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President's Message.
(Cantinurt from ThM Page.)
Hon. To a stnttita wlilch aliotild Incorporate
all It ca'rnllal fcaluroit t i1iou1l feci Imiiiul to
giro my approval, hut whether It would ba for
tho licst lt.tcreU of tlio piihllc to II x upon an
expedient for ltnmnliatcniilc:xtrrilYiappllt'ii
Hon whleh emhrarcs ccrtnm fiMttircs of tho
Kngllsh aYAtcm but cxclihle or Ignores other
of equal linpoitanee, may he icriocaly iloabtetl
even by tliov) imprcattxl as I nm mjaelf with
the cravo Importance of corrcctlnc tho evils
Mhtcli aro In tho prcent method of appoint
ment. If, for exam lo, the Kni;llli rule which
shula out pemoaa above tho nito of twenty-live
yeara from a largo number of public employ
merit la not to bo made an essential
part of our system. It Is questionable
-whether the attainment of tho highest number
of marks at n competitive examination should
bo tho criterion by which nil applications for
anointment should be put to test, and under
(mllar conditions It mar also lio questioned
..... .,.. t.iiii4i.ui.o 4. ..It! mpil IFV 111U9UU1I11
whether admission to the service should lie
strictly limited to Its lowest rank. Thcro are
very many characteristics which po to make a
model civil service; prominent among them arc
probably the Industry, good sense, good habits,
good temper, patience, onlcr, courtesy, tact,
Bclf-rcllanee. manly deference to superior offi
cer, and manly consideration for Infc.-lora.
Tho absence of these tralta Is not supplied by
wide knowledge of books or by promptitude In
answering questions, or by any other quality
likely to do brought to light "by conietltlre
,.i,...ii.( ii muni; oiiilvph ill diicii U 11111111.
Therefore an Indlspenslhle condition of public
i'iiiiuij incut wuuiii very iiKciy result m me
practical exclusion of the older applicants even
though they might possess qualifications far
superior to their younger and more brilliant
competitor. These suggestions must not
be regarded as evincing any spirit of
opposition to tho competitive plan which has
vv.a wj r.imi,VA1vil riVHJ33ll(IIJ till J)IU ITl UI
ready, and which may hereafter vindicate tho
Hound ut uaiiJivk tMimjunvns urn. it OUEi.l
to be acrloiuly considered whether the tmplfca-
Intl tt tlld mnmn A.litnntln..n1 l.l a
ons of miUure years ns to youmr men fredi
f mm k..1ii-ui1 ai..1 i ... in...!.. .
ovih-fi aim t-uiiviil, ilUUIH UUb IM3 llKL'iV lO
exalt men of Intc.lcctual proficiency obovo other
other fe.Uuro of the proposal nyetcm Is the
vjiiituu u inuuiu iuu ui an uniccrs or iuc UOY
ernment nbovo tho lowest grade, except
one twenty-four, would fairly to retarded ns
exponents of tho policy of thn ExecutlTc. and
flu, irrt)ln I. .. . f 1 1 . . ' ,
v.Mnuuwui iuu uuuiuiaiifc puny, louuoru
encouragement to faithful public servants by
exciting In their minds tho hopo of promotion
If lime .rt r.Mt..1 I V. I- -'....I. i -
If tllPl' lPr fiMllliI tri miirll I, I. I. ..... 1. . I .
i . ...v.441, IV. 4 19 IIIUCJI III lIV
desired, but would It lxs wlso to tulopt a rulo so
,s ujiinii nu oincr mono 01 supplying
tho Intermediate walks of the servant. There
aro many persons who (111 subordinate positions
with great credit, but lack those qualities which
pro requisite for the higher posts of duty; aud,
bcsldo-, tho modes of thought and iictlou of
ono whoso service la a governmental bureau
liaa been long contl-.ucd, are often so crumped
by rontlne procciuuro as almost to dlsquallty
him from Instituting tho changes r 'quired bv
tho public Interests. An Infusion of new blood
from time to time Into tho middle ranks of the
service might ho very beneficial In Its results.
The subject uudcr discuss! n Is ono of grave
Importance; Hie evils which aro complained of
cannot be at .once eradicated, tho worli must bo
Tho prcsant English system Is a growth of
years, and was not created by a slnglo stroko
of executive or leglslatlvo action. Its begin
nings aro founded In an order In council pro
mulgated in 1855, and it was after patient and
closest scrutiny of Its workings that fifteen
years later It took Its present shape. Five
years after the Issuance of the order In council,
nnd at a tlmo when resort had been to com
petitive .examinations as an experiment much
more extensively than has been tho casoin
this country, a select committee of the House
of Commons mado a report to tho House which
declaring It approval of tho competitive meth
od, deprecated, nevertheless, any projlpltancy
In its general adoption as likely to endanger its
ultimate success. During this tentative period
tuo results of the two methods of pass examina
tion and competitive examination were closely
watched and compared. It may bo that before
wo confine o-trsclvcs upon this Important
qucitlon wttliln the stringent bonds of stat
utory enactment, wo may profitably await tho
result of further Inaulry and experi
ment tho submission of a portion of
tho nominations to a central board of
examiners selected solely for testing the
qualifications of applicants, may, perhaps,
without resort to the competitive test, put sn
end to thn mischief which attends tho present
system of appointments, nnd It may lxs feasible
to vest In such a board a wldo discretion, to as
certain tho character and italnments of can
didates In these particulars which I have nl
ready referred to as Irelng no less important
than mere Intellectual requirements. If Con
gress should deem It advisable at tho present
sclon to establish competitive- tests for ad
mission to the service, no doubt such as have
been suggested shall deter mo from giving tho
mcasuro my earnest support, and I earnestly
recommend, should there bo a fatluro to pass
any other act upon tho subject, then let an ap
propriation of $25,000 per jcar bo made for the
enforcement ot section 1333 of tho revised
statutes. With tho aid thus afforded me, I
shall strive to execute tho law according to its
letter and spirit. 1 am unwilling, In Justice to
the present civil servants of tho government,
to dismiss this subject without declaring my
dissent 'from tho severe and almost ' In
discriminate censure with which
they have recently been assailed.
That they arc, as a class, :ndo!cn, Inefficient
and corrupt la a statement which has been often
made and widely credited, but wt en tho extent,
variety, delicacy and importance of their duties
aro considered, the majority of tho employes of
the government arc, In my Judgment, deserving
of high commendation.
Tho continuing decline of tho merchant mar
ine ot tho United States is to bo greatly de
plored, in view of the fact that we furnish so
largo u proportion of tho freights of tho com
mercial world, and that our shipments aro
fitnjrillv an .1 ..nMI. I .. .1 y. .
raui,iucill.wii8, XVII CaUEO 01
surprlso that not only Is our navlgat Ion Interest
diminishing, but it Is less than when our ex
ports and imports wero not half so largo as now
either n bulk or in valuo. Thcro must be pe
culiar hindrance to the development of this In
terest, or tho enterprise and energy of Ameri
can mechanics and capitalists would have kept
this cpuntrf at least abreaot olSourrlvals In tho
Irlcmlly contest for ocean supremacy. Tho
substitution of Iron for wood and of
steam for sail havo wrought great rev
olution In tho trade of the world,
but these changes could not have been
adverse to America If wo had given to navi
gation Interests a portion of tho aid In p,-ote-tlon
which fcavo been so whely bestowed upon
pur manufacturers. I commend tho wholo ub
Ject to the wisdom of Congress, with the sug
gestion, that no question of greater magnitude
or farther reaching Importance can cugago your
fntlon. In 1875 the Buprune Court oftho
United States declared unconstitutional the
statutes of certain States whlcti Imposed upon
shin owners or consignees a tax of one dollar
and a half for each passenger arriving from a
foreign country or In lieu thereof required a
bond to udemnlfy tho 8tatc and local authori
ties against expense for the future relief or
support of such paseengers. Since this decision
tho expense attending the caro and supervision
-of Immigrants hasfallen on the States at whose
ports they have landed. As a largo majority of
such Immigrants Immediately upon their arri
val proceed to the inland States and tho Terri
tories to seek permanent homes It Is unjust to
Imposeupon tho Stato whoso shores they first
reach tho burden which It now bears. For this
reason and i hocauso of tho National Importance
pf the subject, I recommend legislation regard
ing tho supervision to transitory caica of Immi
grants aunt) porta of debarkation.
I regret to sta o that tho people of Alaska
havo reosou to complain that they aro as yet
un.?rT, '.,e(1 w,Ul Rnv 'orm of government by
which llfo or property can be i-rolected. Whlla
Us population dos not Justify the application
pf the costly maehlucry of territorial adminis
tration, thero la Immediate necessity for constl-
tlltlni BtlMl 1 fnrm rt ivwnmn,n.. ... .-Ill
m .w.... w. butbiuiMGui, uo nui nrii.
moto the education ot tho people and secure
TllA Afllntn fit Its laa, enaelnn n, 1.1,1
. .. . . V DlDIMUIl IKirBVU a lllil
providing for llio construction of building for
thn llhrfirv nf rim,, ,.: K t f..nn.l .
- JLJ mwv ii- iiiiiu it I uriJlll'3
a law. The provision of a suitable protection
for this great collection of books, and for the
upright department, c nnected with It, has he-
fnmu o enliln.t rt h.IIah.I I . ,
I. , v iianuuoi iiiinjivuuea aim
01. ..mi i, Pl-KlMd IJIUIHllly Ui.lCIUUill,
The report ot tho Commissioners of tho DIs
trlct of Columbia, herewith transmitted
will Inform vou fullv of tho condl Ion
of the affairs of tho Dlstslct. The vital
Importance of legislation for tho reclama-
I nn .ml 1 ........ ... i . l
I..! i4iiiiu-riiiuiii4 u tii4 muroiH'R, mm
for the establishment of tho harbor.
.in lii iuiift vmo a uiiuiuau iiYt:r iruuvi ii, is iru-
ccnted that In their present condition these
II, in. nlnrti II.. tll.... .1 f 1. T . ,
in ui ejirs dcxiuupi uiu'cfc iuc neaiiii oi morcsi--dents
of the adjacent parts of tho city, nud that
they greatly mar tho genoral asp, ct of the park
In which stands tho Washington monument.
This Improv-ment wcild add to that park and
the park south of the Executive Mansion a largo
aro it of valuable land, and would transform
vh at Is now believed to te a dang rous nul
sa nee Into an tiraetlve landscape extending to
muinvi jinn,, i wwy iirauiiiiciiu wv ruuiuviu
of the steam railway line from the surface of
thn streets of thecty, and the location of the
viTcsimrv uei'oii in bucii places as may oe con
vculmt i the publle accommodation. They
call attention to tho dcllclcnry of wtcr supply,
which seriously affects tho material prosperity
ot the city, and tho health and comfort of Its
Inhabitants. I commend these objects to your
favorablo consideration. Tho Importance of
timely legislation, with respect to the ascer
tainment and declaration nf tho voto for Presi
dential electors was sharply called to tho attcn
Hon of the people more than four years ago. It
Is to be hoped that somo well-defined mcasuro
may ho devised before another hatlonal elec
tion, which w 111 render unnecessary a resort to
any expedient of a tcmtiorary character for tho
lictennlnSitlon of questions upon contostcd r -turns;
questions which concern the very ex
istence of the government, and tho liberties of
the people w ere suggested by tho prolonged Ill
tic s ot the late I'rcsldmt and his consequent
Incapacity to perform tho functions of hi of.
Ilee. It Is provided by tho second article of tho
Constitution In tho fifth clause ot its first sec
Hon thitlnraso ot tho removal ot the Presi
dent from office, or of his death by assassina
tion, or Inability to discharge the powers and
duties of said office, tho same shall devolve on
tho Vlcc-l'rcsldtnt. What Is the lnt ntlon of
the Constitution In Its specification of Inability
to discharge the pow.ra and duties of
said olllcc Is ono tho contingen
cies which calls the Vice-President
to tho exercise ot Presidential functions
I the Inability to long continued lntcllectul
incapacity, or ha It a broader Import! What
must be Its extent and duration) How must
Its existence bo established! Has the Presi
dent whoso inability Is tho subject of Inquiry,
any voice lu determining whether or not It ex
ists, or Is the decision of that momentous nnd
delicate question confined to tho Vice-President,
or Is It contemplated bv tho Constitution
that Congress should constitute tho Inability,
and by what tribunal or authority It should bo
ascertained! If the Inability proves to be
temporary .In Its nature, and during
Its cont'nuance the VIcc-Prcsl
dcut lawfully exercises tho func
tion of the Executive, by what tenure docs he
hald his olllcc! Docs he continue as President
the remainder of the four years' term, or would
the elected President, if his inability should
ccate In tho Interval, be cmp wcrcd to resume
his office, and If, having such lawful
authority, ho should cxcrclso It, would
the Vice President be thereupon empowered to
rcsumo his powers and duties as President, I
cannot doubt that these Important questions
will receive your i arly nnd thoughtlul cmisld
cratloti. Deeply Impressed with the gravity of
the responsibilities which have so unexpectedly
devolved upon me, It will be my constant pur
pose to co operate with you in such measures
as will promote the glory of tho country and
iuk jirorjicriiy oi iuc people.
Signed CiicsTmi A. Amiiun.
Council muffs Nonpareil.
In this land of too nnicU freedom tlio
child is taught Hint it must distinguish
itself. A quiot, useful lifo, spent in
producing somothlng of real valuo,
thoroby enhancing Its own and tho
country's wolfaro, is not sufliciont, in
tho mind of tho average American pa
rent, lly emotional and soft-pated pa
rents and teachers, childron aro taught
to cxpoot moro than 1 fo can possibly
havo in storo for thorn. Tho result of
this is. at tho aero of clorhtcon voars
our girls and boys fail to soo easy and
lucratlvo employment at their Instanta
neous command, and a fcolincr of dis
content creeps into their breasts; and
crops out in vain endeavor to grasp a
fortuno with tho boy, and to marry ono
in tho oaso of tho girl. Llfo-long ox
pectations aro hard to givo up, conso
qnontly tho boy resolves to livo without
labor somehow, and tho irlrl decides to
marry tho 'first chanco sho gets which
seems to nola out n prospect of rolcaso
from tho restraint of paronts, and from
tho necessity of solf-oxertion. Tho boy
finds a solution of his llfo problom so
difficult to mako pau out in nccordanco
with tho "noblo philanthropy backed
up by Iho gonorous donations of a
grateful pooplo," that was portrayed
by his oarly tutor, that in many in
stances ho becomes discouragod and
starts on tho road to "Hados'' iustauter,
whilo tho girl takostho shorter routo to
tho samo port, by marrying somo dis
sipated fool, who, with his brain firod
by whisky and passion, talks of afflni
ty of souls.
Tho sooner tho romantic halo of per
petual bliss business is kicked out o our
homos, and school loom, and our chil
dr.'n taught that lifo is a constant war
faro both with self nd tho world, and
that they must acquiro certain sterling
qualltiosof character, which will givo
them forco, to stem tho current of oppo
sition, tho bottor. Tho faots aro that we
should teach our sons that tho man who
cultivates brain and musclo enough to
:niso a bushol of thoso ceroals upon
which wo subsist, and that with a not
profit to himself and thoso who wlold
tlio ax and tho slcdgoto help on tho sta
ple industries, aro .ho mist to bo envi
ed, (if tiioy havo contontcd minds) of
any pcoplo on earth. Our daughters
liould know that to bo ablo to balro a
loaf of good, swict, nutrielous bread,
wash a shirt puro and white, keep a
nouso so neat that it is a comfort tostay
in it, cook a squaro moa! so it will seem
to tlio ordinary mortal liko a foast, is
worth a thousand things who yawn over
mo latost music, and screech at a
Tho curso of stronir drink, toirothor
with falso theories of what lifo should
bo; alms and ambitions born of tho
dovll and fostored by fools; rockless ox-
travaganco among tho middlo classes In
trying to koon paco with tho wealthy.
aro fast weakening tho race, and plung
ing us into bankruptcy and idiocy.
An aged, decrepit lishor. of Afrlo's
sunny olimo, deposited a monstor lish
by tho gills to a plekot fonco whilo ho
quenched his thirst at a well hard by.
A wicked Caucasian roturninir homo
with a very small llsn, took down tho
largo ono and hung tho small fish in its
placo and hastily wont his wav re
joicing while tho colorod man was
eagerly slaking his thirst. When tho
latter turnod to tako down his fish, ho
drew back in astonlshraont, not unmix
ed with fear. At last ho found snnnnti.
and delivered himsolf as follows: "Dat
lish am swunk up powerful bad."
A lady told hor colorod cook to bo
sitro to strain tho coffco, and asked her
at tablo If sho had dono so.. "Yos
missus, I sjralnod do coffee, but I dun
had hard work llndin' so moling to strain
it wlf." "How did you strain itP' in.
quired thomlstross. "Wif you stookin'
missus." "With my stookingP" said
tho lady, rising from tho tablo inox
oltcmont. "Oh, land n massy, missus,
twautyou olo&n stookin' ," oxclal'mod
tho frigotonod girl, "it war a dirty ono
I found behind do doab."
i J. W. Wheelino.
Tho Comptroller's Keport.
Tho Mntloilixl flank Mjrutpm.
Nntlonsl AtocUtcil Pros .
WASiiiNaTOK, Dccombor 2. -A por
tion of tho report of tho comptroller of
tho currency was given tho President
to-night. Tills portion 'oals wltlitho
question of tho dulios of bank directors
and examiner., and on tho uso of checks
and drafts in tho business of tho conn
try. Regarding tho dutlos of national
bank directors, ho began by raying that
tlio recent failure of tho Mechanics' Na
tional Hank at Newark makes tho study
of tho question esi.ocla.ly Important just
now. After qui ling tho law, ho cays
the duties ot directors aro plainly do
fined nud they nro rosponslblo for tho
safety of tho funds committed to their
caro, and if it is shown that any of them
had notieo of illegal transactions it Is a
sotious question whothor thoy are not
legally bound to mako good Iho lo-ses
which may orcur, and it is a question
whether thoy aro not also llablo for loss
es which may occur from neglect of
duty, oven without notico. If this is
not tho just and proper construction of
tho present law, then It becomes a ques
tion for tho consideration of Congress
whether additional legislation on this
subjoct is not required. If a cashier is
placing forged paper nmong ills bills
rocclvablo, and transmitting such paper
to distant places where it is purported
to bo valuable, it is not possiblo in n
day or two to unravel this evil work
(whleh may lmvo continued for months)
and obtain correct balance sheets. A
thorough analyzing nnd scrutiny of
everything would again require ono or
two weeks, hxamtnations should bo
periodically mado by a competent com
tnittco selected from tho board. The
small compensation provided by con
gross does not contomplato tho yearly
nuditim: of nil tho accounts of a bank
by nn examlnor. In many instancon tho
capital of a bank has been found to bo
impaired and a deficiency has bcon mado
good without tho knowlcdgo of tho gen
eral public. In other instances a bank
has boon obliged to pass its usual divi
dend, tho number of banks passing div
idends during tho present year bolng
1,050. Theso disasters do not show
weakness In tho banking system, but
rather a weakness in limuti nature,
somo additional legislation will bo re
quired; but tlioro is not so much neces
sity for additional restorations ns there
is for increased caro upon tho part of
examiner nnd incrensod dllligonco and
sagacity on tho part of tho directors nnd
others who at a in chargo of great trusts.
Wo mako tho following extracts
from an interesting article in tho An.,
Gazette (England) discussing this
question: Herodotus, in his Fourth
Book dedicated to Mo)pcmenc, notes
the existence of polled or hornless
cattlo among the herd of ancient Soy
thians. Possibly this is tho earliest
notico of polled animals of tho bovine
species Ono of tho earliest
notices of polled cattlo in Scotland is
mado by Hector Bocco educated at
Aberdeen University, in his work pub
lished early in the sixteenth century.
Captain Birt, 1725, in ono of his noted
"Letters," describes tho singular
appearance, "liko so many Lincolnshire
calves," presented by f)0 cows that
"had no horns," in swimming across a
ferry. Sir Walter Scott in his Old
iMortality (tho sceno ot which, however.
is laid about 1C70) mentions a "humblc
cow tho best in tho byro," of Niel
Blaino. Dr. Norman Maclcod in his
Reminiscences nf a Highland Parish,
gives a beautiful legend, tho "Spirit of
Eild," in which "thrco dun, hornless
cows" figure as tho embodiment,
apparently, of ideal bovino beauty and
purity, and it is interesting to noto
theso dual characteristics of tho High
lander's "fairy cattle." Tho last thrco
references must allude to Gnloways,
which however, it should bo noted,
wero previous to 1750 universally
Thero are six words wo aro ac
quainted with applied to hornless cat
tlo "hutnniilc," "doddie," cowie,"
"moal," "nat," "poll." Wo havo soon
that there nro nt least thrco varieties
of tho first. Dr. Johnson thought it
allied to humble (tho samo,ho thought,
as its uso in that in tho stinglcss
"hurablo bco"). But Jatnicson differs
from tho great loxicographer,and shows
it has no affinity ,but is derived through
"homyl," from a root sygnifying mutil
ation, and allied to "huramolled," as
applied to barloy.
Any visitor to tho Birmingham or
Smtthfiold fat stock show exhibitions at
Christmas, or tho great London
Christmas market at Islington, will not
remain in doubt as to "What is a Polled
Abordoen?" In tho many circles con
nected with tho manufacture of meat
of all tho now highly wrought beef
producing maohincs, tho Polled Aber
deen is tho aomo tho very term is tho
world-wido current supcrlativo of per
fection. Tho Abordcons,as scon densely
lining tho rails of Copenhagen Fiolds,
display their characteristics grandly,
Thoy havo a lino expression of counte
nance mild, surcno, and expressive.
Pino in tho bono, with clean muzzloj a
tail liko a rat, and not owo necked;
short on tho legs; a small, well-put-on
head, a prominent oyo; a skin not too
thiok or too thin, covered with lino
silky hair to tho touch liko a lady's
glovo; a straight-baokcdi woll ribbed
un. and well ribbed homo: hook bones
not too wide apart lovol from tho hook
to tho tail; well sot in at. tho tail -froo
from ratchincss thoro and all ovor
deep thighs, with a good purso below
them; well fleshed in tho fore breast,
with onual jovoring of fine florh all
ovor his carcass Such an animal ho is
that when Btanding bohind you can soo
all his points at onco, and altogether
with tlio appearance of hid perfect
"moatinoss" bursting out his seal-skin,
smooth, and gllstoning covering.-
Rural JVctt) Yorker.
To Make Ginof.u Loaf. To four
pounds of dough add ono pound of raw
sugar, half a pound of butter, ono otinco
nnd n half of caraway seeds, ono ounce
and a half of cround ginger. Ilako in
tho usual way. It very much resembles
Scotch hot crc ss buns. It makes very
nlco cake, oithor-for toa or 1 Jncheon.
PUJIPKIN Sour l'"ov six linraons. nan
thrco pounds of pumpkin: tako off tho
rind, cut in pieces nnd put in a sauce
pan with n littlo salt, nnd covor with
wntcr; let it boll until it is soft say 20
minutes nnd pass through a eolender;
it must havo no water in it. mit nbont
thrco pints of milk in n casserole, add
tno strained pumpkin nnd let it como to
a boll; add .a vory littlo whito sugar,
somo salt and popper; no butter is used.
Mock Buckwheat Cakes.- Warm
ono quart skimuiod milk to tho temper
ature of now milk, nnd ono teaspoon-
full dairy salt and thrco tabiesnooLfulls
good lively yeast, thlckonad to tho con
sistency ot real buckwnont cakes with
Graham meal, in which thrco small
handfulls of lino corn moal havo boon
mixed. Voryconrso "middlings." such
as ono gets from country mills, nnswora
quito sis well, nnd no ono but an oxport
woum Know tlio dillercneo between tho
imitation and tho real.
o.now UUSTAUD. Snow custard is n
dainty dish, suitable for desort or for
tea. Uso half n packago of golatino.
thrco eggs, ono pint pf sweet milk, two
cups oi sugar, nnd tlio jutco of two good
sized lomons. Soak tho golatino In n
teacup of cold water; It will need to
soaK tor an Hour at least; when It is on
tirely dissolved mid ono pint of boiling
wntor and two-tli rds oi tho sugar nnd
O .
lomon iuice: lot nil come to n boil: then
, - f
tako from tho stovonnd pour intho dish
in which it Is to bo carried to tho table
or put in a mold to cool. Mako a ous
tard of tho milk, eggs nnd tho rest of
tho sugar ana omon luloo. When thu
gelatine in tho mold is ready to serve.
put, mo custard around tlio Oaso, or cov
er it entirely with tho custard.
Puff Pudding. A delicious nuddlmr.
so light as to bo sometimes called "null
pudding," Jsmado thus: Measure eight
tauiospoomuls oi Hour, put it in au earth-
on dish nnd warm it in tho oven, thon
stir in ono pint of sweet milk, thrco well-
ucnton eggs, ono teaspoonful of salt;
beat the yolks and whites separately.
Tako six orsoven toacups and butter
thorn well, nnd fill about two-thirds full
of tho mixture. Bako In n 'quick" ov
en for twenty minutos. For tho sauco
havo ono cup of hot water, six tablo
spoonfuls of sugar; lot this como to a
boil, then add ono rgg, stir constantly,
add a ploco of buttor tho size of nn egg
and llavor with lomon, vanilla or nut
meg. If you prefer a sour sauco add a
tablosponnful of vinegar.
POT.VTO Salad Tno potato-s aro
first put into cold wator in their hkins,
with it good toaspoonful of salt added
to a dozen potatoes. Thoy aro thon
allowed to boil up, and afterward left
to simmer until thoy nro quite tender.
When cold thoy aro peolod and cut up
into rounds as thin as possiblo, whioh
aro laid in a dish, woll seasonod with
salt and poppor; sprinkled with plen
ty ot linoly chopped pnrstoy, and thon
saturated with oil nnd vinegar. In oth
er salads, vinegar is usod in about th
proportion of ono to four oil: but notn-
toes require a good deal moro in fact,
an almost o jual quantity of oach, not
less in any enso than thrco spoonsful
of vinegar to four of oil. Thoso who
liko tho llavor will find thinly sliced
onions, oithor spring or Spai.ish, or a
very small plcco of garlic, finely shrod,
a great im, rovomont to tho tnstlnoss
of tho salad.
Ckeam Salmon. Open can and
pour oft' all tho fluid. There is somo
natural oil from tho salmon that does
not Improvo by cookiug. Fill tho can
with boiling wator. in whloa a half
toaspoonful of salt has b on added; sot
tho can in n vossol containing boiling
water so that it will bo heated through,
shred tho fish: to ono pound of fish tako
pint of milk, ono eighth of a pound of
uuttor, ono tnmcspoontui oi Hour; boll
tho milk. If tho flavor of onions is not
disagrccablo, boil an onion in tho milk,
in whioh case strain tho milk; rub but
ter and flour together, nut thorn in hot
milk and let it boll until thick; season
with peppor and salt. Put in a baking
dish a layer of fish, thon somo of tho
whito sauco; sprinkle this with bread
orumbs, nnd continuo in this way until
tho dish is full, ondlng with broad
crumbs; bako till hot through, and
brovrn on top.
Treatment of Cows.
Phil. J. Eborsold of tho Clarksvillo
Star savs on this subicot: A hoifcr
coming in at two years old is tho best
time to dovelop her future milking
qualities, but comfortablo quarters,
gonorous foed,regularity in milking and
kind trcatmont, will do tuuoh in rear
ing a lino milker. It may appear to
many that it is taking a groat deal of
troublo to attain desired r'oBults.but wo
claim that now-a days when oream is
worth twolvo cents por inch, it pays a
ttrnA Infnrnaf. for nvf.rfi lulinr Amnlnvnrl in
rear nnd improvo our dairy cows to tho
utmost milking capacity. Wo sold a
sovon year old oow to-day that was
milked for three years past without
rniflini n. o.filf. flnil rIia la vnf mvlnir
....... ..p J o o
eight quarts of milk por day, and had
uuen ircaicu as auovo siaica.
"It's a long way from this world to
tho next," said a dying man to bis friend
wlm fitnnii nt IiIr linilsliln. "Oil. nnvnr
mind, my dear follow," answered his
filond consolingly, "you'll havo it nil
1. 1 ii ii a " "
It stood on a bleak country corner,
The houses wero distant and few,
A meadow lay back In Hie distance,
llcyond roso the hllla to our view.
Tlio roads crossing thcro at rlxlit n iglcs,
UntrnvcMCd lv Domn nnd ami,.
Wero cropped by tlio cows In tlio i ummcr;
iTc wnicncu tnem mere many a day.
In memory's hall hanga tlio picture,
And years of sad caro aro between;
It liantrs with a beautiful gfldln.'j,
And well do I loro It, I ween.
It stood on it bleak countrr corner.
But boyliood's young heart nude It warm ;'
ii giowcu in tuo auntliino oi cummer,
'Twa chccrfull In winter and etorm.
The tea her, 0, well I rcmeir.btr,
My Heart has lont? kept him n place!
Perhaps by tho world ho'a forgotten,
Ills memory no touch can cITace.
Ho met ns with smiles on tlib threshold,
And In that ntdo temple of art
Holclt, vlth tho skill of a workman,
Ills touch on tlio mind and tho heart.
Oh. trav were tho unorln of Ihn nnnntl.ln.
When winter wluds frolicked with snow:
Vi e laughed at tlio freaks of tlio storm king
Anu suoutoa mm all on n-glonr.
Wo dashod at his beautiful sculpture,
Hcgardlcss of all He array,
Wo plunged In tho feathery snow-drifts,
And sported tho winter away.
Wo uat on tho old fashioned benches,'
Ilcgullcd with our pencil and slate";
Wo thought of tho opening future, and
Dreamed of onr manhood's estate.
0 1 days of my boyhood, I bless ye,
Whilo looking from lire's busy prime,
Tile treasures aro lingering with nic,
I gathered In life's early time.
01 still to that bleak country corner,
Tunis my heart In weariness yet;
Where leading my gcntlo young sisters,
With youthful comp nlons I met.
I cast a fond glance o'er tho meadow,
Tho bills just behind It I see,
Away In the charm of the distance,
Old school house I a blessing on thco.
lieu JMffht matumt.
By means of a newly invonkd pro-
toss, ammonia is manufactured (mm
tho nitrogen of tho ntmosnhoro
hydrogen of water. Tho operation is
carriott on in a olo3od brick furnace.
Having an ash pit dosed to rorrnlntn
tho current of nir. Thn .1nr...it.,i,
xiiuurnu used is llio dust of steam orml.
and, in tho prcsenco of this, at a full
red noat, tno vapor of wator is decom
posed, and tnc Hydrogen combines with
tho nitrogen from tho regulated current
of nir. But ammonia Is decomposed nt
a origin rou neat, nud, thorofore, to pro
vent loss by accidental oxcoss of tcm
poraturo, fivo to eight por cent, of salt
is mixed with tho coal.
A New Signal.
They havo on onoof thoNow KniriBm,
rauroaus nn automatic air signal which
s'oems to be a marvol in its war If nil
that is said of it bo truo. It is an nir
dovlco, and is op .rated by tho fore
whcols of tho locomotlvo
train, tho pressure of which causes a
oonows to project tho air thronrrl. a
tnbo in such a way as to givo a signnl
ono third of a milo ahead. No manual
labor on tho apparatus i renuirod.
An approaching train releases tho
moohanism at a station in advance,
and, when it passes, sots it for tho nnxt
train. It can bo usod for rlvlnr num.
lug of tho approach of n train nt a
cross ng by displaying a placard or ring
ing a gong, and for giving othorsifrnnls.
If It should como into general use. It. la
thought it will diminish tho number of
thoso accidents in which thoui'btloss
porsons loso their lives by attempting"
to urivo in vonioics across tho track nt
road nnd streot crossings.
Wliero Does tlio Wuter Go?
New York Timet.
There is abundant evidonco that thn
amount of water on tho surfaeo of tho
oarth has been .Uadliy diminishing for
many thousands of yonrs. No ono
doubts that thoro was a tlmo when tho
Caspian son communicator! wltb thn
Black sea, and when tho Moditorraneati
covered tho groator part of tho Doso
of Sahara, In fact, geologists toll i?
that at ono porlod tho wholo of tho earth!
at It1
inf SI
was covered by wator, aud tho faot .hat
continents of dry land now oxlst is proof
that thero is loss wator on our globe
now tnnn tlioro was In its infanoy. This
., .i .... 444 im i4iicuuy. jLuiai
diminution of our supply of wator is f
frnl 11 rr nn nf frlin .n,... . . I .. .. .. . . I
going on at tho piosont day at a rato so
rapia as to do oloarly npproolablo. Tho
rivors anil smaller streams of our At.
lantlo states nro visibly smaller than
thoy wero twenty livo yoara ago. County
dtooics in wnloli men now living wero
.custoraoa to lish and bntho In their
boyhood, havo in many casos totally
utsappoaiou, not through any act of
man, but sololy In couso(iu,,nco ot tVo
falluro of tho springs nud rain which
oneo fed thorn. Tho lovol of tho great
lakes is falling year by year. Thoro
aro many piers on tho shoros of tho lako
sldo cities whoro vossols onco npproaohod
with oaso, but whioh now hardly roach
to uio otiiro oi tno waler.
Harbors aro ovorvwhoro frrowinc
shallowor. This is not duo to tho errad-
ual doposits of earth brouirht down bv
rivor", or of rofuso from tho city sowers
Iho luuor of Toronto has rrrown filml.
low In splto of tho fact that tho bottom
rock has boon roaohod. and all tho
dredging which has boon dono to tho
moor oi now xoric will not permanent
ly open It. Tho growing shallowness
oi tno iiuason is more ovldent nbovo
Albany than It Is In tho tldo wntt r-re
gion, and, liko tho outlot of Lako
Cuamplain, whioh was onoo navlgablo
uy inainn canoos at all seasons, iho -up
per uuuson is now almost bare of wa
tor In many places durincr tho summor
In all othor parts of tho world thero -s
tno sarao stoauy Uocreaso of wutor In
rivors aiid lakos, and tho rainfall In
buropo, whoro solentlllo observations
aionia'io, lsmanlfostl, Joss than it was
at a porlod within man's moniory.
What Is boooralng of our water? Ob-
vlonslyltH not disappear, nr through
evaporation, for in that caso rains
would glTo bikek whatevor water Iho at-
mosphore might absorb. Wo must no
copt tho theory that, liko tho wator of
tno moon, our wator is sinking into tho
oarms intorior.
) 1 Husli Money.
Govornor Murray tolls a 1n.iifrhn.hln
story of Ida experiences In tho Georgia
mnrch to tho Boa, whjch is worth ro
'Speaking of tho fnmotts march
through Georgia," said tho Govornor,
"I novor shall forgot tho amount of
money it co3t us to kcop nn old woman
from crying hersolf to death. Of
course wo wero obligod to subsist off
tho country as wo wont along, nnii wn
naturally took the best in sight. Ono
ciay wo toon possossloa of n chicken
ranch kept by nn old lndv. whn Rtiiml
at tho front gnto with a broom in hor
hand and threatened to Hole all of Shnr.
ninn' forces If thoy dhl not movo on.
ixow cnicKons wore considered ns offi
cer's moat, and as wo wore Infnrnnllv
hungry, wo wont for thoso old hons
pretty lively. Whon sho saw that hor
favorito fowls wore bolng caught and
killed, sho kcolod right ovor and bogan
to cry. Presently sho bogan to snrerim.
nnd finally you could hoar that wo
man's yolls cloar to Atlanta. I Rnntthn
surgeon in to quiet hor. but ho failed.
and thon all tho ofllcors took liirim. hut
tlio moro attention paid her tho moro
sho howled. I thon got pretty norvous
ovfir tno lniomal no SO. hnnnnan thn
wholo army would nonr it. nml Ihnv
might supposo soraobody was torturing
mo wora.n. finally, Sliormnn rodo
up nnd askod what it was all abcut,
aud whon wo told him. honnlil- T.im
her a burhel of Confodoratxi hnnilo fnr
hor hons, nnd seo if that won't stop
nur. Acting on tins hint, I procoedod
A. 1 f . .
wj uusinoss. wo Had canturoil n C.nn.
fodcrato train tho day bnfnrn. with
$4.000;000 of Confodorato monoy, and
1 minted up tho train at onco. Tho
monoy was worth about two oonts on
tho dollar. Woll. I stuffed almnt lmlf n
million dollars in au old carnct sack
unu marcncd into thohouso.
'Madam,' said I ononlnr- thn snnl.-
i'll givo you 50.000 tomtit this nnlan.'
Iwns as still as death In a mlnntn nn,i
thon her faco oxpanded into a broad
smtio. J. laid tho packages of monoy
on tho tablo, nnd I nnvnr arn.tr m.i. n
dollghted woman. Tho effect pleased
mo, and! continuod: -Gnnnrnl
presents his compliments nnd 8100,000.'
T MAHAL 1 1 l .
i.Hvux iu my mo saw such a pleased
old woman, and I wound
ing tho contents of tho sack right
down on tho floor, and tolling hor that
whon it camo to contributions to dis
tressed females, I could bo outdone by
no man living.
"Sho invited tho ofllcors tn Kiinnnr
and sho cooked ovcrv chickon nn th
ranch nnd set out ch'or froo an wntor
Wo wero living a nrettv nnn.i itmn
whonaloni;, Innk old coon nnmn in
and sho said it was hor husband. Pret
ty soon his oyo foil ou tho monov.
"Sarah,' said ho. 'where In lilftvoa 1 T.I
you got all tills darned truckP'
A present from Gonoral Sh nrmnn.'
said sho.
""Taint worth
thoyVo kindUmr iircs with it (Imvn tn
Now Orleans,'
"Thooldwomnn roso un. hnr In
whito as your shirt from, nnd her oyo
wasn't pioasant to moot.
" 'So you aro tho bilk that irnvn mi.
this, aro youP' sho callod out. roaoh-
Ing for tho old broom.
'Tho entire moss roso and sthrtml
from tho houso. Wo novor hoard ni
moro of hor, and thoro isn't a man of
that crowd who would moot thnt old
woman for all that Confodorato money,
if it would bring ono hundred
tho dollar nt tho Treasury Department,
ui y asmngton."
Tho thoughts whih brlnir fnrt.li nn.
lons,tho aotlons which, ropoatlng them
selves, booomo h.'lblts. thn hniilta ivht.il.
form oharaetor, tho character whioh is
llllllt. Infr. Iia nml l.nn. 1 .
...j 4.HU uuuuiuua uiir real S01V0S
thoso nro tho threads of which aro
wntrrm li n ....... 1.. , . ,
wovon tho truo happiness or tho true
woo of lifo nnd from whioh tlinv ofin
novor bq-soparatod.
ThorVls no creator miHtalrii tlmn tn
supposo that Christians can Impress tho
worui Dy agreeing with it. No; It Is not
nmo to boat tho vorld In Its own
'Ut It is to stand apart and above
to prouueo tho Impression of a
lid soparato llfo. This onlv can
a a truo Christian power.
got blood from turnips feod thorn
to lio OOW. J. W. Wirr.Er.rva
1 .
A Mure Cure I'oiutd at I.unt. No
QOue Ieea NuHer.
Auro cure for tho Blind, BloodlnK,
ItolKig and Dlcoratod Pilos has boon
dlsifvorod by Dr. Williams' (an Indian
rpnfSdy,) called JJr. Williams' Indian
PluUnoi A singlo box has oured tho
worn oronlo cases of 25 nnd 80 yoara
stanulng. No ono nood suffer flvb mlu
utosa"or aPPymg this woridorful
sotOKt, modloine. For snlo by all
Jr.'Vw Ji or miGd on rooolpt of prloo,
1OV-Jjor box. F. S. Hknrytl Co.,
PropthyCloveland. Ohio.
SL"Sn -5 -ytbnK. Dr.Halllilay'sBlooe
Purifier Is tho remodyforyou. lor ealo U al
tfgjppKiaw'','w't,'l'wl)f "l nn
V4 4-4. -x w BuLncrlbemwaiitedorl'liaNATOK'ALTUII.IIWi.';
fril,fWmS- .Trl ".8-PH? weeklylournal, Ufvoteit to Iho Aitireiti of aij
WV. J afcrabdleraotlJallora who aorred during the tato War of tlio lie?
nit winter rr..nn. t..i ...,.. . bolllon, There will be Imnortant leslilatlon the enmincr
1hr winter affecting rcmlopi.
'iii aaa """oHca, ana other mattcrt of (pedal tntereat to Ihoae who won
ment In any
ffayy during
to inform all
TIOVAT. Tlnmivi- in .i.k ...
addition contain other matteraweirwnnknV"'" ,u"
ONE dollar TRIBUNE, Washington, D. 6.
MitbeforaJauunry iocur Ta HJiTioaAiiTmsvMjtrjr.One year,
VnllMfl lltU If von vnnM lorn nV1.wra.
" " ."'r ""'rr' t ai...w linn iiwnw.1 ttKnynTiir,
fjnT' JL "or Duslnrxt at tho Old
o Oldnt A
cHicago scale company;
JM tsLSoV3 Jeffertnn Streit, Chtenon. mi.
tA4l 3-Toti Wniroii Sclo, 10l 4-Tori f til
'LttUoDctec vc. w. Send for l'rTco Ltit"
nriifp p.i
Kits snd FAIR
nUkll I WtTour ftddreMM(intckroMar.i.
'fncliirr. Tthnr..-Jf. V.
20 wi's&riiit
xipalim Oij4UuAriM4i
rrl WW, Oo Wriki, rtlMttrV
Jf yon e nlor a IviRh hMrtM
Of MmrnvTObMnnrihl-Rmntf
iiKNcriKttTonrw f
Thollcj Doctor Trick Monkcjj
if" moor, ii. u. rooto, M. V,
Ulaatratca contents froo.
fJunt buy tlio I'olropilconi '
jFor MsKlaJDtcrua irooatdono.
. a nu . ui!. 1. n iiictuni-jtua
;For rhotomrlifi of nr ono.
MtmiiA v mi. t, rtfiiri ca,
jMt r- ,,'r,,T'T inrKiatyi
BOuu ARunin UntiluU for Life of
L'fS.Jld,d"'0,?,l.r",,."1""-Uon- BunrtciU treatment.
lire to iTiiiko money. Hewareof ,'e,hpenriy,,triiit
liS?S t"J1"' "Sit u.'ncn,lc nd fiillr lllaitrawd
!-" "mi 'iiiu iiuLiifc. r iiie licet ponrmllf
- - i"i n'r.Liwnifir;n,t rnifUgo, Id,
Vfi rtr hinrlinmn rnnml KnttiAt-a tvrv.A ...
...... "iviiiviuuiii, vuiiiv b, iirnunuuu VlinrK. Ill mi
untnonm Ileairy'imatftileMlrmi framea, itoolVbook.
."T, . . w " ....,.vii.ii,hiiu uriCCB
11 "Ulifarllon Kiinranterd or money
rone yrar'a ntei Uprlirht rianofortea,tl35
wio price, nn tu (Sui atandard piano
lunaea, arrer
lofnaicaiaioiniopricc", tu turn aiandard nla
mammoth list
inicrie. aa inouaundi teallfyi write for
nana, cathedra
Vl.flAF. U.tlW,l
ui ivnuiiiumaiii xicaiiy-a caDinct o
T.ii'.. ...V. ." tnin'i, i'nnor,r;i upward,
liltori wclaiinctfreocarriaKtimeeta Dauenmnitl.
i, cinircii, cnnpei parlor, n.lt up
I.ir.f.rf P4lnl,imin Htll. .1lllA..r . . . L . .
trated catfloirao (holiday eaitlon)rr. Addrcai
lliUKin Duiilr-lV. Ilr-.tty. Waihlnirton. W. J.
..univiiiirrr. iuurcBI0r
18 1'ltOIIAIIl.Y
Dr, Isaac Thompson's 0 eleliratGa Eve Water.
. nTj,1., A".1.0, 1 " rfnlly prrparU Bhriielaninre.
crlptlonandhaa berntn conatant uio for nonrlv
rR2riV.tk?".ib,'c.n tntrotVuced Into tho market,
Iho aals of thli nrilcle ronHantly ncreanlnir. If tho
dlrccitpri are followed It will nvcr full. Wo par
t culaily InOto the aitentlon of ptiyilclana tottamer
Trny N V TUOatl'SHM, BOMS H CO.,
IfcNE- perfect enre for AM'll.HA-
iffllCtad. IJinyfl lmttlM f.t .. .ii a. I
gUU. AddrMt-Drs. TAK1 DUOS., Koch-1
ffO, I1L
Tatrnt Foot and Steam rowel
Machinery. Complete outfits for
cnml Work-Miop Iiualneia,
LalheaforWoodor Metal. Cir
cular Bawa, Scroll Sawa. Form
era, MortUcra, Tcnonera, etc,
eto. Marlilneaontrlallf dealred.
Ilearrtptlvo Catalogue and 1'rice
l.lit Free.
a vt 17 rr
l!at:tn thn XCnrlil.
.PMkoge Das onr Trmlo-Murk and l
marked Frrtier b
nxiKjij iv till Klt5
WNBSVnOP will cure the wort Cons'
wi 4v.4k44uxx u imp xuruai, or i;oDBumniion:
tw matter how bad or hovr Ions touting?
To eonrlnM mn . win - t.A,.
mil for BOc. expreaa paid. Addreaa Dn. Taft
uroa., xtocneatcr. w.x.. or ST8 W. Madlron St..
Chicago, 111. tay-For aale by all dm?irlit.
Aim; Steam Trail Go.'s
Thti trap auto,
matlcnlly dralna
tho irater of con
enauon rrom
whither tho Colli
bo AiiorK on ng
low the water
level In Boiler,
thua dolnB away
With mimni anA
other inochanlcai
ncvicra ror
Tie laiv Steam Trap Co.,
.ifttiir.n ii. iii.i'.nnipii, twr, y wnn I reaa
For Two
The good and staunch ola
moro to assuage pnin, relieve
sull'crlntT, and save tlio lives of
men and boasts than all other
liniments put toother. Why!
Bccauso the Mustang pone-,
trates through skin and ilesh
to the very bono, driving out
all pnln and soreness and
morbid socrotions, and restor
ing tho aillicted part to sound
aud supple health
Iho llurebt nnd lltt Medicine emr Made.
AooVmhlnatkin. of Mnn. tlimhn. Mm
drakUo and Dandelion, with ull lujbost and
most oVura tiro iruiertita of alt other lilttera,
makoathc(crcatct Blood Purifier, Liver
Rob U ln tor, and Life and lliulixi lU'-wruij
Agent ouWII IIwlW Milwtli.
NodtcaaooanpolUrlont etitt where Rop
UltUraoro ualkp.orwluUiuid'Jur.uctiirotliclx
operatloju.BSam ToallwhoM mmpiojTnenMcau.0 irrcfraii
ryortheliowolJorWx unnary ni-BiuiF, nr .
n. 4 JVX TAnflu R.111I111H1I Rftii
I44IU Mil A,IU.4M;. m."", ... . .
loatlnrt, KXHaW
Ho mutter wlmt your fotUnca. or rymptl
aro wht the dleeoio or cUiV-m.. . iSllIouf
tera. Don't wait untu you aVJTi'fJIS'.tt f yo
onlrfeolti&d ar mlivr.hlii.w4ilt-cm At nnl
. 14414 w,o juu.iiici.uB.iiH' " v u iiuuuTeaa.
$BOOwHlbgpald(orac.Bu (hey vdll not
cure or lid p. Do not tuflcr01," t yiir frlentti
utTer.butuieandunrs thom10 UJ Hop B
Remember, nop Dlttera la no V do, dmmmd
kdrunVen nostrum, but tho Pureat n d Uaat
tledlclneereruudaitlia 'WTlLtCi ITUEia
.. ' ; ----- rr.-. in i. - . . .. .
ana uors - ana no pcraoa or family
Huld bo without them. m.tvit
n lu..
it iw-wrttiwuyi run
narcoiiui. a
narcciiui. Ait vm uj uniffvini. Bend .
lloenMlfr n. Y aim Toronrn, liei
. t ox-Soldtoraot tho fact that
"P""' vongrewionai iTooeedloBa,' aud fn

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