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The County paper. (Oregon, Mo.) 1881-1883, December 02, 1881, Image 7

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Where did you come from, baby, dear 1
Out of tho everywhere Into here.
Where did you get tho eye to bluet
Out of tho ky a I carao through.
Where did you get that little tear t
I found It waiting when I got here.
What makes your forehead so smooth and high!
A soft hand stroked It as I went by.
What makes your check Uko warm white
I saw something better than any on knows.
Whence that three-cornered smile of
Threj angels gave mo at onco a.klss.
Where did you get this pretty cart
God spoke, nnd It came out to hear.
Where did you get those arms and hands 1
Love made itself Into hooks nnd bands.
Feet, whenco did you come, you darling things I
From the same box as the cherub's wings.
IIow did they all come Just to bo yout
Ood thought of mo and so I grew.
But how did you como to us, my dear I
Ood thought about you, and so I am'hcro.
A Dangeroua Half-Dollar.
"Como, boys, lot's havo a slolghrldo."
shouted Alplinso Tilton, as ho camo
running up to a group of his mates.
Thoy all responded with cries of de
light. "But whoro is tho horso coming
fromP" askod Charlio Stearns. "I
havo not got any monoy."
"Nor I nor I," ochood tho two Wll
dor beys and tholr countenancosXfolI.
"Oh, l'vo got plenty of cash," cried
Alphonso, oagorly. "You just wait hero
a fow momenta, and I'll pick you up."
And away ho wont on a kebn gallop.
Alphonso Tilton wits a loarnor among
tho boys. Ho was courageous, full of
llfo and gayoty, good-lompored, and
gonorou? almost to a fault. For theso
roasons his society was oagorly sought
by tho boys through tho village
"I wondor whoro Phon gets his mon
ey?" romarked ono of tho Wilder boys,
as Alphonso disappeared around a cor
nor. "Gets It from his father, I guess,"
said Charlio Stearns. "Anyhow, I don't
caro, so long as wo havo tho good of
Somo further speculations followed
concerning the suddon richos of tholr
comrade, which v cro out short by tho
arrival of Alphonso with a dashing
In jumped tho boys with great glee,
and away thoy went skimming over tho
smoothly trodden road. Thoy sang and
shouted, nnd attracted tho gazo of
ovorybody thoy passed by, with uproar
ious spirits. Alphonso was tho morrl
est of tho company. Hxs funny stories
and bright remarks provoked peals of
laughtor from his companions. Tho
boys all doclarod thoy novor had a joll
ior sloighrido In tholr lives.
Somo miloj from tho vlllago thoy
passod an immonso barn upon tho top
of which a sheet-iron horso, ofooiros
Tinndinrr nrooortlons. did duty as a
"What will you hot, boys, that I can't
hit that horso in throo shotsP" criod At
. Without waiting for a reply, ho pull
ed ud tho horses, handed tho reins to
Joo Wilder, and taking a silvor half
dollar from his pookot, throw it at tho
"Why, rhonl" tho boys shouted in
chorus, as tho mlssilo narrowly miisod
tho mark and flow away Into tho snowy
Holds beyond..
Aoratn Alphonso triod and missed,
"Third time novtr falls!" ho orlod,
lauehlnc, and a third half-dollar skim
med tho air in vain
"Don't do that!" orlod Charlio
oy away so, Fhon."
"Oh, thoro's plenty moro whoro thoso
oamo from," replied Phon. "Hero goos
anothor, for luok," and ho hurled
fourth coin at tho mark.
Thon ho was persuaded to stop, and
the toam spod along, amid renewed
laughter and shouting.
Whon tho sleigh drow up to tho sta
bio door on its roturn, tho boys notloed
Mr. Tilton Alphonso's fathor staud
lnc thoro. Ho had boon abroad for sov-
oral months, and thoy had .not hoard of
his arrival homo
"Alphonso, my son," ho said, rather
stornlv. as tho boys roc'allod It after
ward, "como with mo. I havo some
thing to say to you."
Alphonso oboyod, looking by no
moans pleased to seo his fathor, but on
tho contrar; appearing rathor orost-fall
en. Thoy ot away together, in earn'
ost convoi
Thon tj
hps '
;!"' all camo out. Tho
gossiped with tho stprJ p;gn of firmness In his voice.
)o was in tho ' a'1JM I ' 'Mr. Broozy, I havo dono t
V.Ann we niurotjo ho
WtJa msrohant to
tt ygo msrohant to
y .
.-.nr. Tho
asked for a
his mothor dl-
ln(n lila mini
.''Vomer, no next took a
bo no went on, talcing
1 eaoh time, until finally
1 ,t) uiuuujr tyuuu uia uiui
. i 1.1.
had not tent for it. O
In all he had stolen over a hundrod
dollars. When the three boys hoard
this story, they went homo silently, and
with soared f&cos.
' The first step in wrong doing is usu
ally a small one. Very few boys, or
men either, launch out at onoo intova
oaresi'of orlmo.
Tho temptation to steal just a half
dollar may not seem of groat conso
quonco, but beware! -Ahalf dollar may
prove a dangerous cola.
sSSSfM,. pat
ffifl teer V ? I
v ore ana v xu
Shortly after tho ovonts abovo relat
ed, Mr. niton's family romovoJ to Cos
ton. Tho boys heard nothing from Al
phonso till, a fow months afterward,
thoy road in a nowspaper that ho had
been arrested and found guilty of steal
Ing a gold watch from tho pocket of ono
of his comrados in thn gymnasium. Of
his subsequent fato his parents woro
novor heard to speak.
The Domestic Life of a Hipp Pair.
Sttnlcy Huntley.
"Hero you havo boon a wholo week,
Mr. Breezy, without tolling mo a word
about your trip to Clovoland," said
Mrs. Breezy. "You know you prom
ised to toll mo everything."
"Yes, doar," said Mr. Breezy, absent
ly, from behind his evening paper.
"I don't bollovo you heard a word 1
said," exclaimed Mrs. Breezy. "Do
put down that papor and at loast ap
pear to ho awaro of my oxlstonco, Mr.
"In a momont dear. I am just at the
end of an nrtlolo on"
"Yos, of course, your wlfo can wait,"
said Mrs. Bnczy. "Sho can always bo
put off for everything and everybody,"
continues Mrs. Breezy, boating a
nervous tattoo upon tho carpet with tho
too of her right shoo. "Boforo wo woro
married, Mr. Broozy, you told mo re
peatedly thatl should hold a first place
In your heart and that business, poll
tics, ovcrythlng, should glvo way to my
will. You havo kept your word, luivctf t
you, Mr. BroozyP"
'With your assistance, dear, I havo,"
said Mr. Breezy, as a sickly smllo cropt
over his features.
'What do you wish to Imply, Mr.
Breezy, by saying with my assistance P"
askod Mrs. Breezy, growing still moio
"Oh nothing, doar. It was only a
littlo joko," said Mr. Bieczy, making
anothor desporato effort to finish tho
artlclo ho was reading.
"Your joko is, as usual, pointless,
Mr. Breezy, nnd I wish you would drop
oklng in future. My mother always
told mo that you possessed tv light,
frivolous character, but I confoss I
didn't havo sonso enough to dlseovor it
until too lato."
"Tcolatol" echoed. Mr. Breezy, In a
suspiciously doleful tono of voico.
"From youi tono of voico; Mr. ureo-
zy, 1 sliouul imply tnai you riunur ru
grottcd its being too lato," said Mrs.
Breezy. "I'm suro I m ready at any
time, Mr. Breezy, to go back to my
fathor. I war so happy in tho Hear old
"Don't you think you aro talking
nonsonso, uoar," asKtu Mr. jurcezy, in
a mild tono of voico nnd quietly fold
ing up his papor.
Oh, I sco you havo got turougu with
that artlclo," said Mm. Breezy, Ignor
ing her husband's remark. "Now, per
haps, you can toll mo a littlo about your
With pleasure, dear," said flir.
Breezy; "what do you wish to know
Now, Mr, Breezy, do you suppose
I'm going to sit down and writo out a
lot of quostlons for you to answor, liko
ono of thoso nowspapor intorIowlng
follows? I'm suro thoro Isplontyfor
you to toll mo If you will only gol up
onorpy enough to talk; but my prcs
oneo seems to havo a sllonelng effect
upon you,"
"It does," said Mr, Breezy.
"I'm tolU you aro an awful talkor
among your gontlomon acquaintances,
but tho momont you got get homo you
tako a nowspapor, settle in tho most
comfoitablo chair in tho houso, and ro
mnln as dumb and uninteresting as nn
oyster. I'm suro I do my part, Mr.
Breezy; I don't sit as dumb as a mum
my" "Not" said Mr. Broozy, with empha
sis. "You think not, Mr. Breezy. Por-
haps you accuse mo of talking too much
You could bo just unreasonable
onouirh." said Mrs. Broozy, norvouslv
pulling at tho frlngo of a tablo cov,l',
.. 1 1.1 1.. 1 HI- TJ .. .
havo a wlfo with two Id jas '
and a tonguo capablo of v' ' '
them. You" 1 '
T nm iirnnil. ilnfir '1 Kl
Broozy. "But you know, iovo.No'u
a limit" 1
"Yos. vos. Mr. Breezy, a hmltP till
you go on?" said Mrs. Broo- y, gro7. '
moro nervous overy moment. to
"A limit to a fellow's patMV.
iiro!" sdd Mr. Breozy, rltk theb 0.1
j r ...
1 win novor attempt w codvi bo j, run.
J ally with you again. Whon 1 am v 1 j
I-whon amano mo moro, f l
U-wnon famai
j j?- 1 am nnTiiinr rn vnn
Mrs. Broozy dlsap-
..red, shultlng tho door with aecl:1
forco 1
"Anothor skirmish safely ova
sighed Mr. Breezy, unfoldinglhis
pains lu im
or which bs
cossfully tried S
Jaoobs Oil.
Tho School News, a little JournuVpub
lishod at Carlisle Barracks, P,Jn., by
Indian school children, ays tf Presi
dent Garfield; Ho was not lazy llko
many young men doing now days,
Btanding round tho corner wh hands
In pookots,'but he work or study every
minute of his time, he never let min
utes ;o by him, and ho did not spend
his monoy for foolish things. Ho grew
tu be a wise man. He was a great
man, and ho was a good president.
1 )
L i 1
HIIAtAB HnVI U OdAltl.1 M( .1
mft!Ta&.z.tCrr from rTiou
Names of Places.
Occasionally, in suoh odds and ends
of leisure ns happen to prcsont them
selves to mysolf, as a reader and writer
of books, I havo takon on Interest in
suoh a subject as tho names of plac.os.
Tli s Is a familiar fanoy among tho
Uterali of Paris; but tho changes of
namo, from various changes in political
parties, havo boon far to numerous for J
such n study.
Iu London, which claims to bo as old
a city as Paris, theso ohnngos aro not
so numerous, yet thoro aro a good many
of thorn.
Strangoly enough, tho person who,
abovo all others, I havo found to pos
sess tho most intlmnto knowledgo of
London, now and old, not only was not
nn Englishman, but notually had novor
crosad tho Atlantic!
This was Lowls Gaylord Clark, twin
brothor of Willis Gaylord Clark, who
was editor of tho old Philadelphia Ga
zette, and nlso successfully dovotcd him
self to general literature dying all too
soon, in 1841.
His brother, nlso born In 1810, had no
gonlu, but much tact and talent, both
of which he successfully omployod dur
ing tho long period in which ho con
ducted The Knickerbocker, for many
yo.irs tho host and most popular of
American magazines.
Lowls G. Clark appeared to havo had
a knowledgo of London, inluitivo nnd
extensive, and, Indeed, marvolously ac
curate I havo seen him mako n rough
map of that Modern Bnby.'on, correct
in Its leading outlines, In somo ten or
fifteen minutes!
Ho scarcely know when, or by what
process, ho had obtained this local
knowledgo of a vrst city In which ho
had novcr sot foot, nnd ho was curiously
sccurato in mentioning tho modern
changes, by public building nnd now
If ho had made hlmso'.f master of tho
origin of, and changes in, tho names of
places in London, ho would havo ranked
as a wonderful topographer,
Charing Cross, in what usod to bo re
garded as tho heart of London, was so
called for a cross sot up A. 1)., 1290, by
Edward I., in memory of Ehnor of
Castllo, his first wifo. It occupied tho
placo on which now stands tho statue of
Charles I.
Chcapsldo, ono. of tho most crowded
soats of business fn London, derives its
namo, not from tho low pricos of wares
on sa!o there, but from thoro having
been a market thoro in early times, and
chepe being tho Saxon for a market.
Long Aero, a street in which a largo
number of earrlago-bullders pursuo tholr
calling was a meadow, In tho yoar 1522,
cnllcd tho Sorcn Acres, and when built
upon became a fajhionablo street.
Moorllclds, In tho vicinity of tho Bank
of England, wns a rotten swamp or
moor from M77 to 184C, .Then it wns
drained and covered with shops and
Murk-lnno, which long has boon the
'contro of business for grain morchants,
was originally called Mart-lnno, bi ing a
public mart.
BlUlngsgato, famous all tho world
ovor for tho quantity and quality of tho
tlsli sold thoro, nnd for tho coarso lan
guage used by tho huckf tors who occu
py tho placo, occupies tho slto of ono of
tho old water gatos, just below London
Bridge, erected In old times by a citizen
named Billings.
Graccchurch street, nl?o in tho city,
was originally Grass-Church strcot,
from tho grass or hort3 sold thoro.
Covent Gardon (originally Convont
Gardon), tho valuablo property of tho
Duko of Bedford, and used for tho snlo
of vegetables, fruit and flowors, for
merly bolongcd to tho Abboy and Con
vont of Westminster. In tho year 1552,
Edward VI. presented it to John, Earl
of Bedford.
Blossoms-Inn (Lawrenco-lune) de
rived Its Its namo from its sign, which
represented St. Lawronce in a bordor
4- WUI3 Ul uiusauwsi
7 Cnitcheairlarswasso named lor a
uiry suppressed by Honry VIII.
on-row was so called from tho
ns of St. Stephen's, Wcstmiustor,
jho dwolt thoro.
Ald-gato is an alias for Old-gato,
which was ono of tho four original
gates of London, nnd was mentioned
in King Edgar s rolgn, in 067.
In many cities besidos London, tho
namo of Bridowell is suggestivo of a
Btrong-hold in which culprits aro do
tainod and punished.
Tho namo, howovor, comos from a
spring not far from Blackfriars, close
to tho Thames, called Saint Brido's
Well. A royal palaco which had boen
orocted and occupied near it was given
to tho citizens of London by Edward
VI. in 15U3, as a workhouse for pau
pers Cornhill derives ita namo from an nn
ciont corn-markot, which extends from
tho Lord Mayor's residonco (tho Man
sion House) to Leaden-hall street, east
oooupiod by thn Woodon Midshipman
mentioned by Dickons in "Domboy,&
Old 'Cbango, also near tho Mansion
TfmiRn. was go nulled from tho KIiio-'h
'ehnngo kept thoro, In tho timo of
finry yi ovor w years ago.
Tho Houso of Commons, whioh is
now an integral portion of tho Palaco
of Westminster, quite oloso to West
minster Abbey, formorly hold its ses
sions in St. Stephen's Chapel, whioh
was founded by the monarch whoso
namo it bears.
Tho Mllwaukeo (Wis.) Evening Wis
consin says: "In all our experloneo wo
havo nover heard so many f avorablo rof
nrxvi S 4awM aall 1 naau n a m liana inn!
corning St. Jaoobs Oil.
Some thlncrs are post findinirout.
Tho love for whisky Is what staggers a
For ombolllshlng houso-drrsscs tho
whim of tho momont Is a hu Vandyko
collar, falling low at tho back.
A fanoy button of enamel and gold
is in th) shnpo of n camo, and a now
bonnet ornament Is a golden nnd bronzo
wish -bono,
Flannel pottlcoa's In London nro now
ndornod with ncallops around tho lower
odgo, and n dop frill of Imltntlon
Valenciennes lnco under tho r callops.
Shoes for tho houso nro of umtroascd
kid, blnck, groy, or tan color, cut low
and trimmed with .i lacing nnd largs
satin how to match tho shoo In color.
Now Cretonnes In tho n)sthctlo stylo
nro not rcsthotlo lu tholr price. Tho
cheapest is $1 a ynrd, tho most expen
sive $1, nnd nil this for so simplo n iab
rlo as crotonno.
A bco composed of diamonds, finely
contrasted with n pink pearl which
forms tho body, soatcd on a pearl-head-
d pin, is tho latest design for a laco
Panels nnd nppliquo pieces, called
plaques, aro used lu tho make-up of
toilets this season, and aro of tho rich
est fabrics and brightest colors that may
bo suited to tho costumo.
Volonr Ottoman silk Is a novel dress
fabric which promises to bo very popu
lar for bridal and ovening costumes.
It comes only In whltonnd vory dollcnto
tinted shades of color.
Vory dcllcato tints nro in favor for
notopapor, whlto nnd cream bolng tho
most popular ones. Thoso who run
nfior strange fancies uso a pistachio
greon or nn old china blue.
Now shoes of silk velvet for ovening
wonr nro laced up tho fronts with slen
der cords of gold or silver, and tho toes
aro covered vt 1th embroidery, worked in
silvor or gold threads.
Tho nowest colars aro round, and, as
a novelty, nro mado of ribbon two
Inches wldo, trimmed with laco of tho
somo depth and sidoplrited. Tho size
Is such that It reaches nearly to tho tips
of tho shoulders.
Brides aro getting tired of appearing
all in whlto liko a snow drift, and a
fair Now Yorker, who will bo married
shortly, will havo her satin gown cov
ered with cnrnatlons, roes, nnd forget-me-nots,
outlined in gold and worked
In color.
A gcnulnoEiiglish lesthotic dress is
described In this wiso: It is cut llko nn
old-fashioned prinoesso wrapper, and
buttoned from tho tluoat to tho horn of
i ho dress, which fits llko a glovo. With
tills is worn a number of queor-looking
beads about tho neck, and an immenso
Arc you nwaro that a simple cough often
terminates to consumption t W hy not lie wise
In time and uso Allen's J.ung llaleain, which
will stop tlie utsensc nuu prevent me lutai con
For sale by all Medicine- Dealers.
Regarded simply as a gratification
and a soureo of pleasure good books
aro moro valuablo than all tho luxuries
that wealth can procure to gratify tho
most fastidious physical taUo.
Women that havo been clven un hv their
dearest friends as teynnd help, have hecn per
manently cured oy tno uso oi x.yma i- rniK
ham's VeKctahlo Compound. It Is a positive
cure for all feuulo complaints. Send to Mrs.
I.vdla E. rliikham, SCI western Avenue, Lynn,
Afass., for pamphlets.
Slucoiity is to speak as wo think, to
do as wo pretend nnd profess to por-
form, and mako good what wo promise,
nnd roally to bo what wo would seem
nnd appear to bo.
Your 311ml AVI II flruir Ntronir
and great not by what you reject, hut by what
you cordially accept and Iwlleve. Your health
Will improve, JUSI ill iruiruuu un jiuu uiti
Nature's laws. If yourmludls diseased refresh
It with suitable relaxation. If tho two creat or
gans of your body, tho ltUney and liver, are out
oi oruer, rostoro inem uy usinir vtnrucr bq.hu
Kidney and Liver Cure. 1 ho uilnd can be kept
clear by care and tho kidneys and liver by the
great ixmedy aliove mentioned.
To do wrong Is to Inlliot tho surest
Injury on our own ponco. No enemy
can do us equal harm with what we do
oursolves whonovor and howovor wo
violato any moral or rollgious obliga
tions. Dr. Pior o's ""Pollots" littlo liver
pills (sugnr-coatcd) purify tho blood,
speedily correct all disorilors of tho liv
er, stomach, and bowels. By drug
gists. Ho who Injures any living oroaturo
does it unto God. Tho Deity is pleased
with him who doos good to others, and
nnd who is always desirous of tho wel
fare of all creatures.
Dr. Piorco's "Fuvorito Prescription"
is not extolled as a "euro-all," but ad
mirably fulfills a flnglencss of nutposo,
being a most potent specific In thoso
ohronlo woaknossos pooultnr to women.
Particulars in Dr. Piorco's pamphlet
trbatiso on Dlsonscs Peculiar to Womon,
9G pages, sont for throo stamps. Ad
dross World's Dispehsakv Medical
Association, Buffalo, N. Y.
Ono may say, gonorally, that no deop
ly rootod tondonoy was over oxtirpatod
hi) adverse argument. Not having orig
inally boon foundod. on argument, it
cannot be destroyed by logic.
"ACCEPT OlTtl 'lilAriTIJDB."
'Dr. K. V. Piorco. Buffalo, N. Y.:
Dear Sir Your "Golden Modloal Dis
covery" has cured my boy of a fover
soro of two years' standing. Pleaso ac
cept our gratitude Yours truly,
HENRY WHITING, Boston, Mass.
J Tho best govornmont Is that in whioh
all conditions aro equally protected by
w. If wo paint Justice with ban-
agod oyes, wo should paint Roason
lh hor to guldo her steps.,
fHorinat ClTusiirerKougli on
ITereafter "ltoucli on Hats" will b. out no
folorcd. Instead of white. 'Kouirh n Itata"
hereafter will be dark nearly black .rd when
added to anv llnuld or damn food turn. It irreeu.
)Tbo article remaining In effect and .ubslance,
me same, r.xpenenco demonstrate tnat tins
Ichauge makes It none tho less desirable as a
Rat, Vermin and Insect destroyer.
E. S. Wells, Proprietor Rough on Rats,
Jersey City, N. J.
A World ol Good.
Ono of tho most popuiar medicines now be
fore the American public, Is Hop flitters. You
sco It everywhere. People tako It w Ith good ef
fect. It builds them up. It Is not as pleasant
kj me laiionn some oilier Diners as 11 is not n
whisky drink. It Is moiellkotha.old fashioned
bone set tea that has dono so much good, If
you don't feci Just right try Hop Sitters,
Uso dispatch. Romombcr tho world
only took six days to create Ask mo
for whatovcr you pleaso except timo;
tnat is tno oniy oniy tiling which is uo
yondinyp.jwer. "ItOlfdlt ON RATS."
Till thing ilr.lri'il found nt Inn'. AnU llriiK
Rl.lKfor ICoiiRh on ItillK, It I'li'iim nut rnlK.
nice, rnarlirfs lllrn, lie il-lmg. Iflc lxm'.
Civility glances at tho Imperfections
of friends, but novor rudely stares nt
WrlU'Ileiiljn ItPiimvr.-AliMiltitnriirn tor
nrnntinilt'lilllty iiimI YVenkiM- fir tlin rkm
rrutlvu rititfintM. l lit ilritirirWt. I'rrpiild
hy M.2n,ornr8ifJ. i:. x. WKI.I.V.Ior
nvy fit jr, X, .1.
Tho least Intelligent of guests, says n
social writer, aro often tho sharpest of
.-if -
Tho "Faum, Gaudkn and House
hold Manual" Is a book of over 200
pages, full of valuablo rules, receipts,
tables and practical hints for farmers.
copy of this book Is sont free to each
new subscriber for tho "Iowa Home
stead," tho host practical agricultural
weekly in tho Northwest. Send Sl.fiO
to The Homestead, Dcs Moines, Iowa,
and got both book and pnper.
Let It be understood once for all Caiuioi.ink,
a deodorized extract of petroleum, will iiot-
ttvclv restore hair to bald heads and there Is no
other preparation under the face of the sun
una can accoinpiisii mis wont.
II. K. Brvant's Chicago Iluslncss College Is
nlways well patronlrcd, and alwavs has a largo
corps of conipttcnt Instructors. It Is the leader
In Improvements, and never stands still.
TIdi tncrrlai rtprtieats the Loots la aketllkr
A' Standard Remedy
For Coughs, Cold j. Croup, Tlronrhttts tad til
other affection ot the Throat and I.ll.NUS.lt luadt
tinrlrtlcd tad utterly beyond competltlou.
tt approtehee so netr a tptetflo thtt "Nlnrtr- Ave" per
cent, trepermiaentlr cured where the direction! t
itrlctlr compiled with. There li no chemical or other
I agredlentt to harm the young or old.
,Vt an Kxpnetorant It hat no Eqnatl
It contains no Ouluin In aty form!
I. N. HARRIS & CO., Proprietors.,
It a I'neltlm Curs
for all thole 1'alnrul Complaint! mid U'eakatHtt
oeOBimon to our beat fviuale popuUtlen.
It will cure entirely llio wont form of Female Com.
plaluti.alloTarlaiitrouttei.lnllauiniatlou and Ulcers
tlon, Fallbis and IHaplicenieutn, andtlie coninent
Bplnal Weaknew, and le iarllculaily tdapUd to the
Change of Life.
It will dlwolre end etpel tumore f rem tlie olenie In
an early (tags of development. Tho tendency to can.
cerout humorttfjereli checked very upeedlly ly Ite me.
It remorea f alntneie, flatulency, dentroye oil crarlnz
forttlmulanti, and rellerceweaknen of the ttomach.
It curet Dloetlng, tleailechee, Iferrom Iro.tratlon,
deneral Debility, Bltcpleeencu, Uepteieloa and Indl.
That feeling of tearing down, canting rtn, weight
and backache, U alwaye permanently cured bylttuie,
It will at all tliuee and under all rlrcumitancie act In
harmony with tho lawe tin t gorerii tlio f t molo eyetcm.
Forthecuroof Kidney Complaliite of either texlhle
Compound li uniurpuacd,
rOUNUta prepared at 213 and SB Wcttern Avenue,
Lynn, Man. l"ricol. BlibottleeforJS. Sent by mall
In the form of pllle, alio In the form ot luieoecJ, on
receipt of price, II per box for either, tire, rinkham
freelyanjwereallietteraorino.ulry. Send for pamph
let. Addreu ai above. Vtntlon thit Tuptr,
No family ehould bo without LTDIA E. ri.TKnaH't
UTXIt PILLS. They cure comtlpatlon, blUoutteae(
a4 torpidity of the Uver. tt cente per box.
W Hold tv nit Hmgolttt.
One of the Reasonable Pleasures
Of life, a nroittrlv mmVi m..i .
" r " ..... auurua nine or no
pretest enjoyment, tud much tuUequentlortvreto t
confirmed dyapeptlc. But when chronlo Indication
le corabttted with Hoatctter't Stomach Dlttera, tho
food la eaten with rcllth. nnd moat Imnorttnt of ill
lattlnilltted by tnd nourtahct the tyatem, Uao Ihle
'"" wu corrective him , Mm,dy conatlpt
lion, blllouueaa, rhcuinatUin, feverauj ague
fertile pjr all Drunglnle imDttltrtftntrtilr
!ntnr'M Itemed)'.
It Is evident that a largo portion of our el'y
people sulTcr from disrates ot the liver, bowels,
or kidneys. Kidney Wort Is nature's ttmcdy
for them all. Thofc that cannot prepare the
dry can now procure It In lliiuld form of a'iy
druggist. (IMr-lltmntn it.
A Mli i im of thirty years standing has been
cured by Dr. Taft's A thmalcnc. One dose will
afford Instant relief, and If taken a short time,
will destroy the dlseaie, root and branch. (Sec
another column.)
Indorsed by the Medical Fraternity, Glenn's
Sulphur 8nsp Is the most popular remedy for
skin diseases nnd Injuries, and complexlonal
heatltlflcra In America. Sold hv all Druggist.
Hill's Hair and Whlskt Dye, lllack or llrown.
Mi. J
ui:mciji:i cico.h iiimtii.
William J. Couchlln, of Somcrvllle, Mass.,
s.ysi "In the fall of 1870 I was taken with
bleeding of the lungs, followed by severe cough.
I lot appetite and flesh, was confined to my bed.
In the summer of 1877 was admitted to the hos
pltal. The doctors said I had a .hole In my lung
ashlgashalf ado...ir. I gave" up hoiie, hut a
frelnil told me of DIt. WM. HALL'S 1IALSAM
FOR THE LUNGS. I got a bottle when I com
menced to feel better, and to-day I feel better
than for three years p.W. I write this hoplntt
that every one aflllctoil Ith diseased lungs will
take DR. WM. HALL'S 1IALSAM, and lie con
I can positively say It has done me more good
than all tho other med ucs 1 have taken slnco
my sickness.
All respectable daalcrs sell Krazeraxlo greaee
because It Is the genuine and gives perfect satis
faction. Use Reddlng's Russia Salve for cnts, burns.
IX EtrilKIt M(Jt ll 0!t our IOUM
Thnt AetM nt the nine time on
Uteauti let aKow !!(' unit o, to
Ibtcomt cloamil or toivld. wut lvhcmoui
thumortan thtrtfort forctd Inte thi Hood
nisn.vsr.s, rr.MAi.i: wkaknf.sseb,
ani m:kvouh liisoinir.iiR,
bicautngfm action of thin organiaml
Irtitorinj their ioicer to tkron ojautate.
IThr stfTer Illllous mul selieil
I Why tormented with files, Conillpttlont I
IVhy frlRlitennl orer disordered Kidneys! I
Wliysndurs nerrous or sick lietdaehcil
It Is imt up In llrr Veielnblo Form, In tin I
I c&ni one-package of whtcli makee tlx quarts of I
Smeulclno. Alio in I Jquld rorm ttry t-oneen.l
trated, for tnoao that cannot rradlly preparo It.
ItTIt aeti with equal efllclenty In either form. I
loci it or lOUit nuunnisr. riucs, i.ooi
WKI.I.S, KICIIAUnSOX X Co.,rrop'i,
(WllIcndthedrypoVpald.) UntUJOTOS, VT.
let t lit. Ili-Nt llH'Coiniirv
. ftrnilcd uitlt rt'iiiinnitl
cmiinli;n tKKik., nn pimr pit.
tneinn Hie memory of Our Mri.vrril I'ri'nlilent
Au'i'iiia Hanti'd ror tin- only ntiri'lym-w, freili,
lirllllHiit and rdlnlilo t.lreiil
m-thi'drrnt lllntortnti. .Iiitm C. Itliliulli, I).
.'.) tine IUi. (riitlunn, l;ii(-lNli nntM.i-riiiiin. l,nt
rorrlrculnriir.ciMl AO t .-n in for nut tit. si-mU'lli
ii,-.t book. p. w. .ii:iii.i:it, a- co., iho u.
li ini.r iriliin nna hii itill
AiIiiiik Ht..:iilennii. III.
0,000 A genu Wmitod for I.lfe of
It contain tlio fml ti.tt-ry ni" h's m'Mc and eventful
tlfe nnd tUstftrdly nMBuslnatlon. auri.-Bl trratment,
dfftth, funernloliNequfi'S etc. Tholiciitrliuncpof your
life toniwkfinnncy. llewnreof "cftti'tiiH'nny'MrpJtH
llonn. i hi ti the only nut hcntlc nnd fully tlhmratcd
life of onr Mnrtyrrd rrenldcnt. Finest a-1 portraits.
Kxtm Itnii to Atreutf. Circular! free.
Adlr'ii Vatiqval I'rm miiivii Co. rhtrngo, '
Allen's Brain Food,
A liotantrnl extract. Permanently itrcngthcni thi
brain, and positively curet ncrvouineifl. ncrvo1tll'l,
ntuty, Httn all wealcncn of Rcneratlre orirani. I'rli'i.
It II for M. All drucifl.ti. Depot Allxn's PnAii
Mimr 8IJ Klrt tvenue. New York, N, V. Send for
TJ .t.,1 twill MmnLl.iUliaiiilkt In it,.. u.
' lllfNynit-M intlirifliiui.tli. An MTiMii hu vlll nt
l pill rich nlpht fiuiti i tol'aS wiLktmay benitorod
I totuuud be Ith, If aucha Ihtuif ue poetlble. Solder
1 frywlu're, or irnt by matl for H letter stamps. J. ft
j o n oNft t;o.. noBfon, hmi, fonniTiy 'a''tfQ.ri.,?il
Soio Br ALL DEALERSThrjuchoutTheWO RLD
Trial Doltlee of Dr. Tift' t ASTHMA' I
I.i;;vi;-t perfect euro for ASTII.VIA-
m in do acni t ny cree tunny oni'
t ...... Lnltlju. f,. ka.. I.u ll .n.
Klett. Addreea- Dm. TACT UHUs., IlocC I
lofier, n. i.,orir.o w. Aitaifon t., unict
When one tiottlo of Dr. Taft's AVIIITR
I'INr NVItUl will euro the worst Consh,
Cold, Tickling In tho Throat, or Consumption,
no matter how bad or how long btanalng I
To convince yon, we will tend a bottlo for
trial for 60c. express mid. Addrc lira. Tatt
llros., Rochester N.Y., or S76 W. tsdlon St.,
Chlctio, 111. tSTVoT Kale by nil dniRjlta.
UcMtLLMENt 1 wua ntlurlnff irum k'eoeral detilUtjr lo
lananma ti mn A varatlan of a month did not ults ran
uoreAproestratloaaadtlakiaii ehlllfc Attbuttmo 1
tilled almost lmravdlat and wonderful remit a. J beold
u not irmanenUr abated. 1 bcre used three bottle of
yrr iDtlV 1 iTtruiu Hi tun wiun iiiuvuuiiUH ui uwv nun wii li uuuum inn vtito, nitu vua ibuiuw uh
umI vigor of bodr baa como alio b clearneiwof tboushtiierer lnf'iM tviiiojtrj. lftbe Tontebaaoot dow t'
fork, I know not wUU. lsUoIt the credit. J.P. Wtwiv. i"''t"r Phrliitlwra Church. TrojeO.
IThei FkaH TVllv f '
f urrnntttiot of IV
JWim MIark, nna lo-
Arwnaticm, Mfmerrrm
I trt"rj tauitftaad wnetrts
u lONiouncfNinruf
HI" MtiVTKW Wf- "
Intf winter H-TocUng IVnilonr, llountlon, and other
lliKulare or
mcnt In any
ftfi I I M T
Navy durlm; W ftM
tulnrormall m aw m v ai
auailliin luniHiii uiiiit iiiaiirra wen woriuy ui
Consuiing oi oriKinai anil aiMecieu PKemiee
of tho War, Army Rrnilnlsccnrea, Htorles,
Pi ton it. nnd ItrniM of Ni'Wi. A Leaillnir V'ci
turn will be thn Asrlcultural Denartment. conducted r
Mit. William Savndkkm, first Master of tho National
intnonnyotner paper which ciaiiiistu represent 1110 ex
ONE DOLLAR sent before January1
The Only WH-kU Wasiii Hacbine in k World.
A New Motive Power DiscoveredExpansion ol Heat Does it AH.
A cylinder made to revolve under water it the rttecf
iahed before. Clothlnirmtde to paaa rapidly through
x-edlly and thorouiihly In thirty (4D mlnutea, without
ivlonnvvr liiviilnl. we want overy family
p.Ih II .nil It r.n mil iw.1 mil nf t.rAAr
1. x. a, i.i.
very fatally
Hon regarding tlilt ireale.t dlaoorery of tho tie, . Wrf
waahereeolenrt'lyadvvrtleed by other couinanlea In the
ActInK Washer In tho bands of every family In the laud, and offer extraordinary inducrmfuta to gwd wen i
fUKflgo In the business of selling It fur a limited lime. Address at once for descriptive pamplilf I and term".
201 8mithfie)ld trt,
CalM. I.ttt4.a)
"Durltijr my trip down tlio Illror Tiigui, In
Finin." milil Cnptiilii lloytoii to n rcirt-v.'iitdllrc
nr IliU Journal In a rtcenl ciiiivcimIIdm l,y Un
ten shore, "t Imd to 'slioot' 105 WAtvrrnlla..tlio
Inrfftaibtlngaliuutclglity-nvo fretmid Inmimcr
nblo rsplds. Cmssliiif tliu Hindu nf Mi'vlna, I
liad thrin ribs broken In a (IkIiI Willi lmrk; anl
rom Ing down Iho h'oinanc.ii river in l'ranc,l
n-cvlvrd a cliarso of shot from an i-xclled nnd
slnrtkil liuntsmnii. AlthotiRh this wna not very
pleasant and might tw Icrmeil ilangcnms. I fear
nothing mora oil my trip limn lntcn-e cold ! fur,
nslonKiismyllinlisnro freu mid envy and not
ernmped or bciiiimbt.il turn nil right Of lato I
carry n ilnck of Sr. J.wiiin On, In my Utile boat
IThet'iiptnln rails lt"lluliy)tliie," unit bus stored
therein signal rockrtt, thermometer, compass,
Provision", I'icl-and 1 have hut litllo trouble.
HerorcslnrtliiRout 1 tub myH'lr Ihorouulily with
tho nrtlile, nnd Itv nellon iikiii the luii.dis li
wonderful. 1'rnm constant expcwtire I am nmc
whnt subject to rheumiiHit pains, nnd tiolhllii;
would uicrliencllt me until I Rot hold of till.
Ureal (lermaii Kemedy. Why, on my travel" I
have mit jn'oplo uho had lH-ciistitlerln( with
rheiiinatlni for yearn by inyiulWio lliey uvcl
the Oil mid it limit them, I would Kooner do
without food for dn limn lo without till" lem
edy for olio hour In fai t I umiM nut ittteiupt a
trip without it." TlioCiiplaln Ihm-hiih- veiy en
lhula.tlo on the subject of t .1 1. . .n i)u and
when "clot! lilin In uu till i itu. immiuri of
tho iuralivuiUiillili ol Hie (itont .emiaii Uclu
edy to u parly riMinid ' n.i
lull uillwiui I'll! .1 I .'J.. 'lull
,1 'SJW "'Hill 0"ll JI'MI.TI'-IJOI
1' il.l.UIUII Ai t'l"t ftV HUJItll
I OJ0VfJll!!llldojuli'.. UIMlUlil(IO
H I oitij oii!l.dlj j pint eitito.iV ua .CO
BbmrJ ik'uicj ia iio.u-l oil ono 'i,ioiI P11
oniu ewsurmii,, o'n iii.iui jiik
I'aiT p tl ISk1f"tMO' I'i'l 'inn n.oil iijiiiilp
poa.Viup vkpu t .iJllill ilu -li'iMiiiiuil
0 tlOH MII01 V""" Ulllpneen 1ln'l'll"
Bpiuii.MioCi itiam-"'0'" " l il'inn
Ion mi. i) eilejvjo; pn.Ui iu COCS
'apetpiiini luin.I'VliriJIMi'nf " II
ojiio liidiije.iiS'etlvJO.liil ,lo pr, piij iiuo
i. or j i in, i 3, alno(iniiinui ii t i
-list lo j f out i tuouitrJoota.i.iii,tii iu oie
iiiupliuie jo .Su.J Jnoiimu 4 limn oC
xotni tnoinM,iitviiX.'""''?."1"""rll
'inn j mm nun oiuoi -vl" '' n"'i"''
-91 Oi JO 'Uai0 XjnilMI 10V 'IM'HI
1 1 nl,.1J 1 1 1 o.uiijiiuifo,lili0 I0i IIOUI
:::: :st ti:t t: ci ::3;i ; ej It -3 -"I
biinilH). IO
juiei1Jjit. piiitpi)ilrio"'l.u oniwiiiiii
rtoii"i4'i juj rnoi ipunod uoekMiios-
.ini,mgTiA" iu'r
Xiinc,i.H miiv-mi puu oirt pun NOi n l n cjj
jsaii jauijiicj pooia lnin.ii o'H lion'"'
'vijliut jjilt-i n jo iiti.KlonI rt.it urn o 1'oui
pint l.i mil Ituiniw'uotioptirn i' "olxinp
uitsM 'nipnrj 3ilCH jo iidiiu'iim'uI 13r
tpnifitt 0"l 'li'MC l 'll I"i i-l vi iii, I ,iiii
The Ili-st Cauab Srruu
IPUo't Cure rbr Contuniptlon.
It teU quick and It tutea trood.
Ileit email, -bottle lurae.
HtThereibrn the cbraet ai well
the beat, bold everywhere. I
B'.'.V. end 1 .1111 tier iK.ille.
H.TTtlll I II jl liH
For Two
Tito good ntul Htaunch old
morn to nssuago nin, relieve
sullcrliiu;, ntul suvo tlio lives ot
men anil hensts than nil otltcr
lliilnteiils nut together. Why!
Bccauso tlio Mustang pene
trates through skin nttd flesh
to tho vory bono, driving out
nil pain and soreness anv
morbid secretions, and restor
ing the aillicted part to soiinC
and supple health.
vairn. Amprirnii wcnooi iiiti'ii 'fmpny. .m mil nun. wu
WATPMFQ CiitaloRne Trv, Addrenu Stand
If H I UriEJ arj Aiiurlcan W atrh Co.IMtthuinf, Pa
1 1 KJ C H vol vers. Catalogue free, AUdri-u
wij ureal ett. uun norKt, rmmitir)g,rg
fl VI kill I Vjlourau(iri'MetiouicKt
r f fur Cartln.Nfw Sty Jm With Name, liV
tC VT ruHtptlld. lir.t). I JCI'.r.IKv Co,
Namau, N.Y.
V. U. ! Molnei.
tuI.U.No. 47
7;jv MtiTixa to Am'iMTismts,
ptettse atty you saw the Advertisement in
ftnentirtfbu sti iwrtli
I rnl vrofemiont Ct
ieamr. Want of Vital
lirttlHttt. fymaliil)
i trtt .ir'ou Mrrmnrws
Ktlotl fftlfl f'OH INtlCt
aucti un tuimt, tbat mr lattor waiexcwnllaetrbr
much tttlltif. lint nn tho rnntrnrr. whb folliiwM 1
t:tiQ tba dm of rourlnoNluviu. from which fi
uivti tvutuv ob.l 1 found tbat mr oatararfA
the Tonic. Hinc uslnelt 1 nnre uonetwtoethf f
m n I I'll! H MatV IfB 1
btibacrlberN wanted for The NATIONAL TUIHUMC.
anA'iiaKv Wvekly Journal, deiotrd to the Jntmt of Sol
dleraandHAltora whonervi'd durlnjj the late War of tno Kl'
litlllon. Thpm will hn Imnnrfant li'irUtntlitn thi roill
mutter of special interest tu those who were
r F B fi
eaijaelty, Inrltlierarmyor
the War, We takoncraiilon
. W F av3
aa wmm mm. -mr ex-Boldleraortlierart mat
report of all aiieh Cnifrclnnal rri-eeillnira, and la
pxcluelvi'ly for THE NATIOXAI. THIIIUNK bj
I tlranKe. ISTTAKK NOTICKUefore bulmcriu
Hnidlert of tho Union, tend for Free Bampln Uopol
1 1 will secure The KatiokalTkiiivne for Ono Yar(
10 to eoreioliitlonaperml
water bollInK hot In thi
latwr, wear or tear. No
er minute. A tlilnunevertccoin
akUl rrjie
manner, are waineii uhwi.
ir nip.'llliieiir
I mi. a cniHi can
In I he United 6
.....-. ... ...... i
In the United Stale a to
S.l .atlttttvttltvVf
i haa
n wl
earneatly requetl
mate to wnie uaroriurutrr ihiuiiui'
United Btatee, lo write ua. .We wlah to placet)
everyone wiw naa nouKn tuii yi in-;
li is nvti
Pittsburgh, f u

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