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DOJIYXS Jt CLICK V, Publishers
Friday, September li. I88G.
lur rates fur Loral Ariiertisin-- for l.SSlt
ss ill In- un eents i--r lino lor flrM intrtiiii;
lid five cunt per line fur e.ieli additional
111 vert Ion.
Ready for Business With
Our Xoiiiiiiee-
liyroii A Dunn, of Marvville. havm
been ii mimilfd for congies by tin;
Republicans ot tins district, we give!
below a hnef sketch ot his lite : j
llvion A. Dunn was born in Hills-1
dale county, Michigan, August f'h, I
184'J. His father, Archibald Dunn.
was ii fanner by occupation, llis
mother was a native ot th! .State ol
New York, her maiden naini! being
Sallie A. Monroe. At the age of six
years lie tubioct of this sketch moved
With his pai nts to Cass county, Mich.,
wnere tie received his primary educa-1
tion in the common schools. At ilu !
age of eighteen he enlisted in Com
pany O, Sllh Indiana infantry, joining
Lis regiment at Sbiloh, and participat
ing in all the engngitmcnts in which
his regiment served, including sixteen
j. itched battles and sciges, besides Kir
iiiishes without number. At the battle
if Chickamauga ho was wounded by n
spent ball and at N'ashyille he received
a wound in his shoulder lrom a piece
of shell which crippled him for life. At
the cloe of the war hu engaged in
teaching and subsequently took a lull
course of study ia Hillsdale College,
from which institution he graduated
in the class of 1870. In August 1871
he nioyed to Mnryville and f ir four
yeais creditably ti di d the position ol
Superintendent of public schools of
that city. In 487.0 he tetired ironi the
profession of leaching and purchased
the Maryulle Republican which he has
ably conducted ever since. June I'.'ith,
187:1, hu married Miss Ida Saunders,
daughter of James II. Saunders, from
winch union four children have been
born, three boys and fine girl. In 183
I'rof. Dunn became a stockholder in
the Holckow Savings Hank, of which in
stitution he is now President. For years
he has been a member of the llaptist
church. 1$. A. Dunn is well posted on
nil the political issues of the day and
is a ready speaker and a logical de
bater, lie is beyond question one of
ihe ablest Republican!- in the district
and will make an able canvass.
A Contrast.
Scvenfy-five tents, two earthquakes,
experts, one telegram predicting an
overwhelming tidal wave, and one
army officer to tell the country that the
accounts of the caithquake have been
exaggerated, still comprise the beggarly
total of aid extended by the administra
tion to Chailestou.
Queen Victoria was instant in express
ing t-ympathy. A Rritish ship turned
out all ltf stores of food and blankets,
and opened its cabins and decks to the
homeless and shelterless and the Loid
Mayor of London opened a subscription
and tclegiapks otters of aid. The Presi
dent of tile United Statcswilh his fami
ly, seciirel) sheltered and luxuriously
provided m his camp, complacently
continues his hunting, tishing and rid
ing through "inagiiincent stretches ot
scenery." Every cabinet officer is si
lent. Not a word is heard about help for
Charleston from any one authorized to
act or speak lor the Administration,
except lroui ufe.v subordinate:-, who sit
about with digniiy, and simply say
there is no law under which the Admin
istration can do anything.
Surgeon General Hamilton takes it
upon himself to explain; "Should the
Administration apply tunds, &., for
the lelicf of Charleston, it would be
guilty of a violation of law; that when
the yellow fever epidemic cau-cd so
much distress, and when the Mississippi
Kiver overflow pioduced widespread
desolation, Congress was in session on
both occasions, and made appropria
tions lor lelicf , that these are the nuly
precedent.-!, and executive officers have
no autho.ity to use public money or
property even in such extreme cases."
11 the tffic;:r ha; been delegated to
make excuses for the admiuisliation,
this is perhaps the best he could do.
But it dots not speak very well for a
citizen of Illinois, as Dr. Hamilton is,
to tiy to palm off this statement on the
public. It did not requite this "official"
announcement to inform the public that
the Ucviscd Statutes do not contain
tiroTisions in regard to earthquakes,
(ut as an lllinoisan he should have re
juenibcrpil what the Administration ot
General (Jraiit did for Chicago at the
time of iho great lire, when Coiigiess
was not in session lie could scarcely
have foi gotten. Hut to haye mentioned
it would have destroyed his excuse ami
lelt the Administration which he serves
in worse plight than if l.c had not rush
ed to its assistance.
Everybody knows that public funds
and public stores can not legally be ex
pended without authority tiist obtained
iiom Congiess. Hut everybody also
knows that previous adniiiiistratii lis
have been prompt to extend aid in alt
cases of gicat calamities without regard
to the letter of the law or Congress for
approval, relying with :i confidence
which was never misplaced.
It will be remcuibeied what was dime
by Grant, Shei mun, Sheridan, ami Hel
Knap at the time ol the Chicago lirc.aiid
ordered, too. before the tlames had
ceased to burn. Congress was not in
Sheridan, who was at Chicago, did
pot eveu wait for authority from the
Secretary of war, but telegraphed in
his name, the lire was raging, to Jeff
ersonyillc, oidermg tents and blankets,
iind to St. Louis lor 100 UuO rations.
Having done this in the name of the
Secretary of war,he notified thatoffieial
Gcneial Helknap instantly approved
the act, and of hU own motion tele
graphed to extend still lurther aid.
President Grant gave additional oi tiers
to use all Government supplies needed.
Without waiting lo hear lrom Chicago
beyond the dispatches continuing the
gwat disaster, traius loaJed with terns,
blankets ami food were started lrom
the government depots at Philadelphia
Jcffcreunvillc and St. Louis.
luc uay alter me lire glOU.oi'O w
raised in the Departments at
ton, 1'iesiUeiit Grant giving Sl.lKJO,
and within four days there had been
Cheaper than they can be purchased at any other place in the County. Will guarantiee
to save you
On all purchases for CASH. Call and ses me, examine goods, and be convinced that what
I am telling you is not "WIND," but an ABSOLUTE FACT. Watch this space next week for
PRICE-LIST, and note the bargains I offer. Respectfully soliciting your patronage, I am
Yours Truly,
Xorf h Side Public Square, First door
"Went of City Hotel, Oregon, Missouri.
The attempt to sneak upon the Re
publicans in Maine, and win a sneak
thief victory through cranks and false
pretenders of all sorts, anil proclaim
the wonders af Clevelind a a reformer
and the neccs-ity of tin ning the lie
publican party into prohibition faction,
is a faiitirc.
The application to the third parly
Prohibitionists of the Ohio policy that
elected Foraker and suia-hed the gang
that employed bibeiy, brutality and
forgery, has produced like results. Tin;
Republican party ot Maine has
tiiutnuhed by lighting al! comers who
were against it. There are no reasons
why it should Hot strike all its enemies !
in their faces. It the cause of pro
hib:tiou has b.-en brought into dis
credit in .Maine, it has been through
the fanaticism :.ml fo..lislino-s of Neal
Dow, and the Iraudilency and nici
cenary treachery of St. John.
L'p to the hour ot' the election the
thint party Prohibitionists were pro
claiming mat the lowest estimate ot
their vote was ten thousand. The
returns rredit them with barely thiny
live hundred. Their leiuleis have de
graded themselves, and their di com
liture and humiliation wi 1 be aluahle
in teaching the Republicans of Mis
sonii, and of Holt county that the way
lo win Itej ublit-au victories is to fight
battles as Republicans, and to treat all
hostiles as enemies. There has been
too much coddling of cranks.
The Neal Dow, St. John, Brooks
and Leouaid faction lias not provided
a side track upon which to run the
Republican party. It ii not to creatures
ot this class however, hypocritical,
vain, shallow and amenable to the
Inspiration of frc whisky money, that
the American people have to look for
needful reloi ms and glorious advance
ment that the future promises.
The aggressive policy of Mr. HIaine
has been vindicated. He has made the
light and won the victory, assailed by
Mugwump n.eanness and Demoeatic
secret -erv.ee a under, and the howling
hypocrisy of the malignants who have
disguised themselves :is phibinthiopists
to do the dirty work of moral assassina
tion. Mr. Hlaiue's worst enemies say that
lie l brilliant anil strart. Hi latest
campaign, clowned with complete vic
tory, shows his sagacity and his bravery
and liis power.
.Sunday School Convention.
The Sunday Schools of Hickory town
ship will hold a convention in thePres
bvtenaii church al New Point, Satur-
day.Oetober Jth, IMG. The following is
tne p'ogpipi:
1. Meeting will he called to order by
the president, J. V. Hcaus.
2. Song by congregation.
3. Devotional exercises by Rev. T. I).
4. Song by Fairview Sunday scliool
6. Opening address by J. W. Hearts.
0. Song by United brethren Sunday
7. l!aket dinner.
8. Song by congregation.
!). Address by C. C. Iloblitzell, county
pieaident of Sunday Schools.
10. Song by Now point Sunday School.
11. Address by Rev. Sapi.
2. Song by Fairview Sunday School.
Address by Hardman.
14. Report of Sunday schools.
All Sunday School yvorkers arc in
vited to come and take part.
Kyurdtrnf Committkk.
Leaders in Low Prices for Good Goods !
Headquarters for Correct Styles !
The One Price Cash Store,
JOE FITTS, Proprietor,
TlIF Reliublieau conntv tir-kei is
U'ushiii"-1 composed of th. roughly competent.
wontiy anil upright- men as good in
every respect as the Democracy can
possibly Hit up. Kvery earnest and
since! c Kcpuulicau stion il support it,
sent from the National Capitol over
Let the people re read the record of a l,'us securing its triumph by a hai
Republican administration when a great j oms mijonty. Every Republican
calamity overtook an American "cilv wil1 readly understand why the D. -
ami contrast :t with the utter anathv. : mncr.icy put into circulation stories
heartlessness and imk:c;!ity of the pre
present administration
The Prohibitionists at their Conven
tion in Sedaliaon last Thuuday Nomi
nated the following state ticket: .1. P.
Orr, of Johnson, for Supreme Judge:
A. J. Emerson, of Clay, for Siipenn '
lendent of Schools; J. F. Kroner of
ijtdalia for Railroad Coniraissiouer.
When Iteby m ck, we ritc hr r Cutorl,
WbeMb u Child, she crifj for Caatnria,
When hbwm Mi, y.'nii.- ti i
Tyhen bohdClii!'lrrr.. r!ic -a , -.'.-u
caiculatCH to effect the popularity 1
our eandid-ites. It is by such con
j temptablc mean- that oiiie of our Ue-
puUIUMiis Have tieeu n il iced to
"scratch" heretofore, only to be
"piicked" aftei ward b. the successful
Democrats who have "been placed in
lucrative offices by their votes. We
haye a good, e'ean manly ticket, and
we believe every RepuHitcJu in the
county should give it his hearty and
undivided support. Work from now
till the setting of the sun on election
day for its sucecss.
We are now offering a complete line cf Fall Dry
Good?, IVrans, Suits and Dresses. Kelow will be lound
a list of a few of 1 lie many new and elegant goods we
have for your inspection whether you purchase or not.
SILK PLUSHES, In All Colors,
LADIES' CLOTHS, In All Colors,
FLANNELS Of All Qualities,
YARNS In All Qualities and Colors,
DRESS GOODS, All Classes and Colors, with Trim
mings to Match.
LADIES' AND GENTS' Underwear and Furnishing
Of Prime, Solid, Regular Goods for Men, Women
and Especially Children. Largest and Eest
Selected stock in Holt County.
You are cordially invited to call and inspect the
above stock, and many mors just as nice, at
The One Price Cash Store,
Of the Fall Season we want our readers, customers, and public gener
ally to. know why they should deal with the Arcade Clothing House.
First We excel all in stock. Our variety is greater than can else
where be shown.
Second We excel in buying. Our long experience and unlimited
advantages enables us to often capture bargains.
Third We excel all in progress. First to combine the One-Price and
Guarantee, and always first in finding the best ways to serve the public.
Belter Iiteiils than Iw is what ne Iitesi lo tk ti: U? Ssassa.
Our Men's, Boys and Children's Clothing Departments are stocked
with the prettiest styles and handsomest materials to be found.
Gentlemen's Nobby Fall Overcoats, just what you need for moirdng
and evening wear, from $8.00 to $25.00. Every boy purchasing a suit
of us presented with a "Regulation" Club. Something new.
Northwest Corner Fifth and Felix Streets, St. Joseph, Mo.
Mound City
Mr. Mason, agent for Johnson's
cyclopaedia, was deiivenng books Lure
last week
W. T. Hutt has leased his hotel
to Mr. Win. Kankin who will run it in
the fntuic.
Miss Kate Ilowley, ot Forest City,
has been the guest of Miss Delia UillH
for several dayx.
Jim Turner, I. D. Newton's clerk,
has accepted a place with Andes &
Smith at Dotham.
Miss Minnie Oldtielil, of FairFnx
Mo., was the guest of Mrs. II. G. La-
Tour, Harvest Home day.
FranK Hstrmon is attending the
various fairs in Kansas this week. He
will be gone aboHt two weeks.
Jim mimes, iw. U , took in our
Harvest Home and was the guest of C
G. Jesse and the postollice, during the
George H. Carpenter, one of
Mound CityS beH citizens, died Tues
day and was bin kd Wednesday by the
Miss Nellie Divine, has returned to
her home in St. Louis after several
weeks visit with her sister, Mrs. Lee
t; alt Williams, who was so serious
ly hurt at Kulo winlo coupling cars,
was aide to be around on crutches Har
vest Home (!:i s.
The notuiness of the Ilcpubltc.nn
convention, in the opinion of the major
lty here, will be elected by huge ma
jorities. Lven the Democrats admit
tlftit it is the strongest ticket put in the
field for years.
The- 'Fanlaskia" parade oh the
lirst evening of tliu Hurvet Home, un
der the supeivisiou of M. M. Smith and
trunk estlinbcrger, wa a perfect
success. K was partly spoiled on Thurs
day evening on account of the mud, but
the street was illuminated elegantly
both evening.
Our city was tilled with people
ready to enjoy the celebration of the
Harvest Home on last Thuisday, but
the events of the day may be written in
two words, ''It rained." H:.d it bate
been a nice day, it promised to suipass
ill urevious Harvest Homes in aitend-
atce and interest.
A new newspaper man has entered
our town, in the person ot tne youngest.
son of our senior News man, II. Ilcrsii-
bcrger and wife. He .11 rived on last
Thursday morning: and while he only
weigh pounds. Ins lather hopes by
good ft-ed and proper care to soon have
him ready for tMe "suck."
Our school seems to have gotten
tinder good headway at this writing.
Vucal music having been added to the
course this year, and Miss Miriam Da
vis, the music teacher, is giving lesions
in the several rooms. Tliu oniollmeiil
has reached about 2fi0. of which there
are SO in the high school and about '20
Again unr city is In mourning and
we are called upon to chronicle the
death ot our beloved fellow townsman,
Georgw Carpenter.who departed this life
at 7 o'clock Tuesday morning. He leaves
a wile and a 1 vear-old son at liomc,
His daughter, Mrs. Jemnu Lamb, and
her husband, ol Illinois, have been hero
tor several days.
The Presbyterian and Baptist
churches of this place are now without
pastors. Iter. LaTour has entered th
missionary work, and the former has
had no pastor tor several months, Itev
Parnell oi M. E. chuich, South, has
been returned to this circuit. tev.
A. VanGundy is the i-astor of the M
E. Church, and Eld. Tandy of the
Christian. There were sixteen bapliz
ed at the Christian church lust Sabbath
Mr. C. C. Moore and Miss .Minnie
McCuv were married on Wednesday
evening, Sept. 15, and on Sunday they
left lor the southern part of Atchison
county, wnere Cuarlev oegan teaching
a winter school. Charley is an estimable
young man, and while the writer is not
personally acquainted with the bride,
rumor 'ajs that she is worthy his af
fections, and will preve a h Jp-nicet in
overcoming tne dilhculties ol life. ;ny
success attend them throughout their
lite work
Call the Attention of the Public to their Fresh Stock of
Have the Most Elegant Lino of
Dress Fabrics
With Trimmings to Match,
That they Have ever Shown. Come and ree them.
Ladies' and Childred's
Shoes, Good and Cheap.
Wall Paper and Ceiling
Decorations. Come & see.
Oregon, 3Io.
I'mfesMir Iiusm auii Orator.
Oir townsman. I 'lot. II. A. Dunn,
attended the veterans icumon of the I'tli
:i'nh and 7JJ Indiana reuime-its, held a
PI. month, Indiana, August 'Jolh and
'JOlU. Unexpectedly Professor Dunn
was called on to respond to the ad iress
of wel ome on tl.: part of the citizens
of Plymouth, and th'inh he had mado
no preparation he made the bet;peceh
delivered on the occasion. In miking
mention ot his remarks the l'lyiiniuMi
Democrat says: "Comrade livrun A.
D.snti ot MNsnuri, responded to Mr.
Thover's warm words of welcome on
ttie part of the 0th regiment, in a
speech that was lilting and eloquent,
and a enume surprise to many of his
comrades, who only knew him as a
brave, faithtul boy so'dicr of Co. who
was wounded at Chickamaugn, and
again so severely wouudid at Narhvillo
in the tirst day's battle, that for month-
his life huuir on a very brittle tbread;
and did not dream that he rmsiessnil
Mich oratorical powers its showed in
his cxteniporanceous cltbrts :.s the
Qth's representative in IIih
absence ot Sergeant Ilrnwer, wha had
been detailed to respond." Maryviliu
Now lNiiat.
I a mm jwoiiTVrfB mat
si i:s:i'i.Kss
Forest City.
Tom Tear is off to the west with
another load of apples.
The indications all point to a
high-toned wedding in this vicinity
Miss Carrie Litnpp has been visit
ing relatives and friends in Maitlund
for the past two weeks.
DrJohnA. Hrooks and Will K
Gay are aiiDOiinceil to speak heie
Wednesday evening, September 2Uth
John Jordon has got back to the
town of steady habits after a few
months in the wilds of south western
llevJa B. Parnell ha- been re
turned to this ciicmt for another jear
and will pn-aeh here Sunday evening,
October :lrd.
IJev II. '. LaTour has arranged to
hold a protracted inciting at the 15ap
list church, commencing Wednesday,
September 'J'-'nd, and will probably
continue for two wtcki.
C. C. Potleiymr etlinent telegraph
operator, hn received a deMHved pro
motion, and "Will be transferred to a
more profitable and responsible post
tion at Hambnrgh, Iowa, about Octo
ber It. Mr Potter during his lojr
years, residence in Foret City has
made many friends whose good wishes
will vith f . ! : " s "'
Can jrive jou better rates
tliau heretofore ottered by
myself or any other agent.
Make examination of farms
myself. No abstract re
qnired until loan is approv
ed of. On large IoaiiK,rates
of interest surprisingly
low. Address,
W. It. IlorKMANK Ck- Mo
Poultry Wanted !
lens, fioosters, Diicis, Geese
For which I will pay in Cash:
Hens - 4 rents per pound
t!nol ltwistem per dozen...... S1.SS
C.eese, full featliereil, ir dozen S3.00
IoikI Dui'k.full reatlietfd,M'rlozen... Sl.W)
NprinR Chickens t cents per pound.
Turkeyi, 5 centi jxt pound.
To be delivered at the torc of
Friday, Saturday aiitl Monday,
September 24, Ho, ami U7.
Don't force. th date. Dcn't
them. All can get Coop.- that Call.
Mrs. Wilson Swan is quite ill.
ISen. Reynolds spent Sundav
The dwelling of Andrew Puters is
Hearing completion
Andrew Hankers was doing business
at t'raig, Saturday.
Miss Minnie Hosclius was shopping
in Corning .Monday
Mrs. Dan. (Jroh, of Atchison comi
ty, was In Corning this week
Henry MuPett, of Atchison county,
was a guest of J. W. Smith, Sumlav
II A. Dankers and lamilv.attended
the flat vest Home at Mound City, last
P. P. YVelty, the efti- ient collector
of Holt county, spent the tirst ol the
week in Corning.
Willie Hake, of Nebraska City,
Nebraska, is with relative and friends
of Corning, this week.
Clav Millican leturned Monday
from College Sprinas, and with him
arrived the usual good humoured anecdotes.
Mrs. J. P. McMunay and sn,
Kdgar, of Minnesota alley, are viMt
lng at the lesidence ot II. A. D.nfeers,
this week.
Our pu'-lic school opened with the
UNiial I'lirolluient of some sivty scholars
and is!.,;nnres-ing nicelv under the able
. ..e f:.. . i' .. i.
man. i7
TK I game of bas ball that was to
be played at Sharp.- Crovc Sunday by
the Coinins aid Sharps Croye boys
did not tiike place, on account of a
mishap to pal t ot the Cni ninr nine. In
parsing through the timber east of Corn
iag the team of Kmrael Walters became
tiHinanagf able and in their career upset
the bnggv, throwing the occupants
almost sensele-s to the ground. The
animals concluded tbeir wild career by
one of toe hoises runniiif; into a stump,
killing it almo.-t instantly.
Trustee's Sale.
Whf re;i. Mar'-!1 Strltride and Kltza .!. .Me
llridi". Iiii wif'-, hv their rrrtain deed of Tiint.
dntel .laiHiarv -Ibtli. lt-Tt. an rn-orded in ltie
rordpr i oniri ol Hull eoiuiiv. Miinri.
,-iot- c'ivi'jan!' In I'lf-. '.'1. .it l :. on
fnl to ilie uuilervlmi.! truter. the (oi.onun:
!i-'iit'ed real est.ilv, vitinttr ijinjunt
in Holt enuiitv Mtoiirl. to v. It .
riji- n-rlliea-t foiirlli id the oi tliea'.t ipta't'T
of M-elion fmirteen, in tii-,.i ; m.Tj-'v.. . ol
r.ino- i!iir:- istit ,
Won h taid i-oniey-nire r;i. u :id in Trn"-t to
veure the n-iiment : I!. V. I!ii I ol a i ilm
not" tlirieiu desciinril id live IniiMlred do":ir".
l e.irmi: ten pT cut lnti ret In rn i!;tt- il.tted
Uini.ir.v r.itli. Is7I.lnrti sai-l noti-waiaxuBiinl
tiy iit ItusNcl to r.irllien:i Ki-ilTer Marrli -Wth.
1N1 ; and wherein the interf st on said note Iiai
beeu paid in fnlt up tin- lt dav of April. Ii-T :
and wliere-is vM note lias Ions since I'f eaine
dui- and remalni unpaid i:h tntereit ttii n-nn.
at ompo"i"!. from ald 1st d iv of April. I"!.
amo.nUinj; in the jujgp'sate to tlie am of .; -4.1.
New. ilieief r'. al tlie reipiev; of the leirM
le.MT of n': it-. ' i - f '.
Klg Catron as prospectins in Kebr.nka Iat
The nigelow Sehool njiened Monday with 37
pupil H.
Hill (IraudstrtT and family have mured to
Mr. Morey returned Sunday bum a trip t
Our ltiesrliiiiit are I.Ktni; triasiirndvnf win-
ti r k'ihI'-
-I.i aN Jirithxrii nan nut in Kanna week
vWtint' n l.itm .
Will IViidc li.n cne lork to JIfFall toorlc
tor Mr l. II. ( olio r.
--Wh""pni roiish h try popular here now
anions therlitldren.
- lin k S-rnilh. of !)es Mninev, lima. Is vMtiag
It-. jhotln r at ttiis place.
Mivi Ida Muitli Ifft S.i!nrti ly to tak-tliars';
of tier si Itool at Cos-tliroe
Tt.y "ay that Hilly Col ns is the ciiarnpion
horse :.irk rider of r.:s;-:mv
-lVi'L llrfl?i nioti h:ol !wo nir-i klld tfv
enu li.f.tiiiei: ora- riini n si wf-e.
Altx-rt 'lnnili.s and un'e arid leather it
ft i.ppuu ' M W-die-IiV.
--.Mrn .las. Write U n-itin relatives in
Sav iniiati and p'-or "('o..:' Us-ek.
-Mr. J. '. -1 e-ksoa's father and sister, of
K in-as, '.n r visit ni;!iim th' or-totti-i v.r. k
The ".oinr- folks ti:d aerv id".is.inr le-pni
liiUiuiK's li.il! the night of the harvest llomi-
Miss Mary W.ide left Sniidav for Minimi
Otv Mie h'paii sehool MoroLiy at llrush rol
led Mrs. tlinklp. Miss le!ia IIutTni-in and Mis
Kll.iSiuith took in IheMiow :itM.Jo. Wi-itio-.-day.
Miss Fannr IVrkins, from tl:e I'pper l;,d-v.-i
as ki-unf( Mr. Jones the hr.t id the
"iri'icrof h opto
-Jin. Mary Kearns Is rusttcatlnjj"at ths
1'oii.;, thi v.eek.
Mr. lands r.loumer, of Kayelte eouiity.OIito,
Is l-illn his uiiel. A. T. r.IiHimt r.
II. S. .V.rlMiiatd tins moved into th" pa.-uin-aK.
W'e until r it Krn is uinjr to pre ieli?
Mt-s Ida Armaek li.: re:urrnd Iione from
an c-xleudtd vLi: u!th friends mar tne Mineral
KlT r.n-1 Joe. Ailkins, Tom Ham and Will
lluallt. are pneetn. In Waliuie cuardy,
Kau-as, this v.eet.
The New fomt rand furul.-tied .son e ev.pl
iT.t music at ttie l!arvtl Ilnr:ie,but fsT Julia's
itnim lie.id h-Lsted.
Hirri-ou Cael.o:t. of lMhanv, Harrison
l oiinrt, this stale, h.-. moed his family to Xew
I'oait in the W itson propefiy.
Miss Cirnra I-iti:.ii;m. ;iu r.eeirnpli.hril
teunjt lady of Vet I'oint. Nf hraska. I Tisltinj:
Mr. tiihrmarrs family r.arthe Idat.
-Sun. ;ol-uid ha returned from a year's
mm'jle in imrllmctt Nebraska Sam .says ld
llolt is as emit a Holt as he wishes tocatch a
Holt of.
Kirt Amos, our rdy "diide" in town. to!c
in tin- il.irti-st Hoiae, !.-- n'.i the rata and rind
in Mound City. Ceme, Klrt. hciik Iwr. M.o
Is a "Jalsy." rt Im-1.
Mr. Nil. Itrpjart. wlio has a l.irpr furntturn
estaidishinriit ui WeM t otwi, Nelir."ik, istisli
IiiK old frii nils near ll: iVmt. Sci. ls h!sh on
Ids T.cddms tour. We ci.ntralMlalc !oI. la
chooMi!;; so aniUbte n 1-ieriiiic wife.
Mrs. John W. IiTUand'curdiHixhtri, Ella,
are til? hrroli.ei of ihts icttnn. tiatip.:kllld a
large pralrio mtl3-nkkf ne day list week
winch thev f-und in the parlor behind the or
U.jji wln-ri- It hao Mcntiel Itself. It nas four
leer n:, uau ii'urnnoes ;m iwo uuiion,
The two remits- pvperr-, r.r tlm.swretury ot
the Maitlaid fair. !::Te made a nd.-tiil.e in re
paid to prfmiui'H that were awnrdeil to A. T
bloomer and har-Kea put in lirlnl toJ.O. Cow
an & -S .-n t ir In'st null. Hirer i ears old rind aver,
i.n. I heM Imli, two jrro.s n'd and uu.l.T tlire-.
This does Mr. Iil.wnter and lib anr herd an in
i;:;lee. No do r'.t the pit't:ikew.isn:iileiiii-uiteiition.-iilv
and should he leeliflid hy the
pri.s and Seeretar) cf the asoetatiuu.
3IiiH'r;iI Springs.
K. 1 Kort.es left last week for a tr.p througli
.Mrs. MeKinney lias returned lMia her Thit
in Harrison lountj.
- Mr. ToUnel.. of New Point, la visiting tis
daimhter. Mrs. Felix at present.
Our inioiinaat was mtstakin about Chiis.
Stroble m-Uui;; lib Meani threher; tie still ow ns
Nelson Tarrct. a former Holt coanty loy,
now ol II-rso.i. Kanva. was uilins relali-i
here tlie r.a-.t week.
Kd. v.dlianis ba-s taken his departure for
.uiiai" Kansas. The fjlf Is say he will be bait;
for 11" left his new w:uu.
The ticket l ominated by tte Kepubllcnas Is
uainniK trenjttli eTery dny. and every one upuu
It will berleeted Lv r'isin maJoritliT.
Ve understand that oil" ot our nclgkl or
I-aelwlors has el llred ut sinyle blessednc-s
and v.Hi vM.ii take milo lilm-tif a b. lt.T !,.
I'iuic Taylor r.mt family, who l air bn
living in our neighborhood for null e aivlnle,
tett us very uneerenioiiioujly -ml for paits un
known. - The literary at Center i rrorrre-sin finely ;
have ooil attendanee. (iueiiou fortut Tins
d.iv niiht sas. resolved 'That the credit m stem
should liealHiiishetl.'
- I.mk I. lelier has returned Iron nts .NenmsK.i
trip and is "he riiieNt ot hi' si:?r. i!rs- Ansei
nient. lie t'.iuks liiere is no p!a'e like !d Holt.
Your li"ad'slel, joiini; man.
Our neiphborVK..! was well repr?senteil at
tli Ilarve-t H im.-, some t;ot caught in ttie r.i..i,
but fortunalelv we all col as far as .M.'iund Cltv.
saw many of our friends and spent a pleas:.;. t
day any way.
&cmsn is in a nourrsaiiii eoaoiuon. jou
Misses D. eker. llohart and Thomp'on. of Cor
don distrlet, are in attend.uiee. This speaks
well for our teaenir Mr. t icke, :ls tuey aro
former scholars of tits
The farmers say their "oni needs
Mrs-. Alice Raiser w visiting
friends in Amazonia, Missouri
There has been b'it very little
sickness in the Bottom this season.
Mrs. Annie Quick t:is visiting re
latives in Doniphan County, Kansas,
last week.
Henry and Thomas btrickler, of
Korbe-, spent last Sunday in this
Thomas Dod!e, who had !ii3 leg
broken by the tall of a horse, one- Cay
last week, : Improving rapidly.
James frerirtison and family iicorj-o
Cotton and family and Miss ItachacI
Quick, were in attendance nt the
H.irve-t Home.
The Chambers scho d commenced
two weeks ago with Mis Jennie
-M.irtiu as teacher. t e. are triad to
learn that she is giving eminent: Hutis-
I'olitics a-e wari.iing 'ipdnwi hero.
Ah arc highly plea--d '..it!i tliu nomi
nees of tb.; Kepubli'inn party, nnd
pri diet that the eti'ire li-vtet fvill bo
eleeted freni top i botVuti.
.:K ii
p.. ... ,
A(?iai.iislra!.-:5S CaiR.
N.-tire i-. ln iviiv ilii o. lh.it by rirtue of all
nnli-r of the i'mlut Court of th "Mnty of
Holt -mil state of Missouri, made at the August
ti-rm thrn-of. mid on Hi" 11th day of August.
lM"i. I.Jait" ttleK.ndiiunitrttrix of IheesTlu
of Jae-li Qiiiek. deiiseil nitl.on
MONUAV. NOVi;MIIKi:sih. Us:,
at the north door of the Court Ib.i.s-In the
Cilv of Oregon, omnty of Holt, and durinic tie'
-iti'in; of tl.o I'nibate Court of said isi.inty of
llolt. sell, at pnblie auction, all Hi" inti-rest of
-l.icob rollick dnc"a d. in the foMowini: descriti--.1
real estate, situ ite. Ivma and belui in tile
: n' il..'. -i-.1 --.-it" of Mneiri. I i-wit i
: . , -,-.r '. Of .; :!i . -t.iii -r Ion 'ti.md ih"
- - . - ..if(i '-f .r;.u -iti -t .it o I
'." i.'tan.-r ipurti-r and i i
(. H'.,i.e-a.t i irteror
. .. '1 !.. to-en-hip t":-
rrf?i.:L," . ' ' .t:it .ain
y -f' rr.n- -i.- I ;i

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