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Fanners Alliance.
Proceedings of the Holt county Far
mers Alliance annual meeting, held ip
M'.;md City December 20th:
House called to order by President, I.
I. Campbell, Secrslitry E.C Meyer,
being absent, J. W. ECreidsr was elected
pro tern. Objects of meeting, election of
ofticersand auch other business aa should
surest itself. Appointing of tho neces
eary committees came next in order.
iy n.otiqo, it was ordered that each
locai alliance select from their delegated
c:io iui mromittee on credentials,
which resulted as follows:
Union, Silas Bucher; Mineral Springs,
John Bucher: Minnesota Valley, Eugene
Jouhty: Squaw Creek. W. (I. Ander-
- m- Richland, Joseph Henry; Whig,
V..l'v,V. Storms: j
Hy motion, the chair appointed the ;
f .' wing committee on resolution: W. ,
K taughhn, V. A. Guinn and T. M- '
i ns.
Motion carried that chntrmnn appoint .
n cimtnittee of live to confer with tho ,
i'.'c I. U. committee on legislation.,
Tho following wore appointed: W. It.
I'jghlin, J. M. Kyle, D. B. Browning,
.! . W..f(re!der and Wm. Paxton. i
fotion carried that any Alliance '
member be eligible on any committee.
Motion carried that the gentleman r.p-,
resenting the canning factory business!
be beard alter tho Alliance is through
us business. Motion carried to have
cloned doors until the business of tho
neting was over. Door keepers John
Gorman for Alliance and J. A. Good
heart for F. & It U.
Our state lecture, G. W. Praiswatcr.
1-eing present, we were honored with a
hbort address from him, though his time
was limited, owing to the press of busi
ness What he said was to the point.
:.nd from the way he was applauded, his
rt-marks was heartily received.
Motion carried that we adopt the reso
lutions on the Congar Lard and Anti
Option bills.
The following is the report of the
committee on resolutions:
Resolved. That it is the obvious, and
imperative duly-o! the present congress i
to enact such legislation as will relieve
'lie present stringency in the money
31 irket a id to th it end we heartily favor
tne passage r.f an act authorizing the
tree coinage of silver.
Rosolred, That we heartily endorse
the movement now on foot to establish
a canning factory in Holt county, and
urgently recommend that the farmers of
the county give the project all due en
couragement. Resolved, That in cvry election, from
oad supervisor to president. There
hall be an entirely tree ballot and a
erfectly fair count.
Rosolred, That bribery or intimidation,
whether of a single voter or any officer,
legislative, or judge, shall be made a
very serious crime and severely punish
cd. Resolved, that the president and the
vice-president of the United States shall
be elected by a direct vote of all the
voters of the nation.
Resolved, That the United States
senators shall be elected by a direct vote
.of the voters of the states they repre
sent. Resolved. That the money of the
United States, whether gold or silver, or
other metal, or paper, shall be coined
and issued only by the government and
directly to the people; that- it shall lie
increased in volume until there is suffi
cient to do the business of tho people;
and that it shall bo as a legal tender for
all dues whatever.
.Resolved, That the taxes, for all pur
poses, be levied on every dollars worth
of every kind of property; and that the
tensities for making false returns ns to
the kind or tho amount of his or her
property, by any person, or for neglect
ing or refusing to return any property
tor assessment, shall be mode sutlicient
to insure such taxation.
Resolved, That on all evidences of
indebtedness, the tax shall bo collected
only from tho person who them, a deuct
ion of thin amount from bis HFsessment.
Resolved, That all trade or commerce
.of the country in agricultural or me
chanical products, in bonds, stocks or j
other articles of value, shall be confined
by strict laws tobonftfidemdennd actual !
d-Iiviry; a-sJ thit all ditli it in fut ires,
all corners or nnyctterfoimof gambling
jn auch articles be made crin.ej tnu
severe and sufficient penalities be en
forced. Resolved, That all trusts now existing
shall be prevented by such laws, btite
and national, as may be necessary so to
Resolved, That no patent shall be
renewed, nor its time extended.
Resolved, That the title to all pub
lic lands of the United States, now own
bed or hereafter to be owned by the gov
ernment shall pass only to actual settlers
.under the homestead laws.
Resolved, That all lands heretofore
.granted to railroads or to other com
panies or corporations, and forfeited to
.the Government by failure of such
roads, companies or corporations to
.comply with the strict tonus of the
grant, shall be retaken and be added to
"the Public Domain for settlement.
Resolved, That no person who is not
n citizen of the United States shall h;re
.after, be allowed to purchase land inside
the limits of our country; and that such
aliens as now own hn 1 in tho United
:States be required within a reasonable
'time to sell the same to citizens of this
country, or it shill be confiscated and
dis)d of by onr g.iv eminent.
Resulted, That tho telegraph busi
ness of tho county shall be don: only by
the government as the io. toffee busi
ness now is.
Resolved, That Congress and tho
.State Legislature shall so control and
"regulate passenger rates and freight
.charges on the railroads, that their net
profits shall be only a fair and reasona
ble per cent on the real capital actually
Resolved, That our whole legislation,
when it may be mads so to do, shall bo
no framed that tho very rich shall be Iops
rich, and that the inductrious poor shall
be able to become less poor.
Resolved, That, we favor experiment
ing in the direction of the possible own
ership and the running by the govern'
.ment of all means of transportation,
.such experimenting to be graded, and to
be moat carefully done.
W. R. Laughli.v, )
-IThos. M. Davis, Comniitte.
W. A. Gwnwr, )
Motion carried that the resolutions
-be adopted as read.
Secretary and Treasurer made their
final report which was accepted.
The following officers were elected for
the ensuing year: President, L. D.
Campbell; Vice President, J. R. Keller;
-Secretary, E.G. Baird; Treasurer, Geo.
. Holtom.
Executive committee B. D. Cowan,
Geo. Holtom, J. W. Kreider and John
- Norman-
Moved that we strike article 10, Sec 1,
out of our constitution Lost.
On motion, tho chair appointed D. W.
King as a delegate to attend the Xation-
- al Alliance meeting to he held at Oma
ha, Nebraska, January :27th, 1KU.
The meeting closed by a 6hort talk
from the gentlemen representing the
canning factory business.
E. G. Baikd. Secretary.
'jGinxI News!
"We take pleasure in announcing the
canine vfrit of the epeciali&ts, Drr. Boyd
A Ayewwortb on Friday, December 2Ctb.
Ht the New Howell Hotel. Drs. Boyd &
AylBcswortb bare miiny friends in the
MtMoari Vttllejr, and et St. Joseph where
the bve beeo located for several yearn
tbeir Baooeea has been simply phenomi
xtai. Tne persons over this country who
have received carer under their skill will
run up into several hundred and we can
c ... mIVaiiI mA ffi Ttri n r, I in tlx, laicl
that it falls to -the lot of profws - onail
moa only seroom 10 cajoy mo possession
of so high a degreo of professicnal f kill,
tact and intuition as that of which Drs.
Boyd Aylesworth ere tho fortunate
possessors. H you suffer from any diseas
es coming within their line don't fail to
avail yourself of this ohanoe.
Cocker, .January Term, C'oni
iiicucin Monthly, January
5tW, 1SJH.
Seeopd Day.Tneulajr, January Olli. 1891
Jotin C Calt.railh
1 t (-arte
fiart & Kjionles
Vail ISusklrk
Van lluLitk
J.itrn--. K Iironii
J;u.j Jlartnoti
IiiC UUuluu
iini now
6 iCUi:-
l!oIert S Mcilivuon
SoTn.itz iill'iriva
I.oliert Xejilirnson
.Mili.i- i'lmv Co
K'bTt r M-).:.-iiMn
kuigiitaii A: Co
Hubert ? t(.-iirti-Mn
Flora C Mri-nger
Maria Diikliixjii
I .cuW I) tio)lrs
Mary jli-K
DavU WUUami
Third Day. VrdnrdH-, January .th, 18Q1.
Koert S StH)iipiiMa
13 against
Jaint-i -V Milrlr!l
lvioiu-, Ual
lirailii Hart
Alkiie Kiiuwbs
.Io"imo!i & CraU
Aiii:e& Ivliowles
Van liu-klrk
Tlie VilUjf ol M.iitlai.d
F H S;inu(
Mosi- Smit-y
IS baiii'-l
R'orae Wiiglit
Uitje W Ccttou
Fiank Munis
Sjuiucl Mi-trliiu-r & Co
K aitalnt
m H Ro!irrt rl al Inter-
uleailrn l'atterxou &
Callimitli Dau
yill loan S Snope
18 ai;.iin
Ernest F Weller :
Fourth Day, TburMhtj-. Junuary Sib. 1891.
Strain EteliHou
19 ttg:i n-t
Hemld ruiilLNliins Co
:Kt.'e(t ami .Time.i
Kikih !es iDuntran
Kt lU-y& O'Fallun
Ivaonies, liunpui
:Kel!e & O'Fallon
U'FalLii, Dunlin
Cliy of Ort-son
Joliu fiy
lieiijanilti ('.lilt
James i! lunibull
ll.nj Clift & .Mariou Wlbou
Zebnlce U l'.liann
Vrnuv Urlijrna ltNbup
Youns liy 1HT licit IitciM
India. I Vouni;
21 ajMiiixt
J E I'awas,Fml Quincy et
Uracif IlMinp Yuuiiifiij Ikt
UfXt liimid I mill .1
21 Yuuiiu Hi;:iliit
J E Timers trtnl Qutney
el al
Kiiowh'!. iiuiisan
iKellcy & O'Fallmi
Jubu r McAlce
Sll.iS Calif r
Martba M and litnjaniin
M rltil.Inin Hi;:ilnt
Clurlcs llauiia
PTrdVi'lik w'v'allVrs "
27 a-ainst
Hfiir At-di-rjcn
t'.-tcr Ji'laiMju
I) Wan! King
Fifth Day, Friday. January 8th. IKUI.
William II Debord
1 'otter. Ke inl-Ti &
29 against
Unorgl- & U-Mcr Sclmfrldt :
J a Norton & Sun
.?) aK.iin.it
Wm II Kiiut.n.-i & John I.
.l..itiil S'lMldati Mm
31 agaiust
Wm H Ktitrtrits 5: John I.
Thomav liutluie roust. &c
cx rt-l Maiy A Ooucliai
S; against
Fiank K Allen & W M Smith
Jacob Ilaiinoii
37 ;aint
Doe lllaaton
"orter& Kriuiisli
and Kuunlt-A
Stok. s
Ilart ntid Knu-.vie..
State by Collector
Daniel Z'xik
Mtte by A.K-n. Collector. : Aliitre
Xi ac.uiHt
ramel Zook
8aia!i Skirtmore liarl
40 against
Alex bkidmure ;
Harry Ward
41 as.iinst
William Keiuii-.li
aliultz & lio.se.i
42 apaiiivt
.1 A VandtVfiitrr sr.d
Frank Westenbtirgrr.
(Sarnl-lifi- i-f K.l.trt S
jiol:m i'lmv Co
:Lvuis& ILiiii-fy
; Ki-nnislii Duncan
43 acalnst :
.1 A Vandcvpiitcr and
Frank Wtstf iit'iirn r
t;.irtiU!iM nl Kobt-rt S
"s uui i'xr-', i." Cal lectori ATkir a
II :if:int
Ilirtcm Snitzcr E.nd li W .
"ITtliVebv Aii-iiVV:Vlircrori ; Alkire"
ir asalnt
Drllie E IVrry -t a!
State by Al'm. Collector. I Xilne
45 a?ii:ist ;
Kui(l-c K-iiiii dy -t al :
Colnniijiii r r.-
iKiiowliT.'i Kelbijc
Wosb-y . t.tnisfonl
i Duncan
Mxth 1 ly. .Sntnrday.Januarr 10th. 1891.
Alma Craig
.lo'.in F Cr.ils
: S;oke
Slat- at tilt rt-latlon
Atidren Siirrtdau
13 aminu
r.eorsc W milliard et al
I) C Naumau
Jame Juily
Fanners' Itank ot Haitian. I
51 pinI
Joliti Jlpyrr .
iiiiinda M Silcntt
32 mR.ilnst
Illram TSIIentt
Annir Colib
AddlNoii Cobb
Amy AritKtnmg
Tobu W Armstrong
State by Collator
.V. affain-al
.Matll.- M .lolmsttm rt al
Slate In Collit-ior
.V, at.-inst
ForMt City Kxlrntlon Co
"" stitYivCoiiwtT
'7 ami'ivl
f'rdrIUJ SStralm rtal
Slate by Collector
5 atilitt
lUvML UnnMutteretal
State hy f-.i!lcrtnr
Junes p-ani t al
Seventh Day. Monday, Jsansry IS. 1891.
t.eorge T Harmon irnngan
S.irab E Harnir-a 1
; Tbe O S K. l ey Cn '
; and DucK.in
- ',;0I,i:r',,, - - T;lC)b0 - 0 -
srat." i-v Co;i(rct(.r
W D O.tntK ft al
Wm I! Terry Adm'r Etc
C3 scnitit
State liy collector
Aub IlaKrey vt al
Ford & Vanl'.mkirk, Hx
Si tor. nc asaintt
Simon & Jacob Mciz;:ar
"Ford & VanHu-iklrk. K
Jl esutors. e-te acaint
Jacob Meugar t-t al
Appearance Docket.
Trca.Uvell S niatcliely
r :'Ku)r
U He ami l.u!u V.i.tWr
H-nry Miutun
Alk-re Dun
Frai:k SU-;!e
' "liioma-i J Vasht'Uru
, C'j azaiiut
I Iibtrt S Meihrnon
j """Thonu J VVswUbiiru
to 2u:aiiit
! .'.dvi-r F VaiidcventT
l'ortrr & KcuniMi (
irlT i. KenuNb ;
Stub'.x & Dunlin :
i County Court.
j The January adjourned term ofo'in
County Court was held Monday last, !
i all the judges being pre:?ent. !
I li. C. Benton resigned as overseer of '
I district 35. Thomas Smith also resigned
i his charge of district 47.
j Dr. Goslin filed his bond in the sum of j
$1,000 as coroner, which w;is accepted.
D. P. Lewis, recorder-elect, tiled his
bond in the sum of 8o009; Orville Graves. .
David Kennedy. J. It. Collison. fc.. l .
Weller, C. T. Donovan, J. M. Kenyon. :
VA PinU-Klnn nr.il H. Hinder, an bonds i
men; bond approved.
The bond of U. A. Borchers, assessor
elect, was also approved.
The bond or Geo. B. Chadduck, treasurer-elect,
was also approved.
The road petitioned for byJno. P.
Seyfert. was ordered granted and the
chanze ordered.
The motion to dismiss
petitiim for
road asked by Jacob Mctzgnrncd others
was overruled, and the road was ordered
I. D. Beeler was grunted Jeavo to v.-ith-draw
dram rhop petition.
G. II. Allen, Collector filed his bond
( in tliejsum or t9i,iv, which was ap-
The road jietitioned for by J. T.
Hughes, was ordared opened.
The coust adjoaruetl to meet tho first
Monday in January, when tho new court
and otlior officials will ba installed into
their respective offices.
Johnny Kce7ed and ltoy Morgan are
on the Kick list this week.
Isaac Kurtz and sons were in St.
Joit'i h. n four days lut week, transact
ijj; bttsinces.
Mrs. BuecIi, of Syracuse, Nebraska,
daughter of George Fries, was visiting
friends and relatives in this vicinity hist
Sunday. She intends spending Christ
mas with her psaenls.
Jacob Iiuntz ind Willie Hook were
in St Joseph, la.'-t week. They went
down to consult old Santa C'Iuur. They
say t hut tho old fellow htsa run out of
presents and will uot come around this
year. Too bad.
Satnrda of last week as Mr. J. Lncy
was driving homo from town his horse
becamo frightened and ran away, throw
ing Mr. Lacy out anil making a wreck
of the cart. Fortunately Mr. Lt. received
but a few slight scratches and bruises.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Markt celebrat
ed their tvventy-lifth wedding aniven?ary
the 11th inst. Quite a number of friends
and relatives gathered at their residence
and were served a bounteous dinner. At
4 p. m. thoe present returned to their
several homes, wishing that Mr. and Mrs
Markt might live to celebrate theirgold
en wedding, and at 7 r. m. the young
folks of the neighliorhood gathered in
(having been previously itivitet ) and
vrerc served to a most delicious supper.
The evening was sticnt in social games.
! Mr. and Mrs Will Markt acting as host
and hostess. Thoce present were. Misses
.Mhe Kusscl, Aannio Kamsty. Anna l'at-
terson, Kihiiih Patterson, Hinlio and
Anna Slephenson, Kate and Miiggie
Voting. Louisa and Anna liuatz. Hattie
Patterson, Messcrs J. L:icy, Kigby, W.
M.ihan, J. Bantz. (J. Kelvin, Charley
Edward and Oenrgo Patterson, Albert
Markt, Sid Russel and J. Horneeker.
Tho young folks with oue accord declared
that it wits tho most pleasant evening
that they had ever sp?nt.
Mr. Grant Lacy was visiting tho
schools Monday.
Miss Meuta Kelly was teaching
Monday afternoon.
- .Jere Kelly has bought forty acres
off of the Laud) farm.
Joe Minnix has been employed to
saw tho wood Tor the school.
There will be preaching next Sun
day night at the school house.
Miss Ola Ramsey wiJ spend the
holidays with friends in St. Joe.
Spencer Bos.vel! has moved on the
Hester place, lately occupied by A. J.
Mr. S. B. Kiefferthas his house in
Maitland linibhcd aud will move in a
short time.
Mr. and Mrs. Randall, of near
Mound City, were visiting Uncle Jimmio
and relatives, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. McGuire gave a party
for the young folks last Thuriday night.
AH report a very enjoyable time.
The litcraay has changed to Friday
night for this week. Question for dis
cuEsion, "Resolved, That War hits caused
more misery than Intemperance."'
L--st Friday closed tho fourth month
of school. Average attendeuce. 41;
average days attended by each scholar,
17; nuomber perfect in attendance dur
ing month, ID; those perfect in atten
dance during tho four months: Amelia
Mincivjand IlenaUridor. Perry D.Kelley,
Weather line.
Roads very dusty.
Water iu creeks, etc very low.
Fall wheat needs rain very badly.
Since corn gathering our farmers
are mostly employed in re setting and
repairing fences.
Elm Grove had a spelling school
last Wednesday night which was well at
tended and highly interesting.
Jessie Itaines' little boy, two months
old, died last week aud was burted in
Elm Grove cemetery, last Friday.
The elevator has changed hands
again and is now owned and operated by
Kendall & Smith, of Lincoln, Xebraska
The corn trade still booms; from
eight to ten car loads a week are handled
and shipped from the :levator at from
40 to 42 cnts.
The poAtofGco matter remains in
"statu quo." Jim Book is the acting
deputy anil it remains to bo seen who
will be the postmaster.
Large quantities of wood are being
hauled out of this neighborhood to
Mound Ci'y. Its a longdistance to haul
wood but probably the price is better
there than at the yards here.
School visitors are all right and
proper, but school loafers nro not so ac
ceptable. A school, is a plac, alxiva all
others, that is very easily disturbed by
any outside element, the samo person,
too, often without any apparent interest
in the echool tends to mar things gen
erally. The monthly report of the school for
the fourth month ending Friday, Decem
ber 19th, shows the enrollment for the
month to be 62; average attendance, 51;
1C pupils in attendance every' day in the
month. There is some sickness in '.be
neighborhood which has lowered the at
tendance some for the past two or three
Material will be put on the ground
during the winter for a large bus:nes4
iiou?e with town hall up Etsirs, to be
erected in the spring. This. then, for any
one seeking a mercantile location for a
general business in produce, farm ma
chinery and general merchandise will b
tho liest ioint m Xorthwest Missouri.
First come first served if you want a
business that's full of business come to
Yoniiff - Townssnd Frazer Dry Goods Company,
Headquarters for Holiday Dry
Seasonable and Desirable Christmas Presents.
$5.00 a pair All Chenille Porlier Curtains, in Olive, Blue. Cardinal and Tan, with
Fringe Edge and Border.
$6.00 a pair-All Chenille Porticr Curtains, with deep fringe top and bottom, in Olive,
Blue. Cardinal. Tan, Tobacco and Grey.
$5.00 to $15.03 Fine Irish Point and Brussels Net and Lace Curtains; all new pat
terns and new goods.
$1.25 each All Wool Shawl, 72x72 inches in size.
co en u mi UahI c i. ..... i 70i.u iMnuA
$2 5Q e2Ch...Reversible Beaver Shawl:
$3.00 to $25.00 Broche Shawls, all fin:
isiil Sale il im
Children's Gretchen Style Cleak. from two to ten years of age, from
$2.00 to $4.00. Sample line and to be sold at Manufacturer's Prices.
Prices fou ifE
33c, Black. Hare Muff.
75c, Black Hare Muff.
$1.75, Fine Opposjuhi Muff.
$2.50, Dark Brown French Beaver Muff.
$2.50, Light Congo Deaver Uuff.
$3.50 to $6.00, Real Monkey Muff.
$2.50, French Seal Muff.
$5 CO to $10.00, Real Beaver Muff.
$15.00 to $25.00, Real Seal Muff.
$1.00 to $5.00, Children's Sets.
TosntTows-Frazer Dry Sooii mpy,
Fourth and
$For I Holiday $ Goods ! $j
er goods too numerous to mention, that are useful and suitable
Christmas Presents. Come in and look at our goods. You can
find something that will suit you in every department. Don t fail
to come in and look whether you buy or not. We will gladly show
you through our elegant line of Holiday Goods.
With Christmas
Candies. Fmsus
California Walnuts,
Candies, Cigars-
'Crackers, Ginger Snaps. CoffeeWI;
Lemon and Willa Wafers,
answeet Gods f
Be sure ard call and see
h,.u;nn i am tho nniv nn in
UUjIlllj I uui iiiw we j ws-w
of the above lines.
Corn! hjj.
Danco in tiwn Friday ovoring.
Samuel Mavity, we uregladtoknow,
is able to be up again.
A Christmas tree at tho German
church Christmas Eve.
,urcn unnbtma. . .
it's nnnr (lamer and Lane.
Miss Lillio Robinson visited.pa and
ma Saturdav and Sunday.
William Harry, sister Anoio and
Maud Gillmoro wero iu St Josoph on
Ij. W. Anderson was in our mift
tho last of the week; he roturned to St.
Joseph, Sum ay night.
Our Sundiv sch-Jol will continue
another fpiartor. O.i btinday last Mrs.
Goines was rhoAn secretarv; Mi. Dora
Adams, asstant and Mrs. Gillmore
Fourth and
good styles.
imported goods.
kk far tie Idip.
qoLiDtf TWE
$5.00. Ladies Light Lynx Muff and Boa.
S7.50. Ladies' Light Badger Muff and Bca.
eiO.00. Ladies' Light Grey Fox Muff and
$12.00, Ladies' Msnitoba Lynx Muff and
317.50, Ladies' R:a! Lynx Muff and Boa.
$1.25. Ladi's 3!?.uk Hare Boa.
$12.00. Lakes' Real Black Bear Boas.
S5.00, LaiUs" Monkey Collars.
Our Stock of Holiday Goods arc
here. Our 10, 25 and 50c
Counters are brim-full of
Glassware and Toys of
all kinds. We have a
nice line of
Pocket and Table Cutlery, Silver
Knives and Forks,Spoons,Car
ving Sets, Mrs. Potts' Irons.
An elegant line of Cook and
Heating Stoves.and many oih
Also have the Wheeler &
Wilson. White and
Household Sewing Ma
chines. Wash
ing Machines. And many eth
Hickory Nuts,
my Stock and get P"3SrP.e?5
tnwn that makes a bFtUALl Yi
Oregon, Wo.
-These is an unusually large amount
of counterfeit silver mone;. in circulation
in St. Joseph, both in one dollar and fifty
rent denominations. During the lust
K'lmonil street Italian is
known to have passed out siv brand new.
, , M. A1. .vero of pro
, ,, ,..i v
Per weigntanu sow tun.. - "- v
, 1 I... ! T . . tfr.tn, I f ! .
bs disovered by ringing mem. in
counterfeit dollars in circulation are nlso
very clever imitations, and aro easily
passed as good specimens of Undo Sam s
legal tend.ir. When counterfeit money
once gi-Us-into cirjulatioti it w varj- hard
to gathor it up. for li.-' wason that wnen
n irnn l- fl tt!0C3 Ol llll.wlil-'U r-ii..-.
civeu him -no iir.tt
tir how pretentiously
-e to got rid of it. So J
I..-., .of ;i ill-.lri In Let
me piece iraveis innu imim .
until it Incomes so b-dly worn as toslnw j
that it is n fraud and imitation. Herald, j
Felix Streets,
desibLe cfjtySTMAS pjf.sElTS.
$3.00 to 800.00, L-idies Reefer Jackets.
$7.ij0 to $10.00, Lulies' Plush Jacket.--$0.l)
to Si".t. 1,-tdies Vest-Front Jackets.
?l'i.V) to 8-7).tX.. Real Seal Plush Sait-Jes-SiSO
to Si".(X, fjadit-s Cloth Newmarkets.
7 by 9 Cream Table Cloth and one dozen Napkins, all Linen, worth 5i30 n set, for
8 1. 75.
7 bv 1 Bleached Table Cloth and one dozen Xa;kins.r.ll Linen, worth a set.
at $2Sl
10 by 4 Bleached Table Cloth and ono dozen Xapkins, all Linen, worth $1.25 a set.
' atfS.25.
S by 10 Bleached Table Cloth and one dozen Xapkins, all Linen, worth $1.50 a set.
at $: :.'.
8 by 10 Morme Linen Cloth and Xankins. colored border knotted fringe and two
rows of drawn work, cheap at i-7.51) a -Hit. at $5.00.
Ptiro Whito Ftinged, all Linen, sets from fl.tv up to $10.00. worth from $5.03 tc
Puro White Linen sets, hemstitched and tamr drawn border, $1:5JV $10.50. $A'.CO
and up to $35.00, good values regular at $17.50 to $50.00.
In table Linens by the yard, we will olfer a number of extra fin patterns at 75e
per jsrd. wliich usually retaib at Sl.tX). and will tell you e.ttra large dinner
Xapkins to match at $i75 per dozen, worth $.5.50 to $1.00.
Wo have loyond doubt tho Finest Linen Stock in tho city, and are prepared to
save you money on anything yen may wish in th.it line, either for yourself or
Felix Streets,
:n nil
Oregon, Missouri,
HSiliRTfii FI1 mil CLMI MMll
ket Price Paid for Country Produce. We carry a Full
and Complete Line of Groceries, Canned Goods. Fruits.
Nuts, Candies, and Confections of ail Kinds, Cigirs
ani Tcbaccos, Flour. WooJenware, Lunch Counter, Eic. Etc.
by calling on us before they purchass their Chris-mas Supplies,
as W3 will make them a Special Lev rate on Can tiies. Fruits,
Nuts, Etc. Will also make a low rate to. Festivals and
Parties. Goods delivered to any part of tiie City
free of charge. Trade with us for we brought
you Low Prices. Yours for Bargains,
j North Side Square,
I have made arrangements "With
spvfiral manufacturers to sell their
'goods. Doing the
sing Qf Furniture, hiring no clerks and
j having no rent to pay, enables me to
I sell furniture on a small percentage
f or casl1 onlv Here are a few prices :
Extension Table, : : $4.50 and up.
Safes, : : : : : $4.00 and up.
Beds, : : : : : $2.00 and up.
And everything else in proportion.
I have a lot of fine Rocking Chairs
and other Furniture suitable for Christ
mas presents. All who need furniture,
are invited to call and examine my
stock and get prices.
Mi Can hi MONEY
most of my finish-
(?9 Iff 1 1
Is Webster.
School is now taking a vacation for
two weeks.
Xip Wise has been in Kansas City
several times of late. Bulling hogs.
Santa Claus is around and he is un
loading many loads ot good thicgB in
Mrs. Bula Babost and Miss Lota
Marshall have been visiting friends in
Craig for several days.
&1. Heaton has returned from an
extended visit in the east, where he has
been tor some months. We are sli glad
to see Ed. come back looking so well.
There u talk of Mr. Wildbane set-
tjing in Craig. Heooinesfrom Wtscon
j sin. the land of snow, nnd we think him
' wise in coming to Missouri, the land of
j sun and the garden iot of the world,
j Grand Mastur. T. 1. IKxey gave us a
grand lecture on tho nature of Odd Fel
' lowship last week and talked to us in
fttnday school nnd church last Sunday.
llro. Uivey has had a great intiuenco foe
good in Craig.
t ieo. Hogrefe has been tha worse for
a foot race for a week or two. Whilft
, running at full speed ho fell, ktrikins
, his face nnd shoulder on the ground re
i iviving several piinful bruises. George)
has not gone to s? his bird since.
1 For the pat week we have had n
I theatrical troupe in town. They werw
j billed to play here but failed to hold
down the planks, as tbeir goods did not
I arrive. Tliey seemed to have a disposi
i lion to sell out. Some hare hevn so bold
ns to assort that it was their opiniou that
Hon. E. J. Kellgg had theatrical pro
clivities, and esayed as if he would buy
them out aud battle with datne. fortune
on the stage. While we want it distinct-
! ly understood that we are. liko "Ikjubt-
ing Tlioma-s" in reganl to the report, yet
j we think that Hon. E. J. would make a
; nhining star.
I The Temperance Legion has been
doing some good work this year. The
! titst cn-oulial of goxl liviag is proper ed
! ttcatiin. and the most proper ctliicattod
for children is that which has to do with
i health nnd the formation ot character.
'To encourage tbe work farther, Mrs.
K!lrgg rtTered a prize to tho children
of the intermediate department. Tbs
esatnirali'in was held hist Frjdav, Miss
Molli.- Butts. Mr. Stokes, Mrs. UilTo
a:id G. W. Murphy acting at judges. All
the children sliowcd the result of good
teaching, but Jake Ward, Edgar Kellogg
and Km a Cooke in their order received
prises for excellence.
Kreek A. Watson extend a cordial
invitctton to one and all to call ned seo
their elegant and iseful line of goodu
for the Holiday trade. Following ere a
few of the ninnv articles they carry that
will make suitable, useful and hand
some Christmas prescnt-t: Shawls. Silk
Mufflers, Silk Handken-hiefs.LAd.ra Silk
Mitts and Gloves. Muffs. Xeck Ties, and
irf.my other articlee too numerals to
Xew i'oint,
- J. P. Buhl is constructing a tis
I barn.
--E. C Mever and J. A. Oren were iit
St. Joe, Tuesday. ?
Harrv Dillon, of Coiarville, KrasM
is clerking for J. A. Oren.
Rosa and Ida Oren are spending tfai
hold:das iu Minnesota Valley.
Charley, son of Warren Huntsman!
and wife, is very sick with pneumonia.
E. C. Meyer is now occupying the
property recently vacated by Mrs.
Messrs. Oren and Meyer will begin
their invoice the first Monday in tha
new year.
William Waggoner, an old pioneer of
north IL.lt. m lying at death's door at
iiis home rive miles north or here.
- Ben Thtimaaud family, who cam
here from Kansas kst spring, returned
to the land of sun ilowers last week.
We are sorry that wo are not able
to report a change for the better in the
coniliton of J. A. Price's litllo child.
William Kunkel, who betook him
self nnd his shoe shop to Fillmore last
spring, is returning to tho town of his
Mrs. Corlanoous Hardsun is very
sick at present. Dr. Richmond," of St.
Joseph, was in attendance at her bed
side one day las-t week.
Fire was discovered in tho house of
William Kunk.il Tuesday morning, bu t
through the determined romonstrancos
of the neighbors its work of desolation
was frustrated.
k Bsyd & Ipmb
Drs. Boyd &. Aylesworth. the Special
ists, are to visit Oregon Friday, Decem
ber -Jntli. ami will bo pleased 10 meet oil
their friend. who are stttTering from dis
eases coming within their special line.
Drx Boyd &. Aylesworth are well,
known iu Northwest Missouri, and es-
i pccially in tins vicinity where thoy hayo
treiteu ami curea many oau cases.
The doctors make no pretentions to
cure all diseases but only those coming
within theirspecialty.8uch as: Rectal Dis
eases, Cisens:: of Women and Private
Diseisss. Diseases of ths Stomach and
Bowels. Sexual Dissases, Sexual Weak
cess and ail drains upoa the NervciK
System. Piles. Fissure, Fistula in Ano and
Ulceration. Piles cured without the use
of tho Knife. Ligature, Clamps or other
painful method. Hundreds of Persons in
Xorthwest Missouri can testify to
their skill in the treatment of thrso
troubles. Cscsaltation Free. Friday, SGth.
Motto. "Square Dealing." Come and seo
the doctors wr ether you take treatment
or not. H will do you no hurm. Ad
dress homo office,
Commercial Block, St. Jo6eph, Mo.
Poultry Wanted
Hens, Roosters, Mh, Geese aid
For which I will pay in cash:
Turkey. -r ihiudiI , . .. ft
II:ii, perpmiiHt 4HCU
i'rwstiie Empty.
t:rp, rulllralfcrrril, irilozm 3H
ltmtrr, vt dozen, iilit t.2--
l)iM-k. full trailirrnt. (M-nlozm 1JM
Kyntrf, Uv yo.nc. tr lr IJW to I sn
Xotice thi-i: Sick or Unmarketable
Poultry Not Wanted.
To bo delivered at tbe store of
EMU. WEBEfi, Forest City. Is.
Friilar, Saturdity, and aionday.
.Tamtary". Sand 5, 18W.
tsTion't forgt-t thdate. Don't tie
thorn. All can get get ctvjps that call.
F. n7liOWLEY & Co.
RoadKreok Watson's new
V Thev are offerintr
bargains in .ni line. and jdsqyo
i:-i frnli.Uv GrxK-1 nor. nave
just wtatjou

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