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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, October 05, 1883, Image 2

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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For Tiir. l!ot.T fwsrv .sr.vti.viu.
'"A Circumstance."
HY MADG1. Wll.hKlt.
1 j
nut despondent. i'arc-wnrii anil nl-1
.most tired of the world. I sun heroin-1
ing weary ot Mich a life one of so
timny vicissitudes, of eoniMilnelcd mis. '
c ry nnd hnpplno?s; one ol nianv heait
aches, ami of but few eneour.iginiciit.s;
our, iioio the result ot living expert'
menu than ndvisenn lit. Hulllcd ami
persecuted, I liave bitterly bravetl the
Jiuffetting changes of lluclttaln g Pu
,tnno. I am growing cold to the Inllu (
oneos ami smputliks of the woihl. .
This constant nicssure of eveiv ilav
toll Is K:oie trying than studied sub
mission. "I havo wandered from home, but ev
erywhere I go, I liml mi overbiirth niug
oppression awaiting to ertch every
Imppy thought. The dark ami fort bod
ing clouds of trouble and adversity low
er around me. Tho inytie veil ol Iho
future conceals from mw the beauty and
.lovolinci-s of after life. Ail is dark,
.desolate and dreary. Nothing Is left
but to turn baek upon the heart less ami
eruel world the spotted, reproaehful
and joy ess past there to behUd the
miseries or childhood, the wrecks of
youth and the failures of manhood.
What havo I done? The. decree of the
unrelenting world tays, Nothing! The
rolen from the chaincl-hoiuo of the
pant echoes, Nothing! And the soul
cues out In Its own woe, Such are the
penalties of life, such the lewards of
"In the galleiy of the past, I co
grouped my successes and my failures,
but the throng are pointing exultantly
to tho dark, dauby spots ot a varied and
nn eventful life; and but few of the
lingering and thoughtful ones catch Hi,
"Alas! Too late! - Too late! What
is there In life to live for, what In death
to tear?
"Seven year in sechiMon. My heart
iiches. Yes, the right must prevail.
Yes, I must go.
'It Is so dri'arv,
, .ml I'm - weaiy
Of Mils iliiy hi ImiilciiliiK ,.;,r,, .
Soiroev IikIii ni. licai t
Will lint iU'IMII;
No roy of miiNiIuc enter there. "
Charles Heiford sat in his oflleo sur-
rounded by ;di thu paraphernalia ol
his piofeKsion, with his feet thrown
noioss the tabic, while his head had
fallen upon one hand as he uttered this
passlonuto outburst. Ills face w ore an
cxpicision of care- His whole being
was marked by inroads of over-exei ted
cneigy and an over-taxed brain evi
dence of unlimited ambition. He arose
and nervously walked backward and
forward across the room with his hands
-atUiuUuiA VtutrttiQ Mm , nuuUcrs stoop-
'id ard'head fallen. His look wiw agi
tated and perplexed. His lips wore
compressed w ithout a curving line. Ills
energy and independence weio marked
by the profile of his broiul.angular chin ;
his dark, penetrating and searching
eyes, shaded by a dark complexion,
seemed to catch tho intensity of the ex
citement and give to lilni that weird
look and mysterious appearance.
Ho paused before Ids library without
fixing his aitcnllon upon nnethlm: In
paiticnlar, yet apparently seaielnng for
somo consolation from the titles of hi,
law-books. Ho went to tho window
and watched for sonie moments the
passlvg changes -f tho streets below
Hedtatingly, he returned to the table
upon which laid his morning cones
ponilenee and seating himself, read
aloud :
, Will you nol
break your resolution and again visit
the scenes ot your childhood? Come,
my boy, spend the summer with me at
my country homo. You need the ic.st.
o wiil entertain yon. He member, it
is now (-even jcars iducu 1 saw 1.011.
This was read from a let let "received
from hi unelc. With hands nervously
clutching his pencil, hu lead and re
read tills as It lay before htm.
As he read, he drew aimless hues
across some blank paper on the table,
and llnal'y diow the maps of two ud
jolniug farms and dotting hero ami
there I lie farming houses, studied them
'I ought to go. Yes, I will go," he
murium cd ubMrncteclly.
The thought of discovery, and Ids re
turn home were tho causes of his ox
Vitement, and had suggeMed an un
pleasant train of thought. Seven yi ais
before ho had 'ibnmloncel hu home. On
account of Ins Anti Slavery opinions,
ho had entailed upon him.-elt the
persecution of .-omo enemies
who were fortunate enough in
awakening jealousy and nngiateful
ness in his mother, who chariied his
father of wrapping himself i.p in this
his only son. It becamo ai parent tliat
tho eril hand ot desiiuy was about to
u.i;.tiiii- iitiii, nil ii it I ril pilm, ic.lr
,i I ,iii.w, if..!........,., Li
.tr...I..L'n 1.1... II.. ...If 1 ....t..
" "
courageous iniiepemieueo. no was am
bitious, and - his sensltivn mid hopeful
mind longed for vncouragemciil and
tho symj athy of warm hearts. And al
though not inoro than a youth, he had
rend much and thought more. Against
the current opinions of all his superiors,
ho oxpresscd himself frerly upon Hie
error nnd luli'ily of iho neilou of the
'South, with which his family and
friends -yiiipalhIzrd. His iiulopemlonet
nnd freedom of will, led him to believe
that these ulcus, which ho etitei tallied
and expressed could do him no harm,
although they weic met frequently with
blttomess nnd insult. Tlio war, how
ever, taught many mi enthusiastic
yoHng mini silence and the polity ol
jffi.Mlvo opinions. lleforu this Instruc
tion could lie received by young Her
fnnl, liu was nllonnlrd ; unit white by in
itluildntioii lie lnt (lio i Itilit to free
lpeeeh, hi1 wni iclmed the privilege, by
Hence, to regain peaceful relations
with his neighbors. Iiiiiih' wn
poisoned an I I'liiblttored by natural
liii'i1. At the hands of his c'iipuios ho
,l,l'l'iv,,l t-niol Uentinent unit con
M,l,,t '""""I'S ""'l his mother became
M's M'm'' t'm'my. The w arninrss nnd
findcrnoss of hi young heart was
eiushcd out lo, mii It conduct. He must
i;o. Others' Interest would he lliwnrl-
ul, if ho remained. One night in the
ab.pnie ol his fathei he was, by masked
men, taken fioin home and entilce' far
into the woods, and there punished by
hanging until a promise to lea'o the
.slate was extolled from him. and In a
seint-conseious slate he was abandoned
i in tho darkness. As he had of
tvir talked of leaving, for pence- to
himself and father, it was an cay task
to per.ti:ido his father that Chai ho hail
voluntarily left linn, lie ictuined near
his home that night, and lingered about
tho eciRi' of his young life witli swell
ing heait, and gray dawn was making
her appcAianee beforo he could 'ct his
consent to forever desert them. With
out tiace, lie a? many other lads, was
lost to his friends.
to hi: co.stisi;i:i.
A Wide Awake Druggist.
Mr T. S. Hindu, Is always wide
nwaku in ids business and spaics no
pains to secuio the best of eveiy article
in Ids lino, lie has secured the agency
fur the eclubiated l)r King's New Dis
covery lor Consumption. The only
certain eio known ! r Consumption,
Coughs, ( olds lloar-onoss, Asthma
I lay Fwier, Hronchlts, or any affection
ni me i uroai nun i.uiigs. Mini on a
positive guaran'ee.
ill "ive von
I rial noltle Itee.
ltrgular size.! 00.
Another Interesting Letter From W.
Spi inger.
DOiiriptlon of This Uonutlful Ltttto City
on Monterey Bay, California.
Santa Citt z, Cal., Sep. Hi, 'Si).
You will sco by the heading of this
letter that we havo again been on the
lly; however, wo are now located for
the winter I hope.
This place reminds nw very much of
Oicgon. It Is an orchard, dotted .villi
cottages, though much larger than Or
egon, there being il.OOJ inhabitants. 1
think if j on were to visit this place you
would tertain'y fall In lovo wHi it.
The temperature- is very agreeable,
rarely reaching t0 in summer or 10
in winter. Snow and frost are almost
unknown, riiiI the tenderest flowers
bloom out doors all winter. The stieels
and fences nro lined aid eoveru-i with
geraHiums, fuschlas, etc., and tho yards
uvu tUlcil with pilm and oilier tropical
ami semi tropical trees. I'r.ilt is almn
dant and cheap. We hare all thu traw
buiiies and blackhenies thai wi want
at froiu six to ten cents per quart, thu
former lasts from April to Christmas,
and are very tweet and luscious.
Thu city is built on Monterey Hay,
and is principally a siiinnier sea bath
ing resort. During .luuo, duly and
August, thu city is crowded and every
thing very dvc'y, but tho reinain ler of
the year it Is rather ipiiet. although a
large trade is central hole. It i- sur
lounded on three sides by mountains
and on the louilli by the sea. The city
has water and gas works, and is kept
very clean. The people nro refined and
sociable, being mostly eatern. Quito
a good many Spaniard, live here, and
are for I lie most part fishermen. Largo
quantities of fish nro taken hero, and
,oii can pass a very pleasant day either
in n b at or on the wharf, angling for
tho finny tnbus, mid watching the fes
tive bathers.
hiving Is about as cheap hero as with
you, and tliero Is more vatlety. Asa
winter resort this place is said to excel.
I hey havo a
street railway and two
lallroads with eight dally passenger
trains. I hero are several inanufaetur
iiidustries located here, prominent
among which is the largest powder
works 'ni the Pacific Coast, situated two
miles from tho city. The country Im
mediately tun rounding tho city Is not
; adapted to fanning, but there Is a g. od
i fanning euimtiy a few miles southeast,
1 that is tributary to it. Wo have n "boss''
: boarding Inniso, private family, with
I exec. lent faie. neat and cleanly bi ds
! and largo airy rooms, ifo.OJ per week ;
1 costs $(i().i0 a month for family cheap-
er than Oregon, Wo have a uiaL'iiill
eent view of the sea, and are in hoar.ng
of thu ever "break, break, break on
thy cold giay rocks, ()! Sea."
I think it is very doubtful if I over
come back to Oicgon, at Irast, for more
i than a visit. I haven't yet decided
what I shall do or follow, but many
i openings are ofi'ering, and it is only a
I matter of judgment which to enter. I
'expect to leave hero to-morrow for a
j till) to Aiioua, and on rutin n .hall in
i.. I' ..... ., .... . .
1 ''nt portions ol the stale
1 I want
to iji to Yosemitu liefoto I re
turn. With kind regards to all friends,
I am yourfiiund,
Why Should They.
No man or woman can do sail-facto
ry work when the brain is dull, the
nerves imstuidy, the system relaxed
and they feel generally wretched. Why
should nnjbody drag through their
work in tills condition, when a botllo
.f Parker's I linger Tnnlo will at modur
ate cost give Ihem thu strength ami
will to perform tludi duties satisfactori
ly. Kd.
Mr. NVm. Do Arniond, Fairfax, Mo, ,
say: "Hiown lion Hitters purified
my blood and li.creaed my weight )(
pounds " .i
I take p'eastiip In
NVherc will always be found a lull line
And would call especial attention irthno who .hall need g.iods In my line, for Tall nnd Inter
use to call and insoeet our mammoth stock In f.ue our. h...-ing elsewhere. No trouble to show
goods, l'oliio and attentivo Milesmen in waitliii:. One hIut f.ict worth knowing Is: All our
goods are MAKK1.I) IN I'l.AlN KKSl'ItlS. NO DHVIATIXfi, o that parents or guaidlans
can send their children without any hesitation, as ihev wll; be as well Uvated as if accompanied
by them. Hoping a call at your oai Host convenience, 1 am, very respectfully, your "Star" Clothier,
P. S. All ('nods (Jiiaranteed as Itpprcscnted.
:prcss Car on an Indiana
Robbed of $15,000.
An E5
On last Friday. Sepleiubf r 'J8lh, the
expiess car of the express company on
tho Kel liver branch of I lie NViilnish, Hi.
bonis & I'acillo railroad, bound west,
when near rem, Indiana, was broken
Into hi llireo masked men Kvprcss
Messenger l.oomls was bound, gagged
and thu cafe robbed of .lo,000, ami all
oilier valuables in thu ear. Tho rolibcs
eseai ed after locking l.oomls in the ear,
whence hu was released on arrival of
the tialu ut I'eru. No clue to the rob
bers. A Big Success.
"My wife was in bed two years with
a complication of dioidcis her physi
cians could not cine, when I was led to
try l'arker's Ginger Tonic. It was a
big success. Three bottles cured h r,
at a cost of a dollar and fifty cents, and
she is now as strong as mix woman. -It.
1)., Huffalo.
Somi: weeks ago a call was issued by
e..(iovei Dor John S. Phelps for u meet
ing ot tho Vrca Trade Lea-juo of Mis
souri, nt St. Louis, Oelobrtr 2nd, but
tho Democratic papers ot ihu stale iIh
not seem to bo whipping up that meet
ing with any alarming amount of en
Ihlisiiisiu. They aro most probably
waiting to Bee what their party will
I ,,!IVU K,V 0,1 1,10 l''''f' question next
year, as; it would be rank herosy for a
Dumocrallu paper to have any views
out of Uuo with tho utterances of a na
tional convention.
Dyspepsia dampens tho ardor of manv
an aspiring soul. Why suffer from
dyspepsia i Why bo frhjhtcnoi over
disordered Kidneys? Why eontiuuu the
mlsornblu life of u dvspeptic, nnrvless
mortal? Hrown's Iron Hitters will
sureiy euro yon. it lias permuneiitly
euieit thousands of eases whero other
loiiieilles afforded only lempoiary io
lief. Ask your drujjgist concerning its
111011. '1 I V II SMIIIIlll. Il.ittln
will bo lelieved of further im ntal and
pnytticHi uistress.
Tiiij nory lhat Oould, Huntington
1 ... . 1 ... . .
aim nuueroui nave iieen In a pool lo
uupr.ijss Psur horn Pncifiu securities, Ihnt'
they may eoiiini -.nd the road, with its
oiioi inous Interests, will hardly havo 11
teiWieney to piceipitMte a paniu.
A Loss Prcveritod.
3 any lose their beauty from thu hair
falling or tiidiu.'. P.irkei's Hair ttal
sain supplies necessary nourishment,
pr-jviints falling and grayuess and Is an
eh'gaut dressing.
Ira Petei's, Oicgon, Mo, Co and sen
his Immense stocm which he has jm-t ru
ocived. If ywi wnut lo hnya carpet ho
hns Just Jhe one y oil want. '
announcing to the public at large that I
STREET, Terrell's Old Stand,
of the finest, latest and nobbiest Men's, Youth's, Hoy's and Children's Clothing,
323 Felix St., ST. JOSEPH,
If not Satisfactory, Money Hcfunded.
The place to buy
your Fall
ter Supplies in Drvisr-a
J- J 'nt Kansas 'iiy. A rovi-l
U-oods, Boots, Shoes
and Clothing, is at
the St. Joe Co-Oper-
ces always the low-
etS. GEO. RAPP, Manager.
Instantaneous Photographs !
A Now Process, and a Now Outfit:
iiaeu iiioumis ami serneries, in
o'-'i' I'.vm. arci rnotos, per
.I......... il 1111 . '1. 11. 1 ...... ... ii..:
tI.r'H rii ui .
T.u, iiiiiiiuii, uin uvu
win pieuiru& eopieii ami uniargeil
leu 11111 en ariret
cos win no iiilvanecil. I ho Now Process, a pxtnnt, and i
plate nro very high. 1 am now psopnrcil to do as fine J
wmX as any uitist in tin' West, lleiiieniber. c heap
work for SIXTY DA VS only. Vluws taken in
tl 0 city or country. Picture frames for ij
ealo cheap. C01110 early I Come K
soon! Como ipilek! I-
P. M. ZOOK, Photographer, Oregon, Mo;.
desires to say lo uvury body
or nnytlilnir else in tho IIARNKSS
5 ,r. .r," V'.1 1?..,.,.1 V:,Vm)' u's"'liero, as he has tho LAKGKST and
jiF.o 1 nnawii 1 .ur.. r 01 ii.ii.Nj;bS ami SADDl.ICS in
my goous were nouj
ilgM. I make) my ow
.1.1 .I..1
' . rn ' 1
tent. 011 Saddles alone
0 uumiii's, mm
OltECiON, MO., 1st
clmr Jn 1 ,lomo, llf 1,10 CuIotnAtod MII.HCHN HCGOI v.
SPUING WAGONS. Thov aro Strmilv FliMt.(l!,.k. 1,1. 1 sir.,,..
Patent "A" Whoolsi bo. t Second
ii'ii'Bi, Kiaous 01 axio.; tun l.i atlior Top
dubious. In order to build up a 1 imle In tho Huggy
N agon Lino, I will sell ymi u Firs'-t.las.s Vehicle on clos
gins. 1 win also ileal in cheaper
as low a, 76. Lvery man and everybody Invited to call ancf see me,' as
l can save them money and trouble), at tho Centr il NVngon, Hepalruml Paint Shop.
H. C. SCHMIDT, Oreo-on, Missouri.
havo opened the
and Win-j,
y Pri
The Finest Tubes. Cameras. Acccsjih-i...
Iho Market Chenn Work for tin. mxt.
ciozeu, oil; t'alilnet Photos, ner
.1.1 . a .A . 1
veais 010, iiiur j;eins 101 ou eenis
. After SIX V MAYS mv mi.
that want to buy a set ot
that it w ill he to your benefit
in II111 (!oiinlv AI
1 I .1 . .. ... . '-
piunyiicu inai iney cyiiJJ'
win save you tiuu.
Door South of Bank.
Growth Hickory, th.n-oiJly
corn s, and can sell vou a tJh lmcrv
n i s. 1 v 'is 1
lid thoi
Itobhora stole $ 1,800 from the safe of
1). (Sat nor, in Ibcna, Miller County, re
cently. Judgo V. M. Hlack, of Kansas Cily.ls
said to be an ssplrant for thu.SuproinoJ
Tho Fulton (Callaway County) fair
took in $1,0:10, gii.urecclpls,and cleared
Tho grent bllllardists havo recently
been delighting tho patron? of tho cuu
In St. Jo-eph.
The funeral ot Dr. Hubert Oun re
cenll.vdeeeai'.d,wiis Iho largest over seen
In St. Joseph.
Hon. II. II. Sherman, fat her of Iho
Into Judge Sherman, died ul his homo
in St. Joseph a fo.v clays aao.
Hallway mall services has been estab
lished on the Missouri Paelllc Hoacl be
tween Hoonvillo and Versailles.
John Lawsnn bit David NVIIItntmnn
over thu hend with a club in u saloon a
Maitl.iud,lIoll County. u few nights ngo,
and killed him
Tho Post-olllco nt Parker Stal'on Scott
county, has been discontinued. Mail for
that vicinity should now hu sent to
Tho (lovornor recently commo'cd tho
sentences of (lergo NV. I)ooloy,who was
convicted nt the July term. 1883, of the
Carroll County Circuit Couit and sen
tenced to twcntvfonr years In the Peni
tentiary, to u term of ten years from
August 7, 187-1. Tho eoiumutii'lou was
made on tho recommendation of a large
number of Iho citizens of Carroll Conn-
The coopers In St. Joseph struck a
few days since for nn advance of thirty-
three and one-lhlrd per cent. In wages
Heretofore they havo received seven
cents, eight cents and ten cents per bar
rel, according to grado They now de
mand ten cents, thirteen cents and
fourteen cents por 'jarrel All but one
shop was will'ii'. to pay the sealo pro
vidcil thatono would piy it.
A few evenings since as the Texas ex
press on the Nil swirl Pacific Head was
nearincr Kansas Cltv the engine run
over and killed a man who was appar
ency ' s'eep " the track. Just ns the
train nppi'iiacl'ed I he dazed sleeper r is
eil Ids h inland vascnu-ht by tbe pil
ot. The body was hocking! y mangled,
the head hciiii; cruhed to a pulp. It Is
thought the dead man's namo was Cool
hlge. Fred M. Pease, a ynut g man m the
einph.y of Keith & Periy.wnod and coil
dealers, of Kansas Oltv. who has Peon
living very extravagantly, wa arre-led
a few days 1120 for embezzling 8-000
Pease is well known in society olix-les,
and Is a inembrr of the Craig H'lles.
Ills mo'her 1'vu- in St Louis. The young
man turned oer $.rj0.) in dlamnnit,s and
his father iravo intcs fur tho reinain
ler and he was re'oasod. Pe.ise is only
nineteen yeais of ao.
The Inler-State Association of I'uder-
Kansas ami NV-
two day' session
ny. A revision ol districts
ifi Misswiifaiid Kansas was mad", and
now dis'rii committees in lhoo Stales
appointed- The fol owing officers weio
cdeeted foJijho ensuring year: Pr. si lent 1
Mellon j i'eh, of Kansas Oitv; Vice
President F. U Hoffman, of Sedalia;
I SecivtarW Alf Hennelt. of Kansas City, j
ami anfi
Aceuuvo CToinnrtteo ol tlnee
from each State.
KimMJ' f 'It v nnltM.timn li
1 in
Ideas Wjnl women who appear on the
in ".ilotlier liiiubard ' ilicsscv
Iheso intelligent protectors of
(!, on si olng a lady of high so
...... 1
;ne h
id finding
cMgl g from n retail
sessed la one of those
.ejSaii as loosulvriltl.i!r ha-
4UtntKQSroached nnd very polPuh
luf-irmeil her tliat shu must
irom me struct, i no riiriit-
.''imiigiiani '.M uner iiuinnrn,"
v ventina nor rutii upon tiie in-
Ait" olllcer, told him tliat -ho would
1 1... .1 1 ...ni ,1,..
1 nwiiiti, ijiiL 01,1 uo.timiiii h'iii ncu hid
.4"anil proceeded up tlicstruut,pant-
with nmo.
iviiit'ii , . oiM'iiini:m was
.... 1 (1 . Ml 1 il.
Ksliinteil nt PlnnclllH.Mr.Doivilil conn
ul I-" '
'a few nights ago Dr. Chenoweth was
nrn 111 cmiiiuoino, w., cjctooer id,
ti;', and was educated in Ihu Circle
.llo Cnivuisity, O. He 0. 11110 to Mis
out 1 in 1W1, nnd lived In Greene coun
ty six year-, in rsowton county 0110
fyeaiyuid in .McDonald eoiiuty slueu lhat
ime. llo was Surgeon of the 11th Rall
ies Cavalry Irom to 13u7, and was
ini 1 ily and ciicuit cleric of MuDoimld
Tutv from 18(lfi to 1H70. In ls7M Iw
eheied Hcpru-uutalivo from
'dlonald coin ly to the Tlilr'ieth Gun
Assenib'y. llo had been a tuccess-
farniur, phyi-ielati ami publishur.
thoro a Confederate mi Itary
unl on any -twain Known as me
HJB.'cHwkln ltlver, In Southwest Mis-ourl,
f ynantiary, 180,1? If s 1, what Is tho
Jfytil town to it! NVho has a record
lie soldiers w ho died t lie rut1 .Irsoph
I Noalin, of Captain Tom Carter's
' aiiy, Colonel Cockorell's brlgado,
.. .it.. 1,... ,r.i,..i i ,iw.
yO llMinillll, HIl l llgij'lltt 111 HI
Nt tho battle of Pea lt'dgu. Ho
Kt' ''Is bonus In Montgomery
iCT.V l Mljjuiirl In Viienmlilil'. l.SC-7.
VJ- '"1-' , ' .........., .-vw,
was seen in 1110 soianwesi. corner
ds Slu'e, but has n.-ivur been heard
since, 1 ho nbovo infpilivs tuo 'i
clue to his late. Any informathi'i
1... ..I. will, i-.w, i.l l.i. tin, .i,lit. i,f
lispateh, Seneca, Missouri,
Buoklon's Arnca Snivel
runtcfct medical wonder of the
Warranti'd to spedlly cure
Hrulsus, Cuts Ulcers, halt
in. -fever fcnrcs. iJancers. res
( hilblains, Corns, Chapped ilauels,
and all i-kin eruptions guaranteed to
euro In every inHaneo, or money efuuil
c el. 26 coma per box. For salu ai T,
S, Illnde'fldiug store.
niiHT pip.
A. H. Greene, Prop.,
OHI.fJON. MlSSOl'ltl.
Having filled up my Paint Ship, t
am prepared to do all kinds of paliituiz
on sin rt notice. 1 make a specialty of
Oil rice, NVngon,
Sign, Ornamental, Fresco
and Scenic Painting, itiscd Letter
Sin ns, Cialnlim. Cl'tling,
Wall Decorii'ious.
A II. (1HUKNI2, Oregon, Mo.
Sewing Machine
nuY Tin: -
Higli Arm Ligil Bnnnlnc Howe !
It Is sell-set tin;; the shuttle Is solf
thrvading. You can savu Irom
$10 to !ji!l5
oy calling on
CfiV-Mnelduo Hepaliing a SpncIalty.Oay-
Will tiny An
Dre lledpelh has opened a largo
stock of Plains nnd Oi guns', which ho
will sell ut iho lowest prices Mls
Thorp, of St Joseph, i in atti'iulani'o
ut the Mu-ie linom, whole she will en
tertain yon, one and all. Calll and seo
her and get terms and prices. Ite
im inber the place,
Maitlaud, Mo.
Mr Ca s having complele-d his Id -.ck.
smith .liiip, we me now preparcel
In do ali kinds of
Wood or Irojt Work,
It'l)itirin or Xew,
All w rk tut 1 ct-t lit In us will receive
piniiipt allenllon. Chai'jcs reasona
ble. II. C. SCHMIDT.
NVar Maker.
Fall Term Opens Aug. 30, 1883.
Normal. Iliislnens, liiIc. Ooiturv. Selentllie
anil CI issWnl Cuiir.si's. l'.irnttv able alii evne
rleii('..l, Ik-it ini'lliiids employed.
Tuition Low. No Incidentals
t-SJ'-KaMiu: riinm In ruiiiiri-lliiii Uh tin- Ctil
leKe. it 111 liirnlsli liii.irillii at eust.
1'nr particulars, lutilress
Pres. S.C. M VUStfVM,,
TiirUln. Mlssoei rf
Get your Carriage, Hnrgy, or Wa-'on.
including lied, stiiped, oi'uumeiilrd ami
finished up in first e-'ass style at tho
new Central Waaon, Kepair and Paint
Shop, '-rcgon. Mo. 'All wenk warrant
ed. Carriuts Wjif?on,
and Sctenic lalntin:,
(Jrainln, Gilding,
Wall and OuIUiik
Ducoratlons a
I am agent foi nil kinds of Iron
Fence, ro -ghl lion, Diamond and
Hull pioot lion Fo'iicc any kind you
wont. For a o b ubed win', -l feel high,
S S a steel barbed w ire, paiuti d, Iron
posts and un ilium 1 ng flays, per rod,
71c; l wi es, ! leet high, ti.le.
Also a Inrae st tek of Paints and Oils,
by the ha f-piut, n II hi or biirrel
Cad and goi piieesand e.-stiniales on
all kinds of work usually donu by any
firs -elas pa'n er. Don't forget, tho
Ceu'ral Paint nu.l Wagon Shop.
1 am thu'ouly one In Hie eoiiulv that
ha learned ihu carriage and wagon
paiut'rg i radn, and to pruvu this usHer
tion In lug In voiir work.
Don't you know lli.t ouu of the bust
nnd easiust wa a to save your hard
omi lied wea'th Is to buv w'hero you
cuu get tho HF.ST GOODS for thu
Least Money
Of course yon know It. Now then
we claim with our knowledge of thu
wants of the trade and our Individ
ual uttciitlnu, wo can anil will givu
yon butter goods for loss money
than oii e tui gel them elsewhere.
0001 GOODS
are cheap at a reasonable price
whlla cheap goods are expensive nt
any price An exainlnfiloii of our
ioods mid a knojvJedgeSJf our pn
oes' will oonwlT7eiu that we aro
tolling you ony ihu plain truth,
Ymi iiroTe.tpectliilly Invited to call
ami tojtiiic- trntii of our remarks.
penplo aro a ways nn tin limkmit for
ilianees to liu-ieicsu tlielrefiriiliiKH,
mill In lline lii'cniUH HTHllliyj ilKih,,
who tin nut liiinnivi. ihnl.
ii it U-.s ii'inalii In iKiv.ily. : . niter il 'ureal
elialice In iinike' limaey. We want iii.m v men.
wnnu'ii. Iiuys, ami ulrls to work Inr us iWnt i
tin Ir own liii'itli'les. Any mu eiin iln ln evnrk
)in)ierly finia tliei llif-t start. The Imslius will
u iiMire tl.iui lea tunes unllimrv waaes. j.
ieiisve (Hiillll luriil'lieil (free. ,N'n mie wliu en.
K ite's tails tu inuk.s iniinivv rnililly, VniliMii
ilevnle your whole Ilia to Iln-wnrli, urnnlv
your mi ire iminir-Ms. , Knit Inrornnilloii nml all
lhat ii neeile'il MMit dee, Aihlreass istlutuie &
L'n., I'oill, mil, . Maine,
out MrnieojF
BV A 1'IIVSICIAN of 2yer'l
uxiK'i'kiico. Don't tiolaoa
inn- piijih nn irrupt, inn iiei
hi. If,, ul. 1.11,1 Mt-nli)
"ricrciliilloiii live ' mat Kleclrlo lltli ilmJ
liuiri, whlvli It uue', I'rliAi Mi'li, Addrrr
THE PUULIBHEU. Do- '4, Mllwiukoe. V

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