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The Btaaberry news m lor tale.
kJaltland h to have a men ecbeol
Mrs. Markland has bon very III tbc
past week.
Savannah u now a cky of the
fourth class.
if k Fred Myers how bo njyi
Several case of scarlet fever aro
reported at Msryvlllc.
MUies.UMtc, and Alice Lyon ao
vUltinr relatives in Indiana.
Henry Fuhrman baa old his farm
ito Unas Blair, at 935 per acre.
Miartfoaie Kernes mil Uach the turn
Mr term of the Richland icbool.
"It was a valentine and cauie in a
big white entbroMcd envelope. "
K(iorU froac all quarters contlaue
to indicate that the peach crop is ruined
Oracle llinde spent several days
last week in St. Joseph, visiting friends
Noble I lodgius has purchased the
Joseph Feascl fara in theTriatuph dis
James L.. Allen, near this city, will
Jiave a public sale of personal proper
:ty oa March 8th.
Andy Morris and John Jobuson
will .sro to southern Kansas, nest
week, sight soekig.
Miss Jennie Hoblitrell, of Mound
City, spent a tw days with friends in
-81. Joseph, last week.
Public sales arc now in order, and
w are prepared to print sale bills with
intateeM aad despatch.
Jf you are economical and want to
jnake.a dollar go as far as possible, drop
at into a missionary box.
We will long remember "Uncle"
Johnny Hoblltxell. He remembered us
quite handsomely last week.
Our cornet bund has rented .tfee
room ovor Kyger's saloon, nnd have
f.ted up the same In good shape.
The list of road overseers publish
cdlaat week, does not contain the aame
of Smith Brown or Jones, How did
ithey escape f
Christopher Sealotxbauer teals us,
.that the Bluff City mill is running, and
people wanting native lumber can be
During the storm oa Thursday
.Jilght last, the HgfctnJug struck and
killed lour brood mares belonging to
fir. Ellas Bender.
From sale bills printed at this office,
rfor H. H. Llvingood, wo team tiiat he
9111 have a public sale of personal prop,
erty on the 27th mat.
-"Jimmie" Ward of the Minnesota
"Valley, gave us a pleasant call Bast Sat
urday. Jimmie says the future Govern"
or is getting along nicely.
The rainfall along the valley raised
the river Friday about four feet. This
aide at such a time leads us to the be
' lUt that we aneto have a flood.
City marshal Senor Jus been em
powered by ordinance, to kill all -dogs
not registered and muzzled, found in
ike city limits after the 21 last.
Clark l'hllbrick has removed into
ahe room formerly ccpied by Amos
Castle. lie proposes to hare the neat
est barber shop la the northwest in a
abort time.
Oa 8unday morale Mr. Bender
received his fJ.600 stallion that he
lately purchased in Ultaols. He is a
ooal-blaok, three years old in the spring
and a magnificent apeeiman oi equine
Our correspondent in the Bottom,
frtves a wise hint to Um people 'of his
vicinity, looking to Utelr protection
from high water. A few days work by
saea o its inhabitants would doubtless
save them tbomaads of dollars.
-Brother Mo ore head of the Atchl
aoa county Journal, says that those who
like lettuce should sow the "Deacon,1
Well, if it is as bald-headed as the
Deacon of The CouN-rr Par-En, More
head, it will be scanty picking, Indeed.
The "Personals" of the Atchison
county JoufSal states that a number ef
ladies called at tnatffico to see the
power press. We always thought the
widower of that concern was a power
v oa the prase, now we know it. . "Truth
ta mighty, and will prevail."
A marry company of onr young
colored people assembled at the resi
dence of Mr. and Mrs Welton on last
Friday evsalng.to celebrate the twenty
second birthday of their son John Mar
shal, who, by tbe way has hold a posi-
Hon In this office for throo years past,
pressman. All hud. a splendid tim
onw niianigui, wuon mo nappy, crowu
rmmu. wiMMi iilt nuu-unai ninnv
tfrw Mojatr M a r 1 1 n r rrlcla tin a Mm
iiu i wtwmj fiuiitiiug iaas mmo wav
How many havo suffored with ton-
Maltland will havo a co-opcrativo
storoaftcr March 16th.
The new Court house at Marrville
will be occupied by tbe 1st of March.
Tbo man that can't ret a wife in
this country, doesn't amount to a shad
J. W. Boyd, the skilled harness
.maker, is jww working for Dan Mar-
The Jersey Lilly, on account of ill
health, has cancelled her St. Joseph en
The Craig Meteor is new published
on Saturday instead of Thursday as
How many house plants havo sur
vlved the terrible winter? We should
think but few nre left.
Hov. S. Carothcrs will hold servi
ces at tbo M. E. church, next Sabbath
morning nnd evening.
George Harmon caught two ra
coons on the 13th, on tho farm of Mrs.
Watson, :ncar this city.
Married, at the residence of tbe
bride's parents, by 1. . Whitmer, Mr.
0. I). Batman and Miss Martha Andes,
aH-of Holt county.
Jesse Bates, who has been with
Satnuel-Stuckuy, for some tlmo past, has
aaoepted tbe position as night watch
man on the White Cloud Ferry.
Professor O. C. Hill has been
placed on the program of the Doni
phan couuty teachers' institute, to be
held :at White Cloud, Kansas, March
Our county court has re-appoioted
Fiulip Cohuer superintendent of the
poor farm. Fhillp is just, the roan, for
tho place; ile makes the farm a paying
rreie'sor Johnson who closed a
very successful school at Maltland, a
short time ago, opened a select school
in that town on Monday. The school
opens with a large attendance,
Collector Morrison, in order to
close up his business for tbe Usual year,
will doie his office for tho transaction
of business from the evening of Feb
ruary 28th to Monday March 5th.
Sx'Sapcnnteudent Shannon did
not accept the superiutcudency ot the
Maryville schools. He was offered a
salary of $125 per month. On his re
iusal to acoept the position, l'rof . L. D.
Chaney took ilie position at the above
0r county judges visited the poor
farm, during the la to session of the
county court, aud were well pleated
with the condition in which they found
the farm, which reflects credit on our
efficient superintendent, Koluier aud
county physician Fiegenbaum.
Dan. Utt has a position as sales
man in Graves & Weber's store at For
est City, Mo. We are glad, Dan, that
you are te be so near home, for now we
can expect to see your smiling counte
nance once in a cooa'a age, and
the coon will not havo to be so very old
either. White Cloud llevlew.
Dr. J. G. Brownlee has really been
killed this time. One year ago he was
reported dead by violence, but he had
only been badly hurt. On Janaary 19,
1883, at Junction City, Oregon, he was
hot in six different places, by one Hen
ry W. Abraius, witli whom no baa bewi
drinkinu aud auarrellnir. Dr. Browtw
lee was raised in this county and sub
sequently practiced medicine near Iowa
Foiut,Kansas,then removing to Oregon.
Ue led a reckless life and has finally
paid the penalty.
Mr. Coleman, tbe new State Super
intendent oi schools, says be is almost
daily in receipt of applications from
teachers for state certltlcates. Sachnu-
plications are gcnorally acoompanledfeSa oxlstid between John Chambers
by old certificates and recommenda-Tand James liurge and when tbev met
tions, but he says be will issue no m.Ton mis occasion a qumrel ensued. Fi
liilcates except upon personal examiuw
Uon of tbe uppllcaats. He will visi
all tbe congressional districts in the
itate the coming summer and holdQn-
stlUites, during which ue will examlue
teachers and issue certificates,
-On Friday last, Mrs. Julia .
sett was arraigned before tho Frobato
oourt on the charge of insanity. In
formation had been given by tbe oounty
physician, Dr. Fiegenbaum, under
whose treatment she had been at the
county poor farm, Tho evidence did
not seem convincing, as tbe Jury failed
to agree, tbreo bolloving her sane, and
three believing her insane, Tho costs
in the case wore charged to tbo county
physician, as ho was the informant and
could not establish biscluinu boforo tho
Jake Rnehcr has purchased tho
Folo Irvine farm.
-Mrs. A. I). Workman spent a few
daya iu Fairfax last weok.
Jehu Foster will tako charge of tho
City hotel about tho let proximo.
Preaching at tho New Point Pies
bytorlan church noxt Sunday, morning
and evening.
William Banta, we understand, will
teach tho summer term of tho Minne
sota Valley school.
Charles Suttterlan, of Graham, was
visiting bis friends and relatives in
Oregon, last Wednesday.
Tho damago to tho bridges of this
county by tho recent flood, it is estima
ted, will uot be lens than 9.r,000.
George Anderson disposed of u
car load of hogs last Tuesday that aver
aged 315 pounds. Ho sold at 90 M
J. W. Voghnn li all smiles over the
arrival of ttiat bright little girl baby
at his houKo, Tho little one arrived on
tho 17th Inst.
"I want your trade, madam; those
goods wo nre stdllug at 15 cents, but
I'll let you have thoni at 12 1-2. We
wnnt your trade."
Died, at bis son-in-law's, J. B Fos
tcr, februttiy 19th, Mr. John Crowvll,
aaed, US years. The funeral services
woro held by Rev. Carothcrs
A vocal aud Instrumental concert
will tw gtven at Earl's Hall, Corning,
this rriday evening, February 33d, uu
der the direction of C. O. Denny
D. Kunlcol & Sons, contemplate
putting in a complete set of rolls in
their null. Tito boys are determined
not to be out done. Wm. Kauchcr is
figuring on the work.
Sam. Kaucher, of Yankton, mid C.
n. iiaucuer, oi u an ion, uattota, wore
visiting their brother, Wm. Kauchcr.on
Sunday last. They are building a rot-
lor mill at Savannah.
Ira Peter is delighted, nnd sweet lit
ue i.ucy is in ecstncics. Lnuy says
her baby brother is the cutest little
follow on earth, and wo expect that
she is about correct. The little Strang.
or arrived Tuesday morning tho 30th
Holt Lodge of I. O. O. F., which
surrendered its charter a few years ago,
was re-established at Mound City last
night, by D. D. G. M J. M. Hasness,
assisted by several Past Grauds from
Oregon Lodge.
uo'st thou love Wop-Then do not
squander valuable time, for that Is tho
stuff life Is mado but procure at once
a bottle of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup for
yonr cough and be cured. Your drug
gist keeps IU
Remember that tho only and oriel
nal Tuar.emeeans will "appear this, Fri
day, eveulngat the M. E. church. Thofo
who have not received their scats should
bo about it, as there are only a few
choice seats left.
Air. James uurnlson, living at
Forbes, was bitten by, the rabid dog
which made its appearauco on our
streets Saturday. We understand a lit
tle daughter of Mr. Burniscn was also
bitten, and has been taken to tbe mad
stouo la Audrew county.
A rabid dog came into town last
Saturday afternoon, aud before ho
ould be killed had bitten some flileen
dogs, around tbe public square. Near-
lall the dogs known to haye been bit
ten have been killed, but our council,
iu order to do all that can be done to
prevent any human from being Infected,
called a special lueetlng on Saturday
nvnning last and passed an ordinance,
instructing the city marshal to kill all
dogs not registered and muzzled by the
22d insl. Our fanner friends bavin?
osrs are reauested to keen them ml
jNome, or also they may be killed.
A row occurred at a dance at thn
'esldenoo of Mr. Slawson a few miles
south of this city on last Wednesday
night, Feb'y Uth. It seems that an old
nally Chambers struck Burgu and the
miter Kiiocaea nun uown. As O'ham
bers arose from tbe ground he drew a
knife and quIoKly stabbed liurge iu the
arm and followed up the attack by stab
bing him three times more In the back
and hip, producing wounds which it is
feared will prove fatal. Chambers was
apprehended by parties present and
was looked up in n room where ho was
kept until some one could go to Blgelow
aud swear out a writ nnd got an officer.
There are a number of rumor lis regard
to thn affair in circulation. One of
them is to the effect that a man by tbe
name of Redmon urged on the row and
that be told Chambers to stab hi in.
Suoh a thing seems inoredlblo that a
man should deliberately make himself
an accessory in suoh an affray and we
really tru-t that It will prove false. A
preliminary examination will bo had im
mediately, and we expect to bo able to
give full particulars next week. Craig
Newsy Letters Froti Our Correspondents.
John Brady has paid Stella, Ne
braska, several visits recently.
Our school baa n dally paper. It
also had an art gallery the 15th.
Mr. Schade and his two little
granddaughter started Sunday for
We pnt on "dem slippers"
Monday morning and had a "fly tlmo"
on the ice.
A. W. Davis, the efficient teacher
ol tho Star school, favors our town with
frequent vUlts.
You ask, "Did you got n valcntlnof"
Well, I should "tip-toe to cackle" I
did a regular chromo.
A conceit will be given at Earl's
Hall this Friday evening, under the di
rcctinn of C. O. Denny. A rare treat
Is expected.
The latest sensation is tho elope
ment and mnrnago of Will Uoynolda
nnd Ella Kirk wood, which took place
Monday evening. '
Tho celebrated Maggie Mltcholl,
actress, spent several hours in Corning
last Friday. Slio haul Intended going
to St. Joseph, but hlicd the appear
ance of Cormug so much that sbo
stopped and "did" tho city boloio go
lug to the yillae ottit. Joseph.
Preparations for tho concert at
Earl's Hall, this Friday evening, aro
being pushed forward vigorously.
With M. Earl, violin; Mrs. Earl,
organ; J. M. Botidri nnd Dr. Anderson,
horns, sumo flue instrumental munlc
will bo rendered. Tho vocal selection
aro in good variety, and no labor will
be spared to havo ihem well rendered.
Last Saturday Mr. Fischer and fam
ily left for Nebraska. They packed
tbolr household goods iu ft freight car,
together with thetFlmpltfincitt, wagon,
four head of cattle, two horses, and
la.'tly loaded themselves Into tho car,
and slatted, cold as it was Saturday, by
freiaht to western Nebrasku. Trot
some ot your good ones out and boat
that, If you ploaso.
Your correspondent recently spent
an evening with Horace Martin, who
has devoted miieh tlmo to ohfiorving,
refolding and investigating metorolog.
Ical phenomena. Iu the course of our
convolution wo asked him' his opinion
of the prediction cf J. Wiggins, L L,
D., Astronomer, as ho subscribes him
self, of tho grottt Htorni to occur from
the 5lh to the 10th of March, carrying
devastation over tho entire country,
from the Rocky Mountains to the At
lantic, whose yeasty waves would
swallow navigation up. Yes, "ho had
read Wiggins' announcement; his let
ter to President Arthur, tho comments
of Gen. Hazes, Chief Siirnal officer on
It." It appears that Wiggins inscribes
its origin to uxtrarnuudane causes; the
primordial cause, cxcusmvo planetary
force or gravitation, that supported by
tbe teachings of mediueval astrology.
Not having any subject to occupy his
leisure, he bad computed the oxuet per
turbations of tbo earth in its orbit on
tho 5th of March caused by tho attrac
tions of Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Sat
urn aud found no abnormal conditions
'existing at that time, and kindly fur
nished I he Col'mtt l'At'Kit representa
tive the following figures, representing
in seconds of an aro tho perturbations
occasioned by each planet; also show
ing tho greatest and least effect on the
earth's motion caused by tho attraction
of each planet at its least and greatest
distance, together with that of March
tho 5th:
Mux. Min. March Sth.
Vemu.... 2U.9 . a 4 17.3
Mara .... 12.8 iU .... b.'i
luulter... 25.7 3.2 9.4
Saturn..,. 1.7 0.5 0.9
Those are (no perturbations in longi
tude. The perturbations iu radius voc
tor aro very minute, as Venus and Ju
piter are in opposite directions nearly,
and one counteracts tho other. Rela
tive to tho astrological view of tho sub.
eot, he said: "There is a certain po
sition occupied by the plaucl Saturn at
the commencement of tbo astrological
day, that is when tho siderlal lime is
o, h. o m., aud occurring about March
lst,which Ptolemy in bis judicial astrol
ogy refers to as an aspect diro perplex
ing monarobs.' " This aspect cannot
occur only at Intervals ot thirty to thir
ty-three years, and tho disturbances
foreboded aro civic, governmental;
rather than elemental. Witness tho
events following iu occurrence in 1852,
nnu mo same in um, wuicn probably
were accidental coincidences. Yot
Ftolomy claims that all bis rules wore
formulated by observation lor a neriod
of over 2,000 years of polncident occur
FEBRUARY 23, 1888.
Corn, 32o.
Wheat, C2c.
R. L. Patterson's chiMrcn nro con
valescing. Dr. Wallace, of Plckorlng, Xoda
away county, was ou our streols, last
Mr Plckorlng has purchased n
portable elevator It's a nobby piece of
Charley Hart, of Mound City, is
buying grain at the elevator for Bare
tau & Welch.
Col. Frcoman LlWby lias bought
the Chas. Loach property, and will
move here by March 1st. Shake.
Barney Vinsonhalcr h:n gono to
painting. By tbo way, Harney i. one
of tho best painters In tho Ninth west.
Mr. Eb Wlckham of Tin; Cocntv
Par-Kit, was steering his subscribers
around through our streets, last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Wollcr loit tlmlr
baby with croup last Saturday. They
havo tho sympathy of tho community.
Co-operative storo by tho fir.U of
Mnrch. Rnpp & SImeffor nre tho oper
ators, but wo havo failed to learn tho
name ot tho company.
Tho Nodaway river Is bank-full,
and , tho ice is breaking up generally.
If wo havo heavy rains and warm
weather, look out for an overflow.
( Mr. Williams, of Barnard, Missou
ri, was around last week, looking for a
suitable building into which ho Is going
to put a llr-st-clasH stock of dry goods.
Wc have not learned with what success
ho met.
It. C. Wyman mot with a sevens
accident last Mondiy by his horse slip
ping and falling on his leg, partially
fracturing one of tho bones aud bruis
ing tho soft parts considerably. Wo
hope to see him out toon.
Wo would like to see some capital
ist erect u good store building boro.
Nearly every 'week somo person comes
hero with tho intontiou of going Into
business, but ayjtway dlnppointed, bo
cause thoy cnn'tTget suilab'lo "buildings
Corn, 30c; Hogs, 6 1-lc.
Elijah Allen, of Highland, Kansas,
whs in town last week.
H. T. Lucas is receiving corn at the
rate of about 450 bushels per day.
J. M. Ford had tho bad luok to loso
a fiimi set ot carriage harness. Some
body stole them.
Tho flood hero last weok was the
most damaging of any that has visited
this section for years.
Wo learn that H. T. Alklro has
bought W. E. Million's Interest in the
tiim of Mlnton & Alkirc.
Died, February 10th, near Cham
bur school house, Lewis Strickland,
twenty years old, son of Peter Strick
land. Mrs, and Marcolla Bailey aro both
qnit e sick. H. T. and S. I). Alkiro'a
children ;nro suffering seriously with
the whooping cough.
Died, February 13th, ncarCurzon's
Switch, Charles Hendricks. Ho leaves
a wifo aud five children, who not. only
nood tho sympathy, but tho aid of a
generous public.
Tho finest lot of hogs wo havo seen
tliis winter camo in on Tuesday. There
wero fotty-thrco in tho bunch. Thoy
were fed by Judge Andorson, of Ore
gon, and sold to G. W. Thomas at 6 1-4
It Is our oplnlon,oxpre.ssed through
Tim Countv Papkh, that ovurv man
who owns land, or oxpec ts to farm in
tbo lower bottom, should turn out in
full force just as eooa ai the frost is
out of tbo ground and strengthen, till
up and raiso the Iovce above high-water
mark, or tbo oxpericuco of two years
ago loiay bo repented,
Died, Fobruary 15th, Fred, Infant
son ot Mr. and Mrs. Frank Crawford.
'l ho light has left another homo. Tho
hearts, of another father and motho
mado sad nnd lonely, but remember
who aald, "Suffer the children to come
unto me." It Is hard to glvo up tho
dear ono. but your loss is his great
gain. For him all care, sorrow and
temptation is past, and "Tho mists
have rolled away."
John A. Rois & Co. woro invoicing
last wceic.
Mra. Tucker, of Kimsoy, is visiting
bsqntre bhatubaugh.
Our I top illation is ou tho increase.
John Sharabaugh is the father of a nine
pound girl.
Georgo Gure received a Valentino
lt8 a boy. Two or three couutios to
near iroin yot.
W D. Taylor and wifo worn vl.
Itlng their daughter, Mrs. Lewis at
Boloknw, Andrew county.
Mre Maggie Randall, of Scotland
ceunty, Is visiting ber sinter, Mrs. B.
t. Weaver, north of town. ,
J. K. Wilson is preparing for bis new
partner. Ho says that he will havo n
tear standing In the glrlV eyes wheu
thoy enter his store, this year.
On Thuisday night, tho 15th Inst,
this section wits visited by mio of tho
must destructive storms in the memory
of the oldest inhabitant. ' Mr. Devorss
had between four and six tons of hay
carried away, boIdn tho loss of fences.
In all, Mr. D's damages will amount to
ono hundred dollars. Tho creek was
out ovor inoct of tbe lower part f town.
Tho water was abmit three feet upon
G. W. Pollen's corn cubs. Tho esti
mate ot his (bimiicres is not known. The
damngo to tho public load is great, and
will hardly bo mado good this swa.son,
unless tho county court doubles the tax
es. The road iu some places has gut
ters three or four feet deep.
Regular trains arc crossing at Rulo
Wonder why J. R. Mlnton goes to
town on .Sunday ?
Miss Julia Davis, of Slough Town,
is visiting hor father in l'iatto City, Mis
souri .
Ollle Boyd, of Slough Town, has
come homo from Nobraika, wlu-rc she
has been visiting friends.
ll Minimi w liutiLtnrrl cnini-ol
thousand feat of Walnut lugs ono mile
south of his residence on the river.
A. W. VanCamp, of VnnCnmp'i
mill, shliipbd suvoral thousand feet of
walnut Jutiibur to St. Joseph, onu dny,
last week.
William Hopper insured his house
before tho foundation was lt.ld this
time. Ho says it might burn before be
could fini-h it. t
W. R. Hopper is having u house
built In the sumo place whore his othT
burned. John Wing, ot Mound City,
is the carpenter.
A severe hail and rain storm passed
over our part of the county lat Thurs
day night, tilling all the sloughs and
low places full of wafer,' and turning
very cold makes onr roads very bad.
Tho Bottom folks aro fearing anoth
er Hood this coming spring. There is
a placo along the Missouri river Just
south of H. Million's that was washed
out during tho last flood so that it
won't tako near as high water to run J
over as before Just a little uniiMial
raise will throw It over its banks, aud
it will spread over perhaps 1,000 acres!
of laud, when a quarter of a mile of
levee at this place would hold the water.
Wo ask thu citizens ot thld place if they
aro willing to sit down and bo over.
flowed, rather than go and work on thu
loveo one or two days? All wo lack is
for tuino ono to step forward and he
will find plenty of help.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Noolsch, on
February 8th, 1883, a daughter.
Mr. John Able, who lived on Mr.
Markt's place, latt season, moved to
Oregon a few days ago.
Tho building bourn will strike us
this so.vsoii. Wo hear of several por
sons that contemplate building.
Mr. Barton Smith, of Bolckow, an
Andrew county stock man, looked for
a short tlmo Sunday upon his "beauty."
A euuplo of our vouncr ladles Rt.
tended a ball about 1,000 miles from
bere, more or loss. For particulars en
quire of somo ono else.
Wo loam that Rov. W. R. Adams
will movo out of this district in the
spring. Wo aro sorry to lose Mr. A,
us ho is n good citizen aud au cxeollcHt
Mr. A. J. Sutton has mado quite an
addition to his farm iu tho way of pur-
cuastng some tine thoroughbred stock,
full-blooded Poland-China hogs, and a
thoroughbred Durham bull, tbe weight
botug l.yuo pounds, and ago three
yoars. Mr. S. can now boast of having
inuuiicsiijurnniu in iioit county.
We wish to Inform your Chambors
correspondent that ho is miatnkon
when bo thinks that wo uro a widower.
Wo don't like to turn our itouis into au
advertisement, bnt if ho knows of nn
old maid down ln; his vicinity who will
suit an old bacholor of forty, ho will do
us a kindness by sending hor around.
Oue of the heaviest rains fell on the
night of the 15lh that was ever wit-
uossod by any of Bluff City's oldo.t in-
habiiauts. Tho raiu foil in porfoot tor-
rents iroin iu o'olook v. m. until 3
o'clook a. M. Tho county bridge at
Dauiel JIahn'a, across Mill Creek, was
washed out, and so was tho iruu rail
road bridgo across Mill Crook, near
Payne's fuetory, and was carried a cou
Biderable djstanco down stream. Sev
eral other railroad and oountv bridges
htvobeen more or less injured, fences
washod away, nnd sevoral farmers last
large qualities ot corn. Thrco or four
families along thooroek wero compelled I
io movo up siairs.
No services nt any of tho churches
laM .Sunday.
Mr. C. M. Houpur lsitvd his fam
ily last week iu St. doseph.
George Claiborne, brother oi Mrs,.
W. M. Buyer, is iu tho city.
C. VunPelt, jc Meteor luiii, was iiv
Nebraska tho firl of tho week.
Johnny Williams now slings "raw
.or" in Sehoonover'it shaving shop.
Grand-pa Williams is rapidly ro
covering from bis late severe illness.
J. 11. Weir, ot Chicago, Willi R.
StiHttuu & Co , coru dealers, is iu tbo
j 0lt 1
last week near town to Thus. Wutd lor
' i? 1650.
Mlko Murphy, formerly of this
city, but now of Fulrtux, was in town
Sunday liisl.
Little Tin kio got up last weok Into
tho edge of town, but tbo cold set In
and choked it oil'.
Coru is coming In rapidly, and
.shipper? nre gutting mure cars and ov
'orything points to a big boom heio
Tho ball given by tbo band boys
was a Mim-tis in point ot p casure. Wo
aio sorry they did not havo a larger at
tendance. M. F. Phillips, salesman of Inder
mill, St. Joe, walkwd into our town last
Suuday lugging a couplo of Jumbo
blimp lc cases.
Mr. P. B. Cook, wife and daughter
have returned from mi extern vj tiip to
j Michigan. They report a plenanl visit
' ll?ltl linliill ;i,r,i
Wc havo got a couplo of life pre
servers and Luitt a tint boat, and aro
now ruady for the flood predicted by
some of our chronic croi.kcrs.
C. P. Light, of West Virginia, ar
rived iu this city on Inst Friday. He
intends ronmlnlug and making tills sec
tion his homo. Wo aro glad to wel
eonio such joung men.
Things looked lonesome hero last
Friday, all trains boing from three to
five hours late, and Vome abandoned.
No mull and everything iu general re
minded us ol tho Hood.
Say, Is it ton early to talk about
a -1 tli of July celebration? If not, say
we havo tho county celebration hero?
Barkis is willin'. Wc suggest that tbo
Oregon Zouaves bo tinder the com
mand of Mauplu's Boy. En. J
A trial took placo before his Honor,
'Squire Thayer, last Saturday. Arrests
madoot u couplo of paities for fighting.
John Stokes appearing for the city aud
E. J. Kellogg for the defense City
camu out ahead. Balauuc iu city ticas
ury $1U and costs.
Tho literary, like some of the peo
ple, has shot its wad.
Miss Josephine Hardin I.v nbu(iC to.
sell her farm and move to town.
Somo ot our people will soon tako
their departure for New Mexico.
Mr. Burgess has determined to dis
solve partnership with his co-workers.
School is now In session again, and
everything is moving along harmon
It is anticipated thai the bridgo
which Is below the State Ferry will bo
washed away tho next overflow. Ono
butmcnt is now almost ready to giyu
High water on thought of Ihu 15th
scattered tho fences over Mr. Smith's
field. Somo forty or fifty log that
wore hauled to Mr. Burgess' mill aro
scattorcd over the bottom. That is
what ho wished. Ho ways bo has soma
influeuoo ovor tbe Omnipotent.
Charles Zook, of Fairfax, was in
town this week.
Lewis I. Moor has boon appointed
dcputy-coustablo. A good choice and
Mr. Harrison should bo congratulated
on making so good nn appomtniont
Supervisor King was engng'cu with
somo of the mon iu his district yester
day, hi putting iu tho bridgo across
Mill orook, at Halm's Mill.
Married, at the residenco of tho
bride's porents. n tho evening of the '
18th lnt., by P E. Whitmer, Mr. Cal
vin Roland aud Miss Mary Drury. all of '
llolt county.
Married, on the 15th Inst., by tho '
Rov. T. D. Roborts, Mr. John Price and
Miss Amatida Myers, all of Holt county.
Particulars of this happy affair will ap
peal in our next,
Browuloe Babb had his log broken bt
low tho knee on Wednesday. He was
hauhug fodder on a sled for Mr. I)in.
ills Runnels aud iu falllmr off the Wil
was caught between thu ruuners and a
stump. He b doing woll as cau be ex-
Lulu Greene came dawn tnm
Wednusday morning before breakfast,
with narrv a hat or boot, and on twin
asked replied that he was after catnip :
that little Chan that Don. Ooatln liu
iusl brought into our household Is rais
ing calu, . i

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