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7sTUMJ3EH 13.
St. JoariiTi ,
Xttv Farctl City.
Mall mid express ..
Valhca tlriinch ...
.2:30 v. m...
. 3 it? A. M...
.4:2S M...
.. i,tor,M
, io ::o.a..m
Thanksgiving day Is drawing near.
Secure your turkuy and roniKinbcr tho
There Is n letter In tho post-ofllce
addressed to the "Lucky Queen." 'I'lie
post-inu-stor is anxious to know who
it is.
Don't forgvt the entcrtiiinniunt
next Thursduy uvening, nt the .V.etho
dint Church. It will bo very interest
ing. Tli,' young Indies who wear scarlet
plush di esses in the street uro not in
sane, poor thingji, they are only fashion
ublo Tho Indict of the Christian church
nro requested to meet at the residence
of Mrs. Dobyns, Saturday nlturnoou ul
- Fred Seaman now has a jour shoe
maker employed from St. Louis Press
A hat's nothing, Ferd linstock 1i:is one
iioui off the ltlnne, in Germany.
Ticket are out for tho wedding of
Ecu l.ourow and MissElicn Muuoicoon
'l nuraday next. Richmond Conserva
tor. llov much are tliey going to chaigc'r'
Tho good people oi Maitluini are to
lie congratulated lur having n temper
;i. ice paper edited bj a drunkard who
tins to apologize for ids conduct and as
sociations tilery week.
Tho lruit raising business has
proved bo profitable in Holt county tho
! -nt year that a number of our wealtny
j.iuucrs contemplate maKiug large nis
diiious to llieir oroiiaid next spring.
Leigh Irvine started to Ui-oiviiviLo
liml week, mid would have uuUoubtedl)
j; t there JitiiJ it nut been lor tho dull
iM.ty lie got into with a freight train
in iihloh Luigh cawu out second host,
lie cauio buck u oorer if nut a Wiser
Will not tho enpitiilisU), who have
Hie interests ot Oregon at heart, make
Mime kind of a move to erect n Citi
Hall. As tho oourt Iiousj is tp be closed
lur none oilier than cuurt biiMiic.-s,
I he necessity lur at least h public build
ing is nppaient.
Prof. Lames fcaystlmt Oregon con
tains mom literary talent than any oth
er town of tho saiuo size, in I lie State.
Tho Professor is no llutterer as every
one who went to the entertainment
will confirm The wonderful progress
of his scholars, during his short stay
iiiii n surprise to nil who attended.
An exchange my.i: 'Those fellows
who-ur'e eternally a king 'What are
our'glils doingP' had belter get one
mid liml out from experience. A good
many of them nro tiying hard to con
vince young men that it is cheaper to
buy boef-stenk and potatoes for two
than il is beer and cigars lor ono."
Mr. St. .Joseph Herald will you
please bo kind enough to givo proper
credit for tho irtirles ynu clip from thu
papor. You copied an article hut week
nud gave eriidii to tho Mound City
JSTcws. Wo don't regard our items vor
remarkable for tho deep logic they eon
tain, but we want proper credit for
tlu.m, all the same
The editor of the Mnitland lndepen
dent says ho was a tiller of the soil be
fore he wentinto tho newspaper busi
ness. Wo always thought ho wuld
make a brighter ornament in a hay
Hold than in a printing oilleo, for he
knows just about ns mucR about the
iirintlnc business as a jackass dues
about tho science of astronomy.
Married, at the City Hotel, In Ore
gon, Friday evo,ning. tho 11th lust. Mr,
.f. F. Zook to Miss Jennie MoAlexnndor
nil of Holt, county. How Carothers
united the happy couple, and after re
ceiying tho 'congratulations of a few
frf who were proseut they took
tho departure -for Atchison county
yf pro they Ji7l make their future
tt Humanity.
Of nil tho attractions for which hu-
mnftttr bos a weakness, thoso that "st
tract" a person to a place whore the
. most and best goods can be lmd tor tho
monov nio tho most "attrncive.'L Ira
Tutor says he can (ill yqty blUvin the
Dross Goodi lino. Now BtjlOf.
Dots Your Conscience
hurt ynuP Does It prevent your slooping
sonnuiyi' mo nest way to rouovo your
xell is to go to MtuluniB martin a: ster
rott and pay the bull you nro owing
there, ilieso Dills must be cottloa witn
in tlnriy days, or thevp will bo addition;
nl costs utiuuct.
Winter is no longer lingering in
the lap of fall, a polar wave struck us
ad at once this windc and tho sudden
change made a fellow leol like he had
been bathed in ico cream.
Kihtohh County l,Afi;u:('an
you tell a subscriber whore "llarkls is
willin" originated?
It originated with Charles Dickens;
read his David Copperfleld.
You will miss a rich treat if you
stay away from tho concert next Thurs
day evening, and will regret it tho long
est day you live. Tho program which
is inailo up of the bet musical talent of
the town will bo found another col
u in u.
Sheriff Toel has presented a bi'l
against the Talbolt brothers' cstuto tor
their boarding during their confinement
and the costs of tho prosecution and
execution. Il looks tough to uiuko a
tninplu ol lellowspny for something they
never oidered and didn't want. Hop
kins Journal.
The follow ng is a specimen of a
contract for sale of hogs, which we
were shown a day or two ao:
"Sold to M. iSsU. too cars loads tojjs
for jiinory 18S2 all to lice smuts, stints
Iiol'S to bee Delivord at forest city M.
& C. ugrosto pay six twenty-live cts
per Iiunilred weight, liogs to nvrgo too
iiundred and fifty.
Tho o roulation of Tin: County
I'Ai'Yit 13 constantly increasing, and
has been for a long time. Every week
we aru adding a considerable number
of new subscribers to our list, while we
seldom loo-o an old one. Advertiser!,
know the faet, and hence our columns
show that Ihoy utidoistuud where to
place their advertisements.
Miss Jennie Tale, .n accomplished
young hull from Koek Port, wo under
stand will teach a inuio class in Ore
gon this winter. Wo aru personally ac
quainted with Miss Talu and know her
to be not oiuy a good musician, but an
accomplished young lady in inan.i other
respeeis. Wo hope sho will receive a
hearty welcome by thoj inusic-loving
peoiili; of Oregon.
-"John Gilbert, Holland," Is tho
subji.ct of an issay which appears In
Hi s issue of Tin: Countv Pai'K.h. It Is
from the terse and able pen of "Kirk
Leith," who has from time to tiinecwii
trlbiited valuable at tides to our col
umns. It is her best, we think, and we
tru-t the article will bo read by all who
tal- o our paper. We are among that
class who appreciate such articles as
come fi'ome from her pen, puiuiu
thought, and beautiful In diction.
Report of Star school for the
month eliding, November lltii. No.
enrolled 3:1. Average dally attendance
21. The following have been present
evsry day during tho month ; Nettie
Lawrence, Ora llickiuan, Otis MeRoy
tiohls, Oliver Warct, Jacob Hard, Al
len Lmidcn, and Eddie Jasper. Those
who have been present every day but
one, are: Jennie Melieyuolds, Chas.
McKeynolds, Uetlie Jaipur, Nesiio
Loudun and liosa Klrkpatilck.
Julia Mav, Teacher.
A firmer fee tug was manifested in
the grain market and higher price
ere lealied early in the neck. Thu
demand wa- actiut on nii.idi and local
account, but after this iiiijiiii'v ntii pro
vided tor, i rices gindunllv Uii',1 Imek
lo medium II. ores mid oioed slem?r.
Cattle are in good dem.inil, hut thu
quality was only fair, and u' li-K-ted
nui'llly of cslei'li grades, j ft Hogs are
in good ileni mil mii i WM indicate
ight advance. Wiieat, l.iff Corn, t!.ri
Hugs, $15, HO; Cattle, lr.t!0. .
I'lie Wtorary Enterlaln.non given
at thu rrosbytoiT.Mi Chnrch lnir Satur
day night, by Prof. Cames' cIss, was
a brilliant success In every pilrtlcular.
Every par: was well lcnrid and
showed careful study under an lo In
structor. buvunil pieces descro pVsonal
mention, but space will not perntt, and
sullleo It to say that thoy elicited Jearty
applause, and were well reculiyl by
the audience. Prof. Carnes during his
dun t sojouin in Oregon hasado many
friends and wo hope ho will fYoturn
again. Ills class has mado woillorful
progress and wo hope thoy will ilt lot
the Interest, now manifested. ( out,
but continue to improve andlroyi that
Oregon is a literary town in 4iv& par
ticular. Accident,
A Jjivht train ran
over a man not
r from Forest City olio da,
it' Jweuk,
lie was not seriously hurt, bolng under
a bridge at tli" tune, and having on ono
of thoso suhstuntlil overcoats to bo
loiind onlv at Ira Peter's. Quo of these
coats is worth doublu Its tflst to tiny
T.'lOv ntitii.lmillud men
A nermaiient ib will bii insured all
winter. Apply at Mm Hcd'Front Store
I J en ii v Stkmiett,
Kcv. Saniifel Carothers will preach
at thu Triumph sehoolhotisu next S xl
bath, at cloven o'clock, and in Oregon
at night.
Tho concert at tho Methodist
Church next Thursday evening, will bo
very interesting nud entertaining, and
is deserving of your patronage. Every
body should go and take their children.
Uov. W. E. Willi inson, 1). I)., of
Ohitlio, Kansas, will preach at tho Pros
bytulan church in Oregon on next
Sabbath, (Nov. jOih) t 11 o'clock, a.
m., and at Now Point in the evening at
the usual hour.
James Kiicnl, of Nodaway Town
ship delivered tho llnost car load of hogs
of tho season last Tuesday at Forest
City. They nvei aged pounds and
brought 0 cents. They woro bo light by
Mes-rs. Weller & (Solvit, of Mnitland.
Tim band .n rrcened llieir new
tin liu ni and u u i ,u :iy hat tin
n v i i iiiii i huh ii:ippv as a uilllg gn!
wnli her iir- now boiinot. We uiiiler
stand the.i will give us a street parade
Saturday iilli'nit.oii and wo are going
to climb on tup of the court house to
get a bird's-eyo view.
Wo have arranged with tho Iowa
Fanner Company of Cedar Kapids,
lovii (who are tho publishers of ono of
the best farm papers in the west) to
lurnisli their line journal one year at the
low rate of 1.00 or it and Tin: County
l'Ai'KK ono your for !?'.'. 75; and each
ono who subsci Hies under this offer will
receive, tree, an elegant portrait of
Janirs a Garfield.
Wo notice u marked improvement!
for the past lew mouths in Tint Coun
ty I'Arr.u, published at Oregon, Mo
It is evidently in the hands of two prac
tical newspaper men who nro matting
it the best newspaper publishul it
Xoitliwisl Missouri. Tho citizens of
Orcizuu and Holt county should be
proud of Tin: County r.ii'i;r. and
should ghe It a liberal support, us it is
certainly deserving of their undivided
patrouage. Troy Chief.
Quite a crowd usiuib)cd at the
Wood's sehoiilhouso lat Tuesday eve
ning to witness thu exhibition given by
the patrons of that school, lint aside
from a few special features tho enter
tainment was very commonplace. The
schoolmaster held the audience spell
bound in untold agony for noarly three
ipiartois of an hour, reading what he
called "the paper," but if we were to
uainu it we would call The llorc. It
consi-ted of about ninety sheett of fools
cap, filled with tho worst lot of plagiar
ized, conglommera'cil almanac litera
ture that ever tortured an aiidier.ee, and
was only rumarKable lor thu decidedly
uiisllck jokes and stale gags contained.
The ladies dune very well but they lack
ed lit ii and cnlhu-iasm. In fact the
oul.f redeeming fcatiifs of thu entire
piograui were the acting of Mr, Triti,
tho shadow act and the music, which
was very good. Hut tho whole thing
lacked 1 1 inning, different actors and
belter selections.
Lltomry Evening.
The elocution class will meet at tho
school house, in the large room, on this
Friday evening nt 7:!I0 o'clock. All
the members are earnestly requested to
to bo present. Hclow we publish thu
program for tho uvenlng. As this pro
gram h.'.s been prepared from memory,
there may bo some om'.ssions, nud those
who are not mentluucd will please come
prepared. A permanent organization
for the winter will bo effected, and the
membership roll will bo opened tor
tliosodesiring to become members:
DechuiKitlon frank I'eti'r.
i;.v,;iy jwrs. .Mniiii:cmwr
(rant i lull.
Select KuaitliiK
DiTliiliiallnli . .
Select IteaillllK,
..Mrs. A. K. Irvine.
I), I', Douyus,
...Cnnle Aiiilursuu.
Ul), Irvine.
.Mis, Kaiii'her.
Thanksotvlng Dinner.
Vrtm If Vim ivlcli lt iinlni n frrwul
thanksgiving dlnnor, yon can bo aecoiii-
inoiiiiieu uy cannibal me resiucucu oi
Elder W.T.Maupin.
My Dnughtor.
"My daughter" I have sent you to tho
best educational Institutions in thu west
and you luivo coma homo from colleu;o
with your diploma, which is tho evi
dence of your accomplishments. Hut
it Is my duty to Inform you that you as
yet know but little about what It takes
to mako a homo happy. You can't
live- on muslo and poetry and flowers,
Happiness Is composed of several sub
stunt hi I elements, chief among which is
good substantial shoos and boots,
Horshborgor & Anderson havo just re
ceived 100 casos of tho Pholps. Dodge
& Palmar Hoots & Shoos which they nro
selling vory cheap. Playing the piano
with your teas stickim: out, looks bad.
Go and got a pair at this house, thoy
arc so ctieap.
-a New styles In Quoonsware ut
irriiitl' Wilfann'tl
What We Would Like to Know,
t How Jim Foster got that black eye.
t Who tho "Lucky Queen'' of Oregon
t If John Phllbi ick has really set the
t ICAIi. Green saw the big whale In
St. Joseph.
t Where there is a better tailor than
Nick Stock.
t How much that sack of meal helped
Judge llusscil.
t If Oregon isn't turning out a good
many old maids.
tllow the Democrats feel over the
recent elections.
t If Leigh Irvine Is representing the
Holt County fiaitini l.
t If the business men of Oiogou
really want a railroad.
t If the boys will ever go down to tho
bottom to another dance.
fWho will take tho lead nud givej
our hand boy.su reception.
t It Judge Russell made n speech ac
cepting that sack of corn meal.
t Of a more unblushing liar than the
editor of the Maltland Imhpcmknt.
t Of a more surprised man than Judge
Kelley when he saw the court house.
t Why Tom. Ilinde and the rest of
tho hunters always ennui in the back
way when they don't kill anything.
t How this weather would suit those
feuialo swimmers to take ati open air
jWhere you will liml a better looking
sot of fellows than our baud boys with
their new uniforms.
t How much bottom thu I oys struck
when they were wandering an mid
tho Hooded districts for that dance.
t How niaiiy iiiteiestlng young wid
ows could induced to -aerillco their af
fections on thu altar ol their counlry
and marry .Mr. O. A. Aithur, of Wash
ington, 1). C.
ThankfiglvliiQ Concert.
A vocal and Instrumental Conceri
will be given in thu M. E. church, tin.
city, next Thursdav evening, (Thanks.
giving) ittTit't'o'ctoek. Admhsion 15'
cents, children 10 cents. Bolow wo
givo thu program.
firoetlnu' ilcn mil Chorus.
Hum un sn V-nr and yet hi I'ar bulu
Miss llinliclie Unwell.
AuM I.aiipf.Sjnii ... Souk nnil Uioiiis,
Mrs. I nrwtlu'ls anil Want Moms Krllv
ami liitlliuali.
Ali(;i'lsevurllrli;liliiii, l-'.ilr Solo,
. .Mrs. Caret hers,
'the Mmul Chlliiii Nihil'.
IIimiu ney.mil Iut-t.
Mm. I'amllieii. .Mr. Hollin.iii.
Drlftlni; with the 'liile . ... nn ami chorus,
Mn Caiiuliers anil Ware.Mesirs. Iloiriiiaii
aitil KelloK.
Minnie llroMii Sous anil Chorus.
Carrie anil l.eona S.'Imii.
The rarilini irhllln I'hllllmi Solo.
, Mrs, C'iiiolhrrs.
I'm Only altlliK Hour liiiilChoius.
1'Alll" II.
Cantata of "Hva" 3u Minutes.
Uy the Children.
Un'o.i Thanksjivlnrj Service.
At' a meeting of tho ministers and
olllcors of the several churches in Ore.
gon, it was unanimously agreed that
it Union Thank-giving Mirvieo bu held
at the Presbyterian chuivh, on Thurs
day, 24, at 11 o'clock, a. in.
Services will bo opened by Kov. Ste
phen Hlnnchard.
Sermon, Elder W. T. Maiipin.
Closing service Kov. S. Carothers.
Wo would respectfully suggest that
all thu business houses clo-n Iiom 10 to
12 o'clock on that day, and that we have
attendance at this service.
S. Caiiotiiiius, Prcs't.
11. MoxTOOMKitv, Sec'y.
Student ami Teacher.
Every student of nouns, pronouns
and verbs knows tho necessity of trans
posing language for tho take of ascer
taining its grammatical construction.
Into how many different readings' can
tho second lino of Gray's o:egy In the
church- aril be made, and yet not effect
Its seii.-o? Will Mime of our students
and teachers answer, by tho number
and thu lines as changed.
The Comet,
lly stationing yourself In proper po
sition iiooui uudumlit, nud using an or
dinary field or opera glass you will sco
tho star that is now creating a commo
tion as tho sixth comet. You can't sco
the lad, but if you will take the trouble
to iliop into Martin He Sturrett's Millin
er) Eporiuui you will hear an exceed
ingly interesting talu about the lowest
prices for milliner any ladles notions or
anythluir in their lino. New stock com
prising the very latest novelties.
Now Listen,
Do you know dear render that tl;o
secret of goi,d health is in having
warm dry feet. To seoiiro this through
thu winter months, you should go ill
root to Ira Peter and nureliaso a pair
of Ovurshoos. Thoy uro marked low
The Dest
placo in Holt county to got sowing ma,
chinos isuttho Missps Lawrence, Craig
MZvWtm llmk nt fJrniwu'in. la nnvv nt'ul
wvi -wwt iw- - w.. ......
complete at lowest prices by Kreok &
An Evcnlr.n of Pleasure.
The reldence of Dr. Gosiiu la-t Fri
day evening was the scene ol one of the
iuot pleasant gatherings In the hl-toiy
of our tittle city. The elocution cla-s
which has been in organization for tho
month past under the ub!o teaching of
Prof. Carnes tendered their teacher u
reception at this place. At an e.uly
hour tho class, accxi'iipauled by n few
invited gnosis soon iirrlicd, and the
cozy and home Hue residence of the
Doctors was UPcd to Its utino-t capaci
ty. There were old, young and middle
aged in the aseuilily, and we wore for
cibly impressed with tills feature of the
reception bring the older and youim
logci her in this manner and soon would
the tates of tint yiiiing ho brought lip
to a higher and more refined standing
shun the young, mill they will soon
drift nut into a whirl-pool, only to lie
lo-t to society, home ami filmids.
Prof. Carnes lavored tho assemblage
with some of his lie-t selections, and wo
believe, he read better than on any oc
casion dining Ids .-tny among us.
An elegant supper was served, under
the supervision of Mrs. Guslin and her
accomplished d uighter INtclie, asl-tcd
by Mrs, Super, Irvine, ct al. As soon
a- tlii'gue-ts were seated around the el
egantly spread lablo, Mr. Doliyus, of
Tin: Cocntv I'Afi:!!, made the speech
of Mclcomo to I'rol. Carnes. Tho Pro
fesMir in his response was 111011 happy
and feelingly icferrcd to liU nlca-ant
vlit to Oregon, and to tho hearty and
warm reception given him not oniy by
his class, but to thoe citiens who had
extended him such uarm iionUof en-
'I lie remainder of the evening wa
pa ed in social conversation, niu-ic,
lo.li viieul mid Instrumental.
Tin: Corvrv l'AiT.n iMiigralulnles
the c.ass, and Mr. and Mrs. Guslin mid
Ml Esiel'o, on innkintr the reception
one ut the niu-t eiij'iyable and eul iireil
ciiiertnlniiiciits ever given in the history
of Oregon.
County Court.
The regular .Vovembor term of the
Holt Comity Court was held un the 7th
Inst., all tlie judges belli"; pie-ent.
Tho mad petition of llonn, Ku.-olius
was referred to roatl coininlslonr.
Tho road petition of It. P. Trimblo
was received and hied.
J. F. Coriiutt, presented petition
asking tor a change of road, which was
referred to road eomniis.-ionor.
George Weber presented petition ask
ing for public load which was alter
wards withdrawn.
in thoVoiid petition ot W. 1!. Hop
per, .lonn W. liaiuicr, Aiionnei .11 ay
and John C. Hinklu were iippointcd
W. G. Mclntue, in. Drury ami
lVler Wchrlo were nppuintitil jurors on
the load petition of lo-oph Flory.
Mithan M. liradley of Mound City
wa graueed drain mt license.
Tho following parties were appoint
ed jurors on Ihu road petition of H. II. j
Larkham: J. II. Carson, W. T. Eddy,
Jacob Mults.
A. W. Vaueuiiip presenled a mad pe
tition and John IV. Ha'gler, J. II. .Mill
ton and John C. Hiiikel were appointed
Henry Thieman, J. H. IIorefe, Sr.,
audJ. II. Ilogrefe, Jr., woro appoint
jurors 011 thu road putltlon of Conrad
Tho court appointed Thus. liragg, H.
O. Cowan and Thomas Wright as ju
rors on the road petition of J. Hoilgiiis.
Tho com I oidered suit brought
against T. II. llurns constable, dohn
O'Fallon deputy and their bond-men
for the rccoveiy of 0110 hundred dollars,
fees collected by said olllccrs and not
paid into tho troasuiy.
Win llurgess of Forost City was
granted dram shop lleen.se.
$250 was awarded Moes llcnnott for
extra work done on court house.
Tho road petition ot C. E, Gibson
was referred to road commissioner.
Tho court chosu tho following persons
as jurors lor the January tonii, 1832, ol
tho Holt Circuit court!
Omnd Jurors. U. CPUs, W. 1).
Walker, Hugh l'ennol, J. It. Clie-na,
P. II, Shaiiibaugh, II. L. Hi' siici;, J.
C. Hinklo. John Ilodgins.T. M. Swopo,
H. K. ltoss, Jr., J. A. Heck, a.id Geo.
W. Story.
Petit Jurors M. Ilurrln, T. W. Me
Coy, Amos Wcls, J. Seyfer, E.O-li h'iih,
Sol. Lohiuor, Thus. Cotttori Marini
Meyer, Olms. Wcglo, Chas Pioruo, Aug
Woglo, Sol. Catron, J. L. Chiming,
David Smith, Thos. Wrlght.Jacob Hai
inun, It. G. Medskcr, Elliot Davis, lieu
ben Downoy, lleniv Ho-ellus, C. O.
Cuiiiilugham, M. F. Dawson. Hugh
. II. Ulehards was annolnted
Swamp Land Agont for tho pnrposo of
piosocuiing certain Indoinnlty olalms ol
Holt county against tun United States,
.Miss Nut tie, Gardner Is attending
the ( 'olfuriutory of Music of Detroit,
Leigh Irvine started to Ilrownville
again this week. Please have this
stereotyped. hi riV.
Dr. Twjninn.of lllgclow, gave u
plcusunt call I iie-day and remembered
us in 11 siih-tnutiul maimer.
County As-e-i.-or Graham has been
cal cil tu Ins liuine In Itlgcluw, on ac
count of the serious lllues- of his wife
Mrs. Hugh Monigui.iei y of Mound
City ha-been spctidf g the pat week
In our city, the guest of Mrs. Hubert
Mont son, cry.
Mi.-s. Jennie l!ar.i r. the celeliralc l
.-Mirano singer Iiu.-.i Atehi-Dti, Kansas,
is expected lo take part in thu concert
iiom Thursday evening.
Mrs. Tillio Sliutls will take bet de
parture In n ew days for the Hot
Springs ArMin-as. .May .-ho return
with improved health 1- thu earnest
wish 01 Tin; Cot srv l'.ri:u
Frank Allen, one of the popular
merchants of Cin'g was in the cit,
Mniidai I i-t. While here betook mi'
III- eoiiiuits-ion for the itltio-e of en
tering ihe army of Ilciicdlets.
.lu-epli llublitzi'll of this city has
removed to St. Jo-cpli for the purpo.-e
of engaging lit the lunibif businos.
lie will be joined lu il few Wicks by .Mr.
Ed. I'liik.-loii, of till- ,:liv. Thu- doe
Oregon lose two i its niu-t enti r-pri-
ng clti.eiis. Is it any wonder that
Mi lii-e such cltlell-. " Would the
drum- of our city undertake to explain
this change? There urn men who have
moii! means -till left among us, but ie
could spare th.iui Dcltor than these two
energetic gentlemen.
Toront City.
Mr. Deiiiiiih wa- in llis city Sunday.
-Win. Hook of St. Jo-eph wa
in our city Monday.
- Mr. II. S. Alkire has been
ill for the pa-t wi-uk.
Charley f 'atioii spent Sunday with
hi-si-ier, .Mrs. L II. Luckhanlt.
Miss Clara Wilkinson and Eva Ilu
zan -peel "-niimluy and Sunday with
ill, ir liienilv here.
Mis. M. M. .Smith ol Mound Cilv.
iieeimp.iiiied by her children nro the
guest-of Mr. and Mrs. Web. Smith
Mi l!ubin-oii, s -n and si-ior have
reliirui 'l. li'.s.i.-ad hoini'-eoiulng and
I lay have the deep sympathy of a:l.
1. Thou shall buy Women's I'rbble
t-'idu lace for .00.
2. Whosoever will let him buy
Men's Dre-s Shoes for 1.10.
!l. Oil! Man, why wilt thou not buy'
a pair of .shoes fur yie
I. Kill nut thy feet, rather got thee
a pair of .-urge slippcis lur too
.0. Go Sill no more, but be Ihe pus-ses.-or
of a jutir of Women's Kid Slip
pers for 70 cents.
11. If thy Iret offend thee, encu-e
them in a pair of Women's Pebbio
I'oish forSl.bO.
7. Now N 1 he dav of salvation; 011
can buy men's l!ui.'l1e Alo.u- for ,?l 2.1.
b. Go till tho soil in a pair of Plow
Shoa- for? 1.00.
'.I. Tliv lot .should bu coutentRil with
a pair ef 'Men's Calf Hoots lor Do
10. Now my children, see that ye do
as ye urn commanded, and walk not
In'ii the traps and snares of the mock
ing boot and shoes Pharisees; let your
eonrcrMition bo nay, nay, and buy jour
Hoots and .Shoes at the Great Chicago
Bankrupt Shoe Saios
Joseph, 7Io
H. M. KEATHir.'fi, Manager.
Sewing Machines Repaired.
I am now prepared to rcpi.irall kinds
of sewing machines witli 11e.1lue.ss am!
dispatch. Call and mm 1110.
Fi:itn KoyrooK. j
Finney Williams & Co.,
Dcahus lu Lumber, Sash, Doors,
Blinds, Shingles, Lath, Lime, etc.
Having piirehu-cil the stuck of Lumber
formerlv owned by Winsch &, Co., at
Maitlaud, we are prepared to accom
miniate tho public with the be-t f
Lumber and at as low rates as can be
had in tho county. Wo also deal in
Hair, Lime, Conient, clo.
Finney Williams & Co.,
Our Stock Complete.
Ladles Cloaks and Dolmans, bcnutl
fill .styles. Prices, $2 to SIS. A great
variety of ladles Dro-s Goods. Pi ices
lower'thaii over.
Our stock of Overcoats, Clothing,
Hoots and Shoes nro ready for your in
specUim. Confident wo can suit you in
goods and prices y0 respectfully Invil.
every every lady to glvu us a call.
Forest City, Mo.
A; Car Load
of Hats ami Caps Is good ninni, do you
know that reader. Well It takes that
ninny In an-worthotuidoof Horshboig
or & Anderson, All the latest styles at
tho vory lowest prices.
taSuSnniu people mo 111 Iho habit of
iniving their clothing in larger cities.
This is.all wrong because Kreck & Wat
son will sell you your clothing at just
as rcasunnblo figures,
Good Enough.
SI. ,t,ii!i ItoriiM.l
Tho election returns ur very signifi
cant. The good 11011.1 began to como
from Cliiu and Iowa and il has kept
011 until we have substantially carried
cvciy State holding an election this fall
except Mls-1lppl. Thuro has been no
such 11 set of victories In off-years sineo
the clo-oof the war, and they scltlo thu
ipiestion that the next Prc-ident will bo
a Hepublii.'iui. Ohio gave the keynolu
and thiMithcr States took up the refrain;
they are keeping step to the music of
the l.'uiun.
Thegreatet tiliiniph of all has bcou
in Vliglnia; It dies us the mot good,
ami our enemies look upon it us their
1110-t dlro dl-a-ter. Wo havo elected
the Governor, eairiod the Statu by at
least l-V no tuajorpy, havo a huge nm-j,i'-''y
111 ilie Legislature, and luvo se
cured the I'liilcd Slates Senator. And
l lie effect I lining, 1 tho whole South will
be vcrv powcrtul especially in Mls-ou-r
, Teiiiici'e, North Carolina and Flor
ida. It is very probable that nil of theso
Slate u 111 vote for the next Pio-blent
on the licptihllcuti ticket.
New Jer.-ey is next in Important o
siliee lie Micro sen e another I'liitcd
Slat' s ."-emit ,r. Tlire two gains wl,l
give 11- that body at 11 very early day.
Following them will bo another Hcpub
llcan Senator from Oregon and one from
Ohio in the place of Pendleton. Our
tr.ipigand close days in the Senate aru
over. David Davis Is holding the fort
I for us until our new recruits reach tho
battle-field and h is doing Ids work
very well.
New York has elected the head of tho
Hcpublicaii State ticket, mid has done
belter than anybody expected. Our
own forces were divided, while the Dem
ocrats were united and had Tildcn for
tlielr leader. If we could could not bo
beaten this year then we arc not llkley
lo be for a long time to come. The Conk
ling and unti-CnnUiiig diil-lous will
now tlNsapear, and New York will again
wheel into lino, us she nlu ays does when
there Is a great ipicsllon ut .-take.
The nest bu-t news comes from .Mary
land, where we had expected uo'liing,
where wo made large gains lu the Legis
lature, and where the ilL-patches tell us
that the Hepulilicans havo gained "1111
ovpeelcd victories" all over the state.
WYll.Maiylanil is ono of the be.-t of tho
old Slates and .-ho too evidently means
to cast her fortunes 011 tho big .side.
When "My Maiyhind" joins us we shall
know iho Hcpublicun llag will never go
Colorado sends in a cheering report
from Iho West. Denver has elected 11
Itcpiibllean mayor by il.ooo majority
has gained tlin Slate capital, and thu
now State has increased Iter Republican
majority. Thugrowingand pro-purnns
Slates all range themselves on our ulo
in politics.
In rcnn-ylvahlo there was a bad bolt
on State Ttcasurer, but wo carried tho
Stale iw usual. In Wisconsin Micro was
tumble, but the Stale has gouo Republi
can. Nchru-ku has 20,000 and Minneso
ta 2,'i,0O0 Republican majority.
Hut wo need not nintinuo the list.
Thu moral of all is that Mls.-ouu mubt
niniro hcr.-clf 011 Mm right idc, She
I cannot afford lo .stand out nlono in tho
' cold and let all thu progress and untcr
J prise of thu country got ahead of her.
I Now 1- the nine for our Republicans to
1 forget their divisions and go ! woik
I The vciory can be won and will bo won
1 if wo do our duty.
I A tyisporato Encounter,
j Tin" u ivu a leg light on hand. Ono
f.-llow as -tanning ni ground ngatnst
Ihe hurley leluit- nil united to thu
I teeth Hi'. eM's ;l sieiied 11- he lid-cd
111.-vuii n ubovii ihe ilni atl'l loin 111cm
ho wu.- no con 111 di he would ilie with
III clothes on, Mr ho hud piiiclmscd thu
suit low down at Ira Peter's.
Coal Oil or Petroleum may be veiy
nice for illuinluutingnr lubricating pui
poscs, but surely it is not thu pmper
thing to euro cough with. Dr. Hull's
Cough Syrup is IookuiI upturns the stan
dard Cough remedy.
Vhat$I.OQ Will Do.
Tho Hour. Com i'.iniok I'imi. Co., of
Cleveland, Ohio, will give their rVM
piue illiistrutal aemi-monthly paper -tin'our
beautiful pictures llxlfi iiiiiIuh in
h'iy.e,and?t).00 worth oj looks for only One
A)rti'.Sainpel paper and a lino idoltiro
of President Garfield mid family eont
free to all who wrlto for thoui.
Dan. Martin is agent for the Studol 11
kcr u agon nud Fish Hros. celebrated
wagon and will sell them at St. Joseph
nuvs i.ow noiv.v
The largest lino of Hools and Shoes,
Haus.Cups and Gent's Furnishing gouds,
BSyNow Fall Styles in Dress Goods;
largo stock, low prlcos by Kreek ity
Wal son, '

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