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H' iVttttf If'
2 V -
-Jorsoy Collars at ICreck & Watson's.
fiMlss Mollic Ilaiglor was among her
old WBoolinstcs Here tins wcck.
Blankets, Comforts nud
Spreads at Krcck & Watson's.
Mrs. Inrltto anil Shutts were
tug in Whlto Cloud, last Monday.
Wo aro sorrv to learn of the
tinned illness of Mrs. Lota Philoiick.
Sff?irlHJnly and original Hank Pulvcr
fffjjfgkva tH4ctondly call last Thursday.
ii-flAfrylbftVis'and wife, of Corning,
- Kansas, are visiting his parents in this
rO. 0. lull will prench at the I inon
cliBl heuso next Sunday morning and
Mr. Albert 1). Zook, of Hock Poit, i
Is visiting bis father, V. M.Zook.ol
this city. 3 , t
Mr8,i?mwa liurshborgcr, of Ma t
land, was vBHlSs',ja'littlves and friends
In tbis city, Monday. -
I'lio winter torn of the White
rcliool began last Mi uday, with Kd.
Ilrodbcck as toucher.
T, ji. Pnco has for sale, or trade,
nl a bargain, a Howo Sewing Machine
almost now.'. Call and f-eo.
Charley Ambrose, reprccnllug
Seliulte & Hosea, .'it. Joseph, sniiLddii
i I
unuu us one day last weeK
Charlie Sopor Is clorking in a t hl
cago r.illroaollice. Ho Is at ending
commercial college at night.
Seymour Callen, of llattoon, New
Meideo, Is In the city. Wo iinder.-tand
lie will enter our Normal thu comlm'
Grnnd-pa Seliulte and who, of
Humboldt, Nebraska, who have been
visiting in Oregon for several days, re
turned homo this week.
Vlrjjil Kcnnoii, wV lias been nl.
emit in Wyoming Territory for nearly
iwo years, is at homo on u visit to his
mother. Ho w ill return m January.
These are certainly prosperous
times for farmers. Throughout tlie
county, in all directions, workmen aio
engaged in building new farm houses,
tiarns, granaries, tenecs, eto , and a
aeuoral nir of ii..piovemo!.t is visible
Thu Kunkul manufacturing Coin-
tiany liavo m do nrrngenionts with Win
Kauehor of this city, to put In a com
plete roller mill, l hu capacity wiuno
vjr, 1
V l"-v
IX) UAi'ieu in iwcuiy-tour uours. i.in-
liiviitcut will bo given to a large uum
ut men tor several months.
,1. A. Dillon and wife ic'iirned from
their bridal ton.' Monday. After a Inlof
visit with the bride's parents, Mr. and
Mia. K. Vaulluskiik. the couple depa t
d for their fir mo home, Suvorniiuu.
May He, who in ids wisdom created u
nil, ever bo their guldo and protector.
It looks as though the new p stal
notes had lieu wire-worked through
cungrors bv the nronrietorsot tlio.eoun
trv nress. so their dulinmiunts will bo
tibie to send in tlieir remittaneos
promptly It only costs you three cents
to send 4.99, mirt the average country
editor is willing to torsive you tlie oili
er cent and call it even money. Tiy us
mid seo if we do not.
Tho moon was partially eo ipsed
Tue-d .y morning, the phenomenon be
ing visible through the United States
and on the TaeUle ocean. Tlie eclipse
commenced lb. Mm, am., and ended
ail Gin. AM. As only i!8-10d of the
moon's diameter was ohseuied, the
e. Ipso was remarkable for being tho
only lunar eclipse visible in this lati
tude during tno year.
One of the noblest deeds of charity
wo have to chronicle for a long timo is
the gift of Mrs. John Small to the re
lict lund of Sedwiek I'ost, (. A. U. In
jthe name of httr dead hush mil eho has
ntiied over neveral hundred dollars to
I hut Post to br. sacredly used for the re
lief of sick and indigent soldiers. It is
indeed a gift worthy of a soldier's wife.
Matyvlllo Republican.
A word to our hog raisers: Thrco
Imshcls of orn well soaked and fed in
troughs will do as much good as five
bushels thrown on the ground Here
is a suggestion worthy of attontion
Our farmers need to economize thoir
food. Tho profit ot-any busines is
easily thrown away by u little waste.
If three bushels of corn can be made lo
go as far as live under tho preai-nt sys
tem of feedlng.tlitt profit would be large
ly increased.
It will bo good foitune to any liter,
nry man, to make the acquaintance of
Mr l'holpf,St Joe, of thu linn of I'holps
& Ueruni, dealers In books, etc. Wo
liavo never before met a man who was
no thoroughly conversant witli general
literature, as Mr. Phelps. It Is enjoya
ble to converse with him upon books
find authors; their merit and character
istics. His opinions are accurate, and
liascd upon collect information. A
tijudent vnd scholar finds his acquaint
mice with this man stimulating His
knowledge of rare books is noc excelled
in tlie west. Any ono desiring to form
or Jd to a library will be liberally re
ivinfed yv confering with Mr. Phelps.
And If U. Jowlll givo tho propor
did and encduTuSoniont to this man,
liu will becamo ono of llio leading lit-
enirv'cities in the West lie has all tho
fltirrounillnirs: tho wealtiitho beauty,
thu ambition and tlie intelligence. Ono
tbjng, aside, tho great strides mado to
ama wraith In St. Joseph, Is proving
uo V n)jiry to tho social and literary
wlurftcterlsUw of that city; and unlo s
Minre'attOHtion given to culture and
ihohght by men of wealth, her neigh
bor Kansas Citv will Ukc tho load. A
prominent wealthy young lawyer there
fluid to ijs. that ho would guaranteo that
it would ba rat to find n woalthy man
in St Joseph who Td a hook through
in one year j mid other Illustrations ns
to newspaper nd libraries could bo
civen, to sIiikv thai the literary fanio of
that citv i on thu wane. Let St.
Joseph see to It that Micli men ns Air. miohih givo nun m.i juh mm, mm wu
rticlps rcoeivoa more eucourugemont uufortunato woman go freo ot punish
pud better support. W"''1 with tho lessju t.iu has received.
Strap Sandals at Kreok & Wat-
UvAdUm May is working on the
Kunkel Mills
""-Esipnro David has returned fioin
his Colorado trip.
(So to I). M. Martin's (or your wag
on sheets ami bows.
The Spool In Hrolhurs arc doing the
stone work at the Kunkel Mills.
Kev. T. 1). Roberts is In attendance
at tho Proxbvlerlnn synod, which is in
session at Springfield. Mo.
Mm. Carrie Smith, of Forest City,
timl her brother, Gem go Nios, of this
icily, nra visiting in Clarindn, Iowa.
XV. C. Hrown, a very pleasant and
Intelligent genti'itmn irom imuus, yru
iron, toon uinncr wun uuorgo jies, ium.
. ii ...... . 1.1
Seventy six bushel of spring whfat
from threo-nnd-nha f acres a very
fuir yield; at leiut Dan, Halm, Jr.,V
thinks so.
During the winter, Mr. N V. Mur
ray. I loll county's livo and progressive
horticulturist, will deal in nusery stock
at Omaha.
'"(ieorgc Deffeiibaugh, who has bein
working on inipiovomunts in the Corn-
imr oliu-ntiip fi.r uoviiriil months mist.
IsTiow working at Kunkel's.
- "" . t, o x r (!i l'. ..l.
.Ml. l O. mil MlilH, IJI CI tJUSUHI,
is visiting lior parents and friends. Shu
is accompanied by Mr. Norman's moth
er, who is a resident of California.
Thoo citizens of Holt county, who
arc so anxious to go west, should read
W It. Spr'.ngei's interesting letter,
which is pub is'. ed in our supplement
this week.
The Kulo lir'ilai is at last coin-
piet d and I rains uie uoiv crossing It
is evidonily only a temporal y structure.
hs engineers are "jonauing" for i lors
for an iron bridge.
Andersin it Cummins have in t re
ceived an i legant stock of ladies' and
children's shawls and hood". Tin y are
of llio latest stylus and aro offered at
the very lowest prices.
Professor Kellogg, is giving the
very best posiblo satii-faelion. The
school board was truly fortunate in se
curing such an excellent teacher.
Falls City (Neb ) Journal.
Mrs. Dr. Lehni r has just received
an elegant linn of Tall and Winter Hats
and Bonnets direct troni New York ; all
latest styles. Tho ladles are cordially
invited lo call and examine them at her
nu'linery shoo, in Dr. Ichnior's drug
store, Oregon, Mo. See '"ad."
One of tho Interesting features of
Tun Skntinkl lids wcok.ls the adver
tisement of the Seliulte Ben's , dealers
in general niriclmnilisu They are
foriug unprecedented bargains in
linos. Head their advoisl-einent and
save "big money." It can be seen by
looking caietully at the first page of
tills paper. i
-The ea ico party given by our
young ladies ou last 'l&icsdny evening,
though not largely Ittemlid by the!
"L'allants." was a vci'VMoninvnblc onu
Tho Inclemency of Jiu weather of
course, t ept many nwsvif Mr. Tierce,
of Whito t;loud, and jho other gentle-'
men laced tho storm nl'id appeared In i
tho happy throng Ttaii Fi stcr house
furnished tlie supper, .lAhlcli hide d,
was elegant in every wall
Mrs. Hoffmann, I"?vident of the
V. C. T. U . h elurei"in our citv
Wednesday and ThiifMli.'Mevenings to
largo and attentive audlen"Js. Slio is
an able and iluent tnlid'V, and ha
noiio of that Hyle nbontr'Jer wliieli is
so characteristic of tho majority of m
temperaneo lecturers, of getting up and
going through a long ' rig-nia ro'e"
that overyhody h is heard a dozen times
and make no lasting impression on their
hearers, but every word that she utter
red was forcible, bcnsible and light to
tlie point.
Our readers should
y read
tho suiial in imr colmnim.
ten by
one of our best ewiitniiiilori'1'
It is a
ctm,. ll'nl I tvt.tliii .mt
laid, mid the Incidents well
ot well
Tho sucject is well considered;
md thu
interest kept up. Wo have
read the story and promise it i
bio receutlou, Wc aim to sit
ly our
miners wnn the best mnterlaL.u our
coninitiHil and this Hory will raC I Uth
current magniiiu literature, as', has
been examined by some ot ttiitAbest
criucs aim uy inom proiiouncec,, nno
When tins Is finished wo will boj,i( tin-
othei from the same writer, wV,i,!will
, bo of especial Interest to tho (i tolling
I class. vt t,i
I -On the 10th Inst., on a rcnul'l'Jpn
Miss Julia Hlioues, about, eighteeil ''ars
. of a"o, was by Sheriff Castle biouht
from White Cloud, Kansas, onn the
chargo ol iiitanticidu. Some liinu
1 to last April, there was born
woman a female ch Id, which w
dead anil secreled in a closeu
house of a farmer near lllirel
which ulaco slio was employed a
L.11 UtV- 'II'
,. ,i..
mostlo. Immediately ntter the uftcov
er v f-ho wont to Kansas and htirA onun
ed thore ever since, until brntuht'.xnd
, placed in Jail hero by the sUMIll
;jM?iortcm examination bofoMhs
placed in Jail here by the shMiU'.PifcA
I'Oiig oi uigoiow, whs hoiu ar uio;m-
, ot tho finding of tho child, and thrliero
Lonr of HIgolow, whs hold at thoN
illot ot the jury was that tno crnon cat
at tho hands of Its mothert it Is shift
woman seoms to bo tinuilo iniif"Mto;
sceniB to Know limning aiiout
... . i
of her child : nor will slio triv
Iny in-
formation as lo how tho child
lost its
of thu
life; nor ns to whom the father
illegitimate waif is. Here is an
tunatu woman, who perhaps will suffer
because of lhu deception ot some un
principled man, and thu real criminal
will go unpunished for hi crime. Out
laws aro not stringent enough to meet
such cases as those. The sympathy of
tho people seem to bo a measuru to
Judge such eases. And, if tho real of
fender onn bo discovered, the law
Jersey 'Jlovtis ut Krcck & Watson's.
Oo to Krcck & Watson for Suits or
Miss Kntlo Polk is teaching the
Ulnckbcrry school.
W. II. Hickards Is assisting Collec
tor Welty, this week.
We have a farm of 160 acres for
sales. Call at this office.
T.O.Davis commenced the (iiissom
school, Mondar of last week.
A good parlor cook f.tove for sain
-it a bargain. Vpp'y at this utllce.
A few mi ond hand wagons and bug
gies at I). M. Martin's at bargains.
U. 1'. Hosteller is now receiving
fruh oysters, and it is just the place lo
bo served nicely.
e Kuukol Manufacturing Com
pany mo placing steam heaters in their
woolen factory. James Horrigaii of
St. .It-epli, Is doing the work.
Special !Earains in
Boots & Shoes, Cashmeres, Coats and
Vests, Calicos, Jeans, Alpaccas, Cassi-
meres, All kinds of
Alpaccas worth $1.00 per yard for 72c ;
worth 50c for 35c.
Low Figures. Cassimeres at Special
Bargains. selling the celebrated
MHD,WBLLS cfe CJO'S Bootsll
Warran'cd in Material and Workmanship If ti.ese d'oods no In the Solo or .Sewing it won't cost yov a cent to have th-in repaired.
and wo know what wc are talkru
all frillies, from the common to the finest,
WAUH hi can be found iu the County
M Wool ki: nl hit at Less than Oost.
Wo mean business. Call iu and see ih. Xo trouble lo show goods.
Cannot Oregon affoul a eonrso of
good leeiures during tfio fall and win
ter months? it woiini no a oeneni to
I lie vomniunlty and very little expense
to any one.
Christ Meyer l'ost. O A It. merts
to-morrow cvoning, tho 27th inst. All
members are earnestly lorpiested to be
present. Visiting eoinrndes aro fiatcr
nally invited.
Wo regret to learn Hint Mr. John
Patterson contemplate' moving to Falls
City, Nebraska, in a short time. Mr.
I'altorson, wu understand, contempt ites
engaging m the livery hininoss. Falls
City will gain a livo, osergclie citizen.
To all new subscribers who pay
no year in advance, ami to nil old sub
scribers who pay up their nrrciirago
and one year in advance wo will glvo
them, free of chargo, one year', sub
scription to tho American Fanner a
live ngricu'tiiral paper.
Albert Hoeokor returned Thursday,
from New York, whom he had gone lo
meet his widowed sister, Mrs. Anna
talh, of Slultgiut, Wiinrttemhurg,
Mis Slaib has two interesting children,
a boj and "111. They will make their
home with Mr. Kocckcr.
P. M. Zonk, the photographer, i
now prepared to make you as good
plo'uroR and as cheap, ns you can cot
in St. Joseph. Ho also lias a largo
thgtock of picture frames for sale clump,
tinVn't fall to privo him 'Ka'l. Ho does
took of pictiiro frames for sale clump
1101111118 but lir.t ehi'S work.
Miss Kunleo Tuipln living with her
iiireiils near HIgolow, one evening last
ivcek, was lyl'Jg in bed loading. A
glited lamp was siinugon a uiinir near
i bed and bv soiiiu meaiH upset, i.
irvng the hod ciotning. nuss Eunice
sNgceeded iu extiiigulsliliig thu bed
chnJdng, and In her excitement, took
theVVunp and throw It down stair. Of
couV tho ignited oil soon s. reail over
thot.or, and overytliing indicated a
first blass conllagratlon, lint Mr. Tur
pin, who was at homo ut the time, and
who is ono ot those nnexcitable treat
ures, took a lot of clothing mid cloths,
which were handy, nnd throwing I horn
over thu Humes, soon succeeded in put
ting out the tiro.
Jersey Jaekois at Krcck & Wats.ins.
A J. (itilnn lias purchaslicd the
1). II. Taylor farm.
James Cain was in Kansas the p;ut
week buying feeding cattle.
Our Prices cannot bo Hrat.
Ad. Hluklo is teaching llio Idlo
Wilde ecliool which began last Monday.
J. W. Hart, of Upper Hot, has
nolil his foity acre fuim to J. S. Parser.
lln.Yvni!sti-Ko,('hnico6t Sun-. 'tired
Jnpan Tea at Krcck & Wat-on's. Try it.
Meorgo It. We' d Ing will leclure in
Mound ( ity next Friday evening, tlie
Mrs Mary Miveoinber, of Clarindii,
Iowa, is visiting her niece, Mrs Mary
Uev. Hunt, reiched a very Inter
esting scrmoi at llellairu school house
on tlie 8th lust.
Gloves and Mittens, j
Jeans at Special
ai'out when wo say M I). hi. La iV: ( O
whlvh wo oiler at figures all can stand
v. .......... n " f-t.iy
Come ill and see our lleaiitlful and Oniameiilal Sets (il'KKXS WAItH, the besi
rrr Tmr - TT - T -
On List Thursday. John Duncan
killed a large otter in the swamps two
miles went ot Hlgdow.
Joe. J. Piuiei', ono of the liveliest
business moil of Forbes, gave us a
pleasant call hut Saiurnay.
(leorge Chadduek, Kzra McDonald,
and Warren H. Davis United States
jurors, loll Sunday for Kansas City.
Tho old post-oilleo building for sale.
Iiupiiro at once of C. W. Thomas
Agent, Oregon, Mo.
Kd Vest, living near Higelow, has
1,000 pounds of honey ready for the
James Kolloy, forniorly of Kulo,
Nebraska, has purchased the It P. Lewis
saw mill.
Mr. McCord, of Iowa, lias Just
purchased eighty ueioi of land' iu
Forbes township, and will put it iu
A Mr. French, living near Iowa
Point, whilo hunting onu day last week,
was aecldenia ly fti.it by a companion
named Fields,
Go whore you will and you will
find youths cutei lug manhood without
any equipment for thu struggle before
Ihcm. Tens of Ihousnuds of them
hope to become merchants when thuy
have no aptiiudo whatever for commer
cial afl'airs, uinl aro doomed to lives of
bitter toil and grinding poverty. This
should not be. Hvory boy in our broad
laud is justly entitled to a trade and hu
should bo given tho oppoitunity to mas
ter one. Many sous of poor paronts
and many orphan boys are compelled
to forego the iucsllmablo benefits of
apprenticeship, and the.o ought to bo
assisted by vlo philanthropy, but very
many more fail to improve thu gieat
oppoitunity of becoming a skilled work
er, and so drift into llio laboring army
to become helpless vlcl'ins of povery
all their lives. Hoys of Holt, luarn a
trade. It will bo your surest and best
friend through life, Parent', in what
ever else you conin kIii i t, don't fail to
co to this mat tur. Vim wll bo eiisur
lug thu happiness and comfort of your
sons, the welfare of those who como
after them and discharging a solemn
duly you owe to society and thu
Jacob Volnian has sold his farm in
Sharp's (Sroyo. Consldeiatson, ?.',fcOO.
Mr. John Murphy, of Onawa, Iwa,
is visiting friends iu Oregon.
Dr. (loslin had a pathological spec
imen at the late meeting of the medi
cal association at St. Joseph.
J. M. Koontz, of Union township,
has purchase a faun in Nebraska, and
will remove to it in a shoit time.
The noted Seeley lecture will Inko
ptneo soon, thnuyh the time Is not yet
sjt. It will be a treat to all who hear
Mrs. Fannie Dungan and her fath
er. H. Super, were visiting the family
of M. II. Sopor, in St. Joseph, a few
days lliis week.
Uev. S. Carothers will preach at
tho Triumph -chool house next Sunday
morning at 11 o'clock, at tho United
Urc'hren church at II r.M.,and iu Oregon
at night
We Offer
A Ypvy Large Assortment of Gent's &
Ladies' Gloves and Mittens, at COST
for 80 days. We have the Best and
, Neatest Buck, Saranac, Lined and Kid
i Gloves in Holt county, all at COST for
30 days. We have the exclusive right of
S Hoots ami Shoe, are the best made in
who Inn
111 tfltt ll irilflll 'll'lll.lll Wit llld
All Wool frrats at Low hn Um.
mf - tTirir.fFT giwiti n inmii
William Kauehor last week, com
pleted the work of roiiiodcHiigthe Corn
ing elerator tor F. W. Walter. It is
now one of the most complete estab
lishments of thu kind iu thu nurthwcH.
John C. Hendricks, of Mound City,
gave us a call Monday. Ho is canvass
ing for Twenty Voars of Congress,"
by James (!. Maine It is a work wor
thy a place iu every library in Holt
county. Not Miieo tho publication o
"Thii'ty Voars' in the Senate" by Thus.
II. Kenton has there been a work of
such political value, been puolUhed.
When corn begins in dent, It may
t-afely lie gai hereil for seed. Then dry
it thoroughly ui an open house In wliiuli
a stove can be placed or if a siiolio
house can be used, It would be Mill bet
tur, thu smoke itself being beneficial.
Too above method i a sure way of ob
taining good sound seed corn", and It
seciiis as if the experience of thu fi' rul
ers last spring was sufficient to teach
tliem that too much care can not ho
bestowed upon procuring u good sup
ply for the next spring's planting.
However good the Miasou may prove, a
largo crop can not be grown if it has
to bo replanted,
Quito a serious accident liappouud
to Mrs. Jennie Sloan, of Wlulu Cloud,
Kansas, on Wednesday evening of lu-t
week. Shu has been an InvnMd for a
number of years, having to bo llftod
about in her chair. While she was
preparing to attend a wedding, nnd
completing her toilet, sho took a posi
tion by a stand that had a lighted lamp
upon it; her arm in somo mannur hit
the lamp, and It full in her lap, hotting
her clothing on fire. Huing alone iu
thu room and helpless, sho threw hor
self upon the floor, screaming for heln
Those down stairs hoard her urles, and
hurried to her aid, finding both
bods in thu room on lire and thu room
lull of smoke, while the llames were
leaping high above her. Thoy in inag
ud lo get her out, but not until she had
been badly burned, although not fatally,
Mrs. Sloan has many warm friends in
Oregon, who deeply sympathize with
hor and hope foi lie'r t-peedy recovery.
1'iib Si:ntinej. extends Its sympathy
and hopes to co Mrs. Sloan among her
many friends in Oregon, soon.
I'd. ltiinkiu, of Highland, Kansas,
was visiting Ksiptlre Wilkinson of For
est City, lust week.
William Allen ot Coming, had a
bay inaro stolen ono day last week.
Hu offers a reward of twenty-five dol
lars. Tho Kthrl Tucker Combination are
occupying the boards at Corsaut it
Meyer's Opera Hoiue, Mound Cltj, this
(Jeorge llibbard, county assessor,
has deputized Mr. A. H. Greene, of this
city, who will at oneo commence the
assessment of Forbes township.
A. M. and James Howard, former
ly Holt county boys, and who aro now
farming near Dawson, Nebraska, aro
visiting old chums In this county.
The Missionary Society of the
Christian church will give a Japanese
Tea. All Hallow 'Ken. October Hist. It
promise' lo be something entirely nev.
We have handled them for 3
this Com
iintrv. Wo have their Coods in
ll.ll'l .1.1 111... nil .i.i-..ilnu.iil ..r.f ICLV
... . t.T .in. .1 ii ii-.-iii i iiiv III lit l m3irt'
(Jeorge Huiklialterof White Cloud,
Kansas, who has many friends in Ore
gon, was married iu White Cloud one
day last week, to Miss Kate Forneiook.
Our trade has exceeded our expec
tations, but wo aro anxious for more,
and will give you Itargain-.
Tho Holt County Horticultural So
ciety will meet at tho Court Houo, Ore
gon, at t I'M., Sat ir day nut, the 2Wh
iust. All aro urged to be present, as
there Is business of impuriaiire to be
transacted. Winter fruits, pros, ectivo
prices, etc., will be Hie top'o of discus
sion. ANh by Mr. Menifee, a paper ou
'fall planting"; by Mr. Luckhardt, a
paper on " How to protect strawber
The Mutual Club held its opening
S'jsslou Saturday evening, at the lesl
dunce of tho president, C. W. Thomas
Ksii. There wuro present, Prof. O. C,
Hill, S 0. Thomas I'. W. Thomas, S.
F. O'Fallon, Hossle I.ohiner, l C. Ir
vine, Cora Hayluss, Sallie McKin iey
Kys: " Probabilities' by Leigh
Irvine, and ' Carlylo " by Mrs. Serelda
(illnlrap Thorn is; Conversation ou
(ioethci by Prof, Hill and genural dl-cns-Moits
on these and kindred subjects con
stituted the evening's work. I his club
wasoigunlzcd in 1877 and has held a
winter session during each vear Muce,
ll holds its sessions at tho residence of
tlie iiieiuiiers ou Saturday uvenligs
twite each mouth.
On Thursday of last week, llttlo
Cora Sterrett uu urtalned u number of
her .Miung friends at lier mother's re
sidence, it being her uiu'h linth day
Thoo iresont were: Daisey King, En.
ma ami Coia lloste teiylciule Mil phy,
hula Dobyus, Josln Herri's. .Ic.vsio Par
rish, Mggiu Peiklns, Kdlth Hindu,
Savlllu li'ilry, (jiaclo Colvin,Juiimu and
Ida Watson, Hello Coleman. Srvor.U
of her little guests took tokens of ro
momherxnuos. Dolly's bed,.Inic Hurres.
handkerchief bov, Kdlth Hindu, pair
vases, Kmina and Con Hostel ter, iivr
fiime casket, Jennie Cotton, Haudkur
ehiet, Jennie Murphy, HooU, Jessie
Punish, t-cntp book, Mnguiu Perkins,
utip uinl saucer, Ida and Jennie Wat
son, piiuorama, Dainty King, livo dol
lars in g'diV. H Stcnvlt.
John How land has sold Ids farm In
Htgcluw township, to Robert Athrr.
Mr. 11. has gone to Denver, Colorado,
by team.
W. A. (tardier will preach at
Mound City next Sunday morning ami
evening and at Cnton church sir milts
northea.t of Mound City, nt 9 o'clock
iu the afternoon
-When Howard wrote: "I find ft
pity hangs upon his breast," tho lellow
had evidently a cold nil J had not yet
been informed that Dr. Hull's Cough
Syrup was llio only safe n medy.
Tlie litt'o daughter of lh editor M
tho Tillln, O. Daily Star M immedi
ately and permanently relieved of a
severe cough Ly thiee doses ol Dr.
Hull's Cough Syrup. A twenty-fito
cent bottle of this' valuable remedy will
cure tiie woril cough.
Some two m-iiiths ago we made men
tion of Charley Fosler fracturing his
thigh by a hoise falling upon i.itu For
a few week' be has b. en aide to be out
with the lusi-tanco of a crutch. On
Monday lal In1 took dinner at the Fos
ter House, and hi gelling up from the
table his crutch "dipped throwing him
upon Ins w. muled limb, straining it
badly, fiom which he is suffering
of tlie Teachers' iustltutf, to be held
at Forest City, Saturday, November U,
IMS:), commencing at 10 o'clock a. m.
MukIc by the association, and reading
the Scriptures and prayer, by Prof. W.
F. Drake.
A elais drill in reading by Miss Hel
en I. cliincr.
A pancr mi the Qiiincy Mrthod, ly
Min liuinia Cotttell. Disiision by
"aiu. Knlcy, Kate Kvans and other.
The Art of Que-llonlng, by Win. J.
Sehat.. Ue ply 'y Missouri Kelley.
How to secure an interest in History,
by Cora Hit) tins. Diiciis.-ion.
' Methods 'of conducting Literary ex
ercises, by W. F. Drake. Diettssltm
by F. L. Maxwell and Mr. S. MeKin,
How to create a desire in pupils for
Ceueral Knowledge? by O. C. Hill.
He.solved, tliat spelling as aspnrate
briinch is useless. Oeiiernl discujiori.
Si cm Ing nnd maintaining a good
classification iu a giaded nc.ool, by (J.
W. Hallengee.
How can we use tl.tt press to the best
educational advantage, by Charles N
Dobyus, followed by V. W. Lukuns.
I" cctinu of officers, anil determining
place and time of holding next meeting.
S. A. Co.nwav, Pres.
Coka I1ayi.KS, Seo.
The Normal Lilcrary will meet at tho
normal school building this Friday
evening. Tin: folio mug is the pro
gram :
Music vocal.
I'.say ...........
Suleetii i
Dcatli of Napoleon
. . Carrie Anderson
... Daniel Seliulte
Kd. Kvans
, ,. Quintette Club
Carrie Hill
Wm, Pay no
...David Anderson
Ivunie Cotton
.... Quintette Club
(irant Holt.
.Kluia llershberger
..Lewis Hill
Ronnie Urodbeek
L C Irvino
, , .Quintette Club
Debate Amrmatlve: () C Hill, M
Polk. Hamilton Hoyd. Ncgiliw! Omtx.
O'Fallon, m Hoffmann, U S Alklre.
(Question: Resolved lh:it noted area
owe their success more to circuinaB
ccs than to genius.
All aro cordially invited to bo present
Miii"Ni Citv, Mo., Oct. 17, 188.1.
Kditoii Skj.tini:i.s Evidently tho
author of Tramp, Tramp, Tramp,"
intend- to icroiiitioni.e times nnd
tldugs gnuci'a'ly, acco dlugto his opin
ions. He wains the lirahes put on to
all social gatherings: no mine sol.liors'
rcuii mis, no more old settlers' reunions,
no ni'iic cnureii gainerings, no nioiu
eonleieuce-; doctors are hoi to inret
herealter lor the benefit of the human
race; all general gatherings to bu stop
ped with nn air brake; even tlie glori
ous old Fourth i f July is to fall u vic
tim to iny policy." Hut one excuse
can bo cffeied for the appearance ot
ihis obituary on reunions iu thu Press,
is the extreme narrowness of th soul of
tlie writer.
A Ri:adi:i: or the Pitcss.
P. S. Did one of tlm editors of this
dlstiuguii-lifd revolutionary sheet, wear
n Hayes & Wheeler uniform in 1876?
J. C Menifee and wife entertained!
a party of ti lends one evening last
Large barnrs aro being built by two
of our repreneu alive citizens, Mess
Dooley and Kinney.
Everybody is delighted At tho re
turn of Mr. Crosswliitu, who spent the
summer in Montana.
-Ou Sunday last, Mrs Shackelford
onteituliiutl Mi-s Allii) Collins, and Ag
gie Dixon, of Forest City.
K'der T. F. Noland, ot lhu M. K.
church south, will conduct quarterly
muutiug heiu next Saturday and Sun
day. Miss Ada Miller will spend the
winter iu Mound Ci'y She will jroyc
a valuable addition to thubucio'y ol tliat
place. '
Mr. Gibson, of thu Denton distiict.
will build a neat residence soon. Don
ley ami Suhackulford of Ktmcy have tho
coutiuct. '
Wo aro sorry to learn 'I hit Mr,
Klnzy, for a long time an honored, old;
y.cu here, will soon remove to Kauimji
May peace and plenty evir'bo Ifi,

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