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I I. b"1Tf"Vy" A T Y -HE SENTINEL lias removed from it's old quarters in the Van Buskirk building, near the Montgomery & Roecker bsnk, to the old Master's brick
--Vf J-i-J JLVJL w r XI. q diagonally across the street, where we will be pleased to see all our patrons.
,w -
$! h M m 3 ;& S N.
ih a a sr.
Y m
1 IP
This contest is open:
to any Young Lady!
Do you want a Bargain
I a ma uiuaa. : w o ui- nndor 20 vears of aire.
feringone lot of New-Residing in
5 markets at 'HOLT COUNTY.
sal I
13 TO
If so G-LASCOCK & CO want to use them and will pay you for their use in
(3 DS Tj
The name of the suc-
: cessful contestant will
jbe published, together
! with the name of her
C OB THE 11.00 !
See our job lot of Caps at
UJJ Via s
Just received a large stock of
Gent's and Boy's Clothing
Well, here we are again with another little surprise br you.
"We feel that we've a'oatit used up our vocabulary in r.uUig
known to you the fact that "we are the pon!e ui the Dry G
line. YOU ALL KNOW IT. and now we're going to a:ve
Your.q Folks a chance to give their views concerning our immense
establishment. Here's cur olfer: To the young lady sen-Jinn us
.iheuest general auveruscment tor
December Isi we will give Five Do!
in Go!;'.
on cr before
The selection
of the -atS" to be decided upon by us. The one so selected, which
musi occupy me same scace as mis ao. is to oe used t ne to
Kin I f F tl 1 f - I i-M I -k 11 mar l-.nr.!nH In A mmmIhaI Tit rf
e vrani yuu u Uo ;oui uwu ultimo in uumeol. 1110 UUo
may be sent by maij or delivered in a sealed envelope and will be
. - i n -, i i .i it.. ii i. i i -
uy.iuu uy u; on uoOjii'jor ioi uiu resuu inaue Known sti nil
paper tne tos lowing iveeK.
The Rustlers,
As usual ve must say a word or two about our Ladies'
Cloaks and Men's Suits and Overcoats. Vc have taken great
pains in our selections and know we can please you in both qual
ity and price. Our styles are absolutely correct. We received last
Saturday another line of Cloaks, handsomer than ever, and on the
same day a line of Philadelphia Custom-made Clothing and it's al
ready "caught the boys." Come in and see them. We haven't
space here to tell you about our Dress Goods. Flannels, Boots &
Shoes. Etc, A visit here will repay you.
TSine Tab!.
1 Ul ttEg-J-lM
Which we are selling' away clown
y?r. f?l-A
Oregon, Missouri.
J Below will Ik fouml Ui'.- timn of 1p
innure of I ho pn'-nKei" tmins over thi
! K. C. n)nil ami alAt the IX-nver tlirou;:n
! trait's liio Iiurlinu'on route:
I c:ii::.: Nit: n:
I Xo. 1- I.IMVC", l-oresi City at2:(.K) p. in.
! Xo. :--Li':iY.-rt at !:.-" ;i. in.
i Xo. 7 Villi-xn, loaves ;it 5:"2'
Xo. 15 -Uurlir.t;;on Kyuto,
1 10:0 a. m.
! coi.Mi sncTii:
j Xo. 2 Ijcaxos Korest City r.l 1:14 p. r.i
Xo. i Li?:ms at 2:0j a. ra.
' k - . - i : 1 1 : i ... iit.ivt
; Xo. Hl-13urlinz:on Route, leave.) at ' Ol dQi'ts tO A ,
i 5:)1 p. m.
The Holt Conntv '
ries by IT. F. li'ur-,
p. m.
If yo:i ro.V.'y wish to kaow
Where $1
will do the
Work of $2,
Oo to the
,mo., nave ior
ijiivge and Complete1
,StOCk Of il02213-grOv71li
trees ana plants at orom.o pohko.
(their usual low prices. LEOIOB A WALTERS.
Satis faction guar-, -. - - r r
i J A J J 11
!e Haoov While Ion
,i .11. rZ. Ch:i:-h
i . . .
huminv Kcliool ever
Sabbath, at 9:30.
5 I J
VnM'll a I nnn,lirriP Op;
!Uu si ub u LUiiiii Isslu ub(
Oregon, Bio.
oi l:uo
D.ivii ,t .USi'ji tsirrv '-vnrvti
tho caiino.l :'ta.is ainl crowrv ii:.c
fibster. r'':tl pot:ilffs vrutcil
at Vo'jra & ee:u.:nV, Cr.Kcritrst and
i in;
Better come in and not a Sewing Machine. Ve have the
White, Household and Wheeler & Wiisen. Prices S30. S35. $40
and $4-5, $10 Ifss than you can buy thsm of parties that are
peddling thrcugh the country.
A. M.
Prenohinc every Sabbath, at 10:13. a.
and at T:r!0, p.'jt.
Cicks ijiifiinjr nt 11:45.
I'ravcr mectin; otorv Thur3dav, r.t
:? p. si.
tisints incotinir of tlio oflicinl board.
the third Mondav of each mouth, at 7:20, j Xnv. 19. Thi icuslc alo
priou of aduit.-iioii.
Epworth Iea-uo Sunday at GTO ;:.
I It hns bsoa a bo;:nteo:i. year.
!you don't boliero it attend t! fea-t
- fccnom n-poris lor saw ai una o..:ce. jn r3tier.r. at Stormtfs
Frosh oysters in every ttyle at E. P. j house on 'i'hankirivias d,y.
ln ! Qurenswaro.
- j -Wa, Hill ar.d
Poor man's dol'nr koo? as far n rich land wcro married 5nnd.iy
ann'ri at M iore SLMnaa's, th. Cr- csta. ' lindeN horn- in Korto--i:in.
--Tau Vu-lr Cnmi-dv Cjainanv i.t! Kvfryl.dy inv:t-d to
o id worth tho
at the
Ktti-n l tho
Ilorliuulturrd nicotine at the Con. I
j 11-iiso on .Satii'daviifteraocii.Xovcii.bor
At tho top for itialities. at th bot
tom for prices. That's us. Monro &
Sf oman, Grocories auJ Queunuart.
j Davin .t Alien, the new grocers, ft-k
yira to kivo them a trial. They will ca:l
' nd take your order and deliyeryour
i oods free of charge.
! An ele;ant diouor will b fervod at
Sterre'.t's o;xra house.
. day, by the ladi- of tho Christian
'church. Theto will be room for every-
j It is an oasy matter to raie S100 in
Orcgoo to burn up in tiro works but
how ruiicii better to inve.st the saino
! aniouct in n Hchoo! library where jour
j ciiildreu can feast their minds on tho
best hteraturo of tho day, and store
treasures of kuuwledgo hieh will never
; forsake them, and which will tend to
' uiuko thuni iC'Oil and useful members of
' ixjeiety.
: Miss Liszie Dreamer, o!
i will spend tho uiater with
i Mrs. Jake lluu.
li. P. Trimble, of Kansas City, was
here last xieek.
C. X. Moody, of Douglas county,
Kan., has located among us.
There will ba preaching at tho
Pierce school houuu next S.ibbath at 3
: p. ni.
We Oil
Ill m
"Mi Ik
Mt M
If Isf Hi,
Livp Imppy v.iith- ti! Iiv. uj-u or:i Ui m jr jrood
Stove. A lii?z:rii isvr, :.' Jt-oirj. tis-i frfi'Zt yMi to
flcatli. We h;tvf a:i e! r.sr: a. ::t id' Va'.ihhi'j: and
Heating Stoves, host ever lirouIit to t lie town, and we
are selling lots of them. A1m Nails, Saw, Axes, Barb
Wire, Chain Ptuups, Iron I'limjis Locks, Lanterns,
Pocket Cu;l.'rv, &c.
"We are piepared to do a'l kinds of Tin Work. Have
two competent tinner-, one eats chicken, the other eats
Fide moat a pair that v.iil do our tinwork promptly
and in good tdiape.
Takeaqrood look at our Stoves. Don't make any dif
ference whether you buy or not, v. ill srladly show you
Avfaat groat iniproVemcnrs th'rc is in ."loves. Call in.
Yours Truly,
T. L PR!0E, Hardware, Orsgon, Mo.
- For barii'iiiifi iu Kroceries tro to
vis & Allen.
George Adnlph lsas been placed on
j tho pension roiU.
J W. M. Ellis has been appointed po?t
j master at I'orbes.
j M.-r. Sa!e3 has a lot cf nico fretl)
j micro meat for bale.
j 0t-r Bupper at SVjrratt'- o;?ra
house. Tliank-Jivinj; night.
Look in at Moore i Seoman's chow
window nest Saturday and Moulay.
- KorSale: A naw wagon, at a bar
gam. ( lilii at once. CiUH. W. IJaktkam.
- Go to P. M. Zook!-photograph gal
lory for cabiuet photographs) at 51 ier
Mrs. 11. C. Schmidt has been vis-it-
j ing friends in Kansas City, tho pa&t !
week. !
! t, i .1.,. tt : it , .. I
j n'juiuuiufr tue xiui LiuuiLinr-.i
! ing at tho Court Houfo, Saturday
We havo moved tho Ss:cts::el. to
the briU building on thn oppoii:o Bide
cf tho street-iu the building that wai
c.-e'.:pH-d by 113 ten yearn ago. Cull and
eee us.
lluy Christr.nj prorfTta tint nro
u-eful a ;n orn i!:i!ita! at M"io:o
.v SeoessuV. Lir--t r-lo.i of Cluna
vare. etc., in the city.
- Our readers vill bear in ir.i.id that
ti.e Si'ATixni. ofiice Ii:: n-inoved to tho
"Mai,tor'd brick," diagonally acrp tho
street from its former lcc.-.tmu, vher '. comedian of much merit, and general
will be
aed to see ?ou ona and
Nebraska. I'icturcs.
her filter. To adverti.'e and introtlnco my work
I will make- cabinet pictured for on
j J. Watson and Co. will coino before , week at Sl-iO, and 8io0 per dozen,
you ce.xt wook with a new "ad." lit on Finish t-ecoud to cono. Gmie at onco if
j the loako jt for it. I you wish to take advantage of thtti
C. M. Sterrett has r.Uurned from I'-'iccs.
; Plea-act Hill, Mo., Had will remain ic t c- G- VTiixett.
Thanksgiving I Oregon this: wintor.
j Mra. Adam Carse, of Genoieo, Uh ,
I is visiting her daughter, Mrs. G. K.
IWebstor. Shu is also accompanied by
her son Miles.
J. R. Liavillo rejoices in the r.ddi
i tion of a new girl to his family. Thus
, do the canning wcrks prosper. The
umuenos are imraecso. w. M. Cilia h:is been appointed
Levi Lynch, of this city, has at last j pastmaster at Forbes, vico J. R. Wilson,
1 had his pension claim parsed upon, and j resigned.
I on Monday received his voucher forSjOO w,H Hoffmann s residonce in St. Jo
j back pension, having tiled his appliea-1 sjpi, waj ii,4IWK.0a to the extent of iiCO
tion while the arrearage act was iu force, i .v ,:r lnt Tnilnv
ti... Vot, r.;K- ...,;.i i,n . . . . ' -
V - "-'"" How much eamir it is to sit
iM.irds at tht o:ira houso Wednesday ! .- , .. . ,.
..." , " 1 nro until you mar .uioro x sanuas s,, is boin" entertained this weHk bv
Pivnimr r.nd w il! nlxi nntt-rtmn nur nun- ' . .. ...... . . u., . otin enu rirtineti uus wenu, oy
t-t I
..i . i .ni i . n-i
pm mis nun-u-i. en.iig. I lie- am , n .,.,.-.; Jpl;,.e1
giving niiind show and deserve patron- , tiian it ifJ to po to town, pav more for
age. Thu family has been known to us i . i. .... ,i ,"
, IUUI );tMl.3 UIIU l.llsl llll'UI IIV'UIC. I i
for rears, and ever v member i a mupi- i . . . isays uo
cal nnbt of a high order. Thoir dra- u-tling dry go-jds tirn. of U .L.,v,.ar3.
1 1 1 i.mcoc.t wuui'i nave a nmv au iu ii.is ;
is-iuo but tiirough courtesy to "all j
hands," "who are ovorrun with work on j
Recount of moving the ollico and a "p'ol i
; form," they lot their last week's ad
stand. Liouotit for something new
and interesting next weok.
oy tno I jirg James Dorr, of ArapDahoe.
liro until you mar .Mooro it b.-erams j Xeb., is being entertained this
bell, and then gi.e them jour order for ', her Hncl0j yAL Gilson.
r . : I i . Jir I
Stewart Keeves is homo from D wight
Illinois, lie is looking eplendid, and
feels better than he has for
malic edition is well sustained by a
. foid support. Wu hopo they
. a good houso tonight.
Lj is
I Ave missing great
is- lines
argains -when tliey do not see the
New Dress Goods at FITTS :
A Good Flannel, 5 colors; at 16 2-3c per yard.
An All Wool Diagonal, double width, G colors, at 25c par yard.
A 54-inch lannel. Grays and Elues, at 35c per yard.
A 54 inch Tricot Flannel, piece never heard of before, at 25c yd.
Our 30c quality of Henrietta, all colors and black, at 23c yd.
The Strined Camel's Hairs, 44 inches wide, worth $1.25 eo for 90c.
The extra quality hig'h novelty Camels Hairs, worth $1.75, go foi
' - - - - - J A.J I .
, Murray i Sons, and you will save from
j twenty-fivo to lifty per cont. Don't for
! get it.
Kev. T. D. Roberts' hppointments
i for nest Sabbath, November are
j Woadville. at 11 c. m. aud in Oregon at
1 7 p. in.
j Ten years ago we occupied the Mas
I ler'd brick building; today we are back
: in the sarno old building, where wo b-d
! you welcome.
1 desire to find homes for my two
boys; on? li years old, the other 11. Xoue
but christians need apply. I. X. Uhh,
Forest City, Mo.
The ?crmou pubj"cts at tho M. E.
church next Sabbath will boat 10:15 a.
in. The unchangablo all sufiicicney of
the Gospel, at 7 p. in. Law, its purine.
k:id manner of enforcement.
Wo are sorrv- to learn of tho sovora .
ilinc of Uncle Levi Dodge, of Mound !
City. Ho is sullering from a thud stroke i
of parahsis and is in a very precarious
condition, leing about 75 years of age.
.Tuit received by 11. C. Schmidt a
A line ol "Dlam colored Mohairs. 42 inches wide, mariied 75 anc
85c, go for 50c yd. A
The above goods and prices are awav below any -prices ever made I
-Remember tho Weber Comedy! Fine 40-inch Plaid Striped Flannels, all new goods, worth from
I . S t - 7 1 r 1
'Company at tho opera henso tonight,; to OC bO I DC, gO lOr OUC pel' yara.
i Thursday, N'ov. l'J. They are good.
1 -IJuv vour nur.-ery htock of X. 1;
ie above goods and prices are away below any prices ever mai
;in Oregon.
j "We have trimming for any and all of our goods, such as Feather
trimmina:, Astrachan, Beaver, Gimns, Velvet, Silks, or any trimming
you might ask for. Itfext week wo will tell you of our Holiday Goods
that are getting in direct from the Eastern Markets. Don't forget our
Large Stock of Ladies' Cloaks. Yours to Please,
S L, $2
Northeast Corner Square. Corner Entrance.
All jersons ind-btod t-J M-virc A j Moore & Svvman are experienced
Kunkol miifct como in and M-tlh with gr.i-viyine-i: they know what you want
Tj. I. Moore at Moore & S.?:mui'd gro- I knir.v 'now to buy. pay cash, and will
cer More. Wo need the money. i treat you riiht. Lirgost stock, fresh
- Wo understand several residences.-!', i goods, low prices. L-"td ouahty.
Maitland and Mound C.ty were burgir- I
It ,vi:i
' whan
ed Sunday and Monday nights
ucil for our people to "1j':U up'
they rcti:e for tho in;iit.
Tne !: school biv.'.t t-yt.m o Mis
so'iri nyioi to be insuaieAhat of a mud
- Society Oiirii-tlan Endeavor will
I ... ,1... I- . ..l
iiieeL iib '.i:i. ut-MiMnitu unuiiii iif.i.
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Canned Goods, Flour, Meal, Salt, Provisions.
Fine Candies and Confections a Specialty.
Having purchased tho ?tok of Groorio and (.'-mfactiius from Kunkel & Web
ster, and also added a lnrt:o f-toi-k of Xew Fresh Gr-onrp, we are now prepared to
sell them loyou at tho LOWEST CASH PKU ES. A!i cuMoioer" of the old firm
nnd tho public in general aro extendi d a cordis! invitation to ca'l wnd ree uf. Wo
solicit your trade, guaranteeiug o make prices as low as anjlxwly can. We havo
tho goods, and nre iletermmed not to be undersold by nuynne. Uy geod s'ooilp,
low price and fair Hd honc-t dealing, we hoj'e to merit a iilioral patronage from
the public.
i U
c W fa
.L. viii Vt Jii
s ?i . fi r
bps laten end M Biverel Feb ta aiy pa:t of U city.
Highest Prices Always Paid for Produce.
Bemember the place and come in and see us
North Side Square, Next to New Hotel Building. Oregon, Mo.
Dissolution Xotice.
Xottoe- is hereby given that thf co
partnership heretofore esiHting between
V. S. GilTonl and Ctrtland Gifford under
the firm name of Gitlord & C, has been
dissolved bv mutual consent to take ef
fect Oat. 31. ltJIU. Cortland Gifford to
tiring from the lirm. All accounts duo
said firm aro du and p-;yablo to (I. W.
Gifford, who will continue business nt
the old stand.
W. S. GiFFor.r.
Oct. SO, 1S01.
Wanted !
i SO head of good, straight horses from
5 lo 8 years old. V. Libbt.
The Season
For fresh oysters has arrived, and tho
only place to havo them served i a finst
clase 6t vie ie at E. P. HostetterV
Call and Settle!
Having old my shop and business to
George V. Cotton, who will hereafter
couduct tli9 business at tLo old sta-d. I
desire all knowing themselves indebted
to mo to call aud settle at once without
further delay. W. S. Daktiiam.
Mp facilities for selling land are tho
best. If you havo land which you wish
to disposo of do not fail to place it on my
books. A. H. Hoskins,
Forest On. Mo.
tion to be had in regard to the miittt-r
r!n1l!nlil,l,htrnK;n Aiinriin 1 3 mm. reiau ueailT3 Will Jl
! the old reliable I'otor Schuttlerl and the aboUt ufSriont ,r"fit oul of lht",ew
well-known Molina. H.th wagons are ; ooo., . p.. u. ire.K..
j very light-:unniug. well finished and du
j rable.
j You peoplo who have had your
, watches, clocks and jewelry ruined in
j my aba-jneo by incompetent tinkers
, bring it to mo nnd have it repaired in
' first-clas shape. II. L. Eads, Mound
City, Mo.
! A total rclipse of tho moon occurred
i Sunday evening last, but ow.ng to the
' cloudy condition of tho henteus, the
.sight could not ho witnessed. The
i eclipse began 0:47 and ended ul 7:10 p. in.
j A peculiarity of this eclipse was that it
I was visiblo to tho whole hemisphere.
- Fred Seeman, our exc'iuive boot
; and s-hoo dealer, has just rereived a large
stock of rubber goods from the bent
I factory iu tho world. He has a full line
; of everything manufactured in this line,
' and will sell them cheap. Give hira n
! call for anything you may need in the
boot and shoe line. He has tho goods
1 and will make prices to suit vou.
J Unless a community acts with some
j policy and unanimity theyjwill havo only
' accidental success. Long ago it was
foreseen and advised that the true direc
tion for the growth our town is toward the
ra'lway and Forest City. Every er.ourge
ment should bo given toward advance
ment in that direction. The most beau
tiful sites and scenery nro there, and
I they are equally eligible with any other
! in all respects. If n few enterprising
! citizens were to purchase and lay out in
j desirable largo building lots a few acres
j along the Forest road just west of town
i it would do morn to start building in
l that direction than all else. There is a
demand for building lots here, a btrong
J one.
I Sundav evening at ;:!." p. in.
jssrvis-j. Lk-r, M.-s Kil-i OTuilon.
: M.'iidiers wdl p'pai-o eou.o prepared with
; a praise text.
die. About the ou!v definite informs- . ." ' ,..' T J " i'
iiik re-nieu'-e, iiv. .iiimi iiiiii.
: or Xew Point, ncd MU-s Eliza A. Prof
1 titt, of Fillmore. Tho newly married
: couple will begin life on the Klino f&rm,
two miles s JutheaM or Xew Point.
Turku) it taking steps looking to the
thorough equipment of a liro department
nnd tho building of a city hall. They
will vote on a $10,000 bond proposition
for this purpose.
Don't buy your Christmas presents
until you see Mooro Sc. Socman V fancy
Praise lineof uwful and ornamental Queenware,
Glassware, Chinaware, Lamps, etc. Will
be open for iuspoctioti in a few days.
A sale table of fancy and uoeful
articles wi'd I e h 1 1 at Storrett's opera
houso Thanksgiving day. To theso who
have little time or skill in making ar
ticles for holidays this tablo will bo a
boon. Vou are cordially invited to call
and inspuct stuck.
Miss Cora Sterrutt, who is attending
tho We.-deyaa Institute at Cameron, Mo.,
spont Sunday ,tho guest o har mother in
this city.
Cado Runkcr is handling the ynrd
ntick for J. Watson Jfc C). Cado is a
good salesman, and wu wish him abun
dant success.
! A Methodist young peoplo's conven
I tion will bo held at Savannah Ma, Xovn
1 1 and 29,1801. All Methodists and every
; boJy elso invited to attend.
I We understand tho citizens of
Maitland havo subscribed 8100 for tho
The contract for digging tho Forbes
ditches was let on Monday last by our
county court and awarded to John F.
: Meade at twelvo cents per cubic yard.
1 As Mr. Monde i a resident of that sec
tion, ho will push the work to an carlv
completion. The court also awarded the j
matrflet for the ernrtion nf a lmrn nt i
tho.poof farm to a Mr. Murrnv,.residi!.g Kbool library, which speaks well for
near Forest Citv. ! tbo t JWU- Wm Oregon show up as
. well?
Tho thirty -fourth annual meeting of , T,, 0 lr T , ,
.i fi!-. . ii . ,. , ... - . Lev. C. II. John will deliver a lec-
tho Missoufi State Horticiltual Stcietv, ' , .,. , ,
... . , , . , ,. , , ' . turo at tho 1'ierco school houso Friday
-vill bo hold in Scdaha, December Itt, . . ,, . , .
i i imi r. .i r ii vjmng of this week on tho "tt ay to tho
Jnd and 3rd, 1S31. Papers on tho follow- ic , ,. ,, .
, . . , , i Success. Go and hear it and begin to
ng subjects bv tho numbers of our .....
. , , . travel that "wav."
lorticullurnl societv: "How to Growj
ho Struivberr,- J. X.Menifee; "How Limb's greai work in tha army
a Grow an Apple Orchard in tho Xorth," W,H bd Btsadly Bn.l beautifully presen
F. Murruv; -How to Utilize our 1 led to our V0?' oa December 19th, by
Urodbeck. louler "'citeroiKe, wno went with the
! 15th array corns hosnit.il to tho saa. Sh
St. Joseph, Nj, one of tho nation's irra.it womnn. nnrl
.vas in town last week, a few days. His Bj,ul hMrd by eVdry patrio.j8 citi.
dgure was a familiar one on our ct roots 2ja
back in tho titties, and during the early j r, , ,. ,
. Dccemlr 10th Mother Bickord ke
-ears of the war. Ho was a uiem'-jr of .... .
,, , . , , i will be in our city nnd lecturo to our
tho well known house of Turnor, t razor, , ... ...
, , , i ,i I peoplo. hho is one or tho national womoa
i Co., which occupid the corner so re-, ... . ....
... . . ' , . , . , of the country, and m cortainly deservag
cently burnt, and which was later oa , .: ,. ., , '
, . . , - c 'arg audience. While hero shewiIP
iiie ul .iiu iviieer uiiNutth iiiui
Vuits," Win.
Judgo IJ. B. Frazor, of
lutlliAmlnat nr Tip n.ialln ivI.K ...l.nM
. If... Tl... T.,,1 t wn ..... h..v . . . Mmuu, "IUI KUVUI
k JU'.I .il. iiir u iiu,u i.n .vii ijii-- p . .
sereu uiuii i-tiii iuu v.c:i iutuieu iiuu .
the army as hospital ma-
healthv. Ho looks to bo a man of tifty J
rathor'thanouoof sixtr-iix. IL was a -On Wednesday evening, Xov. 11th,
I t . . t l i .
member of our cotintv court for sovoral i a Durauer "o ooys responuea to mo
years about the beginning of tho war,
invitation of Miss Ella Castle to bring
. i. - . . . .,
He is ct interested in tho business of ""-'"-parmcra ami spoau me evening
... , . , .. . ! with her in honor of tha 10th annivor-
this countv. and is the leading man in , , .
. ii m r ui i . t- ..saryof hor oirth. Ihe evening waa
tho Frazer.t McDonald bank at Forest1 , . ... , ,
Ir i i i i i v. i - j pleapantly spout with games, and an ele-
City. He passed his bacli9lurhood it . ....
, . . , , , . . i gant supper was spread at the proper
this countv, and married after going to . . , .
- : limn mill nil r.i m i n I trt 1. jlni.m. -n
T . TT . J . n . v u . . i. v. l.iu umili tWA
kII.UU3l'll. I,!,.". W. . .Iu
ters of Brownville, Xbb., Whito Cloud,
Kan., Bulfalo and Mount Vernon, Kan.,
besides other towns. Ono thing was
often noted by our .speculators in town
ventures, that when Ben Frazor began
to unload his Mock iu a towu it was time J
for others to be getting out, aud so it i
happened in several cases. Ho feldom
lost anything in his investments, so he
has accumulated quite a fortune.
' i
"2 5a .
Si-u J S W I
which was festooned with garlands and
bouquets of tlowera and leaves, and nil
testified lo tho ability of their enter
tainers to prepare an elegant lunch. All
enjoyed themselves, and united in wish
ing Mies Ella many more happy birtb-
i aays.
Tho work on our hotel building has
Ijoon delayed the past fowr days on ae-
luntof ti.o unfavorable weather; with '
two or throo more days of suitable
weatiier, the brick work will be com
pleted. Contractor Trickett, however,
feels satisfied that he will bo able to
compicta tho storo rooms ready for oc
cupancy by January Is', and the hot-1
by February 1st. Tho storo rooms have
bsea rented tho east room by Cummins
I & Hershbergor and tho west room by
! Donnv A Schlotzhauer. Davis & Allen,
grocrs, will occupy the room now oc
cupied by Cummins it Hershlwrger as
soon as it is vacated.
A Picnic for Cash Buyers
We intend to make some changes in the lines of goods we carry, and from now until JAN-,
UARY we will offer our
Gome and see our Ladies' Cloaks and Jackets. Prices lower than anywhere else.
Look at our Clothing. A bargain in Suits and Overcoats. Try us on Boots and Shoes.
The bottom knocked out. Woolens, Yarns, Blankets, Shawls, Hosiery. Nobody wul
offer you as good goods at such low prices. Winter Goods: Gloves, Mittens, caps, uv-ershoes-Everything
goes. Bargains in EVERYTHING. Come m and see our goods
and get our prices. We will not annoy you by insisting that you shall buy our gooas
whether you want them or not. See them and act on your -own judgment, mat s iaii ,
ain't it?
& HE.
Absolutely Pure.
A cm m of tnrurVjii.ItTRpoitr. Hwbr"!
. . i ... rr tf ; T
:!! Iravrnlns Krttfta.- jjiUr
nerU litpor

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