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" linuvhvrdii
Glad Tidings
We have Greatly Increased our Stock, and among other tbtngs we Have just received
JMew Wool Lined Boots,
New Areties of all Sizes, '
New Rubbers of all Sizes,
New Snow Excluders,
y New Rubber Boots,
Women's Lined Shoes,
New Women's Fine Shoes large, B to 8.
:mi- id.
Is nowcomplcto mid as wo liavo lnwo been selling theso goods for
nearly a year, mud all our customers aic well pleased with them,
wo can and will continue to
:and workmanship ; If these goods rip with ordinary wearing, within six months after
their purchase, we will pay for their mending. Wo have also now on hand a
large Stock of Gloves excellent for wear or show; these Gloves
aro all handsome and neat and of good material.
A Nice Little Remnant
which we will sclbat Cost. A neat IIho of Fino Overcoats at bottom
lrlces. A complete line of Canton and Woolen Flannels. Como In
and prepare for the wintrr blast. V have the flues t assort
uicnt of Caps in town at from Mo to 31.00. Ladies uru requested lo
call ami sec our nico hue of New Prints. Thu bot of Coffee al
ways on hand. A nice lot of Sa t. Our tea always gives satis
faction. Our Fish, Canned Good, Tobacco and Cigars niver run
out Our Queenswaro and GhiHswtueis set off with a bountiful
line of Lamps and Glass Setts. Wo have a'so a nice littlo stock of
Jowelory which w will sell very cheap. Also a handsome lino of
l'ockot Knives, Table Cutlery, Butchor Knives, Screws, Butts,
Door Locks, Nails, etc.
Everybod.v is invited to come in any seu our goods and wo will
take dleasuro to show them to you.
WestSide Public Square,
Jones. Townsend & Co.,
4th and
VlUUIUIUUWi VliUlllUl Vt VUi weni iur yiimatm ui uiiuuivu uu muiii iu
lo 20 pcr.oerjt. less titan last year's prices. All sizes for Ladios.Goutlwinen, Chil
dren and infants, In prices from 26 cents up,
fUAirDFDU MiDTJPV P. Pfl havo an imnfSSyo lino of White nnd Col
VHAJIlJDMu, BuIImIM & llL-red Blankets, Bed Comforts and Bod
.Spreads, which, tbey avo how cJfeneyat exceptionally low prices, having beon
purchased mucji under ynlae,
PnAITDFDQ llABWIPV 9. Pfl n(W exhibit ono of the most attractlv
bflAfllDJsIU) nJUUlM UU,, stooks of easRlmeres for gentlemoji and
bbya wfitv Jajhocltyj All the late styles of Roods in American, Engllji and
French makes. Prlcw fully 25 por cont, lower than oxoiuslvo dealers Ui those
goods, aujlargo stock tosuleot.froiu. Call soon and get bargains. ft
Chambers, Marney & Co.,
-.. . ' -- . r w r ( ... -
jLS &c GO'S
Hcpcctfully asks the attention of
Unequalled Assortment
For Men,
For Boy's,
Fop Youth's,
For Children,
For the Bridegroom,
Assorted with great care and bought under tlio most
favorable circumstances for ciis'j. Our motto is Fair
and Squaro Dealing. All goods are marked and sold
at the
Lowest Legitimate Prices.
Wo propose giving entire satisfaction to nlhjpr the
money cheerfully lefuudod. We tollclt jour pation
age. Hcmombcr tlio placo.
Townsend & CL
Felix Str., St. Joseph, M
r. Nt. Joarnti
KnniM Cltr. Nt. Jnnrpti A Council
Hum Rnllrond.
Iavt Fortst Citu. jVoih. South,
.Mull and Kxprest ... ,2 :3(l i. m t !.K) im
. .. io 3: 7 a. m li il.1.,,M
Vallica Drnncli 4 :.." I: m 10 s.'o.a.m
Look out for Hie.
Maryvi lo hn a dancing club.
Mary Anderson will bo In St. Joo
George Washington (colored) bur
led h s littlo infant child Inst Thursday.
It is jifu'itul b knowing hut
the Missouri Pacific will bo running
train from St Louis to Omaha, through
St Jo-eph, by the 16th.
A boy not over fourteen years of
ago wai arrested in Mary villo last week
and taken to the Savannah Jail on a
rhargo of horn; stealing.
Local politics arc waxing warm in
St Joseph. It is our prediction that
St. Joe will have a Kepubll an admin
istration aftrrtho next election.
Tfco .lnk-eyc has nindo its appear
ance In the stable of the Foster Bros.
Al. hough not dangerous it proves to bo
very inconvenient both for tho horses
and proprietors.
Chore is a high-toned 'fcanda
brewing in Forest City. Lovers of this
kind of llteraturo will bo promised
something rich, rnro and racy if it Imi'
hushed up suou.
Wo achuowlcdco a pleasant sere
nade frcm tho Oregon band last Satur
day evening. Thoy aro becoming qultc
proticicnt and dlsconiNC some very fine
uiue Come again, bovn.
The young folks of H6ck I'drt bavo
organized a liouio dramatio society.
Oregon has several hiftrioulu eclebn.
tii'S wlio aro ust fairly aching to throw
nn audience into convulsions, but as yet
have not completed an oigauizntimi.
A contractor on tho Santa Fe road
in Now Mexico, was iu town this week
looking for laboreis. lie offered good
wiiges and free transportation, but went
away without any. There are tcvcral
young men who could bo spared from
our midst, but thoy seem to think thoy
aro inv.ilunblo to the town to sit
around as ornaments for dry goods
Wo understand there has been an
"Old Ladies' Darning Society" organ
ized In town. Wo don't know for what
purpose, unloss it is to bo headquarters
for gossiping about ovorybody and
"darning" everything in gouoral. Our
sliort-linnd reporter will don in femalo
attlro and will probably bo present at
tho next meeting to get a verbatim re
port of tho proceedings. It will no
doubt be vory interesting rending mat
ter. Tho editor of tho Maltland Imlcpcn
dent has at last confessed. Two weeks
ago ho doclarcd by all that was good and
groat that ho didn't do it, but last week
ho comes out and says ho did do it, but
yny dono it twico. Wo aro glad to see
tins. "An honest confession is good for
soul," and we hope ho will bo a bettor
man in tho future Lot him read Tiik
Countv Paper diligently and prayfer
fully every week, resolvo In Ids own
heatt lo do bettor, and seek rovongo by
not giving us another opportunity to
role i- to his conduct.
Another man who nas the chook to
lonvo his paper in tho po-t-ofllco marked
"refused" after having received in a
year without paying a cent duo has
turned up, and he is a mnn who makes
big pretentions too. liock Port Mail
Why didn't you publish tho dead
boat's namo ?JJlanchml llecoril.
Wo will. It is S. S. Hughes, County
Surveyor of Atchison county, and wo
iircsnmo a prominent stock holder in tho
llock Port Bun. Ho was elected to tho
position on tho fusion ticket In this
county last year, the only method known
for electing such ;ic.- Mail.
What a grand nnd glorious thing it
would bo If tho newspapers throughout
thu land would inaugurate a system of
publishing all dead boats. In no way
could ono judgo a matt hotter than by
tho subscription books of his homo pa
per, If a man refuses to pay for his
homo paper ho wouldn't pay fov any
thing he wouldn't hositato to rob his
niotiiei' or steal ohickons; Besides, by
publishing tho names of thoso dead
beats it would bo of liicalcuablo benefit
to merchants nndothois who aro gen
erally victimized by such men. Wo have
about two columns on our books re
served for our own porsonal loferonco,
which, it published, would niako some
vory interesting reading matter.
Call and See Them.
I have tho most cpmpleto stock of La
dies' and Gents' Jowolrv in Holt county
which I am soiling at prices that will
asiouisn you. uahkv ifAitAuiiKiw
Tho sidewalk boom continues una
bated. "Oli how nonr, and yet so far"
tho loeomotivo wliistlo at Forest (Jlly.
Dan. Martin has been busy moving
into his innw quarters this week. Ho
will liavo thu boss harness shop in the
west when hw gct.s tlxed up.
Tom, Hindu has purchased an ele
gant top buggi from tho firm of Hen
shaw & Co., at.St. Joseph. Tom saw
their advertisement In Thk Countv
P.M'Kit and concluded ho would glvo
them a trial. He is well pleased.
Harry Faragherhas moved his jew
elry store from his old stand into Nick
Stock's bulldlug recently vacated by
Dan Martin. Harry will liavo ono of
tho neatest jewelry establishments In
tho Northwest whou ho gets all ,his ar
rangements perfected,.
Wo understand several of our
young nion starred down in tho bottom
ono nigh: last woetc but wero so unfor
tunate as to lose l(icir way, and after
wandering around in the flooded dis
tricts until nearly morning thoy gavo it
up for a bad job. Wo felt real sorry
for the poor fellows when wo seen them
coming iu tho next morning.
If the teachers of pchools in the coun
try surrounding Oregon, will take tho
troublo to nmkc out vliclr monthly state
mentsof tho attondancc,$ludtcs pursued,
standing of tho pupils, etc , wo shall tako
pleasure in publishing such statements.
Directors should reqniro this of their
teachers, as It not only shows thu ad
vancement tho pupils aro making, but
also creates additional interest on thu
part of l&achersand pupils.
Tho musical members of the Meth
odist church aro making extensive ar
rangements togiyti grand coucort pn
Thanksgiving u vexing. A children's
cantata under the instruction of Mrs.
Oarotlm's will bo one of tho features of
tbo entertainment. There wi'l al?o bo
a few cole-rated soprano sinaors 'roui
abroad which will muko tho evening'.
cutcituinmcut very interesting.
Why don't somo of our societies
make some move toward atTording
amiiHcnient during tho coming winter.
Lecturers can bo engaged now before
tboy have made up their route, and if
goods ones aro secured we aro suro thu
ontorprise will pay. Then homu enter
tainments by home talent can bo made
Interesting if properly managed, and
many evenings of pleasure and prom
can bo provided which will bo encour
uged and enjoyed by all. Some ono
ought to tako a step In this matter.
Maj. MoClintock, of the Junction
holol, who nas just returned from Kan
sas City, Infoims us that while there ho
ordered an invoice ol puro copper-distilled
BreoWe.iridge, Ivy., corn syrup,
a puro as the mountain livulct nurtur
ed in the clouds that kisses tho tawny
mountain s brow, as it sjiarMes in tho
sunbeam, and goes with tippling laugh
ter dancing down tho valley, health in
every g'obulu and inspiration iu its am.
i...i.tTimi. Wu'll tako simur in ours.
Jak-a Child in likhmond Conservator.
Wo have read a great many puffs lor
saloons, but this undoubtedly takes tho
cako. If there is any ono tiling that
will mako Jake Childs stretch his brains
or drive him into hyperbole it Is a puff
for a saloon. Just glvo him a glass of
"old ryo.'t mixed with a littlo peach and
lionuy, wait a fow moments for tho ef
fect, and old Jako will selzo tho mo
ment of Inspiration, write a column of
poetry or repoat ShaVospearo from back
to bacK. In this department ho fs with
out a rival In tho Stnto. Ho is a better
judgo of whiskey than old Sol. Miller ot
Kansas, and that is saying a goon ucm,
ni.innr,,is. lust tho tnwr for tho
ladles : Call and seo these goods, riioy
will niako your oyes sparklu, Ira l e-
ter, Oregon, oio.
2UU nt'au vi nvi.i
and Mulos wauted by Jos. 11. Btono to
I ,!..... i ,nw UniMiiiRs nnd Saddles.
Call on him at Maltland.
Does Your Conscience
hurt von? Doos It prevent your sleeping
soundly? Tho best way to re novo your
self Is to go to Madahis Martin & Stor
ro t and pay tho bill, you aro owing
thoro. Thoso bills must no settled with-
In thirty days, or uiero win w w.v..-
al costs added.
The Best
place in Holt county to got sowing ma
chines Is at tho Misses Lawronoo, Cralffi
The Comet.
By stationing yourself In propor po
sition about midnight, and using an or
dinary Held or opera glass you will sue
the star that js now creating a .roiumo
tlon as the sixth comet. You oan't sno
tha tail, but If you will take tho troublo
0 drop into "iLin & Sterrotfs Mlllin
ry Eporlum you will bear an exceed
ingly interesting tale about tho lowest
prices for mllliuer any ladlos notions or
1 ' In ll.nlr linn. NOW BtOCk COIU-
l till, nit ... . -
tp'rlsing the vory latest novelties.
There arc oxcollent openings at
Corning, Kansas foi a dealer in furni
ture, a good hotel man and u hardwaru
dealer. Parties Interested should ad
dress T. J. Peters, Corning, Kansas.
Phillip Kolmer, proprietor of the
poor farm, informs us that lie has at
present two healthy boys, aged respec
tively six and cloven years, who lie
would llko to obtain homes tor iu some
good family. Address Phillip Kolmer,
Oregon, Mo.
Mrs. George Anderson right royal
ly entertained her Sunday school class
last Saturday, at her residence In thin
city. The class is composed of the fol
lowing littlo Misses: Cyntlia and Nel
lie Bulcr, Corn, Jcssto and Mabel
Brown, Gcrta Cummins, Kva Payne,
Stella Scuor, Stella Comer, Nellie Luck
hat dt, Lulu Dubyns nnd F.ditb Ilindc.
A special scs'ion of thu Circuit
Court was held last Tuesday, with Judgo
Kclley on tho bench, to dispose of tho
case of (icorgo Blakcley, who was
charged with Uorso stealing. Tho pris
oner was ably defended by II Tebbs
Alklio and Leigh Iryiue, but his guilt
was so evident that salt-petro wouldn't
liavo &nvcd him and ho was given three
years In tlw penitentiary. Ho ieft for
Jefferson City last Wednesday witli
Sheriff Framo who went aloug to keep
him company,
Last Friday nigh, Sheriff Frame, in
company with Constable Brown an estcd
ono John Abbot, who is charged with
throwing railroad spikes through the
windows of an excursion train iu tho vi
ciulty of Forbes about September 8th.
He skipped the country as soon as it
was found out and returned last Friday
on a short vUit when lie was espied by
tho caglo oyo f tho Constnblc. Ho will
probably n'ako his visit longer than ho'
expected, as ho is now languishing iu
jail to await tho action of tho Grand
Jury next January.
Wu extend our hcartfolt sympathy
to Undo Johnny Hoblitzoll, who receiv
ed tho shocking news this week that his
brother, Col. W. L. Hoblltzoll was bru
tally murdered, at Camp Hoblitzell, in
the Gunnison country in Colorado, by
one of his employees, Tho scoundrel
was an Italian, who t-liot Mr. Hoblltzell
dowu in cold blood, without a word of
warnlng.all becauso Mr. 1 1 refused to pay
him until tho regular pay day. The
murderer' immediately lied, but a thou
sand dollars reward was offered for his
capturo, which was soon effected by a
hundred armed men who stirtcd In hot
pursuit. Thoy brought their prisoner
into camp but indignation and excite
ment ran so high that ho ho was toon
taKcu out nnd lynched.
-A weak and unsrttlcd feeling again
prevailed iu tho leading grain matkets
and a further material reduction in pri
ces was submitted to. Slight advances
In prices were obtained at tho opening
of tlio week, but the largo offerings
Inter caused consldeiablo depression.
Foreign advices were without material
change, and tho tonuof tho eastern mar
kets indicated a weaker leollng In Hint
quarter, accompanied with lower pri
ces. Wheat81.30; com C7c Cattlo
lias beon ir. good request on shipping
and local account, and prices wero
steady and unchanged. In tho early
part of tho week hogs wore firm nnd
prices advanced slightly, but later thoro
seems to bo a dullness.and buyers man
ifest but littlo interest. Cattlo SG.fiO;
httgs, $0.10.
Tho people of Wood's school dis
trict and vicinity, will give an u::hil)i
tlon at tbo at tho Wood's schoolhonso,
threo miles cast of Oregon, on Friday
evening, November 11. Tlio urcgon
string oaiui win lurnisn iunu m mu
occasion. Como one, como all and
have a good tlino nnd grow fat. 2t.
Tho fellow, who, by mistake, sout
bis auburn-haired sweotheart instead of
a bottla of Dr. Bull's Cous.'h Syrup a
bottle of halrdyo, wants to know tho best
way to commit suloidc.
Finney Williams & Co.,
Dealers In Lumber, Sash, Doors,
Bhnds, Shingles, Lath, Lime, etc.
iinviiifr nni-ohiised tho stock ot Lumber
formerly owned by Winsch & Co., at
MaitlanU, wo aro proparod to accoin
modato tho publio with tho beet f
I.umbor ami ai as juw vw
had In tho eounty. Wo also deal in
Hair, Llrao, Cement, etc.
Finney Williams & Co.,
can bo purchased r(J a very low price
nn.i. no vou want it? Call at this
office at once.
The Misses Lawionce sell the Domostlo,
Wilson, American, Huwe, White and
Stowart Sewing Maohlnos, In connec
tion witli tneir niituuery,
Our Boom Coming and Don't You Never
Forget It.
It is (to general remark that while
towns he'c an there ii'o booming and
prospering lightalong, Oregon is doing
almoit nothing hi tlio way ot impiovlng.
Liku people, towns must tako their
turn, then wait till their tutu comes
around again. Oregon iiail a boom a
few years ngo, slncothcn her growth
has been littlo, year by year, with
scarcely a peicoptlb.'o forward move
ment But, reactions follow booms.
By and by, towns that n'o now rushing
abend will slop to rccupuruto, and Ore
gon will Mart aalti. This has been
the experience of towns all over tho
country. But Oregon will not have u
boom until her own people pluck tip a
little spirit, and display njiiio energy.
We liu within too iay a distanco of St.
Joseph. As longasour peoplugo away
from homo to transact their business
there will bo no inducement for Oregon
(o grow. Tlio bulk of dry goods and
groceries used In Oregon aro Ixiught In
St. Joo. Mou who make every dollar
they got in Oregon and vicinity do not
buy a dollars worth of good here if
they can help it. They tako it to St.
Joo aud purchase where they claim thoy
can buy cheaper. No town cau boom
under f,uch circumstances. It is simi
lar to the landlordism that has impov
erished Ireland, by squeezing every
dollar possible out of tho people for
rents, and taking tho monoy to Kng
laud nnd tho Continent to Fpend it.
Holt county, too, has been barely
holding her own, while other counties
iu our sister Statu just west of us have
been filling up and running ahead oi
lioriu population. But other causes
have led to this; and other causes, wo
imagine liavo about run their eoursu. A
few years ago people rushed West be
causo then there wero homestead lands
to be had there, and a man who was
able to own but a fow acres heie, could
acqulio a largo tract there. They have
gone there and have had their crops
burned up with ('ninth yuar after year,
until they aro neither able to stay thcro
or como away. That rush Is now
checked if not turned on the back track.
Holt county has not .suffered in reputa
tion Iu these into years. While tlio
counties west and south of us have
been burned up sho has raised good
crops. Tliis summer, while tho drouth
was almost universal, Holt .county
raised considerably inoro than enough
to carry her through, while there is n
largo surplus of former crops yet on
Wo can find no fault with Holt coun
ty; it will compare favorably with any
county in State. All of her farmers uru
supp'ied witit a bountiful blessing of
this world's goods, and ti great many
of them are indeiicndeut and wealthy.
But why don't they spend their money
at homu? Why do they cany their
money and produce tight through Ore
gon and t au-act their business In other
places? If you should nsk the farmer
ho won d scon answer tho question.
There is no market hero for country
produce, only for homo consumption;
no competition, except a few general
stores. Why is tills thusly? Dues not
tno who e secret lie in tho tact tbat Or
egon is lanipntablv Iu need of a rail
road. Glvo Oregon a railroad and she
would soon enjoy a boom that no other
town hasyut experienced Iu tho North
west. Merohauts could then offer in
ducements for farmers to trade at
home, and farmers, as well as othors
eould not allurd to go away. Give Or
egon a railroad and property would en
hance iu vnluu SO pdr cent. She would
soon have grain buyers, elevators, an
other mill, another lumberyard, a hard
ware store aud many other enterprises
which wo aro disastrously In need of
at the present time, Ono enterprises
always encourages another and compe
tlon will always draw trade. Oregon
has the wealth, location and somu very
enterprising business men and when
ever thoy umloi tako anything thoy gen
erally accomplish It. Wo have no
doubt in tho world that if every busi
ness nun would put his shoulder to the
wheel, and pull together in tho right
direction, the Iron horse would bo
bteamlng IntoOrogon beforo tho "bloom
again Is uu tho ryo." "God holps those
that help thomselvos," no victory was
cvory wou without an organized effort,
A prominent writer onoo said "mon
who aro not organized must be classed
as a mob." We uro doubly certain if a
little feeling was ruanlfesteu, and a lit.
tie energy displayed, the Kansas City,
St. Joseoh & Council Bluffs Railroad
Comi uUl do tho fair thing.
They i - to do it once, and we un-
j dcrstnnd thoy atand just now whoro
they nlway stood. Thoy aro willing
to move if our citizens will tako -the
If Oregon would have had a railroad
ton years ago, sho would to-day stand
without a rival in Holt county. Sho
would be to Holt county what Mary
villo Is to Nodaway county. But if sho
lies asloop much longer, the towns that
aro blossed with this carrying facility,
will rush ahead of her, until she will
bo forced to acknowledged that she
Is outrivaled In everything except stu
pidity nnd dullness. Thu Capitol of
Holt would vlnk into obscurity tho samu
as the Capitol of our beautiful Statu has
doiu:, and it is only a matter of timo
when the Stnto Capitol will bo removed.
If New Point should perchance get a
railroad to-morrow, Oregon would be
compelled to recognize In her a formid
able rival. Two yoars ago Oregon was
tho first town in tho county, but since
tlicn Mound City. Maltland, (which
was only a corn-field two yoars ngo) and
other towns who aro blessed with rail
road facilities, aro fast rushing ahead of
her, while Oregon ha,s beon barely
holding her own. If this continues tor
the next two years as It has done In t' t
past she will bd compelled to tako a
back seat.
Naturo has dono her share towards
giving us a beautitul location, a healthy
climate end has blessed us with ail
that wo can ask. Tho citizens of Holt
county have dono their part by giving
us tho county scat a-id placing right
In the heart of town one of tho finest
Court House buildings in tlio State.And
now, business men of Oregon, do your
part and glvo tho town a metropolitan
appearance by encouraging a railroad
It is for you to say whether wo aro to
booui or sink into oblivion.
What Wc Would Like to See.
t Ireland free,
t More marriages,
t Everybody contented,
t Clark I'hilbriok'f new comet,
t Gcorxo Chadduck wear a wiir.
t Not another dauoo in tlio bottom,
t Will Maupin snioku his own tobacco,
t Will. Hoffman mako up Jils mind,
t A better Constable than Jim. Brown,
t The sfroet lamps regularly lighted .
t Less lying when tho assw.orxjomes
t Delinquent suhscriuers not quite so
t Every newspaper publish a slcud
beat list.
fThu inatrimuuial market a littlo
more active,
t A photograiJi of Old Slippery Kim
Adams' dreams.
t Jim. Howell plead bis own case bo.
lore Judgo Kclloy.
t A young niHii that can stand more
rest than Grant Holt..
t Ncal Kunkcl mako a fortune from
ius uuw patent wind mill.
t An advertizing war inaugurated bu
tweeti Forest City and Oregon.
t Parties who arc lit tlio habit of bor
rowing Thk Countv Paiku evciy
week come in aud subscribe.
November 2, 1881, after a lingering
ami painful illwws-of about tluco years,
Mary K. affectionate daughter of John
M. aud Harriet K. Howard.
Tlio deceased had been a constant
sufferer for many long mouths, and to
her the changu was u welcome relief
death had no terrors. She had learned
to love thu Savior, whoiun make a dy
ing bed as sott as a downy pillow. Hex
tuneral was preached itt the Methodist
church, of which she was a member, ny
Kuv. S. Carotliuiv.. to a largo nnd sym
pathetic audience ot relatives and
There Is no dentil ; what scoiu no Is trnmttloii,
Tills life ii( mortal lircntli
Is tmt tlio suburb nt tlio lljo clyslun,
vliu portal wo call death, 0,
All the l'eonlu
urn nnlilleil Mult 1 liuvn without llinfn.
lion, ono of tlio most complete stock,
of Clothing ever opened in this county.
11 lias ocuii suiuuiuii wiui f;runt emu nun
was puroliascd for thu men, youth ami
boys of thu county. Cull at Ira Fotor
Oregon, Mo.
Filly able-bodied men Immediately.
A permanent job will bo Insured all
winter. Apply at the Rod Front Storc.
Uknry Stkkrktt'.
In fitting yourself out thU winter, a
luce, new ilat or Cap Is a necessity, iu
selecting one vou should try to get at
a large and varied stock. Please re
menibor that Ira Peter, Oregon. Uo,
hat tho largest and ohenpent etocK.
Everybody likes oyter, tmt the
Jiuiti-tion ia, where can you (at thu
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