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41 Go ring the bells and fire the guns,
and fling the starry banner ont.
The Nobbiest Line of flats and Caps in the County.
Latest styles and prices to suit you all,
from $3.00 to $15.00 a Suit. Bachelor's Wedding Suits aiMi
TfJUtKS Hd VjLises
from a small gripsack to a Crystal Palace
or a Saratogo Bureau.
Yarns, solid colors-all wool 75c to 1.00
per pound. Also a full line of Fancy col
ors, Saxony and Germantown yarns.
Boots 4flo Sqoes
Solid Hand-made work. Warranted. Very
All Hint is Mortal of James
A. Garileld Laid to
The Remains Placed In Lake View
etery in thelPreacnce ot 250,.
-00.0 People.
Last Monday a Day of Mourning Throughout
the Land-How the Funeral Day wai
Observed In Holt County.
I.ist Monday was n tiny that lias boon
indelibly stumped upon Uio memory
of oven American citizen. It was tlio
'day that tlio remains of our Into beloved
President was committed to their I! mil
resting place, and thu last act of the na
tional tragedy performed. Tlio specta
cle that was presented at Cleveland that
'day was that of a wholo Nation unend
ing one funeral. At the hour the body
was lowered from Eight the people of
the entire country were assembled in
their places ot worship, mourning ana
grieving with those urouml the travo.
V. - . f it...... . . At . . '3 . .
jvnen inmvmnni in mo mini icit us
.though ho was personally bereaved.
The. niomiiri.il survioos all over the laud
presented npicturo that cannot bo more
nearly described than tlio dead hero
himself portrayed after the assassina
tion of Lincoln: "Thorn nro times in
iho history of men and nations when
they stand so near the vail that sunn.
vatoi mortals nnd immortals, tl mo from
eternity, and men from their. God, that
they can almost hear tho boating anU
feel tho pulsations of iho lulinitt!.
'l'hroiurh such a timn has this Nation
Ihls country haa never wltnnml
puch a mournful pageant ns has beon
. presented by tho funeral of James A.
Gnrmuil, and his burial. Never sinco
tho civil war. and. in fact, nuvur imfa
it, was tlioro over so compluto n sunti
mont of. union and sympathy as was
v evinced at our President's grnvo, James
A. Garfield has beon laid to rest anion"
his own ptsoplo According to his wis!!
no nas iwcn tiurieil in Lake view Com
'etery, Cleyoland, Ohio, in ids native
utato nonr his old homo, where his
pojgnuors, can tieasuro nnd oaro for liu
tomb'; whoro, living, ho won Imporlsh
able honors! nml li'i'Mnr. still, tin. L.cii.w
lovo anil lasting' fislnnm uf Ma
On a knoll overlooking Lal;o Uric, and
in vuy ui lip modest iionio, mentor,
vthe twentieth Frestdontol tho United
.puiies, iri mo iiitlQiu year of his ugo
hua.been .laid, to rost. James A. Gaiilold
Pervloe In Oregon.
Agrcoablo to announcoiiiont sorvlcos
wero held at tho Christian church n this
wHy last Monday ovonlng to pay tlio
JftjJt' final trlhuto of respect to nil that
"i1naii OI fitFJMo- '"i" honored
President, James A. Garfield. A tor
flic rain nnd nail torm coming up Just
.ft tho hour of opening,, a coiiKlderublo
.Number of sad and sympathizing
.hearts woro detorrod from attending,
llowovor, tio building was comfortably
m6 tU(,.ll seemed deeply luipio&sod
with tho solemnity of tlio sad occasion.
i no paiut'iio aim loroimo eloquence
which trembled on tho quivering lips of
Kldcr Goode, commingled with tlio
roaring crash of falling thunderbolts,
from tho outsldo storm, seemed to fill
tho whole- houso witli nn nwo akin to
rcvorontial fear. Tho exorcises wmn
opened by reading tho 47th Psalm by
Prof. Hill; followed by prayor bv Kov
Maupln. 'When tho mists have cleared
away," was thnn uing, tho wliolo uud
loneo joining in. Eider Goodo then
made a lengthy and stirring nddross,
which wns simply a master stroko of
eloquence. Ho took for a nort of text
tho 17th verso of tho 18th Psalm.
"Nearer My find to Thee."
was then sung with seeming Inspiration.
Prof. O. C. Hill thou in a very impres
sive and touching manner told tho neo.
.pie of a great many (to him) familiar
.incidents in tho life of Gaifinlil. a
Kl'on '! original good things whleli
uio rresmcnt nau aiit in his life time,
were quoted by the Professor. Alter
tins tho old familiar hymn
"In tho .Sweet ltyu anil Ilyo"
was sung by tho wholo nildlnnnn In n
standing posture, and with Miu,h ,.
piessivenois as onlv that soinr l,.
sung. After this was tho benediction,
miu nil iiuuiuuuu, mill n wlsnr. lmHor
and more patriotic, by this day's work,
returned to their several homes. Such
uiTiings, wmcn nave lust been hold
inrongiiout tuu entlro country, draw tho
south closer to tho North, the East
wiuiui lu mo l.Sr. mill Ktinan ll.n
hearts ot tho wholo Amorlcnn
throb in unison. Ttioy make us more
loyul to our government, moro kind to
each other, better citizens and truer
ciinstlans. May wonotlionn ilmr nm.
i-oat and good President Garilchl died,
i ho lived, not m vain.
Th Dnjr Bt Comliiir.
At n meeting of tho oitl.ons of Corn
I ; , r w.i.una in vuru-
lng to glvo express Dn of sympathy and
ot"7r the death of oilr late Ki
dent, John llraily was called to tl.n
w "" J. IJOUUS ClKKsnil unr.
air, and
y. P. C
d W. II.
a ,1' W IIx"lfoc0". "ov. M. P. Sapp
inii.;;1'. IIuKllifo wero appointor u
cohiinlttffo to Dreimrn nunl ,......
11,,..!.,.. -"...viwiia.
tin. 1 1 ?p I,lciVJt W of the resolu-
IX 11,l,ul li'foursod so.no
....v. ...nuuiM urges, alternated with somo
choice selections by tho cho.r.
ucv. M. I, Sapp dcllvgred n.splcndid
u!s TnX "'J? character o
u..niui v, iianio m nt 11.0 .
f'. T.,o ho-nso wis fined l ,"0"
weroci; l,li!'i(''hll,!tl,u1,1 ms3 houses
moMS!?.d'nml 61ln,tely draped In
r,, 7 " ' " u"11 nti J.rothor. The
Earn fiarnXr lusul0,,t Jmo Abra.
, 1 "f " . l. ,e,)l' u ruganl it as nioe
highest degrne i ttrloilo , ,,V . lVKt. J"' '
uuiiuiiwii iiunriiiices nun actions Bi.ni..VoT- . 1
ftroved till soctlonal hate and uKS SLy
mUlIo US. Illlleril. nun nem.U r..'.. S'l'r'.'ISj.SHll
an.d from North Id i Hofifh ' ' ,'us"u wet
fii..iir, jjias mo universal sympathy nnd
ranging in prices
Attention, Please.
Friends and Fellow Citizens, People of the United States and
Bigelow (there goes a suspender button) you that have suffered
irrepairable losses from the drought. You that have lost stock,
crops, etc., from the overflow, somebody gim'me a drink, please
of water. What do you want? what do you need? Is it dry
goods, Is it Clothing,
your are in need ot anything, go to .
They have knocked the bottom out of high prices. They sell
goads for cash cheaper than any house in Uoit county.
lovpmanlfeMpilforthoBrp.it President iliirlng
hip Iiiiik anil imlnlul iierlmt o! Ills .ulckucsn uud
BiitlerliiK enuliled Ills tlylnif cyci' Ut wltncn
with u niPHsni'n ntnro timn i:irl ilv
'UMivu inn
Inn lllisnl
. a fully ru-
slnrcil Unlnii ulisnluto and iiucondltloiiiU fru-
temlty mid ecneunl
ai-.'i. .... Ai.i.i. iKtiiid .inn i.iiiii; in tiitnirn
A. (larlleld will lie imp of the richest nnd liroud-t'M-
nf tlio crand heritage (if tho American iu'
lilr. mid thnsn who wero so truly "Ins loved ones
nt homo" shall henceforth becomo tho wards of
the nation, with every American arm and every
Amerli'iin heart a shield and a protection.
coli'l. Now that tho tiravo Nildler In war.
the iirjifnuml utatesman In licaee, nnd the imrn
Christ an Ki'iitleinan under all rlreuinMances,
has laid down his lllo In tho faithful service to
the country, It hecnmoi the Imperative duty of
tho CoiiKress of tho United Mntci tomithnrlze
tho payment of the full four years' salary of the.
l!reat nfneo Jo his asoulzeil nnd devoted family.-
ItcmlvuL That WO hllilll niiillrnrnllv fnllmv III.
Tl... .1... n...l ........ f t
remains to his lieloved homo nt Jlcntor, nnd
would rciiucM that tho day of Ills Lurhil lie kept
nnd observed as a Christian Hablmth throuKh
out tin: wholn land.
fiJMilivtf, That tho foregoing resolutions ho
furnished our county papers for pulillratlun,
and a ropy of Hie sanie ho supplied tlio Hern
iary or the Town Uuanl of Coriiliiu, Mo., tlioro
to be Kept on file.
How Iho Dny trna biarvcl nt Crnlc,
At iv meeting of tho citizens of Craig.
Mo., on Saturday, Sentombor 24th.
C. A. Doughty wns called to tho chair,
ana 11. ward was appointed secre
tary. It was agreed that all business
bo suspended 011 September 2G, between
mo nour. ot iu a. m. and ii p. 111., nnd
that funoral services be conducted in
tlio difl'oront churches during theso
hours out of respect to tho momorv of
our deceased President. Tho following
resolutions wore unanimously adopted:
WiiKKKAs.In Ills Infinite wisdom. Almighty
(lod has called from scenes of life, labor nnd
useluiuess lu this world to ills own prcaeni'it, la
tho blight boyoud. our liulovcil I'resldcnt, James
A. (larlleld 1 therefore bo It
f;....ri.i in..., ..... tiA... I.. ......... ..... a..
hU omnipotent mandate, which has tilled our
hearts with grief mid sorrow, and ardently m
plum Ills Divine grace uud favor to aid us lu
recognizing 1111 wisniiiu mm mercy in tins vim
tatlim of calain tv uud sorrow.
UcMval, That we hereby unite our earnest
sympathy and rommlhoratlou with that of our
mourning republle for thu MirniwU'g family of
ourllliistiloiLS dead In this their hour nf irlal
uud anilctlou 1 that wo iccognlzo lu tho noble
wife uud mother, upon whom Kate has laid tho
uetivy nunii 01 gnei, mo ciiiuiHiiiiient of (Jhrls-
tlan courage, purity and virtue, uud that wo do
iirueuiiy iiiinoru uiu noiiicu unu eiioieest Dless
li.as of heaven to comfort ami mistulii ilirm in
this their extremeil hour of agony, distress nml
jfnHirtd, That in the death of our beloved
President our common country nas lost a tiled
nnd faithful servant, u just ami merciful ruler,
and Clulstlanlly, tho foundation of all .ur na
tional honor and urcatness. has. In tlin Hiin nf
our mourning, lost u zealous and devout leader
uud defender, und thu wholo people, regardless
wi Ian ur uiaimttiui, nunii uuu true iricna
At JJiiltliiud,
Lut Monday was' obsorved a n day
of wprshlp and mourning. Uuslnoss
houses woro closed nnd draped in mourn
ing nnd all was still as tho grave until
2 o'clock p. m. when tho churoh bell
began to peal forth its notes of sadness
for our Into President. Wo found tho
church beautifully draped in mourning,
and utter somo appropriate muslo by
tho choir, Ejdor Walto, of tho Christian
church, proivohed un improsslvo and
touching sormon from tlio toxti "If iv
man dio shall ho live again. " Aftor
this tho choir sung, "Asleep in Jesus."
Then It. I ilea delivered nn nblo nnd
eloquent nddross on tho "Wfo of Gar
field," which was dovoutly listened to
by all. Another iippropriato hymn was
then sung, followed by a few remarks
from J. E. Phillips, aftor which tho ben
diction wns pronounced nnd tbo moot
ing ndjournod. Zmni.
Nnsby fools quite nt homo in Puns,
Ho lins found n .bar room' WIioro drinks
nro shaken up on tlio Anicrlcart plan. "
Is it Groceries or a
Corning. ,
Henry Mlllerhas returned.
Mrs. John Iloolon Is very low.
Mrs. Jon Ilogrcfu Is ipilto sick.
Ducks are plenty : so aro hunters.
Mrs. Voach was burled last l'rlduy.
Pull them out In dry weather, Lem.
Mrs. Genrgo Collar Is a Iso very sick.
Wonder where lllll gets his washing ilnup.
Dr. Tiveladyof Fairfax has located here.
Iioulo Walter has returned from N i&raskn.
Tho fall foliage begins to show tho red tinge
ot fall.
Fred Slmbert has gono to Wisconsin for Ms
Corning was well represented at tho Ham
burg fair.
Tho Misses Klrkland aro getting better wo
are glud to hear.
lien Sedwlck anil C. M. Slaughter have pur
chased new guns.
S.iy. Miller, what;klnd ot h-1 Is below h-1
dues It kill people?
Milt Karl has been wrestling with tho chills
fur several days past.
J. It. l)odds looks ns though ho had bean
fattened on persimmons,
Umk out for the now real cstato firm that is
going to open up In Corning.
Hav. Mar., how do vim like cnou huiitlnir nnd
the trust after tho chase Is over.
Kll Htokes bus been nrMiind on tlin Htrpptu
lor several nays ; no nan newer ue in ucu.
John Drown looks well lu that biiiitlnc
coat. Hut hit swears ho will never ride in Hoot
on's dray again.
Jako left hero In a sklft Kuniluv mnrtiln? fur
Itulo. It Is queer what chances a young man
will risk to get tn see his girl.
-ilr. Win. Allen. Jr.. wili m.lrrleil in fl.
Allen Kozcrlast week. Tho happy rouplo left
fur Indiana to spend their honeymoon.
-Wo liavn 1iLst learnpil that tho nflleprM nf
Atchison county have nrmsted soveral parties
supposed to have been In the Itclnholmer mob.
Now boR. huh woril nf liilvlfi, t ilnu't Irmvn
dead things In the mad, for there Is a man that
would causo you somo trouble If ho know you as
well as I do.
Oh, my. Undo D ivo.hnw lone will you keep
us lu iigouyv those trips west oi lllgelow everv
two weeks Is moro than wo can bear: you will
drive us mad.
Is Miss I), married or not? Oh. why was that
young man so unxlons to cetto Tarkfo Hiiuday
eve, anil was so liberal Willi tlio boys that pro
pulled tho handcar to Tarklo?
Joo Hnencer Is one of tho best hnrso traders
In thu state. Wo met Joo, Humbly, and his face
. vy ,." 1 " """p, 's es snariiieu iiko wo
electrlo light.
Wo NiinniwMl
no iiudmado a
goml horsu trade. No sir. Its u girl
lho marshal shut up a lot of hogs this wrck,
and ho gut suvero blessings from tho owners of
thu hogs but It you would look up tho law und
not listen to thosu that have so much to say
ubout law. unit who never look In the statutes,
joii would havo more sympathy for the mar
Forest City.
Com, 4O3S00,
Hogs, tf3.75(B0.O0.
Wheat, $l,ocai.l0.
-1'. H. Ilalley Is on tho sick list.
John Hlchardion Is preparing to start his
Marcus Albcrtson Is engineer at tho Host
Forest Mills now,
VA. Mubliiy 1ms gono to Craig to work la the
flourlng-mlll tlicro.
O. C. Plummcr, who has been sick for some
days, Is nt ids place. In tlio foundry again,
J. M. Ford is making arrangements to put a
new roof on ids warehouse j ,0. W, Hltt has tho
Ed. Nuzum passed through town with flfty
sovcii head of cuttle for his farm, northeast of
Oregon, Ho will add ubout .twenty moro soon.
. Tho angel (labrlel lias appeared hero with
.... ..v.... a.v mikjri tv ta it .viMiii.iK liii.iiiii.'. f.ii
Is trying to Induce toinubody to buy thu right to
sell It.
II. T. Alktre has been sailing around through
the upper bottom fur soveral days past, locating
now corners. He hat been successful la locating
Tom Humes, late landlord, Is wandering
around, not knowing whether ho Is a citizen ot
Oregon er Forest City. Ho took Ills wife, who
Is sick, to Oregon n few days ago.
Hlley Vrixson has concluded to remain here,
Shoutfreedom 'till your lisping ones
Give back their cradle shout.
Good Jeans lOe a Yard.
from 15c to $1.50 per yard. This is a grand bargain.
Only 4 l-2c a yard isn't that cheap. Just look at em.
chaw of tobacker. If
I so ho bought out that liorny-hnnded grangwr.
lieorgo wciier, jusi ueiuw iowii, ami is uunuiug
a house ; Thoiuns. Collins Is thu builder.
Tho city council lias passed one nntl-hog or
dinance, slinllar to the ono that governs the
rooterstii Oregon. A few long-snouted Individ
uals still persist lu holding out ugitlnut thu au
thorities, however.
Tho town was In mournln; for President
Oailleld nn the 'Jfltli The school-house, depot,
pst-olllce, M. K. church and business houses
wero-draiied In mourning. Prof. O. O. Hill ami
Klders Maupln and Wllllam-on delivered ad
dresses beftre a largo audlenvu.
I.. It. Knowlcs and Hherlll Fralne have both
showed up on our streets within the last few
Dr. llond returned homo on Tuesday ltiRt
from Nebraska, with ono hundred head of feed
ing cattle.
The parties having tho contract for our new
school-houso havo had sumu trouble In procur
ing bricklayers.
Mr. J. II. Williams has rented tho fine resi
dence lately occupied by Mr. Patterson, In
which he will conduct a first-class boarding
house. . Tho report has reached us that tho officers
of Atchison crunty havo arrested six 'persons
said to have been engaged lu tho Itheluheimer
hanging last Juno.
Our townsmen, Henry Thomas and W. M.
Rniltli, will bo in attendance at the Kt. Louis
fair this week, uud witness tho grand procession
ot the Veiled Prophets.
John Patterson, Gsi our enterprising liv
eryman, has disposed oi his livery stock in uralg
to mo Messrs. iioiigius, uuu win rciuru 10 ills
lino farm In Whig Valluy.
J, W. Stokes and II. J. Kellogg, our attor
neys, are both Jabsent at Itock Port attending
court this week; consequently wo people wish
ing legal novice are at much Inconvenience.
A. P. Davenport's Hue racing mare, I.ury,
carried oil the laurels on the racing eoursu of
the Hamburg fair grounds last ween, winning
first money iu three uf the leading running rucVs.
Mrs. Dr. llond will leave to-night for Ht.
l.ouls, where she will remain a couple of weeks
visuiiig menus, going iroiu inure iu ner out
homo at Lexington, Ky where shu will remain
sumo weeks
visaing, etc
ng, etc.
Tlin iiin.etlui helil bv nur neonln nt tint 1'rna
bvterhm Church, on Monduv last, lis u sad trib
ute to tho memory of our lanunteil President,
was largely attended, ltev. Luther opened thu
muetlng In an eloiiu.nt prayer, followed by H. J,
jciiuuu in il jiuiiiH uuiu;. miu. iviiivii j.ir. t.ii
tlier iliulvored n verv Interesting and lniDrusslvp
t.,1 1.. .. .I..I.... A..l..nm. ..... ..,l.ll. 1 ..
ther i
nesting ami imp
discourse. Tho meeting closed by singing that
rami nyinn
Xenrer, My (lod, to Thou," which
is said to havo been iho favorlto hymn of our
beloved President during tho latter years ot his
Every ono Is noxious to hear, nnd hopeful of
thu eoursu tho new President wilt take.
The health of our community Is and has been
good, notwithstanding tho extremely hot sum
mer, oversowed lands and other causes,
Miss Joslo Kerns, Orr nnd Willie Davis, W. II.
l.acoy and J It. Puynu, nil of our vicinity, will
teach school during the fall and winter.
The conuuiuilty Is deeply mourning tho loss nf
our beloved President. I havo not seen or heard
of one who will not attend thu Iimral services
ou Aionuay,
On Baturilay, October 1st, thero Is to lie a
griiuii nunuay-sciiooi piciuu in r inner mini-
limn s grove, near new j iiiui. oix scnoois uru
lu participate in tuu excrcisus,-
Wherever peoplo cougreguto they give tholr
oplnlour us to what ought to be done with (lul
tean. . Tho final conclusion Is that none but an
Allwlso Creator can conceive of a punishment
severe chough for him,
Our wheat crop was almost a failure, but I ho
Uevo all who sowed have enough for tkelr own
use. Cora is about u half crop. Considerable
fall wheat and rvo havo been sown, und already
the flcKs are beginning to look green.
Wo regret to loso ono ot our best cltlzons,
Henry llruckmnn. who, on Buturdoy, Heptembor
24th, sold out, and will soon start for Washing
ton rerritorv. Our best wishes go with lihn ami
his excellent family, but think he will novcrflnd
u better place, than Holt county, Missouri,
How Is the "patch on that old hull" progress
lug? lately wo have not seen any notice of It,
Wo havo been IntonnciUliat one Judge (V) ou.
posed the patch-up. It so. and he desires the
esteem ot Ids constituents, he had better "come
out anil show Ids colors.'' Wo believe In lm
nriwpiiimits. but wh want them where thev will'
do the most good to the greatest number, not In
one end of the county, and In a dead town like
Oregon, Wo would 'suggest that Oregon da
something that will attract unm notice. If
nothing else, start a
gold initio (V failed.
scare a mineral wen nnoni-tne
Why is Minton Bros. Store like an old
toper? Because its always chuck full
of Gloves and Notions in the county
and Velvets in all the popular shades,
Lace, Edging,. Ruching, Collars, Ties,
Faucy Hose, Hoeds, Scarfs,.Suiting Cr.etones
Comlortables, Blankets, etc., in profusion.
Many New and Stylish Novelties not usual
ly kept in county stores
A Bargain for Somebody!
Being desirous oi Closing: Out my Business in Oregon
I ollor for Sale my Entire Stock of Goods together with
tho j building known us
knd all improvements. I also wisli to sell tlio building known ns th
City Hotel,
situntod in ono of tho best locations In tho city, Also n number of other lots
in tho city nnd both improved and unimproved farms in Holt county. For full
particulars apply to
Our stock of Hardwaro mid
nnd Implements is tlio lavgest
in Holt county. Wo wo can
mako it tin Inducement to you
go puroliaso from
King Grove.
Public Sale
will sell nt publlo auction, on my farm 3
es nurlliwcsi oi 1'oresi uity on jvuusuy
fuck, on
Hnturitny. Ootober l, issi,
-Tho following described property, to wit t
2 cows nnd calves,
11 head hogs. Farming Implements,
Household und Kitchen furniture.
aoo bushels corn In Held. A 2-horso wagon.
Term. ax mid nnilpr. cash i Over S3 a credit
of o months will bo given, purchaser giving note
wltbopruvud security.
hAM'l. HKUltlHl.
f; . FOR SALE.
I Soveral desirable dwelling houses and lots In
nu,,,tn .it m,ir..iiii.i, miew. Ier terms utc.
allciiJ sco O'FALLON & IKVINI!.
ly J Oregon, Mo.
t. Our lino of Notions U complete
in every detail nnd nro remarkably low
In prico by Krook & Watson.
Your Furnishing Goods, , Hats, Caps
Hoots and Shoes at Amos uasuo's
agy Now styles in lints, and, caps a(
Krook & Wntson. '
Montgomery & Iloeckor,
UX1( J H .AND 1 It 0 K K K S
' ' ' onytibN, Missouui,
lAan Money, llitf Motes, Draw Orafts on al
prlclpul cities, snifGollcutlsus promptly made
Pay Taxes tor noiiresldenU t I-oans negotiated
en real estate, iind'lnyestmcnts made on lavnra-
oie terms, Mitcrcttt auowea en iiino Mepvsits,
. i'.j - 'l'. -
BOX. Some people nro in tho habit ot
buying their clothing In larger cities.
This is nil wrong because Kreek & Wat
son will Fell you your clothing tit just
as vciisonnblo figures.
tSQf Our clock of Boots nnd Shoes is
vory complete nnd nt prices within tho
roach of nil. Sold by Krcok & Watson.
-aNew stylos in Quecuswaro at
Krook & Wntson's.
aSyOttr lino ot Grocorio' Is now nml
complete nt lowest prices by Kroek &
CSS Now Fall Stylos in Dress Goods;
Invgo Ptock, low prices by Kreek &
7 Per Cent. Money
For a short or long period onldniprov
od Farms. Havo lor salo 12,130 acres
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Real Estate Agent, Oregon, Mo,
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