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The County paper. (Oregon, Mo.) 1881-1883, October 28, 1881, Image 8

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NEW CALICO, at 4 l-2c, still arriving
GOOD JEANS still going at 10c.
still going at 90c a pair,
SUITS FOR MEN only $5,00.
SUITS FOR BOYS only $3,00.
Men and Boy's heavy winter Caps,35c
They were sitting stdo ly side,
Tlio moments Riming swlttly by,
Jsowntnl than n wont was spoKon.
Now nml then iv broken sigh.
Ho squeezed herhniid and softly saids
My dearest darling sugar plum,
Won't von bo mv huckleberry.
Through nl I tho days Unit's yet in conic?
Sho swooned nwny and looked forlorn,
And gazing in his loving eyes,
Sho says : dear mo yon know I lovo you,
Hotter than I lovo tipple pios.
'no llttlo favor yet I nsk,
An' ynn must grant it dear John,
he- n o I'll bo your huxey-duxcy
Through all the days that's yet to eomo.
Oh, Mnry Ann, what ran it bo,
What now would you havo mo do,
I'll swim tho ocean wide and deep
Or whip a thousand men for you.
I'll sail into tho rod man's camp,
And clean thorn all out hook and lino;
I'll do my very level best,
If you will promise to bo mine.
Now dearest John, I would not
Havo you do such things as those,
Tho thing I ask is ono of pleasure,
And :an perform it with greatest oaso.
12 pounds of Sugar forS$1.00.
Ladies' Cloaks going at $1.90.
8 poundslfair Coffee, only One Dollar.
The Finest line of Hoods and Nubias
Men and'Boy's gloves, 35c up.
Bring on your Eggs and Butter, highest
price paid for produce.
Great care and attention paid to keeping
on hand and fitting up Nobby Wedding
If you will niako mo this ono promlxo,
To trado at Mlnton Bro's .stoic,
Why, then, you bet your bottom dollar,
I'll "bo yours forover more.
Oh, Mary Ann, yon cruel girl,
You should havo told me this beforo;
Look nt theso now clothe I'vo on.
They camo fiom Mlnton Iho's store.
And when in need of anything,
Whether it bo to cat or wear,
Wo will go nnd!oo tho boys,
And do our littlo trading there.
And now kind friends whoro o'ro you
Wo'vo this lo say and nothing moroj
When you'ro in need of anything
Please buy at Mintou Uro's Storo.
You may need but very few goods
Wo know that you'll bo needing somo,
They'll do what's riglit;?and treat you
Through, nil tho days that's yet to como
Mary had a llttlo lamb.
It never cuseod or Hwore,
So they mado its wool up into clotnes,
For Minton Uro's Storo.
Why Jack, you must bo getting rich,
I don't seo howyou dress so fine,
Tho."o clothes you wear aro Just a fit,
Your hat is bettor far than mino.
My wagon aro tho samo as yours,
I scarcely over looso a day
And yot I can't afford to dress
And put on stylo In such a way.
You'r always first among tho girls,
Thoy'r glad to get to talk with you,
Hut for mo thoy flo no caro
Thoy put mo down as No. 2
It takes tho last red cont I got
To buy my clothos such as thoy nro
Whllo you dress better far than 1
And havo Bomo money left for beer.
You used to bo as poor as I,
Hut somohow you'vo boon picking up.
And now I want to know just why
You'r blessod with so much hotter luck.
Why Tom you surely must bo grcon
I thought you know it long before,
Tho only secret of it is
I buy at Mlnton Uro's. storo.
Many years bavo pawed away
So old men shako thoir heads and sny,
Sineo they seen goods Just given uway,
Llko Mlnton IJros. aio doing to-day. 1
We have a large line oj Ladies Cloaks and Dolmans. Men and Boys Overcoats which are being offered at Lowest possible prices
Our Stock of Clothing for Men, Boys, Youth and Children is unsurpassed for variety, style and prices.
Minton Bro's Store, Forest City, Missouri,
-rhlllp Schneider Is quite lit.
Peter Trice, ot Now I'olnt, was In town Sat
urday. Mrs. Win. A. Gardner Is vlsltttii! relative.
Id Connenvlllo, Indiana.
A. K. Wamlel. of Marylvltc, was In town
several days last week.
Henry Minton Is very sick at Ills homo In
this county with iiieumnlu.
Oeorgo Hurtiett lias returned from his ram
bles through the South.
TUo Mlnton HrOT., of l'orcst City, aro both
chllllus this week.
(Jeorgo Duel, of St. Joseph, was looking
through Ilull this week, with a view to buying
a farm.
J. W. l'ltzer, who has been tanning near
Nlshiiahotna, lias rented the Isaac Lamb farm
hear this city.
Wm. A. tlardnerkft last Tuesday for a vis
It to Northvllle, Michigan, tho place of his boy
hood days.
l'hlllln Sinclair, ot tho bottom, south of Ills-
elow, seems to npjicar upon our streets quite
irequeiiuy oi laie.
David Nviiher. who wu seriously Inlured
tome weeks ago by tho kick ot a hone. Is now
uuio to ue out ugaiu.
Miss Fauwlo King, ono of Oregon's most
popular young tames, in visaing relatives aim
irieimsui Aiuiuaiiu, mis won.
John Drown, of Mound City, was In town
Thursday, having a lawsuit with tho Singer
Hewing Aiaciiino uoiiniauy.
Win. Fink, of Moorby A Flak, fit. Joseph,
was in urcgtiu rriuay vritii menus ; no comimi-
eu uusiness wiiu pleasure.
T n t.n. hhllonn Imj li.on
U . Ml 111114,11, III IIUIl.lll,. I1IIU ,11,. UtVII
visiting In tills vicinity, with his sou, Chris, fur
Homo nine, lias returueu to ins nonio.
Miss Lotle Wilson hxs retiirnoil from her trlji
to lowu. She has been absent for some Unto :
her many friends gave her u warm welcomo
Mr. John Lamb, eldest son of Isaac Lamh,
of unto, n former resident of Holt county, Is vis
mux ins parents aim irieuus in uregou uuu vi
James Wlllyard, a former resident of Holt
county. Kan., but now u resilient uf Mltchel
county, Kansas, Is visiting with friends near
Ki Luke It Knowles. our uronecutlm: Attorney.
returned Thursday from Michigan, lie was
called there on account of tin) erlous Illness (it
his sister, who died a few days niter Ills arrival
Mr. and Mr. Lanirdoii. from Ohio, aro vis
IiIuk the family of Mr. J. H. Wilson of this eltv
Mrs. Luuijdun and Mrs. Wilson nro sisters, and
tneir meoiing was tuo urst in a quarter ui a cen
tury, Charlie l'eter. was up among friends and
BHsoclatvs last Sunday. Oharllo Is now perma
nently located hi St. Joseph, and says he Is wil
ling to fall u victim to tho melting glances of
somo millionaire's daughter uf that aristocratic)
burg, If she will bu contented spend her remain
lug days In Oregon,
Forest City.
I). F. Baldwin Is dangerously 111,
I.. I.uckliardt was quite sick last Sabbath
Anew arrival In our town J. Duane, M. I).
Mr. ftowloy and family left tor Cairo, til.,
just nuuuuy,
Web. Smith and family spent a few day. la
Oregon, this week.-
Will Mlnton was called to seo his lather,
who is .Irk, last Sunday morning,
Mr. Charles Mayes, brother of Mrs. George
l'olndextor, s visiting here.
Jacob Klmes, of the Dunkard denomination,
preached to a large and attentive audience nt
Uentou last Wednesday evening.
Vf. Ilutton and family have returned from
Illinois. .Mr. 11. says that tlio com crop of
northern Illinois, Is far better than here.
Thomas Miller, the roadovcrsecr In Klmsey
School District, Is busily engaged repairing
roads. The overseer near Oregon should go unl
d likewise.
Found, n blacksnakc. about five feet Ion?.
iv:w Htlll with rolil. mil llrtulv embeUetl
Us Hangs In the root of a sumach bush. No
clubbing could loewn Its hold.
Upon our sleW list we have Oeorgo Heeler,
,n k Murray
iimcd, Win. rf
Frank Murray and .Win. Nolaud. Tliu last
lll.llllll, II III! l,lf.lIIU 111.1 .11. U U.ll.bni u.
Iiitermltteiit fever, one of Diptheila and one t
ague wiiniii tnree inoniiis.
We know a teacher who had his mtdesty
shocked . Tho words oi the book wero s ' Wliat
mi excellent thluir. Is know edge, said : hustling
little man." i ninirv.ua: "wnaian excellent
thing Is knowledge, said a busted llttlo man."
v Hereupon an wusiost m whu contusion.
l'KACKl'Ut. Joe
Mrs. Illnkles bulldhur is almest ready for
occupancy, It Is a neat structure, as Is all the
houses Mr. Itlchy puts up.
Some thieves broke Into the storo of Geor.'r
Mowrcy, of (Jrabam.ou Inst Monday ntght, and
iihik an tue cigars aim touaeco mat tuey voum
A literary society was orgsnized here lost
Thursday evening. Elected J. K. l'liillllis, 1'res-
mcni! Jirs. wane, Hecreiary; i. n. rerKins
vlco l'resldcnt ; Mrs. runups, Treasurer.
.fnnns WiiL'tiiT. who sold his f.iroi a. short
tuiio since, to iu.n.wo igueriy.nas nougiiiitiari
ot 100 ncrusoi uis urotiicr ieorgo. ue looxe
nt lu wu and Nebraska, but returned to Holt
county, satisfied, Tliero Is no place like Whig
vauey. oiiu is a urst ciuss uuuou uim wo urc
giau to Keep nun.
The new house of Marlon Tlnvlll. a few
miles northeast nf flraham. was burned last
TliurAdnv numiliii;. This house was ltliiwn
uowii in too rcreutsiorni uuu mu inosi in iiiu
lumber hail to no replaced, they had thu frame
up, nun nan n nro in tuo eeuer, uryiug me mm'
uer. wneu h iook lire ana iiurneu uown inuici'
lim a loss on Mr. Kaufman ot 0 or 7 hundred
dollars. This was a serious blow on Mr. Kauf
man, as ho had lost by thu storm considerable.
mi. nrown
Corning. Our Improvements.
DMK.siw.UonvOTftWALLBa-As.Mr.nckio Tho Tvinitliiiid Indcnetrlent etis it
can show figures tlmt .lnltland has put
Cold and ralnv. HI) tn u ro l)iitluiHrs nml ilono inoru in tlio
J..M. Doudrlo has moved his shop ui uuio, wny ot iniprovonients intin any otiiur
-Wc would UltcJtoJUiear from Orecnplcklo success, but wo bullovo when it
-jnluiJIooten received pay for bit quarter comes to iicnrcs urerjorr wi i suok up
Munhaii. favorably- with any ot 'cm. The foilow-
Thcro was a Social hop at Ella Btekes', Frt- inir is a list of ininrovemcnts totrother
day evening. I with tlio cost oi eitcli, wiilcn havo been
We would line to kiiow wnai ur. jAiiciau, ..ructcd unci finished this voar:
! Ovinf. mi tlm II:ivstiruuertvlr. HH.H.U uuu iiuism-u ims )ui .
-Hob llendersou's legs are six Inchei louger Court 0lS0,ViUMifni,f.::.;.
tliau Uier wan a ween ago iasi naiuruay. "'"
The Tov.ni Hoard did the fair Ih ug by Mar- v "t-.iw-irilV.
shal Hooten, they paid lilt doctor mu. ... ucilcr. tmprovctncnU.
We Heard mat raui cnaiz and i reu uegge (luld, Ktiiiktl, awrniug
was to he married ; now tuai is a queer weu- AndyWelen. dwelling
ding. Melii'Misitiiurcii...
t.f... n 1. t.ll.lnnr.1 inAiilnc. n ll'.v. I lllltrll IIIll V. UUUUinil
nessshu'p. Come right along, Wes.,you might Joe lloulitiell, residence
do lots worsu tilings.
The town Is full ot railroad hands, and no
place for them to board. Why don't soma one
with money, coine, mid make himself rich.
ti,a llfind tinvs Hfremulrd the town last
week, and we say without fear of contradiction,
that It Is the best baud lu tho State for Its uge.
T-.r-V Meters, nl Fairfax, has opened a
blacksmith shop In our town. Jack needs no
reeeommeiid, for he Is known as the boss
We arc feeling good over our railroad pros
ipeis. hut the business men should do some
hint: to Improve the town : set out some trees ;
ux up tneir stores, eic.
a ouo
1 uoo
8 009
8 000
2 000
Total W
Hfisiclos tho nbovo thcro nro sovoral
Iwi-llliiL's in courso of construction
which will not bo finished this year, and
which would swell tho nmount to
at least f 30.0W).
-t t'nrost Cltv. Holt countv. Mo..Octo
ber Will, u. Mrs. Nancy ualdwln, aged 63
'Ylrs'. Ualdwln was bom InJtoss county.Ohlo,
-Josh fteynoldsnnd Kred Sheeley have open- ' lo. " fj
ed a butcher shop and Mr. L N, Klrkliimf ft,",1 1,, 1 married Joel luldwln.
bought out the Sletz fco Corning will '. ""' -(()' sprln thesaiiiu year, they
moved loMKiaway couniy. jiii. Jira. uuiunriu
became the motlicr ot eight children, five of
Too Much Beer.
Oregon calms considerable mtnr'.ty as
seatdf learnliiit." jet somo of the prluelolo lo-
iiiaKe nru Known uy kucu lllgn
as'dO!r.tiwii. sm.iki.-rinv. hnr-
wash, and Jhn-Jnm comers." That's about
have plenty of meal lu the luturo
whom are 'still living i ono daughter and four
i ftif i. i ii i iih t'lxr mi idiJV, ui'vi wmu n in uuiittim
-Mrs. Mason Trice has been quite 111, but Is !in,i ,0ved on u farm In Holt county. Mo., on a
convaleslug. part of wlilcli tney navo ever siiito resnma. .sir,
BI'U?H ,am" aro Y""",li l. u Jo; ' MTswsVcdoneof the finest nual-
Itlcs of human nature i 'Hosplttllty." Her
at Atchison. Kau.
Mr.K. Kclloze. of Craig, was In our town liV" "i .,,. tnn trtiil of cmnnaiiv. but ono
last week, on legal business. I morB ccmi,i flmi rest, and the chairs around her
Wnnreeladtoscu W. Workman on our nii.in wr-rn never so many, but that one more
streets again, after a weeks severe lllnesi. could find room there, iler real enjoyment
... .... . I ... . vniini. tionnln tn illwrt
m h Mnry Hrimir. returned lasi ruesuav. wus m w iv"r." .'..:.-"
This was a serious blow on Mr. Kauf- from St. Joseph, where she had been visiting. thelt ' ldXJ w '"K,?,,IIVU" i-'Slre I aid-
Mr. W. 11. Carrol, ef Westbpro, was In town ' ', '.,, n;,n,ior ife. and Its exposures sapped
Ai. I.... I. ...i.l. tu l li lilM.tiuttvfrli.inlu I " " ". .... . t ..........
rur imm iii.iu i, year
at last Hon
shu Milled
again, and was wen ciiouku hi iiiiiyu uimu
The rool and ehangcablo autumn breezes Iniw
tlie kind of names wo should expect tu Qud
iirmiiiii uiu - seal" oi icanuug, JKiitKifil Jim-pcndciif.
This Is a lio. Ororron don't claim anv-
thinp; of tho sort, nor nro there any such
names in existence, as tlio above, lu
forty miles of Oregon. An old topor
onco told us, that whenever u man had
a sevens attack of tho delirium tremens,
such names mid pianos its ".Nm-.Jnnis,
nojl-wasii, ' eto., aiwiya ro?o up Uoforo
him in phantom form. Wo aro sorrv
that beer had euch a tclim? effect unon
you. Jo, wo don't claim to bo tho
"neat of learnititr," hut If you will study
thu columns of Tin: County I'afeu
diligently and prayerfully, you might
absorb into your HVHtom an Idea how to
publish a newspaper. Our brilliant
fun tu res aro open for you.
Garfield Monument Fund,
As tho commlttco having charge of
thu Gntfioltl Monument fund, lor erect
ing a monument over tho grave of our
Into President, havo appointed mo
itairman oi tno commitloo oi lion
county. I will recclvo contributions
Iroin all who would liKo to give to this
uoblo fund, biinscriimnns not to ex-
cied ono dollar will bo reeoivet' nt mv
oflico in Oregon which will be bent to
tuo Uungrcssionnl (Jommittco,
I. II. 0. CUItTIS.
)wn. of Qraliaui. was circulating ' l' !. ..."!; I i i n l W ." .'
suuscripuoii paper, tor tuo reuei oi jur. juiui- ,. , . , f-,,.llrfllI. ,,, lrilu1 ilt.rB. ", "t, ,VViVn , falll ii and at last
n ins way to Daiiue cuuuiy uu., uu uu w ijjw., iiiuuku uiinnK i Bt.,,.,v.
Ilhig? nifaln. and was well enough to i
It Is rumored that Cralir Is to have another
vvorx upon our new ncasoi-uouso 1. pro-
grcsslng lively. I r. M. t.pimiv. one of our nromlnent nhy
St. Joscnli nalntcrs now have Tlllbv & Ilea. I slclans. and Miss H. Wmlth. went milted In uiai
ion s uuuk in euargu.
(1. M. Ilooner Is contracting laruo amounts
oi com, tor luiuru uenvery.
A Mr. llallmrer. Into of Ylrclnla. has been
eiccieu as tue principal oi our puuuu scuoois
Drs. Johnston and Whnr aro nuw comfort:,.
uiy uuurtercu, in iiieiriiew oiucu
A brother of Oeorge Oasklll, from Indiana,
, . i i . . . . . i . i t.i.
cldlSVVn.mVlo'oCnuraaer h,s"iao Wu veVajt ctedilungs. and a week befi.ro , he.
Interests. deal l, sue uecanie anarB, mm y"'""
inicrcsui. I ..I.,.,... n imntift.1 liir Iilm, wnrds
iir.Bperry, former y pi Lincoln, r,eo., iiae werU"I I if vew irltcd for my c hi drcn and rats
decided to permanently locate here. M o heart- r.fre.1h"vC m?,,.. ,, fake caro ot them
lly welcome the Uootor. selves s but my eyes nro weak i I hniiothat
J. M. Iivelady. one of our prominent pity- death wlllrellevo me," Death came nnu eioscu
.li.lt.. .....1 1LIIUU IJ t. titiltujl In iiiu,- I I I .4. u nn.l i.vn It l.lrSW (II IlliP rltCflkH.
nibiailt,, UIIU Uttnn l.i Willi..., heiu i.iiivvi, ii, iiihi- i ,,cr UIIU U) I.Allll Hu u i.
rlauo, at thu residence ot the bride's parents, at that lireught tiack lier benutlful features of
juverioii, lowa. I early years, vvuiaiu mmiiii "
- . . . i 1 ,..! M..v,.-iii1 ,ltn oritvn wllll thfl IFrePIl
.sir. J. uoi ougny lias ueen appoinieu ran-1 "", " V..,., n, ; lit n,u
road agent herefln place of J. It. Dodds. who turf. Uecau.se for many yoars coming, hund
uJl.r,;, .,i' lTi,r Snni;;.iii; i;v'lmv.i'reds will remember und mourn tho death of
has resigned. Tlio company couiu nanny navo
made a better appohitineut, as Mr, C. Is ono uf
the most cftlclent olllelals on tho road. Con
nurliv was lipni for ft short time, about two
years ago. when no mado initio n host o! friends,
has beeu visiting the latter. durlUL tlio naat who heartily welcome his return
week. I Wonder how C.O.I). Is nasslnir these dreary.
Uube Gorman's ftno thoroughbred mare, I old, long evenings, since the departure of tliat
-ivaie,- won nrst money in mo races, on Sutur-1 iair p-u-o-i-i. intu.
unj nisi
kind and pleasant Mrs. Ilaldwlu.
CSJ-Our lino ot Grocorio. is now nnd
compluto nt lowest priced by Krcok &
W( don't often nccuso nnvouo uorsoiv
ally, but wo must nccuso Air. Hostettcr
tuo tjoniectioncr, oi Keopiug tno nuest
lino in candles, uysicrs, uigars, oto.
Clothing House
Wo will tell vou ltind frlomls. You will find thoro tho crar.dcsl stouk of
Mon's, Youths' Hoys' and Children's Ovorcoats. A well selected stooli of flno
All Wool Suits. Tho ilnost lino of Hoys' and Childron'n Clothing Wost of tho
Tho tiiandost sf cK oi All wool unuorwear, bcaiiei rian-
lieu Ilaldwlu Is ranldlv recovering under
mo erncieiu care oi ur. uuiiock.
Mr. Wells has returned froiu'WIntliron
where he spent several days with Ills family,
horm reeelved
v rum tue ainoiint oi now buggies that havo
been sold to the young men oftfirs vlclulty, we
iiuiin. ho mu tei sumu uiarnagu uviices soon,
Frank Odell fell from his wagon, whllo re-
turning home from town, on last Saturday, and
We are glad to ee Sol.Foster on our streets
again. We aro sorry his "books" confined him
so closely.
Messrs. Oeorge MoKlnnuy and I)r. Shaso ot
Mound City .pent Sunday lu Forest; also
Charles Canon.
Mrs. Stopp decided to leavo ber country
bomo, and Is now occupying a house lu tho up
per part of town.
B. T. I.ucas, on Friday last, roturned, bring
ing with him a bright, six year-old llttlo glri,
who calls blm "papa."
A Mr. niacklcdge, who has been living on
the Clalbourne farm, has purchased, and Is now
occupying, what Is here kuown as thu City Hotel.
Vf. K. Mlnton arid wife havo taken up their
!, Done ai tue "national, aim aro mere rrcciv
ng the congratulatory visits of friends and re
at Ives.
How we wish the gentlemen (?) would learn
to step to the side of tho walk, instead uf stand-
iilKor warning in me miuuie, wncuiiicy
ladles ooiilug.
Miss. Clara Wilkinson, who Is teaching the
Forbes sohool. spent Saturday and Sunday witli
per lamer aim irieuus. rtHO is won picaseu
with her school.
And Mill they buy. Another of our (rising
young men has purchased a residence. Wu
venture to say mat
father" much longer.
tQr Our Htock of Hoots nnd Shoos is
ypry complcto and at prjees within tho
ruaoli ol a I. Sold by Kreok & Watson.
It. W. Dawson 1ms n. violent nlturk of TWnu
fever, and will booh tako a prescription lu tlio
hi ' r t,i i " ni ""is mar state, wmcu
mu uuuuiivss uisuru ins complete recovery,
TiiUTiifUL James.
Burr Oak.
Martha Klchy Is very III.
1'. II. Blnchilr Is building a barn.
The chills and fevor are rnglmr hero,
Old Miss Handford died one day last wi-ek.
buTlubs",,,Cr Wa" K1a' Iiut Saturday, on
o.uTda5y.eiUc1tes'.0, Uppet Ttkl0' s"1 J ,ut 1,08''
wTu!!ri!'S!!,..lJir?S!""!',; ln'lassablo between
Squash es, loo uplece ,
Cabbage, loo per head.
I'otutoes, $1.76 per huslisl.
A pplcs, nono In the market .
Vegetables nro scarce articles,
Sweet rotatees, $1.60 per buhel.
lluslncss. and the aeucral trado has been
very good this week. -
ivlmisvournroof. Tell him to cet Johnny
8hepherds tlmlier worth $1.26 Instead of (xi per
tuousanu, aim no win nave it ngnt.
nnrttAitni.(t ilnnrirlftt. Air. 11. II. nlmnson
died, last Saturday evening. Ills remains wero
entered at the ltulo Cemetery. Helios nu rela
tives In this part ut the country.
Hedge Plants
M. F. Kellogg will deliver ITcdgo
plants at Utloy"s Nursey, Kear Skid-
more, jsovcmuerzu ami ac. as mouiiu
City, November 4th and Mh, und nt
Oroson, November 8th nnd uth. All
desiring first class Hedgo Plants should
can uuu uu uuiiiiiiuu.
Sunday School Convention
Tho following is the iirogrnmmo for
tho quarterly S. S. Convention of 1 1 irk
orv twnuhln to bo hold at Fitlrvlew
Ducks nre nlentv roin,,i ,i,. . .1... school lioue on Saturdav. Nov. Mh.
..twin t . mu iiuuicrSi
ha wili not "board with
W. It. Homier is Imnll
raised In Atclilson county, to the bo'ttom.
, iJlld H5cl? J.oe "VJ"1. hM nov1' from tho
bluffs to the bottom. n the Mintou Betllemciit.
A. W. Vuiieanii) sold a
to jmUlod, of Kast Whltej Cloud! The i prlco
llev. Williamson holds services, nt the Ilurr
Oak Cchool-house, next Sunday, at 11 o'clock
Mill, ,1. , t, U,V1,IUH,
'Should Sunday school, bo graded,"
by J . II. l'ay no -Dlsougsion of tno same.
"Missions of tho Sunday schools," by
W. A. Gardner. Discussion.
"Should Sunday school Conrontion
no hem on sunuay," oy uov. uaromers
W. It. Homier looks vcrv i.ln.i.ln I llianiaalnn. ttOnnrv linsr .H
..nl. iiln. ... I!.. la lin .ii..lln.l . ?' ""V" I ---",. ,
jvu iiiiu itiiu. i3 iud iiiuibrr, mill lie tells
you u lino boy ut his lipuso another Itepubll'
I'ktb KvitnnnnKff.
Miscellnnlotis businos.
A, W. DayisSoc,
.Ta. Dkiiolt Pros.
Common Sense.
1 Mlsslssimii Hivor.
common sonso roniody forman or )ast. ol, oto., Kvcry vaviety of White and Fancy Shirts, Hats, Caps nnd Gloves.
It does not burn or blister, requires no Wo defy any ono to show us a finer lino ot goods nnd at oheapor figure.
ruuuing, ana is n positivo euro lor an
curablo allmontR requiring mi external
application. Jackson's Konovnting
powders purify tho blood, destroys
worms and regulate tho urino, For
sale by T. 8. Ilindo, and King & Proud.
uruggisis, uitP.ooN, mo.
Just roceivod, a now lot of finl
watches, nil makes and prices, goods
wnrrantoit as ropresonteit.
11AH11Y i-AHAOIIEIl, IJlCgnn, MO.
Your HtiHtlH
should bo kept warm during tho winter
antl tlio uest way to uo mis, is w go io
ira. filter's nnit mirciiaso a nair oi tnoso
: ...
Iiuck Glovca. largest stocK, lowest
Somo dcodIc uro in tho habit ot
inivincr tneir ciotiunir in laruur cities
This Irf all wrourr because Krcuk ti Wat
son will sell you your clothing nt just
aa rcusonablo llgurcs.
Dan. Martin is neent forthoSttuloba
ker wagon nnd Fish Hros. celebrated
wagon and will soil thorn at St. Joseph
Tholarcest lino of Hoots nnd Shoes
Hat8,(jap8 ana uent's a urnisninggooas
can bo purchased nt a voiy Jow prlco
for cash. Do you want ItP Call at this
omco nt onco,
Cor. 3d & Felix Street, ST. JOSEPH, MO.
feZjEClsr & SGHLOSS.
419 Felix Str-, ST. JOSEPH, MO.
If smokers will smokt. and them
sooms to bo no way in keeping thnj
from it, lot lliem go to r. itosteu
for their Cigars, His stock is coi
of Mound City and Holt county will
una it to their interest to can at nu
Owens and Harbor's Millinery
Drofis-Mnkinir establishment, bo:
buying oUownoro. Second door b
of W. W. Frnzor's residence, "
7 Per Cent, Money
For a short or long period on Improv
ed Farms. Havo 480 aoros ot land to
lease for Grazing! 8 mllfs noith of
Mound City. Havo also for sale tho
SK NB and tho N15 SB 14, uz, na.
Mny be soon at Mound
City overy Saturday ami at Uraig,
Monday each week. Address.
Real Estate Agent, Oregon, Mo.
I. one of the Most Valuable, Useful and Prac
tical Invention.
It Is Riiarauteeil a sure protection against
Cold, Winds, Bain and Suit. Will save ten
times Its fust In tuel unit carpets lu a sing o
season. It Is applicable to itoublo and single,
doors, Is ornameutal And does not cut or mar
the door In uny maimer, is easily nnd quickly
put on. Is
Simple. Durable Cheap
Territory for salo In all parts of Canada uml
nt, jio.epb,Mo;
-Now styles in Queonswaro nt
Kreok & vvatson's,
awybu and; NOTARY PU11LIC,
nAiln.tl l.ii.ii tiinilii lliiiinalllnns tnken. OonVOV-
nncliitf done, IEal' Information given and Ocn
cral Land and Law Jluslness attended to.
u m utawwru
u. m. umiunniiuiifv
Wholesalo and ltotall Dealer In
t Shingles, Lath, Sash,
I Doors nd Blinds-
Opposite Union Depot
National Hotel,
Our ontlro building is nowly furnish
ed throughout; our loiation is central,
our rates aro low, our aceomraooations
Sample Rooms,
aro unsurmissod. nnd wo rosnoetfullv
solicit a llbornl patronage from tho
traveling puuue.
B. B. FOSTER & BRO., Proprietors.
TjKn 1VJ
Hourbon nnd Rvo WhisUlos, and all
Fancy nnd Hot Drinks a spooialty. Pat-
ronngo respectfully soiiciteu.
tn wuntrit for Uio Ufa "nd WorU or
irtf4. Iisii'lsomcly "'"'''?!''" m'l book:
ever AMlhl. IiyJoUii C. IMdpnfU, VV.U.
UAU XXKfSI viuniHxl cuDiiisIgn bogis with
ttlilch tlio country I. flooded. Tfiey nro utterly
vurthless; an outrune upon the menioryorttae . reat
iH'nit. and a Iwso rraud on the nubile. Tills book la
vnllrWr !iew. The only vwu worthy the theme.
Bcmi fluu. in stumps foe Acent' Oiitltt.
jo.su liuoTiiEiis A Co., Chicago & ClnclnnuU,

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