
by, "by somo melodious sonnet, sung
Jry flaming tongues above, to temper
.tho trutli, it might possibly bo done.'
.The .flaming tongues failing to furnish
tho melodious sonnut, Grigsby went on
bo outrageously tjiut ho was again ad
vised "to cut it short," and ho did so
ttbueauso ho wanted to; but becauso
as ho.sald "his heart upheaved with
,811011 loreo anu power that ho was not
nlo to express himself." "I feel my
mill," cried Grigsby, "growing with
the grandeur of my themo-a thomo so
jnnjestlo- and go .able to cement hearts
.among women and bonds among men."
And then .Grigsby took a seat, and pon
's'ibly n drink. Wo shoU llko to kuow
liow many "of tho (Grigsby breed aro left
In tho South, and how soon, by tho op
eration of natural cause, thoy may be
texpected to dio off. Very soon, we
Lope, for they nro great bores. Wo do
.do not bollovo that thoy either fire or
frighten .anybody, but thoy remind us
of a loqllshuess which wo wish to for
fllt It'll 1 1 1. .1 . lm .. 1 1 1 1 .
vv' v". " luu ou,uu hiuu uiey post
wone tuat absoluto era of good feeling
Jand reconciliation which iSjboth possUt,,u 1resltlont was a dead shot and sat
lo and desirable. But .thoy will all
disappear in time, and In no Jmg time
ciinerj anu tno next generation .will.
,wo trust, know nothing of them .except
jiiirougu tra,aition. Ah! what a happy
South it will bo whe,n thp lat t Gr'igsby
ias taken Vis last drink,' yollcd his Jast
speccli, and boon gathered to his once
jpry lopiiuijers.
It is qxiitp top common for many of
,er.en the better educated and moro in
plllgentjplassn enlighteiicd Ameri
ca, to speak eontemptiiously of tho
(Jews. TJiis'ls all wr,png. s araeo,
(thelr numbers orp by no means inslg
vniflcant. It has been computed that
thoy number thiougbout tho wordover
,C,000,000. Of thib immbpr 5,666',OOu
Jive In Eurpo ; )80,000 In Asia, 100,000
,'ba Africa, 00,000 In America, and 200,
,000 in Australia. ' They aro keon trad
ers and Industrious, thrifty, law-abiding
fihizoui, It((s'ftminvi3ual tng to'fiiid
,pne 9f hoiu(jn our prisons. They are
.flprer pipppj. Their wealth has.bsen
proverbial for centuries. In business
Iwy ftrolose and shrewd, 'exacting tho
Itlcpnt, Ifui In' tlielr hours' of reeroa
jtlpo, none are more libera or generous.
A class they aro tmo to their tradi
!tlons j?d race, and In their doalinca
,wlth .'pp another provo conoluslvofy
jthat "bpods tiickor than water."
It Is ftmusjng to, watch thp editorials
,of som,e tpf ur lefwllng metropolitan
.dailies in p'st,' .When tho rresi
.derit.is reported .better they denounce
,b tfalwirta In (nm.oasured terms, but
.vhen,he,l's.iepqcd!as being very criti
cal, thep.wholo columns of taffy will.bo
.jflvBQ Mr. Arthur)
carefully selected
Micnn;.u.-8 HOUUOlt.
Over eight hundred persons havo
probably perished lit the terrible forost
llros which have raged In tho State of
Miehigau within the past week or two.
An immonso amount of property has
been destroyed and thousands of fami
lies have been remloied homeless. Ap
plications have been made mid liberal
contributions should be made by tlo
who are able to give.
Latest information from the tcnlblo
tragedy in Tuscula, Sanilac and Huron
counties proves that the town of lladax,
Verona, Forest Buy, ltiehinondvllle,
Charleston, Anderson, Deckorvlllu,
Hairlsonville midjaudusky have been
totally destroyed; and Port Hope, Min
den mid Ubloy partly so.
Near Mindon.iti Sanilac county, over
two hundred persons aro known to have
been burned to doalh. Dead bodies,
for tho most part unrecognizable, aro
bci,13 brought into Sandusky from all
gentleman, who was in Sanilac
county at the time of tho firo saw four
teen dead bodies brought into Sand
Beach. Tiey woro simply a blackened
and shapeless mats, and in oniy a few
cases could ago or sex bo determined.
In somo places ho saw entire families
reduced to an undistingulshablo heap
of toasted and blackened blocks of
IHE special election in tho Second
Congressional District of Maine, held
a week ago last Monday, to fill the va
cancy made by tho promotion of Mr
Frye to the Senate, resulted in tho olec
Hon of Mr. Nelson Dlngloy, tho Repub
lican candUlato by a majority of G,000
Tho Democratic condldate. Franklin
Hold, withdrew, and the Grcenbaekers
and Democrats united unon Jinl
Washington Gilbert. They had hones
of carrying th j district, as at tho elec
tion last year Mr. Fryo carried it ovor
Mr. Fogg, Fusionlst. by only 2,075 ma
jorityi At the special election just
held tho Republicans seemed to havo
recovered lost ground and made
J nt veterans of tho war are passing
awaj. iast weok tho name of General
Abroso h. Burnsido was added to the
number of tboso who havo pitched the!
luiuo on mu oiner sine, lie died nt
Bristol, Ithodo Island, of spasms of tho
neart. ills death was sudden and un
expected. Mr. UurnsidoVrjolitical ex-
ponenco was embraaed in tho three an
nual term as Governor ot Ktiodols
land, o.toiuUn frm 1806 to 1808 in
elusive, ami one full term as United
oiaiesj .-senator, ironi 1876 to 1881. Ho
was re-elected without opposition last
winior lor a lull term of six years, and
iiiuuuiiauiiiiuuuy a senator ot tho un!
u-ii amies at tno time of his death.
limy organized a debating club
wadwooa last week. Tho fact that
Willi two revolvers in his hands knnt
tno society m comparative quiet while
tho questions "Ought a flush royal to
neat lour nccsi"' and "Is it wicked
jyucn Mexicans on Sunday?" wcro do
bated. Hut when thoy tackled the ques
.I....' ltf .L . n .
iiuu -uiigiH j on 10 nro wnon a mnu
reaches for his hip pocket, or aro you
i t i . t. . . 1
uoiujn 10 wait ami sqo whether it's a ro;
volver or whlskuy bottle he's drawin
came up, tiio president couldn't control
thorn und il.vo funerals wcro tho result
The Ohio campaign was openo:l last
Saturday by Senator Sherman at Mans
field. Thp Senator made a speech of
tho kind of which ho has long been fa
mousstrong in argumpnt iiud full of
facts and calculations to show why thp
Republican party shou Id bo rotained in
power in the Stato and in thu nation,
The campaign, though short, is waxing
warm as tho day (of election drays
near. '
Tjie . Black HlUs Z'eWsays: "Crow
Dog appeared with hlsounsol, A. J.
riowman, beforo Unltcd'states q9m
mlsioiior Wiwhabaugh for prejlmlnary
examination on complaint filed, accus
ing him of murder of Spotted 'I'all. Do
fondant waived preliminary examina
tion and departed to' tho cooler to'await
thp action ol tho Grand Jury. Cjow
Dog Jms nono of tho villainous look in
his mako up twu had expected to 'sec.
He conies an arrow point in his loft
lung that is anything but a ploasant
cqifipanioi. Ills right arm has bp'en
broken and sliattorod by bullets to sm-ii
an extent that it Is withoacd and almost
Ip Guiteau had stolon a iniilo in Texas
whoro would ho havo been now P m
stock of Pjjjj
i i m
H. B. KETCHAM, Proprietor.
Felix Street, Between Thirdand Fourth
At old Stand of Townsnnd Wyntt & Co.
33. 335l3ai3,
Wo aro now rceeivlns and offcrlne
over brought to this Market. Made and
ionable manner, equal to any custom made work ; all of which will bo sold at
for cash. We would bo pleased to have
clothing, to call on us and examine our
aro confident our good and prices will civo
We havo now on hand a complete stock
Screw Fastened
of all sizes. Warranted in MATERIAL
buy tho above stock can show that goods did not do ;;ood service on account of
interlnrlty of stock, tho money will bo refunded to them: and if goods ot the
auovo maKo rip, wo will nave tliem repaired free of charge.
for Summer and Fall wearing at cost and
Fifty. Cents.
a nico lino of Baby's, Boy's and Men's
"Henry Stewart"
is now in our line business, and wo can
nnu tried machine, nt as low a pneo as thoy can bo purchased anvwhoro. Sam
plo mauhinu always on hand and Mr. l'hll Schulto Is nlwayd ivndy to show the
good qualities of the machine; wo also kiop needles and best oil. We can also
S3iul lor nny parts desired. o also have
mm UAltllJlllu Ultl UUUa.
WestSi.de Pnblic Square,
The Dutch Mills
Will pay you the highest price for good
Wo will ulso pay
in goods of our own manufacture, which
we warrant to be of the best material.
We are prepared to do custom work in
the best manner and on short notice eith
er grinding, carding or spinning.
We have on hand Three Thousand yards
of our own make of Woolen goods, which
we will sell Cheap for Cash.
Ono luilf Mile East of Oregon, Mo.
VIloI,:8AtJ3 and hutaii, duai.khh in
FjnWatches, Rich Jewelry, Sterling Silverware, Silver Plated Ware. Frenoh an
American Clocks. Opera Glasses, Spectacles,
iilif'1 .WfJ'tliliin liortalnliitf to, tho .tawdry trade. Wo slmllottor extra Inducements to nur.
f 'tter! !,le "0B8OH. , A visit ot Inspection Is extended to nil. Yon win alt to win?
! .." "!!V."."U "U'ptook lictoro innkliiK your purulmsen, tor wo menu wliut 1VH H.-1V. tllllE HHP
IHlaex UtD lllllc-ll IllU'l-r thfili lnt.1 .,,,
J"';iiii'j to kIvo nutlsluction,
. Vf: iV",f5t.rr'"?f'.,'L" .V.' 110 !Vtc.1!e.''. .
WlfltfiF GO 0 (IB
the largest and finest stock of Clothlntr
trimmed in tho Most Stylish and Fash
visitors ironi Holt emintv. wnntlnrr
goods ard prices before bnviiiL'. as wo
St. Joseph Mo.
of the celebrate! M. '0. Wells & Co's
Boots and Shoes,
and WORKMANSHIP- If parties who
Light Sum mer Co
Fino Hats, to be sold at low prices. The
Sewing Machine
supply all parties with this tlino-tested
somo very nice Jewelry. Everybody
All foods wnrrunted as reprewntcd, or money refund-
-1 linn Ktwnlrv.it miAi'lultv u i.nnn. -ir... i
, if..Ti u..' . "d' . v,..!'l ".'-''iiipeiem worKinen. una
CWJ i't-llx Street, Saxtoit's Ulock, Uvtween X-'lltU and Hlxtli
iewclry. a speclulty, ly competent workmen. Viud
The Ohio river Is lower now than for
years. At Cincinnati there is only two
feet ol water, foul teen ini lios at Heel
ing and three Indies at I'lltslmrg.
Be of Good Cheer.
There is one remedy which has prov
ed itself. t'i be a jiricele-s boon and a
truo friend to wiiffering humanity. It
has saved thousands of nervous, ileblll
tilted, headachiiig nioitals to lives of
useliiinoss and tho full enjoyment of ro
bust health. If you nro weak, nervous
and debilitated or suffer from indices.
tloii mid dyspepsia, you make a serious
mistake ami do yotir.clf great Injustlco
If you full to try this excellent medi
cine. You will And it a perfect pana
cea for ail your troubles. In a fuw
weeks time your shattered nervous sys
tem wdl bo restored to a iiiiturnl and
healthful condition, all s.Miiptoms of
dvsnepsia and liuliircstlon disaimeaiv
ami t ho no'Mbilitv ot naralvs s. nim-J
ploxv, and other ifisorders" that load to
Midden death, will bo removed foivver.
Tins meritorious compound is a prepa
ration of Iron Unit does not give head
ache or blacken the teeth, it Is called
Biiowk'3 Iitox ISrrriiits. Demand it of
your druggist, and taku no substitute.
It will jjivo tho greatest satisfaction, for
its effeets aro lasting, anu not tempora
ly, as Is tho ease with alcoholic prepa
rations. Krowu's iron liltters contains
no alcohol. Kxquiueu.
Elections occur this fall in New York,
Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Mis
sisidppl. The only stato oillcer elected
in l'entisylvauia is treasurer. In rsew
York a full state ticket is elected except
Governor and Lieutenant-Governor, to
gether with meiubu's of the Legislature
and four Congressmen. Full state tick
ets and legis ators are to be elected in
Virginia, Mississippi and Ohio.-
Tins lady had been married thirteen
years, anil miring at least one-half of
that timo had been a buffuiiir from the
effects of Leiicorrluua or Whites and
its many attendants. Sho was very
much reduced Hi streiiL'lli and ilesh.
being unatile t.i'tako any active exer
cise. Dr. L. advised the use ot Dr.
Dromgoolo's Knhlish Fkmai.uBittkuh
as hu know its composition. With
many dntibls sho commenced Its use,
but after the lue of six bottles, (con
ing only $,).00) she was restoied to per
fect heath.
At Milwaukeo, l'lankiiitou & Armour
will kill hogs by eleetrie light. A band
of music, a few Mowers and a fountain
of perfumery would add to thu enjoy
incut ot tho business.
Vorthless Stuff I
Not so fast, my friend; if you could
soe tho healthy, blooming men. women
and children that have been rai-ed from
beds of sicknesM, suffering and almost
death, by the use of Hop Bitters, wiu
would say "Glorious and invaluable
remedy." Seo another column.
The labor troubles In Now Orleans
continue, and havo assumed a serious
sliapo. Shotguns aro being used by
the strikers to intimidate thu nou-stri-
keis, who net as teamsters or as cotton
scrorvers for vessels. The Mayor has
ordered the Stato National Guard to
aid tho police in preserving thu peace
"Sellers' Liver Pills" havo been tho
standard remedy for malaria, liver-
complaint, coxtlvcness, etc., for fifty
A Georgia larmer mistook his ragged
son for a scarecrow at a distance, and
playfully shot a bullet into him.
A beautiful head of hair is annroci
ated by everybody, and how to secure It
lnturests everybody. Tho hair and
scalp miibt bo kept froo from scurf and
dandiuff, and not bo allowed to tret drv
and harsh. The roots must be Ktlmuhi-
ted to healthy action. Flexibility and a
handsome gloss aro essential. All these
requisites aro easily acquired by the uso
oi Ajers Jtair vigor.
There aro '2C7 well organized Farm
ers' alliances In tlio Stato of Nebraska.
The oflicers of theso organizations say
their work will bo m tho future, as in
thu past, to cheapen railroad rates and
work destruction to monopolists.
I havo used your D. 11, V. G. dyspep
sia remedy and recommend It for dys
popsia mid troubles arising from it.
N. B. Sullivan, M. D
Memphis, N. Y.
Guaranteed by all druggists.
A call has boon issued for a national
convention of tho agricultural, manu
facturing nnd commercial interests of
tho country, to bo held at Cooper Insti
tute, NewYoik City, Nov. HO, In tho
intorort of protection to American in
Yeahs. For fifteen years I was a great
sufforer from adleoulored Liver, dur
ing which timo I tried many of the
bust physicians in tho country and id
most all tho patent nostrums reeoni
monded, all to no effect until I used
Simmons' Liver Regulator; and from
thu timo I used to tills day, which l-i
now several years, I havo been compar
atively a sound man, having suffered
very little sinco nt nny timo from the
effects of my old disease. Consequent
ly, I heartily recommend its uso to tho
iilllictcd of liver disease.
Kingston, Ga.
Tiik Jefferson City Daily Journa
publishes patent modicino advertise
tor leading editorials.
W W 8 so
Tho steamship Wyoming brought G50
Mormons to Xow York last week. Thoy
loft Immediately for New York.
Anybody can ctitch a cold nw. The
troublu is to let go, like tho man who
caught tho bear. We sulviso our read
ers to keep u bottle of Dr. Bull's
Cough Syrup handy.
of Holt county will find it to their In
terest to call oh Leu Dm ham & Bros.,
Mound City, beforo buying harness
Two mares and ono horso. All good
work animals. Also a good 3 1-1 In.
second-hand wagon and bnggr hnr-
nu"S. U 111 give long time or taku eat
tlo In payment. W. A. GAnn.NT.it.
Several ttelrahle dwelllin: liours nnd lots In
On-iton, at reasonnlile rntei. I'er tri-mx etc.,
can nun see u'i- ai.i.uxi k iuvi.M'.,
Oregon, Mo.
I have a No. 1 Wheeler & Wilson
Sewing Machine, in good running or
der, which I desiro to trade for stock
or good dry liard wood.
Peret & Bs?.,
Nolo A Kent fur the .Hiiim pntont
JtillTMNG Mil
Our Jh. H. 1.. IViet, linvliiB been cniriiKed In
tliu I.ljjIltniUK Und litloe.ss IVi i- tliu past rout
years, refers lo liuudieils or parties lor wlioin
lui Iiuh done work nil or whom nro sutMled,
ItuviiiK associated his limtlu-r wlili lilm In
Inislaess and taken thu aneney ol the aliove
tod Wliloli tliey con-dder too very ln-st inaiiu
fnetured, lliey nsk tlio patroitaj; of all wlio do
sire safe proteeiou against f.lKlilnlnif.
ltewaro ot ClilrniM "dumpers" who will
swlndln you by furnWiliiK Inferior rods niiil
c jiaraliiK double prices. Our linmes are in
llnlt county and wiu-xpeet to continue to live,
hero. 1 lcnce.lt Is to our Interest to deal siiuaru
lyand hoimrably with tliu people and wo in
tend to do so
n-:uFr & into.,
The Motive Power,
Tho most beautiful illustration
DL'I'i'Lt- nioitlianlsni nnd u-iiiiilm-fiil
strength to b.i found on the globe is a
t-tcnm engine. It is tliu umiiodimont ot
conscious power, and will walk away
with 80 of 40 heavily laden cars as eas
ly as yon would tako a pound weight
nnd toss It about, or push a baby car
riage down hill. Isn't it a picture to
look at as it stands calmly on the rails
every point and band throwing back
tliu rays of the sun llko burnished gold,
tho engineer's eat) looking as noat us a
lady's parlor? Did you ovor think how
worthless tins grand machine would be
without thu power to start into life the
wonderful cogs and toversp Let us
point a moral from tl Is simplo sketch
and apply it to every day business lliep
You will see at a glaneu that tho point
In this illustrates the.grand principle of
existence Itsolf thofinotivo piwer. You
can't start tho engine without stam,
and a bttiness hmiso wont run sut cets
fully without the energy and push of
live men to keep it going. Tho prin
ciple is thu same in both cases tho
sloam runs the ougtiu and tliu live man
tho businoss. They would both be val
uloss without the otlvo power. Wo
have labored for fears to perfect our
business machlnJ; we're "tightened
tho bands, oilodJxho cogs" and intro
duced a groat nifljiy now features Wo
think now that iff makes good time on
tho truol:' and p want ytui to come
aim seo it woi'K. vyv c nave ucon obliged
to get moro room and havo moved into
tho stoio room justCeast of King &
Prouds's drug stCo, wliero you can soe
tlio finest lino m Furnittno in Holt
county. Nor caJ my stock of Collins
and utidortakiiiKlfeoods ha supassed in
Northwest Missdnrl. Tho llnost hoarse
iu tho northwest Os nWf my property.
A. M. JACOBSOrogoi), Mo.
Contains Pepsin, Rhubarb, Man-
drake and Gentian, and Cures
Dyspopsla and Sick Headache.
Try It. For sale by all Druggists
ceaPer an ever
Tho department reports at Washing
ton to September ilrst show that corn
In its goneral tiveragu condition to Sep
teniber first, was sixty per cent, being
seventeen pur cunt lower than tho month
previous and 8.31 per cent lower than
last year at tlio samu date. Thu cnuso
of tills low o indition In almost every
section of tlio country is tho drouth.
No.v Kngl ind has been loss affected by
It than any other scetion east of tho
Mississippi, and reports average 00. In
Wisconsin, Minnesota, and most of tho
territories, there has been moro season
able weathor, and tho condition of the
crops Is correspondingly bettor. But
In nil other sections nil reports show
tho effect of an unusually dry season.
From Illinois. Missouri and Kansas
come serious complaints of ravages by
tlio chinch bug, added to tlio prevailing
drouth and tliu injury to tho crop pros
pect is shown by tho Statu averages
which mo, I.linois .18; Missouri 42; and
Kansas Co.
Tobacco returns glvo a very serious
decline in the prospect for n eiop.
With thu exception of tho territory
north of the Delawnro river and in tho
western part of Wisconsin, the linker
sal complaint U drouth. Kentucky and
Illinois each report but little over half
a crop, while '1 cuiicsh-o and Missouri
report less tlnn two-thirds of an aver
ago. For tho whoJo country tlu-ro is a
crop oi on'y Co against 8." for last month
and 81 at the same dale last year.
Tin: President's bed on tho ear from
Washington to Long Branch wa avory
simple affair. It was arranged on tho
principle of n "backboard" wagon.
Two stout ill inks wire stretched across
the e.ir six feet apart, tho ends resting
upon the stout, heavy wainscot, or
beams, which aro found along tho sidoi
of every iiasscuger ear. Pieecsof plush
deadened tho contact of the boaidson
tho wainscot. Across these boards, and
re sting tin heavy cushions, was a box,
seven feet long and four and a half
wide, lllliid with ear sent cushions to
thu depth of eighteen inches On !o
of these the President vns laid. Tho
motion was much easier, gentler and
more regular than that provided by
springs, or any other contrivance. Tin
suig.'ons said it was buttor than any
thing thoy could hnvo devised them
selves. Cathartic Pills
Combine the choicest cathartlo principle.!
in medlclao, in proportions accurately ad
Justod to securo activity, certainty, anil
uniformity of effect. , Thoy aro tho result
pf years of careful study and practical ex
periment, and aro tho most effectual rem
edy yet discovered for diseases caused by
derangement of tho stomach, liver, and
bowels, which require, prompt and effectual
treatment. Avbu's Pills are specially
nppllcablo to this class of diseases, Thoy
net directly on tho digestive and asslmt
latlvo processes, and rcstoro regular
healthy action. Their extensive use by
physicians in their practice, nnd by all
civilized nations, is ono of the manv
proofs of tholr valuo as a safo, sure, and
porfectly rcllablo purgative medicine
HeltiK compounded of tho concentrated
virtues of puroly vegetahlo substances,
thoy nro positively free from calomel or
nny Injurious properties, and can bo admin
istered to children with perfect safety.
Arnu's Pirxs aro nn effectual euro for
Constipation or Costlvonoss, Indiges
tion, Dyspepsia, Loss of Apnoflto.
Foul Stomach and Itrcatli, Dizziness,
HoaducUo, Loss of Memory, Numbness.
Biliousness, Jaundice, ftbeumattsm.
Eruptions nnd Slfln Diseases, Dropsy!
Tumors, Worms, Neuralgia, Colic,
Gripes, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Gout,
I'lles, Dlsordors of tbu Liver, and all
other diseases resulting from a disordered
state ot the dlgcstlvo apparatus.
As a Dinner Pill thoy havo no equal.
While gentle in their action, theso Pills
aro the most thorough and searching cathar
tlo that can bo employed, and novex. pivo
pain unless tho bowols nro inflameoAand
.Iiah Hint. liWli,AnAn I.. 1 it rni 7: 771.
late tho appetite and dlgcstlvo organs: Tjiy
operato to purify nnd enrich tho blood, aCH
Impart renewed health and vigor to the'
whole system.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer it Co,,
Vractlcal ana Analytical Cbiuulsts,
Lorfill, Mats,
sou ni au. PBQys svnnTWHKi.
Wk havo hoard a great deal of what
tho star-route prosecutors wcro going to
do when tho Grand Jury mot at Wash
Ington, and now tho pooplo A-nnt to seo
them do it. That body Is now in ses
sion nnd a speolal dlsputoh to tho ChU
cago Intcr-Ocean promises that "tho
star-routo cases will botakou up toward
tho und of tho month." Thoro havo
been too many postponomonts already,
and it Is to bo hoped that thoio will bo
no inoio.

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