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Alice I'.. Wes, la Detroit Free prcM.
4l0h, w tciIIiI the beautiful star go,
The lutlful star In tho East! P3fI3
Did It m t forever that Chrlttnus mom
Whtn I's wotf'crfut mission ecascdt
"Or wns It a plmctllko tho rest
With earth, nnd water nnd sky,
"Wlilch tho ttcar Christ In his downward night
Smiled on, in ho passed It by.
'Quick when It caught the wonderful gleam,
Bo bright that It pierced nil space,
Jt could not choose but light tho wholo world
And point to tho glorified face."
My llttlo girl's eyes wcro full of thought
As she asked mo this question grave;
And I, lllto ono In the presenco of kings.
Was an awed and silenced slate.
She weighed my wisdom nnd found It void',
Ah, yes I It wm very plain,
From that day forth I must alnllcate
And be oraclo no'cr ngnln.
80 1 said, ".My darling, I cannot tell,
Perhaps It Is as you say,
The beautiful star caught Its wondrous light
As the Christ sped on his way.
'But If itls so or not, I think,
It lias never sunk nulto out of sight."
And the cried out quick In her Joyous way,
"0, lot us go find It to-night.". .
Ah 1 llttlo one, wo nro not shepherds, or wleo
But may wo not seo ns they did I
Xot with our eyes, but down In our souls,
Tho star not quito veiled or hid.
But shining clear with a living light,
With a light that'll never dim,
Till It pierces e'en through the outer night
And leads usstralghtto him.
Solomon's Ttmplo,
Soruo of tho Loudon onpOM, saya a
J orusuloni correspondent of tho London
Standard, liavo conl'ilnod a wonderful
account of tho Sultan having boon mov
ed by uicmbors of tho Iniporiiil IIouso
of ilapsburg to tako In hand tho resto
ration of Solomon's Templo, nnd call
upon Jows and Christians nliko to bear
scratltudoto his Imperial Majesty, Abdul
Hamld, for having tnken moasuros to
carry out that "ciiorou3 project." No
wonder that our friends in England at
oneo wroto to us lioro to inquiro what
was ronlly happening, and I hopo you
will allow 1110 to inform thorn, and jour
readers in general, of what grain ot
truth is imbedded in tills captivating
and romantic paragraph.
Thoro is no need to say that tho ruins
of Solomon's Tomplo aro not about to
bo rcstorod. No such mins exist. But
tho Groat Mosquo and tho wholo in
closure within which it stands com
monly called tho "Tomplo Area" r.roto
bo rostorcd, and by no means too soon
for in splto of tho great annual incomo
of tills important Mohammedan sanctu
nry, it has boon for years neglected,
Tho Crown I'rlnoo lludolph, of Haps
burg, 1ms had something to do with tho
repairs within tho "Tomplo Area,'1 but
not in tho manner represented by your
contemporaries. When ho visited Pal
ostiito a Turkish Gonornl, Fori): Pacha,
was sent lioro to rcccivo him nnd to do
tho honors of tho government. Forik
was somowhat shocked at tho condition
in which ho found tho Groat Mosquo
and Its surroundings, and ids roprcson
talions on his roturn to Constantinople,
wcro happlivnotwithoutoflect in bring
ing about tho prosont repairs.
As yet tlioy aro in quito an incipient
condition, and it is difllcult to guoss
when thoy will bo proporly carried on
Tho gentloman who arrived hero from
Constantiuoplo to superintend tho work
has mado an estimato of tho maximum
cost, dividing all that lias to bo dono
into twonty-eight soparato items. This
maximum ostimato, which amounts to
something llko 10,000, ho submitted to
a number of intending contractors,
among whom wcro two Gorman archi
toots for tho purpose of recoiving from
thorn, according to tho fashion of Dutch
auctioneers, thoott'or of tho lowest prico
at which thoy nro proparod to do tho
work. Tho two Gorman architects re
tirod at ouco from tho contest, finding
that ovon at tho maximum ostimato tho
work could not bo douo thoroughly.
Tho Arab competitors, who woro loss
scrupulous, and rolled upon making a
profit by doing inferior work, clubbed
together and charged a gentleman to
accept tlio job fo.'tlioni in hlsownnamo,
promising him a sharo of tho prolit in
consideration ot his obtaining tho order
for ti cm. This otFor boiog submitted
to tho Governor of Jorusalom for ac
coptanco, was lojeotod by him on tho
.ground that only builders or architects
could bo contractod with. Tho gentlo
man from Constantinople is thu?, for
tho present, at a loss how to got tho
work dono, and is satisfied to while
away tho timo by employing day labor
ers to do somo preparatory work. How
it will ond, and whether wo shall really
roo tho intended repairs done, is as yet
very problematical.
American Ignorance of Mexico,
Core, milailclphla Tri'M.
It has ofton boon said that tho Amer
ican peoplo know moro of China nnd
Japan than thoy did of Moxlco, and an
Jllustrntlon of tho truth of this stato
ftnont has just coiuo to light worthy of
(olng-stated. Most of tho visitors to
thoso'-ho'cs find thlups so difteront
from what thoy aro accustomed to, that
thoy loso much that would rivot their
attention if thoy romalned boyond tho
poriod of sight-soolng. To mi Ameri
can, acoustomod to moro than respect
for a woman, tlio slgtl ofrtSndrods of
women ongagod in tho worst of drutlg
orios, ladon llko beasts ot burdon with
"gardon stud'," which thoy poddlo at
all hours, uttering tho most inlmltablo
Jargon in tho most musical of volcos,
nnd tho general ovldonoos of is;noranco,
abject poverty and misory, notieoablo
aa boing mo lot of woman In tho low
er strata of society, aro woll calculated
to croato tho Impression that this Is no
paraUlso for womon.
But this Is tho caso only in certain
classos. Tho wlfo of tlio "ranchoro"
(small farmer) is happy in helping hor
ord to drivo ids drove of donkoys many
miles to mnrkot, ladon witli grain or
fruit or pottery, their combined pro
duct or manufacture In tho most for
bidding weather sho will trudgo by his
sldo, a faithful virtuous sharer in his la
bors; and if sickness or mtsfortuno in
capacitate him for tho time, sho is quito
his equal at driving tho donkoys or n
bargain, and so of tho wives and
daughters of all tlio poor classes. But
let us lift tho eyo from theso to tho hot-
tor classes, and wo find a s'.nto of
tilings entirely difl'eront, for tho pro
fessional man "hacendado" (planter)
nnd tho capitalist, is ns zealous of se
curing to his family tho advantages of
education horo, as porhap3 anywhoro
in tho world. And of tlio advancement
of tlio professions generally, wo, as n
nilo, a ro sadly ignorant. Tho fact id,
that in. tho exact sioncos thoro nro somo
hn nehes in which Mexican attain
ments aro tho most exalted, notably in
astronomy, medicine, music, civil on-
clncoring, cto. Of tholattorlho rail
road fever has brought numerous cases
to light, and many an educated Ameri
can civil ongineor lias found lioro men
over whom ho would bo willing to
claim no superiority othor than that of
bettor opportunltes in wide, practical
Simplo Tales for Little Children,
Denver Tribune.
Hero we liavo an Album. It is Full
of Pictures for llttlo Children with Ditty
Fingers to Look at. Hero aro two Pic
tures of Papa. This is ono of Him be
fore ho was Married to Mamma. Ho
looks liko a Two-year-old Colt bohlnd
a Band of Music. Horo Is a Picturo of
Papa after ho married Mamma. Now
ho Looks liko a Government Mulo haul
ing n Load of Pig-iron. See If you can
put your linger on tho Noso and tho
Eyos and tho Mouth of each Picturo.
Turn down a Leaf when you Como to n
Protty Picturo you Like. Tho bnby is
Kitting Broad and Molasses. Lot liim
Tako tho Album ami Look at tho Pic
tures, too.
This is a Lamp. It is full of NIco
Yollow Oil. Can you Light the Lamp?
If thero is Too much Oil pour Somo of
it in tlio Stovo. Mamma will not Miss
tho Oil tf you Pour it in tho Stove, but
sho May mis you. A llttlo Oil on tho
Carpet is not a Bad thing for Oil, but it
is a bad Thiug for tlio Carpet and you.
Do not Mnko a Noiso or you will
Wako tho Policeman. IIo is Sitting on
tho Door Step asleep. It Is very Hard
on him to liavo to Sloop out of Doors
theso Cold Nights. Thoro is n Bunk
being Rubbed around tlio Comer anil
n Woman is being Killed in tlio next
Block. If tho Policeman Waked up ho
might Find it out nnd Arrest somebody.
Somo peoplo Dollovo this is What Po
licemen nro for, but tho Policemen do
not Think so.
Who is thi3 Crcaturo with Long Hair
and a Wild Eyo? IIo is a Poot. IIo
writes Poems on Spring and Women's
Eyes nnd straDge, unreal Things of that
Kind. IIo is always wishing ho was
Dead, but ho wouldn't Lot any body
Kill him if ho could Got away. A
mighty good Sausago Stufler was
Spoilod when tho Man became a Poet.
IIo would Look woll Standing undor a
Descouding Pilo-drivcr.
Tho Girl is at tho (into. A young
Man Is coming down tlio Lano. Tlio
Girl's papa is Sitting on tho Front
Porch. IIo is very old. Ho has Raisod
a Family of Eleven children. What is
the Poor old Man thinking about, and
why Does ho Gazo so Intently at his
Right Boot? Mayho ho is Thinking
about Raising tho Young Man who it
Coming down tlio Lano.
A Conscience-stricken Animal.
Popular fcelenee Monthly,
Tlio moral responsibility 01 somo
animals sooms I033 doubtful tiiau that
of "intermittent lun'itics." If itshould
bocomo tho duty of a public nttornoy
of tlio fuluro to prosocuto a hpmicidal
monkoy, tho following case (quotyl in
Brehm's "Thiorloben") would furnish
an ugly procodont against tlio counsel
for tho defenso: A fow years neo Dr
Schomburg, tho Superintendent of tlio
Botnulo Gardou of AdoIarV, Australia,
took chargo of a seloct corps of monkoys
and kangaroos, a "happy family," ho
might havo oi.llcd thun, If if had not
boon for tho depravity of an Ml babulna,
or fomalo Bhundor baboon, fllf sho had
not boon tho only roprosontDlivo of her
spocios, ho would liavo triedxo gel rid
of her, for hor only object In lifo seom-
od to bo to muko horsolf as dlsTgroeablo
ns possible. Solitary contliioa'Jnt mado
hor wildly obstrepnroii', buy in tho
family cago sho kept tho marsupials in
a delirium of terror, ivnd,i tho ovonlng
when her younger relatives ventured to
onto- tho sleoplng-box sho
omod to
consider horsolf dlvlnoly orda;
movo thorn by forco. But oi
liod to rc-
L day sho
V attaeked hor own kconor.'anii
any apparent provocation lacerated his
wrist in it shocking way. Sohomburg
at once ordorod hr.r to bo shot. Tlio
next mornlns tho assistant keener an-
rproaohod horoago with ashot gun whluh
had ofton boon used to shoot tho rats
that lnfostod tho monagorio-bulldinf:
Tho othor monkoys soemod to oxpect
another rnzzla, but tho Bhundor know
hotter. Tho momont sho saw tho gun
sho mado a dash into tho slcoping-cago,
and when tho keeper trlod to open tlio
door sho yollod ns If sho hoped to got
off on a plon of Insanity. Moaning to
t ry hor tho koopor waited until breakfast
timo, but tlio bnbunia did not show hor
solf. Sho kopt out ot sight n full hour,
till tho moss-boy brought an extra lunch
of slicod pumpkins, whou sho mado n
rush for tho bucket in hopes of securing
n portnblo pleco. In that moment tho
koopor bolted tho door of hor sleeping
cage, an I wont back for his shot-gun.
As soon its tho habuinn caught sight of
him sho flow toward her place of refuge,
and, finding tho door lockod, mado a
mad nltompt to squcczo herself through
tlio Interspaces of tlio front railing. Hut
tho bars proved inflexible nmJ, nfter
another desperate pull nt tho sleoplug
cago door, tho babulna Hung herself in
to a cornor, closet' hor oyes, nnd wns
apparently dead wltii fenr beforo tlio
buokshot struck her.
The Grand t'nuoii of tlio Colorado.
Captain Ilultnn.
Tho Grand Canon Is about 220 miles
long, from livn to twolvo mtioswldo, and
from fi.OOO to 0,000 feet deep. Thoso
who havo socn It nil unlto in declaring
it tho mostsuhllmo and impressive of nil
natural features in tho world. It con
sists of nu outor nnd inner chasm. Tlio
outor clinsm Is about flvo or six inches
wldo with a row of palisades 1,000 feet
high on either side, and a broad and
comparatively smooth plain between.
Within this plain is cut tho inner gorgo
Icsconding moro than 3,000 feet lower,
and witli n width of about 2,f0) foot.
Tho uppor pallsados nro of vary nohlo
form and uniform profiles witli :v highly
architectural aspect. The region
through which tlio chasms extend con
sists of a carboniferoiH strata, but about
folly miles north of tho river appear
strata of later ago forming 11 serios of
terraces, eacli terrace being determined
by nllnoof olllls 1,;00 t(j 2,000 feet high,
nnd of very wonderful sculpture and
brilliant color. Tho strata in this stair
way of terraces aro tho remnants of
beds which oneo strotchod unbroken
over tho district now drained by tho
Grand Canon. Tho total thickness of
tho bods removed was moro that 10,000
feet and tho donudod area moro than 11,
000 square mllos. Tho denudation be
gan In tho Eoeeuo timo and has been
continuous until tho present timo. A
great amount of uplifting has also'oi
currcd during tho same period, varying
iceordlng to locality from 10,000 to 1!,-
000 feet, and, tho present attltudo of tho
region is tlio dllVorenco between tho
amount of uplift and the thickness of
strata removed, that is 7,000 to 0,000
foot. Tho mooting of tho Grand Canon
is thus merely tho closing episode of a
long poriod of erosion. Tho cutting of
tlio present cbitstn is a conipara'ively
recent geological event, and probably
had its beginnin-; in Pliocono timo. The
process of excavating tho canon consists
of tho action of two classes of natural
causes. Tho first is the scouring ac
tion of the stream upon tho rooks in its
bod. Tho stream is a Hot cu torrent car
rying largo quantitrs of sharp sand,
which nets liko n sand blast. A river
will always cut down its bod when tho
quantity of sediment It carries is less
than it is capable of carrying. When
this quantity Is greater a part of it is
thrown down upon tlio bottom, protect
ing it from scouring. In this respect
tho Colorado is an exceptional liver.
Tho other procos is wcathoring. Tho
stream cuts a chasm no wider than its
water surfneo, but tho cut thus widened
by thosoculardecay.oftlioehasm, which,
though slow tho parcoptions, boeonios
greater after tho lapse of many thou
sand years.
Misfortunes of a Man Who Wanted to Make
Sail T.nko 7 1 Ifonnc.
"I noticed an article in your paper
tills morning," snid n littlo red-hoaded
man, coming up alongside tho local's
tablo, "that was all wrong. It w.is so
much out of tho way that I thought I
would como up and sot tho paper
'Wo aro always glad to bo corrected
when wo mnko mistake. What was
tho nrtlolo that attracted your alien
tion." "It was about tho runaway on South
Tomplo street. I wns thero a fow hours
afterward and found out tho wholo busi
ness." "Wo.l, what w:is tho matter with tho
"It was all wrong."
"Can't you name somo spoolal fea
ture lhat was wrong?"
"Well, you said tho horses shied at
somo papar blown across tho street, but
it was some red rags. You said It was
tho oil hor3o that cut his log, wli n in
reality it wns tho nigh horso. Tho rea
son that I am so particular nbut those
things Is probably bocauso I never make
mistakes myself, and I liko toseo every
body just right. You said "
Just thou a llttlo boycamo running
into tho room, quito oxcitod, and called
out: "Say, dad, thcio's a man down at
tho sloro kicking up n dcuco of n row;
said tlio chango you gavo him was .? I
short, nnd had a countorfoit $2 bill lull,
besides." And tho particular and crit
ical llttlo man hurried away to con cot
his ml tako. When ho roturncd his
wifo told him that livo or six customers
had called in and loft again becauso sho
could not recollect tho prieos of things,
His pilgrimage to thoTrlbiino ollleo cost
him about 820, and his misory wns eom
plototvhen, latorin tho day, ho mot tho
man who orvntd tho runaway team, ami
lcnrnoil that it really was the off horso
that was cut and not tho nigh. IIo then
started out to positively ascertain what
started tho tonm, and learned from var
ious partlos that It was a rubbish lire, a
spottod dog runnli.g acoss tho road, a
pllo of bricks falling over, and a boy
blowlug a tin horn in 4. minor.
Tlio Jnpanoso mnko a very curious
and linndsomo kind of qoppor by cast
ing it 'undor wator, tlio motal boing
highly heated nnd tlio wator being also
hot. Tlio result is a beautiful roso
oolorod tint, which is not nlTootod by
oxposuro to tho atmosphoro.
Jl" UK VtKHi: KKIxS KIllNUI.i:.
Of I vasMr. (Irlnkle,
1 dink dot I vould try
To flndt mo outlier ioys limit girls
Vhero Iwvcrty v.H by.
Undt dot's do klndt of blaccs vhcro
I'dt sbbrluklc lots of dings,
L'ndi brim der shdoclfln's ovcrboarJt
Slit drlllcs vot 1 prlngs.
Of I vas.Mi. (Irlnglc,
Veil hero der Chrl'mas rolls,
1'ilt prlng me, mil del nudcr dings,
Some liichcr rudder souls
To blandt der rich mun's pody In,
Dot somcdlmes dcre might bo
A shanco to shdrctcli Idt open ycdt
Undt hold somo shnildy.
Of I vns Mr. Orlngle,
'Dnrould seem dot Idt vas nice,
To drop der brcnclier's sliotckln' In
Some lecdic fresh advice,
Undt hlndt der I.ordt vns better blcsied
Of nlvays dey vod't kch
Vouf t for dcinfclbs dor vorshlp
Vot vns glrcn by tier shecb.
Of I vas Mr. (Irlnglo,
I'dt no I olli1n't, too,
Hecnlifoot I vas Grlnirle,
I'dt do what bo vould do.
Dotn brains he's got, dey vould be mine,
So vould dot henrdt of his,
Und so I coul Ju t he p mo do
l)cr very same llko (Iris.
Tlir rrotcclor' llnul in U Is 1'ipjprvril
I'rotn lh tHiMIn Tlnii ". !! I".
It is not generally known that the
embalmed head of Oliver Cromwell Is
extant. Some fow years since, nt any
rato, it was said lo be in tho possession
of Mr. Horace Wilkinson, of Sevenoaks,
Kent. It was then In good preserva
tion, and its phrenological aspect pre
sented several strikitig peculiarities.
Thus tlio length, from tho forehead to
tho back of tho head, is quite extraordi
nary far greater than in ordinary men.
Tlio forehead, or frontal portion, is low,
but very broad: tho orbits of tho eyes
aro very largo, tlio chc.ok-boiios and tho
bridge of tlio nose aro high, and tho
lower jawbone, which is ordinarily
curved, Is short, straight, and forming
a right anglo with Its point of insertion
Tho head is one indicating a brain
(which is but tho instrument of the
mind) of great activity nnd groat capac
ity, corresponding with tho remark of
Cromwell's secretary, who said that "it
wa at oneo :i shop and a. storehoiis ."
From lis being embalmed, such lloh as
remains upon it is of tlio ronsistoney of
lianl brown leather. Tho oyobrows
moot in tho middle an. I between tiii-ni
was a small wart now worn away one
of thoso which Cromwell when sitting
for Ills portrait ordered tho pniuter on
no account to omit representing, as his
duty was not to flatter in any way but
to paint what ho saw exactly. In lifo
his complexion .vas frosh, and of the
lino known as "salmon colored." Tho
hair, which was of a fairish or reddish
lingo, lins mostly been cut oil", and tho
beard is now stained brown by tho em
balming fluid and drawn unlcrthoiih'ii,
wiiero, when tlio head was exposed on
tho top of Westminister Hall, it was
tied cloco to tlio .'pear head which had
been run through and mounted 011 it.
Several tooth remain and tho eye-lids,
but tho brain was removed (luring tlio
embalming process.
Decay of tho Stomach.
In tho "Memoirs of Count Scgur''
thoro is tho following anoedolo: "My
niothor, tho Counto5s do Sogur, being
asked by Voltairo respecting her health,
told him Unit tho most painful feeling
sho had a roso from tho docny in hor
stomach, and tho dilllculty ot llndlng
nny kind of aliment that it could boar.
Voltairo, by way of consolation, nssurod
hor that ho was oneo for nearly a year
in tho samo state, and balioved to bo
incurnblo, but that, nevertheless, a very
simplo remedy had restoied him. It
consisted in taking no other nourish
ment than yolks of oggs bsaten up witli
tlio flour of potatoes and wator."
Though tills cireumstnnco concerns so
extraordinary a person as Voltairo, it is
astonishing how littlo it i3 known and
how rarely tho remedy lias beon prno-lioc-d.
Its oilleacy, however, In casos of
debility, cannot be questioned, and tho
following is tlio mode of preparing tins
valuable nrtlcloof food as recommended
by Sir John Sinclair: Beat up an ogg
in a bowl, and thonndd six tablespoon
fuls of cold wator, mixing tho wholo
woll togotlior; thon add two tabloapoou
fuls of farina of potatoos; lot It bo mixed
thoroughly with tho liquid in tho bowl;
thon pour In as much boiling wator as
will convert tho wholo thing into a jolly,
and mix it woll. It may bo taken alono
or with tho addition of n littlo milk in
caso of stomaohio debility or consump
tive disorders.
Tho Old Secretary.
It was an old-fashiotiod wrlt ng dosk,
and stood in an old-fashionod room of
a Now Hampshire farm homo. Its curi
ous little drawers, pigeon holes, ami its
polished surface, sot oil' by shining Brass
handles, suggested a history. It had
served tiio family for a hundred years,
and was now a fashionable piecoof fur
niture. But somo twenty years ago tlio old
secretary was not so highly prized as it is
now. H was only "grandfather's old
dosk," and was turned over to tho llttlo
!irls for a piny house. Thoy valued it.
Its cosy pigeon holes and llttlo drawors
woro delightful places for their dolls
and playthings. But ono day, wiillo a
doll was being drossod, a small drawer
was pulled so suddenly open as to como
out entirely.
Tho bright oyes of tho llttlo mnidon
splod a crumpled pioco of paper nway
back in tlio recess. Drawing it out, sho
was amazed to (li'il It ft fifty dollar bill,
on tho Bunk of Brighton, Massachu
setts. Hardly crediting hor eyes, tho littlo
miss hurried down stall's to astonish tlio
family nt what sho found. No ono could
account for its being in that phico, nnd
thoy all anxiously awaited tho father's
return at night.
Ho was also surprised. Putting on
his thinking-cap, ho at last recalled tlio
fact that somo forty years before, when
ho was a lad, his father had lost a fifty
dollar bill. It had disappeared in a
mysterious manner, and though the
liouso was searched, It was not found.
Suspicion had fallen on n hired man
who had suddenly left n fow dn s bu
foto tlio bill wns missed. As thero was
no direct ovldcneo to support tlio
ehnrgoof theft, tho matter wns dropped,
but in tho old farmers mind the man
was branded as a thief.
But tho moro Important question was
would tho bank redeem tho note, as its
old Issues had been called In years I e
fore. In n day or two tho father called
at tlio bank, presented tho old bill mid
told Its story. Tho old president was
tho only person connected with tlio bank
who had over seen a bill of tlml issue.
Ho was surprised and intoretod. and
delighted tho farmer's iicart by giving
in exchange for it livo new ten dollar
Tlio old secretary, therefore, whis
pers an importnit lesson. It warns that
tlio mere loss of money, though the loss
is unaccountable, should not lenipt ti"
to suspect somo poison of stealing it.
From every ono of its shining brass han
dles is reflected tlio text, ' Charity think
oth not evil." Alas earele'H persons
are seldom countable.
"iho rrelinjjhuys'is.
C"rr. . V. Sim.
For three generations tho Frelinghiiy
sens liavo been noted for their respecta
bility am thoir Prosbytoriani.sm. Tho
lirst, Frcdeiiek l'relinghiiysen. was a
Senator in Congress during Washing
ton's second term. Tlio next of tho
namo to entor tlio Semite was tho well
known Theodore Fnliiigliuyson. lie
oamo in nt tho eoniineiieomeiit of Gen
eral Jackson's administration, when tho
Senate Chamber shone wi'h extraordin
ary luster. It Is only ju-1 to say lhat
Clay and Wob.-lor regarded Frollnghuv
seii as among ti"' lenders of tlio Whig
party, and that ho stood high in tlio list
of those upon whom fell tlio weight of
the da,-atos in that Mormy epoch.
Ho was intensely religious andphllan
tropie. IIo was President of tlio Board
of Commissioners of Foreign Ml.-sions,
nnd Chancellor of tho Univer.-ity of Now
York. IIo was on the ticket for Vice
President with Henry Clay in tlio mem
orable campaign of 1811. With tho fa
mous song of "Tippecanoe and Tyler
too" still ringing in their oars, tho
Whigs oll'orcd a prize for a oampiign
ballad that would rcdueo tlio crabbed
namo of their candidnlo for Vice Presi
dent to rhyme. A writer won tho pre
mium by producing a song the chorus
wcronf van romothieg liks this:
Hurrah! hurrah! tho country's rising
For Harry Clay nnd Frollnghuysonl
Horace Grcolcy never got over tho de
feat of Clay, and never ceased to abuse
tho Abolitionists for contributing to that
result by running. James (J. Birneyas an
anti-slavery candidate. After all, per
haps thoso much-maligned persons
caught tho foreshadowing of tlio Thir
teenth amendmont sooner than tlio
Spruce-street philosopher.
Tho Secretnry of Stato is tho nephew
of tlio Senator who figured in tho era of
Jackson and Clay. Ho falls bolow his
undo ns au orator, a statesman, and a
philanthropist, but nevertheless ho
prides himself upon his horoditary ro
spotabllity. IIo will bo a much tnmor
diplomatist than his predocessor. Un
like him, ho will not luuncli out on a
voyogo of discovory to stir up tho na
tions in both hemispheres, buf. will bo
apt to cling close to tho shores of our
traditional policy of amity with till, en
tangling alliances witli none.
Tlio French dependency, Alglorn, has
a population of .1,000,000. Tho city is
nearly tho sizo of Tunis, which it much
resembles, oxeopt that it lias a larr o and
handsoiuj French quarter. Tlio region
has been famous in history since tho
times of Jugurtlia. Its soil is moro fer
tilo and less Bandy than that of Tunis.
After tho expulsion of tlio Moors from
Spain, tho Spaniards, fearing that thoy
would regain thoir power and attack
Castilo and Arragon, invadod Africa
nnd took tho district of Ornn, in tho
western part of Algiers, which they
long hold. Charles V. mado an inva
sion with a 'argo licet and army, but
was compelled to rotiro from tlio neigh
borhood of Algiers after losing nearly
all of both by a violont tempost. Du
ring tho 17ili century, Spain and Franco
woro vigilant in thoir eflbrta to extir
pate Algerian piracy, which rendered
tho adjacent teas unsafo, and tilled tho
prisons of tho pirates with slaves from
every nation of Europe Tho Danes ana
Swedes purchased immunity for their
commerce by paying tribute. Tho Aus
trians nnd Russians wcro protected by
treaties with tlio Turks. Depredations
on tho English marine resulted in vari
ous expeditions against Algiers, somo
of which did littlo, nnd only ono, that
undor Lord Exmoulli, sueceodod In act
ually defeating tho Algorlno battorios
and olVectlng tlio roloaso of nil tlio slavos
in tho oily. Tlio freebooters, notwith
standing litis chastisement, woro soon
as notlvo and lawless as boforo, and
might havo continued thoir piracies un
til tho prosont timo had not tho French
taken thorn vigorously In hand, begin
ning a war, is 181)0, which lasted for
sixteen yonrs, and was ended by tho an
nexation of tho entire country. Tho
Arabs resisted mo:t obstinately. Thoy
wcro led by Abdol Kador, who proved
himself ablo, sagacious and patrotlo.
Tho war was nttoudod by vlcissltudos
whioli havo furnlshod many valuablo
themes to tho novelists. Since thon tho
French liavo hold tlio country with a
firm hand, promptly subduing occasion
al insurrections, extending tlio area of
civilization, building railroads, and In
troducing schools, churches, nnd inter
nal improvements of nil kinds. Tlio
Arabs nnd Kabylesliavo not taken kind
ly to tho now rule, nnd tho nrcn of sedi
tion has been so widespread that tho
French haro found itneeessnry to estab
lish a protcctornto In Tunis, which is
likely to rcsutl in a general war, tlio em
ployment of a largo portion of thoir army
and n serious drain on tlio resources of
tlio nation.
He Used to bo a Boy Himself.
l.llllo lloefc Onello.
Tho other day a show camo to Littlo
Rock nnd was shamefully imposed upon
by Undo Ism. Wiillo standing near
the tent ho saw a crowd of low-spirited
boys griovlng on account of llnniielal
"Does j or youngsters wnntcr go to
der show?" ho asked.
Tho hoys responded In noisy chorus.
"Woll, como on, den. I ttster lie a diilo
mysoli' ni.' unlike der 1110V of men, I
hain't forgot it. Count dose boys," ho
added, adrtssiiig tho doorkeeper. Tho
man began counting, and by tho timo
tho boys, had passed in Isom was walk
ing around, talking to acquaintances
from (lie plantations.
"Hero" said the showman, "givo 1110
twenty tickets."
"What for?" Docs ycr think me a
lottery ngent."
"You passed In twenty boys, and I
want the tickets or tho money."
"I doan owe yer no tickets, and 1 doaTi
owe yer 110 money. I didn't tell yer ter
pass do boys In. 1 said count '0111. I'so
always heard that showman Is good on
rithmllie, an' I wanted ter satisfy my
self, Yer say dat dar wns twenty boys.
I doan' spulo yor word, enso I ain't no
inalhcrtioian. Spoken I tako a lot oh
boys ter do cashier ob a bank an' axes
him tor count 'om, docs dat signify dat
do cashier is gwino ter pass 'em into do
money room? No, salt. Go back to
yer tent; I svcA a crowd goin' in."
The showman remembering that ho
had lef tho entranco unguarded, turn
ed, and Isom walked away.
A Mistako Was Made.
Sun 1'r.ri. I -ii Cnmlrli',
A young lady gavo "her young man"
a beautiful worked pair of slippors, and
ho acknowledged tho present by sondlng
her his picture encased in a handsome
frame. IIo wroto ti nolo to send with it,
and at tho samo timo replied angrily to
an oft-repeatod dun for nn uupald-for
suit of clothes. Ho gavu a boy ten cents
to deliver the package anil note, giving
explicit directions as to tho destination
of oaoh.
It was a boy with a freckled face, and
ho discharged his errand in a mannor
that should givo him a nielio in tlio
temple of fame.
Tho young lady received a nolo in her
adored one's handwriting, and How to
hor room to devour its contents. Sho
oponed tho missivo with eager fingers,
and read:
"I'm getting tired of yourcverlasting
attentions- Tho suit is aoout worn out
already. It never amounted lo much,
anyway. Plorsogoto thuudor!"
And tho tailor was struck utterly
dumb when ho oponed tho parcel and
discovered tlio picture of his delinquent
customer, with a noto that said:
"When you gnzo upon tho features,
think how much I owo you."
When tho unfortunate young man
called around that evening to rcccivo
tho happy acknowledgement of his
sweothoart, ho wns vciy ostentatiously
shoved oil' tho stops by tlio young lady's
A Vermont Tragedy,
Capital punishment of lato years has
rarely been inflicted upon womoti in this
country. Mrs. Surratt at Washington,
nnd a soiTnnt girl in Now Jorsoy who
murdered hor mistress in tlio hopo thnt
hor master would tako hor for his sec
ond wife, nro tho most uotablo excep
tions. Mrs. Emolino L. Moakor, of
Watorbury, Vt., is likoly to sharo tl cir
fnto, tho supremo court of tlio Stnto
having ovorruled tlio oxcoptions to tho
verdict of a lowor court which convict
od hor. Sho will remain in prison until
tho last Friday of March, 188:1, closing
threo months in solitary conflnoment,
according to tho prnctlco in tlio Stnto.
It is not likoly that sho will cscapo tho
penalty, unless by previous death, for
moro than 0110 oflbndcr has mounted
tho scaffold after two years' imprison
ment. Her son, who wns her accom
plice in crimo, will bo hanged noxt
Febninry( thoro having beon no judicial
delays in his caso. Tho ofl'enso for
which thoy nro to suffer wns a most
hoinous 0110. Thoir victim was an or
phan girl of thirteen years, a hulf sistor
of Mrs. Meakcr's husband. Thoy woro
tired of keoping her, and after having
subjected hor to most brutal trentmont.
took hor from bod ono night, tlod a
sack over hor head, drovo her oft' somo
miles in a carringo, and forced hor to
drink ft decoction of strychnlno. Sho
quickly died, and was then buried in n
swamp. Tho ovidonco against tho
criminals wns at first circumstantial,
but tho son has sinco confossed his
f:uilt. His mother ha3 beon a turbulent
prisonor, nnd once set flro to ilio jail in
which sho was confined.
"First n cough, carilod mo olT,
..nd then 11 eollhi thoy curried 1110 nil In I"
This will not bo your ouituph If you
tako yourcough ami Dr. R. V. Pluico's
"Hoi 'en Medical Discovery" in time.
Tt la n ciirw.lfln fin wnL' llltlim finlttlnn.
of blood, night swonts, and tho early
0 : i,,. il .1
Bitigus ui uuusuuqiuuu. itj 1111 mug
RistS. Dr. Taft's White I'lno Syrup Is 11 pure extract
of tho wlilte pine cum, will quickly euro any
oough that ever existed. Don't fall to try ono
bottle, (Seo another column.)
Mrs. Partington at the Soldiers' Fair.
Mrs. Partington sat nt tlio rofoctory
tablo, hor faco raidiunt with satisfo
tlon, hor bonnet hanging by Its strings
from iho back of hor chair, nnd hor
bonovolent spectacles contemplating
tho surroundings.
"What will you be Iidpod to?" whls
porod a gcntlo volco In hor ear.
"Thank you, dear, for your polito nt
tonuntlon," sho replied, looking bo
nlgnly upon tho charming nttondant;
"I will take, if you pleaso, a cup of ob
long ten, witli milk nnd sugar not too
sweet and if you will ho sure that It Is
not mado of tho eelyiuosionary wator,
that tho doctor wroto noout, I shall bo
much obliged."
"How nro you enjoying tho fair?"
asked Dr. Spoonor, ns ho dropped Into
a vacant chair alongside of her, somo
what to her surprise.
"I daro say," said she, asslioscannod
tho list of delicacies lying beforo her,
"that I shall enjoy It with my tea.
When 0110 is decomposed by walking
thero is nothing liko a cup of tea to re
store tho eipial-ahralmin, and hero Is
enough to .saturato the appetite and
givo .strength to tho exasperated limbs.
This is different, Doctur, from tho roor
soldiers' fare, with only hard tiietlcs
and tho long roll to sustain them, to
say nothing of the avalanches; and how
they could stand It, it Is hard to see."
"I meant by my inquiry," said ho,
"lo lcnru ho a- you wore enjoying tho
fair tho 'bazaar' -designed to secure a
homo for disabled veterans."
"Ah!" sho replied, with 11 fervor thnt
seemed to add to tlio exhalation from
tlio decoction now sot boforo her; "it is
a grand display of patriotism and dona
tion for tho.-o who helped us in our
hour of need, when cotton cloth was
sixtyeeiits a yard and and sugar tliirty
threo; audit lias nivwarm corpora
tion." Sho wont out with tho doctor, and
made him Interest himself in many
schemes for swelling tho fund.
tiii: kxoxvimj: fiki:.
I'iilrnnl70 Iho Olil Itellulile Slut A llnino
I'miii Marlun County tii'p.irti'rtif Dec. J.I.
Tho old reliablu Stato hisuranco
company of Des Moines, Iowa, woro
tlio Hist company to pay their losses in
tho lato flro. Patronize homo institu
tions by sec.ring a policy in tho Stato.
To whom it mny concern: This is to
certify that on the (ilh of Dee, Iksi, wo
Insured our slock of groceries with tho
old reliable Stato Insurance Company
of Des Moines, Iowa. That on Saturday
tho 17tli of tho same month, wo sustain
ed loss by lire. That on Monday Dec.
l'.l, and beforo tho embers ceased smok
ing tho Adjuster C. J. Ballard, camo
and settled the loss without a word of
(.'rumble, in a very plcnautnnd entirely
satisfactory manner. For promptness
fair dealing and liberality in .settling
losses wo fully recommend the old Slato
Insurance Company.
WnoDiiri K, Bai:ni:s & Co.
Tho Dr. Barter Medicine Company, of St.
Louis, Mo , Is one of tlio most honorable ami
substantial establishments In the country. Dr.
Barter's Iron Tonic la one nt tlu stand ird nnd
most hlttbly os'oemod preparations of the day,
nnd justly enjoys a wldo and Increasing pale.
This Is brought about by the hlnh merit of tlio
Koods and the Judicious nnd extensive manner
In which they nro udyerlUed throiiKhout tho
country. Laudatory columns might be easily
written In their prafcc, but with goods bo nbla
to ppeak for themselves, elinplo facts servo a
better purpose. Jht .Uotitex (Aivi) Western
J'urin Juitrna'.
Uncle Ham's Nerve and llono Liniment ll
most elllclciit In Uheumntlsin, Iirultcs, Iturns,
Scratches nnd many other Ills Incident to man
and bea3t. Sold by nil DrugdsU.
Save your harness by oiling It with Unds
Sam's Harness Oil, which will keep It soft nnd
pliable. This Is tho liest oil ever mado for
leather. Sold by all Harness Makers.
Dr. Jarme's German Worm Cakes aro an effec
tual and pafe remedy for worms. They are
pleasant to take and not only destroy tho worms,
but remove all traces of them from the system
leaving tho child healthy and strong. They are
warranted to givo perfect satisfaction. Bold by
Undo 8am's Condition f owder prevents dis
ease, purities tho blood, lmpiovcs the appetite,
gives a smooth glossy cont, and keeps the ani
mal In good condition. All Druggists sell It.
For Headache, Constipation, Ltver Complaint
and all bilious derangements of tho blood, there
Is no remedy as sure nnd safo ns Etlcrt's Day
light Liver Vllls. They 6tand unrivalled In
removing bile, toning tho stomach and In giv
ing healthy action to tho liver. Sold by all
Druggists. -t
Dr. Wlnchell's Teething Syrup has never
failed to give Immediate relief when used In
cases of Summer Complaint, Cholcra-lnfantum
or pains In tho etomneh. Mothers' when your
llttlo darlings are suffering from these or Kin
dred causes do not hesitate to give It a trial,
you will surely bo pleased with the charming
effect, lie sure to buy Dr. Wlnchell's Teething
Syrup. Sold by all DmgglsU, only 3.ri eta por
Do not neglect a Cough or Cold. EUert's Ex
tract of Tar nnd Wild Cherry Is a standard
remedy In all throat, asthmatic and bronchial
affections, and lias saved many valuablo Uvea.
It never falls to givo satisfaction. Sold by all
When ono bottla of Sr. Tift't WHITE
CINE HYKIM' will can the wont ConKh,
Cold, Tickling In th Throat, or Conramctlon,
110 matter how b4 or how long (landing t
To eonTlne yon, w will end a botU for
trial for Me, expreta raid. Address I)r. Tft
Bros., Rochentcr. N.Y., or 576 W. Madison EL,
Chicago, 111. rSTTor by all druirgisti.
Trll BotUMOf Br, Tift' ASTIIIA-I.ENE-perrt
euro for AM'll.HA
lllbMnt I'll by sxprrsa to nny one
ifllicted. Ijtrnu lioltles for khIo by all drui:
riiU. Addrw-Drs. TAKT UIIOS., ItocC
teeter, N. Yn ot S70 W. UadUon tit., Chic
to. 111.
Albany Steam Trap Company's
This Imp uto.
miUtcilly drain!
tlio wator of con.
ilt'iiimttim fro i
umt rcinrns lif
WlR'llhT tlio Cull
.ov 1110 wnier
,.v..l In Tl.ilh'r.
tliui i. Ini; away
Willi uniii ana
oilii'r miilunlc&l
'-x iii'vica lor tucu
OaMKS 11. lluisslNa, Bco'r an I Tro
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