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When Greek Meets Greek then
6 papers pins, 25c Ginghams, 10c.
LadiesWool Hose, 25c worth fifty cts.
Yard wide domestic 6 1-4 cents.
Fairmount Bleach Muslin. 8 cents.
Dress Goods, 8 1-3 worth 12 1-2 cents
Cashmeres, 75c worth One Dollar.
All Wool Flannel, twenty-five cents.
Japan Tea, twenty-five cents.:;
Seven bars Kirk's Soap, twenty-five cents.
Large assortment of Dress Buttons, Silks, Satins, and Velvet Trimmings, An unqualled desplay of general Notions.
Hats aud Caps from T went-five cents to Five Dollars. Cheaper that ever sold. Here are rare bargains for young and old,
Our stock of Men and Boys CLOTHING and OVERCOATS is very Cheap. ' Highest Price paid for Produce.
E. C. WELLS & Son, Proprietors, Red Front Store, Forest City; Mo
Daniel David was vlsltlni! In CiiiIk Sunday.
Mark Mooro ol Muuml City, wan In Oregon,
-David Green, of East ltulo, was In town
John U. Cowan, of New I'olnt was In town
Thomas Sanders, ot Muryvlllc, was In town
Saturday. '
Hubert Cain, of New I'olnt was on our
streets Monday.
J ami' Proud, ot Raiidolph county, Indiana
bvlsltlntf friends.
J. 11, Tlirt'llkill has removed with Ins family
to Nodaway cuuuty.
A. 1. Gordon of Minnesota Valley, was at
the Fltzmaurlee sale.
John L'lt of Wlilto Cloud, Kansas made a
flyltiK trip to Orepm I'riday.
T. W. Collins, of St. Joseph, spent Sunday
last with friends In this city.
Louis Moure went tout. Joseph hut Sunday
on tin business of couse.
Noble Modulus returned last week from
quite un extended trip through tiio K:ut.
Annie ltalrson returned Tuesday from qulto
w extended visit with friends ut Critlj.
Miss Sophia Kolmer, wh has been visiting
airs, unapiiuu ai iiiuiMiuiu, lias reiurneu.
Emmet Hums, of near Illirutotv. was doing
Business in mis cny u uay or iwo mis hvck,
Miss Emma (lUiisully, ot Clumvuod, Iowa, Is
vuinug wuii ucr sisier, .Mrs. n. w, oi uraiR,
l'eter 1'rlce of New I'olnt. was visiting In
uregon mis ween : me guesi oi ins son iianip
A. M. Hunter, the arcwiimndatlni; agent at
uraig, is on u visit 10 nis oiu nonio in jncnigau.
(luld. Kunkel. had a severe conlestive rlilll
one day last week, but Is up again attending to
William Klne. of Ilandottih countv. liull
ana. Is v biting his fatber lleuuett King, tts'.,
oi mis county.
John Cottrcll, formerly of this clly but now
oi . jtnein, is Helping in uuuu me siairiTajs
in me ciri nou;.
N. F. Murray, of Forbes township, and the
leaning irtnigroucroi uuit count), vms in ure-
gou naiuruay iasi,
MLss Tniee Snoerle ono of Oregon's most not)
Ular young lames has returned Irom I'.er visit
to liiuwatua, nansas.
Hamuli Viutier. of Vlri'lnlals visltlwr wit'.
friends In this county, while prospeclliulUi a
view to loeuuug neru.
Ueorge Whitney, of Western Kansas, who
has been visiting iu this county during the last
luoutll Wis reiurneu 10 ins nome.
-.TnmiTorrHV. onn (1 our truest young men
took his depurture for Sioux City, lowu, last
Moudny whore he will engage, In business.
A. 11. Jntnlson, u young attorney of treat
promise, from Mound City uccompauted by his
wife spent several lajslu Oregon thu past week.
J. T. Howell of this city, returned last I'ri.'
day trom Colorado, tiheru he has spent the en
tire .ummer. He lias two pas lug mines Hero,
with a iiunrtz mill within eighty rodsot them,
from which lie has taken w er.il thousand dol
lars during his ro:ent visit, und from which he
ezpocts, eventually, If not In tlio near future, to
extract a large fortune.
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Zuek of this place
were very agreeably surprised, on Wednesday
of last week by tho arrival ot Mr. and Mrs.
Holtzcl&w and children, who are relatives of
Mr. Zuek. Tiiey hall from California, and have
been on an extended visit In Indiana and Ohio,
nudwere at Cleveland on thu occasion of 1'icsl
dent Garfield's tuuerul. After spending tew
day. In Holt, they will leave lor their home ou
tboliuldeu Slope.
Mound City.
Mrs. ntcher Is lying iiilte III.
Mrs. Meiers of St. Joseph Is tho guest of
Mrs. liachus.
-.Mrs. Uiuls I.uckhardt has been visiting
fr.lnUsat Mound City.
Mr nnd Mrs. John Drydcu have gone to
Kentucky for a short visit.
Mr. und Mm. Damoll left on Monday to
visit the r native state, Kentucky.
The Methodlrt Church, Is having a very in
terestlng scries ot meetings. Several now
members huve been added,
Forest City.
Miss Eva Uuzan Is teaching at the, Chesny
Mrs. "Utllle" McDonald Is visiting Mrs. L,
II. Luukhardt.
Clara Wilkinson cnnio home l'riiiayovo-
ng to spend Huturuay wiiu numu rati,
fna ni ti.a nri.irnt, tmv Riinio (limn uitli
5 Is buggy to carry oil oue of our girls, but a St.
oe boy was ahead. '
Pr. Twman made a ulioi t visit to our place.
. -Mr. IlailarU oft raw, spent Friday ana Hat
urday with his friend Mr. Mufcy,
lien Baldwin Is able to bo upon our streets
again after a long Illness. ThuUpcaks well of
Dr. Kulleck tut u physician,
It will ba sad news to many to learn that
Mrs. U.K. Itoblmum Is rapidly falling. Her
husband and friend, huvo the deep symjialhy
of all.
It will no doubt surprle many to hoar of
tbe marriage of Mr. Will Orr. formerly of, the
Arm of Ford & Orr, but now In the banking
buiwMlii" I'ennsylvaula. Ho . receives the
tieartycongratiilatlonsajid best wishes of ii host
tif trleiids..
MMHJ. Thomas J.Stewurt, Chris 1'n.lbe and
William Drown ot St. Joe, spent Sunday eve
ning In itir town. Mr. l'relbe Is a trenuent vis
itor here, Thomas Stewart formerly lived here
and consequently had many friends who were
glad to tee hlin . Come again boys.
Monad City-
Corn SOcts.
-Beets 81.00.
-Hogs. i.ViJ.
Turnips "Sc.
-Whrat, 51.10.
Irish potatoes, $1.60 V bu.
Mr.i. Tompkins Is unite 111.
Dr. Halm Is woiklnir lulooulto a rood nrae.
tlec, and well deserves It.
Mr. II. S. lluzlek. ot K:ius:ls. Ii vtaltlnir
friends and relatives here.
Anew butcher slum will bu oneiied liv
Wutts & Sailing, In a few weekn.
IVaco has reigned on our street, for two
weeks past. Times are wholesale". '
Tln rn was ono death In town last week but
wo railed to learu the name of the lady who
Mr. II. C. l'cppcr went to Kansas Saturday,
l'lieru seems to bu an Irreslstublu nltrucilnii
Mr. Akin has sold his farm, noar Fortius In
.lames ami Frlscllla .Morris, who will ihortly
Mr. Dennett, successor to Olln .tltennr.it
will occupy the first Mory of tho Cordon brick,
as soon as completed.
.1. II. Denev has removed his stonk of ilmcr
to tho tJorsaut & Meyer brick, und now has one
ot the best sturu rouius In Hie State.
M. C Wetzell nreacheit at fUvnntuili Sim.
day. and will change pulpits with Mr. Uarduer,
ul Maltlaud, the 2nd Sunday In November.
John 1 (Jomel. 1ms niirehnseil tbn iinillvl,!.
edotio half Interest In the Mooro farm, near
Craig. It has been rumored that coal has been
lounu on it since the purchase.
Mr. D. S. Morris started to Nelir.iskn Sntnp.
day. Ho has been appointed to preach on one
ot the circuits ot thu M. K. Cuurcli In that
iii.ue, u uru iiiiormeu, uuu is un ills way 10 Ills
Held of labor.
The meeting at tho M. K. Church has been
a very Interesting one. and has resulted to :i
number of additions to Hie Church. How long
It will bo continued probably depends upon the
umuimuuiuu vi me luicrcsi. tuprcseui mauiiest
Tho Academy Is well attended and doing
IfOOd work. Thu roof Is holnir nut nil .mr i.tiv
school liuildlng, and It will be ready for Use by
the llrst .of December, Wo will then have im
goou seuooi iaciiiucs ns can be touuil in the
Tho mortality among the canlno populatlan
iiii.i mr , ccitt UOQ1I SUCH MS IU UO-
llIit thu hearts of all lovprs nf mnir. Hionlm.,
Mr. Cnsou. Marshal, desnatches then wltlnuir
rercnimiy, when the otuier refuses to puy the
lux ussesseu upon nielli.
Tliero was oulto il urohtiiL.nil frlnl tiffnra
Col. Wilkinson, last week, In which Mr. Van
Ullk rk ncti d lor .Mr. Kuowlrs :u oroseiMitiip
aim .ur, nnmesueieuoeu. mo iriai uegtlll 111
ttio evening and ended with n verdict ot ueuult-
itii oi ucieimauis at two icciock me next mom
. The baggago "miLsher", on the Mallland
train is now ugaiii miiKing ins regular Humlay
"lay-over" at Mound City and nil dlllerenees
between him and ills irirl havo been imili-nlilv
settled, mueli to the regret ot two jomig ladles
in ui, josepu, wnawo will vail Mollio ami Jen
nie for short. They retuso to ho comforted and
consequently there Is gnashing of teeth und
tearing of hair by the laltur named ladle". Wo
iii.ty expect io aue-uiuouou me muoii,"icioro
many weeks.
Forost City.
J. A. Itlchardson has started his sawmill.
The Christian Chorch Is tinw liMtiv r.uiuilnt-
ed. " '
() Marcus Albcrtson Is sawyer at ltlchardson's
Tho ralurfrtll for October 1881, at this point
was VM.
-Major Kelloy Is still In bad health, but Im-
atTkafFoVesVMiS:,'ln''' ," n,,1""R tTaa
rlvK ,h6
-Orttlii Is moving at lower rates. Tho hlgh
f'jjo now paldfor wheat Is 9t.20t rye bSo;
.irr"r.l'f.wnr.e,.1I).V,se' rlJ Bhaffer'a shoo shop,
the East Forest Mills and tho mill onice, have
each been ro-roolcd.
Many persons from Western Kansas have
tween here aud Iowa I'omu
-SomethliiK should bo done to repair the road
from hero to Iowa I'olnt. it Is tho prlnclpaf out
let lor the people of the lower bottom.
If we are- still to have growing weather, tho
removal of tho saw logs tifiit have lain so 'long
at the depot, will give tho .Unison a chance.
-Ed Banlty. brakesman on train No, 13. which
reaches Forest City Man. m., bail his left hand
badly crushed, whllo engaged In coupling cars
ertis,11,,ilnu.,Vy.,il,t.' ',,J was tak '"ne "
the Vllllsca tralH for treatment,
Our ImslneM men ehould securo the appoint
mem for soiiio go"d live man as road overseer
lor this district. The mad to White Cloud, tbe
roads leudiug out through the hills, In fact, all
nfantry to Capture
The Red Front .
Large Double Shawls Only $3.50.
Ladies Shoes 85c worth $i.25,
Ladies Calf Shoes $1,75 worth 2.25.
Child's Screw bottom Shoes One Dol
lar worth one twenty-five.
Misses Shoes One Dollar worth $1.25.
Three hundred pairs Misses Fine Kid
Shoes $1.25 worth two dollars.
"tana ""f""
t- CD
the rotvds need work t enable people to get In
to town.
Kino weather, this.
Wm. Kecble Is nllllctcd with a disease simi
lar to .lull's.
A literary society w 111 bo organized at Tri
umph In the near future.
Mr. Kd Me-slngcr Iris returned, from liU
visit to thu West, satlstled to remain In Holt.
Mr. ltobcit Cain, of Now I'olnt. has quite n
number of cattle to fucd for the spring market.
Messrs. John and Noblo llmlglui have re
turncd fiom n visit to thelrold hoine In Indi
Kannle I'ralsowater and Annie Morris, who
Iihv; been on tliu sick list for the past week, are
coiivatoccnt. Dr. Kearnuy Is their iittcndlng
Tho recent rains have luled the slough In the
N'odawav bottvni. We am eoliiuelled to ride
onuinlle through mud and water to seo niter
our cattle widen are yet doing well on the grass.
some navo pioposcu in raiso u privam suiisenp
Hon and huo tho slouch ditched. I would sug
gest tho County Court t'.'l make an apptoptla-
uoil lor ham iiurn'jsv, iiievu no a
i If ilitie
do, and they'll bed d If they don't." Tills Is
thu theory on which they made the court house
Burr Onlc.
Hculn Lunstonl Is at his post again,
Mr. II. Minion Is among the Invalids.
A. W. Vnncamp Is building a large bam.
Tho chills gives us special calls In tho bot
tom. Mr. Sol Ilonner's little irlrl Is vcrv 111 con-
Jestlve chills.
Wo would like to know what takes Joseph
Boyul to Nebraska so often.
Mrs, Miotics, ot St. Joseph, Is visiting her
daughter, ot East White Cloud.
SVoutd like to usk brother Argus If thoso
girls have returned yet, If so, what about their
literary society.
A, W. Vancamn bought S7.50 worth of corn
of Jutt, ot White Cloud, ona day lost week It
will be about 60c per bushel.
Kimiey, ,
Mllo Morgan, of Southern Iowa, called on
relatives this week.
Chas. Morris Is through gathering corn. Mor
ris hint u falrcrop of corn.
Chap and Lizzie l'llnu havo returned from
Kansas, having been gone nearly u month.
Mr. Crosswhite Is teaaher of the Klmsoy
bcnooi, we near gooti reports of him us u
Two vountr men hv the naino nf Vlsleil nrn
hero from Kansas, bcarclty of eatables bring
them here.
A company ot men are hutching In Martin
Meyer's tenant houso, cutting timber for u St.
.luaepit linn
All old ladv by tho name ot dough has been
iiangerou.siy in inr inu pan week, we uro hap
py o learn sho Is recovering.
Presley Noland attended church onn hIl.IiI.
last week. This Is the first time our old friend
isMiami utusueeii nuie to gei mil lor along ttino,
Miss Minnie Hutton has gone to Mtmnd City
to llvo witli hur sister. Mm. Claln Frazer. Who
win atteiiu scuooi ai "Jirowirs Acaueiny," tins
Benton school Is reported to be Increasing In
tnti.ili.ip Tlilti Id Mtiunitr.xrlriiv ti iI.a t.i.w.lia..
unit urouses energy that catinot be moused
wncn bcnooi is very bniau.
Al. Morgan has Just returned from Illinois.
Hn prolonged his visits to such an extent that
his relatives almost, thought ho had concluded
to stay in what no cans "uod's country,"
Very few hogs aro being fattened In this
Another young ltepu'llcan at L. & B's.
mill this murulng.
--People are still living ilcsplto tho bad
weather ami mud,
A tramp got drunk and created qultea com
motion ou our Htrects last week.
Buyers aro In this vicinity gathering up the
surplus wheat for milling purpose,
Some of our country boys went to St. Joseph
und came, homo with Moss Agate eyes.
Dr. Carr, ot Indiana, has been with us a fow
days visiting his sou William our railroad agent.
Ana us.
Beautiful weather.
-Geese, and ducks plentiful.
-Bill Klrkland don't like vinegar,
Thn Marshal aud Theo plays a good gainoof
Jojh where Is Bill? Oh thunder he Is at
-Utile Jim Mnverty, his now buggy and his
girl Just looks too cute.
Mrs. Fisher, ot Watson, Is hero visiting her
sister, Mrs. Jack Smith.
Contrary te (,'nrl's predictions, I'aul and
Fred are not married yet.
Mrs. Charles I.aokejr was visiting Mrs. Mil
ton Earl, ono day lust vveek.
Jutlgo Earl has pears as large as marbles,
bearing the second crop this year,
Wo would like to' havosime pf that honey
that the boys worked so hard for the past two
John A. Hooton will accept the money you
owotoTi-K Coujjiv lAf:it mid receipt you
for the same.
The Hosclliis and lllakelpy trial wasdlsmlts
cil by tho proseeutliiB attorney, us there w;is
nuthltig In thocuso.
Hud Overman has been very sick very
near deaths door he Is liiiprvlng very fast and
with luck be out In a few days.
I.ltt!" Fills Walters, and snmo moro of tho
boys of this place, have g'ine wot to seo the
country nud spend some money.
Dock Is It the llrst brick ns you conio to
town i over thu second ono us you go home,
that Is bo nttractivo to your eye.
Tho vomit? fulks met at John U icks thn
other night and had ono nf the nicest times
dancing they pver hatl. So ald onuof thepar-
-Therenre sever.il gentlemen In this town
thut walks In thu tear of the Lortl, I know they
do, because they tako their guns with them
every Sunday.
Dr. Iivelady says. If ho ha.l only knew the
comforts ot puttug down carpets, whlla wasting
und putting sinvc-plp;s together, ho woultl
niivu oeuu iitarrieit lung ngo.
It. W. Sednick Is lilL'Eor than .TMin llrciwn.
It Is a boy, and Hen says (dad bob-It) tho hoy
Is making Di nineratle speeches. But It Is Hie
same thing over nud over. Well, Ben, that Is
characteristic witli all Democratic; orators.
Don't forget tlio festival nml oyster nuppcr
at the M. E. Church, next Thursday, November
inui. a spicnuiu chku win no voieu 10 me
handsomest lady, and also, one to thn laziest
man. A irraml. uootl time, an abiinilnnen of
Mwe.it music, nud lots of fun Is promised. J.el
there be a big cruwtl
Ilr. Loveladv has como to Cornlm? to s'.iv.
nud as he Is u Hfr.uiger to tho most of us, I
nave laKeii me pains to iuok up ins record, uud
this li his Maiming ; Dr. I,. Is a years of ago
ultcnded hlscolleghilo courses ut Iowa. Ills
llrst term of medical lectures was ut KekuU,
Iowa, during the whiter of 7!i and 'tit); second
during Hie winter of 'CO nud '81, at St Joseph. In
thecollcgeot physicians and surgeons. We
Uud he stood at the head of his graduating
class and that his diploma is legal and register
ed iiutliorlzlng him to practice medicine nud
surgery. Since the Dr. Is married It would not
lie talr to omit speaking of Ids llttlo wife, her
maiden name was Husle 1.. Smith, her homo was
ltlvertou, Iowa, Sho was organist of the M. E.
Church. 1'ot several years sho was tho golden
nieiuhtl. which was awarded to her by the Iowa,
Nebraska and Missouri Inter Stato fair, fur he
tng tho best lianlst. This happy couple wus
married Oetoher'joih, nud havo come to stay
with us. We gladly welcome them, and we
wish them health aud prosperity, In my uoxt I
will give a list ot the w editing presents.
TllllO UltlSK.NriCKLI.
Still wo boom.
Joe ktevens has n sick child.
Tho work ou tho vault Is almost completed,
J. It. Stone Is building a residence In tho
west part of tuwn.
Jim Wlnsch has; been laid up for a few days
with sore throat.
Deo Hcdgeptth Is building un addition to
his business houso occupied by C. D. Nobles.
Thu bojs had a little dance In McNcals
Hallj baturlay night, and supper ut the Valley
Some party from St. Joseph Is putting the
roof on Wiiler & Donovan's bank. Thoy uro
putting a travel roof.
Tho boys decided to hang Culteaii at tho
Literary. The next question that Missouri
should adopt tho Prohibitory Liquor Law.
Chailes Hall has commenced another houso,
out on Muplu avenue. Charley says this one
Is tor keeps. This makes the fourtli ouo he has
built hi town. '
Our liveryman, Mr. K. It. Trait, has Ills
father und brother visiting him, from CuHaudu
una, N. V. Thli Is their llrst visit to tho State,
They express themselves highly pleased.
The now hotel will open up soon, with Mr.
Buclier, of MaryvUle.aslaiidlord. Mr. U. has
been In the liilucs In Mary villo for some time
ami understand)! how to please tho public.
r-Khepard & Simpson have opened a first
class stock of groceries 111 the building formerly
occupied by Springs. These gentlemen are
from Flag Springs, In Andrew county. Wo pre
dict for tlicin a good trade here.
There Is an old fellow called Moulton,
Beer drinker he's ulways been Jolltn'
Till ouo night In tho shop,
Thu beer ho did sop
Ami now the boys say he Is boltln',
He reared and ho caved and he swore.,
lill tangled locks ho dldpull till they tore,
Ho pronounced It a lie, ... ,
And tried to lirove tin alibi,
But tq the truth of their stnteniept they nworo.
From tho devil he has got a letter,
i'orhapi after this he'll do betler,
llo will take some other Hop,
And trv to come out on top,
Ami charge It up to his typo setter,
Yes, Moulton will try to ovado It,
But tUnlals will no longer save It,
There would bo nothing like It,
If Moulton could strike It.
And get rid of the boys' ufllduvUs,
Kins Grove.
Frank l'cmbertou Is visiting lit Iowa.
Jell Skldmoro has moved on to tho farm
with his father.
J. W. Keldor had tho misfortune to lose a
viuauio uorse, last l riuuy, cuuseu uy uycrttriv
Corn gathering Is everybody's business at
tins time und that you kno-Y makes u very
busy lime.
Thut werbllnu will certainly iro off beforo
vry long, for she has been buying table, clothes
uuu iiuugs,
r, E, Kennedy has nwved Into tho house
comes the Tup'
Store always Obeys Orders.
see: s
O cg
lately vacated by Samuel Vogau, ono of tho
Kansas Exoilustcvs.
Wo believe) that .las. Stacy has tho largest
ling in the county. Ho will weigh over Too lbs.
Ifanyoiiu has :i larger un. we would llku to hear
of II.
Mr. Itoyer, of Nodaway county, has been
with us lor several days, moving n house for
Allen Skldiiiore. Ho was called homo by sick
ness In his family.
f ico. Allen, of Oregon, opened school Tat
week at llannoiiy.Jiisl west of the Urovc. Ho
makes Ills homo with his illicit', 11. I.. Allen.
Everyuue.ls well pleased with him.
Wood Is getting to bo very searco with us.
llrliiglng t"J..'.oier roid In the timber, and tho
supply iloe.'t not near equal Hi" demand. Bui
many of our larmrrs and ull ot thusclioul-hotises
uro now burning coal.
N. 1'. Mooro and wife, of Oregon, uro staying
with friends In this neighborhood, looking for u
farm to go on, says lit' is tired nf fanning down
In tho settlements, und wants to get out on thu
There will not bo near us many cattle fed In
this vicinity, this winter, as there has been for
merly, nwitiK to the scarcity of coin. Feeders
ure offering too per bushel In the Held, uud not
Betting very much at that.
Mr. Itozell soM 7.1 acres of cm In the field
to Pickering & Co,, for tho neat Utile sum of
fioo dollars. Ho was on u rented farm and paid
lido dollars cash rent, which Is doing pretty well.
Hut then wo all know thut this Is tho garden ot
(he universe.
A tiuinbfr of our citizens havo been unend
ing a protracted meeting ludd ut Hie licicu
khool-house, conducted hy ltcv. Kluzer assist
ed by ltcv. Sliowulter, of Uraham, both are gen
ial and well deserving.
Dr. Young has met with a setlous misfor
tune, ho lias had bail luck right In tho mud, ho
has been wudlng around the post week, al
though ho pretends lo bo riding on horseback
when he meets niiyono ho walks while astride
ot his horse, his horse being hort aud he long.
We hud a llttlo difficulty on tho road north
nf Forbes, and In fifteen minutes thu following
particulars were brought i Two of our highly
respected vltlzeiis (anil men who should set
better example) engaged in u war of words dur
ing which they tramped tho road until perfectly
Whcraas, Emma J. l'.lgdou did on tho 3d
day of January, 18sl. execute to tho under
signed trustee, her deed ot trust of that date,
recorded In Book 42, page M7t). In tho Itecorder's
oftlco In Holt county. Missouri, conveying to the
undersigned trustee, tho following described
lands, sltuato tu said county of Holt and Htato
of Missouri, to-wlt i
t All nf lot 2, and tho south half of tho sdth
west quarter of section -J. township 62, range
;iJ ; containing 13a ncics, moro or less.
Which said conveyance was inado In trust to
secure tho payment ot ti certain promissory
note lu saltl deed described i uud whereas It Is
provided insald deed, that It default should be
lmule In the payment of saltl note according to
rue true leunr, uuie ami eneci oi aiu uoie, itieu
I, the undersigned trustee, ut the request of tho
legal htildcr of said note, lutein proceed to sell
tko lauds so conveyed, or so much thereof us Is
sufficient to pay such debt; and whereas, raid
noto remains due and unpaid, therefore, ut thu
retpiesi in too legal huuiit. titete-
a. I A II. no. IT I Ititulcmii t.it.tfti, will tir.inntt.l
tniu.il ;iltt binds or so much thereof us w 111 be
sufficient to pay said note, with ull Interest uud
costs, tin
Saturday, November 26th, 1881,
nttho iwrthdoor of tho Court House. In tho
city ol Oregon, in sain county anil mine oi jtns
Kourl. to the highest bidder for cash n hand,
between the hours of nluo o'clock In the fores
IIOOII UUU IITO O ClOCll 111 lll lllieriioiiii m uiu
(lay, Al.ul.lll II. JA.mnu.s,
Whereas by deed of trust, dated September.
15th, 1817. and recorded in mo i(ccruer s unicti
at I'llgO 1U. u. IJ. rcrry uuu jus wiib.
of Hoit county. Mlssouif In Book 301
conveyed to tho undersigned, tho followllil
real estate to wit i i
Thn southwest of tho southwest
nMtui 2A tnwnshli, (to. mnirti 3s : oxcent 8 acre
in flu, mirtlii!it. nnrncr snltVto tho Union Cem
etory Association and 6 ucres In tho suuthwekt
corner sold to l'olndextcr and Itlcliaroson, All
lying and being In s.i.tl county of Holt and Stato
of Missouri. Containing 1 acres more :or loss.
Which said conveyance wus made Intrust to
secure the payment of a certain promissory
nolo therein described, and whereas default
has been mudo In the payment pf said note-1
now, therefore, at tho request of Hie lega hold
er of said noto and In compliance with the
provisions ot said deed of trust, nptlee Is
hereby glvon that I. tho undersigned trustee,
will sell ut publlo auction for cash at the Court
Uuum) door In Oregon, Mo between tho hour
ot nluo o'clock In tho forenoon und llvo o'clock
In the afternoon ot
Wednesday, Dccemlior 7. liOl,
all tho right tltlo and Interest, of said
C- II. Ferry und hs wife, of hi ami to tho above
de'seilbed real estate fortho purposo ot satlsfy
lHg said note and tho coats and tho expenses ot
thts ttust. T.O.DUrAUN
Wo don't often accuse, nnyono person
ally, but wo nui8tncouso Mr. Hostottor
tho Confecttonor, of koonlng tho finest
lino of Candles, Oysters, dgnvs, etc.
Artillery !
Good Calico four cents.
20 yds Standard Calico for One Dollar
Men s Suits, $4.50 to eighteen dollars
Boy's Suits $2.75 and up.
Men's Boots $1.75 all leather solid.
Boys Boots $1.50 all sizes.
Two pounds Arbuckles Coffee, thirty-five e.
Four Papers Soda, twenty-five cents.
6 cans Standard 2ib Oysters, one dollar.
Lonllard' Tobacco, litty-nve cents.
III thu Circuit Court of said enmity. January
Term, IbSJ.
llllatii II. lllclmrds, I'lalntllf.
James I,, Orr, Jr., Defendant.
At this iliy come.", the plaintiff herein, by his
attorneys, teloro the unilevsigneil eierl; ot said
court In wicatl'iU, and nie.i his pctllhm and
nlllduvlt stating among other things that this
Phiintlfl has good cause to believe mid dues be
lieve that tho defendant It not n lcrldtiit of this
Whereupon It Is ordered hy thn cleik that
mild defendant ho notified by publication that
plaintiff has commenced n suit ngalust him lu
this court the oblett nnd general lii.turo of
which Is thut plaintiff seeks to teeovei- of defend
nut tliu film of :s,80 ns damages lor tho failure
of tho defendant In eonvty by warranty deed to
planum nccoi'iiiiuiio dimmer ine loiiowmg tic
Hcrllii'd lands .'.It unto In Holt county Manual:
The NE l- iiutl W 1-Stiee. in, T 01. li :1S, W 1-2
SW 1-4 See. 4, HE 1-4 Sec. 6. XW L4 Sec. tl,
SW 1-4 of NE l-luinl W 1-2 of SE 1-4 See. II,
N i-2of SW i-l, Sec. li and thn E 1-2, Sc 13 all
hi Tn ol It iW anil further to recover nf said de
fendant tho further Mini of JIOO p-ild by paid
pluliitltf to said defendant's n,'t'iit on the afore
said refened lo contract and further to recover
of said d'fftudiiit the further stun of twenty ftiuj
dollars expended by xuld plalntllf in examining
thu title to and procuring copies ot patents for
wiliI nbovo described hinds being In the aitgre
galn 4,000 and further thai nald defendant's
binds nbovo described are attached for said al
leged debt and damages.
And that unless tho said .Tames L. Orr, Jr.,
br and appear at tills Court at tho next tiiiu
thereof, to be begun and Voltlen ut the Court
Houso In the City of Oregon, In mild cuuuty, on
tho 2d day of January. IBM, nejtl, und on or bo
fore thoMxth day of said term, answer or plead
to the petition In said eausti, tho sumo will be
taken as confessed and judgment will bo ren
dered accordingly.
And It Is further ordered, that a copy hereof
ho published according to law In Tiik Countv
I'Ai'KK for four weeks successively, tho hist In
sertion tn bo at least four weeks beforo the llrst
day ot said term.
can bo purchased at n vory low jnleo
for c:i9li. Do you want UP Call at this
olllco ut onco.
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vory complete and at prices within thu
roach of all. Sold by Kreok & Watson.
JCS?Our lino ot Grocorio is new and
coiniileto at lowest prices by Kreek &
"Knur Hands
sltould bo kopt warm during tho winter
uiti inu Dust, way io uu ims, is 10 go to
in i uior a uuu iiuiuiiiinu ii imu oi inoso
L...l.1 -l r
iiuk moves, juvircsi siock. i.oivosc
BJauSomo people aro In tho habit oi
Fuving tlioir clothing in larger cities,
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son will sell you your clothing at just
as reasonamo iigurcs.
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watches, all makos and prices, gootls
warrantod its represented.
llAititr FAitAaiiEit, Oregon, Mo.
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Booms to bo no way In kcoping thmir
from' it, let litem go to ji. r. iiostottor
for their Cigars. Ills stock is com
New styles In (iuoouswarn
it & Watson's.
of Mound City nnd Holt county will
find it to their interest to cnll nt Misses
Owens and Harbor's Millinery anil
Dress-Making establishment, beforo
buying oUowhoro. Socoml door south
of W. W. Frnzor's reiidento.
of War."
An Ovcreosit
Is something you need; something you
must liitvo. Xuiv and laryevt stock:
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lit A 1'eteu.'
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Common Htrwit if.nifiiK
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' " dues not hum or blister, reiiiiiros no
I .1.1.1 i . '
iiiuuii.fr, mm ix n ptwnivo euro lor nil
tiifitblo uiiiuents requiring .in extuiMKl
nppliciition. .Jackson's Kotiovitting
powders purify tho nlood, destroy
woi ms mid regtiMtu tho urine,- For
sale hy 1'. S. llindo, anil King & I'roiid.
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pay tho highest market price for Wheat
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11. M. EnL,
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Shingles, Lath, Sash,
Doors nd Blinds
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7 Per Cent Honey
For a short or long period on Improv
ed Farms. Havo 480 acres ot land to
lonse for Grazing: 8 miles north of
Mound City. Havo also ft' tale tho
SU NE and tho NE SE 14, (ijlao.
fclay be soenlVt Monnd
City every faaimripitjXjjKora,
juouituy O.lUll WITO, TVertllCSS.V
ennen ukneuA)
j. iuoikii iiiniiaiini-i.,
Real Eotato Agent, Oregon, Mo.
Is oue of the Most Valuable, Useful and Prac
tical Inventions
It s Kiiamntcctl a Buro protection against
Cold, Wlndit Bain and Dust. Will save ten
times Its cost lu fuel and carpets In a slniilo
season. It Is applicable to double uud slnglo
iloors. Is ornamental and docs not cut or mar
thu door In any maimer. Is easily ami quickly
put on. Is
Simple, Durable, Cheap
Territory for sale In ull parts of Canada nntl
United unites.
Ol'.O, W.lIEIft, X- CO,,'
Ht, Jfo0ill, Me,
. Jl,

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