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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, May 30, 1890, Image 2

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I;i:i!ilicrt i'iui:.
Friilaj -, 3i:i.V iV.
Ills !!: of Poverty of Missouri
Kxplodcd liy Coiigrcs'
maii Frank.
Mr. Dookerr, from t!ie Third dirtisrt.
in his discussion of tho tnri" bill made
ise of the folio ius language:
"I de.Mre to make a brief statement as
o the indebtedness of Clinton county, in
j lisnr- Showing How lit; i. llon
( elittcil by Protection.
j ll-.bert P. Porter says in the National
' Tribune: 'J'ho American farmer is Jut-l
now j.asr'ing through the gloomy valley
, of hard thncs. Prices for his product:
! are low; mortgage, oven if made fi
purcha.o money or improvement in mor.
hopeful times, are pressing, and it id dil
! tieult !i make Is.th ends meet.
All this in bail enu'igh, but it is mail,
ttore by the constant opportunity it at
fonls agitators and demagogues to crag
' gcrate the farmer's grievances ami inten
sify his tale of woo. Kver ready to mag
nify depressions, thojotous band of Free
traders who have been picturing tha-
jr'orious country of urs KiiiLning into
the abyti of ruin and destruction for tin1
last t'.ventv rears are out with their tele
thetarifi rt form campaign of l;:st fall I . s.-COjH.,s 0as.'crl- -atchiii for nn enlarjre
made the assertion that, notwithstanding nient of the black spot. Of course tiiej
tho wealth .r her agricultural resources, aricuUiral depression is all duo to the
the farming wealth of theitunty had de- tHrilr. ai!i tne only remedy is tho immo
clined until its decadence was :iiauift ,i; .... r,.,,., f ,...rliin custom duties.
in an appalling aggregate r farm mort- Tll farmor is told by these reckless
gagesV t purveyors of Hritish economics that the.
AgSH: "I was about to say. Mr. Chair lariir s tmmvd tor the benefit of a few
iimu that tho assessed valuo of the ten ir,m wooiL,nt cotton, silk and chemical .
'counties I represent amounted in to j hurons and not in the interest of the
over S1G,000,XU' ! .mcrican farmer. They never tell the '
Thereaf ter, jroceeding further, he f :ir.ner ti,at lne Jlrecl benefit ho receives 1
'ears: "I haro stated tho nssessed val-. from tUo ,irescnt tririlT arc far in excess ,
nation for 1888, but. guided by tho gen-',,, tho hmiitH rt.lvrvco br anv other'
end rasulUortheeeiisusoMSlshoald ,.jass Tllv do not tell him that last vesr
estimate that the wealth has not in-, ..cultural pr.iducts imported on
creased. I which dutv was levied iiggrigate.1 in'
. Mr. Frank after using the abovo l'o-; v.lil.ovcrViV).'W,UU. And yet thi- is
tationc said: j a f.(.t n,evd not tell him that our to t
Xonr, what aro tho facts? In Clay , tB, a..Th.ult ln.H,rt3 amounted to
county, to which tho gentleman refers, i niylrjv ctVM'.OH.
llivx liinnv fnnnors know that tho 1
1 I .
E ntnl vjot:ib!t3 is about equivalent in j
tho taxable wealth in IdSO, according to
"the census, was $lJS7.i)SJ. On Juno
18SS, tho date of the hist assessment, it
was 8531,473 an increaso of about
.150,O00 in that county. Xo; tho gen-
iieinansays uHH, as 10 uio xen touhimh, that t!l0 nK;.rt.Kato imitation of n.w
in nis tusinci no wouiu esiiuiaut uiai
valuo to tho importation of mnnufatt
ures of inm and steel? How many know
the wealth of those ton counties has not
increased in eighteen years. Tho fact
1s, thnt tho wealth of these ten counties
of his district has increased nearly
OOO.KW; and his is a purely agricultural
'district. Ill 1SS0 there was not a town
in h'.B whole district that had 1,500 in
liabitante. Mr. Frank. When I was interrupted,
Mr. chairman, I was demonstrating that
the attack madetipon tho state of Mis
souri by her honored sons on tho other
Hide of tho aisle was inexcusable and
unjustitiablc. I had demonstrated thnt
the Third congressional district, which
hna eent-Mr. Uockery to congress four
times, had increased in malerisl woalth
botween the last census. 185W. and the
Teliablo state afccssmoiits of 1SS9, nearly
WJ(X),00i). 1 was interrupted by the
gentleman, my colleague (Mr. island),
who wishetl to know what the condition
was as to his district. Though he re
presents tho miwt inuceessablo, the most
sparsely iopulbted, and iierhaps, the
most birren part of the statu of Missouri,
his district, Mr. chairman, in the same
eight years has incrcasl in taxable
v.oaltJ. over ft'.flOO.l'). Xow. what is
thotiuth uliout tho state of Missouri?
Iu tho pictrro drawn by my I).-:nm:ratie
colleagues, who urn holding her up to
.1 ..) .1,1 ,v T- 1,. ,l...M-
tsso the tnxalile wealth of the t,tate if
Missouri was rawm. In 1S53, by
tho sumo nssc;ment hitherto re.'erred
to. it was 67."iOKX,0; i:n increaso of
SVW. Xow, to what is tnis marvel
otis prosjwnty attributable? I ,iy Mr.
chairman, it is attributable to the finan
cial legislation of this ciuntry. It is at
tributable to the prorection of labor.
Hie thrift of the population of that state
is exceptional. It is also at! ribtitable to
this, that in IS) she g.ivo 1WU:) 11 -jiiib.
lienn rotes, and in 1SSS gave 'Ml'xt
ltepiiblittin votes. App!auso on tho
Republican side With a :orresponding
decrease in tho DcmiM-ratit; vuXo. Ap
(ilauso on tho Iptiblican side.J So that
now tho governor of tho:.tat of Mis.-'
Houri is a minority governor, hu-king
OWO rotes of having a majority; while
tho governor elected in 1S5) had .YiXV)
Mr. Perkins. Is that what is the mat
ter with Missouri.
Mr. Frank, That is what is the mat
tr with tiio other hide. Tho credit of
tho stnlo was never so high before. Sim
has reduced tho htato debt from nearly
820,001 i,(KK). in isso, to I.-ss tlnn aii),(Jo!.
OOOnow. With her fertile tieldn, with
her mines, with her vast resoiirees. i.hf
resents those unwarranted iitti-iks. She
does not wish to lo held up to Hie world
as poverty etni-knn. As none of her hon
ored DeiuiMtrntic sons neo lit to nin foi
ward, I anno in th iiamn or tU'J,(H0 ;.
jmblicaii voters to s iy that their i.tate
meutsaro unreliable. l,.ud applaiiM-.
tins fnd hmep, broadtuirs. e'gs. reget: -bles
and wools, all products of tho farm, j
is about 'ho same in valuo us the impor-
tation of ninnufacfurcy of wool, or nearly '
$T:i,0i)0,(K.ii)? Changing tho combination .
and adding hops aud hay to fruit, this. I
etc., and wo have an nggregato far ex- ,
eroding the imports of chemicals. wl.ile
the imKrtion of the Inst two items
would eiial in value tho annual inipor
jiortntion of manufactures of siikv.
Is tho American farmer ready to calm
ly listen to attacks on tho greedy rob
ber barons who manufacture glass and,
glassware when tho imports of his own '
protected breadstuff barely evcred an J
nunlly the importation of glass: when tho'
imports of seeds, not medicinal, ar
alxiut t ho same us the imports of earthen
ware? Xo! Unless I am rery much mistaken
tho American Farmer h-is altogether to-
much hay out hiuiHelf not to bi eleier to
to his neighbor, tho manufacturer, in the
matter of exchanging courtesies. Here
is about how the account elands:
tMroirrsoHMAsrr.vrrKKii i"i:oirirs 1 SSI'
Woolen goods
Silk goods
fallen goods
Iron mill steel
C-otloa mh1s
Including mhln lines, branches and cxtencicna East P.nd West or tho
Missouri lUvcr. l'a-2 Direct Kouto to and from Chicago, .Toilet, Ottawa,
rf?cria, Iji Sr.ilo, Ko!lr.9, Rocl: Island, in IL-LINOIS Davenport, iluscatino.
0:'-jn-.wa, oMooja. Des Moines, Wictorsct, Audubon, Harlan and Council
Eluffs. in IOWA-Minnenpolis and St. Paul, in MINMSSOTA-Wntertowrn,
rind Kioux Fall.-, in DAKOTA Cameron, St. Jo3eph and Kansas City, in
MJSSOURI-Craahn, Kulrbury and Nelson, in NE3RASKA Horton, Tqpoka,
Eutculnuon, Vichita, Bclicrllle, Abilene, CaldwclV In KaiESS-Pond Croo'K,
Hennessey, Kin gllsher. El Reno, In tho IKDIAN TERRITOItY and Denver,
Colorado Spr.ns, Pueblo, in COLORADO. FRE2 Rccllntnff Chair Cars tor
anu from Chicago, Caldwell, Hutchinson and Dodge City, and Palace Sleep
intr Cars bntween Chicr-sro, Wichita and Hutchinson. Traverses new and
-nst areos of rlcli furnjinr iad graainy lands, cifordinff tho bost facilities of
intercommuri'caticn ioaJlf.ov.-n3 bug cities enst and rrest, northwest and"
Ecutnwost of Chisuiro, and Pticiilo cud tra,nt-ccoitnic Soapaits.
Leading- oi! corcpetitors in splendor of equipment, vramod bv steam froa
the locomotive, well ventilated, and frto from dust. Through Coaches,
FiUlLian Slcrpen. end C'.nlujr Cars daily between Chicago. Des Moines,
Uct::c:l BiuCs una Omn nn, with Free Recllnln.? Chair Cars between Chl
enso ur.ti Cor.vi-r. Colorado Springs and Puetla, via St. Joseph, or Kansan
Ciiy cw.l Tupr-ka. Splendid Dining- Hotels (fumiehng meals at seasonable
I'iv.ir v.rt t: ilissourl River. California Excursions daily, with CBOIC2
OS- EOUT23 to and from ?a!t Lako, Ogden, Portlnnd, Los Angoles ind Saa
lrrur.cisco. Tho DIRECT LINE ta aid from Pike's Peak, Manitou, Onrdea
of Uir. Godf-, x.im Mouuti'.n Cities, Mininff Camps, Samtariuxas, and Sccaicu
Grauucurti of Colorado.
Solid Err,r'-ps Trainr. dally botween Chicairo and Minneapolis and St. Pan),
with THROUGH Reclining Chair Cars (FREE) to and from those points and
Eunsas City. Through Chair Car and Sleoper between Poorla, Spirit Lako
and Sioux. PeJla, via Bock Island. Tbo Favorito Line to Pipestone, Waters
town, K.oux Falls, and tao gosiscr Resorts and Hunting and Fishiug.
Grounds of the Northwest.
travel bctwfla Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Lritayetto, and Council liiuflJ, 8V
Joseph, Atchison. Lcivcnworth, Kansas City, Minneapolis and St. Paul. .
For Tlcxet?, Maps, FoWors, or desired inormation, apply to any Coupon
Ticket Ofaso in the United Stated or Canaan, or ad dross
GescralXanager. CHICAGO, ILL. Gen'l Ticket ft ?ua.Ajsrafc
I A Point for Prohibition.
- J On Wenesday last tho .Tudieiaiy com-
mittee of the senate submitted a faor
j able reiKrt on tho bill of Mr. Wilson, of
' !. 1t iirni-itnt llirt iitkm ir? fit inn f" It.,.
........ ... .. ... .... ....j.. ......... ..
nor into states having a prohibitory law.
The bill recommended for passage is
brief, but to the point. It reads:
Bo it enaetsl, etc.. That no state shall
lie held to lie limited or restrained in its
power to prohibit, regulate or inntml or
tax the the sale, ktvpir.t; for sale, or the
transportioti as an article of commerce
orothorwise.to'Mr..'!ivered within its own
limits, of any fermented, di.-t ill-il or olh
er intoxicating hiud or li-U.rs, by le: -son
of the f.icl that the same have lnei.
imp-irted into such Mafefnim leyond its
liuiilswhether there shall or nluili not
have lxen pr.iil thereon any tar, duty,
import or excise to the United States.
Tin Only WoiKcily.
X-hrnAn Signal. j
So far as wo know the Xebraska Signal
was the first pajtfT in the state to itdvo-1
cate government control of railroads.'
Subsijueiitly tho Omaha I5ee cxpresseil J
the oiiiuion that thepuestion would re-j
snlt in government control, and now j
comes the Jefferson county Alliance,
which says: "The I'nited States should
own and operate tho railroad and tele
graph line;." It is tho only sure and
alK-ohite remedy. It wili forever take
the railroads out of tho domain of poli
tics. It will remove all contention and
the conflict now going on letween tho
jieoplo and the railroads, and the people
will get the lienefit. Tho effort to con
trol the railroads and telegraphs by the
I present method reminds mm very forcibly
j of our osperit n.i in lniyhood days in
I constructing mud dams, liy the time
j wo had plastered ono breach made by
if You Have
BRONCHITIS j Threat A&ctfca
SCROFULA IWastiagofFledx
Oray DlMna whrri ttta Ttkfat mnd ttrngi
mr Imfittmrtl, tir f Strength or .Vn
Fotmrr, yo can V m-". and Ctrrd bjf
With Hypopbr jphtteg.
.4fc kr Srett't BmiftUM. and Irt no sb
ptanatteit or oKHMIIam n.f iti ra
aeerpt a gubtfltut.
Sold by all Irtqglf.
SCOTT & BOWNE.Chemlsta, N.Y.
t:tttnrt!ame'Rtft vtvrM
ii ifiTT T n pm rts U, brillU
w Bite iiiii 4it.r
CrtoI vun othrr
tmUmawg lamp ml f
It fa 1Mrtl. vrr
itnmmtnjr, neter
tictilfs nnr trta
c2iiuucTS.nrerHitMr. .
of tbo ot; n fiakrr
Inc. no rtlmUPc of th
C me. no uiho arc vt
Ml. pitt can
not explode. aii
rf amy ttrthnnrif if
I The ;:aittoup Ft nx,..n Mud Lamp
t r Cie riMiin. Hiito:.. SuIeiit. Toni her.
I'i'tirH. L:irr. 1113 shtan olhti
I Tito (uUttout- Oannuct Lamp.
I Hit- UlaUlonc riauo Lsmri.
fnt prtcp lUt. riinple lamps at trhrJe
Dauntless II.
mU.TLIiS II will make the Pea
son of IKM1111 my farm.four milet. north
east of Oregon, yiisstuiri.
I lt'!:SlTU)X AND PKniCniEK:
UAi'NTIdiSS II is ." years old; eight.
p-uinds. Tok prmium when "2
jears old at the Illinois tatp IV.ir and
at the Winona. Illinois. DWrict l-'air.nml
at the (1iiecKi. Illinois, National Uorco
Show, ami l-irt Premium at !l.e Statu
I'air of Iowa at Des Xoir.es, and nt the
Maitiand. Miaouri. Fair in ISSS.and
S-.;eeistakes in all ages ard brivd-; r.t
thtiaiia. Nebraska. Hrst Premium; at
St. .Joseph, both iu class and s.weej
M alios.
UAf.TLI II. Xo. f.-.TT-MVoLt.
j the rising water, another appeared, until
, wo ijccanie exhausted and disgusUnl with
el Binder
Aiiimlas and product!-
ceiit wool
Kibcrs, animal anil regetablo
1! irley ami ivroals
Tobacco leaf...
. ?.VJ0.kil
. 2."l.lk'KI,(KII
. i'J.U'l' .(" i
. Ji'.i.ii.inft .
..-J-i! IKHllkkl
r.).in.ni'1 1
iii.ipioiiitme!it. So it is and ever will
be with the use of present methods for
control of railroads. Hy the time one
source of frict:o:i is plastered up by leg
islation the jieople are confronted by
another. When tho government acquires
and operates tho railromb. tho great
railroad prol.Vtn will 'oe satisfactorily
folved, hut never before.
!! coils psifeci! 01 mh, mm grcL-nd; in tall, hsarj grain;
. . ... h t TUi iu LUU IUNU UK
Ir tenitcd rlT:.
ICIi-tric Hitters.
This remedy is becoming so well
known and so popular as to need no
special mention. All who have used
Electric Hitters sing the samo song or
praise.- A purer medieino does not erist
and it is guaranteed to do all that is
claimed. Electric Hitters .will euro all
discate of the Liver and Kidneys, will
remove Pimples, Moils. Salt Rheum nnd
other xffections cursed by impure blood.
Will drive Malaria from tho system
and prevent as well lis euro all Malarial
fevers. Porctiro of Headache. Consti
pation Mid Indigestion try Electric Hit
ters - E'ltire n:isfa"tion "guaranteed, or
m.Miev refunded.-- l'rnn ."il cts, and
$ltK jer Is.ttle at King & Prcuds Drug
M iiio Lesusr in !ls Disss.
! tf.uri:;ir-r:r-:ilforIIl':-.lrH:cl! Cnralot:itun! full Ir.ro-piiii:..n irwr:tllreot
V.'M. DiJIiMO it. CO.. Chlc&EO, HI.
T-ital fiCt.On.iiiid .
With such 1111 nrr.iy of important prod-
.Kts protecteil, to say nothing of wisil. fif j
hops, of hay. of igs. of reget ai)l'-s, of 1
i-ssls.a:nl of a streof miimr prixlui-tn, j
I is it likely tho American farmer will give
up the tariff UeaiiHo tho free-trade
shotitors are loudly prvlaiming against
the iron anil woolen barons'r Tim fa run r
rend.; and listens and looks the situation
I over carefully, and the iieghis to tigurc
out ho-.r much of tho product represented
by this vast sum of nearly ?iVi.ino.(iiKi
i h ? iniiflit irI;i!M at home if the tariff
I U'.IX OIliV I !"'!. li.it :i 'in:.. i
- " !
Tho maniif.ftiirer lo.ik.sat toe other ;
Side of the picture, and ho begins to :
e.pher out how iiitieh of the r5i,ll.i.-)i
..t i -
. iii.ioui.icvureii g-Mci.s woli.i are an
nunlly iKiuring into our jurts o-uld jn.s:
m well bo made at home by Anuric'ri
l.-.bir if theinpiualitie.sof tho tariff were
only corrected .ind undervaluations and
fraudulent invoices r-topp-d. The Me
K:nley tariff bill is iiitcmleil t() ni-el both
the demand of the American fanner and
I tho American iii:inufactuier. And
80 3U3A '81MVH0S3M SflOX AB 31T8 SOI JtSHi dKH l.KYO flOA tl
nuy 1S liiog Mirj
, .--uu,I'UBS.JIXY lJig
Liown iiiHoj;) ptioocKIlv
P3inui".u v,T!iO-isiuiVJUia
'tlOVi OO'SIS 'dpi
Tin: blitid jiigs ;:nd hnles-in-tho-wa!!
and joints will dicapprar from tho stat:-
oi lown like i.ew la Tore the aurnncing
sunshine. The 'Store-' thnt take their
places will hare "Original Packages'
painted on their fronts in loiters a yard
Tm: final surrender of Governor Hill
and Tammany to tin- ballot reformon
was not due to a cliMigeof iieart hut to
tho conviction that public indignation
J....1 ... . l i .. .,,. ..,v1 tl.ut
lliev woulil I.e lieatiTi iiiivwav. h(net
ballot or not, at the net state election
if th-y iN-riiiitted the legir-lature toad
j.iurn again without accomplishing irs
tho direction toward which public opin
ion has lo!n tending with rapid pace
for tho jiii:t three years.
The lairrender has lx-en an abject one
and it encourages the Xew York Trib
une to slight that if the gox-ernorand
Tammany will now surrender on the
tvmperance ;uc;tio:i ami join the re
publicans in paoiiig a high license law,
they mar have new rertifienteu ,.f '
diameter usiied and prow the old ad-
.ige .inoui iiiisjpard changing its spot.-,
ill founded.
Enterprising Thresherman
knows that
the threshing machine
that will
work the most rapidly,
clean perfectly,
and save all the grain
will bring him
the best jobs and best prices,
and so he will
Write now to
at once investigate
our claim that
beats anything heretofore
made in
all these and other points.
wide-awake Farmer
will also get
our circulars and
satisfy himself
whether he can afford
to have his grain
by other threshers when he
can make money
by having his grain
with the New Vibrator.
Our pamphlet giving
full information about
Threshing Machinery
Traction Engines
sent on application.
t. S. H. S. H. Xo. isyJSA A. S. II.
S. 15. Shire Horse: H.iv; four white legs
and white face. Koaled lSSTi. Hnvder,
Thomas iHnrdIev. Esa., Portington
I : r-i 1 1, l..J...l
til- ;.rirr. U.xr.l anil etilUYIv ty eiprcss. '"' ""t.
Uriioioiirrrii-es. Vn.!7 U Uht riiV7." TKliMS AN D CONDITIONS: lto
bii.ivii'.it t ii.. in.-ore mure nun loai. money uue w lien
71 l'ark IMacf, !tcw V.rfc. the fact is known. When the mare is
i ilisjiMl er 'emoted frm the original
loi-jiiity. uione for service becomes duo
at oiii-e. A lien on foal will be held for
in-uraiH-e money. Care will bo taken,
jbut will no Ik njionsiblo should any
I accident occur.
j The General Purpose Horse.
Midi moM FLOwt&s ix tdc
weef South
la X ox. SprlnklerTop BotUea.
SO rmt pgr hotllf. PfCCIOLA !
, JOHN WA1JD will also b irmitted
tofrtea limited numlH-rof mares at
the almtv nnnied stable. this season.
DUSi'MClPi'ltiX AND l'KDU.UKK: -.l()l!N
U"Ai:i) ia a bright Uir. with
black (Hiints: stands It! hands ami wrigha
li pounds; was foaled in lis-Ci. lie is all
horse at Ixilh emit and j-rfeet in tho
i middle, with clean cut he.id:!.irge. proa-
t meni. i-iie. iiiu; etes; ears vteitset: hn
shouidors are strong, and r.-t well hack;
just nmin enough for a caddie U'tweou
Kiniof shoulilor. and hip: well quarter
ed; gvd rump. imlicKting lower: ril.licd
"up close: with strong Hat livibs. nnd they
are set well under him with tht lt: t of
ftvt; and to take him all out he isoim
of the best made horses for all work, in
j the country. .John Ward was sired by
j Kentucky Uird; he by Kajotte Denmnrk;
he bv tVns!nn!?lin 111 ninnrW-lie bv OM
IT If r drnrfit d.VI Mp thra Iji....;- 1 Jenmarif. the r.,i!ntniii.li.-..l nf ..It
the Denmark.--. .John Wards first dam
j by Knells Kit kawht ; he hy Old Kocka
twat;he by Tom Crow tier: he br Old
Paci.ig P.lot. Kire, Pilot. ,jr.: 2nd dr.iu
j or I.i.nber John, a p-cer: 3rd il.un by
OKI tVter. Kentucky KinLs 1st dam
! Kinil.r.iugh's Abdallnh': ho by .AU'xnn-
der's All..!Iah; he by Uvulik s Hamblo
i tonian.
! 'I't'ioii?. Ti".l7V'..Mnn ..-ii,
1. 1. .n.ii.i .i.i win ih) per
mitted U M.Tte a limited number of
ThacKMtdellcate anil most laitlng odonmado.
Our trade-mark patented on eTcry labal.
"HcllMte til cbwl,
LasUDK n' ttio bllla.'
moaat to ua ana e will forward prepaid.
Ctuutrca SC. new Orleans, It.
a uun mm
FRAMFIl IH RRflNZE flR RlLT I "are this season at I0 toui-ur? mara
l'lasn lionler. Blio,za28 lnche.
For $3.00
As fine as uj Artist irill sell for $10.00.
by SAvnra 25 coupons op
less II.
U.'U'J itt btii.
For cults by Dan:it!rsr, time anil plrco
of showing caits to be decided hereafter,
I will give the following Premiums in
Cadi: Kirst Premium. !0; Kecocd
Premium :?.J.1: Third I'remiiiT, SIS.
F. LI8BY. Proprietor,
Four Miles Northeast olOrogou. Mo-
Groan Washing Poivdsr.
Oni Coupon in Krrry rarlsapc.
' Vnrxtrllctl In fjitaliti nnd Quantity.
Ask onr QROGER ForXt
If he oea not ksvn It, write to n and irs
will m that jm c-t It.
Iri'f in II r!i-l llHI r
In still iu the Held ready to cry ail sales
any where in the county. Satiriict:o:i
Or5;ron. Mo.
Koliwrr llnMwiMi i:v, Li.vi '.ty.-.l, i
President. Vice-Pretitieni. i
Ai.iir.irr llitU Ki:v.. C.'i.ts. D. Zook.
Cashier. Ass't Crfiiier.
Jio-au neaaciat sr.,
t i-a vin, ..-Willi
' i
they are bo'ind
bv thi- tarilf.
Vet Mr. Claiintoa-t'.'itK
America c.houM gn.w more
ojoi'i i .niiosai! I stand
j ttiiisiiiiiii mil liit'UiMi:c nig wheat) ii ii I more cotton, and n:
It") the followinu: Mr. r. H. Jl'i-riv. ' larture less iron and itit l and !.-ss wik.1
..HuurK. -trie, says "was ilown witii Ab- ; ,...t. And Hint i
n'-essoi liiins. ami in.-ri.ls mat phtKi
ri.ins pronounced me an lueiirable (i.n-
the po.,.,!i. of . """'"'w
corn tn.e.n , Ageiits,Ladies
or uenteiiieii.
i.iimplive. Hegan taking Dr. King's
New Diwoycry for (iiisui'itiini. am
novvoiiiny third Kittle, and able t(.
oversee the work on my farm. It hi the
liiieat medicine ever mad i."
Jesxn Middlowart, Di-Mtur. ()hio.f,as:
"Had it not been for Dr. Ki"ii"'h New
Diwovery tr OiiMiiiiiption I would
e.TI. .iii.l UimI i-tiiefr- t ra.le do-tri'ie.
Continue our ihhiiithropii; mt it-i fi-
th. relief of the luleir and capital of
Cr.-it itntain? Is t'nis thoonly way out?
Kur.'lv m.t.
Se it! tor Circulars and Terms.
"Tiii'iflVERMOC PUB. GO.
i.. ;i.iIocm.. si. l.nfi.t Mil,
fV"Our FJan is the BEST. Our
AGENTS make the Most
are unsurpassed
l! 1 tl I fl K R IMP A tH Wl V
F E-a " Mrs . w., w x
JLA for our New nnrl
S;.iiij.!oii, Ui.-iiik So. 1 liir Mi-n
Will explain the symptoms or Nerrous
I ebility. eireets of early and pres.'nt. 111
diseri'tions in N,th oung and middle-
ayeu men. Jtiim reds sulririn' r-.il. .n
ioki miseries tliat make life a
' ciliios. receire comfort and r.tirel t.
ers of mind am! ImmIv bv nr.i.lvim. t.,
Hathaway, tho Itillful "hiK-cialist, Sixth
and Kdmond Unt ts. Su Joseph. Mo.,
whoe exnerienee to them li:i iu-....t!...
hhip of safety and auclmr of hope. Call
ami see him, or new! for symptom blank
.:. 1.
For 33 cents yon can esJoy
life, notnU!i.-tar.ilii!y.
If yon cannot find if, sra;l for
circulars. If rt:-!i sent ;y ntitil
on receipt of price
It is a MarvaSous Brush.
! For Natural Teeth
anil l.'.-.rus. AH three of tiirseaelebrate.l
Tlioso who hare tho
irliitcit Teeth
Th" oldert Itank in the county. Trans- ,
act a general banking biiAiucs-i. Inter- ,
honele"! tsl l"1"1 on time !i-po-lt'. IJnifts sold
""I" : ii ... -'.:. . , ......
w .... in,: (Piuirijriii i-iii.- fi wio nunury j
and KiiroM. Have made rpecial arraug"
iiients to collect inonej duo from estates j
in foreign countries. The accounts of j
F.irmnrs. Merchants and individuals re-!
spcctfully solicited. Special care given TOOTH ISItf'SIfr'S
to uny biwiuess intrutwl to us. j LHtr.
.-lall..iis wilt make the present scusou
I V'"f V" !;,ri!"'rt,lr;iun-,"ilee:
?.SrJ f Oreg'.n on tl.e itichvillcr road.
Si OlTISii LA D is a I.e.-
H Ml
It;tckle:i' Arnica Salve. j
The best salvo in tho world for Cuts
Jiave du-d of l,ima Troubles. Wim vium I I' ever S-riii. letter. Chain.ed Hands
up br ih.ctors. Am now in l"it or health, i Chilblains Corns and ell Skin Eruptions ,
Try it. Sample lo!tlo fire at King V 'l Hi:itr.ely cur.-s Piles, .ir no par re
Prolids Dnw store. 1 ijuir.il. It is Kiunaiilct-d to give perfe. t ,
" j witi"fjict;i.n. or iieinev lefundi'd. Price-
I iu: narrow gauge i.nlr.iad is fas dis ' ' e:i!s ir Imv. For sale by King.if
nplMUiriiig. V.v.n the through lines over! I'r,""h " " 1
tiio Itocky mouiitaiiis udl so.ni knou it
no mom. The Dent it .fc I.'io Criinde.
perhaps 'lio m.K.t famomi r.-nl of this
'l.iw in the world will be running bro.id
gauge carson its iiiiimi track iu nlmiit
four week".
Ctivni'.iNtsi tv l! n n i.i.k of Maine ha
introduced a I..1I to lifi U... gi fn
tho faoesof the prohibitiottui. It in an
.mendmeiit to the in'.-irsiaii. commerce
law proridiug that the provision of that
net Mhnll not apjih to lepior in h!at s
whero its sale is contrary to lli-.i.i.Ii!ii
lion or KlalutcH.
Coiini.i. WArrriio iiw a bulletin
d -iiiing I I.e it. tv that he lo.t fl'tfitliri
a g nu.' of dmw tl(.T at .MMiii!ii:i. Ii
al-t.iys .lid '! a little l!-ht. A ni-.v,.
pnjier mail able to M-r.n.-li together that
am. mill of nioiie. generally knows
enough to keep. oil or t.-mpti.tiot)
Stiiijifon ::!au:; N. rz
v.ii.t. ;:.rtiN thkmiin nvypioiKoi Tiii:
iiisP.tsKs r uoiii.":.
Ij'i'li ,-s who have l).-ii tre.tted for eom
pl lints ' ruliar to their w. and failed
to get r.'ii -r of trouble? t!itt make lit.- a
b'lrd.-n to thrill, 'hould not fail to i,.'i,.
forthis bhiulc'f it isiinpmible rorthem
t' cill. Dr. Unthi.r.it. Siv'ii anl l'
'fiuiH Streots. St. .r:w,ih. M .
Tin: !i:gge.-t t.-:.--..... in the world,
er.t-tnl :.t II ding, in Hugknn!, hat jit
(well mad.-, single handed by Mr. Cim
moil, I h ai.tronotu.T. Its whole iuiiks
neighs nearly twenty tons. The ei.or
ino:n iron ey!iii.l.-r which f-.rnm the
t'ibi i i 2't i"e"t 1 mg and 8 fe-t in .b i-u
ell..-, pM.Mi!i'i;:g the ordinary 'tulcrof
a stationary eni-ie. Infi l l thi- is del
ie.it el t dinliibuti'il some ten ti:n ' pi
iron, thej'.thole iiiitririii'iit going t forra
the mort wiiniletriil mai'hine which th.
planet miiw, Through Mr. C.h.i
moll's telesit.ie it i til be e.-HV tohec in,
feu cr than iiftt million r-lars.
.. r
wecanttniion lo tne novfity of It eoo.truetion. ttlwlor eoaMea.4 fH- .k,.
? " "r" oi waicr-proei ixtamrn or apha!t. tht whola enlua
L.mdrr pimwf, w.iirf a ..ar.ltafy r.i;!rfc.Proof iheathioK fcr tha (Id,t and floora of
, . . ...... w... as 31 ir.r iHinarag upon which It la applied.
1 Lmw..k, , . hA-a ih.-t the clu-ip pap r, crr.mily ated for iheathlr.C houars do
r. - t-.- -x 1..11. j.-w I .r any cn :th of tun, but ,ooo mildew an I fail to piecet. makinr
- y j .!,n.p; t!ir dflccli un then only be remedied at t'eat axper.ie.
. . ' i t -.1- v.- O !C I.-. f'spir, cn be obtained at a trifliue coat, a
a . o . ..i.r. tj . -caiii'ri..f .'t..Ir.
piecet, makinr
trifliug coat, and
.' i ! i-i. :. wi.i... . ...-,i- jnn Miuarr trru
Tin; Sugar Trust.
New York, -May lU-Jndge Ingrahaui
in siipri iiii! court sk.i::i1 term to-day
il. cidid tnat Kcceirer Hnry Winthnip
Cray of tho North l.'iter Sugar I.VIining
company, has no right to tho profits of
the illegal combination known as the
sugar trust. The iIeein'oii was rendered
in the suit of the rcceiter i.gninst the
Omard llroH. company and others on
llie iicrcniiani s demurrer. I ho suit was
bniught for mi accounting and dissolu
tion of the receircri-hip. Judge Ingra-
haiii sustains the denmrrera and holds,
that the court w ill not enforce an illegal
Da.mi.i, ZaCIIMAN,
C. J. Hi ;.t,
Ciu.hicr. j
;:iv ono interested iu the siek-lienelit.
ftiiienil-md, and death -bcuflicinrr hsv
, ciationsof the United Static cau help
I make tho statistics of tlieirorganintions
for,th f rl'.cominguiiisusmorccomplcte
and disHemiuiito tho knowledge of tho
good work they aro doing by sending
the names of such societies as they mar
know of. and the iiililrcscs of their i.rin- i
Authorized Capital. $20,000.00
Transacts a general banking business.
Inten-st paid on deisits left fur a sjieci
lied time.
Drafts issiii-d on princiml cities. Od
lections made and promitIy remitted. I
Dinw.Tons: (ieorge Anders'in.rLVan-'
Iiuskirk. W. 15. Daris, (.'eorie U. Quick,
.lames Kni nle, William Pcnnel, Chris.
Kchlotzhnner. I
FIcrenci Mfg. Co.
Florence, Afess.
w mm Bscm i
To cure LII!ousnc, SicS tfeadache, ConstV
patJoii, Malaria, Urcr Complaint, taka
Uie ifc and certain remedy,
ntiftd I:iiL-
hay, VI y.-arjold the l."lli of next Aiil-m-t:
striiifi- i;1, h.i.-.ds high: woighrt
i.o'.i:i.:: :s oi ii.imer.-w ion" and mi
IvritiraL'tkin, conihined v.itl great mus
cular (lower. !l:.s colts mar 1. round all
over Ibis section and needs no better
reiiimm-ndation. Teru.s: Sitl to insure
mare w ith foal.
M.i:.MADLKK is an Engll-h Draft
and Morgan. Color, bay: weiglis
l-.tind.-; 7 years old and "a good brif tier,
lie ha.-, numerous colts in this viciuitv
tliat MMlt fnr f t,...,,..:,-..,. so
. ..... - " . .... . . . V . L J . -O
to itu-iire mare with foal.
l:..:tS is a Kentucky bred horse of
the best trotting and running stock, b.
mg if the Leington and Cold Dm t
strains. Tills i:i one of the ln!t br.,1
I hones for bottom and tjeeil to be found
in Northv.it Missouri. His colts will
I pooh speak Tor themyelvey in thin neigh
i liorlio.Nl. Terms: :3.S' to insure mare
I with foal.
, Conditions for alxive horses: Monev
, due when marc is known to be with foal.
u hen mare is di-i.se.1 of or removed
from the original locality, money forwr
. vice becomt-i duo nt once. A lien ..n
mare and fual will be lield for iueuranco
money. Csr will b. taken, but n..t
( be res.sim ible ! hoiild anv acciilent occur.
i R. C. CENTON. Oregon, Mo.
Cae the Wl AI.I. Slae fMliltlc nana to tho
Saltllo lor UI1 Aim.
Prlet) of rltber alze. 23r. per ttoitZf.
Pah r r.
J.r.iBITMe3.v.trr..f narcuis.'tr.lMIS M3.
New, Rare and Beautiful Plants for 1890. ' KISSING7:17'70
id Him i...i. jj.jki.-in i on.: I iaiKH u III
llnd a largo collection of hcautiful and 1
llare I'hintr. as well as Novelties of Mer
it. This rich collection is well grown, '
and olfercd at verv low prices. '
ORCHIDS A 'very large atuck i.r
.It. .tee l-Tnut In.Itnnj Arunrifitn t.. l.
so. Catalogues of Hoses, Orchids, Seeds. I
eipal ollieers, to Mr. Charles A. Jennev. , Trees, etc.
'Special Agent of the Eleventh Censua, JOHN SAUU Washington. D. C.
V ilham i,treet. New Vork City. t "
x. o. Jivoaiouu:, jr.,
; IS.ti:i:ii:r PitKM-iiri Spolford has writ-!
ten a dainty sketch entitled "Tho Wise I
Pi"!ro." fur tho number ()f arrfTs'
i - .. . . .... i
i ........ nt I,., .u;uip:if'i .nay nm i
' K,.me number will '-mt.iiii "111, ed as bv Sa.v
Tiis mnU HciiiKctoiiiH!! Slaliisi2'
St. Louis. Wo.
' Pi re." a Meiuori::! Day stvry,
1 I'vcrtf-oii Smith.
Piling and Ceiicral Impairing. I'p
by Helen I stairs, over Citizen's Hank, in room nr.
I ."UIJl Jl 1 0AAT
PlIII.'C ll..lleu!.:l.-k was lined hW'SWw
lii.C. mi. il ItlutfM jMili.-e i-.ii.il r.r fi.
ni. hing priioifi.i in the .-in batt le with
"original packages" in an orig-na! w
Th.-iiim.it-i would low -rj i Mri .g fr hi
:.u upper st..ry wii.I..u lo the i.t.-. i-t !
l..t. wl.rn Philip would tie a !-.!' !.!.
the tinji- .v bed !et.it..raii.l th.- priM.u
ers would then "haul in the slack." The
"cheine worked for nltoul a week, mi ch
to the .ionc 'iims.J ..r the jail ofiieiaU
who were at a os to lodis-.vcr l.ou
the ;iri-aaers ni;ui'i..'ei! to V;.-.-iu.i bapm
until Philip w.v: caught ii: !.'..-a. :l .M.
iiIkiv.! result.
Tonnanorniniiaatm-h loa'Iaet from.ofnnf ho-lthy
riO3JQe I AM. alira). all kluda of Fl.ll WKItl Mt
..nr.nn. j.i ..-.-, ui,umi, ailKllf FI.OWIKII J
w and Itarr. t LOWKU.ud VMIKTAIH.K RKKUN Jr1
........ ........ r.u.D in mi
T I lid urn th.iuaauda oi nnw roatomara
i-ianta ana rtrr.K, w ofTrr
(nrwi.nHiineru, nur.t white I
nwy crimaon. MAIHE lUII.r.OTT liitht til.w
t-weei. uiJ. BlIJENB-brlBlit crimson. HAFRANO ett-ar.l
mmmw vratixn iu.
Itomara to tr Ynumw'm
iUt ICofle. KOUV llX DATID (06W)
I Lii'i'i.tiiirrn Magazine for June is n
brilliant ami eminently readable num-
. Ihi. Ti. miph'lc r.otel i- ii.ntribiited
, by Mary II Stii-kney, and is enti'lcd
"Cireumsantif.l Kvidence." It is a story
of the tnh-tind.TJNind.ngs. jealousies., and
, linal r.'cone:l.ntio!i of a young couple,
told in a ii -it ura! and charming manner.
Tiles?"! is full of good situation.'', and
here and there terges n jm the tragic,
but "..irs well that ends well." The,
character of the impetuous, passionate1
"Nita." the young wif. is capitally
dr.T.vn. as U alro tint .f her husband.
Alto-.'ether it is n rery bright and enter
taming s'ory. and though no o.. ral ob-tru.i.'-i
itrelf, it certainly points one, and
cupicd by father as a shoo shop, btck of
K. Van II ni-kirk's law ollice.
Oregon, Mo.
PICANIf will m:ik the pnt season
at my barn. '1 mi!-t north of Now Point,
iii-m ..li'i n: l-i:..M jtal:t-k
'- l'l f'.i'i ! Ingn: w.."inaUiiit
i1.4' I . is. s-r.-d bv Ivetiltiekr Dif.
Hied'-: 1 -: .1 if. i :rl-r Norman, arid '
tl.r. .- f..;.r:l,., H.-im'i.-tonian mar ; r.nt
.....f ....I ..1...... tr..fli..
Qfaal TJtnVf,? T?Qn?l frn Inn-no TI-:i:M-5 AND CONDITIONS: "
ui'.ui uuaui ruucu jui jjunui)
iCorrugated lron.j.4'
If you are in i..-eil of this article, we cm
supply you at wholesale price".
I iuiaT.y nj:r:cn::i: win make u,
pn -en?. reason at my stable, mi!e
r.irth of Fore t City, on Ki'iiik v Crfk.
DIlSCHIITfOV AVIl t.'liliiL'L'.
lll .r - I'l'lVllL-l. .. r . . . .. .
........ ....lAMr,,, iH.iyearsoin hum
spring; IU hand.i high: weighs l.'MO
jM.utids; four white fi- t up to pastern
joints feb'ir in forehead; chtstnut rornd
, in color. He in or Printer umlf .'old Dust
I sti.el:. I.Vautiful fjr.n and g diHiMi-
'1 i'.HMH: 610 t() insure mare with
fori I. iiioney dun when the fact in known.
When man! is di td of or rer.ioved
Ironi t!i: original hx-alily. n ouey for fcr
vii! becomes due atonee. A lien on foal
..li bo held f i.- im tiraii.-e. Car.- will ho
al n. bi.t will not Ixjii-sporiRibluahonld
any ;n:i-i,!. i,t .ccur.
If to'i want a W.iitifui fcn.f for -ur
Ijntrn. we can furnish you with the
Ste.1 Picket, w!iich" is Cheap
er than a Wooden one.
Write for Circu
lars and Prices.
iuuuvii uuiiiiut una iiuu it u
(SuccsKors to P.-rkins A Swncer.)
1 1 1 I t 1 1 1H l'riia Mr.-ct,
ST. .JOSEPH, - - - 7iIO.
,....,..,.... ...... a
M-rtic, !., -iiIo mine to mtir.- u.are '. .A,..'. . " K'''
withf.tf.;: A nigral rihittioii will U Jv"" !,t;!'',1t I"1'- hands his;!.; weiglm
mad., for two or inon. mar. In .isoi.r K l""'"': t- i black in roi jr; mealy
i..f.di.r:t, where dnecttion and care is "' .""'" '"' style; gM
tak-a. wh..rel.v marei lim ..-.,!ts. ervicu ','V:i "t,'"V M"1'. Hhic!: nrnor i'nd
free Tor n"f m-.i...ii. hi er.-oM-atl. -'"''' ei.rs old UiA Aug.
of a.are. no .-hargo will be ni;..Ic. When . 'J'u Uj,t' 'i""11 fioni Kentucky to
n.are i ih: p..;. l or or reit.ovt il r.-om ,',' non uo year
, o;igii.
I line.
iic;ii;ir, moi.ey for Kent.-be-
due at once. Cire will ! tak'-u
I.'OMKO will inak the lirei-ent nenon
preterit a.-cidc-its. but will not U-10-; "' l,:m. nwl I'1'?"' tl" h'jre,
.blc bhould anv .A-cur. , tt r",y :tt:'1 conditions Iwmg tho same.
a gi!, strong, hcaith one, loo.
.1. a. p:::c:i s. p. DOOLEV, Proprietor.

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