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The County paper. (Oregon, Mo.) 1881-1883, January 13, 1882, Image 2

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IlltllYVS CO, l'lilillalii-rn.
Will practice In all Court of Missouri, Kan
sas, Iowa anil Nebraska. Ileal Estate business,
and Collections romptly ntlcnued to.
Bonrbon and ltyc Whiskies, and all Fancy anil
Hot Drinks a specialty. Patronage respectfully
Hiiptliis! ill sown,
OFFICE At residence, two doors north ol
J. A. Reeves' Store; formerly residence of Levi
Real Estate, Insurance and Collecting
Will practice lu all the Courts of northwest
Bankers and Brokers,
Loan Money, Buy Notes, Draw Drafts on all
principal cities, and Collections promptly made.
Fay Taxes for non-residents; Loans negotiated
on real estate, and Investment made on favors
bleterm. Interest allowed on Time Deposits.
LawyeT&Naiary Public,
Collection made, Depositions taken, Convey
ancing done. Legal Information given and Gen
eral l-V.d and Luw Business attended tc
Will practice In all courts of Missouri.
Collections, andallmannerof legal business
will receive our prompt attention.
CSrOfllce north side of Court House, over
lltuilo'j Drug Store.
R. I. REA,
Notary Public and Real Estate Agent,
Will attend to all legal business intrusted to
his care lu all the Courts of NorthwestMlssourl.
Ha for talc a large number of choice business
West Side Public 8quirc. Respectfully Invites
the patronage of those having anything In the
guruer, iimr-umngor pnampopning j.ino.
Will practice In all Courts. Real Estate bus!
ncss and Collections promptly attended to.
Will nraetlce In all tho Courts of Mlsso'ji'l.
Real Estate and Collection buslnsa promptly
attended to.
Office over Schultc Bros. Store.
Will practice In all the Courts of Missouri.
Real Estate and Collcctlugbujlucss promptly
attended to.
Our entire building Is newly furnished
throughout; our location is central, our rates
axe low, our accommodations-including
&CLYxjplo Rooms,
are unsurpassed, and wo respectfully solicit a
liberal patronage f-om the traveling public.
B. B. FOSTER & BRO., Proprietors.
lint Torm begins
Beoond Teim begin
Pent. lS.lRKl,
Nov. SI, 1KH1.
Third Term begins IVn.fl, 1883.
roartli Term 1r1iis April 17, 1882,
Tuition, fj.ou per term 01 ten wccks.
Courso of study thorough and practical.
Boarding In family $3.00 to $3.S0 per week,
Tor further Information address,
TRANSACTS a general banking business.
Sells exchangu on tho chief cities of tho
United States and Europe. Allows Interest on
deposit when left a specified tlms. Collections
receive careful attention.
riiEBiun.NT. Cashier
At prices ranging from $3.W) to $35.00 per acre.
Soma of the tlpeit land In Northwest Missouri,
lu both large and small tracts. Desirable town
property In all the town of Holt county. Also,
a few fine farms In Kansas. Parties desiring to
either sell or buy land, will rind It to their m
Utent tu addrcts me at once, as I am constantly
Bavins can lor oil eraucs oi lanus, anu can
ult all purchaser whomsoever. Address,
Attomey-at-Law, Oregon, Mo.
cnir-iil INiwk Niiimiiiiry.
jlIiu year just olosod lias boon ouo of
unexampled prosperity throughout the country
Tills Is shown ut various clearing houses, all
but one showing an Increase over 1SS0. The
latest gross clearings of large (cities have In
creased In one twelvemonth from S50,G$S,03l,000
to ol.-IWir$0,,J07, or 27 MO r cent. Last
year the Increase over lSTtlwasJU tVIO per cent.
Tested by these records, the business of 1SS1
appears to have surpassed that of any previous
year by one fifth to one-sixth In volume. The
most rcmarkallo Increase was that of Louis
ville, with 33 per cent., followed by Kansas
City, 33.9i Chicago, 30.r; Pittsburg!., 30.0 New
York,23.S; lloston,27.2; C(nrintittl,SI.T; San
FrahelcO, 2.1; Iudlanapol.f, 22.-I Cleveland,
21.8; Spilnglleld, 17.0; St. Louis, .
During ft festival of tho k lights of
Pythias at Shanesvllle. Ohio, on tin vcnlne of
Dec. 31st, the lloorgave way, prcvcpl Jitlng over
two hundred persons to the floor Mow. Two
persons were killed art seventy-five Injured
ten fatally. "'.o nulldlng took flro nnd the
lights wet . . i early all extinguished, leaving the
struggling mas In almost total darkness.
Prompt aid was successful In stajlngthc flames,
but not mtll n number were more or less burn
cd. Tb ; night was cold and the scene wot
frtghtlcl In the extreme.
At Christiana on tho Pennsylvania
railroa 1 Dec. SOth nfrclght train parted, and
follow ,r.g the train, run Into the rear lxirtlot',
ciusln agcneril smash up. Soon after came
another fictght train nlotignud ran Into the
wreck, when the wholo nia.s took fire. Two
men were burned to death nnu two or three In
Jurcd badly, one beyond recovery. Another
man Is missing and Is supposed to he somewhere
in the wreck. The authorities sent to Lancaslt r
for lire engines.
Nebraska capitalists t (ilk of tin until .
ly new road to connect the grain fields oi Da
kota, Nebraska and Kansas with a t .nt on the
Mlsslss'ppl where the river never frecro u,..
The contemplated road will alto . im through
the coal fields of Southwestern Kansas. The
road, asset forth by tho projectors, will ben
direct line to New Orleans, as It will connect
with n barge line to that cltv.
Tho woodwork in tho shaft of Stainc,
Dresser it Co's. coal mine east of Springfield
111., accidentally caught lire Dec. SOth, nnd was
consumed, with tho engine, house. Loss by fire,
$10,000, and the loss from the stoppage of work
will be very heavy. About 123 men at work In
the shaft escaped unharmed and will be tcmpor
arlly out of employment.
Dr. J. C. Aloxander, of Clinton,
Cooper county, Mo., committed suicide Dec.
C9th, by taking strychnine. The deceased was
engaged to be married, but for some cause the
wedding was postponed several times. Alex
ander became despondent and took to drinking
hard. IIo was about S7 years of nge.
Fred Caps, former1) of St. Charles.
Mo., committed suicide near Kaufman, Texas,
by cutting his throat with a razor. Caps gave
In writing as his reason for the deed that his
sweetheart to whom ha was engaged, had bro
ken oil tho engagement because he had met
with financial reverses.
Four cars wcro precipitated down nn
embankment on tho lioston & Maine line near
Colo's Corner, Maine, on the night of January
2d. The car immediately caught flro and were
destroyed. There were about one hundred pas
sengers In them. But one man was killed and I
about twenty wounded.
Tho body of a young- lady found
floating In the river, near Detroit, Dec. 3Ut,
proves to he the daughter of Charles neale, of
that city. She wa 25 years of age and much
respected. It Is supposed that she committed
suicide whllo suffering from a fit of temporary
Dr. Itoynton, who attended tho Into
President, has sent In no bill for his services,
nor docs ho Intend to do so. After Mrs. Gar
field's Illness the President sent him a check
for $1,000, with the explanation that he gave
his fcrvlccj as a friend.
Tho i ow brick school houso just com
pleted In Gillespie, 111., was completely de
stroyed by lire, Dec. 31st. Loss, $10,000. No
Insurance. On tho same day Blair's livery,
with twelve horses, burned in Detroit.
Dr. llauoli, secratary of tho State
Board of Health, Is Informed that thcro Is
small pox In thirty-seven places in Illinois,
though In about two-third of them it Is under
Tho Wabash freight train rt a cross
log In Indianapolis, January 1st, ran Into a
street car. A Sister of Charity In the street car
was killed, and another passenger had a foot
Tho largo boarding houso of Garret
Abcrs, near Rlchburg, Pa., burned on the morn'
Ingot Jan. 1st, and thrco children wcro burned
to death. Mrs. Abcrs will probably also die.
A company with a capital of twolvo
million florins Is to put a lino of steamships on
the line from Trieste to New York. Tho Aus
trian government will be asked for a subjidy,
James Gordon Ilcnnctt, of tho Now
York HfrnM, started for St. Petersburg, to con
ler with tho Russian government as to the fea
sibility of start ng a new Polar expedition.
Samuol G. Mnllcttc, treasurer of
Omaha, died suddenly, Dec. 31st, from an at'
tack of epilepsy. Ho was a very popular nud
efficient olllccr. IIo was 80 years of age.
Ono coastingbteamor and two steam
crs engaged In tho Medltcrancan trade ore
finally given up as having foundered during
ho November gales. Los of life, 110.
Threo men employed on tho Paradiso
tunnel, near Sllverton, Colorado, a few days
ago, were burled ono hundred feet deep lu a
ino Eteamor uosa li.. Willi hoo oalos
of cotton, burned near Vlcksburg, Dec. 30th.
donn ljoornany was kllloct ana sov-
cral other laborer Injured by a railway accident
near Jerseyville, 111., on the night of Dec. 20th.
An association, oi banners anil mer
chants has been formed In London favorablo to
thoremonctlzatlon of silver lu that country.
Farmers in thu country nonr St, Louis
aro plowing their land. Even In southern Illi
nois some fields aro ready for tho plough,
Tho cracker bakery of Hatliold &
Duckcr, Brooklyn, N. Y,, burned January 2d.
Loss, ST&.OOO; Insurance, ? 15,000.
Tho business of New York for tho
year, ns exhibited by the returns of the clearing
house, reaches 10,100,000,000.
Thu balance of tvado in favor of this
country for tho present eulendar year will
nbout ?l00,ooo,ow.
A dymanito explosion
occurred at
Beiyr Falls Dec, 8lit. Ten meuwerewoutided
two fatally.
A liro at Piima, Ohio, Deo. 30th, do-
stroyed Yountjfellow'j eroicry. Lo3s, 20,000,
Whatever is obtained by deceit cheats
no man ns much ns tho getter.
4'clirr its l tmluiilH.
Tlioiuu-. rvlllo, a peaceably tils-
posed switchman In Chicago, nk set upon on
thcnlght of Janaury second, by Jimmy O'Rrlcu
who worked In the same vicinity, and some
friends of the latter, who desired to nvenge an
allront offered to O'Brleii' brother the day IksJ
fore. Somervllle made n vlirorous resistance,
but was put In such peril from flying brick
bats, that he drew his revolver and snot
OTirlcn dead, and Inflicted ft serious wound on
Victor Desmond. All parties wcro young men.
A. hornbio murder has been committed
at llcntonvllle, Ark., that of Esau Bolln by his
wlfc;shu used n pistol, and she claims that i.er
husband was a horso thief and had billed tWf
men, hail tnrcatcned tier life several times and
drawn a knife on her. She has four little clitl
drc.i and took the joungtst with her to tall.
After being there two day she Iwrrowid
knife on some pretense nnd cut her throat fiom
cnr lo lllr mo jugwar.
A dispatcn from Tt nidnd, Dec. 80th,
a)biiimour cowboy attempted to run that
t iw n, when Marshal Kroger Interfered, nnd the
e vwbny opened tire Kroger returned It, fatally
founding a cowboy named Brown ami killing
k's horse. Onern ger was arrested J the other
escaped. The fight resulted from an old feud
nnd a big drunk'
Tho governor of Illinois lins offered
$200 lewnrd for the arrest nnd conviction of
tin murderer of Emmet Thomas, who was
loutidJIdcad near St. Franclsvlllc, Lawrence
county, on the 2-lth of December, with four
bullet wounds In hl head and neck.
A. saloon l;opt bv a German nt Pales
tine, near Shelbyvlllc, Indiana, was Mown up
bydjnamltc by ..uma unknown. January 2d.
This Is the ond building destroyed for tho
nor t, that rlacc In the same way with
in three montts.
I..iiii!i ttark, a f onvict at Sing Sing
prison, N. Y was assassinated on .,., n.i.u.
lug of Dec. 3tst, by Angeuo v-ardetta, a fellow
rlsoncr. They had no quarrel, and not a
word was spoKcn, Cause of the murder Is un
known. At Rincoli, ,Kow Mv.xtco, a hotel
keeper, aged seventy-five, wife and four others
a part of an organized gang of thieves, have
been captured. They havehcen robbing freight
cars on the A., T. &S. F. for several months.
Judgo P. C. Doolcy and Hon. Casper
Altcnbcrg, prominent members of the Arkansas
legislature, were arrested by n special treasury
agent Dec. 31st, on thechargeof fraudulent col
lection and retention of pensions.
At Sulphur, Tomis, Dec. 30th, a con
vict nnnied E. P. Nacer, sentenced for five years,
was shot dead by guards while attempting tu
escapo on n construction trolu.
Joo Smith, alias John Bums, a noted
burglar and desperado, was shot nnd killed by a
police ofllcerlu' Kansas City, Dee. 01st, while
prowling around residences.
At Tcxarkamtt, Texas, GeorL'o Horry
Doc. 30lh, shotnnd probably killed JohnSm! h.
Berry Is a bad character and will probably lw
Louis llcnci a saloon keeper in New
York, was shot and killed In his house by bur
glars on the morning of Dee. SOtli.
Geo. S. Kccd, a widower in San Fran
cisco, on the morning of Dec. 31st, shot aud
killed his mother-in-law.
Wm. II Krb. a German, who mnr.
Ji;rei1 his wife at St. Louis, was hanged In that
cliy ucc. aotii.
IVom'x I-'roiu Aliroail.
A corrcsondont, roviowing Irish
nveuts, say3: Tho year closed in confusion,
contention, and war of races and classes: com
mercial credit Is broken, and the spirit of the
country Is sunk In deep depression. Theyear's
trade snows a ilccrcase of thirty per cent in Im
ports. Tho Irish cattle trade, however, has
improvcu, and tho farmers In this branch feel
encouraged. Tho ecaro produced by the Luce
Importation of American cattle lias abated. Tho
president, secretary and treasurer of tho Ladles'
Land League at Roscommon have been arrested.
Three of the ladles arrested at Drumcollaghcr
nave been released on ball.
Two Mormon missionaries who havo
been attempting to conduct services lu a sub
urb of London, Sunday, Jan. 1st, were routjhly
iicnuieil ny n mob, aud obliged to seek refu:
at police headquarter.
A llerlin dispatch gios a rumor of
dismissed servants from tho Portuguese royal
household on a suspicion of connection with u
plot to polsou the King.
w I
Aecuralo TIiiic-Kcenliig.
Popular Science Monthly,
many oi mo uiscoroncs oi scionco
which at tho timo aro regarded mcroly
as refinements vory Interesting, but
without practical value soonor or lator
find tlioir spocial list s in supplyiug wants
beforo unfclt. It is but onoTof tho ovi
dencos of tho advanco of civilization
that exact methods of dividing and
measuring timonro now in demand, not
only by scientists and nrofessionnl
as formerly, but by persons in tho most
ordinary pursuits of lifo. To railroad
men and watch-makors an a matter of
necessity, to manufacturers and busi
ness men as ti matter of economy, nnd
to iiKiivitlunls as a matter of conveni
once, it lias como to bo highly impor
tant to know what is tho oxnet time of
day to tho second, in circumstances
whero half a century ago it would havo
quito sufficed to know tho mlnuto or
0VCn tho hour. This may bo duo to tho
i.,...,i i , .i
iui.iu.Huu niuiuu; iiiiiu wuuii iiiuusuruu
w n, ,,i. .,. .. .i ,
tlulo-of 0oriltinnR ,,.,,, ,nlWn
- ---w J,w
nulty Is capablo of crowdincr into
civon inlorval; thoro can bo no doubt
that n second to-day records a creator
stl,(lo j . ...
- many hours in tho days of our ancos-
tors. Of bo "rent Importance, for many
evident reasons, ha. tlto knowledgo of
tno exact tlmo bocomo, that much
thought of somo of tho best heads hai
bsendovoted to methods of ascertainin
it and making it avallablo by distribu
tion for publlo uso.
batidal wood U tho wood of a Woo
which grows in Ceylon and on tho coast
of Coromandol. When tho treo becomes
' thn linrder control wood acquires
bo yellow color and groat fragrunco, whllo
the interior wood romaiiis whlto and
possesses no frngranou. It is yellow
wood only that is used In limnufaotur
ing boxes, oto.
M'liu ACeiiHOU Wliv,
The tonle effect of Kldnuv-Wort Is produced
by its cleansing nnd purifying action on tho
blood. Whero there Is a gravelly deposit In tho
urine, or niiiKy, lopy urinu irom uisoruureu
Kiuneys, it always cures, isaaer,
Washington. Dec. 2!. Dr. Collrndcr colled
Before nnv nucstlon was put, JudcoCoxic-
niarncd mat as me statement was mane verier
day "that the Court sutnunded the prisoner
with the usual guanlsnnd protection," he would
state tnaiine prisoner was in cusiouv oitne
Matsbal and not of tho Court, nnd whatever ex
tra gttirds have been furnished havo been sup
piled by him,
(lulteau Well then, your honor, If the Mar
shal wen't do his dutv I appeal to the Court.
It tho Ma ilinl won't furnslh a pmpcr guard,
kick li 1 in out nnd let's have a m w Marshal.
Scovlllc desired tocxhlblt to the witness ns an
expert nlcttcrwrltten liyGuitcau,somcteii day
since to senator uon uimcron.
(lultcau Interuptcd from his place In tho
deck, and shouted out In harsh and strained
tones: "Hold on I want to say something
about thai letter. I protest against Its being
read here. It' a private letter I wrote to
Senator Cameron ten day aco asking fornloan
of $500. It was entirely a private matter. I
Intrusted It to my brother to give to Senator
Cameron, nud ho withheld It In a miserable,
mean way and gave It to this man Scovlllc My
brother had licttcr g back to Boston Mid try
nnd make some money nnd pay his debt s. He
has been a perfect nntariiu u:i t... imo ever
since he has be, n lu re. lie and Scovlllc have
dra gcd themselves Into this rase tomako noto
riety nt my expense. I repudiate both of them.
Scovlllc, you had better go back to Chicago.
You are a perfect J.ic, ass on this case, nnd 1
won't have you In It any longer.
Davldcc objected to the letter, but the court
overruled the objection, nnd Scovlllc th"n read :
lion. IKii Ctimtron 1)i;aii Silt: 1 mn on trial
for my life, and I need money. I am n Stal
wart of the Stalwarts, and so arc you. You
think n great deal of Gen. Arthur and so do I.
My Inspiration made him President nnd I am
solng tokyottto let mo havel'iv hundred
dollars. It I get otit of this I will return it; If
not, chorge It to the Stalwarts. Yours, for our
caue and very cordially, f Ciuiti.rs Oi'Itcav.
In court, Washington, D. C. Dec. W. IbSU
P. S. Please give your check to mv brother,
J. W. GtllU-au, of Boston, and make It payable
my tinier. v;. .
The prisoner commented: "I don't care n
snap about It one way or the other. If you
hid presented the letter you would probably
ave gotten money, out as you couccaicu It in
mean, sneaking way, vim did not cctlhi1
money. It Is n Very good letter anyway, hut I
don't Ilk this way of stoprlni; and stealing
my private letters nnd dragging them into
Dr. Walter Ke npster, superintendent of the
Wisconsin Slate hospital for the Insane, had
devoted his nttent'on to the study of Insjtnlty
ior iiicpnsiuiiccn years. nness was laminar
with the process of taking the conformity of
the head, nnd did not bellcvcmurh Importance,
as n rule, could lie attached to the shaiie of the
head In determlnlmr the nucstlon of sanltv or
Insanity. The witness exhibited n number of
slips showing the shape as taken by tho cm
fortuity of the heads of a number uf gentlemen,
Includlntt Treasurer Gllflllan, Col. Incersoll,
Judge Carter, W.I.SIUey nnd Col. Corkhlll. In
tho case of Col. Ingereoll the witness remarked
(pointing with his iltieer), "This side appears
flat as compared with the other."
Gulteau That shows he anil I are i-r.irki',1 In
the same direction.
f5"Col. Corkhlll's head," said tho witness, has
vcrv marked ilenrcss Ion utxm one slit-."
Gulteau flnteruntlnzi I'll bctvnii rnnlil nut
jour iooi in me uepression in nn nciul.
nness coniinuttur ino oppression is very
similar to that noticed lu the prisoner' head.
Gulteau Oh. ho Is Tracked n nreat ileal nnri
than I nm.
Scovlllc then asked witness: "vVIll vnu clve
your opinion whether such a letter as that, writ
ten 10 a man no nut not Know, ilocs not indicate
unsoundness of tnlnJI"
Answer I don't think it Indie ttes unsound-
ss of iiilud It seems to me consistent with
his" character and habit through life of solicit
ing money from sources wi.cru he had no rea
son to expect It."
m l ncss related incidents wiintn ids knn-n-i.
Igo of the persons who had committed crimes
hlle nctllie: under the Influence of Insane do.
luslons, and defined what he eoiisldcicd Insane
delusions to be. Witness was then asked If In,
had ever seen ncase whero tho person had com-
mined crime and claimed divine inspiration,
mid If so, how such iiersons di ported them
selves ueiore una alter tlie uctl
Ilercrircdthat n such cases de us on for in.
Plratloti. ns they claim It to be! comes to a
person suddenly ntijl with an lutenso prtssure,
nniiiiiui such persons s,ci wuicuiyand upon sud
den Impulse, uelayltigycltlier to consult oppor.
tunny nur wi-aiNjiin. liuc it wouui uo hudoaSI-
ble to com clve without actua ly wltnesslm? it.
the energy nnd Impetuosity and determination
itll which persons iictlnir under an insane dn-
luslon carry out their purpose. That It would
iGinualh Impossible to i1i-rrUn, It. pvpn In
Uulicju lou don't atrreo with Abraham.
Doctor. IIo took plenty of time to make his
uiriinni men readme Hypothetical questions
of prosecution, and witness replied to each:
"Taking the facts set forth to bo true, In my
opinion lie was sane."
nr. Kcmpter detailed tnc conversation no Had
1th the Prisoner at the tall. The witness
nked theprlsonrrlf hethomdit himself Insane.
The reply was, "Not what you experts call in
sane, but legally Insane." When asked what
10 meant tho prisoner said If ho could tret the
jury to believe that ho wn' acting under In
tpliMtlon from tho Lord when he shot the Pres
ident, they would acquit hhn.
uorunill Doctor, there was a young man
here, n horse doctor, who
Defeii'-e hotlv oblected to the term "horse
Gulteau lntcrunlcd. calllnc the attention of
the audiinco to tho fact that his letter "now
came adressed to Hon. Chas. Gulteau, quite n
chance from la6t summer."
i lie witness was cross-examined by need who
cad extracts from n nuinnhlrt bv the witness ns
ouiieriuii-inient oi mo Wisconsin asyiutn.
Durlnir tho readliu?. anotherimirrel arose and
Porter Insinuated that Reed was fuciy reading
ior tue purpose oi ucccivms me jury, need
demanded that the reporter's notes be read in
his vindication. Porter added that tho counsel
could dsfetid himself if he desired to place him
self on trial In tho nlacc of the prisoner. Heed
kept his temper and Insisted upon tho reporter
reading uis notes, wuicu uemg none, snowed
perfect ncreemint.
uuneau snouted "l want it understood mat
Judco Porter Is making all this fuss slmnlv to
divert tho minds of tho Jury from the point
which ho sees Kecd has made'agalnst him.'1
Bcovllle crntinued the cross-examination,
Gulteau Int rruptlng wlih ' Ho came here as an
cxpen ior mo deiente; mat's what he said in
my cell, but good living at lllard's and Cork-
hill's money have been too much for him."
Ainouri mi.
Wasiiinhton-. Dec. 80 AtlO o'clock Gulteau
was led Into court by the bailiffs. As ho passed
tho table at which his counsel sat he paused a
moment and whispered to Scovlllc, "If you will
only keep unlet to-day 1 will laugh this case
As soon as ho reached tho dock he shouted
out, "come leading papers in America con
sider mo the irreatot fellow they have met foi
some time. At 8 o'clock Inst night I received
u telegram which I will read for tho edification
oi mis audience and tho American people:"
Clmrtis J. (litiOa'i. WitrfiliintuH. ). n.t All
Boston sympathizes with you. You ought to
UU 1 lU&lllL'lll.
(Signed) A Host or Admiiuhis.
Pausing a moment, he brauched off Into a
rambling harangue, quoting Scripture ami
(0 nnarlilir lilmsc r to "thu meek nnd lnwlv
Jesus," who used plain laniruaire. though somu
tunes severe, "i nave ncen uccU6Cd oi usiuc
too harsh laturuage, hut I take my pattern from
the Savior of mankind. I shall submit my
name to the next National Republican Conven
tion. I shall i xpect to bo before It. There
are only two men tu tha country who want
mo humr. Ono Is Judgo Porter, who expect
to get f 5,000 from the government If I am con
victed, and the other Is Corkhlll, who expect
to get bounced, nnd who know I am the cause
oi it.1
Counsel for the prosecution having outered,
itl-ilipiHlT lUUlt IUU tlHIlU, UUU BCUVU1U TO-
sullied his cross -examination.
WltiiCK did not believe In temporary Insanity
In the sense that persons could oo Insane and
wholly recover from tt lu an hour.
Witneis was asked It he believed Sickles was
s.uie or iiikaiie when he shot hcyes.
Ilu replied: "I think he was sane, sir."
GitltJiiu Tho Jury did not ngreo with you,
n. nev iiHiuuui iio was insane.
When tho wltr.en left tho btand. Corkhlll
nunoum-e 1 that he had but ono moro witness to
Introduce on tho part of tlio gnvcrnuicnt. He
would like to hear from Scovlllo as to how
much time he might want to consume upon his
surrcuuttal, that some Idea might bo had as to
mm iiiucii longer tue long drawn out trial
would continue.
Bcovllle replied: "Wo have somo witnessus
whoso nanus have been presented sluco we
ciuMHi uur ease, and i snail uskiiio court to per
mit us to have them sworn, and nnr reason will
bo upon the ground of newly discovered ovldenc
material io tho caso. I snail only nsk Your
jiuiiur, iiowcvcr. to auowino to osk a lew ques
tions of these witnesses relative to Independent
facts not heretofore ki own to me."
Corkhlll "We would like to know what you
expect to prove."
pcoviiio "iyo navo evidence tooucr reiniive
to thu stato of the prisoner's mind Just bUore
the shooting." , 1
Davldcc "Could voti give us an Idea how
iniieh time you will' want ut,on the surrebut
tall" Scovlllc "Several days, probably all of next
Davldge" What's the object, yo honor, to
riMipen this case.1'
Scovlllo Insisted thatlio did not desire to de
lay tho trial or consume the tlmo of the court,
but that the prosecution had consumed weeks
with these ex(K rt witnesses, meeting with them
nightly nnd conferring with them In the prep
aration of this case, and that ho did not pro
mise to be cut short in the matter of tlmo He
would renew, however, his proposition that the
lurv be allowed to separate and co to their
I homes, relying upon their honor and Integrity.
uuneau aiu, "i ngrce 10 mat, too, your noti
on They aro hlgli-toned, honorable men, and
I ain't afraid to trust them nnvwhere. Tho
American people don't want mo hung anyhow,
ana tnc ticst thing mi prosecution can uouto
dismiss tho Indictment nud let us all go home."
t Judgo Porter, turning towards tho dock,
called attention to the outburst of tho pris
oner nnd Intimated that If they were to contin
ue ho must request that the dock bo moved to
the farther corner of the rcH,m, whero at least
the prisoner could not disturb tho jury. "1
don't ask for Immedlato action, your Honor."
Gulteau. Bticcrlinilv "Ob. vou don't. Mr.
JudMJ Porter 1"
scoviiic "i wish diidgo I'oncr would mane
Ids motions when ho desires argument or no
tion upon them, ami not be continually mailing
ii's nine speeencs totiie jury."
titidce i oner i nave unuouuicaiy iiioricut
Corkhlll proceeded to rcpl to what he terms
counsels' aspirations uiioii "n.- 'tigulshcd med
ical gentlemen, w ho did honor o their State."
IIo would repel tho assertion that they met
nightly to weave meshes nbout this criminal
Tne prisoner himself had woven meshes that
were fast enclosing him, and only two men nnd
the spawn of the medical profession, who could
not even acknowledge that they believe in n
God, had been found who would under oath tic-
hire their liellef tu hi- Insanity.
S.-ov lie replied to Corkhill and surprised
every one by making one of tho best and most
impressive speeches that has been heard In the
courtroom stnte the opening of the trial. In
earnest language ho indicated the conduct of
the defence nud severely rebuked tho course of
the District Attorney In his "unseemly effort
to muzzle and drivo tho ilclcncc Irom the
Some man festallons of applause followed
the conclusion of his speech, but It was quickly
checked by the court.
wr. .lonti r. uray, medical superintendent oi
the New York State Lunatic Asylum, had made
the study of Insanity hfs business since 18.10.
and in that time ha'd treated or investigated
12,000 cases of Insanity. Ho had never seen an
Instance where tho only Indication of Insanity
was an exhibition of Immorality or wickedness.
lie did not believe In what had been cnl.cd
"moral Insanity." It was Impossible to dis
sever mental unity so as to locato an impair
ment oi me moral nature mat was not accom
plished by Intellectual deterioration or Insanity,
it puts nottilnc new Into n man's nature. It
only perverts what Is already there. The wit
ness at some length classified the various
group of Insane that had come under his at
tention, nnd described the virlous causes and
peculiarities of each, He did not believe any
type of Insanity existed outside of asylums that
nan not us prototype in nsviutns.
Dr. Gray gave details of 'ins examination and
talk with the prisoner. He had asked Gulteau
whether ho would have shot the President ilttr
ins the time he was reflecting on removing him
If the President lnul.offi-reil him tho Paris Con
sulship. Gulteau afiswcicd: "Well, that would
nave seined tue matter, l snould have taken
the position."
Gulteau called out from the dock: "I said If
he had offered It to me at nnv time beforo the
let of June; If he had offered It nftcrwnrd It
wouldn't have made any il ITerenee,
nness asKcd imitcau now lie came to snoot
tho President. Gulteau answered : "I came to
me conclusion that the political situation justl
llcd It: 1 L'radnallv bframa convinced nt this.
and reso ved on his removal. "
(iiilteau shouted " 1 hat knocks vour Paris
Consulate nnd shows that there was no malice
lu It: that It was not an clement ut murder hut
n Political necessity
it itntss said mat nc men asKCd mm now no
ic.vhcd the cuncluiou to remove the Presi
dent, and Gulteau replied: "if you will read
uiu paper oi ..lay ami uuue, you win nnu ex
iiolh what the political situation was. aud will
iuvu appieciaio wuat i mean uy a political
necessity. Witness asked him If tho aliened
inspiration rnmc a a vision, voice, or direct
command, lie said: "-o; it came into mv
head n conception, and I reflected on It until
I resolved It was Instilled bv the sit utlon."
Witness asked prisoner how this accorded with
lili theory of Inspiration, nnd ho repllid: "Tho
inspiration was in the fonnof a pressure eon
St.llltlv on me In entntiilt. thn net."
Gulteau That's all there Is In the case, short
an. to tho point. You can talk about It six
yean iryou want to.
Dr. Gr.iy continued tho story of his Interview
with Gulteau, the latter occasionally comment
ing, but not to the extent of an annoying In
terruption, Adjourned.
Wasiiinhtos IW.31 At the onenlntr of tho
court Gulteau called out: "Ono of my guards
iicrc, uuiinmgiiatii, nas got an cicveti-poutid
n.iuyiorii icv i car's present.
Dr. Gray resumed tho story of his conversa
tion with the prisoner In Jail.
uuite.tu interrupted "that don't corre
sponil with your evidence yesterday, Doctor.
ou w cut Into Inspiration then."
scoTiuo objected to tno Hatement or witness,
raying: "he said nothlnt: or Inspiration or di
vine presence," and urged mat mo witness
must ylve the conversation or substance of It,
as it occurred; that it would be tho province ol
tt.e Jury to say what should lie Inferred from it,
"I nsked hhn iiucstlons. and mv statement
llUl'S? tlUilllllCll JUS BIUICI IL'llL IV ILUlllIIli:
ts uas u upon ins replies." witness cotiun
tilng, said: "Tho prisoner used tho expression,
when I made tin mv mind,' "
G iilteau shouted : ".Making un mv mind was
the result of n grinding pressure; that's where
the Inspiration tomes lu. Please gel that
stralgliS while you are ubotit It."
ocoviuo again onjecieu mat witness was los
ing sight of the question and going Into argu
ment. (lu tcau He has forgotten what ho testified
yesterday. Corkhill must have gotten hold of
him nud instructed hlni what to say to-day
That' whit's the matter with him.
Scovlllo disclaimed any dcslro to Interrupt
tbe witness, but the prosecution held him to
the strict requirement that ho should mako his
objections epeclllcally, nnd he must therefore
stop witness at every point wuere no was satis
fled an objection would lie.
Gulteau continually interjected comments.
and with Scovlllo' frequent objections, tho wit
ness soon oceanic sensibly uisiutueu, and uicn
nsked to go on, 6nid i
"lucre nave ocen so many interruptions
lon.t know wheru 1 am."
Gulteau Quickly retorted: "I shouldn't think
vnu did. nnr nnv one else. I have been trying
all morning to iltid out where you are. The fact
is you aro bndiy mixed mis morning, wo will
send a Btuall boy to tiud you."
Tho witness was almut to state somo reasons
which Induced him (witness) to form the opin
ion that tho prisoner was sane at tho time hu
viMtcil nun at the jail, w licit uuneau again in
terrupted, and called out: "Dr. Gray ! devot
ing himself to nu argument to the jury this
morning which ho has no right to do, ho Bbould
conllno himself to facts. Porter will tako caro
of tho arguments. Judgo Port r I mean."
Hcovll o again otiieciedt witness was volun
teering nn argument instead of ndhcrlug to the
statement o iac.
The witness, w th some feeling, replied:
am under oath, Mr. Scovlllc, and I do not carfJ
to volunteer anything wuicu is not siricuy huiij
appropriately evidence Pi tho caso." N
iat tho conduct and conversation of Gulteau
were tho chief means of determining ou sanity
or Insanity. Witness said It was only nn lncf-
dent, not an essential clemcut. Admitted as evidence ior surreuuuai.
riiiiii.nn inioniniwi Hint iim i-mnri. nn ili,li J. J. Brooks, chief of the treasury secret ser-
ease, wnntpd In bill thn man nnd examlno hisfj
tpn1,i mwl In ilntnrrtilnn mi ill ln.nl- V nfterJT
Witness had seen some lorty cases oi icigneoTj
Insanity. Prisoner was feigning Itisanltv. Wit
ness aid not nnu a singio circumstance ns nar
rated by prisoner to indicate Insanity. Ho
thought hlni sane.
Cork i read a hypothetical question similar
to that by Scovlllo.
Witness nualvzed tho question, elauso by
clause, and refuted to answer It, becauw It did
not descriuo an insano person.
'I no prisoner, ns the reading proeccuod, inter
rupted with, "All both; that's false." "How
do jou knowl" "That's Smith's lie," etc.
Witness then stated at length mat uuitcau's
Iniw In tint rniirt led Id m to believe, bo was
9auu. When asked if ho thought Giiitcau had
been feigning, ho replied! "Yes. I do; he
claims an inspliatlon from the Deity; I don't
bellevo ho believes any imch thing, and In such
sensohu Is feigning."
Gulteau "No such thing; I never feign,
You are paid for your opinion,"
Wltuess stated that ho hail never as nn expert
pronounced n auo man Insane or adjudged au
Insano one sane. Ho admitted, however, hav
ing changed hi vlows since 4 began to study
tho subject.
uuneau "j ou may reacu Aurauuiu m muu
ty vaars, Doctor; you are growing man,
Witness said ho ubaudoncd tho moral Insanity
theory far hack.
Qultcnu Tlw amount of tt Is, these experts
will swenr to anything for money. TJio subjee
of lnanlty I progresslrc. Witness salo" he wa
unwilling t come, mil tno president, oi tucr
Board thought he should, and a tclcpra T
tnoiicdhtm. How about Corkh!1''! eyl I
gucs s that was the Influence th.t brou-'htyou
here. This fellow, Cori-hill, ha got a buncliolo
In thctrcnsuiy that will runout ono hundred
thousand dollar before he get through with
this case. It's about time President Arthur was
attending bis case. I wouldn't let him stay hero
n week 1 f I was President. However I'll attend
,o''orklillllnlSSl. Recess.
Tho afternoon passed wmrllr. The rrnnn.
cutlng counsel la engaged In preparing hi forth
coming arguments. The hour of atfioummcnt
arriving, (lultcau called out: "To-morrow
will lie New Year'. I shall receive to-morrow
In Jail aril shall bo happy to see all who can get
In. I wish every one a happy New Year.
Come, Scovlllc, let's go hoaic."
Adjourned iiniii Tuesday.
WASlllXOTO.V. Jon. 11. fn Hip Hrlmlnnl fViMtt
this morning, Gulteau made hi opening speech
a follows!
"I hat a very hanpv New Year's resli-ntAr.
nnd hope cvcrlnnly else did. I had lot of visi
tor, and high-toned, middle-toned, Rttd low
toned. That takes them all lu, I believe. They
cxprcs'cd their opinions freely, and none of
them wtu-tine hung. T- cy all, without ndls
ecnt. expressed the opinion that I shall bo ac
quitted." nr. uray tooK the stand, and Scovlllo resum
ed his cross-examination. Witness had not said
In giving his opinion on direct examination that
the prisoner Was sane, taklnirlntn nremintthn
evidence of the prisoner himself, hut, taking
nun. i-iciiicin nnu consiucration, ms opinion
would still le the same; that the prisoner I
sane, and was sane on the 2d of July.
ncss was nsked If lie in fnmttlnr trill.
borate of Lieut. Smilxini. nlm n-n killed lir
Dr. iVriiiht rt Norfolk. Vn.. nnd replied! "Ven
sir; I wn sent by tho President to make an
examination, nnd gave my opinion on thocase."
- nun iiiucii iiiti you gee ior lit" snouted
Gulteau. Y ur Idea, doctor, that a man can't
be Insane unless his brain is diseased Is rather
frlvolom. You don't agrco with tho Savior.
Yoll ought to Study lit) eplrlfnlnrr. then vnu
would catch somo new Ideas."
Witness did not be eve In what lc termed bv
somo writers ciiotlonal Insanity, or moral lu
san ty. Kleptomania ho considered simply
thieving, dipsomania drunkenness, nnd turn.
iiunla Incendiarism. Their designation wcro
simply convenient term which liad been In
vented to cover certain crimes. Insanity, said
witness, is never transmitted any more than
The examination progressed with ledlntin de.
tall In tho effort to extract something favorable
to the defense. Counsel renewed tho attack
upon witness again and again r,nd wcro each
time met with evasive or qualified replies.
j i u.iu) oi-uvmu w iui some impatience in
paired Can VOU tell me Doctor, hnw nnnv mri-ei. ri
plies you havo given mo this mornhigl
witness l no not knov: that I have g yen
you any. I propose to answer precisely (u mv
own way, Mr. Scovlllc. I am under oath, anil
I propose to give you all the information bear
ing upon this case In my posesslon, hut I do
not caru to drag my personality Into It any
more than possible.
Tho prisoner meanwhile had observed mark
ed decorum, nt lutcrvnls gazing out of the
wtnuow, out most or the time ho. nppi-ared to
bO hltallV l-nrflll-ed ttl u-rltlnn- Ida n,,,,wre.il, ....
cards which were handed up to him from the
.uiuii-iii-i- un uiicimaui.
Scovlllo desired to nut In evidence certain
tabulated fctatemcnt from annual reports of
the witness. From these it appeared that of
flfly-four case of homicides bv Insane nennln
seven were hy persons acting under Insane de
lusions of dlvluo authority for these nets. At
the request ol tho 1) strict Atlnrnee witnen
described carefully these enses. and raided:
'hitch case was one of marked Insanity, hide.
pendent of the homicidal act."
nr. Urav resumed alter recess, nnd the prni.
edition then announced tho caso closed for tho
PCOVille said ho was taken livtnmr tn nt.tliU
sudden actljn. s
Dr. Bowker. of Kansas f'ltv. tenltfled Hint
Mrs. Dunmlro told hlni In Lendvllla that she
hesitated about getting a divorce because sho
was not sure but that he was Insane.
ciarK .Mills, sculptor, was called for the pur
pose or Idem I tying plaster cnt of Gultcau's
head. Davldge objected as It would reopen the
insanity question. The Court to ruled nnd
witness was withdrawn.
Judge Oox silenced Gnltcattwho wasattcmpt
Imr t j read n letter to himself.
liUltcail "When f sneak. I snenk to no rm.
001) people not this little crowd In this court
-Marshal nenry "Keep quiet, sirt'
Gulteau "I've got through, sir."
The prisoner soon started on another bnr.
angtiu nnd u bailiff placed his hand on his
Gulteau "Get nwav. or I'll slan vnu In the
mouth." With this outburst lie subsided.
John W. Gulteau was again placed unon the
stand, and questioned regarding Gultcau's letter
to Senator Cameron.
Davldge oMccted to nnv nttemi t In tntrmlnee
what bore n prima facie appearance of manu
factured testimony. The Court ruled against
Scovlllo revived tho nucstlon nt lntrnductnir
new witnesses and It Was agreed that defense
submit the motion In writing to morrow, giving
names of witnesses and facts to bo testified;
giving reason why such witnesses were not In-
irouuccii oetore.
WAi-1II.ST.TOV. Jan. 4. Tills 111001111" snmn
delay was caused In the proceedings of tho
court. When Scovlllo was pupating nn affi
davit, Gulteau said:
"Ihls is n goudtlino to mako speeches, hut I
promised the marshal that 1 would keep quiet
to day. and I will try to do so."
Having subscribed to thu utlldavlt, Scovltlc
read It.
It sots forth that he. nfllant. Is sole counsel
for prisoner; that prisoner has been In such a
state of in 1 ml that he has been unable to render
any assistance, or suggest the names of nnv
witnesses; aud that iilllant has, since closing
luvcuM-, icurucu me names 01 certain witness
es who can testily to matciUl facts of defense.
Aftirclvlngthii names of the witnesses nnd
briefly stallngwlmt ho expected to prove, Sco-
vuie uioreu 10 ue nuowcu to iniroutico mis
new rev deuce.
diidgo uox inquired 11 counsel desired to be
near,) upon motion.
Col. Corkhlll said : "I hardly think anything
necii 00 Bum.
Scovlllo then amended his aflldavlt bv Insist
lrg that Dr. McFarlaud would testify- In the
opinion thut the prisoner Is now Insane
Tho subject was fully discussed by counsel
(lultcau Insisted unon being heard. The bat
1111 tried to ellenco film . but was met with an
angry "Let mo alono or I will slap you In tho
mouth." Gulteau thou called out, "Your
Honor, nil I want Is to show that I told theso
men on tho way to Jail that It was tho political
situation and tho pressure of Inspiration that
caused ine to remove tue rresuieut,
Jll lgo Cox Said that tho counsel for tho do
fente camo here a st ranger to the courts of tho
ilh-trlct and even to tho prisoner himself nnd
found himself environed with dldlculty from
no outset, ine most serious uuiicuiiy was
tat tho odium attaching to tho assassination
nulo the witnesses unwilling to even ullow
vclr names to bo known to the defence. Ap-
,1 ii a ni, 111 Tnonn f 1 ell T ea wrneii nm vir.
1 1sscd thu defence ho (Judge Cox) had fcltdls-
ised to offset with canal latitude and more
'inn ordinary laelhtlcs In proportion to their
jbase. Evidence of insanity could not bo offered
in remittal
i. i.t,. .n,..inr. u.... . r tnan..i..
. il) ino uiiliuuii. Illiui liieaiiiLV
"insnouiii oe iimiiea to evidence in cniei oi no-
fencn and rebutting evidence or prosecution.
uii-inuitiuiun "uu uiinimiumui uu
McFarlaud. Tho testimony, however, of those
T prove that the prisoner asserted upon the day
of the assassination, nnd upon the day arter the
mtfV.ve for his act, tho court held Bbould not be
vie '. WOS called by Scovlllo He visited tho
nriAOlierOU 1110 nilTIlL Ol 1110 HIlOOlIIllT. UUtlCail
was vtry angry at the wltuess for disturbing
unrest at nigiii. iyiuicbb rvimmu nnu un u
nAJrilerur. i iid the prisoner said ho was no mur
derer, hut a Christian gentleman, and that the
act was a political necessity for tho good of the
country, and that the witness being a stalwart
could appreciate why ho did It. That ho had
tliomiht and proved over tho matter for six
rVecks.and became convluccd that tho Prestdeut
knuit die by his hand.
father, which expressed uu opinion that tboi.
prisoner was Insane,
rs.vu- i n lmriinucL-d uiu inner wiill-ii uy inn
Gulteau sileerlnsly and Insultingly reproved
Soovhlo for Introducing this, tlneatencd tho
bailiff, and said ho could get llftycxncrts to tes
tify that ho win crazy as n loon, hut wouldn't
give a cent for buckifttful of expert testimony,
Dr. Beard called anO ruled out and exception
Scovlllo (.aid ho would like a little time for
preparation of this part of thocase,
Davldge said prosecution had already prepar
ed their statement of law points upon which
they would rely, and ho would bo pleased to
clve defense tho benefit of them. He then read
a follows!
First, the legal test of responsibility where
Insanity Is set up by tho defeuso for tho alleged
act Is whether tlV accused at tho tlmo of com
mitting tho act alleged knew the difference be
tween right and wiong In respect to such act,
that to, if ho knew what ho was doing aud that
what ho was doing was contrary to the law of
the k id, he Is rcsponstt lc
Gultcau--I didn't, because my free agency
wa destroyed.
Second. If the accused knew what ho was
doing, and that what ho was doing wai contrary
to the law of the land, It constitutes no defense,
even If It wcro true that when he committed
tho act ho really believed ho wa thereby pro
ducing n public, benefit, or carrying out an
Inspiration of illvlnn origin or approval, such
belief would not afford any excuse, nor would
such excuse bo nffotded by the fact that In the
commission of the act he was Impelled by n
depraved moral sense, whether Innato or ac
quired, or by an evil passion, or tndlffcrcnco to
moral obligation.
Oultcau All of which Is false.
Third. Insanity would, however, constitute
the defense, If by reason of a diseased tnlndthe
accused at tho time of committing tho act
charged, did not know what ho was doing, or
If be did know It, that what he was djlng,'was
contrary to law.
Gulteau I had no f holco In tho matter.
Fourth. The only evidence In the present
case tending to show nn Irresistible Impulse to
commit the sulcldo Is tho claim of tho acuscd
that his free agency was destroyed by Ids al
leged conviction that the death of tho Presi
dent wa required for the good of tho Ameri
can people, and was divinely Iniplrcil. But
such a conviction, even If it really existed,
could not afford any excuse when the party
knew what ho was doing, nnd that It was con
trary to law. No mcrb delusion or error of
Judgment, not even n fixed belief that what Is
prohibited by law is commended or approved
by divine authority.
Gulteau God' law Is higher than man,
anyhow: It can exempt the accused from the
responsibility of breaking the law to have such
nn effect that the commission of the act charged
must have been the result of Insano delusion
which wn the product of the disease, nnd of
such force as to deprive the accused of tho de
cree of reason hCCCSml V In dktllll-llLli tuitlreen
right nnd wrong In respect of tho act, so that
at the time of committing the act ho either did
nt know what he was doing, or, If he did, that
the net wa wrong or contrary to the law of the
At Scovlllo' Slltrircsllnii thn nuirt flier, o,t.
Journal until Saturday.
The Baggage-man.
Baggage Traffic.
Tho trnln bnggngo-man looks down
on tho world obliquely from tho door
of Ida cnr. Tho nllitutle, to bo nuro, is
not great, but In addressing nim man
kind aro compelled to speak with up
turned faces. This position, therefore
is that of suppliants, nnd what tlioy
havo to say seems to pnrtako of tho na
tmo of a supplication rathor than a de
mand. Tho fooling that this is o'
shared in common by tho bnggago-m-.n
and his interlocutor.
Tho isolation of tho bajr:n:ro-man
lias tho eflcct to mnko hi in nrbi-
rary. It nlso begets in him a rcllocUv
pirit; tho occttlinr associations of his
business gl o his reflections direction
nnd color. . hlni thn prosperity of tb.3
world at larg is evinced in its trunk;
Its wnnt of pn jpcrity in tht abseuco of
it. Hotwcon thoo extremes thoro aro
intermediate stages that ho arrange
and classifies noronlltig to thn peculiar
circums:ances of tho cas?. IIo meas
ures the condition of mankind by their
To him man is only an abstraction, n
moral reflection, whoso good nnd bad
qualities aro centered in his porsonal
cllects. A sloutlv-built nud woll-nro-
tcotcd trunk represents, in his philoso
phy, tno tichrao of moral stability, just
ns tho low nnd insccuro naturo is op
tonlzcd by baggao, that is of n poor
or worthless chnraclcr.
To understand tho train baggage
man proporly wo must know him in his
car. Away from this ho nrcsonts no
utiusiial or sallont features, but lioro ho
poasossofl indopondoneo and individual
ity, tho consciousness that comos with
tho oxorciso of poworand tho possession
of dolinlto knowledgo. Hero ho rolgns.
Tho occupants of tho car may bo said
to bo his subjects, nnd its implements
tho furniture of his court. Troatod
witli defcrenco by all. tho multltudo
secretly fear him. Genial nnd kindly,
io is nitieli maligned. Numbering his
ivlmlrors by tho score, liocount'3 his en
emies by millions.
T -T
Ihtough the Desert.
Keano's Journey to Modlnah.
A Hedouln riding pnst us, at full
speed, carrying a long spear, was in
sight for moro than an hour nud a half.
IIo took all kinds of fantastic shapes,
and, as ronnrds'tho distance, lie was off
at any moment; tho best rautre-flndor
over invented could not havo locallzod
him. At ouo timo ho was split up into
throe, with a spaco of something that
looked liko a sutfaco of shimmering
water ootween eaeii part tho logs of
tho camol duncing along over tho plain
without anybody nttaolied to thorn, and
high over them tho body of tho camol
and rider llylnp through tho air, aud
nbovo tcm again tho tuft of feathers
surmounting Ills spear, looking like a
bird in tho air. Wiiat added greatly to
tho dreariness of this horrid wnsto was
tho total absonco of aninnl lifo; nbt a
fish jump milled tho surfaeo of the
glassy lakes; not ovon tho proverbinl
and familiar polican of tho wildornoss
wiis to bo soon by tho kido of tliom; no
wheeling vulturos ovorhoud; ovon tho
swarms of Hies proporly bolonging to
tho caravan dosertod. Tho oarensos of
camols wlilch wo passed, had the flesh
diied on tho bones ns hard as wood. I
shall nover forgot ono corpso that of a
man nationality quito indistinguish
able. Tho body had first dlstondod to
about thrco tlmos Its original bulk and
thon driod in that form. 1 turnod it
ovor as it lay on tho sand, and it was bo
light I could have lifted it. with or.o
iinnd. It made a croaking lid drum
ming noiso as I mPvejUt, vlllko tho
sound of shaking rOHod tip hido of
solo leather. I arrived at two conclu
sions with roforonco to that region.
First, that tho refraction of light by tho.
air was so romnrkabio that artillery
would bo rendered nractically inoilbct-
J0' uoiiuiy, mat. x wouiil novor
again go a Sabbath day's jouruoy into
It until I could do it on a bioyolo,
and havo 'relays of caravnnj sont on
loaded witli lo'non squashes,
f'illlHU itlltl H.tlt-Ul.
lie main causa of nervousness ts Indigestion,
and tlmj Is caused by weakness of Uiu stoaiacii.
No ono can have sound nerves and good health
without using Hop Bitters to strengthen tho
stomach, purify the blood, and keep tlio liver
and kidney actlvo, to carry off nil, the poison
ocus and waste matter of the system'. Scoot ho
olumn. Adimirr.
Half tho ills wo lw.ua in uiu- no arts
roa Ills boonuso wo hoard thorn.

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