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The County paper. (Oregon, Mo.) 1881-1883, November 25, 1881, Image 8

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3 V'
'4 i
r. 1
Pulum brought l.i tho first gooso ol
tllO rOl'SOtl,
--Som oluililtig hi this part of tlm
country tins vscok.
Tho mooting north of town Is still
in progress, with tho Interest Increas
ing. Saturday rectus to bu a Jollv day
w ltli suniu f our citizens, Ih-y being In
pojsesslon of a little bd rfool quite rich.
Vv noticed a man in our town wltl
ii fimi lot of sma 1 will -li ho
caught with a sune, and was lo bo
In h.ivu lits M'lnc in tliu wiiiron
piiimi'K (in; 11911 ll is III IJU HUJlt'll lll.u
the (iiniul .linor from this township
will hr ii,' Mich grand humbug as this
to the notice of the Gland Jury.
o...l! I... IV I. t. I., i.. ... 1.' I .1 ..
L 'lea Stioro.
Not much sicklies. '
Corn gathering still continues.
Mi. Homme has been unwell, but
is now convnliMCi'iit
Mr. Ashhiook bought of Mcs-rs.
ltoiniue, liiuklu and llogler 12" hoes.
Trice paid jfo.&o. "
llccaiiM- o tho fai ure of the rorn,
most nicii will M'll tt.olr hoys earlier in
the sea-on thiin usual.
A protract d niertlng of sonio In
terest was Jady held in the M. Ii.
church, (South) hut was d so.intlniicd
on account ol the liielo.i.eiiuv of the
Burr Oali.
.Look out for corn thieves.
Henry Mm on is at h s post again.
-lack tW has Mllud ail the nek
Miss. -Cattle buyers have been thick iu
this vhlnlty.
-Wonder what Jim Rhodes thought
tho otlnr night.
hristmasls not far off: wo all ex
pect present.
Wonder how John Mlnton likes to
bupgy-ride m ihu eouutry.
-Elms lUchoy ha- bought tho John
humid farm. contalnlng40 acrcs-prico
paid, SUUO.(K). 1
Hank I'ulrcr liai sold his farm to
new comers-Messrs. Crocket ai,d
Irustull; price SiSU.oo.
Mound City.
Undo Levi Doilgo is up and about
slowlv"' Toi"1)kln-' is 8,111 i'upiovlng
Tho new bank building will bo rcadi
to oceu,.v soon. J
Corsaut and Mejcr movo into theii
new storo-bullding this w. ck.
-Mr.Cavanaugh and wife, of Graham
aro visiting their daughter, Mrs. Ilriuk
The cold has ricitli- nim-r.......i ... .i.
----- ..-i ...v.ii:i;u ill
plastering aud there aro several lobs not
yet done.
Corn. 40 els. ; potatoes, fl.SO: beef,
10cts.;smnag, 12.1-2 cts.j cabbage, It
cts ; apples, $1.25. n '
There are three butcher shout In
town now and rumor says another will
be opened in a le.v days.
X!r. Davi.-,oftlioSl.E church Smith,
preached nt the M. E. chuich hero Sun
cuy morninu and evening.
- Kov. Wetzoll find- hiime'.f homoles
since his wi u left last Thnr.,ilay lor a
two m.in'hs visit to her parents in 1 1.
imisjratlier he finds that he lias many
homes here.
-'I ho meeting nt the Chiistlan chinch
continues, Mr.Pinkurton, o Falls C'tt,
eb.,isuxpeco.l to crriw tills (Monday)
Hvul!ln.- ,'" ussU ln tm) meeting. v un
lor if help could not Iimo been found
nearer homoP
-People will ll(i,raU, son)9 ..t!t.
Tho was a jury trial bef.iro Esq. )m--ham
Saturday. Mr. Aiken nppearcil
for the ol Intlff, iimiI A. 11. Jamison for
the dnfu ilaiit. The iinmunt invidred
wiw $21 and the costs were about the
same, hut an appeal has baen taken to
t' c Circut rourt.nnd by the time it Is
lU'ternilncd there will !i u pretty sum ol
costs for someone in tho case to pay.
' 11E11T.
Torntt City.
Items aro very M arco this week.
D. Kunkel & Sons shipped 10 bales
or 3.001 pounds of wool to t;hlea-'o last
- Tnomas Quick, an old citl7.cn of
V. llo,n "utl " tl"' luorning ol'
- WounderstaMd tlu-ro will ho quite a
number up to attend tho Liincert at Or-
n;:or inis evening.
Three new coaehe for tho Denver
cc in 01 1 11 western rillway. went up tho
road 011 flat ears this week.
U. lloii.bcek & Co., St. Joe, wnro
mini mi m ennoMiay uoing hoiiiu woik
for the East Forest City Mills.
-Our merchants all enjoyed u fino
...!.. 1..,. I.
-Mrs. W. M. Hoyor is
nounci'd mimilesceut.
now pro
Thanksgiving day will bo generally
No firm in the county aro hanillinir
more grain ttian Meyers & Ward.
iiionu iraino made a brief
at Craig on Monday morning
It is said that tho Craiz Literary
Society will bo oiganlzed at an carlv
date. J
E. W. Hooper, of St. Joe, was In
town on Monday last una closed Ml'
corn contract. "
Our public echools, under thosu-pi-rvUlon
ol Jlrs. LIzzIo elch, is pro
growing tliioly.
Tho indies of thb M. E. Cliuroh
wll feed the hungry multitude on
Than- tgivlng day.
Has that Geoigia planter's dauah
ler caught J. Fo-ter Marshall sure
enough r" It looks that way. Ed.
Mr. and Mre. '1. II. Wien were
cal'cd upon last week to mourn tbo
loss of an interesting child. Diphtheria.
V.rs. W. H. Wilson wi'l soon visit
hor accomplished daughter Miss Jennie
who is now attending school at St.
Dr. J. II. Dond.of KnnsasCity, wns
called ImniH la t Wednesday to attend
his mother who has been quite ill, but
Is now recovering,
--Mrs. V'un Iliiinrdin nrc Price, of
fol uido, is in'.w visiting relatives nnd
lri.;iios id ami :ilait Cra5. film h do
ijiied with hm tluin homo,
Two young iwin worn arrested ,it
1'ralg hut .Monday thought to lmy.11 bacil
connect' 1 with the Miililnnd dbpot rob
bury, which proyed to bo a Uii-u o,
Frnnk Alton anil hrl icj aro ex
pected to put lit au appearance within
a ilvy or two. A hearty; wilcuiuu
awaits them. . .
TuuTiirlji, jAMrtj.
-Health Is very poor with a great
many. t i
-Mr. Fiiq.ua is lying very low with
Intermittent lever.
Mr. Samuel UelfTcr Is,'sllil on tliu
1 y1! , slek list with rhouui.Uism.ho Is linprov
whilo ' Joslah Frond, of Vottawatomlo
cciuuy, ivausas, nas ocon yni ingiiieiiiis
and relatives In Holt couiity.
Wo wish that younir'nian who likes
lo wear a rluar -o well, Would get 0110 .if
his own, and let the ladles' Hugs ulmie
Mr Win King nnd Mr. James
Proud, who hav' boon visiting friends
and rela.lves In Holt county, started
last Moud ly to their homes in Indiana.
Mr. Net (liithi'ty, one of our young
men, has hco 1 Mliu with consumption
lor ab. nit k week-. Wo cannot so
any cliati.'u in him for tbo worse or for
tho better.
-Our school is In charge of Mr. S.
O'Fall'in, who Is a good teacher and 's
loved by a 1 hi scholar. It wo could
always get such tiaehei, wo would be
well pleased with them.
Qur.icx Attn.
Th8 Depot Sofa at Haltland Hellovod of Iti
The salo in the Kansas City, St.
Joseph & Council libiff- depot ut Malt
laud was opened Thursday mull', aud
robbed of about $1)00. Hut lltt'o is
kt.own of the manner m which tt o rob
bery was perpu rated, as it was done
In Jie night, ami It was not discovered
till morning. Mr. Chns. Leach is ihu
station agent at Ma tland, and It is his
cus.om t'i leave tho depot at about
eln en o'clock, leaving his assistant to
sleep in una of the rooms of ihu depot.
This ho did thursdny night, loeklii'i the
safe before he lott So'no t mo durln
the u'glit tho burglars effected an en
trance ihrougli tho window and by
scmo means opened llio outer safe door.
It was not blown open, nor wa the
lock hrol. cn, but it was simply nnl icked
by some ono who evidently nnderstitod
tho art of opening safes. Tho outer
d tor being out of 1I10 way, the burglars
br ko llio inner donrs wlih a hummer,
mid then to.ik out ai tho ninner and
valuable papurs that had b en left in
tho dra.wers. Tho young mm In llin
depot h' ard no noise, so It must hnvn
been done very quietly and scientifi
cally. Of the money taken, $.5(H) b
longed to the United Mates ovprt ss com
pany, and the remainder to the railroad
company '1 lie station ngnnt, Mr Leach
is conlblii'it thai ho inched tho salo ho
for.' going home.
The station at Ilradyvil'o, on the pnmo
road, was aUo enlcre, tho safe Inoken
opin. and $192 taki n. Tho entrance
wi'fl made tl ronli the windo v and the
safe Inoken open with asledgp hammer.
Of tho money taken, $1:10 bolon-.pd to
tno express comimny. Uallroad men
hayo seen three susp'e'ous-liioking (.mf
actors nn the trains within tho pst few
unvs, aim i"esi lerows navo iwn spot
ted. Should ihev turn nn verv soon
pi this vicinity th yw ll bo irohbled with
out ceremony. Tho wholr of North est
Lis'ouripcomsto bo In cstrdwi h thieves
and hon.obreako''s, or o'so thnso who
hnvo been comniittim; similar denrrd 1-
tionsln this city havo a fasultv of dis
tributing themselves qnlio ri)hlly and
promiscuously oyer tho country. It is
morli than pivba'sio that 1 Iv y haro their
headvn li ters hero and m iko their ineur-
s'ons in'o towns in tho surrounding
country for tho nurnoso of coin Intr on
1 no villagers unawares ami getting what
piunuer uioy can. uiero must 110 a
goodly rang 01 (hem, 1 r there N lmrdiy
a nallit passes but sonio hou-eeolilcr in
St. Joseph suffers at their hand St.
Joe uazeett.
can bo purchased r.v n very low price
for cash. Do vou want it? Call at this
oiiico at nni'O.
I Oarrv '
A lnnre stock of Trunks, nnd Valises
n eoniieeuon wun my fun line of Unr
iiess, Saddle-, Collars, Ilridles, llnl'cis
Lines. Whins. 'Mi.iw li,.l,a !,,,. ....
Blankets, llriishcs. Combs, and Harness
wn mm Kiinriinico va'iaction In liri
cos. Jos. It. Stono, Maliland, Mo.
jeTf-Hoys. don't fall to call on Smock
Owens & Co., for thu little Infant Clg
ar; Hu' a dandy. Maltland, JIo.
Vonr Furnlhlntr llo ds, Huts, Cap
Hoots and Shoes at Amos Castlo's
200 Head of Horsos.
and Mules wanted by Jos. 11. Stono to
00 llttt'U with Harness aud Saddles
Call 011 lit 111 at Maltland.
Knit Goods.
An elernnt line of tl Is slock can bo
had at Hershborger & Andeiou's at
very reasonable lignrcs.
taking. cold, settling upon tho lunsrs and
Closing hours of suffering. Leap vour
body warm. You can do this by pur
chasing your Underwear at Ira Peter's
Nipped In tho Hud.
A ilivorco sensation km spoiled this
week, by a rathor fortunate clrcum
st uieo. An irato spouse happened to
drop a hint to her heedless swain that
to see him in ono of those now suits ot
clothes fronj Hershborger & Andoion's
wou d bo tho Joy of her Hm Tho oM
man took tho hint and straghtway went
to this popular hoitfc and clothed him
self anew.
Is one of UwMct Valuable, Uioful and Pro
tical Inventions
coVd,'!,,pt,a !la1l,rDeu.,Lrct,,,r,,l.8,
tlnn-H its ct In jnel and earp.i" , TsV-Ue
.?'"nl Hf nn,,!!,!!,!,. tn ,louttn t'lul " T
'i0."'1 V.1'" 1 "u "t '''I "I " in r
)!',; oil. iV"' '"""K'r' U 'I''1
Slmpia, DurabSo, Chap
uSta,JiSs.rw,,",,,"M,w,, ! n"
nt, JoHi ii:,, ji0.
Five Cants a Week
will give j mi tho piivllego of selecting
nnv book In our library anil reading it,
If returned In good order. Open Tues
days and Satuida.ts finii 3 ti.l 0 p 111,
Sever-il standard periodicals will soon
bo added to our list. Call and sec.
11. A. I'lKOUKlUUM,
Librarian W. U.
Statomcnt of Oregon School,
v. ;
p Jl -I
I 8" "&
: f y
y.n. KeWogu' Itimia
Mlti I.iikrii's lti),n
SI n l'liiiipt's it(,om
Mr. KjIcj's Itouni
Nvraial Idiom ,
.-!. 18.4
SS3 17.5
S.S I7.V
Total 240 S5i.6 17.0
l'er ccut. of atteiiihtMcr, sr.
C. I.. Khauoii, l'lnclpal.
OitKfiojj, Mo., Nov. 21, 1811.
I'Dirons or The County- Pjli'eu:
lu rospotiso to vour inquliles I liave
transpo. oil the second lino of Gray's
Elegy with tho following rc-ult;
1. Himvly ttio liiwhit henl winds u'vr the Ics.
2. Himvly wIihIh the IdwImk licril o'erthp lea.
3. Slowly o'er tho loa whntsttio lowing herd,
4. Slowly o'er tlm lea the lowing herd wltidi.
5. Tne herd, IowIiik. wind nlnwly o'er IIiaIc.i,
. The hmliiK herd slowly winds o'er tho lea,
7. The lowing herd winds o'er the lea slowly,
8. The herd, loli'K, slowly winds o'er the lea,
B. Tho herd, lofting, winds o'er ttie tea slowly!
lu O'er the let, the lowl ik herd slowly winds.
11 O'er the leu, the lowlnit herd winds slowly,
1.' O'er the lea. slowly winds the lowing herd,
13 IiwIiik, the herd wlndsslowly o'er tho lea,
H Lowing, the herd slowly winds o'er the lea.
15 Winds slowly o'er tho lea, the lowing hord.
18 Winds the lowing herd o'er the lea slowly.
17 Winds the lowing herd, slowly o'er the tea.
1't.l.A O'1'ALl.OK.
t$r- Come nnd see me 111 my new &-J
tS iuarturs one door north of Ira 3fJ
l'cler's where yn will always jj
tST" find a complete line of tho hest
tay saudi.es, -j
r wmrs, so cs
fST I am also ugent for tie Colo- jg
XS bruted Studebaker Wagons a3
tT and llngj;lcs, the bust hi me.
Call and Seo mc.
i. bx. irLiirj:3iN",
of Unit c unity can buy tho finest mil
linery goods of .Mrs. Ilinklo, Mnillaiul,
Finney Williams & Co.,
Dealois in Lumber, Sash, Doors,
till lis. HllllI'lvH. I. Mill. I til,..
Haviiiir 1) irclia-ed the ,t.ik m r.imilw.i.
formcra owned hy Winsuh & Co., at
mum .no, wo iii -j prepared to accom
inodato il:u pulilic with tho bot ut
Lumber and at as low rates as can bo
had in (ho counts. r ..I
r ' M.JU U(,UI 111
Hair, Llino, foment, clo.
Finney Williams & Co.,
A Good Tea
For 20 cents ft pound at Smock,
Owens & Co., Maltland, Mo.
California Fruits
Ot all description- at smock, Owens
1 jit., iuiiu anil, MO.
East Forest
is now prepared for business and will
pay tho highest market price for Wheat
anil uorn.
ol Maltbinil. u-lil lm Inn, mil in nn II...
I It V ww iu net mu
Juctltm of Holt county ut her now MU
B-Our lino of Notions is complete
in Avon letail ami ar remarkably low
01 pi icq oy nreeK &7Watson.
CGi-Xew styhs In Hats, and caps at
iikcn.MT,.,,'rl1' A,lc- I" Cly township,
n , MlVSlAVv:.."-i?.VA l"'t''d I'etore K.?iulre
m Ii lii ir il . "I'l'mwu ai 5ju ny
mure 10 ""il l '" Hld
Taker up.
Gof Every lady should call and seo
our beautiful lino of (jlnghams. They
aro cheap by Kreek & Watson.
'i'lio rtio relief steamer 'Ko2ors"
milllo tlie (IIkI'IIVOI-I- tlmt U',-n,,rynll r
is an isla d. A sledgo party will bo Kent
ii. .."in i Hum- ijiuuiers 10 explore tho
coast of Sicuila.
Ilnrvanl has 812 undergraduates, tho
iiusiiiiiuii nuiiioeriug Hi,
Whereas by deed nf truit, ihitett September
lCth. 1SJ7. una recorded In tho Ut'ciirder'n omcc
It. Ferrv nml hli tifu
eonveved to the nnd.rsleaed, tho following
real estate to wit 1 . h,
COl niV. AIU4(lllrl 111 Ilnnl HI
The routhiyesl of llio sonlhwest of
-o'-miii .wi uiniii.iiii uu, innKB aa ( e.ee it a acres
la thn nurlheast corner sold to tlie Union Cem
etery ANnwWtlon anil (1 ncreii In tho suuthweut
enrnersnld to IMIndoxter and IMcliarihon. All
Ivhipand lielajr In mm county of lloltaiul State
f, .Vls'onrl. CnatnlaliiK 27 acres mori:nr less.
Which sii'd eonveyiinco win innile In tnt to
8"earo tlie payment of a certain promNtory
noie therein leiorllied 1 and wlieri-s default
has ucra intula hi tho payment ol iuM note;
now. therefore, at llio ri'ipiest or tlio lefil hold
er of siihl unto slid In compllaiiro with the
inivWi iu of said deeit or tnnt. imtNe Is
hfrel)j; u'lvn I hat I. the iiiidcrKlKiied tra'tee.
will sell at pnullo aaetliei for cash at tho Cnut
House door In Ori'Kuii. Mo., between tliu hour
of nine n'elock In tlie forenoon una llvo o'clock
In tho afternoon nt
Wednesday, Decemher 7. I&8I,
all tho right tltlo and Interest, of said
O- If. Kerry ami his wifo, of In nnd to the above
desctllied real estate for the purooso ot xntlsfy
Inir said note aud Ihu costs nnd the exjienit-H of
this ttuit. T. 0. liUNOAN,
from my farm near Forest City, 1 three-year
old past bhio!; nnro, hoiiiu white on oun of the
hind feet, while dot In center of forehead, 1
two-year-old steer past, three In the sprlnit, red
nnrt white spotted. Merited with it crop nil lh
left e iriinil a '.I' ll In llm rlizlit ear. Al 0 one
W Til -If rid sl'i 1; P) ;p f.lO JTItr Olll In till'
prpiK wliltn midi r tlie lie'lv. Imili (if tlie tall
white, erup oV il.e Ii ft ear and .-pllt hi the
rt'.'Mear l!otli,t"r r. mud wlili a loiter
"l"'utl tin. rl;r'.t 01 J 't !i!p. I will pav llio fol
lnwlirj r'wiuN t m; 'ii -mi pi'rioii reiiirnlnir tho
iiiires fl 'or Hr nl'i'i tholMeur old steer 1
M for tho return of the irlhi" stei-r.
formi city. ilo.
. ,, V". .to11 )'m km" frlt'n(l".
.,.,..' '-'Oinircn a uvorcoats. a well soiecioU stooK of lino
in y 001 ftutts. 1110 iinost lino of Hoys'
Mississippi itivor. j uo umnitest st ck of All Wool Undorwcnr, Scat lot Flan
iirjl, etc., Lvcry variety of Wldto and Fancy Shirts Mats, Cups and Gloves.
Wo defy,t.ny ono to show us a finer lino ot goods mid at chrapor figures.
K-A-IsTIsr & CO.,
Cor. 3d & Felix Street, ST. JOSEPH, MO-
419 Felix
Wherethey Carry the Best
of all Kinds from an Overcoat to a Handkerchief.
Cloaks, Shawls, Hoods, Prints, Etc.
Worsteds, Criang-lia-ms,
Boojs, SqoEs, Hht$ Gws,
Gloves, Mittens, etc,
A full Stock of Glassware nnd QuronMvarc, Canned and Dried Fruits
Sugars, Teas, Coffees, at tho. low bt l'llccs.
Provisions, Queensware,
Would rcsnoctfully invito tho citiz-ns of Maltland nnd vicinity to call on
them and inspect theis stock and prices heforo purchasing olsowhero.
Glad Tidings
We have Greatly Increased our Stook, and among other tblngs wa have Just reoelved
New Wool Lined Boots,
New Arctics of all Sizes,
New Rubbers of all Sizes,
New Snow Excluders,
-?J New Rubber Boots,
Women's Lined Shoes,
New Women's Fine Shoes large, 8 to
Is now conipleto and. as wo havo havo boon soiling theso goods for
nearly a oar, nnd nil our custoruors ate well pleased with thoin,
wo cun and will continue to
and workmanship ; If.thcso goods rip with ordinary wearing, within six months after
their purchase, wo will pay Tor their niendlnn. Ve havo also nnv on hand a
large Stock of Goves excellent Tor wear or show; theso Gloves
are all handsome and neat and of good material.
A Nice Little Remnant
which wo will sell at Cost. A neat line of Fino Overcoats at bottom
prices. A conipleto lino of Canton and Woolen Flannels. Come in
nnd prepare for tho winter blnsts. Wo havo tho 11 neBt assort
ment of Cap in town nt from Mo to 91,00. Ladles aro requested to
call and seo our nlco lino of New Prints. Tho bot of Coffee al
ways on hand. A nice lot of Salt. Oirr tea always gives satis
faction. Our Fish, Canned Hoods, Tobacco and Cig'ars never rnn
out Our Qucenswaro and Glasswaio is et off with a beautiful
line of Lamps and Class Setts. Wo havo also ti nice little stock of
.Towelery whio'i we will sell very' cheap. Also a handsome lino of
rocket Knives, Tahlo Cutlery, Uutehor Kmvos, Serows, llutts,
Door Looks, Nulls, etc
Everyhodv Is imiicd to como In any seo our goods and wo will
tako d I ensure to show them to you.
WestSide Public Square,
At The
House of!
Sg CO.,
Vou will llnd thoro tho grar.dost stook of
and Children's Clothing Wect of tho
Str, ST. JOSEPH, foo.
oEcorj, MO.
& Simpson
XT1 "'
Interesting Denrrlptlon of' Haw
ThlHKsnrv tlonoby itio Lnay
TirjroN, Nkw Mkxicg, Nov. II, HM
tAnron uovntx I'AfEiti Sln:o my
last letter, I havo boon roving ovor the
snow capped mountains, up tho great
canons, into tho mining cainps,stiidy!ng
tho country, tho natives, their habits
and their language, nnd will attempt to
discribo afow thing that I hnvo scon.
rirsi, ict mo say mat 1 hnvo scon uo
country or section ot country any whore
in tho west that can offer such crcat, or
as many Inducements as tho Old Flnlto
Purchaso in Northwest Mo.
Tho majority of tno pcoplo ln this
country are poor, nud very poor; whero
ono prospers u dozon do not. It Is a
first rate country for n largo mnn with n
largo capital, but notsogoodfornsnmM
man wun a in.eo capital, and still worso
tor u small man with no capital nt nil.
Titoy say Its a very hoa thy country, but
that s ujoko; tho homp nnd lead ills-
oiuos rago loariuuy antl aro gonorally
sudden nud fntal. Howovor, "thoro is
Ilttlo need of doctors or temperance drug
stores, fur tho puru. hracimr mouninlu
atmosphere Is calculated to drlvo off
nml koop r.t bay nnj thing akin to mala
ria. It l-i nvory oxpensivo country;
butler Is 60 cent" por pound, bacon an,
lard 20, stiL'ur 17, green apples 12, diled
2ft, Hour 5. potatoes o, beans 10, oags
m per itoctt, wood at tho rato of 93 to
9 per cord or CO cents u burro load,
undf board Irom $G to $10 per week.
Cai penter wngt s to S;J.60 por day,
railroad section hands 81,76 without
hoard, and common laborer' by tho
month $16 to $26 tint! bo ml. Teachers
in the public schools get from 940 to $50
per month. The selioo In this place is
admission school, the ti acl.cr is paid $20
por month by tho mission board for
teaching tho llvo Mexican orphan chll
dicn, and tho balance is mado up by
subscription at 8- por month per pupil.
Counting ad good pav he will nverago
about 840 por month for tho ton monhs
term, but from this ho furnishes his own
school wood nnd boards himself. I
havo endeavored to givo facts, and read
ers can draw their own conclusion.
Last Tuesday tho Miporlntendont of
missions camo along, invited mo to a
scat in his buggy, and wo traveled a
circuit ot 100 mi cs. up the valley and
am ng tho mountains, returning Satur
day. Wnoii six miles up tlio val'oy wo
topped at Fort Union, it contains the
most oxtensivo and expensive works in
thn Territory, and nt present quarters
four companies of soldiers. Tho build
ings aro all double and all lint-roofed
except Llio nrsonal and hospiiul. lu tlio
guard houso aro two Apacheo Indl.in3,
chained down in their narrow col".
They aro of tho tilbu thn' lately mado
r.i ds Into tho Territory, but at present
It Is roportcd that thoro aro io Indians'
on tho war path, vet who can toll w hat
a day may bring forih.
Wo continue iiorthwnrd from tho fort
wlih iniu-ssvo mountains on cither Mdo.
passing only ono houso lu 20 nil'es. On
the left a snow torm win raging, but
above and boyond tho o.owd, wo could
sou tho mountain tops. Wo si out tho
Hi st night at an old stngo station, or
ranehe, whio wo mado tliu acquaint.
nnco of an Interesting family just from
distant Now England. Tho not morn
lug "tho beau liul snow" was falling
thick aud fast, and so continued with
out Intirmission for 45 noun., and was
then a 1 inches on tho lovol. Wo con
tinned our journey thlrtv miles and
then liultcd at Coyote, a Mexican town
of aliout 400. I lore wo were snow
bound for thrco da s, und thou had to
hlro a Mexican to pilot us out. In this
toivn urn ono American family, one En
g Ish nnd ono Fli nch Tho llrt has a
in 11, tho second n copper and silver
mlnu and tlio third it store. Tho mis
sion minister i- nn Anioiican but lias a
Muxli an wife. Tlio school teacher is a
very Intelligent lady, lately fioni .Mem
phis Missouri, tho balance aro Mox
leans, commonly Known us Gi elisors.
It is not uncommon to liud an American
rearing a (Jriiascr family, but tho puro
Spaniard is seldom seen. Tho nathos
nil llvo in adobo huts, lighted b, one
window ot two ortliree panes, a around
mnn- mm ii niiioiiro-piacoin ono corner,
rjioy havo no stoves, but do their cook-
ing in uttio mud ovens outside tho hut.
They sloop on tho floor, sit on tho floor
unit cat ou tho door. The wool) sldo
of a sheet) skm Is their mattress at n ght,
and 'ho ileshy sulo of it their bread
board and tanle cloth In tho morning,
their principle diet is boans and chili
(red pepper), together with tortls, (Ui-
v u eaKri".;. i noy muic goats Inst ad of
cows and always do their stripping from
behind. Hero immaglnntion must tako
tho place of description. The Ilttlo bur
ro (d waif donkey) Is their wagon and
thoir buggy. It is cuiious to wutch tho
inzy. uut patient ard docllo little tilings,
as they trutlgo along-with their heavy
burdens, often larger tlmn thomsolvos.
It is not uncommon, to soo ono Ilttlo
iburro, without saddle or bii lo, carry
rigawholo lamlly, man wife and clnJ
nrcn. Ifthovaroto carry piovislons,
g&o deep baskets are filled, tied toaoth.
oiland thrown ncero-s tholr back, ono
UokWther slda. If they nro lo carrv
vT4i t0 W' 11 is cut together,
W CTttaW around their body.
W'. t 'm a, 11 faw t,leil' P0, ull"r-
iiuiniiaiiv rominu us ot tno
piJC; AlMblo sconeSi Snu. ig ilf
Mio natives in Now Mexico.
onUii aThundrod of thorn can sneak thn
Eiifflisli laniruacrp.
Vw entered Uovoto from a (Inmi unit
winng canon. It is located in nn
open.iico of about 100 aoros, with lof
ty imfntnlns all mound It, the sconoiy
is indf'o Ibably grand nnd plcturoesqno
oven m snowy winter. There is saidi),
bo ciAfsidi rablo cramo in tliu moiintuiiiii'i
Biioljffi-, mountain lions, bear, door nnd K.
turflpy, anil plenty of spockloil troutln
thivKiountnln streams.
o (li st luilldliiK .that, nttraoted our
ittojtlon as wo em rgod from tho oan
ontus a quaint old MontcrrCtyij.
olio iiind of mosipio or ohtirolir-iuJ
n Mat riQiliiit peaked point, In which
was largo holo about tho slzo of it
wajfln vlicol, and a boll susnonded.
lo door In ono end und tlirce small
ows on ono sldo. I could not en-
s throncrli tho dlnorv windows.
u.-tudld that It contained no soato.
yoljv the M!ataohouos held forth
iiinioiuoratlim nf Montoisuma,
space will
J.hoir bun-
"CL .JEnKlUhmnn before ItWifhonod
Invko mo up to look at his mine, whore
I pro&iVod somo p'rotty epoolraons of
Somcrther tlmn I
may disorlbe tho
luiura iiij
Wn w3.
tics nf
treated very hospitably by
but did not woop at parting.
own adue, nnfl now bid on
ixopgllvo uud thrive The
Un. A ON.
nil cliisi
Wo bid tl
Hie -1111)0
CouNTr 1'
a m
Ltrf "
ii.ffiturn, oto., but
ngBfilaiibesroTOr "
To Our Subscribers Only.
Alt new subicrlbei. received before Febru
ary 1st, who pay lu advance or thoso wno renew
beforo that tlmo, or all itetlnqurnt snbtcrlben
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ruary 1st, eili will reeelvo the followlns Ll
brsry of Tjvelve HLmdard Works, eaoh bound
In Ono nmiilta, imstngo tree, nil for the nomlnnt
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Jsittnt Itfuth fnp mm vim. ii
I..,.; ...r.v." .';...r.".r-."jf v."10
y Ubikv'a
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inn, nuiy
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'Jnler on
"in n o,
seau liiinlfV -Mil a resist
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1 410 &418MEB3A1HE ST BT, JOSEPH, KO.
vt, '

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