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St. Jnnrili A Connell
ilufTn llHllruHil,
Ltavt Fnrcl Oilll.
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. l'JilS.A.M
Thasc parties who oro In arrears on
subscription to Tim County Paper are rn
speotfully requested to call anil settle
their indebtedness, aswn need nnd must
tiavq the monoy duo int. Snbsorihcrs cm
asoortaln just how they htand and ace
what period they are said to by exam
inlng the printed date, following their
nnni'3 on dm marnln of their paper.
Out fit of this stato's 11 1 .school
count.us hold toachcro1 Institutes I his
Deputy Count' Cleik, Richards. U
qnito ill, but his many fi lends hop .to
flto him at bis desk soon.
-Mrs. Hiilda Mclntyio widow of
Smith Mo ntyre, died vuiy surtden'y
last. Sunday evening, at I'or hiune near
this city. Shu was nn unco lent lady
possessed of many chtlstlar. virtues.
Tho court peoplo of tho Triumph
neighborhood aio making extensive
prepnrat'on for a Christmas, Kvu festi
val nnd Christinas tree, to do hob) at
tho Triumph school liou-u Christina
Eve. An admittance of tdei nts will be
charged; sup.vr 25 cents and oysters
25 cent
Wiu. Rcdhcffor, a resident oi Sa
vannuh, committed suicide by shooting
his brains out with a revolver, in the
Court House door. Io had been slight
ly insane for sonic lime, which affair
caused htm to take his own life. Tho
sad affair occurred Sunday, Nov. 27th
Ctrsiiut& Meyer, of Mound ( ity,
have removed their stock Into their new
opera building, where they will take
p'ensuro In meeting their friends nnd
patrons, nd I'or the no.t sixty days
will make rpcciul inducement to all in
order to reduce their ftook
reader of The 'ously Pai'Bu shou d
I'oad tlu ir aiiuouucem nt on our lus'dit
pages. They aio In dead earnest and
nio.in just what they i-ay.
Tho lii'esi thing In tho way (if a
church so labia was lately introduced
by one of our nclLhborlng churches:
Tho name and weight oi each lady pres
ent was written on a card, deposited In
:i hat, and then drawn y the gentle
men, each onu of whoui escorted to
supper the lady who e number he had
drawn, and piylng for tho fame no
coidmg io the lad s weight, at tho rite
of oriu-ti If cent per pound.
Tiro River eonventiou held at St.
Joseph, lo appeal to Congress for aid
in protecting tho ban .s of the Missouri
river, and fur the lmprovemon' of its
dm n no!, was largely attouded. Th. ro
vrero delegates from Iowa, Nebraska,
Colorado, Dakota, Kaunas, and Miou
ti, numbering several hunilred in all.
The deliberations extended thiough
Tuesday and Wednesday, and wound
up at night with a banquet and raiid
ball at the "World's hotel. St. Joseph
enten allied hor guests in a. most hospi
'table muiine,, and no doubt mado mon
ey by tho sO mo. Tim country direct
ly ndjiicoti to tho city, did not take
much intu
tho north?
ft V'lJ
. " " -I .te.t-
mo umur, vury iuv ui
counties being repre-
klng preparations.
t at tho WorhlV
moto was j irfover
dfgor of tl
' of the
of th,
ibbon, falling
Holt conutswr:
atthor lt'otdiet of
vd his Annual Nat-
ecasfs for 1882, In
fii tl
7. tlm
irctelhng tho weathor
oyv, in tho year, and clearly
lnlniih: fa thoorv on whb h his nro-
tioBiuX Sased, he gives muehothor
informatlon;c()n'corulng ajraoanJIo
phenomenon tho whole dengn4 not
only to give tho facts as to tho weather,
bnt to touch tho masses tho facts deter
mining weather changes Other mat
ter concerning tjiofarm, garden and
housohold, of special interest, is added
the whoio serving io mako it the most
complete and practical of his long se
ries of annual issues. Its valuo to ever
one, and cspootally thu. farmer is np.
parent. For samplo copy and terms to
the trade and to agent?, sond 20 cents
ill.Irvl'' J-
W'vf trH(la to Ren Pond 20 conts
Tho surest way (o do pood Is to bo
Santa Chuts is now tin' chief sub
ject of convocation among our Hutu
-There woro 17 cars ot wood ship
ped from I Huff City to St. Joseph, last
Chris. Schlotzhnucr, of tho H uff
City Mill, has sh ppud llfiy thousand
foot i f hard lumber during tho past
summer and fall.
J. Foster Marshal', who is sojourn
ing In tho sunny South, has placed us
under obligations lor copies of tho
( harlestoii. fS.C.,) papers.
Tho Corning, (Mo ,) Eagla, a nuw,
spar'-ling five-column quintet paper,
has mado its appearance Wu wel
come It to our exchange list. ( harlcs
F Taylor is pub'lshur and proprietor,
Fred Lyman Its editor.
List of letters roniainleg uncalled
for In the Postolllco at Orcuon, Mo ,
Deo. 1, 1881 If not called for in thirty
days will bo sent to the Dead Letter
K. (J. II01.TZ, P M
Montairuo Harry
Turner S J
Trcsso'l I'etcr
Whipple Frank.
Hnsklus Ilrad
Dale .Icnnlo
Heck John C
McCain J V
The 1'itiijter, a .urge cow -paper ol
Plattsburg. Mo . has coaled publication,
for the reason it did not pay Of
course, somebody must have '. st moil
ey, as soniobedy nlwnys ill w hen the
iinpos-lbllitv is undertaken of running
throe nouspapcrs In a town that doo
not support one. We hear that a He
publleati paper is to bo started with the
material, with Capt. James II, Thoma
as editor
On tlio evening of St. J 'hn's Day,
Friday, December 23, them will bo a
public installation of olllccr'i of nil thu
Masonic bodies of St. .)o(ph at
TooIIo'h Opera House, by the pivs ding
olllcer of each grand body On the
tollOWlllL' dll'S tllC glle.stS will tlO CS-
corteil throiighoui tho eity in carriages,
and in tho evening a complimontaiy
banquet will bo j.'lvcn in honor of the
i;rautl oiiiccrs. I ins wil ho tr-
tended by all Miisoih, thcro wives and
lady friends
No. It is no disgrace to haul
wood, Gladstone, the great English
Premier, puts In all his extra time cut
ting down trees. Gen l S. Gran
had, St. Louis for his wood market for
a bomuwhat lengthy period, and we
have Just heard of a wood hauler In
Alabama becoming rich fiom tho s do
of Confedeiato bonds with which ho
had tho inside of his log cabin papsred
Don't let any fear of the business b.-ing
dishonorable keep you from hauling in
that load you promised your
merchant, or m 'chaniu, a year or so
ago. I'ho hrlnrmgof It In will not b
near so disgraceful a the fallinc to
bring It In.
The Hohlltzell Urothers, ot this
county, bavo at las! succeeded m get
ting things In pretty fair hupe for bus
Itio s. They nro now owners of five
large and extensive lumber jnrds,
...t.lnl, n n Innnlnil .,t fltllnVutlirV
places: Fairf ix, St. Joseph, Olog'l'1,us,ll"1;, wluh make a im.lionairo to-day
ralg and Forest City. W'tlMhetr m-t'
moth estab'ishment at St. kiph, n
hnvimr direct ralboad connec. viyf.
Chicago and tho pineries, thoy
to eompoto for the trado f llol,
Isnn, ard Andrew counties. Mr
Doughty has ehurao of tho vardA
Craig, with Win. Hoblitzoll, Sr.ii
foromnn; Wm. Combs,.at Fairfax;
' . 1 1
lloulitzeii nnd Adrian rinks'on atfro
gon and Forest t ity ; Joseph Hoblfwoll
nndT.d riukston nt St tfosoph. 'fleso
.uomen aro all well known tnAbn
peoplo of Ho't, and thorn Is no loir tor
any need of going away from thuo
places in order to buvyour'luinh f.
You can buy at any of theso polnWis
chenul"- '''"'.I can in St. Joscoli U
a, . ...
MVIV uw 1 44.1 l,W ilJ WOIJUlli'IU
ndorsandlng m regard to iho
governing tho killing of quull.
make all partlos familiar with tho
wo quote it from the boot s : Seo 1
of the Uovisert Stafntos provldiO
It any person shall catch, kid oyVnl
or attompt to catch, kill or mjiie
quail, somotlnieacalltdir
trldn. bi li,itrtglMV ofAjl
and thfrioth day of Octolior, ha m
bo deomod gu(lty of a misdemitsfor
Seo. 1022 of tho Revlsod S'.Iutes
provisos that no California qua 7 elmll
bo killed In this stato before fjCtoboit
1, 1883, Last winter tho legislature
enacted a law providing that no Moss
lha oi California quail shall bei Mlled In
this statu before October 1, 1885. This
act Is amendatory ot section 1022 of the
Hovlsert Statutes, but it ha noreteroncu
whatever to section Hill, Tho law in
rogarud to Hid common quail Is Just as,
It always was, It is lawful to kill the
the common quail from October .16 ta
teDrury i.
t m
Come In and pay yoursubscription
vWhat is tlmt X on your paper for f
Come in mid see
0 r reade s will pleaso noto tho
chaugj In time of trains on K. C, St.
.lose h, & C. II. Itallroad.
--Wo hone our City Council will call
a mcctiiii for hu purpose ot taking in
to consideration our railroad Interosts.
-Shall we havu a grand union watch
meeting by the various religious de
nominations of our city, New Year's
I'loasu ruiMuiulier hu ublio salo of
W, A. Gaidner, at his farm near tills
city to-morrow, Saturday, December
Kid t Maup n ha- been conducting
an intoicstlng si lies if meetings for tbo
past week at the (Jul n suhool house,
Tin ro lias beou several additions to the
Now that, felt hats a ro tho fashion
with the ladles many of the girls are
having their father's old jtovenlpes all
made over
i ounty Court moots nex: Monday.
December 12th, when t'ontractor Hen
uett and Superintendent Zook will turn
over the kojs ot our new Court Houc,
to the court
Married, at the German M. E
Churuli, in tliis city, by thu Hev. Herr
mai II, Wednisday, November ilOth,
1S.SI, Mr. Henry Holtgrefo anil Miss
Faiiinu i onu r.
Tom Hindu h.is just completed a
uew.ico lioiuo of blue di iicnsions and
on an improved (lan. Tom waimslt
to th. Ixiys in winter ml e.xpucts to
cool tlicm off in summer.
On last Saturday while Mr. Guld
en Kuukei was gelling out of his
wagon, his ft.ot s ipped, tlnowliig him
heavily upon the t round, and hurting
onu of Ins legs quite badly.
Mr. Nea, Hoblltell andAdilan
1'iiikston have formed a co-pariiicrship
for thu purpose of curr ing on thu lum
ber business, in tnU city. Wo are glad
that wu are to haru a lumber yard.
A party of jonng peoplo hud a very
enj yablu time a tliu re-idence of Mr.
Mo Murray, last Friday evening. Sir.
and Mrs. McMurray entertained their
guest in a most agreeable m. inner.
Wo boltuvo that Lincoln township
o in bo.ist of having the three most ex
tension farmers in tho country: Henry
Uo.-o ins', 7 GO acres ; II. A. Dankcrs,
1,801) acres and F. W. Walters, 1,300
Tho mansard ro d of the Normal
school bul ding is beingM'epmnted. Thu
design is thu diamond chain, and tho
nines being stonu and slatu, thu con-tia-t
stands "ut in hold relief and makes
a bo.itltifii iDpearalico.
Some ol the citizens of Forest and
Oregon ii'O ngitatmg the question of
inaki g two io . nships of .Lewis. Tills
would uecessltato the apiomtmunt of
unotlier juatioo of the Feaco for Oregon
tvira consta du for Forest i ity.
Iti Huron Hothseliit l left 3100,000,000.
'Hint i the trouble with riches, they
Mnvi- t, hrt llnfi. 1 Anil vnf. Iniw thu
.works and qiurrols ami liaets for pos-
of thu mail who to-iiorrow may bo in
vited .o a journey nnd a country in
wliion muiiier ;oiu nor no us are a
legal tender.
An Incident o. cured at Forest City,
on Sattuday last, thu llnl inst ,
which turiuinatud in a bruited heart, a
ilveh i base and an add:tiou of $! to thu
school fund. ('.(!. Aiken au attorney
i f this o unty. wus xtraiiiged beforo tS.
M GIj-s, Minor of Forest t Ity, nnd ex
ofllclo ju-tico ol thi peace, tor forcibly
untcring the house ol one, Noe. Tom
l'nrri h was prosecuting tho tase, and
when Aiken enno upon the witness
stand somu wohU of a disagreeable na
ture passed between them, upon which
1'i.rrish sprung upon thu witness and
gave him a slight pounding, During tho
uxeitement in thu court room, which
this iiiuscd, a pri on, r hold by thu Con
stable 'or obta'iiing go. (Is under also
pretenses eseui oil from thu room
and tried to escape by giv
ing "leg ball.'' , Hu was pur
sued, howovor, by deputy Constable
,.. i i .
j"ivis jmooiu, iuiiow (i uy u inin)iscona
. X'd of men md boys, in all iv;cs and
sfz'is, to tho uumlier of about 60 or 80,
Mooru fired several t-hots at tho lleelng
ovll-doer, whose naiiw is t llfton, but
could not induce him to stop until Clif
ton, who was unacquainted with the
couiitiy. ran into tl bog south of town
and becatuo mired- almost lost in tho
mud. Ileio the u.owd came up with
him, and Monro assisted by thu crowd
pulled him forth from the imu brought
him ti Oregon, and lod.ud him in jml
t7 await Ids preliminary examination
Parrlsh was fined $5 for contempt of
Court Aiken v,"i fined $1 ntid costs
Irom whieh ho. ik aq appeal tp tbo
Ujrouu uourt. M
A seiles of incolltigs are being he'd
nt tho Christum ohuroh, Sliutliitid, by
Elders Cook and W'nito.
-Tho public schools of Holt county
nro now all in full blast, and aro ac
complishing a grand work.
Hov. S. Carothcrs will preach at
thu M. E. Church next Sunday, morn
ing and night. All invited.
Donovan & Wellcr, of Maitlaml,
havu opened their ifew bank building,
and aro now ready to receive funds.
The mumps nro prevailing in Oro
gon, and u large number of thu children
aro prcnentcd from attending school.
Charles Prather's wife presented
him, on Tuesday last, with a bminclng
youngster. Chus. says It weighed 18
pounds when first born.
Middla Moro, a pupil of tho Culp
school, iiccidontly got her face badly
bruised nno day last week, by a stroke
from a ball bat in the hands of a fellow
pupil. Kind reader, aro you not owing it
littlu on subscription to The Countv
1'Ai'Kit? If your conscience says yes,
sit right down and mail us what you
can spare, and it will be duly credited
Wo can assuro you that wu nro greatly
n need of money.
Fore.it City had a lag day last Sat
utday. Three or four law Milts with
witnesses and attorneys from all parts
of tho county a fity-cull' light about
a score of drunk men a good trade In
all kinds of stock, grain and produce,
and in goods in enormous quantities.
Mrs. Mary Cuiry is c.iuvn-ing the
county for the popular work "Ladies
ol the White House, or in thu Home of
i ho President." This Is a puldicutiuu
that shou'd bo in the llbrarv of every
mother mid young lady. Thu pi le.-1
rcisoiiahlu and we hopu to hear of huge
Herman I'einhart, confectioner nnd
restaurateur of this city, made au a
slgnmctit Tuenday last, much to the
surprise of his many fi lends here. It is
believed hu will bu able to pay out at
pur. Mr. Keiuhart will enter the us-
taidishmoiit of F. L. Summer & Co.,
St. Joseph.
Hev. Gophart and dauahtir who
are in the Missionary work in tho Inter
ests of thu German M. E. Church, of
Germany, lias been in our city several
days. Tlioy arc both excellent singers
ami entertained a large audience at tho
German M. E. Church last Monday
evening. Sixty-four dollars was raised
for the church In Germany.
Wo would like to fee that very
bright and smart citizen, who has been
so very busy for tho past fow weeks cir
culating the" report that our County
Cqart would mako a levy tho coming
year of 2.50 per hundred for tho pur-
poso of paying the dobt incurred In im
proving the com t house. Does ho not
know that tho ConMitiition fixes tho
levy at not exceeding fifty cents on tho
ono hundred dollar valuation, nnd that
tho Court cannot go boyond this sum?
If ho docs know it, ho has been making
false representations wilfully. If ho is
unacquainted with the law, hu i cer
tainly too ignorant to bo talking about
tho matter. Tho Court House will cost
about ton thousand dollars, just one
third tho revonife of tho county. Now
if thu Court desired to pay this debt in
ono year, it would tnko a levy of 10 2-!)
cents on tho ono hundred dollars valua
Havlnir hceo troubled with a verv
bad cough for about two years and hav
Itir tried a'niost every cough mixture
that was over made, I have found none
that has gives me such greet relief as Dr.
Hull's Cough Syrup and I earnestly rec
commend ft to all alllicted.
Henj. F. Duooan, U Pari; PI. N. Y
A Railroad to Orenon
Many of our citizens nro desirous of
linvlng a road direct to Oregon In con
nection with tho road that runs from
Council Hluffs to St. Joseph, whoso
nearest station Is but two miles from us.
Wo understand from undoubted author
ity that tho railway Co. will Iron mid
operato tho road If wo will grade and
tio it.
Noiv is the timo for thoso who want
such a road to effect their object. If
they o".o nothing now lot them forever
horeafter hold their peace. Tho way to
go about it, so it seems to us, Is to get
an estimate as oxact as possible of tho
cost of our part of tho work ; then get
subscriptions In monoy from tnoso who
can bo relied on to do as thoy promise
Perhaps a slight effort will oomo noaior
to n proof that tho thing can bo dono
than wo imagine Let thoso who do
siro to seo this town and vicinity pro
gross and fill up with working business
cltlzons mako a dotormlnod, rosoluto
moro in this direction. "Now is tho
accepted tlmo.'1
Your Furnishing Goods, Hats, Cap?,
Hoots nnd Shoes at Amos Castlo's
DECEMBER 9, 1881.
Intending to reduce our stock to thu lowest nosslbln point licfue Invoicing
on the First of Jnnuarv next, we shall from now until that time, sol every arti
cle in our stock at Prices
Regardless of Profit.
All Silks greatly reduced in price.
All fine Dross Goods roduced in pi-jco.
All fino Dross Trimmings greatly reduced in price,
All fino Cloaks greatly reduced in price.
All fino Dolmans greatly reduced in price.
All fino Ulsters greatly reduced in price.
All fino ready-made ladies
All fino Shawls greatly reducod in prico,
All fino ftubias Hoods and
All fino Hosiory and Gloves
All fino Bod Comforts and
All fine Ta'.ile Lln'.ns, and Napkins All Flnnncls, Colored nnd White, Plaid and
Twilled; All Cas3lmores and Joans: All Fine Underwear, both Ladies und Men's.
tverytiiiiig ureatiy iicauccu in p riuo nt
Corner 5th & Felix Streets, ST. JOSEPH, M0.
Don'i wall mil i soniu onu mm GE .S THE HAUGANj., but GO NOW and
maku your solo tlons
Oreii Shiitls, of Kan-as City, is in
thu city vNltlng his father.
Mrs. Limblrd bus returned from
her visit to Carroll county.
Isaau M. Mhilon, of Forest City,
is pi'o-tratcd wlih Intermittent fever. '
tain Jno. Y. Luwionco, of
Union township, was in thu city Friday.
Dr. J. L. Miutoii, of lligolow, was
wltn friends In southern iloit, las:
Win. Van Wnrmor, ol' Union town
ship, was in thu u ty Friday last, buy
Frank Parks, who went from this
county to Colorado, la.-n spring, has re
turned. Charles Fronk, ucpliuu of Mis. S.
Q. Gosilu, is In the city, thu guest ol
his aunt.
Jacob Cronk and family aro spend
ing tho winter with tricuus in OsUornu
count), Kansas.
Mrs. C. A. K'nndolph, of this coun
ty, i visiting with Irien.ls in Hichard
son county, Nubnisku.
Orvlllu Graves and James Duncan,
Esq., of i'oreat Ci.y, woro with friends
In this city Sunday.
Mrs. W. II. Hlcliardson, of Co o
rado, is visltum friends in Oregon, For
est City, and Grain
MissJosio Wilkinson, the pleasant
teacher of the Forbes school, was hi
our city Sunday, with friends.
James Cahll and wife, ot Craw
ford county, Oiiio. are thu guests of
Mr. mid Mrs. G. W. Cummins.
John W. Cotton, who made n va
cancy in tho atmosphere Hereabouts
-oino two years ago, has returned.
(J. S. Elliott, ol Clinton county, is
peraiiibdlatiiig through Holt county
with a view to hu, ing a farm lieru.
Hurry Voories icprcsontlng tho
house of F. L. Souiiuurs & (Jo , St Jo
seph, was in the clt Tuesday last.
Georgu Schatz, formerly of this city,
is now in i,'ho. ennu, v . T., employed m
thu freight ollb o ol thu U. P. Uailway.
Maj. Ualllnglon, formerly of thu
St. Joseph press, is in the city in tiu In
terests of thu Missouri Hiatoi leal So
ciety. HI. Ilershherger, thai prince of
jolly fellows, looks right diiiidlied in
our Literary Miciely's presidential
Irving L. Hlab , onu of tho substan
tial young lurmers of Union township,
wus thu guest of Shurllf Frame, last
Grant Holtz, of this city, has ac
cepted a position with Giuliani &
Frame, Maithmd, und ha- uutured upon
his duties.
Mrs. Maggo S. Alkire, of thl.
city, spent Saturday last In visiting
witli thu tamily of J. M. Mluton, at
Forest City.
Charley Hiodbeok, one of Oregon's
youiii; men, is now located in Choumni,
Wyoming Territory, In the drug busi
ness, doing well.
Henry Hoblnson, of Mound City,
was down Saturday, looking at tho
caglo on tho ootirl house, and oul .gl.
ing our county court,
Mrs, Amanda Hlohards, of this
city, who has been vllting for somu
days past with friends, at Craig, re
turned last Sunday to hor home.
E. C. Hlmdes, who lias been lay
ing brick on tho Craig school building,
during tho last fow weeks, was with
Ids family in this city, Monday.
Miss Dolly Shepherd, of this coun
ty, who is attending school at the Klrks
vlllo Normal, is expected home next
week to spend thu Christmas holidays.
O. P, Williams, of Huohannu coun
ty, is vlsjtlug with friemU in this vicin
drosses greatly reducod.
Scarfs reduced in price.
greatly reduced in prico.
Wool Blankets reduced.
ity, and looking at leal estate for sale,
with thn Intention of bu.Miig a home
am ng us.
Mr. Ni. ltimdle,of 'rtdg, was In tiie
e'ty Sauirday. We were glad to n-v
lil id He has been III for a loo' time,
and his many friends hope lor his pei
inaiiunt recovery.
S. H. Yongo, who was visiting the
family of W. W. Davenport, In this
city, 'during the past sunimer, was a
delegate to tho river convention at St.
Joseph List week. llu icpreseiited
Sioux City, Iowa.
A. . Vaufanip, of VnnCamp's
Mill iu tills county, will t-tart next
Monday, m company wltn his entiie
famiiy, for P 11 .dolphin, I'eiin,, to
spend the Christmas holidays In visiting
will his nged parents whoiesiduln
that city. He expects to ho gonu about
sir: weeks.
lleniy M'liton, Esq., of this county,
who wa mi very low a few weeks aio
with g.iurcuu in the lungs, Is aliont
again, .mil sais he feeN better thnli hu
h is heloru for ten years, llu also looks
more hourly than usual, and is us jovial
as in days of yore. Long m-iv he live
and prosper is Tin: Countv Pai'Kk's
Tho follow ing Orogoni.iiK went to
St. Josupii to hear Clara Louie Kul
logu: . II. Frame and wife, Mrs. J.
11. Nies, Miss Lulu Dohyii, Mi-s
Ithiliche Howell, E. P. Hnstottcr
Dan M. Man in. .1 II. C. CurtN, Geo.
And. rsoiii Dr. Gosilu uml wife, C. W.
homas, Sand, Shutts, T. C. Diiugau
ami uiui.l). C. Irvine, Mrs. A. K. Ir
vine, Fred Kellogg.
What wo Would Like to See.
t Tho railroad boom kept warm,
t Clara Louiro Kellogg uonio to Ore
gon. t A moro popular Constable than Jim
t A happier Individual than Dan
t That political slato Levi Zook Is
writing up.
t-Tlio man that can boat Louis Mooru
in a foot-race.
t Thu man who enjoys llfu :ctter
than Tom Hindu.
t Sid Foster plow up Forest City real
estate In a ditferuiit manner.
f A nicer t-liow-easa than tho ono
j st 'eceived by Kiug& Proud.
t A more olcg.int dry goods palace
than Corsaut & Meyer's of Mound City.
f Tom Parrish ami C. C. Alkuu t-ettle
tho if dillicul lus outside ut thu court
t That lady who found it w.m dom
inoes In hur iicc.et instead ol sliming
do lars.
t All tho "bos" oq hand when Tom
Hindu gives that reueplion lo the Ore
gon Nimrods.
f A teacher who understands the lit
tlu onus hotter than Mrs, Kullogg, of
our publlu school.
t Our cnl.uns open their eyes and ad
vocate their own interests by working
up tho railroad boom.
t A stop put to tho fictitious letters
that tiro lieinir sent around so reely lo
somu of our young ladles.
You can 1'iir. Iiaso ono at this "(Ilea (r u very
6iiiall Mini ut inoaey. Cull nuiUi-oIt.
California FrultH
Ot all description., at cmook Owens
& Co,, Miiitlnmi.Mo.
jp :rMkt WW'
The .MnKlitml Nnt.' Ititlitirrs Arrrvtrit.
The reader of Tin: Coi ntv. I'Xrr.it
will iciueiniier that we gave an account
of ibt? robbery of the railroad and ox
press sn o nt Ma tlmid, of about scvon
hundred dollars a few weeks ago, and
a so the vobbory of the storo of J. M.
KeiM on nt tli'?Minio place. It will bo
tviiu-nilieied that tho station was en
teicd during thu night, andthosafu
opened by thn combination being
kinwii, or dl-covcreil, Its inside doors
knocked in with a hummer, which was
left In tho room; the papers Included In
its contents examined and scattered
around, and all thu money and valua
bles It contained, cousUtlug of about
$700, were conveyed away. When Mr.
Leach, the agent, returned In the morn
ing, he was mil prised by the appeal
anco of things, und Immediately mado
the tohbciy known.
Maitlaml was Immediately greatly
excited, and thu utmost efforts made to
di-coicr tho criminals. The matter
w as placed In the haiid i of Depnty U.
S. Mur.-hal, W. II. Long, of Craig, who
Immediately began to work tliu casu up
and taking the affair in Hand it was
discovered that every thread of suspic
ion led io fiu following. parties: J.
Parshal, Leach's telegraph operator,
who It is supposed gave away thu com
bination, Neil Swank, printer iu tho
employ of tho Imtcpcnilciif, Herb Stev
ens, nnd ( buff E llott, farmers near
Maitland, and Wm. Heval, a young
stonemason. It was i xpected that ar
rests would havu been mitdu tho lattcn
part of Inst week, but action on th ac
cumulated evident u was postponed until
Monday evening, when Deputy Long,
assis'ed I13 Deputy Sheriff,' .las. E
Cummins, of this city, arrested the par
ties named. Thoy were brought to Or
cgoi. 011 Tuesday, and on Wednesday
all tho parties gave bond for their ap
pearance beforo Esquire Wilkinson, of
Forest City, on the loth inst.
Heval and Elliott were arrested on
tho chrrgo of robbing the store of J. M.
All tho rtuvolopmonts mado tend
to thoi (Highly exonerate Charley Leach,
the Maitland sla'lon agent, of any com-
conipllcitv in the robbery. An effort
had been made by some evit-disposed
I voplu to connect his mime with it, but
it bus most signally fuiltd.
Literary Evening.
Thu following is tliu pro; nvn for
tho literary entertainment this (Friday)
ovi.11 ing. All vi e Invited to attend :
Mi-s S. Peters Socio ;t reading.
Miss Minnie lb. Hz Declamation.
Mis. II Hershberiicr E-say.
Miss Ella Bridges Declamation.
Miss W. McMurray Select reading.
Miss Kittle Maupiu-QunUtious.
Hrcuthinguxoreiso Committee.
Hecnss A minutes.
II. Hcrshlmrgor Oration.
Debate Alllrmative, L. C. Irvine,
W. Hoffman; Ncuatlvo, S. O'Fallon,
J. F. Ko'logj.
Question "Resolved that the moral
status of thu present iiqo is in advance
of that of ancient limes."
Music Miss J. Cotton and others.
No hxr.UbO.
You need not tell your sister, aunt or
cousin, or oven yur mother In-law that
for want of something snitab'o they will
have to go without a pies.iiit. Hersh
berger & Anderson's lino of G'nsswaru
mid Qiicouswuru Is complete in oveiy
Our stock of Hoots and Shoes Is
vory complete and at prices within tho
reach of u 1. Sold by Krcek & Watson,
Our Stock Complete.
Lmllos Gloii'-s and Dolmans, beauti
ful styes. Prices, to id. A great
vailety of ladles Dross Goods. Pi loos,
lower than over
Our stock of Overcoats, Clothing).
Hoots mid Shoes aro ready for your in
spection Confident we can suit yon in
goods and prices wo respectfully invito
every every ludy to give us a call.
Forest City, Mo.
$1,000 to loan 111 amounts to suit bor
rowers at 10 per cent annual interest.
Ciiaulks W. Thomas,
Oregon, Mo.
Five Cents a Week
will give jou the privilege of selecting
any lipok In our library ami reading it,
if returnod In good order. Open Tues
days and Snturdajs from 8 till G p m.
Sever d rtondard neriodlen's wl'l soon
1 0 added to our list. Cnll and see.
R. At FieaicNDAuir,
Librarian W. U.
A Desperate Encounter.
.Tliuiq was a big fight on hand, Ono
Jrfhiw was tandin Id ground against
flyo burluy fu low nil nrmed to tbo
tooth. Ills eyes distuned as ho raisod
his voice ubovo the din and told them
ho wasjio coward ; ,h'o would, die with
hi clothes on, for ho I ad purchased thtj
suit low down at Ira 1. titer's ,

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