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DOHYINN A Co., I'liblUhtra.
St. NleliolM.
lie "promts hi) wlngj llko banners In the
Ho clcarcs the nlr afloat on pinions wide,
I.caijilfr) upon leagues, acrojnthe lonely eeas,
IIo sweeps nbjvo the vnt, uncaey title
Vot days togl'if r through tho trackless skies;
Ptcailtatt, without n quWer ot his plumes
Without a moment's pauso for rest, he tiles
Through ihu.ilii'r sunshine and through
cloudy gloom'.
Tlmnitlio crtcn gulfs lis glides, or skims tho
Searching for boaty with m eager oyc,
KciveMng atnlt ulicto tho long breakers comb
O'er wrecks forlorn, that topple helplessly.
He loves tlm tcinpcit; ho U glad to nee
The roaring jriili to heaven tho billows toss,
l'or strong to battle with the storm is he.
The mjftlo bird, tho ivanderlng nlb.it ross!
an imsii r.nvi: s(no.
A. I', on.wr.s.
Ah I swan of f-lciiilcrncsf., dove of tendcriiM,
lewt'l of J jy, arlsi!
Tho llttlo red lark, llko a rosy upark
Of long, to his sunburst file;
Rut till yotl uro risen, earth Is a prison,
Full of captive sfg.is.
Then wao nnd dlsuoverto your fond lover
The morn of )our unle'.ilc eyes.
Tho dawn Is dark t) in? I hark. oh 1 lurk tome,
Pulse of my liiurt, I pray,
Amlgeiitl gliding out of thy hiding,
Dazzli' inn with thy day I
Anil oil I 1M 11 to thee ulnglng, mid ilglito
I'.isslon fo twit and gay.
The l.irk sin II If stun Mid iluwdrop. gllilcn,
Laughing on evcrv spray.
KxiK'.v IV IiiU In U.itlln.
For tttu nvurajro breeder tho o-c:tlloiI
fancy tioluls li mi no nttrnuliun or vnl
nu, nun hu ii.l do well to stcor oloir
of thoai. Tho tir.'iutiefil man mint
good milk i.ml biuinr unit plenty of it,
mill on this is uia profit I i banoil. It mukoj
no ililloronci! to hini.in tho (luiry.wliuth
or tliu has .iuh u "Muck tongue. :i:ul
dwltoli" or not, !H onx as alio prove t
to boa aul-biiintial "fancy" .iiilnial at
tho pail orlmtiui'tub. lYnitioal breed
ora nnd f rruiru look ut cow, not for
her btvuitv awl liantl.somo lorm and
nieoly blond- d inurl.in;r, but lor liur
ubili'v to p -.y a sood prmit on lior lirst
:oat and lor 'lio loo J and euro lven to
hor. If s';ii oninot do this, nor "fan ty
potiiUt" do ii t convliio theiii that ehu
in u (lusirnMu animal to havo in tho
ThoK.iriiHu-'-i llniil:.
Wciitcru Vlo i man.
Tho fanner's land luisboon vory apt
ly ditordi'fS us his liirjk, uud tho lut
mor should romtm'-ur tluit it U a bank
ofdoposi'. No niattur how iaro tho
dopodio in a batik may be, constant
ilrafmoii it without fresh deposits, aro
bourn! to exhaust it in time. Thoso
who work thnir land year nftor yoar
and l) nko no provision for koopinjj up
tho vitality mid liiliiios'iof tiio soil aro
drawing mi llioir capita), -when tlioy
should dr.iiv only on thoir dividends.
A pood piouo of land will pay ooii
dividends so lonr as its capital is kept
unimpaired. This condition is secur
ed by deposits of mnunro r.sd othor ap
proved fortiiiiiors, at propor intervals.
Neglect thusu provisions, and fnlluro is
suro Cofol'o.v tho drafts ou tho bank
havo jjoiio to protest beviiuso tho ac
count is overdrawn.
Cooking ItreftUiili.
A inonibcr of my own family has
brought tho oookicg of this artiolu of
food io what wo consider perfection.
Tho first ro4tii roniont is not so much a
londor and juicy stouk, though this is
alwius to bo devoutly desired, but n
glowing bod of coals," a wire gridiron
u stout imo wltli good-tifcud wlroa; a
double oni', f.o that you can turn tiio
utoak without touclilng it. Tho stoak
should not bo pouudt !, only in cx
tromo caiii! when it i:i cut too thick
and U "stringy." Attempt nothing
olso when ooo.clcg tho stoak, have overy-tliiiigt'l-o
ready for tho table; tho po
tatoes and vcgetablos all in thoir re
spective disliiH ir: tho warming closot
or ovon, with tho door loft opun alittlo
way. rrnm leu nilnutoi onward is
lieoded to cook tho stoak. Tiio timo
mint doueud on tho slzj, an 1 you cim
eaiiily loll by tiio color of tiio gravy
which runs from tho stoak, wheu great
ly pressiid with a knifo, as to It! condi
tion. If tho master of the house likes
it "rare- done," whou there la n puspl
cion of brown gravy with tho red, il
will bo fo ij infer Unit It is done
enoufili for Mm; if, as is cjoncnilly tho
vase, iho next stago is tiio fuvotito one,
removo tho steak from thoirrldi'on tho I
Instant tho trravy Is wholly of a ligut I
brown. Uomovo it to n hot ptatur; I
peppor and f-alt ittosult your tasto,
put ousmull lumps of butter, and then I
for two Imuf moments being sulllclont
to carry it to tho tublo. One absolute
ly essantiat fni'torin tho preparation of
a gord buiiUtohk is that it must bo
served aton 'o. The stoak should not
bo pormiuo I to s and and stoma whila
other work is being ncooiuplWhod.
lloiH.iliulil CllllVf iiluiu-oi.
As thn "FiUin and Garden" says,
thorn aro many llttlo conveniences
which ndd much to tho comfort of tho
hoinohold and cost but littlo mjucy.
A litllo forethought often saves b ill
timo and labor. A oclluo curtain laon
odovor tho vhool of tho suwing ma
ohlno protects tho operator's dress from
groaso. A small wadded qnllt niiulo
and kept espooially to cover ilio broad
when is is sot to riso, is muoh nicer and
more olonniy than tho old coats ond
shawls wnlch porform that duty in too
niaiiv households. Mithors with aov
rralflttlo ohiidr?n who attond school
will hit I'D monf by soouroly fastening
oftoh chlld'H glove to its coat by strong
tapes. A small table providod with n
.support which 10,10 lies to tho floor and
steadies it, will 00 found vory useful in
,'t small ki.chou. It should bo attach
ed to tiio wall by hlngos, t'jJwhon not
in u3o can bo foldbd up, thus loaviug
tho fonco it oocupied for othor par
post b It 0 n b:i mod f r dish-washing
is a capital place to mould bread or to
Iron upon. A largo dining table may
bo mudo in tho same way, only it must
no itnionou up against thu wan ami ho
oared by a button or bolt.
Wlint in un Aymhlttr
AVh n attending fairs I am ofton
nsko I, "What is an Ayrshire good forP"
lor tiio benollt of thoso who aro not
itoiuaintcd with tho particular virtues
ot this vaiuame uroon 01 nunc oattio, 1
will hero give a short skatoh of thorn
ntd wiia, thoy a. 0 good for. Tho Ayr
Bhlro brcod oi caMlo originated in tho
county of that namo in Scotland. Thoy
h.ivn boon brought to their prcsont
high stato of pbrfoction principally
throusrh tho carctul aolectlon in brood
ing. Thoy havo now boon brod for
moro than a contury with special ro
gard to thoir milking qualities. In
color thoy nro generally red, or brown
and white distlnotly ignrkod. Thoy
nro of medium sizo, compnetly built,
and with such a porfect set of diges
tive organs that thoy nsslmllato loot)
with tho least poasblo wnsto, thus con
verting into milk all tho available por
tions of thoir food. In dispojltioii
thoy aro kind and docile, and nro very
approclitllvo of kind treatment. Ajr
Bhiro milk Is nronouncod by analysis
and physhuns to bo a porfoot food,
and its composition appronohos more
nearly to that of tho human rnoa than
that of any other breed of cntt'o. It Is
on that account qnniiliod In ttm high
oil degroo for tho growth nud nourish
ment of younr chl'dron and for tho
susionanco of tho ndii't. II Ing ileh in
crv cine, It is parliotilnrlv ndip o 1 for
thu mauufacturo of choose, glVin'r
larger returns for tlm amount usnil
tluin otlur milk Iluttcr mudo from
Ayrshire milk is noted for its mild,
dt'llcito flavour, Arm toxturo, nnd
koejilng (piiilttinf. Ayr? lit res nro not
only largo, but rich milkers; tiiry nr.)
Industrious feeders and hold out thoir
flow of mill: well to tho ond of tho smi
son. On a icount of thoir thrifty make
up the boat and dry woatlit r doos not
cflo -t their How of milk in tho same
degroo that it does cattlo of tho larger
breed'. In fact, thoy him pro-omlnenV
ly tho poor man's cow, and will glvo
more milk and miiko more but cr for
tho amount of food consume I than cat
tlo of any other brood. That thoy nro
not moro geoeraliy known throughout
this country Is piobably the fault of
tho breedor-s, who do not Indu'go so
freely in printer's ink to publish tli-dr
merits as somo of their competitor.' do,
but ns nn ingenious writer in tho Farm
Jouinitl puis it, perhaps this Is the run-i;on:--,,Ar-hlros
nro kept usv mak
ing milk and butter whloh their own
i')'i nro busy selling for their living,
ii.siend of publishing wide.iv thoir peili
grcee, and what their grand dams, or
their si3ters, or nny distantly related
animal 1.1 wild to havo done in tho way
of making butter, mid upon which ac
count overy animal tracing in blood to
suoh n oiw is said to bo wnrlli enor
mous sums. Thoso animals aro valua
ble lo i,ol1, whilo Ayruhlos aro valua
ble to keep, and this is porhnps why
OnO I'aiolv hoars of Ihom." Thern 14 u
great deal ef so'.id truth in tho fore
going Kiaiomont. 10 cum up their
qualitiea in r. nu'shell an Ayrshire
eo.v i.i of inedlum size, of eeonoiiiicn
build, with a strong constitution and a
kind disposition, mi induMrium feeder,
an easy keeper, and a largo milker.
TeseliliiR (llrls to M'orlt.
An CM-liango, in dlscoursirig upon
tho necessity, and propriety, ol leach
ing girls t. work, hays liiat mother
otton mako .1 groit mistake in to neg
lecting this teaching. Tho idea that
thu wiiolo I Into out of school should bo
dev. tod to plav is 11 fallacy. Many
girl') grow up to womanhood without
knowing how lo porform tho simplest
dutits of a homo, boeauso tho patience
to teach hor was uod po?.sssed by tho
mother. It Is astonishing how much
may bo accomplished bv littlo hands
trained to do tho lighter housework of
a lamily. If oacli oidld is mado lo fool
that, slio I of somo laiportaneo, and
that tho work sho lias to do is a help to
tho mother, it will mako tho duty 11
pleasure rather tlem n task.
Each child should have certain du
ties to perform, nnd do them regularly
nnd well. It mo.st of tho work is donb
by servants, perhaps it is not necessa
ry that thn daughters bo obliged to do
much housework, but thoy should Imvo
somo duties to perform that thev may
learn how to work, and how" work
should b j done. O110 of tko first things
to bo taught girls is tho card of thedr
room, with convenient places lor ihelr
clothing, end should bo obliged to
kcop their tuinga in ordor. When thoy
take oil garments they should hang
them up or arrange them in thoir prop"
er places, and never 1 avo them for
Eomuono else to put away. Dusting
furniture- nicely requires a good deal
of time, and may bo dono well by small
hand , uhlch aro not utroig cnopgh to
do swooping. Washing dishes and
putting thorn carofnlly in thoir places
Is an accomplishment which thoy onn
loam itlso. Othor thing ihey can 'loam
gradually, as they grov older, until
thoy lmvo fully mastered tho art ot
housekeeping. ' If tho task of training
is not an easy ono, mothor.s will feel
amply ropaid in nftor years for all thoir
patient teaching, whou thoy seo thoir
daughters glow up Into a telf reliant
womanhood, learned in all the loro of
which women snould bo mistrespe.',
making a homo that shall bo beautiful
and Kloiilied by her own hands ni.d her
o vn spirit of independence.
Tho Singhalese.
Irot. Ilueekel, In Nature.
Tho at oater number of children play
ing iu tho stroot woim boys. Gil Is aro
early accustomed to remain insido o
huts and employ themselves in houfo
hold work. Ho Idos t,hi., thoy develop
vory young, bo'ng often married at ton
or tvulvo yo.rs old, nnd old w&ucu at
twenty or thirty. UrnntlmothA's of
twonty-llve to thirty aro vory froquonl
A f urtiior siguilionnt faot is tho porma
nont disproportion of malo and fomalo
biiths itniong tho Singhalese. Tio av
orago is ton bova to eight nine linihs
girls. Tho fact i9 onniioctod, to wouio
bxtont at least, with tho curious isli
tinion polyandry. In splto of tlnl of
forts mado by tho English GoiniioHt
to suppress this custom, it.ninijtiiiii3
its ground, especially in tho 1110 ro
mote dis'.rlots of tho island, It is not
unusual to find two or tliroo biltlinrs
with O110 wife In oommon, it?al ladlos
may bo found too happy pos eVft.s of
tou or twelve hmbahds. Tnu com
plicated family nrrnngoimnts f Jrm the
thomo ol many extraordinary sio. los;
but it is vory dlilUsult to (Jstiugulsh
fact from fablo on tho subjotf. . .
Tho Singhalese havo a passion for mu-
sio uud dancing, and practice both arts
aouording to a standard of tlsto vory
ditloront from our own. Thoir princi
pal instruments aro tho drum nud tho
tomtom, vigorously belilo'od wlt'i
woodou drumstioks; bosidos theso, thoy
liavu rood'plpos, und a very nrlraUivo
stringed istrumeni of ono stiing. My
evening calm was often broken in up.
on by tho din of thoso oar-splitting in
strumonts, nnd if I followed tha souud
to its sourco was I suro to find, In front
of 11 firo undor a palm troo, a group of
ten or a dozon nakod, brown iollows,
gaily painted with whito, yellow or rod
btripos, and indulging hi tho most ex
traordinary antics. A olrolo of specta
tors stocd round and followed tho gio
tosquo porforuiauoo with dorout ntton-tion.
flair's DumIiIh .Morliir.
Tho marvolous durability or mortar
In Italy Is nttribittul liy tho kondon
lliuldcr to tho fnct that tho lime roniains
In a pit covotod with water two jours
boforo it Is uod, wlnrois iu Knglnnd
Hmo is slaked and used tho snmo day.
Most building "peelfications ovon ro
qt'iro nowly-slakod Hmo.
A New t'lipor I'Unt.
Tho magnny plant whloh abounih In
Mexico, is said to produce n llbro equal
to the bust Yucatan jute, nnd nn excel
lent quality of paper pulp. Mills for
utllk'.Uig tho plant in this direction nro
lo bo startod immediately. Tho Mexi
can government encourages I bn now In
dustry by tho olVor ol a premium of
$.10, 000 for every suoh mill establish
ed comlltlonod on certain ttipu ntlous
for rendering llin cnlerpriso eiliMtivo.
t'nilcrRtiiiinil IVIirs,
Tho laying down of Iho tclogrnphlo
wlro which is lo put Marseilles iu ill
root cninmuiileafion wllh the cioltnl of
Kratiee, Is being rapid'v pushed for
ward. Tim dis'iu eo Is Md mile.'. Two
hundred nnd lifty workmen are at irc s
"i1 employed on tho right bank of the
Hhone, following tiio high-r nid 1 as far
as poHiblo. Tho cable is enel j.od In a
cast-iron box- laid ut a depth of i
foot II inclics undor ground, iho joint
of 1 ho pipes being covered whu india
rubber wa hers and Juadon rings
About oven- fi.V) yards tlm ca'ilo passes
thiough a ilovinvd ch-imber of oast iron
littod with a man-hole, by menus i f
which it can bo inspected. About ev
ery 110 ynids tho pipe aro eoniU'Ced
by cast-iron boxes, which also enable
tho wires lo bo Inspoited and repaired.
Tho expense of the w'-ol' worn is estj.
mated at torty million franes. oriM,
(100,000. When this lino slmll bo com
pletod it Is iirended to ivinncct It with
tl e Transatlantic and Mediterranean
Iiiiirnt'iii(iit In Ulilmne.VH.
Si'lentlllo Atnerlcti.
The best chlninoys aro mado by in
oloMng hard-bakod i-lazi'd pqio in n
thin wall wall of brick". Su.dt ehini
nnys will not only draw bettor than
Ihnso made in tho usual way, but the.-c
will bo los danger from "difectivo
Hues." A four-Inch wall of brick i be
tween us and do"t ruction by flic Is a
frail barrier, iwiceially if tho work is
carelessly dono or tho mortar ba
criimblod from the joints. To build the
eoiniuoy with dimblooroiht-inoh walls
makes them vtuy large, numi cxpnii
sivo, and still not as good as when they
contain tho fUiooth round Hul.s. To
have an tiir-idmiutKic liofwon'i them l'or
ventilating', is boitcr then to opon di
rectly itilo tho 5111 )ke-llne. boeauso it
will hot impair t hi tlrauzht for th& lire,
and ihoro he no danger of a sooty
odor In tho room wlio.i tho clrdiilMlim
happens to bo downw rd, as it will bo
occasionally. The out'ldo ehimney,
if tliero is one, should havo an 1 x'ra
air-chamber between tho wry outer
wall and thu back of thn lin place to
havo heat, a precaution that removes
to a groat extent thecominonobjoctioti
to Mtuh ohunnoys. A very liryo per
cent of fins conio from di.feclivo ehini-
1)0 s.
Origin ot TuiiHkT Storms.
M. Sprln;' recently took o.eopiion
before the Jleh'iaii Academy to the
theory that tho forming thuiidor-cloud
aequiros elo"trioity from tne air and
through condensation, producing
lightning and thunder when it an
pioaoliOM auolhor eloudopposiioly eloi)
trifled or near tho earth. No)roduo
tion of electricity, ho saj's, lias over
boui observed, experimentally, during
tho condensation of aqueous vapor.
Ills theory, which ho supports by a
number of facts obtained in Aloino ro
gions and tho laboratory, is as follows;
Each hailstone, of whubvor sizo, is tho
result of union by regelati'on of mauy
crystals of sleet. In this procos ah'
enormous freo surface disappears in a
body that is a nnn-cendiicli.r of elec
ta lofty, namely ico, and in presence of
another non-conducting " tnih.-anoco.
namely, dry t.ir. Experiment leads us
to expect in such a process tv larj;o de
velopment of electricity, uud to lids
has to bo added electricity arising from
friction of tho hailstones with the air.
Thus wo havo a inrgo number of elec
trified spheres near each other, and
asparated by an insulating medium;
and thoso forming, in somo sort, the
surfino of tho region should, according
to Farada' s researches, ucquiro an
electric ch'argo equal to tho enni of
charges of the central epheros. Ilenco,
enormous oleclrio tension iu that su
perficial part, relieved, from time to
time, by disohart;o between tho hail
stones and the air or thu grouu I.
Throughout tho unlwrso arnfcatlei
od inj riadsof stnrsystoms.eaoli appear
ing to tho unaided oyo ns a single point
so great is tho distance rYoai u but
each conistim; of two or moro groat
blazing suns, widely separated, butro
volviug about a oommoV: center of
gravity, and iloti ot Io-h attended be
planet's traversing bowlldorlngly com
plicated orolU Of tho donb, 0 stars,
many syatoms havo compinunt-- of ill!'
erent colors, tho colors boing comple
mentary. This peculiar featuromust
produce a htriklug effect upon tho
jilanotary attenda ts of tho colored
sans. "What," hays Mr. W. Dobeiek,
in a vecont paper on doublo stars.
' must bo tho nature of thoso worlds
illuminated by two oilicreut suns, ono
yollow and anoUier purple? Xi w
rises tho ono nnd all I clot hod in yol
low. now tho other, and illuminated
from complementary sourcos every oh
Jeotapfeara'nlts i.atural color. Thou
sets tho yellow sun, nnd what must bo
Iho diversity of euVots as it approach
es tiio human! And behold, naturo
puts on a pi.rpln manilo. Then, also,
that sun pots, at d In tho darkuo3s of
night, though tliero is seldom night
whom there aro .wo suns, ti.ooiarry
hoavons nro scon thoro muoh tho pamo
as hero, except perhaps for moons re
flecting light from tho diflorontiy col
ored suns. Ii.it stars that seem large
to us aro hardly visible thoro. while
our sun is percolyod In tho tolosoo'.es
of tho people (hat inhabit thoso
strange globes as 01 ly a faint star, and
nil tspliy si elans thoro provo from a pri
ori consideration that no life could
bask In tho feoblo glare of a single sun
how all would famish but fir tho op
polto oliect of tho two sun. And no
doubt life there Is helghlenod, seeing
how g'orlous Is tho creation on this
orb taut is kept alive by but ono sun.
A WIttv Nobleman onoo asked a olor-
ioal gentleman at tho bottom of tho ta
ble why tho gooso, whou there was ono,
was nlwnys placed next to tho parson,
"Iloally, my lord," said tho clergy
man, "your quostlon Is somewhat dltlb
cult to answer, and soromarkably odd,
that I vow I shall novor seo a gooso
again without being romindod of your
m:on ()AMiiF.rr..
A I'nrlslnn Itomimco Tlmt C'ltlinlnntsit In
thn Drntlt ofn iStiitejiimn.
Ciiiubetta mado 11 1 mvpia'titaneo of
Mine hoonii) h 'on. si-, she ha 1 of la'o
bflen kuo.vu. tk-wHi' o n cars ago.
There ha l iieen a ,-i' i i li ron of
somo d'lretion w.l 1 1 imi , ono else, of
which a son.ti v a' s,- n,j nfiermany,
was iho r'.s.ilt. Kir nuny jinm (', im
betta maintained .. tiii-niigu'ln tho lino
Honnpitrto with Mine. I.enii, veiling her
at lirst whh cireiiiiipei-tiiui, but later,
when a! the 'n UM of In nii'Ccs. tils
i.vowIml' nlUvdici alaHMit and apjiear
Ing with hor ptiltluly. l'mai:y .din be
eaiuo tho partner of it s iMuntry life at
Vdle d' Avray. M :' li ion "was the
wife of 11 snl...itor mimed Andiv, and
wuen UainboMn llrst in her was a
woman of gioat t.tut:t. At thirty.
four sho 1 1 h 1 yel. As t"'ieir intimacy
luhttticiMi vln) grow di-iimi' of slinritit,'
1ms ambiiioiiS. S ic was mistress at
Villo d'Avr.iy, sho presided atOanibot
t i'i ilinner.t, uud wa pres'-nt at bis In
formal councils, ami while his prosper
ity and activity coiilinui'd .shu grallli id
her wishes in iho political unnd ot her
hnvr in no ain ill dairroe. 1 nor (? tm
bctt.t cna'moil. F I btuiaaio luorb.d. a
pray to tits of deproflon, and so ight
to sceluilo hiutiolf tinning his 1 oolcs.
Ilos.iw fow ot his lrienda nnd bitb
jiliy finally and m. nlally showed a do
teruiitiati m 10 lethargy." Ho was dis
appointed; his p itleneo did not ivvord
wult his your: he did nut leol able lo
A out oiillteon mouths amt tlm sli!.
tor died, and to Mine. Leon iho world
liDK id brighter than ovur. Sun thought
(i.iiu.iDtia wont I coitaliiiv marry lu-r.
Slio h id vlious of a salon, of i, brill
iant I'i'liubliC of letters an I -iri.iif n-hlnl.
sho "'101:111 be thoaUaolu.c mi-.u.x, iiiil
to all tnis (!Mini! hill slm ktnir tli.i tv..,-
iloar bc'oro her. It was impossible
Oaiu'-ii lia said. To the ltepubliu ho
oived his Iti-.-L .bi'.y, and ho could not
attorn t 1 imperii his pnniimt. IIo w;u
lolhixible. nnd thii-o v.-.s 1111 lnn.r..i-
peace at Villo d' Avray. Mmo. Loris.
ins sisier, mul long advi-od In tn to nitii'-!
ry as boeamo Iiiaoiiiior.uuitiis. ami II.
linaliy ciiuo to Mine. Leon's oat's th.-it
ho as ongaged to Miiio. Oaltoiiihua,
a nieee 01 tiiat linn. D il.onshoa who
was ore of thn tieew of 'miieo. 11 hi.K-
of beaut V and fortune. This
that ho would sliurilv be totally Ion to
her, and aim inonired a) to tho truth.
IIo admitted, it is sai J, tit it uiicum-
.stances comnclli'd him I ri (ilmiiir.i Ins
modcoflire.tiiat the. sciuier she accepted
mo umviiaoie in 1 iioiu r. that his posi
tion and resj msib-litio.s mado tho pm
cetiliiiirs iniiiorativo. mill An nn. l'rmi.
.led with r.gf and iiiappointmt)iit.she
,1 1 .. 1. ..1. 1. .. ., .
11 fjtsiui, 111 un -mo rni.s piiij in-
tundi-d for liorself, aimed it .it Gambnt
ta, and llrod. At tho first movement ho
had riiihed toward her to wre.st tho
weapon from hn'. II- wia too late.
The oall entered the palm of his baud,
and, ranging upward, canut out of the
undor part of the fore.'irni. It u-is !i
painful but not noeessariiv a danorou
1 ... t . . . . 1 - ....
wnunii. 10 iiamooiia, nowever, itwa
fatal. Ho was already a victim to dia
betes and thosh ck to Ins nervous si ---
toill thiiiofntn! ills urlvmnii wlilr.li
nnsufd were moro linn ho could sus
(r inibntta's father had lvtnnttwl oil
propoialn for the purmanoiit int'iruioit
of tno nun. tins iu ('..ns and recently
bad them taken to Nicr. The ea -ket
wiih pl'icod tnmnorntily In tha
miuiWpal vault ol I "ore La Chaise.
A bag nf cart'i from Lorraine, enilirolil
ered with tiio w)rds: "Lotharin in,
monor. tun domli 1." 'v:n ohi.1'..! 1111..11
tho oollln.
mt. fittw -m 1
Knrfliipialiei anil I'juii'la..
A notado instlilii'rt of Iho .1 in inrisu
underitniiding of to.' conditio - '1111 ler
will ill thoy exist o .oiir.s 111 I ho ma"i ir
of giving soci'iitifs t i pagmj is. l'ag.
fidas aro ofieu uf "roat height, yet
many havo existed for sovai Intudrod
yeari, and have wunsio id nui'ojssfullv
1 ho vibrations of tlm giouiid, which
must havo inevitably nolilovod thoir
overthrow had ibv been era lions if
stoiio or oriol:. When 1 11 rut ascon iml
a pagoda, 1 wiis-s ruok wlhlh'iamouut
of timlmr employed in i oaiHiriio.ionj
and I could mi'. help fo-ling lb it tiio
material hero wutod was even iibsurd
ly oxecs-ivn. lint what oilond)d my
feelings most wa the presence of an
enormous log of woo I in the ceulre of
tho biructure, wlroh iiHcondod from Its
base to its apex. At tho top tliU mass
of limber wan nearly two feet in diam
eter, and lower down a log equally
largo was bolted to each of tho four
3ldes of this ootitral mass. I was so
.siirptisod witli this win t j of tlmbor
that I mlled tho attention of 1117 good
friend Sa'tata to tho mattor; and os
picially donouu ;ed tho itio of t.ui eon
tni bluck. To my astonishment ho
told 1110 that the strueturo must bo
Hcrotig t. support thu vas ui ntrnl mas.
In my ignorance 1 ropiieii iiiattin cen
ter part was not f upjioricd by the sides
Utif ntiit fiinnlilnri ti iti 1 frtiitii1 t 1 1 1 1
monstrous central mass Htispoudud llko
tho clapper of a bell; and when I bud
descended 1 could, by lylmr on tho
ground, see that thoro was nu inch
spaco intervening ujtwonn it aim the
earth whloh tornn d the floor of tlm pa
goda. Tho pagoda is to a Buddhist
templo what a snlro is to a Christian
ohurohi nnd by its olovor ojmtruction
it Is ouabloii to rotam us vuit oal posi
tion, even during the continuance of
earthquake shock, fur by the swing
ing ot this vast pendulum the centre of
gravity is kopt within tho bnso. I no v
understood tho renson for that lavish
mo of timber which I had fo rashly
pronounced to bo useless; and '1 seo
that thoro is a method in Jupaneso con
struction which is woitliy of high ap
preciation. Iu the ahsonoo of any oth
or instnnoo, tho omploymont of this
soleutlllo method of keeping tho pa
goda upright shows how carefully tho
Japanese nave inougni out tuoroquiro.
nionts to bo met.
Ono man oau deceivo anuddor in do
matter of fiioudship, but it ntn't that
way wid women. Among women dur's
a perfook iin'erstnndln' dat doy doan'
put no commence in eaen uuuer.
A llrlef Hut C'oinirelienlrn Nketeli of thn
1'umoin llrnuty.
Taofollowinglottorwasfurnlshcd the
Globo-Democrat, St. LotiH, while Mrs.
Langtry was playing thoro:
To the JUItor of tho (lljbc-I)einocrat.
"Tin; Soiiriii'.iis',"
January 10, 1883
DcAitSiit: Votidc
sire a few details of
"TL, Jf-t my ciuiy niu, 119
1 1 ! I..
much ins ucen dud-
iisneii of an erroneous naturo concern
ing It. I was bom In tho Isle--not tho
State -of Jcrsoy'twenty-elgbt'yea' s ago.
My father was dean of the Islam', and
senior dean of the United Kingdom.
My grandfather and groat irrandfatber
also belonged to tho clergy-all wore
were dlgnttnrles of the church. My
mother was a Scotchwoman. 1 had six
brothers, and all nut ono ieio older
than I. I was the oaly gitl. 1 led a
most retired life, sharing my In-other'
pursuits and receiving Iho snmo educa
tion, in. il 1 roaciiml my Jillh year. Then
I married Mr. Elwa'rd Langlry, and
paual a !x inontha honoi 111 ion" tin a
yacht. Two years subsequently I went
to Loudon chiefly to seek tho ml vice
o( a physl.'ian, m'l hail jiit recovered
from a s -vero attack of typhoid fever,
and I di'i'iidod its cono pumce 1. My
entrance into London social life dates
from n pnty at Lady Kobrlxht's.
Tiieticeforwnril 1 was Invited every
where and treated with tho utiuo't
kindness and cotiildcrallon. Duting,
t tii en seaon 1 I figured luces 'tiutlv in
I.)iidon society. M lanwlille. the cx-pi-nso
conneelcd with soidal pleasures,
ainl the Irish trouble1) -my husband bo
ing an Irish landowner and largely de
pendent, for his income upon Ms prop
eny in Iru'aud- exhausted our menu's.
It oecitne ueees-iary for me to earn a
livi.di)i)l. I had a ft long inclination
for tho stage, and my 'nisliaii 1 n.i'v
tior.ed It. My faintly Iu Jor.-oy win
snrunken; four "f niy'biothcrs hod died
-mv favorite lii'iilhi-r wv.s killed by 11
tab iu tho hunting Hold - -so the urospoet
01 nh-oiioc from England wni bus
ilis:riisilng than It might liava been.
Mr. Langlry strovo audi striving lo
do his snare toward n'ttiriti tntr . 1 r -ttiniM.
htid regrets.as mueli as I il i.that
he ia itaahtu, on that account, to ac
company mo lo America. This 1 mv
whole story, dinco I arrived, hero mv
ltfo h.,i been a piiblie o't; I have Ji.u!
ii'ithitt to conceal utul liovn nothing to
excuse, nontent In tho belief that lnl-o-
hood and iunlb.'titty will in thn end di
ktat themselves without efl'ort on my
tirciiery Wlituv U ills Tho Ori;;.u.
Oluvoland Uoekwell says in a recent
number ot "Harper's Maaa.ino" that
if the upper (Jjl.imbia is b irie.i of
beauty lo lovers et nijiurii.squo .eonery,
tiio jiaj.-.ago of the nvir fn m the
Uaik-i to Vancouver, through too
bean of the (.'aM'iule imuntains, is a
panorama of magnificent pieiitres.
Tho grand towering peak ot Mount
lloo.l, its icy slopes atnt gl icltis gils.
tutiin ' in tho sun, pieroc-i iho nine
vaultox.r tho .southern hor zna. Our
g m eousiantiy returns to in,-, hoary
suinuiit, and wo Had ours.dvus silently
woi'-hipping, overpowered with a
sense of iitllenu-.s in contemplating
thl enormous bulk. The Coui.ubia.at
the Ca -cades, narrowed to half its
width, dailies down the vapid 1 in a
rush of wild waters, reseiubiiiig 111 a
manner the rapi. Is of Niagata. The
ri"or approaches the lip of tho catar
act as placid and c.ilui an a lake, its
Mirlaeu dotted hero and thoro with
many a luftial rocky inh l. Our steam
botit approaches at full speed and
swiii, round 10 her moorings wltn
thu greatest, ennlhlence, while a few
hundred yards nelow the iHigrv
water is lashing its rooky shores and
leapinghigli over the submerged tucks.
The govi.rnnient is building loolwi on
tno Oregon side to enable stcambjiits
to pa-s up to tho dalles. As wo pa-s
up anil d wn tho river in tho early
..art of May, thu scene is a siiocossion
of grand and lovely turpi isei. J'lio
cottonwoods along tho shores havo
jus' dnunod their siring vesturo of
tender groeii; the dobcato quaking
a-puiis stand 1.1 groppt nnd triages,
n.iir round 10 vim quivering with tlm
lijj'iti-st lireii'h id nir. Above, the
fou'Ms of pines niid llr.s with somber
t'oiia'o fill tno ravines, and stand bold
ly out on every peak and crag. Tho
tops of the precipitous cilll'j are lost iu
the dcoey cloud, whilo gleams of sun
i.luiie hero ami tliero bring out with
vividntss iho snow still iiugotlng on
tho northern slooos. Crystal cascades
com.' leaping boldly over the lip of
sumtit iwtib g lillll, or thread the face
of tno dark basaltic rock with !in- s of
iuliiid silver, in ntititaiu months,
when irost has lighted the fiatues of
tno maples on tho hills, Uio red and
golden hues aro blended with iho
smoke and blnzo of Indian dimmer.
in dreamy contrast to tho blackness of
the pine. Wo aro subdued by beauty ;
our hearts aro full, but our Hps afo
silent. Wo long tor the 111 :gio brush
of a Turner to transfer this beauty lo
our own possession. Tho views
through tho highlands of tho Oo.uni
bla can not be efl.iced from thu mem
ory; tho chambers of tho imagination
are haunted by their shapes, and tho
heart swells with rupture anil content
ment that the sonno of perfect beauty
has boi.'n fully gratified.
Slmplo Simon,
Wcshrn Plowman.
Simple. Simon went a-(ljliln(
Fur tni'4..'li 11 whale;
but :ii 1 tho water ho linil got,
Was in his mul hi'r'd pall.
Thoro nro many Simple Simons In
tho world, and their piscatorial success
proves quite ns inditlorout as that of
tho original Simon. J. IiIh noted per
sonago mado somo grave mistakes, and
thoso errors of judgment have boon
perpetuated by ids successors in tho
various walks of lifo. In tho first
plnco, h's alms weio too lofty. With
out stopping tocoi sldor his inoxpurl
onco for so bold an undertaking, he do
llborately sot out "for to catch a
wltnlo." If Simon had started out.
mills career with tho determination
to cat'.di minnows, and then go onwards
and upwards, there was a possibillliy
that in tho fullness of time ho would
have reached the iroalofhis ambition,
by capturing a whalo. Llko others,
whoso oiuerprlsf s roprosent only a so
rb s of disasters, ho wnnttd to reach
preat results loo soon. This, thon, was
blmplu hluion's first great rulstako
Ills socond gravo error Is conclsoly ox
pressed in tho second couplet:
"Hut all the water ho had got
Was In bin motmr'n pall."
Tho nsttlto render will son verr nlnar
ly that tho ronsonwhy our hero fulled
to land the whale, was becnuo tho
whale wasn't there. W utiles are not
in tho habit of forsnkitig their nntlvo
haunts nnd placing thuihsolves in 11 po
sition 10 no easily caught. No; llko
01 nor groat results, thoy must bo hunt
ed whom thoy are likely to bo found,
and tho labor nnd danger correspond
with tho mugnlttnle ol tho object. In
this respeot nloito, Simple blinen has
many follower.. How many business
men Ihoro nro who put money, time,
lal or. and nil the enthusiasm and zeal
of their lives In enterprises, fishing for
roaiilt which tiiey never secure, sim
ply because thoy "aro not there. How
many third rate politicians, lawyers.
milliners ami authors ato laboriously
llihlng for whales, when their Intel
lectual ponds aro about equal to the
pnll iu whloh Simple Simon so valnlv
Hsbi'dP Alas. Simple Simon are nil
nr nun! us. Not prolitinir bv the ox-
PorlelU'o of other.- who havo ivio hi
their wlialrs, by braving tho dinger
of tlm oeoiin. Armed with the proper
Weapons of their warfare, and Mir-eeed-ing
only after ninny struggle. and dis-
uppoin'inonis, tnev seem to expect the
whales to swim out lo meet them nnd
yield themselves up without u at niggle.
iu secure slrung prey, strong niioris
aro iteiiimidod, and tlm enterprises of
life which are expected lo tirndiiee
real results wltlmiit the . rceisnrv ef-
fort being put forth to secure them,
will only prove another version of tho
story of Slmplii Simon.
- nr , 1 11
ThoCroolo Revolution In 17(58.
Mr. Cabin's second illustrated paper
01. the Creoles, in tho l''.i,rti..rv "(Vn.
lury," dea.s with their hlsiury about
tho timo of tho American ltui'oluilon.
rhu disastrous result of their own mi.
rising is decribed a follows:
It was the fa'.o of the Crcnlnt must.
bly 11 climatic resiti' to b slack-mind
ed und dilatory. Month nftor innntli
followed thn October unrl mt without
Oi") of thojo Incident's that would have
tneceded ut the history of an oaniest
poop'i. in March, 17(i:i, l'oicault
covertly d i.si'i'lcd id associates, and
I'linilnend them, ov lclt-ir. lo tlm
I'ruiieh cabinet. In April the Sn itilsl,
frigate sailed from ii-w OH onus.
1 liree intrepid UH'll fL-iVi'ht. (iivnrrn.
and Navarro,) the g.vo'rnnionuii st til'
wbleli Uilna had left iu Iho tn'ovineo.
Biill remained, unmolested. Nut a fort
was taken, thoiiifh it is prnimblo not
one could havo withstood assai It. Not
a spado was strtiek into the ground, or
an ob'tnictiuri planted, at anv strnto"--
t . 1 . - rs
iu jeiiui .
At J.'tiot Ji t.10 pi'.iiecl of foriilhi" a
I'l'PUbliu was revived ami Wus I'lven
dnlinlto shape and mlvocaov. lint.
prica'e-s timo hail bci 11 thrown away,
tlm opportune moment had passed, an
overwhelming Spnui-h atMiy aud fleet
was ap )io:iciiinr, ami tho spirit of tho
poofdo was parali.iid. Tho rev dt
igainf tho injiislie i and opirnsshiu of
vo royal powers at unco. In thn lirst
Earop-aii coleiiy t'i it fi'ortahi d Hi"
id"a ol pro'iaimi' gaerln U p ndo..co,"
i.-as virtually at an end.
It was tho'inisforniiio of Iho Grilles
lo bo wanting in tho Imbiti of mature
thought ami of self-control. Thoy had
not mado that study of reciprocal- ja.
lice and nateral rights which becomes
men who Aould ruit tyranny. Thoy
lacked tho aleady purpo'io bred of dai
ly til!. Willi these qualities, tho in
sumeiion or lriis might have been a
reioliition for the overthrow of l-'reneh
and Spanish misrulo and tiieo.st'tbllsh
inert and maintenance of tho right of
Tlm Creoles were valorous but unre
flecting. Thoy had the spirit of free
dom, hut not tho profound principles
of right which it becomes the duty ot
lnvolulloniat. to ussert und struggle
for. They rose fiercely against a con
fusion of real and fancied' gtiovancos,
sought to bo ungoveriiod rathor than
self-governed, auu following dWtoui
pertai loaders, became a warning In
their many-sided short-sightedness,
and an example only In tlieiri.iidaciiiu
They had now only tojiay the penal
ties; -mil it was by an entire Inversion
of all their lirst iutontions that thoy at
length took part in tho struggle which
brought io a vigorous birth that Amer
ican nation of which thoy finally be
e 11110 a part.
.lfl 1S1i
Mow Them Irs .Hay Obstruct.
I'opal'ii Hi'icni nJ uiitht) for 1'etirunry.
Nothing U o popular ns prejudico
and no prejudice, so popular t'-s that
resting up on a supt)o.sd seiemlllB
basli-, or backed by reputed f cicutilio
authority. Always obstructive lo tho
spirit of progress, it is peculiarly so
when related to a sul jeet so closely
concerning Iho interest of the people
as tho study und treatment of disease.
In theso physically degenerate days
tho avoidance or remedy of the thous
and "ills which llesh is heir to" is a
question nf woll-nigh universal Import.
The urgency of thbi common need oilers
a partial reason for tho adoption and
perpetuation, by the public mind, of
iho ililleronces whloh are supposed to
exist between Iho two great schools of
1110 licluo; while, at 'he same timo, it
measures tho greatest of tho misfor
tune of tho fact.
Itootcd in thu profcsiional ignoranco
and bigotry of almost a century ago,
fostered by tho bitter rivalries and
ex ilusivisni of opposing theorists, thoso
diflorenccs lmvo been taken up and
fed by popular opinion, until they
seriousls' embarrass the prognss of
medical knowledge, and tend to de
stroy nlljrfalth in the science and art of
Tio medical fraternity at laruo, and
of both schools alike, is responsible
for this unfortunate condition of ad'ulrs.
When professional men, who, suppos-
ably, represont the best j)hases of
liberal thought and eo'.ontllb cultme,
lend ihelr names to the partisanship
of niero theory, and nrrny themselves
iimior Boctart'tn titles wmoa signify
tnolr adhoroncoto an oxoluslvu dogma,
it is small wonder that the laity should
follow in their footstons.nnd cast their
vlows Into tho yet narrowor mold cf
unronsoning prejudice.
Ann, as provisional nanus nave
sown tills send of error, it is thoy who
must gnthcr Its barren birvost, aim
unroot tho tares of false opinion from
t 0 popultr mind.
Sr.KD Cakks Ono pound of Hour,
one-half pound oaoh of buttor and su
gur, ouo cupful of milk, four tablespoon
fills of enrraway seeds, two tablespoon
fills of ground nimror. and tliroo ton-
spoonfuls of baking powder. Knead
still", roll out thin, und cut in pieces
about four inches long nnd two wide.
About the only force somo
havo Is tho foico of habit.
A cenorous man will placo tho bone
(Its be oonfors beneath Ids feet, thoso
ho itcoIyos nearest his heart.
Trno to the Last.
Southern Ktchange.
Tho following is ono of tho
touching scenes witnessed on
battloflold during tho war;
m nny
After tho first day's fight at Shlloh,
says ono who was thoro, when our'for
cos wore masters of the Federal camp
nud our men wore scattered over tho
field going whither thoy wished. I had
wondered away to 11 spot where thoro
wis a clump of trees, undir whoso
shndo wits a soldltr apparently wound
ed, resting against tho trunk of an oak,
lis elbiws resting on his knees and
holding something open In his hand
upon which ho seemed to bo irazlii" .so
intently as not to notice my presence.
A fow paces brought mo face to face
with hlin, but ho irnvo no .s.irii or movn
nt tho Interruption. I looke I at him,
ho was stouo dead. Sitting there, up
right, In Ids hands was an 'ooen moroc
co case, in which was the picture of 11
oeauiiiui gui, ira iieii 111 curls, on
which hi eyes wore fixed with a dead
stare. Ills last look ha I seen that faco
glimmer nud fade, and own in iho
grasp of death lm hold it llieic, his
own f.iei as mollonlcss as tnai of the
picture, but with nu expression I shall
never forget fastened t it by death.
Wan it a sister or 11 sweel'i-irt? 1 lmvo
never witnessed n scone that so nlliiut
cd 1110 as tills.
A linarillng-feluiiil Mary.
It is related that In n ladles' college
not far from Hamilton, a few weeks
ago. tho scholar. and teachers woro
assembled for morning prayer. Tiio
reading an, I singing were over and nil
wore resuming their reals, when ono
of the young ladies, of a very short
and thick stature, missing hor ohair
seated herself with 11 "thud" on tho
floor. Nobody smiled; nil were too
decorous for that. The fallen one, em
barrassed Into a momentary loss of
comni m sense, retained her lowly
seat, opened her pravor bonk, and ap
peared 1 0 bo earnestly engaged exam
ining its contents. 'This was almost,
too much for her companions, nnd 11
sinllo began lo sliugghi on innnv a
fair countenance, when the leacfiur
rose and commenced rending Iho lirst
lesson. Sho read from iho Ilftli chap-t.-r
Amos, ns fellows: "Tho virgin of
Israel ha fallen; sho shall no moro
rise; she Is forsaken upon her land;
thoro is none to raise In r up." This
was too much. Tlm voice of tho
toucher trembled as nun boked up
and saw tho fallen irgln: the selu-lars
ttirnod rod in their fae.-s. and the ex
ercU".s woro brouirht lo a bastv close.
Si men C.Uii'.s. Sonteli cake. nro
eooii'iinioiil s ifar as eggs are concern
cd. nn I, if mado with care, will moll
in lhn mouth-i of children. To 0110
pound of flour allow half a pound of
buttor. nnd a quarter of a pound of su
gar; let tho buitor titand inn bnsln near
the liie to S'iften, but nut melt; when
sou. rub it and tho 11 nr together; thou
kimad iu the sugar. K ll out in tt hoot
half an inch I hick; cut out cakes about
two Inches square; bake until thev nro
of a liir ut brown. I'm them away In a
stone jar. and thoy will 111 a day ortwo
gather moisture enouirii m bo s"oft.
4-. in
IIo. Vfiiu liuw
Vomer nin'i. In planting your crops tlo not
il'-peiiil mi relations or friends for help as they
will surely uimt a hand Iu at harvest tlni", ami
you Mill lm likely-to cet little or 110 ncillt In
the iveul of n big jlelil. floe your own row
ami hoe biml. There may not bemuch money
In 1 he liiihlni'Sf, hul ion are ei rl 1I11 10 win n
line reputation for hulintry ami earnest etrort.
Above all, keep well, young in.ui. If you
are whining with dy-fpcpsla, bine wllh bilious
!ie, or ili'lillil.iliil by 11 weak liver, the filrls
won't want jini, Mictcty will pliuti you, unit
titlslt cs men 111 ovei look you, ilepiaul upon
It. Hie ns,.- of that most excellent medicine,
Kuril. K-U lllooil littler, will usuire you com
fort, strength, mul capacity for labor, liur
ilocti lllool llltttTMiill purify the circulation,
tone the stomach, anil Inillil up the entire or
eanls'ii. Uirv are not alvcrtl.-etl 10 urc
everything; thev lucre their fpivi.iltlm like 11
yond lawyer, doctor. .r mechanic, nnd tlo their
milk ell. Soaie of the ti'-ttmoni.ilH itrclvcil
liV 11 mouI 1 convliiiv th.. !ii(i.t hkeptlcii of
lliclr efll .encv and iHelulness. Hern i ono:
.1. M. Might. 3rru-tic, N. V., ivrltcs: "When
I Hint coiiiineiici'il lining llurdiu k lllooil Hit
tcrs I was tnmlili il with llutlcring and palpi
tal ion of the heart. IMtwtak iui'l languid,
ii 111) a liumlnics, of the limbs; fIuco using, mv
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