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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, January 24, 1890, Image 1

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Kauclier TTa
Candies, Nuts and Fruits.
1,500 pounds Candies, 600 pounds Nuts just
received for the Holiday Trade, and all New
and Fresh. Did not have 5 pounds Candy on
hand, December 1st, but now have the Largest
and Best Selected Stock ever brought to Oregon.
Special Prices Given to Festivals
We roast our own Peanuts and can always
five you fresh ones. A full line of Staple and
ancy Groceries. Ammunition, Woodenware,
mm stuimwam uu uuiiu.
UySterS, JrUre -JbUCKWneat 10Ur, MlllCe Meat.
Nfiw Orlfiftna Snear and Fine Flours are mv
JL . u
Only Lunch Counter
Lewis . tfoonE, Cn$if Quoceh,
Sign of Grocery Store, North Sitlo of the Squure.
Probate Court of
Regular February Term, A. D., 1890.
Monthly, Firt Day. Felruar lOlh, A. !., IStH).
vn;nr xoMiMstu xron,
1. 1 aiini xv. 1 11 x 1011 011 umiMMii xioii.
oiKor r-r.xTn -cci iok. 1 i: xim:. n 1 101:. i:ii:i:M:r
livl.l li t'tl"in II I' V'.lilr I'.ili ISu ir.li.m J i.l .mini il
KIutIi Kristiili k W I! Ili r.i.i'iiiti Cu.tnll.tn tl li .1:11111 il
7 ii-kerv Kdiltt II I: -.mill l":ir.il..r Mi .111:111 il
MeerSiimiirr't it ilirt.i Mi-xrt Ciirnlur Vlli !ii.uu:il
It.ilrh Hint t'li'Mrr x 11 i;u-h.ir.l rm:iiir Ti!i .uiiunl
I'lirviut MMCiile O K l'T.iiil ur.Uer 11I1 ;u.iiu.i!
Tursihiy, Second Day, February 1 1th, A. I).. 1SJM.
1 lrn r.ilti.irilie-t at Xanex Mi-ii urnlnr Mlinmiii.il
X KraiiK T I Kiirk I ni.it. t s:Ii siiim.il
i .tnrlirr Jme et at HuaT VexiT I'lirMur si li iiiinu.il
Mf xrr Xllmilr et at llemx Mr.xi r "ur.liir tl ainiinl
Xacniiiut'li!irlrsrta1 lli-urj 7.ioinu:m ('m.-tler isli auiui.il
Wednesday, Third Day, February ltth. A. !.. 18iM).
Ilnli-nbrfJ; I'li.xrii-s
hrnnrit V It .tint 101 a
Until! IVIrr
iiii Ma - at
lli'Uirivirlli Joli i
.lnlui Mllli r
W II liloliaiiN
1. 1 t'atiiiiW'll
ThurHtlay, Fourth Day, February 13lh, A. IK 18JM.
llimktnn Sumh el at
NnUn.t S,mi.irtl and Mary Jane
:illx-rt Kmltx
il.iraci Amia'rt al
Acleu Kliirviicc L
W II l!i.-lint,
.fatni Si-,itt
sanuirt Ctllvrt
T l I r.wrr
Danlrl linens
Friday, Flftli Day, February 1-1 th, A. D., 1S5K).
McKII'.sni'X I eroy U
Fries Catli'ti Im
fetwrll II
:tlivii Tlu-liro
llaiittley IS.irxvy
liiinl'in W l
l" IVnifMx
K. nilii.in.l I'tiei
Win II !.' . 1. 1
N.oii'x .I.iiii ilili.in
x ii m.ii.In
II KC.ir.li a
Saturdyy, Sixth Day, February 1,1th, A. D 1S.M.
Mrnil.iws Marxln I l.fimi' I V Mi:ulni rmatur 1-t aimiut
Varxi'l Maliala U.'in. r rCilU H Aitmtnl-lnitor i-t :ui:iu.il
Ktll.tl Ira el al N N i:ilflt I'liraMr I-t .-iniiiul
TaxlorlJin II al .lulm I Tavlrr "iii.ilnr l-l aui.iil
Taylor Pax hi O el at .Mm K rx-.ir iuralnr Kl.im.ii.il
Murray Win rial J-lu. i; fail .r ('tir.iler lt annual
County ft Hull. ,
I, S VMI.KI. 0,Kl.tAX..liii!eeiif Urn lrnlMle Cenrt. of lt.lt Comilv. Ml-xiiri. ilo liorrl'X
rertlty tin atmxe ami furcciiln -t" ! iriie an.l c mi'lvti" px l tl.e tilt"mr:it t'eVKi-t ot llie
I'niitain x iiiin hi Nam inmij i.ir um i euiii irv ii'rm . i.. iim.
WITNESS m lian.t ami the sea! el llie v.iM Court. IMmi at .ifflee in On'ison, tliN 13th
eai uiyoi January .. i . isu.
tf udure of Probate Court.
Money' Loan
7 1-2 per Cent Interest
Straight No Commission. Cheap
est Money in the Market Pay
off loan at any time. Any
amount. Call at once.
Mound City, Mo.
A Rare Bargain.
I have, decided to place the la:gr-fnrm,
formerly owned by Benjamin an:! Joseph
Albright, on the market, and if taken in
the next sixty days, unusual! favorable
terms will be given. This splendid farm,
GO well adapted to either goner;il agricul
ture or stock-raising, consists or 410
acres, 3tJ0 acres ituiC.-.l in the northeast
corner of Holt county, and SO .icres in
the southiMist corner of Atchison county.
Is within from six to ten miles of sexvral
railroad stations. Has two good houses,
one of 6ix rooms and one or four ro-jnis,
with barns, lots, feed bunks, etc. Is all
under fence and was nustly cultivated
last year, about 80 acres beicg jn tamo
grass. If desired, this farm will be di
vided into tracts of not less than SOaores
each, to suit purchaser. For further
particulars, address,
E. A. WELTV. Oregon. Mo or.
ELMER FKASKR, Maryville.Mo.
Fuel for the Million.
For Sale. Tlio timber now standing
on what is known as t lie Hollister Farm,
txvo miles west of Fillmore. For terms
call on or address,
Fillmore, Mo.
All parties knowing themselves in
debted to D. M. Martin, either by ac
count or note due. will please call" and
settle, as I must have money.
Notice of Dissolution
The partnership heretofore existing
between J. B. Lamb and L. P. Sentnev,
t Forest City, Mo., is this day by niutu
i consent dissolved. The accounts of
th late firm will be settled by J. B.
Lamb. All persons knowing themselves
indebted to said firm are requested to.
call and settle same immediately by note
or otherwise. J. B. Lamb
. L. P. Sewtnf.t.
Forest Citt, Mo.. January 15, LftH
o.l iuw jj.ri.ctja. x roan
in the city.
Holt Count
I'uli .xitiiitnlMriler
silt aiimi.il
Mil a111tu.1l
Vll Hllin1.1l
.Vli animal
.int aiul riiuxl
I :ltlllllt
-.'ii.t .niinu.il
Jut aiul Hunt
Mil am:ii.il
Nlallil llll.ll
1'iir.iMr l-;:iimii:il
A.liiilmvf t-it.ir v.i.1 iit.l lln il
.x.tniuii-ii.ii..r it iiiniiMl
X.liiiiiMVr.iluv lt .mini it
Ci:ri.iii '.'i ll .tiiiiiiatQ
.XiitiiMiiNiiatur rin.it
County Physician.
. Xotieo is hereby given, that sealed
! bids xxill lie received by the County
Court. o Holt County, Missouri, up to
Wotlnesilav, February 5, 18!N,
for a County Physician, for a term of
one year. The Court rescr"es the right
to reject any and all bids.
Bv order of Count v Court.
County Clerk.
Superintendent of Poor Farm.
Notice is hereby gix-en, that sealed
bids xxill bo receix-ed by the County
Court of Holt County, Missouri, up to
Wednesday, February R, 1!X,
for tho sutierintendency and care of the
Poor Farm of Holt County. Missouri, for ,
the term of ouo year. The Court reserves !
the right to reject any and all bids. i
Bv order of Conntv Court.
County Clerk.
Notice To Tax-Payers.
All those xx-ho hax-e not paid their per
sonal tax for year ISS'.I, should attend to
it at once and save costs.
Farm for Sale !
I offer for sale the farm know n as tho
Jake Harmon farm, one mile south of
Oregon, consisting of 120 acres, alxMit
100 in cultix'ation; plenty of timlior. wat
er, good out-houses, barn and good resi
dence. Terms to suit purchaser. Also
1C0 acres. -i miles south and one mile
east of Oregon.
J.xcou Harmon, Maitland, Mo.
The Mill Doth Grind.
The old Duncan Mill, greatly improved
by nexv machinery, is now in grinciug or
der, and will grind your
Corn and Feed.
A practical miller of experience is al
wavs on hand, and ready to wait upon
Do you need a Corn
Shelter, Wagon, Buggy, or
anything in that line, 1 will
save jou money and sell
you the Best Goods in the
United States. Come and
see me. li. C. SCHMIDT.
I Xiel Kunkel, at the mill, has fitted
i up rooms for a repair shop, and is now
i prepared to repair watches, clocks and
'jewelry mid sewing machines.
Time Tabic.
will bo found the time of dc-
part u re of the passenger trains over the
K. C. road and also tlio Denver tlirougli
trains -the Burlington route:
oniKfi north:
Xo. 1-
Xo. :i
Xo. 1:1
Xo. 1.1
Leaves Forest City at 2:12 p. m.
Leaves at liK a. in.
YilHsca. leaves at .1:27 p. m.
1 ,: T ... 1 ..
Ul"""luu "uul1' X
IU.-J0 a. in.
coimi moith:
Xo. 2 -Leaves Forest City at 1:13 p. m.
Xo. t- Leaves at U:0t! a. m. I
x'. 11 l:n: iA ... -m.ft.. ... i
V.. li:--Hiirliii!tim ltmittx. leaves i lit
p. ni.
Historical Calendar.
; Thursday
loth, battle 01 tjorunna.
! death of Sir John Moore. 1S00.
i-ti. i,nni ,r.,.. .n.. iroi
o . V 10.1 t 1 - 1
' '
Emperor of (iormanv. lSil.
I Sundnv. l'Jth, James Watt, the inven
1 tor born 1730.
I .m. til.. 1
lu.iiii.. 1 uriu);ucsu ..ujiimvi.
uj0 de. Jaueiro, lser.
i Tuesday, 21st, Inter state Commerce
"Bingoes into effect, isst.
j etlucMlay, iiuu, lnt Hyron bom
i i:2S.
! W... .1-.. ...'
Postponement .
I The discussion Ut weon T. D. RoWls,
,' of this place, and Alfred Farlow, of To-1
... , ... .
iiekii, Kansas, has ueitssarily Uhii post-
, m 1. 1 , 1 ..1 i f ri
gripK. Wo uro Krry
t to disiipjH.mt the
(HHiphs espivially those who have come ;
from nlimail. Plenso Ih natient tliei
iimmiinition will kivp. Look for nr range
meuts iu the uear future.
Yours Truly,
Ai.Ki:i:i Faki.ow.
... ,.ox,.xxani.s,.,,,Mu.se,so.xn.m.
1 . .... . , 1 .. .1. .1 . . .
j dot xour lVtun 1-rallies at U. I
4 Demi V.
i Ira Pink-ion xvas among White
Cloud s fair ones, Munl:y.
, Fresh oxsters bx the can or sorxvd
' in mix stxle at K. P. llostetter':.
SchiS'l supplies Tablets, jhmis, inks,
pencils, slates, etc., at the (Histotliiv.
; Bottom farmers, address T. M. Ilud
! gins. Forties, for low rates of interest.
f it uu mini ii iiiiiio ii'iii iii it w.ifc
, on, buggv or harness, see P. M. Martin.
J . . ...
Klder AndersiMi. of i:raig. wasxiMt
i. i.Mi ViL.ip.iii r.nf .Kit Miiu Uiuii; i
..' ',, ',
Born, to Uoorgo . Lueklmnlt nnd
xvife. of Mound City, January 2lt, lS'A'.
a girl.
William Miller, of Forest City, and
"Undo" John U. Cowan, of Xexv Point,
are dangerously ill.
Tho ice crop Mag harrwUd, this
week; n govl iptality, aUtut ten incluyi
thick, IxMiig put up.
Sunday school xx ill ho held at Lin
coln, nest Sunday morning al lOo'cliHik.
Srirts at 11 mid T p. m.
Mrs. A. O. Morgan is suffering xxith
grippe." The divtor has fears ot it
: terminating in pneumonia
Peter Piilvant"s sale stabler iu St.
IJ.wplixxorodostroved l,v tire Moinlav
... .. 1., .i..r 1
lasi. 'inn lei'ii iii'iiii 01 uois-a i,vix 1111111 -
- Charley Miser, tf the Marxville
Xurscries, has Ihvh in "theso dtggins,"
the past xieek, taking orders fornurbcry
- Bring in that xvood you promised us. ,
We need it noxx-. The roails are good, i
' , . ,r .1 -
' aml ou -annot oiler llieir
ond it ion
I an excuse.
I - O. W. Baldwin, P. M..at Forest City.
is suffering from a severe attack of la
' griptHX His entire family is coutuicd to
j the house with it.
- -Eld. T. W. Cottingham. State Evan
list, of the Christian church, is holding
a series of meetings at the Christian
church, this city.
Wo can Bavo you money on any
paper or Magazine published in this
country. Come in and see us when you
get ready to subscribe for nny publica
tion. Hugh Montgomery is confined to
his home by a broken leg, caused by
slipping on tho sidewalk and falling in
such a way as to break the limb just be
low the knee.
We are glad to learn that James
Peret. son of II. E. Peret, who has been
very low- xvith pneumonia, is now improx--
ing.and by careful nursing will soon bo
aijje t, be out iigain.
UU III Ul. .HilMH'ilt Urug SlUIV, lib
' X'ew Point, for Drugs, medicines, school
Books, Window (Bass, Putty,Oils, Coal
Oil, etc., etc. Tho Doctor will do olllco
practice at tho tore.
- II. Boyd has removed his stock of
buggies, harness and wagons to the Ben
nett building on the corner, xvest side
public square. (Jive him a call. He
xx ill save you money.
Wash day need no longer 1h regard
ed as a day of drudgery. Tho United
States Washing Machine has ox-ercome
this difficulty. Washing can now lie
dono easily and quickly by nny member
of tho fnmily. You are invited to ex
amine the niachino at II. Dersch .t
While Ed. Mahan was on his way to
Forest City with a load of hogs. List
Monday, the tongue came out of his
6led while descending the Sehulte, hill
and for a short time it looked like a
serious accident would follow, but the ,
i i a. a i i : t .1 j i
sieu ept w.o roau nu isu.i
w uu na iuucii precisiuu ua a uujr cuuiu
guide a hand sled.
The firet regular meeting of the
Holt County Farmer's Alliance will be
held at Shiloh school house, in Clay
township, on Saturday, the 1st day of
February, 1890, at 10 o'clock a. k. Each
Local Farmer's Alliance is entitled to
two (2 delegates at large and one(l) del
egate fo. each ten (10) members or a
major fraction thereof, who shall repre
sent their alliance. Farmer's Alliance
members are invited to attend the meet
ing. L. D. CauriiUJ President.
Rock Port has recently organized a
Iadie's ccrnet band.
Sewing Machine Xeedles and Sup
plies for sale by II. E. Denny
Tho "Gripie" is prevailing to an
.. l : . . :.. ht... 1 f V .-
! """ "llul ,u
Wo are sorry to learn of tho illness
r Mrs. 15. p Klen.ini?. f Ri.'eloxv.
. f
I .. ..
j purchase or the Methodist c lurch buutl-
. in Riehville.
The county court will receive bids
1 reuru.irr
5th for a county physician.
I n!u' superintendent of Poor farm.
' Walter, tho son of rxst master Smith
J of Xa pier. was seriously xvoundeiVono day
, last week by iho accidental discharge of
' his gun.
'I Mnnt Austin and wife came down
Satunluv last from Mound City on n
fev days visit.
Mont, has the
1 in earnest,
1 -Charley Bartram l.ns returned from
I Maitland where hs bad been repapertng.
' itiu' ami otherwise improving the
:. li. nan at mat ptace.
Owing to the prevnlene of the
"Grippe," the Ministerial Alliance ;vst
IMtued their meeting this week, which
was to have been held in this city,
- Dr. W. G. Larrabee, who was re
cently shot in Macon City m a qunrral
uitli a ilriiL'irist of that citv.wus formelv
I u j.r;;,.:,, uteinarian at lhwk Port.
, , ... ,
F. H. Rovvlej & Co., chicken buxers,
' ,,, ......
il IkmiI the store of Kmd eUr, r-or-
.v.v lu LVi.l.n- 'itiirJiiv mii.1 1 mil 111-
-., ,. , .:,, ,. m.
i eilllll llll, t'lll lll & ,ll. IH HUIIIWI
Hie Mouml City Xews is informeil
I tiu, "stub railroad" is not jot com
lieiiMi ami nun imhiko .uvuoriii uecm -
I . , .. .. . . , jrtllim ll-, IH-Ig l'llllllini ill .iii'il iK-u-i.
1.1.1 i.fntiiJ tli. 1 r:itlriiinl u I'hum im 11117.. ... ... .. . .
" , . A
imv .oi..sti.m not f.tr it. .
Ed. Xiiz.um, of White Cloud, came
ovor Mim,nv um, aiu h(ir ,r
ni(,ty one fat steers Tivin his Holt imuh
, ty nmge to Forest City, where he ship
pod in special train to Chicago
Boxd has removed his stivk of bug-
. . 1 1 . 1 .
gies. Harness, wagons, xxnips. lap ixhvs-
etc.. to the Bennett building on the cor
tier, west side public s.piar. Oive him
a call. He will save ou mono.
R K. Parker. npresintiiig the Kx en -
ling Xews,of St. Jivseph. washerxx in the
F :..i....u 1 .. ..r 1.: tl.; ,...1.. Tl...
interests of his paper this week. The
. ...
' ,,,r w,"lrt,"n- ,! , " :,f
thelvst exvnmg pajH'rs publuhtM in
I - With the iming of the Xexv Year.
. ... . , ,
a fexv changes iu the business llrms of
of Bigeloxv has taken phuv: W. T.
'I'hompson ,v Cv, is noxv A. W. Chiming
Co; and R. I Uutt A is now B. F.
Fleming Jt Co.
Tho Mound City Xewn thinks that
the tixstitnoay In th Moorw ruse ahnuld
tuxt have buen publisliexl Invaui the
case xv;is continued. For the name
nelson all spectators should lmxe Kvn
excluded from the court room at the
It it reported that M. K. S. Robin
son oonioniiilates renioxing to the Paei
!ieCo.u-t with the comiugof spring. He
has long been an honored oiti.-en of our
.oi.nty. ami we trut the n-port max
r.n.ii.liH.m itnr .Miintv eim
, ,
I ulv nlToui t iv;o such citizens.
- !.a grippe is tightening its grip up
.. , .
011 the people m Oregon and vicinity,
1 ' . . .. . , .
crisise in the iiumlvr of cases. It is con
soling, however, to knoxv that in the
majority of eases the attacks are light,
! nn.l imt. to iluv f I'.iim Ims lint nt lliiin
J a pingle fatality.
- Pix'tor lliatcher, the cliariinaii o.
the i-oc.ntv lenHK'racy. exiilently l
liexes"in peace pnpan for xvar." HoM.vate.1 there m lNt.. nun iix.m in me
iis doing all in his poxvor to recruit the
ranks of tho county DemtK-racy. nnd he
alxvays does his work most effectually at
home. Another onnir Democrat nut in
i,; nn,.ron "nt. th Doctor's home
Sunday morning last, and all hands nt
homo smile serenely.
The tenant house on the farm seven
miles north of Oregon, belonging to
George Meyer, was destmyed by fire on
Friday last. The house was occupied
by Jeff. Roberts, who was fanning the
place. Mr. Roberts lost the greater part
of his furniture and all the family wear
ing apparel. Mr. Meyer carried an in
surance of JC150, xvhile Mr. Roberts had
-Mrs. Samuel W. Thornton, formerly
of this place, died at Denver, Colorado,
on the 8th inst. Her family name xvas
Jackson, ami tier miner men ior some ,
xears near rorest Uity. Jiiie nan iieen
an invaliiT for a long time and endured
grv.ii suiiriiuK. 1
mimuei mormon, mime m iicum neiei
as a minister iu the M. E. church. He :
afterwards xvent to Rock Port and thence
Westxx-ard for his wife's health.
There is moro truth anil poetry in i
the old adage a "green Christmas a fat
grax-e-yard." This is the warmest xvin
ter the world over that has been ex
perienced in many decades and the mor-
lanty in nurope nas oeen .r.gu.i... am.
the death roll in tho eastern cities of
. ... i . r , 1
the United States is beginning to in-
creasoinaMaruingxx... --'"'- '
isnemmosiaccoumaoie ioruie.ieaiiiN
iii.o uiDfiioc io u i. iiiinii.
t i a m l . i i I
.ruu, .mm u.0 """"'"-""''"
of the atmosphere and toinKratt:ro in
the higher latitudes of the world.
There still remain unsold five or six
h.imlrml onnios of thp "Life nnd Writ-
f John y EdwarilB," which was
compiled and published for the benefit
of his family. As the whole edition has (
been paid for, the entire proceeds from . day that G ty has returned to Rockport
the sale of these copies would bo clear ' and delivered himself up to tho officers
profit to his wife, and the friends of ' of the law. He has since his disappear
Major Edwards are earnestly requested I ance lived in Washington and Oregon,
to make a renewed effort to assist in where, it i said, he passed under an as
their sale. Will you not kindly aid in n j sutned name. It is said his wife is at
.. i n: . .1,:., 1
"UIU'J l"u'" "' .
fact and urging all friends to lend their
assistance? The price is Two Dollars
wrmnr.nnil the lxxks will be sent
... - '
poHl-paiu uu inrcviiit ui luitrta .iuuiis,
Wiley O. Cox, Kansas City b'ate banu,
Kansas Cit-, Mo., Trustee of Fund.
Buy your Wall Paperof II. E. Denny i
Largest stock in the county. j
For the Light Running Domestic j
Bo6t Sewing Machine made - See II. E. '
trenny. i
A. L. Jones, a prominent attornetyj
of Canton, Ohio, is visiting his sister, j
grandma Hershberger.
I H!,mftl,
of Rev. T. ,
D. Roberts, tho discussion with Mr.
Farlow of the Christian Science school,
has been postponed. j
Frank Peter has returned from '
his business trip to Butte City, Mini-;
tana. He contemplates removing there
1 in the near future. '
Will tho press at large, and especial-
ly that of tho nutroolitun, please let up
on ioor old "M'Gintj"- give him n rest
I"8 also let up ami "pun turn 11 your esi.
w'icn you n have to io io, in the year
ot our Jnl isxl Alailliunl lleralil.
We will tsend the Skntinki. and the , ,. .
1- . c. . One Ladies Xowniarket. 1-ine All
Mid Continent, of it. Louis, one year ' . , , ,, , .
1 nu u-in i- . i"Ool, Xavv Blue Beaver, tailor trim
for onlv KUX) Tho Mid Continent is' '. .
. , .1 1 . i- - : m.'d. sue price cli...' Tor s-rJ.-"'.
reoiignij-iHl as one of tho best religious 1
weeklies published in the United States. 1 six Idifs Xewmarkets. Black Wtol
It is li family journal that should U in ' B.aver. sizes: OneJfJ. tuoW. twoaml
every household. Send your Biibserip-1 1'" ,l r"r 7:,,
ti'.U to this ollice. One Ladies" BioatK-Inth Xow market,
Tho simplest and best piece ir gym-' N'avy Blue. Btaided. size :5. price :?-
nostiii npp.mitiK consists of n tint piece 'or fc'-'-
ofnteel. notched ivguhirly on one edge. : One Fine Brown Newmarket. Dlree
ami tixod in a voodeli frame. To u.-e it, tome Front, i.u IUS. price l." for !?1 1.
grease both sides with U piece of bacon. A few odd sizes in f- andr!. Coat.-, to
nnd rub the noteheit edge of the stivl eKe at S5. and f I.. V.
rapid I v back and forth on atickf
wihhI. laid Ieugthwist on a saw buck.
Many of our citizens are miito
jfywitn intlueuz.a;
i Vcholl children :
, Ibis disi'iisi. T
fully one-fourth of our
ire kept from school by'
riio following parties are
..... . . .1 ... .1. .:.
Mrs. Kiiueher. Mmnie hrey. .Mrs, .Mary
.. .. . ..
iniernui. uiv. ivoihtis. .1. iiirir. 1.
jS. Kvans, P. M. .oo'.s, Mrs. ltitia Perk
ins, Jehu Foster.
- Thomas Merit died at his home, sex
eu miles soutlixxcst f Bigeloxv on
Wednesday, Jantiarx Sth. ISiV. Thede
ceased xxas born at Frederiektown. Mis
Nouri. .lime 'Jtli. ISS'l lie serxeil ;li the
VTnjon army, U-mg a s.!dier iu a 2alh
j .Mjvan legiment. lie leaxes a wife and
nlu s,,,,., j0 uiouru his death. The re
j mains were laid to rest iu the Bigch w j
ivmeterx. lcadcr.
I ... .1 . . 1 ... . 1 . 1
It is a great lis to pl.mt jhiiTsiviIs
ttlosstothepatixMiee ntul a total loss to
the :isoirs efforts. The establishment !
of 1. M. Ferr v Co., IVtroit. Michigan.:
nniW a business of raising and selling j
n... i ti v...... i 1....1...1 ... ..11
J Oarxleu mid Floxver ShIs adaptisl to all
climates. As time givs on their seeds
an more nought after, for they are ginsl.
true to name, fivsh and just as reprvson
tixl. Sent) our name to the linn's ad
drc-sH at IVtroit, Michigan, and tin y will
KttwMxl yau oop rf UieirSifxl Annual
Tor 181V.
Tho neeond annual IKvlamatory
imtest lHtxvien memlHrs of the High j
nchool will ivecur Februarx 22. Therx J
I promises to Ih a piritisl ntest tl.is i
ear. I he insptritation 01 the last con-'
t.t s'.iil lingers among our young ortors '
amt tlio oonleMants tm nerving mem
selves up for a determined effort. The
' following speakers xxerx.cnos.Mi: .1 v
. Barbour. Belle Coleman. Carrie Sehulte.
. ,
1 Helen tJn-ene. Nettie IW.'r. t ora ster
M : . H ..1.;.... i.va.., .,. I:...
T "" . " V' V . , . I
kirk, illanl Proud, Koseoo HershlHT
' .
ger. Kd. Kea-ter. Chailes Watson and
J. P. Lacey.
Troy, (Kansas.) Chief: Charles Jas
ot dinl at the twidemv of his son in
laxx in Council Bluffs, Iowa, on Tue; -da.
January 7th, at the age of 77 .xears.
Mr. Jasper xvas one of tin. pioneers of .
Iowa Towiuhip, in this county, having.
'county until tne past lew xears. nciorx
oinitig to tins county lie n-suioi in
' Holt county. Missouri. Before the ojn
ling of Kansas, he xvas a .-atididate for
t sheriff of that county, but xvas defeated
by William D. Heeler, xvho was aNo a pi-
oneer, and aftemard sheriff of thiscoun-
ty. The remains of the deceased xxere
brought to Highland for burial.
-A son of Dave Cooksov. residing near
Forbes, captutv.1 a rabbit last xveek that
was a genuine curiosity. In appearance
itisanordinarvrabbit. with the eveep-
-,f ,, i,;? Pmn, tliofront .,:.rt of
the right side ot the head above tho ear
n InM, Arft!" flirurt lfll'llO in
length, and about an inch thick at the
base. Below the ear oh the same side ie
another horn about txvo inches long. On
the left side alxixe the ear projects a
third horn alx.iit o inches in length and of
mmo ,,,,,, ioIu.a. All
the horni exactly resemble tho of a
deer. It xx-as taken to St. J.iieplt by O. A.
Winston and placed in tlio hands of a
- A great many of the readers or The
Gazette xxill remember reading an ac-
mimt .if tlm iliiuiiiiuinrAni'ii of Will B.
.t,i,nv r IJ.w.U Port. fro... '
........... ............
that plaeo somo time ago. At the time
. Guy left that place, he left behind him
, obligations, which is stated on good ,
anthoritx. amounted to nearly fifteen
tholIsaml (,olI;irt,. jst j,roviolls ,., l,is
:. ., ,iril. ,, n
noto for ,,Wj wh;oh ,,0 in,lIL.,1(1 a!tIl0 Youths Companion in itsisMteo'f
weili hv farmer to hign xvith him He :
th tO((kth0 na,e to another farmer '
am i,mi hiifl endorse it after which it '
found tsxvnv into the hands of other
parties. Gay pocketing the prweods. t
The farmer xvho first signed the note (
claimed Gay presented a note for SiV).
which he signed and not one forfJ,."( as
it afterward turned up. He charged Gay ,
with forgery and had him indicted by
the grand juiy.
It- was learned yester-
,.-Mr. har
i"--"- v
in Carthage, Mo. Gay, after giving
himself up.was not locked up,but is alloxx--,
ed tho freedom of tho nlace.lt is eunnosed '
:n i i,
uu triiuii iii no uinuc w ijuiiiuun j
the case, uay is well Known in mis
cit St Joseph Gazette. 1
One Phif.li (lariuent, sire priiv
"."n. frl.i..
One very Fine Wivl. llreteheu stjle.
' pl.iid. sire t? ear's old. price for JT.
One Fine All Winl i'liecked. sieO
J xirV, nobby st.xle. price $.ov for 1.
,,;;l svts in assort.nl st les to
. , ir. tit uill siirnri.. ii. Xt
leUise at ,neis tli.il will siirpris.. ii i. 11
, vou are in tin wax ai
it all in need of a
1 Cloak lor L idles or CliiMtett. call in. It
i xxill make oii big iiionex.
Yours Truly.
J. C. FITTS. Proprietor. ,
.OKiHiON. - .ussorui.
W. .1. Kemioii has relumed from his
trip in Colorado and other xestern
J. F. Kellogg. County Selu.l Com
iiiisioner. xx ill hold teacers. cvamitta
Hon iu Bigeloxx. Sat unlay. February
Sth. Btgelow xxas eliovn Kvauw it is
much easier of arc.-, than any oilier
potc.t in the count. All teachers de-ir
ing to be examined tins spring, should
reinemlvr the date and place, and make
arrangements iuvonlit'glx.
A circular has Iven recently issued
by the (.. railroad management to the
effect that no one of intemperate habits
wiil Nomp!otd b the company in an
I'apaeity. DiM'hnrge for a second olleneo
of drunkenness is made oli'igaio on
the siinriii:eiidi"Uls and master meehan
iis, and those d'scharg'i! for that offetis.
cannot :ig;in lo employed withon: the
iMnsut of the general manager. This
is something of a surprise to the loys.
and is cnaling no little la'.k.
Married. January Kith, at Walla, o.
' Wallace count. Kansas.
Rex-. Matbleof
( tieiating. Dr. J. R. Keart ey. of this city
aiul Miss Katie Atkins, daughter of Wil
Ham Adkiiw. of Xexv Point. The con
, trading parties are favorably knoxxn to
! 'W of fno"'1- in t!,i!i "k ,,f
theomnty. who jam with the Sotinki.
! in :l ;. VVr
pn-powiw hr.. 1 he d.vtor s envle of
, friends here are delighted at his happy
, union xvith this estimable lady, and they
'look forxx-ard xxith pleasure to the time
w the ""otor will kcvp.. pen hous,
' - To those xx ishing rofes. hard plauts-.
bulbs and seeds for home planting, xxe
cordially recommend the old reliable
house of the Dingee A Conard Co.. Wet
I rove. Pa. Tln-v are admitted to In the
largest rose growers in America, and
their roses and plants are well and fax-..r-.
ably known all oxer the United States
j and Canada. Their Xexv (mile. 111! pag
es, iianilsonielx illustrated, itesoriliosand
, tells how to grow more than txxo thous
' and x-arieties of the tioxxest and c!ioie.st
n. ,nr'h- Plants, bulbs, and seedsand
is sent free to nil x ho write for it. See
adx-ertiscmeiit in this paper, and aiMre-s
the Dingee .t Conard Co., West ( .rove,
Pennsylvania. !
- The scholars of our public schools
u-ill lie Int iristi'fl in an offer niaile lix-
Januarv Oth. lis puri-se is to stimulate
them in a comu.er.
T.dable competition and
, ,
to increase their love Tor
'T-l . i.l-.. . r .1. ..
at the same time inc
their ci.untrv. Tho nub s hers of the
Companion offer to present a tino large '
bunting Hag, !xl. but. xxith forty-two
stars, to that public M-lionl in each one
of the forty-two states, which shall send
to them the lwst essav on "The Pat not-
ic Influence of the American Flag When
Raised ox-er Our Public Schools." These
essays xviil lie receiveil hy the pulilisliers .
of the Conmanion until Ai.ril 1. 1e1x.
The award of the flag will lo made as '
near June 1 as possible, in order that tho.
successful school may float tho '-Stars
add Strijies" over its building upon the '
PK -,f Tl.- Ti.r . , .
. ....,.v.ii, i.u
interest tho young people of tho present
generation in securing a Hag for the.
school house, is one that should bo hear-'
!.:. . m...i
iuj imiiiii-iiueii 111111 riiiin..ij;i.-i-.. , 11, 1
cannot one 01 our own s.-hools secure the
Companion for this state?
! William Peter and mother have re-
J turned from a protracted visit with re
j lativos iu St. Joseph.
J --II. II Burnett is on the s'reets
' ac-'iin. afte-r K-ing cor.lineil to his beil for
I a week or two with sickness.
' - Reader If you are interested in
blooming plants - if ou have any notion
'of ordering plants the coming season
: let us :A ise you to send to Charles A.
Reeser. Springtield. Ohio, for a copy of
his catalogue. It is one of the most
conijlete annuals we have svvn. Xo
matter what you want you will lie s'ire
to tir.d it-, and what is still better, jmi
will tind prices the ver lowest. Your
tirst iiuestion will 1k "Van it U possiM,.
that gK.l plants c:.n le f!d at sueii low
prices!" hi answer wc will say that we
Hi-itively know that Mr. Reeser will till
, eery oi"er to the letter. We know he :i
reliable and th.it he spares no pair : iu
tilling od-rrs. X'o'.v here are s.i:iie s;-eci
mens or ln remarkabb lew prices: iHVts
buys a ivlleetioa of twelve good plants
R.iSii-t, tleraiiiuiii::-. etc. For $I.2 u
can secure 21! plants o:ir own si Ieet:on
free by mail; or ir .a irder b express
jou can secure much Sower prnv-s. But
'. thi-i i-t not all. Mr. Resser will siipplx jou
witSi all the lest things in garden and
:!..".cr sis' K Xow if you hae not at
'ready revived a ivp. take our :i.iite
and Mnd for o:ie. Ad.Iriss, I'har'es A.
lower. SpringSieM. l!iio.
Tlio Agrieiilt ileal Instil ulo.
As per aur.oiinceiceiit prextoitsij pub
lMd. the 11 U Countx llortieiiltur.il
Sivioty met in tho Court lloiistlast
Moudax alteniisiti. and was called to or
der by tho pre-.i.loat. X. F. Murray.
Stephen Blatiehard xxas appointed secro
! tan.
"'e memliers of the .Mate K'anl of
.xgrtenu lire, not having arrixeil to com
tiiemo tl;o F.iruierV Institute. Mr. Mur
ra called upoi. Dr. S. 15. laiketis to read
a paper on the "Imp. rtaie of Market
i ig our Fruits." Dr. 1. ukens suggest
till that it would bo U'tter for the fruit
groxxers to eiup-y s,i.ne one to m.irkei
all ( our fruits, Ti.c paper xx.&i xcrx
Uli'-reVlpg mid .pate free! .Siseu.-sed.
We will pttbluh 1 1 in paper uiaahort
Mr. I hit moil, of Xedawa 'u:it:.
a'ied xx hot her xxe could not ell our
fruit in the orchard to greater profit
i than to pick and iu::rke: our own fruit.
Mr. Murra repliisl liiat if we had the
I help at baud we .vtsSd d il willi grx'atir
i prutit to ourselxes.
j Mr. Irvine then made remarks that
J weiohstened to with deep interest,
j At this juncture or the meeting. Sec
i retan Clmbbi ek of the State Board of
j Agriciiliiiro arrixed. bringing xxith him
j exer;il men to assist in the Agricultural
! Institute, and utter heart grx'etings,the
Iimvting was turned oxer to theto gen
tleiaen. f Mr. Harmon then tivk tho chair. r.
lie xxas the onlx i.io.nlvr of tho State
, . ,
e..i Ivr of the State
culled np-n J r.
the obvel of tie
Boanl present, and
Chubl'liek to state
niivtuij .
T'-.o See:, tar. Mr. ChiiMuiek, stated
at some length the ivlatiou ovivtu-tf bo
two, u tho Board of Agriculture cud the
Agricultural CoK.-ge at Columbia. He
......! ti.;. r..... ..i, ;.a..
.-,(1.,.. .11.-- 11.1,, .111111 1. 1-1. Il HIS
. ..... .. ...-,
ln.!lr..ts; lli'i. tine ll.i-i".! .if V.. i-i. .nit ii..
had nothing to do xxith the Agricultural
College. Ho further stated that all
mint fairs xxere to make report, to !
this loa-d. Ho s;iil for eight .ars past i
this Wnrd hail bis-a holding tl:ise farm-
ers institutes. This State Boanl xvas i
ooinjvsoil of f.iurtivit iuemlH''. and ten
of thoM meml er.. xxere appointed by the '
goxeruor. I'ouatie.s that have ninty
fairs can send one deleg.it. to meet xxith
!)ii.- 1i.i.ir.l .-lr.it 1i:ii :i v.ifi in l!t. luT.ir.1
Tins Ihiard can work Mirough farmet's
meetings and stir up t-'ie p;'p!e tu Ivt '
t.i met h.ils of cult lire. 1
I Some of tho fanners thought thex
k-aew abv.it as much or moreaKMit-
farming than those xxho haxegixen xeari
, of study o:. special lines,
' Mr. Irxx iu has come to di.vuss the dai ;
nmg business, and others xx ho haxe iiad 1
largo experience in horse breeding. '
Mor, nI":,t 'as ,w ' !
fall, and fane.ers can nar.ll Wk for ;
r P- '
I he average yield of corn was rtobash-;
; els. but the p.ssiblo had iven .Vt. l,
tatiHs about . inisliels. b:it tin- mmilil.
l.M.l K....H r ixs xxi..... 1....1 .-.-..i.l i ii
ilk. ...ii ...iv.. ntul il null .1- ;
bushels, but tlio ax-erage is li !
Mr. Clnibb-.iek stated that the State1
Boanl had made arrangements xx-it!i the J
government at Washington for a weath
cr service for tl.is state. Thcgoxern-
me::t donated to thestato i.iiustruai.-iit.
for the piiricisv of tailing ob.-.-rxnt:o,i
Upon the suggestion of Mr. Cliuhhtlek.
the subject of a "Rotation of t'reji-s" xx-;is
ti.ken up. and M. B. Harmon then read
a xery int -ting p-i'-or on the subject.
He xxntilii have his rotation to extend
ox-er a iwriod of eight years, and he
claimcil that xxith this systr m crops
could Ih doubleil on tho farm. This pa
Ier was fo!Iowid by many ipicstiotis and ,
An interesting and abio papr on ,
"Horse Breeding" xvas read by Mr. La
Fon at the night wssinn. It was highly
appreeiatisl by tlio audience. Tiiis pa
l'r will 1k published in our next is.me. i
Mr. Chublmek
reail a imih.t on the
"N"""--"" ! " was preparcl
bv Prof. Walter-, of Columbia. It
mMl careful preparation and proved i
. . . t . . . . .
tho author xvas master of his sub-
It xxas verx- interesting. I
( Iarke Irvine read an interesting pa
per on "TransHirtation." after which the
meeting adjo-irncd until !0 oVIm.-kTui-s-day
Tuesday forenoon xvas occupied hy
Prnfe.-xir L. i. SeiliT, of Chicago, xvho
whs an ailxocntc of iiioc ti!;;tim for proof
agatn.-t hog cholera. Hog cholera was
ihsi-iisscil hy thoso pr"--nt. in a nto-t
spirited manner, and no doubt many i.-ft
U-lieviiig in Professor Seller's in.lu of
f.lirtl I 1m I'n.fiuti lr ,t'.t ilnl r-....
fa;i t) state that he would inoculate tho
herds at fifty cents r head.
. In -dternoon, Mr. Jrwin, an cstcn-
six e.iiiir, man,.), near ruuon. x.auaway
c))ntVj ,(.Hvt.reil a most excellent hit-
ture on this subject. He handled his
subject in a most intelligent manncrinit J
listened to xvith much interest by j
his audience.
XllC lliei'tin XVCre VCrv rw'
eil. owing to tho sxerity of tho
and the prevalence of la gnj
IatiTosting Kxtmots From Let
ters AVritton hy Lnwrrttrr
Hi'iiiictt, Xow in KtieiioM.
Aires, South Ainorica.
We are again placed under obligations
to Mrs. Anna Bennett, of this city, for
the following extracts from letters re
ceived from her son:
!!ri:N.s. AtKii-, South America.
This is a erv nice cit v. and it has
1' i
Ihv.utiful par!:s, nnd oneof tho
Mulogical gardens in the world,
s t!ie capital of the Argentine Re
Many people hero speak English,
are two English newspapers pub
dailx in Riser s Aires. One is
published b an American and the other
! an Englishman.
It is tnoro hkeai: Eunpoan eit than a
Xortii Amerii-!ii city, mul tlio private
carriages are rigged up xxith a driver
dressed in lixory like they il.. in Paris.
The United States Minister to tin Ar
gentine Kepublte artixed the same day I
' d:.!. Ho is a .xoirig man by the naiui of
Pitkin, fnnu Xew ttrieaus. and is the cx
toxvrnorof tin State of U'ui-i.ii: i.
Theio is a prixato club nvtn hero
. called the C.sni." w hich is owmsl by
Aaicricau :.ml English gentlemen. 1
xxns presented with a ticket to the club
for one mouth by .Mr. tirisxxold, xho is u
: railroad of.ii ial here. He is from tho
Uait.sl Slates, ami I had n letter of in-tn-duetioii
to him from Mr Daniel Mil
mo. of Monterey, Xexx .Mexiii. xxhoin I
met xx hile in Mexico, and also met again
. in Paris. Mr. Mihuo is a xxealth bank
er ami i am goaig i. aiiemi losoiue "i"-
ino-s for him here. The elisb is u cry
' iiuv phuv, tho lo-uus Iving very nicely
. furnished. They get alt tho prominent
Atueiieaii uexxspapcr.
I am in. il.i! to take it trip xxith Mr.
Oriswold ntt to Vhf .bd"ot . .Pneitic
. . le . , .
ra:;n:tit. wiuciw i ,u uu or tin. ,t.
iiis M. .. "".mi. This n:id is uoxv at
, work building aemsi tho Andesi to Val
paraiso on the Paoitie .Mast. l't xvill In.
a uiagmliceiit road xx hen completed, lis
the Andes uio the svi;d larg."st rmigx
, of monuta ns iu the world.
I Kit iu i us I several days ago from my
. trip. ll:ul a xery ploasiiut tinux Tho
;i-viier is Ivautiful in tho iutorior, nnd
, the palm and other tropic.il trs xva
I semethtiig nexv to me and very boauti-
fill, tlninges ,'ir.i only worth one dollar
a thiMi-sitiil. and bananas, ctvxvmut.. and
otlier fruits in proportion. except appls,
which .in xxiirth ?l.oi per Kjeti, as they
do not gnxw in this country. 'Ihis is the
.-'IH..I i,.ii,li li.ir. no .!tv in tlio ttni
ted States, and vegetation of all kind
is a little furl Iter n.lranoiN. herxxiuxv than
in May in the Unit..! States. Straw lw
rics, nexv p.tntxH, and till eaily tx-gxtn-bles
an xery plentiful. The !heimome
tor avoragvd from 7o to W degrvxs this
I IHflllll. .1 lll-IVI .l, till'
n.uuw .. (h A
, fc emploxW
'. .... , 1 .,
mouth. It nex'er gxc any higher iu
Ml the railn ad
ioyres in the lxx-
puolio tin Araerieaii cr Ungiish. The
eara and engines an unst nil made in
the United Stab's, as also is all the Tarm
ui.ieliinery. A g.vut deal of petroleum
and 'umber conies fixnn the Slates. The
soil is very rich, fully as rich as Misjou-
. ,. . .,, .,
i1'- Emigrants ar. settling up the eoini
' try xery fast Ex-erxUsly makes mmv
hen, and anysijrt of a tesinsib!i pivsi.
tion pa.xs fnnu ft.Vt tofjiVivr nionth.
At pnseut then seems to bo iuoie ihi
tiens open than then an people to fill
them. U.xery xesscl brings fioni one to
tw-x. tb.oustind emigrants ami farmers
. from Eiinp. Tho goxcrnnii nt is iiiihI
elcd after tho United States; has a pre
, ident. eongnss and senate, mid is divid-
e.i up iutost::tes. each stale lieing mod-
eleil after the United State... The havo
i a very friendly feeling for the Unit..!
' States, and Americans arc very popular
- with the tiat-'xcs. They Unxk upon tt.e
United States as their friends.
SupKso oti an having some cold
weather by this time. It has been tiliout
i two oars sini 1 have seen enough cold
to freeze water, and I almost forget
what cold weather feels like. Am learn
ing Spanish xer fast.
It takes about forty days for a letter
to .nine from th. United States to this
place, as the steamships do not run very
regularly, xxhiie it only takes txvjnty
five days for a letter to come from Ku-
i ""T0'
The weather is xery delightful; all the
people an xvei.ring their suaimer
clot !:es.
I xxill Ik here for two or three aienths
jet. as I eannn; finish uinie linsini-s!; I
haxe on hand in icss timo. When 1
! i-ome h.uao. will probably come b xxay
Xe'.x Jrly.m.-. as it is mui.-h cheaivr.
Tin Arena l.c i io-i-mlii r.
1 Still another new magazine for thoen
tertaiiiuient and instruction of n public
i which seems r.cxer to tireof this foim of
literature! This latest comer is the Are
na, edited by Mr. B. O. Flower. It aims
high, and in the first numU-r it com.--reasonably
near hitting the mark. Tiie
tabli; of contents slum's that it is to be
ng.ir.led as a competitor xvith the Xo:t;i
Aiiierii.-au Kevieiv and tl.e Forum rather
than xxith those periodicals devotid lo
general lit rat uro. Ist)n Daily Post.
With Mich contributors as Ker. Jl. J.
Sai-ige, li'ev. i). B. Frothingham, Rev.
Dr. Bartol J rs . Lirermore. Rabl
dler. Col. R. (. lngnrtoll. Henrv
Dion l-.ucicault. II. I). lYnteo.
. ii . . ,
t.bbi Scniii-
t I'eorge,
ntccoht. Joa-
quill Miller, and many others, the Arena
promises to bo a valuable addition to tho
list of Americau monthlies. Sec nro.-i-
pectus on ms:de pages. Price per j'cnr,
single n'jmlHTi .VI tents. A!itri-s
The Arena Publishing Co., Boston. Mass
achusetts, Pierio Building, Coi ly
"Tin" Kiiiisn.H City Times" ntul
"Tins Si.-nt fuel."
Wo are anthoriztd to offer to our snb-scribers-.
and to others who ivant to sub
scribe forUieKaiis.LsCitj- W-kIj- Times,
that p:iier with tho SEsn.xir. for only
25 a year. The Weekly Times is tho
largest and best pa rwr published in '.ho
West, bring 12 pages exry issue. Come
in and leave your subscription.
rly attend- JZImHSBUst tt&ilgKm?
weather $ PVM 3&W22J

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