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Wm Kauchor dU
Christmas Goods.
Something Useful as Well as Ornamental.
Black and Colored Cashmeres and AN
paooas, Worsted and Brocades, Some
beautiful patterns, Shawls, etc.
Beautiful Patterns In Pitchers, Tea
Setts, Etc., etc. Table rnd Pocket Cut
lery, Ladles' Pen Knives, Etc.
Why not buy something that will bo useful. Come
and f?ee us. Wo carry besicleH the lines mentioned
above full stocks of Clothing, Groceries, Hardware and
N. IJ.- -A few nice Coats for Ladies which we are
closing out at very LOW prices.
Merchants and Dealers in Everything,
Oregon. 3Ho,
Guarantee a Benefit to every one who will bny Goods ot them for
Cash, or Produce
And will ''SET 'EM UP" to all their customers who will pay up their accounts be.
lore Janury 1st. 1882. Those who cannot raise the money will please Dive their
notes, as we desire to square up the Books. Atter January ist, 1882, we will soil
Goods for
Cash or Produce
only, and by this plan we wlll'savo money for all of our customers.
We still sell Dry Goods, Grocerfes. Notions, Hats, Cops Gloves, Queensware, Glass
ware, Door-locks, Bolts, Screws. Pocket and Table Cutlery. Etc, etc. And we stll
sell and warrant M. D. Wells & Co's. Boots and shoes. A large assortment of Gloves
to be sold at bottom prices. Our
we are closing out ct cost. Everybod Invited to come In and examine our goods
No trouble to show them.
m Mm Singer ;:: lb Stewart Sniv Mm:.
West of the Court House:
Where they Carry the Best
of all Kinds from an Overcoat to a Handke'Jtahief.
Cloaks, Shawls,
Worsteds, GHiig-lijiiiiH,
oots, SifOES, fATS, Allocs,
.gmssf Gloves, 3Xitten, etc. n j
AfuUotock of Glasswaro and
sugars, Mean, uonces, ap tno lowest i'rices. s
In Jk.ll
Barnes & Collipn'3
Silk Handkerchiefs, Ladle's and Gents'
Ties, Collars, Collarettes. CufT But
tons, Gloves, Etc.
Scarfs, Hoods, Nubias', shawls, etc.
Knit Underwear for Ladles and Gents.
Germantown Yarn, Etc.
& Anderson.
1st, 1882,
Hoods, Prints, Etc.
Quconswaro, Canned and Dried Fruits
Kmim Cltr. "t. Jnph A
lilnfn Rnllrond.
Isavtt Fortit City. North. South.
11 Ail ana Uxprcvi 2 :on p. i mm p,m
do 2:.V, A. t 12:I5.A.M
Vallsca 1) ran cli 4 iss p. m 10 s'JO.a.m
Those parties who are In arrears on
subscription to The County Paper are re-
spectfully requested to eall and settle
their Indebtedness, as we need and must
have the money due us. Subscribers can
ascertain just how they stand and sec
what period they are paid to by exam
Inlng the printed date, following their
uame on the margin of their paper.
J. T. Scdwick, of Craig, Is buying
grain at Fairax, Mo.
V. T. Mnupln nnd Dan Thornton
nro plastering tho school houso at Craig.
Tho now school house at Crnig.will
lio ready for occupancy about tlio ffrst
of tho month,
Mossr. Cain Glass & Miller, ship
ped cloven cars of hogs from Forest City
last Monday.
Herry Fcucvbachcr, had a now
caller at his houeo on Sunday of last
week a lltilo, wee chap.
Don't forget the salo at tho late
residence of Smith Melntyrc, to-morrow
(Saturday) December 24th.
Tho series of meeting!! at tho
Christian church, Mound City, closod
Sunday of last week. Thro wcro
thlrty-fcur additions.
Hiram Watson, is as proud ns a
king, over the arrival of a lltilo miss at
his house. Slio made her appearance
Monday of last week.
Our colored people will hhvo an ex
hibition nnd concert to-morrow (Satur
day) evening, at tlielr church in tho
eastern part of the city.
George ltomiuo, of Higclow, Fays
that carbonic neid is a cure for hog
cholera. Mix two table spoonsful of the
acid with two-and-a-half gallons of
shorts nnd focd as slop.
Don't forget tho Christmas treo nnd
entertainment at tho German M. E.
church on Sunday ovcnlng, December
25th, 1881. The treo Is at tho disposal
of all those who dcslro to use it for
making presents.
A Christmas tree ontortainniont will
ho held at tho M. E. church Saturday
evening, in tho interest of tho Sabbath
school. Kvorybody welcomed. A
number of songs and speoohes will bo
given in connection with tho tree.
Tho Oregon lodgo of A. O. II. W.,
hold their annual election of ofUcors on
last Friday evening, with tho following
roHitlts: J. M. Hasncss, M. W.; Nick
Stock, Foreman; Dnn'l Thornton.Ovcr
seer; J. T, Thatcher, Financier; Thil
IpSel.ulte, Hecoivcr; D. M Martin, He
corder; H. Schlotzhauor, Guido; M. D.
Walker, Watchman ; J.II. Ntos.F.M.W.
At tho annual oloetlon of Oregon
Lodgo, No. 131, A. F. & A. M., held at
thoir hall Saturday ovoning, Dec. 17th,
tho following officers were elected for
tho ensuing year: T. II. Parrlsh.W. M ;
Robert Montgomery, S. W. ; S. W.Mor-
rlson, .1. W.; E. VanUnskirk, Troas.;
John T. 'llnteher, See; .1. K. Cum
mins, S. D.; S. I). Scnor, J. I).; E. L.
Allen. S. S.; J. T. Ilowoll, J. S.; F. S.
uostock, Tylor.
At Savannah, on the ltith, tho suit
against Georgo E. King, for contompt,
was dismissed by Judgo Kelloy, but tho
defendant was nrrosted soon aftor by
Sheriff Lincoln on tho Indictmonts
found by tho grand jury on a charge of
criminal Ilbol, tho offense being contain
ed In an article published in King's pa
per, tho St. Josoph SalunlayIhmocrat,
against Judgo II. S. Kolloy, some time
during tho past summer.
We publish this week thoadvortiso.
ment of Harper's Monthly, tho maga
zine of tho world, whose visits are wol-
como in a half million households,
from the frigid North to were tho NJIp
mirrors iu its fretted wators 'tho work
of Cheops, road aliko in tho cottages
of tho new world and tho parlors of too'
old, boncath tho shadows of Ohlm
borazo and horo in the centre of our
Cahtlnont, In this magazine tlx
Messrs. Harper's havo built a grander
and more enduring monumont to thoir
memory than storied urn or monumen
Ul shaft, whllo their Weekly nnd llazar
stand preeminently as the first journals
of the, kino" among tho papers of tho
DoKalb county lias decided by a
voto of 474 to 9G9, to have no now
Court Houso
A Christmas sermon will bo preach
ed next Sunday at the M. E. church, at
It o'clock A. (. Services at night. All
Wo understand that J. 1 Drapoau,
of Craig, has sold.lils stock of harness,
saddles, etc., to Mr. John I'attorson, of
Now Point
Attend the Christmas festivities at
tho German M. E. Church Sunday eve
ning, nnd bear tho ltttlo Schtitto Musi
cal Midgets ring.
Tub ConNTr Pavku congratulates
Mr. Ucnncr on his appointment as enn
stablodf Union township; and also Mr.
Clalbiirne as jn'tlec of the peace of tho
samo township.
"Is your father a Christian?" said a
gentleman to a ltttlo boy tho othor day.
'Yes, sir," said tho little boy; "but I
believe he has not worked much at It
for como lima."
Hunt, who killed Duolon recently
iu Andrew county, lus been indicted
for murder in tlio first degrco Public
sentiment is said to be largely in fa
vor of I he defendant.
A Gorman Evnngoliunl Lutheran
church was dedicated in St. Joseph, on
tho 18th Inst, It is tho only church of
this denomination in that city. Itcv.
F. Scholz, of Corning, preached tho
dedicatory sermon.
All witnesses subpoenaed in behalf
of thu State, in any criminal case, nro
required by law, without any additional
subpoena, to attend at each succeeding
term of tho court until such enso is dis
posed of, and they ronder themselves
llablo to puHlsluncnt by not doing so.
On last Friday, Deputy U. S. Mar
shall, W. II. Long, w'ns arrostwd at For
est City, on tho complaint of David
Watklns, whojjun constable of Union
townsh!p,(.n auhargo of nuihozzlomont
It is charged that Watklns employed
Long as his deputy, and that ho col
lected money for which ho did not
properly account. He gave ball.
Sellers of wheat have been trying
for tho past week to get up a bilge,but
only succcedod In unsettling the mark
et. The trade has been light, but of
ferings and bidding free. Corn has
shown some activity and prices have
advanced n fraction. Wheat, $1.87;
corn, t!5e. Tho cattlo market has been
very dull with light supply of fresh
offerings. There has been little or no
inquiry whatever for shipping grades.
Tho hog markot has boon greatly de
pressed, and values havo boon off 10
conts. Hogs, $6.00; cattlo, SSG.:5.
Tho Plasttsbnrg Republican claims
t have reliable Information of a now
railroad scheme of groat mugnltr.do, in
which not only the people of Clinton
county but those of St. Joseph, are
dcoply Interested. The information is
claimed to como from a party who is at
thu head of the cntoipiisc, who says It
is yet in its infancy though rapidly as.
fuming shapo. Tho projected road is
to bo known as tho Mississippi Contra),
and starts at Omaha, Nebraska, fol
lowing the courso of tho Missouri river
through tho southwestern portion of
Iowa, and entering Missouri In Alch
ison county and through Holt.
This promises to bo n soason of
prevalent small pox. It Is raging in
various parts of tho country. Thoro
has boon more or less of It all summer
and it is now worse. For tho week
ending last Staturday, out of two hun
dred and thirty, ninodoathsln Chicago,
twenty-eight resulted from smnll-pox.
At Springllold, Massachusetts, tho in
crease of Hinall-pox is so alarming that
atiothor post houso Is to bo built, Sovcn
girls employed In tho rng room of a
paper manufactory wcro among tho
patients last Monday. In Minnesota,
it is spreading with alarming rapidity.
Thus far it bus touched Iowa iu one or
two places, but It is all .'.round us, and
if wo would avert tho scourgo wo
should not take my chauoes. Vac
cinate ,
Sovoral weeks ago, an Horn appear
ed' In this paper, redacting upon tho
participants In tho Woods school houso
exhibition. Tho item was published
contrary to our wish or tpproval, and
upon inquiry we learn that tho article
was far from doing justlco to tho young
pcopla who took part in tho ontcrtnln
ment. Wo mako this statement in or
der to placo oursolves proporly before
tho good pooplo of tho Wood's district.
The druggist who hositatos now is
lost for tho winter. Ho should sling
together somo swoot oil nnd llquorleo
and bring nut his cough euro at once.
Dr. Hull's Cough Syrup does not pay
him enough profit,
Harry Fnrnghor.speaks emphatic in
this Usuo of Tub County Pai'kk.
J. It. Wilson, of Forbes, has n very
Interesting article iu Tiik County Pa
l'Kit, this week.
J, O. Stout has opened u stock of
confectioneries, iu tho room lately occu
pied by Itclnhart & Ilium.
Tho Mislonary Hand will repeat
their very excellent entertainment, nt
tho Presbyterian church this (Friday)
Itcv. J. W. Estop, closed a very in
teresting scries of mccti ngs at tho Slnloli
school house, last Sunday evening.
Thcro wero tour conversions.
J. W. Perot, has opunwl n stock of
harness, saddles, etc., in the second
room cast of King & Promt's drug
store. See his advertisement.
between four and five hundred dol
lars have been subscribed by tho peo
ple of the Shiloh neighborhood, for the
purpose of building a United llrothren
Oicgon has 15,845 feet 920 nuN
or over three miles of rock, brick, and
board sidowalks. Morn than all the
other town? In thu county : about V00
tcct of this rock und& brick; the
balanco wood mostly two inch
pine, of which nearly 4,000 feet have
been laid in repairs within thu last two
The railroad meeting at the Court
House Tuesday evening was largely at
tended, nnd n cotimitt.no consisting of
Messrs. G. A. Fiegenhaum, Gen. Ander
son, E. Vanllu"kirk, Jas. Llmbird, J.
T. Thatcher, Clark Irvihu and T. II.
Parrish", wcro appointed a comnulteo
to look after thu railroad interests of
our city. T. II. Parrish was chairman
of thu evening and James Ltmbird,
It will bu rsmcmbcrcd that on tho
Gthlnst., J. Parshall, Neil Swank and
Herbert Slovens, wore arrested on thu
vhargo of having robbed tho railroad
and express safo at Maltland a few days
previous. Tho arrested parties gave
ball in the sum of STiOO each for thoir
appearance beloro 'Squire Wilkinson
at Forest City, on tho 10th. At thu ap
pointed time tho examination of the
accused parties took placo, and tho
state so utterly failed to iiinlu ont a
ease that all Uio defendants were dis
charged. It is a shame that these
young men wero arrested; they wero
no more connected vith the robbery,
than an unburn child.
Amusing, Instructive.
Tho following is tho program for tho
Christmas treu entertainment to bo giv
en at tho Presbyterian church next
Monday ovoning, L'Gth. Let every ono
who enjoys h l-r.st-class literary treat
como out and bo gratllled. Thu treo
will bo also attractive and richly la
den with presents: ,
drccllng Sunt; Sunday School
Itecltauoii Day llreak
Mutul Dysart.
Mediation t I.onls Illll.
.soul- Iliippy Clirlilnon 1 1 in .
Jlccltutkm Little Hello.
IVarl lli'iinctt.
ltccltatlon flay Ciuaniln.
huntf. Twlnklu l.ltllu Hlar.
ltucltutlnu (iiTtlo (iUiumiIiis.
Uecltutlou Kclm.
It. .Montgomery.
Hung Christinas Trro.
IteciUtlon (iracu lllnilc.
iii-.iii.ti.ui !..(!. Irvine.
Hour , ..Tho Lord's 1'ruyer.
Ailmunlmi-AilultH. IS cunts: Children, 10
Literary Night.
Tho following is tho program for tho
literary entertainment at tho school
houso, to-night, (Friday). All nro cor
dially invited to attend :
Select Heading' Mlt Sonlila I'ctors,
iiniHimithm II. Montiroinery.
Selection Heading ,.. itoHock.
Ivway... .Mrs. n. jieraiiurrues--
Declainallon Claro Irjlne.
Quotations Mary Van Dunkirk.
flreatlilnu Hxercbo Committee.
Oration Charles Hopcr.
jlutlc lonuuuieu.
Question: Itenolved, That Capital 1'unUh-
ment dhould no anoinnea. Amrniauve. r , ma
lOKK. L. C. Irvlno i Negative. H. O'Kallon, W.
Santa Clause.
Tho Boat and Cheapest placo to buy
your lino Toys and Candien, and all
kinds of Holiday Good Is at tho Restau
rant and Uakery on tho eornor, ono
door south of Graves & Webor, Forest
vouit vlKK on dauohtek
vyoui.i) UK An
You can purehnto ono at this office for a very
small sain of money, Call andseo It,
Intending to reduce our stock to the lowest ihwHiIu point hef.Ttt Invoicing
on thu First of January next, wo shall from now until that thin, sell every arti
cle In our stock at Prices
Regardless of Profit.
All Silks greatly reduced in price,
All fine Dress Goods roducod in price.
All fine Dross Trimmings greatly reduced in price.
All fine Cloaks greatly reduced in.price,
All fine Dolmans greatly reduced in prico.
All fine Ulsters greatly reduced in price.
All fine ready-made ladies dresses greatly reduced.
All fine Shawls greatly reduced in price.
All fine ftubias Hoods and Scarfs reduced in price.
All fino Hosiery and Gloves greatly reduced in price.
All fine Bed Comforts and Wool Blankets reduced.
All fine Table Llnons, and Napkins. All Flannels, Colored and White, Plaid and
Twilled; All Cassimercs and Joans; All Flno Underwear, both Ladles and Men's.
Everything Greatly Reduced In Price at
J. W: JBetllGy cto Co
Corner 5th & Felix Streets, ST. JOSEPH, MO.
Don't wait until somu one uleu GKTS THE HAHGANS, but GO NOW nnd
mako your M'luctlons.
Johunv Cook lias returned from hih
western trip.
C. L. Kvan, of St. Joe, is spending
ttiu Holidays in tuts city.
Victor Pcrct, of Hannibal, Mo., is
in thu city, visiting his brothers.
Mrs. John Mtukt nnd children are
tho gueis of Phillip Snider. Sr.
Mrs. Sarah Junes, of Trenton, Mo.,
Is thu guetof Mrs. Elizabeth Evans.
John I,. Lewis, of Lewis township,
has returned from Johimon county,
Lewis Ilailev, ot Maltland, is spend
lug a fuw diys witli his cousin, Mrs. T.
. I Unite.
Mrs. Susan Keith, of Lan.ing,
Michigan, is visiting relatives and
frionils in Oregon.
Wlllard ltuhl.of.Miiryville, spent a
few ilas wltu friends iu tins city, tlu
ring tito past week.
W. II. Sterrett. of this ntv, left
hut Monday for Arkansas, to bu uhsunt
during tho holidays.
Davo Porter, ef Monnd City, is up
from tho htato university lo ico what
he will get In his stocking.
Josiah K. Sproles, of Humboldt,
Nebraska, is visiting In this city, tho
gnu.t of II. Tebbs AUire.
Miss Kulo Evans, of tho State I'nl
vorsity, will spend tho holiday season
witli licr parents iu this eiiy.
James 11. Alkiro and family, of thu
vicinity of East White Cloud, spent
Fiiday and Saturday in this eiiy.
Samuel Nolaiid. of Mound Clly,
who has been in Iowa for several
months, has relurnad to that city.
-Mrs. J. T. Thatcher returned yes
terday, atter several months vl-it with
parents and friends in Connecticut.
Mr. II. Pinkstnn, ot this city, who
lias been in Kansas foi the past two
months, returned homo last Thursday.
Fred Markland, formerly of this
place, but now of Fairfax, iu Atchison
county, spout Sunday with friends In
i his city.
Mrs. Ira Peters, of this city, and
Mrs. Prico, of Now Point, wcro tho
guests ot Mrs. Striekler, of Mound City,
hist week.
E. F. lttihl, of Hiawatha, Kansas,
was visiting iu this city during tho last
week, tho guest of his brtoher-indaw,
Mr Massey.
Dr. Mtnton, of Hlgolow, was in
Southern Holt this week, and was ac
companied to his homo on Saturday by
ins brother, i Million.
W. A. Gardner took his departure
Monday last for Dos Moines, Iowa,
whoro ho will attaint tho wlntor session
of tho Drako.Uiiivorslty.
.Ins. E. Cummins, J. T. Tliaioher,
T. C. Dungan, and Jas. T. Ilowoll,
went to Mound City. Monday, to assist
in orimni.inir a lodgo of Masonic Pil
grim Knights.
John Dunn, of south Itlgelnw, ex
Mastor of tho Holt County Grange,
was in town last Saturday negotiating
with Att'y Alkiro for tho pureliaso of n
farm near Oregon.
Ed. Markland, of Skidmoro, wh
has hosts of friends hero who will bo
plcHsod to learn tlint hf has completed
nt that nourishing plain, ono ot tho
finest rosldoucoa In that county,
Forest City.
Mr. Wolls Is slok ngam.
Charllo Viuconhalor Is clerking for
It, P. Zook.
Mr Wm. Zook, of St. Josoph, was
Iu tho city on Monday.
Mr. Frank Ford, of Chicago, Is vis
iting ins sister, Miss J.oney torn.
Miss Emma Hoyoy linsvoturnod
from her visit to Iowa and Illinois. Wo
are glad to welcome her homo.
Tho Masons gavo onu of tliulr de
lightful suppers on Monday evening.
Tim Mti'inir band kindlv furnished tho
music. Every one was well pleased.
Mrs. llirdsall Fiegonbaum desires
to inform thu public that tho Electro
Therapiutiu Hath, formerly owuud by
Mrs. Mary Miller, is now in her posses
sion. Mis. Fiogonbaiini is preparodJto '
glvii tho baths to all desiring -noli treat
ment Shu will take pleasure In ex
plaining tho modu of treatment to tho'su
who wish, to examine the Hath' '...Kosl
dhnee, Southeast Cor. of Squnro, Ore
gon, Holt County, Mo.
Fonl llostock has several good
second-hand sewing machine for sa o
cheap. Call and seo tliem it' you want
Five Cents a Week
will givo you tho privilege of selecting
any book'ni our library and rending it,
if returned in good order. Opun 'I lies
days and Saturdaxs from 3 till 11 p.m.
Several i-tandaril periodicals will soon
bu added to our list. Call and sei.
11. A. Fii'.ii:niiai.'m,
Our Stock Complete.
Ladles Cloaks and Dolmans, beauti
ful styles. Prico, 'J to $15. A great
vailcty of ladies Dress Goods. Ptieca
lower (han over.
Our stock of Overcoats, Clothing,
Hoots and Shoes nro ready for your in
spection, t'onlldent we can suit you in
goods and price wo respectfully Invito
ovctry every huly to give us a call.
I'Uiiii iv n.u i n,
Forest City, Mo.
That Christinas Goods in our lino can
bo teen and had thu popular
Storu of
Wo havo an attractive display of Nov
elties nnd Chnraetorixtio Designs lor
various purposes. Tho HOLIDAYS
are near at hand, our customers aro
aware of the great dilllculty experienced
ill getting waited upon, for thu last
few days before Christmas, Our stock
is comnlelo. containing very many
choico article, not to bo found o,Imi
where. Wo buy all goods iliroct from
tho manufacturers, Wo wish am. to
uomu, prico, and sco our
n o would tniggosr. mat suicciuhib unit
bo mndu now beloro thu rush com-
- i .i... i.. i.,r :i .. ..... I
UlUDl'US, Ulltl UllllHltl Vlii until itiiiiic. f
thus avoldirg tho crowd.
Kreek & Watson,
Orcqon, Mo.
from my farm near Purest City. 1 tlirce-year
nlil past lilack mare, want) white tai ono ot Urn
lilml frt't, wlilte dot In ot'iiU-r nf forelii'Bd. 1
twa-yi-ar-oUl stt'i-r jia.it. tliren In tho tprlim, reH
ami white. Knotted, markeil with a crun on thu
lt'fti'araiulasilltlnlliu right far. AImi one
yuiirllKR rial steer, will l0 tno yoar old In tho
siirlnR, whllo nailer the belly, hush of tho tall
white, crop oft the left er ami a spilt In Ihe
riL'ht ear. Hoth steer liraniled, with a, letter
f'"ontliorlhtorlefHili. I will puy Iho fol
IowIiil' rewards iSIO In the perooa retimiluR thu
muro i W aiilecii for the return, l the uleer
thu ilium had a small hell on mid branded wl n
letter "V on oo of ,,,,
forest flty. Mo.
-a New stylos jn (Jjudanswaro nt
Krook ti Watsoiiju.

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