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uonrss a wallkh.
Ficki.ki) Red Cabbage. Slico tho
oibbngc, cover It with salt and let It
stand two days. Tlicu drain and put In
a pan; cover with vlncgnr nnd spico to
suit jour tnstc. Givo it a scnld nnd
when cold put In Jars and Uo up close
FniED Cuci'M Milts. Aflcr peeling,
cut them in rather thick slice?, sprinkle
with flour, nnd fry them. Season with
salt nnd pepper nftcr they nro cooked.
The fat should ho very hot, bo ns to
fry thtm quickly, or they will go to
Cidkk Jelly. Ono box gelatine d's
solved in one pint cold water. In twen
ty minutes mid ono pint boiling wntor;
then one quart cider ntd ono pint sugar
(granulated), nnd tlio grated rind nnd
juico of lemon?. Lot it stand on the
sIoto ur.tllliot, but not boll. Then strain
into mold?.
Apple Jam. Ten pounds of cooking
apples, paro and slice; seven pounds
loaf sugar, tlio juico ot tlirco lemons,
rind of ono lemon, boil all together
slowly, stir nnd mush well; when they
becomo clear puS into molds. Tho
apples should bo put in water to pro
servo their colors.
Floatino Island. Ono quart of
milk; llvo eggs, whites nndyo'ika beaten
separately; four tablcspoonfuls (heap
ing) whito sugar; two tonsrjoonfuls ex
tract bitter almond or vanllln; half-cup
currant jelly; beat tho yolks well, stir In
tho sugar, and add tho hot boiling milk,
a littlo at a time; boil until it begins to
thicken; when cool, flavor and put into
a glass dish, first stirring it up well;
Leap upon it a meringtto of tho whites,
Into which you havo beaten half a cup
of currant, cranberry, or other bright
tart jelioy; dot witli bits of jolly cut in
to rings or stars or straight slips laid on
in n pattern.
An eastern paper is responsible for
tho startling averment that a Cincinnati
belle, in reply to tlio question whether
thcro was much cultivated and refined
society in her native city, replied: "You
jlst bot your boots that wo'ro n cultured
A paper announced iho illness of its
editor, piously adding, "AH good pay
ing subscribers aro requested to mnko
mention of him in their prayers; the
other class nocdnot, ns 'tho prayers cf
tho wicked avail nothing, according to
good authority."
This is a woman. Sho is coming out
of a dry goods store. Sco how happy
the woman looks. She has just bought
a remnant. Did sho get tho rcniant
cheap? Sho says sho got tho remnant
cheap. Would you liko to havo a dry-
goods storo nnd soil remnants?
"Mother," asked Mnry Jano at tho
breakfast tabic, Monday mornln
"don't you think gray hair is awfully
becoming?" Mary Jato, it should bo
remarked, has a beau who 30 locks aro
silvery. "Yes, I do," remarked her
mother, grabbing at something on Mary
Jano's shoulder; "yes, think it is bo
coming too common. That makes tho
tenth ono this morning," holding it up
between her thumb and finger.
A big, fat colored woman went to the
Galvoston Chief of Pollco and told him
that her stepson had run nway, nnd falio
'wanted to know whero ho was. "It
boddcrs me to know why ho loft. Ho
had everything ho needed to mnko him
cumfablo. I dono all I could for 1dm,"
sho observed. "Has ho any marks by
which ho may bo recognized?" "Well,
I don't reckon all tho marks I mado on
him with a bed-slat, while do old man
was holdin' 1dm has faded out yet."
Tl oy wcro bidding each other good
night, tho rioh man's daughter and the
poor man's son, when sho took occasion
to remark, "You say you havo no ex
pcctatlons from your father?" "No,'
no answered; lrnnmy. "Ana nit your
relatives nro dend?" "All dend, dar
ling; bnt don't feel gloomy on my no
count; I'll como nround to-morrow
evening and nil will bo blight nnd
cheerful." "Perhaps you hadn't better
omo," sho replied gravely, closing tho
door on him, "I feel as if I had a sick
hcadacho coming on, and it will bo
pretty bad by to-morrow night." And
tho next ovening sho engaged herself to
tho son of a Niagara hackman.
AVIir lire Von Millions?
Because yuu nave allowed your bowel to be
enine custite. lud liter torpid. Use Kidney
Wort to produce free state of the bowel, tad
uwiu riniuiaieuieiiverio proper tcujn, sua
ctyte new me 111 me uioou. uameyt.
Cold 1 ono ue on To ast Tnko cold
smoked tongue or linm. mineo or crrnto
fine, mix it with tho benton yolks of egg
nuu uruum or mux, Willi n uasu o
cavonno pepper: nrennro thin, small
square pieces of bufered toast ; placo on
a heated platter, .piutlng spoonful of
1110 meat on eacu piece; cover with
dish cover, and send to tablo hot For
breakfast or lunrtli.
Itoirus C'erilUculen.
ItUnoTlleurutgedttuiI, pretending to be
rotue 01 wouucriui iurein roots, lurks, Ac.,
mud puffed up by loug bogus ccrUiicalet of pre
tended m.rtculoo cure, but a simple. Dure.
effective inedielue, made of well kuowu valuable
remedies, tlial furnishes lu own certiUe-ales by
Its curt. We refer to Uop Milters, Uie purest
and best ot uie jidue. bee another coliium,
Bice Ciiickkn Pin. Cover tho hot-
torn of a pudding dish- with slices of
brollodham; cut up a broiled chicken
and nearly fill tho dish; pour in eravy
or melted butter to fill tho dish; add
chopped onions if you like, or it littlo
curry-powder, whioh is hotter; then ndd
boiled rlco to fill all intorstlcos nnd to
cover thu top thick. Bako it for 0 no
half or three-quarters of an hour.
Tlio Catholic College of St. Thcrcse,
at l'roTldtmc, 25 mile from Moutrcal,- was
burned Oct 6th. Loss, tiWO.rm
A rclleious mania has becomo cpl-
dr mlc In Nicaragua. The victim believe that
the Almighty communicatee Hit will to tlicm
Tho Mutual Union Telegraph Com-
rany Is about to lav Its wires Hiideipround with'
In the limit of Clitcapo, and expects toopcnits
offlce In that city about Oct. 15th.
It is bcllced that tho American wheat
crop for IS! lli:FcrfPBt'tl('00o.000lUlus,
or ouc-clclith lew than last year. Tlie estimate
Is based on the report of tho Agricultural
It is reported that tlio winter wheat
In Northern Indiana Is looking magnificently,
Some of It Is already so high that hve-sttxk
have been turned In to eat It down. The
ncrenKO In Northern Indiana Is larger than ever,
Tlio National Tempernneo boelety s
Hoard of Managers havo appealed to rrrsl-
dent Arthur to use his Influence to discourage
the national drlukluc custom, and to lefsen
tho great and threatening evil of Intcmj er
Tho Farmers' Alllancp of England
have draflcd n land bill, which will glvo to the
farmer tenants of England the simc rights on
tenantry and farm Improvements which have
been given to the Irish. It will bt presented to
Faallamcnt shortlv.
A small child, while stnndlng near n
molnnes evaporator near Dandrldge, Tcnn., a
few days ago, witnessing tho evaporation with
great glee, lost Its fcothold and fell Into the
seething masi and was dead beforo Its hohlflcd
relatives could icscue It.
The government hns fixed no valua-
t!on on mutilated silver coin other, than the
market value of tho silver they contain. They
are purchased at tho mint by we ight as bullion,
nnd their voluo depends upon the prico of "si!-
ver on tlio day the coin Is received at the mint
A dispatch from Tucson, of Oct. 4th,
says; Advices received here show that a field
between forts Grant and Thomas lasted four
hours. Tho Indians were driven from the'r
position among the rocks nnd retreated. One
tcrgcant was killed and four men wounded.
The Indian loss Is unknown.
Jnmcs A. Lewis, better known ns
Arizona Dill, an old government scout, was
killed In a quarrel nt Crested Iluttcs, Sept.
80th. Ilmscll and Median, Indian couriers,
arrived at Dcndwood, and rejort that the
Whlto River Utcs as well ns somo of the
Uncompahgrcs havo been paid and aro now
roaming over the old reservation splendidly
armed and anxious to fight. After tho Indians
are all paid tho reservation will bcdcclared open
for settlement.
Tlio authorities In New Jersey havo deferred
action for the present Justice Bcuddcr, of
the Supremo Court, In addressing' the grand
Jury, made the following remarks In reference
to Gulteau : "It will not bo advisable or neces
sary for you to take any action In the matter at
present, nnlcss we shall be notified of the pros
ecutlon and Indictment of the offence In this
county, we are rcqulrolto prevent tho failure
of Justice, which docs not now appear to be pro
halile, according to the .statement given to le
gal authority at w ashlngton."
Tho cx-Confcelcrntes at their reunion
at Mobcily, Mo., Sept Sjtli, adopted resolutions
expressing themselves In full sympathy with
tho Nation's grief for the untimely death of
President Garfield, offering hoartfelt condolence
and prayers for tho stricken family, deprecating
the growth of seeds of assassination In tho land,
denying that any cx-Confcdcrato Soldlcf de
sires n pension from the Federal Government or
nny State, rcafilimlng tho acceptance of the Is
sues of tho lato war, denouncing tlio train rob
hers and calling for tlio extermination of that
class of criminals.
It is stntod that tho Grand Trunk
lines have mado a proposition to tho othir
Eastern railroad conipanlcstoforcohlghcr rates
ot freights. The matter has been under con
sideration, and the Baltimore & Ohio, Pitts.
burgh.Ft Wayio it Chicago an 1 the Pittsburgh,
Cincinnati ,fc St. Louts roads express their
willingness and will consider favorably such
an arrangement, but the Vanderbllt lines aie
not yet prepared to enter Into an arrangement
of that character, and consequently tho war Is
likely to contlnne.
A dispatch says: Mrs. Garfield will
probably spend her summers ot Mentor, In the
old home, and In the winter time with her rein
tlvcs In Cleveland, where she will be near her
husband's remains, and part of the time nt
Wlillamston, Mass., where she will be near her
eldest bovs, Harry and James, while they aro at
tend ng Williams College. urandma Garfield
in future will make her home with Mrs. Gar
field. Wbitlicr tho bereaved wife goes, the sor
rowing mother will go. Tlie aged grandmother
Is very frail, and will spend her last days vrttli
tlio family of lierdead son.
A special from Union City, Tcnn.,
says squirrels are crossing the Mississippi river
fifty miles south of nicknun In fabulous 1111 m
bers. Tbey aro caught by the dozens by men
In skiffs. They enter and pass through corn
fields, destroying as they go. They ore bcarluc
up tho country and hundreds aro seen crossing
east over the Tennessee river, below Point
Mason. Tbey are from the Interior of Arkan
sas. Ilnrlng the past few days the woods In
tho vicinity of Bedford, Ind., havo literally
swarjied with squirrels, where ono month ago
one could scarcely be found. Tbey are mlgrat
Ing, coming from the southwest and going in a
northeasterly direction.
At 11 o'clock A. if., Oct. 4th, tho gsand
Jury voted unanimously, found a true bill, but
did not report It at at once to the court At 1
o'clock Foreman Churchman placed in the hand
of District Attorney Corkblll, a 'presentment
against Gulteau for the munlcr of James A
Garfield by wounding with a bullet fired from
a pistol In the bands ot Charles J. Gulteau at
tho B. fc 0. depot, on or about July 2, 1881.
Dr. Laub, who performed tho autopsy upon
tlio late l'resldent, explained to tho grand Jury,
with the aid of a diagram, the track of the
wound In the President's body. Edward Dub
bary, a new witness who was present at the
depot and witnessed tho shootluir. also testified.
With this witness the grand Jury concluded the
Investigation. George Scovllle, of Chicago
Guiteau's brother-in-law and conusel, arrived
Oct 4th, and visited the prlioner.
(i. W. Scovillo visited Gulteau Oct.
Bill and remained two hours. He found his
client more nervous In regard to tho result of
tlio trial than day before, and In a mora humble
mood. He wanted to map out 1 plan of defense,
and was lull ot suggestions. Ho was
quite ready to submit Uo has furnished Sco
vllle with a mlnnto list of places at which wit-
ncsses may be sought for as to his acts and his
men'al condlton during the last ten years, and
ttpeclal y during the last three years. Gulteau
was at first averse to the plea of Insanity,
saying it would prove a wealcouoln nls case.
lie was wining to allow his broficr-'n law to
decide this jiolnt, and promised to obey Implied'
jy ins directions. Mr. Beovllio roues much up
on testimony to bo obtained In the District
There are many who came In ontactwitb the
assassin st hotels and the boarding-house, In
the libraries and at the Departments, between
March Cth and July 2.1, who he thinks will, If
failed upon to swear, boobllgM tosay that they
thought him a deranged man. Such opinions
will now Iks recalled rrluctautiy, but they will
be all the more powerful as evidence.
A Tombslono dispatch, of Oct. 4th,
snysi Tiro men came In from Uragoon sum
mit, 10 miles northeast, mid report a battle be
ing foujrht that evening. From their posttlon
they saw it plainly and heard volics. The bat-
til continued half an hour, but they could not
tell which sldo kbs gaining. They Judged thero
were two companies of soldiers, but could not
tell hew many Indians. A courier has been
se'itto notify the csmpseatt of Tombstone of
the dinger. A company Is now gathering: to
Intercept the Indians should they go sou'h.
The following arc Ihe particulars of the Vattlul
Col. lletnatd came upwltli the Indians betwicn
4 and ft o'cloek Tucnlo' ne.ir tic Carhlz strong
hold, tho Indians going Into camp numbering
1(0 men, besides wouicn and chlldien. lternatll
attuked tlie Indiana who showed fight and
while the wrincn and children drove the ani
mals up tl.c mountain side, ihe men fought the
troops hack and along tho foot. The Indians
then (truck ever tie tope,f the mountain, ni:d
tho troops followed to the south pass, when
darkness crdfd the pursuit. Uoth sides were
badly fagged out. A lete dlspath saja! The
Indians were making for the west, prot ably for
Sonera. One Indian is known f be killed, and
three colored leldlcts wounded. One girl about
eight jcars eld, supposed to be tho Chief's
laughter, was captured. Ilarnanl sends for
Crliuo nml CVIiuIdhIh.
Augustus I). Wheclock, tho defaulting
bookkeeper ot Walcott & Co., New York, has
been handed over by the English to the Amer
ican authorities.
A man wns found floating in tho riv
er at Chicago, Oct 4th, with his throat cut and
other marks ot 111 usnge. It Is supposed that
he was robbed nnd murdered, and thrown over
bo.ird. From papers found on his person ho Is
supposed to be a Mr. Mcintosh, a cattle dealer
of Milwaukee.
A notorious character nnmcd Ed. Mc-
Dcrmott Ir.stautly killed John Kccfc ond wound
ed Harney McCardle at .tcllcrsonvllle, Ky., on
the night of Oct. Sd. Tho two latter wcro en
deavoring to act sspeaco makers between Mc-
Dcrmott and another man with whom bo was
fighting, and he assaulted them with a knife.
A Fittman, Colorado, dispatch of Oct
4th, says several cltlzenshavelatelybetn robbed
and badly beaten. The robberies were traced
to Charles Uriggs, proprietor of a dance hall,
and his associates. Oct. 4th a mob of citizens,
after warning tho Inmates, set Are to the hall
Urlggs fired Into the crowd without t fleet. An
unknown party returned the fire and fatally
wounded htm.
Colonel Corkhill, United States DIs
trlct Attorney, has received from Attorney
General Stockton, of hew Jersey, a communi
cation In which he states that no action will be
taken In Guiteau's case by the authorities of
that State. George 8c(.vlllc, Guiteau's brother-
In-law, rays, that owing to the solicitations of
his wife, who Is Gnlteau's only friend, he will
act as counsel for the assassin, jnd has so In
fnrmr1 Tllstrlrt AttrmfV (irkhlll. ITuhfifllio
- " -7 --" J I
fears but that there will be a fair trial. He
will not take advantage ot any technicalities,
butIU makc'lnsanlty the only defeutc.
On tho afternoon of Oct. 6th, Cap
tain llowgate was brought before C. 8. Bundy,
United States Commissioner, on the charge ot
embezzling from the United 8tatcs tho rum of
1 34,000. Judge Bundy said as there was no ap
plication made by tho defenso to reduce the
bill, ho would fix tt at $10,000. Counsel for de
fense stated that they regarded the ball as ex
cessive and that their tllentwas totally unpre
pared to procure It. Judgo Bundy thcreuion
proceeded to draw up n commitment. Counsel
for the defense, have already dr.nvn a petition
for a writ of hnlcM eoijws. Captain llowgate
has been taken to jail,
When tho criminal court mot in
Washington en the morning of Oct. Sth, the
presiding Judgo stated he had examined the In
formation tiled In the star route cases and had
fixed ball at $7,500 In tho cases of Brady (ill
Brown, and at (1,000 In tho cases of Turner
and French. A short bat important discussion
ensued between Cook, Assistant District Attor.
ney Totten and couuscl for defense, In tlie
course of which tho latter stated he might have
other motions to submit besides tint to quash
the Information, bat that ho would probably
formally file that motion next day. It was
agreed that lef oro any motion should be argued
two days' notice should bo given to opposite
counsel. The bondsmen then Justlflrd as fol
lows: John F. Olmstcad, N. W. Fltzccrald,
A. h. Itocho and Lewis Ciep'jand for Brady; J,
W. Humphrey nnd J. D. Juhnson for Turner,
and D. II. Warner and Wash. B. Williams for
French. S. Y. Brawn was not present with his
IX'cwn I'roin Abroad.
In tho Socinl Sclcnco Congress nt
Dublin, David Dudley Cramer ardently support
ed the vote of thanks to Lord O'Hagans for hie
address and speech, In which he connected Lord
U'Hagans' ability, with warm expressions, to
Garfield, and for English and Irish sympathy
lor the deatn 01 l'resldent Garfield.
An attempt has been mado (o blow up
the residence 01 Captain Thomas Lloyd, at
Pallas Green, county Limerick. The residence
was occupied at the time by Captain Lloyd and
seventeen emergency men and police. One
sido ot the building was shattered by dynamite
Nobody was injured.
A Tarls dispatch of Oct.t74th, says:
General Farre, Mln'stei of War, received tele
grams confirming the report of the burning of
tbo railway statlonsWodzerghaand Massacring
and a number ot employes, Including several
British subjects, by Insurgents In Tunis. The
attack on tho station was made, by Arabs who
recently attacked All Bcy,'statton master, uu
ex-Lieutenant In the French Army and a cheva
lier of the Legion ot Honor, was burned alive,
as was also ten employes who were mostly
Maltese and Italians all massacred.
An artlclo in London Daily News pro
poses that a duplicate of the Bruce Jones statue
of Gladstone, now ready for casting be made
and presented to tho United Btates to be erected
In Washington, commemorating tho kindly
sympathy expressed from high to low with the
United States In Its National sorrow. It pro
poses to represent Kngland and Wales. The
pedestal to bo of Scotch granite and base ot
Irish granite. Cost of duplicate would be jE3,
uov. Ariic'o is signed ny uronzt, rounder,
A Paris dispatch says: It Is stated in
the Bonspartlsts circles that tho ex-Empress
Kugenia, on the occasion ot Iter recent bumsd
visit to that city, made a will, leaving her
fortune to Prince Victor and declaring him the
head of the Bonapartlet parly, A clause In tho
.,,, ,.. l,A T,. 1- . . - 11
u.ftv Uu.,K 1 kj uovoui ail
his mind to tho service ud cause of the Em
When bad men combine tho good
must assoolato, olse thoy will tall, ono
by one, an unpttlod saorlfice, in n oon
temptablo struggle.
Tne Oflletal Report of Iho Autopsy on
tho Lnto President's Hody.
PnitAnei.niiA, Oct. 1. The following Is the
dflKI-d report of the autopsy ot President Gar
field, prcpaied by the surgeons in charge:
onnciAt, liEroiiT
ot the post mortem examination of the body of
President, J. A. Garfield, made Sept. !, 1831,
commencing at 4:30 r. M., eighteen hours aficr
dcilb, nt Francklyn Cottage, Eltrron, N. J.
Present nnd assMIng: Dr. Wis", Surucin Gen
eral llirne. U. B. A.. Surcem Woodward.
lira lu-vimrn. Hamilton. Acncw. Amircv
Smith snd nctlnir assistant surgion I). I..
I, Mill, of Ihe Army Medleul Museum at Wash
llcfore commencing the cxam'nnt'on Bt the
coiiKUltntlon held In an adjonlng ro'ln it was
uiintilni'iudy nm red that the d eusloii lie made
tiv bauti, and that Woodward hould record tl e
observations made. It wns unanimously mrtccd
Unit lie cxiimlnaticn should not I e ow n. Su
eeou Woodward tt en prorwed tint (tie exanil-
lint on 1 0 cotuiiicifii ns iokowsi lie ihi.iv uc
viewed cxicrr.nlly and any mnriild itpponra'tico
Ihj re-etirdnl: that n catheter then txM s'lvllnlo
the wound nt ilonc iltMn ' II e to w.iii it out
for ti e im-uiu U nm-ist tin to nnd the n is t on
of the bullet; that along IneUlmi next to
mado 'roni t'lemipcrforcxticmllvof tho Mern-
urn lei tlie put cs. mtl tlila ernsed by n trans-
vcirconc iti'i iteimv n.c uin 1 icus: 111111 uie
abdominal linm thus mado should then In-
turned back and the nlMoinlnal vlfccr.i exam
ined. After tlie abdominal eavitv is opt tied
1110 position 01 tne uuuci Btioum m HPcer
tallied, If possible, beforo further Incls
ions, ami mar, niiaiiv tne ttioracc vis
cera should be exam neel. This procedure
was unanimously sgrced to. Tho examination
thru proce'cdcd und tlio lollnning external ap
pearances were onscivcu: u.cnciiy wascoti.
Idcrnbly cmacl te I, tlie face wns much less
wasted than the limb". Preservative fluid had
been Injected by the cnibultiier a few hours bo-
fore Into Ihe left femoral arterv. Tho n pes
used n ere still In position. Tnerc was norc-
clivminslsor other discoloration of niivtwrtof
ineironi niiunmcn. oust, eciow tne riglit c.ir
aim a nine ncu nil whr an ovai uiccrjieu open
ing about half an Inch In diameter, from which
some saiuous pus was escaping, but no tunic
faction ws obseivablc In the paiotld region. A
consiicriiiu number or mirtuia like soot scat
tercel th'ckly over the lelt ics,uln nndtlicnce
forwmd as far as the axilla. They ranged from
an chthth to n fourth of nn IikIi In diameter
aim were slightly elevntcel and purpura cous on
the surface nnd mnnv of tlicm weie conlliiint
In groons of two to fmr or more s'mllar but
mucu icss niiiinuani eruptions wcro observed
tparcclv s:attcicd over the corre'siiondlug re
gion on Iho right. An oval excavated ulcer
about an Inch onir. wlitcli lculteil In nimull
carhuncle, wns seated over tho splnunut pro-
ce-sn over iuc le-iiin iionm verienra. ejvertlie
sac rim wire four tniall red sores, the lurgcst
auuue nan an incu in (iiuincicr. a lew wire
puttules ntul a niimticr of Incguhr s;x)tn of
(io.t mortem hypostatic contcstiotia wcro scat
tercel over the shoulder, back and lmtlm lm.
Thu inferior part of tlie 1 crottim was much dis-colore-d
tiy hypostatic tongnstlon, and n group
of hemorrhoidal tumors, rather larger than a
a walnu', protruded fr in tlie onus. A depres-
sen cicatrix 01 tne wound mnilc bv tlie bullet
was recognized over tlie lentil Intercostal space,
three und a halt inches to tlie right ot the vcr
tcbial spine. A deep linear lnc'slon (made
In part by the operation July, h, und ex
tended by that tit August 8), occupied n osl
tlon clo'clv corTCsnondluc to tlio nnner txinli-r
of the right twclflh rib. (t commenced about
two incncs trnm the vi rlciiral spine, and extend
ed forward a little more than three Inches. "At
the Interior extremity of thl Incision there win
a deep, nearly square abraded surface atxiut an
Inch across. A well-oiled, flexible catheter
about fourteen Inches long, was passed Into
this wound. More resistance was tfrst Incurred
than had been usual, but of icr several trials the
IIUU Will. MOMilJ. UUb .11 111 RUVITUI mil if. 1 lie
catheter entered without any violence to Its full
length, it was then left In this position nnd
tho body disposed sunlnelv for prnmlnnt'rm
The viscera of the cranium was not opened.
A long Incision was made from thenupcrlor
extremity of the sternum to the pubes, followed
by a transverse Incision crossing the abdomen
Just belowthc umbilicus. The Haps thus formed
lecrc turned oick and the abdominal viscera ex
posed. Tho subcutaneous adipose tlsiue as
divided by the Incision and showed tlio effects
of chronic dysentery, lrom which the patient
I said to have suffered during tho wnr. On
tho right side were a few similar adhesions nnd
a nurutier of more delicate, and probably recent
one. The mass of black and coagulated blood
covered and concealed the spleen and left a mar
gin of greater .omentum. On raising tho omen
tum it was found tlmt this blood mass extend
eel through tlio left liiinhirll'ic regions, drop-
mhku"i" on" iicms, 111 which was snuie
clotted libiHl and rntlmr more thai a plut of
b nody fliil I. (Foot not lu-ic sa s n large part
of this fluid had prnhibly transuded from the
lulectlon ot the ciiilulmlnc fluid.)
The blood coaculo havinir been tnrnpil nut
nnd collected measured a pint. It was plain that
n-i-uiiuar.t iii-inuiruimu liau ot-cil II1Q lllllllOilatO
cause of death, but the point from which tlie
blood had ct'cacd was not at once apparent
The omentum was not adherent in. tlie lutes-
tuns, wlilcli were moderatelv extended with eas.
So Intestinal adhesions were found o-.hcr thin
those between thu transverse colon and tlie
liver, already mentioned. The abdominal cavity
being now washed out as thoroughly as possi
ble, a fruitless Uttemilt WJS made tn obtain
some Indication of the position of the bullet lo-
inre mailing iunncr iuci;inn. lly pushing the
intestines nway the extremity of the catheter
which had passed Into tlie wound could bo felt
Deiween uie peritoneum ami rlirht lilac fascia.
butlt bad evidently doubled unnn lt.f m.ri
although a'prolonged seareli was made nothing
could lie seen or felt to Indicate the presence of
tuu uuii 111--H: ui- drew oere.-. uie aouoininiu
viscera was then cwefully removed from the
oony. pwecu 111 miianie vcjsels and cxnitilucl
seriHtum, wiiu tne loiioHing result: The ad
hesions between iholiverandtraiisvcrsecolon
nrnvc-l to bo bound un abscess civil v Ivhuvn
the under surfuco of thu liver an-i the, transverse
mesocolon, Involving tho gall and bladdr, nnd
extending some dlstunco cm h side otlt, iiu-os-urclng
six Inches transversely and four lnel.es
ironi iiuioiuuacKwarn. nils cavity was lined
with thick p) ojcnle membrane which completely
replaced the eupsule of that part under the sur
face of the liver occupied by the absrcs. It
contained about two 011 11 tea of a greenluh ve'-
un Hum, n lui&Luiuui pus snu miliary mutter.
This absces did not Involve anv portlun or sub
stance of the liver except the surface tn con
tact, ai:d no communication could bo detected
recent peritoneal adhesslons existed between
ueiwccn it aim any put 01 1110 wound. Home
the upper surlace of the right lobe of the liver
ami uiu uitparugm.
Tho liver was larger than norma, weighing
81 ounces. Its substanco wax firm, but of 11
partl-yellowler. color on the surface and through
out the Interior of the orcan from fnttr ilir..n.
eratlon. No cvldenre that itbad been renetrat-
cu oy tne ouuei couiu on round, nor were there
hny abscesses or infractions In any part of Its
tissue. Iho spleen was connected with tbo
uiapnrsgm auuesions. There were several
rattier deencnmrluiol Assures In It man-ins.
giving tt a lobuiuted appearance. It was abuor-
nany urge, weighing 10 ounces, or a very dark
lukered color, botli on the surface and on tlie
section. Its parenchyma was soft and flabbv.
but contained no abscesses or Infections. There
were soma recent perltnno adhesion between
tho posterior abdominal puletlcs. With this
exceutlon uo abnormalities were ilhuvivfrn,! In
tho stomach or Intestines, nor were any other
evidences ofgcncral or local perltonltes found
bodiles those alrvadr ipcclned. The riclit
kidney weighed six ounces, the left kldnev
seven. Just beneath the capsule of tho left
kidney, at ubout the middle of Its convex bord
er, there was 11 little abscess, a third of un Inch
In dUnit'tcr, 'I hero were time small serous
cjbui 011 me convex unruer 01 1 lie right kidney,
Just bcneatli Its capsule. In otjier respects the
tissue of b ith kidneys wus normal In appearance
nnd texture. Theurlnarv bladder
Behind the light kidney, after Hi" removal of
that oriran from the bodv. the dilated track of
the bullet was dissected into. It waaf'uudtbat
nomine poiui at wnicu 11 una fractured the
right clevantli rib (three luetics and n half tn
tlie right of tbo vertebral spines) the mlssle
had irone to tlio left olillaurlv forward, niuilnir
thrugli the body of tho first lumbar vertebra)
and lodging lu an adepose conneetlvo tissue
Immediately liclnw the lower border ot the
pancreas, about two laches and a half to the
left ot the spinal column and behind the
peritoneum, It had becomo completely encys
ted. Tho track of tho bullet between the point
at which the fractured lltli rb and that at
which It entered the first lumbar vertebra was
conslderablr dilated and the pus had burrowed
downwards throutch the adipose tlssuo behind
tlie right kidney and thence had found Its way
between the peritoneum and the right illao fas
cia, muiiing a descending iiiannei which ex
.... i.n., ... ,,, mnn,llnnn II..,.., !..
- hind the kidney In tho vicinity of this e'esee nd-
Ing channel It was much tlilckemd and con-
iicnscn ny innamauoii. in tno cnanel wulcn
was almost free from pu, lay the flexible cathe
ter, Introduced Into the wound at the com.
menccmentof the autopsy, IU extremity was
found doubled upon Itself Immediately be
neath the peritoneum, reposing upon the lilac
fascia, where the channel wus dilated into a
Cell ot considerable also. Thlsloiif deecfind
channel, now clearly seen to have been
caused by tho burrowing of )us from the
wound was ittpposeel during Hie to have been
the track ot the bullet The last dorsal, to
gether with the first and second lumbar vcrto-l-rro
and the twelfth rib, wcro then removed
from the body for a mora 'thorough examina
tion. When this examination was made It was
found that the bullet had penetrated tho first
lumbar vcrtcbrre In the upper part of tho right
side ot Its body. 'I he an rluru liy which It en
U rcd Involved tho Interver ebal cartilage next
shore, and was situated Just below and anterior
tn the Intervertebral foramen, from which its
upper margin was shout one-quarter of an Inch
distant Passing obliquely to the left and lor
ward Ihroigh the upicr part ot the
tiody of tho first lum'jar vertebne,
tho bullet emerged by an aeriurc
the renter of which was about half an Inch to
the lett of tho metllan Hue Mid which also In
vo ved the lntcrvcrtebra. Tlio cartlisgo next
above the eoiicltnttd tlssuo Ihkiv of the first
lumbar vertcbr.i was very much conendnnted
nnd tlio. frsgino'its soincwliatdlspluted. Severn!
deep flsmo-s extended from ti e truk of the
bulet Into the lower part of 'ho body ot tie
twelfth ilorsd verte'iia, nnd others cxtntideil
through thu flr-t lumb.ir vertebra Into the Inter
crtelmil rartlhgo nnd tietwecu It nnd the
se-cntid lumbar vertetira. Ilotli this cvtUure
audthstncxtnhovcMere parti dcstroxctl by
ulerriillon. A iiiimlier of minute I nw incuts
from tlie fractured lumbar crlcbra lnul been
driven Into the adjacent ioft puts. It was
further found that thu right IStli rib also wns
fractured at a point un lucli Jtid nqu.irtcr to
tho right of ho tratmcrso proems of the
twelfth dotsnl vertcbr.i. This Injury had not
been rccngii-zcdourlncllfe. On sawing through
the vertebra a little to the right of the inchnu
line It wns found that the spinal column we
not involved by the trr.clt or tho bullet. Tl.c
spinal cord and the other contents of thl pir
tion of tho spinal ennui flM tint present alii.onu
al apiejraiuc. Ihe rest of thu s,.lnal conl
was not examined ticjo dtl.o first lumbar ter
tebrn. Tlie bullet roi.tlmicd to tl.c left, p.islng.
iH'hlnd the rancreas to the point where It was
found: hero It whs em clot cd In a firm cyst
of connective tls-ue which contained be
sides the bsll a mlnnto quantity of
Insp'ssntcd some hat chcesr pus, wh'ch
forimtl a thin layer over n portion of the
surface of the lead. Tlicrcwaa!snablaikshrrd
pcriioiieuni, behind the sp ecu nnd Into the lib
elomlnal cavity. The rending of thu tissues !v
the extravasation ot this blood wa undoubted!)
the anise of the paroxysm and pain which occur
1 od shortly 1 cfore dea- li. 1 h Is mass of ciagulaU'd
t loiKl wns of Iriegular fotmund nearly as large
as a man's hot It could re distinctly (ecu
fiom In ftont through tho pciltnncum alter Its
site behind thcgTcutercurvaturcof the stomach
which had been c nosed by the dlssce tlon of the
grc iter omentum lrom the stomach, nnd espe
cially after tome dellcatoadliesions l-ctween the
stomach nnd the part tho peritoneum roveicd.
1 he bliH'd mns whs broken down by tlie lin
gers. From the relations of tho itihss as thu
seen, It was believed that tho hemorrhage
had iirocrcdoel from one of tho inlrcnterlcnrter
lc, but It was clear that a "Inutu dissection
would be required to determine tho particular
branch Involved. It was ug ceil that the Inlet
terateil tissues and adjoining soft parts should
be preserved for subsequent study. On the ex
amination and dissection made 'In accordance
with this (gTCement It wns found that tho fatal
hemorrhage proceeded from the 1 cut
Ho Was Devoted.
From the IlrooUtn Eagle.
It was his vacation, nnd thoy were
floated ututer tho branches of a grent
applo trco, contented with each other's
sooioty and sllontly communing with
nature. His arm had Inadvertently
found its way about hor slender form,
nnd her head had gradually found n
resting placo upon his manly pndded
shoulder. They wcro droamine ot tho
happy days to come, wbou together
thoy soould walk over tho varied path
way of life, when sho suddenly turned
hor molting oyes upon him nnd half
whispered: -"Shall you always bo so
contented with my soolotv. AddvP"
(flis namo was Adolnhus, and sho call
ed him Addy for short.)
"Always, darling," ho murmured,
and tlio prcssuro about her form in
orensod. You will novor, never grow tired
of mo, but constantly remain by my
"Contnntly, Angy," ho said. (Her
namo was Auoclinn.)
"Kemembtr, Addy, dear, wo nro to
bo together for a lifetime. Y'm aro
sure you will not weary of my pres
ence?" "Suro," ho whi8pored fervently, ns
ho brushed a bug from her dress.
"Angy, I will bo nlways at your feet.
Always closo to your sweet form to
guard and protect my treasure from tlio
dangers nnd trials of this wieked, bad
world," and ho looked volumes of love
into her bluo oyes.
"You will novor, nover desert mo
for another woman; you will kepp
firm in your lovo, and remnin faith
ful until death calls ono or thu other
of us to a better world?'' sho ask
ed, switching a largo fly from her
ear. "Nothing that folus might say
will over tempt you to desert my
"Nothing, nothing, Angy," ho said.
ino wnoio wontt mtgnt riso up
ajjnlnst j on, but it would still find
mo steadfast in my lovo. Oceans
may separate us, wo may bo parted
for years, but neither time nor space
will influence my devotion.' I am
yours till tlenth, ho said passionately,
as ho grabbed a largo bcetlo that was
slowly making its way up his leg
"Yes, yours till death, my poarl, bey
"Hero, lot mo go," eho said sud
denly, edging away from him. Ufoa
aro altogether too constant I am
not ono of thoso girls who enjey
having a man knocking about undir
foot nil tlio time, and I'm afraid yVHt
won't do," and sho left him a
weed, broken by tlio wilfulness otCvo-
The Fall Elections.
New York Time.
This is essentially an oil yoar In poli
tics, but several stato oleotlons, some of
of importance, nro to' ocour in
bernud November. Thojlst is
Colorado, on Tuesday, Novom'
will elout judicial and county ofll :ors
and voto upon tho question of tho locn
tlon of tho capital of tho state.
Iowa, on Tuesday, Oetobor 11, will
elect its governor, lieutenant govornor,
superintendent of public instruction
Judge of, tlio supremo court, part of
its senate, nnd its houso of roprc
sentatlvcs. Tho legislature will bo
oalled upon to ebooso a United States
Maryland, on Tuesday, Novorabor 8,
will elect its comptroller, half its son
ate, and itt fnll houso of delegates, as
ita assembly is called. It will also vote
upon a proposed amendment to tho
constitution to change tho time of elec
tion of Judges to the Tuesday after the
first Monday in November".
Massachusetts, on Tuesday, Novem
ber 8, will elect Its full board of stato
onlcors and tho legislature.
Minnesota, on Tuesday, November 8,
will nloct iU full board of stato oflknrs,
and voto upon thrco proposed amend
ments to its constitution. Thcso amend
ments prohibit specin! legislation, pre
vlilo for equal taxation, nnd mako tho
pay of tho members of tho legislature $5
por day, though not to exocod $150 in
amount for regular sessions or $200 for
srojlnl sessions. Tho legislature will bo
called upon to cliooso a United States
Mississippi, on Tuesday, November
8, wilt elect IU full board of stato ofll
cars and tho legislature, which will bo
called upon to cliooui 11 United Stntos
Nebraska, on Tticulny, November 8,
will clrct. n judges of its supromo court
aid twn regents of tho stato university,
nnd vote upon a propo3eel woman's
s'tUVngu uuiondmunt to its constitu
tion. NowJcisoy, on Tuesday, November
8, will elect ranmheis of tho sonata from
Cnmdcn, Ksscx, Gloucester, Monmouth,
Salem, Somersot, Union nnd Warren
counties, and its full houso of repre
sentatives. Tho senators thus chosen
will bo oalled upon to tnko part in tlio
election of n United States senator in
Now York, on Tuestlny, November 8,
will elect its secretary of state, comp
troller, uttornry general, treasurer, on
ginecr and surveyor, en assoclato judgo
of tho court of appeals, tho full legis
lature nnd representatives in congress
from tho ninth, eleventh, twenty
second and twenty -seventh dis
tricts. Ohio, on Tuesday, October 11, will
elect its lull board of stato officers nnd
tho legislature.
Pennsylvania, on Tucsrlny, November
8, will elect its stato treasurer nnd
county officers.
Vlrginln, on Tuesdny, November 8,
will elect Its stato ofllccrs nnd tho legis
lature. Wisconsin, on Tuesday, November 8,
will elect its full board of stnto officers,
half its senate and tho assembly, and
voto upon amendments to tho constitu
tion of tho state, which provide for bi
ennial elections nnd sessions of the leg
islature. A Kings Humor.
Ocorgo tho Third of England wns n
man of great sagacity in common life.
His strong prejudices nndh is lovo for
royal prerogative led him into many
political blunders, liko tho American
revolution; but family and social mat
tors, ho excelled in insight nud shrowd
His humor nnd lovo of fun would flash
out even on solemn occasions. Ono of
the court messengers was anxious to
win U10 royal favor, nud choso 11 suro
way ns ho thought, to secure it.
Tho King was rigid in religious du
ties, and was very devout in publlu
nnd in dally morning prayer in his pri
vato clinpel, A messenger thought to
gain favor by nn nppearanco of duvout-
ness. lie attendee! tlio chapel and at
tracted general attention by loud ro
sponsos. liut tlio King saw through
his pretences, nnd waited n lit opportu
nity for reproof.
Ono morning nftcr servico tho young
man was bustling about, searching for
What is tho matter?" asked the
"Please Your Majesty," ho replied
"I havo lost my hat"
Tho King's wit wns prompt.
"Lost your hat havo you? You pray
ed well, but. you did not wntoli."
The young mnu's hopes wore extin
A Tombs Character.
From New Yolk Letter to Troy Times.
Tho fcmnlo department of tho Tombs
has for nearly forty years been under
tho caro of a matron whoso executive
powers and general ability have ren
dered her of great valuo. I lora Foster,
indeed, is tho most interesting charac
ter connected with tho institution. Sho
bears her prison life remarkably com
ing in tho morning nndremaingallday,
and then departing to her homo at
night. This modo of life has been
maintained with hardly tho loss of a
week, und' now, notwithstanding her
ago, she is ttlll prompt in all her duties.
Flora has a kind, motherly aspoct, but
her decision of character is intense, and
her orders aro boyond appeal. On ono
occasion I noticed, whilo in her office, n
girl who had been arrested for pooket
picking, and who, as a favor, was al
lowed an Inlervlow with her pal. The
latter, whilo talking, uttered an oath,
whlijh, though spoken in a low tono,
was generally audlblo. "Leavo tho
room sir." was tho matron's command.
inil tho fellow knew ho must obey. Tho
girl began to expostulate in a rather im
pudent tone, and her reply was, "hush,
or I will lock you up." Thoimpudonco
continued hi rdly a minute longer, whon
tho quiet voice of tho raatron'gavo tho
command, "lock hor up." As this was
dono Flora turned to mo and said,
"That youngr woman Isa professional
pick-pocket, and should bo senttcState
Prison, but after being hero nvy
weeks sho will bo released and will fjU
on robbing tho public, whilo thoso poor
creatures that are driven hereby misery
will bo sent to Dlaokwcll's Island for
six montho," It is romarkablo that
aftor spondlng a lifetime among tho
outcasts of society the matron of the
Tombs should have suoh a homo look
of qulot aud domestlo character, Thero
must be a fountain of In-dwelling lovo
which oven suoh associations cannot de
stroy, and it b this that raidera FW
Foster bo peculiarly adapted to nr
A Love Match After AIL
Boston Transcript
1 have this moment rccelvod a prlvaW
letter from an American lady in En
land, sajiug: "Yesterday I was at ti
Baroness Ilurdett-Bnrtlctt-Contts' ati
very delightful garden party, but
rained, of course, ns it nlwnysi doos
nn English garden party, and wo 1
journcd to tho conservator for tho oi
terlnlnmcnt. I must toll yon tl at tie
sandwiches contained nothing bnt but
ter nnd spiced tomatoes, nnd wcro dol
olous. Tlio baroncs- was clad in browa
satin, with a profusion of whlto "lace. '
nnd woro fewer jowclsthnn tomo Amer
ican women wear to breakfast. Sl
looks every yenr 1 cr ngo, but hgr hold
has not a hair of gray in it. I ilko hor.
As for 'her husband, ho is, ns tho Bos
ton girls say, 'too awfully nico for any
thing.1 I do not wonder that tho bar
oness fell in lovo with him nnd married
him. nnd that sho is very proud of him.
Sho looks radiantly happy, nnd don't
euro tt whit for tho queen's snub, which
oyery body has been talking nbout; nnd
with so devoted anil charming a hui
bnnd, who also looks supremely happy,
why should she?'1
Heavy Lots of Cucumbers.
!f. Y. Commcrcll Advertiser,
.TttM now tho cucumtier harvest is at
lis lieightin this nud other states, and
the growers rcnlizo tho full extent of lli
dnmngo cnuscd by tlio droutiu Several
of them find themselves on tho vcrgo of
bankruptcy, and failures may bo look
ed for, so great lias been tbo dnmago.
Tho cultivation of cucumbers for
pickling purposes has assumed vast
proportions, and few outsido of thoso
intcrcMcd in tho pickling business hnva
nny idea of the extent of their growth.
Last iiimmer New York stato furnnhed
over 200,CCO,CCO; Illinois, 100.COO,000;
New Jersey, 10,COO,000; nnd sovcral
millions from Michigan nud other plac
es. Westchester county nlso gives a
good supply, generally averaging 120,
OOO.CCO. This j car tho mj ly will not
reach or.c-l:ulf of thcfc llguies, there
fore tho loss to tlio growers can cosily
bo conceived.
I By rcntcn'of this falling off, pickles
may bo expected to bo raised in prico
this winter, oh the pickle manufacturers
havo to pay a much higher f rico than
usual. Tho usual production per ncro
is 100,000 cucumbers, nnd it costs nbout
ouc-third (if the selling prico to pick
them. Tho farmer nets nbout $C5,per
acre. In pluco of tho market prico bo
ing $1 per 1.CC0, it is kow f'2.0 per 1,
000, and n further riso may bo looked
for beforo tlio senson Is ov r.
The Law of Loloicd Migration.
Whnt is tho law of colored migi'a
tlon? The colored man is nctuated by
tho same motives in chnnging localities
as nny other man. Socinl attraction,
sympathy, opportunity for paying em
ployment, with facilities for reaching
the new homo thcso determine tho di
rection of his movements. Chmato is.
no doubt, a consideration which co
operates witli others in determining
tlio general result, n wnrm cllmnlo bo
ing congotinl to temperament nnd fa
vorable to case of llvlnjr. In tho South.
tho drift is now to tho new lnnds.nnd
tho licit planting-regiousj in tlio North,
it is mainly to tho accessible States in
which employment Is to bo had. -Tho
tables of population by counties show
that tho colored people nro very thor
oughly distributed over tlio country,
thinning out toward tho North. In th
snmo latitiulc tho proportion of tlio col
ored population bears a very uniform
relation to tlio number of whites. In
tables giving tho whitj and colored
population of Northern btates by coun
ties, tlio adjacent columns, representlnir
tho two classes, indlcato simply on tholr
faco tins uniformity of rolntion. Thora
aro many exceptions, of course, as
wlioro, for s-xamplo, in parts of Novf
York, Pennsylvania, and Now Jersey,
incro is n largo proponion .of Irish, th
two races not harmonizing well togeth
er, siuco they nro competitow for the
samoj kinds of .employment. There
woro 25 per cent, more colored In Now
York County ln'l840 thnnin 1870; whilo
in Hudson County, Now Jcrsoy, la
wnicli Jcrsoy City is situated, there is
far less than tho usual proportion of tho
colored clement. But the rule will hold
in a goneral way, notwithstanding tho
exceptions by whatsoever oausiiL
Counties In the United States.
Tho number of counties in thoUnlUd
States, by states, is shown in thoannox
ed tablo:
Alabama 071
Arkansas 74
Cillfonila fij
Missouri 115
Nebraska 01
Nevada 14
New Hampshire..., 10
Colorado Sd'
Connecticut 8 New Jersey 21
Pcleware 3 New York- . 00
Elora . 80 NorU Carolina W
tleorgia 1S7 Ohio 88
Illinois 102O.egon 13
Indiana 03 Tcunaylvanla 07
J?wu..'. 09Ulioollland...... 5
K"""".- 7rt!SoutlCarollua..:.. ta
neniucKy,..w ln i'ennl ce M
lx)ulslana. . ,J f$ TexaV . 151
Maiue. ..... . AltemnxV U
Maryland. . . . . .fVfrgliila lt
Mas8.icliusetts... 14
Mlelilgan ?, 70
Minnesota 71
Mississippi 75
West Virginia 54
Wisconsin 0t
C00111K3 wrruoux MiLii. One eup
butter, two cups sugar, ono cup sour
mk. two-thirds teaspoon soda, flour
enough to roll.
Gold Cake. Two cups sugar, throe
fourths cup of butter, ono oup swoot
milk, one teaspoon soda, two toaspoons
cream tartar, yolks of flvo eggs; flavor
to tasto.,
DoucuiNUTU. Four eggs, two cups
sugar, two cups sour milk, two oups
shortening, one teaspoon soda, ono ta
blespoon ground spice, flour to roll, out
J lu rings, and fry in lard.

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