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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, December 14, 1883, Image 5

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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of ray new PALL STOCK 11 now hvlf
ed. An early Inspection will bj fol
lowed by
At my Largo and Elegsnt Line of
Ladies' Cloaks,
Which arc now to be seen in
my Cloak Rooms, whiuh I
havojiiHt fitted up. The La
dles are cordially invited to
cull and exnminu Cloaks,
und get prices. Will sell as
Cheap us any house in the
Northwest. IRA. PETE U,
Oregon, Mo.
Tlie Flnoit Assortment of
Camlies, Nuts,
Cracker, Conukies,
Jumbles, Mnckeiul
Salmon, Lob-Ur,
Tomatoes, Snrdi .1 9,
Hroou Timit,
Coriinl Reef, 1'iokles
Straw beriie, Peaches,
Sweet Corn, MU'tnrd,
Tnb'e Snuce, Oisiers,
Pepper Sauce, Etc., Etu.
Host Cigars nud Tobacco in the Ctty.
Serve In Every Stylo Meal-, 25 Ccul-.
E. P. Hosteiter,
(North Sid Public Squire,)
0"K.JG3OIV, 1VB.O.
Sewinff Machine
Higb Arm IfM Hnnninrr Howe !
It Is self-set1 in;; ; tin. shutt'u lu self
tlii still tig You can save Iroiu
$10 to 15
by culling on
aSyMtuihlno Repidilng a Specla'ly.5$2f-
I siru prepared tn furnish portable and stn
tl'Miary saw mill establishments, cnuliies of ev
erv description nud everything l" rlaliilim tn
Im ivy mill machinery 011 icttcr terms than ever
befnre filtered to the trails In 1I1U section. I
will sell ho that the enrnhms of th mill will
meet all payments leave si handsome mar
Kin to Imv tlmlii-r Willi. I will lie pleased to
correspond with owners of Umber ami 1 twyers.
I keep a full foree of mill men In the field ami
hii application will tend a mm to router or fix
lire with any party who has anv thmutnt of lim
ine a mill, to anv point In Northwest Missouri.
Mv agency embraces a greater v ulely than anv
other concern In the state, 111 1 handle a full
Hue of works from no less than nine fuctnrlw.
Stewnrlsvtlle. Mo.
MDNN & CO., of tho BnEtrrine American, eon.
ilnuo tourt ui Solicitors for I 'menu. C.ivi-aH, Truiio
tnrkt, CuprrUhts. for the Ualtet Htnti, Cunudn,
E ililund, i runco, (jermnw, etc. Hand Uookubout
l'li'cnta ecnt free. Tlilrlr.sovrn yearn' nxmrli'iicfl.
iMH'niHODiMirieqiurmwnuuJSiS , to nronmiciu
to tho BciKXTinc Ami.iucav, thu lartfest, l cl, nnj
lnoit widely circulated nclcntiflc miner. 13.20a Tour.
a'JtcniiioDUiineaflirouvliUUNN X CO rnotlci il
Weekly. Bptenilld encratlnva anil Intirt'ntlnit In.
formation. rlpoeluieniy of I tin Hrleiillllo Anier
Icnii a.T.tfrfe. ArtrtroM MUNN At Co.. HcitNIUflO
AiiKltlO.tH Office, ail Broadway, Nuw Vurlt.
By virtue of an order and decren f the Cir
cuit Court uf lMlCouuty.Mlssouil.l.the under
signed receiver of tho "Hast Knresl l'lourhnr
Mill Company,!)! Forest (!lty, Missouri." will oi
ler at public sale tho teal estate null property
and mauhhiury o! said Kast Forest Flouring
Mill Company situated In the town of Forest
City, Missouri, at the Court House doot'ln Iho
city uf Oienmi.llnU Count) ,Mhi(iuil, and ilurlwi;
the selling of the wild circuit court on the lutii
,dny of January, A. V, 188l,tn tho highest Idddcr
for one-third cash In hand one-third In lx
mouths nud ono-thlrd In twelve mouths subject
to the approval of the wild circuit court and de
ferred payments to hear ten per cent Interest
' und secured hy approved security.
H.ilrt mill property is one of the best In
Northwest Missouri well located lu a itnod coun
try on thu track o! the K. 0. Sit. Joe, & 0. a. It.
Machinery Kod (Except Holler) lour run o!
burrs purifier with elevntnrundsheller of 50
bushels per hour capacity, l'or further particu
lars InqtUio of .IACOIJ il. t'Oltl). Iteeelvcr.
Nov. lyii IBM, Forest City Mo.
Thomas & I)Cn?SAtty, for iteeelvcr.
J. T.
4 CO.,
237 Sixth Street,
Saddles, Harness, Collars, &c.
We nisko a apccinlty of F rst-class
IlHiiii.Kiailu Work, Our house is head
quarters for
Gathrifrht'B Patent Men's
and Women's Saddles,
Gathright's Patent
Harness, Sttddloo,
Etc,, Etc
CASH DEALERS will find It to their
Intei ost to .oo our ttouk and jet prjoo)
Wdore bujinp.
Tho stipn'uie Court recu' tly render
ell il ilecr slon niltrml-'i.' the -nnti'iioi of
dfulli rtjuln-t Wlllmm I'iix. lmi vl i'il
of the iinmlor of W.T llovvniil In Vol,
uon county.
Aug Si'lnieMer, ti wenlthy citizen of
.Savannah, Anilri'W c iiiui u.-ttn i mis.
mined vory soil-us injxiles !iy beltu
thrown fruin Ins lnijj,'y beneath his
horse'ri met.
Kphriilm He, shl o ami l'lfd llel i an
p;er,i wo farm luintls working ear I'latts
bury, Clin on conn y, were nrreteil ro
ceiitl.i climyuil with al iHn a mule
Iron) Holla Morgan. Tue tnulo wu
t on tid in St. Joseph, a d who uoufr mi
ed by the paily lo wnom they attiup
ed lo -ell thu brot-e down und ni.ulu n
I'onfueslott, imp Icatin St. Jti-eph par
ties They wru ?en to jali in default, o
null, lo await thf'nctiou uf Inn (it'iiid
A Mrs, 'l'li()i,.p.siin, ot St. Lnui.'i, was
reci! tly robbed uf $1,'JU0 in new Iwi til
do I uvs 1)111.
Lit rente Stuuffcr, nn employe nl the
State Insane Asylum, was kt ed a iu,
days ujjii by la ling down a 11 gnt 'if
It Is itltied ilmt a Coroner und 'ar
.slial visiting I In si cue of the vnle tie uf
Mrs. E. Mason, near ( 'hi: ii nthe, a f u
days sini:e,wei'e both so Intoviu ited thai
they were nniiblo to pet form their du
An cxplo.'loti occurnl recently In tlio
ba emeni of Meyer Hi us.' drug house
Kansas CI ,v. Ftre fol owed and th
but ding and contents burned. Los.
The (ioverno has pardoned Filtz
I'et uier of I'liu p" eonutv, M'titeueed
August 18. l7ii, to .hilly .wars in ihe
peniteuiury for minder in the -econ i
degree. F ttifei was eon iced of kill
ing ono Mitillu 1 Invert?, commonly
known i.s 'd'eg Leg," who seilin u .
Fetterei's daughter. Tho killing was
done at Fcttcrur'- house, and thu body
was pi iced on ilic railio.id truew, where
he Hiaugled remuins we e found a f w
ilujs af erward. Have ty after -edn
nig he girl, and niter hu i ad give
bir h to child, lefiiscd to niari i her.
and the iilluig Is elaimeit to nave been
done hy Feileier out of ic'iugo The
application 'or pardon wa s gned l.
the Judge o the trial conit, the present
Judge, IVoseeu nig At omev and
lieu rlj all tho prominent olllccr.s of 'he
county und man inll iential eltiens.
A warr lit was Is-ued a few days ayo
agiinst Frit Sillker,eharjing him with
milder in the fir.-t degr- e in killing
Ernst Koruhardt at then saloon, cornur
ol Sixteen h etreot and I lark avenue,
St. Louis. Siueu I lie murder Spi ker
had been coullucd in the Central di
triet police b ation, lut has ijhw been
tiaislerrcd )o thu jail ami given n u l
in "Mnnli rcis' Row." As he was about
to bu taken to ,ul a uoto w.i lianded
to him, writti n lu Gorman, ami carry
ing to htm t o lot IIudiicu that his .n j
tended wife wo-ihl arrive in tlio ciiy
from fiermntiy that night It is said
that SpilKer was engaged to tlio younj
ladv before hu lef Germnny, nud that
alter hu had established tho eu.ooti
where th" act ttsuommitti il ho sunt iiir
her to co mo to him, inteinliug to make
her his w ifo mid go to houseku' ping at
once. She lots no i datives in this
country, but has gone lo the home of
one of spUkur's ends, where shu w II'
await the rustili of tho trial.
Herbert E. Conistoek, ptopiietorol
I he liruiiswio. offeo Resiatirnnt in
Chill cothe, foimerly of Nw York,
committed Miiclilc a fqw ueiung.- siiiuu
by bhoot'ug himself thi'imuli the head
wilh a 14 caliber revolver The net
was fully premudiiated. Financial
cn)lmrrn.ssnifut and diease l- atsiued
tlie I'ansu Deeeiisrd was about ihir.j
three .venrs o'd.
Red granite -tono of suporior quality
li,s been discovered on a sixty acre
tract of laud one mile southeast of t hil
lie tlio.
Thoioure 9 :!97ox.pilsoncrsof uurof
the rebellion in th" State.
A coitificatu of corporat" exist enie
has been Issued by llu Secretary of
State to the Jewi-h Tribune Publishing
Company, St. Louis; enpiiul $5,000,
half paid up Max C. Reefer, J. E.
Law ton and S, II. Soiiiicschuiu itionr
porutors, Tho Wuiddell & Wirthlin Maudfao.
turing Companv of St, Louis (ms filed
wl h the Secretary of State an aYIMuvit
of clniHgii of niimo to Southern Cooper
age Company.
Hears aro getting to b qulto Amor
ous and a little too deuionstruiyu In
IIow ll cottntv. Two hogs wore, iillud
by I hem I wo miles nor li of Wosljl'ltilns
a lew nigh 8 ago, and It F. Old' n,
Esq., lie .ring a hog squu.H fear his
house, went iit und gave little ! a
big black object tliat was ki-A ng the
hog, und drove it off. The lio) winch
wmild weigh 300 pounds, was so b;u!ly
injured that it died. !y
In ShanuMi County Judjejvuelo thi
year raised six busliots of line potatoes,
Pennsylvania Flnku variety, from three
inur.duos out mo seventy-live pieces
and planted la-t spring.
Shu ion W lknrsnn, an estimable far
inor residing near Carrii'gton.Culiuwa.v
county, dropped dead a few days ago
win u giuhcrluif corn in his tie d
Tho (iiivemor has isued a pardon to
Timothy Hslre, of .Inoki-ou cuiinty.sen
lenccd in May 1833, to six moiitns in
jail tor fotgorv in tho fourth degrcn.
A Missntiri larmer recoininends stack
lug fresh fodder corn with wheat or out
straw in alturnato layers of a loot of lliu
latter to llncc inches of former, He
a iys there Is no danger of spoiling, as
the juicus of tho corn ate ai.sori'iul by
lh strnw, and tho 1 ttr ts rcuilnred wo
, ala'ablo oattlo oat it all yioediy with
out WMtO,
Improvecl Farms
1, 2, 3, 4 and
Three Points or Aflvantage Over Other LoaciDi Firms:
jYll. A very Low Coinnillnn charged.
traT-'hd. No delay. Money fuinUlied within FiVE days after iipplbation
tiiken. if til lu peifeel
CttY-.'Iril. Where Loan Is renewed, no eh'irge f r Abtitu t.
Kflf you me thli king ot making a new loan or renewing an oUl one, It
wtl' (my you i eonie a d -i"- me, und liy so d n ig serve your own Inlercst, fur.
e-iiondcci' s Helled Will be tv II iwell'- ll-i'ei, Monday and l'iieilay of eneh
week. II iliince of week in Mouiu1 Ci'y. Addivfts,
Mound City, Mo
Mound City Ever Ahead !
Ladies' Jorsoyos in Black and Colors,
Hosiery ana Gloves. Also Fresh Nov
elties in Laco Collars, Fischus. Scarfs, Mull
Handkorchiofs. Etc. Knit Underwear, at Pri
ces that cannnot fail to please all buyers
Wool Blaukets and Comforts,
Ladies' Wraps, in which we guar
a 'tee Fit, rrico and Quality. Duster
Band and White Granite Queer swaro,
Men's, Boy's, Youths' School Suits and
Overcoats The Celebrated Bryau Brown
Shoes, Ail Warranted- Flannois, Joans
Cassimeros. In fact, anythiug you want
All the above we will soli to close buying trado at
averv small margin. Call and see us at tho
Opera House Store,
Is now making his fust exhib'tioti of Fall and Winter fiend, comprising a full
Line of
Dry Goods, Notions,
Boots and Shoes, Olotliing,
, Glassware, ijueensware, Etc.
At Prices Thi
We endeavor to keen the Host
and e
Cm no
LEVI OR FtMfNew Point. Mo.
:s AM
1 ou ca nglit beru at
nud rriATilc. h- CELEURA
CIIARt 11T WAtlON und tue No. 1 MILllL'RN 11L(1
(5IES ai St Joe Prices fur CA 11 only These lluggics am
Wagons aro STRICTLY !
m.niu on very small MARGINS. Don't fii'l to sio mil be
tore buying if you want f'o HEST in ilni MARKET .Satis-
n guaranteed, tall ami
Yours Von
Oenlvsil "Wja-oii fcjiliop, Oregon, 1J".
Lumber !
We keep constantly in our Yaids
Asssortmem of
ot win T .TTiMrnrai?
Doors., Sash, Blinds, Lime,
Hair, Cement, Building' Paper,
Posts, General Building Material,
hich we aro helling Low Down, If jou want Lumber ( nil and
seu us and gel prices.
Hoblitzell &. Pinkston,
Oregon and Forest City, Mo-
Once more we iiniioiuiee tlio dally arrival of our
Wedding, Anniversary
Wo ean poslllvoly shoiy yen a larsr stock In
of which
of .Te well
iiareiuvvaKives nur cimioniur it iieriiieii iKitiiuiiiKu 01 uuiins win-,.,,, ..,,,..,.,
Voeull niirtleuhir attention to tho now stv es of Lail es' and (leiith men's 001,1) ATrilKH,
we earry an immense stock of all armies and rnialllles. Hparklhii; niiumuiils, line Kradet
rvof all kinds. Jet .Nwelrv lorhulles In niouin in:. H"lllied ami ilead llnlsh i k'ht and
f.:itinq. nMtuf),. ntnr!i frln.i.fl iniil lliiiusaiNM of ni'tlcies ton iniioeroiiK to meutluu.
Wti cordially invite an to visa us perstuuiiiy nun .ew our new rohhs wueiuer Jim wimi hi pur
tlutse or not. All coods warranted nn represented or nuuiey refunded. ... . . .
Watches, clocks and Jewelry repaired hy competent workmen and Biiarantced to kIo perfect
vallsfactlou. Orders from tho country wi 1 receive prompt altoMtlmi, ltespccrfully,
SA.XTO M & HEN D RICK, Jewelers,
SCO lllx St., Hot. riftli bud SUUi, oppoilte Ixiuls Hax'a furniture establishment,
5 Years' Timel
Defy Competition.
tlio ite-t i n'wavs Ihe
Clienpest. Cull
Coods and Prices
Pome nud savo much 1IONEV
M anil is to
see what 1 will uo lor you.
Lumber !
in Oregon and Forost City a Full
It. V, llK.NDltlt'K
Winter and Ilcllduy Stock, especially Ariitcl fur
and Holiday Presents,
onrllno tlinu ever before, and the uitvantneo o
M J. Storcr, In n lvciure beforo no
English f.irmers club, spoke of tin
fuelling of korscs as follows: How
must hinscs bu t caled that they may
be able to perform a certain amount of
work wltlioti" injury lo their ystum?
In the first place tlie.v must have food;
in the second place thei in st lue
grooming: and, In the third place, 'In
mint have good slublltig. In ret aid
to food, of nil nnlmaU the horse, tn
comparison to lis size, has tho sti'iillest
stomach; it is, tlicufoiv, of great Im
portance that Ins fo d should contain
as much mi'iliiicnt a- pox-Ude iu ihe
sinallcsl bulk, more cpiclady when
ui'deigoitig littrd work,
Hay and oats have thN tpiullficailoii
to a inc iter deree than any othei of
the feeding stuff in general ue, it ti
that they should form the xtuhlc food
has been pioved b long experien.e.
llrnised tints are svij snltub e for o d
liorsr.. mill thosu that boll their corn,
but beyond tin- they have sothlng peei
ul V to leeoiiimcud tlisin.
The uvcr.ige pian ity of ost- lequlreil
to keep a liot'Si! uuilergoiug ha d woik 1
in good cotul Hon u about twenty )
pounds pei iiu. t)t (i dirse come hmses
would eat more; otheisi-innnl be In-
d iced to consume more than fourteen
pouii'l.s. Drivers of contractors' h"rrs
h v practically aware of the f.ict thai the
tnoie iliey ean g- t thetr lior-es to o it,
the mure work tlu-v will do Rut the
result of over-fceillng and nvor-wori..
lug is the preiiiatuto death uf m.uiy ani
mals. Indian com, when It hap; ens
to he cheap, may bi udvantagcousti ,
used iu the proportion of one 'oslx;tlic
only oblection to it 1- that it causes tor
phlily of the bowels. Tins uiut be conn,
tera' ted by giving un equal proportion
of brain I'eans, btp for their hentins
tendency, wo, Id form a wry mi! able
udjii t to o it-, us they o urai'i a 'arir
proporti ui of n nt i it vo ni.t'e'ial. They
tn -y be safely given to iiiiini ils that nr.
hard wrought nud upA'.ird of eveu
A horsr can't be maintained In good
' e.Itli on gtuiu-iiloue ; the -Iiiiiiih Ii re
quires a certain amount of nipchai leal
iHste slon to keep It proper y. Hay and
straw serru this pui'i'oso. Ordinary ul
lownncc shotil.l bo abonl tweuU pound-'
per day ; Honie'liing ike five p.tiiiuls in
the moiuing.live pounds at mid la,aud
ten p lumb at nijlit. A few yeai ng ,
chopped hay bee.imn urcutly in vogue;
hut th.- priucipl argumunt in it- f n or
was that "lie had hay wase.iten along
with ihn g' oil This tel. serious
against the plan, ns a horse i cctatn y
butler without bad hay iu his -tumuch
ti'llll Willi it.
All kimU of -traw are inferi o-lo ha ,
it being the. only vnriet that slioul t
be used; it d ci- wel. when horses are
I'de, as the.x are not 11. ib o to gel into
too kiiih coudt ton on it.
.says :
M .1 Alston, Lilt et'in, N C ,
'1 recommend IIio.mi'.- Iron
lilttwrs lo tho mrvotts and d.-bilituted.
Il greaily benefited me."
The gold in I i ti 1 1 tn the Rl irk Mills ii
now shipped mainly through Pierre and
is conveyed from Pendw-'iod to Pierre
lii the ''irea-iire coach," which niikns
two ttips per month, und Is tints di.s
crilied by the Pierre Signal :
"Il currieh uo pn.viugur.s or express
oiiiy the gold which is run through lm
Kl.iok Hills mil s, or slu c d iu gtil"hcs
or hydraulized from bars and hi' s
The av. tagii output is .Jiin0,oiJU per
r I
month. It cost the itugo company
ab"tit eiwh trip to bring this gold to
Pierio. Five il terniiuod m n. with Seti
Da i.s us capliim, eoiiMti-iitu tkw crew.
These men aro the best of Hio kind in
the Uni ed States Th y have a I been
tried in Indian lighu ami tago r iblior
ies. i hey have figured on the frontier
for yo .rs sometimes lu Alaska, at other
times in Africa, San Doming.), or Mex
ico. Tlmy are we 1 paid, but are piccd
for I heir intellgencu, r.-uab li y, so'irloly
and nerve. For ovei' llye years there has
been no demonstration Th it th to Ii ivu
been niauv deep a ul well laid plans
there can bu no do int. Yet, when it i
taken lulu coiisiil -ra ion that t c god
Inicks w igh about 150 pounds eaeh,
and t'.at tinre is no w i.r n the prairie
that tuey can ue out, nor much oaaueu
to u'ot them ou of tho a n, il is no won
der tne robbers have given them the
At ihe lut robhon at Canjon
Sprin.-s, in Seplumber, Irt's, after the
robbers captured tlie couch it took them
nea ly three hours with s udgn ham
mers, chisels und po viler, to open li.
The piosent s ife is niucli Mronger, an I
nil tho o points are well u mshl red by
am si'lieinurs who lun'o designs upon
lliu trsssuie. Rut the messengers nover
relax their vigil ine ii. ir eavo a point
UHgii.nduiI, Hover sleep ivhilo the coaeli
is m ttanstt, never neglect daily prac
tice with their lire ir. us, of ivhieh they
carry a ritle, shot gnu and brace of
revolvers "
Mr. James Shaw, Maoon City, Mo.,
says: 1 used lliowii's Iron Uittms
for dyspepsia and it did me great good.
Tho editor of the Charleston (Missis
slppl County) Couiie Ii is been given
a r'.woet potato two fo t tw i incho in
length Thero was another one on ex
hibition In that town only ten inulies in
icngih but weighing seven und a halt
Peter Fitzpnttick, horn lu the County
Oiivnn, 1 1 ui .ml, in ITDO.dled u few days
ugo ut the roideiice of his miu, hi ('hil
licolho. For 'hruo years ho Ii id been a
groat charge to his lrtei:ds. requiring
the same intention ns ai tnfani. A few
moments before dn-so:ution .ill Ins sun
ken returned and Uo bade adieu to i el
tivos and lriondj,
With a Store
Wo aro
We aro
vVe aro
Wo aro
We aro
We aro
Wo aro
Selling Dress Goods Cheap.
Selling Calicoes Ohoup.
Selling Muslin's Cheap.
Selling Ginghams Cheap.
Selling Flannois Cheap,
Selling Cotton Flannels Cheap.
Soiling Ladies' Jerseys Cheap.
In tact we nre M-'lIng nil inds of goods ehca er than they ha e hern sold for
years. We have just opened the largest and llncU line of Ladles'
Jerseys, Cloaks and Dolmans
Ever Exhibited in Northwest Missouri.
Northwest Cornor Fourth and Felix Streets,
All through 1'lolt
County, and, to Short, hns
lUviimo an ui'kno v 1. iIl'ihI IhcI, that "ho
Most leltaiiiu housi' in
Dry Goods; Groceries, Boots
I'UMl IVIIll'f.U IL HIT' III Vll.lll II. IIV.ll II III, , I III!
Place where ton can buy th Ml)- I (iood for Hit LEAST Mon
"y !!iiw is y ur time t ecitre b.iigni. s. The. v.uiy a large sl-n
Hardware, Queensware, Glassware. Notions, Etc, Etc.
lu their Root and Shoe DeiiaitMieul thi)- offer SpvcUt In.lui eineuts. Al
ii o litrn' llargains in Clo lung aii'l Hals, (..mil Mill- at fiom ij
To ".Vi. 'The ii'mci-where you nie always iiid y
Trtaled. whether unt w'aut to buy or not.
Tho pljce where every ur"
'1 If lo l.t marked"
Iu plain li
Urcs And Only One Price Asked, Is At
deires to sa to rsvur. iiodv that want to buy a set oi
or nmlhing .-Ne in the HARNESS LINE, that it ill lie to your benefit
to eei Ids 1'ricus lii'f.oe Inning elsrwliere, ns hu has the L.MIOES I and
RKM ASSDR I .'LN I' of HARNESS und -saDDLES hi the County All
till goods were bought "'glu, and I gitauiutoo that tln-t will lie fold
right. I ma o my own Si.ddl.'s, mid ii.l nave you trom 15 to L'5 per
cent, on Sddlcs a one.
id. ilvl:. nvE-A.Tinr,
OREGON, 3rO., 1st Door South of Uniik.
Sil-iKlJUO For tljo yiARKET Ci
GrOWn by nnrcrItrt nn our own Fnrrvm
CT Ilan.lsmao liluMr.ited Catatei;uo
SlictlT's Sale In Foreclosure
Ity vlitui. and authority of a special exru-i
lion l-.id f i om th.- olheii of Ihe ( Icrk of the
L rcul; Omit of Holt enunt, .Msoi rl. ol urn- !
alileat the January term. 'tvSI. of .s.ild court, and
in mi' iilrecled in faior ot Alhcrt Uoccker, ,
plMtntUr, and axuhisl
Ilauualishiuiiiiii and I er hU'haMd.rilahSim
nioiiH. S.oiih Null and In r huMand, Jinoh
Miu, ii.uuel wcn?iii, Miiiiu Mill mill h-r
IiUHi.uiil, Henry Mill. K.ite llimil, AllilleW
Hiilld,S.o-:ih 5Ie IsKM-fll.il 1 (I liiil,aii(l..linrh
Mi t'Kar. 1'eier sio upe. i)ier Mirimpe. ii.m -
ir.i,ssi&Ate,s!f;;:!!:: SiVi'if.rs.iv.p.'.i.fi'..;
!troup, iaii;.irei Veiu.i'li end her husband,
T:t,,hVllrt",lduIuS!nl,C, """
I h.io levied un n and seised all Hio rlpht,
title. Inleri'st and claim of tin- m 1 . J defendants.
ill. Ill .mil to tin- inllnMlliff ilpsnil,,.,! rinl i-sl:it,.
to-wi: :
The smit'ioast fourth of Hid northwest quarter
anil the vimhnot nmrlii of the ninlline-l quar
ter, ah lu si'Cll.ui twi'iitv-Ove. Iinviisliip sixty-iliri-e
iif r.nixe llilrti -nlno, lu Holt county, MH
Miiirl. All IiIiik and beliiK In said county nud Mtnte';
nf Missouri ; and I will ou
between ihe hours of nine o'( look in the fore-;
noon nnW live o'clock In the aft i-i noon of Unit
da, at the Court Hoiim. denr In the City ol !
Ol i-tjini. eniuit of Holt afore-ahl, it'll the s.une. I
or mi much theteotns m n be ieiiilred at nulillc i
Yeuilue, to ibe hlhi'st hlilder for cash In hand,
to .sathf) hzhl execution and costs.
A. J. CAST1.K. I
Sheriff of II"!t County,
flmrtex W. Thomas, Ait'j for 1'1'lf.
nv virtue anil authority of a special execu
tion lisued from the otllro of the I'll rk of ihe
Circuit ( om t of Holt county MI-mhiiI. retiuua
1 i s at the Jann.ii' term. iss, of s.ld court, and
to me directed in favor ot the stat id Missouri,
ut the relation and to the iim. of l 1'. Welty,
eollei'tiirof revenue of I loll ei.iuit.l, and walnl
Owen Owens, Mary 15. Owens, his wile and
WIIII.iih V. Daw son ami M. Hilda Dawson, mi
nor heirs of Wl.llain D.iwsou. decea-ed.
I haw) levied upon and iclzed all the right, title,
Interest and chum of tne oahl .defendant, of, lu
and to thu fullowlug dcH'ilucd r.al cstuto to
wn i
.yiThc northeat fourth nf Ihe oulheast quarter
ot section IT, township Gl, runec 3-
All l Inn and iielnu in said ciuuity anil Ht.ito
of MUsOiirli and 1 will on
I'ltlDAV, .1 MIIIY It, 16St.
hetsveen tho hoius of nli'o o'clock hi the fore
iiiioii and He o'clock lu the aflcriioou of that
ilav a1 the Coui t Home door In the city of
Oregon, county of Holt aforesaid, sell the ,inic,
or "0 uiiieh thereof ns mav he icqulred, at put'
llo vendiiK, tn the hlKhest Milder fur cash iu
hand, to satisfy said execution and col.
Hhcitn of Holt Coiuty.
Havii g bought outilohn
,1. Iughram's Tools and
M tichiuot ,we nio prepar
ed to do all kinds of
Stroll Turned, Fancy
Cabinet, Job Work. &c
Ca 1 and examine our
work and leavo your or
Etut biuo Public Square, ill tho Pnyue,
lltdldlne, Otesjon, Mo. 1
XI '"WINTER OF 1833,
Full of Goods
Oregon lo deal wilh ; the
icL- of
and Shoes, Hats and Caps,
on our Now Plan
und Iturnt ItecUtcr 1'It Hi: TO AM..
(Cbn.ViM.-ciren hit vert.)
How Watch Cases aro ttlado.
In buying a silver watch case crcat cam
. r.liuuld Lq taken lo stsvuro ono that is solid
silver throughout. '1 ho cap of uiott ihcap
cilver cubes Ls made of a composition kuon n
. ii..,i, .-I,: 1. ! . . .. i
" """'i """ w n.ij j-uur MimimHO
1 forsilvcr, iu it turns black in a short time.
! thinner than thor.0 of nn all silver case,
I be!" il1 " "'0 rap
, thicker and get iu ai much as piWblo of
' ilmiliMimu'il An'!.rrlmnnrin,n
I : .. . ... . ,,,.., .,,,, ,,,
inasilvcrcac U the joints or hinges, which
thould Lo xatlo of gold. Thoso of. wort
cheap oascj aro rua.'.o of silver, which is
net a suiiuMt) metal fur that purpose. In
a Lricf'pcriod it vrarps, bends and spreads
apart, allowing tlio Lacks to bccorr.o looso
upon thu case and admitting tho dust and
dirt that nccummulato iu tho pocket. Tb
Ke-btono SllvcrAVatih Cases aro only made
with silvor caps and gold joints.
. , ,6t. Ic,M.X.Vih.lr.I!St
Inoarlmurftnn T&rledezicr.(.nvanili.-ui'UicjrwiwtM
we cannot bulnrkruiMl.l(isri(lfrIreoiirtoenmiiurUiLi
Its Kcjtlouo tiolM Kllrrr W.ilcll Citrt ara Ikatwt
uid I u our kumleiliro. IltTinx nn roldrr.rs lhaj r
naln linmoKetusiuii, hanltr and tiifitr th'Q Ibej sroul)
1 nrrn tttf befttiid lor nolderinc, and liaia mora
rc-ti.tinrpowrra.lnst rroura than nnr otharcaaoa
la Ui uukiii. Muuioq AJicciiui Jcueijix Co.
Ti I ttot !. la Krjilaa Wilth Tata YhUiIh, fall
ddaLU, ra.,f.r kaaJteiua r.la.lrild 1-aMpalrl lawlaiav
Janet !1' a4 li,riiBa UalOi Cam art au4a. S
Iiois of Appetite, OowoU coitlro, Pain fa
thej Hand, with a dull eensstlon tn tho
back pari, Vain under the Bboulder
blade, fullness after catlnp, with a dlaln
olinatlon to e ronton of body or mind.
Irritability of tompcr, Low spirits, with,
foollnn of having neglected eoruoduty,
XvoarluosB, Olizluemi, Fluttnrlne at tho
Heart, Uota bofor'e tho eyos. Yellow Skin,
lloadaoho Kenorally over tho ileht eye,
ltoitlestness, with fitful dreams, liiguly
colored Urine, and
TTJTT'3 111X8 aro cspeolnllyndnpted t
suclicnei,anedoo ctfoots iiiclin liunga
of feelliiR ns to nilouUli the auOerer.
Tliry Inrreaie tlio Appelltr, and ruiua the
body to Tnfco oil t'U-aii, tliua the tyMtm It
tKMirulicsl. and by tlirlr Tnule Ai-tlou on Ibu
MIbcsUIvk Orsaii. Ucoulnr Sioolo are era.
duced. Price cent, 80 Murray HU, W. V.
Oav ItAin ob WiirsKxits cbsnnd to a Oionf
llLicic by h 3lncleap)Ucalloa of thla live. Il lm-
Carta nttnral oolor, ncu Iruiantaiienualy, Holil
T UrumjI.U, or aont by express on receipt of iU
I f Dr, TVTTS BiHBit af TOMtk. larantallaa a4
Utul Kaw(e U W, uM U fe

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