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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, December 24, 1886, Image 4

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To our Patrons and the Public Generally : The Senior partner of the firm having reached that agewhere he wants to retire
from business, consequently we are compelled to change our business, and all goods sold after January 1st, 1887 will be for
CASH ONLY. We mean every word of it. Don't ask for credit for for vou will be refused, but in return will a- von mnw
goods tor the dollar than any house doing a credit business. We shall strive to keep our stock complete in all departments and
Special Bargains in all lines. Come and see us and compare our prices with anyone. Don't forgeV the place,
oni;r. s .
1."'- Ictiiire-i.I-..:i:.-.. 1.1.1 .mm.- i.ji cittiv In Hie .
xST.att' .il.l! si-l.,!,'l-x Il.t.lr ;m,I K.ilnii:.,! . a f
miu)i:l. !.1 nj.jm.it, i.li's Vln"i s.-uilor,
ll.ur e: !l. il i; up !..;ulay lie .iitl nail llio ,
r.'iii.nh Hi it in Kistg im:M .:, u!:', -i ,i
matter f ..- aee.ii'.ili-!iiiieiil. senator l':
liiniiits ill .arei 1 uii'i lilti: so sti'rtiiamsii ii:.it '
a vol.' v.as i:'t i""ae!ie'l Tuevl.n. .Mr. l!o.u
jir..Ht-!- tin: iin i. ..i-Mtv Hliu ii rii,-ii u!ut
ti!i ft of l!i t-:i'ir.'-or-.inU-. a.t uill juss li a
.m..IiTi''l,-i:iij.irl:. !. .;! IMiumuls in-s:-lnl
iliat t.li it rrin mis ut t;w ael ; lif.i-;
lu'r In ;l .'olil;;.!.. r. iv tal .11 tlii' i.I,! sji. ii, s.s.
.oni. !ii l!iL- il ai'a. ii,.M iir.ieli.a'Iy lautc
I'lvye l. nuike !i.Mi u,rl. ,.l .til .-ivil-srr- ',
t, fiff.ir.M .ii :(iii Hwr. :i tl.e .-..ii:r:i. j
sal.! rep.--.:ie.: lite :u-l uti!.l p!n iiii.liviil.-.l
r.-sp ...vi.tiji, ,,i ;),. ir,M.t, ut As fat -in 1
I. IV, j,oei ;i.ii. il- ,ip. :i .i, l; cnuM ul it. wi t
t!i !in--!.t...'t ,'r.iin S.Iiu ..n o:n a" !..' 't.-.is.i!, j
if In- ina.'.c us.- of tin- luii ili-Mimi:!) , t tli.- !...
S.i .!:- lenecl for an Iiol.r. In.n.liiiK l'.e-k at.il j
J.iitli Hie same ropy ol t!u' Ileus,-.! i.i!u! -i. '
v. men .uer i.neriiriic i in sun ats o.vn e.ie.
A 1,. . ,1.
- V lii'W rii'l.ilt.r.
Aii.l iiou .i Ui.ll. t Mil!.
i'.'.ii; ! I'.'ni . M:rt oaoiipli.
- Min. XVm. ltoj.Tis iii J'.jr-5t Uity.
- .ir ir.ilin litniv Ji.i. c!iiH.i lu iltinr-?.
I. M l-!,v u-.is In St. .I.fvjili !n! Tuesday
i - !:i 'li'.iii.u in.ik ;i run iId.mi M St. Joe im
! i.!i.
-I't'in :ivitrKfil ainmt S) bsi-liuls jut acre In
t .u.;i !..i!tlil;..
.i. nmie n iijhiR trip to st;
Jii'.i'pii, Mo:n!.i
- ii Irincli, o:,r t:. Jot?p!i tiiorchaut l pack
n.'W.u"..l.f !...:;..
A ;i-;t- it,'iI 17 head cl iioxs List Tui s
il.ix Jliat :. or.isi-.I ponml-!.
Mrs l'.-i-i..!i jvtunn-,1 Muml.iy from
VMiiiiii ri!.itni s in CUninl.i. Iowa.
M vr'. ILil'iiur. i!i ! )"!'.illo:i wre ia at-teiiil.iiie.-a:
our J. I t'n.'.rt, on -rui-.il:.y.
- .'iirry. liai boysa rirf.it lusv.earat sc!ioo!
wlii-n ;!i -re parents allow tlinsaaieafaoin"?
- Ji'vle WlnHibri-y, after a rtcspiT.ite
S,.iiati.r rijifMe-i.:uli.m for executive iipjn i wnhlet, -till liolils tl.e f.irt at Hrihli Collepe.
S.--.-.I.IM s:a .i!ii reil 1-v a v.-rv c lo-e loto' I'nink KIuikhI Is eouT.iU"-eent from a i-i ere
of tjilaiiil Icier, Dr. Kaltenliacli attend.
Win Maiipl'i.of tlirt "i:u!i Ilrldienian."
j sjient riiiiulay luCratg. Willi Ms best girl of
WeilueMl.H'. alilioili otlier- m:i liave fell like
ISea.it ir !I.iuli-. ui.n -.i:d tli.it he wtod -ij 'm-i-.uise
lie '.ranted to vd'T-i ein.auii the rcMilu-
K-:..VLtt:nr Ij.ix vj.i!.i- r.ievi.iv furtiie i!rl i -'0"'-re 1
tii'i,- tin-, ...-if.! i. nti.tekiu? tile laake up of tile ' 'ne ri'-"v;l' 'lt slir lirwf elmroli on tlie
miii-Io cixil bill and c!i.iig;n:, tlie Deiuotral !c ' l't" nas 'luIS0 :l i-'ete fluaneiully and
lu.ij'ir l; i'f tli.- appropr.aiioiis eomiuittee with 3":11'Iy.
repoilMia oid e.iii. l t!,e c uM il.Uiiit.--s-.ni.ill- " 'vrence wouto t e county, Kan-
er Jl.au ear eMIiuntes. hui which .s j :l, to I1'" "et on his tini'..er elalm and has
lh'tiu.! to j;r.,.v .I.I.-U-4 ,.-ouidiniili.i. nu t !iuli j "-,t Jet relumed.
PtaciHv.l'en. ij al p.nnts v.aere il would lie I -''"'!s Cha-muii lias a Mnro amiuntof
reaily iajiirini:-. lie deelar".! that when Chief 1 -'!'r':''""1 '" e which he lias burned on the
;ra.-. . f the i.uieau of eiiKrariii(r had asKi il ':""e 01 l".--toii Wise.
Im Im api.n..ria!ioii mi as ;o rcviii'.e hi, I "A "efdiiiRl'i the near f 'dure is now oceuiiy-c.v-,;..e.'.i!..ii
id ei-.ployt-ii. entc-a." wcLi- i 1 ''' mi-''!-. ! c-.r socl people. Xt eaids ;
l.ir palliiif. then. iin.U.-th- ei.il-se.ure ril.-s. ' ':" -'l ""'' ''"I 'U-.-.1 of j.ne-.:tv:.
t'.i'dei.iiicnitsiif il,,- r.i.ii.iptteu rej.-esed tin-j -Mr !'I,-Tli IV. ran I Mm imli Austin
plan a..d i;..v.. the bure-iti a liaiipsimi j er.'m:iriied at Iliore.Meae.- of the lirMesur-
It..pn-M nt.iiiw (-.rr-i.r of Wraiont has ar.ln ''":s "" 1 ,,: "'-" ' '"tld vell ofll -i;titj!i.
t liodiicei! Ids bill which provi-les thai the '" 's'i!e, v ,o nas 'jeen visit inr
!ff! for her li'iine
we.ir'iiij a rather j
Tin; City of St. Joseph.
The fato of every conittinnity ia inter
woven with that of some other; either
for good cr evil, and recognizing the
force of the iibovc statement, the citi
zens of Holt County are parUculirly
well pleased witii the rapid progress
St. Joseph is making; there is no doubt
hut that the greater and wealthier our
neighboring city become, the more
valuable will be the country lying ad
jacent thereto. Therefore, every citizen
ot the surrounding tier of counties are i
pattictilirly ii.terested in St. .Joseph's
welfare. We have felt this to be the
fact ami we have shared with lU citi
zens the alternate fuars and hopes
which have dominated the hcaits el its
best people, and it is with peculiar
gratification that we note the many
substantial, enduring evidences of ber
present and future prosperty. Iler weal
thiest busiucss men are awakening to a
realization of the force of all oppottuai
tie's presented and accept them with an
avidity alike creditable to their business
sagacity and iLe regard they should have
for the id nh place and home of the for
tunes they have made. One of the most
encouraging facts we call attention to
is this: St. Joseph's wealthy men aic
bmUiicg magnificent residences forlhcir
own use which ptoves by acts their be
liet in the city' fnttuu; her capitalists
are investing iu real estate largely
and casein capital is muki;:g many in
vestments; her wholesale and retail
trade for l"8.j far exceeds that of an;
previous year iu her history, and their
lirri.ser, Tdix l- O. 1' il
.i' M.-ii.'...; ri'j lace ia
i'..si . ldur' hyil..
(ior.uan. has dnrinjs ths fal! had a j House lepoits iiave ste.lilily m-
r.ii.i put In a sprint on his f.ina by creased lloin week to week the vear
Attica w.i.'T is I'.r. i'u up a mil aoou; o ivvi l
: -n.
ibove the fi mi t,.::i to lib uoiue thcucu to Ids
The Itool: I-'land Uailroad Com-
piny'.s entry into thj city, i's purchase
nlllh-1'..lss liilstlilastfrs f til
Itiit- ai:. 1! W ,-iiLted b ll.e pistiil... I!
ho liii.'.iii.s to pri-ss the bill as loan as he i ei.-ins
till ..i...;irss. Mr. Croat tMal'.s that Mini- plan
i this, -.-if! wi.um! diior.'e tilt foarlii-t Wss post
..ilie.. fr.tiu i.i'!ii:es ai'd et:.l!i3!i the pri!.ei,
of 1: :!. rule as in !h. sp feej. t!ov. Slett.m
id W ."i!i,.,u :t,s introd.ice.'. a bill m iv-ai , l ini f.-i-his s-
ap,-ro;,--.i;ii!5;).U0i)fi.rlhe HeiiiiiKton I'.onu-1 Ve are airai t Hie e.irri'sp.inileat for the ' of over a l;a!t a ::ll!lio:i doliat's Worth ol
laeal iia the ground Ui.it the association has j 1'J.k .ispviiu thhms that n.' r oi'eim'd for estate, i's es tensions into Kausa.s
r.!i!ali::e.i!.:..aat The !w of lsSl Enait.-,: i "-taa-e, the .-hild that w.u reported to have . , " n.
!W-e.!. I been boi'i n.vr b.-r- with no ej es and u. plaer ...... v ...........
lor any s'i-ii a Hums nevr happened.
A Mil prise party at the residence of E. .
Da.!., In honor i.l Mlsj I.tlaCiaisolly, on last
si.iti.rday i Vi iii'U. was ipulean c-vjnt of the
T.:ebl!! Jntr.nlu.-ed liy Seilidor Jlcnicrsen
this w wis 1 ai.thorie tl.o ndactiou ,.f L'ndid
:.at?.s l'.i:i.i- and of the circulation of tha ni
tl.iiiai l..a.i!.s, piovidi . that all intloaal !..:, !s
h:r.lii';.nu!.it.il ef-ri.KVJbiorle.s-s shall not be a!! t're.eat ;n i! It was the lu.il
rtouaed ; la ip -pr fnili d Slat uids I !'.'"'S.ii.; ai.d i-niojabie a:T. ir, that they had at-
l:i .' tn'ss ot on-.-. i-h!h of :!,-ir capital s. vk as . ter.ded l"r ;. ii n(- tan '. Mi Wta during her
s.ci:r:lj forllHire!r.-iiia:.!iK!..tes,anJt!i.:tails!ilv"!"',:1""'i'-'li Ill:'-''" warm friends,
biicli b...!t. !iav:ii!i.ap!t.i: sli'W) or i.iore . "A'! n1'"' ljtil 10 -' '-er deiiartiue
siall not be -eoiar..! to i eji en deposit ::s st - i "Oia x.,i.
turity Mr tlKireiiiaiati.i notes r.n:."d Mai-s
la!"!s iu excess of '5.oi.; ai.il banks having on
dvpos'l t.i'inls l.i excess of tli.'se aniounts are
uthoru' d to reduce iaeirnrcuTi-.tnni provided
th ;I tlie aiaoa.il el such circiil.itiu? nol.-s s'.ri'.l
not cu oiil :u any casr 1W per cent of the jiar
value of tins bom! deposited, ;i, provided !'i the
The .-liver in. n i-i tho llou.'e do not ill." at i.i!
ta" li -w se.-lio i p.it i.iio th" trade-ibdi ir mil
bj the sieiiateliiaiuee cjuniiiuee oil r.'oi:ii-
l.te imasii.-e favo,a'!y. Tlu provi-ien tiiat all
tneie dollars react iiie.l slinli e,.eie oaf of tin
bu'.li. . ii par, base will cul the latter o:I totally
for thr.e lu-.i.tbs. A Mt.ea:('::t iJ orir.iiii.ai', lo
ii. f-'at f.ie ::iea-urc :.l ti.L- I! )a-e
il.e e:.:.te bill proilnin for tit-' ai!!:s-""i
i.t Wasiiuiitoii tirritorj infj :be ui.m l st:i. -v.-as
iiKOM ii, by in ii.uisi-.Miai ,:;te i.o I,-.n-
i.iriei v. t.uiesiiaj ana aaivi:..'d u atbaa ,11
for a v.-!ii..' tar.i ii-
s -etioa hicludli.j: lit at.ma terrlt ..v whloa ih" I
icopeef the biil. In lids sliapc it v.nl be re
, silted loilie House.
Th conference eonindtiee's inteivsts e.un
werce Mil is rather more ol tho roilmn '..Hi ;Lan
of the Kenyan. It fi.rold.s jiooini and a higher
rule for a short haul than for a leas o"ie and
jirovidej tjr a eoi.iuiiii ia .ith scper.ory
TJia 31:irj.-ts.
CvrrLK: Keeeiiila are keeping up ast-u.isli-H
i;ly for t.::s e.tsou of Hu- jtar. and as a result
a .s'HV aial i.ea:;i r market ua i had throughout
tne nee!.. The arrl.'.il m Mai.sas City v. ere 10.
(iij. i.iupared wiiiiC.s-cj Hie eoirespoiidius wee!;
la-t year. Iu Chiea;;.), 1st. Louis a.al New
Yori,the leeeijds were i.l.o iooti. Tins n.a.I
buyers c.mt'io isand be iridi. Native shipping
steers are al.o't the same as a Wiel; ao, ai.u
itochers and Mders show little el.a.-w. .,!
tivei owan 1 mise.l bul'dier stm-u tilal iuii'ni
strong last aci K, howevt r, di-en'ii.'.i ji . i to ;"k.
1-t .wl.. and s.def sloe, at this reduction.
Itaiue eatlie wore m l-j.sjl", ril iii'pK. the ir
li.als beai (o:a,oi"d (jf Ci.era.Jo ictlhreods
and New -Mexieo steers. Hut th. re v eie j.lcid
of oilier .'altl", and as a result tiiey participated
in the general wc.il.uess. This- Is ilio kind of
year -wbi ii the im.iKcts Is full of si.b.tiiute.s
for beef tb.it tl.e iiocipts of eatlie should be
Iiht.yet we aie 'IlinK li.II fall runs, and as a
result v.ry iov jolees n.r oi-iy tiling. Kvtn
stockers a'i.1 fted. is i.r" sell.n less loi l.iy,
Lojirs bei'is afi. il l ol tl.e pli.ii; lcvf mark,!.
A s lOMpan d with this tiiiiea ytar :ittt native
shipping hteers ar !H-to i r ewt eier;
ii.itlvi- stock, is and b eueis IV.- and rane citile
) !o 2a per ewt.
llim.si--riie past we"k has been an i.cSiTeene
In Kansas I'itj .'lid prices bale held up oiy
will. The eariv daj s. f or.r reiiiw wk. ua
det h"avy r.-' ipt:. 1. .!h m Ilansas t'llj and
( s..whire prices were breed down a litile.
'tut this was a momentary weakii-.ss. No soon
er did the r- c ip'.s I'p.bun uji th in vah.es be-all
to climb a'.iiu, an-l I .cl Tin s i.iv l.i'.li ,.s '
hib al tlo-el s.. 1 1 our 1 ;s; viw., ia :.;ei a'
lUir.er. Fnai. i.isi ' dn d.i;. up to Tocsdav '
the-aeiier..! adv..u. iit I.ansas ( uy was l.'-e ier I
c!., I:. M i...a:- Uv per wt. 'J I." ija il.tv r '
''-.she past wees ..ts po...!, a laina-i r of iiae
Il ...ry I.os auu.i.K. liiisuroiiKii out a I!os
ti.ii i'U.'cr who t ..!; several sidpia-'uis of ass. ri
e.l ileal;. l i's for "ahleh lie p.ii l j'imiiI pii-.-s.
I'a. t . rs. ii..w. v. r, r.tnliiiiie main buyer-;, i.ik
;:,.7 s tit of ii e l.v. ipts 7i;,oiT. An a.ii.-e
aa.i l.ri.i i.n.visi',.n "naiki'l inaia's ihtm ai.M.eia
i.t ip..l.es i.ii.'. t;.( ;.!. hecpii.;; very ail
.e.-i the V.'i ,t. 'lh n it is kiii.wn that II..- hoj:
r..i. .si'l be ashorl one wiucti k:.'1 .H.i.n.a a.
lu ill lata!.1 an.! !U.-iii'es belter prices toward - We are ;:!a'i lc
the .'l.se id 'he ic::s,.ii. ' b.'cn very su-k, 1-
'Hie i !r.-..ie r.nce Wednesday Xiw. to v.ritni;:.
4. :r., tnllc of s;!.-s .i p3 lo :th. 'ilu same dale ! lio i'ltdracud n.
las! i':r tile i xlieme ramp' was iZ.-JH to a.7.'.. ' t..id"d by a large e.o-.
laiij. of saii-s .--a rf loci.r.'1. j
"i! e ii.arke!s.it Kansas Oily cl..cd: eatlie,
l l.hllal .!.". in ?s ; ;ios.eolll"il.Il t llliedllllll
s.'!.'W't, n?S 1j. Vl.eitl ..nil ii. 0".c; eom loai 1 1
-.iounu City.
.laeob Wflirie is ia chlcaso on a visit .
will be same sclera! weeks.
Jell Il.u-zl. tl boUKht on la-t l'rldjy CG head
..ftattio froia J.'.c.b V.'elsh.
-Kob Jleyer and John Garrett are home
j f.-oia thf university for the holidays.
MNs A'pha I'atth am! Mr. I'miik Hurst
w. p ;in irried. Sunday, by t-.i'.ure Hall.
M e-tir iti.cjj ;icn!i..i isjcr has been quite
si. k '.villi ioo-.ai;:. .-, or sere throat
r.ir.i. ti 1 1..: kh.'.rdf, of Oregon, sjh nt
few deys last week w.ih her eiiildr-sa Iierr.
Win. Siaitii brool't over .vi liusli.'is of
v.ii"'.t t 1 taiv: '.'-'i h !.c sold for,r.'e pi i biis"it;i.
- Tin S-.i'd ly si in- tls of our city all 'i-iiti
ti.t i.-f ;;-.iil. . "riJ ty Ni:'1!!, and !h- Utile out.,
are aspired i I tient a!! arotind.
-lian M-Oa'i n sluvly !m;Tovins fiom a
svvere.i t.o k .1' fevi r. Tears were eaturtaiiii'ti
"ild no! recover.
Miii Maniinlj Fry, an Orison teacher, ae
cnnr,niii;.l by her lill.e slsler, attended our
sciiool i-ntcrlalume'it la.t .Saturday uyht.
Villi Lackliaidt was in town las
"jV ill i. ill l:.!.e il.e road the 1st of January fur a
boot and shoe In.u.",' ia 51. Joseph. We predict
that he will masa- oae of tl.e llnest looking tr:.v
eihi, iiicn on Hi roa.l.
The Moua.I City yoii:i,f man who will soon
capture an Oregon beauty, ard Uy Iiilh. rwar.1
a ilk t, siolc iiui.-tly aw.ij SU'iday, to the abode
of his !,.ved one, r-turnbi'r eariy Mo idav inoni
:rc with a ca.laut Miiio on ids emniteiiance.
u will not incut!..!! the name of tile aforesaid
jouni; ni.in
in J :.e's dice throwins.last Saturday lilitlit
for a Sh ui.d flu dressii: east-.s and a beauti
ful ua'Kiiij; laiii, J. l'oster Marshall won the
first prize, thiov.iiu; U", the hiliesi thrown,
Jacoi. Null thesecmi'i jiri.', throwing and
tl.e t'nr.l ilzc was won by Toai lijiiird, he
throe. li'K tne lowest, :".
- - Torsi h s.lfnterli.iinii.'nl lrst Saturday uuht,
had tl.e lai-.'si hi tis ,.I ,in tuiiiirih it liasi-vcr
appi ar. .1 :n rdouini 0'!. KuIIy s.'vui hui'dred
i 1 ...j.!-.-wi re I'lescnt, .lial l:.e pro ds nein d
. ". eaij-nvi iiars. .isioine nn riis oi me
eiitcrl.iioiiici.1 we will not spcnX of as your
special eorreid'Oiidcid prouiisisl us he would
i.i. !.e a v. rue-up of tl.e same for thi Oohaaas
if tin- Sunt i: n hi.
Mound Oily i" bcromlns noted far and near
In th. Lumber of its jiuejllsts. A few weeks
an, i.e noted in uur ileuu an encounter be
Iwi ci. tv. id our prominent citizens, and e'ose
u;s u tins eoiees another but inor. ffioeioLS ru
loui.lcr. Last vit'i-k lo ol our weil known
f ilueiis .piarn i.-d, boli, becauc
, caiuc io iiiov.s. lhvresi.
I lu'lr i:ic.s loiti.ll.... ..! mi. I !: aclit v,..s tinr..-
1 a suenlilic t-ne, loll tne victory belongs to
. ithor on-. Il was a draw.
MSnor;il Springs.
- -ilev Weaver w. id to Forest City Tlmridny,
.ia.nei Moon and Frank Decker went to lit.
Joe mi'' eay la.l week.
Mrs. Wili-am Watt was visiting Iienlatisli
ter. Mrs. Anna i.ihls, '.: iday.
- Mr. and Mi. .Ion i . Wliitmer were the
Kia sts -.f Mr. I'eli a .i! v.- fe .su.iday.
We uiiil. rst.ni I ch '! ra i" r.iin. amoiic
hos hi some lent., of this community.
Imte Wiikaas so'..! U ti'g ii.it week;
pii.-e P'alll. 5. rl..,.e .Icjht .11 .
--We Lii.'.er-l.iad t'.c ". at r Literary Society
will b'jy a library; we think it a KOod Idea.
M.ss Faieiie U il-irts has llie wiinoiiiiiK
coiiipj and Is ab.-cit Jrein school at present.
-Lad. (ii-.-.e K.l!rs:.ys lie has Maishu!
i.;:.lh.-r,;:;' era .in.1 aj.v i', iu to rest awhile.
- Ml: s Mi:.:, i- -1 . at:, 'aled the party al Mr.
i'. aic 'a ";i.t , . . ' o.ii r e! Will, cue n;liil..st
-Misi. ,'Ci! was -.i-ili i
J',si-;..i, last s..a.!.iy.
The y.o id T.rk' is bitter il
tye. is for a qu.t.' a '-. ill!-.
-Alwi; lian'v.'l. of Kti ik!!o'.va, .."is e-illi.i
:n our yiv one i.ay ia.: w. ,-k.
-i!.a -p.:: !
i 'iiatj, aioo.. ills relaii
.si? .In-.. Tdari- !.. w -s- , . i
V.'ill c.'olhiis i,xt bun " iier.i'.:'.-.
--Mis.sA:.!-i. r.!i.l !...!!. i,t;t..:.l.
1. , !l l"lll in mi. 'osi ph tin- !...s;
ritiaii.l b.L-' ..i.t I-rid.'V.
- Jlis Z.:e Mi. .:.! who h !u i h vj-jli i
o..i-,ir.iT Stn-iM.i.iiMb, bo-.,!, tin- j ,st
i.i .nil'.", iciiir.icti .-iii.'s.;..y .
-We. :iel I'r.iak It.i.to.x.. of (.i'i;ou,
1- i..Usl th Lit -iaTj I - Tli a s,i.i- i.ia:
l- tr.,tin, : .a.ls!.t;l.;i'.s.f, a.- I.o.ij la w.U
..icci en
U.ir Ulerar.- and di b.lthe: vti'tv Is con -ja'ij-.iite
inie.-t-tiiif;; tne . i.-s!ion for t aurs.
u .r i : res!vt"l, that III" viriKe -ire -;ti iebi.-v
t:,t- k- rl : .r ::.--a
t .
pt pirec.pi hi St.
I'.i.m it his
1st -reek iu Andrew
es there.
w s . iis.il becaa .'
woo h.
!wi. wee
JW- i-iVj .Z. .
rrr.;i Socmans at Posioffiss,
'-i r 1
III K at the chun h Isat
1 and euuliiiiies lu ntuvr
la in", rest from uhi'.it to night,
j - Mr. IIut 'ei"t !o (ireon Teus!a. ISraiid
Ji i r.ueiicr of Ore ii is vi tl'u; hu children al
' pre-ii.i a id atlc.'Iii' ti-.c pro:racted tiuetiu
I - i-'. S. !'. arc L-.tTlMrs.liy for W-stcra Ne'.i-
r..sl.:i;wd! ret till) in a lew dins, and we un.I.:-
l.aid, expect to spend Chr.siiaas with his New
ti.t tirl.
-- h Kerns, wlule di;vini; to eietrcli one
nls'.it last ic.-i-. iia.l tl.e 'uisfortane of haum,
his c.a-on up.-. :. :..rui.i:i- the i-.itir.- X,uu.i
oet; !..i Itii: it. I no ...l.. y..i-i hurt.
rhri-lai t-1., .ih '. -sl lier '. and the people of
; ,..ir wc io . are pi p.ui -4 t ' h-i-.e i trand lime
a: ii..-. i ir : . hrl.ii lis . v. K. t!di. th it
. -a i-.-.! -tie t- t.l. ke t!l-- l.tt 1 1 i:i..n.s.t 'olcr-
s.i:.;, '...II be .1. ..' -We.io'tle .-.II."
1 We have men I. vi.. t., t-..:-! on: who thai
! -;:r: is t!i:.i has . en .iiti.i. tin John r.'vby
mi ni.ieii oi late al ill'" I".. A. church ;
' 'hi.i'n we ki.iov now ; bv th" v.av. he was stcp
: i - alonr, w.th her Somhiy eve. John what
i will ;' ii little JiT'iv s.iyv
' --V.V w.-u'i. l.ke to !;;:."e--IIow Joipi likes
j tn sins iu the . Lou? It "i'lirle .Inn" has heard
' fismi lle.-ie III'-!.? V.i.o H.-rt S.i'ith's best
' ' : . nl:iV v.'i i' 1' it..' of th SUN t;pore r-uiith
j will '-cor: to the t t'.'i't ins lr-e? When i".'!i.--!-
w.'l sia'.lH. -...- Wh-ch uli "in;.- ;!;.
-. ' !.!!.'.' 't .iJ. ' Fi i!
..j ev I" 1 't cm i".im'cr.r fyr the So -j,
v i in ii. lo ...st 'I'. ic rouii; n', stiror- --(!
.ii i.-ii 'me b is .-'"' 'i"t aware we " ...-.l
.,i .'.'Pt ii(i ver reecive.i 'i... .tri-i
! 'on '. if o-i fc..o wi. t-i! as v.v:-.r- i.r.'tlv -. i-
i.ii , leu I lie :-tijr.'. i.'i.' t.'.ole. a. 1 1 that
! tN. -,f.. a .,, :v-.i I
it the eastern teriitiutis of over lliW
miles of railroad ; lis effect, on the Atch
ison, Topeka and Santa Fe, forcing it
to extend to that city, and the '-Ci ' sys
tem bui.ding the Kulo bridge for he fie
commodatiuii of its Cannon Call Den
ver tram which was forced to entor St.
Joseph to meet compulion; the exten
sions of Ihe St. Joseph and Grand Is
land Uailroad and finally the rcdnction
of freight rates, haye given St. Joseph
an impetus that norhiug can oyer
again take away.
o better inrcsUient to-day is offer
ed in tho entire westjni country than in
bjbinc-s and manufaciuring enterpris
es and real c.ta'e in St. Joseph, lor
the reason that such investments will
pay an hotu'sf, living interest ou the
motley invested. Every foot of ground
in I he city is worth more than thu price
asked lor it tor any legitimate business
olilerpri-u. Among the latest entcipu
scs v.'hieh will be set in operation when
the U.iwcrs bloom again in spring, will
bu the new stock vards, eoiniinsin
about ix hundred acres of ground uuon
! whieh fullv $U0,uUU will bo expended.
Jioolie, nosea oc o., win creel another
mammoth wholesale house; two build
ings wiil bo elected for tlie wholesale
drug trade ; over U.OOU 000 brick have
been conli acted lor to put into u new
packinghouse:; and business and le.si
deuce houses will be buiit all wver thej
A new iiotcl will be erected, and the
great Nayc & McCord Mercantile Co.
w'll iiieiease their packing facilities and
begin ptitling up meat in cans, as
they o.rii I heir own ca'tle ranch and
packing lmu-cs and have one of Ihe
largest, oroccry supply houses in the
world; they have exceptional advanta
ges to increase this trade. The new
pump facioiy will be in full-blast as
soon as possible, and the Wood Mauu
factuiitig t'o, manufacturers of over
alb, etc, will soon have 1.0(A) machines
in operation. The McDonald faetory
is tunning l.OoO machines now; Ihe
manufactory of o emits alone gives
employment to fullv -',.r)i)U women.
HeiU estate is advancing steadily all
over Ihecily work is plenty for all mc-
.1 T I I..1. .1 1 ...
ecaue ".'.puiikv"a:i.l cnaiiics nun laniii - in ueuiaiiu limn me
:lt astl:i.t both poi winter's chil v blasts puts an cud thcie-
ti... ... ....... . . x
lo. All Hlea of hi. .lo'eiilrrt jre:it
ueaith can be given by stating the faut
that her capitalist have over $7,000,
o'tO invistcd in the cattle business, and
that her millionaires number ttilly thir
ty.who range from that sum to 10,000
100 each. Negotiations arc now pend
ing iv hereby a cable line will be put in
operation in the city by eastern capital.
T'n Mini up the advantages which we
see fjt. Joseph possesses aie these:
1. .Splendid railroad connections.
2. Low rales of freight, due to the co-hr-si'l
wholesale business. Ii. The linest
territory in the wrjt into which they
ban; direct local railroad lines. 4.
Sp'eiiiiid munutactoiies to which new
ones are constantly betu added, o :
Immense lo. al wealth which is now be-,
lag put out for tl:.' licneltt oi t he ci'y.as
the donations in IdtM SiloJo'Hj to the
K'M'k I-iainl Koad. S-'OO.t.H.O tor paving
streets and other pui.lic inipr..venients,
and over $7.i,o0!) for Y. M. C. A build
ing and X italorium go lo prove. 6.
Fine streets; best sewar.ige system;
good Ridi walks; good horse-ear lines
and exireiiHy healthy. 7. A new eta
of yousier blood in business S. Two
lino daily newspapers who strive all m ,
power to build up the city the I
B3 wF
1 flfiil i
s 111
' Give
Come at once and secure a Bargain. I have the
and will make prices that will "Astonish the Natives.
me a call and be convinced.
New Custom Shoe Store,
FRED iARKLAMD, Proprietor,
North Side Square. 1st Door West City Hotel, Oregon. Mo.
-On Friday evening, 21th inst., Ihe R. G. Mclntyre and wife and Newt.
Sunday school will give their annual Roberts and wife, of Maitland, and Dr.
entertainment at thu Xuksl's Grove Kaltenbach, of Craig, -were in our city
church. The superinteudaut, Kev. II. Wednesday, in attendance at the Krain
S. Bower, has made appropriate prep- ton-liussel nuptials,
arations. On Saturday morning, L'5ih Itch, Mange, and Scratches of
inst., Christmas services at 10 am. On every kind cured in SO minutes ?y
Sunday morning Gth inst.. a Chn;t -, Woolford's Sanitary Lotion. A sn'ro
mas sermon si ill be delivered at ihc'cure and perfectly harmics. AVar
Bcnton church at 10:30 am. To the ranted br llinde & riiilbriek.drnr.r,ist.!.
- ' nn f
above the public is invited.
T. C. Dungan has his workmen,
Raker and Matiek.employcd this week
Oregon, Mo.
A considerable business change,
took place in White Cloud, last week.
in erecting a stairway on the cast side George Hurk halter, Cctbon Cotton and
of his business house occupied by Fred George Xuztim bought out the store ot
MarkLmds as a shoe store. This will Lahmcr & MilU. and will hereafter
furnish an otitside cntranee to the sec-! occupy Miu large brick sloro house for
oud story, and isl a got d imptovcincnt ' racrly owned by B nicy & Xoycs. Wo
and is ch.iracicri.-ttc of Mr. Dungan'ij understand that Mr. I.ahmer will go to
enterprise. The fiont rooms will be Calilornia. and Mr. .Mills will take tne
occupied by W. II. Richards and L. R. i road. Troy Chief.
Kaowles as an abstract and law oflice. j George tlrown, the a-sistant post-
Round trip tickets wiil e sold by master at Hamburg, who "skipped
Agent Hovcy from Foicst City to any ' out" in April last with several hundied
station on the road not over ISO miles j dollars f post ollice fund.--, was captur
dlstant, at one and one-third faie lor ed in Xew York last Monday and ar
tlie round trip, under the follow ii:g rcg- rainged before L'nitcd Stutcs commis
illations: Tickets to be sold on Decern-' sioner Shields charged with robbing
her '-!, ""i and 31 and January 1. goi.d i the mails. Brown when arrested made
going only on the day when sold, a.d ' a confession. He left Hamburg in April
to return on or before Januarys. This: last, and has traveled nearly around
will afford the people an opportunity , the globe. He was tracked bv deteri-
to pay holiday visits at low rates, and
no dou'it will be largelv embraced.
lives, ar.H this morning he was arrested
at tho cilices of the shipping cowimis-
Dr. J. L Minton, of Furicsotie, hr. sioners. lie left Liverpool a short timo
( b"g!it another farm. This time it is 1 aw and shinned as a sailm under th.
the Babb place near Xapier. Hoffmann name ot J.icksoii Ferutp-li. Biown was
& ARirc made the sale. Dr. Mmton
is otic of the mot progn-ssive ar.d
piospcrons farmers of Holt county.
He r.oTt has -loO acre sowed :o winter
wheat, ar.d wi;I plant
.".ores tt corn m xt spring
turned orer to United Statet Marshal
Bernhaid, who staited west with him.
AtCnisuti .Tourip.l.
The ladies of the Woman's Tem-
nbout GOO ' per.mce L'liioa of Forest (Jity will gtvo
He is now ! a "corn festival" in the temperance
l. Illino'-. with his broil. er John, Hall, r.n Christinas bight, (Saturday).
irii Mr. It.'.nl. who
pid! rccovcrltiK at
at Alts
whieh they arc Builn.il.y- interested.
On Friday last M. Gibson let a con
tract with an old reliable mill furnish-
lr.g company of tt. Louis for a full set ( the white fiicntN during the evenin",
j ol rollers and !Le. latest improved macli- what "lire wstcr" has done for her red
j incry tor liie inanufiiclcrc of roller pro- pfopie. Her young children wiU bo
cess Hour. J'he contract is one of tho
mi'st important let in our city forycars,
heit'g ab' ut P.'j.SliO In addition to the
machinery to l:o placed m the mill, the
entire building is to be worked over so
Ih.it lliu actual I'lillay will be about $1,-
C0J. This improve Jiatit ia in one sense
! rrmVtril l: ,...i-;..r' fr.,.,1 tbo f-u.t tl-.,l
the competition which Mr Gibson
has had to meet has been stich, nothing
s'lort of full ru ler process ll.mr would
s'aad a show, and he will not be con-
teul lo take a second place in the Hue
of competition. Our people will be
gratified with the gruit improvement
anil wi'l give the commendable enter
prise their full support. The new nm
Lluncry will be put m operation early
in January next. Craig Meteor.
The linn of V.'m. Whimple & Son,
dealers in Boiks, periodicals, ucwsp.i
pcrs, etc., Felix Street, between 3rd and
itli streets, St Joseph, have removed to
more commodious qti irters in the build
ing occupied by tho Rock Island R. R.
as their offices, corner 4th and Felix
strn ts. The name of the firm has been
changed to Whidiple & Beaumont.
They arc now ready lo leceive their
Holt Count- many friends and patrons
n first-class snle in tl.eir new ipiatteis.
l'hey have enlarged their stuck and
now have otic ot the largest and best
sclrctcd slock of books, pcnodica's
etc., to be found in St Joseph. In ad
di!ion to their large stock of b.mss
they have added the habtNonicst line of
Novelties and Fancy Artieles for the
Holidays over .shown in the City. If
you want something nice and useful for
the little ones, they hav just what 31m
want Iu fact, they have the finest
line of Christina:
be found in
after n job of railioM1. work in ; Come ei cry body .-.nd bung 3 our neigh
bors. The curiosity of Ihe evening wiil
be Ihe family of Objibeway Indians in
their wigwams. The sotiaw will tell
displayed with their b:isi.cU of corn
and in their dcpailment hip? to bo
well patronized. The following liter
ary program will bo rendered, beginn
ing at 7:150 o'clock sharp, atler which
the ludiis will serve relro'limcnt.", con
sisting ot coffee and corn served in var
ious, styles, cake, blaucc mange, etc.
Music, string band; anthem; reciia
tion, Allie Viib:nson; music, string
band; essay, Marshal Roger?.; Rceila-Lnc-Thornhill;
music, duett; recita
tion, Mrs. Joe 11. Williams; music
string band; reading, 1'iof. Funk; re
citation, Tur.i Titers; music, br.v-3
band. Admission ; aduhs ten cents;
children five cetiis.
This is a time when the pnrso
stnngs are opcntd ai they are at no
oihtr season of the year. And why
not? We pily the tn-in, from the bot
tom of our heart, who draws them
light for fear somelhing will drop out,
and who has never felt a single emo
tion of benevolence, or tenderness) at
this lime of universal ciftiuakiiig. How
siugu.arly penuions and po irsome men
grow at the approach of the holidays;
thuv are verging on starvation we
.should suppose from their language.
We do not bj any means advocate ex
travagance, "but "what .should there be
to prevept us from giving ;ifls to our
friends our parents, or children? How
it will do our hearts good to remember
each one of the family with a small
gift, and to J!oW the" cliildun lo tit
the same. How such things are np
prrci itcil in atler life A mug, a enp,
a book; it ni I bu a treasure when Ihe
"her is gone. How u.ticii tenderness
there is ct-uce.iled in the expression.
'Mother guve nm tins on t liristmas
many J'oars ago," or Brother gavo
nifthisasa Chri-lm.is piesetit a few
years before he died, and I hold it very
itinas and holiday goods to ""'r , 1 ",; ,"n" " :ho I '-"' "c w rn
St. Joe. Don't fail to give ! J'"1; " "7 Lt in l!,L; "'st
j n nuil -11.1.1 1.1.'' llllltll IIIMI
them a rail when 111 tint city. R.-mcm- i.,.t uiftVnig !ie a pa7l of votir Chrisj
ber if you want a present for fatlu-r
mother, brother, si-ler, son, daughter,
cousins, uncles or aunts, j'oti wi.l find
it at Whimple & lieauiiioiit's, corner
llh and lAix Streets.
"WbWis Responsible" is the sub
ject for lour consideration at 3'ni;r
Sundity tcXool next Sunday. We orae
mas. dive chccrf-illy. J), not foriret
the '.vidow aiil the orphan. Setul wood
ami Hour, and meat, to siu h as y:m
kimw ma-ii the-e things, and ahoy.-all
do nut forge: tlie dear 'it Ie ones. Your
Christmas will lie all the sweeter for it.
and Heialtl.
I I " mi its . fi IIn AiimiiAitAia ln llian AOM
ra rani m imm
. 1
I. in
Xi".v Year's Ko
will be celebrated at the Christian
chili ch with a tree and literary program
is t'nil'ivs:
Gleelitig tllcc-School.
Declamation JMnh Ilsiulc.
XCllId psalm in (.'unci-rt Class 7.
Recitaiion Con Brown. '
Si.I.i Mr.iT.rh. Pi.rtiti. 1
Recitation Coin SteiTett.
D.alogue Four li.tie j;irls.
R'i-i -ition -Mamie Burnett.
Rcciutmu L3 dia Sunt h.
Son'jr '1 hice little girls.
Recitation KUa Thomas.
( lo-iiig song School.
Distribution nt presents.
Admission. Ten cents. Any one de-
siting to place prese.its on ihe tieo tori
liiui.ils.siiould leave tliem at the church J
WE Hfil'S CUT Til DEEP !
-, is s - - y
If you Avanl iosave n larsre per i5
coiil., hu tun' .stock bt: foru bujing. j
Wo huvc a larpro supply of all
line.': ofontls v. Jjlrh v, e wisli to vv
tlucti largely bfforu invoicing.
(.; This is a Goldon Oi)or unity lo J
A secure Good, Solid and Enduring i)
r. Ji-irgains.
Let everyone who lias a Avant to
supply or a dollar to sp;nd, cmhuc
and see for himself.
i iir prices on sosne
see local columns.
sjipci;;! .sales,
Xji:is Kvi; I-Inf orf:iiiitniir.
ject for lour consideration at 3'ni;r j
Suntlt.y retool next Sunday. We c-me "'",'' ,"VV
J , , I niciils ever presented lo the citizens of
iieic tonic ciose 01 anoiuer3car si.io.e Oregon will bu given at the Court
study. Many of the grandest truths of ' House on Christmas eve.
Sciiptute have p.is.-cd before ns m re-1 The leading feature will consist of
view. We have been scarchin'r imo , tac be nlifiil J'-u.ive Calisthenie drill"
! ihe deep tilings of God. It would be'-'1" '-v "l, "irs drwa-jr.l in militar-
of interest, and, I should hope, of pio trpaii,",., : there w ill as ,eral
lit to go back ovei the lessons of l he , b-iiutiiu! tableau s by tho gi: Is M cos
year, ga'her up some ol their more t ttime.
practical truths and bv them test our, Inadditi n to the above, there will
personal r laii-ns to'-Ii-us ;iins!, i !),! -"" :'ircly new t hri-tmas miisio
I d s only Son - .tir onl.- .Saviour. Il ! '-v tn? '0' t'.'c I'rcs-
has, However, se, n.ed to me that the . lKrtu ?U "r
-., ..,1 s; ,1 i,.,ii,, i,. i-L,.,-. v 1 ' ""ens ano iiiianeiii.s, :ini some line
the M-.NTi.NKl. inigLt be better survud by
lookiii-1 into the Siibiiath-school itself.
and coiisidcting upon whom the res-1 This wi.l be given for the bei.ifit of
' poiiibility rcsisforits mi-.-ccss. The j tho Womon's Missionary Soctcti, of the
Have just ret-clvei! I.iikc stuns of money from 0;,;t.c f ail Sabbath-school itistiuctioii ' IVesbytcnaii (Jh'irch and the I'resbv
friemls hi .v. aWi'!,, in. are ai.xietis lo I-ian .1M,j be. These make tip tlie sd'ool ' teiiarrSabba'li rjchuol, and ll:e cntcr-
For then: the sci.ool is organized and . tainincnt nib be umt of tin mos" ciyt.y-fti-taiticil.
L'uto their salvati.m r.H the-e "''ie eicr given in Oregon 1'iico of
energies are directed. They are res , admission : Adults, 20 cl-: c hildren,
inii.Hiif tor regular aeil punctual at- i':ts. 1 .ors open at 1 o e ock ; en-
tetitla'jce; lor pnet anil reverence in
th" c:"r"ises of th" school; forstich
stu ly of iae ie-son -is shall 'manic the
tf-ichr to make the lao-t iif the b-.ll-iionr
wV.i ttftl toils con-i'l'tnittoti ; for
It to tee rarmers o. Ili.l oiiniy, r.Itssoar!. 1:11
tlleir JliT.OVKU FAKM.S at .1 !.( .M!
KATi: of iiilere-t anil Itl.Tl':-:i: Ti:!:.Ms U.aii
lierelolore oileittl l.y lnjs.-lt or lliiis-eiuaetl
ill tlie loatifnp bn-laesi. INTKl!K.sT I'AIH
ANNt:.I.I.Y. ..... f in..ii L,i:r:i: ..r small
saiii ii 't s.rni '..1 i,n .r MIct,:i TvJr.
mllii..i .It-lay !",)i:iM'. l-iK to have privil-p"
of iv.YiNi, orr i.')a.n ,it
recitations by the children of thu l'reo
bytciian sjabballi Si h iol.
tertainmcilt beg-ns at 7 12 o'clock.
1 .1-t all altent! this b.miitifnl etitcrlain
iueut, tojuii itli:.
no AiisTiiAiT oi" 'irri f i:nifTi:i-i) '!':.
loan Is ai'jtr ,e.l. Al.!. ItM'Krs'sK e ex-11. iii
lr j.-nrity ;alti ,i- iv.ai ni nt i1'1!" ri. paiil Ny
BEA3 THIS if mm !
Nov.' it J011 an-liiliikitiof.i ttiiia LOAN
or isjnrHln; an OLI ON'!: ilnre a II1CJ1
ItATi: ul IN TIiltlor Is i'i.l.l. jtit e. n.e aial gH
' tit fi'1:.:--;::.:! ! of t!.: -e'...' in th-t
ihty :.re to r alive a. i.i oarttest as nie'ii
I t.: s ut it ; for tie1 ot ' in: st-ii l, 111
th it t!:t V can seek and bring in fch.d-
ars to increase ihe tnt-mb"! ship, ar.d
! ': : ; tie-a- 1 i D-p.'i. r - ol the r.iiu,
1, i" 1' 1 hp m.inu it ! t'i'-ir -pi.it and
actions wiiil-j the h mr n pa mg.
parti, s le-p msible tor
" virtii-.'air! t-r
t. .. fi...u tin ..... .
..r' t'lo'i. . i.iaty,
.i.i ir ltfr.,1, 1-s,'. ,
t. a in favor of
n aj-"i."ri!rvriitl.a
.: U;u I ."f. f li.. i ireoit
M tss..or:.r. t 'it ti.thle at til
I sii.l ro.irt, ..ml ! ion .1.
!..u!el W Lit, user, an I
j Or wrtl.- I-. lo:. ,1. 1
j el-iev. I.er-1. i-ial s,-,.
I V...1. lf..li t II. sl'..!e
! .l..r,;s ,,.-' 1,
i-;- .li-Htille airaui-'eineiils ,
II I ean'l lieofsenic- lo
. '-i.t -..- rrIil .n.a. f'
.11 1 Til '
l, .
ili.ee i.tll" 11 ;ai", ,ii.n.
rar i:ai j iv iu itie i-na-l
VTri:2riby vie siik, wogivo hcrCs-itirii,
WLcrub smj Claid. aic cricil for fastvrii,
V.'Lca 1 'ir l..-. j;r.. ilis. ihe it-ai? to Cusloi-.i,
r U;j i Lil liifin.M&I'u,
li'iHKi Ciry. .'lo.
Thu-ii arc the
ihe condition ai.d -ti' cu-s of the a.ib
li.illi-s. li ,'. each n a certa ti line, and
ill, iu sonic 1 o'ge uiea-tlre. 011 every
line. Weil, v.'liat al..ut linif selioo:?
Is th,j iiiteialutice tncrciisin or tliiiiin-i-hing?
I the inlciet dcepeiiitig or
v.-intng? Are the J'oung men and
imeii 'caving you, or are they itold
inc: oil in the s tt lv of the Won!? fs
lour sciiool becoming more or !c .1
i-ow.-l it: the ( ri:eit Arc -ou-s .oni
v -ur -'':io,il e:,t. ling iu'o the gloifii-ic.li-.np'ioaot
.Jts'.io Chiist, r.r aietlcro
. 1 . ...ni... 1 . ..1. ... vi:i. teachers, kii ,
. . t- . . v ,n .it t.al nmdtiti'i nt
1 ui .:eii ix c-'wui s, .,u. i u.ii., .uy,
! lev, : iitiv,
. . p i-tor, and
Cjnveisitrjs? Ilo vi",
.ili'.'riul'jniie'it, and
v the pa-fiit s-pirii-Vr
school? Y.3
, 8iOUl- liud l:,i- Wt.
iiiikerl r. Murray. IVrry I). M-irray aailA'frr.t
1". '.'.irray.
I 11 i!. Ivi.-i! 'ltJin illl'l sir.l ail lie- lill. t lie
ami 1 1! r.'it of fin v.iliun ii.iini.l ilrt o.iau-.. of
ill tail t Lie t.)i.o.'.tli .ies-:i:.-.l re il--t.:le. as
loil.ovi to-1.1t.
All of liie nori!i..sl .ju-trtr f si riii.n iliirlj
ftr .'!!!, l..-.ti.lii sUrv ..'i.' !!, ol taw
l!nrl--f-u.it tsiiloei-t to iiu.rtp.tKe la lil l.y
, loan e 'inp-ii...
tl liiiis . lie I iwitijr In sanl .: unity an. I Mate
ol Missouri ; 11.I I ucl ..11
lliril.sli.W. .IlNCMtV l"t!i !sT,
' I'.t.-.i.-n Hi' lioiti if iiiiio.-.- 1:1 Hit-foie-r.
oil .mil live ..''-I.m !i in tl..' af!er...-oa ol Unit
' l,.y, at tne isuirr lioiiv iliHir In tliei'tly ofOie
p,'i. .iiiatv i'f Holt alors.ii.1. i-Il t.:e saii: at
i.tii-.i.- -.tii.hi.-, . tlie Iiulie.t bulil r for i-.tsli in
naii'l, to -a'l.fy sjitl ete.-a-.I-jr. ati! nt1.
sii.-i i:t of Holt Omtiiv.
II. T. Al.lvlitK. Ati'y for PIS.
't;r fui'ii' or Ileiif.
A on storj frame luislu.--! lion-.., iti N vr
!' ri! is.ii:.,le r !m.c store or otl.er lia-ii'"
m.ros-.. !;o.iiK21i.y-wit!l a re. I leneeatlar! -
it ins no!ii lieli.n r.iul al'oii' . T"rmnci.
s"ii.al.'. Ai..lts-is
Ii. I'. Ki'KKt , New I'o.r.t.
"'1ft T-:-i- - "v..
.-i r

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