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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, September 07, 1883, Image 4

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Action looking to l?io Build
in;; of u Lcvoo From Iiitf
Tarklo to tin- AVliito
Cloud FtM'ivv.
A Vory Kntortuhihifr Pro-
ram Cnrrii'd Out at
the Christian
Two of Our Mint Worthy
Men Choose Life Part
'J'hi' eo.y cliitu'lt tho rrcshytoi iatu
in mir cliy was tho scene Inst Tuesday
evening, tho llli )nst., of the nuptials
of two of our well known iiml iopit1ar
young people c) Oregon, Mr. Jamoi E.
I C'ttinmtiiM iiml Mih hl.i Cuiothers.
I Tlii' church .was elegantly unit tnxto-
fully festooned iitid win tilled to lis ti t -j
most capacity by tho numerous luvliuil
j guests nml well-wishers . Tho euro
j iiiony, brief ami lniprt"ivo, that made
, them htishand ami wife, was oolehiuted
I by Uuv. T. 1). UoIjimIs, ami was pleas
ingly nml gleefully accomplished an
i cording to
t cliuicli.
home which the :rooiu has just com
pleted. Thi) whole Sf.ntinhi. force e.xtoiids
their congratulations, ami wish tin;
couplo long life ami prosperity.
Another grnnd smUl triumph may
be scoied for our pleasant little city.
Tho delightful party given on last To
day evening at tho re-ddoiivo of I'rof.
O. 0. Mill, win such an event as ael-
! tloin occurs, I ho r.ffair was given by ', titlon suit of 54
l'rof. 1 1 ill ami Mrs Hill, for tho pur-1 Kolley el. al.
pose of introducing their daughter
the beautiful ritual ol that Carrie, into society. It heing the seven
I teeuth birthday of the ehurniing ihbu
.suit of Maria pou,eor y? John l'arni
,et. ill.
A decree and order of sale was made
iu the cac of Leonard Cook et al. vs.
Klaldo Brown et. al. Homy SliuLU was
appointed miardlun.
.1. M. Ford, receiver of the East For
est Mill, was ordered to sell property,
on one-third cash, one third In six (0)
months uud one-third in twelve ()U)
An order of sulo'wns made in the par-
S. ltigj vs. Elizabeth
The Hnrvtst Home and Old Settler's Re
ynlon a Success.
Jennie Holman and llor Dramatic
pnny al the Opera
Tho bride, is a graceful blonde, and twite.
, niOft charming lady, she h.s only lived Tho assembled
Iti-nong us for about two voars and in i society at once elegant, dignillod and
Mary llrown was grunted a illvoree
from V. I', llrown and wns given cus
tody of child.
Martha Sayles obtained divorce Ironi
quests composed a , Illram Sayles, and given custody of tho
tjtilte a I.Ut of Interesting Proceed
ings In the Ctrult
Elegant Birthday Reception
to MI33 Carrla
FlHtnt Word From WiUtn It. Sor.nsor,
o.' Portlmd, Oregon.
A Hint to Our Tkoutro Goor.
More Mention o! Minor Mnter3.
The drnnntle season oponed In our city
that short time she his-galned tho love
ami esteem of many ami has endeared
herself to the younglpooplu by her ami
able disposition. She Is a singer ofi
some mile and hai been one ot the 1
greatest utti notions at tl.o M. E. church '
with hci''excclloiit voice, ami as choir i
organist. 'She was attired in a fawn
colored gtos grajn silk, trimmed In
passonieiitro, decorated with spaiiih ,
luce: her ornaments were natural How
er.s. The groom, Mr. Cuminim. is ouo of
our best known society joting men.
UN reputation among his friends is
that of a halc'foltow, well met ; ho bus
been among us since childhood am) is
i highly respected by all as a worthy ox-
ample of a puro and mildo young man
i and his numerous friends unite Ih eon-
rellncd, iulnnslon Into who-e eliarnud , Hannah Uodllold was granted divorce
circle is a prize that tna) well bo covet- from Charles Hedllehl.
ed. j Molllo Fowbush was a'so granted a
Tho Professor and wile eto id at tho . divorce from Henry Fo.vbijsh
mam entrance and received their' Thomas S Bragg obtain-d Judgment
friends, ami after exchanging words of ! for $22A.7 against. East Forest Mill Co.
Wrleome, presented iss Carrie, tho ) In the Injunction ..tut of Ira Peter et.
(Irtiiititntc, their only daughter. Mlssiul. vs. tho County Com I and .John
Canto woro a toilet that was elegant I Buehcr; tho defendant, .lolpi llucher,
because of Its simplicity. It was a I made nffudavil for ehango ol vciiuo and
cream colored skirt ninlle trimmed In It was granted mid sent to Uiitihanun
I.I....I. !,,.. ..m. ! COlllllV i
mtll.IV IVMV. iwuir.-i, mm ,1 I'llll 3lir .... " , . .. .
l ne mauiiamus hiiii ui it
A Qrniul lMHy of FmlU, VoseLtbleS, ote.,
by the Horticultural Society.
Tho Horticultural Society Meeting
and Old Settlers1 Reunion attliis place
n lat Saturday, brought together ono
of tho largest uud most orderly gather
lugsthat has ever assembled in our beau
tiful park. At an early hour the peo
ple tioui all pans of our county began
gathering in tho court houso park, JohiI
thocro.vd kept Increasing until tho
middle ot the afternoon. About ton
a. m. the stately form of Hon. James
t. Allen, nrrayod In his "best bib and
tuck," which told the large crowd that
lie was tho ehlet of all; that he was the
foreman, uud to have charge of things.
Mr. Allen has a magnificent prcscuoo
that points htm out as a coniinandoi.
liberties of tho peoplo and ostabllsh cap
ital as despotisms neitlicr will it do
to iHo)t lbe laborer to uej. tho prleo of
his labor and compel tho .employer to
pay It, this would destroy flio law of
contract, ami I ho right of property uud
establish communism.
The Judge ald that tho citizens of
Holt county, as well as nil producing
countries, want and must hvo cbcitp,
safe and speedy transportation for their
surplus produce nt order to obtain n
reasonable compensation for their la
bor, and this must be bad iu tho rail
roads, which havo pcnctntd every
i quarter oi tne gioim ami appropriated
tho entire Inlanu carrying tratlo. Ilcavv
freights, when timo is uot important,
may be carried bv water ionics cheaper
than by rail. Timo Is ho Important now
In all commercial and business transac
tions, that the railroad is given the
preference when both routes run side
by side, even at n greater cost, except
as to few things. Itailroads havo a
monopoly of too business along their
liner of road. This cannot well bo
avoided, on account of the danger occa
sionod to lilo and proporty by compet
ing interests, by rivalry m operating a
track by men whoso interests conflict
anl who would strive to reach the mar
ket in advance of all competition. It Is
and being tl.o possessor of Intelligence
and firmness, he successfully conducted thought that I ho public welfare requires
his part of the great Harvest lloniu ex- l,nt railroad should havo a inonoimly
erclses, as to havo tho best of order.
last Monday evening, with. Iconic Hoi-1 f,'t"hitluna on this oceaMon. Mr.
man Company occupying tho boards.at I was attired In the ustnl full
Stcrrett's Opera House, l'hc opening "lllt which tl.o American bridv
bill was the Octoroon. Mis s Holiuan ' 'r"om delights to deck hini-elf. The
stiftatned the title ro'u, with Otto;"un" l'""l'lu io'ed happy as they
Krause as Salem Soudder. Tho plav 1 ",oml ul' Ul lo lhu JpiHnr
was well received bv the audience anil 1 ,,,,l,w ,)f 1,10 cihli.- march plavcd by
every one of the east tilled thcii icp.e- J Mlfa r'u,,,n dottrel),
live parts up, to the A 1. This was A la, mnuber of o'.egaut presents
followed on Tuesday evenl.g with wcrc -cnt to tho haupy couplo among
.Joshua Wlntcomb and on Wednesday 1 w"iu w'u,0:
evenln.' with Kanchon. Sarali .teweii. I Chamber Set Mr and Mrs (! W
Henrietta Vaders and Ada Ward, with
all their brilliant support, thus far in
Pair Linen Towels
the season, seem unable to "draw." I Cummins
Mr. Pratt's opera of '-'enobla," wh'ch
was lately prot-cntcd in New York,
notwithstanding nil the efforts of the
critics to make it at least a swetss fe.
fi'we, failed to meet with opnlar tavor.
O-ear Wilde's drama of "Vera," which
had been awaited with linpat lent curl
osity, was ta'. en from the boat ds of
New York after a run of one week,
"Vera" wa3 mercitoMoy 'crushed by
both cntlo and public, yet Waldauer's
parkliug trrnslatlon of "Fanehon" the
Ciieket still llve.s-biiubt, sparkling. In
.Miss Hotmail's hands Kanchon has Inst
nothing. l-Voin her first entry to her
last exit, she cariles out to the fujl text,
tnu trnns'utof.s conccDtlon, and we
do ibt if Mr. ya'.itauer, had he been iu
the audience on Wednesday evening and
wituoM'cd Miss Holman's rendition, of
Function, could have found tault with
this charming actress, either In her
reading or acting Mi-s Holmau wo
regaul as a born actress." Her support
is excelU'iit in every particular, and her
vi-lt to our city has proven units a
diatomic treat.
Spaci,' forbids us partlciita iv.ing each
member of tho' onupanv. 'I'hcy are all
up iu their biiMiic!!), ami wo are glad
to say that they are void of being
Hou-h" which Is usually the ease with
many of the troupi.s on the road. Mr.
lloldeu, tho violinst, in a mii-t ocelleut
Deiforumr, Tlio company coniiuue at
tho Opera Jlou-c tho lemaluder of the
A ladies and children's niatinco will
bo given Saint day ofteruoon!' A spiirK
ling program will lie prooiitcd.
Notwithstanding the enjoyment and I
tho fatig.ius of tho day,a crowded house
uKsoii)lijed at tho Christian church Sat
urday ovcuing. It surely was noj the
epicurean attraction of ciko and lco
cream that drew it? rather, we think,
tho intellectual refreshment ot tho pro
grant. This fact is highly complimen
tary to the town, as to tho young people
who can, with so short pieparallon,
iurmsb such uxeellent entertain incut.
It Is right that tho young of our town
should receive enciuragenient for any
prolltablo public efforts thoy mako. It
is tmdeuiablu that we have superior
el pti nary and musical talent here,
and what could be nioro proper than
that we should give It help and (level
(ipemuut bj our presence and attention
on Mich occasions?
Wo are glad that such opportunities
should lie furnished by any church, mid
think that lhu work itself might bo con
sfrlcred, in somo r-om-e, inbsiouary.
Thtt mu.slo and reciting were all
god aitd listened to attentively. Lulu
Dobyiu w.hs fi ret, and, considering her
age, recites well, it h careful train-in-
her voieo will bfi beautiful and her
nioromonts graceful. Miss Kvans lias
been so freipienJy bcfiro Hie public
that her talvnts nro universally recog
nized. Should sho devolo her-elf to
i locutloir wo believe her e ueecss would
bo undoubted. She was faulty ir arlic
nlatlun and tho quality of her voice,
both ot which can bo remedied only by
practice, "focfc of .lyes'1 by Hollo
Coltrcll wns tliu the best road piece of
rho evening. Her voieo was well adapt
ed to tho piece, and her conception ot it
parfcut uud almost as well execut
ed. Her voieo is capablo of being made
im h of, MisrHlnu Ilorshbergor did
well, and should bo commended on the
Boliotton of her piece. Tho sentiment
was good and upproprla'e.
Tho iniislu Was pleasant nml good.
Songs by Mlsc's K uma Cottrell and
Chosebro woiu ' beautiful, as null as
- the one by Miss Hill. ,'Hut, lo Maggie
Perkins, must be conceded tho pre
mium 'of liilislo. He; artiotiiutlon was
mi perfect that not a word was hut, while
she, with Uuiiiiiii0' indepundojjeti, play
i. hor own ace jinpaDiiijeiit.
O'uy and Ocrtlo
P J 'illls and .1 T
-John and
Silver Caster
Silver Cup, (Sold lined
Mary Vanlluskhk.
Crystal Cake Stand Mrs .) T Hob-lit-icll.
Decorated Ilreakl'ait SetMr and
Mrs A VituHns-klri;.
Crystal HerrydMics Carrie and He
beeca Vanltuskiil:.
Silver ltutter Illsh Mr and Mrs C
Ilracket Mr and Mrs T L Price.
Decorated Ciystal Kerry Disli Mr
and MrsT iritoberts.
Crystal Fnilt Dish-Miss .Julia Luck
harilt. '
Clock, Damask Table Cloth Towels
Set Knives and Forks apd Doz Napkins
Mr (i W Anderson and famdy.
Carving Set Mr nml Mrs U Mont
gouiei v.
Set ' Silver Knives L C Irvine and
Minnlu Chaddiiek. '
Set. Silvv.r Tablu Spoons and Silver
Forks ltobt Lyons and P P Welty.
Set Silver Tea Spoons -Mr C .J Hunt
and wife.
Cold W"teh and Chain (Irooni.
Sliver Fruit Ilasket From bride's
Sunday school class, compo-i;d of Cora
ltussell, Myrtle Kyger, Minnie Hohlit
vM, Nettie Cook, .Julia Tliuinn, Lizzio
Al en, Nullie Kreck, Ijaud MeKulght
Napkins Hins Sister Malliu Caioth
ciy. China Tea Set Misses Parrlsh and
Allen and Mis Nies.
Crystal Set S W Morrison and wife.
Crystal Fruit l)ish--Mis T I Kreok.
Velvet Card Catc Will Steirett
Cook Hook C W Lukens and wlfo
and Kato llayliill.
I Crystal Water Pilehor Adrian Pink-
Lamp Kd Pmkston and wlfo.
Damask Towels Mis Heny Slmlts.
Majolica Set Jouan Watson and
Crystal Putter Dish Mrs Taylor.
Hair Krush 0 O Proud and wi'o.
Maisellles Bed Spread -Mrs L Per
Lace Jabot -Mrs Agglo Davidson.
A Tidy Cora Itus-ell.
Hand Mado Quilt Mrs Mary Cnm
milis Tidy - Mrs Ennna Sehulto,
Copy of Shake.spo.ir Mrs Ora Ware.
Crystal Salt Sot-Maggie Perkins,
Sliver Suaar Spoon Charles Stor
rett. Silver Butter Knlfo JJlma ivygor.
Silver Butter Dish Loona Hoblit
.oil. Laec Handkerchief -Cora Storrett.
Kmbroideied Satin Fai) lr.s M
Jersey waist
1 To dcfcribe tho dresses worn by the
ladles who calld, would bo to enniner
I ato every shade ol aim ml every fabric
j which the ashiou of tho season iceog
' nizi'd.
I Af or the formality of "receiving,"
was concluded, vocal ami instrumental
music, readings and rocitatims etc.,oc
copied the attention of the members of
the company until a lute hour. The
entertainment afford it ! was befitting ,
the company, and a pcrnril ol the 1
names of those to whom invitation 1
were sent which follow, will lead one i
tn Iwilti.v'A tti, it ,liu i.vltr.ikultiu tiii.nnu 11 '
gooil deal.
Handsome invltallon cards wore sent
t' Zil'es.
Dr Thatcher.
Kale Lvaus.
Belle Cuttrell.
Sudie Collins.
Mag-ie Workman.
Nettie Nies.
lua Nies.
Hubert Schata.
Clare Irvine.
L C Irvine.
Be-lo l.elimer.
Dmniii Colli 1.11,
Lena lluuher.
Ola ltuscll.
Cora ltussell.
Bcttle Cottio:!.
Klina llor.hucror.
Klma Kvgcr.
Mnud MeKulght.
Blanehu Howell.
Claud Itenuett.
Peul Bennett.
Lizzie Payne.
Nel lo Kr- ek.
Frank Kreek.
Hairy Kreek,
Mav Curry.
1) P Dobyns.
Hannah Meyer.
Becky Mcyi-r.
Anna Curtis.
Chat Dobyno.
Liilti Chaddiiek.
Nctiie Parrish.
Carriu At dorsoi;.
Ju'ia Luekhardt.
Flora Luekhardt.
Will Luekhardt.
Kate lta hill.
Sam O'Fallon.
Klla OM'allor,.
Lena B.indy'.'
M iggio Downey.
II . Frame
vs. ttie uotiniy uoun. u. tv. i nomas
was called to preside as special judge;
tho peremptory writ wns refused to
C- V.!
Mr. Ajleu as chairman made u very up
piopiiato Intioduetory, Inclosing which
lie Introduced the Kev. S. Carotliers, of
the M. K. Church, who olloied a few
well chosen words in prayer.
The principal address of tho forenoon
of tho business alon; Its lino with nil
Its attendant ovils, but that the state
which has conferred upon it such ex
traordinary power over tho vital ele
ments of uubllu prosperity must havo
and so exercise the right of contiolling
its power us to always mako It condu
cive to tliu public iood Wo havo in
this state pasud laws rognlatliig their
was delivered by .Iiplge II. S. Kelley, of j charges for the transportation of height
s V.- ir-1 fi'
((t nV): M t
This Is tho huge bat at the theatre. Tho
theatrical season has just opened, and
it is well not to forget the big hat at
the theatre. There is no greater nuis
ance and none easier to be abated. If
Snruunali, the syuopvls of which Is as
What is it that makes a home Iu this
country more desirable than iu any oth
er, ttiui wny do Americans glory in tlio
title of an American Citizen P It is be-
Uiso of tho uneunalled prosperity of
Mho country; Its free institutions and
liberal laws, width facilitate, foster ami
eucoiirugo all kinds of industry, and
cherish and sustain a liberal system of
universal education, uud which lay a
premium upon the productions ot
ihouirhl, ingenuity and skill. Wo may
congratulate ourselves upon tho aci
dent of birth or other circumstances
that east our lot iu a land like this,
where there Is so much to be proud of
and so llMlo to condemn. The turiito
rial domain of tho United Stales is, vll
lu nil, the grandest country in the
world. Its topography Is varied and
beautiful. Its mounta'lns nml moun
tain ranges and its valleys, its hills ami
dales, its exteiiHive torests, and its
von havo uuv sort of consldertlon for
iho people who happen to hnve seats I bioad prairies, its lakes whoso water
behind yon, please leave .our big hats ' are as cle: r us cryUal, its majestic riv
at home. They have no business in a
crowded auditorium where people have
lo look .ovuronc auotlier's heads.
Bonnie Broadbeek.
LiHio Kaucher.
Kva Kauehor.
Ida Piuktitoi).
Ami.' Culviii.
John ( olvin.
Hi Montgomery.
Chas Sturrott. '
( 'has Sopor,
(iraut Holtz.
Minnie IIollz.
Jennie Cook.
Frank Peter.
F.nnnu Cuiry.
second nuisance at the theatre that
we may n well call attention to and
which will ocji- ll)ustiuting,ls tlio habit
owe people have of talking Incessantly
during tha purformaneo. This t)ad
J-hablt is indulged In by very many groing
ladies and criitlcmou who would not
llko tobo eaiUd ill-bred, and yet wo do
not know of a more ill-bred thing than
to indulge In it. 'liven if you yourself
do not wish to hear what may ho said
on tho stao there may bo some ono iu
your vicinity who does, and that some
body .ught to bo given a "clinneo."
I'ieaso panto both these pictures in your
A few of tho most lutimato friends of
tho contracting parlies met at tho resi
dence of Mr. Henry Shuiij, ntti o'eloek
hist Sunday evening to witness tho
marriage of Miss Mary Collins to Mr.
liil Pinksttin, -both of this city. The
biide is well known to till our eitizous.
Few young ladies in pur community
havp pinro fiieuds than the briijo of
Mr. 1'inkt.tou. The. gloom ts also well
and favorably known in our community
and may bo rogardejl as a great favorite
with all clashes, He pas ever been a
lesUleut of oi)r city, ami is ono of the
firm of Hoblllzoll & Pinkston, lunibor
dmlers. At tho hour appointed the
coup'o entered the parlor and sto,od ba
fore Itov. S. Carothors of tho M. E.
chinch. Tho bi Ida and groom joined
hands and the solemn words were pro
nouiiQed' that made lliem husband and
wlfo. After a few days islt itniong
friends, tho happy couplo will go to
housekeeping in their now and elegant
Circuit, court closed its ,si;s-ion Mon
day last, the petit jury having been
uisobnrgcd on Saturday. Much busi
ncsH was none, ami uio iiocKot was
J'ho caso ot tho Stato vs. Wallaco
Onyatt, (Booty) on charge of burglary,
the defendant plead guilty and sotityps
ed to three years in tho penitentiary,
John Shnnk and Grant Napier were
arraigned on tho charge of burglary
and laiccuy; on application of the do
fondants thu cause was continued, par
ios giving bond in the sum of $.100 ea-h.
William II. Hicks vs. Cordolh Mail
dux, et. al.; this was a suit to set a-ide
fcale and duvd; was submitted to court;
deoieo for p'alntlff setting aside deed
as pra ed for.
Charles Cowan vs. William Miller
and Bobort Cain, for damage; plaintiff
dismisses mil.
W. II Richards vs. Daniel Zuok ; ap
peal; verdict was given for defendant.
Cleorgo W. Quick and (!eor,o W.
Cotton vs. J. W). Uobprts; replevin;
submitted to jury who found for plain
tiffs; the defendant wus granted ai) ap
peal. James MoNulty vs James M. Cason;
this was a suit on constable's bond ; ju
ry found for defendant,
Jamo 0. Eivmg vs. David Itankin:
ejectment and damages; causo transfer
red to L'ulted States Circuit Court.
JolinS.Swopovs.lt. Colllsoil; up
poul; jury found for defendant.
Oml ( raves y.s. Jojm A. Hlehardon
nml David Barbour; suit on note, judg
ment for want of uuswpr for $1208,08.
In tho suit of Mound C)ty vs. Frank
Kerslmor, on appeal, tho jury found for
plaintiff and assessed fine at 91.
Jn the partition suit of lilzaboth Swee
ten vs, Eliza Baldwin, William MKpis,
Jnmoft Blair and James Spott worij ap
pointed cominjssionerH.
John W. Stokes was allowed on at
torney's foo of $100 in tlio partition
J'ohti.anh. OitEooN, Aug. 25th.
Variety Is Iho spleo ol life. Wo havo
been .using that condiment for tho past
month east of tho mountains and have
now got luck to thls.cltv, whero wo
wish to meet tho dear old "Skstinki."
again. It gladness my beni'tforold
memories "sake to see that iikiiiq at the
head again. Hope you mav each I avc
abundant success and will tin all in my
power lo help you. Wo look forward
to I's visits with great pb asuro as the
connecting link that binds us to cM
HolLSuecess to you in your now onier
prr. and may ouis bo n winning
card. Your friend ,
W. U l'IU.N(!Klt.
Notice is hureby given that tho under-
urs capah e ot lloatmu tho largest craft,
and its sparkling streams and rippling
brooks, coursinir iu every d reetion.
present to tlio view one continuous sub
lime and picturesque landscape. And
its rutictt elimato, rich ferlllo soil and
its miueial wealth, all contribute to
:iake thu natural resources and capaci
ties of this country second to none oth
er on the faeo of the globe.
Take a belt of country extending
from lhu Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific,
on this latitude, and we have the most
desirable climate, lhu richest and most
' productive soil, and thu finest fruit
j grorvnig country on tho continent.
And if you take a block of countrv
I here iu tho Missouri Valley about two
hundred tunas stptnro say fifty miles
square in tho southwest cornor of
Iowa, fifty miles square In the southeast
corner of Nebraska, ho sanio amount
of territory in tho northeast corner of
Kansas,, and the Platlo Purchase iu
northwest Mlsouii, and wo havo a dis
trict of country, tlut for ceneial pur-
poses-agiicultural, horticultural and
all kinds of husbandry, has no equal
anywhere. It is tho grandest spot of
the I'lilted States. It is watered with
rivers and by rains, and there is plant
ed In It trees that aro pleasant to tlio
siuht, an I trees whoso fruit Is delicious
to tho taste ami good for the food, and
tho tiee of knowledge our ohuivhes
and schools, and thu tree of life in
our higher civilization and tlio religion
of our own Lord Jesus Christ, ol which
wo inny partake and hope to live forev-,
or, mid ihodo-eoMiinnis oi Adam aro ln
tho garden to dress It and to keep It.
But eating bread in the sweat of tho
face, and compelled to earn a living
Somo are tlio tillers of tho ground, some
the keepers ot sheep, somo dwell in
(tents) houses and havo cattle, some
handle, the harp and organ, nml some
aro artificers in brass and iron, and
wood, some nro architects and some
niv builders.
The Judge then spoko of tho divis
ion of labor, saying that all neccsrtrv
labor is honorable, anl that th public
welfare demands that all useful indus
tries shall bo allowed to expand freely,
each in Its own proper spheio, nml Ihyt
modern civilization rjwos jtg wonderful
prosperity to what might bn called a. di
vision of labor. That all Inventions of
machinery, works of nil, and the ap
plied sciences, havo beon invented, de
vised and dovoloped to aid and it
tho laborer In tlio oxoeullon of h's' life-
work, making his journey through lite
ami passengers, and many obligations
ami diiuos upon them wiiiep nro neces
sary fur tho protection of thu public
welfare, nml wo may npposo stll otliors
If found to be necessary.
Iu tho nftc'ri)OQU Ijiu prjuctpal ad
dress wns ileljvurcd by Profusor O. C.
Hill, of this city, which was a most ex
cellent address and was well received
by tho audience. Considering tm ex
treme bent and vast amount qf dust fly
ing, thu audience nro entitled to great
crodit for tho cxccjlout order and atten
tion given the orators,
Mr. Murray of tho Horticultural So
ciety also spoko, Ids spoenh being full
of liilciestiug farts, Mr. Murray is
one of our live horticulturists, uud his
selection was a most wise one
Tho Holt County Cornet Band wa3 In
attendance iu full force, and discoursed
some sweet intisio, for which it has be
como the favorite of this section of tho
The Oregon (5lee Club rendered sev
oral pieces of vocal music in a manner
highly entertaining to tho nudiriieo,
and which was received witi marked
Tho Horticultural display was, wo
think, thu largest ever made at any
timo in tho history of our city if not
iu thu county. Particularly noticeable
were tho displays made by Mr. N. F,
Murray, J N. Munlfee, (leorfpj P. Luuk
hardt and Win. Brodbcck. For oi)p to
look upon tho display mado hero by our
fruit growurs, woll can ho exclaim tin
ly "Wo aro in tliu Eden of the West
urn. iiriHiueeK cxmoiied tinny-two
varieties of apples, three varieties of
pears ami varieties of wheat.
Master Charley Walters exhibited a
variety of apples and crab apples
Cornelius Hoblitzell had twenty-lour
varieties of apples on cxhlbiiiun
Mr. (Jilbtti t bad eight varieties oi ap
A. J. Castle put on the table fuur va
rlutles of pears.
Oeorge Anderson placed two vario
ties of wheat on tliu table
Mr. Jacob Harmon had a magnificent
sample of wheat on hand.
Win. Fornex a fiuo samplo of honey
L. M. Kaullj lirco varieties of apples
M. M. Sopo tomatoes.
Andy Burn; corn.
T. B. Curti ' tliineon varieties of ap
Al. hnoeri two varieties ol grnpos,
Cliarles l lsonhcck. tweulv two va-
vi ies of f Jples and ono variety of
. F. M rray, sixty-two varieties of
app , on n tumatqf .doren of pears,
' gf pes, siy i potatoes, eight
n-'.uus, f millet, two of
. (if
'"" in variety ot pears,
..uekhardt mado a hand
,,ig with twenty-two variu
yS ami seventeen anolies of
(Jcorgo Basklns, "Morrow county,
Ohio, 1852.
J. S. Cnrti, Marlon county, Indiana,
Joseph llodglna, Washington county.
Iniinuti, 1851).
John II Klntr, iiaiHionucw county,
Indiana, 1850. ,. .
Samuel l rynuiH, Momity county,
Ohio, 18;,:. 4 .
ttCoiKC Myinar Morrow county.
Ohio, 185:1. .
K If Kussel, Clark county, Dlilo.ie.ia
Tom Curtis, MariO'i county, Indiana,
11 F .Potior, Henry county, Iiutiniin,
Andrew Burner, Tuscnrawns county,
Ohio, 1811
Hubert Patterson, Ireland, DM2.
Win Tayhir, Coshocton uuunty, Ohio.
J Noivillo; Pulaski county.Kentueky,
Jacob Harmon, Sr., Pennsylvania,
Rolotid ltiiirrett, Tennessee, 18.1'J.
Silas Line. Ivporte county, Indiana,
J W Duncan, Holmes county, Ohio.
1815. . "
Peter M Loucks, Holmes county.
Ohio, IBM.
Samuel luster, Delaware countr
Ohio, 1813.
Silas Pierce, I rankliii county, Okie.
Stephen Collins, Delawaro county,
Indiana, 1841.
(Jeorgo Meyer, W ariio county, Ohio,
Win Cotton, Shelby county, Indiana,
L II Edwards, W nyno county, Indi
ana, 18oU.
Cliarles Keller, Prussia, iaf)2.
Jacob Lehnier, Tuscarawas county..
Ohio, 1851.
Solomon Luhiuer, Tuscarawas coun
ty, Ohio, 1851.
w ii htcrreit, 'iippecanoe countr.
Indlnna, 18:18.
Samuel Watson. W aynu county. In-
ltr.na, 1812.
huvl .ook, Ohio, 1812.
A Gcmcekor, Mississippi, 1811.
T I Kreek, Pennsylvania, 1852.
E Vi.nBuskirk. Olilo. 185
James Bragg, Kentucky, 1844.
Oeorge W Mcliitytc, Clinton county. .
indlann, 18:18-.
Jonntlian Culp, Scioto county, Ohio,
F S linstock, Sr., Richland county.
Ohio, 1817.
James rosier, Sr., Marlon county.
Ohio, 1838.-
Mrs Julia A rwrpigor, tayotto conn
ty. Indiana, 1K12.
Mrs. Elizabeth Slprrotl, Tippoeanoo
county, 18J18.
G'porgo P Luekhardt, Pennsylvania,
Barney Kunkcl, Utehhind county,
Ohio, 1817.
II Minion, Wnyno county, Keiilucky,
9 ii W Kolley, Orconhrliir county, Vir-'
giuia icon.
C W Picico, Franklin county, Ohio,
John Stephenson, Indiana, 18:19.
Daniel Zook, YVnynp county, Ohio,
18 ia.
P M Cook, Johnson County, Indiana,
At tho eloso of tho day's exercises,
thu Horticultural Society made sero
tinus from the exhibits, which wcro
sent to Iho St. Joseph Exposition.
Tho day as a whole was pleasantly
and piofitably spent,
-Mr. Allen In his opening remarks
paid a worthy tribute lo tho originators
of tho Court Yard Park, and bo an
nounced tho toll of holier us: Dr Pe
ter, Honry Levi, G W Crow, Levi Zook
Georo Chaddiiek. Goorgo P Luek
hardt, II Pinkston, E VanBusklrk and
Ira Peter.
signed citizens ot Ho it county will. meet ! loss cumbersome and more comloi table
at tho Miiitwn tchool bouse lu West i '" happy.
Lowls Township on the 10th day of Sop
tember, 18811, for tho purpose of taking
Into consideration. nmi duvisln'' wavs
ind means to mako a luveo against tho
Missouri ilver, from thu mouth of Big
Taikio to tho White Cloud Ferry land
ding on thu east bank of tho Missouri
Many Citixkns.
Wo aro provided with soveral able
bodied weather prophwtH, but so far
thoy havo beon almost a failure iu
bringing a ram only a few drops on
Sunday last Our fanners mo busy
at present working tho roads and listen
lug to tho hum of thu threshing ma-
ehino Win. Price npjenrs upon
t)je sick list since camp niuetlng
I). C. Webster commenced Ids soho.tl
at Nickoll's Grove on Mondav last, ami
reports twenty to commence with.,,,
trunk Ott. 11, E. Denny's engineor.inet
with an nceident Saturday last while
oiling tho angina; ho gut his hand
caught, bruMng hi lingers pretty bad
ly Thu bridge southeast of town,
whlph has beon out over slnco the high
water, is again crossnblo T. O.
Follx starteu for Columbia, this stale,
on Wednesday last, whoio hu will lit
tend school Our school master,
Silas Buuhcr, was in our burg on Ian
Saturday. The school will uot com-
menco until October Quito a num.
bor of our citizens attended tho liar
vest Homo at Oiogon Saturday and ex
press tjipmselvos highly pleased
Ask Georgo Wehsior how ho cots lilg
girl Into tho houso when he has been
out buggy riding and comes back and
finds the doors looked P
Ho said that capital and labor nro do-
nondont upon each other for success
and both woro essential to tho prosper
ity of tho country, i no great cntci
prises and industries of the country re
(Hiiro tho combination and Investment
ot a vast amount of capit d, and tho la
bor of a great many men. To illustrate
this, lako one Industr.r, our great rail
road system. Wo havo In tho United
Status more than 100,000 miles of rail
ro.id. which cost flvoVillions' of dollars,
nnd whiob Cfivas employment to 500,000
laborer. This great industry Is em
ployed in the business oi irnnspoiintion
of enmmoreo and pissougprs. Tho
buslnoss of transportation, tho common
carrier, Is one in which nil the peoplo
hayo nn inlorest. it is mo moans ny
wlileli their surplus products nro ear-
ricd to niarifQt, ami suen tinners a."
noed aro hrnuguv.,, .!.
cheap, speedy and safo transpofw
and this thoy havo in tho t I
thoroforo, tlio capitalist, tho lalvi'S s
tho produeor, aro all morinlly
dept upon this groat ontorpriso,
ncithor could do without tho other. Tii
railroad Is tio laboring win's lAt
As to labor strikes, the Judgo Aid
that laborers had a right to fori Un
ions, nnd organizations to stren .then
and proteot thomsq)vps glusl tw on
rroaohmontfl of capital, and Aad a
right to strike for bettor wago rovld
ed, thoy do not by ylolonef Jestroy
property or InterUro to lily or other
penptn from working. Piw lo policy
and tho publlu welfaro equ a that in
nil buslnoss inntlorn, csplt . and labor
must bo allowed to my:o their own
terms, their own contrpcljG It would
not do to allow capital tq rot tho price
and by forco compol thu Inboror to bo
oept jls torn)sf hls would destroy the
lies off
finest uf
amber I
ou Gibson mado
libit ot onions,
by far the
' ,"
Whit mer exhibited somo
hum suirar of Ills own man-
nfaetm , whluh created no little attun-
Chvj (lo Bennott, pears.
V , Monifoo oxblbltod thirty llvo va
rietle ,df apples, four of pours, twenty-
louur oi poiaiocs, tnreo ot erratics, tivo
ACKKerries. throe ol corn, ono of
'one of melon, ono of rhubarb, ouo
iinipkin, tlirce of squash, llvo of
one of crab, ono of earrots, two
'nets, ouo of ouciunbois, one of
is, ono of tomatoes.
Kiiukul & Sons, ot Iho Dutch
innile a very flno exhibit of linn-
cloths. Hour. eto.
All,.,! l.'iinl-'nl ur.,c n In,l il,n
f.i . v. v. ..,,t,n,. nit. iin,.,iiv.l4 kllu
'urn for tho best bouquet..
louowing premiums were nward.
Foil est gpnoral dlsjilay of farm pro
duotr -I. N. MQiilfoo.'-t.'J.OO.
Bf,-t display of corn B. F. Potter,
)-tf(displtiy of wheat Jaoob Har
u. N -.00.
jst j ,isphy of oat?-Cinrloy May,
dlsplny of npplos N. F. Mur
50. display of llvo vnriotles of up
I'm. Brodbcck, 1.00.
S was a largo attendance of Hip
I) tilers, and whilo many 6how
' "K0 j ot many are still aetivo
"Jnuly as full of vigor as Ih tho
,.0, Among thoso present wo
1) Mt.Etv'Jcor who oamo to this coun
ty In Ip) frvm Morrow coHiity, Ohio.
wis nirouoeuK. morrow coimiy,uino,
1852 (J
mkel, Sr., Itlchland connty,
Of tho Financial Condition of tho Fra
zer & McDonnld Bsuk, nt Forest City,
Holt County, Statu of Missouri, at the
eloso of Business on thu 25th day of
August, 1883:
Ixians uiKloiilitritty cnnil nn personal
orcullateraliuiuutity 3 lj.003.18
1.UJOU nml aisouunti imilouhteilly
f;niiil on real t-.stato security... 2, too OQ
rails liy solvent enslomi-rs. . . , l.KMl
Otln-r liuiiils ami stocks at their pri'n-
flit eusli limrket rirlco S3S.81
Due (nun iiIIut liaaKs, i;ooil mi slulit
ilr.it! 19,10.35
lU-al c.Htntc at ircsent eujli nutrkol
valuo l.too.uo
I'lmiltura nml fixtures u-JA.oo
ChrckH ami illur civU tteavs Sll.lu
Hills it Nntlonal IlAiiks uml I real ten-
ttei Unite.'. Stales notes 4,7in.OO
rjolrl colli S.Vi.00
Hllver cln CP. CO
Total , 8110,115.73
Catiltal Stools ialit la $ cu.ooo.oo
.Surplus funds on liaml t.wa.uo
l)einslls siiliteel lo ilratl al sight .. ot.CW.H
Depols milijeet lo ilralt al Ivru
(late:) , '.1,1H.C3
U. t'razcr.
152 (I
D mk
hlo, 1 1 17
'I'IkA Fas
ana, lt
as Collins,
Sbults, Morgan county,
Dolawaro counf)',
.tyans, I'utnnm county, inuiann,
fis Buskins, Morrow county,
Ohio. 1152.
Jacol Siniii)is, Ulohland county,
Total .
(.oiimyoi iiiiriianan. t J'rc.Hiuriil.aniiiirorua
Writer. C'aslilrr. ot salil bank ami i-ai-h of n. il..
solemnly nwtnr that (lie iiliovo htatriiirnt ts Iruo
to tliu but ot our liauwlcilce tunl belter.
II. II. l'liAZUlt. fieslileiit.
Okouok Wkiikic, Ciisliler,
Sulierbed anil -worii to beiore me. thU tlilnl
d.iv of heiteiuUer, A. I)., ciulitvea liumticil and
elslil.v-llirw, .
VI r.S'F..my leoiil mul notorial seal liorvto
yN. iinhed, at nnieu III Ht. Jox-pli, Ml,.
bkaS v,,"l. lucUiitnlilM aroresalil. (t'om
V ijJUJ J.iilsHiiiiieii ami ipiuiiAud for a term
t 0 S'fxiiltliii ...i.....
H. Mf llKArriK, Notary rubllc.
OorreetvAttoHti " '
11. It i:i(A7.i;it. 1
".Mi t'Mltl'i.. .. Vl'ircctors.
(UiuittiK wknm
5,000 DOZEN
. 2.60 "
3.00 I
win i.viiv IIIIIJIVI..,,,!
Old Hens (Nnutll), .....,,.,.,
ltoosters ,
wucks nun leaineJed ).,...,..,.,
(Irene (full feathered)
Young rlilckoiu, 7 ('enu ier noi
coiilil jHjrVound. pellvereiUt Hcbiiito Iliotliem
wn'Kuii.ium iiriiYCHK wooer n. torrst Ulty. mi
Heiirmuler nth, iMh.iuid 17lK Friday, Hatur
da) uiiij SfQiiany. Bou't tlej eM, "Ijjjj",
illdlTurkeyi. T

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