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The County paper. (Oregon, Mo.) 1881-1883, November 11, 1881, Image 5

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del Out llnorftt
T'io cUiMioonlluuinoiit of nil factory
work girus the oprrnliviK pallid faces,
Door sippullte. languid inlseruulo fuel
ing, poor blond Inactive lb or, kidney
mid urinary troubles, and n'l tliu phy
hIcImis anil niediclno In tliu world can
not liolp tlioni unless thoy get out of
door or uso Hop Hitters, llio purest
and best remedy, especially for such
oases, having abundance of hoidth.fltin
tthlno and rosy clucks In tlioni. They
cost but n trlilo. Sou another column.
.folin T. Hughes, of Kentucky, has
Hold to Mr. (loddnrd, of St. LouM, a
pair of bay carriage horses (or Sl.fiM),
Ajor's (Jlieivy Pectoral Is a really
reinarknblo and time-honored medi
cine. It is tlio best known remedy for
all diseases of the throat and lungs.
(. M. lledf. id's cow C5tli Duchon
of (ioodnuft died at (irnysonvllV, Mo.
She had taken itJ llrst anil swcopsluko
prizes. N
Comely! Attrnctivol Wlnuiny!
Thco cprositro words are often and
properly implied to the fair hollos ol
our fivorcd laud who keep tln'lr hair
abundant and natural In cilor and lu
tro by tliu timely nsu of Avcrls Hair
Vigor. '1 no Vigor is Mifo and ugreea
bis; and Its effect nro very lasting,
making It the most economical, and at
the same tlmo the most behellcial and
elegant of toilet preparation?.
II. Scudiltlor, of St. Louis Iihs
purchased in St. Louts a pair of bay
horses, at a coH of 5H,600. This span
won tliu S-'OO premium at the St. Louis
fair over seventeen entries.
Thousands havo used Kendall's Spav
in Cure lor rheumatism after all other
remedies had failed, ami havo ex
perienced Infant relief.
So great a per cent, of tho ills of life
can 1m traced directly to the derange
ment of tho Liver and Kidneys that if
these otgans could he kept In a healthy
stain tho sum total of human suffering
would lie almost iiitlnltnly led mud. A
tr'al will convince anv onu that Lois'
Dandelion Tonic is tliu best article lor
this purpose ever propaied. ,
Farmers In Piko county, Mo., hnve
commenced plowing far tho corn crop I
of 1382. i
Syptoms Might pain 'n the Mile, the
skin and i'U"; assume a thick yellow
coat, digestion is impaired, an un
pleasant sinking seiisali in at the pit of
tliu stomach is cxepcnrcd, tlio bowels
are irregular, the mind fretful, the
memory weakened, sometimes, a sliiih'
cough. "coldness of the bands cud feet,
sometimes loss of appetite and at other.
unni.turai craving for food, dizziness of
the head, depressed spirits, feeling of
uneenalnty. of having left si.i.iollitiig
undone, but can't tell what it is. Take
Simmons' Liver Ucguhttor, it will r-1
move all uii leasant Iceliugs and make i
you well.
Tlio total area otTennn-see is uM.SOO.-1
OCO acres, of which Ul,7il."l:G is cov
ered by the original forest trees.
An Indianapolis coinnilasinn mer
chant Iirs been receiving two ea'loads
dally of potatoes grown in Dakota Tif
ritory. '
(ion. J. II. Weaver, of Iowa, mid
Hon. (SlhVrt Do La Katyr. ot Indiana,
are both delivering eaiiidaiu hpeeclu
In Massachusetts.
Learn tliis ty Heart.
My ncrve-i will regain their ilgor.
My brain will becoino inoro clear and !
powerful. !
Mv niuselcfi become innni strong.
Mv dvsiiPDsia and indigestion n ,
locg.'r trouble mo. j
Mv heart' remilaruelbn restored.
My blood bo inaile more purc
My weak lungs made moie hcaltliy,
and all tho iunctiou of my body n
stored to their l orinul couditimi, and
overy symptom of weakness, nervous
ness'and debility bo rumovod if 1 use
llrowds Iron Tonic Xeitm.
Some men will rely on truth, some
nal lie on I'a'sohood, while others reel
high on whisky.
Constipation is tho bane of American
people. Thousands of remedies have
been offered and used, hut nonu have
given satisfaction until Hsuley s Saline
Aoerlent camo Into use. This now
-ve'mcih, as a hxatlvo or gentle p irga
1h o. is a wliilo powder and is plcusnnt
and neycr failing in action.
Some nigger's honesty is rcgaorlntod
mostly by do skunk of do jnrd t'org.
After a "overu to-t of twelve years, by
many leading physicians and thousands
of fomales,, it has been thorouahlv de
monstrated that Euirlisli Female Hltteis
has cured md relluvial mora sickly fe
males, than all other remedies combin
ed. All monthly defects, excesses or
weaknesses, effecting' married or single
ladles, aru promptly rolievojl by its use.
When hoavy snows ngaln bloolc our
street, ihero will be n shovolry by(
night. '
Woman's health is u "dependent upon
logular uioiithly uterine action. Inter
fere with this grand function of female
life, and disease will bo tho legitimate
result. Nataro demands regular action,
anil her laws cannot bo violated unless
at the oxpensu of health. This function,
this monthly secretion must continue
from tho agu of puheriy to tlio "turn of
life," without umiturul obstruction ; iiiul
inattuntion to this fact has consigned
thousands of females to untimely graves.
A remedy for all these troubles has
boon prepared by tho medical profess
ion, winch will relievo old and young
of these monthly oxeesus and wcak
noies:wlll restore naturojWill 8treu(jth
on thoHak and debilitated; will give,
rotund and Mmpu to the lean and
hnggaffl, and will iwpArt lion to the
liBDV Ki?hed bJiwJy Dr. Dronigool's
Viv,5iers Is the remedy
jvyiU dolnq to satisfaction.
An impecunious, lawyer out his tin oat
with a razor. It was a samido of his
ruling passion for bhaip prc'etlco.
," Slilloli'a Consumption Cure.
This is beyond luiostlon Oho rtost
auecewful Cough Medicine wo'havo
over sold, a few doses Invariably euro
tho worst cuscs ol Cough, Croup, v.nd
llroneliltiH,, whllo its wonderful suc
cess In tho euro of Consumption Is
without iv parallel In tlio history of
medlclno. Since its llrst discovery it
has been sold on a guarantee, a test
which no other inodlelne can stand.
If yo'u havo a Cough wo earnestly ask
you to try It Price 10 ota. 6Q ots. and
$1.00 If your Lungs aro sore, Chest, or
Ilnck, Lame, uso Shlloli's, Porous Pin
etor, gold bf T. S, lllnde, Oregon Mo,
Tito lo judges ( the people who trade with
lisl.niid tliu hiiinlre 'ft who urn ciiii diutdnv of iroul. en
dorse tho verdict.
Awarded Cor.iaut & Meyer of Mound City.
l;lit I'runituni for Finest display ol Dress Goods' award-
CorsautA Meyer, Moitml City.
First Premium for Finest display of
First Premium foi (liuet dlsnlay of Fancy Hoods and No
ttons.rlrst Prunilum for FinostJDisplay of
'$ Man, Boy's
Flr?tPremium for best selected ;Mock of Staple Dress-
4 Goods, FlnnnoJs, ifonns, (Mollis. AVlr-
u proofs, I oil on j'limm'ls. IJItuiKolH, Run,
i Goods. Prints, J)mkin;js mid tlio best
i!i nnooi iiiiiHiitxi inps,
H Otii liooods are
The puhlle will please take nutiio that all tho above
goods i 1 bo disposed of at a fair living profit Wo
don't sell out; articlu fur Iocs than cost and then put an
other up double its value, but we propose toull jou goods
at tho lowest possible llguro that inonev will buy them,
and will do Justice to eveiy ouo. We propose to give our
customers satisfaction in eory instance.
fl l inally, wu propose to give
M from llie newest, Finest, and
f in Holt county.
Wive Asserteaeni.,
; ' Tho Best Aesortn
! ' ! tr3'& M il
1 rvfAWKw iJ
Ri?4 ri m Tl sS
The Best Assortrr.ent of
For Men, Boys.Youtiis and Children.
This stoci; is itneitiullrd ;u evteut and vnrietx, anil at rie-s within
the reach all. W e iisk a c use ins) eriion of this stock.
c also ask a clos.- lnsjieet on m 'Jiir line of
IffllTI, iffl
New Tall Stock of Caslnieres, ninths, and Trimmings now on my table.
Wedding outfits" a Spreialty. Perfect fits aru guaranteed and only llmt-class
goods ami trimmings used.
BarqairL for Somebody!
3 1
Bciiifir desirous ol" Closing Out iny liusiuoss in Oregon
1 oiler for Sale my 13ntlrg8toclc of Goods together with
the ImllAing known its
1 ml all improvements. I ahowvhh to soil tliu building known n th
situated in ono of tlio best locatjonsnn
in the city and hnth improved and unimproved larms m Holt county. l oriuii
partieiilars apply to O
w. h: stbrrett,
Barnes &
2zrjM:ryix..iBw,jL .erg
and Youth's
liooisimti siiocs.
our customers a selection
Lrrge.st Stuck of any lioue
- .eiit o;y Seasonable
CETY, mo.
tliu city, Also a number of other lots
I Tor Tun CofXTV I'Al'Kli.
! How few i cully understand tho real .
! meatiiug of that commandment. There
, is lio onu of the decalogue so often
broken. It Is not necessary to actually
i tell a lie on your uuiuhhor to trar."'ess
this eoiniiniiiiloietil. A wi IIit li is s-ilil
'llowlrcu.uoi.tly aro the honesty audi
Integrity of a man disposed of bv u
, . "',, ', ... I
shrug! How many good, and noble act-,
Ions havo been sunk mtooblMon by a
j distrustful look, or stamped with the
; linpiessltjii ol'piocecdiii!' . roni h,id mo-1
,1 , .' , , ,,
Uhusliya niy-terloiH and leu'onaldpi
...!,!... .....Ml It. ...,.....!... I , , I
whHper!" How true thai, is! A word i
Issoniolillles sllllicietit to i.htst a clur -
acter. SuppoM! .mm. a... talking to Mr.
, n., wi.ois mi iniiucntiai iu.ui, ot Mr. i is,.,.ji, -nin,li, .m,.,,,!!,,
j A., you say, Mr. A., inn ece tent, fid-' unions Vttmlis. ctilll mul J'e
i lo . alw.'tvs ie.id to oi,IV ., i,-i..,l , vtr. nuiuliicli.'. lli-. I-
Mr. M inciely reply, Mr. At I Il
jgiviMllie iiiiiuj an cniiliasis, which
I cuihos yon to think, our.'i ips, ymi arc
mlsta!.cn in tlio chaiMd ! of Mr. A
Mr.fi has borne false witness nonhist . i
Mr. A. Again .soilio otic is speakill" n
..,,.. M, ?, 1,1 -ll ! .
.'li i' . .11.1111. I IIS" llll
you tin not conider her iv sweet, inula
bio girl One iiiumi-i Iv iniiilct anil
good? Von hltnply looU .tt oiir fash
ioner a tuonieii', fust uir even down
with a siuh, and turn i!i i'oucrsallou.
Von havo boritu false iviines, though
you spoKeuot a word. Von hiiv'o given
the impression that Mi" Sini'h is not
at all what she should I , but you do
not caro to say so, when, perhaps, you
knoiv nothing of lu r at ad. O, how
careful we should bu In u'uard cmui the
expression of the ees. They often do j
a, much dainagi! us the tongue. Chin - j
net el's me of tar too much value, to ties- j
troy so lightly. It is much easier to
dcstioy theui than tolmlld them up. It
is hard Put a person should labor taifh-
I fllllv and holiest! V for ears. to btlild till
I . ... , . . "
i a character that lliav he an In.iioi" to
; theni-elves and their trie., N. on., licit
I they would la, willing should be held up
wUhv tilts pliblid A nil r.iiiiip!c, llictl 1
havo it destroyed bv a malii Ions or a i
thotl.cllllcfs violation of the llllith enlu
uiauilllieut. Many bear faini witness
thoughtlessly. How often wc hear (he
plea ofTcrcd, "1 did not think." Wc
must li'twu to think. We can not be I
too cvreful of our words and deeds
Never speak of llie faults ot others,
much less their tuiijiosid laul s. We
are m laulty, so prone to err, wo shou d
be leadv to evcile others, A ouni'
ir.ui wuv; St, III, I, llllt ,1. Illli, .1111 V IUV
lulluence itl, mo " Mow much iiett.r !
........ .....i ...i. m.. .i
Miry tuv
to exert an inlluenee that is good,
I l... ...111 1. . t .' I .. 11 .'.I i ,
that will he feit hy all w tit whom we 1
tu iy come in contact ! Create an lullu.
!tiirn tlitil wi. i.iiiit.l hi, .vtlltin I.. ...... '
.... , . " . .
to complete the fiood work wn begin,
and aboe all (t not hear flu witness 1
I of iiiitr iin'yitmr.
Dyspepsia &. LIVCI" Cotrplaint.
i. ti'..,., , ,T- -, ,, . ,-i ii' t-o1,1 , fi sS ' ! I , iJ A v i ami 'wiiiiniit men leiuai virtues, nllereu m
Is it not worth (Tie finall jirn-o of ,:,i.XiWi ...Oi.' .'.j VV J. . 1 ,i00,i.pmiilers, whllo dlsmso i.ecomes moro
cuts (o tree yiiii. selves of inerv Miip- , for Vii.. "lime Tehlrs, nut nm irst!n re.".- Ilmily heated. Avr.n's .S.mis.m-auiix.v Is a
loniofthe-e distressing complaints, if in ; maii. r cin.'i iiihei Hie .Ml-snui j'.ai.' meillriao nf Mich ronrriitrated cttrailvo
Villi think so cull nt our sii.i'ii mul ,r,.i Hnllwi'viii'.l IN nn il Willi ntln r Ili.l.- Jiowcr, that it Is hy far tho host, cheapest,
"Vl . ' f li.il vi ii ft " wlilfli will he mi'llcl fire iiitiliess I mid liio-t lellahlo hlood-purlllcr Uniwu.
.v l.otl oof -liiloh , Utilizer. eveiy Imltle nXMtl.f.l'.. J'liyslilans know its composition, and pre
l.n. a pniileil u'uiirantee on it; use nr-j 4v. A.'J"i.J..i:.,.!r. l.-h'i v -s ac. m. , nrrlim It. It has In cu widely used for forty
ml illmih and il it iiniw ,ni m, .roml U lUcnrm) .linoinirr. nt. hinils, .'in. years, mid has won the umiualllled roull
will eo-t miii iiiilhlii".' Sold bv T b ' ' dciicu of millions whom It has hniclltid.
ijniuv, "ll'mi, .1.11.
1 1. ...i.. ii. ,..
I.' t Hie draw the Vire-l'iMsaieiit'f-
u.il...... ... .1 I .. I. i.i
s:!l:.'!, ai d I care not how tll.V critics ;
dt'iiW their C'lielosiiins. Due hi Mum,
. ,, ,. ,, , ,, i
1 ry it when all oilier remedies fail am
!-llelll i.
el relict, linv it ot lung iv rroild, Ore
r '
1 1
.Mark tho aristoeraih' upstarts nho
talk ol" .'I,:,,.,,! " Their aui.'t-.or.s weio .
irohalily iiutliing but haid-working
htlliicrs. ,
- . , n ,
Shilo.i s Catarrh Rcmotly. 1
iii'vnliiiw i'iii'.i l".iri',ii Ii llli.li '
iilM'lous cuie lot t at ai Hi. Diplt-
A niarvi
lie rla, t anker mouth, and Head Ache
With each bott e there is an ingenious
nasal Injector for the morn succe-sfnl
ireatmimtol the-o i ompiaint- witlioul
extra char-ru. Price AO ets Sold by T. S. I
Illnilii (li'7i,inii Mi, '
Ulltllo, Uieuoil, ,Mo.
.Ikff. Davi
a colored man, lias
just been aeipil
ted on a second trial of (,',': ."lVS&S&Siy
uler hy a South t'aroii. &,fi 1 if ft AW.H
w,,s convicted -t.r.t MBkVA
a eliargi! of mint
mi court. He
llrst trial, and nine limed tlio dav of his
execution was ll.xcd only to bu post
polled. Oticii tho
tied around his nee
arrived, 'I he pur.suvcranc
sel Is above all pral
s ilci'u.l tli.it. mi i in sontiinonl. n. m-iinl.
iv aroused auaiust thu prisoner, and
threats of lynching were niadu. There
must b something rather l..os ,
Sotitli Carolina law to rorpiiro iiiiie res-
pites before li wtw ducideii that an ai-
legcd uitlirtt de-urveil a ru-hearing.
Is ti plant iiativu to the Sit: ra. ll
cure-! it cures!! Only fiO cents.
Try It at King I'mud's, Oregon Franco ,
& Co., Forest Cliy,
Wht'l 'iis, liiniii:. ,1, IMkiIoii illil on the 3
ilay of .Inniiuo, Mil. ixecalo to tlio ninler
ivlunt'il Iraslrr, Iter ilt cil nt tilist of Hint ihite,
li'i'iinlril III liiniii -I.', imite alii. Ill tlio Ih'coiiU'r'i'
oltli'o In Hull county, .MKmiiiiI. eiin ve lii;i tn II. e
iiliilritlKiieil li.isli'e, tlin following ileserlla'it
lamls, situate hi saiil t'liuiily of Hon ami shut) ,
of .Mli-siniil.to-wll i
All uf lot anil Hip south half nf the smith- !
YCft Minuler of .scctlim Kl). tiiwiislilp ll.', rantw
;w : I'diitaliiliiK I'is acres, moru or less, I
Wlikh said cnnvuwiiii'u was mailo In'tiiisl to !
. sernnt tho ia)inent of a curlaln protiilsst.i
nolo ii.siuii ucrn iiusciiiicii i nun wncieas ii is
inuvlik'il iiualit ilocl, t li at it default iihlmlil do
mailt' la tlio navuicia of saiil mno iiiicorillnir In
tlio trim lentil, ilate ami cllccl of m.IiI mile, ilini 1
1. tliu laiik'iliriii'il trustee, tit Hut reiini'st of the
legal hnlilcr of said note, mlulil iirocceil to tell
t.o laiiilssoiiinveycil, or mi mini, thereof as Is
siillliienl loliay mivli iliiit t anil wliurcns, m.1.1
unto remains ilun mul uiiindil, there line, at the
rniuost of tlio It'ftal holder tlii're
of, I, Albert II, ;,liiiiilsni:, trustee, will proec'il
ttmell saiil liiinls orso much tlicieof us will Im
sullk'lent to jiaysalil note, with allhitcr'M ami
costs, on
Saturday, November 26th, I3QI,
at llm irutli iloor of tho Court IIoiims in tlio
city of Oregon, in saltl county i.ii, Hiato of Ml
sou. I, to the hlitlicst lilihler for onsli In haiiil,
lietHeeii tlio Iiouih of nlnii o'clock hi tlio tore
noun mul live o'clock hi tlio nlieriiooa of that
il.i), AI.IUiltT II, JAMISON,
Trust ue.
lope was uonmllylWY
so, when It is con-' S'
TilG SPIlIOllli! Of LlVCf mMl
!,ri; ")"'' lm'1k4 1''a lii He .M., m. i.n'iiin
I'lllll III P.i"!l'iliMi'l-..llllt Is llllsl.ilil II lur ill
ntaiism: die MuinuHi Is n n.i.-t.i wnii i.
Hln i l,nli t i.-n . uihI-hk- shiimi l.u ,
iWll to llin e Ik en ileiic ; ofli h nilnc'i'.Hili'
nik iir.'iliiy mil tew spir", ht m-
llldliy III till-111 UVl1 Silllhlnllls Htll I'll !" i
,! i n.r n., , f,.(l ,. , , . . ,
1 ra., thent.u n.nst li.w .i,
j RcgalC Hl8 LW Mill PfCMl
iroslim nr Sitills.
fl'iiir Miiiiiiiili,
ll in II. in n
, isiimmiiM i.ivrr ni riiliiliir, piitrli .'Ui i i
. I im' iih-iII.'Iim' iti-m oilly ii-i-il lii llir -imiUi
I lirilllv tllf IllltHll I,IIT III III illtliy !)l
Mliiimins l.lver 1! rillnliir, putrid i'iri l il I.
lilt' -until !
:u h'li.
II arts llli extraiirillioir.v nv.. r iiiiC
cltleiicy mi ilie Liter mill Klilni',1 k.
TIii' iK'tl-li nt till' Ki'Kllliilnr Is nre (ml I
ii;ii:si':i, nr i.'.-i;niiir. II Is imi.t e:tir'lt' li i
'tiirlllii; lie s. i'ii nni's of Hie l.ivi r. iMUHii't Hi.
I.lle I i iirl as c, illi, line. lii'ii Ihrii' Is ;iii i i
i'i'm of Mle In On -I oliiru'li . 1 tic IIi l-iiIi nr s;n I
l.i'l.M' liurv'M ; ntl 'r 1 1) f ii"iieviil nf tile Mli I !
.lll i''u'iil .le Hie liimels anil linpait Upiriitii
lii'itltli In Hie noli' si stem,
See Hint in '.'el Hie Hi Inline In Wliilo Wriip
per. Willi r.il "." iri'iareil niih In
tlZ-Solil hy ill UrilKlflits.
Tills nnnli'rii ln.lit unit i-nl riirisiu 1! i'v
I eM' 1'itili tii-iii i' i uii-il SI. i " 'f Km. ,
j ili'iiuriliu.-ilii. tl' tmhi he el h s i. .vii
N tiX'!!: llt".
ai'AiS Xu!!"LZi!:;..'
vwi mailt w i.li It.ulwnv l.iiM't Umlln in .
MI I O) i ill- i I. Mill -ii.iii '
if I'lissMii-vi's v'l"i eni.-'i-'si' 1i'i;i's i.i
Hie .Mlssiiorl I'lieilie ItiillllllJ liue
liimvr.iA Tin: rui.iowiMi ciui's
SI. .3iis.'ili ami fit, I, mill.
Ati'lils'in mul M, l.i iili.
Iiiiiivenu will itii.l M I. nut-,
Kiiiimiis ',v nil f,t, 1. 1. ill-.
Illnl I'll! mil' rli lie.', tnnii limis.is C'ly lulh
irliiilnl Imllils In 'i'e;is, Willi
1 1 - A, m V
HeClllling Cliair Cai'S .1' KG.
lleslili's KIVI. Urn - ef riillniiiii slirnlni' ('ir
I' 'I ll.'lll'l-lll'll' !M' '. 'IIH'll' s, U mi .'",I in
n,i,i Hie latest lit,i.r. iikih-'. unit u.inii.il
hot mii rii:s
Hii'l l!iliti:!ilv tiMitl'-.ti'il. rp.'li'il. an I villi
eninri il iitli inlun.-. Hie
ll.sil SI
I I rni U. Hie Miller I'liilfnini. ami I
'.i.ti'iiiiiili .AIr I i ul;.' mi ti I I'm
in:, r lialiis. lil.lniM'ij ri'siutii t
i . '..,
in ii tiw ii- ' ii . .i.t.i.. " .
,ii ... ,.. i 1 ..r i..., .1......I .ti..!. . i
I.'i il. Iii7. Ii hi li cmeeil in llie 1.. '' iruer s uiiii'i
.,,. tnj. c. h, i.-.n;- uml Ills Mi'c
nt IIi eniiiuy. .Mlwrnnf in DimU :
i' ,t;vi' fit In tin' Illlilersli'i.i'O, the fullni.ili,!
ival estate to wit i
"I h" wnitlovi-t of the sinillmi'st 'i
ri'tlnli Ji, t.mii.lilpil'i, I'lime II : rxcert s i.i'ii
i,, mu mutli-'iiM einni'i iiom in ilie l iieni ( nr
ri. ry A-s ic uaiii iiuiu ;i ucn-i I 1 1 i ir s.iniiwi-i ,
nut;; nr.'i it. iiiri in si, ii '"i.rii;. in in... nii.-i.
nf .ifis-umi, I'linit uilnif 'jr n'Ti' 111 'i'e:"i' .1 s.
wiihli ..'iiihuiiu jiiiiie v.ie. luailr In hum
11X1 ,n,;;i,r,!:;r;.,.'.:;,,:i
in, iieni'inaili- In tin' immh mu m -.lii
iniiv. tlterriiiii'. at i;ieii'ii!fst nfllii'l.ii h"l.'-
it nt s..iil 111 te 'ilal 111 eiililliMai.rc v. I, I t
iiri'M-liies in s.iih iii'i". in iiii-i. iiim ' i
irii'ln uMiilhal I. llie i'ii.liisB,ie. tiii lc..
wi I sell at ini.!t ineiin'i for i-.n'i u Hn- tren
Hoine 'I'"" l ""'Jon. Mu., In i'"en llie li.nn
(U lane "'imii'I' lullu! liiiii.ii.ni .in., ihe i wk
In tho iifiriiioiiu of
Wednesday, Dscemhcr 7. iiai.
all tlir rljtlit title ami Intrirst, of saiil
U Hint n-al siiUe fnrtlio hiiii t s.m-f.i -
Ini-sali nule ami llie costs ;'inl Hie i "iises i. f
Ihlsllii.t. 'I'. ('. lit Nil AN.
1 I llslro.
( - ll, I i n) ana iu wue, in in ami in ine aniM'
Contains Fciisin, Rliiitorh, Wan
I c'riiko niltl Gciltlail. and Cures
, , and Pick eatlaclia.
i-J !
Try it. Per 3aio by an UfUUQISlS
Minn or iKlnitlMH. In
InrL'ftlvnf rowiter.
nwnrld. Itlutubbeat
iu1.nuiA tt iiAixi nnt num. lint forms n
hlnhlv DOllshed surfnpe over tho nxlo.re-
nU AR aWtEED to contain n?irtrolourn.
CyhwZuadThtngt ll'orf A-noulii;; UialW tree.
MICA rflANUf u iui"s'v;
31 Mlohlgnn Avanuo. Chicago, llllnoli
fok the cum; OF
Q y Bpopsin, Imllflasilon, Hoatlaclio,
Meaflbiirn, Sour Stomach, anil all
tin ploasant lifTocts arising from ovf I
uaiiiu.i or drinking.
It is ciiiiipnseil of I'ops'.n, Ithnlmrl),
Mniiilrulte anil Hcnllau, rriiieiiics lln 1
iiif iiai'ipi.illi'd lor the cure of nil dis
eases ofthe sMinarh uml hownln.
IJlui It a trial nt4 irnt sum rollcf.
ti Bl.lnWi'AJ.tamt
ltKOAVX'S mON nilTKIW tiro
a eettnlu onro Itir nil illHCucrt
rcqiitrltif; n complete totili:; oHpo
chilly IndlKeMtloti, Dynpi'iln, Inter
mltlcnt I'V'vlth, AVatit of A)ipetlt,
Ijoss ofKlmnKJli, t.aclc ol' llnecKy,
etc. KnrlulicM t!:e liloml. uticnctli
ens the tnuselert, anil j:lvcfi new
Hfo to tho iicrviyi. Acui llko a
cliurm on tliu dltcstlvo orsniw,
removing nit dyspeptic Kymptottis,
snctt ns tastinir itn; liiuil. Heleliln,
Hunt tn tlio Stomach, Heart h.ii-n,
etc. T!n only Ik n Pccparnltoii
t lint, will not liliwlii n t lie tcciii c
Rlvo lii'iiilaclic. So'il Iiy ail Drii.;,
XihtH nt .Ml. Hi) a Ixi.tl, .
)moVN t'ttK:tir r. ro.
Itat'liniiif, ")!.
R.S'lh,! all tfi.n Hli'if, sf- hu'li ' 'sfnr.i.i
Cu. kn 1 1 v L M i- I I . - I 'ot.rn,;,'.
nGv.'ARr. or i vi" r.T.vm,
Is a compound of tho virtue of s.irsaparll
In, stlllhiKlii, iinuiilr.ilo' yellow iluek, with
tliu lnillile of potash mul lion, all powerful
taliilic elements. It Is the. puiest, safest,
anil most etli'i timl alteratlvn iii.'.lli:liiii
eiiiiiii-iiimin, iiiiioil.i'li'iiusiii);, anil llle-sil.s-
huown nr nvallaliln to the imlille. Tliu sel-
end's n( meilleliin unit chemistry have never
iirnilili'i'il ho valit:lln a luliiedy. nor one ho
jioteiit to euro all diseases resulting from i
inipare lilnnil. It clues Sciofnlii mul i
nil bcrofulous diseases, ICrysliie.las, I
Hose, or St, Anthony's I'lre, I'lmjiles
and l'iu'e-U'OlH, l'listiilos, Itlolclies,
Holls, Tumors, 'letter, lliiiuors,
Salt lthciiin, Seald-licad, ttlnn-woioi. i
Ulcers, Sores, Ithciinmtlsm, Mercurial
Ulscase, Neiualcln, I'Viiinle Weak,
nosses mid IrrcKUlarltlvs, .Inunillre, I
Atlectlons of tho Mvcr, Dyspepsia, :
Iiiiiavlatlon, and ficneral Debility, i
Ily Its searching ami cleansing iiiahtles I
it parses out tlie nun coirtiptluiis wnicu
contamiii'Ui) the liluoil ami raiise deraiii;!!
iiit'i.taint decay. It Mlniiil.itrs ami rullveiis
the vital functions, linimiitcs eiieriry ami
strength, lcstores ami preserves henltlnaml
infuses new life ami vigor thimiKliniit tho
wiiulo systoin. 2o sullcrcr irom any uls
caso which arises from iniinirity of Hid
1 Mood nerd despair who will givu Avi:n's
fjAiisAi Aiiii.i.A a fair trial.
I It ts fnlK' tn fivni'l'lliit'lit. with tlin ,ill,n,.r.
: oils low-iir'iced mixtures, of cheap materials,
Propared by Dr. J. C. Ayor & Oo.,
l'ractlcal mul Anal) Ileal C 1 1 c i u I s t s .
Lowell, Mass.
B0LU 11V ALL UliL'UUlBld LVtllVWllCI'.E.
, J jr.
n X3VT
. 7 J Va' ,
!a',w m
A arft'Vl Wrtrj?
K K?fii:ilv yi!
k ti M U L'
,WJ) -?4 ik
i'Iij j
'vJty !
Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Langour,
Nervous Exhaustion arising from over
work or excoss of any kind,
-AND I'Oll
Female WeabesseSt
Malarial Poisoning ami Fever aMAaiic,
Ami It a Spccllic forObsllnati!
H'ioleiale Aoonti, Kantat City and St. Louis, y,a
Mill I I ll I I I II 11 11 III I IW I I II I I
Ifyuufti-opufrjHn'rfroinniioor licolth, or liunfuLJi-
ui IJlUfrhjGuiU 4'uin Vou,
If ou ftie a mJnWeriiqRtiii tiaoOTcrttxtxlTnur
Belt witliyouriustoniiau'l.tlwji or a n;tl.hiT, win
nutwKliwiruaii'ltoilt.ovlIlf joii ui-o nlmrly fllllri;j
If you foel wc.ik o.U Uu-KtitrituJ. Uhuut vlaul
lciwvrtniywhy, fl
Hop IlilUT MiUyjtrnlon' You
IfTDuaro ninnixf l"iiJI;uw .calicnctl Tit t!i
rtrafu or your cvci
Hop lUlUM'H
MlltHstsvisiillicn V
Tf von urn vtniTio imtt
!nnr fwm ury n(i
nop nitifiTi winrju Uft von.
If you aro in tho work- H-lt. nn to farjn, nt ilw
PloruiiiJj, toiUn. or tUai-tgulutlfiw Mltkjut latuiU
Hop JXuitn InHWIjiU You Nootl.
Ifyou aro olsl.nr'lyomfWl'fl , U ftxMe, yuur
ifrYtJounftPacly,tuiluiJJlas.vltK.-i wwiu,;,
, ,m'"" l" ci J.iw " "'"inr.
nor Cocoa Ccim Is ih twcriivt, aofct oatl Usit. I
Ono 1 Ioi I'ao f or P tnniv li, I ""-d KilTfrs I ' 'i I I
.orluulloi,,tll. LU.tjl' IJ. Ol'IH.OU. llli IVllwUI
, iW.a.;..r
I twnwiavyamasUtfc it,,Piiuiwiifir.CisUl,..u.,1N.V-
I AlMvtwlJbyJruiniUti.
pars ap at ll la
fill Tllfl 'Olt.VTV I'AIMUt.
I'l'l n.s avi ti:aoiii.h .
Were n to begin our cdn-ition
again, with the privilege of eliohs!i-,r
belw cn t vn cbi'sfs of edncntlofi. ono
coi.slstltigof a mnirulllcoiil Imildfii In
which wciii sliili nt priife-siirs, iiiunb';f
1 i'S l)ook, ami a sylontat'c but lifeless
roi. line of study j the other h shanty In
W' Ich i a noble. minded inmt, of large
onl, a warm heart anil gciiunuio tn
tu iv, we would ecila'irytny give its (ho
1 hitter. The words and actions of men
and women eduente more tlinn all ill.
' teM-boolis il l. Vou may write down
ml the teachers who tall ami (lien oMiir
! ilie Into llie iaueii llie failure, and
you will Mini tlmt it is not from lack of
bn'ik Knowledge, or a knowledge nt
how to simly out and p.vpale a lesson,
liul il Is a lack of know I dire of human
Uiiiui'i j tliev lark gumption. In .priU'r
to lie a siieecssfnl ti'.eher you must,
learn to read eh iracter and uudeitatid
I human nature. The trouble i, teachers
i are chlellv coneerurd in siudyinu books
and not in s. iKing the pupils to h"
' taught. They only Mitdv to know tie
'.tno's, to the lieeleet of the I in porta , 1 1
' 'put 11 (i cat ion of I. owing the ni!trb I
upon which th. so Mime tixi' .s nre to b'
, used. The , nianiifaeiiirer is (aijiilj
w Ih llie iiii'i'liaiiisiu of the knife, but i
taKc-Hie well traiiieil timitomist ti; lie
iler-tiiiid Imw lo ne ir in surgery."'
Some of our teacher-, will most pi,,
bablv, go Into their sidioolroouii H.;.
fall, and on the lirst day of school, -c-lliey
make a superlicial observation of
their srliolar-. say : These scholars ni
jil-l like llie oi.e I liad bi-t t t'lii ; of tin
saiiie irrailu and am1 and Ihcy wi'
ennui euci! l ii li n i ti ir in the old groove
Tlii i a great mistake. "Of the nr i
mils of beautiful doners that adorn lie
earth, there nrc no two nllhe:" so It
rciraiils ehildreii : there are no dnpli
e.'ltes til (bid's (I cation. Kvi'V chili
ilinl cnines into this woild Is a in .
. '011111111 itlon of I'lemntitu. Vour ti '
and most lniportant dn'y Is to itiiilvM
, tialuio of e.'ieh seholuri -tildy llie lm
1 arli ristirs that are ttbar to ea' ! .
j that vh may know how to nwuV. i
lliiii liolile einotlnil'''. '"I'ei'i
1 I,.,,,, o other ill', fe-slim lnu'l,i..l
' 1 . " " "lM 1 . lL'S1"" 111
there is s(i iiuieli iluugei ot a hi ic I II'
up ill inteli -rtiial liiiwoi'i as that
lei rhliig n itsxln as a en so,
net that llie leaetiei--. are too apt f.
ig'ue thai they have leaf' ed 'ill I
i."i's niy foi' thein t know. K !
nlojits a ceiiniii m tli.'i' it eo !
i in from the past nml w ii.
u lien ir yone claim-to ion r
i thod Till- in ' aim'' .1 I,
ini-l anv edll ' iii'ilnil lln'iiiii . H k
ingof lil-tory, trrauinutr. etc., c'O'Oii
a'loii, oral Iil-truet o . the 1 1 . n tt
'd rle. "e II not liellrvr that nil.
no 1 1 n I i superior to 'ds ii n ; he w
ot inliiiit thai auoue has necninplisli
rr-lilts siiipas-lu his; lie itei'iic iK
ireseiitat on of a nielliod that is IBTm i;
to have higher cseelleni e lliiin ' his. .
contain a nllcctio' that I o 'ii.li .cmot
' ii lire. , . .
Hut cdiieation is hcitiir v!' .'ili'..c'.
In. ii and 'in d o'nt and h ii-' ;i;
gres. l'ut an o1 j" mi hi li ntr t-
nliltltiillc of i.li el' i . i I'ltlc ltifiir
g."-IVtt eyes lie I l !i"d n i
Hill i sided is 1 1st! f. .nee; Cetatol's . an,
eieliliiiu snM-t. jin.i o.iiiiit.v flow
ami vur ed elianii.l.s. So it U.w'th
tjie cdiicaiional idu-is and plan-; of to
Then, let every teacher ho ready t"
ncelvea new irutli, no inattor f'om
whence it ni iy .'iiino. Let lilut atlniit,
it ho inn-', tlmt 1 wink niiglit hm
hi'eii inure seioiitilie'iliv perfiicninl
I. el eacli rue ini liluiself a ili'vcv
I". It is on.' of (lii- i;ur!oiis fealttrcs of f 11
progress in which ii"Us form a cnnpiu
nous put that it issei iu'od only hy thi
ui'l persis.'eiii efforts and nhor K
uniilil s em that cdicatlou -houh! fnriu
an I'plion, lint it does not, IV-t-i
h'.l ivas doomed a wild untliii-i: '
I'roe'it'l was called nil "old fool; 'A
'inlil was I'lmviii'd iiion liy-llic leaiiin
omuls ol Ids lime; Mann was stronjr
ip used liv the inatcrs of l)oton
P.'ijre waded tliroi'g'i oppo-itioii to i --rii'ce.ss
in fact he was n uniityrtii tic
au-o; at tin1 Stat ) 'IVaclit iV Asoel.'
lion a delilirrati 1 ri was laid l'(o ,Ii
trov Ids iniliitiiieo, hut it in. led (in
count ol Irs uuflluelilug" In roim,
I do no! wish to di partgu c osif. ',.
lives; not at all; there Is nn ah-ihi'i
uo.'esslty tor theiii, fur they iciuler pin
irress .safe -a"tlinf as lira es on t1 r
wlieo ,s; they iliiniainl a rea-on froiii'tiie
pronrcssivi's fur ilie laith tl nl i In
tlicin u-il their resn Is in the!!' laying
their found tious well; lint it is Ninety
tho enthusiast wli' ini' tin'
ami tho eun.s('rvatio who f.ll
wako. Tlio eutliii.l i "it
pro'iinm, the cnii
an I llie i'cnpl tin' ;
o.'ti.iroiiM.i tx-ifsi
rocl.anio liaeU and nl) K dili vuix
I'll'ty cellt'S. As n see ll ',t V H'
I'l'iiul's, Oregon; 1'i.U"-' ' '
est Cllj.
l. -I . L bAit a.,,
Wlinli-iiir ..nit Jii'tnil U -..I'.r I.i
li n les, atli, Sash
Doors and Blinds
Opposite Union Depot.
i ST. JOSUIMl, .Mi).
' An orcoiit
is ome'hlug you :ir di, something, you
u-vst hivo. Ncv and' largest- ntook
etir lu nigl t tp'tUt t ounitf. .-Uiless'tht
rtCti'v. Cf.ll ant1, i -J. i , '
Ira I'etkii,

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