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Burr Oak.
Mrs. Stafford, ot Nebraska, is vis
iting friends In Holt.
J. C. Hopper Is paying n fl. Ing
ylsit to friends in Andrew county.
Mr. II. Mtnton is fencing qulto nu
cxtcntbro pasture south of lil.t residence.
Jnsluh Bprolc?, of Xobr.vka, ih vis
Iting friends And relations in this vicin
ity. Mrs. Randolph has returned from
quite an extensive Ylsit In Kansas and
Santa Claus nald in a nlcaant vis
it, but hu reported thieves, and Uontou
received most of his goods.
Our vmbllo schools, societies and
singing schools have postponed till
1882 In fact, everything lias played
quits out panics.
A social authoring was hold at H.
L. Alklro's, of this vicinity, in which
Forest aud Oregon wero represented.
nicy nad a craud time.
S. G. Alklre, of the Klrksvlllo Nor
mal, is homo during holidays, He
brings good reports Horn that county,
and expects to return soon.
Lake Shore.
Corn gathering ended.
Mr. Itomino has recently purchased
real estate ol Air. blirouilcr.
llldpath's life of .lames A. Garfield
is being sold by Hughe., an agent from
Harry IlnlcUr, son of J. II. Halirlcr.
is recovering 1mm the effects of a horse
falling on him.
The report of Lako Shoro school
for the month ending Dee. 'JIUl, is as
follows: Mi, of days taujrlil, 20: o
of l'uplls enrolled : Males, 1G; females,
17 ; No, of days attendance of all pupils
tvo; average numiier of pupils uttend
inc each dav. 29 9-10: averaire number
of day' attendance by each scholar, 18
1-6. liio pupils that have attended
regularly during the month are Cora
Hoinlne, Lllllu Iden, Mary Idcn, Sarah
Idon, IJareus Men, Koso Shroeder,
Louisa Green, Sarah Huldwln, Mary
Dunn. Anna Dunn, Hcrtha Daegon,
Mary Hamsoy, Susie Uamscy, Nor Alu
Mulleu, Thus. Green, Joseph Shroeder,
James llomliie, Nathan Grillln, Chas.
Wagoner, Chas. Green, Win. MeMul
leu, Frank Shroeder.
Wc have on our slek list this week.
Dolla Firestone, i!a ighter of Dan Fire
Our Sunday school has closed for
this winter. Wo still have preaching
... ....!. I... IV..... .
Parties are pretty thick now days.
Wo had a nice sociable at O. H. King's
last Friday evening. All enjoyed them
selves hugely.
Mr. John K. Martin and broiherof
Winchester, Indiana, and Miss Alllc
Cottier, ol" Minnesota Valley, spent hoi
i Jays at the rcsidenco of O. II. King.
Died.Tuesdav, December 27th,Mrs.
Mary Field, wife of Win. Field, aged
35 years. A large concourse of sympa
thizing friends followed her remains to
their last rusting place, Wednesday af
-no understand tbcro is to be a
.wedding in our neighborhood before
long. How wo found out, the couple
talked a littlu to loud, and were over
heard. Wo hoard him say, "Do vou
iiko mo well enough to live a life time
with mo?" And of course tho answer
vwas "l-e-8."
Quite a number of parties this week.
Health is good, and business thriv-
Dancing 1 protracted for a spoil in
this neighborhood.
J. A. Ross and clerks are all upon
tho jump, raping up goods.
Dr. Young, the druggist, is also on
our list of business men.
A surprise party at J. A. Smith's
this week, which was qullo an enjoya
ble affair.
J. W. Williams' now store is fur
nished from top to bottom with every
thing that heart could desire.
There Is two things Forbes Is great
ly in need of, and that is a church es
tablished here and a grid mill.
Tho next wo notice is tho merry
sound of J. A. Smith's anvil. He U a
llrsl-class workman and always at his
Blgelow had a Christmas tree.
Mr. Wade has moved back to town.
Tho wounded Hopper and Haigler
aro butter.
John Sigcrson is moving back into
tho bottom.
Several pi.rties in tho neighbor
hood this week,
Squire tlcasloy gave us a magic
lantern lecture last week.
- Bettor health In this part than has
been known before for years
Cattle and horses aro doing verv
well on tho bottom with but very little
feed. This Is a jiroat help to our people.
Miss Dolllo Shepherd, Misses Mary
and Jennie Haigler and Samuel Alklre
Htaned for Kirksvillo Tuesday to at
tend the Normal school of that p4aeo.
Among those who visited our city
piping the holidays wore John Camp
bell, of MaitlandjMlss l.izzlu Hancock,
Miss Hattio McKoo, and Prof. Kriill, of
St. Louis.
A no us.
Foreit City.
Corn, G0a76cts.
Hogs, Aii91,ir.
Wheat. $la$l.l5.
Flour, $!MO$1.00.
H, P. Zook lias been shipping
S. T. Lucas has sold lib interest in
the now saw mill.
(J. L. Anderson is sowing at lttch
ijplson's saw mill.
Capt. Canon, of Mound City, was
in town last weok.
The onglno of the now taw mill is
i operation. It works well,
Wiljard, of Oregon, is delivering a
jargo number of walnut logs here now.
J. W. 54ook, of St. Joe, came up
last week on business connected with
his mill.
Pluinmor, Harrison & Co. havo re
ceived their now engine from tho Atlas
Works, Indianapolis.
Win. Klley squatted In the old riv
er bed on the Island several years ago.
)lo Is squattiug there yet.
The upper mill U to bo started snoti
under the management of (Japt . o.
Canon, with .1. C. Alauck as miller.
The city authorities have received
a draw-bacK in their attempt to piaeo
restrictions upon hack-drivers,
David Doggctt and futility. Win.
Wylio and family and Samuel Thornton
anil family aro the only families on
Hush Island now.
A party at George Williams last
week. They had a nice time
Some of the boys went homo the
other night wtlh a Utile too much ben
zine. Tim euriioiitnr work Is eoninljted
on Col. Gulnu's new house, and it Is a
good one.
Monnd City.
Tuesday our M. K. ministers left
for the great church trial at St. Joseph
If you want to know how Dr. Meek
happened to fall into Bennett's cellar,
just ask Ferry and D. II.
Father Witigitto Klmr has been very
sick for several days, and ut this writ
ing his rccovccy is not thought prob
A coodly number of our citizens
took train for Oregon, Monday, to at
tend court in ouo capacity or another
Smith, Hoblilzell & Jesse have
taken charge of t ho business In the
Frazcr hardware store, and will keep
on hand a full stock and sell at fair
Two disturbances of tho ponce
nourishing of levolvcrs, breaking of
show-cases, doors, etc., occurred last
week. loo much sun-rise giory the
Tho postmaRtcrshlp of this plaeo Is
one of the disturbing questions at pres
ent, ltcv. Mahan aud A. N. Glenn aro
understood to bo the principal nppll
cants, with a score or fewer possible.
At a trial recently hud bo fore ono
of our J.l"s., ono of the witnesses tes
tified that November, 1881, was some
where between eleven and thirteen ;
wcuk's long, and tills witness was sober
and not under forty years old.
-The Christian Church hmiso was
packed and lammed at the "Chimney
Lorner" last rriday night, bantu (Jlutis
was present and in the best of humor.
Everything went off pleasantly, and
good order was maintained throughout.
Swearing Off.
About this time, ns tho almanacs say.
look out for good resolutions. At the
opening ot a new year, the average
laney turns llgtly to tho notion ot re
formation. Somehow, wo never think
our.-elves quite so bad us in the closln
days of December, and nover deter
mine to be qulto so good as in the first
nays oi January, wo will smoke no
cigars, play no moro poker, uso no
moro profanity, look upon no more
wine when it is red-nt least not right
away. For wo hnvo been foolish and
naughty aud forgetful of tho lessons
taught us by our good old mothers,
heaven bless their souls ! Thcreforo
"bo It resolved"
Our provoking acquaintance, the
devil, grins and chuckles as at no other
time when hu hears these pretty and
abundant protestation, lie has heard
the like before; lie knows how It is him
self. Business in his line is now going
to pick up, ho well uudcrAtands. Num
erous consignments of paving material
aro about to bo started to his dominion,
and in a lew weeks ho will bo milled
day and night with tho task of making
debit entries for bis customers. Dur
ing the fir,st few days of tho year, aud
particularly on tho very llrst day. tho
arch-enomy of mankind strikes hands
witli Moody and Sankuy, and employs
all his arts to stimulate repentaueo and
serious determinations for the future,
knowing by ages of experience and
observation just what it all means and
how admirably it serves bis purpose.
The devil has his weaknesses "as who
of us has not?" but he understands
his business, all the same.
The chief detect in this matter of
Now Year's swearing off Is that Kow
Year's doesn't last long enough. Ah
the days slip by the gilt rubs off, and
current year como to be curiously like
tho previous ono. and ail prvious ones.
If wo could keep with us the tender
monitory glamour of this first morning
through nil tho other three handled
aim six-iour mat lie ahead of it, we
should have little difuoulty in redeem
ing tho proinlsos we make to ourselves
so plentifully, and so sincerely, withal.
But we can't; and so wo stumble, und
fall, and tilings lapse back into tho old
channel. We can never tell precisely
when or how It comes about. The
failure appears to partake of tho nature
ot that convenient process known ns
"unconscious cerebration." l'erhn, s
wo aro not to blame for it, after all,
and ceitaluly by our actions we "seem
to say so," as our lord Hamlet hath it
and when Now Year's comes again wo
are prompt to repeat the inleiestlng ex
periment. It would bo better, of course, if wo
carried out our good intentions. But
good intentions are worth making oven
If uotcarrled out. It can do us no
harm to resolve to bo wiser and better,
though it last but a day. Thorn Is
something gained by merely thinking
about virtue, and conceding to our
selves that it would profit us to put
nhldo our sins and hindi uncos und try
tollvomoro roputably and carefully.
That man still has thu iipperhand of his
destiny who sits himself down, if no oft
ener than once a yeai, to admit his lol
lies ami soliloquize upon thu desira'jiii
ty of a ohaugo of pulley in his manner
of using his privilege. It is something
In our favor to havo recognized and
felt sorry for our shortcomings, though
wo make a notch of tiying to umond
them, tio long as wo persist In trying,
and do not quite become satisfied witli
our fallings, tliero Is hope for us, both
here and hereafter.
The really proper thing, it Is hardly
necessary to mid, would be to accept
the fact that the years but duplicate
one another, and that good resolutions
aro In order at all dates. Carlylo sum
med up tho whole matter when ho said
"Do the duty nearest thee." That Is
tho pith and heart of all possible mor
alizing in this connection. Tho little
steps ot every day, tho good wo do as
wo go nlong, tho reformations that aro
wrought out regardless of tlmo and
season these aro tho things that count,
he things that go to our lusting credit.
Wo havo to do only with the hero and
the now. The past is bovond our
changing; the futuro hold lor us we
know not what. Wo aro certain mere
ly of tho present, and In the present, If
at all, we must bind our sheaves. It Is
a very simple thing, this whole phtloso
hy of life, when you come to look at It
candidly and in a spirit of rational In
quiry. The dullest among us can ohm.
ly comperheiid it, tho weakest among
us can put it into practice by going at
It earnestly tuul persoveriugly. It Is
better to do right than to do wrong;
that is about all. there Is of It. And tho
time to do right and to avoid doing
wrong is to-day, and each day as we
como faco to face with it. A thousand
sermons could contain no moro; the
humblest New Year's lcsolution should
contain no less.
Plant Trees.
Kvcr since wo have been acquainted
with the liberal offer of tho State of
Missoui l to parties planting and cultlva,
ting forest trees, wo havo been surprised
to see the great apathy and entile nc,
leet that has characterized our people,
all over the State, In respect t this
mutter. Tho following is I lie existing
statutory law on the subject
Section 6G07. Bounty for Planting
Trees. Every person planting one
aeru or iiiuru ot'lirnlrli) land, within tmt
youis after the passage of this act, with
any kind of lorest trees; (except black
locust, ami suecossiuuy growing and
cultivating the same lor three a ears;
and every person planting, protecting
ami cultivating, lor llirco years, one
quarter of a mile or more ot forest trees
upou his own land, to bo set not more
than one lod apart, and to stand at the
cud of three years not more than two
rods a part, shall bo ei.titled to recelvo
for hfteeu years, eonuneueltig three
years after said grove or lino has beon
planted, an annual bounty of two del
lars pur acre for each aero to planted
and two dollars for eacli quarter of a
mile so planted, to be paid by tho
county, bald bounty shall not bo nald
any lunger than said grove or line of
trees Is kept allvo and in a gi owing
It will bo seen that auy party planting
along a pubdo highway one-quarter of
a mile of trees, to stand at thu end of
three years not moro than two rods
apait. will receive from tho county for
tuo next niieoii ears, S-'.uua year, or
S30 tor planting tho quarter of a mile
of trees. A farmer with one mllo
lane, If ho plants caehsldc, would
coiyo 810 a year, for fifteen years,
$240 for his labor. This money would
nearly pay his taxes for tho fifteen
years and the presence of tho trees
would add hundreds of dollars to thu
value of his premises. As this law has
been on our statutes for six years, and
not acted upon by our farmers, should
not tho next legislature strike out ot
Section CC97, tlu words "upon his own
laud," and thus enable a company to
organize in oveiy prairie countv and
plant hundieds of niilus of our high
ways witli these beautiful forest trees.
Say wo havo 1000 miles of prairie road
in Holt county. A double lino of tiees
nouldmiiko two thousand milos, at
88 per mile, would make the magniii-
cent sum of $10,000 yearly after throe
years growth, or for fifteen years, $240-,
000. While this sum seems to be en
ormous, yot tho beauty and Intrinsic
value that it would add to tho county
and to tho State would compensate for
the expenditure an hundred fold.
If a company wero to take bold of this
mutter about tho only expeuso they
would bo at would bo the planting as
tho parties who owned tho land along
the road would certainly, take sufflcent
Interest to protect tho trees and if ono
died occasionally, to replace It.
You ean rmreliiuo one nt thin onlco for u very
small sum ut money, t'all and svo it.
Having beon in tho business sineo
ihou, l know I can put up work that
Pittsburgh Leather,
Which Is tho best, unit wilt Keep on
hand everything that belongs
ness Shop.
All work guaranteed. Repairing; a snec.
laity. Two doors east or King & Proud.s
Let ters of administration on tho estatoofHul
da Mclutyre. demised, wero granted the un
ilers pwd on tho loth day ol Deeemler uwi by
the l'robate court of Holt county. '
All persons havlnu claims against said estate
am required to exhibit , tlirm for nllowauce to
the ai(iulnltrator within one year after tho
dato of said letters, or they may bo precluded
froin liny beuellt of said estate, aud If such
claims bo not exhibited within two yerrs from
the drto of said letters thv will be forever
brrrcd. OKO. MclNTYItE, Adm'r.
Creditors and all others Interested In times,
tatn of John Martin, deceased, are hereby not I -fled
that hu tho first day of the February term.
1882. of tho 1'iobato Court, 1 shall make final
settlement of said estate,
S. T. LUCAS, Adm'r.
With tho Largest Stock of Goods In
Southern Holt,
Hats, Caps,
Boots & Shoes.
Good boots from $2.75 to $4.76
Shoes Iroui 76 cents up. My
hue of
Are complete. Good Coffee 8
lbs. to tho $1 00. Host, G 1-2
lbs. for $1.00. I have a line
collection of
Shelf Hardware
Cutlery, Pocket
Knives. Etc
In fact everything kep
in a general store.
filuftSEtfY Stock.
On account of falling health I am
forced to offer my entire Nursery Stuck
for sale. I will give those vvishlng to
buy goiul sized bills of trees uuusuiu in
ducemonts to purchase NOW for Spring
Planting. I havo a large stock of Fruit
and Ornamental Tress to disposo of,
consisting in part ol
20,000 Apple trees, 2, 3, -1. and 5 yours
Also Peach, Pear, Plum, Apricot,
and Cherry trees in abundance
.V hirjio lot ol Evergreens, from 1 to
10 feet high.
A lot of llecch, White Hitch and
Clie-tnut trees.
A large and choice selection of Black
berries, Haspboiries, Goosobrrrios, and
Strawberries, Grapes, etc.
Flowering Plants and Shrubs.
Oregon, Mo.
I will havo a cholco lot of Poland
China Pigs for sale iu the Spring.
Hy virtue and authority of a xpcclnl execution
lHel (rum the olllce of the clerk of thu Circuit
Court of Holt county, Mo., rctunmblo nt tbo
January term, w, of nulri court, and to me di
rected In favor ol the Htntn ot .Missouri, nt tho
relation and to tho uso of Fred Jlyen, col.ector
of revenue of Holt county, and iiuulnst
Unknown Tartlet.
I havo levied upon and seized nil the riant, tltlo
Interest ami claim of the said defendnnii. of, In
and to the following described real estate, to
wlt I
Lot 2 la block 42, In Forest City.
AlllyliiK and behiK In said county and State
ot MlHiourl ; and I will on
between the bourn of nine o'clock In the lure
noon and five o'o wk lu the afternoon ot that
day at the Court House door In thu city of Ore
Kon, county of Ilollnforculd. sell the same, or
no much thereof as may bo leiiulred at nubile
vendue to the highest bidder for cash In hand
to satUfy,sald execution and coils.
W. II. 1'ItAMlC.
Hhorlllof Holt County.
By virtue and authority of a special execution
Istueil from the olllce of the Clerk of the Circuit
Court of Holt county. Mo., returnable nt thu
January term. iww. of said Comt, und to mo itl-
rvi:ieu oi iiivor oi rreti fliyers, collector of rev
cuue of Holt county und against,
W. W. lllnniaii auJ Win. I lllllliiKlmin.
f lmvn levied upon ami seized all the rlitlit, title,
Interest and claim of the said defendents, of. In
and tn thu IoIIowIiik described reul estate towlt.
Lots 8. 1.1, in, and 17 iu block 18, In forest City,
.mi lyiiin aim ileum n said county aud State
of Missouri i and I will, on
between the hours of nine o'clock iu tho fro
noon and flyo o'clock lu tho afternoon of that
day, at the Court House door lu the city of Ore
iron, enuiitv of Holt nror.ii.i ...n ii,,. ........ ...
so much thereof as may bo required ut uulillo
vendue, to the lilKhest bidder for ensh la hand,
W.ll. FltAMK,
Sheriff of Holt County,
Tho CI rent Trail nt IVnsliluirtou
is or Interest lo every citizen. Of
equal iniportnneo to overy sufforor
from Dyspepsia, is a trial o'f Hrown'a
Pepsin Tonic. Try It For salo by T. S.
H.nde, and King & Proud, Oretron. nnd
hil. AnlbalHigolow, and A. C. Yc
iptcul Urmi to cwTudof juu. edrolt.
In .A.11
Barnes &
Where they Carry the Best
of all Kinds from an Overcoat to a Handkerchief.
Cloaks, Shawls, Hoods, Prints, Etc.
Boojs, Sqoes,
Gloves, DMCittciis, etc.
A full Stock of Glasswnro and Queonewarc, Canned and Dried Fruits
Sugars, Tens, Coffees, ut the lowest Prices.
Now Full Stock of Caslmorcs, cloths, und Trlmmlnss now on niv table.
Wedding outfits n SpechUty. l'orfcct
goousniiu trimmings useu.
tAttf nf
TVi( ! omathino' twTnr before undertaken bv anv other znoteoroloBlat. and ia ln
diapenaable to the public Besides thla valuable nature will be found the follow
ing; OKIOINAli ARTICLES written by the best authors:
The Boy-Qonvict'S Story. By Will Oarleton, author Tramp's Story, etc
An Amateur Agriculturist. AVsnMS.
On the Business Habits of Many Farmers. SfpsteSe'
Fear-Tree Blight. &pr?io,r5SS&5:
A County Court in Turkey, ft?0- N-Alldrtt'' 01 Mardln' Tur-
T h Wfifl fh fir TTorfirn Qf.Q W Frof. Geqrsre R. Gather. An interesting
JLIIO W UtjUUfcU J Ul Btaaba. p,ipcr explaining tho method of tho new system.
Second-crop Potatoes for Planting. uyi.u.Naii.
TobaCCO. Henry Glover.
The LaW Of the Farm. Dy a Member of tho LoulsvlUo Bar.
Ground Limestone as a Fertilizer. By wiiiiam skono.
PViq Aniarir Uy Prof. A. J. Cook.
X UB Xxpicti. ,y . QooUudvlcetobce-kecpora.
JSntlrcly Mew and Pull Cntendnr 1'nROM, etc. arronRed for tho wholo country,
BWAU ot which aro copyrighted and CAN UK FOUND ONLY In tho old and popular
For 1882. (Flfty-ilfth Annual Iksuo).
Which, It procured of your bookseller, will cost only 10 Ccntn or will bo Bent you by the pub
lishers for lis Cents, in money or nUimps.
D. M. Martin
Has removed just ono door south of
Bunk wlioio may bo found tho
moat complete slock of
Harness, Saddles,
Bridles. Etc.
Ever offered for hide In Holt County,
urn offering special Inducements in
Lap Robes,
Horse Blankets,
and Sleigh Bells.
I urn also selling celebrated
Wagons, Buggies,
Platform Spring
Wagons, Etc.
Plepse call and examine my stock. All
work warranted.
X. MC. 3yX.3rJ?IIV,
Final Settlement.
Creditors nnd nil others Interested tn tho es
tate of .lenhthn W. llnrrls, deceased, are here
byuotllled that nu the llrst nay of the Februnry
term, 1K8. ot tho l'rnbato Court, 1 Muilt inuKo
tlunl settlement of mild estate.
VM. HAWKINS, l'ub, Adm'r.
Final settlement.
Creditors and nil others Interested In tho es
tato Thomas M . K.lwards, dereased, are hereby
notified that (in the first day of tho February
term. 18ttt, ot thu l'robate Court, I shall make
Quul bcltleiiient of said ustule.
Wit. HAWKINS, l'ub, Adm'r.
Final Settlement.
Creditors and nil ethers Interested In tho es
tutu of OIIk.1 Hii)iklu.i, deceased, aro hereby no
tilled that on the llrst day nf the February
term, !6ttt. of the 1'ruViate Court 1 shall mako
dual sottlemeut of said estate.
WM. HAWKINB, l'ub. Adm'r.
Estray Notioe.
Taken nu by Henry Klto nnd posted before I.
A. Young, a Justice of thu l'caco iu Liberty
tuwnshln nf Holt county, on the 23d day of De
cember, 1841, Ouo tw-yar-ol.l steer i medium
size; while color with dark red spots on tho
lii-nd and nock i also n few spots on the rump i
marked with a duhip i liramlcd with the figure
"15" on left shoulder and lhoJetters"C. O."
or "(J. O," on tho left side I No other marks or
brands, und nptiraNed at 20by C Urlllllh. (J.
Meier, and I, Uiinith, w in wore duly qualllled.
' ' Ill'.NKV Kl'l IS, Taker Up.
& TtJnBi
Ills aro guaranteed and only first-class
PoT.QfTi'oi-vViiool Thlncs farmers
should know.
Unfaliiig Specie
He Symptoins of liver Comnlaiiit
are uneasiness und pain in tho side, so metlmcs
palp In the shoulder, and Is mistaken for rheu
matism i the stomach Is ntlceted with loss of
UnilOtltA Ullll sll.tAlia t lin.l.nlu In 1
If Uve, somellmcsalt;rnatlB with lax tho liead
w ui'ini ,iin (..un, nun nun ncavy sensation :
considerable loss nt memory, with painful sun
satlpn of having left undone something whl-h
ought to hare been done i often complaining of
weakness, debility und low spirits. Sometimes
many nf the aboro symptoms attend tho ills
ease. aniUtothr times very few ot them s but
tho LlveTJs generally thu nrcaii most Involved.
Regulate tie Liycr aud Prevent
eimln, Coimtliiutloii, Jiuiwillet..
loim Attiicks, t'liljla hikI Fe-
Ttir, llaaduclie.llCollc. Do.
presslnii or Niilrltis,
Sour Stoiiuich,
unonA I.lvcr ItCRUlator. nurelv veoeinhu
e medicine generallv used In tho xouth to
e tho torpid Liver to healthy ncllon.
It nets HlUi eztrnordlnnry power nnd
eiuciicy on the Liver nnd Kldnoys.
Thfl nciJUn of tho ltegulntor Is free from
n.lluJ i"' .'.' w'PluK. It '1 most clteetlvo In
startliB the secretions of the Liver, ciuising the
lHef act as calliartlc. Whenthcro is uiiex
cesif bile In the stomaeli.tlie Itegulator Is an
net lu purgo t after the removal of tho bile It
i?illJr.erV'i?l "J8 me!'' aud Impart vigor mid
heaflli tJLthu wholo system.
Heo that you cot tho (Icnuluo In Whlto Wrap,
per, with rid "Z" prepared only by
rJff-Holdby all Urugglsts.
Final. Sottlement. r
Creditors and ull others Interested In the cs.
? ,",'' Cottrell. deceased, nre hejeby
!.'. U'l,1uJilttt."!'. u,,1 fl.rst 'l'y of the February
term, 1882, of tho l'robate Court, I shall nmki
final settlement of s.iU estate. '
WM. HAWKINS, l'ub. Adm'r.
Final Settlement.
Creditors ami nil others Interested In tho es-
Ainory 1 hnmas. deceased, aro hereby
untitled that on tho llrst day 'if tne February
term, 1M2. of tho l'robate Court, I shall mako
final settlement of s.ild estate.
M. HAWKINS, l'ub, Adm'r.
Try it when all other romodlos full anc
got relief. Huy It of Kim? & Trottd, Ore
fim Frmieo & Co., Forest City.
Harper's Magazine.
"Always varied, always good, always
improving." Chakles iitANCis Ad
ams, m.
Jlarpur'z Magazine, tho most popular
Illustrated periodical in tbo world, be
gins its sixty-fourth volumo with tho
December Number. It ropicsents what
is best in American literature and art;
and Its marked success in England
where it has already n circulation larg
er than that of any English mngazlno
of the same class has brought Into its
service tho most eminent writers and
artists of (Jrcat Britain. Tho iorth
comlng volumes for 1882 will in every
respect surpass their predecessors.
Per Yenr i
iiAurr:u'.s wkkki.y ,
.. 4 00
.. 4 00
..lo oo
.. 1 w
... b 00
...10 00
in the
Thu TllllKK nbovf publications
ii,uri.nrt luuiso rr.UrLK.....
iiAiti'Kii'H youko ricom: f
llUAltY, Ono Year (fi2 Numbers). ..
Postage Free to all subtcribers
United States or Canada.
Tho Volllnil.q 11 f tlin XTnnniiH Iwmln
with thoNumbois for June and Decem
ber of oaeh year. When no tlmo is
BDCClficd. it will lln mil..i-utn,1 il.ut tl,..
subscriber wishes to begin with the cur-
1VIIV IllllUUil
A Complolo Set of IlAitrEn's Maoai
ZINK. I'rwiint klnrr (151 Vl...itna In ...,!
cloth binding, will bo sent by express,
iiuiui. uxpoupo oi purcnaser, on ro
celpt of $2.25 per volumo. Single vol
umes, by mail, postpaid, 83.00. Cloth
cases, for blnUinrr. no wnt4. lv mall
inuox to IlAiu-Eit's Magazine. Al
phabetical, Analytical, and Classified
lor Volumes. 1 to lid. Inrlimvi. tr,in.
Juno. 1850, to Juno, 1880, ono vol..
OVO, W10U1, Ol.UU.
Hcmittancoa should bo mado by l'ost
Ofilco Money Order or Draft, to tivohl
ehaiico of loss.
Newspapers are not to copy this adver
tisement mitiout the express order of
. Now York.
Harper's Weefcly.
Harper's Weekly stands nt the head of
American illustrated weekly journals.
Hy its iinpurtisun position in politics, Its
admirable illustrations, its carefully
chosen serials, short dories, sketches,
und poems, contributed by the foremost
....!.. 1 iL .
iiiuaia mm nuuiun I) I UIO (Ut), U CIlTiUS
lllSt I'lltllioil llhfl mitni tftllltllnnt t, tlwi,it
unds ol American homes.
It will alwus bo tlio aim of tho pub
lishers to mako Harper's Weekly tho
iiuoi, jiiiiiiur mm ai tractive lunuiy
newspaper in the world.
I'er Yo.nr :
IIAItlT.lt'S MAdAZINE.. ...... .........
..ti oo
.. r oo
.. 4 on
..10 ou
.. l so
.. s be
. 10 00
ill the
The Til It KK above VinhVleaiVoni!'.'.'.'.!!;!
.uii.i r.u f muli I r.Ul 1.15 .
HltAltY Ono Year (Si Numbers)
Postage Free lo atl subscribers
United Stales or Canada.
I ho Volumos of tho Weekly bocin
wiih the first Number for January of
each year. When no time is mentioned,
it will bo iindoi-ftood that the subscrib
er wibhpd to commence with tho Num.
bcr next nftor the receipt of order.
The last Twelve Animal Volumes of
llAiti'uu'a Wkkkly, in neat cloth bind
ing, will be sent by mail, postage paid,
or by express, freo of expunso (provid
ed tho freight does not exceed ono doN
lar per volume), for $7.1)0 each.
( loth Cnses for each voltuno, suitable
for binding, will bo sent by mall, post
paid, on receipt of 81.00 each.
Htiimttanccs should bo made by Post
Olllco Money Order or Dralt. to avoid
chanco of loss.
Newspapers arc not to copy Mt's adver
tisement without the express order of
lUlll'Klt & UltOTIIEltS. J
Now York,
Harper's Bazar.
This popular journal is a raro combi
nation nf literature, art, and fashion,
its stories, poems, and essays uro by tho
best writers of Kuropo and America ;"
ta engravings possess tho highest nrtisl
tie excellence; and in all mutters per
taining to fashion it w universally no
knowledgcd to bo tho leading authority
n tho laud. Tlio now volumo will coil,
taiu many brilliant novolties.
Ior Ycnr i
TA11 1'K It'H .M A( I A ZI SK. ' ,
I!!Stw!iK? "b,)V0 m'ulloatlons.':.'.'
A.".v..1..V..,.ill,nvfl uamed
1IA1 I'KU's YOUNO l'KOI'LK ... '
..U oo
,.. 4 00
... 4 00
...10 00
... 7 IX)
.. 1 so
llAltl'KK'K YOtlNd l-KOPLE f
5 00
- liitAUY oVo,rearJNM,):f...-Io oe
trS frce U subscribers in tho
United States or Canada.
n T1.', Y'iV1"0? of tho 1,ll!lHr u"In with
vn? lmJ;mbor !Pr January of each
w II bo understood that tho subscriber
wishes to eommenco with tho Numbor
next after tho rot olpt of order.
Tlio Twelve Annual VlnmAs of
IlAitPKit's IIazau, In neat clothlind.
lug, will bo sont by mall, postage a
or by express, free olxp0 ?mWuU
td tfie freight does nFeffi So dot
lar per volumo), for $7.00 eaoh.
Cloth Cusos for inch volumo, sulta
ble for binding, will bo sent by m all.
post-paid, on receipt of $1.00 each
Remittances should bo mado by Post
flbe Money Order or Draft. t5 avoid
chiidlwiof bjss.
NcuXpapci-s arc not to copy this 'adver.
Usement without the express order of
IlAltl'KIt & IlitoTiinns. J
New York.
pTh M5iw,..llYil,e,lry.ne,t,'ra;''l Posted before
fc. H. SleDonaid. a Just on of the 1'eace In Illnt
IMi'Vlit' imufm. . .

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