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The Nodaway Valley District Fair Association will hold their
Seventh Annual Esposition
And continuing five days.
The finest line of horses are in training for the races that
have ever been on the track. More races have been adfled to
program than last yean
Tuesday, August 28. f Thursday, August 30.
1. Trotting-3 minute class ilOO.oo
2. Ilunniiia !5 hc-th, - in 3 - 15-00
3. Mule rice fur mules that hate
never von public race 10.00
Wednesday. August 29.
4. Trofting-a is) class ....
5. ltuiiiiing-mile. dash
fi. racing free fur all ....
. 100.00
. 113.00
Nn. 7. Trotting 2:ll Class ,12-.(0
s. Itiiiiiiitig ( niilvditsli M).yi)
" :. Illuming 2 earold-? mile dash .vj.qt)
" 10. Trolling a years old stake race
Asxicl.it ion add 50.00
Friday, August 31.
So. 11. Trotlins-fiee f.irall S400.00
12. Illuming mil" heats:: ill 3 lj.(iU
" 13. Trnttiiis 2 t.-ars oM 'i mile
heats 2 in a T0.no
" It. Hirectors-iniile rice 00.00
jaArmnRemcntH have hecti made for a Stake ltace Tor three-ycar-oid i.icers.aj
The attractions will be jreater, the attendance larger and
the fair a grander success than ever before. Hundreds of dol
lars' worth of work has been spent on the track since last fall.
The ends have been braced to the National Standard and it is the
fastest track in the west. For premium liss, speed programs,
etc., Address,
jesse c. Fins,
Sale of Snmser
Go-Prices I
Our Fall and "Winter Goods are com
ing in and must have room. The Sum
mer Goods consist of Lawns, former
price 10 and 12y2c, now 8y3c. Lawns
6l4 and 8y3c, now4ysc. Standard Prints,
former price, 7 and 8y3c, now 6c.
Dress Ginghams, worth 10 and 12x3c,
now 8y3c. White Goods at just half
their former price. Swiss Embroider
ies from 20 to 30 per cent, below
former price. Jerseys and Jackets for
Ladies very, very Cheap.
Boots and Shoes
At Cask Prices Only!
j Hvory K'iti!!ir:iii houl1 at
j((!iul the Primaries, August IStli.
All are invited to attend Clearing Sale.
Yours Respectfully,
One Price Cash Store,
1883. 1888.
Farmers and Horseman !
Your Attention is called to the Fact that I am Manufacturing the
Best Harness Made in this or any other County in the State.
I warrant every strap In mv Harness anil guarantee satisfaction.
Use J. i. llnllinaim & Suns' lli-.t Oak Tanned leather, the hest that can lie bought
Kverj strap is selected with i are hororc it goes Into the Harness
Carry a full line of Lap Hosiers. Horse Covers. Le.it her. leli. Cor.l ami Cotton, Flv Nets
Harness Oil and Soap. Collar I'ads. ami all kin-Is of Sweat Tails a large st.iek of Swioncr's Pat
ent, Wycth's Tatent, tlenuliie Wool Faced, Hair Faml Collars of all Minis ; a fine assortment of
liiujgv. Team and ltlding Whip.
Will save vou from Ten to Twentv percent- on Haggles and Spring Wagons If von will give
me a rail. You are specially Intited'iocall and examine Harness. learn prices ond to use jour
own convictions. Yours Truly,
"K-NTISr.L we
Republican Mass Convention. , t , ,
In pursuance, to the call of the Republican ' give tin- first installment of tliu "Tariff
congressional i oituuitii e 01 me rounn i on- . , ,
gression-il district, a mass convention islierchy rnmer," which Will be continued week
called to meet at the Court House in Oregon, j ...
Mo., on Monday, August win, iae, at 1 o'clock ly during Ibe campaign, and coverall
r. St., for the purimse of choosing seven 71 .
delegates to represent Holt county in the said phases of the great contest between
Congressional Convention called to meet in St.
Josvph, .Mo., on Wednesday. August, i;th. is, I Protection and Free Trade, which is
to nominate a candidate forcongress. And it i
is further ordered that at said mass contention ihe issue of this campaign. "The
there lie chosen seven TJ delegates- to represent r 0
i'nmer" will be a comp'ete elementary
text book on the subject, and no better
campaign document can be circulated
than the Si:nii.ni:l containing it. Get
up campaign club- at once. From now
until November 30th, only 50 cents.
Holt eountv in the Senatorial Convention Itet
to he railed for the purpose or nominating a
candidate for the State Senate from t lie First
Senatorial district. II. T Ai.kiisp.,
I. 1. Doiiyns, Sec. Chairman.
Republican Senatorial Conven
tion. To the Ilepiihlleans of the First Suiatorial
District of Missouri:
A Senatorial Convention will tie held at
Mound City, Missouri, at one o'clock P. 31.,
Thursday, August 30th, IH88,
for the purpose of selecting a candidate for
State Senator, ami t" transact such other busi
ness as may come before said convention. Kach
eountv shall be entitled to the following num
ber of deb-gates :
Xodavvav, 11. Holt. 7. Atchison, 6. Kach
County Central Committee will arrange its on n
lime and manner of selecting such delegates to
said convention.
I"y order of fie Senatorial Co'innitteo.
Secretary. Chairman.
Stars ami Stripes vs.
Hctniblican County Convention. ;
In accordance with an onlerof the Holt Conn- j
tv ltepuhlicnu Central Committee, a delegate
convention fur nominal ins candidates forilie
various o(llc s to lie tilled at the ensuing No
vember ejection is l.erebv called to meet at
Mver's Opera IIoi.m, in Mound City, Missouri,
at lu o'clock A. M. on
Monday, August 30th, 1K.S8.
And further; lu ohedieiice lo the order of
said committee, the Kpiili:'c.n voters of each
timnshipare hcich.v called to meet at their lc-siH-ctive
pla es ol toting at a o'clock p. Jt. on
Sntiinl.iy, August lMHi, I8H8.
there to ih'iose liv prinriry elcclioa tlieniiiaber
of delepites ;ippirtiitieil to eaeli InwiHiip, to
repri'fi'iit them in -atd eniti'y eoiiveu.ioii. 'ltie
bais of aopiiitioiiiueiii i tine i'ieatr for each
tliirt; (:Mi. :.ud each fra tioii of liftecii (15) voles
or over e.:-t for .lames '.I. IllaU.e tor l'lcsldent
ill 1KM, ami Is as foilons :
Townships. Voters.
lienton . art.
Iligelow 107
Clay 258
K;l-t Lewis JIJ ,
Forbes 132
Hickory l.v
IJberty IS9
Uncolu ns
Union I.'iG....
West Lewis .lis
II. T. A I. KIKE, Chairman,
I). r DOBYXS, Secretary.
, S
r.Tr."."..".i i
.. 5
, 6
Fee for annoiuicin. ?5.00 in advance. Coin
iniii.iratlons in the interest of candidates, tweli-tv-flve
cent? ier line, cash in advance.
I sav, my boy, It secim to ma
li all I lie ipuxT dainbaniiers
To llii.U in tins here l.-iiid o' Free
The diirnde-t I" liaudaniiers :
Tin1)' stain for everything that's bad
In politics and morals,
III iMdi-riiics I hey is alius had
lieen iwd to start the quarrcM.
It is a dirty, measly ni? ;
11 lias (that's vvy we miiui It)
T"ie featuri-s of the English Hag,
.liiius Hie wi'.itt cross on it.
It stans fur I'ns- Trade every where
And l-Jiglish iti-u and inuney.
If II : nevt Noren r'sehillv air
Will mal.e :t si.iy, sonuj :
l'.ii i is, they are the Kiulisti Ikigs,
Disguised to 'void ill lectbio,;
And bilious seed ila'irgntii by ti.igs
lo u.lieo'iuv otir 'leclions ;
We la ked 'em luie,- s, ni uracil ipiick
It made the creators dizz.
And now it f.iiily in, ike, me Mck
To see ilieir llas so busy.
We licked "em with t'ltf sword and gun ;
Now i'e.iee loksnli in womler
To s,e, Willi Bold, that they have won
Ard m. ike us Lnatkie under!
An Kogiish M ior of New York
An I'.iighsh 1'reslileiil:
An Ki-glish dude ent to St. .lames
Us lor to ie;iresei!'. !
I sav, my boy, this thing must miit ;
Tfiis Fall, my boy, we'll sct.. Vm !
America against tiie "Urit"
With Denincnits lo help 'cm !
The Mate thai made old In land fall
From her comniervial (tlory
Seeks this country to enthrall
And hem repeat the story.
We'll wave aloft the Stars an' Strljies :
They're good eimiign for keepin'.
And tliev may have their Thuriuan wipes
For I heir November weepin".
Tiie Stars an' Sti ipe fi r u, my hoy.
Its alius been pieieetiou.
And I jiallUi duties 'ill have to git
After the next election:
-Irish World.
.1 : ... ... . Illtl l,tt
e .in .mi imrutii ui .miiwuin ..i ...
111,'VVV .i. ,..itili,l.ie f.if. tiie fifll,'!. ill Sl.eHlT i
ot Holt Comity, subject to the ICepubllcau nuin
inatiug convention.
We an; authorized to aniinuuce O. T. Ct'It-
TIS..TU . as ,i candidate for tl luce of S'lenlf
of Holt Ceinily, subject to tiie Kepublican
iiomiuatiiig convention.
We are aiithori7id to aniiniirce W. II.
FHAMK. as a candidate fcr the ol'b: of Mhciitl
of Holt County, Minj'.-ct to the K-piitilicaii nom
inating convention.
We are authorlred to auiiouucu fSKOKOE W
SECKISTas a candidate (or the otlice f sheriff
of Holt comity, subject to the ltcpublicau
minimal ing couv entiou.
We are authorised In aimotmce 1.. P. (Ill -II
AM as a candidate for the oftice of Assessor
of Holt County, subject to the ltcpublicau nom
inating convention.
We arc authorized to anuouiiee AI1KAIIAM
S. SNEI.I. as a candidate for the oftice f AS
SESSOIl of Holt county, subject t the Kf pub
lican iiomiiiattng convention.
We are authorized to announce ALltKKT O.
WKI1KR, as a candidate for the oftice of Assess,
or of Holt County, subject to the ltcpubliran
nominating convention.
We are authorized to announce Kit ItOZHLL
as a candidate for the office of Assossor.of Holt
count v, snliject to the Itepiiblicau nominating
We are authorized to announce ELLIOTT C.
MEYKK. as a .-lllillilate for the office of Collec
tor, of lloit Count v, subject to the ltcpublicau
nominating convention.
We are authorized to announce (lEOItnE H.
ALLEN, as a candidate for the office ol Collec
tor, ot llol! Count v. subject to the ltcpublicau
nominating convention.
V are ai'thoilzed to aiinoiiiice V. n. ltU'H
AIJIIS, as a candiilate for the office of Collector,
of Holt County, subject to the liepublicali ,iom
at ing convention.
We are aiilliorized to announce S.VMl'EL It.
AUSTIN i"s a candidate for the otlice of Collec
tor of Holt County, subject to the ltcpublicau
Nominating Convention.
We arr au'.horiZ'sl to aiimuince FItANK L.
ZI.I.LEi:. as a candidate for the otlice of 'I ItES
I'ltLIt of Holt county, subject to the KcpuWi
can nominating convention.
V.'e are authorized to announce PHILIP
SCI1LOTZII AI'EIt a.- a eaudidate for the olllc--.
of Treasurer of Holt rounlv, subject to the He
public. in Nominating Contention.
Milk shake tl, s at E. 1'. Ilostutter's
I n not forgot to attend the pri
maries Auoii.st 18th.
Call at Mrs, Uennelt's tor pure Ice
cream and lemon shethert.
CI aide Ue.uneit will leave in a few
ilavs, for a western trip.
C. Hoblitzell, "ihe rtt-tler," spent
Sunday ttilh friends at Fairfax.
Probata court convenes next Mon
day, Ihe 13th inst in regular session.
The St. Joseph Herald of Monday
had a good report of the Craig rally.
John Hahler, ol the Majllotver dit
trict, lost a cow Sunday night by ltght
niii. The first train over Ihe Diagonal
road arrived m St. Joseph Thursday
rrof. II. K. Warren delivers a lec
ture ot the M. E. Church, this Thurs
day evening
Lemon shci best, ice crentn, dc ,
at Mis. Hcnnctt's every evening during
the institute.
The Sentinel one your ami tlin Kansas
City Weekly .lourual until Nov. lu. Tor
$1.50 Cash up.
Minor Taylor went oui ot town
Sunday morning in his knee pants,
lie looked charming
V. II. Hopper and J. It Minton
started for a prospecting tour through
Xess county, KantHs, last Tuesday
V. II. Kiehards was in Atchison
county this week, making settlement
with the county court as swamp land
Ilcrnicc, Karl and Bertha Richards
haye returned homo after several 2eks
visit with their grand parents in Liber
ty township.
The ruin .si onus of Saturday and
Sunday night were the heaviest of the
season. No serious damage is reported
to us. however.
F. II. Kowley, ilic ehtckcri buyer,
will bs at Kmil Weber's store, Forest
City, Friday, Saturday and Monday,
,,' . il ... - ifHIV v-t.v
He He ii.iii.iiii.i l , iiiiiiiFHii. i .i.pi!., nr..e i ,,
NISII. asacaiidi h'lefortheonieeof I'rosecu-I August 10, U and 13th
tiHK Attorney ot unit county, subject to me lie
publican nominal ins convention.
Attend tli I'riniaries.
A milk shake at Hoste'.tci's.
Frcsli roasted peanuts at E. P.IIos
tetter's. We arc sorry to learn that Grandma
Moore is (piile sick,
Kreek & Watson have a full line of
groceries at very low figures.
Mrs. Bennett will serve ice cream
every evening during the institute.
Teachers Ke-uniou at Court House
on Thursday evening, August 16th.
Don 'i fail to attend the entertain
ment at Sterrett'a Opera House, Mon
day evening.
Arthur Hussel made a shipment of
seventy head of hogs from Forest City,
Monday last.
Parties having organs needing clean
ing or repairing will do well to call ou
C. O. Denny.
Hcv. Vorgi'Icln will preach in the
Presbyterian church next Sunday even
ing at the usual hour.
Flower pots, hanging pots, and
hnndsome flower vases in latest pat
terns at Hindu & Philbrick's.
Onr city has just closed a contract
With Mr. Wade Morris for 100 t.crch of
rock to be used upon our streets.
, r i, i i . 1.
-..arvev ournen uas rawun. uo farm ncar ,he wjJow Mfxk,g p,a(.e
iiiMiioii in viiy v.uucciur, aim cu., r)nii't. foro-el the. Miss Meeting on
Mnllnr !... !... ii finnniotiwl In h a KtPait. I U0" 1 lorgel ",e slass JieeUD on
-Mrs.Htndewhoisonavi.it ,lere ! tl.e 13lh inst. at Oregon. It is impor
with her son Tom, has benn feritnisly j that the Itepublu-ans should tura out
ill ihe past week, but we areglad to learn from all parts of the county, and send
she is now better. ! representative men to the congress-
lfarrel salt, 91.4U per oarrei; uorse lonal anil senatorial conventions,
Attend tbc Prinistrics, Satur
day, August J8tb.
Get a milk shake at E. P. Hos
tetler's. Attend the mass convention nest
Se premium lists lor Emery's
special ads.
.The Best o-Cent cigar in town at
E. P. Hostetter's.
Miss Anna Fieeenbaum is visiting
her sister, Mrs. Mina Curry.
Born, to George Guyer and wife, of
Jrorbes township, Friday, August Urd, a
A s'ock of Millinery U offered for
sale for particulars, apply at this of
fice. Adam Yelter, of New Point, was
visiting relatives in Buchanan county,
this week.
Fred Neuendorf, of Mound City, is
rejoicing over the arrival of a wee visit,
or at his house.
Mrs. C. O. Denny started Monday
for a month's visit with her parents
near, Iola Kansas.
(i'nte.a number of our colored peo
ple celebrated 111 St. Joseph last Satur
day, August 1th.
Miss Mattie Young, of Cower, Mis
souri, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. M. A.
Taylor, in Mound City.
Frank Frcytao, ot the St. Joseph
Gazztte, was iuterviewirg swim of our
Citizens last TucmI it.
Mrs. Herman Allen, of Logan coun
ty, Kansas, has t een v. siting her Holt
county friends lie past week.
Dont lorget that Mrs Bennett will
serve, ice cream, lemon cbcrbuit, every
evening during the instititute.
Jim and Naihati Keeney, of Doni
phan county, Kansas, were visiting
with Alf. Guntry a tew days last week.
D. M. Blevir.s, who has been buy
ing stock in Kansas and Nebraska for
some time, Suudaycd with his family
jn Mound City.
Key. D. 1 . Bone has been engaged
for several weeks in erecting a resi
dence in St. Joseph, where he expects
to locale soon.
Our colored people are talking of
celebrating Emancipation Day in Ore
gon on the 22nd of September the
proper date for them to celebrate.
Uncle Johnny Cowan has relurned
from Sweet Springs, where lie has
been tor the benefit ol h'u health. He
says he feels much improved in health.
List of uncalled for letters at Ore
gon, Mo., August 1st, S8: Mrs. Sailia
Collins, SanimaDtha (iullock, Miss
.Mt.riais Gibotis, John Maekey, L. E.
Miller, Mis Annie Feacl.
Prof. Horn completed a very suc
cessful tctm of music lessons to a very
largo class of pupils and returned to his
home in Maitland on Monday. He has
given eminent satisfaction to all his pu
pils. Wo aro filnd lo learn that D. W.
Evans, of Forbes township, who has
been suffering with eyes for several
weeks, has about recovered and is once
moie able to get aruuH.l among his
The W. C. T. U., ot New Point,
will givo an ice cream festival in the
churchyard in that yill-ige on Thurs
day evening, August 2:iu. Everybody
cordially invited to como out and have
a good time.
Ed. Benson, who has been visiting
relatives in Nebraska.forscver.il weeks,
returned home this tseek. We are elad
to learn that his trip proved beneficial,
as he is considerable stronger than
nl.en he left.
Mr. ISiekbam, the effiiient miller of
the Oren & Roeckcr flouring mill, will
start the first n' the week on a three
weeks' vilt lo his people in Ohio. Mrc.
Biekham will perhaps be gone several
weeks 1 tiger.
UIh umatism and Neuralgia cured
in 1 to 3 days for 75 cents by Detchon's
"Mjstic Cuie." Do not suffer and
waste money on other remedies This
absolutely nevet failj. Sold by Hinde
& Philbrtok, Oregon, Mo.
Samuel Stuckey desires t sell his
livery business, barn, andtock. This is
one ot the best business chances in this
portion of the t:ite,:ind lo the man who
can la k but means busines,hcwill find
Mr.Stuckey ready to meet him half way
Rev. Hardin Mortem, of the (color
ed) Baptist church, Plaltxburg, this
state, preached the fuucrl sermon of
Aunt Julia Lewis (who did in this city
scverjl months ngo,) at the colored
Bapti.st church in this city, last Sun
day. We want every Kepnblican voter on
onr subscription lists for the cumins
Presidential campaign. The Tariff
Primer now fairly begun, of such
character that ever voter should read it.
Only 60 cents for tbc Sentinel to No
vember 30th.
Cave J. Hunt, the mail agent on
this road, took the cake in a recent
examination held at Burlington, Iowa.
The trial was to distrioute 1,700 cards
in 206 boxes, representing the different
routes of a sylein or scheme. One
contestant placed the entire 1,700 cards
correctly but the lime he consumed was
one hour aud thirty minutes, Mr.
Hunt missed one card in the entire 1,700
but did the distributing in 37 minutes.
This was one of the best examinations
ever passed there, and the business
proved that the "nnqualifisd class" is
the best qualified after all. Tarkio
A Correction.
MrsRits. Honvxs & Cuimv firSTLKME-x :
Klndlv pcniiil me. 10 say that your usually cor
rect reiMirter is in error 111 1 oiiifciini; m name
with the publication of a lcmo-ratie paper. I
am a Hemncrat I do nof.vanttodeiivih.it
but I am nut in politics 111 tiie way of editing or
h?lpliur to edit any pu'.ihc.itlo'i. I should not
troub'e ton but so man v people as'v me about
my pos.tioii 011 Ihe "Ticvv Ileum, ratic Iiier"
peop'e are su ai eiistemed to nv.ird I'iikSkv-
Ttvn 1 11 .1 1 - m.1 I 1 lit., it. ,1im ... titer.. f neua
Union, Mill Creek, Oregon and Benton . tii.it I prefer replvnu; m ihe columns of your
, ... , . . ., i naner. I Am Voitis. Etc..
snnuay scnoois, win ue neiuoniue'- Hi HKiciii:Kr.!r:u.
2ith inst.. In the grove on the Noland
It now turns out that lha Demo
cratic campaign medal is a miniature
copy of the rebel flag; Us petfectappro
priateness is not to be questioned.
B. O. Cowan and I). W. King will
address tbu peojile of this vicinity in
the interests of the Prohibition Party,
at the Court Huuse,this Friday evening,
August 10th.
The township cliairm.ins should at
once proceed In the organizaton of
Republican Leagues in their respective
township. Attend to this matter at
once, gentlemen.
The members of the Executive
committee of the Oregon League are
requested to meet at ihe editorial tooms
ot I lie Sentinel on Tuesday evening
next, August 14th.
Mound City has been especially
favored this year with conventions
the county convention meeting thereon
the 201 h, and the senatorial convcution
on the 30th instant.
Buy the improved light draft, well
proportioned, the nicest finished, Or
chard City, or the well known Bam
Wagon. Fully warranted. II. C.
Schmidt, agent, Oregon, Mo.
A Union picnic, composed of the
You should attend the Prima-'
ness, Saturday, August lKtli. 1
Fall In Fur Harrison ami Morton
Freemen, sound the chorus ! Slioul the battle- j
cry atfain ! j
Wake the ruining echoes from the mountain i
and the iil.im !
Let the sime reverheratu fromOrecou to Maine:
Tall 111 for iiarrissa and Morton :
Hurrah! Hurrah! Tiie ballot must lie free !
Hurrah! Hurrah! No nanner tvacetnen we !
Then rally to the standard of our country In
dustry. Fall in for Harrison and Morton !
We want no bull-dozed banner, boys, to wave !
o er vou ami tue ;
We want an honest count of votes from lakes to
southern ea :
Then rally lo the. standard, beys, the ballot
mast be free
Kail in for Harrison and Morton !
eiionuH. Hurrah ! Etc.
The Iihihest slory of our I.md is Ile.iveii bless
the score !
American protection for our people, rich and
poor ;
A ike for wool and cotton, rice and lead and
silter ore.
Fall in far Harrison and Morton!
cnouus. Hurrah! Etc.
Conn' all and Join the chorus, boys, and aid us
tt provide
For our own house and country as against the
world beside.
And we will win the battle, for the Lord ts on
our side.
Fall In for Harrison and Morton I
cuoitrs. Hurrah! Etc.
Don't forget the
August 18th.
l'rmarics, ThcKcpubliean Prinnlries arc
held Atrgust 18th.
Howard Female College,
Located at Fayette, Missouri,
Has just closed its tvvcntv-iiintli year with l.VS matriculates, repres. ntimr twenty two c.iiinHcs in .
Missouri besides other states, lfoardlnc d-'pirlmeut ucwlj flitted. Tel. Teachers. Mperlnr
.iitv.mtaccs in Music and Art. Course or study Tlmmuch uil r llijih Jrade. leimsj
n-isonatde. and no (ttra i!.ars for tlerrian, French, or r.bsi:t!.n. Next tin ioj un August,
SUth, if-es, j ur Catalogues or .4.1V iuioruiutio-.ujs-i.-, 11. I CKOV f-riri;'.eiit. i
I a ette, Missouri.
shou tobacco, i'o cents per pound ; five
pounds best green Rio coffee $1 ; 4 one
pound packages Dwiaht or Church's
soda, 25 cents. California grapes and
plums, 20c per can; corn, peas, toma
toes, and pumpkins, 12 1-2 cents per
can. 20 pounds prunes SI; Baking
powders 20c a pound. At L I. Moore's
the Cash Grocer, Oregon,
English Spavin Liniment removes
all bard, soft, or calloused lumps and
blemishes from horses, blood spavin,
curbs, splints, swecney, stifles, sprains.
sore and swollen throat, coughs etc. ! falTCd tfllS V6&r.
Save SoO by use of one bottle. Every t! FflQTCR MARQUAI I
iw.tiio worr-inie.iiie iiin.i.. .e. pi,ttt,r;,.i- i ruoitn nmnnriLL.
Meadow Grass for sale by the
acre, yielding two and a half to
three tons per acre. Not pas-
i Druggist, Otegon, Mo.
Mound City, Mo.
Emery, of St. Joe, offers a premi
um of 20 to the handsomest biby over
six and unde- eighteen m-mths. Also
a second ptctnium of $10 and third of
SH at tbu Maitland fair this year.
C. O Denny, one of our very best
le ichcis, will have charge of the Bige
low school this coming year. The
Biiiclnw board exhibited excellent judge
ment in securing the services ot .Mr.
We understand that efforts are
being made to couveit the old Forest
City brewery into a canning fa; tor.
We believe the enterprise would prove
a profitable investment to thoseeiigag
ed in the enterprise.
Every Republican in the county
should notice carefully the cail
for tbeir primaries and convention, and
aid them by peisonal attendance.
Staying away from a primary and then
grumbling about lU action is not hon
orable. The race for representative before
the Republican convention this year t
confined to barely two m ti -E .. Kel
logg of Craig, and II. T. Alkire ot
Oregon. They arc both good men,
and "you pays your money and taken
your choice."
The Democracy hold th ir conven
tion at Forest City to-morrow, Saturday,
to send delegates to their slate conven
tions Bob Ru-sel, Virgtl Kenton, L.
W. Baker, (Jny Thomp-on and R C.
Benton will represent E.ist Lewis in
said convention.
Rer. T. D. Roberts was called to
Taikio Wednesday night to moderate a
meeting of the I'tcsbyteiian church
there, for the purpose ol making out a
call for the astonal service, of Rev.
Gorge Miller, formerly pastor of the
Presbyterian church ot this city.
Messrs Polly & Ch-mbrriain have
recently purchased a swinging aeker,
the very neatest improvement in this
line of farm machinery, and they me
now prepared to do threshing ip first
class style. On Monday la-t they had
planed to thresh the one hundred acres
of Frank Baker.
The Maitland Fair, to be held
August 27th to 31st, inclusive, promise?
to be the best and most attraeiite ever
held by this association. The premium
are libera! in all departments, and the
purses in the spevd ring will amount to
?l,50O. See "ad" elsetvhere in this
issue for speed ring and other informa
tion. A very large and cnthtisia-tie crotvd
wa in altendanco at the meeting of the
Republicans on Thurrday last. The
next meeting of the club will be Ihe
third Thursday evening i-t this month
16th inst. Ifjou canaot attend in
person Fend )our name to be enrolled.
The roll now numbers over one hun
dred. Clare Irvine, Joe Fitts and Miss
Xcttie Xtes left Thursday for the far
west. Clare goes to Oregon, with the
view of engaging in the newspaper
business, and Mr. Fitts goes to see the
elephant. Miss Nettie goes on an exten
ded visit with relatives in Dallas, Ore
gon, and to join her sister Ina who is
now there.
A yonng man was arrested last
week upon the charge of firing a load of
shot at R. L. Field and family with
the intention of killing them. The
trouble grew out of a controversy
over a watermelon patch so we are told.
The young gentleman, whose name
we failed to learn, had his examination
on Tuesday, but we failsd to learn the
When any Prohibitionist asks you
what is the matter with Clinton B. Fisk,
tell him that Fisk is an otlice holder un
der Cleveland, being Chairman of the
Board of Indian Commissions by
Cleveland's appointment, and is run
ning lor the express purposu of helping t
Cleveland. That is what the Prohibi
tionists will vote for, win support Fi-k.
That is all he is running lor. l roy,
(Kansas) Chief.
An interesting decision was recent
ly delivered by the supreme court of
the ststc, effecting tiie local option
question. Chinton county, at an elect-1
un held last spring, declared in favor j
of local option, which closed all Ihe :
saloons and the radical temperance ele- j
nient al.o declared that it would also j
prevent the drug stores Irom selling
liquors on phtsieians' prescription".'
A drug dealer in Cameron, in order to
test the case, lilted a whisky presenp-j
tion and was arrosled. The circuit
court decided against him, and a-sess-1
cd a line of about 8:500. He appealed the
cise and the decision of the supreme '
court has just been rendered. It was to i
the effect that he had a right to fill the
prescription, and since it has become!
known, drug dealers in local option I
counties.who had allowed their tosk of ,
liquors lo mn out, have laid in a Iresb j
Mipply, and are filling prc-cnptious the
same as before. '
Mrs. Hattle Lewis, of Mound City,
has recently been improving her fine
residence by paii.ting and other im
provements. Shs has not neglected
the interior, however, having purchas
ed last week, a magnificent upright pi
ano; one of the best in the county. C.
O. Denny made the sale.
I. II. Brown, teacher of Elocution
at Columbia University, will give a
readina at Sterrett's Opera Honse next
Monday evening. Brof. Brown comes
highly iccommeided by good judges of
reading, and we feel justified in assur
ing tho publiu that a treat is in store
for them Monday evening.
A dicker has been made in Chicago
between the Democracy and the anar
chists : The latter to support the Dem
ocratic Stale and National tickets, in
return for this service, Schwab, Field
ing and other anarchists now iu tho
penitentiary are to be released. What
under the sun is it the Democracy will
not do to hold I ho offices.
Last Friday mnrnit'g while thresh
ing at Martin Whitmer's, Fountain
Ashworlh received a sunstroke. He
was carried to the house apparently
dead about 8 o'clock in the morning,
and it was not lili about S in the eve
ning thai consciousness tva tcstoied by
the mo t skillful treatment. We are
glad lo learn tbat he has now almost
George Meyer and wife, of Forbes
towu-hip, left last Thursday, August
2nd, on a visit to th " daughter, Mrs.
All e Km il., of Asheroft, Colorado.
They will be absent a mouth or two.
They were aecompai.i. d by their little
uram! daughter, Lillian Km z, who re
turns to pa and ma after a visit of sev
eral months with grand pa mid graud
ma Meter.
An extra effort should be made by
Republicans everywhere Ibis year, for
harm.iny. Remember thai one stick is
easily broken.vvh le"a bundle ol'sticks"
cannot be broken. Combine together,
generate enthu-iasui and carr; thepo'ls
like an avalanche. There should be no
contested delegations confronting the
conyi tittoii this time. Let everything
be harmonious with a big "II."
Th su ot our citizens who have
hern in the habit of grazing their horses
and cows upon the streets of our city
with such impunity for the last few
weeks, Irid now better Sm getting th-m
inside Tiie Board ot Aldermen at its
regular session on Tuesday evening ot
this wee'., passed an ordinance to im
pound all such animals, and asse.-s a
severe punishment agaiust their own
ers. Republicans should remember the
mass convention lo be held at the court
house in Oregon next Monday. Two
important sets of delegates are to be
choscu thereby one delegation of seven
representatives to the congressional con
vention which meets at St. Joseph on
the 15th inst, and a delegation of 7 rep
resentatives to the senatorial convention
which meets in Mound Cily, August
The Preminm Lists of the Maitland
fair have been issued from the press of
the Maitland Herald, Hart, and Gilbert
proprietors. The work, typographi
cally as will as mechanically, is a credit
to its publishers and we congratulate
our brothers of the Herald ou the
excellence ot their work. We And the
list a very liberal one in all depart
ments, and we trust the entries this
jear will surpass nil the former years.
Call lor Prohibition Convention for
the Fourth Congressional District. A
convention to name a candidate for
congress will meet in tho court hyuse
at Maryvi le, Nodaway county, at 10
o'clo. k a in , Tuesday.Scpteniber 1 lib,
1888. Each County will be allowed ne
delegate for each oOOaud fraction there
of, ol l!s voting population based on
the vote of '84. D. VV. King, member
of Late Committee for oth Congression
al District.
By reference to our announcement
column it will be seen that Mr. Philip
Schlotzhaticr is a candidate for treasur
et before the Republican convention.
This gentlemen is one of onr most pop
ular jonng German Republicans; of ex
cellent habita and thorough business
qualifications. He represents the pro
gressive joung Repnblieau element ot
out party, and we take pleasure in rec
ommending this young gentleman to
the consideration cf the convention.
Joseph Crider has conclude i that
Holt county is a good enough place to
live in nnd has bought an eighty acre
farm of Mr. Taylor, formerly owned by
Mrs Julia Glenn, where he proposes to
make his lutiiro home. Mr. Crider has
for the past few years engagetl with D.
A. Gelvin in the Ftock business and has
made a host of friends in his neighbor
hood who gladly welcome him as a per
manent citizen. May he live long and
prosper arw the wishes of the Herald.
Maitland Herald.
We rerct to learn that Mr. Hen
ry lloselius has met with quite a heavy
loss in the death of his fine black
FieiiLh coach stallion, "Bravo." Mr.
Roseliiis was in Ciaig last Friday ami
on returning home in the evening
found that his fine an'uiul bad taken
the cramp colic. NV alarm was felt at
first but ibe horse begun lo grow tvor?e
Mr. Roselius became uneasy. On
Monday when no improvement was no
ticed, he left for St. Joseph lo brmc a
veterinary siugeon. Dr.JobnS. Meter's
services were secured. They together
came up ihe same evening, and ihe
Docir on examination touiid that the
horse was beyond ail hope, and eaily
Tuesday morning be died. The loss is
a very heavy ono to Mr Roselius as he
had p.irehii'ed him last spring nt the
cost of $2,000. Bravo was, a French Im
ported coach stallion, a beautiful black
and with tine action. He was the only
stallion of his kird in Holt or Atchison j
county. Craig Leader. I
Sarah, the widow of Jacob Rostock
ot Monnd City, has been placed on the
pension rolls.
On last Thursday eroning. August
2nd. occurred the event that consumat
ed the happiness of two of Holt
county's rnou worthy young peop!e,
being the marriage of Frank llolen
beck and Miss Ann Rostock. Thu
ceremony occurred at the residence of
the bride's mother In the Minnesota
Valley neighborhood. Our best wishes
lest with them.
Jennie Weaver, daughter ol Benja
min and Mary Weaver was boi n in
Holt county, November 27, 1 t6S, ami
was united in marriage to Bailey Pat
terson, October 7, 1SS1, aud died of
lung disease, August 5, 1SS3, after an
illness of four weeks.during which time
she was patient and uncomplaining,
wished to live for the good of her loved
ones, but resigned to obey lur Father's
call to that higher and belter home.
She passed away in peace, leaving a
husbaud.two children and a large circle
of lovisg fr.eiids to mourn her loss.
The Rivcr.ide at Craig was taxed
to us utmost capacity on Saturday last
during the Republican Rally. Ue
were more than pleased with the man
ner in which the host nnd hostess, T.
il. Hunter and wife, looked after their
guests Il is general on such occasions
that landlords get lost in the hustle and
bustle; but such was not the case with
these parties. Kind, courteous, aud
obliging, I hey did their whole duly
toward making the visit ot the vast
crow! a very pleasant one; they icl an
excellent tabic, and their supper on this
occasion was lully up with the metro
politan hotels.
We wish to compliment the Re
puhlican Glee Club of Craig, tor their
exculleut music furnisted on the occas
ion of the recent rally at iheir place.
Their bons were most aumirably iou
dered, and were of the latest campaign
chaiacter and they tveie heartily cheer
ed at the clos'j of each song. We hope
they will coctiut.e their organization
throughout the campaign. Tue club is
composed of ihe following musical tal
ent: Misses Olie Butler. Vena, Zuu,
Cora and Fannie Doughty, Elva Cook
Bobbie Ward, Eda limner, Ora Guil
lui&s; MessrJ. A. Riffe, T. M Hunter,
George Thomas, F. K. Allen, J. II.
Meadur, aud A. M. Hunter.
Some lime ugo,Josh Tibbets got in
to a quarrel in the Minnesota Valley
district, and was arrested and placed
under boHd, which he "jumped"' going
West and steering clearing ot being ar
rested by his bondsmen. Relieving it
would be safe fur him to return, ho
did so one day last week, and bis bonds
men arrested him, turning him over to
a justice of the peace of Mound City.
The justice being a kiud-hearled man
allowed Tibbets to go and visit his wife.
who lived north of Mound Cily, and on
arriving at the home of his wife, lis
marched straight through the house,
over the feace in the rear, into the
cornfield, and agaiu his bondsmen are
left and Tibtiet is gone again to tba
By order of a called niecling.by G
W. Hibbard, chairmau ot the Republi
can township committee, the Republi
uans of Nodaway township, met Satur
day evening, July 28lh a't the Ricbvillo
school house for the purpose of organi
zation. The Republicans of Nodaway
responded nobly to tho call; with
music and speeches the boys wheeled
into line and tho skiimish began, which
the Republicans ol Nodaway will keep
up uutii the setting snn of November G
closes thebattla. Christian Wacgcle
and Geo. Fryman were chosen as vice
cbairmans of the township comtiuttie;
James Iddings, trcasnter; Jacob Buntx
secretary. Altera very comical and able
speech by Christian Weagele upon the
protective tariff question, th'j club ad
journed to meet August llih.
The Xadaway Valley District Fair
this year promises to be a grand suc
cess; the track has been woiked; the
speed program enlarged and every
thing done that could be to perfect ev
ei y division. The attractions are com
pleted and will amuse everyone. This
is a public enterprise tl at should call
for patronage fiom every public-spirited
person. There is no bitter way of
advertising one's slock, produce or
country than by btinging whatever one
can raise or make to the lair, and there
meet with competition from all parts ot
country It i the best school tor the
stock raiser.farmeror merchant thatcan
be found. Hone sees anything at tho
fair better thau he can secure, the first
question asked is, "How did you get
thai"? The answer is is proudly given
with every needed explanation, while it
induces every one to do his befct. The
fair at Maitland is a thing wc nil should
be proud of and we should aid it in
every way possible. Then lei ns all
arrange our affairs s' we ran go at
lea.t two days during the coming ex
position. The R. R. tire tins year will
be only enc-balf the usual amount.
County Court.
The regular Aujrust term of onr ewtity court
convened on Monday last, vvltli all officers and
members present. Up to our press hour, much
routine work was hemi! disiiosrd. among whiclt
the foil v log constituted the principle orders
made. : . . . ..
Jim tloodhnrdt and others presented a peti
tion for a l.ndse otm the XoJaway liverat In
dlanlKord. ..... , .
The slat.; auditor was authorized t draw his
vvarrai't III favor ofCoiiutv Treasurer. Chad
duck, for amount of stale schtol money
aiiiHirtioned to Holt county.
Dram shop, license were granted Ziihuu 6.
Kirklaiidan4 Wm Sutter. I'otiiinir.
tieorce Smith,"! CraU. made application lor
dram shop license at Craig ; laid over- until to
day, Friday.
Sec thoso
cujtiiim: t
Our Sew SprrnK .Stock of Clothing has Just ar
rived, and we are low prepared lo sell you
f;lothlniras.'!ieapasanti:iecaBe tin Sorth
west Missouri. We
Will Not be Undersold by Anyone.
I'irties dtsiring telegraph messa
ges 'ent lo this city, should telegraph
10 Forust Cit7 care Telepbose Com
pany. No teS ptcae il5S ri.oatd b
paid to tcli gr j-'f ccmmi;.

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