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Victor Koto.
Omnt Vri not deceived tlieis, wisdom cries ',
Mjr flrrt dcatala end In generous light;
At winter yield to spring, bate yields to love ;
Who think to stem, bat rtlse the water's
might I
Great troths, In measureless, Increasing pile,
By their huge mas oft darksome shadows cast,
Before whose depth man stand with anxious
So, rrorldcnce with grandeur dims our sight;
So, stnlsttr and holy night doth weave
Her Tell of shadows with the star-depth's
Professor Huxley's Conclusions From
tho Fuels of Paleontology.
In nn mltlres9 on "Tho Rlso and Pro
gross of Paleontology," recently deliv
ered boforo tho British association for
tho advancement of science, Professor
Huxley said:
Tho wholo fabric of paleontology Is
based upon two propositions. Tho first
Is that fossils aro tho remains of animals
and plants, and tho second is that tho
stratified rocks in which thoy aro found
aro sedimentary deposits) and oach of
those propositions Is foundod upon tho
samo axiom that llko effects imply llko
causes. If thcro is any causo competent
to produce a fossil stem? or shell, or
bono, excopt a living being, then palo
ontology has no foundation. If tho
strati Qcatlon of tho rocks Is not tho ef
fect of such causes as at prosont produco
stratification, wo havo no means of
Judging of tho duration of tho past tlmo
or of tho order In which tho forms of
llfo have succeeded ono anothor. But
ifthesotwo propositions aro granted,
tliero is no escape, as it appears to mo,
from thrco very important conclusions.
Tho first is that living matter has ex
isted upon tho earth for a vast longth of
time, certainly for millions of yoars.
Tho second Is that during this lapso of
tlmo tho forms of living matter havo
undcrgono repealed changes, tho effoct
of which has been that tho animal and
vegetablo population at any ono period
of tho earth's history contains species
which did not exist at somo antecedent
period, and which ceased to exist at
somo subsequent period. Tho third is
tnat in caso of many groups of animals
and of somo reptiles, In which ono typo
can bo followed through a consid
erable oxtcnt of geological time. Tho
sories of different forms by which this
typo is roprosontcd at successive Intervals
of tlmo is exactly such as it would bo if
thoy had been produced by tho gradual
modification of tho earliest form of tho
series. Thcso aro facts of tho history
of tho earth guaranteed by as good ovi
denco as tiny facts in civil history.
Hitherto I havo kopt carefully clear of
all tho hypothesos to which men havo
at various times endeavored to lit 1110
f ants of naleontolosrv. or bv which thoy
havo endeavored to connect as many of
thoir facts as thoy happened to bo ac
quainted with. I do not think it would
bo prolitablo employment of our tlmo to
discuss conceptions which doubtless
havo had thoir justification, and obvi
ously incompatiblo with the well-ascor-talnod
truths of paleontology. At pres
ent thoso truths loavo room for only two
hypothosos. Tho first Is, that in tho
courso of tho history of tho earth In
numerable species of animals and plants
havo como into existonco independently
of ono another Innumorablo times.
This, of courso Impllos cither that spon
tanesus generation on tho most astound
ing scale,, and of animals such as horses
ami elephants, has boon going on as a
natural process through all tho tlmo re
corded by tho fosslliforous rocks; or it
necessitates tho belief in innumerable
acts of orcatlon ropoatod innumorablo
tlmos. Tlio other hypothesis is that tho
successive species of animals and plants
havo aritcn, tho lattor by tho gradual
modification of tho earlier. This is the
hypothesis of evolution, and tho pal
oontologlcal discovorles of tho last do
cado aro so completely In accordance
with tho requirements of this hypothosls,
that if it had not existed tho paloonto
loglsts would havo had to Invout it. I
havo always had a cortaln lioiror of
presuming to sot a limit upon tho im
possibilities of things. Thercforo, I
will not venturo to say that it is impos
sible that tho multitudinous species of
animals and plants may hayo been pro
duced soparatoly ono from tho other by
spontaneous gonoration; nor that it is
Impossible that thoy should havo beon
Udepondontly originated y an endless
Buocosslon of miraculous oreatlvo aots.
But I must confoss that both tho30 hy
Dothosos strike mo as so astoundingly
Imnrobablo. so dovold of a shred of
olthor eolontlflo or traditional support,
that ovon If thoro wore no other ovl
S denco than that of paleontology In Its
.... w . .1 L
favor, I would reel conipeuou w auopt
ftho hypothosls of ovolutlon. Happily,
tho futuro of paloontology is inuopen
dont of all hypothetical considerations.
Flftv vears honcoVhoovor undertakos
to record tho proortss of paloontology
will no o tho preAit tlmoaiOJT epoch
In which the lr of.-Jfli of tho
forms of tho higher anhnahywere do
tnrmlnod bv tho observation of pnloon
toloploal facts, no will point out that
lust as Steno and as Cuvler woro on
nWnd. from thoir knowlodco of the
empirical laws of, cooxlstonso of tlio
Harts of animals, to conoludo from a
r .: . ' ... ,, -
part to tho wholo, as tuo Knowiougo ui
. . 1.1.. .1
tho law of succession oi forms onauiun
their suocessors to conoludo from ono or
turn terms of such a succession to tho
wholo series, and thus to dlvino tho ex
latonoo of forms of llfo of which, per
tps, no trace remains at opochs of in-
ncelvablo remotenets in tuo past,
Tt la imnlnnn tn irroan with rheumatism
. ,i;,7T. " i. ... ...in
tfi nrucH wv..w , .
,Jt, as ovorybody knows. Columbus
Women tn Germany.
Mr, Llmmore, In the Womtm' Journal.
Everywhere In Continental Etiropo
there is a contempt for and an oppres
sion of women. Evorywhoro thcro Is
laid on her tho mental drudgery that
must bo done, but which mon will not
assist in do'ng, nor for tho performance
of which thoy will provido mechanical
appliances a3 American men do. Ev
erywhere alio is robbed of a propor
compensation of her labor. But Ger
many, tho land of litoraturo, sclonco,
scholarship, music, art, culture to
whoso usivorsitios wo send our sons for
thorough mental equipment tho land
that boasts of its advanced civilization
this Germany leads in moan trcamont
of women, nnd has a prc-omlucnco In
that kind of civilization which leaves
nothing undone to oxalt man, but is
content to regard and treat woman as a
Tho country was in tho perfection of
Its midsummer beauty as wo Journeyed
through It. But I could not enjoy its
beauty, for hero, as in Virginia yoars
and yoars ago, women wcro forced into
employment unsulted to thorn, degrad
ed to oxtromo mental service and rob
bed of all that makes llfo worth living
to a woman.
Elg-t-tcnths of all tho agricultural
laborers wcro women. Thoy woro hoe
ing tho Immenso sugar-beet fields, or, on
their hands and knees, woro weeding
whoro a hoo could not bo safoly used.
Staggering under heavy loads of ma
nure, which thoy brought from a dis
tant placo of deposit, thoy distributed
It as it was needed, thoy woro mowing
raking, pitching tho hay on eartfl, or
loading It as It was pitched. Thoy wcro
reaping, and stacking tho gram In the
fields, or bearing it homo on their heads
and shoulders, which had been so load
ed that wo scrutinized long nnd closely,
before wo discovered tho motive power
of tlio poripatctlo grain stacks, march
ing away. In fields where tho first
crop had been removed, women wcro
driving tho ox or cow to plow for wo
saw no plowing with a yoke of oxen
or tho ox or cow was dispensed with,
and ono woman drew the plow while
anothor hold it.
If thoro was oxtra hard work to bo
done, loaded carts to bo hauled away,
or heavy wheel-barrow loads to bo re
moved, tho work was assigned to woni
on, who bent themselves to tho task
with patient and persistent energy,
while men looked on, smoking their
eternal pipes, without so much as lift
ing a finger in help. Scantily dressed.
generally baro headed In tho blazing
sun, qulto as ofton bare-footed and
biro-logged, thoy were bronzed In com
plexion, thin of ilesh, bent and Inolastlc
in figure, without joy in thoir labor or
hopo in thoir faces.
For tho work of a day, twelve hours
long, when thcso women board them
selves, thoy aro paid an avorago of
twenty-llvo conts. Whon thoy aro
boarded by thoir employers their wages
avorago ten and twelve cents a day.
Men dolug tlio samo work, sldo by side
with thoso women, receive nearly twico
as much. Hard as is tills farm work,
women prefer it to houso scrvlco, when
thoy huvo tho strength for It as tho
groat majority of house-servants work
for board and olothlng, and very mea
ger clothing at that.
When wo wo went to the German cit
ies wo saw what was more repellant!
Women, bare footed, or wearing mod
ern clogs, wcro at work everywhere in
tho streets, with brooms or rods, and
carts, directing tholloodsin tho gutters,
clearing them of debris, shoveling It
Into carts, and repairing whatever dam
ago tho rain had done
Wo took an oarly drive thr iugh Mun
ich, before the city had awakened.
Early as was tho hour, tho sun only just
touching tho lips of tho majcstlo Bava
ria, women wcr astir evorywhoro. Thoy
wcro collecting tho oll'ul and refuse
from houses and stores; sweoping yes
terday's dirt from tho streets Into piles,
whilo other women shovel Into hand
carts; clearing tho track of tho tram-
cars from obstructions; harnessed Into
bakers' nnd milk carts, unci distribut
ing their supplies to their customers;
scrubbing thb iloors of shops; moving
In all directions to proparo for tho bus
iness of tho day, that mon might not
only find their breakfast ready, on ris
ing, but tho streets and tho shops In ti
dlnos and order.
Wandering utnoujj tho architectural
wonder of Vienna, whore everything
old and ugly is being dlsplacod by mod
ern and beautiful structures, we haltod
bosldo a magnillcout bnilding In process
of orectlon, to study its design. Imme
diately wo came upon womon mixing
luortar, and far abovo us, at a dizzy
height, saw other womon climbing lad
dors, bearing on their heads and sboul
dors hods of brick, stone and mortar
for tho uso of tho masons.
Wo spent a day In tho picture gallery
at Dresdon; I stopped out on tho street
and found myself launched in a stream
of women, all bending under tho loads
of tho baskets strapped to thoir baoks,
oach of which Is mado to carry sixty
pounds. Somo woro young, but many
wore past middle ago, and somo wore
white-haired, tottoringundortholr load,
thoir sad.qyos looking .hto mlno woarl
ly and fopolossly.
In romo of tho towns of Wurtomborg
thoro woro brigados of womon wator
carlors attaohod to tho fire dopartmonts.
Thoy buy their own equipments of fire
costumo and tin wator pail, and at stat'
od times aro drawn up In Huo l.oforo
tho Distriot inspector, to go through a
drill and sham lire, to test thoir ofllol
clonoy. In short thoro Is no sort of
monlal labor that is not douo by Gor
man womon, and Austrlau womon as
well. I havo seen thorn sawing and
splitting wood on tho streets, and then
carrying It on their backs up sovcral
stories into houses. I havo seen them
molding briok; unloading freight cars
at depots; building tho road beds of rail
roads; getting stono out of quarries;
yoked with dogs, cows and oxon, pull
ing heavy kads along tho highways;
making and mending tho roads; repair
ing tho embankment of canals; dredg
ing rivers and small streams for tho
sftkoof the fertilizing mud; doing nny
drudgery that mon aro glad to bo rid
Tho German universities to which wo
send our sons, oach of which numbers
its ttudcuts by thousands, and its emi
nent professors by hundreds, aro not for
German women. Hnrdly Is a "higher
education for women" thought of In
Germany. Tlio Gorman woman Is com
pletely subordinate to tho German man,
who treats her as his Intellectual infer
ior, nnd evidently so regards her. Ho
is willing sho snould sharo tho beer
garden with him nnd tho Ihonter, but
not tho university nor tho field of liter
ature. "Working-People" In Now England
Fifty Tears Ago.
November Atlantic,
When wo talk about "tho working
classes," wo aro using very modern
language, which thoso who formod the
great mass of our population forty pt
fifty years ago would havo found it
dilllcult to understand. The term
"working-peoplo" was thon seldom
used because everybody worked. Tlio
minister and tho doctor had usually
worked with thoir hands, to defray
their collcgo expenses; and they ofton
continued their labors afterwards, to
eko out a scanty income. Tho mistress
of a family did hor own sewing and
housowork, or, if it was too much for
her, called in a neighbor or a relative
ns "help." Young girls were glad of
an opportunity to enm inonoy for them
selves in this way, or by means of nuy
handicraft thoy could learn, or by
teaching tho district scliool through tho
summer months; all thcso employments
being considered equally rcspcctablo.
Tho children of that generation wcro
brought up to enduro hardness. Thoy
expected to niako something of them
selves nnd of lifo, but not easily, n
without constant exertion. Tho energy
and tho earnestness through which
their fathers had subdued tho savngo
forces of nature on this contlnont stilt
lingered in tho air, a moral exhilara
Children born half a century ago
grow up penetrated through every fibre
of thought with tho idoa that Idleness Is
disgrace. It was taught with tho al
phabet and tho spelling-book; it was
onforcod by precept nnd example at
homo nnd abroad; and it is to bo con
fessed that it did sometimes liautit tho
childish imnrlt:ation almost merciless
ly. I know that Dr. Watt's
"How d ith the little busy bee
Improve each shining hour,"
and King Solomon's "Go to tho nnt,
thou eluggaul, and bo wlso,"
lilted ono child's mind with a disliko of
bees and nnts that amounted almost to
hatred; thoy ran and Hew and buzzed
about her II so accusing spirits that left
her no peaco in her beautiful day
dreams. It was a groat rcliof to seo a
beo loiter in tho nir around tho ilowcrs,
as if ho enjoyed thu lazy motion. As
for tlio nnts, thoso llttlo black pagans,
they cvordld tho buslnoss by working
just as hard on Sundays as on nny oth
er day. It surely was not propor to
follow their example!
Ho Got It.
Cincinnati Saturday N'IrIiI,
Ono of tho most touching things wo
havo over road in a long timo is that
story of a robber and a poor lono wo
man near Franklin, Ohio. Thb robber
eamo to hor houso nt night nud de
manded her monoy or her lifo. Sho
hadn't much money or much llfo either,
but she preferred giving up tho former
rather than tho latter; so sho brought
hor llttlo store and placed It in hU hand.
He lookod it ovor carefully, to soo that
sho didn't palm off nny twenty cent
pieces for quartors, and factitiously told
hor that Jio could credit her for only
ninety-four cents on tlio trado dollars,
ohtdtng hor for taking thorn nt their
laco valuo. "Haven't you anything
t&o of valuo?" inquired tho bold, bad
biVglat, looking about tho eoantlly fur
nished apartment, "a child's bracolct,
ring-ftmything will bo thankfully re
ceive.." Sho had nothing more, sho
replied with a sigh. A thought struck
hlnn "Your husband was a soldior,
wasj"ue not?" Sho acknowledged that
ho Vns, and was killed in tho war.
"Tho'Ahe must havo had n revolver,"
ho coAtinuod, searching her counto
nanco.f j "Ah, you grow confused, you
stammr; your manner betrays you.
Gotthut revolver ut once." In vain
tho woman implored him to spare that
titTi-talcss trlukot, almost tho solo mem
orial oi tier husband sho had lost. Sho
had pa'Wd many things when in dis
trosk, tit had always hung on to that
BuOthf I robber was unrolontlng; sob
blrfj bitterly sho wont to a bureau
drawer and removed tho precious rolio,
around whloh clustered so many roco
lections. "Must you havo UP" said she,
as sho advancod with trembling stops
toward him. "Yes, I must," said tho
robbor, oxtonding his hand. "Well,
thon, tako it," said sho, gontly press-
iug tho trigger for tho last timo. Thoro
was a loud report, and tlio robber turn
bit ovor doad. Tho community should
pel plan that woman.
fho Booioty of women Is tho olomont
of good manners. Goethe,
m i aw
ThoDosMoinos (Iowa) TrUWeekhj
Tribune saysi "A Harrisburg, Pa.,
journal monuons inai air. u. lionsiugor,
No. 4 Maikot Square, that olty, ww
ourod by St. Jacobs Oil of a vlotont at
tack of rhoiiniatlsm.
What Makes a Newspaper.
The elements that servo to mako a
newspapor popular aro very much di
versified. A man with very short hair,
who had evidently just beon pardoned
out of tho penitentiary, camo into tho
Siftinys sanctum yesterday and sub
scribed. He said ho liked tho paper
very much, that ho used to got it when
ho was in tho penitentiary. "What
peculiar features of it do you llko
m'ostP" askod ono of tho Sifters. "I
like your pitching into tho Legislature.
Pvo got a brother who brought dls
graco on tho family by belonging to
it. I'vo novor had any uso for him
Heaven gives its favorites oarly death.
A rimn'A for Ili-nltli
Is ofTcrcd tliooe fast 'hiking Into n condition of
nopcicss ucuuiiy. i nc means ore ni iinnu. in
the form of a genial medical cordial, HiWct
tcr's titomnch II it tern embodies the combined
qualities of a blood fertilizer and depurent, n
tonic and an alterative. White It promotes di
gestion and assimilation, and stimulates npic
tltc, has the further effect of purifying the life
current aim sircnguicning uic nervous system.
L the blood grows richer and purer by Us use,
they who resort to this sterling medicinal agent,
acquire not onlv vlirnr but Ixxlllv substance. A
healthful change In tho secretions Is affected by
It, and that sure and rap d physical decay
which a chronic obstruction of the functions
of tho system produce Is arrested. The prime
causes of disease being removed, honlth Is
spct-uiiy rcnovnicu ana vigor resiorcu.
Natural Religion. Bishop (reproving
delinquent pngo): "Wretched boy!
Who is it that sees all wo do, and bo
foro whom even I am tut a crushed
worm?" Pngo: "Tho missus, my
you como across a weary-looking, wnn-eyed
man or woman who, being asked wliut Is the
matter, places a linnd xm the Stomach region
and says, "Oh, I feel such n weary sinking
nnd 'goneness' htn!" rely upon It tint ix-rsnn
must either be rc'cued soon or shortly die. It
In ,i case of general debility and "breaking
down ;" beginning nt the stomach. What tre.it
inmt docs common senso dlctnto In such n case
to load that poor, feeble, worn-out Stomach
with nauseous and dangerous tlntiit Never I
I'rolubly tliero lias already been too much of
that sort of thing. 1'ut on a Jlulmtm V W. Re
store the tone and strength to the Stomach and
leave it free to do Its natural work, without hav
ing to combat both disease nnd poison, In the
shape of medicine, at tlio samo time. Your
friend can be cured: but it niut be by absorp
tion In a word, hy Ilolman' Pad.
"Mamma, how can God hear nio pray
when Ho's so far away?" Before tho
lady could reply a younger ono said:
"Ho's dot the telephones ruunlii' lo ev
ery place."
Homo Treatment, Nasal Catarrh.Throat
Bronchial and Lung Affections, Deafness,
Ear-Discharges, Nervous, Weak and De
bilitated, tlio most Posltivo Cure.
Address, Pit. AiioiiX. Pes Moines, la.
A flvo-yoar-old boy, who had watched
a performing bear, remarked that ono
of tho men with tlio hear was a dea
con, becauso ho took up a collection.
Dvsncusln. liver coinnlalnt. nnd kin
dred aflectlons. For trentlso giving suc
cessful self-treatment address World's
Medical Dispensary Association, Buffa
lo, N. Y.
A child beinrr asked what were tho
three great feasts of tho Jews, replied,
"lJrcakfast, dinner and supper."
Don't hesitate between tilcnn's Sulnlmr Soan
nnd any ointment or lotion that may have been
recommended to you for diseases of tlio skin,
sores, abrasions or cnmplexlnnil, blemishes.
Sold by nil druggists. Hill's Hair and Whisker
dye, Black or Brown, ftPc.
Tho church for to-tlav needs to bo a
beliovlnir church, a witnessing church.
a working church, a church whoso indi
vidual mi rubers shall exert a faihioning
lulluonco on tho communities in which
they live, doinc what thoy can to mako
men think aright and net aright toward
both God and man. '.ion's Herald.
Dr. Pierco's "tuvorito Preset lotion"
Is a most powerful restorative tonic,
also combining tho most valuablo nerv
ine properties, especially adapted to tho
wants of debllltatoij ladles sull'ering
from weak back, iuward fover, conges
tion, inllnmmntion, or ulceration, or
from norvousness or nouralgio pains.
By druggists
Tlio (rood tlilnirs which bolonar to
nrosneritv are to bo wished, but tho
good things which belong to advorsity
are to no autnircu. nio virttio or pros
perity is temperanco, the virtue of ad
versity lortituuo, which in mortals, is
tlio more horoio virtue. Hnaon.
X ItliMtuKtt muy itu 1'ulul.
You uro not consumptive, but If vou "let a
cough alone" you oro In danger of tho worst
disease on earth. Piso's Cure will euro con
sumption, but. much easier and quicker when
In tlio carlv stasro and onlv a couidi. Sold br
druggists at 25e and tl.OO.
Mv cares are blessed tlitil es unto inc.
lilcli wholesome nrc, although they bitter be;
And, though their leaves with pricks ure over
(Which pain mo), yet their flowers ara full of
down. (Ifory With'r.
Niituru'M IVuy.
Nature, often cures disease, but when Miedoes
It Is olwava bv expelling In some way or other
the cause. Kidney-Wort effectually nlds na
ture In doing tins, and tills Is wliy It performs
so many great cures. Sun.
Miss H. hud a nose wnien was percep
tibly retrousse, and whon sho wout on a
visit to Johnny's ono day tho boy ob
served it. After taking In tlio situation
fully, ho said: "Papa, you said for mo
to wait till tomothinir would turn up and
I should havo a velocipede, Thoro's
MIsjK.'snoso; nowcivo mo tlio vulool
pode." What ho got might havo been
called a voloeipodo, because It wont so
rust, nut it iookou more hko n strau uy
lug tin ough tho air in tho far corner of
uio woousneu,
Do Not lfiontl.
Warner's Safe Kidney and l.lvcr Cure will drive
on ruo worst atcacKor "diucs."
It is better to meet dungor than to
wait tor It, llo that is on tuo loo snore,
and foresees a hurricane, stands out io
sea, and oncountors a storm to avoid
shlpwreok. Cotton.
Xiicll(roHtln,l.VM(iMln, nervouiproi
tratlon, andaliroruis or general uVbttlty relieved by
uklnir lUonuiuim'M I'optcmlv.oa Hoot,
'X'onlo, the only preparation of beet containing lti
entire nulriltout propti lien. It Unotanicreitlnm.
lant llko the axtraeta of beef, but eontalui Hood
Mincing, rorce-gencratlng, and lire-iuatuimng prop-
eriie l invniuame in ail rnievuieu eonuiuonf,
whether tlio result of exhaustion, nervoui proilra
lion, overwork, o acute dlaeaiei particularly Id
lultlnir from nulmonarv comnlatnti. Uaswxli.
IUiaud & Co. l'roprlutori, Now Vorlc. Hold by
Tho right of commanding isnolongor
nu auvantago transmittou uy nature uco
an lnnoritauco; it is tuo mat or lauors,
tuo price of oourago. I oitairc.
Tl p.l n nnd Mary.
Weill' Health Kenewer, greateati . .nedy on earth for
iiuuuience, leanouM, aeauai aeuui.r, ac. i b urug
Mucneu varueit umio, un woiaei
Ono must fool intollootually secure bo
foro ho cau begin to dress shabbily; no
ono but a genius pra great scholar dares
to bo dirty. Irving
Jleuj-fluirs, jtuuehea,
Itati, mice, anti, Ulei, vermin, mosquitoes, Iniecti,
Ac, cleared out by 'Rough ou Data," ISoboseaat
druggliti. Mitchell, llartlett ft Cralu. Dei Moluci.
A Wtae Oenron.
"Deacon Wilder, I want vou to tell me how
you kept yourself and family well tho past sea
son, when all tho re.it of us have been sick so
much, and have bad the doctors visiting us so
"Bro. Taylor, tho answer la very easy. I
used Hop Bitters la time; kept my lamlly well
and saved the doctor bills. Three dollars' worth
of It kept us well and able lo work all the time.
I'll warrant It has cost you and tlio neighbor
one to two hundred dollar apiece to keep sick
the same time." "Deacon, I'll use your medl
clno hereafter "
At a Juvenile party a young gentlo
man about 7 yoars old kept hitnsolf
from tho rest of tho company. Tho
lady of tho houso called to him, "come
nnd piny and dance, my dear. Chooso
ono of thoso prltty glrli for your wifo."
"Not llkoly," cried tho young cynic,
no wifo for mn; do you think I want to
ho worried out of my lifo llko poor
No young man can afford tn remain oway
irom it ii. iircanrs i;mcago iiusiness loiicci
It he cxpe.'U to keep up In the business of ltti
ami oc prepared to meci ins competitors.
Wo hcaid aJittlociri savto hor tlollv
"Now, dolly, you'vo cot tlio Idiosvn
crazy, and you'vo got it nwftil bad, and
I much 'spoct you'll dlo; but if jou do
you must 'member to toll 'om up there
that you died with tho Idiosyncrasy, and
you was so crazy you had to die, coz
most times wnon people lias tlio idiosyn
crasies thoy has to uio, and I tolls vou
this coz I wnnt to 'spare you for a great
'spriso party, jnow memucr."
Consumption in its early stages 1
readily cured by tho uso of Dr. Plurco'
"uoitien iMcuicnt Discovery," tiiouirii
If tho lungs are wasted no medicine will
ciiect u cure, jno Known remedy pos.
8we3 such soothing and healing Inllu
enco over an acromions, luucrciuous
and pulmonary affections a tho "Dis
covcry." .lolin Willis, of hlvim, Ulilo
writes: " i no tjomon aiciucni discov
erv" does iiosltivclv cure consttmntlon
ni, after trying every other modicino In
vain, tins succeeded." Air. ..T. rnoips,
of until Don, lia., writes: "inu 'Uol
den Medical Discovery' has cured my
who or uronciutis nun incipient con
sumption." 8oia iiy druggists.
An acquaintance from tlio country
having visited somo friend', anil being
about to depart, presented a llttlo boy
ono of tlio family with half a dollar,
in tuo prcsenco ot ins motner. "rioaso
is it a irooi i oner asked tuo llttlo lei
low. "Of courso it is," replied tho
gentleman, surprised. "Why do you
ask?" "Becauso I'd rather havo a bad
ono, nnd then thoy'll let mo keep it.
If I get any good money it goes into the
bank, and 1 never get it again. '
To make new hnlr trrow use Ciilollnc. a de
odorlzcd extract of iK'troleum. Tills natural
petroleum nair renewor, an recently utiprovcu
is the only thing that will really produce new
hair. It Is q delightful dressing.
Tlio Albany Journal narrates this
pretty llttlo incident: A pathetic inel
iliittt urno tn1ntnil in HO flttu tiinttiti(
v. 11 T tatj tuitiktxi l J mj lino siivi a i 'r)
bearing upon tlio great sorrow that lilts
all liearls. Yesterday nftornoon a little
irirl was rroinir alone renri street, ac
eompanied by her mother. Her eyes
were lllled with wonder as sho beheld
tho embloius of morning displayed from
all tho buildings, nnd, turning to her
mother, she inquired with fnco full of
sorrow: "ts everybody doad, mammar
If a cough disturbs your rest take l'lso'g Cure
ror consumption una uccp wen.
Use Holding's Kussla Halve'.'uto.Hums
Tali (nirrtai raprtMBU ths Luti ta akealtky
A Standard Remedy
For Concha, Colds, Cronp, Dronehltl and
other affection! of the Throat and LUNU8,tllUDdi
unrivaled ana auarij Myoua cempctiuon.
It approaches ao near a nxelflo that "Wlnet rare" jwr
crnt. are permanent! cured where the direction! an
trtrtlr compiled with. Then la no chemical or other
ingredleula to harm us yooss or uo.
t n Kipoctornnt It hai no Equal)
It eoatalna no Opium In any form!
J. N. HARRIS & CO., Proprietors.,
WOlLiSf'S iillUMPH?
DucoTznxn or
The. Posltivo Cnra .
for all thoie Patnfrl Cnplalata and Wtitaiuu
ao common to our beat fvmalo population.
It will euro entlrclj the worst form or Female Com
plalnU,allovarlautroubloa,IullanUiiatlon and Ulcera
tion, KaUlnc and Pliplacemcnta, ar.dtho ronaequent
Spinal Wealinou, and la partlcularlr adapted to the
Chuuto of Ufa.
It will dlisolra and erptl tumors from the nteru In
an rarlr Ucv of doreiopmont. The tendency to can
citrous humors thero la chockod very t pecdltr by Its uao.
U remoTM falotntaa. flatulency, dectroyaidl craving
rortllraulanfa, and relieves weaknoM o( the atonutch.
It curea Bloating, lleadachee, Nervous I'rostratlon,
Oeneral pcUllty, Sleepleaaoess, Peprotflon and loa
That foellng ottieariiiff down, causing- pain, weight
ut backache, la always iiemuncnUy cured by Its dm,
It will at all times and under all clreumitances act In
bamony with 'ho laws that fforern the female system.
for the ureof Kidney Complaints of either sexthk
Compound Is unrcrpasacd.
POUND Is prepared at tB and Mo Western Annua,
-yon, llus, l'rlcoll. Bli bottles for 3. Beatbymal
Inthaform of i-llls, also Intha form of looang-a,o
receipt of price, tlperbor for olthor. Mrs.rtnkham
rreelyanswerraUletteniof Inqvtry. Betd for panph
M. Address as atovo. HiMoti IMe Jtaper.
Ha family, rhor.ld U without &TDU E. n-rtnUat'S
UVini HUB, Thcr cure cou-ttracon .-itnousnaaa.
t. I torjVil.tr ot the livrr. HcvbUvwUis.
1 uu leel weak anu languid, nu eiierV) , uu ui
bltlon to do anything. Dr. llalllday'a IliooC
1'urlfler I the remedy for you. For sale hy al
Western druratst.
When a sermon is pi luted in a paper
all tho "extra" copios remain on hand
unsold. When tho papor contains an
account of a train robbery, or a Jonnlo
Cramer case, or tho details of an elope
ment, seduction, rape or divorce, tho
press cannot run fast enough to Bupply
the demand oton in a moral nnd chris
tian community. Thoso aro facts, ns
tho Tdctjraph's oxnorlonco will bear
witness. Atlantic Telegraph.
How lo ?: u t- Health.
It seems strange that anyone will sutler from
dcrnnccmcnt brought on by Impure blood, when
Seorlll's Sarsnnorllln and Stllllntrln. or Blood
and Liver Syrup will restore perfect health. It
has proven Itself to lie the liest blood purifier,
effectually curing Scrofula, Hyihllltlc disorders,
Weakness of the Kidneys, Etrslpelns, Malaria,
all Nervous Disorders and Debility, Illlllous
complaints nnd all Diseases of tbclluxxl, Liver,
Kidneys, Stomach, Skin, etc. A single txittle
will prove to you Its merits ns n health rencwer,
for It acts like a charm, espec "v when the
complaint Is of an exhaustive naiu.t-. having n
tendency to lessen the natural vlgorof the brain
and nervous system.
Man and llcast. Uso externally and Internally
HUP Instantly destroy worms and remove the
Secretions which causa them.
Somo girls aro bom fat, some achlovo
fatness, and somo fix themselves up with
old newspapers and tilings. Arkansaw
A Nuru Cnre I'onnil ut IjihI. No
Ono Ncexl Hufli-r.
A sure euro for tho blind, Bleeding,
Itching nnd Ulcerated Pilos has boon
discovered by Dr. Wllllnms' (an Indian
remedy,) called Dr. Williams' Indian
Ointment. A slnglo box has cured tho
worst chronic cases of 25 and SO yenrs
standing, imo ono need sutler itvn min
utes nfter applying tins , underfill
soothing medicine For snlo by all
Druggists or mailed on rocoipt of prico,
$1.00 per box. F. S. IlENitr & Co.,
Props., Cleveland, Ohio.
Love's to-iUy lives In tn-ninrrmv,
And when to-morrow's sllppcl iwny
Turns again, In vain regnt of sorrow,"
lljck tn youth's desplstd yesterday.
.SI. ImiiIk lhnut,
. BOi-a s.i
Correct your habits ot liookHl walking by
using I.von's Patent Heel Htllfcnpr.
A" fil:NTT Vl"..7'?( irVXnw.iir ". W'.iN'Tlirj
.1. il. i:iP(ii:iti(ivrn . k wsvu'Itv. mo. u
1.11 .sVmH Jiftfnn turn I, VliltDiio, III'.
I. Ton U' .!.. .1 C.nl. u .t.11 J.T... ..J . TI...
lull- l.-ti'cli-. so. 'ki ihUit I'rli'i- I lt.
I!ct 111 tlio Wntld. (li t tho tronnlnc. Kv-
vry imrkfitro luin mir TriiHo-.tliirlc hihI Is
iiiiirki .1 Friirrn. NOt.l) KVKKV W1IKKK.
thvnc Cttfbtutttil CAnjrfr, now In
hit lu all part o of IIm world, nnMIn
outtt petftct t'i" tt t Jvr Ituteht t?
So nd for i
Clrculnm. (
Iliir'liiirtnii. In.
Blooo. nu win compit'ti'lr cnD(teinfl biomiiatntfa
uri'yirn in inri'r numiiii
1 pill frtdi iiU'til fiuin to
tA to 1 1 tUl llfMllll. If MllLhll
.nr Dorion who will uki
to lj wiuktmAjr berttiorrr
trywhiTf, or inti by null torn
Johxmon . Unmon, Hmi, fo
niDie. Hoia er
riumix, J. ft.
'ormrrlr iiingnr, Me.
noiltlTflv nrtMrnt tills tcrriblo dlicne. timl will noil
tlvriycuiH nine catt-v out of ten. Inforinatton thai
will i-uve ninny n nt free by mall. Dont delay
niloim'iH. rri-TrniioH n ihht iiiun vure.
One Dollar
ti orlftnAj and 6o4ljloU5 raa41ncmattr, prtnted
bab um. nl&ln trtf. Iuaad TTMklr. avntl mull a, I tn
VWnMatBataBsrv PiMrh (ha WnL AN column a
dj addr la ttja Unlud SUUt, poiUf pnl. 'or
a. 8nd for aaaipl oop7, Addraaa
Complete, Including lllallwuth mid llurlu.
Profuse ly Illii.tratrd. New Slecl l'onralt of OA I
riEI.U, tin-finist cvt r mnu.-. l'oririln of his w.'
and Muthir, Ouluan, the biirtons. tin.' CnhlnmStr i
of tho thoollnKl the tick ClumO.T. tho Kuiurnl r
tranu Ac Hie ODly cumiilvtu and authentic u't
Thei la m Furltine lir Aifrnta first lit ts
Id with this llwik. OutlH Hoc. SfH'ulc qulc
HVHBAKD 11UOS.. Chicago. Ill
Upon rtcelpt
'of" illufna
took par ralut. One llondrf d Dollary. No builneil
l snares a
win SSI
I Din
ip for particular.
EDWARD CHILES, Stock Broker,
He. I Wtadaor Blaicfc Ptarar. Colorado.
doosome to mo. A vocation of a month did not Hire ma
lirMTiTiftMi I wftjamffrtna trum uAnArnl dnhilif tn
increii3dprotratlonndilnkfaachtlla. Atthiiitrae 1
alitd almoit Immediate and wonderful results. The old
i not irra&oenUr abaw I bars utea three DOttK
I h tat I atwaipdlil in thA aikn tlrnM (turlnuT my lllnHSi
m h a
lieu mreo uouiaiunao ionic, ninoa uiiob t. l navs qo
lurliurtnrlllneM. and with doable the a&m. With thm
ad titmr of bodr. hucama alio a elearasuiif thorn
lr. hat come alio n clearaeuof thought
groik. Iknow not what. 1 gWe It tha rredlt.
Slav Iron Tonic 4 a
urrpararion or jtoi
iojrtttm ofMron, JVm
Wan Jttdrk. and Jiov
phut ausoriatett
trtth thm
ear tab! eM
Aro tnat lew. JimmrvemW
t every purom trTiei-ef
r XWmo ianrremnaru.l
Htiorwmtia TMI OR. HARTSU MFniCI"'
& mSmr.mr9
.- ..mm. v item
a i a - -
-,... .....,. - . . .rs'.rsr.'w
tniaa-""'' "' SJd
Is v M " ' H " 1 , w f ' ' ' " " ' w w w ' " H " I '
Mr. J. A. Walton U ono of the mart prominent
table proprietor and bloodcd-atock owntrt In
Hie northern part of the city of rhUadelphta,
121. N. Twelfth trwt. Mr. W. hat dcroted tlio
U't yean of hi life to tho rtudy ami tralnlns;
of hotw, and he 1 considered an authority In
all matters pertaining lo hnrMflcsb. Peeling ilo
alruua of hearing what be bad to aajr In propria
(irrmiui regarding tho merit of Br. Jaoor Oilm
n remedy for some of the 111 that horufleah Li
heir to, the writer resolTetl to go direct to Mr.
Walton' tablr for the purpose of interviewing
lilm on tho robject, Mr. Walton talked frUy
upon the matter and wild l "After many yean
active experience I can aafcly say that I eormlder
Hr.JAitiH OIL a remarkably good liniment for
horse for anything like
llmtx, lirulo!i And siml
I have ued Hr.jACoai
ot hornes, ami ran auto
knm u to all. It 1
ppralm tn tlio
tar auection.
Oal on down
that nevtr
now about six
month since 1 flrt commenced using that Oil.
on my horn's, anil I shnll continue lo uv It. I
happened to commetiiv ulns HT. Jaooiu Oil on
bore In till ways My father I oer eighty
yenpt of nm and I autilect to many or tho
ailment Incident to old nite. Among other
thing he hn Klu'tinmtlc nttiuk. mln In hi
Uml and iolnt, and aehe In tllirerent part or
hi Iwdy. lie commenced using Hr.Jinma on.
acveml month since, and niter rubbing hlmvir
frtvly with the liniment tiloht and uioriilng.ae.
cording to the printed directions, he obtained Iho
most decided relief. Whenever he ha lUiy (mill
now he ui Hr. J toiw On. and It nlwuya drive
the pain awny. Now 1 fully know from petonnl
ob.-ervntlim that il In iftxnt fur man U gontlfut
heart: " Further tviHirt bring the grntirj lng in
telligence tluit ArllliU-i Welsh, Iio. , of i:rden
helm Slock-ritrm, near l'hllndelpbla, Pit., iho
breeder of that rained racer, Iniuol. iiIhivo rep
resented, life nnd ftmniily endor-ei St.Jaiiiim
On. a n wonderful lemedy In ltcfVt inn'ti hi
stock III i-xcilfiiei with the Oreat t.erumn
Hemedy utll'nil him In giving hi unqualified
Indorsement of It, mid In faln (lint hi chief
groom Miould always use It on tho farm. i)
ThelParestand Host Meillclne crrr Hade.
AeolmbliiAllon of Hons. Duchu. Mnn-fl
larnatae ua naoiioni wrnuaiiwin",-ti
inosicmuraiiTCiruirucs oi nu cu,cr liiiieni.
!nkathOKrratci.tBIOOCj Purifier, Liver
KOtrUlmnior.nniiijidnii.i iirmiu lie.ivrimr
Agent onpassassasssssssssjiarwi.
No!hwjiooanpoiislLlronff eslit wh.aniItofi
nitteni are usmlu arliil and ii fuct are tin lr
7i7c!t( tiTUl!itlTlctrt!tbt;eli5lbi:c.
Toall whoso cTatnpioTinrnt.caii.s lrn-i;tilarl
tyof theliowflsoruilnary organ, or hn rt
nulrtiail At'Mtlwr.Tniilo oji.I l.llld btlmuluit
lll Plttrrs aro laTafUAhle, without Intox-i
Icatlnii. aaffk
onuucrwhatrourfeeHng or irvmrtoin.
are what tho dln are or all mmeni n ui nop nil-
tcrs. Don't waltuntllyoua ' "'Jilt you
only feci ld or mlH rable, us" mom l once.
it itiay uvovouriire.il liasa su uuaurvus.
Rlrt will l.n.1.1 .nv..Tisa tL. V Hill tlfll
L-uroorhtlit Iw not ,uffcrr,1',J'01r'r',I!1'
sullerjiut uso nnj uri?o themmtouia HOP
Itemeinher.Ilon niltrni I ntfVTUP "fugf"1
drunken hostnun. tut tho I'urestlWJ 11 a Ik'"1
lledlclnorvir moilo I the "LIVlLmiT HUOIU
and llorK and no jn'rvon or fatntty
KI1UUIU UO WllIIOUl llll'ni. bhbwbjsjbwi
D.t.C. 1 n nWlutfl and Irrertlblo cum I
forlruiiki.i..,uoof optiint, tnkieco nnil I
iui wuuiar. iip ii.iirrt nir. ..il..
jiucnesu r,.. i aun 'loronto, uut.
nunu nnil rtraldu.
'HlliKnlid Itltes,
Cute mill Unities,
Ipraliit A; Ktltclir,
Sore nml '.till,.
Spnvlii, t'r.u :..,
Screw Worn. . i.eu '
Poot Hot, :iu.f Alj,
I.nii'em s,
Sivliiny, rm.ndcrs,
Sprullis, hLraliK,
Sore l'ett,
eost Ultra,
.nd nil external diseases, and m cry biat or o.vl lent
i'orccn.-ruluwln famlly,6lal!onaJbto.:U yardltli
tub m:sT op .itr.
rotkllSoulf tii1 r1Mrt1)l
luip fur trt lo-k ol tisrif
Mlar-.-. ott.ro rwti, (u. of
valublf r"f- t iJr. H,
aToow. lot umvrof
n Scmfutjv. Dlao&m nt Mrn
and Wouwb, And ill thirt.le
ulnunU. with tht n i.lrfit of
ttifirrnr-ihllity, AJj-wiM.,),
riv llt'l I'n-i c. vi Ui.
Firlluitn at Iho OMont A H
luollere. utrcuXArrr
Uavliics, Dubuque,
YOUNG MEN JfywviM Tr,,,,ralh,.
1 1 in i ttumf Iw iitut tin iarl ln tT n .f i
uiiiHHi. muirrn . Ai.rNTI SK IlKnv.. .1 nrrwi lit', ttm,
irjrjj.v mhrisa t o a in j. t t.tt
plftt,f naif yun saw the AtlvHituftit
fral profemmiot fori
tftmnepvia, (Jnrral I
ruurm, if an( o Vital' I
fity, Aerroum M roa tra
il un. mill CViMvafrtfaj
audi An mwtint thnt mv Ifkhni rf -injaAlnpt tin A.
much relluf, tut on tha contrftiT, u followed hy
twnr.othrJUoof your IhonTonic, from which rtr
eaerpr returned and I found that my patoxu force
i done twice the la
the tranquil oerra
never tiefora enJojad. If the Tonlohi
J. P. Watvok, l'aator ChriMUn Chnrc h.
iaa do dona tPf
ia 'ITOy, U.
nn.. no. XIH RIITV PHI TU'T.8T.
Archangel Compound
An Excellent
Diuretic Laxitir. Tonic and Altsratir..
It Is med for, and ii a Positive Cure for
'n 'u various forms, such a IJiseaies of ihi
CI...ii.ol. If .lnav. lllii.l.ln 1111-
M.W.HMV... - 'J-l ....... , . . . -
llousiiess mid Sick Headuelio.
Thousands of bottles have hern sold undr a
positive guarantee, and not a single can re
ported as unsatisfactory. All we atk is a lair
trial and if il U not at we say, condemn it to all
your friends.
'ik Atso put up tn Till form. Will be tent by null
J w "(""s e v..r. w. (-iivv
Norman Medicine Company,

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