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The County paper. (Oregon, Mo.) 1881-1883, November 25, 1881, Image 4

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ppnVNS. A 'WAI.M'.H,
OlOidON, MO.
AdTntjtUlpf- Knt,
wlilch arn very rc;t;;ii.blr, nlirn the law clr
fiilntlntiof Jim COliar f'Al'KK fs eomldcreil
'will lie innilo known 03 tppllCAlton to the I'uli-IMicr.
Money may br-MiitA oi.r mk by ,ri5tfflcp
order, draft or reaMeri-d letter.
' Oorrt'poiiienr anil new are nlwn ito-lroil,
.but letters mint lie lirlet and ,11111st have the
genuine name of the author nut fr nitillentlnn
lint . i.iini-.iifv f triltl fiiMtl.
Comtiuuilcutimi In tlie Interr t of ramllitate.
wlllboclurseil for at tlir rata of three rents
jierword, cah In advance.
Otiltuarjr iMK-try will lis ctinrRcd for at the
rato o( ten cents per line and tha Caih ini.it
' accompany lh tnanii'rrlpt.
Rejected inannwr'lpt will not he relumed.
Letters for pulillri lion should reach 11s by
Tuesday nwon to Insure Insertion In that week's
All letters should he addressed to
Oiikook, Mo,
, i
Kntcred attlin lotofllrc at Oregon,
second-elms mailer.
-. I
Tonus of Subscription!
FitinAY, ocroiiKit sa, ihhi
WttAT has becomo of Yoorln"'s tar
iff rnekotr" Un.s that too oslollutod?
It must ho a gioat comfort to tlio
Democracy to foci that It uanuot bo I
whipped ugalu for a year
Tin: Virainia llnurbuus aro vnry des
pnndent, r.nd go about weighed down
weigh 11 bollef that tho end of tho world
is at hand. This is sad. Tho only
way by which thny can ehior thorn
solves up .vlilch occurs to us Is to havo
that versatile obi slangwhnngor Jnbal
Karlyscnd auotlier challenge to Ma
hone. It will be interesting to see what I lie j
Democrats will do with John Kolly
now. They urn probably nblo to see1
that tlio business of readinp; him out of
tho partyoannot bo a prolltah!o so long
as ho can lako oO.OUO voters nut with
him. Ho is more dangerous outldo the
party than in, and there is no oilier
politic eeurso than to Invito him back,
lie will not, count on any second-rate)
jterms. Ho is in position to lo treated
vith extreme care, and ts likely to lind
that no seat except a front ono will soil
li 1 111- Tho jbrllllant policy of conell
latlnp lu'ni witli a club him failed Let
us see if the. Democratic leaders aro
able to invent any other policy which
will b riioro successful.
The 'Information" against Ilrndy
and the ret in tho StarHoutc cases has
been di-mlsod bv tlio court upon the
ground Hint the ofajosa charged comes
iindertho term "jnfamoiiB," and, there
fore, uiidnr tho Coiistllutiou. must be
iro;ecded against by pieseiitincut or
Indictuiant of a Orand Jury. Thu pin
coedin' by information hung between
two stools one tho attempt to send a
public olllcor to I he penitentiary on the
charge of conspiracy to rob tho govern
ment, the other a pica that this is not
an Infamous crime. Between there
two tho cau broke its back.
The "lutainoiis crime," in the ab
sence 'of judicial denning, must be
taken in 11 moral nnd a dictionary sense,
in which its turptltudo, its ill fame, and
what should bo Its ill famn because of
Its turptitudo, are elements, Tho pro-vl-lon
of tlio penitentiary which is
held an ineradicable dlsgrnco, a lasting
infamy for an offou-o, seouis to hold it
nn infamous crime. If exemption from
being held for an intamous crime, other
wise than by presentment or by Grand
Jury, bo of any value, then it is hotter
that Itmdy and tho rest should be dis
charged from those crimes than that
(hn Constitution should bu strained in
nn attempt to convict them .
Brady gathered In such strong polit
ical influences, nnd so involved con
groKsmen nnd Congress, and had so
largo a swing within tho law, that it Is
doiibtlful If any jury which is llkoly to
bo had In tho District of Columbia will
convict liim, mi) how; and lids oxcep-
tlonanlo proceeding by complaint, In
stead of Grand Jury, would havo been
usi d to affect tho minds of jurors II
.tho trial hud gone nn in this form.
A biainu for letting tho tlmo and tlio
Jury slip by scons to bo soniowhoro.and
the government shin Is bandving It
about from ono to another. There Is
tills grain of satisfaction In nil this
niiuldlc,d affair, that tho Star Koutc
swindling has been cut down half a mil
lion a your,
This is probably all that'H"",0,inffi,ieS,.rro,n N"
the govorhmeiit' wijl realize out ol these
celebrated ease.
Mr. Michael McConn, a well known
and popular manufacturer, of Syracuse,
N, Y wntcs: "I foil generally debilita
ted and my health failing- mo. I longed
and prayed for nn Iron constitution, that
I might bo rid of tlio many annoyances
of ill health. Hut dyspepsia and urina
ry troubles, attended bv nervous pros
nation, had gotten hold ot mo nnd I
thought my tlmo had como. Nothing
seomed to give mo any permanent relief.
Finally I hppenod to boo nn ndvortlso
mont of Hrowti'slron Hitters. Bless mo,
says I that's just tho medicine for mo
precisely'. Ami so it was. ttv tho po.v-m-s
of old Iteland, it has cured mo of all
'my troubles and given mo a constitution
of Iron.
Tho revival ot
In the schools of
corporal "puiiishmun,l
New York is being
All yho load a closely confined life
nio moro frequent Mibicots of constipn.
timi, ho idaeho r.nd lndlue'silon. If you
will iiso Halley's Saliho Aperient Jt will
euro ou entirely. It Is a pleasant as
i 1hss of soda, cheaper than pills uud
levor falls.
Wfl.t IT.. I . . .
,M ".IU--UI iMiiverjuv IS tl IJIIVfl V now I
utii'um which will en-l $('.0,010.
It Location, Financial Condition and Induce'
menti to Immigrants.
TJ10 ricliost nml most productive
Intliu woild Tliumtts 11. Ilailon.
Tho most beautiful country I ever
looked upon, uytird Tnilor.
Am von cumin!; West? Come to
Holt county whoru tlm ntniosphoru Is
pnru, clear nnd bracing where hun
dreds of people, from cities nml elso
'liurc, throughout tlio cast nml south
resort for healili and pleasure, and take
ni) their residence during milliner's
ueatcti lorm
Holt county Is situated In the north-
western corner of Ml.ssoiiii, and is the
banner county of the famous "I'lattc j
Purchase;" Is bounded on the north
by Atchison and Nodaway coitntla.j on
tlio east by Nodaway and Andrew
counties, nnd on the .south and west by
tins Ml.ssouil Itlver, which separates it
fiom Kansas ami Nebraska, it has nn
I area eiiual to 10, 1!) 1 sipiure tulle. The j
noil Is alluvium; composed of layers ofj
.sand, vegetnblu mould and cluy. Its
fcrlililv Is absolutely iijimii passed, the
average number of hiisho's per aero of
thu various products boipgas follows:
, corn, 8U ; wheat, 'J8; naU. II; barley,
10; rye, 22; Irish potatoes, ilJO; Sweet
polatoes. !W0; turnips, 200; timothy,
2 tons; I'raliio liny, .ft tons; Iliiugnrlon
grass, :i tons; millet, 4 tons; clovur, !)
tons; hoinp, 2 tons; tobacco, 1,000 lbs;
Flax seed, 20 bushels.
Tlio bust of wa-
tor nnd tho finest ot timber, abound
throughout tho whole entire countiy.
Also cnusuluiuhlo coal, unit building
stone In nbttnitatico, can bo found in till
1 pans of tho county.
No indebtodn.".s lianas over the
county to retard its progress, and it has
n ichnol fund exceeding i?10u,''0o now
on interest. It ii.is eighty-seven orgr.n
I zed school district, besides a N01 uial
School at Oregon, an Acaileinv at
.Mound City, and 11 German s honl at
Corning, employing, In all, one hun
dred uud sixteen huachers .
Thrco railroads traverse Holt county
tu dlll'ercnt directions and carry lis im
ports and exports to and Irom its time 1
growing towns. J
Fruit growing, as 1111 industry, is a'
inoi-t profitable employment hero. ,
Fruit, grown In Holt county, i- fast ho-1
coming known throughout ilio West,
by its iuvuiiably having earned off
prl.cs at tun V airs". I lioro are 111:1113
tin mors hero who-o annual income from
apples alone amounts Xo Iron) ij-GOO to
The annual slock product varies In
cattle ironi I2,0w0 to 20.0U0 head; and
in hogs from oO.OOO to G4.0U) head.
Several tliou-anil horses and mnle aro
old nnnually; and sheep, being clear
from all dUoasos hero, thrive lliicjy.
Alio population of tlio county by the
last census was 16, OM Oiegon, the
county seat, lias a population of about
l,!J00, and Mound City, near the conn
ty's center, has about tho same number.
Tlio other towns aro smaller.
Travel In any portion of Holt county
you please, and you will lind coinforta
bio and happy homes, good school
I Miiscs, lino church houses, excellent
roads and bridges, and us Intelligent,
industrious, frugal and plucky people
as ever turned a furrow or cat a vote.
Taxes aro low, tlio prices of land
rnngo from 91.23 to 830 lior 11010, rosi
donees and business houses aro bcinr
built, and evidences of tlfift aro seen
on every haiiJ.
ith a climate as mild as California,
a soil as fcilllo as that of Egypt, water
is plenty as In New York, fruit ns lino
as in Now Jersey, and Tub Couxtv Pa
I'Klt togivoyou tho news, wo invito vou
to Holt county, God made this eounli v.
ills people are taxing it as their heri
tagf.. It is not u lazy man's Paiatlise.
but it is fast becoming tlio printouts
man's Kdoti. .
Como tu Holt county.
Tumors, erysipelas, ineicurial ills
oases, scrofula, and general debllliv
cured by Dr. Linsoy's lllood Stnrclier.
Tho Poslollioo at l'alrviow, Ph., was
robbed Friday night of 913 In money,
and 9'JO woitli ol jiostage stamps
That lady, married or single, who
lias become irregular each month, who
is fecblf , pale and emaciated, who is
annoyed with aeho and pains, should
use one or two bottles of English Fo
male Hitters. Its action is prompt and
satisfactory. It is prepared speolally
for tlicsn troubles.
An Illustrated Weekly16 Pages.
Volnme III Commences Mar 1 1881.
Now is the time to Subscribe.
The Yiiiinir finple li.n lioen from the
first successful biyoiul autlcliMtloii.-jy, y
Kicntu Vot,
It lias u ilistlnct purpoTO to which It steadllv
ailliert-s-tlmi. nsiniely. ( f suppl, , V t ,V vK
lous papers lrt he ym,K l "Si" ,
JmmmU' "H "'' """" I .i.l c,Hie'. JTJoiVoM
Its weekly visits are eaevrly lookcil for ,mi
only by th cnllilrcii. hut iili; by w ronu fnlu,
lire anxious ui prncurii puri lli'n tiiro lw tllilr
Sj'wi'rk lm',-';'"-'""'"' -t lwa(r. Ilumui;
A weekly puper for children which n ir...n.
l'or l,i, l.tlie l;i.".iu.f.50.
xll'ti!,t;,;y.,i1t!!!r.",..1l!!',('''''i -ach.
pwtam 13 centb iiiUlltlnnai ' tl"ls!
ltemlttiiiicv lifjf 'be miidi, ,y i'(,.,niH
Ho ley Onlor or lliiift. to m.ilil , ro r &
M'H W the MJI (t. unltr ' llAIlVt; & Hr w
KUrw HAlll'U'lt HlttrrilBit
N". Vonis.
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iyou money.
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oour largo and well selected stock of
ltetnil Dealers in
Manufacturer of all kinds ot
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Manufacturer and Dealer In all Kinds of
I havo on hand a largo stock of
AVard robes,
Picture Frames,
Unlmlsf rr! T.mnio-Mu
Brackets oi'all Kinds.
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nud Ilurial Cases, Caskets. Unilnl
none, Maps, Gloves and Crime
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and a I me Ilcarso. All orders will bo
promptly nttonded to. Terms reason
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is prepared to do all kinds of
Blacksmith ing,
Wagon Work,
Boiler Repairing
Sheet Iron Work,
Plow Repairing
Horse Shoeing.
I havo uiado a specialty of Ilorso shoo
ing and diseases ot the
or a number of years, nnd 1 c'iiim to
know how to shoo a liorso or mule.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Grand Avenue, Forest City
UD WMtniKtu nt., Kaunas City, Mo.
If muuoj zo4 by Urn BUle tl trout
Chronic, Kutoui nd IVlraln DUw
eafc. Hcialnat Vertncw (n.gkt
PUZli Biuill)cbiuty (ton afieival
f nicer), Ae. i.xr? Kutramcrd or
;21),M.-un.leIl. tWo-low. H,ou-
rUiuco.ai' .Iiupi'rIaut. So tttlttilom mi.iilrJn
no ainuon rruia tiiilncii. No raonlntr to Hivi
dlUnc. Hpoclil Btmuiou rcu to rilc. Tina,
twin. Httiiourciiiiii5ndror tnn. Vontul.
fuii'.'!r!!?"'D;' yonn'i"iui, peronUy or br mail,
irlhrr .UiliiM, Mnt led for two So itiain,.
li. II. lly Yn 1 1 At use nm l now opon-cB dr eorln.
Ui lumUUne. CT- er IJ y oats' vrwUco-l j In tldigif
The great superiority of DR.
all other cough remedies is attested
by the immense popular demand
for that old established remedy.
For the Cure of Counhs. Colds. I
Hoarseness, Croun. Asthma. Bran-
chltia, Whoonintr Couch. Indolent
Consumption and for the relief of I
consumptive persons in advanced
stages of the Diseasi. For Salo
by all Diuircists. Price. 2,r cents.
l'or Tim Count v Vapkk.
A girl's education should bo as caro-
fully attended to ns n boy'a. Whllo n
great many aro not obliged to labor for
their dally broad, as ninny or moro do.
If possible they should bo prepared to
flirhl the bnttlo of life successfully.
Whllo stud) Ing they should mako n
specialty of what they fancy most, or
rather what they lmvo the most natural
talent for. A groat many scoff ntfonuilo
physician, l.twyors, editors, elo , but
they should not. Whllo I do not nd
vlso so ptibllu (i llio-otio filled with as
ninny hardship as nuy of tho above
named still each and all nro honorable
and honest. If n girl's talent is for
any of thorn, lot her prcparo herself
thoroughly, and If ndvcrslty overtakes
her sho Is prepared to moot It. Some
j) refer book-keeping, sotno teaching;
some tho lower callings In life.
Wliatovor tho profbrenco may bo, be
thorough. No matter how lovly a
Blstlon in life may bo, It It bo honest it
is honorable. It docs not make women
tiny tho less womanly to bo well educa
ted. On tho other hand she under
stands all tho bettor her duties In life,
and performs them better. Allow mo
to qttoto soma. of Augusta Evans Wil
son's Infolluc, a few passages which so
clearly explains this:
"Aro wo to nceopt Iho unjust and hu
miliating dogma that the nioro highly
wo cultivate feniinlnuintelloot.tlic moro
iintomlniuc, unlovely, unnlnilablo the
indvidiial corlalnly becomes! Is a wo.
man sweeter, moro gentle, moio uscitil
to her family nnd Irlonds becnuso sho Is
unlearned? Docs knowlodgo oxerl nn
nsoldulating influence) upon Icmnlotom-
par, or produce an ossifying oiroct on
female hearts? Is Ignorance nn inevit
able concomitant of refinement and del
icacy? Does tho knowledge of Greek
uud Latin cast a blight over tho flower-
garden or a million in tlio pantry nnd
linen eloj-ot; or do the ehiMdos possess
the power of oiirdl ng all the milk of
human kindness, all tlio stream- of ten
dor sympathy in a woman's nature, as
rennet coagulates a bowl of sweet milk?
Can nn ncniaintnnon with literature,
art and ccienco so paralyzo n lady'ri on-
orgies, tliat slio is rendered nltorlv
aroro to, and inuapnblu of p(rloritiin" '.
those donicstlo ollice. tlio.o honcholil
duties so pro-ciniiiently Mi'lcd I her
slciiitor dixtcroiH im-v little iinjieiv?"
All ob.ervatlon and reason answer
nn! I'rtio nracticaedncation iircp'.-.res
a woman lor her duties In life. Th-re
urn two kinds of t dni'iitloii : 'J'rno and
nnd false. Trim education teaches a
woman to bo true, pnro nml womanly,
doing wliatovor liorhnml liiuleth to do.
Tho false toaehos there U no tlmo but
tho present, and to make it protltablo
to c', A thorongb iiraetical educa
tion does not consist of all tho dead and
buried lanmiagi's, tho fancy nils and
sciences. It is very plca-ant to paint
or draw beautiful pictures, to converse
in different laniuixes. lo bo nblo to cal
culate the distance between tho earth
and different planets, to decorate homo
witli bountiful fancy work, but how
much moro pleasant to nuder.Mnnd tho
art of cooking, so that tlio most dainty
appetite may bo satisfied witli whole
some, well prepared foi.d. How much
more pleasant to know how to do tho
many tilings needed in a case of sick
ncss and absence of a doctor. Co to
tlio cities among tho factory girls,
and tho sewing girls. Could tin y lmo
received good practical educations many
could lind better and moro lucrative
work. Had their oduoutions been a
truo practical ono wo would not road ol
so many ruined bodies and souls. Many
bcllovo that women tiro Inferior in In
tellect, conseipiontly Incapablo of ro
ccivlni: a good education. Women lutvo
boon so taught and tre itcd In dnys past
that sho almost thought so too. Hut
thr aro proving that u fid.iu theory. 1
do nol udVocato these women's rights
lecturers or anything of tlm kind. Wo
men have uvlght to honorable labor
and tlio wages she earns, but I dispute
her right to the ballot bos, halls of leg
islature, &c. While she Is wasting her
tlmo In that lot her practically educate
heivolf to mako homo ploatant. take
ciiro of tho slcl: and comlort tho dviiif.
ilo is a passing shadow;"' ns inu'eh
h should bo crowded into it ns pos
. AVotf!n nro, to n great o.tent
kif'idiuf! aim many throiidi false
Wtiffffl keep thi'inselvosdnwii. Let
oS' fcicctsomo vocation nnd ttudv
it?(X Ar'f-'hly und practically. If Is
noW lYeocfislty to uso tho knowledge
gaiS'd it will bo much easier to forget
it tint) to havo to loam something when
di'U'Jft by tho winds of ndvorsitv.. Do
uwnynrJtli those false ideas, this false
piidofend modesty, nnd remonibor that
wliatier is tiuo and honest is hnnnrn.
hle.ovlt has been raid that tho women
rock tho cradle may rule thn nn.
Can sho do It witli JgnornncoP
She imistthoron
eduoa'to hoi
nblo to proporly guide tl
topathiL'iat loud
futifio. O that I
jcofin its propor ligiit, that I could
vnlfitf it to Its pronpor place- In the est!
oeds".vB tho tran-
flit"-.. 111,1..
X;; :ia 'ghnuindnrin of billMn his
iVu.i., if iicknowledirment hno ithnnlra
,0 S.,AJ,(,r fnr havine introducod them
Into v y Celestial Kinplro a very np
propiWp namo! Tho v aro sweet, thoy
euro, Wl nro, thoreforo, tlio mont
inonta foods"a sick man can Invest
jn' U
Ill tho U. Louis jail nro cloven niur-
uuiuin umur seniouce ior tnoir criiuo.
rtim uiu minors nro intiniatiiiit that tin.
loss somo of thorn nro strung up soon
there will bo n lynching,
'solf lo bo nhlo to bo diiys, per ytm!Allf4'.'' ' on
to u liright,Cloriour6vlH ' V&L W6Ssr
l.i ill 1 1 1 ui, II, Ij -i. I' I... .V7.1n rA,.. .... a VcIJ"
lioiujf tho people.
Immigrants landed in Nov York List
wcok, 9,223.
All forms ol inidnired vltnlltv. mental
oxliniistlan, weakened dlgostlon, ctc.cte.
rnuicauy removed uy usetng isrown'8
Irion Hitters.
Tlinr Is talk of rcsumlug'tie coinage
of (ivo .cent pieces,
Fctliiit I.nutr.
T,hoso lnngu'd, tir,esomo sensations,
causing yon to fqel scarcely ublo to bo
on your feet; that eons'.ant dialn that
Is taking from )nr system vll its olns
tloity, driving tho bloom from your
uhooks; that conttuuat strain upon your
vital forces, rendering you Irritable nnd
fretful; can easily bo removed by thj;
mo of that marvelous remedy, Hop Hit
tors, Jrrcsnlnrltles and obstructions
of your system me" relieved nt once,
whllo tha special caiiee of periodical
pain Is permanently removed. WIH
you hocil this?
It is sntd that Gon. Ilurnsldo's cstato
will hardly pay his debts.
Habit, if not necessity, makes n Hair
Drdssslng Such ns Dr. Ayers's labor
niory Issues, lndlsponsnblo to many.
Ayer'8 Hair Vigor is ono of the most
delight ill wo lmvo ever used. It res
tores not only tho color, but gross and
luxuriance, to faded any gray hair.
Pres. Arthur neglected to register In
Now York, and coiuequontly lost his
A GiJAUAN'f EE that any ono nffected
with constipation or torpid Liver can
be rclloved by tsiKlng regularly, In
directions, Simmons' Liver Regulator.
It has been known to euro 1u hundreds
of cnes, mid will do it again.
'As a general family remedy for
dyspopsl.i. torpid Liver constipation,
&e., I hardly over used anyfilng olso,
and have never been disappointed in
effect produced; it scorns to bu almost
a perfect euro lor all diseases of tho
slouitioh nnd bowels. "W. .1. jlci:t.uov,
Macon, Ga."
Alexander II. Stephens has promised
to address u Savannah Irish Land Lea
guo. ShlloVs Catarrh ricmcdy.
A marvelous euro for Catarrh. Dipli
th' i la, ( 'anker mouth, and Head Ache.
With each butt o there Is an ingenious
nasal Injector for tho moro successful
treatment of tlieso c omplaints without
mndo, 6,-cyon, Mo. ' ' ' '
extra cnargo. t'rico fio cts
..1.1 I... Ml i
This paper, usually called tho Sr. Uwn
Uki'iuimcan, piiblls'nil in thegicul tmns.
Misjlsslppl eiiipmluai, was established in
1808, whilst Ilio now (loiubhlug stale of
Missouri wus a siunll tciiilnrynud St. J.nnis
a mere outpost, the liciuhinuiters of a few
government olliecrs nnd Indian traders.
Tho Iti;rt;iu.ic.N- bus stcailily incrcusid
Ironi a dhniiutiivo sheut, printed weekly,
nnd containing but little nioro tlum local
nnd unimportant events, to a representa
tive American Journal, holding place in tho
front rank of the i;reat newspapers of tho
world. Its blstoiy Is tho history of tho
West nnd South in all enterprises, nud in
all the material, political and nodal inter
ests of the countiy. It Is tho exponent of
the views of that clnts of citizens who seek
to lmvo the government conducted upon
Democratic, popular mid conservative piiu.
clplcs, and In Unit regard Is the organ of Iho
most Intelligent and thoughtful mind of
tho e.tcnsho legion In which It eh dilutes.
It reaches a gloat majority of post-ollleca
thiouithmit .Missouri, Illinois, Kansas.
Iowa and Arkansas, and Is dlsscinln.ucd
more or less largely In every other state uud
territory, besides going to all laipoi-tent
points in Europe. lis various edition
reach over onu liuiulivd thousand homeJ,
cuunilng.rooins, stores and otllccs j this fact
growing out of a sternly nud uniform
growth, us population has Increased and
mail facilities expanded. Its readers nro
the "bono and sinew" of tho country, well
Informed and Inlhicntial.
Tho liF.rum.ioAN, from tho caro with
which it is edited und conducted, the cuter
prise nuiulfcfctcd In tho collection of news
I win till (limners, its cnnsl'tiMicv In thn ml.
voc.10) ot pihiciiiU'H be.iriui' upoiwhc pros
peiity uud well-being of the people, has
built up a circulation not to be esthnuted
merely oy Its numerical greatness.
Thu JtiivtmiiMN is putillsiicl by men
chUIy who have grown up from hojhuod
in the Iiui.1p''ss. uud havo mudu tlio print
ing of h newspaper the study of their lives.
It is practically impossible t hut any event
of real iniM)rtuiico cold occur tiuywhtto
on the eiviltl-cd earth and not be puhlishcd
In iho Hki'imimoan before the rising of thu
next sun. With tho moutm und the purpose
to pulijit.fi nil tho news, renders ot Us col.
unins will lmvo no irason to look further
for a blstoiy of tint limes.
To those engaged In commerce, und In.
deed all who buy or sell, or uru touetrned
hi what is bou,'lit and sold, the Kur-uiai.
can will supply nil nece.ss.iy and desiiublo
information do fur as It can be found in tho
most complete uud cmetul commercial re
ports from eveiy Important trade ccutro
und -lock market in the world.
Tlieiso aio some of tliu features of a con
cernthutlj known throughout tho Wts.
nml Soutn as tho "Old JtoiinUlo
Sahsoript'iou Prices of -tbeipublkaa.
DAILY, f', Hi
BV MAIL, rosiAUU . , ,IS
, "lulling Hiiiiday, per yea , .vil.' l'J J0
mi.i"ui ouimay, pirycu, H ut)
VV....i,u. .ii.i....3Lu,fi
ii .ttjr tin
Lllimlll tl,.. ir.,ln n
order that thum r.nu tv'
IiAvIiik it on account oiM
prico ut Ono Dollar per y
All Ctll)CP.t.ttn,U ...
ium,i3iAiHlllueu ai l II u cuu
tostniuflt(rsiiud others aetfii as nuenU
fo? f k tlrenhition of the Itiii'll.Hi.iOAN may
rptulnVenryJilvo percent, on all piiOsciln.
nuns 10 mo uany iiua;i'u,Ycek)y, and tC
jver cent, ou subscriptions lo tlio Weekly
miws oKAiKua
tteglllaily BUPHlled. Addreiiu onlom
or to tho Hi. IaiuU Hook and Nuivk(V,.
to US
Reinlttttiioes may he made by drr.ft
money oidcr or reguteieil letter, t our rlMi!
(Jiyo post-o 1 co iiddrcM in full, liicluUlua
State iind address
tI-VKEinFl ..?
giiiy am nraet . nr.,iinvfi ivi..u wiw -m'MJ
OS!"-- '1S.U S

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