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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, May 23, 1890, Image 3

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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mltry Wanted !
iYor which I will :iy in cnwh:
rwy.'- r iMiiinu
U,MTM.IIII1....; ... ...
ftillfcntlii ml. itiIi-i
Imitrra lT dozen - - -irk.
full fi-;tfln-nit. rrIi.'fii
groiii wr.l7in
nnjr iKfiia i i , i"
To le tleliverctl .11 nil' more
Tin: six orwATUit okink
ix;. Tin Vttsl Niiinbcr of IoliSil:il'tl
Wafer C.iiimiiih'is in tin hand. '
That the idea r r:-tr.iinintf citizens
fniiii ilctrfivin l!n-tnsi'!viM with water '
has fun in it for tho.- j-iTt uith humor
cai:n-l b denied, and need not Ik evad
ed, but tho hpirit of levity fhould not
rim riot. Firs't, lit it Ik? noted that n j
Knit deal of water in fearfully impure.
The mout deadly diseases arc jirrijiaRCt-'
cd in it. It in the American habit, a
1 each meal, to lietfin with a tflass of ici
- water. There is not a hotel waiter in th
fountry whit doea not underritiind thh
T n , ami net upon it, ol courno. me ice
ins, Boosters, Ms. Geese aDi,d1iwti.crt.naci,ana.!ii.,tc-thc
' ' ...ti.;.. ;,ii,.n Tlus rirciinreM not for ill
Kimtiii. ti. - I I
Kent ion. lint for lysio:iu.
Tho hahit of deltiKiiitf the stomach
rt : with ice water h;w n teniloncy to over
"v" work the heart. Tho liret thine nt the
J!,1? (ierman htirintrrf where heart dimaFO in
. l,vi treated into torlml the uwj ot wine.
nVw t,,u reason is that the foice pump must J
not lxi overworked. When human lieinjjH
MIT WPDPD TPnPDOt PitlT Mn --" water, tho heart hart
iflUi ffJiDMl, rUlCol ullj, lliU- Mtra work thrown upon it and heart,
rldnv. Niltlirilll.V. lllitl .iioiiiinj, faihire follows. The (ierniaii I r c-iption
Mny .M & 1 Jfc .lim 2, I1M. for Vt.rwor.Mll l(.rtH ; a mil.l tup of
ElTIWt forget the date. I Wt tio ,.,; t. mrnin and cveni' K
All can iiet irei eooiiH uiiimoi. . . . , v
K lUaWl ,KY .t Oi. i it f sour wnm during the tiny. .i.
' ;olTeo and no water.
PUBLIC SALlB ! In case of "real thin-t the mouth may
i lt moihtened without hwal.ouin t!ie
j liiiiiil lined, and n little dih of icec.-cani
i.-i p.-rmittctl in the evening. There i
uot ii hit of a jokealiout tliM.nnilM-icli'-c
J is behind it. One or the terrors of the
timiHM llritfhtV ili'iuw. and the eoai
! uioii bton in that it it. in itri oiie,in ideo
hol e. I!ut not lone iijjo an cnIcciiikI
citizen of Ciiiciaiinti, who never drank a
ilro.i of hpirituouH or malt h .11 r fi -iiii-nled
wine or eider, died of a well
marked cth.ii of the l.ritfht'ii malady.
V.'hatN the expi itioil? lie wan ati
iiiteiiiTate water nicer. Th 1 kidneVH
are destroyed ly li entii of drink, no
matter what, only it !h reiiMinahle to hotd
that hot and i!d reliellious liiuorrtha-.t
.n tlm ilii'.v. Here we have tini tlin
BALL jpwk iJURT3
FOR KHUfr"iA'f iSfiri.
BaCTcreil KaIx Tlilrtr Tran.
ia V fhn.i. C IWItr.r.Tf- Vfl-
TnniMrK-aiiiairii 1 SUlTlItit flifUKO-
tlnmln rm eJemHer: ronW D t lift inr
arm. urna mo hwuuj .'-,. -17..
cured no.
- OK -
Ihort-Horn Bulls
. -T
Mound City, Ho.,
Sale to commence 21 m r. fl.
Are Best and Cheapest.
At Whntftale In any
town n tirre wo liarc
110 agents. If you.
tnaVc bultcrorchrciio
ecnil for Cntal'i;ue of
Crcnmery ami Kalry
iiiiucs. i.rcninpry
SJ U.U C aiiU Mm
MOO n mam ...w.
A. T. Bio liner, of X 'W I'oint, Mo., will
I sell on the aliive d.ito at .dosiml (ity.
Mo., wtven he ld of e!mii:e, yoiinK Tlior
I (iiiuhlired K-iort lloni ISuIlx. uren ,
iirtiiiiiiii iiimii .1111. -. .,..- ...... .... .
I " . . . . ,11 II . . . . 1 . t
0110 year to iwenl.v iii'imiiik. ;wi k,k" i-reat vital organs tiio i.tomaeii, tin
colon Hint or jfood milkini: fainilief. j )ii!ir Jim, l)ic i(i(,,VH ,,..,1,1 ,y tin
. TKKMS: (li-l. or hankahle note due j
in Ml Itlft'lIIIH. U'lIII I" MTIVIII iiii- ir
V JUnU. w,.i l.r r.1- MOM0.au.:
fl.f ! Cac'i.l M. qux . i, KaiIk. Vic; lUtjt
liT r.nll!. Ic i. . t V3 M
i,-;riiwlhl1liM,h ' K'tiarti.f g.l
rmlljrreiH unnxiie'l on nay 01 nan-. .
A. T. IirJOMKi:. New I'oint, Me.
Also Counter, Butch
er's and Platform
Wo urn heaihuariera i.nd mi! au.U.
Write or eall.
. - TO !
Bridge Builders.
Tim ur.diTiiiciied i:nl f JuiMiiiwitKi -r
otllolt CnuJitj. Mirfwiun, wi'l on
Monday, June 2nd, 1890,
lit the north door of the O.'irt Hoii- in
the citv of O.i ,im. "nil liolwi-oii tin
liourx of one and tim e !'. JJ. on Niid dev.
let at pnhj:c out cry t the lowei-t re
KlKinsihie liMder. lit? eeiitraet T;r repair
icy the following liriilye?:
Olio CA-U-kI i:pa:i at liicu H:hy .
One:$!-reet wpan at Kunki 1'n Mill.
T One riii-foet Hpan "t John f-;uw'H.
One .V) f.-t span at K ldy farm, four
tnilen north of Maitlaml.
One 111 fet Hi:nn ue.-.r Mr.", hinder n
mi Kims'V tJreelf.
The victiniK r the wntf r hahit am to -hnKeeu
ou nil hiden, and eoiinled hy
tlioiis.iinli and tens of thoii'-amlH. In
telliel phv.iieiaiiH know-them on ni;ht. '
tiri readily an their fellow citi.'.i'iw Moated
with Imht or hat urated with wiikey. ,
There in ii Myln of rotnndy and llah'.n
lien in n make up of which water in the
ehief ingredient Hint form a distinet
tyH. Siilferern from thin mirt of thinu
Hh h' 1 Ih-iu the work of reformation at
oneo. Drink nothinir liefoie lireakf.'U't. ,
' Take eofTeii or milk or tea in m-nleration. (
and make the amount very hiiiiiII ut the
Ktart. One l.i."H of waier liefore the
i,i.'Xl mi al m n it aliyoliitely ilesliuetive.
iillt hhnilld 1" nvoiilLil. Ii! d 'here i hoilld
h" no water i!riul:i:i at all during meal.-
aud very little drii.kias of any wirt. !
Hofore uoii: to Ud wet the mouth,
h it ejeel the lhlid, and if dreams com
of iparkliii htreanirt. halibliiiK i' c.:il ,
tiironli Kf-',' lieldn or waste f snow.
: i!.. t.l..:i.iir.-M of the il)!.l''illil!ioll
. j.v - .
and Iio tl-.ankfiil for the luxuries of f.im y.
Tlne who earo to reduce weight mpiiily
iniiht refuse Hii'iir, butter mid potatoit.
Mur.it HaUe.-id.
I - r
4 ai
- '. i i:i!iii-riiti:m ller.i stud Tlnw. J
The imminitiim ijiicstiiia is juiil now
' e:i-rcis::i the min. Is of t.t.'Miien in tv.. i
'of tiie L tiding eoa.itrie.-i of t!i -vorlii.
j KiUi.'tnd, lis will as the United States,'
, h:w a problem of thisnort on its hands at '
, this moment. It weins that annually a
' fe-.v thousands or tens of thou ; -n Is of
j p.Tam-i from trie continent of Ku.-o;e
who leave home with the intention of
1 (Mining to the Unit h1 States, and who
design to take Bhippin from noine of tho ,
ports in (treat Hritain. never tet beyond !
the latter country. Whether from lack of
j hiillicient money to enable them to crofs
1 tho Atlantic, or from Keneral shiftless-
ness or want of sustained purpose, they
et "str.itid j.r in tho British Islands, I
and ultimately drift to the larger cities, I
there in tnuo to cither become n public
i-hare or to help recruit the tfrowinK
armies of the idle or the vicious. A
royal commission, which is usually
created in Knland to invcutitfato any
urevnt ipiestion of broad national con-
rn, has In-en in'imriii: into this matter.
j a:id it still, we believe, has the subject
. under conmderation.
In the United States the immigration
iiiehtiwn, in a Kcnoral way, presents itself
under a somewhat mmilar aspect. The
puriKj.se in neitliT country is t dis
;:iiira'o immigration in itsueneral niani
restation". but tokeepoutan undesiralile
doss or immigrants. To us. however,
the iiitestion is a larger one than it is
to Hi" lirit'iHi. and pretent itself in a
greater variety of phar-es. Tiie alien ar
rivils of the objectionable mrt in the
iimnu at remoiisM.i i;..;....! states everv ve.ir oiltniltlUT at
plant 'far bulMlmr ,.:ist three to one those whicli ire.M
tac.!ar1,L,' , I Jritai:. r, iv. in that time. Mor.-.ver.
C CASE CO., i manv if not most of tlnw of this class
who come here come in obi-dieiice to th
wishes and in conformity with the plans
'or the authorities of the nations which
thev leave. Thev are "assisted" to the
United Stales by the agents of the gov
ernment of their own lo.intry, hi as to
avoid the expense. ir their nininteiianc
There are laws, of course, heret'i prevent
this out rage.aud in nunc instances these
rtiws are infonvd. In pit of a 1 our
vigilance, though Ihoiisr.n Is of this cl ss
..r M,.!,.wr:iii!i i-verv ear f.llcceifull
'pa:;-tiie baniers erected against their
entrance, and becoaie incoriHiraled in
tho mam or the co.intrv's population,
i'n.ir iin-iie.icf being ultimately revealed
among the tramps and vagrants by which
the more thickly settled sections are in
fitted or in the records of the insane
aivlnm- or penal iiihtilutionsof our larg
i cr citics, e::pecially on the Atlantic sea
i lioard. .
I Klertiir Ititlcrs.
Thi:; remedy i liecomilig so well
j know ii i:nd mi iHi5.11i.1r as to ne d no
! .peci.il mention. All who have I se 1
I Mli-tric . liters i-ing the same song or
1 ;ira:;e. A purer medicine docs not csift
I 1 .1 ;.: .i!!r:oi! Ito do nil that is
100 Ktyle. prices to suit all.
Wx. Atkkh A Sons. l'inuUEU-HtA.
Hold by all dealers.
ijilIt Iff. A r:in-iii
(10. A- wildw nnMiinii), i.
turrMi'r.Trt. mru.ut kMkrftmtrau-
(JrftBBfty DctcvUft Bart a Co. llAroli-Ciaistitia
Tifiilr'"CTirirtrl"ornv M.prll ln. Knmrjw
rou.fui t t.i Um frrt. lir. at llniOTl'l-. Ilx el N.i .
Tho benovoIeiiL-e of Quen Margherit.t
; Italy is weil Known ana so spor.- j
:in yjs fi.it not o:ily du the hoae.t j
iKior and BuuVrini: among tlu' Uoisnn !
people frequently appeal to it, but an
atte.npt is now and then mad? by the
ii::dcrscrving to take advantaRe of her
sympathetic nature. J
Xot long ago there was at work, not i
f:ir fr j 11 K .n a c ua'o.-Wtcr ntauJ
Cill . ii In tlm irourse of his criminal I
occupation, he counterfeited the notes of j x
the U.mk of Krance, and counterfeited
them so completely to his own
tion that what seeiuec to him
1 tlimiiht occurred to him.
j "I will send one of these to Ulfl Rood
hearted qeen," he said to himwlf , "and
tell her that 1 aji a poor citizen, who,
. . . . .. . . . ... a u. . n . il
f'wTOmvtnK.iiTsrErsi.v.roon Arpn, tuti
work orftoc-Al exjJormcnU. UX9
l'ro.nl tiftiis irdationsliip.
Oh, Mr. Duscnberry," cried her little
brother. I'm so glad you are going to
be kin to me," sajs the Atlanta Consti-
'Ah. .Tohnnv. is that tot" ho gasped, a
look of happiness titling oerhis face.
!??3 "How did vou know? Come here audsit
. " , .11 o t
ri on my lap aim leu me an ;uu uum
' heard."
1 'Sister's other fellow come here last
VVCI f5T? T 6 if"-, night," lH-i.'an the Ikiv, niter he was
Is JUL V Jfa iAJUHa'1 ifelvin tho arms of the young man.
MuriadtirBttillUh ... ... t -1. Il.,,it
n rtj " vyj. t.f. Mr rti:
PalUt.tu! 100) Mlirfi. ttU ,, . .... i...H.i..it. I'm
1 h I rm. lrlr no. 5tX.
PIANO. tr-nt u Wfa: Mft
41V- tMiLiliit ) 1 t.rU-l I- lur WtiUCJ b
ruTMixm on lit cun or M3 mice
M liKAL IS3?i:G?EHTS. Birii.M.u.l Trlmmlnis..
i;r.it v'li-ly. iii ijimniy n" niei ti.
..I. t.r U. Ml.ir.Ui IliltirUU TMIOH'
IIKOIC tlUL ACIUKMUtb, 111 Lnl fl ilnqiril.
CW.MMirn wt Raff ATM. AtUt FOR IT.
xeii iier inat x nu i rrw r.-...
having some doubts of tho genuineness, fMHG BR0Si - Pfttsburghi Pji
of tho note, have, haved resolved to; -
throw myself on her majesty s generous-1 AajfJapa JJfj Q'j T1;,
;,- n;l.U l.r irnumil tne an Italian I -JO .' &ra l'&
bank note irTexchango for it."
Calloni sent his spurious note to 1
(jiieen M irgiiorita, with his appealing!
ni.ss.-ige. Tho nueon received and read j
. . , .. . ... 1 1 . . 1
1110 letter, was loacneu oy 11, nun
- T
I .... 1
IIIT tirtll'lliCli. IlrunrUltl AMIiu. llwiroiHrtiT . -
ff!FcK!. J closed a good Italian bank note to the
Ino aciccu'o nuunwa. luouiuiut. mitii in IIKICO (II it. 1
I Hut sho chanced to show the spurious j
note to an ollicer of the royal household.
1 who nsk.nl for, the letter, and, armed
1 with it and the hank note, tho jKilice .
made a descent uimii (Jalloni's house
ipturcd both th;: man and his false
It nfteri haimenK ill this vav thatono'
IM, H27 FS7Er, WMlU, Wia2;urmtMn.e,l. added to another, betrays .
CrOS? S3l GOiilEGil Ct'I'ii ! the doer. Since t.-all.mi was wicked en-nwiTTiwl.-l
lir rbiri.ui twl "M hy Prni-, ouh to commit the crime of counter-.
&TT'nC WAWtTP'S0 0 it ttR,.W! that he was.
HIKSrS5SG a.foreadytoim1s,seI.,nthe genen.
,ni ciiiTAW ct (JEW vne itv of a kind hearted nionarch. Hut it!
-I - j i 1 was hi.-, second clime Iiu 1 expoieil the
yjonrz KC'lZiTS T7ANT"U rOJI: tirst. Youth s (.'ompanioli.
c wsr i.rttVk.itsct
j ltiiii,,.. 1. ., 1
,4.n Ii.. !..i:l.-;..M. I","' W!V A. I.ivt.l:v..l.i. "
ti.uui. -:l I'm !.! ia-.w'. Cy'V ,'1
Ju. !'. t v-nn.1 W..,n. I - .j r. . I.lcn.1.. .-,
I ' U C' I fir i J- 'I TIT...
A. U. WollTUlNUfu.. a-11 lUrtrjrl,
OMt !
mi P:LS-S
P ii i s ?
If so, r.eti 1 , 5.0 j Lj us fiir a
vcar's nul;c.-ipiio:i tr Till-:
5iv)KTi:ci; Lt;-i-:, the l.trest
t:;d be t b bull an 1 ;c;i.mv.
.nirt::!t- t:ttj:r i.hl ;hc.l, and
:rth of Kindy,
'bout you."
He was mad." replied the terror
"'cause sis goes with you so much."
"And what was her reply to him?"
continued the young man, the look of
happiness spreading further aerosshis
1 features.
Sho said." began the youth, again,
"that he needn't get mad 'cailfC you
came to see her, as you was a soft snap
and was saving him lots of money that
would go to tixin up their houao after
they were married."
The look of contentment on the young
man's faco gave way to the pallor of de
spair as ho g: sped:
"Well, how is that going to make me
kin to you:"
"Oh," went on tho Uy, "I'm comin' to
that now. She said that when vou pro
posed to her sdie would lie a aistor to'
you: and; won't that make you my
picket: himself off tho
lilRJl II.' -.. ... ". ' -
j man Hit thnugh the front door.
, .. , ... ..in
. ... . ., 1 hi.
WL- Will S.-Zl ;V ::. St p.U. ! l!,Mir hi. beheld the form of the joung
nf Sr:tKhn-' a ir':i:::n..- L'.-Nirtt-;
'me halls. If v- t v.-jald pre
fer :?f!ii'' a coty first, ti;p ns
a jk ;t:tl. AMrcss
Tin- Si'-::tin(; Lira Pr. Co.,
I-ini.AnKi.i'iiiA. Pa.
.ClcJiis-ri .'tii.! Kc.ttilittci llie hair.
Ill ... - I ..,.: .til , r,l1i.
Nvtr Falla t3 ncttorn Gray
f 13 lr n II irmnui
lted Cruu lllamund llraiid.
I TU Mir I .lirtW rill for k Kcfr .4
nr.. VmtU, Bk VrneiUt fer u. Ills.
mm4 llrmB4,l r4 m.uliMUiu.Mlt
villi blMtltla. T.litH.MI r-B-i ,r.
l LullM,Ml'll".lIIdL imlllr.
CakkatUr timlol Co., jZuUtua fq., lhUa4a, ra
Acrnli. wiihIi- .oTin It I'll M-if-t win
..I'll rllllrmCliillli-o ill U-l llllf..S:illipl- H'li
I I. ..;li.ililiilr rlnl'i- 11 VI .1 lit I V lll.lll t'ir :.0i'.
.ii iHT.Inl II :i'-i .".!!, line I"
ti it.e Iimiim TITTTCI ' '"' ' irpfp-ilil
.11 flin-vt liil.in-. HI ll f .i r i 1 1 i 11I. if..
limit inns I lit" i.riri'li-l liti-i:nl-
t t lift l!ll lll.t" ! ' Villi!-"
Iricr-tiiilaiiiii-iin- Ii.IIh-.- Mm- '
llllfc lll.ll. "Ml.
17 llrriuuii St.. nr-, !r. ln.
ISi-illiiitit Serifs ol SoiiIIhtii t
I'hjht.s to Appeiir in Tin-.
, At-ciiu. 1
I In the June Arena will appear twoj
' paH-rs of great iiiteret to every intdi ,
gent citizen of the South. The lirst is I
a m ignilii-ciit tribute to the memory of .
the late lamented Henry W. (irady, o I
1 Atlanta, ny his intimate friend and co
laborer, l.'uv.J. V. Iai; who with Mr.,
I (iraily was cngngt-d on 11 great woik on
the .Vew Sotit1jnhenthciiihiautoung
orator and flBr u.ct his iiulimely I
1. 11. r.H.nm.r Willi Mr.
' ( I.-.-k lv as eililR-ator. and man. and is
said to l.o one of the liu.t sec:mens
of pros.i ioctrj: ,.jye ry written by an t
American. The oi'ner paper is from the '
pun of Hon. W.C I. ISreckinriilgc, M.,
(ivi-i,r ilm mo.t ri'inarliabln narra
tor -'..-.Mi,r n tWV iirst. lilMT) 111? 1 .? r ir ..r,.t..rntini i:t
liven 01 rfvi-ui. .ii..!..... .....-.
that or lieutenant Victor (iiraud. just
publi-hed at l'aris. with upward of 1
sunerb engraving!; ill list rating hi:t
. iournex to the lakes of equatorial Africa.
I l:f. ailio 1 learn, the author ir the popu
lar Knglish version or l-'ram e's Crime of
'Sviviitre llonnanl. ban sileted and
I tfan-la'e I rnr llnri er's Weekly a series
"of excerpts from Oiralid's woik. which
iK-rveto ci.iixey an idea r the young
l-'renchmau's journey, and or his singu
i... . 1 i.,r. t- TI... ...-riitH are to 11P-
i.ii .., -i..-- -. --- .
icirt get o w h o .-eductions 01 o iio
i fihemosi rhar.u 1, re-tic ilhistnitnnis
;.. . r.H.r tin.'i. Siiimlemi'iit to the mini
, Imt to Im ;nilli-hed May 1 lib.
Best Always tiie GtepL
200.0G0 Roses and Bulbs by
mail or express.
1.". Monthly I !oics forl.
II ti'eraniuiiis for .il.'Hi.
I K'hrvsiintlieiiiums for 1J.
p.' Uin'-h.-ias h.r ei.K.
110 Vcrlientis Tor 1.U.
1)U ileus rortjl.l".
Catalogue rrce. Iuvitntioii xtciii id
to all to vi-.it the JrccnhoiiM-s when in
the city. Address,
1 issiwmwkiii
;ItJ & i : t I7. :'. . ! C..-..HIIO. l,..-i-.iii w.... ...
Ul fl ii fi l U 1 i I I ' O' j.lis.-:,teortliehi-.cr and Kidney, Wll.
- I "'' l''"l'l-. s ,!s !:!,,"":' ka
i.to 'ij.; .3..xti'..'v. . 1 1... .1 1
i-i it''- ."nv'-t-'O- ill.-r l:.-i-tions ,mi:i--o ; "a " " .
k?ffi'iynA?''&"X- I V:il dri'.e Maiaria from tie sybtem
fO l OJM OATA10Cilli-i
for ra mux
1tliHUeril aiiiltAV0C3 nSBIUXXi
IWkautr JJ ana -'.
1 nrYnnr
1. .1 ..
.....1 Knr rem o; i:auaci.e. i-ou-.i
nation and Indigestion try K!n-tr Hit
iters Kiit'ire.atir-raction guarantied, or
im.ma refun.l.'d. J'liee ets-. ai.d
I ;pO per In.tlle at King .V: I'roiids Drug
store. .
Jhildren Cry for Pitcher's Castorla.
rr . . Mfi,iA Infjtfm irfilip rmrl.
Ill inr r.i'ii.r. ....... .......... j .
rrttliat I liavcatHrtlllteir'iiiMlyXi'rtliea no
lumriS ai-:ie. Ilf lt llmly lli'"iiit 1.1 tM-'r"-,t.r.fiS""v:.iS(i..wiir.
l.ol-lecMCtliae Iktd pcnnannitly rurnl ; J'&T-'I&uVcaXcO.. BUFFALO, ft. V.
1 illl .ID .t... ... .... ..... .-. ...v
fljr MM-: toaiirof jiHirrraJ'n wlmliavp r
tiiinitiin if Bit will iiit m tliir oxpra
Hint it oftlre aitilreta. Brtpcrltiiltf
T. A. SUM.TM. H. C. HI lrl t- Nt 1 ttf
Knglish ami Amerifiiii Clothiiijr. i
Eugene Field, writing from Knglnr.d,
calls attention to a delusion whicli is (
widelv dilTusi don this ns well 11s 01 the
..llmr sidj of U10 Atlantic. Speaking of
VlCm. . inilcMiuth James I men's wearing apparel, ho , ays that"!.;
Wilsoii'u oil Kin:ry IJrcek. . 1 the manufacture or clothing tiie I mul ,
Also for tho building ot the fiillov.ing 1 staU'S is f.ir ahead of Hngl.md." Clothe
now liridges. the county furnishing pa it : ;lJ(J f)(. iwor .j,.0 there than
kauracTuataa or
WTjmi Ilatij- wis nick, patr licr CntrU.
WIk-ii tiie ai a CliiM, si:" crlcl for Cailorla,
When slii: Ixxomo Misn, 1J10 etuiig to Cmt-irU.
Vhen slielunl UU Wrrn, rbv B e tlwtii Owtorla.
C, from Ljxingto.i, K., au.I treaU in a j
most exhaustive ami statesman-like man
nor .r the llace (Question and the South l ST. .JOSK1MI, MO
'ci.: ...:m 1... p. .11... 1 l. ..m, ..n 1 ... .ilii.n.f ruirtli t'ilv limits, on tilt
lllin JIIHTI Ulll Mi 1. in. ...... .... ...... ..... , al, ......... .-. ;-. .. .
the same theme by Senator Morgan, of ! electric motor line pasMiig Lumn Depot. 1
Alabnnia, who. in turn, will be follow eI
. 11 .... ..r ulll I
' ' , ,01 I will .-.ill hiI.-m ;ill.il'i:isi-l.rl.il.-ivilii'll'-,,l
i;aioi:na. llius me ie;.in-r:. "- 1.
Arena will have tho race .juiM.oii
thoreghly iIim-usmiI by tbne of tin
1 al,I-t and most popular htatesiiien of.
the South. Anotlu-r feature or great ,
rest to nil Southern readers will be j
ntribiitioiis bv I'mr. X. S. Shaler, or :
ilvllln-11 rIn."
ISalVatlOil WSi -r.r-j It I Ouljr i c.
Harvard University, on "The iv-oimmic
Future of South," treating of imtiieii.-c
uiii.cr.il wealth 01 th Southern States.
1... ,1111.1.... in i.i-.l..! 1 ii..t ! hi :m
iiii-liniii-i-r, ili-.ix- s!ii- im- :i oil. Ivim 10s
..,!,!.. lt.C. itiivroN.
Di:. ,j. s. :n;vi:k,
Veterinarv SiirfieoH,
ttrai'iiiate of the Aii.cric.in Wterinar;.
tlillcge. New York.
.1 If.
.11 !
tr .1 1
'hlcy's Xavv-vard." by Charhs Li d-
t:... hiiiini-. ..I iiii-i.khI -it l.isii-iiins lrlns..: ,....,1 v..rf...i u-illi four illustrations
riimw. iiivrni'si uruM. ;
1...... ...I...V.I 111' il.'. Ill Iklll ti-"
""" 1.-. ...... .......
ilrilni'lil ni'.rr . i.-in fi..."
, wimd, at Linn l'.st-
Oll Uir-lgi:
of the matcriid:
One lH-feel :;p:m
One . fwt. tre-stlo work
niii.li t of Mound Citv.
One IK-feet. coiiibina'.ion. on Sipiuw
Creek, near residence of William Skcl
'One IVI-feet. trestl-5 work, '-j mile south Si:,j,. but
of .ludgo McIutyrcV. j - , - , ,;j0tin.r they fail to give
i -action. Hrit. tailors ,,se inferior hnmg
For sjiecitications and other informa- jn the clothes they mnKo. they lug.eci
tion.enllatoilioeoriJo.nl Commihi-ioner . t;u, n..y unimjsirliint but in fact
ul Mound Citv. Mo. 1 !,:..lilv esMitial d.-tai!.--, und wiien they
l,waU,,?.?U)?:ik s-u';.a goodtitit isdue moretogoi.d
ll-jad Commissioner, flu'lt Co-.mty. Mi.:-' ju .: th Kl ;., m'1L Xof is tho clotliing
horo, he acknowledges, but ho ai.ds that
a suit made by a giKid tailor 111 any or tne
leading American cities will out ear
three suits made by Loudon workmen t
TJiolwat-iualitiosof Hfitish woolen cloth:-
are better than those woven in the L mien
when tiiese cloths are r.isli-
! Iwdv.
. era
V - .
wiun. for tlm feet anv better tnan tlial lor 11 e
The leather in hnglisli .-uioia
a after they ;.re worn a rhort tune.
lie laswmg is circloasly done, mid the;.
. . ' s io:i fall to pieced.
T.iis is tlu tsttiiu'i lj" "f an acute and"
1 inlclligi-iit K-non on a subject of pr.ic
, tic.il ijiiiorUincc c lining un L-r his per
I soual ob.vrvation. It is in line, too, with
. all that has liot n written and spoken ,
; on tho same genend bubject for ears
; pust. It has been shown doyens of limes
J and in i-cores of ways that articles of
' necessity for the average peram can be
; -.ibLiiiied :is cheap in the United States as .
in ( S real llritaiu. or ohe.iler, when ou.il
ity is considered. Xot only cm all th.it
is worn on the head, liody and feet '00
I....1 i..t- fiu l.ia,-11 iirieo here as the."C or
.... lower, but everything that s eaten or
, ,lrank.orwh:ch.nany way ministers to ,
in tho west at prices to suit all- iiaurii ......r..., .. , i.
prices duplicated. Plants received from tho general health or comfort tan be
. ... ! - ...w.v...... fl..... . . ...I r il...i .... I. , lu ...... i..i- I
IMII11IL Willi lll 101 Hllf.i?t iifc. ...
and take no otliara.
Tt'n hare mnnr nrw and rich
.Irilu-ix lttrALI.I'0 SUUU
An IiirsTRiTroPuiml.nT Illlie
ir'at i"ii fai'i'lir-xtlnn wilh epcAut
tirc of 11 n ciuls m j.iuiga tn!.
As Is Wt'll Know n.
tTho Xew ro,leb Cyclopeilia lias ill-
ready had 11 niccess and a hale which
. are phenomenal in cyclopedia annuls
over '.X,(S(X sets ill six year nliout iriO,-
,KK) volumes. This far exceeds the mini
I l;r w,:d in the same time by any kin
dredwork. The enures ot this wonder-
I fill and well-deserved popularity are
well know, and -need not Imj recapitulat
ed here.
Hearing in mind that The Xew Peo-
' pie's Cyclopedia leads nil Us conipcti
j tiors in the matter or copies sold. 11 care-
111I CKlimate or the combined vales of all
i other Cvclopedias now on the market
' convinces us that thco lire in use to-
day in the tuna million homes in the
' !-.;..,.! tri.,i.i ....ihmIit.-i'iU- Iis thai;
on... .....
J half a million or Cycloiedias! This is a
' mere dron in the bucket.
Xot one family in fifty owns a eyelo
pcdi.-i.auil it is 11 Kife assertion tiiatof
1 hose works 111 uso at tho present tiaie
full oiiehalf are antiijuated and out of
i into, being rrom five to twenty years
Kverv home, every family, should jus-
hess a iopu.:.r work of re, r.-iue such
i.s Tho I'eopic's Cdop dm a woikj
dealing with every imagin.ilile topic un
der the sun. the subjects treated being
wvll digis ed and fitly proportioned, full ,
without useless vcrotage, i-oncise nut
not meager, crisp bu not scrappy a
work to which father, mother and chil
dren may reort as readily ns to a
familiar friend Tor aid wl.o:i erplo.id
by some, knotty nuestion in busir.e,
iloiiK-tic ei-oiioiiiy. or school btudics a
in short. w!ms handy volumes ho
-familv table or bland 011 a con
venient shelf ready for use by everyone
in the house, and saying to nll,"Iuuuiio
Within Tor livery Thing."
l-.iriim-m .- " ". "" ... '
illir ii'l, :iil'i ir u.ii'ir : .-
1S..U. Hit- M.1-H1& ll.imliii"rif.iii-:ii.il I'laii"
i-i-.-l rlilrllv ill llial ttlllrll llllr i-lllrl i-Xi-el-
Ir-iiri-iii siti'v 1 Ira' lii-lrir.ii-iil. ii.illl.v "I
I. .nr. Illlnr limn;.. Ili.mjli IiiiiM:iiiI. are
. . .1. .1.1 li. I.i.lriiliif 111 Ullll 111!'
111 i.iol Iiuii- i-:mii"t' fi I IHnlraltt1
r .t:it.i:iieiil iii-w l)lr, liiiniiuii-t-n uii' -."ii.
iiAi30N & HAMLIN
flrnnn and Piano Co..
t-.'im.- i. ii
-- ,. 1 miwi : r.-i.'1-ni-i
wl.nuin.r ,liir..reiit staiis 111 the bUlUling 1 uliiim-al ulll.-.- No
. . 11 1... prfr-.Vill I
. . 7T. i 1. i..tl...-rVi!TrrtIuiri
AWCipati:ieii3.ir,ianJr, V. "
lii- f.n..Mof V.. Ih, rretntlur. J''';V,1r",,,,
...1 l-l.v.l. ,1 lii.l.ilfv.lwi-iiriili-ol Ilu-Mnod.
1 - m .
foul Ir.iin. liiiiL' of a irreat shin, will Ix'
publishtil 111 a roiir-pago Supplement to
tho iiuiiiIkt of Harper's Young People.
May i:ith. William Hamilton (Jilison's
illimtrate.l article in the same numlier
will I..1I of the toad's "li.igniiK" and
I 'the jiensive witcher"r his sung.
In a Kail ::.
T. T. Cfi-ris a hard working fanner,
but ho says that to read a democratic
editorial on "agricultural depression
would make a well-dressed farmer reel
nlisolctely naked, while to hear a demo
cratic speech on the same snbjiN.-t creates
instant hunger in his stomach and a
fearrul prosKct of famine, though his
granaries and cellars are bursting with
the noeeviaries of lire. No farmer ran
I rum I :i 0V111 x-ratic naner to day without
1 an average Io. of live niund- of Mesh
! per day, and his nights are made horrid
by sjiectors or want and destitution.
LvsTiuoiuh wo visitid Washington .
ZV'M t:
t-li.lnl I".
Ui. - l-.iim. .".t.l IViniiliil
. I3rj I r!i Mlli-l T!-
lui. T. Ii-iln.ii- V. ST I
niiill or Irli i.l..i.-riiiiii!) al
lB am
Rek HctOuht and rellare all tba tzonblM
ierTt to ablUoaa atatoor tho xjtem. tueb 1
Dltilneu. NEOioa. Drontlneot. DutrrM ante
nrautcablaineccaaluabecnabowalacaxias 1
BcttUche, yt Cutsr's Iiltlo Ufmr OTf
.t '.'it a:cjs I'taiTKnivKTAMrrl.Bmra
.i:...i.'.i.iitf n mint v ilulileM?r)"-i.r"uillI
. ; ..t pk Ti...r.. an- .rrn-il with n kw
l, r til. v;.t :-j;:iiiu. nth foi l'nit.x--
. .. .'.ttVr In ttri liitrrrai nf I inin-r.
i'.'ti l.arit or jirir.-l..iril nicii.
. t!..-fc.rK-:iit'ITl-' " Hw-i"-
i. i:.lr..-.ili:.llin-y.ltlll-
.. ..... ......t.?...ri..r.- nr ui"r.nht
f i.'en,-."! t.ihT.Tstiaiiiitsulio-.rlimttai
;u .ill nt 1 inlet leu-
.Aa-Mii.'ls urn-will U-t r.t r.n lrvi-iptef 2
xr.i-iititiR.-i-,ti,-l't " I.lviiij iul
hiritT." rvh!i-; .ill l-i-r'-nt fort milt
TUi- v.l ot.r S.-t vrat ij-s.-nt Jur SM-entscr
-i," :-t-!-.c lur ai cut. i.r any iliu lor 10
.-.'.tf. :-i;::;e ,.".1.1. OnlerLy nuniln-r.
V.Vc-v.I.:vl.if i.n-1 Tiiri"" Ti. .. ITiitr.
1 iia ...... .....tot
i"T. ..l-: t.-...f - rn ln ll'P Ta.nr lu
l.u li. I lnlil.lriMnifllu-l-i.lV-'l
: ri.1.1 l-.kr r-rj-, ls.. Cine-
2 'I...- - ln-nin-.iNi.i liiiiiial.l to a Mil
.o " l"w ' --. !MufJ'ii"r'l
t-it.i-.tM-. uii'.ui.''tr..rcl! ir.i.uuf
lu- i.t: .. it.. uu.1 A.lrnualllum.
I f.. 't;li -1 I uiiiiiMllll In.jr
i... rt.tM-ii' . 1 l..-;ll-TClllT. lint
S-i.. -...l C li. r..bl.... SX
-V. .I ri JintrrUUT V.-.-uhtrrrflUw
'..t.-rl .1. i' j.ua..f fwu t.( tlw Ii.r
u-i lu.iu-lclrs uf IU l.'cllnl Ml.u.-
In : iri'l-.l"."-i !!! n.Disi'U.W
. "lil'avlrmd'ncl !." K. I" JUUJ.k... 31
--ii..KS"'..uli. Tlir Iit an ol. I luM
ttau." i.iui. I.ircn ... SZ
7Vr. . i..iMrU'e ru-nr: lu Atlauu r-r
IIMMMlUl. C I.. b u.
a-"Tli-w'i'i li.iiti. Jiit'Wii.LiuK v
i-ir..iitl'.n IrwTrale."- IIImhiuI
I. vlrrr. ! O. IU2BWM
ja--TI form, r awl tho laml " Col.Tm.noJ
II. nuttr I'll--
I r. i-1 thu tn l ubli-r Ivllcjr." i.u.iujs -
h..T"til.i l
12 "Ill7 to t'lwllrut'wlraoi Sir-
tLvr." It. 1". r.ianx. -
I -v.i.ivuieuKDniiitiM- iriir ........... s
il --he Vital vu.-tlon: Mull Anir. lean luliu-
1 ; Jr. iAT .IrfUIIH'UCU MM AMn.. MM.
cr-iaurrciiurrru .....................
5 si..r. lii Ornnan. with Addition...
.' ll... 1-rw.rnul of Ous llOttlfoll
...t.tr : l-oatot ........
r ri..ti-.iiafor Anwrli-an ssulwdiw.
7 . . . ........ .. n ltr.M. It Oram .
r .-v.i.r lil.i.i.K-iisiH.uH le ottlonl.u."
r..lrrl..i. " . It. AMKtt'll .... ......
Ji V. ui u rai IS ? Aunn to a orkloic-
iimt.' oa4tliin .....
S-"Tl..inn-il.-aVvilliiJctiT."' i-ll.AX-
JV."Vl i Viit of lJinc1"J- Dl Wwonl
fniiii. rn KaniilnK Iwlmirtea."
1 no
Vvri" JVitwi-3 'H U-'-'ivJJii'rii ii .Magiwine, ami enjojeii ine ...
?1ayrC ! interring views or the exterior -r the
3si'si'!,l3lTRt'si:'-ijl , White H ius.-ai.il its surroiitnlings. inis
" .... .1 . 't T....r.r..... I...-. O
ciirt'ui.liB.fewatlrsH!"irr.r.iili tic 11
vr War. i:.iliwt. tho iUnU.1 ur hurmt l..!.ti.u
Ai.U K...t;if-I rr.!-r. 1V--.K tfcl. sr
work. It c iUiu. 5i- rova! Sro. ""
i,:nj.iS. mrMri!i pit- iicr. "ir o-r?.'?
r.-s'i. lul l c if.a!.i i- plm M 1 "'
t.ailr.: lV..prt- Froo. 11 Tun ari'b r-y"; "
.-..IsSKl.hn! anlbor. W1.1. Ii. 1 ' Hi isJt
fr&ri tho Kational Mad.cal Atsrc ati.-n.
r- ,V-. PRIZE ESSAY on MERVO'JS antl
PHYSICAL OEBlLITY. l)r.rarr!..lacfr;.
pf A..;.tr.it rhmicUn nr to cnmultcl. ..n.l.
. .. .. . Til I. M..nn fl ll.L- ll.Cr ..I
"111: iT.AroiY meiiicai. isstiti t..
r 1 ... ..r
ililolltli. 111 tne .nun! iiio.i-.-. ........
J (jtilarM.iga;:ine (which has ju-t ar ;
! rivedl. wo enter the Kxi-utive Mamio ,
and are treated to a .-aud.'u through its
I corridors, its o utiv. and private
apartmi lits. We Inns pari i..-i pate in the ,
, .- p. vial favor shown to I .'!i;..rc- t's Mag.t '
zinc, as we are introduced to ma-y
, icatitres not usually teeti b the gi nerai
..lii;... The Whito Hoiitv has never
tV ,b,fo.e.KvnH, rully and -HIlv ,11-
ilrcncd at aU
' 0:1 tl
nr-m 1 W t
UnnnnminQ IlflPllI
I M. i III 111 i II!
us will lie in Uhl lT.iiconiiiuou ion.,
those receiviil by mail from caste! n
lirms. All kinds of
made up in artistic style. in short notice.
Orders by telegraph PKOMl'TLY al-
.tenoed to.
I,. J. STUI'PV, Proprietor.
Sixth and Jule Sts., St. Joe.
Trust 't' Stiltr
as wilh tho English, and in far greater i
variety and excellence. Luxuries pet
haps co..t more here thau there, but the
fcrsun wl'.upui chases luxuries can t.tToid
to pay the price charged for them, and .s .
not doing any grumbling in the matter,
or if ho is tho masses or the ieojIc are .
not called on to feel any great concern
about his troubli-s in this direction. Tor ,
nine out of every ten persons, despite the
, lussertious of s ocialists and Io trluu dem
agogues to tho contrary, the conditions
of existence for the avt-nige worker :.re
iuinieasunibly brighter and better in the
United States than they are in Croat
Kritaiu or in any other part of tlusworhl.
Wheiea. OMv.-r IV-rry ll.inly .Hi'! hnle II.
llaplv.livlln-lrI.-Ml ul TiuM. e:it;il Hip sll,
.laVii'tJaiiiuiry. ItWT. ami n-oirjlnl in Hit ;
inti-r'.s inlr-t Holt 'mly. Mix.iirl. t 1! v.k
rt I'aBr- 0, CilllVCVI-U 111 limr .-... o.jv,..-.... -i" Dlll.i...
llir fiillimiiisilwriliirtT-aliMat.-. ll";'l:.l.- , i;im. I)
Iii2 ami iH-liiKitUlirMNiiiiilyof H -ltaml Male - tilolH. I
I Mi-onuri. to-wii : . ... .
The Nurlli-liatf f tin-mtliniM ."i.-ittiT "I , . i
M-.llims.iiilii-lii',;"."r,t:,l,S'":N- . A MtMHKt: or young ladies, grailuatcil
ItitertSt tlifm: n-w. tli.Trf..rc I. :ti-ini.l. r- ja xew Vork what is known as
Gillego Seltlcmcnt in Uivington
Ugal holder "I "lit m.t.. :if.ip-l.l. will on ytreet," for the purioso of teachitig the
SATl'IMIAY. JUSI! Till. IW i , :..i.ii,....l !.: In
tetv.-eoti tin- li.mrs
Dr. Warner's celebrated
Coraline Health Corsets have
one peculiarity which pertains
only to corsets of their make.
The bust retains its shape to
the end, and the corset ire
parts to the wearer a well
proportioned and beautiful
figure. The corset is boned
with Ccraiine, a substance
superior to the finest whale
bone. Made in short, medium
and extra long waists.
There are many imitation, but you will
find " Dr. Warner's Coraline " printed oo
the inside ct every genuine corset. They
are sold by your nearest dry toods dealet;
New York and Chicago.
' Kvorv Out! litis Xoi-cl
There never was a man so humble or
' obcure that his biography wouhl not Im
It . ..!,!. ..ii the lirst trin that he
tiiKcs awav from home that a man writes
ii-.t-s by the way."
If the room is to- warm r.nd you oli
the door, every man who ioir.es in will
; it his duty to clo:-e it.
name legs that dance for hours
witho.it tiring give out in live minutes
earning wood.
The .-mailer the deposit a n.aihasin
a bank, the oDcner he walks by to sec
, if tho bank's doors still open.
Let to-morrow take care of itself, and
vou will find that it will let
enro of vourself when it gets here. t
i Many girls get married liecause their
folks are not able to keep them, and rind
, their husbands in the same fix. -Parson
' Listening to some tieople tell a story
. nstr:itnl:iiud thtr nuuieroHa handsome
I pictures which are article contains in-,
1 eluding portraits of "laliv .H.-lVce. -nr..
Harri.-on. and theroiiv gei.enition-now
re.-idiiig in the White Home, male it;
5 esiccially interesting to ever AtncricMi
father, mother, anil ehil.l. 1 ins iiumi r
. . .. ....j f. liif.lnri. of four ivf
I SO 1-1H11......T
ither's darli: :s""Out roran Airing."
! which is a superb wi.tci -color, .-pial i" .
.- . .i .. ...i ..t
un ami executi u
a hig'n prii-e at the art stor,-. : "Ath:i tics
for Women" is abo finely ilhistntted:
n... l.!iili Tram: " will no doubt
correct alldlsordcraoi inoioiBK.u--
llrer and rtguUte the bowala. gfanlitneyonly
'is the Vane ef no aany Una that here b
wimii" cur crcit boat t. Our pills euro It whi!a
CCt Uttla IJvtr PlUa nro -rery mn acd
Tfryctsytotiio. unooriwoinu
trticy ro strictly vtyiUblo ami do not gripo or
Z. . JL i . iirranUti action olouoaU who
tiH,tliam. laYlilastMcenta: Cvofor$l- UOM
fcy dreggiata ererjntoer or seat by maiL
1C9 &!U W.Klfith St.,KANSAS U1IT.KU.
lbs only SpwitHtt !a tba City who Is a Hetir
Citiiiateinalediclae. Oter23 jean'Pia:ti:e,
12 yecr in Chieana.
-rue m nrerr ih ACE. A!ID LQNCCST LGCATEO.
II a. v .
iO--r..HM il.i and thn fanner." senators. JI.
- Ciui.a-. l
-- A-iair KmaoaDrr. wly,n"d to tM
il-iu.i'Hiprall .harsof UwTarllT quwOoti.
iyar.Kiiiiplr..i.Usfn. Adilrraa AmrrtcaliPro
itl.e Turin Ijeaaw.Z3 W.zsd St.. .Sew tut.
Producing Long-SighletfatsSi & Rttf9 .
CerssTear Dross, 6rtMUrIIaw 8yt
aie irj:rtnc una tastm laiaataa.
Aim. (nuattr efflsaelio w-nan rised In
Tanon. Salt iltnwu. Mrss, ghjLW
wt.r-v.r:namnatlcnetsta.ajTCTaVf.r. a
aAllKuar taondtoadiraiiUca.
Cilii by U Crasxiata at US Casta.
.t.irt many of -Our Cirls"
nig i
v irvi' -Hi iu Otreei, iur uiti...r-v , , . ' b miul. scccn-ir 'rsi.prjl.to
1. jlm. .ii . l ' ,ieoi.Ie of that ne ghborhood -how to united siiw POPIKS
eftrn Vlm-k intlic fun-- pcoi.n ui ""' " - I cn receipt ft vvx itr' '
:k in it"- afleriimin ot;iiil i Jive." Frances J. Dyer will tli.'Jcri.ia tiie . eral dmsmnt allowed t.i
SAMPLE furB "v2ESk is e.,uai to judging a view- by what yoii
i uy ddres in tne -
f.r Hire Montht , can ,.tH; through a dustv winunnr.
mu. tiollar. Lid. .
letv.-ecti im- ii..ir-.-i 'i. ... ... .... . -
m n:.d live ..Vl.k in tin- alleriin.iii ,ti'w ' live
at tlir-north ilirt tin--.urI H.e in Hie
fill dri'.iO the . ,rirdif-.nnt allowed t. I'.-tmwr-r. Acrntt luvl Sorr.e pep.e tlllllk I
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Don't .Miss It.
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Ed. L. Hpstut & Co.. Stylo Origicators.
In orderir Suits or Orercoatt oberra
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Prices Low for Hont Goods.
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i repeat, don't miss it.
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