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Ily UilllVNH WAI.I.Klt.
Then ( no death I Tho stars go down
To rise upoti some fairer shore,
And bright In heaven's Jeweled crown
They shine forevermore.
There lino death! Tho dust we tread
Shall changa heneath the summer shower,
To poldon grain, or mellow fruit,
Or ralnbow-ttntcd flower.
The granite rocks disorganize
To feed the hanging moss they bear;
The forest tree drink dally life
From out the viewless air.
There is no death I Tho leaves may fall,
The flowers may fade and pass away
They only wait through wintry hours
For coming of the May.
There Is no deaBi I An angel form
Walks o'er the earth with silent trend ;
He bears our best loved fitngs away,
An then we call them dead.
He lsavo our hearts all desolate ;
He plucks our f drest, sweetest flowers:
Transplanted Into bliss they now
Adorn Immortal Imwcrs.
The blrd-llko voice, whose Joyous notes
Made glad these scenes of sin and strife,
Sings now an everlasting song
Amidst the trees of life.
And when ho finds a smile too bright,
Or heart too pure for taint or vice,
He bears it to that world of light
To dwell In paradise.
Born Into that undying life,
They leave us but to coma again;
ith Joy wo welcome them the same,
F.iccpt in sin and pain.
Aud ever near us, though unseen,
Tie dear Immortal spirits tread,
For all tho boundless universe
Is life there arc no dead.
HOLD. Adulterated Hoap.
Chicago Herald.
Mothers and nurses cannot bo too
careful about tho soap thoy uso on ltttlo
one?. Fow but physicians know how
many ot tho so-called skin dlscasos
among children aro caused by tho uso
of adulterated, poisonous soap. An
analysis of several cakes of tho protty
and perfumed toilot soaps that aro sold
on tho streets showed tho presenco of
ground glass, solublo glass, silox, pipo
clay, rotten etono, borax, plaster of
parte, tin crystal, magnesia, pumico
stone, oat moal, and other substances,
which aro added to giro tho soap
weight, hardness, toughnoss, or clear
ness. i.uo common colorings are Ver
million. Vonotian rod and and car
mine, ultromarinu green, pot pigmont
green, copperas, Spanish brown, 1
tramarino blues, yellow and Bcarlct
anilines, and burnt umber. Many of
the perfuming ingredients, though
harmless in thomsolres, becomo ehoru
ically poisonous by admixture. Adding
tho dangers from nil theso to tho rancid,
diseased, putrid qualities of grcaso
used, and mothers may well bo appalled
at tho permanent ovils theso neat-looking,
delicately-scented blocks of toilot
soap contain, ready to bo released
whenever moistened and appliod to tho
babe's body.
How to Trll flood liutter.
iilitrtlUll, Ohio nutter Injector.
When butter is proporly churned,
both as to tho timo and tomperaturo, it
becomes firm with vory llttlo working,
and it is tenacious; but its mo?t desira
ble stato 13 waxy, when it is oasily
moulded into any shape, and may be
drawn out a considorablo length witl -
out breaking. It is tlion styled gilt
edged. It is only in this stato that but
tcr posse.sos that rich nutty flavor and
smell, and shows up a rich golden yel
low color, which imparts so high a do
rreo nf ploasuru in eating it, and which
increases its valuo manifold. It is not
always nooossary, whon it smells sweet,
to taste butter in Judging it. Tho
smooth unctuous fooling in rubbing a
littlo botwecn tho finger and thumb ex
presses at once its rich quality; the nut
ty smoll and rich aroma indicate a
similar tasto; and tho bright golden,
glistening, cream-colored surface shows
its height of cleanliness. It may bo
necessary at times to uso tho trior, or
oven uso it until you becomo an expert
in testing by tasto, smoll and rub
Effect of Oat-Door Life.
A foreign sciontific journal remarks,
as a curious physlo.ogical fact, that al
though open-air lifo is so favorabl to
health, yet it has tho apparont effect of
stunting tho growVu in oarly youth,
Thus, whllo tho children of woll-to-do
parents, housed and tondod, aro found
to bo taller ot thoir ago than tho chil
dren of tho poor, thoy aro not so strong
In after yoars; tho laborers chlldron,
for instanco, who play in tho lonoly
country roads and Holds all day, whoso
parents lock their humblo doors when
leaving for work in tho morning, so that
their offspring shall not pain entrance
and do mischief, aro a roost invariably
short of thoir ago; tho children of work
ing farmorsoxhlbitthosamn peculiarity,
Alter sixteen or omntcen niter yoars
of hesitation, as it wore tho lads shoot
up, and become great, hulking, broad
follows. noKsossod of Immonse strength
According to those statements, It would
seem that indoor lifo forces tbo growth
at the wrong poriod, and thus Injures,
The DrMua that Vrifhtened Woman,
A lady in Bath was recently much
alarmed by droaming that some ono waa
holding1 hoc wrist. Vainly endeavoring
to scrosui for assistance, 'sho suoceodod
at length (a whispering Just loud enough
to awakocshorself.. After a few minutes'
relief alboiiig no longer under the ln
fluweo Jtj ll.jo, dream, .shp bcoamo coni
scioua tliatiowo one was really holding
lier'folt V'i'Ist, ai'.d all her strt)ngthwafl
inadequato to release it. Whether to :
call her hostess or not was quickly do-
elded, for hor torror rondorud hor as
Bpoechloss as 'sho had been before
awakoning . It could not bo that any
of her frionds had solzod hor wrist in
sport; It was too rigid a clasp, and bad
boon continues somo timo, for her loft
hand was cold and numb. But Just as
sho should bo able tospcaklnamtraont
sho found tho relentless grasp was that
of hor own right hand, and not easy to
withdraw from its twin companion, so
desperato had becomo its hold.
How to Detect Adnlteratlon In Ground
Foodsnd tteslth.
Tako a littlo of tho codec and press it
botwion tlit fingers, or giro it a squeeze
In tho paper in which it is bought; if
jronulno, it will not form a coherent
mass, as coffco grains aro hard and do
not readily ndhcro, to each other, but if
the grains stick to each other and form
a sort of "cako," wo may bo pretty suro
of adtiltor ntloii in thoshapo of chicory,
for tho grains of chicory nro softer and
morn open, and ndhoro without difficulty
when squeezed. Again, if wo placo n
fow grains in n saucer and moisten them
with a littlo cold water, chicory will
vory quickly becomo soft llko bro;d
crumbs, whilo cofleo will tako n long
timo to soften. A third test: Tako a
wino glass or tumblorfull of water, and
gently drop n pinch of tho ground cof
fco on the surface of tho water without
stirring or agitation; genuine ocffco will
float for somo time, whilo chicory or
any other soft root will soon sink; and
chicory or caramel will causo a yellow
ish or browning color to iliffuso rapidly
through tho water, whilo puro coffco
will give no scnsiblo tint under such cir
cumstances for a considerable length of
Fall Fastnrlng.
National Lire Stock Journal.
Tho dairyman who pastures ordinary
moadows in tho fall, robs his noxt crup
to an extent that ho docs not realize
Tho writer was conversant with a caso
whero soventy. fivo acres averagod reg
ularly about ono hundred and thirty
tons of excolont hoy, whon no pasturing
was allowed; and tho owner, having a
tenant who had boon rathor unfortun
ate, allowed him to pasture somo
twonty-fivo cows upon tho aftermath of
theso meadows for a slnglo fall, and
tho consoquenco was a reduction of tho
yield from 130 tons down to sixty tons
tho next season, andthoyiold wasnov. r
recovorod until resecding. It was es
timated that tho wholo valuo of tho
twonty-fivo cows in tho fall was not
equal to tho injury of tho noxt crop on
tho seventy. livo acres ot meadow. This
practico of pasturing meadows is ono
of tho most ruinous of tho mistakes
among dairymen and causes them ofton
to bo so short of hay a3 to injuro tho
yield of their herds in tho spring. Good
feeding through tho winter lays tho
foundation for a good yield of milk tho
following soason with wood cows. Good
moadows nro vory ossontial to succoss
in dairying, and thoreforo this question
should bo most carefully considered.
Charcoiil for Hoes.
Western Uural.
Whatever hog modicino contains a
good proportion of charcoal 5s pre
emptively a good medicine It may bo
possible for quaokory to so combino
charcoal with othor ingredients that tho
efficacf of this remedial agent will bo
destroyed, butit would, wo bullovo, tako
a regular doublo-barrelled quackery to
destroy it under any circumstances. It
is a most useful mtdicino by itself, and
worth moro than any ono ingredient
that wo over put into a medicine It
benolits tho hog system by absorbing
tbo injurious gases within it, and its ab
sorptive powors aro so great that it will
aosoro uoouo ciguiy limes moro gas
than its own moasuromont. It is to this
quality that it owes its olllcaoy whon
. i i . . . i , . .
given to bloated animals, and no'hlng
equal to It was over givon or has ovor
boon discovered in such cases. Few of
our rcadors but aro doubtloss aw aro
how magnillo-.ntly it acts in human
complaints, : nd to such it is rccom
mondod in diseases of domostio nnl
nials, and especially of a wino, with just
as much conndonco of its boing a suc
cess as when given to human beings,
Ono boauty about it, too, is that it can
do no harm, something that cannot bo
said of many of tho nostrums which aro
rocommondoa by avaricious compound'
ors of mudicino for nnimals. It givon
In too largo doses it simply acts as a ca
thartio, and that is tho end of it.
A Chrnp Horse-Power fur the Farm.
From the Clarksvtlle Btar.
As almost ovory farmor has frequent
occasion for tho uso of a horso power to
do light work such as sholllng corn
churning, sawing wood, or of a wind
mill, should it got out of rig, or thoro not
being suflloiont wind for several days
at a time, a light horso powor comes in
very bandy.
fho simplest, oaslost running and
choapost power is in uso on tho fara of
It. R. Cook, in Dayton township, who
improvised probably the loast oxpensivo
powor out oi an old uuokoyo mower
that had boon thrown away as worn
out and worthless, and this is how ho
did it:
He unboltod tho tonguo, turnod the
mowor ovor on ono of tho wheels, un
keyed and took off the logged drive
wheel from tho center shaft, and cot a
blacksmith to squaro tho end of it for
the reception of a knuoklo, put on two
joints of a tumbling rod with thoir ac
companying Jack-blocks, put a piece of
tumbling rod, tor tho reception of
bolt, to eonneot with the shollor, tiod
the sweep with lenco wiro across tho
centre of tho upper wheel, and thoro
stood the neatest little horse power that
man could wish for, and It did not cost
him any fifty dollars either.
'Mr, Cook can now shell his corn with
his kev-stono "tony Shellor" tu m
rato of twonty-fivo bushels per hour,
and has such unbounded faith in his
Llttlo Giant" that ho Inlonds to rig it
up to saw his noxt winter's wood. Dut
should ho bo tho favored candidato for
shoriff at tho next county convention',
ho will sell out his right in thoinvontlon
to tho worst boaton man in tho crowd of
What Makes a Itonse Beautiful,
It Is an excellent thing tohavo a
woll-kopt houso and a beautifully ap
pointed table, but, aftor all, tho boat
choor of ovory homo must como from
tho heart and mnnnor of tho homo
mother. If that is cold, and this un
gracious, all tho wealth of India cannot
mako tho homo pleasant or inviting.
Intelligence, too, must lend its charm,
if wc would havo homo nn Eden. Tho
sovcro stylo of houso, order, noatnoss,
seldom lonvo much margin for1 intel
lectual culture. Even general reading
is considered out of tho question for a
woman so hurried and worried with her
scrubbing and polishing, and making
up gannonts. A simplo stylo of living
and houso-furnlshing would sot ninny a
bonded slavo at liberty and mid vastly
to tho comfort of all houses. Hospital
ity rarely provails in theso spotless lino
and letter houses. Company disar
ranges tho books and disordois tho
houso, which had work enough in it bo
foro. Tho mother cannot throw off hor
carklng caros and sit down for a real
heart to heart convorso with tho old
friend of hor childhood. Still less cm
sho enter into tho Joys and pleasures,
right and delightful to hor own chll.
drcn, becauso of tho oxtra work of
clearing away it will bo likely to mako.
With all your toll to mako a houso
beautiful do not aoglect tho first clo
mont of all to boautify yourself, body
and soul. A sweet loving word, and a
warm clasp of tho hand, aro far moro
to a guest than tho most olnborately
ombroidorcd lambrequins at your win
dow, or tho most oxquisito damask on
your table Thero aro baro cabin
homos that havo been romomberod
over with plcasuro, becauso of tho
beautiful, loving presenco thoro; and
stately palaces, which lcavo tho impres
sion of nn icobcrg on tho mind.
Cleanliness of the Skin.
Tho uso of soap Is tho most suro way
of purifying tho surfaco of tho body.
soap contains wunt cnemists call an
alkali a chemical substanco (potash
or soda) which, brought in contact with
animal membranes or substances softens
them. Moreover, it emulsifies fat. Tho
effect of soap on tho skin Is thoreforo
clear; it softens up the cuticlo, and it
enters into combination with tho fatty
layer, so enables tho water to gain frco
access to tho skin, and by friotion to ro
movo tho looso particles of cuticlo and
dirt. But thoro aro good and bad soaps.
Somo havo too much alkali in thorn,
and then thoy dissolvo or softon up tho
cuticlo too much, and so oxposo or irri
tato tho tho delicate dooper layers of tho
skin. Wo should uso a soap that has a
small amount nf alkali in it. Somo of
tho best of all soaps mado, cousldo:cd
from a medical point of vtew, nro, in tho
wrltor's opinion, tho transparent soaps,
the well-known old brown Windsor, nnd
tho glycorino soaps. Somo of tho nicest
aro however, somowhat' oxpensivo.
Those, montionod aro among tho best
for babies, and may bo used freoly with
thorn. Having obtained anlcomild
soap, it should bo used to tho faco onco
a day, tho hoads of children twico
week, and tho wholo body onco a week
at least. This is in addition to taking
tho daily cold water bath to bo by and
by noticed. If porsons can afford tho
timo and havo inclination, thoro can bo
no question that the best results follow
tho uso of soap to tho arm-pits, tho groin
and tho parts about, and tho foot, each
day, and to thoso who luxuriate, in tho
thing it cannot hurt to omploy good
soap to tho body gcnornlly each day,
Wo havo, howovor, stated that at loast
onco a week tho wholo body should bo
soaped. Ordinary yollow soap does not
meet with any favor at our hands, nnd
wo conuomn it m mo caso of young
children. Thoro is ono moro point on
this hoad: Tho faco when vory hot or
dirty, or after a walk, should not bo
washed in soap. It is better to bathe,
not rub, in a littlo warm water, and
then powder It with ordinary baby
powdor and lot it dry.
It was at Yarmouth that Nelson land
od on his return from tho Modltorran
can, and from Yarmouth that ho em
barked In 1801 for tho Baltic Tho bat-
tlo ot Coponhagon was ono of tho most
arduous of thoso won by Nelson, from
tho difficulties of tho ground a largo
shoal lying eloso to tho ships and from
tho courago and enduranco ot tho
Danes, who woro subdued with less
rolish and moro troublo than tho Fronch
No timoly negotiation averted tho lav
ish bloodshed of that Good Friday ovo
It was left to Nelson to crush tho united
schema of Russia, Sweden and Denmark
against tho naval rights of England
Ho won tho victory in disobedience to
orders. Whon Sir Hydo Farkor, who
commanded tho floet, signaled to him
to stop tho action (to savo Nelson, as
ho thought, tho disgraco of inovltablo
doteat,) Nelson's remark was: "I have
onlv ono ove, bo I bavo a right to bo
blind sometimes. I can't boo tho signal
the signal. Keop mine flying for
oloser battlo." Four years elapsed,
and thore follows thesoeno in tho cock
nit of thoTlctory, on, tho afternoon of
Oct. 21, iloUO a Boune wuiuu (a eu
irravon on tho heart of ovory English
n nnonualed as It Is for pathos and
dramatlo power. Tho central, figure.
the moving causo, of iho enormous out-
hnrst of human energy going on arouno
had giyon tho Impulso for the last timo
tho brilliant rapidity of mental action
nnd outward movomont whioh had
dono so much for England was about to
bo arrested. Midday was scarcoly ovor
tho bluo sky shono abovo, tho din of
battlo roared for miles, tho French
ships one aftor another struck thoir
flags, tho English yells of victory
piorcod tho thunder of tho guns, when
Nolson was laid down to die. Tho va1
iant faco klndlod still at tho sounds
from without, as ho lay on a Midship
man's mattress with his back shot
through, and tho ominous Internal
gushes of blood draining away his lifo.
Tho dospair of tho: o grouped near him,
tho awful excitement on tho surround
ing soa, added peaco and solemnity to
tho calm grand words in whioh ho
summed up tho religion, tho uses and
tho successes of his lifo "Thank God,
I havo dono my duty." At 4:30, three
hours after tho ball of tho Fronch riilo
man In tho rigging of tho Hodoubtnblo
had knocked him over, tho soul depart
ed of him whom his countrymen ro
garded with fond projutlico ns a bolovod
friend, with Implicit faith as nn invln
clblo chnmplon, and with rovorenco as
ono in whom lay stored tho priceless re
sources of genius.
e- -a -Inheritance.
A gontloman, when a boy, had tho
skin of both thumbs badly cracked from
oxposuto to cold, comblnod with somo
skin disease His thumbs swollcd gront
ly, and romalnod In this stato for a long
time Whon thoy healed thoy wcro
misshapprn, and tho nails ovor after
ward woro singularly narrow, short nnd
thick. This gontloman had four chil
dren, of whom tho cldost, Sarah, had
both hor thumbs and nails llko hor
fathor's; tho third child, also a daugh
ter, had ono thumb similarly deformed.
Tho two othor children, a boy nnd a
girl wcro normal. Tho daughter Sarah,
had four chlldron, of whom tho cldost
nnd tho third, both daughters, had their
two thumbs dorormed; tho othor two
ehlldron, a boy and a girl woro normal.
Tho groat-grandchlldron of this gentle-
mnn wero nil normal. Mr. Bishop bo
llovcs that tho old gcntlomnn was cor
rect In attributing tho state of his
thumbs to tho cold, aided by skin dls
ooso, as ho positively assorted that his
thumbs woro not originally misshapon,
and thoro was no record of any previous
inherited tendency of tho kind in his
family. Ho had six brothers and sisters
who lived to havo families, somo of them
very largo families, and in nono was
thoro any trnco of deformity in their
thumbs. Sovoral moro or loss closoly
analogous cases havo boon recorded;
but until within a recent period ovory
ono naturally folt much doubt whothor
tho effects of a mutilation or injury
woro ovor really inherited,' as acciden
tal coincidences would almost cortaluly
occasionally occur. Tho subject how
ever, now wears .totally different as
pect, sinco Dr. TJrown-Ssqunrd's fa
mous experiments, provinp thut guinea-
pigs of tho noxt generation woro affect
ed by oporatlons on certain nerves.
Eugono Dupuy, of San Francisco, Cal.,
has likowiso found, as ho Informs mo,
that with theso animals "lesions of
norvo-trunks nro almost invariably
transmitted." lor instanco. "tho ef
fects of sections of tho corvical sympa.
thotio on tho oyos aro reproduced in tho
young, also cpllopsy (as described by
my eminent frlond nnd master, Dr.
Brown-Sequard) when Inducted by lo-
slons of tho sciatlo nervo." Dr. Dupuy
has communicated to mo a still moro
romarkablo case of tho transmlttod of-
iects on uio Drain irom an injury to a
norve; but I do not foel at liberty to
glvo this cao, as Mr. Dupuy intonds to
pursue hisrosoarchojf, and will as I hopo,
publish tho rosults.
Bret Ilarto.
Bret Ilarto retains a good deal of his
Americanism, nftor all, according to
this story whioh "Walsingham" writes
to tho Philadelphia Press from London
Bret Harto's hair Is turning white,
but ho is as mercurial as ever in con
versation Ho donics the soft impeach
ment that he is turning into an English
man and patronizing tao Prince of
Wales. Ho don't think o'errauoh of
tho Guolphs any way, with tho oxcop
tlnn of tho Princess Beatrlco, whom bo
admires. She looks, ho thinks, llko a
ploasant, comfortable, corn-fed Ken
tucky girl. Bret Harto still plays po
ker, and, apropos, ho tells a littlo
story. Last winter ho wont in compa
ny with William Black and Norman
Lockyer, of solentlfio famo, to Oban
(Black's happy hunting ground), nnd
put up at a summer botol, of which
thoy wcro tho three solitary distinguish
ed occupants, tho landlord preceding
thorn from Glasgow in ordor to warm
tho caravansary for his trio of guests.
On tho first evening Black remarkod,
ingeniously: 'You havo a gamo in
America callod pokor, I boliovoP Let's
try it. Will you teaoh us, HarteP'
Accordingly our(Amorioan writer and
Consul proooodod to show them how to
play, Black and Lockyer proceeding
cautiously as ho directed thorn. Tho
noxt night thoy wero at Oban thoy pro
posed anothor gamo, but this timo for
money, Just lo make it interesting,
Tbo limit was placod at four shillings,
and off thoy went; but Ilarto bogan to
'smoll a mouse' It gradually dawned
upon him that theso British ingenues
wero experts in tho noble game of po
ker, and ho 'wont lor' thoso hoathen
Obinoel In meroy, however, ho loft
tho novelist and tho astronomer enough
to tip the waiter."
a-ami .
How men's tastes differ) Ono dropped
into his seat at a restaurant and mur
mured "Hot wether," and his nolghb"
said, "Cold mutton."
Indians never drnk to drown sorrow,
When thoy got anything to drink,
thoy havo no sorrow to drown.
Thomas Hood.
Bho stood breast-high amid tho com,
Clasped by the golden light of morn,
Llko the sweetheart of tbo aun,
Tio many a glowing kiss had won.
On her cheek an autumn flush,
Deeply ripened; such ablush
In tho mldstof brown was born,
Like red popples grown With corn.
Kound her eyes her tresses fell
Which wero blackest nona could tell ;
Bat long lubes veiled a light
That had elso been all too bright.
And her hat, with shady brim,
Made her trcssy forehead dim ;
Thus she stood amid the stooks,
Trnlslns flod with swectctt looks.
"Sure," I said, "Heaven did not mean
Whero 1 reap thou should st but glean;
Lay thy sheaf ndown nnd como
Bharo u.j harvest and my home."
Alentiil Characteristics.
Dr. Foolc's Ilf alth Mnnthly.
A distinguished Austrian physlolan
lias recently publlshod n book In which
ho attempts to provo that habitual
criminals aro such becauso thoy cannot
holp it. Ho has examined tho brains
of a number of porslstent scoundrols
aud has invnrinbly found that tho su
perior frontal convolution is not contin
uous but is divided Into four sub-convolutions
analogous to tho parts found in
predatory carnivorous animnls, and ho
thinks thnt tho montal characteristics
of criminals aro duo to this peculiar
formation of tho brain.
Tho Chroniometor.
By means of tho nowly-invottod in
strument called tho chromomotor, or
color measurer, tho most exquisitely
dolicito dotorminations can bo mado, it
appears, of tbo prcsonco of cortaln
metals in oars. It is based on tho opti
cal fact that complementary colors will
extinguish each othor, it mixed in cor
taln proportions, ns, for oxamDlo, if to
a groon solution a red solution bo addod
in sultablo proportions, tho liquid will
bcoomo colorless. This principle by
moans of tho chromomotor, is appliod
to tho colors which somo molals such
as Iron, manganese, copper, &o. pro
duco when fused with borax, tho only
chomical used in this method of analy
sis. By tho method adopted in this
caso, a correct determination of man
gnncso in iron can bo mado In fifteen
minutes a fact of groat importanco in
metallurgical oporatlons, whon it is
considered that threo times tills length
of timo Is required by tho ordinary pro
cess. Vegetation in Oil.
Somo timo ago Horr Von Tlcghom
,noticod In a bottlo of ollvo oil that was
often uncorked in a room in which var
ious kinds of mould wero boing culti
vated sovoral flocks of mycolla, or
spawn of fungi, partly attached partly
not. Ho found thoro woro two kinds,
ono of which could bo grown on slices
of potato in moist air. Roturnlng to
tho subject lately, ho put Into ollvo
oil fragment'! of stems, roots, or loaves,
or wholo plants, or seods saturated with
water, nnd submittod them to a tom
peraturo of about 25 dcg. C. in nnoven.
In a fow days tho pieces woro covered
abundnntly with mycelium vegetation,
forming a continuous layer of consider
able thickness. Tho spores which had
becomo attachod in air wcro thus vig
orously dovelopod in tho oil. For
this vegotation oil is necessary.
Tho samo species of plants Inserted
in water did not becomo covered
with mycollum. In a vossol half filled
with water and half with oil, and con
talcing a picco of stem or root in both
liquds, tho portion in water remained
storilo, whilo that in water was covered
largely with mycollum. On inverting
tho pioco so that tho part formorly In
water was in oil, and conversely, tho
mycollum already dovelopod dlod, and
tho previously sterilo part grow myco
llum. Mycollum flocks detachod from
tho plants nnd sown in oil developed
vory slowly, probably bocauso thoy had
too littlo water at their disposal. No
fructlUcatiou was observed, and tho
naturo of tho mycollum could not bo
doiermlnod. These mycolla do not do-
volop in llnticod orraposoed oil. Whon
grown in ollvo oil and put in elthor of
tho others thoy soon die and disappear,
Kueplng Ice Without Ice-llousea.
Ico has passed from tho list of luxu
ries to that of tho necesaitics of farm
life Whoover lives whore ico is f ormod,
and so noar to a body of water ihat tho
hauling will not bo too costly, should
havo an ice-houso. Ico keops best in
largo masses, and in building it will bo
found that u houso to hold enough for
two yoars will cost but littlo moro than
ono for a single year's stook. Occa
sionally as last winter, tho Ico crop falls
ovor tho creator part of tho country. A
mild winter will causo no anxiety to one
who has a supply of ico loft ovor. If
one has straw in plenty, it may bo worth
wnuo to staoK up a lot, tnougn it can
hardly bo expooted to last all summon
Tho lco-stouk is especially useful when
tho, ico-houso is not large enough to hold
a full supply if tho ico is freoly used
An ico-stook is to bo drawn upon during
tho early part of summer, and will
allow tho storo In the houso to bo
a long timo undisturbed. If tho
stack can bo mado in a shady
place, all the hotter; soleot
Bpot whero tho water wilt drain oft, lay
down a tlor of rails a foot or so apart
on theso put a layer of brr.sh, and upon
tho brush, straw to tho thiokness of
foot. If possible pot a strong polo in
tho center. Now stack up tho Ico as in
an loo-houso, taking care that tho mass
does not 'nolino to tho sldo. Tho cov
ering for tho sldos may bo straw, salt
hay, Bwalo hay, or even leaves, but the
latter will neod to bo held in placo by
boards. A foot 111 '.hlokuoss ot prbteot
In materials will do, but thicker will bo
better; old boards, with braces to press
them against straw, etc., may bo used If
needed; tho stack is toffee finished by a
roof of straw, put oa'wlth pins and
r."pos, as if finished lettalj hay stack.
On grain farms, whcrtBtraw is abund
ant, tho mass of icenr.ay bo covered
with a 'great thlcknei''of etraw, fejr
bulling a stack of It ovor tho,k)9. In
using from such a stack tho Ice should
bs taken oft on all sldos regularly, and
caro taken to proporly replaco tho cov
ering. Tho larger such a stack the hot
ter a cubo of loo 12 feet on each side,
Slops Taken to Recover $50,000,000 From the
Ocean's Dopthi.
A special dispatch to tho Boston Her
ahl from Wilmington, Del., dated Oct.
23, says that nows was rccclvod from
Lowes on Saturday that tho Interna
tional Submarlno Diving Company, or
ganized two years ago by capitalists in
Philadelphia to search for tho DoBraak,
an English sloop-of-war which founder
ed In a storm off Lowos, Dol., Juno 10,
1798, has discovered ovldonces of tho
missing vessel. According to papers
in possession of Samuol S. McCraokcn,
a pilot whoso grandfather was tho only
survivor, and who was engaged in pilot
ing tho vessel into tho harbor, about
852,000,000 'of specio and jowols went
down with hor. Thojmonoy was takon
by tho DoBraak from nn lntorcoptod
Spanish fleet whllo on hor way to Hall
fax, England, from n succossful crulso
on tho Spanish main. With tho spoclo
woro taken 200 prisonors. Whon tho
vossol foundered tho prisonors woro In
Irons on tho lowor dock, and woro all
lost. Captain Jamos Drow, who com
manded tho vossol, and whoso body
was recovorod two days following, lies
buried in St. Poter's ohurohynrd at
Lowos. Two years aftor tho wrock tho
British govornmont sont two frigates to
ralso tho DoBraak, but without succoss.
Forty years ago, whilo McCtackon was
on a cruiso, circulars woro postod
around Sussex County offorlng 660,000
for information thnt would lead to tho
discovery of tho sunken vossol. It had
boon supposod, up to tho present, that
tho hulk had been swopt away by tho
action of tho tides. Tho International
Company, to keop its real object from
viow, had boon sinco Soptombor work
ing nt another sunkon vossol near whero
tho DoBraak was supposod to havo
foundorod. McCrackon, who Is to ro
eclvo a major portion of what troasuro
Is discovered, in an Intorviow says that
tho DoBraak lies in fiftcon fathoms of
water. Tho divers, in going down,
found a long, Irrogular ridgo, about fif
teon foot high, eightcon foot wide, and
sixty foot long. On each sido aro piles
of looso stono, supposod to bo tho bal
last thrown from tho frigates in tho ef
fort to ralso the wrock in 1800. Rough
woathor intorforing with furthor opora
tlons, tho company was compollod to
postpono further Investigations, and on
Wednesday tho divers roturnod to Phil
adelphia. Tho work, howovor, will bo
vigorously pushed forward
favorablo woathor sots in.
ns soon as
Galileo in tho Church at Pisa.
Ono day Galileo, a young student of
modicino nt Pisa, saw tho groat bronzo
chandelior of tho cathedral swing to and
fro. Ho watchod it caicfuUy, and found
that it moved losrulariv. It alwavs
oamo baok to tho samo placo. Ho
thought hocouldimitatoit, and suspend
ed a woight to a string, and thus form
ed tho first pondulum. His invention
has novor ceasod to bo ot uso to ovory
one. Tho pendulum was attached to
tho works of a clock, and has from that
moment continued tho ohief moans ot
measuring time. It rules ovory family,
directs tho business of cities, and tells
whon school is out. Tho groat clock In
tho City Hall and tho clocks in all tbo
steeples r.nd towers aro' guided by
Galileo's pondulum. Tho wooden clock
wo buy for two or three , ollars and tho
costly Fronch olook that ticks on tho
mantel, owe thoir chlof valuo to tho in
vention ot tho young student. Tho
pendulum, wherever it swings to nnd
fro, scorns to spoak of Gallloo.
Ho was born at Pisa in 15G4, tho samo
yoar ugth Shakespeare His father was
poorMnd wlshod to apprentice him to
tho wool trade But Galileo showod a
strong lovo for mochanlcs nnd matho-
rtlcs; ho profossod to study medicine
atlho Unlvorsity at Pisa, but was al-
busy with mechanical experiments.
orked incossantly with his tools
books, and produced a groat num-
of Inventions, moro, perhaps, than
othor man. From youth to ox-
omo old ago ho was constantly in his
orkshop, and laborod whilo othors
pt. Ono of his inventions was tho
thermomoter that measures tho hoat or
cold c oyory land. It is usod to mark
0 highest tomperaturo of tho highest
f ountains, and Is plunged into tbo
cpths of the sea,; tells tho boiling-
ini and tho freezing-point, nnd
veVns in tho house and tho faotory.
At last, In 1609, Gallloo invented the
telescope, It had boon thought of in
Holland, but never brought to nuy por
footlon. Galileo caught up.tho idea,
and produced tho rerrarcablo Instru
ment that brings distant things near,
Until that timo no ono had supposod
mon could seo beyond a certain
llmltjt and tho sailor on the ocean
and Vtho travelers by land could
look wily a fow miles boforo thorn
Galliots fiist tolosoopo was ma.10 of
load, SHall and impcrfoot, but It was
polished and porfootod witl) his won
dorful skill and industry. It filled all
Italy and Europo with anintouso exoitu
mont. Mon oamo in crowds to look
through tho first tolosoopo. At Venice,
where GaUloo was staying, tho mer
chants ellmbod to tho top of tho hlghost
towor to soo their ships far on tho wa
ter two hours boforo thoy could have
bosn st on without tho tolosoopo. Gal
lloo was onriohed with honor; nnd a
largo salary. Ho went to Floronco, and
was recolved with won or and delight
ly groat crowds of his countrymon.
Next came a still more startling dls
covory. Galileo turnod his tolosoopo to
the skies, and saw things that had nov-,
er boon wltnossod by mortal oyos. Tho
Milky Way dissolved Into a bod of stars;
Jupiter showed its four satellites, Sat
urn its'rings; the moon soomod covorod
with mountains seas, and rivers. Tho
hoavons scorned rovealed to mnn, and
Gallloo soon after, startled by his own
discoveiios, publlshod his "Mcssago
from tho Stars." In this pamphlot ho
doscrlbos tho wondors of tho skits ho
was thu first to see It was read all
ovor Europo, and tho pcoplo and tho
princes heard with awo tho account of
tho now hoavons. Many porsons do
nlod thoro boing any truth In tho narra
tive; it was looked upon ns a kind of
"Moon Hoax" or "Gulliver's Travols;"
somo said it was nn optical delusion,
and Galileo was attacked by a thous
and onomlos.
His hoalth was always dollcate, and
ho was always koptpoor and In debt by
a worthless son nnd idlo brother. His
lifo, so prosperous, ended In misfortune
His telescopo provod to him that tho
world movod around tho sun, and ho
venturod to say so. Unfortunntoly tho
Inquisition and noarly ovcrv ono olso bo
lioved that tho sun movi d around tho
earth. Glllleo was forced to say ho was
mistaken. Ho was tried atKomo, con
demned, nnd obliged on his knees to
confess his error, and durincr tho last
years of his lifo was kept a prisoner in
uis own houso near Floronco. Hopassod
his timo in constant work, studvlntr
. j a
tho moon, and making instruments. At
last no bcoamo blind. Horo Milton vis
ited him, nnd looked upon him with
voncrntion. Ho dlod in 1632, and was
burled prlvatoly in tho church of Santa
uroco, at rloronce
Galileo was of a pleasant counte
nance, always chcorful. His hair was
of a reddish tlngo, his eyes bright and
sparkling until thoy becamo dimmod
like Milton's. His figuro was strong
nnd woll formed. It wns said of him
that no one had ever seen him Idlo. Ho
was novor weary of improving his tele
scope The first ono ho mndo only
mngnifiod threo times, a socond eight
times, and then ho mado ono that mag
nified thirty times. It is tho mon who
aro novor idlo that holp thomsolvos and
Annie Laurie.
.Notes and Queries has tho followlnc
interesting memoranda concerning tho
ncroino 01 tho woll-known ballad of
"Annio Laurio."
"Tho birth of this young lady, so
woll known to many of your roadors, Is
quaintly rocordod by hor fathor, Sir
ltobort Laurio. of Maxwolltown, in tho
family registor in theso words:
" 'At tho plcasuro of tho Almighty
God, my daughter, Annio Laurio, was
borno upon tho 16th day of Docombor,
1682 years, about 6 o'clock In tho morn
ing, and was baptized by Mr. Goo.'
(Hunter, of Gloncalrn.)
"And his own marriago is givon in
tho samo quaint stylo:
" 'At tho plcasuro of tho Almighty, I
was married to my wifo, Jean Rlddoll,
upon tho 27th day of July, 1674. in tho
Tron Kirk of Edinb., by Mr. Annano.'
"These statements I find in tho val
uable collection of manusoripts loft by
tho lato Mr. W. F. H. Arundoll, and
whioh his son, W. F.H. Arundoll, Esq.,
of Barjarg Towor, Dumfriesshire, has
kindly allowed mo tooxamlno and mako
use of. They contain a vast fund of
curious information respecting- the an
tiqnitlos and county familios of Dum
friesshire Many of your readers will
know that Annio was wooed by William
Douglas, of Fingland, In Klrkoubbright
shlro. Hor charms aro thus spoken of
in his pathetic lyrlo, 'Bonnio Annio Lau
rie:' ' 'Ifer brow Is like Iho snaw'-drlft,
Her nock is llko the swan,
Her face It Is tho fairest
That e'er tho sun shone on,
That e'er the sun shone on,
And dark blue Is her e'6:
And for bonnio Annie Laurie
I'd lay me down and dle.V
"Sho was, howovor, obdurate to bis
passlonato appoal,, preferring Aloxan
dor Forgusson, of Craigcarrooh, to
whom sho was ovontually marriod. This
William uougiass was said lo have boon
tho hero of this woll known eonc
Willlo was a Wanton Wag.' Though
ho was rciusod by Annio, ho did not
pino away In slnglo blossodncss, but
mado a ranaway marriago with Miss
Elizabeth Clork of Glonboig, in Gallo
way, by whom ho had four sons nnd
two daughters, r
Lima Beans.
beans In boiling,
cover. CookuntllfcpTtNrin
them. Molt a ploooOf butFer tho sWof
an egg, and mix an oin teaspoonful of
flour with it; add a little moat broth to
mako smooth sauce, or use watcrinstoad.
Put the loans In tho sauce and set them
nattho side ofjthe fire for fifteen minutes.
JuH beo serving add a tablospoonful
nt ftlinnnnrl naiwlaif r,n . a.
with salt and popper.
Mllkmani "Tell 'yer mother she 'ull
've to pay ready money for tullkhff u
tur' I ain't a-going to ohalk up any'
more." Boy: Wot aroyor a-going to
use lnstld then, Mr. Simpson P"
"There," said a oharming lady, wltn
analvo oxprossion that mado hor faco
radiant, pointing to an ebony caso of
obinawaro, "that is my brick-bat cabl-not."
Put a pint 0V1
Inltcd wator cttiu

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