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!j Hurrah
.! FOltEST CITY, At O. 'iNk
"Go ring the bells aud fire the guns,
and fling the starry banner out.
The Nobbiest Line of flats mul Caps in the County.
Shout freedom 'till your lisping ones
Give back their cradle shout.
flood Jeans 10c a Yard.
Latest styles and prices to suit you all,
from $3.00 to $15.00 a Suit. Bachelor's Wedding Suits aWj
A4"&ArPrt4 a-tsw TO! firfo Why is Minton Bros. Store like an old
memm&si, i leaee toper? Becilusc its al chuck full
from a small gripsack to a Crystal Palace Friends and Fellow Citizens, People of tho United States and TPTTCTTPn-i -r- tTnTTT'
or a Saratogo Bureau. Bigelow (there goes a suspender button) you that have suffered , nf fZT 7" A
77rA ; r irrepairable losses from the drought. You that have lost stock, of Gloves-and Notions m tho county
Yarns.jBolid colors-all wool-75o to 1.00 cro,)Sj otet from the overflow, somebody gim'ine a drink, please A
per pound. Also a full line of Fancy col- of water. What do you want? what do you need? Is it dry bl.Ul.i3, to J- J Jsi
t , . t T .. . T ., n . , . , , TP and Velvets in all the popular shades,
ors, Saxony and Germantown yarns. goods, Is it Clothing, Is it Groceries or a chaw or tobacker. It ' r
your are in need of anything, go to L Bd ; Ruohinff Collars, Ties.
BOOTS f!D &0S DVCTHSTTOnT BROS., FOREST CITY, Faucy Hose, Boeds,fi'Scarfs, Suiting Cretones
Solid Hand-made work. Warranted. Very They have knocked tho bottom out of high prices. They sell Com iortables, Blankets, etc., in profusion.
rilpnn goads for cash cheaper than any house in Holt county. Many New and Stylish Novelties n t usual-
0heaP- b J ly-kept in county stores
County Court.
Tho September term of tho Holt
County Court met Thursday last, nil
the Judges belli? present.
Moses Dennett was allowed a war
rant for 1,000 on contract for im
proving court house, 8100 in full of
first additional contract, nnd 6700 on
second additional contract on court
Ono hundred dollars was appropria
ted for making fill on road in section 13
tp fit, It 10, with Wm. M. Catron as stt
perintondant. T. N. Westfall w as granted dramshop
liceiiso in Dljrelow.
James H. Drown was unpointed cou
stablo for Lewis township, vice John
mi.'ll,..i ., I, ,11,,..
Ono hundred and lifty dollars was ap
propriated for grading road in section
2i, township CO, ramie jib. Tnos Cot
tier was unpointed simcrintoiidant.
Wm. Skinner was granted license to
keep a firm at Arego, Nebraska.
James H. Drown presented bond as
constable, which was approved by tho
Tho road and bridgo commissioner
was ordered to uiako estimate for re
pairing the Forest City levee and to let
tho same.
J. M. Ford, Orvillo, Graves und Geo.
Weber, woio appointed suporintoii
dants. l'cret Dro's were awarded contract
for putting lightning rod on court hoit.-o
nt forty cents per loot.
What Wo Would Liko to Know,
f II Jim Drown can get It.
t When tho storms will bo over,
t Where George Dalwlu got that now
t What is tho inattor with A. II. Jam
ison. t The truo ages of somo of our bache
lors. t If Fiank Totcr had lots of fun this
t If Tom Farrish over bought a pool
t How many hats Amos castlo sold
t How Corsaut & Meyer's opera house
win uo ueillcateu.
t When Kd. Hando'ph will mako an
other wagon trade.
t Why Jako Foster reads so many
Greenback iianers.
t If Fred Myers knows a good cigar
wncn no seos ono.
t If Wilson Sprlngor would bo pleas
cd to sco John O'Fnllon.
t Why somo men wero made very
tail una others very short.
t Why it is that as pooplo grow poor
or their aiiK'tlto increases.
1 1' Jhii Oroon knows tho difforonco
between oil und oehro and oil and lead
t Why Cyrus W. Field doesu't irlvi
a part of his quaitcr of a million to
those who have no bread.
For Salo.
A fow thorough bred first-class Folaiul
China pigs.
W. A Gahdnkh,
bot's stxxts
Samuel Becrlst wilt shortly remove to Texas.
EJ. Anlb.il. el Illuclow. was In tliu eitv this
Knilldo llov. ol Cralc. h:w mm eil to smith.
em Holt.
John I Davis, ol Mound Cltv. was iloun In
Comity Court.
John Utt, of White Cluud, Kansas, was In
town Tuesday,
J. H. Miller, uf lleutn township, was In
Ort'Kon, Friday.
Charles Clravcs.of Mound City, was In our
town this week.
lion. Tlicw. XI, Tootle, of St. Joo, was on our
streets Saturday.
Clark O. l'roud has returned from his trip to
Western Kansas.
A. V. Van Camp, of Van Camp's Mill, was
out tu Court Thursday.
J. 11. Hook, of Hook's Mill, was out to
County Court last week.
.Silas 1'lerco and wlfo havo been vlsltlnR at
uurmoiiy uiu pasi ween.
"Squlru David was up at Craig visiting with
hU son, Charles, this week.
, UA ? l-HIiCIJSi Jentlst, will visit Malt
land, October 13, 14 and 15.
I. llearss has retirncd from Kansas, w hero
ho has been hordlnn eattle.
-Mrs.Mlehael May, of East White Cleud, was
vUllhiK In the city lust week,
-Will. Hopper, of Bust Whlto Cloud, was In
this elty mi business this week.
-Frank NVntscm, of White Cloud, has taken
up his domicilii in Holt county.
T, i'Utl Katlo Markluud returned to her homo
In dlarluda, Iowa, last Saturday.
-CI eo we Day of I!ast AVhlte Cloml, Is attend
Ing Iho Forest City Kiaded school.
-Miss Julia lVinbertoii, of tho Harmony
nt-Khborhood, is vIsltliiK In Kansas.
Mrs, llva ltobertson, of Morrison. Ills,, Is
the guest of J mine tieurKu Anderhoii.
T, O. James, mi attorney of Kuusas Clti'
has been lu our city suverul days.
Mrs, T. II. Hums Is quite 111 at tho residence
of her mother, Mrs. l'etcrs, lu this elty.
-lllraiu Denny, of New l'olnt, was shaklnu
bauds Willi his friends In Oregon tills week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. lllehey, of Whlto Cloud,
Kansas, was vUitlnu lu this elty this week.
. iT,1,1, c'. .fMiiiulay and family, of Indiana, nra
vMUiik the family of Levi Oren.ol New l'olnt.
Fcter 1'rlce, of New l'olnt, Is In DoKalb
ewuuy utteudliiK tho llaptlst church ussoela-
-Il.H. Threllklll.of northoni Holt, will soon
inovy with his lamlly t Daviess county, Mis-
.7g?r A'"16"0.1' "I'ent several days last
winter "M U""'1""! l' steers to feed this
.,7XIr .aul,1', .a,1(1 W"- 1'ulk. el "ur city,
last wecli B "',U '" Al,druw cuu",y
,i'm!'. j'.1(' '""'."eywas on our streets ouu
iiupruvins ' "" re,,orto hls heaitu fl'luly
trrI,',Vi4!r'i!':vJJI"'.01 tl1.18 clt'-ls enrolled as a
mm Surgeiiw Jo'ei ColleKe of i'hyslelans
nTTr?:,.1V..,I0'sIK,l0llt'. of. Mound City, was In
nsl'oT,subse.lbSiUUlU,,aeii UU "UIUOt uur
..rin,!!1"1' fillicl111''. who left tho bottom last
.rTr")!!'".1, ,,P'ibtfiKcr has returned from South-
SSWffiMi 13 lKCU l" u"k n,Ur "ls
ffcfd,s,rl1!,:MotulnJh,y:U -y. vlsluS with
. 7T'io wlfo of (irafton Hiippor, of iko Minton
L.t""",1" Jtn'ney, who has been solournlna
Miss I.izzln I'ayne, iluugliler of our follow-
, -"ciirKO AVeber, Orvillo Uraves and J. M.
Foul, all of I'orest.Clty, were up vlowlng tuo
uuwcouit-linus..,afewdaisai!o. b
-O'jpt. Ktejihcn T. Lucas, thn popu ar uralu
i''al;r.,'.irotH?t !lt'' w ' this felly Frliluy
tho llrst time for several months. '
xJ" ll Irvl,W mw H'' 1,1 Council Dluirs last
Wednesday. Ho says ho saw the effects of tlio
recent powiler explosion In that city,
Mrs, Joseph llirslmcr, of Jewell ronnty,
ranging in prices
fi l S 3 jll SB j
Kansas, Is visiting her mother, Mis. Drodbcck,
ul her old home, three miles cast of Oregon.
Miss I.ue, 11. Coopsr, of New l'olnt, started
this week lor Klrksvlllo, where she will attend
tho Statu Nonnal during tho coming winter.
Marquis II. l'llcklnpton, who left Ids farm
during the ooil on the botlom last spring, mid
went to Kansas, has returned to I loll county,
Chaplain and Ellzabclh Fllun, gnn and
daughter of Adam Fllnu. Esq., of Hickory
township, wero visiting In Topcka, Kaiis:vs, this
W. W. Davenport and family took their de
parture Sunday last, for their now home In Jack
sonville, Ills, wo wish them long lllw nnd pios
perlty. C. W. Nojes, of tho firm 0 I'atterson &
Noycs, Wholesale boot and shoo dealers of St.
Joseph, was buggy riding with friends In Holt
county, last Monday.
.Iiuliro Uradford lust arrived from tho Kast
lu time In Join the other members of nur Court
hero lu Oregon, and stayed until adjournment
b.foro going mi home.
J. D. While, formerly of this county, but
now of Ilaxter uouuty, Ark., has been heard
from again. Ho is now married, and thinks of
returning to Holt county,
Forest City.
Will Teare went to sco hi dearest on tho
Mlh ult.
(Jeorgo l'cuny, of Kansas, Is with friends In
this city,
Miss Glura Wilkinson commenced teaching
at Forbes, lost Monday,
Mks Marlha (llass Is visiting friends lu tho
southern part of the State.
Mrs. H. K. S. Hoblnwn, who has been so
very 111 for a long time, has been remeved to
St. Joseph,
.Mrs. Mclteynohls. who has been visiting her
father near this place, left Sunday last for her
homo lu Nebraska.
W. K. Minton is furnishing rooms'at tho
Hotel iln Fojest, nnd will soon occupy them In
company with who ?
It I' reported that a rising young merchant
of this p bleu Is to marry a St. Lout lady this
mouth, How ls that, W. K.?
Mr. and Mrs. Iiule I.uekhardt havo gono to
housekeeping, and aro now us happy as a
"Juno bug on a sweet 'tater Tine."
All but two of tho young folks In town, aro
said to be engaged-and those two are, well, vte
" would blush to murmur their names. "
Tho new Seuth Methodist preacher made
his appearance last week, and was to lmvo
preached last Sabbath, but from wmo cause,
lid not,
New stoeknf millinery at Mrs. Chadwlck.s.
Vou should just seethe married men ubout
town run their hands down their pockets nnd
look liliio,
We have almost n match for ,1'etls county's
hermit scholar. He has his shop und works
alone cooks, eats, sleeps, aud washes r.lone.
And vet this man Is said to have ono of tho
nicest libraries In town.
-Ust Sunday, Kscpilro Wilkinson und Will.
Minton went to Mr. liakcrs's living somo five
nillos bolow town, and united a eouplo In mar
riage. osupposo will kept tally whllo tho
Irlouud City,
Jonas W'hltmcr has returned homo from his
visit to Ohio,
Mr. John Schrantz, who was Injured by the
runaway, ls Improving.
Mrs, James, who has been lying dangerous
ly III, Is recovering.
Miss Julia I.uekhardt, of Oregon, Is visiting
hertlstcr, Mrs. Hamsher.
Messrs. I.lkens and Btutson, of Minnesota
alley, have gono to Indiana.
II, M. Coulter, ol Muttoon, Ills,, Is tho guest
of Mr. and Mrs. 15. 1,. l'attlu.
, Miss Delia Lear, ol Minnesota Valley, Is vis
iting relatives In tho Ilooiler Stato.
J. A. Sanders, prosecuting nttornoy of All
druw cimnty, bus been visiting In this vicinity.
Mrs. Cline, of Andrew county, has returned
from her visit with her sister, Mrs, Hoaglaud, of
Minnesota Valley,
Heir. Henry fhillard, of St. Joseph, deliver
u very Hue lecture before tho Temperauco Alli
ance Hominy night,
,, Mr. I.uckhnult of Forest City nnd Miss Cor
da Canon wero married Tuesday, at tho 1'resby
terliiu cliurih. Whllo MlssCaiiou's friends con
gratulate her, they regret losing her from their
social circle,
ltccolloct that Jackson, "Common
Sense man," stops al Foster Dro'i. liv
ery stable for ton days, operating frco
of olinrgo upon till horsos brought to
him. -
from I
-At Forest City Is a man
Aud lie Is wondrous wife
Who, when he hath a stock of goods,
Straightway doth advertise.
And when Ids goods they all nro gono,
With nil his might aud main,
Ho rushes In another lot
To advertise Hjaln.
If In tho town you e'er havo been,
His lirimc we need not hint on,
For men, like bees, aro swarming 'round
The storool Will. E. Million.
Co38lplng Men.
FonEST City, Mo September 30.
Messus. KniTons i Tho editors of Tins Coun
ty FAi'RM havo hid a great dealt say about
tho "gossiping old women," which li very good.
But what about the gossiping men? Forest
City, llko all small towns and most, If not all,
largo ones, too has a class ol men nnd boys,
known as professional (?) loafers, who do but
llltlo or nothing else than sit on goods boxvs and
beer kegs, muklug remarks about every woman
or girl that may pass ; and it Is a sad, but truo
fact, that not only tho loafers, lint many of our
prominent bushuss men, aro guilty of the samo
crime for crime It Is. and one that should bo
punishable by law. They forget that somo havo
wives, Minio sisters, some daughters, and all
havo or havo hail mothers, who ara targets for
the samo remarks. Many do It thoughtlessly,
not thinking of tho harm their words may do.
How quickly they would resent light words
spokex of their loved ones, yet. In theirtliought
lessncss, they do not sparu others. It you know
a woman Is unworthy of good words, do not
speak of her : but unless vou havo a personal
knowledgo of lier unworthlness, It wero a crime
to tako what ou can never restore a good
name. Itemombor, "a word ones spoken Is
KOhoJorever. W can never recall It." Aud It
ls harder to put down slander than to give a
person ugooa name.
And now u word to tho women. Mothers,
wives, sisters, you nro to a great extent respon
sible for this rapidly-growing evil. You speak
lightly of other women In tho presence of your
husbands, wins and brothers. our words have
great weight. Thoy Mart thoughts which are
repeatfd bv others. Thus, suspicion ls Anally
given as reality. How few. how very few. would
speak lightly of their slsturs If thoy eould look
Into tho future and see tho tcrrlblo olTrct of
those words. What Is It leads many of our
young men astray? It Is tho suspicion of thoso
In whom they have so much confidence. Can
tho mother or wlfo who says, "I do not believe
there Is such a thing as n truly pure and virtu
ous woman," expect to have pure sous or hus
baMds? (.if what uro such words the outgrowth?
Of mi Impure hcurt, for "To tho puro In heart
nil things nro pure." Let us bn very careful
what wo say, remembering words aro llko tho
thistle seed, carried perhaps to a distance by
tho wind, there tu spring up aud yield a largo
liurvestol thistles. AN Onsmivisn.
School Records.
On tho rocords ot tho Fourth Department of
tho Oregon l'ubllo Schools, for tho term of
1871-2, taught by II. Hershbergcr, I'rlnclpal, aro
recorded ius pupils the names of Daniel Martin
and l'mma Wilson, Thomas Trice and Dora
Wilson, W. A. (Iraham and Hello King, Chris
tian Kimkel mid Klla l'ottur. all of whom lmvo
since that time been united In tho bonds of wed
lock hi tho respective order, as given ubovo.
Also, found on tho samo record are tho names
of Annie Clark, Ida cheesebro, Annes Hersh
berger, Amanda Hrlnnegnr. Hid a Kdwards,
Carrlo Nles nnd Minerva King, wliu have also
changed their names respectively to .King,
Sprlngsr. Uws, Klcbnrds, Loverldgo, Sin th,
Ilond, all of whom nro la our midst. Mirny other
young men found on tho samo record havo also
married and deserted tho school Hat, showing
how tlmo passes and changes lire wrought, and
yet tho scbooI Is full, and consists of two moro
departments now than then.
Many curious facts niaybo itathored from time
to tlmo from school rucorusi they nro fully
worth preserving yet In many schools In our
county thero aro no records to be found, not
even of the last term. Such a stato of ultalrs
urlses nnd exists from gross neglect on tho part
of school directors and also of teachers. Iho
school law strictly requires a full record of all
schools to bo kepi, and requires that tho direct
ors furnish tho necessary books and blanks on
which to keep tho samo. . ., , ,
From good authority tho Oregon public i schools
are In complete running order, with n full en
rollment, constantly receiving new pupils, and
the teachers and pupils would bo glad to havo
school boards, parents, and others, ta go und
see for themselves.
-a New stylos in Quoonflwaro tit
Krouk & Watson's.
from 15c to $1.50 per yard. This is a grand bargain.
Only 4 l-2c a yard isn't that cheap. Just look at 'em.
7 Per Cent Honey
For iv short or long period on Improv
ed Farms. Havo lor salo 12,000 acres
in a body of uholco Dottom Land, 1 1-2
miles south of Mound City; will leaeo
tor grazing. May bo seen tit Mound
City ovory Saturdny und at (Jruig,
Monday each week. Address.
Real Estate Agent, Oroijon, Mo.
Our stock of Hardwaro and
and Implement is tho largest
In Holt county. Wo wo can
mako it an Inducement to you
to purcliuso Irom
Sovcral dcslroMo dwelling houses nnd lots In
Oregon, at reasonable rates. Fer terms etc.,
cull aud sco O'FALLON A IHVINK.
HQi-Our lino of Notions is complete
in every detail and aro rouiarkubly low
in ptico by Krook A Watson.
Your FurnlahltiR Goods, Hats, Capa
Hoots and Shoos at Amos Castlo'a
8rNow styles In Hats, and caps at
Kreek & Watson.
Montf?omory & Iioecker,
1-oan Money, liny Notes, Draw Drafts on al
priclpal cities, and Cellfltlns promptly made
ray Taxes for non-residents ; Ians negotiated
on real estate, and Investments made n favora
bio terms, hitciost allowed tm Tlmo Deposits.
B6X.Somo pooplo nro in tho habit of
buying their clothing in larger cities.
This is nil wrong because Krot k & Wat
sou will doll you your clothing at Just
as reasonable figures,
Our stook of Doots nnd Shoos is
very complete nnd at prices within tho
reach of till. Sold by Krook & Watson.
COOur lino ot Grocorlos is now and
oompleto at lowest pricos by Krook &
JteyNow Fall Styles in Dress Goods;
largo stock, low prices by Kreek &
Da, mo, sol, fa, mo, ra, do Do no
forgot your inuslo lesson. T. S. llmdo
now kcopf a stock of sheet muslo.
Lovers of fine stock should call
and sco that flno thoroughbred Jersey
Dull at tho farm of Wm. A. Gardner.
Tho largest lino of Hoots and Shoes,
Hats.Cups und Gent's Furnishing goods.
Tho roustabouts on tho leveo at New
Orleans nro on n Btnko, nnd a pollooman
was killed lu a riot a week ago.
Resolutions of Rccpoot.
At a lucotltig held at tho Christian
church lu this oky, Septorabcr 26th, lu
nicmorv of our dead President, tho fol-
! lowing resolutions wero ..adopted :
WjiintKAS : In tho vlclsltudes of luuuaii gov
ernment, death has removed our beloved broth
er, honored nnd venerated l'resldent therefore,
llrj'olvcii, That wo, as iin'iubers ot the Christ :
lay. church at Oregon, Mo., deem It meet to
unite with tho churches, the nation, and tho
great and good of nil civilized pooplo In deep
condolence over the untimely death of him who
has etood majestically fourth as the chief
exponent of that which wvs puro In thought,
noblo lu cnncpllon, and gramt In ex."CHtlou.
llcmhxd, That In tho death of President Gar
field, the nation lias Inst a Christian statesman
whoso equal, In purity of life, unbending devo
tion to principle, und magnitude of his schemes,
will rarely bo found In auy n.iu or among any
llmlvctl, That hi tho death of Vrosldcnt Oar
field, ho has left to his countrymen a great lega
cygreater oven than his glory. Ho has left
them the contemplation of his eharncter.
JltmlvtJ, That wo oxteud our Christian sym
pathy to tho herolo wife nnd bereavd family
of our martyred l'rwsldeut. and glvo them such
worusoi ciiceraimcomion as win cu.iuiu iiieiu
tnjuoro cheerfully sny, us did the Master In tho
dark garden ot (lethsemano, O, Uod, thy will
on none.
llexnlrrtl. Thiit. ivn ovt,.iwl mir ilppn.t.st ftvintm
thy to thn noblo and n,cd mother f our Illustri
ous rrcnldcnt, nud humbly prtiythat tho All
wise Helng will sustain and comfort herlu this
dark hour of hor aulictlon.
WM. A. OAllNDKIt, 1
H. O. Thomas, Com.
O. C. Hill.
Tho Veiled Prophets.
Quito ft delegation loft Sunday last
t nttond tho St. Louis fair and witness
tho annual dosplny of tho Voile'd Pio
phots of tho Mississippi Vnlloy. Among
thobo who took thoir doparttiro, wero
W.n.Spriuger nnd wlfo; T. C. Dun
gan m wlfo ; Ira Fetor and wlfo ; Mrs.
K. G. Holtz; Levi Zook; Jno Stephon
ei; J. W. Ramsoy: Goo, Molntyio
Arthur Ilussoll nnd Daulol Zachmau.
At pricos ranging from 92.50 to $35.00
ner iwio. somo oi tno nnosi; lanu in
orthwost Missouri, iu both largo and
nail tracts Desirable town proporty
fi all tho towns of Holt county. Also,
1 fow flno farms iu Kuusas. Parties
esiing to cither sell or buy land, will
Ttiidl. to thoir Interest to address mo at
once, as I am constantly having calls
for all grados of lands, tvnd can tutt nil
purotiasora wnomsoovor. aimi
Attornoy at Law, Oregon, Mo.
li I 1. .. nntnhoi, 17th 1BS
i... iii.i.. t.r ! 1ia sirikvil mill rmitpiitiip
?' ."u5 "'..v" '?av. t".v; . ... r:
mato cest of such work, for tlie faithful perforin-
. it... i 111. la sannlirttil 11 r II1V nttMft
?i Mound Clti- up to o'clock, A. sr., October
17th, 1881. und also at tho county vm: on co
lu Oroeoii, until ToN-iock V. ix.. 'ctpbcr nth,
issl. It gut reserven io rejecumj' um nm o..v
uruntnrv vn mniit to bo made In warrants on
tho.Common uouuty, or Jioau aim jiruiKo tuum
or iiom, nuiinuK i' ' l
i'or luru.er P"""-""; MomtI8.
County tUryeyor nnd it. and II. Coni'r,
Our pooplo that visited .tho St. Joseph
Exposition nro oulhuslnstiu over tho
bargains they secured at Mclulnch's,
IDQi Frederick Avonuo, St. Josoph.
Mclnlneh'fl Eastern buyer has secur
ed somo Croat bargains in Dro Goods,
that ho is selling nt 10c, 12c, 14c, 17
nud 21o; nud Cashmores atl!il-2c. 22c,
82, 40, 47, 62, 62, 70, 77 1-2 and 8rc;
At 70o 76o, 80o 90 to 1.60. Groat bar
gains nt Mclninch's 1900 Froderick Av
emio, St. Joseph.
Cases Hoots and Shoes at Mcltiiiich1
ut drought prices.
manufactures by hand nil his Harness
nnd Snddlos; writo for pricos.
'"Jackson, tho Common eonso Rorao
dy mnn," Imn mndo his hotidqtinrtors at
Foster Dro's. livery stable, whoro ho
will remain for tho next two days, for
tho purpose of proving to tho pooplo of
this county, that his ''Common Senso
Llulmont" will do just in ropresontoil
nnd is a certain euro for tho following
diseases of horses: Lnnietioss of tho
Cofiln-jolnts, Sweeny, contracted feet,
Hhuumatlsni, Sciatica in horses lupc,
soro shoulders, necks nud breasts und
on cnlloiihcs botweou tho Inner und out
er sliln. Ho will opoi nlo frco of ohargo
on tho above diseases lor tiio purpose of
advertising his remedlos.
Dan. Martjn is agent for tho Sludoba
kor wagon and Fish Dros, celobratod
wagou and will soil them nt St. Josoph
Everybody within tho bordors
ot Holt county can bo hapny
if they o dosiro. Howl Why
by interviewing us nnd lonrn
ing our prices on l'ioco Goods,
Hats and Caps, and Groceries.
East F
is now prepared for business nnd will
pay tho highest market prlcofor Wheat
nnd Corn.
Mtico ft? hereby
po n? hereby given to all creditors and
I, i outers
man, deceased, tint I. J. H. O. Currls, adminis
trator of said estate, Intend to mako final et
tlemcnt theroof at tho next November, 1881.
term of tho l'robato Court of Holt county. Mo.,
to bo held at tho Court House-In the city of
... if,. lwn o-tliii nit Ilin !Jt1 ilitir nt tJr-
uri'Euii, iuu.. uB" i-y, V,";,;v.VVa
U , II. U
AUin T.
O. W. Thomas, Atty. for Adm-r.
A locomotlvo spnrk caught In tho
dross of n lady on n Nowark train, anil
wm completofy destroyod. Sparks aro
always hovorlng about tho ladles.
THE ' '
1 if.

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