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Is not n Mvlncs bank lit floor-
CTUDAY, NOV. 2, 18B3.
Tin: outlook for fciimlo suffrage In
Waitaingto'n I'onltory U good A bill
confining tliu right tins pasedthc lowei
'housoof the Legislature by a role of
' two to one,
The Governor of Muswhii-elts and
, hU'Attorney-Goncrnl, by their revenge
ful nnd Illegal ncton toward Mrs. Leon
nrd, woko op the wutnen of thnt Stnte.
.Thoy will naturally want to know whtit
they arc, IT women tiro not "persons."
The United States In 1835. exported
cotton goods to the value of about $2,
.BjOW.OOO. DurlHg tho first eight
month of the present year our export
of cotton good amounted to more than
t $8,400,000. Knclish cotton good hayu
been driven trom thu American and ,
rora many European marked. ,
lt I
All through Holt
Couiitv. nnd, In Short, ha
Ilceonie an noknolodgcd fact, that the
Most reliable house in Oregon to deal with ; tlio
rince where roil can buy the MOST Goods for thu LEAST Mon
Now Is your time to neeiue bargains. They carry a large stock of
It Is nothing new for thu Democrats
to carry Ohio. In 1819, 60-61-62 and
'A3 they carried the State by round ma
jorities. They acain elected their tick
'nt In 1873 and '74. In 1882 the mnjori
' ty was t'J.116 votes, while in 188.1 it is
' 9,893. It Is a wonder what that Demo
cratlo rooster is crowing about.
i i
ViiF.n the Hoitiblican party began
iufglcant c task of reducing the vast
National debt piled up In crushing iv
Democratic rebellion, the animal inter
tcrest cl.argo was 4.29 per annum for
Fovcry man, woman, and child In the
country. It Is now ninety five cents
'per annum. An increase ot population
thus of course nssiMed.
Dry Goods; Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps,
Hardware, Queensware, Glassware. Notions, Etc,, Etc,
In their Hoot and Shoo Department they offer Special Inducements. Al
So Gteat lisu-gnin in Clothing nnd'llats. Good Suits at from $5
To $26. The p'aco where you are always kindly
Treated, whether ou want to buy or not.
The plce where every ar
Tide is marked
In plain tlx
Urea And Only One Price Asked, Is At
Mound City Ever "Ahead !
Tiie tariff bill, which tho Democrats
have denouHccd so freely us doing noth
ing to leesen tho taxes, has been in op
eration three months, and the figures
show that It has lightened tho burden
'about 820,000.000. This fact is worth
reracnlbcring in connection with the
'other things for which tbo thanks of
the people are due to the Republican
' Ttis Kansas City Timos one of the
leading Democratic papors of the State,
pronounces the Chinese "the cheapest
and most faithful laborers lu thu world.1
In Cullforula tho Democratic papers
claim that tbelr party alono opposes
'Chiuoae Immigration, and refer to John
not ns "tho most faithful laborer in
the world," but as 'the almond eyed
heathen," aad "the moon-eyed leper."
Circumstances alter cases.
Upon tho recommendation of the
commissioner of ponslons the secretary
of tho interl ir has ordered thu suspen
sion of tho following ir.uied pensiou
attorneys: J. K.Cilley, of Hoekland,
Maino, Francis Itegistcr of Philadel
phia, Wm. H. Dnie.il, ot Philadelphia,
A ilo B. Stvvons & Co., of Cleveland,
Washln-jon, Detroit and Chicago, Win.
U. Wults & Co., of Washington. I). C
& Jas. II. Ru-cll & Co., of Tieton, N.
.1. Tho conimi.jsloner recommended
that some of the above named persons
'bo disbarred. Tho suspension, how
ever, is preliminary to disbarment if the
charges arc proven. Tho recommen
dations of Commissioner Dudley for
tho suspension or disbarment are based
upon tho general charuo of improper
practices before the pension office.
Tut: following address has been is
sued by the "old linu" Democracy of
i-Massaehusetts: " Without abating our
opposition to the political views and
methods oi thu Republican party, we
-Ss believe Domocratio succeca iu thu fu
ture can be neither deserved nor achiev
ed unless wo free ourselves from thu j
charge of supporting candidates w ho
have lowered the standard of political '
morality. Wc spoak to your patriotism
and tiohor common souse to oppose thu
re-election of llenjamm K. Uu lor.
Caring nothing for party principles he i
subordinates overy public interest to
his own aggrandizement. Should ho
Uignin bo electod the Domocra'io party
of Maxsnchuictts would be hold respon
sible for his administrative acts and ec
centricities, past and future, while no
.responsibility attaches to us for any
icts ot Mr. Ivobiusou. Such being our
belief, we can now declare we intend to
du all In our power to secure the defeat
of General miller, and we urge all
.Democrats to join with us in such
Ladies' Jorseyes in Black and Colors,
Hosiery and Gloves. Also Fresh Nov
elties in Lace Collars, Fisclius. Scarfs, Mull
Handkerchiefs, Etc. Knit Underwear, at Pri
ces that cannnot fail to please all huyers.
Wool Blankets and Comforts,
Ladies' Wraps, in which we guar
antee Fit, Price and Quality, Duster
Band and White Granite Queoi sware,
Men's, Boyn'i Youths' School Suits and
Overcoats, The Celebrated Bryan Brown
ShoeBj All "Warranted, Flannels, Jeans
Cassimeres. In fact, anything you want.
All the above we will sell to closo buving trade at
a very sinall margin, Call and see us at the
Qpera House SHE
Corsaut fc Meyer.
Citizen In Holt
County :
As Mound City is llio Center of Holt. So
You will find us the Centre of Attraction in
giving IJsirgains in All Lines of Staple and
Fancy Dry Goods, Notions, Clothing, Hats,
Caps, Glassware and Qimensware. Wo soil the
Phops, Dodge and Palmer Glove-Fitting
Boots av.d Shoes, all of which are Warranted.
Our Goods are alt-I,EADERS, ami our LEAD
ERS arj a BARGAINS." Romemher we
meet any and a JUST COMPETITION. With
thanks for past patronage of our friends, W
remain Yours Trulv,
nvnoTxnsriD city, nvno.
n full
' 'The meeting of the union and con
federate officers on Hull Hun field
shows tho war is ended. Thoy reallj
met us brothers, and tho only ruminis
conccs ot that evil day twenty jeats
ago, woro jokes and historical ml dies j
es, the ono full of humor which was
appreciated by both sides, the latter ill
Vested of kII sting and prejudice, we
may call this "the third buttle ot Hull
Hun." In the first and second battles
the soldiers pelted e.ieh othur with
shiioklng shells and whistling bullets,
but in this lattor engagement the heay.
iet utsau't was mudu witli compli
ments, and every man was wounded
Tho'soars.of war wore covered by the
yjusk of admiration and fraternal loyo
ruled the field where tho curtain rolled
up on iour later tragedy. Wlore con
fpflersda and union wrestled in death in
thosftajts of July 21 and August 29
they walked arm in arm these peasant
October days, distant enly tho tlmn
that it takes a baby to grow to mnn-
liood, from fhp toriiblo tlne when men j
died for prmhiple ami the women wnu
pd at tho waning union. Hull Hun is a
i.1ndid nlaco to meet. If Ihe past
nsnsrw point
Is now making his first exhibition of Fall and Winter Goods, comprising
Line ot
Dry Goods, Notions,
Boots and Shoes, Clothing,
Glassware, CJueensware, Etc.
At Prices That Defy Competition.
Wc endeavor to keep tho Hest, knowing tho Host r nlways tho Cheapest. Call
nml examine Goods and Prices
LEVI OREN, NewPoint, Mo.
Lumber ! Lumber!
Wo keep constantly
Assortment of
in our Yards in Oregon and Forest City a Full
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Lime,
Hair, Cement, Building Paper,
Posts, General Building Material,
Which we are selling Iow Down. If you want Lumber Cull and
sou us und get prices.
i.,il liiinilH nn that
field; and walk arm In arm over (hnj
field wo know mo aro a nation, "one
and iisepiiinblo. now and forever.
K-inxns l it)'
,lonrn il
itzell &. Pinkston
Oregon and Forest City, Mc
! Klft- I
The Chilian troop Kmc ovaetialeHl
The Xcw York Times considers llnt I
lernsajokc. j
A mountain of copper oit 1ms been ,
discovered In Nevada. j
Uoadly's majority h.vs been slmmcrvd
down to 1,383. 'Hah!
The prospects for a row between
France tnd China aro brightening. J
Thero were 'Jt6 business fiillures In I
tho United States and Can add, last
fien Hiiiifock is said to bo desirous
of becoming tho Democratic cundld.itc
for the lUTsldenry.
Judc Noonaii, of the St. Louis Couit
of Criminal CorrcctloH, h:is decided
that playing poker is n felony.
Soino sixty of those lately cngnged lu
the strike at the railroad yards in Ivist
St. Louis, have been indicted.
The Democratic prospects arc excel
lent iu Alabama 200,000 youngsters
arc growing up without schooling.
Did tho pcoplu of Ohio who voted
for lloadly understand that in so doing
they were vindicating Vallandighnm?
Frank James' case was called In the
Daviess circuit court at Gallatin last
week, nnd was continued until December.
Wisconsin farmeis are entitled to the
belt. A couple ol'sharpcrs are making
fortunes idling them "cyclono destroj'-ers."
Cadet Whlttnker, formorly of West
Point, has established a school for col.
orcd youth? at Charleston. Hoys with
slit ears need not nppfy.
Tho Cincinnati Commcrchil winds up
the season with the following: 'Mini 'o
Uoadly's malo area exceeded Forak
er's." That's tho very hist.
Twonty-six of the thirty.oight states
havo Democratic governors. Twenty
feven of tho thlrlv-eight states had
Democratic excellencies iu 1877.
Secretary Folger has made requisi
tion on the civil service commission for
live men to fill $900 clerkships which
havo been usually filled by women.
Gov. Hutler's administration illus
trates Democratic leform. He has spout
over $100,000 more tlmn his Hepublieai
predecessor, and lias nothing to show
for it.
A Charleston, S C, man has a pet
rifled oyeter. Ilo Is in daily receipt of
hundreds of letters from church socie
ties contemplating giving oyster sup
pcrs this winter.
The population of Ireland is -1,000,-
000 less than it was thlrty-oivlit years
ago. It has declined almost one-half.
Al this rale the Island will be depopu
lated iu lift years moie.
According to the declaration of tho
bcdalia Democrat man, Dan G. Taylor,
of St. Louis, was a radical in 1801-2.
Tho Democrat iii.mi would not havo
dared to tell Tayloi so iu those year.
Hookwaltei spent 25,000 to help car
ry Ohio for tho Democrats, and now
claims that his ungrateful party is about
to bring a Tildentto fonvuui for the
United States Senate iHstuad of himself.
The Old Man of the Hur'l is a very cun
ning wire-puller.
"Turn the racals out," shouts a
loading Democratic editor. Tho Into
Governor of Kentucky took tho philos
opher at his word, mid turned over 800
out of tho penitentiary. There havo
only been 100 murders in Kentucky
since the 1st of Juuuiiry.
Governor Crittenden has replied to
the demand of tho Citizens' Organiza
tion of St. Louis. He declines to ac
cede to tho demand. The Governor
evidently Is not disposed to abdicate at
the biddihg of his enemies. Now what
is Hronclhead, ct al, going to do about
On the Cth of November elections
will be held In tho following states:
Connecticut, Mniyland, Massachusetts,
Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, New
.Jersey, Now York, Pennsylvania and
I Virginia. Only tho states of Massachu
setts, Maryland, Minnesota and Now
Jersey elect goxornors.
Tho Enquirer-Sun, published at Co
lumbus, Georgia, declares that the Ig
nominious death of Captain U'iiv. was
a crime moro horrible than any ever
committed at Andersonvillo." It is
perlectlr proper for Southern Demo
cratic papers to defend Wirz, for, asldu
from his personal cruo!tie, ho simply
carried out the instructions of his sit
perlor, Jefferson Davis. When the ty
lant Nero died thoro was still some
body bold enough to strew flowers on
his tomb.
Thu trichinosis In Saxony Is incrcai
Ing and hprendlng. There are 600 ofll
chilly reported oases. Tho mortality
has ruaehed tho unprecedented average
ot twenty per cent, of tho total number
of infections. In many ol the dlstriuts
entire families uro prostrated. Tho
scientists who have been studying the
plaguu have announced that tho disease
win become cpidomlo if it continues to
develop for the full period of n month
as it has incrca-ed In the twolru days
uuring wmeu u mis already oxisiou.
Farmers loll u that thero is consul-
rable old corn lu the country. Kven
if thu present crop should be short one
half, which is not likely, there will bo
enough (or all nracilcal purposes, und
eruin need nut be hluli. The experience
of two years ago taught our farmers a
pr&ctloal lesson, and one they will not
soon lorget,ana tliat IS, not to part with
all of last year's crop till they knew
what this year's crop will be. Tho les
ton has proved valuable tho prosent
year, many larmors iinye unougu out
corn in their ribs to last luom through
Ihls winter, If thoy did not ralso r "nub
bin" this year,
mill Tabic
Cutlery, Saws,
Axes, llatebeiM,V
Scoops, Pump?, -1L
Harbed Who,
nay ivories,
i ...,..-gv
1 . rir'Sllli
I Bird Oanos,
1 lioltN, Screws,
uammerH, kus
7 And UraccH.Tin
. ZJ Wlll'O. IMlltllllH
Kor Tim HotT Cocntv Hn'riSr.t.
"A Circumstance."
Wr Infers,
A Good Cooking Stovo, with Ml tho Vesel
A Good ('ooklnj Stovu, with nil the Vessels
22 AO.
A Good Cookine Stove, with all thu c$st1s ' 0
A Good Cooking Stove, with all tke Vessels, Kxt.Tnp... 35 IX).
Heating Stoves, from $0 to $18. I also carry a full slock of
Shelf Hardware and Sportsmans Goods,
And In fact everything that is handled in a First Class ifardwaro
Store, I keep In stock. Give mo a call and get prices, bcfoio buy-
Ing elsewhere.
T- Xj. 3P3E&XOIEL Oregon, mo.
Single and Double Buggy Harness,
Four Points Ahead of All Competition:
Braslies, Fly Ms, Lap Dusters, Spoiler's Patent Collais test in use.
ouu Mon o is
TVot How Clieap,
13nt Isoav Good.
With a Store Full of Goods
We aro Selling Dress Goods Cheap.
Wo aro Selling Calicoes Cheap.
We are Selling Muslins Cheap.
We are Selling Ginghams fcheap,
Wo are Selling Flannels Cheap.
Wo are Selling Cotton Flannels Cheap.
We are Selling Ladies' Jerseys Cheap.
Iu fact we aro soiling all kinds of goods cheaper than I hoy havo been sol for
years. Wo have just opened tho largest and finest lino of Ladles'
Jerseys, Cloaks and Dolmans
Ever Exhibited in Northwest Missouri.
Northwest Corner Fourth and Felix Streets,
Instantaneous Photographs
New Process, nnd a Now Outfit; The Finest Tubes, Cr.morns, Accessories,
Hack Grounds and Sceneries, lu the Market. Chonp Work for the next
SIXTY DAYS. Card rhotos, per dozen, 81.00; Cabinet l'hotos, per
dozen. Su.OOiChlldron. over live yeais oiu, iour coins lor ou coins;
Old nietuie cooled and onlarirJl. After SIXTY DAIS my nrl.
eert will bo advanced
plato aro very high. T iwi now psepared to do ns lino
work jb any in list in tlaf West. Remember, cheap
work for SIXTY l)f S only. Views taken iu
tl e city or court ry. Pieturo frames for
talo cheap. Conio early I C'omo
soon! Jo mo quick 1
P. M. ZOOK, Photferapher, Oregon, Mo.
Celebrated MILBUUX 11UGGIKS snd
iro- strictly tirsi-uiavs; uu i oarvou
havo jits t received roiuo of
IMl?Jri WAfiOMK 'I'll.
ratonfA" WboolB; bot Seoi'l (irowth Hiokory, thoroughly
seasoned; lloest gradeA)f los; full Leather Top and
Ciixhlnns. Inordertov nildiCtttradoIn the Uuggy mid
Wacon Line, I will sell
gins, i win al'
as low as $75. K
can sve tliuiu money
a 1'lrsi-Ulass Vehicle on closo mar
.so deal in wL'i'ui' Roods, and can sell you a top buggy
Bvory maiipW overy body Invited to call and see mo,
.nn.l trou')jjrnt thoContiMl Wagon, Repair and faint
H. C. SCHMIDT, Oregon .Missouri.
dof ires to say to ovorj body that want to buy a sot of
or anything else In tho MARNUSS LINU, that it will be to your benoflt
to cot his Prices boforo buying olsewhero, as Iip has thu LARGEST and
1JK&T ASSOlt TWENT of HARNESS and SADDLES in tho Conntv. All
mv goods woro bought right, and I gnaranteo that tlu'jr will bo sold
right. I makn my own Buddies, and wfil savo you from 16. to 26 per
cent, on Saddlos alono,
OlilJGON, MO., 1st Doov South of Bnnlc.
ThojWarfior icaldencc was Hint night
nil lllc, urron'nded by nttistlo drapory,
etiili as tho Weit could oonimnnd. As
lovely ns tt may havo been it was not so
beautiful ns IU young mlstros. Never,
In liur llTc, was her heart so quickened.
Never, to hur, woro faces so bright nnd.
happy. Kverj thing had rocolvcd n
touch from her reviving nud animated
spirit. The heart sent to 'her faco Iho
throbi of its own cxItoHionf , ,to, height
en her beauty. Charles Hrford was
for tho first tlmo In seven ycr a gnost
They together unfolded tho brightest
histoiy of their lives. It wm n ploae
nnt reunion.
"Mr. HolonV' fnld Mngglo Vr
tier, ns the stood in tho hallway to
bid him good-night, "do you often
think of our past livos?"
"Ah! often, so often; what n pleasure
It is to contoniplnto and itudy thb futuro
from thoughts of tho past. Whero U
thero moro plea -uro than to discover
mo pfinc.ploi, underlying our cherished
Ideals. 'TIs thus with iho when I thlnW
of those whom I regard. Oft havo
tkeso thoughts been sure-o.tcd to nut.
Oft huvo I looked back over my pnst
me wiin a feeling of trtio enjoyment.
Olt have 1 behold In tlto imacoryof
tho soul, clustered around overy change
of my temcmbered life, those whom I
"Where," added sho. making indent
ures In tho hat the luld, "Is human
hiippl.ioss? It must bo those happy
momonts and hour, authored here and
thoro nud held off nt thu diatanco ot
Iho future. How much do wo it is
not a question Wc do build so much
ot our lives upon these circumstances.
" Yes," responded he, "to lovo ono
oi me purest nml noblest of nature it
but to realize n parndlso ot human in
volition.' With this ho said
It Is almost iinpossiblo for woivan to
conceal tho foreboding of tho individ
ual and s If attachments of her heart.
In tho prcscnt o of ono whom Mio holds
in high appreciation, and under tl.o
proslgoof his manly intluonce, to tho.
discerning eyo and divining mind, tho
discoveiyof plauMb'o admiration mid
wo natily lovo, Is an easy task. Every
act and every word, seems to havo u
touch of tuHdemefs, sympathy, kind
ness and lovo The oyes sho v a ills
lam watchfulness and a secret euro.
Reason cannot guard the nvonuns of
Love; nor place restraint upon tho be
llgerent heart. Lovo is impatient, and
cannot nwitit the decree of truant Judir
mont. No phrase in the vouabulary of
tno affections, is moro certain to betray
ikis linexpreHscd regard, than the
repealed words "good-night I" The
mournful uecent, tl c yielding cadenco
spoken iu n low, sweet, txellow tone,
with a roser ed look and down ciu-t
eyes with lue'aneholly and meditative
mien, stilkotho heat t of tho receiver
with such intensity, that almost uncon
consciousiy reciprocal Interest is uwak
oued by ihe unchiisplit r of hands follow
ed br meetinc eves, radiant with
light of lovo and resplendant with Joy
hroiu the Herford place to tho
Warner residence, was n dislanco
of ono mile, through tho woodi and
across the hills. And tho Inst Hut was
heard of young Herford was his depart
ure from jhat resldonco on that particu
lar night. Ho could not bo tracod to
.any point, and very quiet Jv the undo
hail searched overy where and now, thMt
one week hint passed, he became un
easy, fearing that evil had overtaken
mm. j uero wero suspicious
ouuiManoos connected with his
appearance. Uyles the saloon keeper
had been at the mnnslou, ostensibly to
pay to Geftrgo Herford some interest
upon borrowed money; yet the samo
would not bo due for manv months.
The minister began to rovivo in spirits.
upon winch the m ule looked with sus
picion; not thinking perhaps tho moro
ausence oi tils enemy might produce
that efl'oet. It was nuppVcd thnt Charles
lieiTord had been called homo upon
business matters clniminir his immedi
ate attention: so it has been given out
by uoorgo Herford. Now, ho was de
bating in his own mind what courso hn
bhould take in roferenco to tho dlsap.
pearenoe of his nophaw. In that morn-'
ing'a paper, ho saw that Byles had sold
ins saloon nnd was going west to begin
tho fame business nn tho frontier.
These cirouinstanco-t uonfirmeJ his sus
picions; nnd heat onco rodo over to tho
city to confer with thn officers in re
lation to tho mntter. and contcmnlatod
apiiehendlng tho tnloon-kceper until
tho mystery could bo solved. And to
his surprho, at the stt'u of the road ns
ho appiuaehcd the city, bis attention
was called to nn advertisement of
"Public Sale" at the "Vesper Place" of
all personal prQcriy, Injludlng
the homostrUefovo an hour had
passed, tho city was wild with excite,
mont, nud the wildest conjectures and
thtPiuosf. imrortsounblo thoorios wero
current upon tho streets.
to he continued.
For Sale.
I have a Hook of 60 hoad of sheep,
including 20 hoad of half-broed Cots,
wolds, and tho best Cotewold malu In
NHrlhwont Missouri, which I will self at
private sale.
h. M. Kaui.l,
Forest City, Mo.
Grain Wanted.
I will pay tho highest market price,
for corn, whoa am) a't liinda ot
grain delivered at ntj rffwJ.fo ih-Joo.
Grove's building, Forost City, JlTo.
N. C. Hatviklu,

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