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(OmUnutdfrom M wti.)
How Watch Cases aro Made.
It is ft fact not generally known that thi
Jamet lion' Odd Watch Qua really con
tain more pure gold than many "solid"
gold cases Tho demand for theso watch
cases has led to tho manufactnro of a very
poor grada of solid gold watch cases
low in quality, and deficient in quantity.
Theao cases aro uuulo from A to 10 karats,
and a 6 or 0 karat case i often Bold for 12
or 14 karats. It is not economy to buy a
' watch caso so poor in quality that it will
soon loso its color, or ono so soft thntjt will
loso its shapo and fall to shut tight, thus
letting in dust and damaging tho works, or
one so thin that a slight blow will break
'tho crystal, and perhaps the movement.
It IS economy to bay a James IW Gold
Watch Out, in which none of these things
ever occur. This watch caso is not an txjxri
mcnt it has been mado nearly thirty ytart.
HixucTo, Vx., Oct H im.
I told two Jamea Bom' Oold Watch Cw thlrtr
years ago, whn Uwjr flrat cunt out, and they are In
Rood condition rot. Ona of Utem U can-inl br a
carpenter, Mr. U W. Drake, of IUiUton, and only
rbpwitliowaarln ono or two placet! Uie other br
Mr. Bowman, of Cunningham. Fa. and t can pro.
duoe. one or bota of then cam at anr Urns.
s tu t. iijium wu rM ru.u raita.
Jalfkla. ra, I ! llla.tr! .4 rtilt im)i ktw
Jimm um aa4 bptm IT.l.l. art
Tt U Continued.)
Places, Scenes, nnd Odd Characters
of the land of Fish and
'' ' Ducks.
Iir W S. ttAIIAN.
C Altl'KTS,
C Altl'KTS,
I i-i. I'oter's, Oiegon, Mo. Go and see
ills Immense stook which ho has jitt-t rv
oelved. If you wnut to btiyu cnt'iiel lie
has Just thu una you wnut.
10c a Day
Will Buy An
Dee llcdgpclh has opened tt largo
stock of riiin-ts mill Oiffiitu, which ho
will null at Iho lowest prices Mies
Thorp, of St. .Jon'ph, i- In ntteniliiiico
nt tho Mttaiu Kooin, whuio she will un
tctialn you, ono itml nil. Cull I ami w
her ttiitl put tonus mill prices. Kc
nieiuber tho place,
Maitland, Mo.
Mr. Cam having completed his blsek
siuilli shop, we are now prepuml
to ilo till kinds of
"Wood or Iron Work,
Rejmiriii? or Now.
All work Intrusted to us will rceuivo
prompt ittteiitlon. Chames reasnnu-
uphhi tlown. ntnl I urnestly pntycil
tho Lord lo send in the ugliest aniu in
tho conference, mid U bless thu Lord,
brothut. I list know ho scut von." A
your or two nftcr leaving our circuit, ho
man led n nicu young Iiuly in hoaford,
Dclnwarc, and nftcr thu birth of his
first child, writing to n friend, husiiid :
"Toll brother Malum I have a good
looking wife, mill the handsomest boy
in thu statu ho looks Just liku I1I1 pa."
As I sit at my olllee.tublo writing up
llieso ruiiilnlseeiices of thu ptist f my
niliid runs back to those familiar scenes,
nnd niuinory fondly dwells on the loved
nntl respected forms ol tho o friends
with whom I associated, and who were
so kind to inu in thoo by-gone years.
Many of them luivo passed iiwny; they
hiivu crossed tho river with tho shad
owy bent men, ami their voices inako
inulody on tho other shore. Some nro
yet lingering on this ldo tho river of
lime, lUtonlng to the eehoos, that llont
Imek lo earth from within thu myiti.1
vale nod awaiting thu hiiiiiiiioiih which
will call Ilium home, when hearts long
separated will bo rc-unltcd ami tlio llit
ting shadows of earth glvii place to the
unending brightness of thu eternal tiny.
1 must hero say that in. nil my pil
grimage of llfty-two years, never have
1 met n peoplu who could cmupuie
wi ll the "onil people around Sassafras
In whole smiled, generous hospitality
ami kindness; and never will I forgot
them whilo life and thought nntl being
Thuro worn .orornl families that
were spin tally kind to mc, viz., Wil-met-
lloyur's Win. A. Brico's nnd
.lames Kennedy's -those three senile-
i i i
i at T) .1,. i
317 Felix Street, ST. JOSEPH. HO.
j Tho llrooklyn Tunes, in a reply to tho
I nrtlelo from .tudgo Totirgeu published
J Inst Sunday, says:
1 Jtulijo Tourgce h:it somowhal mista
ken tho purport of tlioturroiit"wndille"
Unit lie so derides. Tliu ileimind ainoiii;
critical readers Is not for works that j
shall die play a nor sly le.for tho Kngllsli i
1 langungo is too neiily perfected lo '
i admit of any frolicsome diversions, '
however strong might bo the desire for
oiiginality. The demand U for wori.si
thatshall bu Aiiieriimn in llivino nntl j
1 personality, and thu ntt hor who shall
' give us llieso will be excused for what- '
' ever excellence he possesses In his writ-
ten Kngll-h. Were AnienentiNin In.
Istjlo at n
Fifth Annual Fair of the St. Josrph
Inter-Stale Exposition.
Will Takn Placo In tho City of St. Josoph,
Mlmouri, So)tcml)or U, t, 6, 0, 7 nntl 8,
For tho Benson It'Just Klght tor Huch
n Trip a Outlined -Very Interest
lnu Details of September's Grand
Ssrloo orKxcurslons
The grand o.xcurslonu eastward nil
uotini'ed for September by tho Ilnltimoro
and Ohio arc nllruetlng widespread nt
tenilon, and it i not "trniigc that such
should bo Iho eaie, as no moio attract
ive till) has been offered for years. In
The directory of the inter Slate K.
position Association ugaiu iiesetits thu
claims of Iho tft'ocintinn (o tho public
of thu irruiii Norlhwe-t.
it expeers nit! support itnit patronage i (ho wav of rates the piogramtue Is par
of j a clientage It has never tlisappom- Umhry enticing, as it Is very rarely,
1 U pioniiso tho best Kxposilioii tho ' el. nowadays '.hat n leduutlon on u
Mlsnniil Valley has evir had, and thai ticket is consented to, down to so low a
protnNe will beftillllled. Thepiemitini . uKm-L. , riif fare, or onn lei'iilar faro
iNt has been L ''" ' meet H"" e-j ., r(jun(, lrIp( ,, ,akR , ,hu
i iiirenienis of thu fanner mid stock . . 1 i . ,
iinser.as well tis tho turfuian,$W,000 In enormous territory eovereil by the R. &
preniliinr, then llret Hartu 1 iiie iiiunis belli'' oll'eied. , O. system, of which Chicago, Coliini-
j would ' be our ma.tur
hl style is srucier ,
1 thu llavor of llw
that ol any Amuilean that over
i wroto. His dialect is that of thu Sier.
1 ras, ami thu slreiiglh uiid wililnesr of
i i. i t.i ...i. -i.
I iimuiuK iiuh:iiphmi mil in Miigiuy uiiiliu
inii'i:lfti . fm1
' - ' I i . i. i i :
.....I i.nn 1 iiesi tor i n iiiiiimius men, uemir i "
and l as mo.e , ,l( v,,,,,,1,.,.,,!,.,,,,,,, nl ,',. fi oAh.
sou iiinu
iho fxposltion groiinils are the very bu-, St. hoius, Louisville, Cincinnati,
mid lMltsbuig aro liuportant centres;,
v.. .it. it .1
lull-, .'imrded bv iand old trees The hV,'rJ pi"!11111"10"
' traek is eoinideiel line by thu bust ' matter of ear-, illning aceoninioilallons
Imise. iiieu. Tin; uttraetions for tlio and Iho like, and the ceiir.it.ns will bn
September in. eting nro numerous. . ro:nurk T,tc for eo.npleii.. ami thorough
I Anions them may be mentioned : , , , , .
I A ibillv balloon a-erilon bv Prof. , tuviMfi to Insure absence of crowding
Felix Street. North Side, Iletweun lib ami Mil Streets,
St. Joseph, Missouri.
Kcspeotfull uks tho attention of the people of Holt County, to their Splendid
Assortment of
' talus nnd boundless woods and kept Ileadlv.who will perfoini the lin.ardous and the perfect cnmfoit of all. Miigulf.
i alelt by the feverish rush for gold, is lit" bunging bv hi- toes upon a slniflu i ieent new parlor and sleeping ears will
.seen in an his characters. Another .'j"!,"0 ,wr wl,lu nlli"K "m,J" , bo attached nnd tun through without
I novelist Ihwre was.who thirty years ago 1 "!. 'n,,,...,!,.!,,,.,,., f,. ., i eliaRge, elegant illning cars provided
I gained promli.ence liy his trraso of New I 1,(IOO o-iiiileda-h.to be rnldi'ii bv ladles i anil new day coaches In nbundance.
Kugluiitl character, nnd his raro kill in will take place on l rnlav.und will draw
. I
. i,., o u, ..,.. i e,. 1...1.1 i an immense eniwn
I.Mllllll' IVI I' MJLI in ;j HljPiri IMMII'i a
uullior of "MiiiRaivt.
Kiltli'ill ! tlUillllir I'liWi tt. IliiVitllv
in later Hays , 0f lif.,ilt dasi, bv riders staiidiui:
From lta'tiuiore a. id WaMiinutoti e.xten
sive faeillles will be offered for the coil,
tiuuoits enjoyment of the c.cui-simiiti.
BP Ea . H 0 a i H fOTrT STB vl is (OS
Men, Hots', Youth's and Children, Complete In all Lines. Assorted with
(real emu ami bought under Iho mot favorable (ireumstau
ces for Cwsh. Our Motlo is "Fair nntl
Square Dealing.' All
goodk aro marked
mid sold at Ihti
Oeoigo W. Cabk, u man tlestinrtl to i iipou the back-ol lun-es. Two lines ol s'eamers will boon 1 1 out
remain fainoiM, wo hope.lms wijlten of Omlng liiirille.Mce.-, over hiirdles.tliu WiHhlngton to O il I'olul Comfort, Tor-
the people of thu South as no man did , l'J'.lilv l0"11! "f ''V' ,, , Uoss Monroe anil Not folk, with the taro
... .. .. Orand t-inglu nnd doublu Konr.iii char- . .. ... . . ,
or could beforo his time. Yet llarte ol raees.drTveii bv liullesanil gentleman ' i,,,t '''il,'-'u,1"lt.' '"' !l f,,r
and .liidd and Cable, though strongly ! in fancy costumes. 1 the round trip. The famous liny Mini
American in thuir styles, pale before Itesiiles these novellie-i, Iho $t'.,000 ol- of Meameis from llalilmore to tlio
llawlhoine, who wroto the Iliiglnh iL,,ei1! I",. 11 '.u I"''''1 w'" "U ' points named will afford ample iircom-
.. . .. soiiii! of the Iiimi s able-in the country, , 1 . , . . . . ' . , . ...
liiniruago as purc-ly ami bea'ilifully as !ln( , x-mwih will be ihe result 1 ",,,l!,l"' '" peib vessel- lighted with
' any puiM! writer that ever livetl, and ho I.aige preiniiniH are offered for . electricity. The noted llygiea Hotel nt
was not, therefoie.an author who tided ulnoiiui entile, and the exliibiilon will Old Point is of immen-u dltueiMloiis,
men were nil earnest, intelligent ehris- ...
thins, having abundance of the irood ' w 0 l,r,l,osu ivi'' cll,'rV "im-H"" :. r tli money cheerfully refunded.
,,, , . ..r ,,, . , . I We solicit your pa'ronage. Itemeinber lln-pUee,
things of (his life, am an nheritaneu I J 1 1
Uhot'l. tvllll.1l llifti
whllo their companions are this dilo
of Jordan still working for the Master, i
but ic.-.dy when lie shall call them to I
take thuir places by the side of thuir
liusbanils In the palace of the Croat
I WHS II VOIItll of litnelien u'lum 1
went to Sassafras to live, nnd I had a '
class of boys In the Sabbath school
whoso equal in all qiultiloi that go to
ward making up tliu niodol boy, I have
never seen equalled; bright, vivacious,
inauly, generous, lovnblu lad-, without
taint 01 vice. "None saw thuni but to
love them, none knew them but to
tn iiUn ' Onn f n,e,. Fn-ddie Horn",
Throshtncr nonrlv dnnn nmi vtni.iinr.
t ...... J .w.l. .11
TERMS: $1.50 PER YEAR IN ADVANCE Iuvoino 101 m Quito
m ADVflNCE. nn noroago ol full wuoat will bo sown In
: Ibis section, nlso
I xi , . n "mhh
JJUilYiab & CURRY PUB'S. "moiui' J'n8 Lnsollo sowltig no
uuuuiou neros, ana otnors in
409 Felix St., ST. JOSEPH, IWO.
imm mi is tie nn
noun nH cnnK STORE,
I a I alt. I a a
hU uork with Aiuoiieanisn, li;spite ; 'ZiSSS;,,! horl.enl
tne oeauiy ami eoirumness oi ms l.ng- i lur.,: displar will he made In the main
usn, ms worn appeals more stronjriy to . uiilliliug, toimiiluteil ov
the eulltneil Anipiiean taMn- tliioi Unit i piemium, which will surpass in extent
...... ,i !.....' all prut Ions efforts
,- , . . L.eurson trains on all railroads lead-
Americans, he Invests them with a 1 j,,,, n j,u 0tyt
gloomy heroism and lonely grandeur, j
vet treats them with a tenderness an 1 1 Ben. W. Fleming & Bro. arc the leading
j poetic doM, acv that is always eaptivat-, Hfi7 s, Cash Pdcehe low
ing and nduiirable. ihe stern but j sour.
patient Puritans glow, as ho outlines ,
I them wiih Ids innglo pen, until they b
come colossal ligutes vwirthy to play
'great parts in a new American Iliad, i
m mm
FKIDAY, SEPT. 7, 1883.
a unmoor of citizens who am inim
ested in repairing the Forest City levee,
had a meeting nt 'Squire Wilkinson's
omce last Saturday, to deviso ways and
means to mat onil. IVepnrntory there
to W. I). Taylor, of Forbes, waa elect
tion. Seed la worth from 81.60 l,7fi,
nnd is much olomer and butter In ovo.
IT way than that which Isahltinn.i )...-
from other points.... ..One ii.ihlio'ou
nood rain badly. . . .Mineral Snrlmrs Im-
attractions for manv of tlm
this community As soon ns tho
new Union church was dedicated, n
Sunday School was organized nnd lm I
been In progress all siiininor with Hmi
following officers s Supei'lnteudiuit Mm
nntl modoratoly notlvo. Hogs wen In
Rood supply but only remoimblo no.
llyo. Cattlo olosotl niitlvoslilppud oaroo
with light domundi exports 0.83 (,j o,.
10: oholuo shlnnln If. limn flllll n...l
. . 4 4 " ""is mihi mill
lOWOl'l DimklllL' 4.80 fl A n lll,t k k
- w v -"v xu.it u,v
Maltlanil, Mo., Bopt. 10 to 10th.
Itemoinber thu Mnilliiiid lair buAlm
Septoinbor 10th.
Kvory thing has been plaood In first
class order nnd nil i,..un ...i...
tin Whltmer, Assistant Superintendent, nmy "tl0,1,i " "Iff tlmo will bo gimrun
iinnm raxton ; Seeroimy , Alllu l-'oun-, 1 r 01 " .MHUnry. Hand, of St. Jo
UL'B. Wild Pl(r I " "imm 1 HAllI ; OL'L'I'U f ' . A II Kltltl. l D Itllllllrv Illllifl. (If Nl
od president and 'Squiro Wilkinson ns tuI: Trensuror, Josoi li Amies. I'roneh so',h 0,lu l"J"t blinds In tho slt
Judge Quick, A. J. Suttou ,nS every Sunday by some one of iho i ,vl11 hmi "3 niuslo during tho wholi
r ...,....!... . . I following. H(..i.... r i I 01 llio fiilr.
ami u. Ii. Harrison were nppolntod n
couitniuco to solicit subscription and to
superintend tho work of tho repair J.
If 15 i i .
in. rum was oiectcu treasurer. It was
agreed that tho work be commenced on
toeptcmber 17th. The nicellnir ailiourn
cd to meet again September 1.1th, when
an who imvo any interest iu tho repair,
foiiowliiff, Hevs. Maliin. nullum.
Gdck or Kellor A 2001I ntimbur of
our young folks nro iu St. Joe at Dm .
positt.tn Kiloy Rleln tyro's finally
is visiting iu foutlioin Holt Mrs.
Kicker, of Galliou, Ohio, who has been
visiting the family of W. II. Smith, left
ior mime on llio autli nit Our over-
"v udv iu niu repair, I -
nro oxnnnlml tn Im SOOr is ImiriiKi' llm vn.i.lj
A . ww jMUIU M'MtiJICI t " "W Ill K'HMI
uuslnessof tho past week has not beou n0Hllitiim 11,1(1 u having favorable
as brisk as horetoforo, on account, no weather for tho work School be
douhl, to tho hot weather, Ihe dusty an SIndityj
roads and attendanco nt court.... Tho the markets.
K:r0.n I"!?'...0" tho most plainly disceruablo
barrels arc being mado so as to f.ipply oral tendency to shrinkage iu vahics.
the demand for tho fall trade. Corn Live, Mock, grain, wool and farm pro-
nnd wheat receipts are moderately good duets throughout, aro lower ih.iu tluy
at 30o. for corn and 75o for wheat.... wore at any time in the year 1882.
An amusing Incident occurred hereon Avcracing ihoso things, they aro not
i'unday niirht that la affnnllno- Mn.i,w I...W i. i:.t. .... ..
- n "."'"i- I v... n.u 1UMII.U1 iiruuinuu proOUCUOIl,
able amount of fun for tho boys andvet as compared uith I o nilingn a
ouiuu Mb ju ior tuo gins. One of our
cilizons after retiring for tho night and
Just as ho was closing his eyes 7n slum-
uor, no was disturbed by hearing his
chickens eqnalllmr near his door, m.i
ralelng up from his couch and lookinir
-J! .1 .... "
uui oi uourf cspicu tnreo young boys
making awfty with his chickens, not
thinking of his nlmott nudoiicss, ho was
away nntl nftcr them nt a 2:10 speed,
and iu lesstimo than It takes to write,
no was at tuo front of iho brick kiln in
tuo prcsenco of a lot of men and fair
young ladles, thon commenced a sud
don doparturo of thoIadies and n fran.
tto effort on his part to cxtuntl tho skirls
otitis nether garments lo a nearer con
tact with the ground. ...J4.nnrvcy Sin
grey, who lias been visiting his relatives
here, thu Canons, loft Monday bight for
his homo in Indiana A number of
our cilizons nro attending St. Joseph's
best fair Tom Curry, of Tub Sen-
tinkl, wits in town last week talking
up tlio paper. We havo refrained hero
toforc in speaking of tho change in iho
pspor.but from what we hoar nearly all
too X'cople hereabouts are satisfied.
inv... .i... iSjTrtf
ics ami a M -
i.. i.
Wo think tho outlook for 1833 is ftilfof
hope and promiso, and tho year bids
fair lo bo ouo of tho most suliilhsoiI tn
mo nistory oi our country.
Giwn prices have ruled txodemi.'
acllve, wheat closvd loworat 1.02, co.lV
excited ami umrtUcd at 40 cts. I r
Hog products have been excited
throughout tho week uud ruled some
what irregular. Market closed lower nt
Cattlo have boon in good demand
oi mo fair.
Tho traok has boon laid out In oxcol
lent condition; tho curves having been
all braced up In good shape, and no
tloubi a bettor track could not bo found
any where In tho stale. Tho soeulnrn.
gram contains sumo of tho fastest stop.
puis i.i uiese, parts ami orory ineo will
bo an exciting ono. Below wo give tho
No. 1. RUNNING Mile boats.!! In
5, $160.
No. 2. TKOTTINGr 3 :00 mfn..t
clas, 200.
No. 3. TIlOTTlNG2.a7 i...
9300. '
No. 4. UUNNING Ono hn1f.mll
flash for 2 year olds, f 100.
No. 5. TKOTTING-2:27
No. C. RUNNING Milo heals. 3
in 5, 9300.
No. 7. RUNXIKG Onn i.nif.,t.
C. in AIR
ilea Ware, (ll.in Ware. Jewelry
l.s ami Ilaml Sali'lieN, Ser
, ami in iter cent, lesi than nn
We liuc lliu larcvst .iluek
& 10c Store,
Mi." mull ami women .stand bih above
their Htiecosxois; Ntroug in thought,
bold iu comliiet, yet often invested uilli
romantic ine'auelioly Ihroiigh advend
tie of fate, or because, though strong,
they were weaker than their iLii-simi.
Hawthorne did for American lilt ra- j
turn what the writers of to-day .should
undertake to d. i. He did not attempt
to form mi American langiugo that
.should differ from thu parent tongue; j
he did not till his writings with slang '
or with outlandish dialect, but lie did
write American rtortcii, and beeaiie
knew the gray seas and solemn
the daik woods and still dy mountains,
ami iiimple, godly folk of his loved New
Kugl.mil, he wrote them bitter than
DiekeiH or TliackiM'y or IaIIoii could
have done. That is what we, as a peo
ple, want; lliu demand is that Aiiieri
e;!iis Mi. mid
know anil ttiitleriitan
els wiilteii by American, m which llio
people ami scenery are of any country . palntirg trade, and to prove this asser
rather than of our ; wo liavu Ameri-1
cans who indite verses to the Meilitor-!
year ago, many liuos oValues seem
Vorv low. Ileeullnit nur ....I'll.. .....I
v - .. u .. 1 . IIUO
bring leas money than wl have born
realizing for UlllU tlimt Ia Tits fiiiiein
why wo should overlook tho fact Unit a i
both kinds of stock can khiijim
aud ripened wilh profii. Tolill atoiyl nea,8 fr district horses, 9100.
ai mo luimg pnwtfor 1882 isu,V oxn
I.lt IV IV . .. JW
iuiivu iiiuji u AM ' Ki! ryii f i
times In ali'o ilnuP1
is now getting down
of values mi wMi.h tl...
mlr nfritrii1liin I II. i i!.d"OC!
od. In coiuparieon with lasl
price stock Is low in
iho prices of 1879 and 18a0, It U
8. I'A CI NO Freo for nil, 9300
9. RUNNING Two mllo dash.
No. 10. TROTTING Freo for all.
No. 11. RlNNlNG-11 mllo dash
for 8 year-olds, $200.
No. 12. RUNNING One mllo dash.
mule race, 950.
.nt to buy a Hot of
it it will bo to your benefit
if has the LAUGHS T ami
.DDLHS in tlio County. All
nteo that they will be .mid
e you from 15 to 25 per
ioutli ol' JJiink.
isully la rm pnrrliasM to cniiiuii'iirn
ck then Ever!
I patroini!i t'ir tlio past year, we Impe
ii ! also, inlillni: nmny new I'iKliiiiicr
.M-.ir In thu rinuiK rutin at (or Hie luwf
mlt nil I'lasses of liwlc. Kvery iirtlele
rial tl 1 1 out ton tn our luri'u slunck of
lis aiii Silverware,
unil Inipei'l mir stuck ntnl prleex. He
rknii'ii ; wiirrantcil Iu (,'lvi.stlslai:tlnii.
.ICK, Jewelers,
)ills Ilnx'.s (iirnlliuo estiililMimriil,
M1T0I & Mim
week inmlii ut lioinu by Hip Inilustrl
.i, Hi'.Ht linsl'e.ss iiiiw Iwfore tin) pull'
i. Caiiltal lint lueileil, Wo will htart
m. Men, wnuieii, bns nmi girl w.tnt
vlirru to work fr us Now is the tlun'.
.viirk la cjmro timu. or lv your wholn
in IuhIiiuhh. Nn otlier linslut'ss will
leai ly nswi ll, Nn one oiin fail to liinki)
i pny liy vniiiiiii; at once. Cosily out.
tun froo. Monuy niiulti (ust, wasir.-t
ralily. Aililruxn T mo & Co., Aujjusta,
1. llostotler innku1 thu best
.m mid lemunado. Glvt 1 liu
' raiieau ami the Alps, when our own
j lakes and seas and imntutaiiis eiiial iu i
beauty thufe of any continent ; we have j
Americans Yrritin plays where Hie an-1
j tion is laid In Fiance, Italy, Sib ria, j
anyw hero, no It is not iu New ork or I
the Rocky Mountains; we have Amor '
mans writing upon art, travels, science, j
philosophy, and moraU, and continual-1
ly .selecting texts Irom fioni far Kuro
peans. Now, yive us a few worthy .suc
cessors of Hawthorne, Irviug,Hmeisnii.
and Louglellow, for Ihey wore Ameri
cans who did not hesitate to write good
Huglith, ami we .shall then lieur less of
Americanism iu lituiatuie. Thu com
ing writers will tell ol things that sur-1
round them, mid if they Introduce 1
changes in the cslnblithcil methods of ,
writing our mother tongue, it will bo j
only because the existing language is j
found imtdcipi.itu to servo llio purpose i
of iheir work. Our gioat mid diversely !
populated country and thu thrilling in
cideuts ot our history abound iu sub-!
jeets meet for thu cleverest pens, ami j
for young writers to seek foreign ilwlds '
for tko display ol their literary kill is
of a piece with tliunb'iird all'eutntioii of
our younger painters who go abroad I
for MibjccU every stiinniur. j
"That Is lint ulileb llot lieal ft. '
Sliape frnin that thy works ol art."
one of Urn largest sea slime or watering
place houses In fant in tho country. It
. i, i .... i
a liaiiilMime a uiornms trip iiilvii iiio (.iiesapeaKO
Hay to '.he Atlantic Ocean. Old Point
niver looked mote attractive than now,
ami its bathing shore is a sight to look
upon when tilled, as it Is eyery day,
with hundreds of merry bathers tiimb.
ling about Iu thu suit. Koitress Mon
me is but a few .steps from the hotel
and open lo tourists, as me all the
many places of gi eat historic iuleiest
within easy reach on the lVniiiMila, mi
colchiatcd In thu iiiin.ils f war: Thu
Soldiers' Home, Hampton School,
Hampton Chinch and too initMy other
points to mention, while a brief
Hlea ulioat ride lauds the toiiust in Nor
folk, Portsmouth ami other Virginia
centres of interest. .Making tliu trip
from either Washington or Uallimoro
one u'glit, and back the ticM.thu excur
sionist has the whole d.y at thu tea
shore. From llaltlmoro or Washing
ton it is only a little ocr two hours'
to Hai pel's Feiry, the most noted hpot
perhaps titnotitr all tliu iu.sioiic centers
on tlie rotomac. '1 he lovely river i
followed a greater portion of the (I'if
tance, and at thu Ferry one MumU at
the intersection of llnee states Virgin
ia, Wst Virginia ami .Mainland -all re
plete with memoialile lecollectioiis.
Ilrown's old fort slill stands, so
no i lie ruins oi tlm old nisei nl, .lufor
smi Rock, etc., etc. The muiid trip
. . I... . ..I I ll I .11 ....I
itnily that I " " iku""1 :l uoirar ami u nan, ami
eai'iiajre ami wauon wo money wen spent. .Mioim r mix-
pcn.-lvo trip, ami a most ilelightlul one,
too, is that from Washington down tho
i'olomae, skilled by historic shores, to
.Mount Vernon. From Ilaltimore ami
Washington special fa.t e.ctiiii u
trains will be run to the wonderful Lit
ray Caverns of Virginia, iiiiipiestloiiii
bly "really superior lo any other known
Kiibterraiieau chamber. The fare, three
tifly for Ihe round trip, liieluillnu ad
mi.sioii to the caverns, In addition,
there will bu short Mcutuboat trips
down lliu Chesapeake Hay, with i.s low
a rale as lifly cents for thu round trip,
mid iu fact no end of pleasure lo bu
commanded at practically nominal lig
uie.s. From Haltimoie to Washington
and return, or Washinton to lla'tnunm
nnd letitru, the round trip will only bo
a dollar twenty, with trains at lea-t liv
ely hour, ami often hardly more than
a ipiarler of an hour apart. Tlm
distanctt is but forty miles, and H & ().
trains make It in forty minutes somoot
them, and others iu one hour. This eua
li es Ireipieiit Mts Irom one ily lo iho
otlier, and exetisionists who pre'li r may
make their l-eaibi-;arters iu Wathiiigiim
where I lie re nro hotel accommodations
for a very multitude. Ilaltiiuoie is also
exceedingly well provided with hotels
and in either city the rnuuhir rates will
We would icspcctfully annoiinco to be .strictly adheicd lo. Those ,vho ron
thu public that wo Imvu iut linished lenij Ute securing sleeping-car aecoiu.
moiiatious eu-rouie win no wen to wilto
lo it iv w. ngenis to nils enu, also as
Get your Carriage, Hucgy, or Wajon.
inclHiliiig bed, tti iped, ornamented ami
linished up in lirst class style at the
new Central Wauon, Repair and Paint
Shop, 'iegon, Mo. All woik warrant
ed. t'nrriajjfo, Wagon,
Sign. Orna in i'ii(al,Frt'.m'o
and Scenic Paint ing,
(raining, (iilding,
Wall and Coiling
Decora! ions a
I am a''ent foi all kinds of Iron
. 1 1 1'ence, Wronghl 1 1 tin, Diamoml and
! Hull piooi lion Fence any kind von
'esi , want. For a .r) baibed wire, 1 feet hl-rli.
S S t steel barbed wire, painted, iron
pots ami medium long rtays, per rod,
lie; I wne.s, I lent high, lillc.
AIo it large stock ol Paints and Oil,
by the half pint, 'alloii or ban el
Call and gel prices and estimates on ; .John
all K i in is or work usually iIoiim by any
lirsi-elas painter. l)on"'l forge!, the
write of Ihu.g.s thai they I V'V . !. 1 , iv ' "" i.
, . J 1 1 entral Paint an. I agon shop,
ur-itanil. u have nov-1 j .,, lho ()1,v ,. j ,. lM ',,..
ha learned the
tion brinir in your wink
D m H IB U Ua Du
Don't you know that one of tliu best
and ea'siest wins to saye your hard
dined wealth is to buy where you
can get tho HK.vr GOODS for the
Least Money
Of course you know it. Now then
wu claim with our knowleilgnof I In:
wants of thu trade ami our individ
ual attention, we can ami will givu
you better goods for less money
than ou can get them elsewhere.
are cheap ut n reasonable price
while cheap goods are expensive at
any price. An examination of our
foods and a knowledge of our pri
ons will convince you that wo aro
tcllim; you only the plain truth.
You aro respectlnlly invited to call
and test the truth of our remarks.
We may concludo by asking, has not
Totirgeu himself giveu us very good il-
bis "Hot Ploughshares?"
Ilttln up our Woolen Factory, and can
Spin, Card. Etc.
on short notice. Wu havo bought a
largo lot of Wool, and aro inaiiiifaetur
mg all kinds of
Woolen Goods and Yarns.
Our goods will bu mado nice and sub-
. I. I II ... .1
lustrations of what may bo done in this HJS,:
direction In his "Fool's Krrand" and having wool to trade for goods and
yarns will timl it to their advantage to
call on us. In connection with tho
Woolen Factory, wo aru operating our
Flour Mill, and aro prepared to grind
for everybody. Our
Highly Esteemed.
Tho youthful colr and a rich lustre
aro restored to faded or gray hair by
tlm tixu of I'aikiir's Hair Halsam, liaini
less dressing highly esteuincil for its
perfume and purity.
Sewing Machine
High Ann Liglil Rniiiita Howe !
It Is flelf.setliiiff; thu shuttlu is self,
threading You can savo Irom
$ l o to i r
by calling on
F. 8. ROSTOCK, Jr.,
fler-Machliio Repairing n SpcoIalty.62'-
regai tls any informations winch may Im
desired. The preparations for the gr ind
Oriole festival in Baltimore aio lieiui:
pushed forward witli great eiiorgy and
upon a hitherto unprecedented scale.
'I hu mystic pageant on the night of .Sep
tember 1.1th will itselt be worth a
journey of a thousand miles or Wore
to witness. Nothing approaehiiir; it ie,
extent and grandeur was ever be'fore A '
temped iu the world. All Hire j p' jlu
eai nival nights will bo strHf unriv "rll
liant, us the programme is re'.il'ota with
novel features.
wil guaiiinteo to bo equal to the best.
Other gootl grades of Hour also on
hand. The wholesale trade, solicited,
ii.. .ii'.. ii.. i
.kUJfUVlitOIJ ,
NOl'ICY; xo
Tho jloYrns' Guinr, No.
31, Fall and Winter, 18S;t,
Riven wholesale prices rfirixt
to consumers on everything
you use, cat. drink, wciir, or
havo fun with. Tells how
to order with exact cost, 210 pages hireo
ones 3,:t00 itinerations a whole
) lift nro gallery. Contains information
cleaned Irom tho markets of thu world.
No other price-book iu existence contains
ns much Information. Hent l'ruotnany ad
drcKsupon receipt of nostuiro (7 els), ix'tus
hear Ainu you, or visit m whin in our city.
Near Hxpohition llullilings. Hcsjieafully,
U.7 Si 'i'iii U'lUuuli Avcuue, CLIcuo, IU
tiiwiJiss'-fi,' r!lvo" V1' 'f;ix-i..M.ks for
l',i,,l",N,J'"!'1 lowiislili i.il Unit comttv rthn
f4I. "RlVK ,lml"4,"": "'ew"u ilu"rtax"
.i.f,i,(,a?.,n!t,,i,'l,R2'm '"iislili, Momlay, Tues
X'ti,Xu iViKeDti'ial.er lit 11. n,1,
l ItAlil, J'nioit Tow ask i. Tliur.1av. Irlilav
HaliirUay, Septiaiihei 1,-t, li, IB. ' rm. ,
.... ' KMI Towmlilp, Moiulay.
IIII'SllUV WeitlllKilav. ti,.nli.iiil.r it '.j '
pJi !,.lVl.'nTv; UvM 'lowtHiri Tl nusilay,
.'" I M, llli'koiv Tnwii
I '
Tili'silay, Welire.l:iv
' uiinr.ii
llllll. Klllll.ltlV
I l..tillt,iM I O V '
... ...I,. ,. ,
',.v",'j i '"Mi
i., '.! ','?.?.. J-'l V. Went j'li Timnslihi.
I l'l rlVv: r;l:,y',": ,r,. !'V. Of Klicrll. 111. 13
. ili.l'.i.u.s. hast lA'wIt IiihiiOi In ri..i,i i ;..,.'
1. I. ll'l.r.,.i
Collei'tor ol Holt Ciiim'ty, MbsoiiVl.

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