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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, August 14, 1885, Image 1

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Oorrntcft for Iornl Ailrrfitnlnjr for lflffS
will b tru tfnli cr lino for flnt In fortiori
ud Or cenU jmr linn for each tuliUMotint
Oregon, Mo., 1880.
F, ft A. L-Moelsnrt Monday siiiltlilrrl
Nlturday of each luonlU.
OflKOON 1.01X11 Mo. l7. A. O. . W.-Mccti
sreuud mid fourth Friday ot eueli mm Hi.
I). L.'NirHKU,M V.
J. T. THATCHnn. ltecotdcr.
OTlEaON f.EOIOSf. No. W. H. K. of A. ). U
VV.-MrcU every flritl mid. I hint Friday lit
wii itioniii. .1. r. TiiATciit:i!. s.c.
ruil. J. r.ILI.P.H, llasordcr.
i (). o
P. Meets everv Wdnes.1av cviMihtff of
WibUAM KACCIteit, Secretary
i.ftch week. HAUGril, tsTUCKHY. N. (1.
ft A. K.. CIltttST MKVKK TOST No. 4.1
w.Mvcts every wrond nnd fnurllt f rtf iirilny of
ueh month. I. I", IlOHYNH, Commander.
OKOitllr. JACOB.-!, Adjutant.
K. 0., St. .To. & C. It. It. It.
aoixa .voitm.
Mail unit Kxlircss...
..n input
..I iVpni
..? I.t". Itll
Irucint i;xprss
Vllllscs I'lmsenitfr
ooino eocril.
SI:ilI nuil Express.........
Jst Louis Kxprcss
sVilllsra l.tsiintrcr
Prelflit....v .
1 UTpm
.......12 iK:im
0 ;Mjn
3 tli'pm
4 '.(lain
Dally except Sundays. lilly except Men
nays. tllaJJy.
Hosti Iter's Tor lumoit Ico.
Mrs Rennet t' Tor Ico cream
Circuit court docket in nnut'ier
Try Alex. Hosteller's Ginger nlo
tlinka tips.
John C Vcss of Olmmn, Sun-
hiycd In O-cgon.
Henry Moulter was in St. Joseph
on business, this wesk.
flo uii'l jfi-t it pair of the "Never
Lllto" School SllOt'fl Ml I'll
Mr. Charles HlU'citbe, k will take
A trip to Cntifurii'ii, lids 'ii'l.
Frank IlitrrH Is mm- working In t
barber shnplii Topes u, K-ui-hh.
Do not full to swi tho Ucd School
House Shoe tit Kri-i'k & Wills m's.
J. F. Liuioks, of nppur Holt, wii
In Oregon lust week on business.
Henry Vngcl mourns lio Uoiltli of
Ms infuiit cliilil, TUurailny of lust wock
O. II. iliiiiintinwKy, of Kn:n, was
tliugitHJi of Ituv. Ill innh.'tril this wed;
Kreil Murklanil. onu of tliu li.vsl
triys "on tlio roiul" h at home on ality
Mm. Mn;gin llitrrl wiw tUHIiii;
IrlomU in Lcnvumvortli, K.uiskh, Inst
Mri. I). E. Ili-iiniitt will bo nrepirt'il
'i horil four "I'lillomeu sliul ints till
winter. .'
Tho lie-it it il 'liciipi)t lino of In
.die' lino sIihuh in towu mil bu foiluil .it
Jno I'l'tl'.
CiotO 1 1- HtfltCI 'S ll'4 CK'lllll P'4I'
Jor iiml you will "jut tin ht'.it ico cream
in the i-ity.
Mrs A. M Ki Uik rNltlnji li r
duushter, Mr-1. Matt u iv ii nor, of Fa'ls
City, Kutira-kn.
.Iuinu.4 D'liirnu ami wile nnter'alii
4mI Mh.hh Heinle ami Katiu I'lttier.-tou,
of St. l.num, Iiihi week
CVII ami see our samples of t nil
)i.tpui. Kresli iimw good at tliu lowest
prices. Kiuok & Wafou.
1 no Jollo.vtiiK pruoueiB weio rt
leased from jail tills Week: Hoburl
Jtit. Iile iiml eliulen W illiams.
"Tho Nover l.ato" huIiiio! slum
both for ladies ami children the bed!
nnd rbeape.-it in town at L'ltia',
Our basub.ill elnb will play a nutcli
aiuc wllli t io ;Vl.lto Clonilctubto day
Thuy will plat lu tliu l.ittor elly.
Tom Fry walks off with the mod
on making bo o"iiu, lie ban the thank
of tho olliee for a liberal supply.
.lohuv Oidubi.ier litis gnuo back to
hht lirst bue, and I. now workiuj; in
ithe ImincsH shop of Aii(ui'don& lloyd
Hayo you tried KuuWs New
Wajlung machine.P U is eoucaded by
.nil to the bo.t in jvc'lil ue In tbu market
Try It.
Mr. firanl Howell wn arc orry to
loirn, 18 homo on tho sick-list. Wu be
opbdk for hi in a spoody roovory In this
liealllifiil repinn.
All members of the Wonirn's Union
are reipicsivd to muct at Mrs. Mary
Curry'a urxt Monday iifturnouii at U
o'clock, sharp.
W. 11. Richards has mndo a cnn.
truct with tho county court otft'chlsou
county o recover (mlomnity lor swamp
lands in that county.
Ijifurraation h.is been received bore
that tUii-wriirted lian;lnj? of William
Harmon In l)akota, was wlltiout found,
jitlon. as bo Is nllvo and kicking.
Komembor that after this week
you cannot got that delicious ko ere am
At Mrs. D. llonnett's, only on
Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sunday,
Frank IMor, who has boen living
ingrcut oxprolatt'ins of di nwlng tho cap
ital prUo $ 1,000-offercd by tho Hpcai
Head Tobacco Company, for tho one
Bending in tliu greatu.t number of tags
of tho Spear Head brand, .roscJvcd n
draft luit Sunday for 9100, Frank had
Aomraulated 20,000 nnd. would not Imvo
taken 9200 for his chan'o; and to say
.that ho is dlijppsiuted will hardly ox
irri it.
The carolois hnndllng of flro-.irms
la goltlng to hu Qtillu common, nnd If
omthlng Is not doua soon il will not
Vo safe to walk rdong'tho street, Only
last Tuesday, buu through pareess
ness, was dlsobargad in front of Mrs.
Mary Sterretl's millinery store, tho un
t(lro uhaigo entering the step just below
the door, aud it was only a iik'io ulianco
that, tho step was not occupied by a lot
of Utile children, as Is generally ho
caca I tltit neighborhood, Men as
wall as boys should ho very .curcful,
W. F. Dnu o Is raising tobacco.
"t'ryMal Flake" ico jjream tit K. 1'.
Kd (lelvln, of Upper Holt, is build
ing a residence.
(!enrii Uapp and wife, of Mnithitid
wcro vlslilug In Oregon, l.ut week.
Oeorgo Meyer and hii s n, reler,
wcro In St, Joseph, this week on busi
ness. (let Orr'n pantaloon overall.1" and
you uaro tliu lust, loi sale by Krctk
& Wiitson,
Mm l icit, Sunday, by Fwnu'ro Hoff-
aiann, Kd Dakcriind Uutdah Ferguson,
both ol Oregon.
Tliu litllu diiughtor of I. Sliroyor,
that f nil mid htoko her arm n short
time aao is improving utcely.
W'n do nut o:l Inferior goods, but
give you tho best goods for tbu least
money of any house in town. Mils.
Tho Circuit court docket lor tho
present August trui will contain about
140ciis a fifteen of which urc criminal
Clulsl. Onsj, ix pro.pnrons Ocr-
man ut tblselty, has biuight tho Henry
Slerieit piopeny cat from Mrs. Per
kins' CousMcrntloii,
Parlies deslllug to run stands at
l lie Maltland lair, sbould bu.ir lu mind
that tho salu of stands and booth privi
lege will bu held on I'tiosiUy, August
-C. W. Lukciis dontiU will bo In
Mnltland, at CoinmeicUl House, Tiles-
lay and 'edned iy, Annt 18, nnd
l'Jlb, pr pared to do your, dental
Claudo Dennett Is lu St. Joseph
wurkuig for tliu llleks Miller Tea com
puny. May sitecetis bo yours In your
now Held, is theslucoio wish of the
Iteh mid Scraiehes of eyery kind
ured in 30 minutes by Wooltordi Sani
tary U illon. LNo no other. This never
fails. Sold by Hindu & Philbrluk Drug
gist, Oregon. i
.loeph mid Jri-su 1-itts our rntor-
prslng"Ono Prleo t'nsh HniHo" men
were eiitoilnlnlus their brother, .1. .
Flits' aud wife, of Washington, Now
leroy, this week.
llliani Cardtir will hardly notice
any ol bis oiii iricinis, unco inn arriv
d at his honi on Tlutrsd ty, August C,
IB8.), of u bouncing baby hoy, only
weighing 1 1 pounds.
Frenulum: noxt Suii'Iay nnrnlng
it tho fierce silmol house, at the uriul
hour; at tbu V bite .school bou-o at 3 :!!0
r.i. ami ui Oregon nt uljjht Kv. .
II. Chrisiy, olUclitlug.
l!h irlHy.Storteil has returned from
til wuHtcrn tilp. llo-says lm dlil not
want lo uoino homo, and would not have
iiiuu, If it had not been lor Ills mother,
who needs ld support (Y)
--.Mrii. Firiiiy Flaechor h is dd hei
farm, !lx niiies eas. of Orego.i, M Mr
ail Foull fur 2,600. Sho Is now
unking prepaiatlons to movo to L'.JI
furiiio, wluro fbu goes lu ipiest of
Mr. Niet Kunkel will rail on ion
nefore hiiig wills hH Nuvv Wiubing Ma
ehliie. l'rttioui.o liwim ImliHtry and
do not buy until yuu have se n him.
It is without doubt tbu best maehlnu on
ho m.iri.et.
Ilnng in your hens, rniuteis. spring
uhickcii', geese and t.-irkeys. ncNt Fil
day, Saiurday and Monday, August II,
15 ami I", lor F. H. It iwU-y tliu ehlck
on m in will bu here. Deliver ihem nt
the sIiimi of Audeifou & Oummlus.
Mis. On'en Crow, of Auslin, Tex
as, accompanied by her daughter Ada.
and s'cp miu, Allie n, wore vUltiug the
family of I'cler Piieu lhs wuik. This
is Mrs C'ioiv's Hist visit hero In ten
year. Slio Is a uraiid daugbloroi Mr
I'ricu and danglrer of Mis. Strickland,
if Mound City.
B. II. Messenger, as whole smdeil
a man ns ono ever meets, and onu of
Holt's uiyat prosperous f.irmeis, gave
IH a plea-ant cad lids week. Ho is uo
lug to maku a l.irgu public salu of live
slook, farming impleiui-uts u'o , on
Tuesday, September 1st, lbSi. Sco
bills and uolicu nuxt week.
Comradu Skiunui of St. Joseph fa
voied our peoplo with a sparkling tern-
purauco levtmu at thu M. K. church last
Sunday evening Ho pi oved a thorn in
tliotldoof n lew miserable "Aid hypo
crite who yell "leforiu" on tho outside,
but who nio always careful to'oto lor
old whisky bloats for public fdlleo.
"it uou was io iaK0 wtjva oi you
fellows up to heaven you would becin
to look around ut once to stake off a
big farm, and you would want to com
iiicucu pushing thn squatters off of It ni
onuo. If bu was to taUu somu of you ojil
money-sharks you would put up on u
oruer lut, mid It wctildirtho long until
you unit li inortgagu on Hill tno
country," said Sam Jones to bis Plaits
burg uudienco last m- nth. Ho knows
thuv're ft groedy Jot.
A gentleman by tho iinuiu of
Oravos. lato of Fulls City, Nobriuka,
has bought tho Ueorgo l.unstord farm
w.hlch lies near tho Dig I.ako on tho
St. Jo cidi & Nebraska railroad bo
tweon Uosweil aud Furtosquo, and will
erect two huge mills a grist mill and
u saw mill thereon in tliu near future,
Ho says tho iiiilioad company havo
primmed to put In u sldu traok there,
also, and that be expects purtlos with
whom hu is neeotl.itlnir to build a
store Iiou.b and put In ti stuck ot goods
within n tow uiuiiuis. me lunu which
Mr. Clruves has bought, Is nu excellent
pioce of propvrty and is located in u
splendid region of country ; and, il tho
iiroper Heps urn taken, there oan bu n
louruhtng litt'o town built up there,
within mo next mw vuars, ive are un
acquainted with Mr. U raves, ho being
a stranger nero, out no comes
to us
blxbly j-ccoiumeoded I nnd,
from outside apncuninci's, we believe
him to bo Just the man for tho work.
we extend our kindliest grcotlng to all
such immleraiitj who nut their lots
nmopg ns, mid wish Mr. (J raves (Jod-
spoon in un evey ri;uiuuus run.
Mlfs Klla Mn li I n Is visiting with
friends lu St Joseph. !
Mr. lien. F. (jordon, of Northern
Hull , ws In Oregon Tuesday.
Itlnde & Phllbiick mo now hand
ling that popular cigar 'The Pappooe.'
Kxamlno our clothing when you
want tiny thing in that Hue. Krcck &
Sheriff Cummins U getting up a
spcriat ura ul jury fur tlio August term
of court.
When you wartl pnpor hanging or
fancy decorating dune, call on Charles
Hat I ram.
Weaecbythu Herald that It. D.
Klnniy and W. II. Wilson spent Mon
day in St. Joseph.
Mrs. W. 11. Mlnton has relumed
from qutto an extensive yislt with
frionds In drain Valley, Mo.
If you want something elegant In
hulsery, procure some of those lisle
thread nt Kreek & Watson's.
W. J. Alkiru has bought tho Susan
Davis farm ot 1 10 acres. This is n good
fitrui unit joins Mr. A's bomu larm.
E. I,. Hart, of Muiiluiid, and D.W.
Poller, ot Mound City, wcro lu attend
ance nt rrobato court hero I his week.
l'ho St. Joseph District Coiifarunco
of tho M. K church will bo held In
Mound ( liy, beginning August 'J.itli.
After till- week, till. D. K. Hen
nett will only havo Ico cream on
Weilnesdays, Saltirdu.is and Sundays.
The lllulf City Sunday scliool will
give a plu-nlu In Schlut.bauer's grove,
Saturday, August '-'-. Kvcrybody In
vbcil to como and havo n good time.
C. W. Lnkci!", will bo In Muui.d
city ut thu lliutt House, Thursday nnd
Friday, August 20th and 21st! Give
him u call if you neud itnylhing dono in
the dental lino.
-ft is being reported that Captain S.
Lucas, of Forest Oily, h.is his weath
er eye open on tl o Mound City mills
and Mineral Spiintts, ind is thinking
surioii-ly of luiicha-lng.
Iluv. T. D. Kobuits has been em
ployed as puslor of thu Ptesbyteilan
ehur.'h of this ciiy, until nuxt April.
Mr. Koburts will buln Ids pastoral
work Sept. 1st of winch due notice will
bu given.
It reads; "Mariied, Tuesday, Au
gust 1th, 188.0. Poitland, Oregon, Til-
llu F. Klippel and John O. MacCrlm
mon," Thu happy couple will maku
their homo in Noilh Vuklmii, Wash
Ingion Territory.
Huy your children's school thoos of
Kreek & Wut-on, who havo made spec
ial efforts to bccuie the best appealing,
neatest titling, and most satisfactory
Mioo lor servlco that can bo bud at a
reasonable price, 'I he lied School
lloiuo shoe fills. the bill.
If you havo any wool to exchange
lor a 1 article ot woolen good.',
iliititu'ls, .Mini, blankets, go io the
ICunLol Mfg. Co., Orugon wlieioyou
will Iiml tin- best lusurtmuiit nnd cheap
est in the Wed, warranted made ot the
best wool Highest ui.tikit pricu tor
wool allowed.
11. Myors was down among his
many friend -i here Monday, and roj.ortt
u.scell nt prospects lor coin in his vi
elult), hir sas that many ol thu far
mers there nro losing their bogs by
eholeiti. Hu has lol about 100 bead,
aud his btother Wlll.ird almust an
eipial iiumber.
Foi morulhiin fifteen years there
lias bi euiHinmlv t.u banket meeting lu-ld
on the third Sunday in August at "Old
Union ( hutch" in llocliatiau cnuuiy.
Nearly twelvo luon'hs ago, Elder Wil
liam A. (iiiidncr was reipieot
oil ami colisiiulu.l to conduct tlio meet
nig this year, nud bunco villi not bo
heiuatliis regulir nppoiuiinoiil, next
S niday Hu will not preach hoiu until
thu Filili Suiidiy in i Ills mouth.
Monday morning, Ai.drew A. Mil
llgan was drowned in tho Nodaway riv
er, at McOray's mill.'., uear Miutlaud.
Hu was engaged, with Ins son-In-law.
W. II. Munis, In catching drift, and
bad fastened on tu a log a short dis
tanco ahovo tlio mill. They wcro In a
skill' ami undertook to pull thu log
ashore, but tho log being heavier pull
ed ilium out into thn current, and oyer
tho dam, or where thu dam is, ibo wa
ter bulng very high uo dam Is visible,
only ti more rapid currer t. Tho skill'
struck ud rrtuk that had been stationed
at tbodam, and was turned over throw
ing Mortis out who lortuoatoly caught
Iho lino which held thu del lick, to
which ho held until rescued by two
men from tho null. Mr. Mllligan re
nudum! In tho boat which righted and
was Hunting down btreaui. Tho men
seeing that ho was nil right turned
their attention to Morris, who was still
-clinging to tho lino which held tho ifor-
rlck, and was tuvoral limo drawn un
der by tho rushing wator. Tho cry
was then mined by somo ono to help
Mllligan. When tho men lookod for
him lie was in tho water and inuuedl
ately disappearing. It scums he hud
jumped out of thu skiff, probably Irom
excitement over Moirls' pen'lons posi
tion, KfforU wore ut once made to
rofcuo him, but ho did not again como
to tho surface, Men wero at ouco ills
patched for grappling irons, but sever
ul hours elapsed hotore I bey could bo
procured. When they wero brought n
shoit limo only clap. oil before thu body
was caught nud brought to thu bin face,
Ho was in the water somo three hours,
Hu was brought homo and u coroner's
inquest held at night. Ho was burled
Ttit-sday by Ueynolds Post, O. A. 11.,
in thu Odd Fellow's comotery, Mr
Mllligan was born in-Ohio 12 years ago,
Ha solved through the war ns a private
in tho 11th Ohio Infantry. He came
hero nlno or Ion years. Uo leaves a
wifo nnd seven chlldien. Two duugh
teta ro niurriu l, His wifo H over.
whelmed by his sudden ileiith, and
grave f oars me ontertaiuvd of the ulli
tUAto affect upon her.
THE 0)0!
Tin: di'Ad junto iionouhd
In Holt County. Jfow tlio )iiy
iyn Observed In Mound Olfy, .
Muiiluiid, Onilgiuid
Oregon. ' .. .
At (IrCRoit. ,
(leneval tlt-.int's fiinonll was.obji?rv''
cd in tills citj by a street pitgcantundci-j
tho dlicclion of tho O. A: It. mid meiiiJ
01 ini' exorcise at tho if. K. church. Thq
procosion 'was coinposod ot llio Holt.
County Cornet band, Perot's ' iinu1l.il
band, Select Knights, A. (). V: W,'
J. T. 'Thaichor Coniur.indliigf .Meyer
I,..., II 1 r!....t.nt. I......, Cnilu
",!,u' v...."".-. s.... .......
of Velerans, A niiuuier ot llio nu'tness
houses tun! resldcuccs were ttppidpratlly
Tho pioccsion moved fioui the Post
hcidquiii'icie promptly at 1,30 oelock,
uud with tho mullled drums sad toll,
and with slow and measnicd trend pro
ceded to tliu church. Tho old veterans
in I111O recalled Iho days when they had
miiroliod under oth.r uusplccs and mill
er other skies. They ret tilled tho time
when they hud followed tho dind Ueli
cral. "Into the gales of death, Into thu
laws of boll." All c.iuif) back lo their
11, mils us they inarched. He, tho com
niiinder. had gone, uud they who had
followed where hu bail led bad been
given 1 liu longer lease of life, whtoli
ihey would gladly havo given to him
had It been In their power. And those,
who renionibctpil the war ns thrfy Muk
ed on that line of veterans thuy must
havu coutiiisted It wlih tho sorrcd .ol-
unins nl 1811. They must have rcinem.
bered how, on each sueeoedliig tmni
vtusary or parade.Jhe number of those
who tciiicM'tit tho Orai'd Army gruw
finallor mid pmaller, until Anally llio:
day (shall como when thu let of the
men who fought with Graut kits been
gathered to Hie tomb that now claims
thu leader of the victorious armies of
tho Dillon.
The column on nrrivingnl tho church
moved Into s ugle column, (1 cd into the
center row ot seats which had been re
fcrved tor them.
Coinimiiider Doliyns of tlio 0. A. It.
announced Unit the .sendees would opon
with "Sweet Hy mid Hy" by the Cot not
bund. Tho choir sung "Hu l Clone,"
when Hot. Christy offeicd payer. 'Iho
choir sung "Why Cast Down."
Coiuiude 0. W. Skinner ot SI. Jo
seph, orat..r of the occasion was then
Introduced, who delivered ti most elo
quent and impressive addicss, Worthy
nud nppropriito in ihu highest degree
of our dead commanders motuoiial ser
viccu. Tliu life and el.nractur uftic
illus'i-ioiis snldier an 1 lUiilcs-mau, was
ina.-t viviillv and eloquent. y puitrayeil
by the orator, who sp..ku in full u lul
It was the cuslivn lu Atieletit (ircrcs to have
sacrei. oia ions i.t ilvcied 011 Ibe death of elll
ions tl Hole, to en.ot:le Iho p.tlrlotklu of ta
deceased lied eukhidlu seiiliiueiits 011 Hie pal t
of tho llvu.K. sin ikScniibktl the dead, l lie
ctisioin Kti.l prcvalli hi that o....sMc puiihisnhi.
I'i ile.es i..s iw'ce chosen In llm people o ren
der lids hoiiiajse un Ihu 'J.ut t'l lu 11. 11.11 lo the
dead. WuiM I were Kilted lis he Ilul I iniKl.t
lull justice lo tue iieiauuiis in mis sui"i:i'.
, tL nmvun.'.l hi all pai H "I r eiiniiliy. in
10 Hl-rr, ns ur.uj.i.ui.-iir,;'.
.1... ii.it imr Im -l Ir:
ay uur la l iraiurnai uin-iii K i"
.Nail in s in 10, oar ineai t,itiiii.i.iiiiier .too t 010
little, L. is. 1. rant. 1 oniiieiea at 1.1 si,,
Tin- li
nuil mi Inilicliml lMltles-ile.nl I I ui'oiiitlilii.i
.illy niiiUttiK lil ob l.nnnn i-inri iiJi-r ! iiml li
that Inn llnil RnlliiTS all III liH Ihni'. HuWliU
soMlvis lui'fU lihn, r hN nuiiraili'S In an
Inwil hliii, llio v.intUl!ii-il li ii'i-'l lihn. ii. I'-'
ttl.ole niiintry i-.i-im-d I lin. In Hie lilturv nt
Hit! bi.t lew weeks llln'.iate nuJ a inill iii In
loins l.i-ila), alien. T.) mii'iik of t tie suu-ini:
iKUi'iuiirv nt Inm-ral ulueruli-s nn-r Id" whaln
(.tint, Is nut mere ilutoru-.li.it itn- Milter tu.ili,
In Iiml wu are buryliu " ttlm was et en ureal
er tli.ni l.ls fiil'i -i 'Un' wlin CiVi- ini iio.-.is'na Kir
ll.ilu nil Hie pan ol I no . iii,Hi;vi-u iur iiuuhk
ln'i ii iVMidi il l y IiIiii, tunl lail Jlulu i-aiisi) Iur
e lllci-.ii) i n Hie lull "I tin m of e.y pitty op-
pusi'U lu llilll. I'llAl-r in III- r. innii l oi un.- in -
lay in llio uiliitiM-Hallna i.a'.iii.iiis ol r.au;.
Of hu ptasoa I iii.a.ltk- tii'if'.i niulit lm wilil,
as tvell u ol ins i.iiiuiy onu autt-Mivi iniun.
Ilul alow words must s'.lll -e for llii'io lua-lirs,
us 1 u lli m .-pi-uk iiioii- t-l l.ls reliilliai to puU-
ivrin. llv pauli liiJMihi il hsliat up nial Ilia-
Iteil to i-oai!l.(oiii ol lio.ly, tfinin-ruiniMit anil
place. Tli- truly wat U only iillir their
ileal I) A lla lllinm oat' In '.iiliian life mi iiu-.-lli-.illy
h-ild : "1 o iw.iv thai I may cuinu
iie.iln." lie leu lu-eii -111111111; Into III" ttoral
llirviuli all lie- InlirrtTnuitf i iiiunl-si ami mer
luoru Is to loin", "nut unto sin nl hum silva-tluiilitl'i'iiitlistl-iokfoi-loiniiiiit
bmllly, Hlie.t
up IjIIii I ii'lui s ol iii'r-ii:illty,;ixwlii-n liewalk
cil 111 ilallllci'. nut P rlui ill). pervasively, 111
tliUKculal lallai'iicrs ol tliu pk-.ililes coiat) In
llnlr siMloa, la
.UOU llio ' I JS.ai urn 01 vimcr mm niuinjf.
1 hey wlm i:p-i-taiiliy look lor tiny "secoad
personal i-i.iuIiik" "III proiial'll illo Kinl pasi
away lllroiuhont .ll ..xes lerover ilLappolimi.
Tolheiii on llio coutrai who look Willi liuljfht
Into tliu tlilna of llmt.pli-ll will sen nun un a
supi'iii iliiiul zlorv In tlio e'.ouil'i of heaven ;uiiil
In lli:il ccliu,iM.iv lin sateil 1111. 1 lilcst
Ko (Irani Is soni, lull Is ei-r Io come to Am
erie.i, wl'h l.lie-oln ami WasliliiKlon. tit lieoui
of iiirloofp itrliHto Inspire us, to hit us.ap
anil IcnJ uson. We fcl Kr.tlly Ills iloatli to
ilny. Hal fataru xcni-riilloiH will f. el tlio ef
fect ot Ills llfu inoie ami will lel,l ojlcilugs of
ullocli.ais to lil'ii us we Jo now.
U, b, ilrmit was u iteiiinno Amerloin. Of
l'lltltan ttoek .-for clk'ht Ki'nir.itloin 1 In. Iiml
Mcultlsll anil AoKlo-haxon liilliieneus Imlilinl
lihn. S.i;uii In tt'iitporam.-iit bill Huotllsli In
Bril aiirt imp ot ihi.u. In' nuvertlielass w.us rop
li'SCIililltioot the Dust Now KiiL-hiinl element.
The vesiel Unit laliilt-J Ills ancestral folks al
Niinlaskcl, some ten ni.lv below what Is lion
Itostint.coiiM uul lonue Unit tln-y, Inniihle l'n
illaii peoplt', wcro to bu llio progenitors of
onu tho peer JVrk'k'S In ."r-lan
klsiory, n Xerxes hi liundllni;
iinnlfs or of a llomau CoiiHtitutliio In Inillil
hitf up u nullo.i, When. on April a.'il. 1J. on
III" banks 01 the Ohio, .lento Urant welcomed
Ills boy-bubo or tint uiotlier cl.isp.it lilin as a
uew-coiiiir lulu tier atlectlo.i. llllllii rlul iney
know how lartjoa place that wee child wou'il
mnkofor lilutsclt In tlm niri-rtlons ot a tiiiiloni
how bo woiu.l help chape Us ilBstlny nnil lie
lionureil nioie than any KntR or tinnfror
Kim nr l.-iriiiiri.e , .f
KiHK or fci pen r 01
thlsnrsuvlan-l. Hut llio pomllillltles were
tlmre. Ami limie, Ihu potenlHI r.iii.' wcro
there. Tlial child was Ii'l- mitnoini of eljlii
ueia iiilloiis ul l'urllitn IraluhiK, Ulsllkn of
klnimiovaliy, hatred of wrouu'. aint onpoklllon
In Unit form ef society wlilfli tcei ojtiiUhs that
suit ot iitUlocmoy lliul Is Inherited without be-liiL'hiV'reit-,
lliatlsiiaii'iiiilllcilbv hlutiite.Mlth
mit itilieiliiK In 'liiallly As child ho brcitlied
it ililstliiii n"inospiu.-e and was nurturcil under
fienl.it homo Ullitciicea. Un was "born iisalii,"
hilhfl hluiiust i.euse. thri ugli a iicci'Mlon of
lirand-niolliers 1 Bint the result win 1111 hteilted
")poot character mi Intoned mid efiilei-ed In
healthy MU.illtle, so ihrUtliiu III fuel, that ha
wa iievei-cniisclousof any jtrent moral or re
unions nwitki'iilnif, and ci nlcssed hli uiiworlhl
urss Iur bnptlsiii becausohu could not tdl when
he bi-eiiino a clUsllan.
It Is u Iouk wuv front the acorn tn thn oak,
Ilul lock up llio ftlll but (noteiitinl power of h
irlbo ol oaks for a iniihtr jf ceiiliirles itt
euiilli in an Heoiii. nnd then rtrmi U into lu
rnnuenlal Mill and ulvo It thao and tlio favnrluif
lntlueiuii ot 1'iovldciilbil clrcuiiistancnj and up
portiniily, nnd the sturdy oul; will como hi ltd
lmwer and rpri-ad Ids leaves for a shadow ami
liiulu hculinif. tho khiK nmoiii; Ids furcat uVct-ates.-Kollrintenaie
lu Ids ifme. -
In his 1'iihllc deioitnieiit liu i fenernlly
mild, dlsiiHMlunaie nnd t-oolj lrn'iro.ichsld as
la inullvo iiinl roinliict 1 lio was also lufuiu.l
with a Kotiranu ol (he liiuliest order, llu hud
too a suit of IiiIkIU, which mvo ldnt a Renlus of
nffiilr'.nliliili will uitiu him Io rmik iiuiunt: the
ureiuost nud bent of mon. so Iouk as IniiiiMi na
ture shall be Ju-Ucd by thn slaiidardi by which
wo now know it. In evuy battlo tne. noldlers
fouitlit ni'iio bravely when thuy know lis win In
When Lincoln wai Hssailbuled nnd the im-
lm. w.t fthm.kltil liv tllH UWflll CIllllIU IV Slid II
atfocioui wlcknicis. Ihpy said amid their
doubt and team "Well. Ood the aud wa
lmvi tlmnt 1,'ft us ns Hie ln-ml 'if (lie nnm."
Anil "fjiuc-liow tlili itKI li. t eifli like irri-UT
t only exprewcrj tlio seutlmcnl i.f Hie ieo-
I nr. 111 ii'.ii 01 uiosii who kii"it nun i.r-i. ..ii.,
he I'.u-oled sUlceisiiiid nii'ie li. had complet
ed tell sn, to'ii nud they J.-iimi , Ihi-o.ii'h rep
resivlallves as p ill-beiinrs ti-d.iy.Jii Isjhif
ttwav his body 11 Us toiiih,
, Tlieio are not words ol vaui,:ii';i ' iloKy. Al
tlioiiith In en" view. Un) I.tl ubh'sl p. I vale hi the
ranks, cxPo-Iiik Ids breast 10 the ballet, M11.ll or
bayonet. Is entiled to Ills- name (Oii-lderalloii as
-lhoKriicrnl i-nmmandln, as he Mit npoii his
horse ami rodr iiloiu Ihe line, so far 11s "'i
sonal brnirrv Isoouecnieit. A so'iller's cotir
iiL"i r noith is mil In lm mri'riiri'.l bv Ills rank.
:Yit tirxieat eoninetiidcr never was kmniu Io
bo lacklin: In nervMiul daih 1; lie sh.teil the
.'ri-ku ef Hits bailie Willi ids mir nnd Hie
loweM irivati. lliu suture l-ie o-n nni 111. 1
joon tossesod Hie o!dier In actum, was o
'..AlU.'.ilil.i ullh (lt-.ilit.ll.iit lii.it l.li....i, 11 f.if.l.
ht'!ke Iho deMi it Milss1i-in.ni. tit could 11 .1
lime botlic hliiitcir 111 ire e limy nntiu iinni;
missies ol denlli-llin scre.-'-bliii- nhellsora hull
jof bullels. I do not think II will be denied I . .it
no w is iHun.i- tue lueniKo 111.u1. 10 no int-i-illKh
iiialllli-si( ti inpi'mini iit, pen.oiul ci.ur
UKU nu I I'.dilllv. A wivse of duly win
the secret of his during 1 til M'eiiiln,t
.titifliiiieern fpransr ftnm nn i,n"oiiHcli'iu,its of
sen or iniiii r wneii 111 tno .1 a 01 i.iu . 11 1
HS hlali i ho.e mere nlilliial e.iiirju" t" protiess,
11 11 siil.liuie trust In Hod 1 1 HIUit,H''"v fatal-
Jsnt Ills Kcneral phin In inllharv al. Urs was
lo net us m-ar Hie eui-inv as imsdide whh 11.1 Ilt
IIh los ot life us wns consistent Willi luce .
iiml Ihcn "Uli iiml at them -
"llr.llit t'v btilcher," s.tld scute es hilt
thiil mi the trues! ivavt i end 1 ;- further fe.ir
Inl nnsleof n'o Incident to war. And when,
Willi tliree-quni let's ut 11 nillilo.i .f men under
Ids Hiipreine conn 1. h" l .ld nl plans l.i bleak
the eilllt.irv powoi vl H." re'.cl ! .11, bv ham
liicrhu Its armies to pieces, In said s "I slittj;
HKhl II oat 011 tills Ihi.'JI It li.O'i all summer 1"
Itnd Ihmllv took IllJI.ni.tnd wllliii.it Irtvln t en
Icrcd It. by rec.-lvlnh.''bi sarri a.ler ef the
snord of l.'-e at Appom.il. x j nn.l llieii il I In
the conditions of Hie parvb; "K" Inm.-i lul;.
your hori' Si von will ueeij I :-itn : obei the Io
Ml laws iniili r the obllsatliit.s ' lililloiinl sane.
Hon. and Noil shall not be ill.'in-'icd." rin-ri
l.urr-.hii; awav. be sneut si.in il ivi In detail
work lo stop the further ei.i.sii un. ' "Uid trim
porlation of v, ir nialerlcl and n-er. Illiu; of
men. thus snvlnij the iialb 11 .iol'.ibl.v ' ' l"ss
than Jo.n,""0 1'V hlstuodesiv an I eekri'v rf
iictJon. and nil Hits wltlmid lopplim fo. rrn
dress parade or p.i'itp ot ni'l.ifN review; . 'I
then repniled t I'le-Ident l.l. eoln for eniniv'.
mutual enii.!ialul.Hloiis, for nun d iil- s mid Mt
rt'ie. How Hice two men h ul c 111 1 1 r..nl
nml respect each other! The fo-il assi'ssin'.s
tiilticts.M.n took Hie life of Mm 1n And If Hi's
were the t. ni" to develop liluoiv. It colli be
sho.vn Hint V. H mailt did us much to hen! (he
iMiin. ds of war us to Millie lis ll.uvs: nud Hie
whole Metlmi known us "Hie r-mnli1' now -'e"
Hint the best iilcniH they net l.al wete Un
roll unit (Irani.
, llu, tie m n e hUher eoiisld ra'lms Hut It
wlj bo well for tn lo j'otnli r. WL-roln we see
hlj 1 1 ill 1 1 lue upon public at: nr., ami bv inetiii
tn v.bl'li Ins e:intpte uht be fell fur p.od
thri'iiithoitt thu whole hiiul .11. .1 111 the seals to
.- tli.rs l.i a i;tcal eountrv. We are peeiilljrl)
plae nl ai.il in like uuy other nelU'ii hate been,
;npl ar enpo-i d to peculiar daiijceis,
,'i'unsliler our i.Ht eti lit .1 l.iii.ury, ocenpy
hii Hie larger part of a whol euiithii vt. I'miii
Uie leiiiol" nottheut to Hie tar u. t, slri'ii-hing
from 0.1. in looeeuti, and from I in- f -kioii nf Hie
t.nS.id i.tkemt the north to (tie (lull' Jlexl'n
(ill lite south, Willi ctery diteisily of soil, ch
irt.ite, mineral and uriculliral wi-allh nl uur
Jiand. Wu have inounl.ilii 1:11 yes,
' ' "liock iilihi'd.ind aneleiil 10. the sun,"
With tjl rlicullint -'iipm' I.. in-ij.-t uloii'ij"
we hale bro.nl ic.chesof pinliiu nud inountaiii
Khipes ; we hute the lorcts and the mines ; the
low Klmtcs for lice nnd enliiin ; -Hid "nu'irid
'iuuod all. kl llu-iin's itni and ii.el.iiii livl
witstc," uHhnt to us a coast -line lor enminuee
U.)oi.d that of tiny other nation. Ian MecHons
of Ibis v..t ecunlry. In fore the v.iir.kui w iic.th
ItiK ol other sections. Men had lived a 'd died
at ihu .-south without Inivlui: been at thu Not Hi,
millions id luimlitrntits had been and tiro
eroudliiK oar shores who know o iilihu of Hie
exli in or variety of our soil or c:.ni'.te or the
nature of our government, linn-is it to be e
iecied lli.il sin h 11 cuuiitrv shall have tii.il elo."
liuiinalot tneu of uclitliborfinoii, tn.it coi),:iiuall)
of Inn-rest -In a word.lh.it pat.'l.iti-i 1. Him
marks , s -oichutnn, who can walK tii-i . -s :h"
breadth of In- native heath and Uit-oili ilie
(liai.ip an lolls In a day or tw...' or on-1101.1 lin
lCni raid Ii.le, who, If he us 1111 lilshnian, sIi.miI.I
in t a liltlc bieaillh of palrlotlnn niMiut to lu
ialcnsliv, I011K before he 1 1 its I koiio af'H'l as far
from homo us half across the ItiijUh of ILinsu .
tirquatter the wav oM'r Texas, lo sv nulhliia
of InU'fveiihiK SUutes, would at hoian In lie-
- h.iiil step on 111I0 snnoiii ul K walcis ami lie
drownedl Those wlm come to Anient' 1 frnm
such eouuliles e .onirics tuarlr ou--ini'sl fei 1
uti-aii;,!- hi Ihh laud of ohm! It n m 1 c p. I
I. ci.l w nil Ibis elasi ol our .'i'.i.l.nl... , . .111. ..l !
frulo tl.eir il.t'.. lu.o.ns of 1 i. triot.ii 111 ila .
nit iuiidlni; oi .ica, we tnusi opi et Hi. 111 to I... 1
bin ii..- In im Ir I j j.e of .-liui.u--, r. relll o I'll 1 '
I isles, Walt till like Ui.nl, '..111. eho.t uea-j
n.itliMssliiiit he burn, and am l..olcil 1 its -
hcolcli, lilsh, Mvlis or even l'.-n!li.sU nni. we.
sk ill Ihcn not look l.i ..lu t ir 1110 nh-ii t ill ol
bicidlll of ehat.ieter, pti iill,.i to Ilia it' huh. e I
-.Miuiicao sin h us (Iraiit was, Au.i.1, .11 H..-M-1
.thel i-Oiiniiles, KMclet) Is II m-mI llvi r.lhlu; I . I
old. Insiliuiloiis deep-rout ..Ihi lli.s . ?m in -. 1
nnvi.nitueall.ilriult.il, In ll.e title lo land .
and the udiuhil .Iratlon uf Hie law. Iter., evcry
llih.K Is new, Weluue hut i.-n nll-poiioili.l
am. Miprt'.iii nyeuclusnt wort ,
'llio.i.'ii Hini; dmn tllluli.-.h pi-eeedeiit"
Into our itvci'.iit" AhiciIci'i life. We ale a (.n;
people ; lm". us A-ti..uu.s W....1 saio, 1,1 e I
1 ut hit nilM-d. l.vcli now as l.cfoie die war,
jseetloiis know loo littie of ol.ot act Hun ; In-
teroU ate not only iliiieient mi. d.i.rM'. I'l.r- 1
I s imvo I ecu run In KeLviap.i.cai line; the
.social lorees hate been ci 11I1-0 led by mic
prejudices; nud new and vast .rn:nci.is W'cie
involved hi this stains of lininrs, mil 1.1 uiikli
sptaiK tli.t va-t issues of the v .11'.
Now Ir.to such Mil 101. 'uuus Or ml came, a
:'-linliu) A iik'ii.'.iii ; Iiju.i;; Ion l.l.n-il'. mid
i:rli 01 unecslral Impulso wttit Hie inh.fd ' le
tiu'iits of bte.idlh and coii.pl .10.01.ss spnn.,1.11;
ftom hlstralnuis nud evpi'i.-iiee, ills p m
ot'sin hence bieanie a sou of leli'.n.i; nud l.i.
!iiaiidc-t suit loo i one that in lei leit Ibe re
iilrcmeiH lo .ersoiially ulvelhouy.lilto his pit
late relallons 10 Hie awiul ii..-.-1- lles 1 f Illo .mil
death, until the tliui' cnlut- to "i t Lis him . lu
ordnr." 1 think of lihn ns lust a- iiiiteh uiotcii
by a deep sense of oliirtrnuo.i t - (io I n id duly
.uid d isiinv. w hen amid Hie ..nii'.rl bailie:
when in the rllle pil, or phuln ,' nil sleue uu..s,
or wlmn alone be was in ipin.i oat ,1 line ot ac
tion for some treiu.-udous f 1 u , i-i . .1. : 1 1; battle, as
when ho recently KJthered il1-.' -c mend leui
nuiits of his life's work 1111.1 ..nil I. .rit" calm
ness and piitlenco prepared huno-li iiii life's
l.isi i.read bonrof di .'itll! IK we'' icady all
tno time. Men wild in dinnk . es ess; bit. v.-i.o
cut saw hi 111 ilrhil.'.' Mini said he as roii.th
and prolan..; but who nter li ' 11. 1 profami) f;.l
irom hU Up.-,' Men said hu was Initially reeii
lois ol lift-j but wlio ever I.ih'A'I.Iih l.i teekiess-
ly push it battle but for III ids ol eiiilhii; Ihu
waste of llle 111 war'.' N'o man n.ilcd i lrife 111 .re
III mini, "Let us have 1'iuee " I." said. And
trout lib death chamber nud .oilhi to. lav 14.. mil
inlhieuces so deep nud h.i.lowe 1, 1n.1l the) pci
limit' Iho ah- nud sanctify Un . Hour Irom i.e.'.iu
tu ocean and Irom the I iku. to 1 1.- naif . Ills
p.ilrlotlsni was hh lehu-loii. not oul, tiirotuw
Hit' conllict uf battle, In Hie coudiic; of the
falrsuf Main as I'resldeiit, li.u also In his Ijst
words flom his death clunaoei And as II I..
ciiUoiii iry lo salute the dead t niuiades bv vol
leys aecordhii; to the rank, k 1 lib- Hmonm peal
ol tho funeral Kims misiicr 10 pual ironi thu
coaslol Mslno. nlons Hie hl;,!.w'ii .of Iheeim
ilnent. until tho last levctln rations die nwny In
the reipileni of 11k- "invcs of the I'.tcille in they
break nlom; tlio shore, and Irom Hi" N..1II1.
over (hr lakis, 111 ly boom niis'icrto boom uud
1 iiieel ectious mini tue nun; 11, ica g itacuius u.-
.eiiible, iiml spuiKeis spe.iK, aan piaycn
mat out of nil Ihli Hicte sli.ii: .mi" n..i only 11
lemponiry mull uf fecllim. bid tliusu decnir
sentiments and moru aludn.K couM.-H nii th u
shall tiiuii A peace ns broad as Ibe land; a Jus
tice lo all. as lltm nnd Hxhle.nn as I1I1 l..pe ot
character was christian nnd licnuluoly Anier-
Thls I take It Is the incaiilu.-r of all lids pit
ucanliy and paradu and of tin . m. Ivor ..it Hiler
ust. 11 atli'As lll.it u U.UI011 li n.lln;; some-HiIiil-
ot the Intensity nnd itnp "I bu UI-li.llin
Ann not his alone, hut of every bo il s ildler,
oven id the hiiiaidcsl private thai finbmcd the
lliiteven iintoilealb! Aye, uioie! liven IIhhh
vrliu 111 their foolish .'.il nil-look seetlon il feel
1111; for the enthusiasm ot a in-muii" pall IntUm
mid wcro comiiieiid iluplte their valor nnd
pcrslslcnee, tiro hastciiliiK up wlavllH." of
(erlnguf deep iifteclluu upon his I0111I1 mid llm
ClIOSV lie I C'll st'iitft, ail., . .. . '. t ... ....... , ..
,i,,. .....u'r,,.. 1,1 nines 1 h i. He kd In ha tie.
toitssuro us th.it henceforth wo are lo hiv
only olio country and one liar. And II ever Un;
occasion comes In thu exlu-. u. v of our 11Mlui.nl
nit airs, by the approach uf a loiclu-n toe or the
mildness of titty secllou within our exleiuh'.l
boidcrs. we slinllsce then a ilvalry, not like
that which gavti such awful toiror to i..'tiv
buritll or nieanlm? lu thu b tlll s of the West or
in thu Wilderness, or In Vlwlida, Ini' an .Iher
suit of rivalry o( who can push thu old ll.'K
Urthust lo the front or cfttlj it tiileke.st In vlc
ler, obedient to that sentiment of milloital
pattlotlsm, that throughout thu IchkIIi nnd
breadth ot this land. Ihe Nail. m il llovt rnmi-nt
It, and by ilh'ht miBlit l lis stipreini'.
I'oHslderliiithcr tho Priividcnluil aspect of
this universal bilcrest and sviap.illiy
"iivi.niiiii.nt ot tbo neoide. bv tint t
uitcresi iimisviap.iiiiy. i
Ills Is H
Ihu peotdo nud
fur the, irood of nil, W have our roiinlles but
no hereultary count Local self ituvi rmneut Is
ul tlio fotuidallou of our nnllonal fabric, ami U
Hi corner simiu. insiurv can ic.tcu us uu.i uio
Iho fathers ot tbo Itcpiibllo to build wisely and
lay the foundations utrmm In III. ireniil!i and
security, In that local ilKhts lire made doubly
securii as lliu national dom.tiu exlinds. Ihu
lark of litis Is what dutroyvd tho aiiolqiit tc
publics, '
llvoti utks i
"Awyrla. flroece, ltornc, Cnrllia;;o, whero arc
limy, "
And In lilsnpostnphoo to Iheevcnn he iy;
'Thy water waitwl them when thuy wero
Ami many a tyrant since t nnd their dveny
Hath drlsd up rcaiius to aert.
Nol.so thuu, '
Not so to us cither can this happen, Tin) cn
thustaim ot pstrlnlhnt In uur sniemoird nitalnit
all such wastlnir sml decay ot uur ltcimlillcitn
ctvlllMtlon i because the autonomy ul fueal unit
jjovtiviimcnt il liitci-bliuiltd Willi Ihe titer-
cliity of llie tiatloii Now, limit sun Hits In
be llie Issii of the war 1 Lincoln saw It; nil title
I i,ilrl.ils saw It. I'he history ef tin Let Iwin
! I v live ysur( nlle.t 11 ; the soli nm UnlHcani e 1
or thlsibiy ii"',.iis just ltd-. -Mils Is ten fralir-'
, I1.1I o.U'iu.n 111 our hero uud ei.iiuiuh-as we
l!'illtr bete lo day.
I And this SCI foith II. l'roviilontlnt itspnli.f
' his life mid ilciilh, Hits nation vlih sti.-li va.t
I mid tilt t'l s.' Iiilctrsls ; Willi su utile eoiuii.iii.lly ,
! of fee Iiik iivd f Itiueh tiv.tly of set-lions, tie.-.l- ,
! e l t.sll j.r.-s bteil ill lhee ioihIiIIoiij Ibe oei a- '
1 utiiii, for the lecenl cat-. Much 11 crisis e..i,i,l
liot have ct 1111 v.llhtiiit .1 eat.-e H could not'
juve eume inr.ch iiitller uor have In . 11 mueli
1 joHxertionlpoiied bv nuv pi.IIIIHe.il i.'Uelinoik
. of ci.iuproinl-e. Tile lite was kindled 11s by 11
l'rovlilctill.il II imp ; anil II h is burned out 1 1 1 1 -
radl-al mischiefs Hint tiicnneed our ii.ith.iisl
.c ice ; II relii iv.-l lite 1 tllse uf blll.l.'iil -levefy I
I'.lid III. seellonal .Ibfcii-i pnii-tln ll.i'.i II. 1
tt ml lit been and I' iiioii libit: us anew me, 1
' l.lner.hi's tutiib, mid il.iHleid's vr.ive ami'
1 (italics ro'ltii, Into 11 .m lii'ss 1 1 Hath, 1t.1l scull
. tin-Ill. lint IIIIMlls -l hi Hei lllll'ie. 1
I Ann Hie rov..l bal'tn . tn.l have eim.u lo us ,
1 ns by I'n.H.b-iill.il iuri'o.e h iv spnuii; irom
the people, 1;si'el.illv ftlbls liue of 1 lueohi '
, ami tir. int. We have no her illliif.' rot id y or 1
rilKlihu family. The I. .son 1- Hi ll Hod v. Ill
1 have the in in tt-udv 1,1 eveiv urn weney lor tl.e
; til-radon. UiMv-lhree vr.r frio hi-l Apill. .1
uicaterkeneral Ihan II nm.b ! or Napoletet 1 as
1 horn In nil humble coH.'nre 111 tl.e Intuits of Ihu
; liltln liver In lllilo. "lo-ilnv li" (s b.,jij laid
' away with i.tore Ihan l!i potan and oliMun
I stance of rov-iln, iimnl i!i- pru.crs mm t.;ir,
I of a 1, 1, Ho 11, lo pass liti.i lil.sl.irv ns one of lii-1
Sl'Mtcsl mid lii-it of mi 11. hid not ihe war'
t.'iie nrovbh-Hil ill v. iiobably I!, S. tlrmii
I vvon'-l liave be. n unknowii lo 1 nne. Hul i.ow '
I tho liat.'iil boasls llie wealth ol mi iiihle I ei-I
.unpin ul .."-iJlucsi nnd worl'i. Hi it will heal
St. I II II I til I,.' . .. Ml ,111 . , .. ,,. ..'1 .... ,,-
ltl"iistoeo)i.l". Illlt 1 ten I el re, 1 at- b-sscr
. I.ilclsllinl uiDVi in Ui'-ll .tw-iv lu tt-i- ol Hlf
I ptibll.. loi. As .is tic I'l i'l. 1
" N" ar." ni serv.in in a n mn
Wher.. lies lhc lu- licwl) dritdi
Woo p'-ak their feclhu-' U I-1. , ,
Ami weeji thn t'llluess I101 1 hi.- inhiil:
II will I c liaril thny say, I,' tn n
Aiioll.i'rservl.'e such 111 Ids. "
An hi adted bullies losave Iho life .if ilju. M("
ftH Ins presents. 11 ml i itrst his sen li" to i.'i
land, lie wns -pared by 11 kind I'lnuiliuce 1.1
nrr.iri-if Ills lil.-i it v r.s nil, mid II 1IU1 Ills wntk,
II.' Iicrob-'llv aildiessed l.imseir In Ibe. Ishnr
vvbllo h.tl'hin; v itn ib-aih : mid -iirreiid-ied al
lm tine .mil' liu illy, tela. hut Im 11 enisri .
He It il "id o ilv In body. A united and urato
Ml Nilllun Nvs It.s offeriiia ut.on Un Rtave,
.'lin his br.iV", t!i title, -ilu.--.iled Jplrlt sous
" nulicliliix 011."
Jf ur the iiddi'oss both vocal nnd in-
RtrutuciiUil pieces wcro rendered by the
Miss Cora. Fry then to ilott tho fol
lowing original pouui wilt ten for the
oh:;ij!oii by .Mrs. .Minei'va llond, of till
vltv, nnd wa.-i iHitt chin iiilugly iccllctl
by this child wonder ;
ii.ni: 10 ur.sT.
.'.Kali! a wholi unilil iiKnitns';
At'ilu out dear old l!n Is limpid 111 black,
Anoilir hi ro noes to Ids rdwuitf;
We may mil e.id lihn back.
Ah, you li ny t ur oitr ui biu Urant.
Ilul do nm cell him iti-iiit -
llu lives! mid as loin: us the Nation lives
11. s ii.ilut) .shall riiiuu ut ll.s head.
WashltiKlun saved us irom lltiillsh wrath.
(Irani savod us (1 ,1111 out own;
A nl to-day 11 tiuilcti Stiillii'i lU'.'iH
l)'i r the xrave m a v.tlll.uil son,
lu llie Hie 1,0111:141; ol a world was his,
lint nprt-jhl, mid iiobh. mid true Ue mood,
II '!ii,,' ntlicis unto the lust,
Vtisci workin,? lor iiooil.
tt 1 1 1 11 -1 he sad, on such fair days as Ihone, I
To Icol de.tU stealing on
To Inok wllh louyluii eyu( liiivnrU thu inouii
tain top.
And hcarthc pine liccsicholns Ihu summer'
And know Unit this falrstnntiicr Is ttlu last
'Ihe last Hint e. inn. h Into a mortal 111.';
I'M ah, 'lis well ; hl.s noble sjilll'' Ineil
Of all earth'i, I'll a, Uhs-ull Ihu fclnuinUtiKe.
K.,1- sine its tililh Is eternal,
Ita h hope thai was here uiveii birth,
Mi ill lin I nud expand ami blast, nil,
With a croivtn born nut of earth.
I'nr beyond I III s old inrlli's hurlun
l'asl her purple -is,l -johh-rt burs,
There lletliiitnud of bc.itilv,
i'llled Willi t ver-blu.iIuliiK flow CI.
Tn Unit fan hind our h-m's spirit rels,
1 la-lt r arm . or . id-". me b.iltl, -ro.ir
rll .'.h evel ll'lie't 11.11, 1,1 lll.'.i Ite.l t'flll illllil I
Hut I'll li." u.ilil hi striuuls 01 Iiml f.ilriiliori,
ni'liV tint., Un,' , i'oli.UCIs deiilll,
And I'll i , in it broader, deeper end,
1 or v.iiiiui ins orive soui w is hoiu,
Iviille no but ffolHj eoiiiyivbeild.
And while the old eurtli liii,il,
(liu licr- mini" sli.ul bihthler mid bHk'hlci
A )'.ie."hulretl sires spettl! low Ids name Willi
ret erent lips,
And It'll til.i ti . 'It ttouds brsklu the heiirtb-
Th'ii do li, .1 utll klni dead. Hi, lives! l.e
(If tin i tree l.i.i.l u vital part.
lis, it, i c inn.il tlars"ii ttiifaii iistuu,
That nestles lu tliu Naliuu' heart.
Thu utidiencu united Willi Iho etiolr
In singing "Nearer My (inil io 'I'liee,"
I'ev. Christy pronounced lh beiicilia
litili ami llie .services chisiid.
Inside tho church immediately In tho
rear ot Ihu a'lar was u ling frstooueil
Willi blael; uud wldl? in Ihu center ot
ivhleh whs hui.g a large poitrait of ihu
dead general itraped in crnpu; on Hie
lioith nuil ii illll sltlu ol the cliuicb wu o
;i!m) laigu Hags huiiilsomi'ly suspemled
uud uppropi'ia'ely tlr.ipjtl, from these
wero .suspended largo picture of (Jar
Uuld nnd l.iucolu Ar.. iin.l lliu eiiliru
room, hb.t'k and whito nud tlr.ipud tl i
bad boen p'aeeil gii lug to tho inierlor
thu appearand! of deep .uoui-iiUg. A
large column 2 feet ill the base and M fuel
high, lu tleop black had been planed on
the plattoi'iu, upon which at llm lop,
was i. rloral width and in white raised
letters Wrl'o Ilulmnltt, Doilulsou, Purl
Henry, Shiloh, Corintli, Vicksburg
WllilciiH-ss, Spoils) lvaniii, Appiiimtlox,
iiml many other familiar liaitlo-uainus;
in lioiil of llie Hilar, on a nt'ile iw a
lovely moss 'n ivy and natural llnwur.i
of imiI, while nud blue, a token from
Mrs. IloliLit Pieilrieks of this city.
At .Mllltllllltl,
III honor i f ttm drpur.-cd hero U. S.
(iraut, our citizens observed Satuiday
ihe Kill Inst us a day of mourning. All
places of business being closed and ap
propriately tleeoiatcil
Al 1 o'clock tliu Valentino Putor's
I Post (i. A. it. iduior K. II. Uo.elle
commanding wcro .summoned by mlli
tury roll call ami fotinud on setioiul
street, from theme, led by martial
music, proceeded to thu M. K. church,
whero they were Joined by thu Sabbath
Schools bearing baunuis beautifully
ornamented with ciupu and blauk
plumes. Thu procession thun marched
to Dottovan's (irove where a beautiful
alter had been erected ami lliuspeuker's
Island draiied In moiiniliiir. lliuoxer-
ciso were opened by an iiulheui from
the nboir. After which thu beautiful
and impressive funornl ervicus of the
(1 A. H weio read, Key Wurilrip oille
iitting as chtiplitiu, The connuuudur
tbou Introtliiced Capt. II. II. Seoloy
who in n well dullvcred an ontuitiiiu
Jug address, paid un eloquent tribute to
tho honored dead, llio services wero
coucluded by thu beuudlctioii ol tho
Chaplain, and ouch one returned to
their homes, fooling glad lo havo thus
boen able to do honor lu one of Auieil
.'iis greatcs olljzcns.
Tho (!. A. U. Post of this place went
to conslderabU cabs and expense In
erecting seats for tho convenience ot
the cltizoiis ami making othar prepai a
tlons lor Ibo occasion. Al night Mr,
Ifie Home and Farm Paint
Every Gallon Warranted-
lSI.kX.t EST,
I havo several improved
: I offer for sale on efipy terms. Also ono largo frame
hotel in Uregon. Uno largo store room with Upora
House in sccuiicl story. Farms range from 30 to 160
acres each. Alno a lot of Horses, Mules and Oattle.
For further Particulars, Address,
Oregon, Mo.
H !j It H SI H I
IE ffi
Wo nie ofleiing gicat baigalns In Wheat
Diills, Sink) Plows, lluggus, Spring Wag
ons. Wu tliu su'ling Hie celebrated
Jliidgu& Iteach ( onk Stove-, wurrjulod
to last for lifttcuii )uaia. Dui.'L forget
that our line of Tiuwuic is full nnd com
plete. Wu cttiry tho fined and best line
of Tnbli) find pocket cut oiy in thu west.
Wu carry e.verytbiug Hint comprises ti No.
I stork of Hardware, uud tiro offering.
In every ihing. Having tho largest, tho
best ioluctcd to suit tlio wants uf uvurbotly,
wu extend a cnrdhtl invitation to all to
call inul cxtunlno uur stuck.
a.tia,'C52TTt5 ;rrt- i-.s.-?. rC".rvj-rrtzTjnx'.
Siuley delivei'il Ids w r lettun "the Itat
tlu nf tioilysbtu-g" llm pinceetU being
donated In tho Post.
At .ttiiitn.l city.
Mound City's nieuiortal to (ieueral
(ir.iut was held Satuiday iilteriiuuu in
.1... in ...I,, il.,,,. i. iin.lti- tin- ausnli-e.i ol
j thu ti. A K. post of Hial city. Lapt-iiu
(i cnn the Post Adjitunt rt'iul Ihu wu
purl incut orders. F.oulloni lmisio was
fuinhhed by u speelnl choir. The
I services welt) pre-iuetl ovci n
I l.'ouimaiiilet David l CumnriiSHl the
jr.. A. 11 and wero excellent indeed
' Uuv. Curolliers iqwncd the services with
a iiiusl lorvuiU uii'l el iqiicut prayer
j Col. Wilkinson spoko lu eloquent terms
of '.lie life, M-i vlcos niiti euaiuciui m mo
dead chief ulli. Alter w liicli thk' fei-vic.-s
o.iiHfdi many ot tbu business
homes wero appropriately draped.
At frill,','.
Ornnt-ineniiirlul nervlecs at the
Pretibvleiiaii chinch last Satur.l iy wns
a grand success Ad tho business hous
0s wuiu closed mid diaped. The ora
tor, Filler I.ai'otir, of Mound (Ml), do
llvered it Hue nddiess on tho life
and soi vivos ot thu lllustiimis dead
After services, thu hell ll"
chiirehes were tolled slxty-thivu lime.,
denoting thu ago ol the dead hero.
Those Dogs.
HniT.it '.'iistinki.i Wlton I am
around ic-king my nuigldioin about nr
tl igs, I'll call on you and let you knuw
vvlnii-ver you mo. I ti'id t"
hive to go urouuil and ni),
"ni Hsa oin I havo a tlog.si hog.u horsi
or a cow," Do yen know that I am a
ftoti mail free as tlio wind that blows
through tbo trees. I pay my tix and '.tl'
my Inmost dolus. I hive minis the time
Unit I Iiml lo say "Pb asu massa ran I
li,tv a dm-nr a cat. 1 w.-n d ratliei
hear my boiiuils Ihan to boar your old
horn, blowing uway on the Lord's da.v .
an I li looks like I ought to havo mon
dogs i-.oni the way ttm sheriff is bring
ing in evcrv day men of uiur color. I
havo iiuigiibtirs who have more dogs
,);, I Wm. .Ml'l AUHHM
Dregon, Aug Pi.'so.
A pair of Bitddlo pockets, on Siiiurikiy
August 1st, on thn Illnff road between
Finest and Mound Oily. A leward of
.'i is iiffercd for loturning them with
entiru contents to Smith & Andes,
Mound City.
Jf you want to bo interested
in Good Goods at Low Prices,
call on I M f K'd Fvr9l Cily
12N. W. I'LBMlNii &
DUO., th LuiUliiiK Mulliirs
PrlcoR tho 1 went. 407 Fe
lix Hroot, St Joo Uo
& Frond,
farms and town lots which
Voni' Minday scliool lesson for
next Sunday leaches you something
a' out the Frvjihot of thu lord : Tbo
tli Mt step iii tiny wm k of n ligious ro
form is Hid rruiewal of deserted altarg
in the closet and in the family. In us
ing means to ailv;ineo fJod's work wo
c.innoi be too curctul to let it appear
that the power Is all of God. Uecause
(hu day of miracles Iius pafscd God
does not leave us without proofs ol Ida
piesuucti and power nud gr.U.'U, fllneif
there could bo noun better than chati
gnd hearts and livua and tho varied
fruits of Hie gospel. We too how God
looks upon false teachers who corrupt
the faith and piactlce of the peoplo. To
lead oilier souls astray is a sin which
pn. voltes his deepest dlsplensntc. If
thn mirrutlvo shows how uttuily iiiuu
are fiusal.un by their idols when ad
versity nud need coiues,'it also shows
bow eigurfiod always Is to recover
wanderers to hiinself. Chiul among all
tliu lessons hole Is that God will accept
none but sincere and tiudlvldml service.
It Is this which bo asks and roquiios ot
all. Nor dues lm usk too miieh. It tho
l.iiril bu God, follow him. Destiny
those idols anil renounce thoiui asocla
tlous which wotilil buhl you back. Willi
roponliinee and trustlug prayer go over
tu his side.
'llio le tiling protliico mm lets linve
been quiet uud steady with n firm tone
HuoiigboHt iho week. Provisions Imvo
liueii lii'inur on tho whole, but uincl
tled. Wheat has been very dull, with
nut oniugh business to permit It lu be
unsteady. The foieign markets, weio
inaclire, wliilo Ihu iiowh Irom thn Min
neapolis Mills tended to discourage thu
wheat hulls. Corn has shown inoro
activity, and uxhlbitod mora strength
throiighuiit thu week. There was fair
activity in tho cuttlo miukot, and good
to bu-t niiiivi'ii nnd lliu bettor class of
1'uxuus sold at firm prices, Tho first
consignment of Montana outtlo wore
placed on tho Chicago markets lust
Friday, and hold at $1,0.1. Y drove of
Washington Torrltoiy oattle wuro plac
ed on sale tliu samo day, having boon
on the road nine days; they were good
onus and sold at &&.2f, while the mark
el showed prices to range from $1 23
o ?.ri fiO. The hog. market nt tho close
nf the week has uxhlbitod a bettor tout),
tho mtiikct averaging to fl.BO
for light grades.
To Tux-Puycrn.
Notion Is hereby given that tho True
Hooks of tho Cily of Oregon, Mo., for
the year 1H85, have boen placed in my
hands tor collection. Therefore, on
and after August 21st, 1BB5, 1 will un?et
Ihu lux payors nt thu Mayor's olTlco lu
said city lo co. lout nud receive theii
taxes, Will also have with mo all do
linquctit tax bonks.
Oitj rvr--'w
m r nrrrn
d nc urrcn

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