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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, October 26, 1883, Image 2

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FHlDAY, OCT. 20, 188U.
JtllMK llo.UH.V is 111 receipt of
.tlliMISJtltls of biters tmil telegram, to
which ho rutpoiiiN through h's organ
nt ClneinnuM that "applications for
ofllee will receive no attention before
Deo. 1. The omee-seckur.s inut v..lt."
Tiif. Democratic press is beginning
to abuse President Arthur, n sure sign '
tbnt they begin to fear htm. We knew
it wouhl come, mi l were ;i little uiuU
ous to .ire what shape It wouhl take.
So far, his chief offense consists in be-'
wg n getitleniall. 1
To tlnv I will sell toll one I'miov Itlo Coffee. 8 1 2 pounds for $1.
To-dti'v I will .sell you our eh .u c 't" Sugar. II pounds for SI. 00.
l'o'dn'y I will cell'von hoxiw of our bu t Matches for'-'.'j einis.
To-duv 1 wllUc1lou our Celebrated lladgcr Hoots for Q'i.'Xt.
To-iln 1 will sell j on our (inoil Medluni Hoot for only $1 "fi.
To-da I will sell win out Ui uvy Standard Hi own Muslin for 7 I Ic.
To ditv I will ull win our Tine eu Island rown Muslin tor tl 1 lu.
T day 1 will .sell jou n ear hmd or Icvs best I point Hut bed Fence
Wiie 'or U 1-1 cents iter p iiiml ; galvanized, fi 1-lc To-day I
will sell von our Hog Wire 'it the Snine PrNe. And at any tiuin
during Um-scason von can buy ( LOTHING. IIAKDWAUK, DUY
GOODS, GKOtT.itll'.S, and iinUhing you want, of us, at Kutuil
at Wholesale pt lees. k'e have no Hiiitieh Houo at MHltland.
All orders must be directed to us. Write to us for Pi ice List.
1900 to 1910 Frederick Avenue, St. Joseph, Mo.
Terminus Avcimc St root Cur Line
Ox purely local issues the Dein. ends
havo enrriud Ohio by n good deal le-s
majority th in they had .a year ago.
Thny achieved their victory by the use
ol money furnished by the whiskey
. dculeix mid aspiring politicians. Such
a ttltiniph is not one for honest men to
shout over.
.Tin: Ohio ihlent rtlionlit teaeli tile
Kcpiibllcuu to eonihniu more ftrong'j
than ever loi the .slruglu of in-i.
Good reulu o ten grow out of tempo,
rarvurlls Harm. nv In the Republi
can ranks is what lias won lis
battles, ll' now they run alter
Rods they must expect tiouble.
Democrats have their oyo on
Close it.
It U
All through I loll
County, mid, pi Short, has
llci'omo mi uukuovl dged inet, that 'he
Most r lia'ile house In Oregon to ileal with : llu'
l'l u e where ton can buy the M()- I Good for the IXAs I' Moii
I'.uw is your lime to (eciire bargai.-. They eairy a large stocl-
Fuki I)of(ii..s has written a letter
in whivh he says that his recent Louis
villc speech has bcenmlsiiiterprclcd. It
..was not intended to give any pleasure to
-the Democrats, or to encourage colored
voters in leaving the RenulCicaii nuitv.
."For the life of me," he declares. I
.cannot set? how any honest colored
man who has brains enough to put two
ideas together can allow himself to g re
aid and comfort to the D.-iu icratic p tr
ty." Frederick's tongue wobbles a lit
.tie occasionally, but his eyesight Is i-till
good, and he may bo relied upon to
keep his feet in the right path.
Am. the facts show that the Rcpubl
xiiuis of Ohio tliis j t-ar paid Utile atten
tion to National politics or to the effect
ot the vote upon the Presidential vleu
,tion next j ear. The Issue was that of
' prohibition, and it was along this line
,thnt the light was made. The New
.york Herald, in summing up the re
sult, says: "Although Ohio has been
carried several times by the Democrats
it has always gone Republican in 1're.si
tlumi.nl years. It gave (irant a majori
ty f -11,01X1 ill 18(38 and one of ar.,000
in 1872. The Republican majority fell
to 7.000 when Hayes was elected in
1871!, but it ruse to ill.000 for (larticld
n 1889. Last ycir the Democratic
'majority i cached l'J ,(00. llul
this was the gieat lidal-wave vcar.whea
tho Republicans were everywhere wash
ed out. On Tucday the party was
ncatcn in Ohio by rohibiuon, a uroly
local issue. Rut the returns so r lo
eolved show that I lie Demoeiats liave
loft ami tho Rcsubllcaus have gained
Dry Goods- Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps,
Hardware, Queensware, Glassware, Notions, Etc., Etc.,
In their Hoot mid Shoe Department thev offer Special Inducements. Al
ls o (iieat Hargaius in Clo lung ami Hats, Good Suits at fiom ."
To ?'.'. The p'aee wiiere you are always kindly
Treated, whether win want to buy or not.
The place where every nr
Tide M marked
In plain lly
I 'res
And Only One Price Asked, Is At
OREG-Olsr, 3VCO.
Mound City Ever
Must wo tin n back the hand of tho
clock? At tho Domocr atlu lolliltealioii
meeting at Hamilton on Saturday night,
onuol the oiators gloi Hied in the fact
'that his first vote was east for Vidian
diglmni; that he had continued to wto
for him, mid that lie was a glorilleil
Democratic saint. These uttotanees
brought forth deafening applause fiom
mo crown, liiee Vallaiidigham is thus
'resurrected by his admirers, we m y be
pormittcil to say that his treason, which
was in tho rear, cost tho government of
the Unit d States millions ol money mi 1
i ivers of liloml Ho belonged to the
Southern Confederacy, but pbed his vo
ovtion at the North, "ami nn'y crossed
the line to join his rebel friends when
forced to do co. Hut now. in this year
1883, eighteen years after the e'o'o of
tho war, this man is ho cp In a Dem
ocratic meeting in the State of Ohio as
a model Mn'osuiau unci pa'iiot. Ate
tho peoplo el Old . who .siitaincd the
'Government m lis trugglo for life, pre
pared to turn back thu lwmU of Hie
clock? If Vallaiidigham was a pattlot.
then owry soldier who fought for the
Union and every citizen who supported
I ho war was a murderer. Is this what
Democratic victories mean? shall the
loyal nien ol the country be forced to
'bow to tlio.ie who canonize such a Val
laiidigham? Is Jeff l)avi ti) be exalt
ed, while the Hieiuorv of A ralm u
Lincoln ut'd lic dead I'nioii soldiers is
to he- vpil upon? If VaUaniliuhatM was
a patriot, Lincoln was a tralior. Cin
null C'ouuuerci.il-tiazL'ite.
Ladies' Jorseyes in Black and Colors,
Hosiery and Gloves. Also iresh Nov
elties in Lace Collars, Fisohus. Scarfs, Mull
Handkerchiofs, Etc., Knit Underwear, at Pri
ces that cannnot fail to please all buyers.
Wool Blankets and Comforts,
Ladies' Wraps, in which we guar
antee Fit, Price and Quality. Duster
Band and White Granite Queei sware,
Men's, Boyu' Youths' School Suits and
Overcoats, The Celebrated Bryan Brown
Shoos, All "Warranted. Flannels, Jeans
Cassimeres. In fact, anything vou want, neadin
in ,i , . n n . , , . , 'who reeontly deel nud election to the
All the above we will sell to close buying trade at i ,..0, m.y i,y ti,egeueraico..fere.eoof
a very small margin, Uall ana see us at the
A great deal has been said about thu
result ot the Ohio election, mid tho dem
ocrats nro dohilous with joy over It.
Tho News has abstained f inni sauna
anything on the subject, preferring to j
wait till the parly organs on both side ;
had oxlmtifted themselves with luuloo
ings and explanations, and then tell thorn
and its reader just what wns I ho mat
ter, and what It will lead to. Wo warn
tho democrats now not to bo too san
guine over this victory, for IhU result
will mark tho beginnitig . f a radical
change In the party tactics among tho
republicans the country over, except,
perhaps, in St. Joseph, when the hold
ing of nn olllee of pro lit will dictate to
the present mho" tho necessity of con
tinuing tho dog-ln-the-iiiangor policy
that lias pn v nlcd tho ptisi two years
This policy will i robably continue to
divide nud distract by the manager
training heir guns upon men and praeti-
111111 asiues within their own ranks,
rather than upon thu common enemy.
Since the election in Ohio, thcio pill
be heard feAer cries of liofslsm In the
eoun'ry at huge. Ucpub'lc ns will
cease (iiiarrellng over trllles.aud go I to
keep deiii ierats nut ot power. The fine
j haliuil, silk-stockinged, civil- eivlce re
t form ftllows will stop quarreling over
' who fhidl hold a fsw paltry clerkships
: in the departments, and unite to carry 1
1 into eil'ect t-oine dellnlte principles and
measures that will bo of benollt lo all '
i the peoplo They will ceao entlojvoi"
; ing to divide and abuse party organiza-
lion, lining all their efforts to overturn
I committees and carry on affairs in a
. lousy turvy manner culeultuted to scat-
tor members of a par y to the four corn
ers of tho earth. They will not tiy to
subclinic new methods of their own In
ventlou in place of tho usages ot tho
pariv that have hitherto proven whole
some mid successful. Thero will bo t
lull littlo encouragement for disorganiz
era lu thu next campaign. Tliey wi.l bo
given back scats.
There will be a will ngness to get
1 hack upon abandoned mid divided is
i flies, such as the elevation, progress,
! protection and education of all tho pen-
1 pie, both white ad black, the latter of
whom were surrendered in 177 to a
bondage of ignoianco more Intolerable,
socially, than the bondage of slavery.
Republicans will l u willing lo listen
to hiii h advice and thougU as are pre
sented on tho one hand by Mahono in
Vlrg uia, and 141011 the other hand by
Dr. 1 1 aj good of Georg'a. And wc warn
democrats now, that the patty that reo
ognizos 111 these tho ulcus of tho future
will bo tho successful o-ie.
Democrats fcein to be batting th eir
heads insanely ngaints a htone wall
when they make such lierco onslaughts
upon Mahono. No one Is fcollsh enough
to believe that 'hey oppose him because
of his financial policies. There has been
to much icpumation by demoeiats all
over the south and plenty of it right hero
in Missouri, for anybody lo believe that.
It is plain that It is because colored men
havj been made school directors; be
cause restrictions on the elective f ran
eliiM! are removed ; because education
Is fosleied, and all men are made free
and equal before tin.' law.
Democrats ali over tho south, and
llapdoodlo "refonvor.-" in tho 1101th are
strongly cciiMiring Dr. Haygood, the
educator and divine of Oeorge,
We cordlullv invito tho peoplo of Holt County and vicinity,
who visit tho city during the week, to pay us 11 vis
it of Inspection. Two of our buyers, Mr. t'lmnib.s mul
Air. Simpson, tiro now in tho Kastern M n kcts: and wo nro
n stired, nn a losiilt of their endeiunrs., that we shall lids
I11M bo ennbled to show the most varied and attractive stock
of r.ovo.tics in
by ti. Our Llii'J of
Ladies' and Children's Suits,
Furnishing' Goods and Fashion
able Oloaks and "Wrappings
rv ( I'scriiu (in w lie tinusuany exiensivr, mm very
able lu price, and must attract the attfii lon of all
of ever
who fee them. I'LHASANT
who favor us with a call
Chambers, Marney&Co.,
North Side Felix St., Hut. iJth umt (itli.,
ITU in ssa
stiul Tahlc
f I..I liti.t' V2.iu
3 X lllivif Ulliinj IT
1 Axes, llatfhots, ?..
" I Scoops, Pump.-, ,2
; liitvluMl Wire, l.
Hay Forks,
1 A . .(
r mVy-- if
trJa Mtf.'ui i'2 i' n ptiimj fi
rw ' 1 . . W. n- . I 1 II
I ." i.:. "I t A- I Ytl. - ' -E
: r - - ij 1 1 & r 1 .1." 1- -
s 1 'mmr s
Hird Cafrt'.s,
l?olts, Screws,
IlanuncrH, Itils
7 A1HI 151 itCCH, Till
.1 u'ni'ii f'lnHwiu
Ji Jit e.
A Good Cooking Stovo. with all the Wsel !?18.r0.
A (iood ( ooklii Stove, Willi all the Wise's J2 fiO.
A tiood Cooking Stove, with all the Vessels 27.50.
A (iood Cooking Stove, with till the Vcsicl", Kt. Tup . . 115 00.
Heating Stoves, from i?0 to $18. I .dsn carry a lull slock 0
Shelf Hardware and SportsmaEis Goods
And In fact everything that is hand'ed In a First Class Ilardwaro
Store, I keep in stock. Give 1110 a call mid get prices, befoiu buy-
lug elsewhere.
Single and Double Buggy Harness,
team: Hl-A.teiss
Four Points Ahead of Ali Competition:
The manner iiiavIiIcIi tho DemocrntiC
party governs ill Inrgociticp, when it is
given full swing, Is fully illustrated in
St. Louis. The mcd'iipulitlnn police
law was pas cd by a Democratic legls
laturo to takatliu jiower of milf govern
incut nut of tho littluter of tho peoplo. It
.was-Jul elided to make tho police force t
politicAr'tinichlnf to control the politics
of the cily in thu lu crrst ol tho IfeYnft
c rullc pnrly ' hu power to appoint tlitf
pol'i-o f oHiniissfonors was gives to tho
governor, and uwy Democratic goV-
j erii.ii- has exeiclsed the power thus con
ferred upon him 111 a strictly pattl9nn
sense. Tho sole object in selecting
commissioners should havo bech to je- .
cure an honest enforcement of thr laws
against criminals, and to protect the
Ihes and pio, crly of cin.ons. Nothing
uf Hits kind litis ever cnlcrcd in tho
tnlnils of Democratic goreruors. They
looked only to trotting a machine
which would bu to their crsottnl and
pai ty ben Tit. The rcHilt Is beforo'tho
people of the st.te. The policy has
lirought sluirau ami disgrace not only
upon St. Louis, but is reflected upon
thu whole commonwealth. For years
uiidurtlie appointment policy puisued by
Democratic cxccutlvis, ctunbling rings,
lottery companies, polloy shops anil
bawdy houses have had full wny, and
have been under thu spevial protection
; of tliu police of that city. Gamblers or
their agents have dictated the appoint
ment of I li 0 commissioners, and the
latter have been their sub.-crvenl tools
while in ofllce. All will remember tho
days when thuganibler Wakefield made
regular monthly collections of siinw
aggregating iIioumiihIs of dollars, from
the gamblers mid lottery men, nud di
vided his spoils with the police commis
sioners llojido the Democratic cam
paign funds lu.vc in every cunvnss' been
constantly replenished by levies upoti
tho gambling fraternity, ltecenl do
vu'opmuntH show that a coal oil inspec
tor appointed by tho governor, lu lea
gue with it notorious blackmailer and
perjurer had entire control of the pollco
board, mid seemed the d splacument
mid appointment of a chief cf polico at
their will. Their corrHptlon wns Haunt
ed in thu face of ever homlt-t citizen un
til p ibliu indignation became thorough
ly aroused, mid at a meeting huld last
Saturday, which wus attended b.T rop
resi nlatlvo liilens regardless of parly,
resolutions were unanlinounly adopied
demunding that the governor removo
Police Commissioners Lutz, Cnritti and
Cleveland, and Coal Oil Inspector Mo
Entire Thu governor is absent from
the state, but imut noon return uiid re
spond to these lcsolutlons. lle,cnnot
uvaiIu thuni. Tho present board must
go, mid honest men must.be put lu their
places. If I he governor should full to
heed the demand made upon klm, his
udminisstrattnti will be wrecked, and
his political career will close with din
honor. Kansas City Journal.
Opera House Store;
Corsaut &
1th.-WE CAR It V
Brushes, Fly Hets, Lap Busters, Spoiler's patent Collars- test ill use.
orn motto is
the Meth.idiat Lpico)lal eliuich south,
becaiisu he announces in mldrcs cs at
Cluitauqua Like and elsewhere, that 111 I IVot IoV OllOSip, But llOAV G oO(l
the tuiiire the great ipji stlon I tho ele
vation, protection and tducalioii of tUo
formiu- slaves of thu south, t-ticlt a
course on the part of the democrats Is
very foo!lli, and must result to their
serious detriment.
The republicans, assuming again the ,
burden of securing equal ju-lico ami
prhilcLCs to all, turning from trllles to
Lottera Found on Hla Half-brother (Display
ing Ills Vtetous Propenaltlos. '
Every Citizen In Holt Comity :
As Moiincl Oily hi tho Cuutcr i Holt. Wo
Y..i w I find us the Cunt re ol Attraction in
giving Ihugains in All Linos of Staple and
Fancy Dry (ioods, r.'otions, Clothing, Hats,
Caps, (ilaHSYvareandQuwensware. We sell the
l'heps, Hodge and Palmer Glove-Fit i inj.v
Hoots aiul Shoes, all of which are Warranted.
Our Goods are all LEADERS, and our LRAD
EltS i m a HAHOAINS." Kememher we
meet any and a JUST COMPETITION. With
thanks for past patronage of our friends, We
remain Yours Truly,
, A. Welty & Co,,
j ' nifiisuii s ot great moment in which thu
wcllare of liiiinniiiiy is involved, can .se-
I . I ...I . I ... .. .
1 (uir inu coiiimuiien 01 ine teop'u iigniu,
and the indications point to Mich a
course. St. Jotenh Kvenlng News.
I wish to hiibiull lo thu boys and girls i J0'
ol i.i 0 1 1 comity, 1 110 following propo
Mil: To the author of the best original
i..im!ini't 11111 fin tin. tillttii'i I i.f Pifilillil
-""I -.-....jw.. . ..'I.M.I
lion, I will give a .-plvmlid, il'ii-traled Q
copy of Miukespcare in tin uu vol's, coht 1 ft
'I .. .1 1.. f .1... a. I I... 1 V
u AT 1
Excited Thousands.
All over thu hind nro going Into
eotiisy over Dr. hum's New Discovery ;
ior uonsiiinpiiiiii. incir un ooKed tor
recovety by Iheiinioly usu of this groat
jifu Saving remedy causes them to go
nearly wild in Uh praisu, It is guaiMii.
iced to ii ii-ltlvely euro SevoiM t oughs,
Colds, Asthma, Hay Kuvur, Iirondiltis
HoarseneiH, Loss of Voice, or an
affection of thu Thront and I.ui.gs
iTrial liutllu reo at T. S. Hindu's Drug
Ktoro. Large sue 81 UJ.
Many pcrsoiiu who Hromingly havu
(onsiimption have p.ifectly sound
Jungs, mid Ihuir illstrers ork'inatvs al
logutlu r Iroiii ilisoiilnreil hldneys and
liver. Now there aro thousands of runic
UIrs that will re'levu kidney and liver
diHeases, but there is only oil that can
hd depended upon for)ff-i tiiig 11 per
inammt cure, and that is li owuV I run
Itlttorn. Uh eincaoy liasi bur 11 mi l.sfa.1
torily proven in llioiicund.s of Instances
Alter (.11 otter rcumlles failed,
Is now making his first exhibition of Fall and Winter Goods, comprising a full
Line of
Dry Goods, Notions,
Boots and Shoes, Clothing,
Glassware, dueensware, Etc.
At Prices That Defy Competition.
Wo 1 ndeavor to keep the nt, kno vuig tho Ile-t ! it'wuys thu Cheapest. Call
and exam'iiu (ioods and l'l lees
ln 'I o the .tutlior of thu second best
e-say on tliu muiiu subject, I will give
a co'py of "Unities of the United Slates"
111 two voI'h, elegantly bound mid illus
1 rutin!. Thu eouiDOsiiioii.s mut be .sunt
to box 01, Oregon, Mo. 'I he penman
ship and orthography mil t be fairly
good. Thu writers must ho pupils of
Miiuu school in the comity, mul thu ar
ticle written must comprise ai least nine
pages commere al note paper. I'rof.
(). C Hilt, will bu chairman of thu
u mmittcuto examine the cumpoHti ns,
and maku thu awards, mid if In tho judg
ment of the committee none of thu cs
suvs should bu deemed worthy of thu
firs, prize, then the second pn.u will
hu awarded, and tw.-lw months longer
will do given lo compete for the Hist
prize. All untiles to bu iniulu before
.lanu.u-1 in. 1881, mid decision render
cd February 1st. Address,
Hox CI, OjiicooN, Mo.
Instantanooul Photographs
A New Process, nud a New Out
Back fiioiimls mid Senierics, 1
SIXTY DAYS. Card Hiotos,
Tho Finest Tubus, Camurns, Accessories,
the MaiKct (Jlioup W oil; tor the next
,(! dozen, SI. CO; C'abinut Photos, per
dozen, $:i.00;C'hlldrun, ovci tlI'i veais old. four gems for 60 cunts;.
Old picture copied and unl:'gcd. After SIXTY DAY'S my pri-
wtu nu it'ivanccii. u no .cw rr.icuss, a liviieni, ami
plate uro very liigh.
worK as any m list
work for SIXT
tl u city o
sale che,
Bucklon's Arnca Salvel
Tho greatest medical wonder of tho'
I now
or mmy r
g I C 01110
psepnrcd lo do ns line
Komemnur, cneap
Views lakon in
icturo frames for
cany 1 C'omo
(pilck !
P. M. ZOOK, PlifogTaplier, Oregon, Mo.
world, warranted to silently cure
Hums, Itrulscs, ("uts Ulcers, Kalt
Rheum. Fever Sores, Cancers, Pes
Chilblums, Corns, Chapped Hands,
and all t-kin eruptions giurautecd to
euro In ovcry in.tiiuce, or money efuud
cil. 25 cunts per box. For sale hi T.
S. Hindu's ding stoic.
A Dig Success.
"My wife was In bed wo years with
a complication of disoideis lie r physi
cians could not erne, wIi.mi I wa led to
try l'urkur'H (linger Tome. It wn? a
big success. Thn e hot les cured h r, ion m-j tliu.u muv
in. a cusi 01 a uoiiar mill liny ueuis, mm
sue is now as s'rong us mi) wuinmi
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Wagon Line, I will hull yon a Flrsi-l lass Vehicle 011 clusu mar
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A dispatch was sent from Knnsati
City Thin sduy night ainotincing thu
arrest at that pla e of John T. Samuels
half-biothur ot the notorious Frank
.James, for shooting at a buck drivor
named L. C. Daniels. Samuels visited
Kansas City, and, getting, hilariously
drunk hired the haek late in tho even
ing to drive around the citv. At 11:30
o'clock ho oulercd the driver to take
him to the bridge depot, and upon ar
riving there ho Jumped out of tho vehi
cle nud attempted to get nwuy without
paying the faro, and when thu driver
stopped him he diow a Vevolvcr and
fired full at thu driver's head. Daniels
saw thu liio'ion and dodged, and the
bullet grazed Ids chock. Patrolman
(iri Hi 11 hoard tho shot ami hurried to
the scene, and togethur with the driver
overpowered the would-be murderer
mid conducted him to thu station. A
runiurkublo feature of tho arrest was
not reported hist night, but has since
developed. Upon searching . Samuels
several sensational lottera from Frank
.fames were found In his pockets. Tho
letters wero wiitlon from the Gallatin
Jail, nud wero 111 substance, that he
(Frank) wou'd soon be out of jail anil
would be lu tho saddle again, and to
qtiuMcl Siimiwls to hold himself in
readiness at any time for business, and
to havo a good lmrso and saddle ready
for him at a moment's Hotice. Tho
letters wore signed "Huck," the sobri
quet by which he was known lu tho
palmy days of the Jesse James gang.
If Frank James wroto tkcsn letters hu
certainly has not half thu senso he is
credited with, as they, if gonulno, be
tray Intentions on the part of tho notori
ous outlaw aii)Milng but penitent.
Samuols is a tall, well-formed youn
man, 22 years old, and looks very muoh
like Jofso Junius at th"' time of his
death, lie hajyuiily ftst recovered front
the bullet-Wound through his body, re
ceived lu a fight jiist before Jesse's
A Loss. Prevented.
Many loso tholr heauiy from tho hair
falling or foilim.'. Piirkoi's lluir tlal-i-nni
supplies necessary nourishment,
prevents falling and graynoss and is an
elegant dressing.
For Sale-.
I hftvo a Hook of CO hoad of sheep,
including 20 head of hulf-brccd Cots,
wolds, .and tho best Cotswold mule In
Nurlhwest Missouri, which I will sell at
private sa'o.
L. M, Kaui.l,
Forpst City. Mo.
Dr. J. L Myu s, Fairfield, la., s.iys;
"Iti-own's Iron Hitters is the iron pie
I'lira'loii I havo over known in nu
inu ty years of pruellcu."

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