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The long looked for campaign opened in earnest at Forest City on Thursday, October 5th, 1882. The well known firm of Minton Bro's
begin their first Grand Slaughter of the Season. Boots and Shoes will suffer. Clothing must come down. No more high priced Dry
Goods. Hats and Caps at your own Price. Don't fail to call if you want to buy anything. Come and see us if you have anything to sell,
N. B. H. T. Alkire, who has been a successful salesman in the house for the past six months, now comes to the front with an interest
in the firm, and the old firm of Minton Bro's will be hereafter known as Minton & Alkire. All knowing themselves indebted to us, will
please call and settle immediately.
I) 1' )OIYNi A: CO..
oi:i-.(i(: mo.
Terms of Subscription :
A very largi majority of the dele
gates to the County Keptiblican Conven
tion on the 10th last., if not all of them,
were loprcentailvo men. Tho Repub
licans ot the various townships by .send
ing those delegates to convention
agreed impliedly at least, to trust their
interest with them, and, as a unit, to
htainl by the result until the last. Now,
if tlicy do this, there can bo no doubt us
to the prospective roMilt; vis, that ev
ery man on the Republican County
ticket of Holt county will be elected.
Doc it not become nil true Republicans
to pursue this course, regardless of the
defeat ot person?! friends or men of
any particular nationality by the con
vention. It is true that a consldeinble portion
of our population is (ierman. It is also
true that this German element .should
be represented on our county ticket
And It is equally true that the (Ierman:
nave a representation, nun uunti'' (lie
past four years they have been very
creditably represented. To "holt"
now at this stnso of thu ganio becausu
the exact man desired was untphi-cd on
tho ticket, would not show very stron,
fealty to the old standard.
It isonr duty as trim Republicans to
concentrate whatever power anil intlu
cnoc wu may possess upon thu .support
of the entire ticket. Tills wu beliuvo to
bo the duty of every Republican of
whatever race, color, or condition. Rut
this is exactly what the Democrats seek
to prevent us from doing. And to ac
complish their purpose they aru dolni
and will continue to do all in their pow
er to increase the slight dissatisfaction
with tho Republican county ticket in re
gai;d to the (Ierman represontatini
thereon and thu geographical dislnbu
tiou of tiiu nominations, which seem
to csist in one or two localities. It
would surely bo disgraceful on thu par
of Republicans to act. so tbollhh as to
'pander to tills dismal appr.tito" of tli
Democrat" by foraking their own cause
on grounds personal or of nationality
"Wo will do better to accept, without
grumbling, tho result of our convention
than to kiuk up u rumpus and throw
victory into tho hands of the oppoii
The defeat of Mr. Zaehnianwns
piece of mismanagement on tho part oi
)iis friends, nud nothing else.
It seems Hint one man is charged
with thu defeat of Mr. Daniel Kunkel
whether justly so or not wo do in
know. Rut suppose the eliargu is tine
in every partleiilar.would it bo just and
fair for Republicans, Mr. K's friendJ,to
opposo tho nominated candidates
who had nothing to do wlih ins defeat
on that account? This U properly
matter for Mi. Kunkel and his friends to
jiettlu with that gentleman himself, nn
not with Innocent parties. Rut, s
betore said, let us nial.e tho charge
against him. Then, if it is true, w
bvo nn admission of ouo of two facts
Unusual power in ono man, or mor
tlian ordinary weakness in numy. It
wo correctly identify this man who I
nld to have created so much mischief.
lie was once a Republican candidate and
was defeated. He worked for thu suc
cess of the Republican ticket two year
ago also, notwithstanding there were
pn that ticket men who hud previously
tried to defeat him.
Now, tho geographical distribution of
tho nominees, is wo believe, to say tho
least, equitable. And wo havo as stron
a ticket as was over put in nomination
in this county. Neither Oregon or
Mound City ought tn complain. If
lluchor, Knowles and Richards am all
Mound City men, Mound City has a lit
tle moro than Oregon. Rut nrolhoy?
If they hold citizenship at either of
those places it must bo at Oregon. Rut
suppose ttiey are Mound City man,
there lire some of our county oJllces
that Oregon Jus bad the pleasure of
11 lln-r from her vti mnks almost over
slice Hot hu been an organized ,
county. !
TliN is certainly a lltno when wp
should quit our "sectional" and "race"
itlhhllug amt stand as firmly to our
nominees as do thu "pyramids to Egyp
tian sands." We liavu an important
Congressional as well as u county fight
to maku. anil wc oiinnot afford to irlvo
our Democratic brethren an lucii oi
vantage ''round."
Tut: I'rcx asks why we do not pub-
sh tho letter of aceeptarcc of our can-
Into for Congress, and especially that
pint of hi- letter referring io the lai'ff.
Whv the deuce don't the I'rcn publish
ol Hume-' war record ; or the hiiory
how ho tried to beat the widow
ideiibaugh out of $",0G0; or try and
tell its readers all about liurnes1 con
nection witli the Slate Treasury Meal;
it mluht devote a Utile space to tho
Rloomingtou township. (Buchanan conn-
y) Ronil ea8, in which its eandidato
r Congress figured so ptomincnlly,
and tho tax levy in that township for
ho year 1882, is four per cent, on tho
nidation, all oh account of this rail
oatl bonded debt. Whv don't you toll
our readers about tho Mexican dollar
outrage, that your candidate for Con
gross perpetrated upon the laborin;
classes of St. Joseph? It might toll tho
people of this "neck of the woods," all
ibout the St. Joseph Water A or
chemo, wheioby.I. X. llunios compels
the people of that city to pay S120 per
ear for single faucet privilege, where
ten dollars was paid befoto Rurnes
hitched tho Water Works. Or the
'c man might reproduce some of
those items it published in 1880 about
tho Rurnes ring.
In " i'dor's Annals of Kansas," is
an account of the murder of Thomas W.
Rnrbor, while returning to his home
near Illoiuiugtou from Lawrence. And
Here is what thu Hon. .lames I", Legate
said in a speech betore the Old Settler's
.Meeting at Lawrence in 1879:
'I am sorry that as a matter of his
tiny my friend (iowrnor R ibiuson said
lo-iiay unit, Mix or rinrl; sliot I lis voiinu
man narnor, iui. ouimiio ot Lawrence
lie never shot mm at all. .Jim Rurno
wit" a young man full of blood and boll
and retains all the hell vet. and was
over here with Sheriff Jones' militia.
and Major Clark was not the man who
shot Rather, but Jim Rurnes was, and
was iniiteteii by a pro-slavcrv "rand in
ry tor suoonng mm. ntgiit is right.'
Tun St. Louis DiKjmtch says Col
James X. Rurnes' St. Joseph Gazette
has dUcovered that Senntor Coekrod is
a great man nud an eloquent orator. It
tells us that tho Senator is now ill tho
Fourth district laboring with his coat
off to induce disgusted Democrats to
vote for Jay Gould' nominee in that
district. Senator Cockrell bus ability
enough to know who is running tho
Democratic mr.chinu in this state.
Tim: Fairfax Independent, an Indo
pendent journal, which supports Rurnes
for Congress, has tit's to say Cor our
eandidato for State Superintendent of
Schools t
Wo are satisfied that Prof. O. (.'. Hill
of Oregon, Republican eandidato for
Superintendent of l'uhliu Instruction. 1
by far thu bes-1 man in tho uieo for that
Wai.U'.U Yoti.Mi, a pot of James N
Rurnes, and who was appointed throng!
the influence of Rurnes, ns financial
agent for Ruchnnan county, ii havin
considerable trouble to show why he
drew 82,000 from that county, and has
been called upon to show where ho put
in his work.
Tiik St. St. Joseph Volksblatt objects
to supporting the Republican nominee
for Congress on the ground that ho is
christian gentleman and u prominent
worker in tho Presbyterian ehurcl
lias it eonio to this, that a man shonl
nnt bo voted for, becauso ho Is a mem
her of a church?
H.VTHKit than winter their votes many
Democrats will vote fv Dr. llain, of
this county, for Coii'rross, Tho Doctor
is an honest ami conscientious Dom
ocuit, and will havo no mean following.
Ukts mo hcing mnilu in St. Josonh
by l'latto county men that Jim Humes
will not carry that county by over llvo
liumlreil majority.
till aJiMill Wi I VII I
position ok Tin: uittiKNii.vcKi'.us.
On tho liUh of August tho leading
Groonbaekurs of Nodaway county met
for ron-tiltutiiiii at Muryvllio, ami after
discussing the congressional outlook
asi-ed the following rescind 'tis:
Wiir.miAS, Tho Democratic party In
(invention assembled. Annus! 17. 182.
did nominate us their candidate for eon-
less in lids, tho Fourth Coni'ro-sional
Di-trici ol Mis-ouri, James X Rurnes,
ir his ability to operate doei) laid
.schemes against thu Interest of the peo-
no ami ior ine pecuniary e ovation of
iniself, and who now as admitted bv
cMittaido Democrats holds the tiowiiiiu-
lion by a liberal us of money through
hi1 mercenary strlki i; therefore,
Jumi'.vuI, That it is the fense of this
meeting t at It Is the ohin duty of ov-
ry wen uisposi ii, conscientious and lib-riy-loviit''
eilien of this, the Fourth
Congressional District of Missouri, to
use every honorable means, and foreao
ill party preferences in onno-dii"- tlm
lection of James X. Rurnes to Con
Hooked, That wo would rather vote
for tiny honest conservative man. ol
whatever political party, than to sue the
noble citizens of this district ami of the
state di. graced by Iho election of a no
torious corrtiptloiilst to congress.
Jlcfolrcd, That the Demociatiu dole
ales 'from this county who ci.st their
votes in convention for such a man.
knowing and confessing his reprobate
naracier, iiuscrvo ami will receive tho
ensure and condemnation of all sood
citizens of all parties.
Do the Grecuhackors mimn what they
aillrin in these resolutions? Wo know
they express the sentiments of afl lion-
est Democrats. A Grconbaekcr who
has any desire for I he defeat of
"Jeems" Rurnes. will not waste his
vote upon tho Greenback candidate, for
by so doing they iucrcaso tho chatwc
for Rurnes. We hupo evorv Greenback'
or will sco to it that Rurnes is over
wholiningly burled forever out of sight
Would it not bo best for you to glvo
up your eandidato by voting for a man
whom yon know Is fur above tho Dem
oeratiu candidate, whom you have al
ready announced in your convention as
a bold and base man.
poor business when ho come to the
Platte Purchase and took tho stump for
Hold Had Rurnes, Thu presence of
tho Demoeratli! Standard Roarer at thu
meetings of such a man as Senator
trunk Cockrell completely kills tho
effects of his excellent speeches, espe
chilly that portion touching upon pollti
cal ceriuptlon. Tho Rar'l-bellicd
Ruebniian Ross ought to havo dlscre
Hon enough to stay in bed and play
sick man" until after tho election
U. 1'. Sun.
Tiik attempt of Rurnes to shackle tho
Dumocrats In Platto lounty and compel
them to jiledgo thcmsulves to vote for
him in order to luivo tho pnvilego a
voting tho Democratic county tiekct.lias
aroused tho bitterest kind of opposition
to tho "blunted bondholder:" Tho
Platte county Democrats, who know tho
recoru i mimes, no not propose to sub
nut to bulldozing or bartering. Jeenies
must resort to somu other expedient.
Jami:s W. Rain of Holt county, who
lias entered tho field as an independent
Democratic candidate for congress in
this district, i a gentleman of character
anil ability, and wi:l receive the votes
ot many Democrats who can not bwiiI
low a man of tho character of Jim
Si:natok Vkst Is denouncing monop
lies and at thu tamo time supporting a
State ticket which is headed by tho ron
ri'Miiitrttivo of the greatest monopolist
in itic lami. o rotor to Judge Slier
wood. J his is a fair specimen ol Dem
oerauo consistency.
Just received at T. L.
Price's Hnrdwuro Store, a
Full Iiin of COOK and
WAKE, ami tall kinds of
Kitchen Goods. Come and
see mo. Will sell you goods
nt Low Figures. Also havo
hand a small line of
Etc., Hint I will sell at BAR
GAINS, in order to close
thorn out. ,'F.L. PRICE.
Our rcrotit Ili-avv Jiurflinn of fall sunt Wlnti-r (loniH are now nil lit.
iniit Me rnnllully invltr all meters of IhN paper who ever visit HI. .Incili
In pay iihii llt -t Inspect Inn. Our Suit Unoms eiintalli the largest Stock (it
t m' mul CliMilreii i Clunks unit WnuiliiK4. tJiitles ami Clilfilri'iH' Suits,
l.a'llct' mill Clillilri'in' t'liriiMilnn (iniiiN, ami "ItihmtV Wanlrulie," Mimvu
West nf CIiIi'iiko. Tlie ery latest Intmiliiellfiiis In Dress (loocls, Silks, Vol
wts, plasties with trlimnluijs to ninteli. Law Importation made by our
selves direct (rum Parts ol Kreneli Hosiery, for IjuIIcs, dents mill Children.
Hosiery, HaiUisfs anil
r.O Doreii Tadles" nud Clilldrens all Linen Handkerchiefs at Bo. Tfl dozen
Ladles' and Children' Colored border, all I.lnen Handkerchiefs nt 8 I -a. lu
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plain, toe. 210 doen Hose, Plain ami Kaucy Colors, from llankrinit Hale at
less than half value, worth Co to 7.1c, we self nil iiuallties nud sl.eg at 29c tier
pair. TmwIK tieavy ill I.lnen, I 1-i ard lone at Vw. worth tile, Heavv Da
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any iimntltv at
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We believe we can save any person, reiilrlnu' even a snmlljhlll of
(londs, more Ulan tlielr expenses, by Ihelrvoioltii; to St. .bwejili to purchase
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lloml to select from, than they could llud til smaller Mores. Suppose von
try it ouee. It will altord 11 plcauri tosliow you tlmuiKh a very nilracllve,
stock of Ooods, whether puicliases are made or not. Headquarters for Hut-U-rlck's
Patterns and Piilillcallons.
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P. S.-Afk to see Merino Underwear. We have "Kverjtlihie" for La
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Miitae pieces. Price from Hie ery Iicst lo lutiher prices.
Jones, Townsend & Co.,
For Men,
For Boy's,
For Youth's,
For Children,
Assorted with
good opportunity for Improving
swino. s. u, iticcot tlm firm of
Itico is Clj, ol 8t.Josoph,Mo.,bas
a few head of tu'
that will bo solulrcapforwantof spaco
for keeping. Among them ono boar
and ono sow farrowed, April 1st, 1881.
For particulars, pcdigreo and prices,
address, . II. lttOE,
St. Joseph, Mo.
For Sale.
A houso and lot with a never failing
woll In Now Point for $450 cash. For
nrtienlars. awplv at this olllco.
Bouse Furnishing Ms I
Respectfully asks tho attention of
To Thclr-n
Unequalled Assortment
For the Bridegroomt
great caro anil bought under the most
favorable circumstances lor cash, uur motto Is tair
ami Square Dealing. Alt floods aro marked ami sold
at tno
Wo nroposo giving ontlro satlsfaetlon to all, or tho
1 :...n.. .......... I.. .1 it, '
money i'iieoniiii,Y luiwuiuu. ku suneii. uur jiaiioii'
ago. uomomuer mo inaee,
4th and Felix St., St. Joseph, Mo.
g Money to Loan.
Borrower can pay off loan at any
inuo, or any amount.
ltoal Ustato & Loan llrokor,
Oregon, Mo.
jy-WiU bo in Mound City ovory Satur-
'Holt and Atchison counties fur sale. Host
selllitu patent In tlio market. Acents wanted,
AUdiessUKO. W.UBM.&Co. til Joseph Mo.
An exelmngo speaks of "Ohio girls
who gamble." Ohio pcoplo will do al
most evoiythlng except dabble In politics.
If you wnnt a real good Hoot or
Shoo, haml-madc, and warrantul to
glvu you satisfaction, go to Graham &
Frame, Ataitland.
Tho fall Illver Advance Inoulro
"Whom shall wo Hang? sav wo com
mence on wall naoer and window cur-
When In Muitlnnd do not fail to
call at Mcliilnch's sample rooms where
you can ardor anything m tho goods
lino. Everything at sample rooms.
The Czar sings out jubilantly, "Tally
one for our Milol Have just mtulo a
journey to Moscow and never lost a
Cabinets, $3.00 per doen nt Snur
mans, bixtu street, above Francis.
St. Joseph, Mo.
General Sherman says that Washing
ton is not such a bud place after all.
And lieeclur says there Is no hell.
Remember that 1). W. Thuma Is
still noont for the Old Reliable Conti
nental Fire Insurance Co. He will call
on you soon.
Time wings Its silent war and it will
soon bu enreirle to leave orders for
buck.wheat cakes and sausages.
Dawson, Hall & Ziirler, of Mound
City Mills, have overhauled their mills
from bottom to top, and are prepared
and doing lirst-class woik.
Chester A. Arthur. Jr. and Miss
Maude Crowley, (laughter or Riehard
urowicy, oi xsew lorn, aro to uo mar.
ried early next month.
Hen. Fleming & Uro. tho leading
Hatters. Terms, eash, prices the low
est. -JU7 Felix Street, St. Joseph, Mo.
-A Michigan cow mixed in a clothes
line, and paraded the streets clad in
underwear that no man could inako mis
use of, and you'd just ought lo liavu
licaiu llie uoys wnoop.
Call at Mclniueh's Sample Rooms
in Maltlnnd and sco the buss lino of
Hoots & Shoes.
Mr. Haas, of Snrinirfiold. Tumi., is
the happy father of iwouty.ono cluldieu
twoniy of whom are girls. His resi
dence is known as tho ''Sunday head
quartets of the young men's club."
Iniuro your properly against wind
Miirins, cyciones linn loriiatioes 111 tlio
Continental, 1). V. Thuma, aeut.
Wait till liv calls.
Julian llavvthorno proposes to havo
pliotograhed pages of his lather's post
humous romances printed with tlio
work as a proof of its genuineness.
Now is the time to got llisl-ela-s
Photographs. Lozo has reduced his
prices to SID.OO per dozen for Cabinets,
St Joe, Mo.
Jim piled in without nuothor word
being said, and was soon asleep, and
as I was sliding silently out to llnish the
A full lino of Saiimlo Overcoats for
inspection at Mcluinch's Sample rooms
ni aiaitianu.
They do say that Bon Butler has a
cockoyo. Ho cocks ids evo toward tho
governorship of Massachusetts about
onco in iwo years, u, lor a cockoyoi1
Walt until D. W. Thuma, ngont of
tno uiu lieiiablo Continental calls up
pon you. Ho will insure vour nronortv
C cheap as tho cheapest.
It may look a trillo strango, hut
people aro carrying umbrellas this sea
son never owned ono before. Later :
Tho jmo number of pcoplo aro trying
to wrry ulong glthout ono.
Tlio best selectud. tallest line ear.
nod in General Stock in the county, at
Graham & Frame's, Maltlnnd.
4 The most fashionable timo for
huffing pouplu, over in Egypt appoars
toe at sunrise. This is anothors strong
ayil wciguty arguiueut against early
U-V fine selection of samplo clothing
tlh bo tfeu nt Mclulneh's sample rooms
Confederate bonds aro quoted at
Mini tlio gl,uoo ayaln, which must
madupomo owners of mining stock wish
to 1ilven thoy had invested in conled
oruto bonds.
Romombor that tho Old Continen
tal pays all its losses In full, without
any mangling. liiey have no two
thirds or three-fourths clauso in their
policy, 1). W. Thuma, agent. Look
out ho is coming.
jfjvcn If a boy Is always whistling,
"I want to be an angel," it is just as
woll to keep tho preserved pears on tho
top self.
Cards 81.60 nor dozen atSaunnan'a
Sixth Street, above Francis, St. Joseph,
Spoakine of a ratlior soft vouner
swoll, a Hrooklyn girl sid: 'llfs
mind Isn't altogether thin, hut quite
thick in some places, llko a poious
Dawson. Hall & Ziclor. of tho
Mound City Mil Is, arc running their
mills every dav and turning out first-
class work,
Oun national debt was reduced ilC-
000,000 in Sptomber.
Fred Seeman.
Oregon, Mo.,
in-.u.r.it in
I.-ullpi, Mines mul Ckllilrca's Flue Shoos and
MlpliiTs. Alsi Men anil Hoys I'liu ami Heavy
llnotsunit Shoes j nil Hump tor cash. I iiiiiko
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ttlcnils and tho public; to nlvn us a call Ix-toro
purcliaslns elicwkere. My motto Is
Kyfry stylo and niiallty or limits ntul Shoes
ni.'itle to order mul sutMitftlon Bmiranlcoil. Par
tlciilar iitti'iition paid to rcpalriiiK limits ami
Shoos. A full asiHrtuicHt of leather always on
hand. '
-THE ror-ui.AH-
Merchant Tailor,
Offers to the citizens
of Oregon and Holt Coun
ty, tho lliicst lino of Picco
Goods ever brought to this
county. They will bo
Fashionably Cut,
Accurately Fitted,
Xoatly and expeditiously mndo up, nntl
will bo sold at
my entire stock of
Spring: WaoiiN,
in order to close them out. I mean
just what J say.
J. W. PK
RF.T, Oregon, Mo.
Edwards; Bennett & Price
Will bo found at tho Fast and WestSidn
Meat Markets, whore they will sell you
tho choicest Beef, Pork, etc., and pay
the highest markot price for Hutcliorw'
Stock and Hides. V e solicit town anil
country trado.
Oregon, Mo,
For Sale or Trade.
I havo 240 notes of good first anil
second bottom land in Brook county,
Kansas, nine miles boutheast of tho
county seat, Stockton. Tho farm is
well watered; has a young orchard;
abundance of timber; a goodhouso anil
fences. Tho land is on tho Big Medi
cine, G miles south of tho south fork of
tho Solomon. I will soli on reasona
ble torms, or wlil trndo for Holt county
land. J. W. PERET, Oregon, Mo.
Instantaneous Photographs.
When you bo to St. Joo bo certain
and visit the handsomo llttlo around
floor Photograph Gallory of Mr. Staple,
whoro you will llnd beautiful specimens
of tho rapid photos. Ho makes a spec
ialty of Family Groups and Chiltlrons'
pictures; also copying and onlargin"
old pictures. Gallery on Francis St.,
nearly opposite Postoilico. Look at
his prlcos cablnot size photos, satisfac
tion guaranteed, $2.00 per dozen. Card
slzo photos, satisfaction guaranteed,
$1.00 per dozon. This Is n shanty
but a coniplote gallorv.
.A.tto vnejp nfcljaw,
WIIJ. practice In all courts In Missouri, Kan
as and lowii. l rompt attention glvou to nil
huslncss entrusted tiiUiii.
tong cxpcricnco hns enabled i to combine
,,.!-1i1.0V!1?it,,l?rP,UKl.1 unrt satisfactory manner,
tlio tuition Is tho lowest and only rfno'lmil : In
(hilt. 4081'cllx Mt.) , itlTNKIt
All parties knowing thomsolvos In-
dented to nin will nlnnu., ..n . .
settle, as I mean you,
B. A. IIim,,
JmM.', ...... ' JUL.

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