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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, December 19, 1884, Image 3

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HQ.LLH y;rL nmu i mi jiin.i
- The aulhort" .and originators of the
proposed. Spanish treaty must elthot bo
gentlcmon of-gonerous instinct or they
must bare An tore to speculation Tlioy
propose to giro n (re market tn sugar
with 58,000.000 of peoplo jtho United
Stales In exchange for a froa market tn
various articles wlt't the popul-.ttton of
Cuba and Porto Itico, which amount
3,000,000 ot pceplo, Including slures.
An Import from Cuba amounting to
$57,181,497 per ycir Is to be made free
of duty in order that wo may get a ic
leaso of Spanish dm tea on anVxport to
Caba am -unting to only $10,9)0,753.
With Porto ltlco our import uro'fG,890,
456 and our exports are $2,224,616.
Our govern rui'nt would loso in rurenuo
about $45,000,000, and would put un
end to an industry in Lou slana which
produces In crude sugar und molasses
about $25,000,000 per year, and yould
probably cripple a sugar-rellnlng In
dustry whoi-e product Is not Ioh than
4100,000,000 per tear. There can bo
no reasonab o doubt that if migar is to
be put on tho lice list retlued will share
the fate of tlio crude or raw article So
far as this result ensues tho American
sugar refining business wi.l be transfer
red to t uba If, u might luppjn so
far as the present form of (he proposed
treaty is concerned, no le-tnetlon is
placed on the lniusitlon by Spain ot un
uxpoil tax, the otTuct w. uid bo that
ugiir in the United States would ro
main about at lis prudent price, while
Spain would be uettinir, $50,000,000 of
revenue, such a condition of thing
would royiro the oid epirit of filltiuster
ism toward uba winch pievalled under
.tho provl us regin ot the Democratic
party. Fur if Cuba were maile, as this
treaty would ma o it, u butler country
to ma o a fortune in than the United
Stated, there would be a ItvoK muster
ing of thi' descendants ol the old iilibus
torlng squads of tli South to luke pos
fiosklou ol tho Maud
Here, now. General Sherman, Btop
picking at Jeff Dav1. Wnat is to be
gained by kicking it dead doukeyp
Gaii. Hamilton has cntraced with
I a llos.on publisher to write an Aniorl
, can novel. Biinhud will no doubt be
i ouo oi the characters,
Don't worry about John A. Logan.
He is honorably, it Is true, but tho man
who imagine for a moment that he
4wou't win has way m ikes one of the
greatest eriors un record.
William II English, of IndiaiiH,
has his opinion of what Cleveland'
admimstitilivo poliny will be, but he
won't five it away. That would be
agaiugtMr English's principles,
Tub best fabiio to use for the pur
pose of hanying over doors to provont
thoie. treacherous draughts which do
so much misohief is colored canton
flannel, which should bo liui.g in two
length on that side of the door which
does not opou.
sssas City, SI Josepli
& Council Bluffs R.R.
Burlington Route!
Tho Finest Equipped Railroad in tho
World for All Classes of Travel.
I EARLY 5000 Miles in tho System.
' With Elegant Throagh Trains con- j
taming Pullman ralncoaleoping, Dining
and Chair Cars, between the following
prominent Cities
s Without Qhangesz
Over aoo Elegantly Equipped Pas
sengor Trains running daily over this
groat and perfect system ; passing into J
and through tho important Cities and
Towns in the great States of ILLINOIS,
Connocting in Union Depots for all
points in the State and Territories.
no matter whoro you aro going, pur
chaso your tickot via tho
Daily Tnint via this tirvo batwn KANSAS
., Chltf,
fll Ptli. A(nt, C, 0. tt Q,f CtilXf4.
4, f. BARNARD,
O.n'l Jup't, K.C.St.J.Si C.B., St. JM9.
G.n'IPM.AsBt, K,C , SiJ.&C 0 St.JoMpK
;.OWA--fl " " ' I NEBRABKA
"Joe's Place."
Bt Brands of Foreign ami
Xonaoti Uquors. Flue
OlgarB. Gold Limok
at all Iloure.
Ill) 8tKMn StrMt,
Making Road.
At this time when the voters of Mis
souri baro been discussing and voting
on an amendment to tho Cunrtltutlon
of I ho State, 83 as to enable county
courts 'to lory for road and bridge
purposes, an additional tax not to ex
ceed 15 cents on each $100 of valua
tion, '-it is in order to call xttontlon (o
a point tn connection with the work
ing uf tho roads. Ouo great essential
holp to the malntananco of our roads
is a hoary concave roller, of iron or
wood loaded heavily; Iho roller to hava
a conoavity of an inch to the foot, er
even 1ms,
When tho roads nro being mado r
repaired, fill the center of Iho road
rounding, and run a heart concave rol
ler over the center of tho road so as
to maintain the round of the road and
giro it such compactness that niilmals
will i read the center, and the material
will throw off tho ram instead of ah
sorbins: it and forming a quagmire
shunned alike by the teams and tho
drivers 'Iho firm ground on the sides
nflhoroiid is traveled and iho wheels
cut clown into the central quagmire,
tormina a track that gathers the tain in
torronts along (he whole length of tho
road, or washing it into now gnllios.
A 12-foot conravo rul or will giye
compactness to an ordinary country
load, or It may bo run on the sido so as
to lap and uivc a smooth, solid surface
of twenty two feet.
Schools, churches, markets, homes,
rrops. aro depreciated, at limes lost lor
the want of good, snfo, durable road.
The Exportation of AppUt,
p view of the short crop of applet
throughout the United Kingdom, the
Knglisii jnurnaN nro discussing sources
whemo the needed supply ot trult is to
be drawn. All the countries of C -ntl-uuntal
Europe report a s-hort crop of up.
p'es, save Franct',nnd here the lato and
better kinds tire not abundant. "It will
bo from Ameilca that the supply fur
the United Kingdom will be derivod,"ls
he g-neral conoltiMon. It is admitted
by iloilers in England, that the pros
pects of shippers lo that country, "were
never more promising, paiticu'arly for
tho lietinr and later disorlptjons of ap
ples "It is to bo hoped that our shippers
will not repeal tho mistake of a few
rea-s ago, when In a neason of scarcity
in England, all quality of fruit any
that wero npplos, wero sent abroad.
As a consequenco, many shipments did
not bilng enough to pay the freight.
The English bmcrs will pay liberally fur
tod fruit; poor stuff they will not
have ai anv price It is tj bo regrotted
that much discredit has been brought
upon American apples, by sending over
harrels that had been topped; the select
ed fiuii placed near the heads, while the
hulk of the barrols was fill, d with fruit
of poor quality. Tho praotico one or
more layer of the best specimens ot
fruit upon the top and bottom of each
barrel, may bo desired by some of our
own denial 8, hut it dues not meet with
favor abroad. An American brand no
onger guarantees' honest packing, and
buters ineist that the contents of caoh
barrel shall ho emptied into an immense
tray, in older that the entiro contonis
may be inpected before a purchase if
made. With confidence in honesty of
our packers lestored wethall enjo.v a
; quick market lor our oi chard products
in London und oUcwhere abroad. Dr
Thurbcr, in Amerjcjin Agriculturist.
Ttog Colera and Co.u.
We often hoar it asserted that bog
t holera, ro-called, in due directly or re
mutely tn tlm too exclusive use of In
ilia corn. Tt ere may be some truth
it H, but there is po priot. Indian coin
is one of tho best foods tor fattening
hojs It is parui ularly itjIi in starch
and oil, and of coune, this means a
coinpantiyMy Iua proportion of nitro
get.ous or rlesh-fotming iuuredienls.
Whwnt, barley, and oats, contain more
nitrogen and mineral matter. Peas aro
ftlll richer in nitrogen.
The nitrogen and mluoral matter of
n heat exifts largely in the bian, or in
the part nf grain immediately under the
bran. If corn is delicicn; in nitrogen
and mineral matter, the ovil, It would
soem, could bo feeding bran and fine
middlings It) connection with the corn.
Tho practical difficulty ia to get the pigs
to eat the bran. Thev prefer corn
Tho low 1 dee of wheat gives us a good
chance to seu if pigs wilt be health er
with les com. do not say that
wheat is worth mora than corn to fat
ten hous, but it is quite probable that
for young growing pigs, wheat is tho
hea thier nnd belter food, and if wheat
is worth 110 more than corn, wheat is
probable the cheaper food, especially
for young animals. Wo believe in corn,
It is tho grand American cereal. We
can raiso It at le-s cost per bushel than
wheat, but when wheat oannot bo sold
for more than com, wo can food it to
our animals with good advantage
osoph Harris in Amer.can Agricul
turist. A Wonderful DU00VU17.
Consumptives aud all, who suffer
from any Affection of the Throat and
Lungs, can find n certain cure In Dr
King's JJew Discovery for Consumption
Thousands of pcrninnont cures vorllv
tho trull) of this statement. No modi
cino can show suh a record of wonder
ful cures, Thousands of once hopeless
Bufffrers now gratefully proclaim they
owe their lives to this Now Discovery.
It will cost you nothing to uivo it a
trial. Freo Trial IMties nt lllndo &
PmlbrtcK's Drug Store. Largo le,
W'lUh some gentleman tal.o Mr. Ilcnr
drloks nside und toll blm that ho was
olecied vice presidout nd nt lreS-d!ltP
A Largo Invoice of those Celebrated
The Best Wood Heating Stoves In Existence.
If you don't believe it, ask any of the follow
ing named gentlemen who use them :
E, VaiiBuskirk,
A. Eoecker,
T. S, Bragg,
Hugh Ponnol,
J, E, Oummmins,
W, A. Gardner,
George Moyer,
0. Hoblitzeil,
Also Cook and Heating Stoves, all Styles, and
Prices. Tinware on Hand or Made to Or
der. Job Work and Repairing a Specialty.
Th Stove and Tin Man-
We would advise all of our friends and readers who
want to buy any goods now
TTn handlfia all lines of
to consumers at Wholesale
agrees, but don't take my word tor it, asK your neign
Iwr who trade with him. or better still go down and
price his goods, then you will appreciate our efforts to
keep you pos'ed. When you get off the train at Francis
Street Eepot, walk about one block east to tne corner oi
And and Felix. Market House, then take the narrow
p-nap-fl strRfit curs that run
He will send vou price-list
Plenty of Boots and Shooe
at Fred. Seotnan's for
Fall jid Winter wear.
We have never Beon
a Larger or Better
Slock in Oregon
than ho has In
hjfi store, and
ho asks the peo
ple of Holt Oonu
ty whon they come
to town to ploase call
and see his stock be
fore buying olsowhero.
Remember to call and soo
The Weigle & Roth Furniture Co.
110 and ISO North ;Stroet,
ST- josbph7 nvno.
We tako great pleasure iu announcing to the mauv readers of
the SpxTiNKL that we are now better pnpartd tliau eve, to offer
the Kieatest Bargains in all kinds of furniture.
When In our city you'should not fail to give us a call, whether
you wish tn buy not. Wo tako gieat piide In showing our goods.
Orders by mail promptly and carofully attended to, Itemember
the Place.
HQ and 112 Mil U M, Si. kpi i.
;J Dealor in the Celebrated Ugbt-Ilunning
Excelsoir and Orchard City Wagons
lJ The Best Baggies aai Spring Wagons MaJe.
als Sell tho WALTER A, WOOD
Mowing and Reaping Machines !
The Dost in the World. Buy the Bvst, and you will have the Cheapest,
XL, C SCHMIDT, Oregon, Mo
JENNIE B lii No. 067, N, JI. B.J 60X0 II. H. B.
S00 l'.i. ofButtor la 260 Daya ; 08 1-2 BRBEDBIt AND aniFFZK OT
lbs, ef Milk tn One Day,
Superior HolsteiH Cattle.
Mr hrrd eonlU ot Superior Stock of
larxot la Ilia State ot MUsourl. I Uave n limited
slsiilo vt hi pairs, Vfrit for il!oiut, or cons
James Scott,
Oharlos W. Thomas,
L. R. Knowles,
D. S. Alkire,
Gid, Kunkel,
T. H. Parrish,
W. H. Richards,
Stewart KeovoB
or in tho future, to write to
eoods and soils in Quantity
Prices, Ho will do just as he
direct to his Dlace of business.
if you write for it. --Editor.
rnorniEiou or
Bin Cattle Fara
Turlington Junction, Wo.
the Itoit I'onular FamlllM in AMsrloa.aadlstii
uumbtr ot Kasey foUurtrtUlBa Brrlne (or Hie
sad vw ar,
ripMant nesillnp for Laity XUatWr of the
The woman's department at the New
Orlonns Exposition promises to be a
grand success. - Women all through tho
West and South nro netlroly engaged
in tho work ot securing worthy renrcs
ontations In the line of art work, design
ing and aiticlos ot u. in the house.
The amount nf woik already to ho tdilp
ped speaks well for tho working cupa
city of those splendid Western wonuu
Soutlieru wouiou baro done craud
work, bringing out tho n sources of tho
Slates in a matiiier t lint is surprising.
The library department is being well
filled Willi b.ioki written by women,
contributed through the generosity ol
tho pub fiber. Tho original picture of
"I'amous Women" will be placed In
the department thiuugh the cotitrey of
Nolinun & Co. Mrs Fmuk I.esde lias
sent bound voUimcs of all hur publlca
tions. There will be a collection of
photograph, with autographs, ot tUe
women authors ol the country. The
women of Mexico will make a splendid
showing of their work In carving on
wood and shell, fcathi-r work as devel
oped m groups and landscapes, fine
embroidery and stiaw work. Oooda
will he received fioin tho womon of
Constantinople, Irnlaud, England and
different pal ts of Europe There will
be a la g exhibit of silu culturo, made
by tho Women's 8i'k Culturo Associa
tion of the United Stales, who Will use
hand and steam rttcU. Small exhibits
of silk will be shown from different
parts of the country.
Bplutmr Tor CurWtuiai (1 10..
Take a piece ot white (ifi-oloth about
two feet long eighteen utiles or two
feet wide; cut the top in three large
points orscallopii; pink it all urouud;
then pink a sttip of nd or blue cloth
or fliuuiot about one and one hal inch
es wide, put it on the edge ot the oil-
cloth on the wrong slue witu custitcn;
cut linen pockets'of oil-cloth seron in
ches long, four deep; put two near the
bottom, one half way up; then make
two pockets coue-tdianed ; put on each
side of upper one, then two lit' Id pock
ets above each one; make ttiem four
inches across, round at the bottom:
line them all around With the piaked
tlanue ; taUtitch on ; put of worstud to
match, to hang up by, with tassels at
the ends. I huro one wnieii has been
very much admired. If this escapi-fl
the waste-basket I may come again aud
tell you something else. Grandma.
I'rol.leut Mmtlioii' Wire.
WaililtiKton I.etlfrtoClocl;md I.J.iilcr.
' Dolly Madison was the princu of un
tertaitieis. Sl'.s never f rgot a name
nor a face, and scores of stories are
afloat tivre regarding her memory and
her kindness, Ono old story which is
current, is iu reference to a greon
youth at tho While House who was
standing up at ouo ot the recfcptions
there, nl,m nbo, seeing that ho wai
embarrassed, came up tiud attempted
to make him more at home. The boy
was driuMiig a cup ot coffee and ho
had abuut hall fluixhud it. When hu
saw Mrs Madison coming ho was so
frightened that he emptied the rest i.f
the coffee luto the saucer and put tl o
cup into hi-coat pocket. Mrs. Presi
dent Madison at once engiged him in
conversation, naked after his family
and every one of the 42d cousins, and
treated him so well that he soon forgot
his embarrassment, lie managed to re
move the cup from his pocket during
Iho tall: and drank a second 0141 with
his h 'bters feoforoihe left.
Pretty crocheted holder for feather
dusters aio madu In the shape of a
shield, with a loop tastenud to ouo side
of the broad end. Worsted balls are
pendant from thi side, aud two hauir
from the point ; and a bow, set on one
side just above the point, has ends long
enough to conceal the duster haudlo.
Why are -quashes aud girls alike P
Because they both hare to be mashed
before they can press your lip.
An Erie woman has robbed a hair
storo. Like a pistol she went off with a
bang, r
Men go into business for tho purpose
of building up fortunes. They look
forwaid lo many years of activity, uud
dream of an ultimate success of vast
proportions With the womou it is dif
ferent. There aro a lew a very few
who believes they an callod on by des
tiny for somo particular work, ai.d they
study with a tixed idea in view; but by
far tho greater number of thorn work
under the grim hand ol necessity.
They ui enow proud of it. Womon
desire nothing so mu h as In forget the
fact that thy are working for a living
sfior the day u over.
7ITS 1 All Kit stopped frc hjr Or. Kline's
teat NHrre IteiU'rer. No Fits utter first day's
ue, Marvelous enroi. TrealUii and 82.00 trlnl
bottle tree to Fit eases. Svmlto Dr. Kllae, 913
Aroh 8t.,rhlla..rrt.
Notice of Administrator de Bonis Nsn
Notice Is lierehy given, that the letters of my
Breilecossor, 11 Administrator nf the iwtato of
Atliarlue MrCr.idy. downjrd. Iiuvlnit eeiwi-d tn
have any k'enlfi'roe on, ur'alinut t';e day nf
Hekteinber, 16il. tr rKaxoii ot I4 dentin where
fore tetters ui Administration dc htili nno
were arautrd lo tlio inuloMlt;eil 1111 unlit estulo
on the 15th day ot Noveiiibrt. le4, by the frt
bate Couruuf Holt ciiuily JlUsoutl, TbU Stlh
day t Nln ember. A D.lsSl.
U.T? AMtiaii, AdiaMlntratordo ll.inl lion
Notlcs la hereby Klven lliat letter of admin,
titration nt'on the estate nl .liiienh M. W lU'in,
iatuol Holt county, ,Miiiurl, deceased, have
been granted to the uiiderdnKil, Charles A.
Moser, by the I'ni)ate rourt of mild ennmy
of Holt . bearing date the !Jili day nf Nuviwber.
1881, All ieriMI nu rlrtlmi haaln-'t anl
estate Hit ri'fjulred tn rxlillilt theirt I" me for :il
lutvaiKe, within 01111 yesr alter the d,le nf
lettera, nr thev nviy be nreclurtcd linni any
LeneOt of such entuie, an4 If nueli elalnw lie not
exhibited wlllilil two seam from the llnio ot the
pabllcatlon of tuU notlfo, tpey will be forever
tarred, CJIAttUfU A. MOHKIt,
I dosiro to explain to tho
Public that my old woman Is
on the "War-rath" because 1
want to go to Si, LouU to buv
Holiday floods. SI10 says 1
only want to go there for th-i
nurposu of getting on n Spree.
Now, I will leave It to a g aec
ous public It I lo ik like u man
lint ,it'ie In tiller, nl In tint "ll nv
ng bowl " and if
ntt I do, I will
10 nanN inivlce and go to h
I'. HOSTi:rrCll'S, Or gon,
Mo., for my
M Holiday
jjfiS who carries tho largest and b')t selected stock f Christmas
and New Years' UooUji Iu Holt County. 111s siock 01
I the Lnrccst, tho Best, the Sweetest nnd Nobbiest Variety this side
of St. ,loeph He carries the best brand ol 1 KJAUS in the city.
Itmnomber, when you come to town to buy your Holiday Goods, to go
ami sic
E P. Hostetter.
Whieh has lust been completed
from ('Hit AOO to MOUND
CITY, is dally loaded with pass
rngen, bound for and the
branvh roads Imm till over the
coMiitry are carrylnw their pas
ongeis to tho main line, und
they are all bound for , and
all of the Wagons and Hugg'as
uro loaded with people bound
for the
Jewelry Store
C. E. Cochran Mound Ciiy
To get tho First Choice of nil those Elegant
Christmas Presents ! !
Watches, Choks, Silverware,
Jewelry of evory tm-ci iptlou,
i h ns Bracelets Necklace,
Lace Pin. Earrings, Lockets,
Cuff Buttons, CoM Tens, and
tho Moft Hichly Engraved
Latent Silc Vest Chains. And,
Oh, well, we can't tell tha
half, but you must go und see
for yourself, and
un w mm it.
enerai oiearance oaie
Tli Balance of the Year
TO WflSEflD, WY4TT 4 GO.,
Anxious as to Iho results of tho season's trade, are making great ro
ductions in owirv department. A special cut on M OOL DUESS
nn l othor lines nf Winter Gomts Most all styles of CLOAKS und
WUAPS (dtrnpnr than nver, whore It - pos.ihlu to mako a change,
Profits a thing of tho past. To sell our goods is now our object.
Co rue and price them.
Townsend, W yatt & Co.,
Silverware, Jewelry, Majolica Ware,
Scrap Books, Pocket Books; Purses,
Photograph, and Autograph Al
bums, Plush Goods of Every De
scription, Bill Books, Ladie's
Shopping Bags, Fine Plush
Mirrors, Novelties of all ,
kinds. Don't buy un
til you have exam
ined my stock and
l.etiom xlvon liy Mull, Aitlrrm rtrvsnt nail
titration Hhurt Kami Initltuto, Ht. J(ep1i,Ma.
Course of li leifons $5.(0. Wiirnmtnl Coune
tit nlllelerit imiuber nl Umkiiiih to nuiMr nno In
1)11 Iho most (lltilciili iioiltlnn tie.oo. liy the nlri
otTest Hooks 111. Icurncr can mauler llirse les.
ors lu a shorter tlaie, tlmugh not nmro tlior
ought)'. First Hook, ELEMENTS, HO pszes,
ai.'is. tkcoiiil Book, HAND JH.10K, ico iukm,
ks.os. Wu ran fuuoliu tbf abovw bouiu on re
ceipt of price (I'ustsKe paid ny m.)
they dwei Iu
lake my old
Gooiis !
Collection mule, Depositions taken, Conrer
aeuiU loo, ttl lnfonuitloo glreu and Om
rii tnd' muI Law OusluoM slteudu) le.

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