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The County paper. (Oregon, Mo.) 1881-1883, November 04, 1881, Image 2

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O'FAiJLOK V irtii:,
Will practice In all court of Missouri.
Collections, and all manner of legal business
will receive our prompt attention.
tSTOfllce north idle of Court Home, OTcr
Hlnde' Drue Store.
Lawytr&Notary Public,
Collection miule, Depositions taken, Convey
auclng done, Legal Information given and Gen
eral Land and Law Ruslncss attended to.
Will practice In all Court of Missouri, Kan
Mf, 1 ok a and Nebraska. Real Estate business,
and Collcctlona promptly attended to.
Will practice In all the Court of Missouri.
Real Estate and Collection buslnss promptly
BttCtllllll to.
Olllcc over Schultc Bros. Store.
Will practice In all the Courts of Missouri.
Real Estate and Collectlugbuilness promptly
attended to.
Will practice In all Court. Real Estate busl
lie and Collection promptly attended to.
Real Estate, Insurance and Collecting
Will practice In all the Court of northwest
R. I. REA,
Notary Public and Real Estate Agent,
Will attend to all legal business Intrusted to
hi care In all the Court of Northwest Missouri.
Has for sale a large Dumber of choice business
Bankers and Brokers,
Loan Money, Buy Notes. Draw Drafts on all
principal cities, and Collection promptly made.
Tay Taxes for non-residents J Loan negotiated
on real estate, and Investments made on favora
tle terms. Interest allowed on Time Deposits.
Tho best religion is tbo most tolerant.
What men cull accident li God's own
There aro only two bad things In tho
world sin and bllo. llannnh More.
In Naluro' chain, whatever link you itr.ke.
Tenth, or ten-thousandth, break the chain
Tho obsurost sayings of tho truly groa
aro often thoio which contain tho germ
of tho nrofoundost and most uscfil'
Tho talent of success is nothing rooro
than doing what you can woll; and do
ing well whatovor you do, without a
thought of fame Longfellow.
Tho desiro to bo loved Is over restless
and unsatisfied; but tho lovo that flows
out upon others Is a porpotual well
spring from on high... M. Child.
Poverty is hard, but debt is horrlblo.
A man might as well havo a smoky
houso and a scolc'lng wife, which aro
said to bo tho two worst ovlls of our
lifo. Spurgcon.
Justinian's Pandect only make precise
What simply sparkled In men' eyes before,
Twitched In their brow or quivered on their
Waited the speech (hey called, but would not
conic. '
An extract from tho lottor of a recent
emigrant: "I'm working on do roads
horo at Saratogy, but don't Intend to do
it long. Shuro Mlko Mulhooloy, who
loft homo thrco years ago coma next
Alstor, has a rich young lady to drivo
him around tho city wld a beautiful
span, and ho sotting up behind and his
arms folded loiko a foino gintleman entirely.
TRANSACTS a general banking business.
Sells cxcliango on tho chief cities of the
United States and Europe. Allows Interest on
deposits when left a specified tlras. Collections
Tecelvo careful attention.
li. B. FRAZER,
OFFICE At residence, two doors north of
J. A. Reeves' Store; formerly residence of Levi
West Sldo Public Square. Respectfully Invites
the patronage of those having anything In the
Barber, Ilalr-CnttlngorShampoonlng Line.
Bourbon and Rye Whiskies, and all Fancy and
Hot Drinks a specialty. I'atronige respectfully
Our entire bulldlnc
throughout; our location
Is newly furnished
Is central, our rates
are low, our accommodations-Including
areunsurpa'sed, and we respectfully solicit a
liberal patronage from tbo traveling public.
B. B. FOSTER & BRO., Proprietors.
At price ranging from I2.B0 to $35.00 per acre.
Borne of the finest land In Northwest Missouri,
In both large and small tracts. Desirable town
property In all the towns of Holt county. Also,
a few fine farm In Kansas. Parties desiring to
cither sell or buy land, will find It to their in
terest to address me at once, a I am constantly
Laving calls for all grades of lands, and can
suit all purchasers whomsoever. Address,
Attorney-at-Law, Oregon, Mo.
Not a Marrying Girl.
Sew nrnniwlcfc FrcilmUn.
Thoy wero seated together, sldo by
side, on tho sofa, in the most approved
lovor fashion his arm encircling her
tapor waist, etc.
"Lizzie," ho said, "you must havo
road my heart ero this; you must know
Iiow dearly I lovo you.''
"Yes, Fred, you havo certainly been
very attontlvo," said Lizzie.
"Hut Lizzie, darling, do you lovo mo?
Will you bo my wife?"
"Your wife, Frodl Of all things, no!
No, indeed, nor any ono elso's."
"Llzzio, what do you mean?"
"Just what I say, Fred, Fvo two
married sisters."
"Certainly, and Mrs. Hopkins and
Mrs. Skinner havo very good husbands,
I bcliove."
"So people say; but I wouldn't liko
to stand in cither May's or Nell's shoes,
that's all.
"Lizzie, you astonish me.
look noro, rrcu; rvo uau over
twenty-livo sleigh-rides this winter,
thanks to you and my other gentlemen
Fred winced a littlo hero, whether at
the rcmembranco of that unpaid livery
hill or tlio idea of Llzzio sleighing witli
other gcntlomcn friends, I cannot posl-
tlvoly answer.
"How many do you think my sisters
havo had? Not a slnglo one, either of
them. Such pretty girls as May and
Xolllo wore, too, nnd so much attention
as they usad to havo!"
"Now, Lizzie "
"I am fond of going to tho theater
occasionally, as well as nlcctitroorcon
cert sometimes, and I shouldn't liko it
If I proposed attending any such 'enter
tainmont to bo invariably told that times
were hard and my husband couldn't af
ford ir, and then to havo him sneak off
"Llzzio, Llzzio "
"And then, if onco in a dog's ago ho
did condescend to go with mo anywhero
in tho evening, I shouldn't liko to bo
loft to pick my way along tho slippery
places at tho risk of breaking my neck,
ho walking along unconsciously by my
slue. I'm of a dependent, clinging na
ture, anu i neeci tuo protection of a
strong arm."
"Llzzio, this is all nonsonso.
"I'm tho youngest of our family, and
perhaps 1' vo been spoiled. At all events,
I know It would broak my heart to
havo my husoand vont all tho 111-tempor
wmcn no conceals from tho world on
my dofencoloss head."
Hut, Lizzio, I promlso you that
"Oh, yes, Fred; I know what you aro
going to say that you will bo different;
but May and Noll havo told mo tlmo
and again that no hotter husband than
luvira uvur liven. ISO. iron; as a
lovor you aro just porfoct, and I shall
l:ato awfully togivoyou up. Still, if
you aro bent on marrying, there aro
plonty of girls who havo not married
sistors, or who aro not wiso enough to
jiiuuw uy men example, lor i vo no
doubt I can find some ono to fill your
piaco 'i
nut beforo Lizzio had concluded.
Fred mado for tho door, muttorlntr
something "unmentionablo to ears no-
Vint Term begin
Second To im begin
Kept. 19, lflHI.
Nov. 91, 1HHI.
Third Term lieirlm Fell. (1. lHH'-i.
Yourth Term begin April 17, 18HS,
Tuition, $5.00 per term of ten weeks,
Course of study thorough and practical.
Hoarding In family f 3.00 to $3.60 per week.
For further Information address,
"inoroi" oxolalmcd Lizzio, as tho
uoor closed with a bang. "I know ho
was no hotter than tho
tho -way John and Aleck swear and
slam doors; when things don't go just
right. Ho'd mako a bear of a husband;
uut I'm sorry ho camo to tho point
so soon, for ho was just a splendid
Wo walk in the midst of secrets; wo
aro encompassed with mysteries. Wo
know not what tokos plsteo in tho at
mospbero that surrounds us wo know
not (what relation It has with our
mind. Qoctlie, '
"Si??' ?,!Vr ." elr Yulue."
.,i?y."rSMn? OI Am, Biliousness and
niuuey vuinpiaini. as recommended. I had a
half bottle left which I used for my two little
girls, who the doctors and neighbor said could
not be cured. I would have lost both of them
one night If I had not given them Hon Bitter:
iney urn uiem o wucn good I continued their
use until they wero cured. That Is why I tav
you do not know half the value of Hop Bitter
and do not recommend them high enough "-1
H Rochester, N. Y. Bee other column
'io remove fat. A great many reci
pe have been given, but tbo quickest
Wiy Is to call the soap-groaso man.
Up to Oct. 25th tho Garfield fund was
Baron James Rothschild died at Tar
ts, Oct.Soth.
Tho Atlantlo Houso, at Nowburyport,
Mais., burned Oct. 20th. Loss, 20,000.
Tho assessment of tho Stato of Colo
rado ha Increased 25,000,000 In one year.
An entire block of buildings In Whit
ney, Texa, burnsd Oct. 10th. Los, 110,000.
Tho Now York Board of Trado has
rcsolvod to work to havo the canal of the Stato
made free.
An Atlanta brokor has bought several
millions of Confederate bond nnd ha been of
fered 20,000,000 more.
After a long season of cheap railroad
fares the great trunk roads have commenced to
rcstoro prices to the former basis.
Hinry Ward Bccoher retires from tho
editorial management of the ChrUttan Union.
Mr. Abbott la to be hi successor.
John Million & Sons, shoo manufac
turer at Lynn and Roston, have suspended
payment with Itahl'ltics of 200,000.
Eastern shippers from Chicago aro
much pressed to get cars. cstcm roads are
refusing to lend car for point East.
Austrian dispatches report anothor
earthquake nt Agram, on Sunday, Oct. 2-Td, by
which some house were destroyed.
The Inter-occanlo Canal Company
have purchased the Grand Hotel at Panama for
200,000, and will convert It Into olllccsior we
Tho rcsldenco of N. Jollltch at Jack
son, Colorado, wa burned Oct. 20th. All tho
Inmates, consisting of Jcllltch, his wife and
two children, perished.
Hie American llumano Society has
decided to bring Into the Supreme Court of tho
United State a test case of the cruel treatment
of stock In transit on railroads.
Tho otiginal fund of 600,000, given
by the late George Pcabody In 1S02 as n fund
for building lodging house for the poor In Lon
don, now amount to 120,000.
north-bound freight train on tho
St. Louis, Hannibal & Keokuk Railroad was
ditched near McCunc' Mill, Mo., Oct. 20th,
maklig a complete wreck of tho train. o
one Injured.
Tho banking houso of Thomas, Branch
it Co., Richmond, Vo., Oct. 10th, bought over
$1,000,000 In confederate bond and arc still
buying. Tho smaller dealer report a lively
business In tho same.
Tho richest copper mlno In tho world
1 the Calumet nnd Heda, of Michigan, Tbey
have taken out tST.OW.OOO worth of copjier In
thirteen years from It. The Bteck, which was
formerly 7, has gone up to 82.
Tho boiler of an ongino on tho
Rloomlngton fc Northwestern railroad xplodcd
a the train wa leaving Champlalgn, 111., on
tho morning of Oct. 2Gtb, scalding fireman
Carlton fatally, and Fblllp Rhodes seriously.
William Johnson, anothor of tho la
borer Injured In the railroad collision In Chi
cago on the night of Oct. 18th, died next day.
The coroner's Jury censure the freight con
ductor and switchman for carelessness.
Gen. Tynor has resigned his position
as First Assistant Postmaster General, and the
President ha accepted his resignation. Post
master Goncral James, In his letter to Tyncr
acknowledging his resignation, says : "The re
quest for your resignation was not based upon
any reflection upon your personal or ofllclal Integrity."
A dispatch from Washington slnt?s
that tho probability of ex-Scnator Conkllng's
nomination to tho Secretaryship of tho Treas
ury 1 freely talked of there. Ex-Govcrnor
Morgan has peremptorily declined tho projlcrcd
honor. Secretary WIndom has ceased to act a
Secretary of tho Treasury. Judge French ha
been appointed Acting Secretary.
Tho Presidont has nominated James
d. McRrldo postmaster nt Lincoln, Neb., Simon
II. Hauman, at Mt. Vernon, Iowa. J. F. Win
ter, of Illinois, Consul to Rotterdam. Hans
Mattson, of Minnesota, Consul-Gcneral to Cal
cutta. Edwnrd F. White, California, Coiner In
tho San Francisco mint. Henry H. Garnet,
New York, Minister to Liberia. John M. Bai
ley, New York, Consul to Hamburg.
Thoro aro fears that Prof. Kinc. tho
balloonist, and the party with him, who, a few
days ago attended at Chicago, arc lost. The
signal eervlce t Washington, ono of whoso
employe accompanied Prof. King I begin
ning to express some anxiety. The suggestion
Is made that parties be sent out from Fort Bnel-
ling, Minn., and other point where troops are
stationed, to scout for tho aerial voyagers.
A boilor explosion occurred at Day
ton, Ohio, Oct. 2Stb, at the huband spoke fac
tory of PInneo & Daniels. Tho rear of tho
building was entirely demolished and dwellings
for several squares badly Injured, nenry Roheel,
foreman, and a little girl two squares away were
Instantly killed; three workmen wero seriously
and many oth - more or less Injured, and were
dug from the ruins. Loss, 1 12,000 to $15,000;
no Insurance.
A llro startod in tho drying room of
the Crescent Brewery Company's Brewery at
Aurora, on the morning of Oct. 25th. The
steam fire cnglno was out of order and failed
for half an hour to get to work, though prompt
ly on tho ground. There were stored In tbo
cellar 200,000 kegs of becr. The building, ma
chinery, and stock are considered a total los.
The Insurance on tho building and machinery
Is $55,000. Tho total loss Is estimated at $r75-,
Flvo men wero killed, October 10th,
on tho Cincinnati Boutliera Kallroau, ai mc
Kinney Station, 180 miles from Cincinnati.
They were on a car containing water tanKs,
which had been detached from a coal train, to
go a little distance up the track. The return
Ing engine became unmanageable and tlio car
wa driven with great force against a standing
coal train. The name of the men killed are
David Campbell and George Campbell, of
McKlnney, who wero riding for amusement;
John Alcorn, Charles Knob and George Whip
pcy, railway ,'employec,'and 'another employe
Thomas Smith, hsrt both legs broken, and Doe
Lome was badly hurt. Whlppcy lived at Cleve
land, Ohio. There Is some question about the
cause of the Inability of the engineer to stop
tho engine.
Tho Mississippi River Improvement
Convention met at St. Louis. Oct. Sflth. About
five hundred delegate were present from all
the chairman of each delegation was Instructed
to nominate the remainder of committee on
credentials. Committees wero appointed on
Credentials, Order of Business and Resolution.
In the evening several delegations held meet
ings to put themselves In shape to oppose the
policy of confining the demands of tho Conven
tion on Congress for appropriations for the
Mississippi river alone, and will Insist upon a
full recognition of It tributaries.
Crime and Criminal.
On Sunday night, Oct. 23d, burglars
entered a houso In the town of Valpalanka,
In Hungary, and murdered the wholo family of
Ore persons, Including an Infant and a man
aged 00 years.
Tho mall coach from Galnsvllle, was
stopped at East Belknap, Texas, Oct. 20th, and
tho driver compelled to cut open the mall bag.
This la the fourth time the mall has been robbed
by road agent on this route.
GeorgoT. Roborts, an Englishman,
wa robbed of $1,WX) on a sleeping car between
Indianapolis and Litchfield, on the Indianapolis
St. Louis Railroad, Oct. 20th. Two other
passenger were robbed of small sums.
At Independence, Mo., Oct. 20th,
John Bugler and John Land were arraigned In
the clrcut court upon Indictment charging
.them with participation In the Chicago & Alton
train robbery. Both plead not guilty and their
trial were postponed until the next term of
court. Ball was fixed at $4,200 each. Creed
Chapmtn, one of the leaders of the gang, will
nlsobearr Igncd.
AtChrtorsvlllo, Georgia, Oet. 2Gth, af
ter the performance of Coup' circus a difficulty
occurred between the clrcmmcn and deputy
marshals and others. One negro was shot dead
and others oh IkUi side were badly beaten and
bruised. Two of tho circus men were shot.
Whisky was the cause. A Hon nnd bear es
caped In the melee. The bear wa killed, but
at latest account the Hon wa still nt large.
A tragedy occurred at Big Crcok,
Toncy county, Mo., on Friday, Oct. 21st. One
Manplnhad some domestic trouble, shot his
wife, and then aiming at his own heart, fired
again, hut the wound did not prove fatal.
Manpln, after this, mounted his horse and rode
oil. He wns followed and his horse and saddle
found covered with blood. Manpln, however,
made his escape.
An attempt was mado by thrco un
known men to rob the Chicago express on the
Pittsburg, Fort Wayne it Chicago railroad, on
It way to Pittsburg, about 12 o'clock on the
night of Oct. 21th. The train had just left Bu
cyrus, Ohio, and wa running about fifteen
miles an hour when the men boarded It and
tried to force their way Into ono of the Pullman
sleepers. They were met In the vestibule by
Conductor Saallls, who tried to eject them,
when one of the rarty drew a revolver and
fired several shots without Injuring any one,
The passenger were aroused by this t'mc, and
the thlever, becoming frightened, Jumped oft tho
Xcws From Abroiul.
rA letter from Archbishop Croko, of
admitted, but Secretary Blaine pushes the point
too far when he would have the world take It
for grant -d that no government except hi own
and that of Columbia baa any claim to bo con
sulted In regard to the neutrality of the work.
Tho proposition I far from being self-evident,
and Is, unfortunately, not supported In the let
ter by arguments which will mako It acceptable
to the European power, and least of all to
Sir William Harcourt, speaking nt
Glasgow, Oct. 2.1th, after receiving the freedom
of the city, said that both the late and the pres
ent government were reluctant to proceed at
an early stage against the Land League, be
cause It was not deslrablo to suppress what pre
tended to be a constitutional agitation, espec
ially If connected with real grievance; but
when such agitation avowed Illegal views, no
government would fall to bo supported In ahy
and all measures It might take for the safety of
society. The task, he said, was a dllllcult and
painful one, but the government having set it
hands to the plow, they might rely upon It not
turning back. The speech received prolonged
Gatincnu, member of tho Chamber of
Deputies, presided at a meeting which, after a
speech by Leon Chottcau, unanimously adopted
resolutions demanding tlio nbrogntlon of the
decree against the Importation of American
pork Into France.
the States in the yalley, and a considerable
number of prominent gentlemen had scats a
Invited guest. Michael McEnni, President of
the local executive committee, and also Presi
dent of tho Bt. Louis Merchant' Exchange,
called the convention to order, and made some
remarks, no wa followed by Henry Hitch
cock with an address of welcome! Gov. Crit
tenden, of Missouri, was appointed temporary
chairman. He wa received with cheer and
delivered a locir address. Frank Galnnle
wa appointed temporary Secretary
roll of Btate was called
Cashel Is published strongly protesting against
the manifesto of the I land league. Michael
Power, a membei of tho.Tralee.'county, Kerry,
branch league, was arrested on n charge of In
tlmldatton and for treasonable practice. Gad
sell, a publican, has been arrested under the
coercion act. Wm. Dorrli, who ha been In
charge of the Land League ever since the ar
rest of Sexton, was arrested Oct. 20th and con
vcyed to Dundalk. The Land Lcaguo ha been
proclaimed a an Illegal and criminal organlza
tlon, and It meetings will be dispersed by force,
The Irish parliamentary party held a mectlm;
to arrange the details of tho Hyde Park meet
Ing. The party denounced the British Govern
rncnt and pledged all Irishmen In England to
carry out tho Laud League principles with In
creasing vigor. The proclamation against the
Land Lcaguo warns all persons of the Irish
National Land League, or by what other name
It may be called, It Is an unlawful and criminal
association, and that all meeting to carry out
or promote Its designs and purposes aro unlaw
ful and criminal and will bo prevented and dis
persed by force. Tho proclamation warns the
Queen's subjects connected with tho league,
to disconnect themselves fri in It and to nb
stain frm giving further countenance to It.
All the powers nnd resources nt the govern
ment's command, the proclamation says, will
he employed to protect tlio Queen's subjects In
In the free discharge of their lawful callings
and occupations, to enforce tho fulfillment of
all lawful obligations, and servo processes of
law and the execution of the Queen's writs from
hindrance or obstruction. It calls upon all
loyal, subjects to uphold and maintain the
authority of .the law and supremacy of the
Queen In Ireland. When tho news reached the
Land League's office of the Government's
proclamation a hurried council wa held,
Book and documents were secured, and letters
from the country destroyed. Many books an
papers were carried to a place of safety. The
lights were extinguished and the door locked,
The executive ofllclal decamped, fearing an ar
rest, leaving only tho stock of noto paperand
envelopes. A largely attended conference o
tenant farmers was held In tho town hall o
Ballymoncy, county Antrim, and passed rcsolu
lions recording their gratitude to Gladston
and tho Liberals for their f crvlcc In connection
with tho Irish land legislation. Tho conferenc
regarded the land act as Just and practical, an
recommended the farmers to give It a fair trla
Tho Freeman'' 3 Journal says tho state
ments arc monstrous, absurd and wicked. Not
Its fiercest enemy, It says, would believe that
any Irishman 'would stoop to the crlmo
of assassinating Gladstone or Forster.
The Irish Timca considers therevelators Insane,
A1 priest near Clarcmorrls evaded police Inter
ference by holding a Land League meeting In
his chapel. It Is thought till plan will bo gen
erally resorted to for future meetings. Several
more arrests under the' coercion act were msdo
In Ireland. No Importance Is attached to tho
revelations concerning tho Fenians. Their
only serious object Is thought to bo to ralso
subscription for a skirmishing fund In Ameri
ca. A correspondent of tho Press Association
at Dublin says : "The chief of police has a con
firmed report that there was n plot to assassi
nate Forster, an added that he knew tho
name of two men who were told oft to commit
tho crime. Tho chief denied that there wa
auy plot against Gladstono or Sir Wm. Har
court. A Dublin dispatch, of Oct. 26th, says
hundred of tenant farmers marched Into
Luam that day to get the rcadjuetmcnt notice
completed. Cheer were given for the land act.
Arrangements aro being mado to hold Land
League meeting In ever' Catholic chapel In
Roscommon, Two morn arrest wero made In
Kilkenny. The constabulary are Instructed to
warn person against allowing Land League
meetings lu tueir nouses, .every person av
tempting to hold meetings will be arrested. At
the opening of the new market In Dublin the
Lord Mayor wo greeted with groans and hisses
which prevented him from being beard.
Tho London Times, In dlsoustfng
Blaine letter to Minister Lowell )n reference to
tho Panama Canal and the Monroe doctrine,
stvai "The welubtv nature of the Interests of
Tlio America In case of any Inter oceanic canal
and J through the Isthmus of Panama will be readily (
Npcclnl Komilon.
Washington, Friday, Oct. 21t. There was
a full attendance. Sherman called up tho res
olution for the report of Jamc F. Wlson for
the marked testimony taken during tlio Investi
gation of Dowcs. Sherman approved admitting
U ffil to 21. A party vote and Davis (III.) vot
ing with the Republicans. The resolution was
ailoptcd. Mcpherson presented n petition from
certain member of tho New York Legislature
against the title of Lapham and Miller. Re
ferred to tho election committee. Adjourned.
Wasiunoton, Saturday, Oct. 23. The 1'rcsl
dent pro tern, laid beforo tho Senate acommur
Icatlon from the Secretary of the Treasury I
response to a resolution adopted March 21th
calllnir fra complete list of all books, papers,
pimphlcts, etc., published by the various de-
artmcnts irom .narcn, iib'.i, to roarcn, issi.
'ha communication, which states that the
records of the Treasury Department fall to give
tbo Information called for, was laid on tho table,
and the Senate went Into executive session,
after which It adlourned.
Washington. Tuesday. Oct, &. The oath
of olllce was administered to acting Secretary,
J. E. Shober. Sherman called up tho resolution
iutlinrlzlnir tue librarian oi (Jonirress to receive
the papers of Count de Rochambean to await
me action oi lougrcss on me proposition io
sell the same to the United States. After de-
hate the resolution was adopted. Sherman of-
lerei', a resolution, which was lam over umicr
the rules, directing the finance committee to
Investigate the accounts for the expenditure of
several appropriations for tho contingent cx-
fcnsesoi lite treasury uepartment since July
st, 1871. After executive session tlio Senate
WABnixoTON, Monday, Oct. 21. The presi
dent pro tern presented a communication from
Secretary Windom transmitting the Melius
report, which was tabled and ordered printed.
Edmunds on behalf of the ludlclarv committee.
stated that the committee doubted If the law
wnrrantcd tho method pursued since the
death of Burch, Secretary of tho Senate,
In disposing of the moneys for lti cxnenses.
Re then moved to appoint Chief Cleik
Shober acting Secretary. Pendleton stated that
he had been prepared to oner u similar resolu
tlon. Adopted. The President's message was
transmitting the answer of the Secretary of
Plate to the Senate, nnd a resolution asking
whether the government had taken nnv action
since the last Comrress to protect the right and
Interests of thn United States In the Panama
canal matter. Tbe Senate went Into executive
session, and when the doors were reopened ad'
Washixoton, Wcdneiday, Oct. 26. Ransom
offered a retention for a report on tlio condi
tion of the Potomac flats adopted. Sherman's
resolution for an investigation of tbo Treasury
account was modified so us to glvo the com
niltteothe fullest power, and wa adopted,
as was also his lc'olutlon to refer tbo Mellne
rciiort to the committee on appropriations. The
ecnaic went mio cxccutivo session, among oili
er confirmed It. II. Garnet as Minister to Libe
ria, and J. C. McBridc, postmrstcr at Lincoln,
nenratKa. me ionowing nominations were re
ceived from tho President: Chas. W. Sexton.
New Tork. Superintendent of Census: Mlllllii
W. Glbbs, Arkansas, Register of Land Olllco at
i.ituo hock. 1'ostmosters, Mrs. Jane Uaulwln,
Council UluflV. Llovd Shean. Dodeu Cltv. Kan-
sin. Henry W. Cooper, Collector of Internal
Revenue of tho District of Arkansas. After
xecutive session tlie Senate adjourned.
How It is Brewed.
Iho following npostropho to wator
may bo justly regarded as ono of tho
finest pieces of composition in tho Kng
Ush lnnguao:
"ssoi in mo simmering mil, over
smoking fires, choked with poisonous
gases, and surrounded with tlio stonch
of siokonlng odors and rank corruption
doth our Father in Heaven proparo tho
precious essenco of life, pure cold water.
Uut In tho s;roon glado and grassy dell
where the red deer wanders and tho
child loves to play, there God himself
brows it; and down, low down in tho
doopest valley, whore tho fountains
murmur and tho nils sing; and high
upon tho mountain-tops, whoro the
nakod granlto glistens liko gold in tho
sun whero the storm-cloud broods and
tho thunder-storm crashes; nnd away,
iar out on tno wiuo, wiuo sea, wliero
tho hurricane howls its music, and tho
big waves roar tho chorus, 'swooping
tuo march of God' thoro Ho brows it,
that bovorago of life health-giving
.Congressman Cox SlRht-fteclna; In the His
toric City of St. Petersburg
B. Cox, In N. Y. Express.
It Is Imposslblo to doscribo oven a fow
of the phases of this Russian lifo in a
fow hurried letters, or to mako a proper
roviow of tho scenes and places which
we havo had time to observe I might
havo mado a moro picturcsquo sketch of
tho military or dynastlo church, where
in lios buried Russia, or hor Czats. It
would bo a pleasure to recount moro In
dotall tho visit to tho hut of Fotor tho
Groat, who-e ho lived while planning
this city. Tho boat and chair, which
ho mado himself, attract our oyo, whilo
tho sacred picture under glass in tho cor
ner, set In precious stones nnd illumi
nated with candlos is considered so raro
nnd talismanio that It attracts crowds,
who kiss tho glass covering. It is a fa
mous picture of tho Saviour, nnd lovoly
in ita touching sadness. It has a witch
cry, for, bolng borne in front of tho ar
my, it incites to 'victory.
Our noxt drivo was to tho placo whoro
tho Into Emperor was killed. Thero is
beautiful shrino under an Oriontal
kiosk'liko tomplo over tho exact spot,
in front of which nre candlos burning
and devotcos bowing and crossing.
Thoro seemed to bo an unusually doop
solemnity horo; and oven tho guards
nnd mlnlstrants had n moro serious and
anxious expression. Wo wont to vari
ous other churches, all called "parish
churches," but splendid in domo of
groon or bluo, nnd rich in decorations,
golden docoratlons predominating, for
oven silver is gildod ovor. No images
aro allowod In tho Greek churohos, only
pictures. So it is said, but it is hard for
us to distinguish betweon them. Faces
of tho Saviour and Virgin appear iu
beautiful outllna and color, surroundod
by golden aureoles and by enamolod
and gemmed frames of raro handiwork.
Our last visit on Sunday to church was
that of "Our Lady, of Kazan."
Knzan is n town on tho Volga, and tho
oputation of its saint is such as to en
rich hor shrino abovo all others. The
building liko mostofthoother church cs
has pondont from ita sldos nnd in Its
chnpols flags of all nations, taken by
Russia in battlo. Considering what
wars sho had, at homo and abroad, you
can well imagino what an immenso
multitudo of old, torn, moth eaten, yet
over-glorious ensigns, from Central
Asia to Poland are bung upon her sa
cred walls. Tho gates, balustrado, and
altar of Kazan Church aro of solid sil
ver. Four fluted jaspor columns adorn
tho altar. At iU doors as at all tho
churches aro poor peoplo, very raggod,
and worn with pilgrimages from afar,
who bow to you obsequiously, nnd pre
sent their black portfolios, with a Greok
cross upon thorn, as credentials for their
mission to bog for tho distant parts of
tho ompiro, and their spiritual noods and
Upon our drives wo notico somo line
triumphal arches, copied after tho class
ic modols of thoso of othsr countries
and other monuments, but nono equal
to tho suporb Aloxandor Column, orectod
In 1832, which Is a solid shaft of red
granlto, tho greatest monolith of tho
world. It is based on an enormous
block of rod grnnlto. There is an an-
cl on tho summit. Tho monument is
154 fuet high; has a noblo and inspiring
grace and grandeur. Other statues to
Peter and Cathcrino, bositlos statues to
soldiers and poets, mako every squaro
of this grand city monumental. Thoro
Is also an oqucstrian statue of Nicholas.
Tlio liorso is liko that of Gonornl Jack
son's, in Lafayette Squaro, Washington,
and stands up on his hind logs only. It
Is so much moro olegantly and grace
fully posed that I could not but comparo
it to tho disadvantage of our own favor-
Ito ohargorl Tho offlglos and places to
whloh such brief roferonco is mado wo
saw on our iirst sunaay. un tins sec
ond Sunday -and whilo I writo, wo havo
some rest; but on no day havo wo failed
to find somothing about Potor tho
Groatl In "tho Summer gardens"
thero is an old palace, whero all tlio
relics of his handiwork, such as chairs,
cabinots and Chineso designs; the kltch-
on nnd bath-room havo tiles of tho old
Dutch stylo, which ho greatly niTectod.
The chlmnoy is aa hugo as tho room.
WJhltt is a prison, whoro ho is said to
Umo kept his porsonal onomles, without
benofit of habeas corpus or olorgy. It
elan chief, who fought Russia so many
yoars; tho emeralds by tho quantity
which the Shah of Persia sent to tho
Czar; tho "horso furniture" of tho In
dian sheiks, and a circular knlfo which
thoy use to hurl, whloh outs your head off
beforo you oould say your little prayer;
and as a proper apox to this collection
of curious gifts and gems worth alone
sixty millions of rubles tho sword ot
Mazeppa, the brave hotmen of tho Poles,
who will nover eeaso to rldo through
hlstrlonlo and hlstorio dangers on that
fierce, untamod ehargor ot tho desortt
And ovorvwhoro it is a thinirof boautv
gloamiug in tho dew-drop, singing inl looks gloomy, and tho grating sooms to
tlm on mm or vnfn aMnlrwv tn i Im fnn-ssiv wUn rtnnnllnrltr tii-lnntml In n tnll Imf tf la
till tlio trees seem turned to living jow- Jt likoly that Peter would havo enjoyed
ich society in his own favorlto homo.
If you would vary this round of vis
te by an excursion into tho country, I
should recommend two, ono to Sarskse-
sollo, and tho othor to Potorhoff. Wo
havo mado both. At tho first aro tho
placos of tho Czar and tho Grand Duko
Constantino. Wo go thoro by rail. Tlio
d'os in tho parks. aro beautiful; where
in Is a lovely palaco whoro lived tho
Princess Dagmar beforo sho booamo
impress. 1110 armory noro forms a
museum of wondorf ul interest, for it has
gl'ts of untold valuo from Spain to Por-
sin, and boyond. Evory kind of guns,
sword nnd dagger is hero; and those
from tho conquered shoiks and khans of
Asia sluno rosplendont in jowols by tho
ols; spreading a golden vail ovor tho
sotting sun, or a sllvory gauzo around
tho midnight moon; sporting in the
glacier, dancing in tho hail-shower.
foldingbright snow-curtains softly abovi
tho wintry world, and woaving th
many-colored iris, that seraph's zono
tho sky whoso w.irp.is tho rain of earth,
whoso woof Is tho sunbeam of heavon,
all checkorod o'er with colostlal floweri
by tlo mystio wand of rarefaction, sti
always it Is beautiful, that blessod col
No poison bubbles on its brink; i
foam brings not madness and murder;
no bipod stains its liquid glass; palo
widows and starving orphans weop no
burning tears in its clear depths; nt
drunkard's shrieking ghost from tho
gravo curses it In words of despair!
Spoak out, my friends, would you
exchango it for tho demon's drink, al
cohol P"
Guard Asruluut DIneae.
If you find yourself getting bilious, head
heavy, mouth foul, eye yellow, kldnev disor
dered, symptoms ot pile tormenting you, take
an advance guard either In dry or liquid form
ii is cuicicnt. aamrwty ii'iM.
Next to our fa'th in God, thoro is
nothing so essential to the healthy
growth of our wholo being as an un
shakon faith in m&a.Mttlltr,
Table Manners.
Mrs. O. II. Ward, In Youth's Companion.
Tho first essential of refinement in
life nnd mannor is a total absonco of
pretension; nnd tho first point necessary
to be consldorod in tho arrangement
and ordering of a homo is that ovdry
thing should bo on a scalo exactly pro
portionate to tho husband's income.
Let all young housekeepers begin lifo
by a resoluto abnegation of shams. As
weath increases, expenditures may in
croaso; but never forget that misery is
tho result of living boyond ono's means.
To embollsh homo, to mako happy tho
lives of thoso near and dear ones who
dwell within it, is a task of no littlo hon
or, rewarded by no scant meed of grat
ltudo and praiso.
Tho ideal wifo and mother "openoth
her mouth with wisdom; and hor tonguo
Is tho law of kindness. Sho lookoth
woll to tho ways of her household, and
catcth not tho bread of idleness. Her
children rise up and call hor blessed;
her husband, also, and ho praiseth
Nothing rollecls moro upon homo
training than bad maimers nt table.
Restlessness, shown by fidgeting in
your scat, moving tho feet unnecessa
rily, playing with tho tablo utensils, or
crumbling tho broad, is very annoying
to thoso who havo beon trained correct
ly in youth.
To opon tho mouth wnilo chowlng tho
food, instead cf kooping tho lips oloscd;
to talk when tho mouth is full; to suck
up soup from tho spoon; to put a knlfo
in tho mouth; to bond tho head low down
ovor the plato; eating rapidly, or to
mako any noiso in eating, aro breaches
of good manners.
Chow tho food woll, but quietly, and
oat slowly. Nover uso a spoon for any
thing but liquids, ico crenm, cheoje,
fish (where silver fish knives aro not
Everything that can bo eaten without
a knlfo or spoon, should bo oaten with a
fork; such as sweet bread, rissoles. pies,
etc. Bread is alwavs broken when not
butterod; not bitten nor cut with a
Easo and good breeding aro nowhere
moro indisponsablo than at tho dinner
tablo, and tho absonco of thorn is no
whero moro apparent. As soon as you
aro sealed nt a dinner party, romovo
your gloves; half-unfold you tablo nap
kin, and piaco it across your lap, put
ing your roll on tho left of your plato.
As soon as you aro holpetl, begin to
eat. Tho custom of waiting i obsolete.
Take soup from tho sido of tho spoon,
and bo careful not to mako n nolso In
doing so. By tilting tho spoon you enn
avoid sucking it up. Nover tilt tho
plato however.
Soup and fish aro not taken a second
timo. You can refuso any dish that is
passed. After eating tho mouth should
bo wiped with tho napkin, beforo drink
Fruit is eaten with a silver knifo and
forK, after whiih you dip your fingers
In tlio iingor glass, wiping them on tho
table-napkin, not on tho d'oyloy. If a
linger glass and d'oyloy aro placed on
your dessert plato, you should nt onco
remove tho glass and d'oyloy, placing
thorn on your loft hand; tho glass on
tho d'oyley.
Also, when a plate is placed before
you, with a fork nnd knlfo on it, imme
diately removejfork and knifo, or spoon
to your right hand. It is a mistake to
keop guests ovor two hours at tablo,
oven at grand dinnors. Ono hour is
tho limit of an unocromonlous dinner,
whoro host, hostoss nnd servants under
stand their duties.
The Fronch havo a proverb to tho ef
fect that tho master or mistress who
has a noblo heart is oasy to servo. Wo
say: "A good mUtrcss makes a good
sorvant;" and if housekcopors believed
this, they would not ninks, tho short
comings of their domestics a topio
conversation, as somo do.
Act courteously and gonorously to
ward thoso in your employ, and you
will proeuro a willing sorvleo from all
who aro capablo and trustworty.
bcohllng, harsh ropoofs, fault finding
in a disagrooablo way, aro productlvo
of insolentreplios; and noypr mnko any
ono sorry for nn omission, mlstako or
, When any delinquency must bo no
tiood, it is bettor to begin by a gcntlo
and kind inquiry why it wrClso. It af
fords tho person an opportunity of jus
tifying horsolfWUsn rightlVd when
in tho wrong, IV25iiXp moro
likoly to see and Wmlt it, if questioned
Instead of blamod.
Civility is as nooossary to agrooablo
rolations with sorvants ns with others.
mass. Tho saddloolotufof tho Oricut le13Sonstho trialsf "rrloo, promotes
nmIeane0lallvth0nrCSOnb,from and chooks
of Porsla, aro tho rlehost known to any
collootlon of tho world. Amoncr tho
minifold things horo to bo seen aro tbo
loofc and key found near tho slto of tho
Tollplo of Jerusalem; tho jowolry of
thoHharom of tho Khan of Khiva a
wonderful collootlon for femalo adorn
mont; Chevalier Bayard's cuirass; a
spear which opeas aftor it ontors tho
body; an alarm clook whloh shoots off
a gun to awaken tho sleeper the flags
taken in tho Hungarian insurrection of
1819; (he baton of Schmayl, the Clrcas-
Always thank sorvants for what they
do for you, and always ask rathor than
command their sc rvioes. Doal prompt
ly and docldodly with anything whloh
shows a dofoot of principle, but reprove
liko a friend, A good mistress is tho
friond of alLwho sorvo Her woll, and
often ablo to train oven bad sorvants
Into good ones.
Who would vonturo on" tho journoy of
If compolled to begin it at tho end P
Af?)ie. de Maititenon,

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