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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, November 27, 1885, Image 2

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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JJOBYXS & LTJtuV, IMihUslitu-s
Frltlny, XovoiiiIht U7, IMS.",.
Our rntes fur L.iriil .tihrrllslnu; for 1HH.1
frill liott'H m per line for llr.l Insertion
,md lite Mill pi lliw fur nu ll iiitilllimml
Jt U s:Ut that out ol "JT IS sulili.T.i up.
printed to olllco by l'rusideH.CIovi''autl
2050 wcro c-Conf lot iile-t, to !) I'n
ion. Wo print this merely n u now
Hon), but wo aspect our neighbors ac
ross tlio hull, will luko n 111 mid yell
"bloody shirt." Muryville It publican
Do You Want to Save Money? If so, go to the
m s m m id i
me mce ar
Northwest Corner Fourth ond Felix Street, St. Joseph, Mo., where
BARGAINS are offered Every Day in the Year. We Guarantee
to UNDERSELL THEM ALL. Note the following Prices-
Ortd.n And Kntls.
Tlio coming Knstcr will lull on llio
Soth of April, Tbls has not occurred
before plnco 181, and will not linppon
ngnliuwlll 103.
The White Hotiso having been num
bered among tlio places that close, thero
(coins to be nothing loft (or tlio ofllco
ecekers but to go homo.
Ktlqucllo is ti studied stylo of behav
ior for particular occasions. Good man
ncis stay by a man nil tlio time nml nro
mora impoitnnt.
Tlin MOtiMnn (rains tlmt have bc-cn tun by
the merchants nt Ht.laseph have created inch
Harpor's Magazine
The December Nnmbr r will hefjln the Heron-ty-seennd
Volume nf If Altl-ril's MAOAStlNn.
Allss Wnotson's novel. "Hint Angels." nml Mr.
Ilimells's "Indian Mummy" holding tlio fore
most iiluce In current serial fiction will run
tliriiusii several numbers, nml will lie followed
by scrim siuric mini u. i. iiinrKiiioru mm .sirs.
the merchants nl Ht.laseph have crenlotl sncn ii.ii.unna, . new ciiiipruii icimiuue -mi
opimsltlon milium Iho Ivliolosalo nierelnintl , cussIiik topics witcteil liy !;; ; ourtent lem
ur nur cllv nml the! it-(nil merchants iilnnit the tnrcnf America iindhuroiic, wllllie contributed
various Hum Unit they believe unless they can
break them up Iho "hope of their (whw urn
Itnno." Why HfCftimc. It Iho wholosals mer
chants cun Jnh their untols lo Iho retail mer
chants atn uross uroni ni niier cent, mm inn
liv W. 1). HiittolK hetluliiK with the .Imimtry
Tvimiiu'r. i in. frrpiit i inrnrv rvfiii in u n iciir
will bo die puultrntliiii titii series nt pnpeis
tnklnc the shape ot a story, nml ileplellng char-
iicterlsllc feature of Alucrlenn society m seen
, l..r nt. Vrnlnrlnb. n,.Wn. Ih.t h.,1 I ''""''' . i W.'IV' "5 lSSK'1? MSffi. 7
.- j ... .... ...... . , t0 w iter chih mm is u paymu uusiiicsi jiiu jimi . ."".r-' "!,Mv. .".v."'."..: :. ' . . ' ' '.i r.
Men's Working Suits, . f 5.00
t.cn'3 Casslmore Suits, 7.50
Men's extra all wool Worsted
Suits, Blue, Blnck nml Brown 10.00
Men's extra Tine Unsslmerc Suits 12.00
len's extra tine Dress Suits
from $12.00 to 30.00
len's all wool Pants. . . . 2.25
Joys' Suits, 12 to 17 yc.us, 3.00
Boys extra fine Suits, 12 to 17
years, from $3.50 to 17.50.
Children's Suits, from four to
eleven years 1.49
Children's extra good Satinet
Suite, 4 lo II yeprs, 2,50
Children's Cnssltnero Suits, 4 to
II years, frcm $3.50 to 11.00
Children's Knee Pants, from 4
to II years, ...... 34
Children' Worsted Kneo Pants,
per pair,
Children's nil wool Kneo Pants,
per piilr
A good Unlauiulrlod Shirt, Lin
en Bosom, reinforced
The Largest and Finest Stock
of Overcoats, for Men, Youths.
Doys and Children, from 1.25
Kruno j U iho uiost heavily taxed
country In Kuropo or tlio world, tho
rate being ?'.'l, 10 per cap.ttn yearly. In 1
tlio United Slates tlio national ravemtct '
tivorugo $11,80 per capita, in Italy $11,
00, in Oto.it IliPiiln $11 ,i;o, in (iormanv
$11,18, In Uimln S'.'JJ and bi Spain
?i) GO. Owing to her arts and maiiti
Inclining ir.din'rii!, however, the biii
den of S.M,lt) in Franco is not m ouor
oih and dltrosilng ni tho $7,'J0 In Km
ula or tlio sj.0u in Spain.
Wo nro 11 to noliiiowlodfjoil Hondtiunvlrrs for Fine C'uHtoiit Made Clothing:, Gouts'
FtiHilshlnj- DoiMt-s Hills, Caps, Trunks, Vnllsos. 121c. Do not buy until you sot1 us.
U wtlllM) lo your advanlajio. Our (roods aro all niarkod In PLAIN l'lOUKKS, and
aro .strictly ono prico to all. A child can liny as cheap ns n tjrown porson.
Joseph, 3Io
tSrX. 11 -- A Pair of ltoller Skates or a School Hag (liven Away with Uvery lloy'n Klvo Uo'lar Suit l'nrchascil of us.
.J'." Felix Stroot, Xorthwosl Corner of Fourth, St
Tlio nrorngo plurality nf tho suc-u"s-ful
candidates on tho New York State
tickcU Is bctweon 0,000 and 0,000. The
total voto is l.Oi'J.OOO. Tho plurality
Is thnrotoru only a trillo morn llia.i ono
half of ono per cent, of tho total voto.
ThN demoiHtrates lioiv small a, mat gin
of vntiit in ivqini'oil to carry un eloo
tlon ono way or tho otlior. If two por
cent, ot tlio tav-at homo Republic in
hud voted their candidates wtiuld have
boon electod. Of course thoio aro many
other fs, but thH is ti ccitnhi onu.
Tho 81,000 check of President t'leve
lami to tlio bow lork commilteo was
"oil upon tlio troubled waters."
silenced 10,050 noisy mouths move i
fectually than a parous plaster could
hnvo ilono it pressed tight over tlio
apertures. It paid bigger dividends to
Dcmoeracy than any investment the
udinlnlstrntion has mndu since tho Mi
uf March. Suppose It did vloliilo sec
tion 14 of the civil-ecrvieo law, thu
l'rbsideiit tlio very next day tin nod out
of olllco tho Suiveyor (leuerul of Aliz
ona for giving SIO for tho purposo of
erctlng a stand for n llhitno and I.ogau
meeting last fall, Yiolutlng tlio law
Imsolf, you sou, doeiurt inteifero with
tho l'rosident'.s cnforeicg tho law
iigalnot others. Kx.
On many roads Into St. Jooph tlio MKUCHANTS'
KXtH'KSION ASSOC IATION have boon forced to
glvo up. Hut all right, let me go. Wo nro going to
give oit nn oppoitunity for a 1'llKK UIDK to ST.
I bj hk, Boots and ks, Cloihin,
It Means the Syndicate.
Wd copy clsowlioro a signillcant nrtl
clo from the Fulton, Callaway County '
Telegraph. This is an old newspaper, !
an nblo one, urn', has been In tho Demo- j
o ntlu hirnc.ss,mnii and boy, these thirty
years nml more. It is to-day and al
ways has been staid, dignified, and in
Virlably con-urvntivo. It is ono of tho
s'.rongctt Dumocihtio newspapers in
8 ate, and when it leads off in any given
ill cetioi) It alwa)S lias u suOilniilkil fol
lowing. What Hie Telegraph comiilains ot has
been going on every suicii Jlovolund'.s
lnaugurullon. It a lint were nmdo of all
the appointments from MUsouil up to
date, it would ho u splotched, piebald,
mid variegated list politically, and a
list which would sliov us few working
Democrats as it would be possible to
Jewelry, Furniture, Carpets and Groceries,
And havo entered Into this nriangemeiit for tlin ben
clll of all consumers wlibln a hundred miles ot our
city. Now listen! Your luciidiauts pay your jobbers
u goml prollt, and then dcul t hum out to you nt a
much birgoi ono. Now wo propose to sell you better
goods at only ono small pmfft. What do you s ly
now? Will you tiy us? You can h'arii how wu pro
luxe to givo you cheap fuin to St. Joseph and return,
by carefully reading thu following coupon :
Any person buying a railroad ticket at Oregon, Korbo, Km est City
or lligelow, will ha o their full, half or ipiaiter fnro refunded by buying
10.00 will leliii'ii full round trip fnro,
?J0.00 will return half round trip fare.
.will return one-fourth round tilp fare.
The. nbovo Coupon In good II tlio amount bo bought
nf but one, or 7f.the merchauls m thu association,
Alter you Imvo bought your goods, show your rail
voad tlckelor otherwise sutisly us wbero you aro from
mid you willjbo refunded sueli porlion of your fain
as you pin clnlses entitle you lo. This oiler Is goml
until December 16' h, 18H.Y All goods bought or le!t
in euro of nnv member of lids nsnoelalion, will, if
desirod, bu ilullyered lo jou ut Union Depot freu of
cliargn To Kitlsfy yon about our prices before com
I. g, tend n reipiest to any of us for prices on such
gomlM us yon may wiuu, ui til tney will uo sent you.
An AtlVont to thu Governor.
Tlio (jloba.Doiitomi.l tins a Louisiana
s eciiil us follows ;
"At sunrise to-dny n largo crowd col
lected at tho corner ol (Jcorgin sircel
and Iho loreo, where tho night of tlio
flguro of a man hung and swinjlm! to
the breeze Iroiii tlio top of a telegraph
polo had ultr.i'jted them Upon closer
obsei vatiun, it proved to bu n dummy,
representing (Sovorunr Mnrmnduku nt
1 1 led in a Confeduiu'o gray coat, tho
collar of which was ornamented with
I wo kUrs, while across tho back was
printed m huge lelturs, "Yeto." From
tlio left breast pocket protruded n batch
ot papers, slgnltlcant of tho act of tho
legislature authorizing- 1'cnltcntlnry Xo.
2, wdiieh were c.ucfully onvolopcd In
toilet paper. Tlia i fllgy remained mil II
9 o'clock when it was cut down by
order of u member of tho city coun
cil." Piko founty, in which Louisiana is
situated, garu General Marmaduke 803
majority. Louis'inim is a Democratic
town. The town that helped to elect
Marmniluko hung him In cOlgy. It was
an outrage, an affront, u disgrace to-the
town, mid a burning shaino upon thu
statu. It was n Democratic oulracc,
too, and the men who did It wcro men
who voted for hl'.n Tlio Herald die"
j not help lo clort Governor Miirnitiduko.
it cxurieii every euoi i to neioat nun,
and It has no warm resaid for him nt
piesent, but It dues not hesitate to do
nniuieu this act as cowardly nml shame
ful In tho oxtivmo. Had Governor
Marnuiduku been guilty of an offense
against Louisiana, still his position as
governor ought by all means to havo
protected bins from such Insult, lint
hu committed no offense. Ho h id ex
cellent reasons for refusing to locate
tho branch penitentiary at Louisiana.
Those reasons arc patent. The plnco
has no adequate railroad connections.
It Is nt Iho extreme end of thu stnto.
Thero Is not. ono good reason why It
should bn lociito I there.
More Hum this, it Is just Mich nets ns
this that has given to our state tho op
probrious cpliht. "Poor Old Mis
souri." St. .Joseph Uera'd.
I been out for '20 hours consldeilng a
44 knotty problem, were allowed to scpnr.
nto to fight n prairie tiro that was thrca
'2j tcnlng tho town.
49 Tho President of a lifo lusuranco com
I pnny recently locoivcd a letter in which
tho wrltor said : "In enso ot dcth please
explain to mo what tho aires would get
when I dyo.,'
Carl Seh u rz U trying lo buy tho Ilos.
ton Post. Ills first editorial work was
on tho Detroit Posit ) left that for tho
St. Louts Westlicho Post, nnd moro re
ccntly edited tho Xow-York Kycning
Po-t. Ho evidently likes tho name of
A man who has kept account of tho
number of kisses exchanged wit Ii Ids
wll'usluco their union consents lo its
publication as follows: I'rst year, 36,
600; socond year, 10,000; third yoar,
3,660 fourth 'j oar, 120tlfty year, 2
Ho then loft off kcapitig tlio record
Fall and Winter
Lower Than the Lowest!
Men's Stout Working Pulls at .6 00 worth $7 00.
MenV l'ai.cy Cas.s'.meru SuiIh ut $8.00 worth $10.00.
Men's Piliu All Wool Scotch Suits ut $10.00 worth 10.00.
Men's l'lno All WooJ Casflinorcs and Worsteds at $12.1)0,
1M. I6 nnd 81H.U0, WORTH '.'0 PKH CKNT. mnio than
what wo ask for them. Youth's Suits in llHiidreds of dif
fetnnt Patterns nt A-tnnishingly Low Prices. Hoys' Flno
Wool School Suits nt $7.00 woilh 89.00. Also a Pino
Lino of Hoy's Suits in Plaids, Cheeks and Fancy
Casslnieies, Wluo and Fsnicv Worsteds, Chlldrun's
Suits nt $2.00, $2.26, $2.60, :i.00iiml'$l.00 up to $10.00.
Until you havo soon our Stock and learned our Prices,
Sohool Satohols Given with ovory Boys' Suit,
Cluimbeis, Murney & Co,, lowuscud, W.will & Co., .lOhn S. Kmury A Co.,
I'lill'ir X- Si.lunni'liiil. .1 W. llilllv. I ll'V i.nii.U ( '.itllim W li,l n M o I. 1 1,..,
crowd Into the spco which conlnliiedj ,a.t, uots & Shoes: Arcado Clutliin'' IIoiiso, Jones, Townsoud & Cof. d Intlilnn-
A. Lo.o, Pholograplinud Art Gulleiy, F.dsn Phelps, Uook fctoro; F. J, Cook,
Aim mini is, mo grriu Democratic ,Mtluorv.
party ot Allssonii is Ijo.ssed, and domlm
atud.iiud led hillier ami thither by a lit
tie Senatorial Syndicate, whoo own
personal interests go to make up tho
standard ol all nierit.and whoo own in
dividual whim, or fancy, or solf-nvsur-mice,
goes to niako or mar the fortunes
of tho vunous npplieants for federal
T- ... A Stock of Men's, Youths', Boys' and Ohildron's Suits
npe .tutnieSS d Gent's Furnishing Goods
who desorvo anj tidKut tho hamis jfj tor i all and Wmtor Wear, Unequalled m tho West and
their parly, if couiago any hmger it qX Pl'icOS
U'nttl, u Ql Onr, .l.,..t.l.t 'it . I
'I vi-uv vivifvpuij,, ur II .UU-IOIIg I
devotion to principle, or a proles-mn !
which showed its fnllli by its works for
twenty-tour years, wcro worth tlio baub
les they havo received from these piin
cos of Iho purplo who seem lo look up
on a perpetual fueiiession as a mutter
of divine right, nml who when lliey
nro brought under tho ilghleoiu thu of
comment or criticism have a tuiculeni
c'aque to rise up wiutlifully and cry
"sain liege," "sacrilrgol"
Thero is too niiu-li bossism in Mis
sourl lo day, and too much ol a political
corporation. Men who have been huw
lug wood and itiiwmg wnt' r tor llielr
p.irly over unco 18(11, and who would
not take an olllco if each letter that
went to spell it hud a diamond lo go
nlong With it, aro I li ed of Utile men
and htilo policies. Thuru Is whom tho
rovolt bus begun. Thero Is where thu
revolt will glow, nnd grow, ami grow.
Thora Is whero the revolt will lluall)
become a revolution.
It Is not quite time yet lo attack pom
posity, hypucrUy, greed, HcllHhnchi,
mid false prrlenoe among ill so ol thu
Hjndicato who mako everything polill
cal In the Ktalo pay tiihulo to tliom In
some shape or fashion, nnd who hayo
fought their paiiU'lles tiud tools that
lliey Imvo only to deimuiieo a man mil
Ido nf thu ring to destroy lilm. Tlio
men who menu to assert their political
inaulionil in thu nenr future mo orgnn- ;
lying nt Uds very hour, and they euro
no morn lor the threats of ihu withdraw
id of onieuil putionao mid leeognllion,
Ihnn they cum fur mieof lii s nillculu's
broken pledges, or one ol Hit sj udi
rato'f fpecloiH, smlldng, sniiiking, vie '
bad almost nid lym?, promiie to de- i
The Te'egriinh U but onu of a clam
of fifty country nowspnpors which mean
to make It hot along tho whole line
when the tight roall.t opous, and if one
wants to jut tlin honeit truth nbont
Demitrtriitlo pub in bi'iitiment in .Mis
fiourl, let lilm tdmply watch thu coun
try neunpai urs. St. Joseph (luzi tte.
Thk Ii'depeudeut ltepiiblleiins of
fijw York, will huie.ifiur bo known
ody as "ivuuii'Sj" ihu "mug" was
ainushcd on election d ly las' wo el', '
Words are weak to express tho won
derful curative propel ties of that piinco
among modern medicines, Mulder's
llmli Hitter. M. A. Fairer, Sunt, of
Lnncaster, Pa., County Hospital, aband
oned tho ntlompt to cxpiuss ids del.ght
and admiration for thu medicine. Ho
had long ruffe rid from djspcpsla, dis-
CAse8 of tlio kidneys and neuralgia, and
used liuiiJrods of so called remedies
without good lesults. At last ho tried
Mlshlei's Hitters, and In a sho I time
was perfectly cuied.
Double Storo, Kortliwest Cornor 61 h and Felix Street,
1J3LI. , .
Both for one Year, $3,00
, Kuril nnntli for IfM (lUnKV'M LADV'B P.OOK, "Iheehl rt-lluMf iiniRiiKlite." Mill contain a
ueiinlilulU fiiuuMil fiuiitlnlihce, llliiairattuiin el i ri'lullliL' InslnoiiH In i'uIuih nml lilai'k mill
Hlille, dcleu uf Die lulisi not nidi's In fimry mirk In inlnis ur Ihu k nml while, n( lit' r ) I it rk,
ci-ui tii't, (Iihu ii-lluruil win K, t'liiliuililio , kultlliijr, KiuUIInu or mm i.ime, lure, iirttlnj,
iuiiuiiiuiiii hi: nun laiiuiK, w II II com ueie niniiui in
inn ciions
In iiilillllon lo pttilti
Should ho kept constantly ot huud, for
use In emergencies of tho household,
Msuy a mother, startled In tho night by
tho ominous sounds of Croup, finds tho
Ilttlo sufferer, with red nml swollen face,
gasping for olr. In 6uch cases Aycr's
Cherry Pcctornl Is Invaluable. Mrs, Emma
Gcduey, 163 West 123 tt., Sew York,
writes: ''Whllo In tho country, last
winter, my little boy, three years old, was
taken 111 with Croup; It seemed ns It ho
would dlo from strnugulatiou. Aycr's
Cherry Pectoral was tried In email nud
frequent doses, uiul, hi less thuu half on
hour, tho Ilttlo patient was liroullihii;
easily. Tho doctor said that the Tectoral
nivcd my darling's life." Mrs. Chfii. II.
Lnndun, Guilford, Coun., writes: "Aycr's
Cherry Pectoral
Saved My Life,
nnd also tho Ufa of my Ilttlo sou. As ho
Is troubluil with Croup, I daro not ho
without this remedy In tho house." Mrs.
J. OrcRg, Lowell, Mass., writes: "My
children havo repeatedly taken Aycr's
Cherry I'cctorul for Coughs and Croup.
It gives Immediate relief, followed by
cure." Mrs. Mnry E. Evans, Scranton,
Pa., writes : "I have two little hoys, both
uf whom have been, from lufauey, subject
to violent attacks of Croup. About six
months ago wo began using Aycr's Cherry
Pectoral, and it acts like a charm, Iu a
few minutes after tho child takes It, ho
breathes easily and rests well. Every
mother ought to know what a blessing I
have found hi Aycr's Cherry rcctoral."
Mrs. Win. C. Held, Frcchold,N. J., writes :
"In our family, Aycr's medicines havo
been blessings for many years. In cases
of Colds nud Cough", wo tako
..u.llv itin Hint vim nr. liullliff l ilntllile
irinit hi linn. ,xw, mines nun Kriiiiciiii n ui
lull" nml vlclnltv ta nro coins In run nn
rxtiirttmi Iriiln thru rnn'l ;. Iff irllt run
nut nn war mm )i'K. Lletnw Is a coupon or
ticket that explains itscui
J 2 -
s. ItclulMit, Hie llAUAZtsK will ulo t'sjiec lal
illenlliin tn Alucrlenn snnjeeis, ireaii'ii ny me
iet Amcrleiiii writers, nml Illustrated liy luiul
nn American artists..
l'KIt YHAItt
IIAItl'Klt'H MAdAZlNi: $1 Oil
IIAItrKH'H WI'.I'.KI.Y 4 ml
IIAIII'UK H TfllUNI IM'.OI'l.i: a Ml
IIAItl'KU'ft 1'ltAN'K MN NOUAltr. i.IllllAltV,
One Yeattr.i Minihrrs) in w
I'.i'ln(;c I'ree In all mlunlbtrt In the Unlltil
Slntai ur t'unmti.
8 2
The Volumes ntlhn Mao.17.ink lieulns null
the Numbers fur .Innu nml lleiTiuher nfeaeh
jenr. Wen nn lime Is siiecllleil. II will he nn
ilersliiiul that the siinserllicr wishes In hCKln
Willi tlit rilrrelit Nltmlior.
Ilnnmt Vnlnmes ol II Alil'itn's Maoazink, fur
three jears liaek. In neatclilh '.ilmlliii!, will be
sent liy mail, iimtp.ihl, nn reerlpl nlM no per
Milnme. I'lnth Cntes, forhhnlliiK, M cenLs cucti
nv man, piwuaui,
lmli'X In II Aiii'i'ii's M.iiiA'ivi;. Alhliahell
nil, An.iljlli'iu, anil CheMllieil, fur Voiaini's I tn
m. ini'lnslvf. frnin Jiiiie, ls,o, to .lime, issu, mm
vol., svn, Cloth, 4 no.
lEi'mlttniirc.s shonM lie m.nleliy I'nst-Ofllcp
Money wnlcrnr imill, tnnvulil chance olloss,
Kcurii titr nrt lint forum ffifsnifnifhoncut
without the crinr oiilcr o llAiit'i'.ii & llnoTii-
KIIH, Ailillcs
llAltt'HIl & llltOTII HltS, New York.
Harper's "Weekly
IIaiipku's Wi'.KKt.v Uasmi'.v, for more than
twenty M'.us, nialiitallieil Its nnsllhin ns Hie
tenilhix illiistrated weekly newspaper in Amcrl.
ea, Willi a constant Increasu nt literary nml
tiriisuc. ri'Miiirt'cs, u is nine in nucr inr me en
siihiir ic.iriillraetlotis iiiicnu.illcil liv nnv lire
vliins mi iime. einbrni iiie twncaiiltal llh.slrali'il
serial stories, nnphy Air. Thus. Ilarily, aniline
inn nirriiinHi ui nviiijr in iivmi; writers in nc-
,1 , l, .....
iimii. ituu tn. Miiii'i iij .,,r. iiu.T iiv.iih , ,inu
ellliiiniosl rapidly rWnis of KiikIIsIi niocllstst
liiaphlc lllnslratlovs nf nniisnal Interest tn
This conpnn or card will ho honored an y da
flit NllVllMIIKII bv
Kah.n & Co., clothiers, cor. Cth and Pollx.
readers In nllseetlims nllhe country iciilerliiln
Ins short storh's, nin.tty llliislrnteil, bv the lies
writers, and Important papers by lilnn niithiirl
A. - . A , ...
I (II.I.I.VS , MIIT1'., I
Mkvkk & IlKNNirr, vlloots nnd&Kcs.
(Iko. W. AtAni.ow, l
And hy.Ioii.v 8. Kmi'.uv & Co.
Snyoii rim sen Jim can buy nnylhlnit; ynn
want, from the crowns nf your In-ads to the
solos of your feet. Ynn need not bother your
heads about how w will divide this tiling up,
Von can buy ten dollars In one place, twenty In
niiKlher, ami flvn dollars In niiolher, and you
will U''t your raltro"d f.uu returned, lloildi)
tills, jou can send nil )our bundles to .1. .1.
llmery&l'o. ami they will see I bat lliey jiu lo
tic depots In time for any train, no matte--where
liiiiitibt, (Yes, if )nu bay goods nt any
other dry goods houso send them In. We nto
not going to tw mean iibout It )
Xiiw.thls Is no ri'iji.fifi;i asfarns ,1.S. Km
ery & Co , mid Kahn It Co. nm coneerned. All
,,ye tiwidM ui c linn In, I Ui pMit iiiovs mid wo
luff Inil n, ir prter. It you have any Idea that
wo nr nnv of tlin nlbnr felli,VS urn triilni 111
"slick II on" becausn you get jour r.ilhoait fair
paid, ynn can nx It this way. limi t li t us ot
liverv ona who desires a trustunrlhv luillllenl
Ruble, nnd riilvrlalnlugaml lnlrm ile fuinlly
oiiruni, entirely ireo irtnn oujcciiniiniuo ira
tires In cither lellcrnrt'ssnr lllustr.illous. should
subscribe to llAitn:it' Wkcki.y,
ri:it RAH i
IfAlll'HU'H WKF.KI.Y SI 10
ttAiti'i'.ii'.'s maiia.im: 4iiti
IIAtll'lUI'S IIA.Mt 4 oo
IIAIll'Ult'rt ViiUMI I'HOl'l.l! V no
One Vrnr (r2 Mimbers) 10 00
IWnur free tn nil nilincrlticia in Ihe U nihil
.SUitrs nr t'liiiiu'ii,
nnynue else known you Unit ynu have iienupou
lu.vnur iiocket tint If you Imvo goun nil iirinn.il
ami loofcd and got our prices, (Don't sou sec i
Hint Is tlin w.'iv In do ll.l 'I bell alter von have
Jrtriil llir. tillirr tilliM'A thuru. II bcrn U 111, IKn
trviug It on us for no would not break our
price for nur motlii'r-ln-hiw) mi san pull out
n ir eoiipoiinnd "you baveuut 'em "
Now- If you don't like this kind uf n deal nnd
wont conic wllliout II we will throw uii lu n
ooou soLAUK ii eA I. roll 4.1 ci'.Nls, ii ii it If you
kick nt that k m iy pay for It, hut we wont
promise you; wo will. wall nml sec how ) oil lira
going to behave yourseU es.
JOHN 1. 1ERY k CO.,
Corner Sixth nnd Felix StrcitH.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
and tho laconrcnlcnco Is soon forgotten."
pnEPAnr.D ny
Dr. J, C. Ayier & Co,, Lowell, Ittrus.
Sold by nil Druggists.
lluikllii's Ainlcn Siiltu
Tjik llKsr Salvk In the wnrld for CiU, Unit
ses. Sore. Ulcers, Hlt Illmum, Fever Sores,
Teller, CliApped llniuls. Chilblains, dim, nml
all Skin Kriiptlons, nnd posltimly cures 1'lle.s,
.11 in. i.ij re,iumi. ii is KUaraiilceil In glvu
perfect satisfaction, nr ninaey rrfuuileil. l'rleo
iiflc per luix. Forsaloat llliide St riillbrlck, T
TnAT UACKINlf COtrilll can bo (iiulcl(ly
cured by Sldloh's Cure. Weguarnnten It.
WI1.I. YOU HUl'FI'.lt wllh l)yspcisla and
i.ivcri.onipiiuu7 riliUoli's.VllallKr Isguaran
teed In oure jnu,
CATAIIII1I CUItKD.hciillli and sweet brenlh
curcue by Hhlloli's Catarrh Jtriuedy. l'rlce to
cents, .Nasal Injector free.
I'noliuli luiliillnL- unit latllni:. w lib coinldeti. hiSli ul linn lor tlin sainn.
nun pencil luiisirntioiuni the various silieiios, ami lUKiriienoiis in uiucroiil kiiiiis 01
Press Impressions,
Orovcr Cleveland did it In Xcw York
with his little $1000.
John P. St John has disappeared
fiom thu political iky without leaving a
hole In It
I'ho Lee family has won n victory In
Virginia thu fi''nt alneu a long time be
fore way back.
Ferdinand Ward is tired of Sing Sing
altoiuly. Ho will bo urged to remain
awhile longer, however.
Attorney (Icncra! (iinland has not
gono yet. That telephone messngo
evidently did not reach him.
I'ho Solid South is solid etlll-solid
In the cryntalli.atloii of party bigotry,
and still lu tho gloom ot political night,
A Girl in Lonlsylllo was burned to
death Ihe other night while saying her
prayers. An accident of that sort will
probably never happen in LouUvlllo
O il Mr. Tilden is said to look fifteen
years younger since tlio Democratic
victory in New York. If tbls Is correct
ho cannot look much over PJo ut this
Those Ilaymds scorn to havo qultp a
hankering after nlllee. Tlie greatgrand
father, grandfather, uncle, father and
now n sou all got thero. And they povvo
for (my, too.
Please hung this upon n hook; Na
tional Doiuocratiu ticket, 1H88.
President, Thomas A. Hendricks, of
Vice president, David' 11. Hill, of New
Now that thu batilo Is ovorNeal Dow
will plcaso go forward with his clabor
rnto contract for snmh(ng tho Repub
lican party In Mnmci. Low comedy Is.
wJiat tho country needs to cheer it up,
We tat'C pIcuMiro in recommending
Hall's Hidr Henowor to our renders, It
restoies gray hulr to its oiitliful color,
prevents boldness, makes the tho lliui
soft nnd glossy, does not stain the skin,
nnd is the best known remedy for hair
anil scalp illsctsci,
No. 110 North Second Strrs-t,
Choice Wines, Liquors, Cigars
Good Billiard and Pool Tables,
Anheuser-Busch Beer
All Kinds of Lunch.
OPEN M Hi '(Ml.
Good Pel's 25c.
iiil kits not iillected by clunigci ot fashion. Ii Is Mintlmliabli adapted to lis piniimn as to be hi-
iimi'ciu.iou' ' ioiiiu ttoiK-iiihinui every lady, a rui.L Mi. t'HT I'Ari.n ran
j,.., i.ai, iihiai, nur nn ii m'ii ei ion i rum nut iicsuni iniiKiraiiii 111 mt uiHinizini,
lull .lUL,.rlll,i .,f Him. Illiirilr.it,., ili.iiiirlnii.iil lit ,,..l,ii
that Inn u been piai llc.tllv tested btdorn piibiicillnn, n Uip.n I meiit on lioiieliciiliiB mil dii w
fancy nark, Iho luniruliie will uuntaln iniinv iMeful ami elciinul t esluns for a ureal viulelv of
I llMl.N.i.r w l eh
Tiilll'l ni'tn.sr,
.1 1 1 itii.tit .in i,.i,ii.1..iiIiii- i.ml fli'.-k..
iiinliliig, two p iges of aclvet 1011,1c, nn mt lilti i liuui di lgn,u ilefiaitluoiil of uki Ii nllllin,
1'i-ii'w ,u,,T,, (iimi-ichi'n, KinncN, History, niogritpiiicai sitcii lies, iiocii-v, nines on inu.ic,
ml, II (oral ui e, i Icnllllr iu.crlliiii anil i iiiieul eieblsnf Ihe day by tl. nest niHgiulur will-
ers, 'Iho inech.thlinl prnilurtli.n of tho bunk Wlllixcci Ihr.t nf tiny i.lliei WHHuaga? publish-
eil, Dm twelve books during tho year will innlllnti' a volume ot oi' nm Ihi'Usiuid I'lige. l'llie
SJ.Cfl, A sample copy id mm, Liberal Icims to club niN is,
J', O. Iloxll H, I'IIII,.UIKI.1'IIIA
Two your ngo tlio Itepuhllcati party
was boHlen m uniert.iln Now York by
the Deinoci'ncy wllh 102,000 majority
for governor. This your ('luvcliind's
lieutenant, Hill, is elected by less than
11,000. 'At this ratio which party is Un.
ble' to elect Now York's next governor
uiul curry tlmt flntu at tlio presidential
Will bako, broil, -woah,
Iron, boll, simmer, ro4t
a.nd toast much qulclcor
ruid better than any coal
or wood cook etovca.
It 1b ready In a minute
rind etopped in on Instant,
by olinply putblna a little
button ' 'Open" or "Closed."
l"0alti!M Ott!
will bit null.d nr.
Wtyne, Du rigo Co,, Illinois,
1'crchemu Hume ,nlunl nt 6U,OOU,000,
svhluli Inrludi
Tim rnrny it i.inn.1 I. .,t.l.H.b.s Xir tb.tr twiUkim,
r.cora.jinm. TbTUU llllOUM Ol' 1'llAbCU.
lisponed firool Vares,
Imported Stalllcns,
Old tuougU lor
Two yrt old ul
1 11 IS nt trder thl
V ' O-illllllllH' IT Z.-T DDf llll Will Ulltf OJIBkl
V; VJJmJh tnur L Mid la- b. If their
iMdirirtt hf noi rccnlr1. n t rtni.oi L tuiliutktllr
fifn, tbtj ihnoi4 t4 m, ti fftiJn, I IU tell kll
JmforWi $wk at OrJ4 V)t bn I rannol furnlik
wlik U nimkl Bali vfltfftt tnftl Vj 1h orlctoU
rarb rrllOU ct it nunbti nd itcordln itiKtoi4 Cook
lo rrknr 140 Vee Cntalofruo mm tit. It la
mr nn rrin iiufm ui ma r.iuiDiuon oi id
lllttr.ll IOi fill
BMItt f.PIMtf'i
h..(l Sv St. W
livbltollr. e, n.ii.1 iul(,ui ol all .duuU jAliitui.
r.r.k-r..u. tA rt.u... 1HS.1 I trar.
Uniaiftai . .,. f.ooi III. ii, Itota
Tlio Lino ootootod by tholl.S.Cov't
to carry tho Fast Mall.
With Elegant Through Train, contalnlni Pullman
Palace Slteplng, Dining anil Chair Carl, belwein
the following prominent cities without change;
utus.ua, utu muirabs,
1,cr 300 Elegantly Equlppid Pmenger Trains
running dally over this perlect Ifltem, palling
Into and through the Important Cities and
Towns In the great Stales of
Connecting la Union Depots lor all points In the
States aadTerrltorles, EAST, WEST, NORTH, SOUTH.
No mailer where you are going , purchase your tickets
via the
mm indiah
Scours Sealtbr
land nlUva all blL.
fwtlTijtUUij MlOrlelsf. fttoiaeoaa&rtccW.
Dally Trains via this Llna between KANSAS CITY
OUINCY, IIANNjSAL a.sJGHICAlO, Without Change.
r. J. POTTEn, vx, -1 c ui. i i . e. aq.,csaqo
PCHGCvAL LOWELL u iPr' K' c , t. 1 ti. , C'C.M.
i . uAiiriAitu, at. Mi. . c , ii ). a c. a. m
h. e r.r. j., ei jii-i r
A. C. DAWCS, ni.s. sui k. c, ar, j, 4 0. 0, m
H. A If. J. , ST. J3.l'
First Class Agent
To represent bur beautifully llhutratrd farnl
ly msiuulno. Hpeilut trrms and permanent
cusuuement til ven to thu tight party, Any
tuiam'naii ur woman who Js.wllllng to work
iindliits Ihe ability to push tho magazine van
secure n splendid sisllnu. Write IIS ntouce
tstvlnu nite, partlrulnrs uf past work nud terrl
lory desired Address,
(JorrAuu IlKAitru Co., Ilostou Mass,
The Vnlnmes nf Iho W'HUKl.Vbcirln wllh Ihe
lint Number for January nf each ear. When
no time Is iiifuUntifil, It will bu uiuicrvlnml that
the subscriber whiles to cnmniencu with Ihe
.Numlierliext after Ihe receipt of Mrder.
Ilouud Volume uf ll.wit'itu'x Wkkki.v, for
three scars back, In neatelolb hlmllnit, will be
sent by mail, postage paid, nr by express, five of
expense (prmldcit the Iri'lpht does not excel d
uue dollar per volume), for 47 no per roluute.
i loin i;asii inr caeu vniiuiie. siiuaiue inr
11111111111:. will bo sent bv m. ill. Iiustoaiil. on re
ceipt 01 M w each,
llemlllanci'S nbnulil be made by I'nsl-Olllen
Money Order or Draft, to avoid chance nf loss.
At HUxipr s ore imf In roii (Ills lulmlUiiiitnl
ultlumf ln' cj-jiitss imhviif llAiii'KiuV llliiirn-
i. Aiiuress
llAltl'lllt & m:OTIIi:itS. New York.
Harper's Bazar.
I'nlllnir hi IjIiic.
Vc havo received a printed copy of a
series of resolutions adopted by thu O.
A. H. Post of Parsons, Kpnsns, In fvor
of ponslonlnp; nil honorably discharged
soldier, nnllors nnd marines who woro
In tho National service during tho Into
ltebollion; nnd pledging thonisolvos nut
to voto for nny man lor nny olllco, from
Constublo lo l'rcsidont oi Ihe United
States, who Is not In favor of that meas
ure. Wo only rofur to the matter now,
to remark tlmt the Chief was Iho first
paper in tho United Slates, as far as wo
have been nblo to nscurtalii, to proposo
this measure, and suuarcly adrucatu
pensioning nil thu soldlors. We gavo
what wu considered good reasons for it,
nml showed that ninny soldier who
iiutually needed pensions, could not ob
tain them, under tlio existing lawn nml
rules, without downright perjury. The
National Tribune, of Washington, pro
fcsslng to bu published in the special
Inloiust of soldiers, Hindu n garbled ex
tract 1 10 m otirniticlu the occasion for
abusing us like u thief, and afterwards
took up our proposition , palmed It o(T
ns Its own, and posed as. tho groat ami
only Into champion of pensioning nil
soldlors. Thousands of solilleis swal
lowed nil It (old, nnd ncuepted it as tho
recognized champion ol tho pensioning
proposition. Wo still loild lo our origi
nal proposition in favor of pensions to
nil soldiers, whether they wcro wound
ed or ill uibled during nclivo sorvlco op
not. Tlioy thero acquired tho seeds. nf
disability, which I hey fee) ns years nc
cumulate upon them, nud tlioy should
havo pensions, Kansas Chief.
Utiles; nf Conduct.
Mover exaggerate
Novel' point ut another.
Nuvor betray n conlldexce. .
Novor wantonly frightcuothori.
Never leave homo wllh unkind word.
Never neglect to call upon your
Never givo u promise that vou do not
Never speak much of your own por
Never send a present hoping lor 0110
In return.
Never mako yourself tho ho'.o of your
own story.
Never plok tho teeth or clean thu
nulls in company.
Ncvor lull to give n polite answer to
a civil question.
Never read letters that you may Uiul
iuldroscd to other.
Never present a gifi saying that it U
of no u-u to yoursolt.
Never fall, If 11 goullcman, ot i cing
pol tj nml civil to ladies.
Ncvor question a servant or child
about family mutter''.
Never call u'tcntlon lo tho features in
form of nny ono ptcsent.
Never look ovir the shoulder of nn
otlier who Is leading or wilting.
Neyer iissoclalo with bud company.
Havo ffood company, or none
Never nppenr lo notice uscur.dctorm.
ity, or defre't on any ono present.
Tlio lM'Intt'lts IM'ciun.
Tho printers sat in his ofllco chair,
his boots weiu patched and hi coat
thruad-baru and his face looked weary
and worn' wiih'rtiru. While sadly think
ing of business' debt, old Morpheus
slowly ui omul linn crept unit beforu ho
iM-.it yi:au 1
lIAIIPHlt'S HAZAlt ......Si 00
IIAIiriUt'H YOl'Ml I'KOl'l.l-: '-'OH
llAltl'UK'rtl'-IIA.NKI.I.N MlllAIIU l.llllt.UtV,
One Year (M Numbers) 10 00
Wiurt Frcr hnill tiihucrlhct tn the Unlteil
State ur Cioiiiifo.
llAIteAll's llA'Alt Is Ihfi lintv tinner In Mm
world Unit combines I lm choicest literature ami
the Illicit nil Illustrations Willi the latest fash-
Ions uiul iHtMuons ui nnuscnoni iiiioauiiitui. ns
weekly Illustrations, and descriptions of Ihe
iiciNcsl Paris and New York sWIis, with Its use
ful paltcrii-shcct siipplctuenls and cut patcrus,
by cunbbiiK ladles to no their own dis'ssmakers,
save many limes ihu cost ot subscription, lis
papers no conkluv, Ihu luauaKciaciit of ser
vants, nnd houveki'cpliii: In Its various details
ant eminently practical. .Much attention Is
Kit I, I" lit-,mi-i."ti,iiH v'Jl'iu i Miri'll I'll'luvn. . i, . ,, ,
and It. lllii-triil Ions nl ait neeille-wnrU ureac-! knew It liosonmlly slept
Ktiuu li-ninil In no unequal cil lis Iterary bier II ,! ul,.i.nli.,r lu ,t,-..i,,ut H,.,i h.i,,u
Is uf Ibo bluhcst uxeillcncp. an I Un-m.limi. I Ami Sleeping 110 UliMlllCll llial Ho W HH
feM 'r"",)l0 ,,ml tU" 1,U
spirit ii'iu lieu nml mat not uvon n cow
boll tolled for the peaceful rest of his
cow-hldn sole. And us ho wandered
among thu shadu tho siiioko and scorch
ol lower Hades ; ho slmi'lly obsurvid un
Iron door which creakingly swung on
Its hlngo njar, but tho cnli-inee was
ciossed by n red hut bar mid Sat.ui him
self stood peeping out looking for tin
vclurs tli'iuabout unit to tho passing
printer he spoke und with growing
voice thu echoes awoko, "coino in my
dear It shall cost you nolhingand nerer
fen; tills Is tho plnco whero roast thu
onus who never pay their subscription
stuns fur though in life thy mnnyjcscnpo
'tlioy 11ml when dead that it is to hue."
"This is thu place where I mult them
thin with red hot chains and bits of tin,
also whero 1 comb their head wi h brc
i;cu glass and melted lead and it of te
frcshmcnts they only think there is boil
ing hut walor for tliom to dunk. Thero
Is tho red hot grindstono to grand down
their no c ami rod hot rings to wear on
thuir toos and if they mention tlioy
dont like flru I'll sow up thuir immtlios
with red hot wiro."'
With those last words the printer
awoke and tliotuht It all u very good
joko, but joint times so real does it'
seem hu can hiirdly boliuvu it was all u
dream and hu oftun ihiuki with nohuu
klo und grin of thu fato of those who
savu their tin and nuvoi pay their prlu-
tur. Hal Iluwaro.
Tlti' illumes of the llAZ.Ut bctilu with thu
llrst Number for .lauuary ol cneb jcar. When
uo lime Is lueiillnui'il. It will bu nnlcrstnod that
tho subscriber wishes lu comiocueo with Ihd
Mimneriicvt niter tlio receipt ur order.
Ilotuiil Vnlimies of llAiii'Kit'N I1AZA1I, fur
Ihreu years back, In neat chilli hlmlliw, will bu
sent by mall, pnsl.ite paid, or by express, free
uf exiicust (pruvhli'd Ihe Ircluhl noes not eseceil
lint' ttoll.ir per vuliimu;, lor $7 UUpei Yolumc,
Cl.tli fuses for each volume, suitable for
blmUiiL', will scut by mall, postpaid, on re
ceipt id SI on each.
Itemlllancu should be mr.do hv 1'nst-ortlee
Honey Order nr Draft, to nvnld ehanen nf loss.
iVrtcsiinpei-s in r no) Intuitu thin fitlverllnriiuiit
wltluml the express nnkro lUiii'mi Hi lliioni
Kits, Address
liAltl'KIt ft llltorilKUS. New York.
Harper's Young People.
Tim poslllnn nf IIAItl'Klt'H Youno l'l'.oi'MC
us the leadlnit weekly pciltHllcal for inuuu
renders Is well established. Tho publishers
spare no pains In piovulo the best and most
attractive reailhiK mid lllHsinillms. The serial
anil shoit storlos have stronir dramatic Inter
est, wiillu lliey are whnlli flee from whatever
Is pernicious nr vulunrly sensational i thu pa
crs un natural hUtury and science, travel, mid
Ihu facts uf Hie, are by Millers whose names
mvo inn nest assurance or aceuarey and value.
lustrutiul tinners nn alhlctle snorts, ir.imes und
pastlmt'ijklvu full lulurinatlon on these sub
jects. 'Jcro is nullilng; cheuii about It but Its
m oteverilhluts that Is nltrncllve
iu in juvcuuo iiuraiuru. linn n
An enll
nnd desli
L'ourlri'. 1
A weekly roast nf ;ond lhliis to Iho boys nud
elrls hi evrry family which It visas ilinnhlun
11 Is wondoifiil in lis wealth nf pictures. In
formation, and lulcrest. C'irfsfftnt .tdiwiic,
N, ,
TDltMWt I'nstnei' l't. pulil, J 00 I'cr Ynir.
l'o. VII t mminrnen A'nl'foibil' it, ISA".
Nlnitln Ntinibers, l'lve Cents each.
Hem tt.inccs should bit nimbi by 1'ost-OftU'o
Money Order or Dralt, tn nvnld afuince u losi.
J'f icsiiipris lire nol tnenmi Ihu mlriilnciae t
tO'lluMt the cj--.'s nnfrr of IIaiivkii .1 illuoi ii
Kits. Address
IIAltrr.lt d ItllOillliltS, New York.
E. P. Hostetter,
(North bldu Publlu Sipiiiro,)
Tho l'lnoU Awntiiiont of
Ciiudies, Nuts,
Crackerf, ' Coooklcs,
Jumbles, Maekeiol
Salmon, Lobsters,
Tomiitoes, Sardiuss,
llriiok Trout,
Cm'tied lluof, l'lckles
SI raw beriies, rcaoh(4,
Sweet Corn, Ahnturd,
Tablo Haueo, Oysters,
l'epjier Sauce, Ktc, Ktu,
Uest Cigars nnd Tobacco in the City,
ritKsii ovsTims
Soivo in Lvory Style, Meals, 23 Ccut,
New Mkxico and .Ariona nru ru.
polled to bo limning over with wht o
. runcgaiscs, w ut1, iiisgii'scil ns Apach- a,
plunder iiuiehos und steal entile In pro
I feroncu to uirniug mi honosi Ityeli-
Tin: uonriction lsgenot!l?fprcvaloiit
iu mcdiuiil circles Unit our country will
reecho u cholera vlsllat ion next sum
mer. Siiuh tin Impression Is not cal
culated to Intensify thu enjoyment of
Ihu winter festivities,
'i'limtr: out to he no complaint of
Ceii, D. C. IIiiuII'k uppoliiiimmt to tliu
l.ouisvillu pension ugeiicy. Uo wu n
putiintlu ii nut i grtat suleier, and his
hunotty mid capucity nro iioquestiuu-cd.
Thu Coveruor and tho Commission
ort are btlil at loguihuaits over tho
brum h penitentiary.
luvid II. Hill is a caudldittu for tlin
Pomooi'utlo pretldentlul nominntlm in
1B88. Hacker, Tanimaiiyjpla'tfurm,
"To Iho victors bolting tho spoils j
organ, New York Sunt nuiteilal 'Vid,
silver, tingle btaiidaril,
It Is charged ut Washington Unit
(on, Itosccrnns has dismissed mora
Union soldiers from his ofllco, tlmt of
rukUtor of thu treasury, than nny other
oilU'cr iimUr lids administration Imv
lug charge of tlio samo number nf ein-p'oyes,

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