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liamNS WAI.MHt, I'utilMiiTd.
Wasihsotox. Nov. 17. At 10:50 Secretary
Ulallic, accompanied by Assistant Becrctary
Walker Blaine, and Chief Clerk Urown enteral
, rrairt mom. mul wcie tithcrctl to twits Im
mediately In tlic rear of the counsel for the
(lovcrnmcnt. A few minute later the follow
ing statement was made by U. 8. District At'
tnmnff Pnrlihlll 1
"May It please the Court nnd the gentlemen ot
the. Jury! Tho prlvmcr nt tlio bar tbat stands
lrnrn vmt is charged with the murder of James
A. flarflcld. Under any circumstances here
nt crave nnd responsible obligations upon
every msn who Is called upon In the discharge
of his dutv nnd tmder the law to render n ile
riitnti iinon which depends the life of a fellow
creature, and, while It Is true tho olTcnso
ximiv'ftl In the nrefcnt rase Is no crcater In
lcijnl gravity and conscmicncca to the prlfoncr
than if liv lils act he hail taken tho life nt tho
humblest nnd most obfeure cltlr.cn of the Re
public still it Is idle to overlook the fact tent
an eminent ruaracicr, wuoso me mucu,
hl liln-h nfllrlnl twltlnn nnd the stnrtllnir com
mission of the crime, render the case of unusual
nrt imrmrnlled lniDortancc. It Is the second
time In our history that a citizen chosen by the
people of tho United States to dlschargo tho
high nnd rcsjionslblo duties of President has
fallen victim to a lawless assassin, but In tho
former caso wo were emerging from the shadows
of a long ami bloody ar. The country had
been racked by commotion nnd stirred by civil
feud throughout the length nnd breadth of
-the land. Nearly every house had mourned
Oinltras nf relatives or friends slain
on the hotly contested battlefields
of the Republic it was a danger that thought
ful men had anticipated; tt wns n calamity that
patriots feared; and when It came, with Its
clrcud consequence. It was accepted as one of
the ri'fulta of the then disordered nnd discord
ant condition of public affairs. Dut we had
paMilfiom the arena of wnr; the sword bad
bern licatcn Into tho plowshare aud tho spear
Into the nninliii? hook: thecountrv was united;
peace reigned at home and abroad ; there were
me to address the Court a toomcnt, In spite of
counsel, 1 have a right litre, which should be
recognised. 1 wanno suite my puiuun.
ludgo V.OX 10U cannot ue neaiu now. mu
Court Is satlsllcd with your counsel.
Prisoner nut i am not. i uiihk it an out
rage to havo Incompetent counsel forced upon
me. Scovlllc Is doing splendidly. 1 most dis
tinctly appreciate his services, i wantneuance
to defend myself, nnd there will bo a row nil
.. f 1... I. All 11.1.
tno way iiirougn ii moot navu u. ymi
time Gulteau wns rcsls In? the effort of tho
officers to mke him take his scat nnd was talk
ing In his usual Jerky disconnected way.l I am
not satisfied with this business, (striking the
table with his fist, and 1 will not l.avett."
Judge Cox said severely, "If you do not keep
sllenco I will havo you removed." Prisoner
"I do not enre If you do. Tlio Atnertcnn peo
ple hnvo something to sty about this matter.
It Is nn outrneo that I should not be heard In
in if own defense."
Jitdton W. wheeler, of Virginia, ueorgc v.
Adams, ininiisner or r.munn otr, nnu
Jacob P. Smith. lanitT of the railroad de
pot, testified to the circumstances oi wo snoot
ing. ... .
i he Court then adjourned until to-morrow.
AVasiiiwito.v, Nov, 18. Long iwfore the
pose to get two or three of tho flrst-clas law
yars In America to manage my case, and I want
tossy a word upon lliu law," addressing tho
Court. 'If m expel tno from the Courtroom,
the Court in batif will reverse you. If the
Court puts mo out, confounded fool!, you,"
(to tin- guards, nnd struggling desperately with
the marshals, who were trvlng to force him Into
tin) teat from which he had half risen.) "The
Court will ut'dcrstnnd that he will lie reversed
In the Court In bane. Mind your own business;
younln'tgotno sense," (again turning upon
the deputies and arguing violently with them
pvernl seconds.
'Pie Court On cvcrnl occasions In tho courts
of the United States the prisoner lias been, on
account of disorderly conduct, removed from
llm mnrt.nnd the care continued In Ills absence.
Itwns dolic In this very Couttln tho case of
rrlsoner flnt crrn titlnir nnd striking theta.
bio with his tlrt) It Is totally Illegal, nnd not a
court in America
The Court I u 111 not resort to that unless It
Is necessary, but I admonish the prisoner In ad
vance II tue ensc require it win no uonc. i navu
told you that nt the proper time you can lie
hcird In your defense and you shall lie hcjrd nt
the close of tho evidence If you desire. Until
did not want to lie (hot down like a dog, bc'ofc do-'t want to Interfere with your theory, bit
ho had time to fully vindicate ins conuuet in n v tir in n arc laim. i wnnttiio wiry in uniicr
court of Justice. stand my rccullarltlcs. TlmlN all right. There
Upon being brought Into court Outtcnu Btr "Hn. 7 r
mice uciuim uimeiii iu uio i-tii-,?, .... wu
, ..,,'.,.,1,,,. f II, n fVlmlnil (Vinrt Ir.V. I then VOU UlllSt DrpSrrVC SlIcllCC.
ernllm drcilladles and gentlemen assembled)!! . "I came hero as counsel, audi want o be
no local dissensions; no Intense strife; seed
time and harvest had come and gone; tho bat
tlefields were' redeemed from the havoc of
their bloody contests, nnd were blossoming
with the fiulls of peaceful labor. Suddenly n
stattlltig fact wan proclaimed throughout
me unit una arnuuu uio worm mat
the Pitsldcnt ot the United States had fallen n
victim to the assassin's bullet at the Capital of
the Nation. Murder under all circumstances
and uiion all occasions Is shocking. Life, of
which wo know so little and which we hold by
so f rngtle n tenure, Is dear to us all nnd when It
Is brought to a close not In tho usual order
and courfo of nature, - but peculiarly by
violence. No matter what may be the
condition ot the jierson, the human mind
Is appalled with terror when a man holding
a position of eminence and power falls, a
causeless victim to a murderous stroke. We
rcalze still more the awfulncss of the deed
which produces tho result."
During the time occupied by the District At
torney In delivering his argument, the prisoner
assumed an nlr of apparent Indiltercnco nnd de
voted himself to tho mottling papcrs-aniislgnc-them
Tho argument was delivered by Col. Corkhlll
In n very effective manner, tears filling the eyes
of many In the audience, but the countenance,
of the prisoner remained unchanged. Toward
the close of the argument he laid bis newspaper
aside and leaned back In his chair, covering
bis eyes to conceal tho emotion 'which he un
doubtedly felt. lie then drew a package of
manuscript from his pocket and commenced
writing in a hurried and nervous manner. The
nrlsoner constantlr shook his bend in approval
or disapproval of the statements mado In the
argument oi v;orKnui; at one time no inter
rupted tho District Attorney, which action was
called to the attention of the Court by Judgo
Porter, of tho counsel for the prosecution.
, Judge Cox announced that It was within the
power ot ttie Court to try the caro In 'the ab
sence ot the prisoner and It he persisted In his
turbulent remarks he would cause blm to be
removed. Gulteau in response said: "I will
cot do It again, your honor, but I have very
deep feelings In tnls case." Laughter. 1 ,
Mis. Seovllle. sister of the nrlsoncr. cried bit-
.terly during the delivery of the argument, nnd
her little child could be seen appealing In an af
fectionate manner with, 'Mammal mammal
what la the matter!' At theconcluslon of Col.
Corkhlll's argument thero was long and cont!n
umI nnniausc.
Secretary lllalnc was then called to tho stand
by the counsel for tho Government, nnd tes
tified that ho had known James A. Garfield
from 18G3 to the time of his death. On
reaching the depot on the morning of the
assassination, tno President turned to say
good-bsc, our, no insiBicu upon accompany
followed almost immediately by another, and
thinking there was polmo trouble touched
thn President for tho nurnose of huirv.
Ing htm onward. At this moment tho Presi
dent threw up bis arm exclaiming: ".My God I
what lsthlsl" Tbo Secretory, continuing He-
tnlli-,1 the circumstances of the removal of tbo
President to tho White House and other mat-tarsncrtalntnt-
to the shootlne. all ot which has
been published heretofore. Gulteau ho hod te
nucstcd to discontinue his visits. IIo did not
ee the assassin when be fired the fatal shot.
Saw the body of President Garfield alter tils
death In Franklin Cottage at Elberon, New Jer
sey. Did not see tho Iwdy ntter It was brought
to Washington. A numlicr of letters frcm tho
fllmj nf tho Stite Iierartment were then Mentl
fled by Secretary Blaine m having been received
from tho prisoner, after which they were read
UV ine District .attorney.
Urxin reassembling In the afternoon the resi
dent minister frjm Venezuela described tbo
shooting. The prisoner Impressed him as wear
ing a look of feir. Bcoille asked him how
Gulteau wore his bat. Witness said on the
side of his head. Gulteau Interrupted with
"that Is false; I wear my hat this way," chang
ing it from a iauntv stvle to nerfcctlv stralchl)
and added "I wear It this way and don't go
sneaking around." Nothing further was elic
Mrs. Sarah B. White, matron ot the Baltimore
& Potomac waiting room, explained the circum
stances ot tho assassination as heretofore
published: I here recognize Gulteau as the
person who fired the shot, and hod seen htm
walking about the gentlemen's room before
Garfield arrived. Did not see the pistol In the
assassin's hands when she went to the Presi
dent's assistance. Gulteau was only about 8
Icct back ot tbo president wiicn lie fired. Haw
yed ladles In tho room. 8he said Gulteau wore
the east rn corridors nnd patiently nwnltcd nil
mission to the unitt room.
At t) o'clock the prison van drove up, nnd
Gulteau, clutching a large bundle of papers In
lils manacled hands, was shulllcd hurriedly In
to tho building. There was n maiked absence
of noisy demonstrations on tl e part of the by
stundcrs, yet Gulteau plainly t ctrayed tho fear
of nuddcu violence which nlwnys marks his
movements whenever ho deems filmtclf at nil
cxiKiscd to danger. He wns taken to the pris
oner's room, and devoted himself to the reading
oi papers'!
At 0:3Q the scats reserved for the general
Rublle were entirely filled four-fifths of them
cing filled with ladles.
Upon tho opening of tho Court, Scovlllo re
quested tho Court to lako some measures to
prevent the prlsonsr from giving tho public his
unauthorized communications, nnd nlso to pre
vent annoying Interruptions by the prisoner In
the court room. Thts brought on n scene, dur
ing which Gulteau demanded that Scovlllc
should go out of the case; that lie was no
criminal lawyer, and had no tense; that he
talked one thing to him In private and another
in public Seovllle endeavored lo explain to
the Court, but Guttc.tu became more nnd more
excited, nnd addressed himself alternately to the
Court, to Scovlllo nnd to the ballffs who were
cndcavolng to keep htm nulet. To the Court
he said: "Ircpresnt mvseir, your honor, nnd
I shall dons I plcnso about counsel." Then
turning to Scovlllo: "You have no capicltv,
and I won't have you manago my case." Then
turning to tho bailiffs, he shouted : "You mind
your business, you confounded fools; you uln't
got no sense." The Court ngrln stated to the
prisoner, In decided terms, that ho would order
hli removal nnd proceed In his absence. To
this Gulteau shouted excitedly: "I don't enre
if you do. The Court In bane will reverse you.
nnd I will get n trial. You havo got no right to
remove me."
Tho court replied, In terms which seemed to
convlneo Gulteau of their slnetrty: "Very
well. I shall do so If u persist Innnv more dis
turbance, nnd thero nropreccdetilsln this court
for such rulings."
A whispered consultation between Gulteau
nnd Scovlllo followed, nnd the former, appar
ently convinced, subsided Into nhsolute quiet
and devoted himself to his papers.
District Attorney Corkhlll then offered in
evidence certain letters which weio yestcrdnv
read to Blaine and Identified by him. Ed. A".
Wngncr wns then called na a witness, but failed
to respond.
Joteph K. 8hnrpo was then sworn : Did not
see tho shooting, but saw tho prisoner attempt
Ingto cscopo and witnessed the arrest.
Scvernl witnesses were then examined who
minutely described the shooting and GuitcauV
actions. Ono witness heard Llm say, as he was
being taken to Jail, "I am a stalwart and Arthur
is now rresiucni."
The District Attorney produced a nlstol nnd
showed It to the depot policeman, who was on
the stand. Tho latter readily Identified It as
the ono taken from Gulteau. Tho pistol was
examined by the Jury.
Edmund D. Diibarry witnessed the shootlne.
and described the scenes connected thcrcwltn.
In his opinion Gulteau bad a bad face.
Seovllle desired tuts portion oi the evidence
be taken and stricken out, unless witness would
state In what pnttcularfcature tho prisoner had
a nau race.
Witness Insisted that was his Imnresslon from
ine prisoner's general appearance.
trary to the general expectation, mado no
demonstration whatever or allusion to tho Into
nttcmpt upon bis life. Immediately upon the
opening OI court HOOinsnn criuci-eu saveieijr
the discourtesy shown him by Scovlllc, and ask
ed tun court ro renevo mm irom me case.
Scovlllo made a brief statement, deploring the
dls.ig.ccmcnt, after which Judee Cox relieved
Hoblnson from further connection with the
defense. Scovlllo began to ad lrcss tno court
ssne." fierce..!
After recess Scovlllo resumed hi story of tho
life of Oul'cnn, uslns tho expression "mentally
Guiteau exclaimed. "Not true, nnd can't be
shown. I always tell tho truth. I hnd brains
enough, but my mind was devoted to theology J
that Is why I rnn behind. There's no money In
the theology business. I'm out of that now."
Seovllle related an incident of Gttlteau's life,
whlcn friends thought indicated insanity.
'llio Sttpromo Court of tho United
Sttitcs has decided that tho capital of
American banks lnvosted in loroltrn
cottnti ios can bo tnxod by tho United
Tho interesting and scholarly papers
contributed by Mr. B. F. DoCosta, to
tho Mnrnzlnn of Amorionn lllstorv.
(leicnsc. ucovuio ocgan to mi'iren inu roun, i :i r , . i. , JiVi.
"Wo do not expect to bo compelled to conduct n't'u 'I. 5j '. ' w.f. ffi tJU? which on their nppcarnnco woro rocoiv-
tlm msn pntlrelv without assistance." I before, and It is absolutely false, won't ten ... . r" . . .
ir.nnHTt eitmt ! I undVrstnnd Judce any such stuff again." Seovllle related Quit- cd by American and European scholars
his efforts7 nnd w,Ul tho warmest approval, ltavo been
Magruder was nnxlo .s to nslst In tho tr al, J" experiences during tlio Moaiy
-,.rr f i t .i t ,... I Riinttev revlrnls. nnd his efforts
aptear here as well' as Swett and Trudl of Chi- failures and lack of appreciation shown liv Ills reprinted in a thin quarto volumo, on ioiicUcrt.
cago." Gulteau retaining his seat twin. "Your Onltftn t Iras "Plalnedt New . with mans nnd illustrn.
. ' . . . rt ... . . ' . n- i mn I h..i ma.i ii,,r nn rnnrtiar nn
and tho Ideas would not drnw." H wns Gut
lean's belief that ho wns serving the Lord, nnd
It wns tho Lord's business to pay the debts ln
curved In his service. Gulteau lauchlnslvsitdt
Will nraetlen In all Courts of MlMonrl, Kan
sas, I ow a and Nebraska. Renl Estato business,
and Collections (.romptly stlendcil to.
nnnrtn unit TtrnWhtlkteS. ami all F&nCV and
Hot Drinks a specialty. Pattonigo respectfully
hrnnl." cried the nrlsnner.
Tim CnuH (st.ridvl. You cannot le heard
Oultcnti 1 accept your honor's ruling, and
w III let It go up to the court In banc If I nm
convicted the court In banc will reverse you and
give me n new trial.
'I he Court (to Seovllle) I shall pass any
ontcr yon desire in regard to communica
The prisoner (Imperiously) I want two or
three of tho liest lawyers lnjAmcrlca, and I ex
pect to get them.
The Court (severely) We will not talk about
"I don't csro If you don't. I have had mv
say," exclaimed the prisoner as a parting
shot, nr.d he then relapsed Into comparative
In the afternoon examination Byron An
drews was called to the stand simply to Identi
fy himself as a correspondent of the Chicago
httr-Ortan. Helms received no papers from the
prisoner, and did not know him.
While waiting for another witness, Scovillo
rose and snld : "I give notice now,
Ttin ncr&Nsn is this case isissaxitt,
nnd we will claim the burden of proof is on the
prosecution. If they Intend to Introduce evi
dence on that point they must do so before they
Davldgo Wo think nthcrwlsc, nnd wo will
net ncconiingto our own convictions of what Is
proper. Tho defence has made no opening.
Scovlllo "I give vou notice now before you
close your proofs. I simply waut to make It n
matter of record."
"Judge Cox "I understand."
Hero followed the testimony of witnesses con
nected with the departments In relation to
Gultcau's search for ofllce, and tbo leading of
letters nddrcsscd l.y him to the President and
heads of departments, nftcr which the court
Washington, Nov. 10. The crowd atiout the
court house thin morning wns far greater than
upon any former day. It was with tho greatest
of dlfllcnlty that those whoso presence were
needed In the court room could gain admission.
To avoid nn otherwise Inevitable scramb'c It
was found necessary to issuo tickets of adaits
slou. and onlv ticket-holders are permitted to
enter. At 9:40 the doors weio opened nnd In n
few minutes every scat was occupied, the larger
proportion of speclators being ladles. Gulteau
airlvcd at 0 o'clock, nnd without a particular
demonstration on the part of tbo crowd, was
taken nt once to tho prisoners' room, where he
nto n hearty b cakfast and expressed himself
well satisfied with tho prncrcss of his case.
Court opened without Incident, and George
C. Mnynnrd, electrician, wns put on tho stand
nnd tcstlll d to loaning Gulteau ten dollars otic
time nnd fifteen another.
Gulteau protested against thts line of evi
dence, and did not think it anybody's business
neiiicr no owcu ), or smno ono oweu mm;
".Muvnaru is a goou i- now, ami i owe mm f:
that is all t ero Is In it."
District Attorno' CorklilU desired to prove
ny ino witness mat uuiteau uorrowcu tlio ur
acil dollars with which he bought the revolver.
On cross-examination, witness thought Gul
teau looked so dy and hungry. The prltoner
showed uracil feeling nnd frequently Inter
rupted the witness by asserting that ho lived
In first-class stylo and wore a seventy dollar
suit ot cioines. tie Knew plenty oi pubilcmen
nnd had all the money he wanted, ills mcntxj
condition, not his physical, was at fault. ,Hu
had n big load on Ids mind about that time,
John O'Mcara testllled to sclllnir a nlstnl in
Guiteau. Ho conld not identify It as there
were thousands just llko It. Tho charges wero
then drawn from the revolver, at tho sugges
tion of the counsel and much to the relief of
the audience. Pending the examination of the
Istol Gulteau desired to announce to the
burt that ho Invited John D. Townsend, of
New YorK, nnd Leonard Swett and L. 8. Trude.
of Chicago, to assist him. Thero was plentv of
brains on the other side and he desired as much
on his sldo In the Interest of Justice. "Another
matter," he continued, "I deslro to call the at
tention of tho court to. Is. that there are a num
bcr of disreputable characters in the court and
that somo threats of violence havo been made
during tno wcck past. I havo no fears for my
personal safety. Tho Chief of Police has kind
ly furnished mo a body guard, and I wish to
uotiiy an evil uisposeit persons tnai it tlicvat-
this morning." Bcovlllo hero leaned over and
whispered to him, when Gultea'i retorted sharp
ly nnd with Impatience: "I won't stand It. I'm
not nfrald to. h- wevcr. but I have only a mo
input n snenk and I wll! keen my Seat. I do
not enre to say more than was pnbllthcd last " dealheadcd from Toledo to Chicago, mi t no
Mondnv 'n my nddrcs to tho public 1 pro- Impression my nppearnnco mndo with the
sume tue jury nil saw ir. nnvu h-'m-i piui-i-h .'.."-.'.' -(-
vllle, whllo describing Gultcau's religious
experiences, wns frequently Interrupted by the
prisoner with "I left a tfl.OOO law business to
do that work, nnd you nil know how I mado out
Willi it;" and ngnin, "tlio same Kinn oi uus
nessthc apostle Paul wis engaged In; he pot
tlons. As thero tiro but fifty copies of
this work for dnlo, collectors dt siring to
sccuro copies, should nrdtr them nt
o. A. S. Uarncs & Co., Now York,
arc tho puhllsliots.
to make. I appear m m ov ,i ctn.i , uml my
ldei Is to tind:e eonettlons ns wo go nlong Just
ns w have for the past three or four days. I
don't mean any discourtesy to any one. I only
want to get at facts, If nny one says J
1, (V1 1 T ,1..kU 1 will .I....- II n.. 1.A
imu U11MI1 cl IWU 1 UUH 1, i mumiij ii uii u". " St I J.II. a n..l I Sllli
spot. J y Iden is to wko tilings w-iicn.ney are "lALy:."i ' , V rt
oi ici tnem gci com ana simcr irom i 'i i " " , V i
hot! not
misrepresentations. Of courso I shnll go on
the stand nt tho proper tlmo nnd lie
examined and cross-examined. My Idea
Is, Ihowcvcr, to meet a misstatement when
It Is hot, Instead of waiting to let the
matter tret digested and understood. I think
the true way Is, to Interject my statements nt
tho case proceeds. I havo no set speech to
make, but am much obliged to vour Honor nnd
to counsel for the courtesy of this Invitation."
Then adding after a short pause: "Ono word
tnc question oi malpractice .uy iuca
slmnlv this, that by the physician's own
statement on July 25th tho President was not
fatally shot. We don't want to press the sub
ject, nor desire to have It go on record so that
tticcourttn bancmay taice tiotico or it." Al
ter a brief pause Gulteau added t "That's nil
there is to the malpractice business, short and
to the point. I want it understood that 1 ap
pear ns mv own counsel here. I am the agent
of the Deity, nnd I expect him to take caro of
me. i imnK lie una mnnagcu u prcuy wen so
The District Attorney then called Doctors
Woodward nnd Lamb, who testified to tho
hnrnctcr of the wound nnd that It wns n mor
tal one. They identified tho ball which wns ex
hibited to tho Jury ns tho one they hnd taken
from the body of President Onrtlcld. The pro
secution then rested their case nnd Gulteau wns
nllowcd permission to be heard In opening his
Gnttenu's manner seems lo have underdone a
marked change slnco the early davs of tho trial
anddnrlngthe delivery of his shortspcech this
was namcu anv noticcan c. at tne cone usion
he settled back In his chair with an air of ex
haustion and rested his head upon his hand
wcarllv wlillo a corresponding expression
pcarcd upon bis face.
Seovllle In his address said that the Jury
should noto carefully the expert wltncsfes,
hear their testlmonv. see how thev stand the
examination nnd cross-examination nnd then
Scovlllo then, oulto snarnlv: "f don't want
any opinions from you. Ilavo you ever ex
pressed an opinion on this easel"
Witness "I have, sir, lrcquently."
"Hnvo you cvir said you thought the pris
oner ought to be hung!"
witness (ma mosi cmpnaiic manner; "knave
most decidedly."
Patrick Kearney, policeman I first saw tho
- .Ill.lR . . . T T .11.1
lirifuuur mo.-,.; a. uuij u. uu ,U9 iniuuiu
with two hackmcn who were ' bucking" a Job
from him, as we call it.
The witness described minutely the arrival of
tho President's carriage nnd tho entrance into
the depot. His evidence In this particular cx
nctly corroliorated that of Secretary Maine's.
Soon after tho President passed Into the depot
ho heard shots, nnd rushing In ho seized a mm
who was running out, Tho roan said, "I want
General Sherman to havo these nancrs."
.... . . . ....., ul.
n, fY,"J '. BP"? " HI shoot them
.u..vu. - ! "M .iftwn. inni is an Mitre is Aimut it."
nr. .Tiidirn Mnrmldpr. of Mnrrl.mil. hns nff.ri..l
to assist me In this trial, and t w nut to write to
him to meet mo hero Monday morning. I don't
know If Scovlllo knows anything about It, but
1 want him In the case. Seovllle Is dolnz snlen.
dldlv but I want him to have nsslstnncc. Thli
Is the only wny I can get anything before the
public to announce It In court."
No objection was offered, and Gulteau was
apparently satisfied nnd busied himself with
writing, occasionally turning to Scovlllc to as
sure him that Judge Magruder was a splendid
man, and that be wanted him In the case.
John Tavlor and Aqullla Barton, colored
hack drivers, testified relative to Gultcau's
wish to hlro a back of them to take him to the
cemetery- Barton said that "the prisoner did
not iook at, nil cxcitea or nci peculiar, no was
perfectly cool, and told me to keep cool and not
get cxciieu. mai no Knew wuai ne was looxing
for. I think he looks a little thlner thou ho
Gulteau. who appeared Interested and amused
at the witness' replies, said: "Just here It
might be well to say that I had to-day the first
square meal since the second of July." This
sany raised a inugu in wnieu uuiteau joineu
heartily. WItncsa said. "There were two
two snots and you wero running from tbo
direction of the shooting. I will arrest
you. Somo gentleman said, 'That Is the
man wuo snoi me i-resmeni.' i nau my
club In my hand and thought of bitting htm. I
then thought about the Grand Jury, and did
not hit him." After a few nucstlons had been
asked tbo witness by Seovllle. Gulteau, wbohad
peen cioseiy roiiowing rue evidence, exclaimed,
"Your honor, will you allow melto ask this wit
ness a few questions! He comes nearer the
truth than any of them." A whispered consul
tutinn between Scovlllo nnd Gulteau then ensu
ed, when tho f onner nsked the witness: "Were
you at all excited when you mado the arrest!"
Witness began to make a statement, and a repe
tition of his evidence when Gulteau Interrupt-
iju Maijucu iu djivuiv iu I cu, euj im inu nciv me uiei umu nun wuk
The letters were doubt-1 hold of me. Sir. Otllccr. I had not moved. I
other campaign debris. I had Just put my pistol up." A colloquy then
ensueu uctween uuiteau anil tno witness which
created some amusement but was not Interrupt
ed iy tne uouri. vtiroess aumiucuuiai uui
teau did not attempt to run away.
Dunne one of Guiteau's police court nar-
oxysms to-day be spoke as follows about Seo
vllle: "Last night he spent an hour In jail with
me and showed a dlCforcnt spirit from now, I
da not propose to put my case in his bands. He
is no lawyer ana no politician, i want nrsi
class talent in this business, and I'm going; to
have It or there's cotnir to ne trouble. Mind
your business," he continued fiercely struggling
Acting l'ostittnster Uoncrnl llntton
has just announced a decision to tho
ofTent tlmt matter produced by hand-
stamp, typo-writer, or copy-press is all
mn facio subjoct to first-class rates of
iioslagv, but that this presumption may
bo removed by tho examination of Uio
matter produced by tho
named, tho question to bo determined
in each enso being whether cr not tho
"I nut matter is intonded for usn nnlv hntwnnn
rcs upon subjects personal to
processes Missouri.
streets selling my lectures; llio people thought
I was nliook aecnt, and I wn hnnplcr when do
ing that work than ever before. I was working
lorinc i.oni. not lor money."
Seovllle then alluded to Guiteau's suseenll
blllty to the Influence nf women; snld he would
talk to nny woman as long as she would listen
to him.
"That's not truel" shouted Gulteau.
a notice
bcr address, if she was all right, would be well themsolVOS.
received. And totnis notice l got a response
irom a lady worm viiuuu. mat was not nou,
was It!"
Scovlllc continued: "It Is true, as he savs.
that notice broucht one response, which shows
that there is one woman In the United states
who has probably lost her reason also,"
1V -...( II.. 1-1 1 I IT . 1
her two letters and she wrote me two. You (to card intended for communication bills,
W'lSoWA le.h.cr"rne "cfP,B f d "dors 'r Ascription to
weeks, and I nm certain you have lied nbout It. 1 their publication or publications, and
amgoinoMIowhcr." mny "' print tho address of such pub
Scovlllc "Tlio letters ho wrote I did not u,nor "I'on tho address sldo of tho
Gulteau fanzcrlv striklnc tho table with bis I
fist) No, you did not send them. I knew you
hod lied about It. That's not the first He you
nave torn.
The Court (stcrnlv) Bcnnlct.
District Attorney Seovllle knows that If
there ever wero any such letters they never can
reach the lurv. and this attcmnt to tret Into nub
ile colloquy with this man Is reprehensible. Let
this man play his port when tho time comes.
1st ami Surgeon,
nvvxrv At residence, two doors north of
J. A. Keeves' Store; formerly residence of Levi
Real Estate, Insurance and Collecting
Will practice In all the Courts ot northwest
Assistant Postmaster General Hatton
has decided that publishers of matter
admitted in tho malls as second class
may print uron tho sldo of a postal
Bankers and Brokers,
Loan Money. Buy Notes, Draw Drafts on all
principal cities, and Collections promptly made,
'ay Taxes for non-residents; Loans negotiated
on real estate, and Investments made on favora
ble terms, interest nnowea on iimn urpusim.
Lawyer&Notary Public,
rv.it.iuia m,t Tlmnslttnns taken. Convey
ancing done, Lcgnl Information given and Gen
eral Land and Law Business attended to.
0'FAIX.ON Sc. lltVI.tE,
card and cnclosn'tho same in second
class matter. It is also decided that
tho old mill (I. nr. mntlnr nf n lmr.i-
graaomaybo enclosed "with thafbf a ATTORNEYS " AT-LAW
Higher is proper.JlIt authorizes printed unt-uw, aueouum.
i. , , , .. Will nraHlmtn nil pnnrts of Missouri
munm w uu oncioseunn mcrcnanuiso coffectlonsrand all manner of legaibu.lness
and authorizes! nrintinrr nn n. tor nt. will rerrlvn nur nrnmnt attention.
tnd The Prisoner fireatlenlallnir Wlldlvi-I'm not r"ilf!h7.i! to n snmnln n,m, tl. DmirfT .."Ofllce north BidO Of Court UOUSO, Over
ap- playing a part. 'I know Scovlllo was lying. w '",t"u lr "nU'i Drug Store,
Scovlllc I understand this cvldcnco Is com- 0
log, that It Is perfectly competent.
"As a general thing testimony obtained from
lying is not competent," rciortea tno prisoner,
Neatly a jear ao cxport-t vcro sent
Scovlllo-I will not i cnlv to Corkhlll at pros- om "7 io Uepartmont of Acrlculturo
come to -the best conclusions possible. The jni tor nis msmuauon. wncn tno timo comes to oxnmino and rcpott unon tho conln
dlfllcultv would come when tlojurycoto Jor i J IV., "
weigh the evidence on both sides. The Jury
siiouiu tnen consider mat tnc experts on tne
part of tho government wero lielng paid tlOO
or $200 n day, and that even theso scien
tific men have tint reached that height licyond
passion ana iccung anu tim iovo oi money ns
thnt those things could hnvo, no Influ
ence whatever on their feelings or their
Judgments. On the other band not a slnele ex
pert witness tor tno uctense wouiu oe psiu, ami
their testimony, If In favor of tho prisoner,
would expose, them to the condemnation and
ostracism In the community where tbcvllvc.
Theso things should bo considered In weighing
expert testimony. The popular feeling against
the prisoner baa Ix-cn shown In three separate
attacKs upon ms tue, tno lastneing commend
ed by the newspapers all over tho country; that
tne popular iccung wouiu niso snow useit in
tho testimony of expert witnesses. He con
trasted his own inexperience In criminal cases
with the experience and ability of tho
opposing counsel, and in view of this
disparity he fsked tho Jury to be considerate
ana canuiii toMieacicnso; sun no atanot asK
for any odds when it came to questions' ot fact.
He expected the defense would erect nn Impreg
nable wall and fortress which all the powers of
tho other side could not shake. It lie came
short In this he knew he could rely confidently
on the Court's learning, Integrity and sense o'f
Justice. With this nrray of facts which he
wouiu present to nn nonesi jury ana upright
judge ho felt he was not entirely nt a disadvan
tage. Seovllle then addressed tho lurv at consider.
able length. Much, he snld. hnd been Introdue-
I had considered, continued Scovlllc, that this
cviiiencc was compierc.
l'rlsoner You will not have any suc-ess
from the Lord by lying. You lie, youlle. I've
found you out. When a man lies to me orco I
never believe htm scaln. You have lied to me
once, nnd that Is played out.
Tho prisoner seemed convulsed with passion,
nnd disregarded tho efforts of his brother and
sister to oulet him.
Scovllh' All I want In this case is that the
truth shall prevail.
Gulteau That's what I want, and I'm golcg
to imvc it,
Seovllle Cto thoiurvl If vou believe I nm- rocoivou larco accessions of calves from
iiuee nny ncm oi eviaenco xor meairicai ci ect Kustorn da rv farms, nnil thnt. tho In
nnn wiinmir. nn pnraps, mnini-TiAn Timt if la mat i ' - ...w ...
ami proper to be done. 1 wnnt you not only to troduced animals suffered mostfrom tho
reject u, our to ennrgk it sgninst me wiiu ten- ,l.,Bn. tw
gious diseases which were said n pro
vail among domestio nnlmfils, sind es-
pcciully In herds of cattle in Iowa, 1111
t ols at'd Missouri. Tho report of this
commission is inccrDoratcd in tho nnnu
al report of tho Department jusl issued.
rom ltwoioarntnattuoepldomic, which n ITlTl'nT) n1lA TTITT1 nnmmTlT)
us supposed to bo pleuro-pneumonla, flfl fifiM film nftlll UU 1 lUIl.
i .......
West Side Public Sauare. Resnectfullv Invite
tne patronage oi tnoso naving anytuing in tne
oaroer, tiair-uiittingorpnamtiooning i.ine.
R. I. REAi
Notary PubKc and Real Estate Pgent,
Will attend to all legal business Intrusted to
his care In all the Courts of Northwest Missouri.
II ns for tale a largo number of chotco business
prevailed most in herds which had
woro mado in a number of cases, but no
traces of plouro-pnoumonia wero found.
1 lio ulsoapo front which tho animals
had died wa prououncod to bo phthlsio
pulmoualic, or what is commonly called
fold effect In your final verdict. Applause. J
The prisoner was called when a boy
Gultcnu "Julius Cn-sar." I never liked that
name and do not have It too much negro nbout
8cnvllln Tlio namo as I undcrstnnd It wns
mints ciiaries."
l'rlsoner My legal name Is Charles Guiteau.
Scovlllo then proposed to read a bundle of let
ters written by Gulteau. dating back to 1S53,
un nuu nm iuu in-iii (ii ins iniu'i.
The District Attorney objected to their In
troduction as not connected with the crime.
Prisoner We will show thev arc million.
The Judgo admitted tho letters, which Sco- il npi" that, omitting vdVsels of less
vllle read, most of them being nddressed to Mrs. thnn fifty tons measurement, Eurone
Senvlllnnnd some tn h mulf. Tlinno nt llm . '
eatllcst date, 'M, snow notlilng peculiar, but f "Ja i uvury i.uuu lnimui-
Tlte World's Carrying Trade.
From n recent comparative statement
ivt in i.vrdpnrnth,:nfnrwhw,(.,iimin,iim,,u earnest untc, 'iw. snow notlilng peculiar, but f
have no bearing upon the ca... All men share America 40,. and Australia 79,
tno samn onminn relative tn inn nnirennii-nT tho .-."- : . . -:i-- : -v i . .
ivuiio dsia unu jiinca navo only a tons
nothing remarkable about him except that he
evnl ladles In tho room. 8he said Guitei
hat nimlcliL The nrlsoner bowed nnrroval.
Ilobcrt A. Park, ticket agent at tbo Baltimore
& Potomac, tea tilled: Ho saw Gulteau tbe
morning of July Sd. Saw the firing and rushed
from the ofllce Into the corridor and seized
Gulteau as he fled and held him till the police
man relieved blm. Ho did not sec the first shot.
Ills testimony was unshaken oy sharp intestlon
fl'lalno cross examined, testified as to the lo
cality ot tbe shooting, pointing out on a dia
gram of the Baltimore & Potomac depot the
spot on which tbe shooting occurred, lie had
received numerous letters from tho prisoner
persistently urging to no assigned to speaK in
me name campaign,
less destroyed with
Ilerardlne Guiteau's visits to the State Depart
ment tbe Secretary said he was ono of perhaps
forty applicants on the days he came, and that
lie suffered tbe disappolr tmcnt of tlio rest. Ho
at no time noticed anything which would have
indicated the derangement ot Gulteau; and
Seovllle, in questioning Blaine, referred to Uio
difllculty which arose In the Republican
party in New York after tho appoint
ment ot Collector Robertson and requested
that tbe Secretary explain the situation ns It ex
isted. Secretary Blame answered a numbet
questions l the subject of tho resignation
enators Conkllug and Piatt, and the contr
vernY in tbe New York Legislature, ana upon
helnir further Questioned, sucreested tUat he
would make a political speech for the defense if
ltwaa desired. Seovllle extdalned his reason
for putting the questions, saying that he deslr-
ea to snow tue leeuug ui uuicnieaa iu (juuucai
circle wttn a new to proving tne rjeanng it na
upon Wo liriouuci o uiiuu, aoiu in J iu aui
tber questions the Secretary stated that after
the assassination of the President be paid little
or no attention to the conflict in tbe New York
Legislature, and. in fact, thought nothing of
tmffilrA. He said be invented the term "Stal
wart" bimself iu 1875. Secretary Blaine after
further quesUonlngieitlJiesiana at i r. m,
and the Uourt tooK a recess tor uaii an nour.
Then nodding to the reporters he added ! "Ro.
porters, put tuat clown."
Col. A. S. Stockwcll was the next witness.
no becau to detail occurrences at the depot
when Scovlllo Interposed, acknowledging the
killing. Gulteau quickly shouted, "No, your
Honor, we acknowledge the shooting but not
tue Killing,
Col. Rockwell briefly stated the facts within
his knowledge aud without a cross examination
lie was lonowcit oy uen. u. u. tjwaim.
Gen. Swalm was at Elberon when the shoot
ing occurred. Witness describes briefly his as
sociation with tho President during his fllncss.
An Impressive scene occurred during hlstotl
mony. "What were the President's last words!"
asked Mr. Corkhlll.
"Ills last words," replied the witness, with
emotion, "were'Oh, Swalm.'"
Dr. I). W. Bliss was then called. WItncsa
gave a narrative covering from the time he was
called to the President's side (15 or 30 minutes
after he wai shot) until his death. The imme
diate cause of bis death was hemorrhage. Wit
ncss then explained minutely the character of
the wound, ulng the upper portion of the
wired skeleton for tho purpose ot illustration,
and detailed xt great length the progress and
symptoms of the case. Pending the arrival of
the fractured vertebra', which tlio District At
torny announced bad been sent for, witness was
subjected to a lengthy exanduatlon, tho sup
posed object being to lay the foundation for the
theory ot lnal-Kiactlce, which Gulteau Insist!
must be made the foundation stone ot the de
fense. Quite the sensation of tho trial wns produced
when Uio District Attorney suddenly drew
from the pasteboard box upon his table a so--
lion oi numan DacKuonc, ami, Homing it up,
Inquired: "Do you recowlzo this, doctor f"
Tbe audience hung breathless upon the an
swer as tho witness. In measured tones, renlled;
"I do; It Is a portion of the vertebra) of the
late President James A. Garfield." Tbe verte
bra.' was then hande-1 tothe lurv and the char
acter and extent of the injury explained to
them. Dr. Bliss was followed with tho closest
attention on the part of the entire audience,
with some exceptions. Gulteau devoted him.
self to his papers, only occasionally glancing
un with the air of a man belncr bored with a
recital In which he could have no possible In
terest. Alter tne venenne nau neen returned
to the Dls'rlct Attorney's tableBcovllle reach d
over and requested an opportunltv ot examin
ing It. It was handed to him, and Gultesu, who
sat immediately on bis right, examined it close
ly as Seovllle turned It over and from side to
side. lie made no move to touch It, however,
. , I J , - . 1 . ., tw f . . ,
.'resident. 11 was not mcflRnnt tn rnnTemnifitn i . .v
yJ! J" leUeKrXmVh.h p ace ffl X. Uverpool ranks as tlio most
Ze dn. for U e lu VZXRZ !? M 'PPrt8 the. doctrines of
1 . .. . .. i inn rnmmiiniiv.
Killed tne rrcs- u-uu...i ..i. i.t
, .. t.J. O !... DUD IUIU UJ1MJUCI buiii: "1
forgot that letter; It Is a very good representa
tive ui ine lunuence unuer which 1 nveu lor SIX
years. I was not awaro of Its existence."
The last letter from Oneida was dated Oeto-
i,.. 1 cm n...l ...u1 ,a ..t . . I. - 1 ..i. . . 1 .
that he desired to leave the Community and go Ports 01 rcat Hrltnln havo a tonnngo of
cent, and wbo'hernt tho time ho was in such
i condition mentally ns to render him responsi
ble for the action," 'l he speaker, with nout
tempt at oratorical effects, presented In a plain
matter-of-fact manner the points which he pro
posed to make, and upon which tho defense
would rclv. Without concluding tho opening
nuurrss, ci-ovino requested
hl-n further time and tn
to-morrow. This was granted and court ad
Washington-, Nov. 22. Gulteau was brought
inio tne court room snortiy alter iu O'ciock,
and Scovlllo resumed his argument. '
He called the attention of the 1urv to the
pleas set up by tho defeme, Insanity, nnd dis
cussed at great length the growth and chanircs
Important port in tho world, with a ton
nngo of 2,647,373; this is succeeded by
London, with 2,330,088, and Glasgow
with 1,432,3G4 Now York comes next,
with,l,160,G7G tons. Tho nlno loading
with the depu y marshals, who were tnHSc to ! " L".ui"" :V.7i.0.r"Vr.V V"''
nnnra him uu k,u uui. ni,smi, ."'V'"" "J
Seovllle Yesterday tho prisoner told me he
had another communication be Intended to give
tne press.
"I don't care a snap about Its going out,"
interjected the prisoner, excitedly.
mai, seines it."
"Keenonlett" said Seovllle. anirrllr. T tnld
htm that In order to keep it from getting into
tus nanus oi tne reporters l would see mm in
the Jail about it- I went to the Jail and he kept
Ittn his pocket."
"I gave It to you myself," broke In Gulteau.
"I went there." contluued Seovllle, "and
spent an hour, suggesting different point to
leellnir other than casual curiosity. Tho exam
ination ot the witness was progressing when
tue nour tor iccess amvea.
After tbe recess a lone and tedious cross-
examination of Dr. Bliss took place. 'Unon Its
conclusion the District Attorney inquired of
the defense It they proposed to pursue the same
course of examination with the re it ot the
medical witnesses, and upon Robinson's reply,
luir. "About tbe tame." announced tothe Court
tbat tho prosecution bad expected to close to
day, but under tho clrcums ances they did not
uecm it uuvisanie to introduce anotner witness.
Gulteau here attempted to say sometblnar.
ia tne mart wkjitoh ur umi i uuui. i iut w uour, suggesting nuiereni points to whn the District Attorney, bowing wttn mock
Tim nrlmner at once beoan to expostulate I Prevent It from irMiino-nnt " I rr..u . in tr nniin ain mr.
with Bcortlle, stating that he : desired him to I "You've got the document and you can keep I mlt me, your Honor, I will move an adjourn-
ivi excjaimea tne prisoner. ment" Gulteau appeared to relish it plena-
Rmiiif. i 'ill , I aniiy. ana, noaaing, repneu: -uq, ceruunir,
-,...v, tuuuuiuKiT, rvureecuii uitkii ucrc. i vou snsu nave a inn enance." me uourt aa-
uuuiDjjiyui vuo pnwuer. nxivuie
mltr. lie desired to conunusj the conver
sation, but Seovllle paid no attention a bis
Tbe prisoner, as be was being taken from the
room, addressed bis counsel In avlolontnnd
swgrr manner, nuking use of such expressions
iu "There u goag to Dea Dig row" ana "i am
going to have atght"
But the Deputy Marshal prevented any fur
ther deaonstraUon. Before the I easlon wu re
k.iuedOulteM (who bad just bein brought in
ly tie offlctr)i saldt ''Will your Honor allow
was the 1
was evidenUy getting disgusted with the
prisoner's conduct, and In tones of inlnred in-
i sS I li m 118 U0,lrt 1 1 d0 DOt PfOP00
iuK,iiUiuni uere oy ms prisoner ever)
day, nor to spend an hour or two at the tail
everyday to prevent the prisoner from giving
Nlmmr Inffu th,l,aJ.n.,l..M...l..,. s,..(. .. I
i rs, i. .uciiij uiaiBuuiv, iju.icuu i iireiy iroui
exciaimea wuajv, aauressing HcovlIIe, shaking I Suturday to
very rapidly l ''You are no criminal lawyer, aud I desired bis
i pays no comucnoe in your capacity. I pro-1 not afraid to
Wasmivoton. Nov. 21. Gulteau arrived in
the van at nine o'clock, having an escort ot
three mounted policemen In addition to two of
tlcers in tbe van. He was at once taken to bis
room, where be breakfasted and read the mora
ine naners. He seemed to have recovered en-
ma scare, no a inuuicu ui cccrv
the interposition of the Utlty, ana
bearers to understand that ne was
die If the Deity deelicd it, Mil ne
American Wild Qoese.
National Agriculturist. e
This bird is called by foreign writers
tho Canada goose. It broed'L in tho
arotio region, anu speeds sou t. on tuo
npproaoh of winter; and its miH-ntlons
north tiro tho signs of returnln.it wine.
Wilson gives us tho followlnj 'auti
ful account of this bird: "1 hav J'Avor
onios tho British (lag covers 14,000,000
tonnago out of tho total existing world's
tonnago of 27,000,000. Tho United
Dtaies, zu years ago, carried CO per
cent, of their foreign trado in thoir own
bottoms, whoreas now thoy carry some
thing less than 18 per cent.
JSiKin'i anStk!ngqrco'v-L J71 V
raided and urt ad- Prleoner-1 was recovering from my Insanity tho United States havo only 1,970,940.
r "'." "Lu"ieJI.V"L""ue.lc: St. John. Now Brunswick, is in this re
w v-c wirv-.jtuuw unnv iiuui I .
those miserable people. I had been six years a speot as important as Boston or Charles-
ovi aS nydiett so than Pl.iladolphiu.
were burned in the CTilcatrn lire. The next let- breat Britain nnd Iroland possess a eiws
ters read .wero from New York and Brooklyn In ,. .i io nnn vaa iu
isr-,7 and Thero wero nnstrikinn-n.nl!.,.. tonnago of nearly 12,000,000 sailintr ves-
oi puuue opinion upon me suDject oi insanity, ttics in any oi tnese letters, except where hey sel tons, and With tho tonnnro of her col
and I s rentment by the urt when set up as dealt with religious subjects. 4 , rZ,
ti ucicubc in criuiiiiai cases, ue cucu nuinsr
ous cases aud rulings in several noted ones.
lie claimed tuat tue pica oi insanity having
been let up by the defense, the burden of the
proof rested with tho proseiutlon. At one
point in the argument Seovllle. in detailing the
more enlightened treatment of tho Insane now
in vogue at asyiums, sam; "inotner words,
those In charco of asylums act with a little more
reason than do the Inmates." This sally seem
ed to atmiso Gulteau Immensely, and a broad
smile broke over his features, which reappear
ed two or three times, as If his mind recurred
lo tne prejudice wnlch undoubtedly existed
ogalntt the pica ot insanity generally, and es-
cciaiiy in tne case oi mo prisoner, lie saui
he newspapers had Intimated tbat Gulteau
was only felgnlne insanity, and such seem
ed to be the general thcorv of the nubile Gul
teau turned uneasily In his chair, and with
?ulck, .nervous articulation saldt "I never
elgn j I act myself, sine or Insane." Without
noting tne interruption, ecovuie aiitiuca to tne
orrcst of a man nt the time of President Hayes'
Inauguration who was sent to the insane asy
lum. This man, he said, had as carefully rnado
his arrangements to kill President Hayes as did
uuueau in kiii i resilient uarm-ia, ana nut lor
hls arrest mltrht have succeeded. Tliera wns
Just as much ground to indicate Gultcau's In
sanity, -wny," sam Bcoviue, "even President
Garfield said, 'Why did this man do itl He
must have been insane.' Blalue must havo be
lieved Gulteau Insane."
Col. Corkhlll here arose, nod with much
emphasis said: "If you will allow me, Mr.
Bcoviue, tne President never said he thought
he was Insane ho thought him sane all the
time. Blaine never thought him Insane. He
has laid under oath that be believed him to be
sane. Seovllle explained that he spoke from
Information derived from the newspapers, and
would not take nn Issue on that statement. He
then took up tho history of tbo Guttenu family,
who were of Humicnst extraction, and who hail,
Will practice in all Courts. Real Estate busi
ness and Collections promptly attended to.
Will practice in nil tho Courts ot MlssoU:!.
Real Estate and Collection buslnss promptly
attended to.
Olllco over Schulte Bros. Store.
Will practice In all the Courts ot Missouri.
Real Estate and Collecting builucss promptly
attended to. ,
visited any quarter of tho
whoro tho inhabitants aro not fa
acquainted with tho passing
passing of tho wild gooso. Tho
opinion hero Is that thi-y aro on'
way to tho lakes to breed; btv
inhabitants on tho confines of tho
lakos aro equally ignorant with
selves of tho particular brooding pi
of thoso birds. Thero thoir jou
north is but coramono'ng, and ho
it extends it is impossiblo for us al
ont to ascertain."
Wild goeso aro regardod by
who havo kopt them, nearly aaV d
and profltablo as tho dorr est lo gboso,
which it exceeds in size, and especial.
in tno quantity ana quality qt..n
feathers; even the half-bloods stis,, a
he said, retalnoltothe present day as marked superiority in that respect. WlldM .so
and characteristic Uie sturdy adherence to the .rin n,mnn dnmnBtlnl tonnn
religious connections which caused PftnnS wuu common aomosnoiwese
expatriation or tne iiugue- proauco nyurius wtitou aro not iilltiv j;
although thev will lav oners. veKitrioiiS
eggs will not hatch. Thofj.avk
flight lasts from the mid'1
to tho mlddlo of Novom
is, and generally nal flight irom the middle ofl
H2.?&er.!!a&!i tho mlddlo of May. Tho cc
weight is about ten pounds.
The peoplo around Hudson's
tho expatriation of the
nots. tie asserted that Insanity was
hereditary In the family, and went on to give
uio story oi uuitenu-s me in aetau, uuueau
appeared to be satisfied uutll Bcovtlle plainly in
timated that lack of capacity on Guiteau's part
had reduced bis law practice to collections and
1 9 ...... .1 . , ... . , , .
iuu ueuia, uuiteau wiuccu uuu uruae out witn
"1 brought a great many suits,
eave them all thev wanted on tl
After a moment ot quasi explanation to the
prisoner, Seovllle was about to proceed when
Gulteau apparenUy appealed, waved bis band
pleasanUy to Seovllle and said, "Go on, Mr.
debts. Gulteau broke out with. "I had first-
class references as well as my personal appear
ance, and so I got business. Besides that, I had
nn bad habits of any kind."
To Illustrate Gulteau'a freaks and as an Indi
cation ot bis Insanity, Seovllle related his ram
bling attempt to make a ipeecb upon certain oc
casions, when he bad been assigned by tbe
Court as counsel for the prisoner on trial, Gul
teau again Interrupted In an excited manner
and shouted I "That's absolutely fa'se. X nev
er tried a case with Charles Reed In my life. I
Buttons aro moro boautiful than ovor.
T now silver fillgroo :tro ol Italian
V7fi m"uulu'i ui i"u iiro mnuo very open,
V.o iod show undornoath coloted satin
.grounds. Metal buttons and.thoso of
composition havo overy possible shade
of color. Dark poarls divided in half
ar6 sot upon a surface with tho oftlot of
Cloth suits aro fashionably finished in
tailor fashion, with several rows of silk
An old lady who has sovtti,"
rled daughters feeds thorn on
becauso it is rich in phosphorous,!.
phosphorous is the ossontial thing in
makiDg matohos. ,
a now jersoy wiuo Xf,uXi-
$G a week at tho washtub. She o
a olairvoyant, andhorlncomo inoroased
to sixty. It Just shows that a man bo-
grudges a quarter ho nays for washing
his shirt, while he will cheerfully gho a
dollar to stick his noso into tho other
world before tho show begins.
ie Fib yttMt
TRANSACTS a general banking business.
Bells exchange on the chief cities of the
United States and Europe. Allows Interest on
deposits when left a specified tints. Collections
receive careful attention.
President. Cisuixn
both mrr.ovED A?n twwrnovEn
At prices ranging f i
Dome oi tue nnesi
in both larire and
property Iu all thmy
a few fine farms Af
either sell or bur I
tsrest to address
tiuk nm lurr.u
She lTM I
Id ljln
R0 t o .Vi.OO per sere.
4ln Northwest Missouri,
vtracts. Desirable town
'Hit Holt county. Also,
. Parties daslrlng to
ll find tt to their in
p, aa I am constantly
I - , J XI 1 T 1 At
, mars an interesting otoryana is cor- groauy uopeuu on tnoso uirus, aouvu
n detau." oonttnuing, tscovme said in ji-,niA aA..nn till tlirAA nr tnil
that Guiteau made a twod living and sun- "TOrablo seasons Kill three or M
his family at this time, and raid his tuOllsanU. WU10U aro p:ICK6U UP for IU1
ii I
v. i
fanov.Just now for
turd use.
) Ilitinid?u?sre7Aarsaiia7
1 saw so much said about the merits of Hod'
Bitters, and my wife who was always doctorlnr,
and never well, teased me so urgently to git
her some, I concluded to be humbugged again t
nnd X am glad I did, for in less thautnomonths
use of, tho Bitters my wife was cured and she
has remained so for eighteen months since. I
like such humbugging. II, T., St. Paul,
I'knecf J'rtl.
THeKJ,.! far
fresh wu. e " ;5rt-jKrh.eflo are found in
o pond and u , mussoL,3hlch
oetool childror throughout the ooury
ra amuso thomsolves in oatohing,
i- 1 1(yer fancying they aroedlbtoolams.
' r'fliwater pearls havo boon used In
. . but a few years, though perfeot
fcpetuuens of fine lustro are as valuablo
as oyster pearls. .
Hid won Know 11?
Some people suffer for years from weak kid
ney and torpid bowels and liver. It you know
aucb. a person tell them-tiiat Kidney-Wort Is a
certain cure. It can now be had tn either Uquld
form or or as a dry vegetable powder. The
same eiiecteiuier way. .r.iwmrti mount,
.. . Jl-
are losr, our
, oi uuius, anu can
iverV Address,
,Oregon, Mo.
ire unsurnaued. ai
liberal patronage ft
fS, B. F0STE
r mm
i-ime travel. ypubllcMuys
Df BRO.,Uoprieto.tir;
lint Tana beatns
eond TtiastiiM
xsum tmtm Msriss
Vomrik Term tMsrtns
Sept. IU, 1881..
Nov. at, 1M1.
ro. a. is.
April 17, IBM.
ToJUen. (5.00 tier term ot ten weeks.
Coarse ol study thorough and practical.
BosJdlrxr la family 18.00 to 13.(50 per week,
for fwutr Ufermatlon address, 7
0. L. EBAUOn,
. Principal,

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