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The County paper. (Oregon, Mo.) 1881-1883, January 06, 1882, Image 7

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All the Year Hound.
Across tlio dull nnil brtoJInRnlgJit
A giant IIU'S, with ilt-moii light
Anil hrcath tif wreathing miokc ;
Around him whirls the reding plnln,
And with n dnli ot grim disdain
He cleaves the sundered rock.
In lonely swamps the low wind sllrs
The belt of black funereal firs,
That murmur to tho sky.
Till, startled by hts mid career,
They sown to keep n hush of fear
As If a god swept by.
Through muiy n dark, wild heart of heath,
O'er booming bridges, whero bent nth
A mighty river brawls;
Dy ruin, remnants of the past,
Their Ivies trcmbllni; In the blast;
Hy singing waterfalls.
The slumb'rcr on his silent bed
Turns to the light his lonely head,
Dlvi-Mcdof It dream.
Longdreams of gloom are hurried o cr,
Through tunnel eheathi, with Iron roar,
And shrill, night-rending scream.
l'aet huddling Imt.i, past Hying farms,
High furnace. lUiinr, whooe crimson arms
An-grappling with the night,
If el tears along receding lands,
To whero tho klnaly city stands,
Wrapt In n robe of light.
Here round each wldo ami gushing gate,
A crowd of eager faces wait,
And every cmt'o Is known,
We thank thee, oh, thou Titan train,
That hi tho city once again
Wo clasp ourlovcd, our own.
FIIACTICAIj science.
Cnmu'utlni; Melts,
IJy menus of u novel it ml Ingenious ar
rangement of liceillo for bolt lacing, tho
rawhide; .hong or threads or other ma
torlnl which is used to connect tho end
of belts is drawn and laced through
tho holes or eyelets prepared for Its re
coption, thus tumbling tho belts to bu
secured with greater facility than lm
liitherto been attained. This device
consists of a rigid tapered bar, having
its larger end split so as to glvo sulllei
cnt elasticity nt tho split end. Ono or
moro sharp projections aro firmly in
serted in ono of tin) sides, of such a
length as to tako firm hold of tho cord
or thong placed thereon.
Load In Clilcr nnil Vlnrcnr.
A late report of tho Connecticut State
Hoard of Health mentions n remarkable
series of lead poisoning in . Fairfield
county, of Hint S.ate. Tho sourco of
tho poison was finally traced to tho
bands which tho thrifty farmers had
used for tho storage of eider. Tho bar
rols had been used for holding linseed
oil. Somo of tho llthargn (oxide of
lc::d) employed in preparing tho oil
had been deposited on tho inside of tho
barrels ai u sedimentary coating, which
tho cider hail dissolved. Obviously tho
proportion of dissolved lead was in
creased when tho cider was kopt long
enough to turn to vinegar. In this case,
as in so many others, tho evil wrought
by want of thought was serious if not
Water In Hollers.
By means of au olectric indicator, re
cently invented abroad, tho water level
iu any boiler may be asscrlnincd at any
distauco from the latter. This useful
apparatus consists of an indicating tab
let, constructed in such a manner that
it may bo placed in any part of tho
establishment, and connected with tho
olectrio indicator, which is fixed at tho
top of a vertical tubo abovo tho boiler.
Wires and platinum plates aro so ar
ranged that when tho water in tho boil
er slL'ka to a cortain point an electric
current is established which rings a
signal, wliili) at tho sumo timo tho sign
"low water" appears on tho indicating
tablet thus conveniently insuring
against danger.
r.umlumix Liquids.
Discussing tho question cf luminous
liquids those which, when oxposed to
sunlight, to tho oloctno or tho magne
sium light, ami tlion brought into a
dai-k placo, givo off a yellow or a bluish
whito lipid Prof. Hodman, in tho Chan
ikcr 'tilting, states that, according to
his oxporimcnt. tho organic compounds
of magnesium, strontium, and calcium
possess tho samo property, and espec
ially rosin oil llmo soaps. Ho has found
that, if oiui hundred parts of rosin oil
aro-boilcd in a suitablo pan with thirty
parts of freshly lakcd limo, raising
tho heat by degrees, thn mass which is
at first lumpy becomes tougher, and
finally passes into a thin liquid. As
soon as this stngo Is roached, say at
throo hundred and twenty degrcos Falir. ,
tho ontiro surface of tho liquid become
luminous inthodark, which is still moro
Inlonso at agroatoi boat; at somo sixty
degrees additional, tho bluish whilo
light Is very strong in tho dark. OI
jocts dipped in tho liquid prepared in
this manner remain luminous for somo
llent from tho Stars.
Bright starlight nights ond a frosty
air aros(gonorally associated that there
may bcAjhoso who will find it hard to
belloviyifliat U") sUra really tend to
warm us. Yet'thojirlo, to their degi o .
If, as wo aro taught, thoy aro remote
suns, thoy must bo great centers of fiery
action, and a tittle of thoir heat must
bo borno to us wit'a thoir light boams.
Tho distances of somo of tho nearest
stars aro known; if thoir tomponlurAi
tonus of that of our sun could be found,
it would bo posslblotocomputothorola
Uvo amounts of warmth which Ihoy and
tho sun Impart to tho earth. Cnnvetse
ly, if wo could luoasuro tho warmth of
a star's rays, tho temporaturo ot tloir
source, could bo approximately ascei
tainou, the distance being known; for
tho diminution by distance follows a
llmplo law. To moasuro tho boat ot
stars has just now suggested itself as nit
Intorestingproblom. Of courso ordinary
thermometers are useless for such a dtl
ioato purposo; but tho thermo-electric
jpllo, which can bo made senslt to
enough to exhibit tho minutest fluctua
tions of temporaturo, comes to tho
astronomers1 aid, mid promises the mall
they want iu tho matter of instru
mental accuracy. By allowing tho
Imngu of a star formed in tlio focus of a'
largo telescope which for tlio timo be
ing becomes merely a great burning
glass to fall upon tho face of a thermo
pile, ,any heating power in tlio star's
rays will bo converted Into electricity,
and a current will bu sot up which will
deflect tho nccdlo of a delicate galvano
meter connected with tlio pile. Somo
preliminary experiments cf this charac
ter havo been tried independently by
Mr. Iluggins nnd Mr. Stone, and each
observer has concluded that n measur
able quantum of heat reached us from
the brighter stars. How much what
traction of a Fahrenheit's degree has
not yet been determined, but wo shall
know it in timo. From tho smallncs.1 of
tlio amount to bo measured tlio opera
tion requires almost Inconceivable nice
ties; tho equability of ntmo phprcielcm
poiaturo requisite to mako it. certain that
tho observed effects aro duo to tho Mts
peetcd cause, and not to variablo air
currents passing lwforo or within tlio
telescope, can exist very seldom; so tlio
progress of tho rcsearcli will bo vory
slow. Clear night, by-tlic-way, aro
cold, because tho nbsenco of cloud per
mits tho earth's warmth to radiate into
space. Clouds aro blankets that keep
In tho heat.
Alxmt l'usslN.
Aunt Mary, In Indiana farmer.
"It was n lovely place, nnd nt the stdu
Ittson a mountain rook In rugged pride
And In Hint iock,nrotdin).esot shells, and forma
Of creatures In old worlds, nnd nameless worms;
Whole gone rnt.'ons lived nnd died, crc ninn,
A worm of other elns, to crawl liegnit."
Tho abovo lines by tho ancient poc
Crabbc, camo to my mind as 1 looked
upon somo fossils lately sent me. Tlio
most wonderful of them Is a specimen
of tho trilobilc, ono of tho crustaceans,
which existed in a very early period of
tlio world's history. Crustacean means
having a crusl-liku exterior. Tho tril-
obito was so named bceauso tho body
has throo lobes or longitudinal divisions,
and Etipposcd to consist of thin Ik-shy
nlates to cna .lo it to swim. It could
also !ohl its body together. My spec!
men is about two inches in length nnd
imbedded in limestone, was sent from
Cincinnati, which city, I am told, Is
bulldcdonabed of solid limestone 1 re
celved other specimen 4 from tlio samo lo
oality, containing shells of various forms
and sizes. 1 havo also received some
good specimens fromyonegfrieudsfrom
Limodalo, and Greencastlo, hid. These,
too, worn of limestone, and contained
branchiopoda and crinoidal stems. For-
laps some of you would like mo lo tell
vou about oilnoids. Tho word means
lily-llko. They belonged to tho radt
ates, and were llower-llku animals. Thoy
had many arnnarranged about a center,
lii.o tho petals of a llower, and like
them could bo opened wide, oi folded
closely llko a bud, and this the animal
cou'd do at will. Bolow tlio radiating
head, or llower part, was a long stem,
somotimos a foot or moro in length, and
durintr tlio life cf tho animal, It wan
fastened firmly to tho solid rock or mud
of tho sea bottom. Tills stem was made
up of a quantity of littlo round disks,
that resemble button moulds. Thero
aro nulto a numbor of tlieso, In tho
specimens from Limodalo and Green
castlo, also sovoral brachiopods. Both
crinoids and brachiopods belong to tho
lower Silurian period. So, too, does
tho triloblte, which was tho hlghost
species of tho world, at tho com
mencement of tlio lower sibirean ago.
Tho brachiopods had shells, but wore
far moro symmetrical than common
bivalves, for instanco) tho clam and
oyster, and many of thorn woro ovenly
marked with lino lines. Thoy were
liko tho oriuoids fastened to tlio bottom
of tlio sea, by stoma proceeding from
tho boak or pointed end, nnd passing
into tlio mud or sand. Thoy must havo
grown thickly ovor tlio surface, as tlio
shells are found together In great num
bers. Shells, corals, crinoids and
foraiulnlfors conslss almost entirely of
carbonate of limo henco th ir consoli
dation makes limestone Thoy wero
moro or lcs3 ground up by tlio action of
tho waves or currents of tho oconnnml
reduced to fragments, beforo consolida
tion took placo. In somo casos only
fragments aro soon, then again, entirii
spocimons. I oraminlfors aro so mlnti'ry
thoy need no grinding to proparo Ui-n
for rock -making, Thoy aro abundliit
in deep wator, at tho soa bottom, anclt
is of thorn ehlelly that chalk is mad
It is now making and has been for ngc
and ages, over tho bottom of tho icean
This from tho Cleveland, (Oliio(
renny Jress, carries its own suggo'on:
ueceniiy nicotine uir. u. u. ivijno
tronfurerof tlio Clcv
roprosontativo inquired
man, attcr stating
liorsnnnllv know a:
Great German Honiodj, St. Ja'Si'w
Oil. A smllo plated aoioss Mr. Keller's
xpnus.vo laeo anil ins oyes iwinuieu
merrily as ho answorod in tlio iilllviim
tlvo. 'I will not rotuso o state my i x
porioncu with it, and you may uso lt
you thl'-k host. Four years ago I
sprained ono of my anklos, an accident,
which, as you aro aworo, ontails much
sull'uring, aud somotimos loaves tlio
limb in a condition to remind ono fro
fluently of tlio old hurt. Unlortuimtoly
tills rosult ensued. Wuenuvor tho
weather became damp cr my system
absorbed tho slightest cold my ankles
pained mo. Thi-t went on at intorva.s
for ovor threo years, and 1 could not
obtain rollef. Lust winter I applet)
tho St. Jacob J Oil and it completely
cured mo. I havo notslnco loltaiu-
turn of thn pain.
Tho high hats aro voted a uulsanoe at
tho thoatro, but arj just tlio tiling for
tho church. A doaoon sitting behind
ono of thomcausloop during tho sormon
and tho preaohor never know it.
tland Herald, ott-J
of thntgcnthtl
ins mission, n nti
nvtlilmr nbouUtliil
Wasiiisoton', Dr-c.21. In Ihc House Speaker
Kelfer nnnouiiccd tho ftatiitlng committees ns
km lows:
Ways and Means Kclley, chairman ; Kosson,
Duunell, McKlnlcy, Iluubcll. Haskell. Ilusscll,
Krrctt, It.itiil.ill, Tucker, Carlisle, Morrlton,
AiiDroDrlatlons Hlscock. chairman: ltolie
sou, Cannon, Hurroughs, Htitter.vortli, Caswell,
kins, Komcy, l.eKevre. Kills.
Hanking and Currency Crapo. chairman;
m-iier, jiingiey, moorc, council, DUCKiicr,
Hardbtirg. Flower. Ermentrout.
Kdiicntlon olid Labor UprteBrAff, chairman;
enerwin, larpcmcr, uavis, I'nge, lyicr, w nils,
Clements. Monev. Dobble. Dowd.
Itules Mr. Uin'akcr, chairman; Orth, Hobo-
con, winimii, iiiniKuiini.
Mileage Jorgenion, chairman; Well, Ward,
Cobb, Moulton.
F.lectlons Cnlklns, chairman; Hazlctoti,
Walt, Thompson, Kanney, Hltchle, l'ettlbone,
Miller, Jacob. Paul, Ilclr.iioorcr. Jones.
.iiiuifiary need, cnairman; w iuets, ltotiln
son. JlrlgL-s. Hiimtihrev. Tnvlor. 'cCook. Kns
son, Norcross, Nott, Hammond, Culvcnon,
Uucnthcr, Townshend (III.)
Airrleulturo Vnkntlno. chairman! Uinle-
grotf. Cariienter, Anderson, (lottschalk, Wads-
worm, nice, west, uuuen, iiuzielou, llalcli,
Dllircll, Alkon, Hhck, l'ost.
rostollleefl nnd l'ot-roads lllngham, chair
man; Anderson, Jorgenscn, I.ncey, Fnnvcll,
Morey, Springer, Money, Evans, Armtleld,
rubllc llulldlngs nnd flrounds Shcllenbcr-
gcr, chairman; Lewis, Cults, DoMntt, Scr.ur
ion, rnru, ennui, look, Hewitt,
.Mines nnd Mlnlmr VnnVnnrliN. rlii'rr.i.iti!
Davis, Ulngham, Fulkeison, Hotbs, CdKlu,
Young, Casldy, Herry, WinkI, Ilrutnm, Oury.
.MniiUiJettires Uniniilicll, clialrm.iii; Ham
niond, .Mills, (lottschalk. Wet, Clnue, Flnley,
Marsh, Morse, Stocks etilagir.
Mlsslsjlppl Itlvct lmtirove.nent'i Thomas,
chairman: Carpenter, Present t, Darnll, Idee,
Miore (Tcnn.), Jones, lliirrougli", King,
Thompson, Oiieuthcr. Cirly, Whltthorne.
Foreign AtTalrs Minim (Wis.), chairman ;
Orth. Kussnn, Hire, Uunnell, Lord, Wulkcr,
DlniiK, WINnn, Deiuter, liclmont.
Coinage, Weights nnd Measures Fisher,
chnlrmnu; Helloid, MeCllire, I.nekej, Wash
burn, Payroll, Hnlcton, Stevens, Shiglelon,
Illade, I.unn. ,
Commerco l'npe, chairman; lllch. Town
send, Wnshbtirti, Hoar. Chandler. Ward, White,
(leorge. d'lienther, I.nlue, l!o, Herndoii.
Naval Air.itrs lli.rrls (Miss.), ch.ilinuu;
Itobesou, Hanner. Thnmiis, Wnton, Ketelium,
Desendorf, Morri, P.wlfon, Talbot, Hnrrl
N' . J. ).
Military Air.ilrs llenderson, clubman; Ht
lock, liavnu, Steele, U.vl, Spaiihllng, tfpooner,
Sparks. Umon, llragg, Wlueler, MetilnuN.
Invalid IVrthlons ISrowti, (Ind.), chair i.n;
Joyce, Cullen, Hay, Dawes, l'ettlbone, I'arl.er,
like, Wudsworth, M.itson, Caldwell, I.ulhiui,
McMillan. '
Interior Pepirtinrut F.xpcndltures Hubbeil,
chairman: Crapo, WochI, (X. V.). Sehultz, Sl
lnouto:i. lilntiehaid, liiirrough, (Mo.)
Nay Department i:peudlture' Hnbe-on,
chalrmnti; Harris, (Ma's.), Hnrmer, Nenl,
Morris, Plielp", Turner.
Public Expenditures- Hamlall (I'.i.) chair
man! lllaeklmrn, Well.er, A. Wood D.-Mott,
I.uwl, l.add, FiilkeiMin, .Martin, flticnthcr,
District of Columbl N'eal, ehnlrman, Hlel
innn, Harr. Urner, Smith, (N. V.), Pierce, De
zetidorf, Clotz, (larrlson. Casldv, Allen.
Pension Marsh, chairman ; Ili-plnun, Hlco.
Stone, Steele, Weber, Fulker-ou, Hewitt, Cox.
Holilnsou, Hitn-oughs, (.Mich.)
HallrpniU and Canals To-uiscinhfO.) chair
man ; Dwlght, lleiiden-ou, Campbell, Slmltz,
Lord, llre.wcr, Ko nn, Hohllttu,.
Civil Service Orth, eliahman; Ka'son, Horr,
Hrlgfs, Neul, Hubbell, Uutterworth, House,
Hamuli, Tucker, Phelps.
Territories Id i riotiL-lH, chairman; Aldrleh,
Van Voorhles, .Miller, Dawes, Crowley.
Poitolllre Department Ex j.indltuiesCanno-.i
(III.), ehalnnan; Walker, Pound, Fnnvcll, Hca
gan, Tllg'jiun, Ladd.
Law tor the Elcetlnu ot President nnd Vice
President TpcU rirrnlT, chairman :Cnnip, Crapo,
White. F shcr. .I.u-ob", Ltudsey, Stevens, .Morri
son, Carhile, H. ultt.
Petitions, Itotitit) and Hack Pay .Tot ce, chair
man i llrown, LIudM-y, Honk, Whltthorne,
urtln, Musgrore.
War Depnrtmeut Expcmllturcs Hrlggs,
chalriiiau; Miles, Steele, Marsh, lllackburu,
Jones, (Texas,) Spin k.
Enrolled 1IPN Aldrleh, chairman; Pearee,
West, Shellenberger, Kellogg, Warner, licl
mont. Consuls Prescntt, clubman: Shciman, Ty
ler, Haln, Fulliersou, McCotd, Pearee, Cox, Col
bitrn (Mass.), rilghmaii.
Indian Aftnlrs Deerlng, chairman ; Itlee, Ma
son, Spauldlng, Duck. Hlebardfon, Hooker,
Scacf, Welbuiu, lllanchard, Alnsley.
Revision of Law. .McKlnsley, chairman ; Hob
Inson, lluek, Ceorge, Hrumm, Hill, Chadiiln,
Covington, Hleliardsou, Jones, McMillan.
Ae-ounts Uiner, chairman; skinner, Brew,
Cauldcr, Morton, Hurdy, Houk.
Patents Young, chairman; Skinner, Fnnvcll,
Jones, Bjiooncr, Vance, Turner, Seovllle, Shel
ley. Claims- Crowley (N. Y.), chalrmin; Tavlnr,
Bowman, Mason, Thompson, Hay, Peel, Hill,
Smith (III.), Mills, Hutchinson, Turner, Claike,
Public Lands Pond, chairman; Bclford,
Hepburn, Dwlght, Watson, Straight, Hie.;,
Cobb, Foster, M utile,".
Mllltla Stinlght, chairman; Balue, Hnuk,
Morev. (luentlier. Valentine. Thomnscpu. Jtus-
grove, Jones (Texas.)
riiciuc itauwiiys i laaieton, cnairman; nar-
mcr, Uutterworth, Holilnsou (J.). Hammond,
Paul. Darrell. Fnnveil. McKeuzle. lllli-e. House.
Duunell, Dolau.
rrivate Lami uiivnis racneco, cnairman;
Morcross. lla.Ieton, Cornell. -Morev. Cults,
Mullrow. Williams. Ford. Shneklefoi'd. Houk.
War Claims Houk, chnlrinan; UpdegrafT
(Iowa), Smith, Duiuiov, Nodmen, Hall, Hobcrt-
bou, lu-iiites, iioiman, iiaiucr, uiintimnu.
Treamry Expenditures llelford, chairman,
Heed, Uoimati, Sernnton, Thornton, Huckner,
Kxuend turca of tho Denartmint or State
Decrlng, chairman : I.lndslcy, Barron, Williams
(wis.), iicrnuon, uing, t-rost.
Department of Justice Kxpendltures Wll
lets, chalrmin; McCoid, Xorcross, Ncal, Slu
L-leton. lilunt. lira'"'.
Public Buildings Expenditures Errctt, chair
man; Kouinioti (,u.), houk, urant, wise, uar
son, Duiilijin.
rl Hint on Household Management.
Tlio Hov. Sidnoy Smith bays: Havo
you ovor observed what a dislike ser
vants havo to anything cheapP They
lmto saving thoir master's money. I
tried tills experiment with great success
tlio other day. Finding wo consumed
a vast doal of soap, I sat down In my
thinking chair, and took tlio soap uues
tlon into consideration, and Ifoundrea
sou to suspect wo wcro using a very ex
pensive articlo, whero a much cheaper
ono would servo tho purposo bolter. I
ordored half a dozt'n pounds of both
sorts, but took the precaution of chang
ing tho papers, on which tlio prices woro
marked, before giving thorn into tlio
hands of llotty. "Well, Hetty, which
soap do you find washes best?" "Oil,
plcaso sir, tlio dearest, in tho bluo pa
p1 r; It makes tho lather as well again
as tho other." "Woll, llotty, you shall
always have it thou;1' and thus the un
suspecting Hetty saved mo somo pounds
a year, aud washed tho clothes bolter.
Tho'Tronton, (N. J) Gazelle men
tions tlio caso of Mr. John Wood, with
tho Amorican Pottery Co , that oily,
who was cured by St. Jacobs oil of an
altncic of rheumatism, which had cou
Ilnod him to his bed forsoventeen weeks.
He praises it unstintedly.
.Chicken Ciieam Siiui'. Boll nn old
fowl with nn onion In four qunrU of cold
wator until tlioro remains but two quarts,
Tako It out and lot it got cold. Cut ofT
tho wliolo of the breast and chop vory
lino. Mix with the pounded yelks of
two hard-boiled ogga, and rub through
a collandor. Cool, skim, and strain the
soup Into a soup-pot. Season; add tho
ohlokon and ogg mlxturo; slmmor ten
minutes and pour Into tho turn n. Then
add a small oup of boiling milk.
Four hundred people aro employed iu
tho Philadelphia mint, nnd nil nte'mak
lug monoy.
Tliore is ono town iii.Cor.nccticutthat
has no fear of tho measles. It's Had
dam. It was after a concert, and a well
known German cantatrico, asked a gen
tleman to whom siio had been intro
duced, how ho liked her duet. "You
sang charmingly, madam; but why did
you select such a horrid piece of musloP''
"Sir, that was written by my lato lnis
bandl" "Ah, yes, of coursol I did not
mean but why did you solect such a
cow to sing with?" "Acli Ilimtucll
that is my present husband."
In coloring butter, always uo L. K.
Hansom's ltrm'.u color; ft Is tho best.
It will not color tlio Hutterwllk.
A young man proposed for tho hand
of a beautiful girl, As she hesitated
about replying, ho said: "I tiwnltyour
answer with bated breath " Tho girl,
who Is a good deal of n humorist, said:
"Well, Mr. Man, you will have to bait
your breath with something besides
high wines and l.lnibtirger ohcot-o to
cateli your litimblo servant. Good
IVvIllO l.lllllt'M.
Those languid, tlreomo sensations, causing
you to feel scarcely nblo to be on your feet;
ilint constant drain that Is taking fiom your
svstcmall Its elasticity; driving the Mnn.ii from
your cheek, that continued strain iijioiixour vi
tal force", rendering you Irritable and fretful,
cm iudly bo removed by the use of that marvel
oiu remedy, Hop Hitters. Irrcgul.irltlis.ind ob
struction of jour system are relieved at once,
while the special caiie of periodical p-dn Is )-r-m
an try removed. Will you head tills f Vim-ill
nil! SiUunltii A"'A(.
"What a nuisancer1 exclaimed a gen
tleman at a concert, as a young fop in
front of him kept talking in a lottd
voice to a young lady at hN side. "Did
you refer to me, mit"' tieinan ii-u tne
fop. "0, not I mean the muwohins,
who keep up such a nolso witli their In
struments that I can't in ar your con
versation," was tho slinging reply.
IW. -
Pierce's "Pleasant Purgative Pullets"
arc perfect preventives of constipation.
Inclosed In a hiss bottle-, alwajs fresh.
Hy all druggist".
A candidate for tlio olllco of Auditor
of Public Accounts was suddenly call
ed on for a speech. On Ising, ho said:
'Fellow citizens, you havo called upon
mo for a fow remarks. I havo none to
tunko. I have no prepared speech. In
deed, f am no speaker; I do not desiro to
lie a speaker I only want to bu an
Said n sufferer from kidney tumble when nked
lo irv luuncy-wnti ior n rcmeuy. -rii iryir, j
but It will bo mv hut dose." It cured lilm nnd
now he recommends It to Ml. If vou have dis
ordered urine, don't fall to try It. YvkuhaiiM
Ask no woman her nge. Never joke
with ii poll 'email. Do not piny chess
witli a widow. Nevor contradict r. man
that .stutters. Ho civil to rich uncles
and mints. Your oldest hat, of course,
for an 'uvening party. Always sit next
tlio carver. If you can, at dinner.
Tho IIouM'.rcmn'Kits Scam:, weighing
from ouo-lialf otuico to 25 pounds, onu
of tlio most convenient and nccurato
scales inailo by the Chicago Scalo Co .
will bo given to any person sending
NIVW subscribers to tho best Agricultural
Weekly In tho West. For sample ad
dress Tm: Homi:sti:ai. Dos Moines, Iowa.
A correspondent who lias read tho
printed reports of tlio trial wants tc
know if wo think Scovillo will ho
hanged. Ho lias no doubt of tlio se
quel hlniso.f, if Scovillo's lawyer, Gui
teau, shall bo ablo to prove ono-lialf of
his statements.
A national reputation Is oiijoved by Perry
Davis' I'.iln-Klller, which, for nearly n half
century, has been tho favorite household reme
dy for bruises, burns, sprains, and.all Dowel
Complaints. Look to your supply and never
bo without
Tlioro is no limit to tlio 1 into of tliu
nihilists. A member of that dreadful
body is at work on an attachment to
tho bagpipo, by which, it is said, that
soiil-destrojlng instrument can ho play
ed by a crank, tho samo as a hand or.
voici: oa'Tin: iv:oed.i:.
It. V. Fikhox, M. D., Huflulo, H, Y,
I had a serious disease of tho lungs,
and was for a lino conttned to my bod
and und.r tho caro of a physician.
His prescriptions did not help me. I
grow worse, coughing vory sovoreiy.
I commenced taking your "Golden
Medical Discovery," ami it cured mu.
Yi.itfs respootttillv,
Hili-dale, iMioii.
Tlio Chineso government is going to
build somo railroads, aud soon will bu
in tlio land tho voico of tlio Celestial
brakemau, "Hoop-pool Yang tzo-klatt
junction! TJuinco stojipeo ten minutes
oateo nnd dlinkeo."
In Hosts ol Families
Itobietlcr'a Stomach llltteri la at much rcgadeJ at a
houitholdnci-i'iDltyaaaugaror coffee, Tho rcaaon of
this tl that yean of experience havo proved It to bo
perfectly reliable In thoio caici of emergency whero
a prompt anil convenient remedy la demanded. Con
atlpatlon, liver complaint, dyapepala. Indirection and
other trouble! are overcome by It, For aale by Drug
gtiti and Dealen, to ntiom appl j f orAIottetter't Alma
cacfor 1889
Wrlto to Mrs. Lydla K. Plnkham, SSI. West
ern Avenue, I.vnn, Mass., for names of ladles
that have been restored to perfect health by the
use of her Vegetable Compound. It In n posi
tive cute for the most stubborn cases of female
A St. Louis paper says that a woninn
of that city "lias gained a national
reputation ns a makcrof boxing gloves."
The iiamo of her tinhapy husband Is not
Mrs. Wm. D. Ihokmnn. St. Catha
rines, Ont., savs: "H. V. Pierce, llttf-
falo, N. Y., I havo used your "Favorite
Prescription,' 'Golden Medical Di-eov
ory' nnd 'Pleasant Ptirgatlvo Pullets'
ior mo insi tnreo nionins, ami mm my
self (what shall 1 sav) 'made now
again' nro tho only words that express
it. I was reduced to a skeleton, could
not walk across tho Hoot without faint
ing, could keep nothing iu tho shnpo of
iooii on my siomacn. juyeeu ami
friends hnd given up nil hope, my lin
nicdinto (leant seemed certain. 1 now
live (to tlio surprise of everybody) aud
nm aoio to no my own work."
Tho attention of tho Government has
boen called to tho fact that Add inn
J'attl's tour through this country will lie
a costly star route.
C'Ol.tlM Alii: t'l.WMl Aluil T III tin. ntr HilrL-f-p
man Makes in a snow storm. I-.verilioilv Is
catching them. A few doses of lfoU'n mtni nf
IIiiyi iiihI nnil 7ir. and iimM thev nre irone.
diiiu ii) nn iirugL'isis. i ikc s looinaeiie uros
emu in tun- iniiiiiiu
Thln l:nrrftlait rc.rf,tn' III. l.unfi. It, a healthy atale.)
. Iti-ml wlial Mr. Wlltl.iin C. Dimes, n nii-relimt of
UmvlltitfllriTii, V.i., wrlieaiin.li-ril Hi-April It It. lu
llo.i)-i "'I llrnily Ih Hcii' flmt .Mltn't l.inm ll'llulia
Mill Hint liax-iiri'ili-iMi'iiitipitnii If lukrn In time ntvl
proiH r i nn- In- tnkeii ol lln- I'alli-nt Imili In iilliiltle
IiioiIiiiiiIi-ImIIiIiii!. six )i'iirnnKinty inmlii-r win nt
tiiekeil Willi OMt'iiniunln. 'I In- tnii'iiillni; 1'1 mIi-I.iii.
wiiii' lliiienfi.i" lii'cliiii'tliiil iliii.t.. hnil fell led
on lirr!.iitit?4iinil llinr w Imil Hit' i-in.iiiiitiloi). Net
lit lli-lin: Hint it pi rft i-t enre tnuM In- nnvet.'il, lint
tlilnklni! Unit I inl(!lit lii-iiWt- ittp t iineviH'i'iiimni not
cimtulnliu opium, uhl.li ui.uNl uitnul iiu- rt-iitr, I
entiilieil of n ilni.-K-l-l at lilt Innotiil, Vn. , (r In- IiikI
nrtv nit nlt'lnt- inti (-ittitnlnliu opium. Hint un- a phkI
t'Viit-ciiiriiiii. He linn rt'ioiiiini-iiili'il Alli-nN Lmur
lliil.iim nlilrh I piiri'liii-i il iiinl Imliittil tin iiinilin iu
try. Ili-fore li- Intel taken Hie Ural lnt".-. tli. 'nt
prow nn in In In-reoihlltlon unaaiiiimrki'tltlint I ;.. -i!ini-il
tliiti'iiiori' latitli-a. 1 lie .uti nilli.u pliy.lt un
at't'lnir (In- tii'tit-IU'lul elTi-el", It t-.Itlli-tiit.-.l tta tl
tllllli tl cat-, lllltl Illlllaiilttwt'Uetiltillllia ln-rllllll.'.U't'ii
pronoiini-t'il inri'il. fpun my rt-i-oiiiiti.-iiiltitlitii innnv
oltit-ra who tinil tin- etinaiimptlon liu.- h.-i-n i-nr- il t
tlitnk you 0111 elnliu for jour nit illi liii-, tin- follnulm.
I.xpt rior.iiliin nlilioni Iriltiilloii, nnil lii.illnwr 'in-Iniik-a
liy lt-i Miu'llu in fri-i- from fort lu'ii anlitniii ".
tlin. nrrealli'U iiml eiirln tela tlreal tll.ru-e. Mr.
IllW-a aiiva In- wrltt-a t.,-rilitai- In- wnnla lia lo kllu-v
tlial Allt-li t I.ilMK'll.ilnuill latlulliKKoutl.
Soldbval! Drusrrists.
tijltpr.ni-ielt 3'linii tho l.triMi,
ami K10MIVS at tho hnuw 1 Inio.
Decaunoltclennios tlioftjfttemcf Uiopolaon
om humoru tlmtdrvolopo In UMiiey nnd Uri
nary Dlneaeoa.UlHoiiunoas, Jaiindico, ComtU
pUon,rik', or In 2!ioura.UlMii, Neuralpla,
Nervous ULi order j and rotnalo Comply u.
KllCPtlo 11. KtorL' ir JiiiicMom Citr. lrntitm.
quay, Klitni'v-Wurtfiiiiilliiiiiuni Piimitar I'liy
iBlcIantilimt liffiilrylnirrurruuryiuitf.
llicrhoy untuiTi'ti tintdtlhi lv f.nir iiromlneiit
Sim. Joint A nnil I. of WfiMtaliiMtit. Olilo. hav
Jrr.jBlcliinflftH'J tJmt Lto vw ttrivrwaiiUcurU ty
L.M.lt.(:ofi(lnlil.nnr.t!(r.rln ri.nt-.1r.ri tOlitn.
WJ3ll V.HJK.t t'l)HVt(l) to life, pUlif liluutOu
tlintrvi ii jimiHuiitrcrlnt: fiom kldnoy tr"iill(N
Rjulotlia-ri'iitiijilicittiuiti wiucutUd ly tliu uy of
Anna I.. Jnrrrlt nt Rnulli KnliMii. ? Y..
Jnrin II. l.ticmi'iA tt .Tnctrtti Tunn . iifTopad '
for ttMrxhoiii httr unA l.lilm-t IiiHililfa unit Ptr
nurr inning - nm n n or unit r iiii-uu'iuev
uianry . i i niuiiu lam wi u.
Mlchii"! (Ititit t.f MniittfoTMrr Co titer. Yt
(iifrr('il'lt;lit)ciii wIlli Ifftln.-v ilit.U'iiiiy mu)
n tinitilu in wuiU. Kill my Wuit tiiadu hiiu
Hillitevei '
"Jl ir ii i nil n t m urv i cci'iiiitio rorm mi
06 (lit i'H'm, otti' iii't.nuot.f wlilfit ot t.. nx (jiiiiru I
w liiruti in., .' 111 i tiriiii wry
ri'ittciiicti. ior lacvj uui caiiuwi nuiiy pru
P'tiult. i
tV it actmcith equal fjrrjicj 1n either fori. I
G:;riT.T'iiii:ni:ri(iisTs. tkk'k. 91.00
ULI.I.S, JIirMAIinsONACo., Prop'ii,
In i 1'obII Ivn Cnro
for all tlmaoPnliiltil ('oiiiitlulnla ami Wealmeaaea
ajcoiunioii t o our lira tfi'iiuila itupiitutlou
ICnltlcuro entirety tlie norst forniof 1-Vuiale Com
tilatnta, all ovarian troiiMca.liiiiaiiiniatloii and Ulcera
tlon, FallUiff and Iilfi'lacrnienta, andtlio conaequant
Spinal Wcakuets, aud l iaitlcularljr adapted lo tbs
Change of Ufa
It vlll dlaaolre andeireltumorifrorathautaniiln
an early ataeof dtivelupiiirnt. Tlio tendency to can.
cei oua bumorattieie la checked very sptedlly by Its uaa.
It remove! falntncaa, flatulency, dcstroyiall crating
roratlratilanti, anil relieve! ireakm-aa of tlieatoraach.
It cure! Dloatlnir, llcadoeliaa, Ncrvoui rrostratlon,
Qeaoral Debility, EleeplMauasa, pepreialon aud lodl
gcatlon. That feeling- otbaarlncdewn.cauatur rtn, weight
aud ItackacUe, la alwaya peruianeutly cured bylti uaa.
It will at all tlmea and under attclrcumatucea act la
harmony with thelawa that ffoveru lb female aystem.
For Ibi cur of Eldnay CoinplaluU of lltbar au UOi
Compound la uniurpaaaed.
roUNDU prepared at t3S and tu Wuism Ivanua,
Lynn.Maaa. rrlet BUbottleaforlA. Bant by mall
In the form of pUla, also I n Ilia form of loaenct n
receipt of price, It per bos for either, Vra. rink ham
(real answer all letter! of Inquiry. Bead for pamph
let, Addreu aj abov. ifrnlfon tMi Jijxr,
KefamUy ihould bo without LYCUe. riKKBAMI
UTXn VOIM. They cur couatlpatlon, blllnialiM
aa4 tarplolty ot the Uvar. M oanU per bax.
f!ii;;iii!ii!i Gail lie Oumi!
JiKllKonlioti, J5-i)fi,-iii.ncrvcnrro I
rjllon, nnil nil furnn ol ifeiu rm iMHitijr rellcvt t.t I I I
tnWtm AlellNlllnll'M o 4li, limit I Avv I
M-oitU'. iticonlrrrepsMtlon of iK-cf rpntatnlnir in I
f rf.!"": """'V" '" ills tint mrra sllinii V I 'J IS Tilt".
Unt llko tho ejfrnits.of bc-f, lull ninMlns li. II - l
nisklnn. rarrp-Konrratlni;, sad llfi-iiiitinlni( prop. I f ,, M itf.,), tl,.i
crtlosi It tntnlun Me In all rnfichlrd ronilltloin fi ' " jl II Cflt OF O YlM
whl-llirr till- rr.Mlt nf rliAii,ll.,n Mfvr.i,. nr, ...... 11 H i0mn
tlon. overwork.
iilifnir from Pulmonary
Il.tAnittBVlU.I I J
"So sho refused you, did siio?" asked
Plttgry; "wiiy didn't you press her, my
boyP" "Press horl'' exclnlmed Urowii",
sho wouldn't let mo get noar enough
for tiituV
, iiiu'iiinwiii i."
Sew. nuiek, rotnpli-ti- cute 4 tlnya. urinary nlTpr.
Hons. pinnrtliitT. freiiu-iit or illillt-ult urination, kltl-
IW'L'.'""?" t! I1 ,,J.r.'.,Ff,s 1'repnlil tiy llxprea..
ll.iP, (lfurs.1. I!. s. Wi:f.l.y. .li-rst-yV liy J.
Tlioro l an old adago that If enoiigii
ropo Is given to a fool ho will hang him
self witli it, but it nppoarj flint ever
sineo tho world began tlioro has been n
scarcity of icpu.
" mu
, , , pnn't IMi- In tlie lloiKr.
Afk ilniml.la for Itouuli on Hals 1( rleara out
pta. lute;-. Ih-iI-Iiiirs, roacln-", erinln, Hies, mils,
Insucta. I3e. perltut.
Perfectly water jiroof : Preacher
(nrriving drcnclieil) What shall I do,
Mrs. MctiregorP I am wet Ihratiirh and
through. Old Scotchwoman (let into
the pulpit ns sttiic ns yo can. Yc'll ho
illny ono' there.
All rcstiectablc dealer's sell Frazcr nxlo reaio
because It Is tho genuine ami elvcn ticrfect alls
faction. "
S8:s:ci:u i-BttMi ir:,Tii.
llllnm .1. Couehlln, of Somcrvllle, .I.is.,
sajs: "In the fall or IS7HI was taken wllh
bleedlmjf f the lunsf, follownl bysevereco'ii'li.
I lot apfxUti'ntid llesh, wryicotillned to my Ivd,
In tlie summrrof lJsTT was ndmlttetl to the hos
pital. The doctors said 1 had a hole in tnvltnij:
ns bl; ns half a dollar. I pave up hopo,"lut a
frleii.l told rr.eof lilt. WM. HALLM 11AI.SAM
FOltTIIK UN'dS. I pot n liottlc w hen 1 1 nm
mcliccil to til better, and to day I feel better
than fort u years pnH. I wrlto tl.lshnpli
that ev ry iu- otlMele 1 v l:li .li.oi.,.ii Pm -s uti;
take 1)11. W.M. !:;.! .1 1". m .
yinced lint C0N9U.M1''I ION CA.S UK I'l'HKt).
I can positively say It has done me inorepood
than nil tho other mcdlihica I h.ivi- inl.-en s.inw
my slckticss.
Am: you baldt Uaiuiouni:, ii di-otlorlzetl ex
rnet of lietrolelliu. the onlv einv fur Inl.'itfs.
has lKenlliilil0Vcd.soth.it It Is nnw tlio ntti.t
ilcllphtfiil ilressini: In the world. The only real
natural hair retorer ever rrodueed.
All rcf pectalitiMltialen seil Knizer axle prea e
ciure It Is tho cennlno unit i'lrMrvrfiHt itiit.
Corratt vour hablta ot crooked w.ill:,n.- i.t
UslllS l.von's I'atrn' HitI Stiff pnci-a.
Yo.l b e I w cak umWunyuM, no t-net i'vl no
bltloii to tin niivHniii'. Dr. ll..lll.l,,t., 1!-.,
I'urPIer Is tho remedy for you. for tale by al
Wi-tiNTi! drUKirMts.
illi il AtnerlrnnPi-liiailnf Ti-l.-irr ililn-. Mnilt.iiit. Wl.
YUUNli MEN 1' "" "."1,l 'earn r Is erui-nr ic
' "" r ""'I '"' ei-rtrXn or n alt
" - n'l'irri-. S1.KNT1NK IIITI1S., .IITIt-St. I t'. VI
"( 1 TI.M Siiut'i Jeffrrvm XI). rt, r).lr,uin, tin,
5u- -:'l.lttlo I)e!"ClVf. s.l Bt'inl for l'rli-c I.I.I
VATCHFS ('ittiilittt".' !. "Ail.lrt-sa r-tir.ti
SI II Ol I l.' nr, ..... , , ,, 1. .... , , ,,
T!25Sl55 .. . . l-ai 'immi. n... .unm-aa
si -v a i trt-iiL i, t al, u
un Wurlta, .
llliwil. nnil will rnmn!,...i'M,.i... .1... ,.,.., .. .T..,'.'.r.D
tire svatt-m in i liri e mom ha. Any person lio vi III tiko
I itlire.ieli nlfht from 1 to IU we!-ksmny liurt'aitireil
lu.uiiii-i iii'toin, ii anciia iiiiririii-pussiiiie, Sottev-etyuiien-,
op sent hy lu.ill lorHn-li.-ratn-r.iij. i
,iiiiro;i .v un. llr.s-,in. Mnns. fnrliii r v llnnni-. l
A Iwlar.luvl extract.
"fain, n' iiliiriy cnv ni'rvuUsi'afH, iutvophiJi'
M iry. finrl nil w('.ii:nciJof ser.;n.!lv nrtf.ino. IT'rc,
ivriniinontly flfrtnthi'ni tin
MAOT .IIS ViTnt. !tVr1tlia .'V. ttTnlr M V
'I. "lus;t-'D. IMMI 'Vial EN F I IIAtt
Bend for
iprv il m i l'rt'M'HtM Hiiiim jjrnnd M.uinforti-in four
1 1 ii i a, oi d it ii i, J in' t.nV ii t "'""""'i i-nii, inrc.
tuns, enllii'tlml. eliuirli, tlin.t'l, piirlor.Kililuiiwnril.'
MsiioiBweleoiiieifrieenrrl.tKi niiitM MiniiBi-rai II
I.'!."if'.'.l.'.V em JIoKUt- Uiollila) iilltliinlfr.-,.. Atltl
. lfL,BoltlM Dr- Tff i AST!m . 3)
ltr,M.-l m-rf.-c, r-trt rnr lt.1 tnr t tf
n 111 be sent I IIl'i: I.. .,.. i, . iH
amirtsHf . Iji.ni. i..m.i.u .... .. i... . t. .
trlU. Aiilreaa-l)r. TAfV IlltOh., lUicu fS
tit-ti r. H, Y or ti;t W. AlattUon St, ctlca- CS
EH. III. ii
GEORGE L. LEMON, Ait'y-at-Law,
.J ,i '. rt' t''l',"rm.".'11.'1 I'ftl in nary IMimlnntlnn
nnil () tliiliin, ftirwIililiNiM-li,,,',;,, is'iuuio, if rt..
ptirii'iliiiiiiniiili c, no i-haw fur iirvliw IIhI.-bs
u.,.,.,..,, . nr. ijitii unt., in jnsiriic u :j.
I..STAII,slii in iKIifl.
I Cold, TlcLllne In the TbroAt. niWrnmL1
Ino matter how bad or how Ion lUnAlne i i
l?.,'""!-' J0Ul we wU1 ' bnttlt. for
I lot Mc. expreai paid. Ailttrc- -Dm. Taft !
1 cor,t-;,.!;'i,'.vll;,l,e'i ura--t.irni
tlUcaici u( .I.iiii, s t-r t nrlroso Vt'ttta ,c
I'tiitloii. I i,der uetf law tliouiamli are tu.
tilled lo anli.trcnioor iicmlon. Wld.it. or
I'liatis aii'l icifii.,nt futlicra or uiollins of
. , , i t t. iwnu stamna ivrcn y
IVti.lon ami ll"iini Aeti, Atlilrrss,
aud 1-rcs't Central Unuk, LIU f 'lajlaaanella'.
HISTORY of tho WflHSV.tt.
i-.iiiiiriit'int-' run nm niitiinoti n..,.
inn in niii-icni ii in iniiui-rn tiini-a, nnil tncliid iik ii lila
ory of t if r.i-unit full of (lrvikuiidlliiiiiiiii:uiiri-a,
lii-lillililli-ni;i a, 10 crusililt-a. t tit- frutliilaj ali ni, tn..
t'fiil-liiiillnti. t In, il .nn nfv .....I ...i.t. .i...V-
iminmii-., i-t,-. ii .-in ini nt, inn. iitsitit-ii-ni t-ti.
ii'nH i I. mi. . ii V i V. "luiniiit iiniory ot mo
......... ... i'.ii.iipii. ii, r'lini itir ,tii-i it it'll imirt's nun
Ml'lin illia lonm nta. Aillri-as. ft,
.iriu.NAjiJViiLmiiNn ('n., ChlcaKo, III,
The Iloat Coaab Hirutt h
Mno'a Cure for Ooneumptlon.
It acts qutctc and It taatM good.
Doae mull,-boitl Inrar.
Therefore the cheapest aa well
n the beot Hold ever; where.
v.lr. nnn RI.OII per bottle,
or Ri-lllu il .rH.iM hnrtlptilnrlv If .... I I IV1 Jra 1 1
rompisinia. UA.wiiLt, i n' VI I
-:rJ,.-. ........ . . . . .
vrit-iura. new lorx. EtoluururUK . Ill,; fill
Jm A
IIKN1I.VUKNI 1 WiiftBilrTearlni fmm nainaealilni. iln
ubdwuhw mo. a Tocaiioo pi a mootu aia not Dire ma
uilEe4 almoit iai mediate mnA wondrf ul rMalU. Tho old
Lor that leTerdld In tho soma tl daritiit mr lUnaaa.
Tr.i ti. w.uo.ulrJ i luougoi
work, I know not what. IbWo it thaoredlt,
JTlH Iron Tanie 4m a
fireirat4an of l'ro.X
oxlttn of Iron. IVrn.
aail Murk, ana JVio. I
uhai mm. ammoeiatmtM
wUh the rrattablmU
AromatUm. IftervemW
eaterv ttlimataa tmhmrmm
a Tallin im iieeeain,f
wu not tvrmainnll ahatai. I hitinaaritkirMiia.a.iik. nCl.
Mr. Jeremiah Tondvltie, of the rtirmt
district, lirotielitn letter of Introduc
tion to tho Ifilted suites Slitnal OfTl
eer.nml l.y the. latter cr ntletnnn wai
how n thulicntitlltll selnitltitf lntm
liieiit fur mcnuifhiif iitnl iKterinliiltu;
llie VnrluiH chuiiRes nnd inlitlltion.1
ortheUenther. I'nlntliitf tr the stand
nnl thermometer he cxnlnttu-il tn Mr.
T. the tisesof the heat khiuc. w here
utioii Mr.T. nnxloiily liittiln-tl If ho
"bailn'l liuther un to spare -deli n
nlee iiierelilno to rot the weather In
linyln' mid hnrvett tltne." Ills lntee
ItoiiiiftlienerotiieterorttlhdmeiiMiter evulietl Iho xttrea.toti! ""Winiiitti'i
sho lie the rniVct to run tin- lml
mm witli. Tin- bsrtiniel-r wns
otiu ton Iniitiv fur Linit vim., mill l.tolf.
IniX tpicerly nt the ollicml. n-t If ho
Mont nlterlv nniiti!tintl and lunik
riiiitorworilj.Mi.fi Krlend.illil you
ever have the reiinniln .'' Tlio
nliriiptiiesof the question jurprl.-H.sI
tlieiiitltvr, whorejilled, "No iieMjr."
" Wlinf . Kvldelitly reeolleettntf
hltii'teir, Mr. T.sloppedun tliemtcKeii
etl .- of the threadbare remark, ami
-iltt: "1 fintv wnittetl tit know forlf
this trap (ptdtiiliii' tn the lnr meter)
shows t(iPKKd nn liailweiitlit riiforu
It's time. It would lie a bully trap firr
Itiiple witli reiimutls; liny could
ilutik It cu-ty time, t'p my intmtty
when Inlks tins tl thev iiu- .-r. .Iaihim
(lit., nil' b ii piuetlul nrvyiiient nutii
leinuurs ,i a inn iiiiin r onrif in ino
ll.-lit eery lime." With thank fur
nc urn M i i Ot i iiiiiirniniion. me om
Inl itiiiiielv 1 1 1 1 1 1, 1 1 .Mr. Ttni.Ulnn
ov.i-ln the usher to shnu lilintitthe
sli ' cm. while be. InnMiv uvvrlils
piinr. n oli "Mrs. 'I'. A. i.l-t. No.
L"'l Wnlntlt Kreet. I'liilftdilphln, 11.,
wtites: Iiml liilliiiiiiuiiliir.v ihtuiun
Iimii very tnttlly. Ill olio fH'iiituliiiil.lo
It Si i no It. - have taken Ihld Willi tlio
ili t' iiiiinuilnii tti suy, un I tin-ni'irn-tin
I otiluliied tlie r-T. J -. .it- int. I
i '.iildiiit'Ut my f't dovn ti tlio
floor, even for all Ii M itif 1 imil It
Hint evening fur theli'-i ui-it-.niid tho
mM ni'ttniiiK fur tif I- int Hum,
and Hint nnernoMi put my 'n-,t down
f "i s . ril mliui't-. tin I'm- fmtilny
fi 1. 1. iiu I eoiilit stnlid i t . n-t Walk
a fi-u r. (m Tin-nli vi it I wnllc
iiln ut ti Mfinii-Tld Wei t ', ' n stuin
hy liolt. i u t it - Uk- It nn- ,- Sow
I 1.1-1 ll'i n.lltl- Will ill 1'n'H- IH
, lltl.. (.'till I, It. Jus- t ' ' ulio
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rot iiml Hi st Jh'llriiiooti-r '.t.idc.
JmUimlloll tl HoflS, nucllU. Mun-
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surt-at' t Blood Por ller. Livor
Itor. AMI I il' lt itlllt lu.turini;
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ttii'i i.ni.tii' i - H'jir
Tout- nnil ti. il.. tlliltllalit,
I ot i . 'i win, rt-
ii.'.uif v.it.ioot intox-
-llnttt or -rttintoiita
1.1-lt l.llh't Hop lilt
tt-rs. I' in "ml 'mi ijotiiv!' '' ' '"" If you
cinlr ftv Ui.l ii . ral.lil.A"""li! -in nt once.
It may i.o j iiii hif lllia.Q"t0'l ImiiJltiJa.
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liuti r.l.nt 'i-twiii I in lining, loin. Hop Et
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yinll'i'ir " t iiiiin in- "'lUlll!VV IIUCMI
unit lllll'l." it "l i it I foil ot family
. I. mil. I l.n ..iti.iult lin li ntMVMT4
D.I.O.I t" nn-nl'lt mil In ii .,r
lOlltniTlki'lllI' U .'f
fOtOlrciuir lit) lilutfi Mi,
Lay the Am
to the Rao'.
if yon woui-l (Icslroy tiw tw
keWiig wonn. For any tx:t':
mil iwiti, sore, wound ot!ms.r
ness of iimu or bonst, asu oir. .
MENT. It nonotratcs all mot
cle and llosh to tho vory boi-.
oxpoIUng nil laflummatleri
soreness nnd nata, nndliealUte,
tlio (liseasetl jmrt m no otiw
Lliiinii.'ut over did or Ciio, i
Balth '.o osporleneo of t-
genorittlons of sntTeront, ar
so will yon suy when yoe rte
tried tho "aostang:
niipii ii to,' yt'ry at tltllt riif Itii-Int.-Mitrwlio was tnnnj
uny illso.tli-illiy niuinilaiiriiny klntlnf ill-iii-nriii-i;l-ti
ut H-i-iiiiiiiuin unit of iluij; Any Houndorlmaot
tilt'. II lllll'l. I'll- ll.rittlllltii,.r tiirl,..u In. ..1....-
ill.irrlniii fiilllnu luu-kuf Un- nn nsli . Inni'illi-ii-u-.
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i-:iiiMnnt illsaltltlty, finlili an wiltll. ruf tin- hitt-ur
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illn lnl.-l.-i' iiiit-inif lu.t. Aillil'iiiiiiriillii ill.fli'iiv" Ik
iit'ii.irni it-u-.iin. i iiiiusiitnis or H-n,iuni-rs i nt It It'll
tit nn iHrinitr nf innslnii. llstiiiity- a-t aim- i.illiiiiitnn.ls
nt stiltlli rs wliti Mu not know lnu th.-lr rlt-lita nro.
Itiitlun iiinniy iiilli tiiilfiirsiililli rain nit. I prlMinaur
tin Ir in lr, Ni-u illt.i'liiiti.'1'siiliiiilni il li. n- lust. 1-ny
fut'liiirt.r-1 list In tlii-hi-t-vl,-.- I h.i ....n.i.:-l
7 nit i-nil p,.!sl(,n.iii.ti flit-lii Unit' It. ulnnt ilmn
of illM-l-arKc. Itlttw iiml i lillilri n nf Hit. mlilli ri n
lllli'iliiit nliiti. lit-pinili nt uiullii'is iiml fnitu'rmif
aolillt ra i ntlt Ii tl. I i i a In all rnsi-a nnlv tt u ilollara by
lull- law. iiiju- ynuri-aai limil'iiti ,1 by i-wniHicDt
iltitrni'yiit lti,;.(,,(on, nl, ,n l(i,. t i-crt-unul lit-
li Inn. All MildtjiM nf 'In- wnr nf 1SU nnt!
lui'lr u-lilnv.s i-ntliti.. ii, n..n.i..i,. in ..:i.tt..l.
of tin- .Mi'.li.lii unr iliiiulil urlil. ti. nt
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paticwts :,i.,;;,.!t,iViii::fi:,;rl;!!.Si:r'",';',?j
P;f, V'.'i ,".'!' I ATI. NTH 111 tin- I'XITED
M A'l l.Snni H KOl'i:. Siml iisn wrln Ii-ai-rln-
!!'.'.". V.f.""' 'l-'tln- mill pour t(l)i:t.. iv,- file (!A-
VI A'l'S nnd ..iitnli... V'l.'11-iiit'n i-iL-i.u :i
l'III.S(ii:.Mi:.NTS, Au , nnil'rtiiiiliict Ii mil r.iiwi ilInK
Inllii -..ii i its. i iirot-urt'l tAIU. MAIiKK. I'dl-V.
ItKllITS. I OI'IKS1 lirOI'Tl rtAI. I!M 01!I)M. 5d
rtniltr plnlona In riiinltm In -iii.nt ami pior-i rty
I lulltK ill tlilt tit fin. .in r. nZ I.I.. ' t.'f.
iilo ili nl lii nr.d .utti'tl in nil klnila t.f i-nrn'-a for
LA EMITiR ' i-it-i.il l.nn.lfiillcf, iter-
i-f-iIOt3C tiilnlncluliinil wnrriinta. n-ilnnl all
kinds, nrt-i nii'tlttn nnd fionn'.U ntl i ni i It a. mtnfiiKund
t-i.linti' Inntl clBlins, nnd ilu n in-m-iiil land Imalniia.
V;-iil,l,uyiim ailll.ANK AVAUKANTS. llualm-aa
i-oniii'i-ti'd ltd uny nf tin- Iii-parinit-nia ivi-cnnmicniS
In im riaonnlil ttrnn. Addn-ai X. IV. FITZIIEII
.ii.i..- ii.. iTiismn. i-atrnt. and Lnntl Atttirni.vn
trit.liliitftnn. II. (!. "
am) oui:i:oiioiii:i: land co.
50.0QOi"Aiti:sfiS i OiiTTu
AtParwIthsDonuiof 40 Acreiforeach lOBlmruj
from CholcoL.indi of tho " Dlaiton purchaae."
(iiiii-i-ii ! Ti'J1'.'!' ','i,,"i"t si"., riiitiiiiii.
' M'llriilliIliii),.,V,llutuiialll,ll-i.
DetallcdPro?pcctuj and dcscriptlvo mapi mailedFfl EE
;!. '. f-iiiui-lirr, Aat-nl, ICmii-iih '. jri.
iii.s. 1-tillli, Am-iil, Moti.v CU, linn,.
And Ihu Iiwt Mai.-iiinkuv In tit
Woiitiii for
norao or oieam rower I
Hook Free, Addrett
V. . (J. lies Aloliifri. vnl.U,
)rw:x w'ltiTisa to aivj:utis1:i:s9
phnne you xaio tho AUvcrtUvment (ti.
tit i.t )Ht)iVV,
'Si i rt o i c it n 1 1 rf 'r e o tw
p I jtrofuaioti , furl
Mtuattentiiti (laitrul V
ffiifi 19 ant nf Vital
tttlt Aerroum Mrromtm
tion and 4nvate
lceitcromri5t,ciiA,o J
-..t. a
ent that tnr l&bor woi eiLMufnirlr tm1
much Miiaf.
'.bat on tbn ooatraiy, ua followed by
aoem raturnad
roar Iron Tonic, from which
antf with d
HlncA tufnalt I hnre dona twlfa the) la
idt lounu last LDrDHDm iorvm
h tba tranquil amv
into baa not done tat
Churth. Tror. O.
oarer p
iitim ra otml iitna lonia
ouiha inMM. nun inn
ATSOrf, i'Mtor fDrlltUQ
n Aeol
X UinRor.iiii
D ino,i cU tin i
atiiikos'ft tin
II Al-piiI llllj!
H lt.lt...., 'X
tl nlipiall.itis v.ryr
H "i-?i.!,s-i!tt(:jtitl:::!
J 1 o nil nlitmi,
BIJ tl IIIU IH'W. l.-'l 1. "
itiiioiui Ai't-. ncrbv
n . iv
Kolniittirtilittl, itli-foYi'
ata wl.til thf.ii-. o. i-all'J

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