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Have received
Seasonable Calico.
litys Heavy Boots,
All other goods will be sold correspondingly low We mean bnsinesa and will sell goods as Cheap or Cheaper than any house in the county. Will buy
Corn and all kinds of Produce at market prices. Give us a call and get prices before purchasing elsewhere. GROVES & FERGUSON, Forest City, Mo.
0K0O. MO.
Kiitrred atttafwIuMe Urnuoti, Mo ivi
iicomt-clM( n
Tbm af Buriytlo:
KlllIAT.OCTOBK T, 1881.
Tiiilch mm retj launaatld, wtien the liirco clr
rnlatlnnnfTmiCocnrsY rxrnm U considered
will Im ms4a knovn on rrpptle&tlon to tlio Pub
lishers. Monty mnr N at our rnk by Postunica
.jonlcr, dntl ot xUtrwxl Icltw.
C'onc.npon4pB wrt m Mwayn delrod,
but lottcFi mart r Mr ana rmmt hTt Uiu
Cftmtuu nsiio of t ntrthoc. ant for puTiHcatlon
lint a a RwvMirry l b4 fullb.
Comiminki3n in tfi luterctt CAndlriiites
will bo chmo4 fw M tb rat at thruo cunta
lor word, OMk fa eATftuc.
Oliltuatr puty 91 t oluurul for nt tlie
rate of ten ceatl Dt Has eoS the CmIi miut
accompany th riMuucdpt.
Hcjcotod mmtMcripl will Dot lw rrturucd.
LcttcMfni ynMtcMoa Ktinuld roncli til 1))'
TiiPidsy n.on t inswo tncUoo In Hint week's
All letters Bhwild t nAdrnssetl to
Ohkoojc Mo.
General Garftald sorved his counlry
patriotically upon the battle-field mid
in hor legislating halls, but bo loft no
richer legacy it than his elevated
manhood, hU spotless olinraeter, his
devotion to hi hoiua, which was to him
the most sacred spot on earth, his rev
erence for the homely, old-fashioned
virtues, hit filial tenderness fur his
mother, hla chlvairle dovolion to his
wife, who to him was the olio wonmn
itbovo all women, bis companionship
with hii children, bit gonial mid open
hearted comradeship with men. In
those hitter days tho qualities are fust
truing out of fashion, it has eomo to
bo out of stylo to make tbc homo the
dearest, happiest and sweetest plnco on
earth, and to carry its homely influences
into every station. If was time, there
foro, tliit the old-fashioned virtues
should bo asserted, aud what bettor mo-
dlum for their shlbitlon or for their
oxamplo Ihuu In tho porsou of tho Chief
Magistrate of tha Ainoricau poople?
Tho homo is tho safeguard of American
liberty, and when Ooneral Garfield took
to Washington all tho influences of his
Mentor home, and placed them liko a
light upon a hill, where they could be
seen by every ono, llborty needed no
othor assuranco that sho was safo in his
Mrs. Garfield has returned without
lies companion to hor quiit country
homo, which sho was so reluctant to
leavo, a sorrowing woman, sanctified by
griuf, to bear her burden alone, thougl
the Rympathies of thousands of loving
hoarts have gouo with hor to their quiet
retreat fiom tho world, (iratuful as all
this sympathy must bo, it can maku no
cumpoiination for tho suvuranco of ho
uloso a compauloushlp. Tlmo may
tuniper tho loss, and God's blessing uiay
enrioli her lifo, but tho home which they
mado Ugethor, wllich tkey lovcil bo
dearly, which was so beautiful and at
tractive iu its simplicity by reason of
tho lovo which blessed it, can uover
again be tho homo it used to be, for the
master has gono, and to her, who held
him dear as above all other mon, there
romalu only associations and momoiic
Called from this homo to taku tho post
tion of tho first lady in tho land, this
quiet, plain and unpretentious little wo
man filled it with all the grace aud dig
nily of a queon, and was not nhamcd
to bring to It all tho old-fashioned vlr
luo8 of tho Mentor homo. Homo was
atlll tho dearest npot to her; nor were
its simplicity, its love, or any of Its
precious iiilliiuncos, clouded by her bill
limit surroundings, Thoro was no am
bltion so potont to her as loyalty to hor
husband; thoro was no duty so piossiug
as devotion to her children ; thoro was
no purposo so near to hor as tho deter'
nilnation to show Amuricau women that
homo wiu tho dearest spot. She flood
by her husband's side, this poor in loftl
tiers of character, in scholarship, in
personal dignity, iu mental aud moral
worth, in nil thogo old-!ash!ned virtues
now so muoif out of style. From tho
day sho onturod tho White flouwj sho
was devoted to sorrow. Sudtten down
and brought to the door of death, her
husband know.no duty so pressing as
thjvoUon to his companion ; uud when
a carefully selected
5e per yard
I. Oft per pair.
ho was struck down by tho .assassin's
bullot she returned that devotion, not
only with lovo and tenderness, but with
n patience, and courage, and heroism,
that never ceased until he had closed
his oyi-s in their last floop. Hor work
1b now done, liko his. Ho has been
called to u higher sptiero ; sua remains
hero for a time to go on with tho bur
den tf life, then to rejoin him. Is there
nothing in her oxaniplu that commends
it to American women ? Is there nothing
In hU vxnmplti that commends it to
American ineitf Is Micro nothing iu
tho example of this manly and womanly
pair, dovoted to each other, clinging to
homo as the beet place on oartb, not
ashamed of ito homely virtues, and,
lwtUc than all else, God-loving and
God-faring, that commend them to the
entire puoplo as tho noblest types of
American manhood and womanhood
this country has yet produced? In
there days of public and prlvato immo
rality, wlien literature and art uru sub
orned lu tho Interests ot social Impurity
under tho guiso of testhctlcism ; when
eoclal crimes are coudonod; when tho
stagu can givo us nothing that Is not
based on marital infidelity, and mis
tresses usurp the places of wives; when
it has become the fashion to sniff at
virtuo and uiako sport of family affec
tion ; whoti loyalty to woman is sneerod
nt, aud loyalty, to God is not scientific,
it was ttuiu that an example of the be
uuflcoiit'o of lovo, aud tho nanctity of
home, and tho quiet power of honesty,
virtuo and manly mid womanly dignity
should bo shown to the whole people.
How lcsplondently it shine in the
midst of tho fripperies, frivolities, seu
sualitiux, and all the twi.ildlo and sham
of life, is shown by tho instinctive turn
ing of the Amorican pep;o with per
sonal pride to James and Lucrotia Gar
field tho bic-heartcd. honost-soulcd.
ovingman; tho sweet, lefined. watm-
leartod, loylntr, farmer's daughter nt
whose feet kings and queens have per
sonally camu and laid their tributes of
sympathy. Tho man is dead, but ho
has left his maulino-s as a legacy to the
American pcoplo.
While tho body of tho President lay
in state nt Washington a beautiful rain
bow ovoi arched tho city. In Cleveland
on Sunday whllo tho people woro pass
ing through tho catafalque mournfully
viewing tho casket and floral offerings
of lovo, arcmaikably bright and perfect
rainbow spanned tho nky. In Cinclu
natl, on Monday, as the wonderful out
pouring of citizens were quietly, and in
a subdued and ordoriy maunor, dispers
ing to their homes, tho setting sun shone
through a rift iu the clouds upon tbo
raindrops suspended in tho western sky,
and fhoro appeared a rainbow over tho
eastern portion of tho city.
The repeated occurrence of tho bow
of promjxo is a striking coincidence, and
many will treasure it us a happy omen
Tho Cincinnati Enquirer thinks "tho
next President of the United States will
bo a hard-idioll Democrat. Hut wo be
llovo tho Enquirer has boon making the
samo prophecy every year for twenty
years past. Tho Enquirer's faith
oreu moro touching than the old wo
mnn's, who, when the horsu ran away
down hill, "had perfect faith until the
breeching broke." The Democratic
breeching long sinco was kicked to
pieces, and tho slnglotreo gono, and yet
the Enquirer holds tho lines with faith,
and yells, get out of tbo way, don't you
seo us coming?
Iiiu genato which is to assemble
on tho call of President Arthur will eon
slat of t)7 Democrats, JH Uopublicans, 2
Independents (Davis and Mahono) and
3 Republican Senators not yet qunliQod
to til:o their seats. With tho two Son
ators elect from Now York In tholr
soats and tho Senator to bo nppoiated
from Ilhodo Island tho Uopublicans
would havo 37. As Davis Is oxpected
to still act with tho Democrats and Ma
bono with tho Hopubllcans, tho two
parties in tho foi ato will bo equally
divided after the organization has beeu
Phksidunt GAitt'iiai) wroto almost
prophotlcally to Mr. Hudson, nn Ohio
friend, on November 8 of Inst year: "I
boliove all my friends aro more gratified
with tho personal part of my triumph
than I nm ; nnd, although I am proud
of tho noblo support I havo received,
nnd tho vindication it gives mo against
my assailants, yet thoro is a tonoof
sadness running through thistiiumph
which I can hardly explain.''
stock of
Dress Goods, Fashiouable Styles, 10c per yard.
Woman's Heavy Shoes, 9Qc per pair.
Gathering them in Hourly.
Fall Fabrics
Corsaut 8c
Who cordially invito tho pcoplo of Holt
tlieir mammoth store una see tlio most elegant stoci; 01
Hoots and Shoos, Hats and Caps, etc., ever placod on salo iu Holt county.
Wo only ask an Inspection of Goods and Prices.
We have now ea hand a oomnleto siook
Screw Fastenod
of all sizes. Warranted in MATERIAL
miy tun auovo biock can snow inni pjoous uiu not uo oou service on account ot
inlerinrity of stock, tho monoy will bo refunded to them: and If goods ol tho
auovo mttKo rip, wo will Have them repaired frco of charge.
for Summer and Fall wearing at cost and
mi , icuis.
a nice Hue of Baby's, Boy's and Men's
"Henry Stewart"
is now in our line business, nnd wo can
and tried machine, at us low a pneo as they can bo purchased anywhoro. Sam
plo lnaubino always on hand and Mr. Phil Schulto is always r ady to show tho
Huuii iiuiiiiuus im uiu luucmue: wo aino Kiep neeuios anil nest oil. Wo can also
send for any parts desired. Wo also havo some very nice Jewelry. Everybody
Vftata It 1 1 v UAiallllUU UUl UUU.li
WestSide Pnblic Square
The Dutch Mills
Will pay you the highest price for good
Wo will aleo pay
in goods of our own
we warrant to be ol
Wo are preoared
the best manner and
er grinding, cardinjr
We have-, on hand
of our own make of
wo win sell UAeap lor Dash.
Ono linlf Milo East of Oregon, Mo.
If you would consult
im JumuNb ueHiro io Havo Money, come to
Barnes &Collison's
and Winter Goods
and Lower Atchison counties to visit
of tho celebrate M. D. Wells & Co'a
Boots and Shoes,
and WORKMANSHIP. If imrtles who
carriage Light Summer Coats for
Fino;IIats,;to bo sold at low pricos. Tho
Sewing Machine
ennnlv all nartlix wltk this lmn.tnctni
manufacture, which
the best material.
to do custom work in
on short notice eith
or spinning:.
Three Thousand yards
Woolen goods, which
your own interest, nml&havo
It is significant ol Queen Victoria's
hold on tho hearts of her pcoplo that
sho has to prohibit manifestations which
most crowned heads aro only too anx
ious to get. Strict orders wero given
against any sort of demonstrations dur
ing hor rccont journey by night to
Scotland, Hor Majesty preferring sloop
to chucrs.
Will you hoed the warning. Tho slir
nal perhaps of the suvo approach of that
more terrible disease Consumption.
Aek yourselves if you can afford for the
sako ol saving ou els., to run tlio usK
am! do nothing for it. Wo know from
experience that Shiloh's Cure will Cure
Uougti.it never talis, mis explains
why moro thuu a Million Hottlos wore
sold tho past year. It relieves Croup,
and Whooping Cough, at once. Mothers
do not bo without it. For Lamo Hack,
Side, or Chest, use Shlloh's Porous
Plaster. Sold by. T. S. Hindu, Oregon
An. Illinois farmer duclarcd that his
daughter didn't earn her salt. Sho vo-
torted thai she wouul bo triad to stand
on the sanitf footing as his hired help.
no consumed, Fiirtied an ntrreemcnt.
and foon forgot all about it. That
happened five years a"o. Now tho
girl sues for wages, and gets a verdict
of $500.
'Sellors' Liver Pills" havo been tho
standard remedy for malarln, liver
complaint, cotivenMH, etc., for fifty
A colony of bees havo mado a hlvo
out of nn imnu'imo pumpkin on Mr.
Robinson's plat e, at Riverside, Cal. Ho
intended tlie mammoth pumpkin for
cxliibiiion, but tho bees havo provcnteil
It and filled it with honey, and ho has
decided to abaudon that intention.
Dyspepsia &.LIvor Complaint.
Is it not worth tho email nrico of 76
cents to frco yourselves of every cymp
toiii of these dlstrcssintr complaints, if
you think so call at our store and gut
a bottle uf Milton's Vltalizcr, every bottle
has a printed guarantee on It: use ac
cordingly and if it uous you no good it
win uosi you noiiung. sold by T. S.
niuuc, uregou, niu.
Tho Comto d'Herisson, who has been
on a government mission from Franco
to 'i urns, to explore the ruins of Car
tliHgo, has unearthed a largo number of
curium objects and iiiforlpiions relating
to tho hUtory of tbo Funic city.
Shlloh's Catarrh Remedy.
A marvelous cure for Catarrh. Diph
hthrria, I'ankcr mouth, anil Head Acini.
With each bottle there is an ingenious
nasal Injector for the more succohsfnl
treatment of those complaints without
extra charge Prico 60 cts Sold by T. S.
Hindu, Oregon, Mo.
Nownpaper correspondents nearly al
ways" look dko good mon. A PennsU
vncia politician said to ono the other
day: "My wifo said thoro was either a
newspapor correspondent or clergyman
waiting to see mo, sho couldn't tell
which, and I came to ascertain."
For Lamo Back and all Ktdnoy troubles.
Fifty cents. Ask to seo it at King &
Proud', Oregon: Franco & Co., For
est City.
Wo havo just received n very
largo stock of Glasswaro,
Queenswaro, Table and Pock
et Cutlery, which will bo sold
on close margins.
Fine Orurconts opened at Mclninch's,
1900 Frodorook Avonuo, St. Josoph,
in Notions, Ribbons, Neokwcar
Gloves, Silk Haudkorchlofs eto.
A. A. Molmneh, is goncral Agent for
tho now Improvod light running Now
Homo Sowing Machine, tho host in tho
For Latest novelties in Drosa
Goods, Ladles' and Gent's Un
derwear, Vallsos, etc. is t
If you buy goods onco of Mululnob,
my word for it you will do so again.
Call or writo to A.A. Mclnlneh, 1900,
1,002 1,001 Fredoilek Avonuo. St. Jo-
soph, Mo., for prlco list.
HSyEv01'V llllltf Khnnlil null n,..l
OUr bOlllltlftll 1 lift of fJllurl.nmo Tlw...
aro cheap by Krcek & Watson.
which will be sold cheaper than ever
Before Offered
men s Heavy Boots, 1.50 pair.
7 lbs Good Coffee 1.00
Manufacturer and Dealer In all Kinds of
I havo on hand a largo stock of
liurca us,
Picture Frames,
Upholstered Lounges
Brackets of all Kinds.
s Line.
I keep on hand a full stock of Collins
and liurial Cases, Caskets, Burial
Robes, Wraps, Gloves and Crapo,
Corpso Prosorvur, Embalming Fluid,
and n Kino Hearse. All ordors will bo
promptly attendod to. Tonus reason
West Side Public Square, Oregon, Mo
The Motive Power,
Iho most beautiful illustration of
peicci t mecnnntsin and wonderful
stroncth to bu found on the Hoi 111 Iu n
steam engino. It is tbo embodiment ot
conscious powor, and will walk away
with 30 of -10 heavily laden cars as oas
ly as yon would tako a pound weight
nnd toss it about, or push tt baby car
riage down hill. Isn't it a picture to
look at as it stands calmly on tho rails
ovorytoint and band throwing back
(lie rays of thusun liko burnlshod gold,
tho engineer's cab looking as neat as a
laity's parlor? Did you ovor think how
worthlous this grand machine would bo
without tlio powor to start into llfo tint
wonderful eogs and luvorsP Let us
polnjoa moral from tl.ii simplo sketch
amlMPPlV it to OVOl-V llllV hiifilnima llfnB
YoiMvill seo at a clanco tlint H.n
inpis illustrates tho grand princlplo of
cybtoneo itself tho motive p'.wor. You
Cin'L Ptart tliu unrrlnn wlilmnf ot.... ...
al ii a bulnt'S3 house wont run succei-si
f ily without tho enorL'v and nnsii r
o men to keen it froimr. ti, .......
cllilo is tho fiiinn in Imili u..
-- viwuii i,(,u
stoanpuns tho engine und tho live man
tlin I.iiTM..du llw... .......1.1 L..I .
ito uunuura, iiiu.y iriilliu UOH1 OO Vat
tlL'SS without tho motlvu nownr. Wn
Vvo labored for years to porfrct our
kisiness inaohino. wo'vo tbrhtnnnd
o bands, oiled tho com" and iutro-
nceWa irreat manv now fnntm-nu Wn
tninWjnow- thai it makes good time on
tho traofc and wo wunt you to come
ana soo it, worn. We have boon obliged
to get moro room aud havo moved into
mo Binio room mst oast
. .J. kw l
iif K in. .p, I
tho finest lino of Furniture in Holt
county. Nor can my toclc of Collins
nnd Uixldl'f llklnrr frnmla lin oi.r..,oo..,l I..
Northwest Missouri. Tho finest hoarso
in tho northwest is also my pronoi tv.
A. M, JACOBS, Oregon, Mo.
Will promptly titt'oud to calls day or
night. Oflleo at rcsldoneo, ono block
westot Postofllco,
OUKOON, Missoum,
Will rmctlci In all OoBrts. Jtenl Kstnto busl
usa asU coIIccIIbhs ironntly uttcndcit to,
ti ! Si
v ( i t
s S e 5
" EES eg E25 g pjfl
1 i 3 S3
3 S SB
Cuivnt.AND, September 27. Tho Gur
llcld monument fund committee to-day
Issued tho following :
To the People of tho United States :
Tho movement to secure funds for tho
erection ot a monument over tho grave of
Jus. A. Gurllcld is being rosponded to
from all sections of tho country East,
West, North and South. Iu order to nmko
It popular uud successful it is deslrcable,
and will bo necessary for tliu citizens of ,
the different states to immediately organ
ize. Tlio committee hereby icuucets all
untiouul batiks, prlvato bauks, tavlng
banks, newspapers und postmasters to cal 1
attention to tho movement, by posting
notices and other wise, to receivu cou
tribullous and to remit to the Second
lmlloual bunk of Cluvelmul, Ohio, which
has been designated us tho treusurer of the
fund. Also, to Bend the iiumos aud post
olllcc nddiess of all contributors. Tltcso
sums will all bu recorded lu books that will
bo preserved lu the monument. All con
tiibutious will bo receipted for by tliu
sucoud tiatiouul batik. (Slguud)
J. II, Waue,
II. R. Payhk,
Jos. FiuiKixti,
J. II. Rhodes, Committee.
Australian meat is huroaltor to com
pete with American in tho English mar
ket, and 4,000 carcasses of shuep and
100 of oxen having mado tho long voy
age from tho antipodes in excellent con
dition, through a now refrigerating pro.
cess, it is proposed to bring lurgo
amounts more. Tims tho homo pro
ducer of Great Urituin lias a now ouico
of cheap rivalry, and no administration
can afford to make food dear for tbo
sako of protecting tho native farmers
and stock raisers. This now develop
ment will add strength to the movement
for an application of something liko tho
Irish land law to other parts of the
United Kingdom. Already tho Scottish
larmors tiro uvging n revaluation of
lands by un impartial third party in ot
der to sceuro lowor rents from tholr
landlords. Their position is uo doubt a
just on, but any general reform In this
direction will involve many and sorious
changes. As the pulling of ono block
from tho shaky struutmo which a child
has otocted may demolish the cntim
fabric, so if tlio aristocratic landowners
consent to a material reduction of routs,
and especially If tho tenure of real es
tate is changed, tho landholder will be
coni a poorer and far less important
personage than uo lias been.
Mr. liradlaugh may bo ovor-confldont
aud boastful when ho doolaros that
within live yoars England jviII have un-
ivoi sal suffrage, compel the abdication
oi tno t,ords, cut down tho royal pen
sion ltst, nnd slop the waste of publio
money ou tho IJrunswiek fnmily, und
nuv long niter aooitsn mo monarehv bv
an net of Pmllamont, unless Victoria's
lifo should bo groat ly prolomrod. H
thinks tho people will not intoiforo with
tier, mit predicts that with her death
important changes will come, and tin h
Albert Edward will
mothor, Yot it Is almost startling to
flud so rospectabio a paper lis tho Lun.
don Spectator affirming that all Eng.
lishmen aro Interested in tho only Eng.
llshman our President"! who rulirnu i,v
oloction, aud solicitous that ho do noth-
lug In lowering an office that halt of
them feel must ono day exist in Eng
land." h
Making all duo allowanco for'tlirt nv.
travagant expectations of mon like ilrmi
laugh, on tho ono hand, and for tho
strongly an ayed conservative infiuonees
upon tho othor, it still seems llknlo tht.
important changes will occur, lu the not
very distant future.
Tin: Republican
martyrs to tho cause of frooiftin n,i
progress. Their Wood will oofcVoorato
tho party to bravoUrwrk tlmiS.V iw
evor boforo dono. TVaTib
The Entrineor Corr ot ilm no..,i
States lirmv has boon ncv.n-.ln.l n.- n....
, - v iiu iiiab
rirf7n liv tlwi Ti. .1 ,
W"! " "est. tuspiay o 1 maps, sin
........ 11... 1. . ..
vo, etc,.) ana to tho Signal Corns of
oumrmy was awarded tho first prize
un us pronoionoy in predicting weather
ft"d for thO porfoot details of Its system.
Hot Muck rorly-Tuo Year.
"I was troubled lor many yours with
kldnoy complaint, gravel, &o. : my blood
became thin i I was dull uud Imictivu;
could hardly crawl about! was nn old
mun.out .man nil ovar; could got noth
ing to help mo until I got Hop Hitters,
and now 1 u.u u boy nguln. My blood
and kblnoys aro all right, and I am tw
actlvoas a man of 30, although lain
72, and I havo no doubt it wHi do is

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