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It Is
All through Holt
v County, and, in Short, hni
Become nn uuknowledgod (net, that tho
Most rclinblo houso In Oregon to deal with; tho
Place whoro yon can buy thu MOST Goods for tho LEAST Mon
Ey. Now Is your tlmo to socura bargnlns. They carry a largo stock of
Dry Goods; Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps,
Hardware, Queensware, Glassware, Notions, Etc., Etc.,
In their Root and Shoo Department thoy offer Special Indticomonts. Al
So Great Barcalns in Clothing and'Huts. Good Suits nt from $5
To $26. Tho placo where you nro always kindly
i ronton, wneincr ou want to uuy or not.
The placo whero every nr
Ticlo 13 marked
In plain fig
Urea And Only One Price Asked, Is At
Every Citizen In
As Mound City is tho Center of Holt, So
Yon will Hurt us tho Centre of Attraction in
giving Bargains in All Lines of Staple and
Fancy Dry Goods, Notions, Clothing, Hats,
Caps, Glasswaro and Ouconswaro. o
Phelps, Dodge and Palmer Glove-Fitting
Boots aud Shoes, all of which aro Warranted.
Our Goods aro all LEADERS, and our LEAD
ERS arc all BARGAINS." Remember we
meet any and all JUST COMPETITION. With
thanks for past patronage ol our rriwnis, v e
remain Yours
. mbi B H BBfl BR fli jtffe B m W fV
8 per GEHi . mm
Improved Fapri"
1, 2, 3, 4 and
Do not listen to parties wanting to loan thei-,,iq per
Cent. Money, about exorbitant Commissioy.1 vYcliig
imrf?ttd. lmt come and ilnd
save you Money.
Three Points of AMap
wrivi. i viii v i .iiw i Aiiiuuiooiuii
taken, if title pel feet.
ftfiv-'ini vvhnrii t.iiiiu lu l'cMiowod.
8&"U you are thinking ot 'making a
will iiv vmi in Home and see me. and by
t&'ind. No delay. Money furnished within FIVE days after nrlUisatlon
respondence solicited. Will bo at Muxlow's Hotel, Mound City, ovepjaturday.
Is now making hlu first exhibition of Fall
Dry Goods, Notions,
Boots and Shoes, Clothing
Glassware, Q,ueenswarei,
At Prices TSiat
Vo endcayor to keep the BeM, knowing
aim examine uuuun mm - iikvo
LEVI OREN, New Point Mo,
Holt County:
5 Years' Tin
out lor yourseu. U will
Over Other Loaning M
.iiui uvui -i
no ehnrcre fur Abgtraet.
uow loan or renewing nn olil one, it
eo dome servo your own intivilist. Cor
and Winter Goods, jgS
Defy Compo:
tho llot is always tho
$ Of ill Hh
f Mmou
I Ub
Etc. ft;
ition. d&
l . IhehA
-Kock Port hai organized a dancing
Tho npplo shipping htuiuosa Is quite
Tho Iwt cent postngo act Is now m
(Jeorgo I'. I.uckhardt was in Hock
Port last week.
For bargains go to Kreck & Wat
son, Oiegon.;
Mrs. Sarah Hostnck has returned to
her home in Upper Holt.
Posmnstor Allen has received tho
new two-cent postngo stamps.
E. Vnniluftkirk was In Craig last
Wednesday on legal business.
Gideon Kunkcl hns placed nn ele
gant upright piano In his parlor.
Mr. .Ins. K. Cummins haspurchnsod
the resident property ot 5. W. Morri
son. Mrs. Amamla Uichards and Annie
Kyorsom nro visiting friends In Mound
Miss Carrio Cowan, of New Point,
left Monday for a vifit with friends in
Dutto City, Montana.
Mrs. Kllza Penny is very ill hut
littlo hopes are entertained of licr re
covery. William A. Gardner Is moving
bnck this week to his old home, uuur
this city.
Sammy Senor, Jr.. of St. .Tosoph.ls
spondlng a few days with his former
suhool mates.
Pofcssor Conwny, principal of the
Forest City schools called at our sanc
tum Saturday.
J. Foster Marshal now shows up
with n genuine Wool cut-"clean,smlck,
smack, smooth."
It is estimated that fifty per cent.
moro fall wheat is being sown in tins
county than any previous year.
Our sister clty.Craig, has a lecture
bureau, and George It. Wendling is
booked for that place. October 25th.
his bed (or uGrVfift? lW J,,MW,hJil.ll
ful tumors. Ho is slowly improving.
Samuel Stuckoy and B. F. Morgan,
H. II. ltussel and W. II. Ulchard lett
Monday to see tho splits of the St. Louis
Several of our young ladles are
talking of having a calico hop. No
other class of dancing parties aro more
Henry Storrctt has moved bis stock
of merchandise from til o opora bouse
storo to the red front building on the
north side of the square
J. B. Hoblitzell, of this city, has
closed a contract with parties in Minuo
sota,for four hundred barrels of npples
Mr. .11. common. od shipping Saturday
Tho cards nnnouncmg tho wed
ding of Miss Mary Fnrls of St. Joseph,
and Will M. Chndwlck, have been is
sued. Tho wedding occurs tho 10th
A pleasant tea was given last Fii-
day ovcning nt tho rcRidonco of Mr.
Kvnns.tcndercd by thu Woman's Union
to their departing membors Mrs. ltoa
Goslin and Mrs. Sclmtz.
It is said that tbo proralonco of
jellow jackets is a sure sign of a bad,
rough winter. If this bo true, it will
afford Vine Uovery an opportunity to
mako Arctic explorations at homo.
Tho rogular monthly Sunday School
Concert of tho M. E. church will be
given on noxt Sunday night. Singing
and speeches by tho children and mom
hers of thu school. All invited to at
tend. Dr. S. B. Lukcus, Dentist, will bo
in Whlto Cloud, Kansas, on Oth Inst.,
also may bo found at Dr. Tracoy's office
In Mound City 11th and 12th inst.,thoso
wanting teeth extracted without pain
will do well to call.
Tbo Nodaway district association
of tho Baptl.t church, held their session
at their church near this city, com
mencing Saturday last and continued
throo days. Tho attondanco was largo
and much interest was manifested.
.lr. A. ll. tircon iiasjuncompiotcu
, ' :. V.w-Jmt. Schlotzhauor,
ieo. Anderson, N. .1. Kyger, and Jonas
nt8on, for thu painting of their re
pooiivc rot-idenccs. Ho will also do
ho "rod" on Albert Koccker's now
Tho ladles of Holt county should
foiget that Mrs. Leonora Walteis,
nd City, is prepared to fit them
corsets ;thoy aro of tho best manu-
ire, mid she inim-antces a lit. Her
at parlors aro located in tho Glonn
k block, Mound City.
Tho third quarterly mooting for tho
on charge M. E. chnrch will bo
:U the Triumph School House, next
lay and Sunday, cjmonclng Sat
urday at 2 o'clock. Proaching by tho
Presiding Eldor, Middloton. All are
cordially iuvitod to attend tho services.
Mr. Stephen Collins has just receiv
ed an upright piano.
A few second hand wagons and bug
gles at D. M. Martin's t bargains.
Corbon Cotton, White Cloud, Kan
sai, came over attain last Sunday to see
pa and ma,
Our lino of booto and shoos wm
novcr moro complete, nud our prices
never lower. K. & W.
Tho stock snlo nt Henry Minion's
last Tuesday wis largely attended, and
good prices woro received.
A gill nf tmtL Wna tin. I am H.n I
Henry Minton farm last Tuesday .Judge
Wilson was tho auctioneer.
Every subscriber of Tins Sentinel,
should not fall to rcat tho liberal offer
entitled "Attention Scholars."
Miss Sophie nud Linna Peters, of
Corning, Kansas, spent tho week with
their cousin, Miss Ella O'Fnllon.
: SS.SOO to loan on first class real es
tate for a long tlmo. Interest reason
able. Apply to George Wcbcr, Forest
Messra Itobert Pitcher, George
and Will Lnckhardt, three of Mound
City's popular salesmen, visited m Or
cgon Sunday.
Miss Bottle Burgess, a popular
young lauy ot rorest City, returned to
her homo on Tuesday from a pleasant
vlhit In Marysville, Kansas.
Gelvin & Hazlett, of Maltland,
made a shipment of fourteen cars cattle
and four of hogs last week. The cattle
vent to Chicago, the hog to Kansas
Adam Bowciv, of Columbiana
county, Ohio, has been tho tiuet-t of
grand-pa llershliorgor, tho past week.
Mr. B. comes with the view of purchas
ing a farm.
Adrian Pink-ton, ot Forest City,
who has been wearing a long face for
sovoral days, Is now improving and a
smile occasionally lights up his hand
some 'mug".
Gioep.KiiiL'. ap old time resident ot
and daughter, were visiting rolativc in
Oregon this week. Ho is now a pros
porous merchant of Cedarvillc, Kansas.
The Woman's Union of Snvannali,
will celebrate their lirtit anniversary on
tho oTcnlng of the 5th insl. The fol
lowing ladies will attend from this city:
Mcsdaiucs Shutts, Curry, Koa Goslin,
Dobyns, Ellon Foster, Irvine, Sterrett
and Miss May Curry.
Tho "Evening of Song and Storj"
nt tho Christian whuich, last Saturday
evening by tho "Woman's Union,"
proved a very plea-ant and enjoyablo
affair. Tho proceeds, amounting to
$!,!10,wcrc given to a family in this city
who are iu indigent circumstances.
Tho following ladies from onr coun
ty were in attendance at the soldiers re
uniou at Maryvillo. From Oregon,
Mrs. Eddy, Levorlch, Moultor ami A.
W. King; from Mailland, Mrs. J. D.
Goodpastor.Gco. Wagonor,Elliot,I)avis,
Salters, It. I. Uea, Gilbert and J. Har
mon; from Mound City, Mrs. Munim,
Klc mid Glenn's.
Verv fronuontly sportsmen fire a
shot at random nml kill something thoy
did not know was before them. So it is
with nn editor, lie writes an item, fires
at no ono particular, and sumo guilty
porson "gives himself away" by crying
out, "That meaus mo." How truothoso
words of Shakespoarc, "A thief doth
think each bush an, officer."
Vennor has made his prediction
nbout the coming winter. Ho says "It
will bo warm, open and wet, with littlo
or no snow during tho closo of tho
year." Mr. Vennor Is no longor a
prophot of great honor anywhere, and
peoplo can take his predictions as thoy
pleae. However, tht-y had better lay
In tho usunl supply of wood.
People who delight In beautiful nml
good books will bo nftomshod whon
thoy soe, If they bavo not already fceii.
tho announcements of tho "Caxton
Illustrated" and other editions of stan
dard authors, Issued this reason. I he
typography, and all mechanical qnali
tics of printing and binding nro simply
suporb, and tho price a voritablo mnr
vol, to tho old-time book-buyer. Tho
list Includes the wurks, complete, of
Dickeup, 16 volumes, reduced In prico
$22.50 to S9 not; Thackeray's, from
$lti 50 to $0 76; Gcorgo Elliot's, from
$12 to 8.76; Washington Irving's Works,
from $20 to $ij Scott's Wavorloy Nov
ols, from $30 to $7.50; Hawthorne's
Works, from $21 to 8d,60; J. Fenlmoro
CooporV.from 832 to $12.50; Bulvvvr'.",
from 831.25 to 88.50; Wm. Illnok's,
from $15 to $1; Do Qulncoy's.lr.un 818
to $0 60. Tho publishor sends them to
any ono for examination before requir
ing any payment, on reasonable evi
doueo of good faith, and will send a
100 pago catalougo of these and other
works free Hpon application. John B,
Aldcn, Publisher, 18 Ves,uv St. Now
Attend tho literary to-night.
Fred Markland.Whlto Cloud, Kas.,
Sundayed in Oregon.
John Plulbilek and wlfo wcro on
tho sick-list, this week. S
Matt Golvln took a car load of lugs
to Kansas City, Tueday.
Albert Ftntcr has boon shaking
with ague for several days.
Peter Comer, of Mound City, will
go in naiioia, in tito -pnng.
Will Mnllnluirli t. ...... I nil..
I was circulating among our ladies last
Gcorgo Stephenson is building n
now residence. Sam. Davidson, of this
city, has tho contract.
Walt Earl, Andy Frazcr, Case
Croppnnd Ed Muxlow, of Mound City,
were In the city Wednesday.
Gworgo U. Wendling, will lecture
at tho Corsaut & Meyer opera house, in
Mound City, on the 20th mst.
85,000 to loan at eight per cent, in
terestno commission charged. Call
bofoio It is all taken. J. Foster Mar-
thall, Oregon, Mo.
Henry Cook, while in attendance at
the Maryvillo reunion met ore of his
old comrade' that he had not seen since
ho was mustered out.
Tho first American Inscription up
on tho obelisk, now standing In Cen
tral Park, New York, will bo: "Unn
Ur. Bull's Cough Syrup. Prico 25
If you nro In need of groceries,
queenswarc, etc., Kreck & Wat.son will
supply you at tho very lowcht figures
for cash. Homoinbci this. Paste it in
our hut.
Tho Horms which have recently
boon sweeping over Kentucky, havo
not 'skcered" us a bit wo aro selling
dress goods cheaper than ever. Kreck
& Watbou,
They havo got through with the
great Frank James trial, but Kreck &
Vfatson have not yet got through sell
..; -......,,! i, (,!,.). nf nlotliiiiir nt
Byron never uttnred truer words
than when he said: "Physicians mend
or cud us." But whllu doctors disa
gree, all tho world ha agreed that
thcro is no remedy equal to Dr. Bull's
Cough Syrup.
Cap. Cannon has returned from Dos
Moines, Iowa, whereho has been thnpast
weak purchasing the latest improved
null machinery, winch ho will nt once
put In his Forest City mill The Cap
tain is determined to have the best mill
outside of St. Joseph.
P. M. Zook. the photographer, U
now prepared to mako you as good
pic'urcs and as cheap, as you can get
in St. Joseph. He also has u large
stock of picture frames for salcchcip.
Don't fail to give him a ca'l. Ho does
nothing brit liri-t cla-s work,
Dear reader, whon you co to
Mound City, go to the mercantile houso
of E. A. Wtlty & Co., and seo their
magnificent block of fall go-ds. They
aro offering sonio i aro bargains and it
will pay you "blij" to call on them, be
sides Enoch is ono of tho pleasantest
gentlemen to trade with.
Tho celebrated r ico horso, Bronk,
owned y N. J. Kj ger,lof this city, did
net go to Texas as we stated in our last
issue, but was brought home this week,
the races not coming off in Texas as
advertised, being postponed until about
the fust of November, when Mr. K.
will tako "Brooks" direct to the races
"A Circumstance," a sparkling
story written expressly for Tim Skn
Ti.M'.T. by Madge Wilder, begins in this
Issue. Lovers of pure English should
cad this story. If you arc not a sub
scriber, send iu your name at once. It
will pay your children ten fold tho
price of thu pap cr, to read this story,
Witli tho use of tho new postal
notes, money In Minis under 85 can bo
sent through tho malls at the small cost
of three oonts. This will cnablo news
paper subscribers to bo more prompt in
romittiug subscriptions. Silver Is too
heavy to forward In a letter, but can
easily he changed for u postal nolo.
Delinquent subscribers cannot help tak
ing tills hint, it is an awful easy ono,
Tho piogram foi tho Normal Lit
erary, Oct 5th. is as follows, and will
bo interspersed with good music:
Essay Carrio Anderson.
Declamation May Curry.
Selection D. P. Dobyns,
Hecltation Bnllo Cottrell.
Recitation leunlo Cotton.
Declamatloi Inhn Lukous
Oration, O. W. Thomas,
Dobato Atllrmatlve, S 0'Falou. O.C.
Hill. M. Polk, Grant Holtz. l,'egativo:
W. H. Holl'man, L. C. Irvine, Kobt.
SohaU, Dave Anderson.
Question: Bosolvod, I lmt tho jury
system should bo abolished in tho Uni
States. All are invited.
Chatloy Sopcr is In Chicago.
Grand-pa Martin Is still quite ill.
-Charley Keller ami wife aro attend
ing the St. Louis fair.
Clark Proud will go to Marshall
County, Kansas, noxt week.
Ora Hunt Is entertaining her moth
er, who is a resident of Iowa.
Miss Edna Lukens, who has been
qulto ill for soul? timo, u much better.
Mr. C. W. Lukens' little one Is
somo bettor. We hopo for its recov
Mrs. Elizabeth Evans was visiting
relatives m Iowa Point, Kan?ns, this
Mr. Enimert, of M.iryland, is visit
Ing amoug relatives and friends in our
Mr. nnd Mr. Simpson Jones, of
in unify County, aro among relatives In
our city.
Sam. Huiatt is now "strutlinir"
hljli-nll on account of that girl baby at
his houso.
Tim Oregon band of Holt county is
a creuit to tho county from which thoy
came. Nodaway Democrat.
Maggie Martin, is In tho city, nt
tho bed fcido of her father, grand pa
Martin who H lying dangerously ill.
Mr. Stephen Collins last week,
presented his daughter Mrs. Tillie
Shutts, with a lino horso and buguio.
Tho Kunkel iuiuiufeturing c mi
pnny nro about to place somo 85,000 ad
ditional machinery in their mill. With
this addition they will bo ab!c to grind
a car load of Hour per day. Wo aro
proud of such an o-tublishment, ami
wish tho Ktiukels nbundeut shcco.s.
Christian Meyer Post, Oiegon, was
tho first on tho ground. The Oregon
and Maitlami compnolu combined and
came in 100 strong. They nro a splendid
body of mon. They woro headed by tho
Holt Co, Cornet Baud consisting of thir
teen pieces, Mary vllle Itopublieau.
List of lottors remaining iu the Post
Ofilco nt Oregon, Mo., on tho first day
Uoyu, oaiuu ..ifc.j-i n n..Mi(!
Bates, Ida Biovius, James Coursin,
James Crawford, CharJio.Erving, Joe
Hnrpcr, Jacob Large, Nettie. Uni-li,
Dolliti Payne, Joseph Payne, Frank
Pettury, Janus Smith.Gcorgo Westfall,
Lucinda Wrlley, Jcnnia Weaver.
Mrs. Mary E. Storrctt has just re
ceived tbo nobbiest lino of hats, bon
nets nnd caps tor ladles over brought
to tho city, and at prices to suit all.
Sho carries everything usuaiy found in
a fnst-olass stock of millinery goods,
ami Invites tho ladies to call and In
spect tho same beforo purchasing. She
has adopted tho cash sy.num, nnd
from now on will sell for cash only, but
will save you money, as 4-ho can fell nt
closer figures. Seo advertisement.
Messrs. Corsaut & Meyer, Mound
City, aro lajlng in their mammoth
stock of fall goodi and invite tho pvo
pie of Holt conii'y through tho columns
of tho Sj:.ntini:i. to call and Inspect
their goods. Mr. Corsaut is ono of the
closest buyers m tho northwest, and as
goods well bought aro well sold,our pa
trons should heed tho adage and give
Mr. Corsaut a call. It is pluck, vim
and entorprli-o that wins, nnd Corsaut
& Meyer's mammoth establishment u
BU(ll(inl evuleiuo that these gentlemen
possess theso qualities, so necessary In
tho live merchant.
Minton & Burgess, thu people's
old stand-bys, make thomxelve con
spicuous in our columnsaeain in tliis
week's Usuo. Thoy ask each and or
eryoue of you to coma and inspect tliolr
good and bo convinced as to the quali
ty and astonishing low pi ices they
aro offering to tho cash buyer. You
will find them honest and true gentle
li on to deal with. Tho manager, Mr
Will tiiutoii, is ono nf tho most accom
modating anil business III. o young man
in Holt county, ami anything h. might
tell you. you can rely upon as truth.
Uomember Minton & Burge-s, Finest
City, if you want anything in tho lino
of groceries, dry goods, clothing, boots
and shoe, or In a general mrohaudlo
Thoro has bren some irreg ilarilv In
tho wheat market, and piic.-s have lino
tuaied.but at tho close prices aro about
tho same a last week. Futures are a
hhade higher. The market closed lug .er
Thoro has been a stronger tone pre.
valllug In corn ami prices have iown
a slight mlvnuco,culmiimt:ng iu us'ighl
squeezing of tho shorts. I'lm market
closed at 17 els.
Cattle receipt tho pals week havo
been liberal, while tho quality has been
good. Tho iradu howeutr, has been n
steady ore, and prices of food quiiles
worn firm and i-Uong, Shipping 86 W
Tho demand for hogs ha been fur
with a fair shipping' call, prices havo
bien strong. Shippers 85.00 dp 8..J6.
Mrs. Spencer Gcorgo is still qullo
Cranncll & Guinii nro dealing. In
horses now.
School hero is quite full and Iho
Intero-t good.
Mis. H. r. Lewis Is still with
friends in Knnsas.
A Mr. Barnc, of Illinois, Is visit
ing his kinsfolk hero-tiio-Clllis's.
Miss Etta Curtis, who Is tcachlnir
nt Bigelow, was at homo Satnrd ly.
Moto Dodgo delivered 65 bund of
caltlo last Monday ho Bold at four
James M. Cason will occupy tho
Akin property nfter tho 22d of this
Legal business Is very dull and tho
nttorncys nro looking down In the
Professor Drako Is city collector.
and so far, has collected all but nliout
8176 of the city tax.
Henry Spitler has sold his property
near the Christian chiiMli to our L'tin-
smith, Mr. Wheeler.
Mrs. George C. Brown left Tues
day for Shelbyvllle, Mo., to sec her
mother who is quite sick.
-Miss Hattlo Murphy, of New Ha
ven, Franklin county, Mo., Is visiting
her sister, Mrs. Ferguson.
Augustus Megrath has bought a lot
in tho eastern pan of town nnd has
commonccd building on it.
Yo Senior of tho Si:ntini:i. Wns
with us Monday. Wo nro ulways glnd
to sco you, friend Dobyns. Call often.
Wo notice qulto a number (f tho
young men who attended the iintitiito
hero last Summer, in town u, Sniii.-.
Tho Skntinki.'s report of thu Har
vest Homo hcio, was tho best wo have
seen. .It wns full, accurate and nun,..-.
tial. '
Charles Armstrong Administrator
of tho estate of It. I Icwh, will soli
porona effects of deceased on Octo
ber Kith.
Undo Johnny Kylo 1ms sold thu
property In tho eastern part of town
'' . ,
-A temperance Union has been or
ganized here, and there will be u meet
ing ot the same at the Chil.stian chiinh
next Monday night.
Itobert Maititi has purebred two
loUjnat north of Mr. Kyle's residence
in l ho eastern part of town, and eon-
.template); building on them.
Captain Fra.er. Tom McCoy, W.C.
Amies, JiiiMCiiswoll, Waller Knt I and
John Smith, went to St. Louis this
week to interview the Veiled Prophet.
It Is rumored that wo are to havo
two weddings m towus t nnoarly day.
We could glvo names and havo heaid
dates, but will not glvo them until our
next writing.
A temperance prayer meeting was
held at tho Presbyterian church Sunday
evening at o'clock, and another wilt
bo held at tho M. E. church next Sun
day at tho samu hour.
Bev. Duncan Brown succeeded -in
persuading soveral persons to emer tho
Chatauqua Literary and Scientille Cir
cle, while hero. We ought to havo al
least fifty membors of that bnd of stu
dents hero.
A large number of tho Mound City
Post, ( A. K , uecMinpan'ed by I ho
Mound Cilv Cornet Band, nttetidcil thu
reunion al Maryvillo hit. wU. Tim
wives of a number of the party al-o at
tended iho re-unlou.
Speak of patriotism. Fur-Urn un
selfish variety, Mound City can Jn-t
beat the world. Why, it woils a
mightily in Iho hearts of our enplo
that old men, worthies hoy and love
ly women Just run nfter the nsxesor
and plead to have thrir valmiblcs listed,
in order that they may help the city on
to prosperity. Take it all in n'l, wo
havo never witnessed the llko before. It
all comes from the Downing law. Will
they call upon the collector to permit
them to ay? We opine not.
The .situation iu ltu'g.tna is regarded
as d.tiigr-rou,
The Demi praey of .Maiachnselt-'J
have re-noinlnatml lien. Butler, for
The Maryland nitpublicaus have
h ive nominated Hurt it. Hidtu for
On the 21th nil., the siuiihiiaslei'u
section ot Indiana was swept by u -had
hto m wlijch ruined btauding (uvipv
Tho agiiciiltural department ol Kan
sas pl-iees the corn yied nl ov.er 2iHlr
UOO.OOO bushels- 60,000,tOU iihh-s
nioi'ti than last year.
The New York Dctnociaey held their
convention on the 27th nil., nud placed
Ianu II. Maynard al I fin head of tk
ticket, for sueretary of tale.
Just as we go pies we IcaiH that
the Biodheck ll'l lie'ven lu'f.i nml
Forest City was wa'lied out by 'he lato

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